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Before I begin I must state this:
When we in the deliverance field say that a person is possessed, we are saying that a person is in possession of a demon. We ARE NOT saying that a demon possesses a person.

I can remember telling my mom…I had a bad dream. She would say, oh it’s only a dream go back to sleep. What nonsense we tell our children! Monsters are REAL! They’re under your bed, they’re in the closet and they wait…wait to do harm upon us all.
Do I speak the truth? Judge for yourself.

Witchcraft attaches itself to your dreams. The dream realm is a area which little is known, but yet it’s so full of real persecution. Just as GOD can send you a dream of prophecy-satan and his minions also counterfeit these methods.

The war is on-the battle wages still. The attacks are silent and deadly. These kinds of dreams I speak of can warp your thinking as you wake up. But, then you forget and you go about your day like nothing ever happened. Because most people think of it as ‘nothing’, but it’s so much more.
Years may go by before you remember the dream, but when you do it’s so surprising that it shocks you to the core. How can you be attacked in such a way that you can’t fight back? Is this possible?

We’re given the tools. We must use them. YES….you can fight back.


Someone ask me recently about “ASTRAL TRAVEL”
A person in the dark sciences have the ability to soul travel into a victim’s presence and put a fragments of their spirit into the victim’s spirit. The purpose? To control the victim and force them to do what they command.
First of all, the opening for this kind of even to take place is the victim must present themselves as an open door. And the worse case scenario? Your SILVER CORD is cut! This is your tie to GOD! But on the other hand, the cord which the Witch performs through can be cut!
This is a supernatural ability. To perform astral travel is opening a portal, a portal which other entities can travel through. This ability allows the Witch to kill, murder, but usually they use it to travel in the realms of the spirit world.


As a child, I remember my mother had some friends which lived not far from us. They were unusual to say the least. He wore size 16 shoe, and she had three breasts. They had several children of various ages. I remember having contact with them and thinking something’s just not right about this family. The mother seemed to run the roost, but this is no different than most homes.
Then, one day their children tried to get us to perform unspeakable sexual acts with them. Not only that but they told us that their mother and father, they all drank urine and ate feces. We cringed. Laughing it off we thought it was a joke, but they actually tried to get us to do it with them. Feeling strange about this whole arrangement, I told them I was leaving but my siblings stayed. I don’t know what transpired and we never spoke about it, ever!
Now, as I learn all these things about sorcery and black magick, it is all coming back to me!! Women have the highest authority. Some women ever have a third eye on their chest, forehead or on the back of their head. Some of the women have three and four breasts. Sorcerers perform rituals with urine, feces, and blood. Do you see any connections here?
My spiritual part of me warned me of these connections. I am horrified that this transpired and pray to disconnect any ties whatsoever. Do you remember any strange happenings in your childhood?


You’re invited to a Halloween Masquerade Party! Sounds fun right…it’s only some friends from work and it sounds like it could be fun. So, you buy a costume and off you go!! You may as well call it what it is…a DEMONS Masquerade Party!
Did you know “MASQUERADE PARTY” originate from obscure occult Secret Societies who organize these gatherings for ceremonial and ritualistic purposes…it’s true. These balls often end up with orgies with the mask playing on the anonymity of the sexual partner. (Have you ever seen ‘EYES WIDE SHUT’)


Carved masks represent demon gods!
So, we have Halloween upon us again. Children dressing up like angels and demons with little knowledge of the consequences of it. Little do they know they’re putting lil’ Johnny at risk.


How often do you clean house? Spiritual housecleaning is ridding your home (& temple) of all accursed objects. Even wearing a necklace of a cross could be a sin if you kiss it and expect it protect you…this is nothing more than an idol! Good ‘luck’ charms, pyramids, even having books on the occult can invite a demon into your home. Just because you can’t see them enter, does not mean they’re not there! Please be aware if you bring such items into your home, you’re giving a demon LEGAL spiritual right/law to harass you and your family. Just as GOD has Laws we must follow, the demons have laws too. Satan has pushed his contagion and caused legal grounds and legal holds to be given to his demons for attacking on their dupes, their homes and families.


Bringing a African mask, or statue and not knowing the history of it can cause HUGE problems. EX: people who’s heritage is Aztec bring artifacts into their home that’s been ‘handed-down’ can cause marital problems, sickness, and so much more!  Owls and frog images are associated with demons.


Idols, incense, Buddha, hand carved objects from Africa or the Orient, Mexican sun gods or sun disks, Ouija boards, occult games, Dungeons and Dragons, all things connected with astrology, horoscopes, fortune telling, Occult books, pornographic materials, objects associated with witchcraft, cult religions such as: Metaphysics, Christian Science, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormonism, New Age Religions, Mind Sciences, Catholic Statues, Mason Bibles and paraphernalia. Objects and literature that pertain to false religions, cults, the occult and spiritism. Graven images of gods (demons); Objects dedicated to demons (Idols and artifacts) Rock and roll records and tapes; computer occult games; animal figures; African masks and paraphernalia; Witches’ masks and fetishes used by witch doctors. African jujus (shaped like snakes, hands, figures, and other things all kinds of masks. And so much more! If you doubt it’s origin, then toss it.
Don’t forget the dolls!

Laugh all you want, try and convince yourself these things are someone’s imagination. But, the reality is…demons don’t care if your believe or not. In fact they prefer you don’t. Blame your illness on medical professionals, blame your finances on the bank, blame the divorce on your mate….but the legal grounds of demons are a reality.



We have a profile of events which result in undeniable connections. Presenting these incidents should reveal a tainted itinerary controlled for possible attachments meant to cause possession/attachments of spirits. At least in my opinion!


American Idol House-Haunted
Several years ago the producers of American Idol placed the contestants in a ‘haunted house’. This was rumored to be a place of many occult practices and even murder was said to have taken place there. Why would they do such a thing?
The mansion, which has never been legally occupied, is the subject of gossip and rumor-trading, some of it outlandish, but some, it turns out, quite true.
“It has great views, but it is cursed,” David Tollefson, an airline attendant, said while hiking by the house as dusk fell, lighting up the hues of the scrub-covered hills and canyons of Hollywood that are its backyard. “It’s a haunted house. Or I’ve heard it’s an alien landing site. I’ve been asking everyone what this is, and no one wants to talk.”
Jason Victor, a hotel worker hiking with Mr. Tollefson, added, “Have you heard about this being an Indian burial ground?”
“It just blows you away what you hear from these people,” he said. “Like it is owned by the Devil. I am a man of the Lord. There ain’t no Devil here. I salted this house and also had my Indian friends come over and burn sage.”
“And this is where the satanic stuff happened,” Mr. Morgan said as he led a visitor into a windowless room, pointing to a faded sketch on the wall. “You can see the image of a devil. And they had chicken feathers hanging on a wire.”
Ralph Sanchez, the senior lead officer for the Hollywood Hills division of the Los Angeles Police Department, said the house was an anomaly for this part of Los Angeles. “You would not believe it: from gang members to Satanic worshipers,” he said. “You name it. The doors were pried open, no matter how many times we nailed them shut.”

Other instances of programs which are taking young adults into danger:


MTV did a show called “Fear”-This was aired from 2000-2002 and was a huge hit where the contestants were left in an allegedly haunted location and they were ‘dared’ to remain two nights to confirm if the place was ‘haunted’. And to sum it up…the contestants who remained would be directed to the location where their money ($3,000) would be collected. The dares themselves were to begin easy, progressively getting mote difficult and further from the group’s home base.
And just like all most others, it would lead to acts which dabbled in the occult. Most relied on simple observation, (radio silence, EMF Detector), and others in occult or paranormal possession (séance, automatic drawing, spirit channeling).

bad juju

This is some crazy, messed up stuff!
In the episode of St. Agnes-Dare 4 was Ch’ien who was to retrieve ghost hunting equipment from a tunnel used to transport dead bodies to the morgue which was completed, but the next dare was to involve Raquel using a Ouija Board and she chose not to compete because it went against her religion. In the next dare, three of the contestants were to perform a séance in one of the seclusion cells.


Camp Spirit Lake-now this one is said not to be ‘haunted’ but the acts which these producers have them perform can attract demons which included digging up graves, VOODOO-taking a dead chicken and reading a Sumerian chant, and then chopping off the chicken’s head! Next dare was to proceed to Pawnee Cabin, a contestant takes a black cylinder, takes the paint and brush out of the cylinder where he see the remains of a Pentagram and retraces the Pentagram. Later in the program, in the same cabin a female contestant pricks her finger with a knife and places her blood in the center of the Pentagram. In the last dare, all 8 contestants go to the Pawnee cabin and perform a ritual to release the souls of cult victims!

Eastern State Penitentiary-One of the contestants is to perform a technique called ‘auto-drawing’ to contact spirits, then immediately after another person performs the same act.


U.S.S.Hornet-This episode has a contestant perform an act known as channeling. The spirit guide then leads the contestant to ‘safety’. Later, another contestant puts on the clothing of a dead sailor and lies on the operating table to invoke his spirit.

Fort Gaines-A contestant must crawl to the back of a collapsed tunnel and awaken spirits of the dead with Kachina Dolls. And because this contestant failed the dare, another must complete the same task again.


La Guerre Plantation-A contestant must enter the cabin where a VOODOO altar is in the middle of the room. They must cut a lock of hair, place it on the altar, state three of their greatest fears and kneel before the altar. Another must open a box and eat the flash off the pigs feet, then smear the red symbolic blood on her face and neck. Another contestant must go to the cemetery and another person digs up a zombie grave and search for signs of remains within it. Another one brings as box of deer mean, while at the cabin must light a campfire, and burn the deer meat in a wooden box. Then, rub the ashes of the dear meat on their face. Another person again goes to the cemetery and bring the Zombie potion but cannot finish the dare so another completes it by drinking the potion, opening up the grave, retrieving a brick, lay back on the grave and place the brick on their chest. Another person brings a canvas bag to the cemetery and at a marked grave channels “Kitty’s” spirit. Then takes out a snake, and performs a channeling ritual.

Mina Dos Estrellas-One must enter the Chapel, and knock down the cross. Another person opens a bag and it covered in blood and quits the dare. Another person must begin the same challenge and must draw out the Nahual (Nahual/Nagual is the ability to turn oneself into an animal through magic-also called a skinwalker), and places flesh at both the Oven room and Hospital. Another person puts on gloves and nails a cow tongue to the top of the Hospital entrance, then, also placing a kidney on a hook in the Oven Room.
Part 2-They await the Nuhual, and must empty a container of blood on to the pit floor. Using a chicken as bait, they must yell “I don’t believe in you Nahual, I don’t respect you”.


Hacienda Tabi-A person must place 3 pig heads on a pole and light torches to draw out spirits. Another must go to the pool and hold a séance to contact dead soldiers but aborts the dare, so another takes over the task. One contestant is placed in a hole in the ground and buried up to their neck. Before leaving they have to go to the fire pit and place a heart on a stake for an offering to a spirit.

Ki Sugar Mill-A person goes to the machine shop and re-enacts the suicide to invoke a dead spirit then wait. But all other dares are not complete, except the last where a person goes to the Cane Grinder and re-enacts an accident by lying in the Cane Grinder and turning it on and lying inside.

Serenity Lake Sanitorium-One dare is to stand in front of a mirror and perform an auto-drawing on it to summon a spirit of Dr. Ellison’s dead wife. A person draws out spirits of the dead children by rolling balls across the carpeted room. Then, another person walks to the Weldon House and channels the spirit of a dead solider by holding a séance.  Another person must attempt to summon the angel of death by painting inverted crosses on a series of doors. Lastly, a person goes into the attic and uses UV powder to determine which on of the 6 rooms is a hot spot of supernatural activity.


Boettger Brewery-One person must recite “Otto, come forth and avenge your death” and then smashes the Ballroom mirrors to invoke Otto’s spirit. One person must make their way to the Monkey Boy’s cage and complete the challenge because the dare was not completed. They must attempt to make contact with the Monkey Boy by using a Ouija Board., while another locks themselves in the cage and suspends the cage in the air. He must remain in the cage for a time period.

My Thoughts:
I did not enter any names here! It was purposeful due to the horrific acts which they endured. I could hardly finish writing these, and as I got closer to the end, the more nauseous I became and the feeling of dread just took over me completely. I’ve never felt this before and it was not good. I kept having to take deep breaths! It was awful just to write it and I can’t imagine that people performed these acts and the demons is must have summoned. Considering the feelings I had during this, I have no doubt it did!

Music-The hard rock band Godsmack’s song “Voodoo” was used as the theme song. For much of the second season, the song “First Day of Nowhere” by Sinisstar was used in the end credits.
In any of these episodes, the contestants are performing occult practices and could very well be attaching themselves to spirits or more formally known as DEMONS! These people could possible take these spirits home and it would not be a good scenario. By doing these horrendous acts, they are attracting demonic spirits and knowingly engulfing themselves in the occult.


The show was recreated in almost every aspect in VH1’s Celebrity Paranormal Project (10/2006-11/2007). Five celebrity participants who were taken to an allegedly ‘haunted’ location and spend the night with the task of identifying paranormal activity with various equipment. And if that wasn’t enough, the person with the strongest ‘connections’ with the paranormal acts as the conduit to the other world in an attempt to get the spirit to enter their own body!!
Strangely only 2 of the 8 locations were revealed, the others denoted a false name/place was used.


Paranormal Television has become all the rage! And the scope of purportedly factual investigations of paranormal phenomena, rather than fictional representations are found. The culture has become ‘pure theater’ as compared to professional wrestling or soft-core pornography but the demon spirits don’t care! The ’Ghost Hunting” related programs has risen exponentially and even extended into programs such as “Exorcist” not to mention the Film Screen plots has jumped into the media explosion …even another remake of ‘Carrie’ (Stephen King) is coming out soon.


I must speak about one particular program: Ghost Adventures with Zak, Nick, and Aaron (my nic for them-The Paranormal Musketeer’s)
When this program first made its debut, it seemed that Aaron, the reluctant cameraman and equipment tech, was a newbie in the arena with Nick the runner-up and Zak as the leader. Spooked by the whole ghost-hunting experience, Aaron’s sense of humor transformed an otherwise weird showcase of spirit stalking Musketeer’s.
This kept the viewers appeal for years and now the quirky sense of humor along with slick bells and whistles performed by the production team left this trio with a huge fan base and pretty good ratings.


Aaron, during one of the investigations was attached with a spirit which followed him home and he even admitted to this. The attachment seeping out into his personal life ended with attacks on his ex-wife and friends as well. But he didn’t want to be ‘cleansed’ because this could be evidence! He admits they follow him home and that it can get pretty scaring at times…but he’s adapted to it. Strange enough, he admits he was fearful during the early years but something ‘snapped’ in him and made him more aggressive! And Nick and Zak call it the “Dark Aaron”! He admits to being scratched, punched and who knows what else!! The wife had nightmares, posters drilled into the wall came flying off, pulled straight out of its hinges. The toilet seat going up and down on its own. He admits they’ve done Voodoo, pagan rituals, and he says we became ‘warlocks’.

I don’t condone such programs and this one is quite the treat! (Sarcasm) Zak knows what he’s doing, and by that I mean he’s very keen on his work and who he works for. His demeanor is arrogant and pretentious, and this is not surprising considering he uses Masonic symbolism every chance he gets. His apparel and jewelry, to his tattoos prove this. He’s been known to be temporarily possessed by spirits and as far as we know he most likely has several at all times.


Celebrating 100 episodes, they investigate St. Louis and the notorious Exorcist House! This is the site of the most famous possession of all paranormal history, and was later portrayed in a critically acclaimed book and movie. This occurred on March 16, 1949, with the possession of a young boy…the day the devil came to St. Louis! The movie Exorcist was made from this event.

I don’t watch this show anymore. I realized the inherent danger of their techniques and the real possibility that they are infested with demons, especially Zak.
Zak has his work on his site and his album-NecroFusion. This music is a form of elusive subliminal messages mixed with satanic flavored rock. The name NecroFusion implies mixing with the dead…and this is sorcery.



Give me a name of a ‘haunting group’ which does NOT use sorcery, occult tools and techniques, and necromancy to communicate with the dead. They very phrase ‘communicating with the dead’ implies sorcery.
So….give me a name, a program?

Final Thoughts
The main focus of Hollywood is to infest people with demons! Explain to me why they would have people perform such tasks as noted above? They love the occult and want us to love it too. They flood the television programming with these kinds of shows which are geared towards all ages.
Some say watching these type programs is opening a portal within your home! A portal to let in demonic spirits. What do you think it does? Is this a catalyst to invite spirits into your home? Does the very mentioning in the scripts streaming from your television allow these spirits to infest your home, or possibly YOU?



This is a time of year when witches are acceptable, yes…even celebrated. The traditional celebrations of Halloween, also known as All Hallows Eve was adopted by our customs long ago. The term itself originates from a Scottish term which is a derivative from (All) Hallow(s) E(v)en which evolved into Halloween.
The event itself derives from pagan roots which was a celebration or festival of the dead called Parentalia, but more typically called Samhain (pronounced sah-win/sow-in). The souls of the dead were said to visit your home, and these feasts and festivals were held to beckon them to attend, even by setting a place at the table.
However the spirits and fairies could also cause harm, therefore bonfires were deemed as a protective power which was used in divination rituals. The practice of mumming and guising involved people going from house to house in costume reciting songs in exchange for food…hence the name “Trick or Treating”.
But the very form of this ritual is not as innocent as it seems. Witches are not playful, nor are they a friend! There’s no such thing as a ‘white’ witch, and these rituals are forms of sorcery.


Salem Witch Trials
Spectral evidence refers to a witness testimony that the accused person’s spirit or spectral shape appeared to him/her in a dream at the time that the person’s physical body was at another location. This was an excepted practice of testimony during the Salem witch trials but with a warning that the devil was sly enough to pose as an innocent.
This evidence was accepted on the basis that Satan and his minions were powerful enough to send their spirits, or specters, to a innocent person to lead them astray.
In spectral evidence, the of victims’ conjectures is governed only by the limits of their fears and imaginations, whether or not objectively proven facts are forthcoming to justify them. [State v. Dustin, 122 N.H. 544, 551 (N.H. 1982)].”


The following passage from Peter Charles Hoffer’s works the Salem Witchcraft Trials: A Legal History is further clarifying (page 78-79):
“Mather elected to straddle the [spectral evidence] controversy rather than resolve it.

Mather fretted, “Our neighbors at Salem are blown up after a sort, with an infernal gunpowder, under the floor.” What could that mean? To us the reference may be obscure, but to his fellow Puritans the implication was obvious. In 1605 a band of Roman Catholics, driven to despair by King James’s persecution of their faith, tried to blow up the English houses of Parliament. The plan was discovered at the last minute, and the conspirators were executed, but the “gunpowder plot” became a symbol among Protestants of the danger Roman Catholicism posed to English Protestantism. In 1689 Parliament drove James II, a Roman Catholic, from the throne of England and replaced him with a Dutch Protestant, William of Orange, and James’s daughter, Mary, William’s wife. They were to rule jointly. A war followed in which Protestants battled Roman Catholics at home and abroad. This was the war that brought the Indians and their French Roman Catholic allies to the doorstep of Salem. Thus the Puritans saw Roman Catholicism as a continuing and powerful threat to Protestantism in England and the survival of Puritanism in New England. They also believed that Roman Catholic priests were in league with the Devil. Reports of priests and Indians worshiping the Devil before they attacked Massachusetts towns regularly made the rounds of the colony.
But the problem of spectral evidence remained, for the only ones who could see the witches in their spectral form, and thus say who it was that caused their pain, were the accusers themselves. Here Mather could find no answers in his library. He must leave it and enter the world of ordinary people. No abstract theory or abstruse theology could dictate commonly accepted contemporary notions of the truth of testimony.”


So, we see this was a key point of evidence delivered against the witches at Salem in 1692. Witchcraft was a huge part of the English culture since at least the fourteenth century, but was not considered a crime until 1558. The Catholic church first prosecuted witches as heretics because they believed sorcery disrupted the natural plan of GOD. Isn’t this ironic considering the majority of the Roman Catholic Church is full of Jesuits and Freemasons now, and there GOD is not the same as ours!!


Then, we have Queen Elizabeth I’s reign in 1558 which marked a true beginning of a clear secular statute concerning witchcraft, which imposed varied punishments. Guilty verdicts were common throughout the first half of Elizabeth’s reign, confession being the most coveted form of evidence. And truly remarkable is the fact that the Royalty within this branch in our times are commonplace practitioners of sorcery!

So, we have a world which has completely turned on its head!


The direction would be near Proctor Street, near the intersection of Boston and Bridge Streets with a nearby water-tower with a Witch riding a broomstick. But, the story of 18 people accused as witches in the 1692 Salem Witch hysteria ends as victims at the end of a hangman’s rope on Gallow’s Hill, otherwise known as Witch Hill or Witchcraft Hill.


As if the supernatural twist associated with this location was not enough they’ve turned this site into a CHILDREN’S PARK!!! Seriously! The site where so many lost their lives, guilty and innocent were hastily dumped nearby which makes this area full of paranormal activity. So, let’s put children up there! So crazy!


In case you don’t know what this is, they are paths that connect sites with unusual energy, but most of the sites have devastating events which have taken place on them.  And eerily enough, most have churches on them! Some say that the energy which exists on ley lines are said to amplify the emotions or effect the thinking of people when they are on or near them.


The paranormal phenomena which existed then and now fascinate many due to its connection to the Salem Witch trials. On the 1692 maps, you can lay out a definite pattern which ran across the locations of Howard Street Cemetery, Bridget Bishop’s Apple Orchard, to the Judge Corwin’s home, also known as “Witch House”, since so many were condemned there, then we have Judge Hathorne’s homes, to Sheriff George Corwin’s home, and several other’s which lead to the Gallow’s Hill. This all connects where the inquests were held, to the place where the shackles were made, and on and on…


Is all this paranormal activity giving demons exponential powers and used as a catalyst from then until now where the activity has not ceased one iota.
I have no doubt the spirits residing within these areas are true, but contrary to what others would have you believe these are not the spirits of the deceased or those who didn’t ‘cross over’. There’s only demons which reside there. Any location which contains this type of pain and suffering, torture and murder including suicide are going to possess these creatures, and they gain energy from these horrific events, this is why they stay.
If you believe on don’t, it makes no difference. For demons exist everywhere and events like this only magnify their presence.


Considering the amount of witchcraft and other kinds of sorcery, it’s no wonder we’re having an increase in the paranormal. But consider this; we have no laws which restrict their activity; we have no religion which is illegal, especially witchcraft.


The amount of spectral evidence which we deal with today is increasing and will not stop. Satan has his hand in it all and his power is increasing. His minions are working overtime! The ‘holidays’ which include the type of events such as Halloween is deplorable. Satan is laughing his butt off at the human race, for there are so many who do his bidding and do it willingly.


Channeling is one feature I would describe as spectral evidence. It’s performed by millions on a daily basis! They’re not channeling their friends and neighbors, no indeed their not. They’re channeling demons and the few who know aren’t going to warn anyone soon, instead they advertise their deeds.

But wait, that’s not all..


The Salem Witches’ Halloween Ball-The Witch’s Familiar


A Night of Nercomancy!
A Ball with activities such as free psychic readings, a channeling to commune with the spirit of Salem’s legendary Tituba, the slave girl from the Caribbean whose stories and magic helped to ignite Salem’s infamous witch trials.


And if that wasn’t enough…
The Salem Witches Magic Circle
A celebratory night to cast spells and speak to the dead at the magical ritual of Samhain.


The Psychic Fair, Ghost Hunting 101, Speaking to the Dead,  this was just a few of the mentioned activities on this page. Can you imagine the amount of demonic activity which will be taking place on these nights? And I’m sure the week of these events which cast a gloom over Salem and criminal activity will soar!


Spine tingling events like this are not the minority but are actually in the majority of most countries in this world, especially England and the United States…the sister continents.


So, with Halloween coming soon, it’s only fitting to give a warning or if you will advice”
WARNING: Witchcraft is a ritualistic activity, and placing your children in costumes and sending them to door’s of complete strangers is NOT safe. Don’t think for a minute just because your sending your child to ‘church’ that it excludes your participation in these pagan traditions. DEMONS don’t care where you are!



Oh, yeah…it’s a craft. It’s a learned/taught behavior. One is not brought into this world with these types of behavior. To sin against another in this manner is targeted and deliberate.

My subject today is witches who cast spells on Believer’s.


This is the perfect time of year for this subject because during Halloween there are many who cast double the amount of spells as usual just for the sake of it. But you say to me, “How in the world would I be a target?” I’m nowhere around this kind of activity. Well, we don’t have to be in the crowd or ‘click’ of people who perform these hideous acts, all one need to do is be in a church which has an infiltrator. Maybe you’ll think twice about cutting someone off in traffic, or stealing that parking space in the mall from someone who was there first. It’s just that simple folks! Or maybe you’re like me and you work for GOD’S Team!

Are you feeling confused, disoriented? OR even clumsy? Does your motivation seem to be lacking? Your spiritual vision seem cloudy these days? Well, Satan wants nothing but to steal you from GOD!


This type of witchcraft has a name for it…you could say it’s Jezebel….or the opposite of the gifts of the spirit-charismatic witchcraft.

Do you feel drained for now reason? Are you falling ill constantly and the doctors don’t know what it is? Do you have arthritis so bad it’s affecting the whole body? Or how about headaches! The flu or flu-like symptoms but it’s not the flu and doctors tell you it must be allergies or a ‘new’ type of flu? How about this one…the doctors don’t know what is wrong with you and tell you the symptoms are there but it’s not yet been diagnosed as a ‘disease’?

Spiritual curses are the object which carries dark clouds with it. It rains all the time on you but the person sitting right next to you is as happy as a clown. Are you being attacked financially? Do you have to file bankruptcy? Are you losing your home after years of faithful payments? Does it seem like every time you get on the road a car veers your way?

Do the people at your church seem to gossip? Backstab? Or anything just to distract you from the WORD?

This type of curse afflicts your ability to communicate with GOD! You seem to be mad for no reason, or can’t seem to read Scripture without stopping. Do you seem to have an inordinate amount of fears lately?  Your concentration is shot and you think your brain is just ’foggy’? It’s all here folks, and more.

OH! I forgot! Those who are having a hard time sleeping, these crafty demons seep into one’s dreams and subconscious. Fight em off!



Don’t downgrade it. Don’t think your just going crazy! It’s a battle, nothing more-nothing less.


The antidote for this and more is GOD! Believe it or not-the answer for EVERYTHING is GOD! Even if you don’t know where or who is doing this, we must ask GOD to bless them with the same experience we had when we became Believers! Go to Matthew 5, or Luke 6!

Love is the greatest Love of all…1 Corinthians 13


You can just read the Bible, or you can SHOUT it OUT! GOD loves passionate prayers:
Father, let YOUR Kingdom COME as it is in heaven. Reveal to them the Lord Jesus Christ, our Savior. They know not what they do. Open their eyes to YOUR love and mercy. GOD, bind the strongman in the Name of Jesus Christ. I ask YOU Father, to destroy the strategies of the enemy against them and destroy all assignments of satan against me, my family, my church and all loved ones. I glorify YOUR Precious Name Jesus. Scatter the enemy and confuse the camp . In Jesus’ Name. Make You Name Glorious in their eyes, GOD! Let them know who YOU are! Send YOUR love to their hearts and drive away the sin from their lives.



Don’t forget….time consumers are yet another FORCE against GOD’S Plan for you! Instead READ the BIBLE!

I give you this man’s video site because he’s AWESOME! He has videos that will repeat BATTLE CRIES! Love it! Do it…play these videos while cleaning house, while doing a project. OR just play them while your GONE out shopping. They work!

GOD Bless Brother Carlos!

Grimm Tales of Ole’


Why would I be writing about innocent tales meant for the ears of children? Well, innocent most aren’t and I believe the undercurrent of these stories tell more about the world of the supernatural then we realize.


The Brother’s Grimm stated that their book consists of stories which are precious crumbs of ancient faith, gleaned wheat, made into bread, and that they wished to place it into benevolent hands which have the power to bless, hoping that these “breadcrumbs of poetry” will never come to the attention of those who would withhold them from the poor.

In the rendition of their Snow White surrounded by the kneeling dwarfs, a candle placed on either side of her casket, music changed to solemnly religious, and the slowly paced entry of the prince into what is unmistakably a church atmosphere, does it not occur to anyone that the Germanic elves are out of place amidst the candles and organ music of Christian piety?
When Snow White and the prince leave, hand in hand up the hillside, high above and ahead of the prince and his bride radiant in the sky, shining like a golden city made of sunlight is the castle…but isn’t this likened to heaven?


This isn’t the case in all 210 of their classics, but effective expressions toward the supernatural seems to be a mainstay, to be sure. But, Zaubermarchen, “magic fairy tales” are definitely an issue we need to address with more ‘light’.
Although many of the stories are violent and not all are religiously inspired nor inspiring, it needs to be noted that this is a perfect picture of the true world itself with its master at the helm. Chaos is Satan’s favorite past time and the supernatural is not always pure and innocent, and Satan surely reveals this fact. But, if you read the Bible with discernment, one also is faced with murder, accounts of cannibalism in besieged cities, royal adultery and let’s not forget the occasional mockery of GOD. Of course, this is a repetitive picture that GOD wants us to see then, and now. Wake up!


Although the Grimms were evidently not theologians, the entry in the seventh volume of their Germanic dictionary covering Glube (faith, belief) extends from page 7777-7847!
A great quote is, “hluttro habas thu an thinan herron gilobon”… “You should have transparent trust in your Lord”. And another… “The devils hear and know all the same things and it does them no good, because they are not moved”.
And the same goes for the reader, Wilhelm practically as much when he wrote the reason for telling fairy tales…to awaken the thoughts and feelings of the heart.


But, all is not on the up and up…we also must note that the pagan-Christian compositional style is also woven throughout some of their tales. In his revised fairy tales, Wilhelm has the dove play  the role of its transcendent identity as the divine spirit of love in Hansel and Gretal, and also in Cinderella. The dove in Parzival is ubiquitous as it is the insignia of the Knights of the Holy Grail. I find this curious.

final front cover for brothers grimm

So, we have a mixture of paganism and Christianity which is par for the course in the days of ole. I must admit, we see this even now. Saturated mixtures of religiously false doctrine shaved into the legends of antiquity which tilts the reader into re-accessing their beliefs and isn’t this the agenda of Satan!


In the Brother Grimm’s story “The Seven Ravens” seven brothers disappear and become ravens and their sister enters life. Water is to be fetched from the well in a jug for the girl’s baptism, n the loss of the jug is a fateful event which sets the stage for the story. Is it possible to view the seven brothers as representing that which had to disappear for Christianity to come into being. If so, they represent the pre-Christian, pagan world in which the seven planets stood for the sky gods of antiquity.


With Wilhelm’s gleaning of bits of old Germanic faiths, Norse mythology, Roman and Greek mythology and then the Bible stories he reshaped…this is a perfect example of the world in the grasp of Satan and his tricks.


I believe this is not different from the television programs which children view today tainted with scenes of witches, fairies, vampires, and others monsters which they are told are just made-up fairy tales.
The supernatural is powerful. The evil part of the supernatural does work its way into the world we live in, so much so that we hardly see the good with the bad. Making fairy tales just bedtime stories has become a nightly chore on television, but with the exception that they don’t tell the viewer these things are not only possible but they are very real.


Spinning tales was actively viewed as a ritual during bedtime moments, but rarely were the children told, if ever, that these monsters are reflective of the world then and now. The problem is we don’t want to scare our children with the truth, we want to scare them with lies. Age appropriate stories were a given then and now but the belief in these ‘tales’ are of value and reflective inherently in our culture.


Violence and cruelty were to an extent a reflection of medieval cultures and scenes of burning witches injected into fairy tales were common. But the reality of witchcraft as not just an ancient ritual, yet this is what we teach our children. We place them in front of the television with one thing in mind…having some piece of mind. But, what we are doing in subjecting them to witchcraft and the occult. This is what our current venue on television is! Pure occult programming.


With Halloween right around the corner, it’s high time we tell our children what the truth is! It’s high time we wake up to what our children are being taught in fairy tales, and cartoons. And don’t forget the occasional movie we take them too…like Paranorman…for example! Or Monster University. Seemingly trivial plots with lots of laughter but the reality is they are full of occult topics and symbolism.


And let’s not forget what Halloween really is! A ritualistic sacrificial day of summoning devils and evil spirits. Nothing less! In fact, you would be surprised what really takes place behind closed doors. This is why so many children are either poisoned or come up missing. Why do you think so many parents are careful not to let their children out of their sight on this ‘Halloween’ night of Trick or Treat?  Because the trick is, your children is the treat!

Magick Vs. Miracles


The Miracles of GOD, versus the Magick of Satan…quite a subject huh? Yeah, there are many who would have you believe that there’s no difference but this is simply not true. Also, one would ask are we speaking of Black Magick or White Magick? There’s no difference!  First of all, magic does not work…really. It’s a trickery of the viewer but the difference between magic and magick is quite different. Fundamentally, you have two separate issues. One is child’s play and the other is supernatural.
Magick is a type of sorcery. Plain and simple.

Elementals and the spirits which reside within them:
Air = Sylphs
Earth = Gnomes
Fire = Salamander
Water = Nymphs or Undines
These spirits are part of the process of magickal alchemy. You see, some say these are spiritual creatures but they are not immortal. Now, they could be joined in marriage to a human, their union can transform the creature’s soul into a spirit that may experience immortal life. Actually some of the greatest figures of antiquity such as Zoroaster, Alexander, and Merlin were reported to have been a product of this union and are said to be children of elementary spirits. These types of spirits may sound like children’s fantasy but authorities in the field state these entities tend to lean more toward demons than angels.


I heard it said that Magic is our effort to intervene in the GOD, while Miracle is what transpires when we allow HIM to intervene in ours.

There are two primary differences between miracles and magic.


1. The power by which the action was wrought, and
2. The one to which the action is attributed and therefore the one glorified by the action.


If one were to undergo an in depth study of miracles in the NT, one would find that miracles were performed for one purpose: for the spread of the gospel and the glorification of Jesus Christ. The book of John evidences that Jesus Christ performed “signs” (semeion) and that those signs and His other “works” (ergon) testify to his identity.


In the book of Acts, the Apostles perform miracles in order that they may point to Jesus Christ and thereby spread the good news of his salvation. Peter refuses praise for miracles performed in his presence. What is ironic is that people were praising Peter for the healing of a man whom was only touched be Peter’s shadow. Certainly, the fact that it was Peter’s shadow had nothing to do with the power by which the lame man was healed. Rather, GOD chose to perform that miracle in his timing so that Peter and the other Apostles could spread the gospel of Christ in that place.


Miracles are always wrought by power of GOD and by HIM alone. No man can take credit for any true miracle. On the other hand, magic, by definition, is the subjection of some power (natural or supernatural) to perform acts. Therefore, the subject and glorification of magic is always man rather than GOD.


Does GOD would not violate natural law, I would have to ask if the person making such an assertion really finds GOD to be that impotent? If GOD created the natural order, then HE must be outside of it and therefore capable of performing actions that break the order HE set in place. Miracles are things that do not happen naturally, not just that they may not or there is a high probability against them occurring; they, by nature will never occur naturally. We must put GOD in the equation for HE is One!


Magic is simply a trick. The magician uses gimmicks and ploys, that he sets up, to fool people into believing something impossible has happened. A miracle uses no such gimmicks and ploys.
But Magick, on the other hand is a whole other subject.


Aleister Crowley’s Thelema, is a term used to differentiate the occult from stage magic. It is a ritual. This is essentially what magick is, it’s occult rituals of alchemy. In fact, alchemy was more than likely produced even in the times of Nimrod at the Tower of Babel. He was the first ‘priest of magic’ and his global views of religion are what caused GOD to assign people into classifications of different languages. I mean if GOD felt the necessity to go to that degree then, imagine HIS thoughts now!!
Although alchemy is thought to be practical applications of metals, stones, etc., for transmutations into the discovery of new elements, but the esoteric approach is adding in the ritualistic occult matters. This is dangerous and never a good thing. This conjures demons and the like! Maybe some would even call this a miracle in the esoteric realm.

Western alchemy was set from the start, when Greek philosophy mixed with Egyptian and Mesopotamian technology. I believe that alchemy began with the Greeks due to the fact of who their ‘gods’ were. The fallen angels brought many things to mankind that GOD did not want us to have. So, these mystical matters were doomed from the start! Just my opinion.


I believe alchemy is being utilized now to bring us into the age of Transhumanism. Lo, and Behold! This is what esoteric alchemy is all about! The transformation of the mans consciousness from the ‘base metal’ of ordinary existence, to an illuminated consciousness…a new ‘transformed consciousness’. This enhanced human, currently envisioned by the Tran humanists, will bring a change of consciousness but also genetically engineering alterations to human DNA to change man’s divine state.


The beginning was our food,


then we went to designer babies


now we’re doing nano-clothes

But wait that’s not all…we’re digressing back to the Days of Noah
Yep, that’s right folks…we’re going to redesign wildlife!


So, the difference between magick and miracles is…..w3ait for it…wait for it…we can’t wait to screw things up! There’s no way these things are going to end on a positive note. From robotic humans to babies with 3 parents…we’re in a losing battle.
In previous articles, it has been established that the evil in this world began by the same entities with various names which eventually boil down to these same origins. It’s no real mind-blowing secret that man has tried to bypass GOD’S Laws but it began with the fallen angels. Together this has brought us into our current reality with very few people who know or can fathom the outcome with these crazy people at the helm.
So, hold on to your big girl/big boy panties and get ready for the rollercoaster ride. It’s going to get worse before it gets better.
But, I’m a Believer so I know how this all ends. I know we have a sovereign GOD who will judge us all, each and everyone. And the best part of all this is….HE is in TOTAL control.



This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.
(II Timothy 3:1)


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