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All-Seeing EYE in Church

I was viewing a sermon recently and BAMM! There is was…an all-seeing-eye in the middle of the ALTAR of the church behind the pastor who was speaking the sermon!! The picture below is the well-known TV/radio pastor, evangelist,  author David Jeremiah speaking to his congregation at his home church in San Diego, California. The church is named Shadow Mountain Community Church.
This pastor/agent of Satan was David Jeremiah.
My point of this individual BLOG is to reveal that the ALL-SEEING-EYE in the Church is not just a regional thing but WORLDWIDE!

Orthodox Catholic Church in Poland

Kingston Parish Church-Jamica

Greek Orthodox-Greece

St. Stanislaw’s Church, Krakow

Edwardsburg United Methodist Church

Exterior of St. David’s Roman Catholic Church; Maple, Ontario.

Windows in a South-Tuscany Church (Grosseto, Paganico). Italy

Israel Supreme Court Bldg
Mormon Church-Salt Lake Temple

All-Seeing Eye within Equilateral Triangle, Pope in Dagon’s Fish Hat with Cardinals and Archbishops, Vatican, Rome

All-Seeing Eye, Church of San Rafael de Velasco, Santa Cruz, Bolivia
All-Seeing Eye within Equilateral Triangle, Jesuit Church at Landsberg-am-Lech, Bavaria, Germany
All-Seeing Eye within Equilateral Triangle, Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, St. John, New Brunswick, Canada
All-Seeing Eye within Equilateral Triangle, Chigi Chapel, Rome

All-Seeing Eye within Equilateral Triangle, St. Dionysius Baroque Altar in North Rhine, Westphaila, Germany

And the All-Seeing Eye centered within the Equilateral Triangle tells the story of the coming “King of Fierce Countenance” (Daniel 8:23) who will “stand up against the Prince of princes, but he shall be broken without hand” (Daniel 8:25)!

All-Seeing Eye within Equilateral Triangle, Brugge Cathedral, Germany
All-Seeing within Equilateral Triangle, Aachen Cathedral, Germany
All-Seeing Eye within Equilateral Triangle, Jesuit Church of St. Magnus, Landkreis Ravensburg, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany
All-Seeing Eye withing Equilateral Triangle, Saint-Etienne-du-Mont Church, Paris, France
All-Seeing Eye: Church of St. Leodegar, Lucerne, Switzerland
All-Seeing Eye Close Up: Church of St. Leodegar, Lucerne, Switzerland
All-Seeing Eye: Church of Santa Maddalena, Venice

All-Seeing Eye: Church of Saint Michael the Archangel, San Miguel, California

All-Seeing Eye with 32 Brown Sun Beams in Background as in the Jesuit General’s IHS Seal, Cathedral, Granada, Nicaragua, 2010

21 responses

  1. clang

    You better come up with better proof than that to accuse a good man of God as an agent of Satan. In fact there are many on the internet who want to cause dissension in the bride of Christ and my guess is you are part of that problem.

    September 10, 2011 at 5:24 PM

    • Truth is what I give, no more, no less. Peace & Blessings-ENDTIMESWATCHER

      September 10, 2011 at 8:21 PM

    • Sam

      I get the impression that your a roman catholic. And I’m wondering if you have ever questioned the significance of all the symbols inside and around on the outside of a lot of catholic churches ? Or have you ever questioned catholic doctrine ? If we put catholic tradition on one side of a scale and the bible on the other, which one would weigh more ? Or better yet. The pope’s word vs the bible ? I hope your not offended by my questions ? Please reconsider where you stand. And please start by reading the book of John in the bible. And ask God to show you the truth. John 8:31-33 You will know the truth, and the truth will make you free.

      October 22, 2012 at 7:31 PM

      • No religious affiliation WHATSOEVER. I pointed the All-Seeing Eye out in the Churches for the purpose of pin-pointing a FALSE RELIGION. The Vatican is Muslim in nature and this is yet another false religion.

        October 22, 2012 at 10:19 PM

  2. liz

    the pope is not the antichrist,he will be the false prophet that cause people to fallow the anti christ

    September 11, 2011 at 6:26 AM

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  4. Miguel Melchizedek

    It’s clear you’re not doing or undoing anything religious, just pointing out fact. I thank you for gathering these pics, I’m curious about Muslims though or Jewish because all of them are Abrahamic systems, all have the same origin. If you search you’ll find that Seth was the first priest, also known as Satan.

    Now the important thing is not to state they are satanist but what does it really mean because there is no symbolism without purpose.

    To know this, understand that All Seeing Eye and Eye of Horus are the same thing. The Eye of Horus is also the name of the ruling Egyptian priesthood – where they got pyramids – which aledgedly killed Akhenaten the promoter of solar monotheist religion. Akhenaten had turned the tables on the priesthood and ordered the end of their business, so they did him in. He ran as Moses with his followers and later on killed Nefertiti and Tutankhamen. Moses started the monotheistic religions and the rest is history.

    So we have All Seeing Eye, Eye of Horus, Pyramids, top down Command-Control Seth/satanist structure. Now recently it was all over the Internet the connection between Eye of Horus and Limbic, Endocrine and Nervous systems.

    There is much more to this but I’ll finish up stating that the endocrine system basically controls all human functions and through the pleasure drugs it pumps or lack thereof, it makes people literally robots. Each endocrine gland is a seat of each chakra. Our chakras are the doors of perception with which we feel the world/life. Our energy field builds up a donut shaped electromagnetic field which acts kinda like an holographic dimensions screen through which we feel the world/life. That’s where past life/childhood memories show up etc so at times you may come up peacefully at someone and they may feel you as threatening or misinterpret you by projecting on you what they have in their field. The vast majority are dirty people, they don’t clear their field – with Reiki for instance – so it’s dirty and dirtier. Hence the crisis today.

    Now another symbol you’ll see in plenty of churches is the pineal cone. Add that to the All Seeing Eye / Eye of Horus.

    So the front end of this controlling system is eye sight. Add Tele-Vision to that and you got humanity under control. Just observe the name Tele-Vision – All Seeing Eye – Eye of Horus.

    Can we safely state that the Eye of Horus priesthood convinced emperor Constantine and later on Teodosius into proclaiming their sect as Universal in the civilized world aka then Roman Empire, where their HQ is located? Can we state that all other religions are the same, that ANY religion is the same scheme – all derived from the same first priest? Notice that Seth was brother of Cain and Abel and he put them against one another so he’d be the One. These are 1000 year longevity beings, direct descendants from the Anunaki gods. Seth, the very same, later “killed” Osiris…

    Now if you throw your TV set out the window, are you free from mind control? Not so, you still got all those devices inside you, you still got your brain crammed up with programming such as stereotypes – don’t you just love Pamela Andersson? Yeah, stereotypes and archetypes. Programming.

    Now another wild idea. Since Christ was baptized at 30, don’t you find it odd that people are rushed out to be baptized as soon as they’re born? If you go study the energy system you end up understanding that we get energy via the root chakra from Earth and Crown chakra from Prana/Chi/”Sun”. There are people who don’t eat and live off of the Sun. I must correct that cos they get energy from all chakras. Reiki practitioners all feel that any sense of hunger they started a session with us totally gone at the end. So the idea is they – do the priests shut off the chakras so people become “materialistic”, ie cut off of god’s free energy and have to eat food and only be aware of the 5 senses namely the eye sight? Think about it. Wouldn’t that make people have to go to them for any spiritual matter, because they’re shut off? Maybe this is why so many people have trouble meditating?!

    November 24, 2012 at 5:19 PM

    • Miguel Melchizedek

      Of course I mean that the priesthood killed Nefertiti and Tutankhamen, not Akhenaten!

      November 24, 2012 at 5:22 PM

      • Miguel Melchizedek

        PPS: I referred Seth as being registered to have lived for 1000 years on the Bible or so but no, these beings have much longer longevity in the many 100.000 years as 1 year in Nibiru is 3000 years or something. And they replace each other. YAHWEH/god isn’t the name of a being, it’s the name of a job position, exactly like Melchizedek or Michael or Pope.

        November 24, 2012 at 5:29 PM

    • The foundations of the Chakras are based on false religions. If you study the basis of Kundalini…it is not of GOD. The ONLY thing you need to enlighten yourself with is GOD….anything else is a false doctrine. Yoga is an extension of this same theory….all forms of conscious and subconscious levels to open yourself up to demonic infestation. This is my belief. And I believe this is one of the reasons why demonic possessions are on the rise. Meditating/astral projection is yet again another form of presenting your mind, body and soul open to another deity other than GOD. This is a sin. This kind of communication is meant for a personal relationship with GOD.

      November 24, 2012 at 8:52 PM

      • Graham Utterback

        GOD is everything, including the light and the dark and you and me and the great demon. GOD is all parts of the devil, and the devil is a small part of GOD. Everything is GOD. We are all a small part of GOD.

        Yoga helps people become more in tune with themselves. It helps you to face your problems, and deal with the pain of life.

        Meditation is a way to open up, mind, body and soul, to the everything that is GOD.

        In short, there are no deities that aren’t GOD. Are you saying it’s a sin to communicate with yourself? With GOD?

        GOD is everything.

        We can only save ourselves! Don’t be lazy and believe someone else will do it for you.

        Demonic possessions are on the rise because the great demon tightens its grip on this realm. People are falling away from themselves, what we were meant to be: love.

        So just love each other. Walk the walk.

        July 29, 2013 at 1:18 PM

      • Yoga is part of the whole of the New Age false religion…same with Karma! The ONLY kind of meditation is the connection made with GOD, anything other than that is communicating with the dead.
        There are two basics…
        Love and Fear….everything else reduces down to that.
        GOD is Love.
        Satan is Fear.
        I chose LOVE….therefore I try my best to bring the Truth and in doing so it reveals the darkness which is in this world and the truth in it. Peace & Blessings-V

        July 29, 2013 at 5:32 PM

  5. Christina Krolczyk

    When I first began to surrender my life to Christ, David Jeremiah’s broadcasts gave me hope and educated me in scripture. I often referred to my bible because of stories he spoke of and began to really want to learn more. I am well aware of the illuminati and it’s involvement is almost every aspect of our lives, from the stores we shop in to the music we listen to. We must be aware of the schemes of the devil and I was truly shocked when the all seeing eye was brought to my attention. But the Bible says that we may know a man by the fruit of his labor and since I don’t know David Jeremiah personally, I cannot speculate how he lives his life. All I can tell you is that his teachings have increased my walk with the Lord and I have never heard any of his teachings that were not biblically sound. If you know different, please inform us as you already have been doing. It is up to our Christian brothers and sisters to inform us of things we may not be aware of and even deceived by. While we are at it, I went to download a song by TobyMac the other day and was in total shock when I saw the all seeing eye on his new album cover. I began to look a little further at some of his other work and noticed that during his live concerts, he had a big black and white spiral flashing behind him. If you are not aware, the spiral is a symbol used by the occult, it means to bring the demon of confusion. I am not saying that TobyMac is illuminati, but we need to be diligent. A Christian man who influences millions is held more accountable by God.

    May 5, 2013 at 3:14 PM

    • True. Discern the symbols. Learn them. I believe when these people begin their life into music, acting…they are blind to the reality. But soon they begin to wake-up to the madness of it all. Like so many childhood actors who were sexually, mentally and otherwise…abused by these satanic ‘leaders’, we must discern that they are being led into the darkness.

      EX: Jimmy on American Idol….is soooo evil! I can just feel it in my core! He leads these youngsters into the occult and these kids don’t even realize it but only see “$$$–$$$” dollar signs!

      I listen to these peoples WORDS too. This also gives you a clue as to who writes their script. ESPECIALLY the churches for they are ‘suppose’ to be of GOD!

      It’s not hard be learn the symbolism, over time you become a student of great talent at discerning them. PLUS…..ask GOD to have the Holy Spirit open your eyes to it all! This works WONDERS!
      But, BE CAREFUL what you ask for. Pray on it. Develop a stomach for it because all is not as it seems! When you peer into the darkness, it will look back. So, be aware that the dark forces don’t like to be shown in the True Light of GOD. They rebel and will attack your life with everything you have and love!!!!

      So, be careful what you do and touch. May GOD bless and keep you safe.

      May 6, 2013 at 9:46 AM

      • Christina Krolczyk

        Thank you for your reply. I truly feel that God has made me more aware lately of things I just have not been aware of before. I feel like I have been asleep and suddenly my eyes are open. I’m angry and repulsed at what I see. You are right, nothing is as it seems. Now that this can of worms have been opened, I can’t be ignorant anymore. The bible says that God’s people are being destroyed for lack of knowledge. I will pray for your protection in your quest for knowledge and I hope you keep me in your prayers.

        May 13, 2013 at 11:22 PM

    • Graham Utterback

      We are all held equally accountable in GOD.

      July 29, 2013 at 1:20 PM

  6. That which is NOT

    Weak fear filled souls lacking the ability to comprehend the power which rests within the struggle between light and darkness not knowing you are the core of eternal immortality wasteful beings of iniquity low frequency tuned heathens at the mist of a collapse of self within dimensions you can not fathom what and who you are yet you choose to remain as nothing without you the Sun would not shine the moon would not give its light you shift at will and your will be done when your will be done you manipulate time and present presentation of reality you create and destroy you govern and protect you care and caress you feel and breath think and do but you are nothing… And that is essence of a God. You have all been made prisoners of self!

    July 29, 2013 at 12:38 PM

    • What a mess of discombobulated words trying to make sense of the dark. The only prisoners are those of the dark side and this is their choice.
      “Thoughts lead on to purpose, purpose leads on to actions, actions form habits, habits decide character, and character fixes our destiny”
      Without GOD these things are useless. Faith and hope is everything and without GOD…there is no hope. My hope is that you awaken to the Truth.
      Love is GOD
      Fear is Satan

      July 29, 2013 at 5:37 PM

  7. forrest

    Stop judging others for a couple of seconds.

    July 31, 2013 at 12:55 AM

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