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Jesus Steps out of the Flames, and Saves Satanists While They Are doing a Ritual ! – YouTube


Jesus Steps out of the Flames, and Saves Satanists While They Are doing a Ritual ! – YouTube

The Old & The New


First of all, the last pope was referred as Peter the Roman. Many throughout the centuries have debated whether his actual name would be Peter, or whether his papal name would be Peter. Since no pope has ever selected the name Peter out of respect for Peter the Apostle who is considered to be the first pope, the last pope could perhaps be seen as selecting this name as his papal name.

The rules seem to apply for deceased because this is typically how Popes cease their duties, because this Pope is NOT typical in any fashion compared to the others. Benedict XVI was/is strange.


When a Pope dies, the “Cardinal Camerlengo” (Cardinal Chamberlain, known as the “Camerarius” in Latin) first verifies the death. Traditionally, this is done by striking the Pope’s forehead gently thrice with a silver hammer while asking him, using his Baptismal name, if he is dead, e.g., “Karol Wojtyla, are you dead?” When there is no response from the dead Pope, the Camerlengo solemnly announces his death and removes the Fisherman’s ring from the dead Pope’s finger. This ring, along with the papal seal, are broken, and the Pope’s bedroom and study are sealed up. The bronze doors of St. Peter’s Basilica are closed, while its bells toll the death, and all the bells of Rome join in.

The Camerlengo (who is now in charge of the Church until a new Pope is elected) arranges the funeral. First, the Pope will lie in state in St. Peter’s Basilica and will then be buried on either the 5th , 6th, or 7th day of the Novenendiales.

There will be a funeral Mass, to and from which his body — placed in a cypress coffin — will be borne by white-gloved “Gentlemen of His Holiness,” lay Italian nobility who are members of families that have served such purposes throughout History.


His body will be put inside three coffins ultimately:
the first made of cypress, signifying his humanity
(*Cypress is traditionally associated with grief and mourning but in Greek mythology it is associated with Hades, god of the underworld.)
the second of lead and inscribed with a skull and crossbones. Inside this coffin the broken papal seal and documents describing his papacy are placed.
(*Before there was science, there was ALCHEMY! In nuclear physics, a magic number is 2,8,20,28,50,82,126. So, 82 is the number for LEAD.
Skull & Bones has developed a reputation as having a membership tilted towards the “Power Elite”. Skull & Bones, Freemasonry, Rosicrucian…etc are all the EYE of the DEVIL, hence the All-Seeing Eye. )
the third made of elm, signifying dignity of the papal office and on which is placed a plaque indicating his name and the date of his pontificate.
He is then interred in a crypt underneath St. Peter’s Basilica. During the nine-day period of mourning, known as novendiales, that follows the Pope’s funeral a novena of Masses is said.


Most of the dicasteries of the Curia are suspended from operation during this all this time and until a new Pope is elected; only the very basic, day to day functions of “the Vatican” are carried out. Arrangements are made by the Camerlengo to elect a new Pope.

After choosing three assistant Cardinals, the Camerlengo will call a Conclave which will meet in the Sistine Chapel. The Conclave will consist of 120 Cardinal electors and takes its name from the Latin words “cum clave” — “with a key.” This gathering is so-called because it is conducted under the utmost secrecy, the Cardinals at one time being literally locked into the Sistine Chapel, where the voting takes place, until they came to a decision (nowadays they sleep in more comfortable quarters in the Vatican at night). The election process must begin between 15 and 20 days after the death. Upon entering the Conclave, the Cardinals swear an oath of secrecy, the penalties for breaking being automatic excommunication. The secrecy of the Conclave is taken so seriously, that the Cardinals cannot communicate with anyone in the outside world as it goes on, and even windows are painted over so they can’t see out. Newspapers, television, radio — all are disallowed.


The Cardinal Dean will read the following oath:
We, the Cardinals of Holy Roman Church, of the Order of Bishops, of Priests and of Deacons, promise, pledge and swear, as a body and individually, to observe exactly and faithfully all the norms contained in the Apostolic Constitution Universi Dominici Gregis of the Supreme Pontiff John Paul II, and to maintain rigorous secrecy with regard to all matters in any way related to the election of the Roman Pontiff or those which, by their very nature, during the vacancy of the Apostolic See, call for the same secrecy.
Each Cardinal affirms this oath by saying:
And I, N_____ Cardinal N_____ so promise, pledge and swear.
He places his hand on the Gospels and adds:
So help me God and these Holy Gospels which I now touch with my hand.
Once in the Sistine Chapel, another oath is taken. The Cardinal Dean will read the following oath:


We, the Cardinal electors present in this election of the Supreme Pontiff promise, pledge and swear, as individuals and as a group, to observe faithfully and scrupulously the prescriptions contained in the Apostolic Constitution of the Supreme Pontiff John Paul II, Universi Dominici Gregis, published on 22 February 1996. We likewise promise, pledge and swear that whichever of us by divine disposition is elected Roman Pontiff will commit himself faithfully to carrying out the munus Petrinum of Pastor of the Universal Church and will not fail to affirm and defend strenuously the spiritual and temporal rights and the liberty of the Holy See. In a particular way, we promise and swear to observe with the greatest fidelity and with all persons, clerical or lay, secrecy regarding everything that in any way relates to the election of the Roman Pontiff and regarding what occurs in the place of the election, directly or indirectly related to the results of the voting; we promise and swear not to break this secret in any way, either during or after the election of the new Pontiff, unless explicit authorization is granted by the same Pontiff; and never to lend support or favour to any interference, opposition or any other form of intervention, whereby secular authorities of whatever order and degree or any group of people or individuals might wish to intervene in the election of the Roman Pontiff.
Each Cardinal elector will affirm:
And I, N_____ Cardinal N_____, do so promise, pledge and swear.
Placing his hand on the Gospels, he will add:
So help me God and these Holy Gospels which I touch with my hand.
The Cardinal electors (who, since Pope Paul VI, must be under the age of 80 to serve as electors) are given paper ballots inscribed with the words, “Eligo in suumum pontificem” (“I elect as Supreme Pontiff”) with an area for them to write in their preference. These ballots are placed on the Altar by each Cardinal in order of seniority. The Cardinal will kneel and say aloud, “I call to witness the Lord Christ, who will be my judge, that I am electing the one whom, under God, I think ought to be elected.” He then places the ballot on a paten, slides it into a large chalice, bows to the Altar, and returns to his seat.


These ballots are read aloud first by the Camerlengo, by each of his three assistants, and then tallied. When the ballots arrive at the third assistant, they are bound together by needle and thread. If no person has received a 2/3 vote, there is another vote. If still no Pope has been elected, the ballots are burned along with straw so that the smoke is black; if a Pope has been elected, the paper is burned alone so that the smoke is white. Crowds and media personnel gather at the Vatican to watch for those black or white smoke signals as they are the only way for the Conclave to communicate with the outside world until an official announcement of an election is made.

If after voting for three days, no Pope has been elected, a day is taken to rest, pray, and discuss. When voting is resumed, if seven more days pass with no decision being made, another day of rest and prayer is taken. Another series of seven ballots is held, followed by another day of rest and prayer, if necessary. Then again, another series of seven ballots is held. At this point, if still no Pope is elected, they may elect a Pope by absolute majority (i.e., 50%+1 instead of the 2/3 majority) or decide to vote only on the two candidates who ranked first and second in the most recent tally (this, too, is a novelty).

Once a Pope is elected, the elected person is asked by the Cardinal Dean:
Do you accept your canonical election as Supreme Pontiff?
He is then asked:
By what name do you wish to be called?
If he accepts, he becomes Pope and goes to a room called “The Room of Tears” to be vested in white soutane. The room is called this because so many new Popes break down and weep as they ponder the enormity of the sacred responsibilites they have assumed. Spiritual father to a billion Catholics! Shepherd of souls! Vicar of Christ!

valse leraren, profeten

He is introduced to the world with the words, spoken by the senior Cardinal Deacon:
Annuntio vobis gaudium magnum. Habemus Papam. Eminentissimum ac Reverendissimum Dominum, Dominum ___ Sanctae Romanae Ecclesiae Cardinalem___ qui sibi nomen imposuit ___.

(I announce to you a great joy. We have a Pope. The most eminent and reverend Lord, the Lord ___ Cardinal of the Holy Roman Church who takes to himself the name ___.)
Listen to a .wav file of the announcement of John Paul I’s papacy.
The new Pope goes to the balcony to impart an Apostolic blessing “Urbi et Orbi” (which means “For the City and the World”), and the crowd cheers “Viva il Papa!” (“Long live the Pope!”).

A few days later, the first Papal Mass will be held at St. Peter’s. On the way to the Altar, the procession stops three times and, at each, a piece of flax mounted on a reed is burned. As the flames die, the Pope hears the words, “Pater sancte, sic transit gloria mundi” (“Holy Father, thus passes the glory of the world”) to remind him that he is, indeed, a man, a mere mortal.


White Magic Witchcraft! This is what Catholicism is however Pope John Paul II initiated the practice of Black Magic Witchcraft when he signaled his use to the “Twisted Cross” rather than the traditional crucifix. And Benedict XVI followed suit.

*Pope Benedict XVI —265th Pope—2+6+5= 13

*Age 78 on April 16—7+8 = 15 (15 is 5+5+5 or 555) A triplication of any number is the strongest numerical expression possible, and is extremely strong which divisible by 11 or 111-which point to the Antichrist. 11 is also the number of Aquarius!


*Did you know that Pope Benedict XVI held the office, “Head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, also known as OFFICE OF THE INQUISITION. This office began in 600 AD through approximately 1850. Tens of millions of people, mostly Protestants were brutally murdered by the Office of the Inquisition.

*Wax Candles introduced in church. 320 AD.

*The doctrine of worshiping Mary, the mother of Jesus, and the use of “Mother of God, as applied to her originated in the Council of Ephesus in 431 AD.

*Doctrine of Purgatory established by Gregory the Great in 593 AD.


*The Bible teaches that we pray to God alone. In the primitive church never were prayers directed to Mary, or to dead saints. This practice began in the Roman Church in 600 AD. (Matthew 11:28; Luke 1:46; Acts 10:25-26; 14:14-18)

*The Papacy is of pagan origin. The title of pope or universal bishop, was first given to the bishop of Rome by the wicked emperor Phocas. This he did to spite Bishop Ciriacus of Constantinople, who had justly excommunicated him for his having caused the assassination of his predecessor emperor Mauritius. Gregory 1, then bishop of Rome, refused the title, but his successor, Boniface III, first assumed title “pope.” 610 AD.

*Jesus did not appoint Peter to the headship of the apostles and forbade any such notion. (Luke 22:24-26; Ephesians 1:22-23; Colossians 1:18; 1st Corinthians 3:11). Note: Nor is there any mention in Scripture, nor in history, that Peter ever was in Rome, much less that he was pope there for 25 years; Clement, 3rd bishop of Rome, remarks that “there is no real 1st century evidence that Peter ever was in Rome.” 600 AD.

*The Latin language, as the language of prayer and worship in churches, was also imposed by Pope Gregory I. 600 years after Christ. The Word of God forbids praying and teaching in an unknown tongue. (1st Corinthians 14:9).


*The kissing of the Pope’s feet. It had been a pagan custom to kiss the feet of emperors. The Word of God forbids such practices. (Read Acts 10:25-26; Revelation 19:10; 22:9). 709 AD.

*Worship of the cross, images and relics was authorized. This was by order of Dowager Empress Irene of Constantinople, who first caused to pluck the eyes of her own son, Constantine VI, and then called a church council at the request of Hadrian I, pope of Rome at that time. Such practice is called simply IDOLATRY in the Bible, and is severely condemned. (Read Exodus 20:4; 3:17; Deuteronomy 27:15; Psalm 115). 788 AD.

*Fasting on Fridays and during Lent were imposed. Imposed by popes said to be interested in the commerce of fish. (Bull, or permit to eat meat), some authorities say, began in the year 700. This is against the plain teaching of the Bible. (Read Matthew 15:10; 1st Corinthians 10:25; 1st Timothy 4:1-3).


*The Mass was developed gradually as a sacrifice; attendance made obligatory in the 11th century.

*The Rosary, or prayer beads was introduced by Peter the Hermit, in the year 1090.

*The Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary was proclaimed by Pope Pius IX

* In the year 1870 after Christ, Pope Pius IX proclaimed the dogma of Papal Infallibility

Taken from an article compiled by Rev Stephen L. Testa, entitled: “List of Catholic Heresies and Human Traditions”,


Noel I. Garde, in his gossipy 1964 book Jonathan to Gide: The Homosexual In History, included John XII (955-964), Benedict IX (1033-1045; 1047-1048), John XXII (1316-1334), Paul II (1464-1471), Sixtus IV (1471-1484), Julius II (1503-1513), and Leo X (1513-1521), along with Julius III, in his list of “gay popes.” Garde and his book must be taken with a rock of salt, because he also included in his list Alexander VI (1492-1503), the Borgia Pope, who was portrayed in history (and on television) as very heterosexual. Even so, Garde’s list leads us to conclude that some of the popes ignored the church’s rule against homosexuality to the extent that they practiced it themselves.
John XII according to Dynes, “modeled himself on the scandalous Roman emperor Heliogabalus, holding homosexual orgies in the papal palace.” But the bisexual John also liked women, which allowed Lynne Yamaguchi Fletcher, in The First Gay Pope and Other Records, to rightly call Benedict IX “the first pope known to be primarily homosexual,” if only for having “turned the Vatican into a male brothel.” The Renaissance of the 15th and 16th centuries featured a set of intelligent, sophisticated and corrupt popes who did not let their spiritual duties get in the way of having a good time.
When Pietro Barbo, who was beautiful and knew it, was elected pope in 1464 he announced that he wished to be called Formosus (“beautiful”). The appalled cardinals talked him out of it, and Barbo took the less pretentious name of Paul II. According to Dynes, Paul II “was a collector of statuary, jewelry, and allegedly handsome youths. Given to the most sumptuous ecclesiastical drag, he was lampooned by his enemies as ‘Our Lady of Pity.’” I must add that Paul II, like most Renaissance popes, was also a skilled administrator and an avid patron of the arts.
Two Renaissance popes of the della Rovere family were accused of “sodomy” by their political and religious enemies. Sixtus IV, born Francesco della Rovere, made his nephew Petro Riario (who was also his lover) a cardinal. According to Crompton, this time in his monumental Homosexuality and Civilization, Sixtus was labeled a “sodomite” in the dispatches by the always astute Venetian ambassador, and in the diaries of Vatican insiders Stefano Infessura and Johann Burchard.
Another nephew, Giuliano della Rovere, known to history as the “terrible pope” Julius II, “was condemned by the Council of Pisa as ‘this sodomite, covered with shameful ulcers.’” The Council based its conclusions on “Julius’ fondness for Federigo Gonzaga, Francesco Alidosi, and other young men.” Crompton also quoted another Vatican diarist, Girolamo Priuli, who “reported that Julius disported with Ganymedes ‘without shame.’”
In modern times Pope John XXIII (Angelo Roncalli; 1958-1963) and Pope Paul VI (Giovanni Battista Montini; 1963-1978) were suspected of being gay. Winston Leyland, in Gay Sunshine Interviews Vol. 2, attributed those popes’ relative tolerance of homosexuality to their own sexual orientation; though it could be argued that the Italian church has traditionally been more tolerant of “sins of the flesh” than the Polish or German or Irish-American churches.
Paul VI was outed by the gay French writer Roger Peyrefitte, in a 1976 interview he did in response to that pope’s anti-gay edicts. According to Peyrefitte, who knew his way around aristocratic circles in France and Italy, Paul VI led an active gay life while he was still Archbishop of Milan. Recalling the incident in a Gay Sunshine interview, Peyrefitte recalled that Montini “had a relationship with a young movie actor” named Paul, whose name Montini took when he became pope. The future pope also visited “a discreet house” where he and other Milanese notables would “meet boys.” Peyrefitte’s revelations caused a sensation, and a sharp rebuttal from the Vatican.
All this leads us to the current Pope, Benedict XVI (Joseph Ratzinger; 1205-). Though “Papa Ratzi” is best-known for his anti-gay pronouncements, in 2010 the gay (and Catholic) writer Andrew Sullivan wrote a column arguing for the pontiff’s homosexuality. Sullivan noted the pope’s “prissy fastidiousness, the effeminate voice, the fixation on liturgy and ritual, the over-the-top clothing accessories,” and his intimate relationship with Georg Gaenswein, the handsome Bavarian priest whom the pope made his personal secretary.
Gaenswein and Benedict, both Bavarians, are around each other all day; they even take an afternoon nap at the same time. They eat together and pray together, so one speculates whether they share a chaste love for each other as well. Says Gaenswein: “I know who the Holy Father is and so I know how to behave appropriately. There are always some situations, however, when the heart beats a little stronger than usual.”


The Roman Catholic Church is NOT what is once was. Certainly not what GOD intended it to be. These things which are taking place are definitely part of a higher agenda. I believe this LAST Pope will be the False Prophet.

Fatima 13


The true Church was a wonderful thing but it must not have lasted long because people are wicked and the church has been controlling people for hundreds, if not thousands of years.
As if the whole business of the Vatican and scandals isn’t enough, I think this whole agenda bleeds evil. Of course, that’s just my thoughts. The Pope leaves office, the first time in over 600 years? WOW!
But now we are coming upon a time frame most Catholics have awaited….
We are coming to the hailed anniversary of the Roman Catholic Church “Fatima” on May 13, 2013. Many, perhaps billions believe in Fatima. It’s mystery precedes itself but just what is this mystery the Roman Catholic Church speaks of?
What do you think will happen? With the advent of modern technology and television, I don’t believe anything substantial will take place due to the quickness with which news travels. But, time will tell.


Leading their flock out from Aljustrel on the morning of the 13th of May, the feast of Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament, the three children passed Fátima, where the parish church and cemetery could be found, and proceeded a kilometer or so north to the slopes of the Cova. Here they allowed their sheep to graze as they played in the pasture land sprinkled with the occasional oak tree. After having had their lunch about noon they decided to pray a rosary, although in a somewhat truncated fashion, saying only the first words of each prayer. Shortly, they were startled by what they later described as “lightening in a clear sky.” Thinking that a storm might be approaching they debated whether they should take the sheep and go home. Preparing to do so they were again surprised by a strange light.
And we began to go down the slope driving the sheep towards the road. When we were half-way down, near a holm oak there [the large tree which today is encircled with an iron fence], we saw another flash of lightening, and after a few steps we saw on a holm oak [a small one lower on the hillside] a lady dressed in white, shining brighter than the sun, giving out rays of clear and intense light, just like a crystal goblet full of pure water when the fiery sun passes through it. We stopped astounded by the Apparition. We were so near that we were in the light that encircled her, or which she radiated, perhaps a meter and a half away [4-5 feet]. Our Lady appeared over a holm oak just over three feet high.


Please don’t be afraid of me, I’m not going to harm you.
Lucia responded for all three, as she would throughout the apparitions.
“Where are you from?”
I come from heaven.
The Lady wore a pure white mantle, edged with gold and which fell to her feet. In her hands the beads of a rosary shone like stars, with its crucifix the most radiant gem of all. Still, Lucia felt no fear. The Lady’s presence produced in her only gladness and confident joy.
“And what do you want of me?”
I want you to return here on the thirteenth of each month for the next six months, and at the very same hour. Later I shall tell you who I am, and what it is that I most desire. And I shall return here yet a seventh time.
“And shall I go to heaven?”
Yes, you will.
“And Jacinta?”
She will go too.
“And Francisco?”
Francisco, too, my dear, but he will first have many Rosaries to say.
For a few moments the Lady looked at Francisco with compassion, tinged with a little sadness. Lucia then remembered some friends who had died.
“Is Maria Neves in heaven?”
Yes, she is.
“And Amelia?”
She is in purgatory.
Will you offer yourselves to God, and bear all the sufferings He sends you? In atonement for all the sins that offend Him? And for the conversion of sinners?
“Oh, we will, we will!”
Then you will have a great deal to suffer, but the grace of God will be with you and will strengthen you.
Lucia relates that as the Lady pronounced these words, she opened her hands, and we were bathed in a heavenly light that appeared to come directly from her hands. The light’s reality cut into our hearts and our souls, and we knew somehow that this light was God, and we could see ourselves embraced in it. By an interior impulse of grace we fell to our knees, repeating in our hearts: “Oh, Holy Trinity, we adore You. My God, my God, I love You in the Blessed Sacrament.”
The children remained kneeling in the flood of this wondrous light, until the Lady spoke again, mentioning the war in Europe, of which they had little or no knowledge.
Say the Rosary every day, to bring peace to the world and an end to the war.
After that she began to rise slowly in the direction of the east, until she disappeared in the immense distance. The light that encircles Her seemed to make a way amidst the stars, and that is why we sometimes said we had seen the heavens open.

The days that followed were filled with excitement, though they had not intended it that way. Lucia had cautioned the others to keep their visitor a secret, correctly perceiving the difficulties they would experience if the events became known. However, the joy of seven year old Jacinta could not be contained, and she rather promptly forgot her promise and revealed all to her mother, who patiently listened but gave it little credence. Her brothers and sisters piped in with their questions and jokes. Among the interrogators only her father, “Ti” Marto, was inclined immediately to accept the tale as true. He believed in the honesty of his children, and had a simple appreciation of the workings of God, such that he became the first believer in the apparitions of Fátima.
Lucia’s mother, on the other hand, when at last she heard what had transpired, believed her own daughter to be the instigator of a fraud, if not a blasphemy. Lucia would quickly learn what the Lady meant when she said they would suffer a great deal. Maria Rosa was unable to get Lucia to recant, event under threats. Finally she hauled her before the parish priest, Fr. Ferreira, with no better success. On the other hand, Lucia’s father, who was not especially religious, was practically indifferent, attributing all of it to the fancies of women. The next few weeks, as the children awaited their scheduled appointment with the lady in June, would reveal that they had few believers, and many detractors, in Aljustrel and Fátima.


FATIMA- Seven Million Portuguese will attend the “Miracle of the Sun” in Fatima on May 13, 2013.

This video reveals a sun which seems to brighten. Strange enough.


What about the New POPE?
The timing of this whole ordeal is quite serious. Scrutinizing the timing brings even more questions. I’ve heard they are even going to change long established laws pertaining to the election process of a Pope just to expedite the process. True, who knows. But it makes for interesting conversation. And again, why the hurry? Is it for the date of Fatima? Are there SPECIAL plans for this date coming soon? If so, what does it entitle? Does it have to do with the L.U.C.I.F.E.R. Project? Is something coming? IS something out there?
Holy week is coming! This begins on March 24, 2013 with Easter being on March 31, 2013. And the new law states they conclave’s start could begin as early as March 15th!

Being that “Easter” is just a giant ritualistic rite for worshiping Ishtar/Ashtar, this should make for a worldwide event.

The Heavens Declare THE CHARIOT-Must See!!

Ever wonder why it’s 13?
Oh many people know the answer to this. 13 is an occult number. It is the number of the secret societies. It is used in rituals, and sacrifices. No doubt about it. Numerology is a great asset to the Illuminati/Freemason/Rosicrucian societies who practice the occult.
These numbers are brought to these elite for specific purposes and I believe this Fatima 13 issue is brought to the earth from celestial members of Satan’s elite.


UFO Hypothesis
Now having read the part where the girl says it was a girl who she witnessed, it’s important to note that ‘grey aliens’ are approximately three feet in height. Some are calling these that control the ‘greys’ as “The Gate Keepers”.
My thoughts on this is not exactly something the RCC would approve of. In fact, knowing the status of the Roman Catholic Church on the ‘space brother’ issue, this just coincides with how I feel about the whole thing. Other researchers, most definitely more acclaimed than myself seem to agree.
Producing a ‘miracle’ such as this would take technology beyond what the governments of the world in this time period professed to possess.

Beautiful colors were said to appear after a few minutes on the whole surface of the solar disc, and in the surrounding sky. Vivid blue, red, yellow, green, pink, violet, etc. Some described them as grey discs. They seemed to give the impression of being ejected from the sun.
Colored spheres drifting slowly from the sun towards the earth, we observed in several places. This not only happens during the miracles of the sun, but also for some time after them. When these spheres arrived at the ground, they never left any material traces.
The sun begins to dance! It comes rapidly closer which causes great panic, then the sun retreats. Oscillations, and strange motions are unexpected and impressive. Then after 10-15 minutes, the sun is normal again.
Other descriptions;

“The sky was completely overcast. Some spectators saw a column of blue smoke in the vicinity of the children that appeared and disappeared three times. Then suddenly the rain ceased and through the clouds was seen a radiant disk, not the sun, spinning, and throwing off fantastic streamers of light-a constantly changing montage of red, violet, blue, yellow, and white. This continued for about four minutes.
Then the disk advanced toward the earth until it was just over the crowd. The heat was enormous and many were terrified the end of the world had come. When it finally retreated into the sky, the shaken masses realized that their clothes and the ground were completely dry–although they had been soaked to the skin a few minutes before.”


Quotes/accounts/eyewitness descriptions/links:

“Before the astonished eyes of the crowd, whose aspect was biblical as they stood bare-headed, eagerly searching the sky, the sun trembled, made sudden incredible movements outside all cosmic laws — the sun danced according to the typical expression of the people.”
Avelino de Almeida

“The sun, at one moment surrounded with scarlet flame, at another aureoled in yellow and deep purple, seemed to be in an exceeding fast and whirling movement, at times appearing to be loosened from the sky and to be approaching the earth, strongly radiating heat.”
Dr. Domingos Pinto Coelho

“…The silver sun, enveloped in the same gauzy grey light, was seen to whirl and turn in the circle of broken clouds… The light turned a beautiful blue, as if it had come through the stained-glass windows of a cathedral, and spread itself over the people who knelt with outstretched hands… people wept and prayed with uncovered heads, in the presence of a miracle they had awaited. The seconds seemed like hours, so vivid were they.”
Reporter for the Lisbon newspaper O Dia.

“The sun disc did not remain immobile. This was not the sparkling of a heavenly body, for it spun round on itself in a mad whirl, when suddenly a clamor was heard from all the people. The sun, whirling, seemed to loosen itself from the firmament and advance threateningly upon the earth as if to crush us with its huge fiery weight. The sensation during those moments was terrible.”
Dr. Almeida Garrett, Professor of Natural Sciences at Coimbra University.

“As if like a bolt from the blue, the clouds were wrenched apart, and the sun at its zenith appeared in all its splendor. It began to revolve vertiginously on its axis, like the most magnificent firewheel that could be imagined, taking on all the colors of the rainbow and sending forth multi-colored flashes of light, producing the most astounding effect. This sublime and incomparable spectacle, which was repeated three distinct times, lasted for about ten minutes. The immense multitude, overcome by the evidence of such a tremendous prodigy, threw themselves on their knees.”
Dr. Formigão,priest and professor at the seminary at Santarem

“I feel incapable of describing what I saw. I looked fixedly at the sun, which seemed pale and did not hurt my eyes. Looking like a ball of snow, revolving on itself, it suddenly seemed to come down in a zig-zag, menacing the earth. Terrified, I ran and hid myself among the people, who were weeping and expecting the end of the world at any moment.”
Rev. Joaquim Lourenço

“…According to the very words of the Reverend General Vicar of Leiria, who was one of the witnesses, the lady came in an aeroplane of light, an immense globe, flying westwards, at moderate speed. It irradiated a very bright light. Some other witnesses saw a white being coming out of the globe, which several minutes later took off,
disappearing in the direction of the sun.

In this interview, Jerry discusses (through interpreter Alexandra Bruce) the 1917 events in Fatima, Portugal with Dr. Joaquim Fernandes and Fina D’Armada who together have written a trilogy of books about the Fatima incident, its evolution as a factor in Catholic doctrine, and its parallels to UFO incidents reported throughout history:

“The apparitions lasted from only a few minutes up to several hours and were sometimes accompanied by luminous heavenly bodies shaped like doves and moving at high speeds.”

“She was a very shining lady, about 1 metre 10 cms. In height, seeming to be 12-15 years old; she was wearing a narrow skirt, a jacket, and a cloak, all with little golden cords running crisscross through them; she came from ‘above’, and vanished gradually in the inverse direction; she made no facial movements, nor did she articulate her lower limbs when she walked; she spoke without her lips, and moved only her hands from time to time. She turned her back towards the percipients when she departed.”,Fatima%20Virgin%20Apparitions%20and%20UFOs,FSR83V28N6.pdf


A roller-coaster ride of theories, no doubt give us many avenues of questioning but here’s what I followed:

The witnesses of Fatima Marian Apparition report buzzing sounds like bees in a vase. It would be interesting to determine the frequency spectrum of the buzzing sound produced by bees: presumably it results from the periodic motion of wings.

THE “BUZZING” SOUNDS IN FATIMA APPARITIONS 1917 by Joaquim Fernandes* Exerpt from the book `Heavenly Lights. The Fatima Apparitions and the UFO Phenomenon’, by Fina d’ Armada and Joaquim Fernandes, translated from Portuguese and edited by Andrew D. Basiago and Eva M. Thompson, published by Anomalist Books, 2007 “The buzzing of bees” And the Being spoke. To Lúcia, it was not strange at all. They understood each other in Portuguese, as if Mary, the Mother of Jesus, had become a polyglot, or as if two thousand years of history had not altered the language of the people. The news spread throughout the village, and on June 13th, part of the neighborhood came to the site of the Apparitions. They were not many. “I counted the people and saw that only 40 were present,” wrote Inácio António Marques. And those people anxiously waited in that deserted place for the veritable Queen of Heaven to descend to the oak tree, in the hopes of contemplating her serene face, one popularly imagined being young, soft, and extraordinarily beautiful. Stella, through the voice of writer Maria de Freitas (who behind the scenes wrote a great part of the book about Fátima attributed to Father João de Marchi), captured forever the impressions of that first day in which onlookers participated.


Among them was Maria Carreira, who, in the language of a simple countrywoman, later described for the journalist her memories of the event: At the same instant, Lúcia jumped up and exclaimed, ‘O, Jacinta, there she comes already, there was the lightning,” and then ran to kneel at the foot of the oak.’ “And you did not see anything?,” de Freitas asked. “Me? No, ma’am. And no one boasted about having seen the lightning. We would follow the children and kneel in the middle of the field. Lúcia would raise her hands and say, “You bade me come here, what do you wish of me?” And then could be heard a buzzing that seemed to be that of a bee. I took care to discern whether it was the Lady speaking.” “And everyone heard it?,” the reporter asked. “Well, it could be heard very well!,” Carreira answered. The buzzing of a bee – here is the voice attributed to Our Lady of Fátima by the miracle’s greatest publicist. She, and the other onlookers, did not hear a voice speaking Hebrew, Aramaic, or even Portuguese, but a voice like that of an insect. This same witness recounted this same episode to Father João de Marchi. In his work, entitled Era uma Senhora Mais Brilhante que o Sol [It was a Lady More Brilliant than the Sun], we read: I had been sick, and was feeling very weak. It must have been around midday, when Lúcia was asked: “Will Our Lady be long delayed?” “No, ma’am, she will not be long,” she responded. The tiny child was watching for the signs.


We prayed the Rosary and, when the girl from Boleiros was going to begin the Litany, Lúcia interrupted her, saying that there was no longer sufficient time. She immediately rose to her feet and shouted: “Jacinta, there comes Our Lady, the lightning has struck.” All three children ran to the oak, as we ran behind them. We knelt upon the thickets and shrubs. Lúcia lifted her hands, as in prayer, and I heard her say: “You bade me to come here, please tell me what you want.” Then we began to hear something like this, in the manner of a very fine voice, but what it said could not be comprehended or put into words, for it was like the buzzing of a bee! But that buzzing did not disturb the silence of the mountain only in June. The following month, word spread throughout the entire region and nearly four to five thousand people found their way to Cova da Iria. Jacinto de Almeida Lopes, proprietor of the site of the Shrine later established by the parish of Fátima, was among them. He would be one of the eyewitnesses chosen by the parish priest to testify during the Inquiry. The parish priest, writing in the third person, related the evidence given by Lopes: “Then what is it that you want of me?” After this question, she waited in silence for a short period of time, the time of a brief response. And during this silence, he heard, as if coming from the oak tree, a faint voice, similar, he says, to the humming of a bee, but without distinguishing a single word. In July, Manuel Marto, the father of Jacinta and Francisco, made his way to the site for the first time.


Questioned as to what he experienced, he told João de Marchi: “I heard a sound, a din, such as a great fly makes inside an empty water pot,” and wondered whether it was “far off or close by.” Manuel Marto helped himself to odd comparisons. When interrogated about the same matter by the Italian priest Humberto Pasquale, he affirmed: “I heard something like the buzzing of a fly inside an empty barrel, but without articulation of words.” For his part, Pasquale added: “Mr. Manuel Marto explained to us that, during the entire duration of the appearance, those present heard an indefinable sound, like that which is heard next to a hive, but altogether more harmonious, even though words were not heard.” In this same month, we find other testimony, however, which demonstrated that the buzzing must have been heard quite well, which, as a matter of fact, Maria Carreira stated. António Baptista, from Moita, in the parish of Fátima, was then 50 years old. When interviewed by the Viscount of Montelo on November 13, 1917, he declared, “on July 13th, I was at Cova da Iria. She (Lúcia) knelt. I thought I heard, at that moment, a little wind, a zoa-zoa sound. While Lúcia was listening to a response, it seemed there was a buzzing sound like that of a cicada.” “Many people say that when the Apparition was speaking, it could be heard,” wrote J. de S. Bento, in a letter possibly penned on October 13th of that year. “But they could not distinguish what She was saying.” And another witness also made reference to the sounds of the “speech” of the Being. Manuel Gonçalves, Jr., a 30-year-old farmer from Montelo – the place name that the Canon Formigão adopted in his pseudonym – also declared on October 11th “some people have affirmed that they hear the sound of the answers.” Herewith we arrive at 1978. In July 18th of that year, the authors interviewed the relatives of the seers and eyewitnesses then still living.


One of the people with whom we spoke was Lúcia’s sister, Maria dos Anjos. Sitting in an armchair, beside the house where she was born, living out the rest of her days, smiling to the daily visitors, she narrated for us once again the story that had forever altered the life of her family: “Did you know Maria Carreira?,” we asked on that hot summer afternoon. “I knew her as well as I knew my own mother.” “She said that when Our Lady would speak, she would hear something like the humming of a bee… I also heard that little buzz. I also got to hear it, but I know not what it was.” “Was it as if there were many bees?,” we asked. “No, only one,” she responded, categorically.” “Do you recall what month that was?” “At that time, I did not go there every month. It seemed as if a bee was around there whenever Lúcia was listening. But I have no idea what it was!” “I have no idea what it was!” Her statement gives one pause to consider whether the event should have been given a Marian interpretation, if the sound that the Being made was not even understood. In truth, who can explain why her voice was comparable to the buzzing of a bee? Or yet to the buzz of a great fly inside a water pot, or of a fly inside an empty barrel? Have these sounds been heard solely in Fátima? Or have there been, in other parts of the world, other witnesses to identical sounds?

This entry has several questionable quotes. First, the buzzing reminds me of “Amityville” when the Priest comes to Bless the house and the family is in the back yard and he’s drawn into a room which has flies and hears, “GET OUT”.
This is “Lord of the Flies”….who does this refer to? Satan.
Next, she mentioned the “Lightning”….this is curious! With the lightning hitting the Vatican after the Pope’s resignation announcement, and then reading this….really got my brain going!
Some say this is just electromagnetic charges in the air, others say a ‘buzzing noise’ inside their heads could have been produced by shortwave microwave radiation. While I tend to believe it is electrical stimulation to the temporal lobes. Why do I believe this? Because these ‘aliens’ are demons and they manipulate electricity, hence the lightning!
American modified C-130 aircraft which emitted a high potency microwave frequency towards the Iraqis to make them believe that what they were hearing was the ‘voice of God’ So dear reader, there is no denying that high microwave ultrasound, can, under certain conditions, enforce a change in the brain’s mechanism to which it can falsely induce a state of fear and alarm through auditory and visual stimulus creating a sound or vision which ‘really isn’t there’. Some tell us of “Bluebeam” which sounds much like a technology which can produce this and more. Here’s a video of a mirage of a city!
So, if we possess technology of this degree, then what do the demons possess!

Did you know (I certainly didn’t) that what happened at Fatima was not the only place where these ‘Miracles Of The Sun’ have occurred? For instance, here are but a few places where other such events have happened.
(1) Guadalupe (Mexico 1531)
(2) Tilly-sur-Seuilles (France 1901)
(3) Fatima (Portugal 1917)
(4) Onkerzeele (Belgium 1933)
(5) Bonate (Italy 1944)
(6) Espis (France 1946)
(7) Acquaviva Platani (Italy 1950)
(8) Heroldsbach (Germany 1949)
(9) Fehrbach (Germany 1950)
(10) Kerezinen (France 1953)
(11) San Damiano (Italy 1955)
(12) Zeitoun (Cairo Egypt 1968)
(13) Medjugorje (Bosnia-Herzegovina 1981)
(14) Tre Fontane (Italy 1982)
(15) Kibeho (Rwanda 1983)

Nothing like the duplication business? Thazzz all Satan does! Plus drag the name of Jesus Christ threw the mud. This is his agenda. What a sad life, and existence, don’t you think?
So, not only does Satan use the name of Jesus and duplicate it with a false Jesus but also with Mary.
These pix with Mary and UFO’s in the background?? Do you think they happened by chance? NO WAY Jose!
Do you suppose this whole agenda is to bring forth an ‘alien’ messiah? I believe so. There are those who subject this thought process into an ‘alien Mary’ and ‘alien Jesus’ theory.
It’s more believable that this whole thing is cooked up for the specific purpose of bringing forward a fake messiah which is going to be a hybrid. I don’t doubt it…at all.

Vatican Omens


Psalm 29:7
The Voice of the Lord divideth the flames of fire.”

OMEN–The voice of the Lord strikes with flashes of lightning!


Lightning Strikes Vatican Hours After Pope Announces Resignation

The fact that a Pope hasn’t resigned his official status at the Vatican in over 600 years makes for a significant hit but for the Vatican itself to sustain a ‘hit’ by lightning within hours after this powerful decision makes headlines worldwide. An omen? Definitely.
Some believe he is resigning due to the controversy which have haunted the Vatican and its papacy. The “Vatileaks” scandal in which the Pope’s private papers are allegedly pilfered by his own butler had taken its place on the front pages of newspapers but this pales in comparison to the violence, nepotism, and sexual excesses. This began with multiple accounts of sexual abuse by numerous Priests across the world over the last few decades. Who knows how long this horrific tale has really been going on!

Pope Benedict XVI suffered a minor blow to the heard while on a trip to Latin America last year. But apparently this was unpublished! This injury left the pope’s hair and pillow “dirty with blood”. It has also emerged that he underwent minor surgery to replace his pacemaker three months ago. I find these tidbits of info interesting.

“VATIC” = Prophet
“AN” = Untrue, untruthful, specious, illusive
Vatic an = Vatican


Tower of Babel
Okay, the obvious is true…lightning strikes tall objects but let’s venture a bit deeper here.

The TAROT TOWER card is from the occult deck. It is the 16th trump or Major Arcana card. It’s placement in the deck is interesting in that it is the card that immediately follows The Devil in all Tarots that contain it, and considered an omen.
This has many concepts attached to the theory but there are a few interesting tidbits which I find add substance to this story.
The number 16 on top of the tarot card is indicative of the Pope Benedict XVI who was the 16th Pope. In the Saint Malachy prophecy, he predicted that Pope Benedict XVI would herald the Peter the Roman and strangely enough for the first time in 700 years there are two men who held the name Peter of Rome.
Oddly enough, or pertinent timing would also called for the decision of placing Pope Benedict’s resignation announcement on February 11, 2013. This date is also the anniversary of “Our Lady of Lourdes”. On February 1858, Saint Bernadette Soubirous, a 14 year-old peasant girl admitted to her mother that a “lady” spoke to her in the cave of Massabielle, while gathering firewood. So, the title “Our Lady of Lourdes” is a title of the Blessed Virgin Mary.
And on this date, every year the RCC celebrates a mass in honor of “Our Lady of Lourdes”.
This reeks of the FATIMA scenario! The girl said she heard the sound of two gusts of wind, but the trees, nor bushes did not move…but a wild rise did move. From the niche, or a dark alcove behind the grotto “came a dazzling light, and a white figure”. She was dressed in white, apart from the blue belt fastened around her waist and the golden yellow roses, one on each foot, the color of her rosary. Later on March 25, she said she was told” I am the Immaculate Conception”. Is that not strange to you? Wouldn’t that be Jesus Christ, not Mary? She is often called the Immaculate (the Immaculate One), and I find this to be blasphemy. And from this comes the worship of Mary! Idolism in short order. These events established the Marian veneration in Lourdes, which together with Fatima, is one of the most frequented Marian shrines in the world, and to which 4-6 million pilgrims travel annually.
And another strange connection-the Pope was born on April 16, 1927. This is the Saint Bernadette Soubirous’ Feast Day! Pope Benedict XVI visited Lourdes commemorating the 150th anniversary of the apparitions in September 2008. Five years later, on February 2013, the feast day of Our Lady of Lourdes, he announced his decision, unprecedented in modern times, to resign from the papacy. Effective on the 28th of February 2013.…he will no longer be the Pope of Rome.
There is no doubt that Pope Benedict XVI has participated in harboring the facts about the Fatima event along with many others Popes. More below on the prophecy of the Popes.

In the Jacques Vieville design deck, the card is called La Foudre or La Fouldre, (“The Lightning”) but the resemblance of the “Towel of Babel” seems to really stick out to me. But I also want to point out that this card also carries a crown which topples at the same time lightning hit’s the tree/tower. Considering buildings are made from wood, I consider this is to be a play on terms here.
A variety of explanations for the images have been attempted. For example, it may reference the Tower of Babel, where GOD destroys a tower built by mankind to reach Heaven. Alternatively, the HARROWING OF HELL was a frequent subject in the later medieval liturgical drama, and Hell can be depicted as a great gate knocked asunder by Jesus Christ.
Harrowing of Hell is a doctrine in Christian theology referenced as “the descent of Christ to hell” or the underworld. Otherwise known as “Limbo” too! This is what I consider the Roman Catholic Church to be in. Its actions are definitely not worthy of reaching the heights of Heaven, but it cannot descend to hell for its sins, so it’s caught in LIMBO!

In others meanings of this card, the Epiphanies, transcendental states of consciousness, and KUNDALINI experiences. In the Triple Goddess Tarot, the card is named “Kundalini Rising”. This parallel’s the Freemasonry phrase of “Phoenix Rising” which to them readies the emergence of the Phoenix by symbolizing the idea of being ‘born again’, and a rising again from one’s ashes.

Oddly enough the sun has been doing some STRANGE things…people are calling it the Phoenix of the Sun=Phoenix Rising [link]

Those involved in the New Age Movement, Occultism, and Freemasonry, believe that Lucifer was unjustly thrown out of heaven by God, and will “rise again” to be Ruler of the Universe in God’s place. He will in fact, “become God,” according to them. Likewise, followers of Lucifer here on Earth, supposedly discover the “secret knowledge” or “Gnosis” of Lucifer and also after initiation become “reborn to become gods! “(Lucifer DID promise Eve in the Garden that she would become as a god).
New Agers with the Sunrise also portray this same idea. That is why the NEW AGE is also referred to as THE NEW DAWN Let me tell you a little Occult history. The Bible talks about Nimrod who had to do with the building of the Tower of Babel in Babylon which of course is the birthplace of Occultism. His evil followers believed that when Nimrod died, he was immortal and went to live up in the Sun.
And so whenever the Sun would rise in the morning, the Babylonians believed it to be Nimrod “rising again” he supposedly went down at night to fight off the evil creatures in the ocean when the Sun set but he came up again every morning, victorious! This of course symbolizes Lucifer “dying” when he got thrown out of heaven and then “rising again” when he will once again rule the World! And this New Age period is supposed to be a time when Occultism and Lucifer’s followers will reign supreme upon the face of the Earth! Thus, the Occult Phoenix bird is shown with a smoldering fire underneath and it “rises from its ashes” in triumph.
The rising of the phoenix bird also symbolizes the New Age idea that the “Divine Cosmic Plan” that the highly evolved Great Masters have for our Earth Civilization is going to come into effect soon. Earth will “rise from its ashes” and begin anew, its inhabitants having the new Cosmic Consciousness. It is like a “rebirth” of the Ancient Occult Mystery Religions in our World.

In some circles the Tower is depicted with Poseidon. Atlantis is the chosen domain of Poseidon.

The Vatican likens itself as infallible. The Pope being this head of this institution would then be the god. It metaphorically reaches to the heavens which parallels the Tower of Babel.
Also Scripture texts proposed the words of Jesus:
“…whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven”.
Wow! Quite the statement there!! Speaking about the church, this is telling in that the Roman Catholic Church has a great many demons within it!


Falling Man
Photographer, Richard Drew of Associated Press took this iconic photograph during 9/11 of a man falling to his death from the World Trade Center. When placed aside the Tarot card of the Hanged Man, we find similarities which are creepy to say the least. The hanged man is suspended between twin pillars (towers?).


So between the Hanged Man and the Tower Card, we find eerie circumstances which make one question the occult reasoning of these cards.

Did you know once the Pope Benedict XVI has performed a few minor appearances he’s going to a convent?
Pope Benedict is currently retired into the Vatican’s Apostolic Palace for a scheduled, week-long spiritual retreat and will not make any public appearances until next Sunday (February 24).
He will say one more Sunday noon prayer on February 24 and hold a final general audience on February 27.
The next day he will take a helicopter to the papal summer retreat at Castel Gandolfo, south of Rome, where he will stay for around two months before moving to a convent inside the Vatican where he will live out his remaining years.

The Pope Benedict XVI released two doves to commemorate the Holocaust but one was attacked by a Seagull.

Fr. Malachi Martin revealed ALL that is coming out of the Vatican today! He was brilliant – revealing the Satanic influence, New World Order (which lead to his death) and Masonic influence – including the Popes! Here is a small sample of what he said of the darkness in the church:

A Dark Vision
Just how bad did Martin judge things to be? Extremely so:

“Suddenly it became unarguable that now during this papacy, the Roman Catholic organization carried a permanent presence of clerics who worshipped Satan and liked it; of bishops and priests who sodomized boys and each other; of nuns who performed the “Black Rites” of Wicca, and who lived in lesbian relationships . . . every day, including Sundays and Holy Days, acts of heresy and blasphemy and outrage and indifference were committed and permitted at holy Altars by men who had been called to be priests. Sacrilegious actions and rites were not only performed on Christ’s Altars, but had the connivance or at least the tacit permission of certain Cardinals, archbishops, and bishops. . . In total number they were a minority—anything from one to ten percent of Church personnel. But of that minority, many occupied astoundingly high positions or rank…. The facts that brought the Pope to a new level of suffering were mainly two: The systematic organizational links—the network, in other words that had been established between certain clerical homosexual groups and Satanist covens. And the inordinate power and influence of that network.” (pp. 492-3)

I have this book! “Windswept House” it written as a novel of fiction but we know better, do we not?

keys of hell

↑Keys to Hell↑

Fatima Secret Pt 1-5:


Doctrines of Demons

“Satan, Lucifer in human form, entered into Rome in the year 1972. He cut off the rule, the role of the Holy Father, Pope Paul VI. Lucifer has controlled Rome and continues this control now.


Resurrected Pope
We must address the conspiracy surrounding the Pope John Paul II. Many believe he will rise from the grave. Sounds ridiculous right? Thazzz what I though too! But listen to this!
This is some crazzzy stuff! Wow! Just when you thought it couldn’t get any weirder. IT DOES. Then get this….a person on this guys YT video page says:


Roll of the Dice…looks like 666 to me!


crazy77iii 2 hours ago @ (Feb 23 /7:27pm)
“SO, last Night It DID Indeed Happen Again! I was taking screen shots everytime that the Cam freeze frame Refreshed. but I only stayed up until around 2:30am EST and these White Robed guys didn’t come in. JUST a Man in Red.. AND then older Women as well!.. I’m wondering if this Tomb is placed at the front of Sactuary!? It seems that these gentlemen are almost Preaching at times…..? Thoughts? I can email all of jpegs to you in an email if you’d like. They have time and date on them..”
So, did you read the part about the MAN IN RED? STRANGE!!!
Then the same guy puts out this video:
Huge conspiracy or a huge Satanic Ritual? Complete with a VAMPIRE BOX!
Remember last year when Obama’s Election results were posted BEFORE the election?
An alert promptly yanked from the air and KRTV issued an apology on air and online for the mix-up!
Well, at 3:45 of this SAME video is a EMERGENCY ALERT SYSTEM:
Television viewers in several Montana counties has to be baffled when an emergency alert interrupted the “Steve Wilkos Show” to report that the ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE had begun–and after millions of Americans has watched AMC’s “The Walking Dead” just the night before…this is the transcript:
Amazing stuff there, my friends!
But that’s not all…
People on this website where he got his info seem to think that not only is the FALSE PROPHET going to rise from the Roman Catholic Church (Vatican) but that it will be THE late Pope John Paul II. That in Revelation it tells us that the False Prophet will come BACK to life from the DEAD!

John Paul II Prophecy
While his predecessors had been embalmed after death, the Vatican claimed that Pope John Paul II was not embalmed and lay in state without normal treatment for preservation, which is evident by the grey colour taken on by the body. Also, it was customary for popes to have their organs removed after death. Pope Pius X ended this practice during his reign, and the wish of some Poles that John Paul II’s heart be buried in Poland was not obliged.

Pope-7 Kings & Eighth is a Beast & then the Last

Jesuit’s Antichrist Prophecy [link]

Crowley’s Tower Card

The Tarot is believed to have originated from Northern Italy, a hand-painted Tarot pack was created for the Duke of Milan in 1415. Sometimes believed to contain the wisdom of the mythic ancient Egyptian god Thoth-Hermes.
According to Tarot historian Tom Tadfor Little, traditional playing cards were first seen in Europe in 1375, having been brought over from the Islamic societies where they had been used for centuries before that. These cards were not, however, Tarot cards. At this point, he says, there is no evidence to show that Tarot cards had yet been created, which goes against many claims that ordinary playing cards evolved from the original Tarot deck.
It wasn’t until 1440 that the cards that were most likely the origin of Tarot cards were first mentioned. In a letter from the Duke of Milan, there was a request for several decks of “triumph” cards to be used at a special event. The letter differentiated triumph cards from regular “playing” cards.
It does appear, however, that the first Tarot decks were created as a game. There were four suits with cards numbered one through ten and also court cards that included a queen, king, knight and page. The deck also included 22 symbolic picture cards that did not belong to any suit. The decks were used to play a game called triumph that was similar to bridge. In triumph, 21 of the 22 special picture cards were permanent trump cards. The game spread quickly to all parts of Europe. People began referring to as tarocchi, which is an Italian version of the French word tarot, around 1530.
In 1781, in France and England, followers of the occult discovered Tarot cards. They saw the symbolic pictures of the cards as having more meaning than the simple trump cards they were used for at the time. They used the cards as a divination tool, and occult writers wrote about “the Tarot.” After this, the Tarot became a part of occult philosophy.
There are also those who believe that Tarot cards originated in Egypt. In some circles, they are thought to be the sole surviving “book” from the great fire that burned the libraries of ancient Egypt. In this theory, the cards are considered to be the hieroglyphical keys to life.



Benedict XVI’s Satanic Smile
I saw this video and the smile is interesting, no doubt and the timing of it. BUT…check out his eyes! They seem to change, and turn BLACK. They change several times! ODD!

One Last Thing!
Don’t forget about the L.U.C.I.F.E.R. Project. Just what is the Vatican watching? Orion messiah? What’s coming?
And don’t know if you’ve heard but we’ve recently had numerous COMETS coming !
4 Comets!!
Luke 21:25-26 “There will be signs in the sun and moon and stars; and on the earth dismay among nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring; Men’s hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken.”

Interesting pictures:

£££Fee for use Statue of Liberty-1704773

Statue of Liberty


Tokyo Tower

£££Fee for use Lightning strikes The Shard in London-1704788

The Shard of London

Turning Torso building in Malmo-1704771

Sweden’s Turning Torso

£££Fee fo use Lightning strikes the CN Tower in Canada-1704774

Canada’s CN Tower

Lightning strikes the Empire State Building during a storm last night-1225652

Empire State Building



I want you to check your body. Do you have a HARD rice-size object just under your skin? If so, where?

Triangle Magick PT 2 of 2


Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

Decoded-Brad Meltzer’s broadcast reveals some very interesting info in this subject as well. It’s called the Devil’s Graveyard or Alaskan Triangle. Since 1988, approximately 16,000 people have vanished on the Alaska Triangle…in fact 4 out of every 1,000 Alaskans disappear annually without a trance. This area is a definite hotspot of activity of anomaly. Electromagnetic disruptions played a key part when the three hosts chartered a plane to this area as well, varying as much as 30 degrees. Missing time was a big mystery to me…not that the time was off by a minute or two considering the magnetic anomaly…but they were off the EXACT amount of minutes EACH.
Dan Shaw, a vortex expert on invited on the show reported that a simple device known as a ‘Golden Vortex’ with just three aligned magnets can alter perception. Placed between then, Buddy actually looks taller and thinner to Mac. Brad interjects to add that different people have different perceptions of the vortex, either psychically or physically.
A energy vortex is an electromagnetic subterranean current which may be positive or negatively charged. These are most commonly known as ‘ley lines’. There are some people who actually respond to such energy in physical, emotional, spiritual and some even ‘psychically’.
Three types of vortexes;
There are areas in the world where people have specifically constructed churches, temples, and other spiritual centers.


Consider mysterious realms plagued by supernatural forces known and unknown to science. Possibly wrinkles in the fabric of time and space which caused people, boats and planes to disappear. Places known to have these effects of a vortex are, Stonehenge, Pyramids of Giza, Easter Island…all known mostly for their locations along a space called 12 Devil’s Triangles.

Bermuda Triangle A.K.A…Devil’s Triangle
While many know or have heard of the tragic events which take place in this mysterious location, I only serve to mentions it as a means to register the shape.

Is It the Gate to Hell?

Area 51-Triangle


Look at this picture! Enough said!

Bennington Triangle-Vermont
A region near Glastenbury is known as the Bennington Triangle. Like many other strange anomalies which occur at these sites, it must be acknowledged that disappearances are also part of the scenario.


Skinwalker Ranch
In northeast Utah there is a site which is known to have portals, UFO’s, Bigfoot, and so much more. It became infamous in the book “Hunt for the Skinwalker”.


The Bridgewater Triangle
Located in Massachusetts is a 200 square mile area which has been reported as having a huge amount of anomalies.
“My wife and my buddy and I were traveling home the other night on 195 towards Providence. My wife was asleep in the back seat and my buddy and I were discussing musical tastes when he suddenly swerved away from the shoulder and cursed: “What the Hell is that!” I had time enough to look and see a black orb on the side of the road. It wasn’t set on the ground though, it was sort of hovering above the ground. We pulled over maybe a half mile past it and debated going back to check it out. We ultimately decided to head on home. We continued down what we thought was 195 when we realized we were in Taunton. We never got off on an exit, we were going straight on an empty 195 the entire time and we were now somehow miles from 195 in the center of the Bridgewater Triangle. We immediately whipped out the GPS and headed home. We both swear, as stupid as it sounds, that whatever was on the side of the road “warped” us to Taunton. My wife saw how scared we both were and, though she didn’t see the orb, can’t figure out how we got where we were either. We looked at maps and even if we somehow made an exit (we didn’t) we still wouldn’t have ended up where we were.”


The list goes on and on….too many to mention. I only mentioned a couple to give you a sense of the mystery which surround these locations.
Triangles are plentiful in our world, and the series “Celestial & Earthly Religious Destinations” give you an idea of the complexity of the Great Pyramids and other locations. I believe this pyramids around the world are built in this shape for specific reasons such as magick. Not knowing the true designers of these structures makes for interesting table talk. I for one believe them to be of celestial origin, and for the purpose of occult magick.

The implications of using a triangle in a religious ritual or emblem is very symbolic. The triangle is a primary symbols used in the Illuminati/Freemason/Rosicrucian witchcraft, astrological and black magick practices. We even see the double triangle used. And I believe this is their favorite because it insights the “As Above, So Below” terminology reflected in their beliefs.
This is to mean what is portrayed above, so it will be below. But, you see it goes even deeper than a simple statement such as this. The fallen angels FELL. They fell due to their ignorance, self-worship, and pride. They fell because they chose to follow Satan/Lucifer.


Orion is where these fallen ones took their residence after GOD pushed them from the upper heavens where HE resides. They began long ago bringing their message disguised as ‘gods’ by using symbols and signs which are used to this day by religious sectors. One being the Seal of Solomon, also called a hexagram and Star of David. This seal, known as the Magen David of the Jews, is actually composed of two triangles, superimposed on one another. One triangle, pointed upward represents the flesh or material matter and the male generative act; the other, pointed downward, signifies female sexuality and the spiritual plane. Also the opposites of GOD and Satan….which clearly we begin to see the suggestion in the symbol which is clearly blasphemous.
Helena Blavatsky’s worldwide cult Theosophy and its offspring, The Lucis Trust (originally called Lucifer Trust), led for many years by prolific occult writer, Alice Bailey, likewise adopted the triangle as symbolic of their teachings. In 1937 the Lucis Trust founded a subsidiary group named Triangles which today encourages people across the globe to network by forming local three person triangle groups to come together often and meditate. In this way, said the parent organization in a letter, occult adepts can, “help to illumine world thought… through which the new incoming Aquarian energies can function, the new ideas spread, and the New World Order emerge.”


According to Bailey, the coming New World Order of the New Age is best symbolized by a triangle within a circle, with a single dot, or point, within the triangle. This symbol is said to represent three Centers (in U.S.A., Centers), the point standing for the ruler of the spirit world, Sanat (an anagram for “Satan” apparently), the entity who at the appointed time will emerge to rule the Earth and humanity. The second Center is Sanat’s “Hierarchy,” the many unseen spirits (i.e. devils), and the third Center is the human masses.

At the close of the Age, Bailey assures us, “the three major Centers will be in complete unified and synchronized activity,” controlling all manifestations of life.


(From the book, Satan Wants You, by Arthur Lyons, The Mysterious Press, New York, 10019)

Aleister Crowley, the late British Satanist and Freemason, was also a devotee of the triangle as symbol. As a high-level officer of the occult group, Order of the Golden Dawn, Crowley used for one of his emblems the Eye of Horus in the Pyramid of Fire, radiated by the sun’s rays. It was Horus, in the form of a spirit guide named Aiwass, that allegedly gave Crowley The Book of the Law, a book of prophecy Crowley claimed he received by automatic writing.


Fritz Springmeier, author of the bestselling Bloodlines of the Illuminati, made this drawing based on an actual ritual conducted by a Satanic sect known as Ordo Saturnus (Order of Saturn). The planet Saturn is the sixth planet from the sun in our solar system.


Above, Helena Blavatsky noted that the coming sign of the NEW WORLD ORDER is best symbolized by a triangle within a circle, with a single dot, or point within the triangle.


Look at this ‘logo’ of the Galactic Federation of Light….these are the Ascended Masters and their minions. Their purpose? To fool mankind into believer they are our creator and thus pushing GOD aside. They are not extraterrestrials but demons and fallen angels.


Aleister Crowley, British Satanist who was a high level initiate of many occult Orders and Secret Societies, giving the supreme sign of the horned God.


This cover of The Royal Arch Mason magazine pays tribute to their “Most Worshipful Brother Harry S. Truman.” (Truman, a 33rd degree Mason, once told his brothers in the craft that he would rather be a Master Mason than be President of the United States of America.)
The symbol of the Royal Arch Masons is also seen at left: The Triple Tau, a sign of trinity within a triangle within a circle, a composite symbol said to connote triple power.

In Egypt, the triangle was a hieroglyphic sign for “woman.” In ancient Greece, the sexual intent is clear in that the triangle represented the Holy Door, genitalia of the All-Mother Demeter, known as “Mother Delta”.

It is easily understood, therefore, why the gay homosexual movement adopted the sign of the pink triangle as its emblem. For male homosexuals particularly, the Goddess image and feminine archetype were powerful motivators dictating 328 CODEX MAGICA adaptation of the triangle as symbol of “gay liberation.”


The Pope’s Triceps

The Vatican also got into the triangle act. In some Roman Catholic churches today, behind the altar we find displayed the all-seeing eye inside a triangle. Meanwhile, the Pope can often be seen wearing the symbol of the triceps on his vestments or on his Dagon Fish God hat, which has its own unique triangular design.

The triceps is a Nordic design of three earth diamonds thought to invoke earth energy powers and spiritual magic. By adding straight lines on its three sides to fill in the open spaces, we discover that the Triceps unexpectedly becomes a larger triangle with a concealed Jewish Star of David (six-pointed star) within.

So many priests are now ousted as homosexuals and pedophiles, this noted Catholic publication, The Catholic World Report devoted a special edition to the topic. The editors of this cover of the January, 1997, edition, call the problem a “Rebellion.”


The smiling Catholic prelate has a pink triangle on the cross, symbol of his cap (itself triangle-shaped upward) and the Bishop’s hands are fixed in the triangle downward (feminine, delta position).


At the inauguration of the first President of the United States, April 30, 1789, in New York City, a Bible was provided by a Masonic lodge nearby and opened to Genesis chapters 49 and 50 where the familiar occult design of a circle inside a triangle just happens to be printed as an artist’s illustration.
George Washington pressed his palm to the book as the oath was administered and then kissed it. A member of the lodge then marked the page for succeeding generations. The year 2005 marked the fifth time the tome has been lent for a presidential inauguration, as another George celebrated the 216th anniversary of the inaugural Bible.


Do these locations shaped as triangles serve a purpose other than ritualistic? Are the in fact stargates? Do they serve as a means for the ‘aliens’ to travel to and fro? The Bible tells us…GOD asks Satan, “Where have you come from” Satan answers, “From wandering to and fro on the earth and up and down in it.” This is very curious. Satan is devouring the souls of whomever will weaken in his presence. His technology is extensive and uses it for the purpose of twisting faith and judgment. Traveling from space to earth and in it is just some of his magick tricks in his bag of doom. Using means of traveling via craft or wormhole/stargates are just a means of quickening the results.


Let’s talk about Ziggurats
Was the Tower of Babel one of these structures? I believe it was. Also the shape of it tends to give us insight into how long these structures have been in play by the dark side. Shrines built to worship deities like Marduk were popular and believe it or not still are here and used by the occult. The Marduk ziggurat, or Etemenanki, of ancient Babylon served as temples and the word Etemenanki in Sumerian, translates “The Foundation of Heaven and Earth”. Sound like something close to what the Tower of Babel would have been, huh?


Oddly enough some of these structures were painted INDIGO, why? Blue is utilized by the fallen angels for many purposes. Many don’t realize that colors are places in a electromagnetic spectrum and placing blue and violet in this reads at 420-450nm in wavelength. Electromagnetic energy produces different effects on the brain.
The tone of indigo used in the spiritual applications is electric blue. It is symbolic in the New Age philosophy and regarded as special. Even announcing the ‘star children’ which are hybrids of ‘aliens’ and human are called “Indigo Children”.
From the blue gods of Hindu to the blue tinted Ascended Masters, we have connections which these fallen angels are desperately trying to get you to make….they are gods. But, they are only FAKES!

forbidden triangle

Posing a weird question here but do you think these portals play as a vice for travel from Orion to earth, and if so then do you think these structures play off the shape of Orion as a Triangle? As Above, So Below?
I do find it intriguing how when I began researching wormhole/Orion that this is the first site to come up:

Called Orion’s Arm…..interesting to say the least.
Nevertheless, we may speculate…but this subject may never be answered.
Universal, Geometrical, Mathematical, and Physical properties exist because GOD created them! Only by twisting these properties is Satan able to accomplish mass hysteria. This is happening on a conscious level as well as scientific. From the New Age Movement to the theoretical scientists, we have people speculating the possible to the impossible.
But, the truth of the matter is the so-called gods (fallen angels) mingled with men and directed their affairs, and caused great technological wonders which caused tremendous a grand morality collapse. These wars of the world, and mind were fought thousands of years ago and seem to be taking a full-tilt turn back in our direction. These ‘ancient astronaut theorists’ which bring forth their speculative jargon try their best to make humanity believe these ‘gods’ or ‘aliens’ are our creator…this is their optimal avenue to pose the outrageous. What will you believe?


Triangles Drilled into Rocks

This is not something new. This shape has been used for millenniums to fulfill purposes of the occult, and will continue in this path until we meet our Maker.
My take on this shape (triangle) is that it must have something to do with GOD! Why else would the occult and supernatural devour so much of their time and invest it in such an object? It’s got to be something spiritual. Now what could that be??  Heaven’s shape? Or is is the shape of Hell? Who knows….we will know eventually.

Triangle Magick PT 1 of 2


“The gates of Hell are open night and day; smooth the descent, and easy the way: but, to return, and view the cheerful skies; in this, the task and mighty labor lies.”

This is so true. First, the road is Hell is paved and smooth. Easy is the way to Hell because pride, greed and lust (and other sins) easily take over the flesh. The gate descending to Hell has minimal labor to access and even if the occult activists want you to believe there is a way back there is not, unless you turn your life over to Jesus Christ and ask for forgiveness.
Some believe the path to this Hell is a triangle in the occult practices, and of this I have little doubt. It seems that the symbols through which all false religions practice use this symbol.


It’s as simple as symbolism in art to gargantuan structures built in sand…the symbols are contained within!

Take a simple picture. Called, “The Garden of Earthly Delights” by Hieronymus Bosch. Dating from 1490-1510, we have a piece of work which seem to show from paradise to hell. Oh, but it’s so much more. Tripychs are three a set of three pictures generally intended to be read sequentially from left to right. These are intended to represent the Garden of Eden to the Last Judgment respectively, while the main subject is contained within the center piece.
But, seriously…we have all kinds of creatures and even aliens! Also note the EGG-shape object (Darwinism) with people climbing into it from the sea. Do you really think this was a Christian? I don’t. Between the symbolic systems of alchemical, esoterical, astrological and other subjects….there’s nothing good to come from this.


Giant owls (and other owls), gives away so much in symbolism but let’s look deeper. I see the implied three-some of possibly a gay marriage or a ‘fake marriage’. Many men are married but secretly are homosexuals and ‘come out’ years later and tear their families apart in doing so. The ‘clear flower’ flower has three figures. One a female…looking away as if startled. The other two are men. The tip of the flower seems to circle back down into the buttocks of the man in ‘drag’…so to speak. A secret relationship? This might just encase the ultimate 7 deadly sins. Angels and demons. Hybrid creatures everywhere. “Jesus” with his SECRET SYMBOLISM hand signs. Secret Knowledge. The whole scene seems to represent the genetic manipulation between the fallen angels and everything GOD created…i.e, unicorns, giant creatures, tree-man, mermaids, etc. Chthonic solar eagle-lion…implies underworld creatures and possible sun-worship as well. Various representations of different colored people and some with hair references a primeval man. Supernatural?–Black-eyed man.  Secret technology. “Magical Energy”.  Men restraining women. Muslim/Islam Symbolism. Satanism. People, some dead, some alive. Mermaids. Feminine/Masculine symbolism. The “dragon tree” as apposed to the tree of life. Phallic symbols. Obelisks. Fraenger titled his chapter on the high background “The Ascent to Heaven”, and wrote that the airborne figures were likely intended as a link between ‘what is above’ and ‘what is below’, just as the left and right hand panels represent what was and what is and what will be. Hence, As Above, So Below! Ouroboros…The knight’s tail curls back to touch the back of his head, which references the common symbol of eternity: the snake biting its own tail.  TRANSHUMANISM. Tower of Babel…..and last but not least….THE ALL-SEEING EYE!! None other than a FREEMASON All-Seeing-Eye.


I think this goes perfectly with the last articles here called “Celestial & Earthly Religious Destinations”.

The entries have not only to do with the celestial visits over the millenniums but also the destinations. The religious implications are too numerous to count considering the modus operandi of these entities.
But, we also notice in that three part series that the pyramids all around the world seem to be connected to these deities and their religious affiliations. Considering the pyramids are triangular in shape, this shape has taken a life of its own in secret societies, occult practices and numerology.
I believe their to be power not only in the shape but in the placement of this shape.


In the esoteric, the triangle is magical. In fact, they spell it magick. Inside the magick circle of witchcraft is the Triangle also corresponding to the number three. The Quabbalah is a major component in this sorcery. Deep in its mysteries, too deep to cover here I will just expand on the basic principles. The number three is a triangle of the three-dimensional world…i.e. mental, astral, and the physical. Each power which is to be projected into the physical world must run the three planes.
This combined with the electricity and magnetic fields…is the negative and positive or plus and minus.
Of course this is but a twisting of the Trinity of GOD, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. And also the positive being GOD, and the negative being that of Satan.
But have you noticed that the electricity and magnetic properties are the main focus in ‘secret projects’ and also around triangles such as a pyramid?


Triangle-shaped Underground base in Alaska
On May 22, 1992 the Chinese government detonated their largest underground nuclear weapons testing program. A huge underground pyramid was identified during the underground test and was identified as being much larger than the Great Pyramid in Giza!
Former military intelligence analyst, Douglas A. Mutschler contacted investigative journalist Lind Moulton Howe and the report is as follows [link]

“My father was ‘re-recruited’ by the military to join a group of other experts to study and work at an underground structure in Alaska that in his words they called the ‘DARK PYRAMID’.”
Another email received said that their father also worked there and it was a study in energy distribution. Said energy was the precursor to the web and cell phone technology as we all know today.
There was the intention to go prospecting by Mutschler so he attained very detailed (Joint Operation Graphic Ground) maps that made up Alaska and one of the first things he noticed was a western portion of the state was whited out!
The whited out area were south of Mount McKenley and towards the west near Nome.


Then, another entry;
“Certain geometries cause Aether to accumulate at various focal points. Applying electricity to these focal points will convert certain amounts of Aether into electricity. The electrical charge must be through static, in small prototypes this done via is a spark jump. The geometry of a pyramid has many of these focal points, one of them being top.
When a static charge jumps from the source node, to a destination node (The Aether focal point) the charge received is greater than the charge used to create the spark. How the Aether is converted to electricity is still unknown, but it is clearly a state of energy just like Heat, Light, Electricity, and Kinetic.
Aether penetrates all matter, it also exists in a perfect vacuum. Applying various frequencies to vacuums will cause light to be emitted, we believe the Aether is being transformed into light. Again more evidence that suggests to us that Aether is a form of energy, also demonstrating its ability to exist in a vacuum, and the ability for sounds frequencies to travel in a vacuum to some degree.
…Egyptians somehow discovered or were shown about these geometric occurrences. That the pyramids were an attempt to attract lightning strikes. So that the discharge into the pyramid would be a greater that the charge released from atmosphere. It is still unclear of the effect on gravity has any connection to electricity or if it is the imbalance of Aether. The gravitational effects slowly weaken over time with no observable interference.
Considering the analogy of trying to force the two south poles of magnets together, you are storing energy in that magnetic field and when you let go they push apart again. This energy is being released in the form of kinetic energy and sometimes heat. Somehow during the energy release an upwards force is created, or the download force of gravity is reduced. This effect slowly diminishes.
Nikola Tesla, discovered these same behaviors. However he has a less effective method of accumulating the Aether….but it would be clear why free energy would be a threat to control.


Nome, Alaska
Not only is this area in the great state of Alaska, but it’s got some pretty strange happenings going on there!
In the 2009 film, “The Fourth Kind” there are close encounters of the horrific kind, not they all aren’t. Although the movie was a mock-up of what was/is a true story. The horror of the close encounters are of the fourth kind meaning it was more than a sighting, it’s actual contact. And even more it was experimental, more than likely.
Another view would be from 2,000 miles away in Bray’s Point, Oregon. The experiences of the people there are said to mimic that of the people in Nome. “Errol” has been in touch with many of the people who have said to be abducted.
Real Life and Film’s 3:33 Connection
Of course my take on this is that 3pm is the said time of Jesus Christ’s crucifixion on the cross and the opposite time of this would be the witching hour of 3am. Most paranormal activity, including that of the UFO type are said to happen between the hours of 2-3am.
Looking at the clock during the night/day at the precise time of 3:33 is rather odd in itself but Errol tells that there are not only abduction in Nome Alaska, but also disappearances.
“Moreover, there’s almost ‘regular UFO sightings” in the Nome region throughout the year, with ufologists thinking this may be a regions for a sort of command center for alien life on Earth”.
And, if you listen and read between the lines, explains Errol of the e-mails he’s received from ufologist now studying Nome abductions, “there’s this 333, or someone mentioning they awoke after seeing a white owl and noted it was 3:33 a.m.”
At the same time, Nome’s new claim to fame is that this secluded community of about 4,000 residents – who live on a remote area of Alaska “on the southern Seward Peninsula” – has experienced a large number of “unexplained disappearances,” with recent “possible abductions by non-human intelligences” as recent as Jan. 29 when a husband and wife “tourists” disappeared.
FBI called to Nome to find missing
Also, the FBI continues to decline comment about either a rash of disappearances back in 2000 and “continued disappearances ever since,” state local media.
And, both CNN and other national and international media have descended upon Nome after this so-called “string of disappearances” have increased to a sort of Bermuda Triangle effect where people living or visiting this region that’s not far from the ancient civilization unearthed along the Bering Strait have vanished, and “who can hear their screams,” said the family of one man who was reported “missing” in early 2012 “when we’re so remote in this small town on the West Coast of already remote Alaska.”
In turn, the documentary-drama “The Fourth Kind” points to this epidemic of disappearances getting so bad that the FBI started visiting Nome in 2005 to investigate; while CNN and the Anchorage Daily News reported how the “victims were largely native men” and also “Nome women and their children.”
Officially, “nine bodies were never found,” according to reports in the Anchorage Daily News; while other local “word of mouth citizen journalists” estimate “many hundreds have disappeared over the past 10 years.”
Thus, the film explains that on the scale, the first kind of encounter is defined as a UFO sighting; the second, collected evidence of extraterrestrials; and the third kind is contact; while the “fourth kind” is actual alien abduction and it’s not pretty when viewing actual victims re-living the horror while noticing those numbers 333 that you too who are reading this may also notice in your day-to-day lives?
“That’s why the Fourth Kind it rings true for me and many others,” adds Errol at Bray’s Point. END
Of course, I added this for the emphasis on the area in which Nome Alaska resides. The hot spot of America! This magnetic phenomena happening in this state is very mysterious and for some horrific.


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