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Satanic Story Time


Did you know there are so many mislead people out there? Did you know they trust in people like Aleister Crowley? They consider his stuff ‘light’ reading!
It’s sad really! We need to wake up people!!


Most of these videos are not SHORT! So be warned:
First: They are MATURE CONTENT
SECOND: They are longer than most

Satanic Storytime with Aleister Crowley

Masonic Illuminati Actors


Satanic Hollywood UNMATCHED

Hollywood’s satanic Agenda

Entertainment Industry EXPOSED/UNMASKED!

Thanks to Kitti for this one!


Demonic Possession, Pacts with the Devil, Satanism in Hollywood (PT 1)
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Satanic Hollywood
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Hollywood’s Secret Satanic Agenda 666 Devil Worship


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Satanic Hollywood & Music

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Truth About Illuminati Documentary-Luciferian Conspiracy



When you search for the definition of decay, you find a meaning which defines our current world;
Decay-to become decomposed; rot. To decline in excellence, prosperity, health, etc.; deteriorate.


That just about covers it, does it not? We lack in composure. Lacking in self-control, the world becomes full of chaos. A decline in judgment leads to UN- compassionate, UN- caring society. GOD does not prosper people who don’t believe in Him. Our health has decline not only mentally, but physically. We are deteriorating on every humanly level possible.


Now, considering the elite have ways of accomplishing this task; chem-trials; satellites which emit low-frequency signals affecting the brain negatively; chemical companies which subscribe to physicists producing medicine, food and other processes which purposely affect people negatively.

Without a doubt the unprecedented decay in societies morals have such a great impact on the decline in our world’s conscious decisions and behavior. I believe it began long ago, but the biggest impacts are obviously when GOD was taken out of our schools and political venues.


Accordingly, our world has such chaotic behavior that the media publishes shocking events that take place daily. It was once a world off black and white television with “The Waltons” and “The Dick Van Dyke Show” where morals were taught to the viewer in every episode. Now, we have organizations like the American Civil Liberty Union (ACLU) which ‘represent’ threatened liberties. When in fact, these liberties turned out to be views on moralistic values. But, the world turned into a “Lawyer Chasing a Ambulance” attitude. Everyone felt their were owed for such trivial experiences that it has spiraled into a cataclysmic volcano of packed court dockets with senseless lawsuits.


Worse than this, is the multiple choices made turning our shades of grey into black with Satanic sacrifices and ‘contact’ with ‘alien’ demonic entities who profess to be something their not! Channeling, séances, churches for occult cults, and the list goes on and on…this kind of spiritual decline leaves a world without not only moral authority but we lack of spiritual authority as well considering people believe themselves to be gods.

The detached fusion between GOD and His people is not a by-product of what we are experiencing, it is the REASON we are. Humanity is undermining GOD’S authority, we think we are better off without Him. We think we just appeared here without any divine intervention.

Moral Decay Postcard_700

There are around 2500 prophecies in the Bible, some already passed into reality, others coming daily, while the worst is on the edge of our reality now.
But, if you take into consideration what is happening in the world today;

Animated Gif Dots (14)1. War, rumors of war
Bible Scripture: Matthew 24:6
Written: 1st Century

Animated Gif Dots (14)2. Damascus/Syria battle-this is a prophecy which begins the end of the last prophecies before the Antichrist makes his appearance
Bible Scripture: Isaiah 17:1
Written: 8th Century

Animated Gif Dots (14)3. Pestilence/Plagues
Bible Scripture: Revelations 15:1
Written: 54-95 AD

Animated Gif Dots (14)4. Israel in the FOREFRONT of the news, with leaders threatening its destruction
Bible Scripture: Zechariah 12:1-5
Written: between 520 and 518 BC

Animated Gif Dots (14)5. False messiahs before Jesus Christ Returns
Bible Scripture: Matthew 24:23-25
Written: 1st Century

Animated Gif Dots (14)6. Israel becoming a nation (and BLOOMED agriculturally) and the tribes coming back
Bible Scripture: Luke 21:29-31
Recorded: about 30 AD

Animated Gif Dots (14)7. A New World Order-a world government with one currency
Bible Scripture: Daniel 7:7; 7:24; Revelation 13:1; 13:3; 17:3; 17:7; 17:12, 17:16
Written: 54-95 AD

Animated Gif Dots (14)8. One World Religion
Bible Scripture: Revelation 13:11
Written: 96 AD

Animated Gif Dots (14)9. Worldwide Economic chaos
Bible Scripture: Revelation
Written: 54-95 AD

Animated Gif Dots (14)10. Mark of the Beast-Is this the biometrics? Or something to come with the Obamacare microchipping the world?
Bible Scripture: Revelation
Written: 96 AD

Animated Gif Dots (14)11.Worldwide travel, knowledge (internet-the world will be able to simultaneously witness events) and telecommunications
Bible Scripture: Revelation 11:9-10
Written: 54-95 AD

Animated Gif Dots (14)12. A revived Roman Empire with a Royal family who took control of the world
Bible Scripture: Daniel & Revelation

Animated Gif Dots (14)13. Is the United States the ancient Babylon revived?
Bible Scripture:
Written: ?

Animated Gif Dots (14)14. The Catholic Church is the Harlot and is dressed in blood and money with sins of worshiping Satan/Sun and Mary/Idols/Statues.
Bible Scripture: Revelation 17
Written: 96 AD

Animated Gif Dots (14)15. The 3rd Temple is on the brink of being built ( a cornerstone being placed several times and stolen) with blueprints, gold utensils, alters, a red heifer, and so much more! GOD will make it supernaturally possible to be rebuilt in less than two years. The linen garments (120 sets) are presently being constructed.
Bible Scripture: Daniel

Animated Gif Dots (14)16. Worldwide religious persecution against believers of GOD
Bible Scripture: John 15:20
Written: 50 AD

Animated Gif Dots (14)17. Oil in Israel, making it the rich nations such as is in the prophecy
Bible Scripture: Duet 33: 24
Written:  1400 BC

Animated Gif Dots (14)18. The Gospel has been preached around the world
Bible Scripture: Matthew 24:14
Recorded: about 30 AD

Animated Gif Dots (14)19. Worldwide Suffering
Bible Passage: Matthew 24:21-22
Written: 1st Century

Animated Gif Dots (14)20. Jerusalem will be trampled
Bible Scripture : Luke 21:23-24
Written: 1st Century

Animated Gif Dots (14)21. Animals Dying in droves
Bible Scripture: Hosea 4:3
Written: 700 BC

Animated Gif Dots (14)22. Signs in the Heavens
Bible Scripture: Acts 2:19
Written: 60 AD

Animated Gif Dots (14)To Come:
Zechariah foreshadows modern warfare (nuclear-skin falling from bone)
Bible Scripture: Zechariah 14:12
Written: between 520 and 518 BC

Animated Gif Dots (14)Army of 200 Million in Revelations
Bible Scripture: Revelation 9:16
Written: sometime between 54 and 95 AD

Animated Gif Dots (14)Troops/Military would cross the Euphrates
Bible Scripture: Revelation 16:12
Written: sometime between 54 and 95 AD

Animated Gif Dots (14)People will be forced to receive the mark
Bible Scripture: Revelation 13:16-18
Written: sometime between 54 and 95 AD

Animated Gif Dots (14)Messiah returns after the Jews return to Israel!
Bible Scripture: Jeremiah 23:3-6
Written: sometime from 626 to about 586 BC

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Jacque Fresco and Roxanne Meadows return for a second conversation with Russell Scott.


Mr. Fresco’s background includes industrial design and social engineering, as well as being a forerunner in the field of Human Factors. Mr. Fresco has worked as both designer and inventor in a wide range of fields spanning from biomedical innovations to totally integrated social systems.


The Venus Project reflects the culmination of Mr. Fresco’s life work: the integration of the best of science and technology into a comprehensive plan for a new society based on human and environmental concern. It is a global vision of hope for the future of humankind in our technological age.



This is produced by Academy Award Nominated and Emmy Winning filmmaker, William Gazecki. The film Zeitgeist Addendum featuring Mr. Fresco and The Venus Project produced by Musician and Film Maker Peter Joseph was released in 2008. A sequel to this film, Zeitgeist Moving Forward, was produced in 2011 featuring Mr. Fresco aims and directions. The documentary Paradise or Oblivion, produced by Roxanne Meadows, introduces the culmination of Jacque Fresco’s work, and viable solutions for the future. It can be viewed at





Back the truck up!!

This is not what is appears to be…..let’s investigate.


He is a Jewish techocrat New World Order shill and Venus project is a pseudoscientific scam…Its hilarious how some people fall for it.

It promotes a highly technologic society where machines supported by ‘renewable energy sources’ build everything.

What they promote is like a fairy tale to a person who have some idea about how natural laws work. Its absolutely impossible to create in real world. They use the fairy tales to lure people in their movement to achieve technocratic tyranny.


In reality they want to:

1anidot6c.gifDepopulate most of the world
1anidot5b.gifCreate a central world government
1anidot4b.gifConfine humans into big cities like bee colonies
1anidot3a.gifDestroy individuality
1anidot1c.gifManipulate natural laws and be like gods(biotech, nanotech, etc)
1anidot2a.gifUse technology and surveillance to control people


Venus Project= Agenda 21 = NWO

Only elite will be allowed live in those super luxurious cities that is shown to you in their propaganda video. Machines cant do everything and cant sustain all the people.

Even if they somehow manage to create an utopia -more like a dystopia- like this I still absolutely would not want to be part of this and I am sure many people would not either.

I advise people that support Venus Project to study physics, more importantly THERMODYNAMICS to see how idiotic this scam is.


He wants to eliminate the cash and monetary system because cash provides individuals freedom to some degree. You can still buy things even if you become outlaw. They don’t want that freedom. They want to be in charge of what you buy and what you do not.
Advocating a complete replacement of the current monetary system with the ‘resource based economy’. The Venus Project offers a comprehensive plan for social reclamation in which humans, technology and nature will co-exist. This sustainable state of dynamic equilibrium sounds very familiar! Wait….yes! I have it. It’s called TRANSHUMANISM with a touch of Gaia.

When they establish their technocratic tyranny they will either hand out cards or implant RFID chips to people. This way you only will be able to buy things they allow you to buy. If you rebel, become outlaw or refuse to do what they want they will simply turn off your chip and you will not be able to buy anything not even will be able to travel.

Venus Project is Communism. If you eliminate free market and monetary system, central government will control the economy. This will destroy the last crumbs of freedom we still have.

Jacques Fresco is also a eugenicist. He believes a giant supercomputer should tell us all what to do and his “eco-cities” that he wants us all to move to can only support 65,000 people. So, this means, no children. Or, if you have a child, someone has to die or be expelled from his city.

In the interview he says there is no room for individuality. He says there will be no room for freedom as ‘it leads to chaos’ according to that old nut.
He says that he wants to unite all the nations under one government that will plan everything.

That man is a future big brother wannabe. He sounds like an absolute tyrant. He is enemy of freedom.


Let’s dig  bit further into this man’s past:
2anidot2b.gifHe joined the Ku Klux Klan
2anidot6b.gifWhite Citizens Council
His biggest promoter is PETER JOSEPH! This is the produce of “The Zeitgeist Movement”.
Joseph said, ” Zeitgeist is the activist arm of the Venus Project”. Can you say double agent?
Raelian Movement face him its Honorary Guide Award in 2008.


Fischer Continues: “Fresco spoke at the 10th anniversary of the UN’s Earth charter last year and subsequently attended Mikael Gorbachevs congress, which you will find on hidden away in the Netherlands section. Even if for some reason you think rubbing shoulders with those mid level elites is okay, what about Frescos co-speaker Ervin Laszlo, (who he “spent time with”) who FOUNDED the Club of Budapest, with Aurelio Peccei, founder of the CLUB OF ROME, full of lovely Illuminati globalists, who want a one world order, unified, worshiping the earth, under a new age religion. What about him being invited to dinner in the Dutch queen’s palace? As in Queen Beatrix…. of Bilderberg.


He is a real deal and has ties to UN. This project is prototype of New World Order (NWO). Oh, did I forget to mention this project includes the Bilderberger Group? Well, it does. And they seem to think they have the answers for everything, but it doesn’t include you because this is AFTER they use the concept of the GEORGIA GUIDESTONES to get rid of the roaches before the mansions are built. We are the roaches to them. You see what better way to manage the resources and economy that to depopulate the world and get the OPTIMUM equilibrium with the 500 million!

In his essay, “Beyond Utopia,” Fresco admired Plato’s Republic, Karl Marx, and H. G. Wells novel about a Freemasonry of science, The Shape of Things to Come, in which Freemasons take over the world. Fresco lurked in the shadows during the run of the first Zeitgeist movie in 2007. Director Peter Joseph served as front man for Fresco’s The Venus Project.
The folly of Plato’s Republic is that the self appointed ‘Guardians’ is they set themselves up as God, while they outlaw free will for the rest of society.
Fresco says there will be no government in his techno-utopia – but who’s going to make these decisions without a visible, accountable government?
Plato’s Republic is the 2500-year-old blueprint of the New World Order. Plato wrote it as a fictional dialogue proposing humanity be ruled by a special class of people he called “the Guardians”.



A Still Photo of Models Created by Jacque for the film “Project Moonbase”. This sounds familiar too. YEP, I got it. HITLER!
Maria Orsic, also known as Maria Orschitsch was a famous medium who became the leader of the Vril Gesellschaft.
Maria soon followed the German national movement which was active at this time; the main goal of the movement was to annex Austria with the German Reich.
In Munich Maria was in contact with the Thule Gesellschaft and soon she created her own circle together with Traute A. from Munich and several other friends: the “Alldeutsche Gesellschaft für Metaphysik”, official name of the Vril Gesellschaft.


In December 1919 a small group of persons from Thule, Vril and DHvSS (Men of the black stone) rented a small forester’s lodge in the vicinity of Berchtesgaden (Germany) where they met, accompanied by Maria Orsic and another medium who is only known as Sigrun. Maria claimed to have received mediumistically transmissions in a secret German Templar script – a language unknown to her – containing technical data for the construction of a flying machine. Vril documents mention these telepathic messages had their origin in Aldebaran, a solar system 68 light-years away in the constellation Taurus. She had two piles of papers: one with the Templar script, the other with a legible writing. Maria suspected the second pile would be written in an ancient eastern language and therefore she could be aided by the “Panbabylonists”, a circle close to the Thule society which was integrated by Hugo Winckler, Peter Jensen, Friedrich Delitzsch and others. It turned out that the apparently mysterious language was actually ancient Sumerian and hence the language of the ancient Babylonian culture founders. Sigrun, from the Vril gesellschaft helped translate the language and decipher the strange mental images of a circular flight machine.
Maria Orsic disappeared in 1945. The 11th of March of 1945 an internal document of the Vril Gesellschaft was sent to all its members; a letter written by Maria Orsic. The letter ends: “niemand bleibt hier” (no one is staying here). This was the last announcement from Vril, and since then no one heard again from Maria or the rest of members. It is speculated they escaped to Aldebaran.


The Thule Society supposedly has a huge base near the Antarctica. Now, this very may be. There are rumors that no one can even come close to these areas in the north. It just dawned on me…who were the Atlantean’s called? THE PEOPLE OF THE NORTH. They were vicious warriors who migrated from this area and some say the early Vikings have their similarities. They seemingly migrated to Phoenicia.
But, back at hand. This base is where secret man-made UFO’s are taken to space. Their plans are to make the Antarctic a One World Government. The Vril Society, in control of Vril Power, and the Thule Gesellschaft are tightly woven and Vril Society is actually the Inner Circle of Thule and they work parallel with the US Government.
The “Great White Brotherhood” is the guardian of ideas. The gods have invoked the Brotherhood of Agartha.
HERE we have it! Their gods are the Ascended Masters!


History is telling us that the Vril Society was almost entirely based on Edward Bulwer-Lytton’s fiction novel, The Coming Race. The book describes a race of men psychically far in advance of ours. They have acquired powers over themselves and over things that make them almost godlike. For the moment they are in hiding. They live in caves in the center of the Earth.
First of all, if we research Edward Bulwer-Lytton we will see that he belonged to The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, which in itself was (and still is) a very esoteric secret society which branched out from the English Rosicrucian Order.


The point of the above script is to point out the intentions of the German ‘Templars’. But also who they worship! The Great White Brotherhood. The Ascended Masters.

And where did the New World Order originate? With these beings. Just who are they? They are none other than the FALLEN ANGELS.

But, this is all about the supernatural spiritual WARFARE between the good and evil.



General – The only way for DELIVERANCE to spread around the world is for many people to begin to practice DELIVERANCE. I encourage you to take this guide, begin to practice DELIVERANCE, and to help others as you grow stronger. God told us to help train an army to minister DELIVERANCE.


Soul Ties
Soul-tie = A knitting of two souls in the spirit realm
We see these throughout the Bible, and understandably we must discern these signs. Soul ties are neither good, nor evil. They are a spiritual reality that can be a source of a blessings or an instrument of evil if we allow demons to use them.

People’s soul consists of his mind, will and emotions, therefore a soul tie can involve the joining of the minds and wills around a shared philosophy, religion, task or vision, as well as emotional unions in the feeling realm such as affection, devotion or obligation.

Unhealthy Soul Ties
An unhealthy soul tie with another be it friends, parents and children, siblings, marriage partners, former romantic or sexual partners, domineering authorities, etc, can bring about a psychic control that can adversely affect your life. Demonic activity will usually be present.

We can have soul ties thru marriage, siblings, friends, spiritual leaders, ungodly friends, sexual partners, and even soul ties with the dead. Did you know you can have a soul tie with a demon? Yes, we can. Through unforgiveness, idolatry, familiar spirits, spirit guides.
REPENT! Renounce every curse. Sever the Soul Tie. Cast out the demons and their assignments. Use the power and authority of Jesus Christ to close all spiritual doors!

So many other avenues need addressed but you can do that now that you have a hold on it better….anger, frustration, rage, discouragement, failure, defeat, fear, torment, rejection, insecurity, unforgiveness, doubt, unbelief, and death and destruction!! There are so many other too. These are just to name a few. I battle with some of these myself. I’m no saint!!!

sell your soul


Just as we do not let our hands or feet do their own thing, neither do we let our mind accept every thought coming into it. A mind can receive more than one thought at a time from more than one source. We hear from God and Satan at the same time. CONTROL YOUR THOUGHTS! Thoughts lead to actions, actions lead to consequences.

Lucifer held the highest position in Heaven. He was called the Guardian of the Throne. Heaven’s harmony was disrupted when he betrayed God’s trust and led a rebellion. God cast him out of heaven, rejecting and banishing him forever. His name was changed to Satan, meaning “The Adversary.”

So, we have all thoughts….all thoughts begin with 3~! You, GOD or satan. So, it basically comes down to two! Do the thoughts generate with GOD or satan-the adversary? You MUST take control of your mind.

Just as we do not let our hands or feet do their own thing, neither do we let our mind accept every thought coming into it. A mind can receive more than one thought at a time from more than one source. We hear from God
and Satan at the same time. We should examine every thought that comes into our minds. If it does not pass a Biblical inspection, we should reject it.


The Battle Field is Your Mind
You Have to Work at Taking Authority
1. You must become a believer (John 14:12; Mark 16:17).
2. Break the bondage of Satan over the aware and unaware mind. Heb. 1:14; Lev. 26:13; Isa. 28:22; Job 38:31).
3. Daily recite renunciation and warfare prayers.
4. Have an attitude of deliverance and keep yourself in a state of continuous deliverance (Luke 8:14).
5. Cast out fears (name each one or group), forgetfulness, curses, vows, anxiety, confusion, envy, jealousy, gossip, compromise, cravings, addictions, mind control spirits, etc. (Mark 16:17; Phil. 4:4-8).
6. Restore the soul.
7. Salvation really means saved or delivered out of the control of the Devil (Rom. 10:10; Phil. 2:12; Eph. 6:17).
8. Learn the true meaning of hope (I Thes. 5:8; Eph. 2:6; Col. 2:9-10).
9. Now you can control your mind by bringing every thought into captivity (II Cor. 10:5).


1. We should know this about evil spirits’ rights to enter a person (saved or unsaved). Satan is a legalist. This means that he knows when he has a legal right to send or keep an evil spirit in a person. Example: The act of
smoking gives legal grounds for nicotine, craving of smoke, addiction, and many other spirits to enter and stay in a person.
2. Before we are “born again” Satan has a heyday filling us with evil spirits.
3. Explanation: This has to be correct or the Bible could not say the carnal flesh is at enmity (open warfare) with God. This means that the cells and blood have to be full of evil spirits or it would not be at war with the Father.
4. In many scriptures the Lord says these will be visited upon the third and fourth generations.
5. This gives Satan legal grounds to afflict an unborn baby, newborn baby, children and adults until these curses are removed.
6. Ephesians 2:2 (Amplified) – “In which at one time you walked habitually. You were following the course and fashion of this world–were under the sway of the tendency of this present age–following the prince of the power
of the air (you were obedient to him and were under his control) the (demon) spirit that still constantly works in the sons of disobedience–the careless. the rebellious and the unbelieving, who go against the purposes of God.
7. Every disease (regardless of what your doctor says) originated with Satan sending an evil spirit into the body.(No other way for it to happen!)
You say, “What about the deficiency diseases?”–What causes the deficiency?
8. What limits or restricts the number of evil spirits that can be in the brain or body (flesh)?
9. The strongman referred to in the scriptures by Jesus Christ has to give his permission for spirits of lesser power to enter the brain or body and be submissive to him.
10. There is one Satan, millions of fallen angels (101,000,000(+), Rev. 5:11), billions of demons (Pre-Adamic Race?).
11. FEAR – (Satan’s weapon to make a person afraid). Every organ of a person is affected by fear. Over 200 varieties of fear from Satan (called phobias).
12. ENJOY YOURSELF – The evil spirits encourage, tempt and push their victims: such as eating (surfeiting).
13. Now so that men will not know or realize that man was created by the Father and so that man would think the Devil really does not exist, Satan developed the following plans.
14. All present problems of any type can be explained scientifically, such as: Evolution – man evolved from lower forms (lying and deception spirits).
15. Man finally accepts the lowly position in the world. Thinks of himself as a part of a “chance system” without a specific end (Isa. 46:10).


To the best of our knowledge the soul is made up of the: personality intellect, mind as it deals with the intellect, will, emotions and heart.

1. Dealing with the occult or witchcraft apparently gives grounds for Satan to remove portions of the soul and substitute evil spirits in that portion’s place.
2. Whenever a person puts something or someone above the Father, a portion of the soul can go into the idolized object or person.
3. Witchcraft, spells, incantations, some forms of prayers – these can be used to fragment and remove the soul.
4. Great trauma such as accidents, fire, shock, etc., undoubtedly have a place in the plan to fragment the soul (Psalm 7:2).
1. Ties up the whole family with care for the retarded or insane.
2. Weakens faith in God.
3. Brings shame to entire family.
4. Causes embarrassment about marriages to others.
5. Sets stage for future generations to be insane.
6. Binds them to doctors.
7. Binds them to psychiatrist.
8. Sometimes connects the family to the occult through accommodation to the behavior of the victim.
Just remember – There is no such a thing as a deranged, retarded insane person as such, there is only a person whose normal God-given intellect has been removed and insane, deranged, retarded, dumb, crazy, evil spirits substituted for the normal intellect.


1. Scripture posters and wallpaper with powerful deliverance scriptures are helpful.
2. Play deliverance scripture and messages, and mass deliverance tapes 24 hours a day when possible.
3. Have parent or guardian to take Warfare Prayers for those unable to take them personally.
4. Distance from the person being prayed for means nothing.
5. Your commanding and prayers are effective in comas, when sleeping and drugged or under anesthesia. The evil spirits hear it all.
6. Acts 19:12 – Use prayer cloths in pillows, clothing and bedding.
7. Anoint premises with oil; also anoint clothes and bedclothes with oil.
8. Loose their angels as discussed in Matt. 18:10.
9. Ask for angels to minister all the time (Heb. 1:14).
10. Forgive their sins (John 20:23).
11. Cast out Mind Control and Prince of Mind Occult.

1. The word “strong” is related to Joel 3:16 when the Lord says He’ll be our strength which means shelter.
2. “Might” means ability or strength through and in us. We must know our authority and power.
3. “Stand” means an active upright position.
4. Having done all to stand” – means having conquered all to be ready to fight again. This should tell any believer they could get battered and destroyed if they do not learn warfare.
5. Faith must be alive by doing works that Jesus Christ did. Shield can be quickly moved to head.
6. Learn full meaning of salvation.
7. These scriptures pertain to hope: Joel 13:16; Col. 1:5;II Thes. 2:6; I Tim. 1:1; Col. 1:27; Titus 3:7.
8. Now you are the Lord’s battle axe – Jer. 51:20.
9. The whole armor of God is found in Eph. 6:10-18; I Thes. 5:8; Gal. 2:5.

Excerpts From:
Mass Deliverance Manual by Win Worley
Tearing Down Strongholds: Deliverance by Jess Parker



General – The only way for DELIVERANCE to spread around the world is for many people to begin to practice DELIVERANCE. I encourage you to take this guide, begin to practice DELIVERANCE, and to help others as you grow stronger. God told us to help train an army to minister DELIVERANCE.

Jesus Christ said;
Matthew 12:
43 When the unclean spirit is gone out of a man, he walketh through dry places, seeking rest, and findeth none.
44 Then he saith, I will return into my house from whence I came out; and when he is come, he findeth it empty, swept, and garnished.
45 Then goeth he, and taketh with himself seven other spirits more wicked than himself, and they enter in and dwell there: and the last state of that man is worse than the first. Even so shall it be also unto this wicked generation.

In this session, we will conclude our study by examining the:
1. Components of a Demonic Stronghold
2. Characteristics of a Demonic Stronghold
3. The Human Will: Gatekeeper of the Soul
4. How Strongholds Develop
5. How to Destroy a Demonic Stronghold

Time to become a warrior! Time to take control of your life to keep these demons from re-entering.
SECRET: Once you rid yourself of a demon and lose the fear of it…it becomes fearful of you!


1. Components of a Demonic Stronghold
1. Strongman (Matthew 12:29)
2. Thrones (Colossians 1:16)
3. Prince (Ephesians 6:12)
4. Castle; The Main Lie where the strongman lives.
5. Generals; Ruler (Colossians 1:16) Authority (Ephesians 6:12 )
6. Demon Host (Ephesians 6:12)
7. Domain; A specific location; Mind, Will, Emotions or Body
8. Place ( Ephesians 4:27 )
9. Walls; Arguments, Pretensions (2 Corinthians 10:5 )
10. Guards who protect the walls,
• Emotional Outbursts
• Rationalization of Behavior
• Mental Arguments
• Avoidance and Distractions
• Accusations and Retaliations
• Past Failures


2. Characteristics of a Demonic Stronghold
1. Originated through sin. (Ours or Another’s “Someone Sinned”)
2. They are strengthened over time (Generations and even Centuries )
3. Deceitfully hidden from the person’s awareness.
4. Exist in the person’s mind, will, emotions or body. (House)
5. Tempts the person to sin repeatedly.
6. Overpowers the person’s will, creating a sense of hopelessness.
7. Gains more strength with each failure, offence or wound.
8. Utilizes peer pressure and social customs to reinforce sinful behavior.
9. Attempts to strengthen the kingdom by establishing other related strongholds.


Did you know there are as many demons as there are sins? Oh, yes….and then some. Remember in school when you were in math class and you learned about Powers? 10 to the power of 10. The trick was what even the power was is how many ZEROS are behind it. So this would be 10 with ten zeros: 10, 000,000,000. Well, now that you have an idea of the power of power….you get an inkling of an idea of how many demons there could be. Well, I learned that each person is assigned a demon when their born…this would be trillions and more:
Just imagine…! There is a evil spirit for not only every person but every evil thing…..sickness (cancer is a demon), eating disorders (there has to be a FAT demons cuz look around!), anger is a mean one!


3. The Human Will; Gatekeeper of the Soul
The soul of man is comprised of three parts; Mind, Will and Emotions.
Each having their own functions and responsibility. It can resist the Holy Spirit, thumbing it’s nose up at GOD. But, with these endowed traits as a free moral agent, we can also have great accomplishments.
Spiritual disciplines, such as reading the Word, prayer and others, we can use our inherited power and authority given to us by Jesus Christ to fight these demons who devise devilish schemes and strategies to get past the will (gatekeeper) to gain entrance.


Generational Curses
We are told in the Bible that Eve ate the ‘apple’, but I think this was portrayed differently than this. I believe that this was a metaphor for ‘sleeping with the enemy’. She slept with satan. Either way, this began a generational curse.
Sins which could bring these curses on are murder, bestiality, incest, prostitution, abusing the disabled, and so many others. The original curse becomes the foundations stone for the stronghold and the steps leading up to the door for others spirits to enter.
Derek Prince tells us that there are indicators which when observed can reveal problematic as they breakdown to curses. Mental/Emotional breakdowns, chronic (also repeated) illnesses, accident-prone, financial issues, unnatural deaths (suicides etc) in family….however the Holy Spirit can provide an absolute “diagnosis”.
Repent! Command spirits to go! Declare yourself free.

Excerpts From:
Mass Deliverance Manual by Win Worley
Tearing Down Strongholds: Deliverance by Jess Parker



General – The only way for DELIVERANCE to spread around the world is for many people to begin to practice DELIVERANCE. I encourage you to take this guide, begin to practice DELIVERANCE, and to help others as you grow stronger. God told us to help train an army to minister DELIVERANCE.

We as humans are gatekeepers of our own souls. But, sadly most don’t realize this and because of ignorance satan has the ways and means to get past the gatekeeper and establish strongholds and tear down our defenses.


The word stronghold is used throughout the Old Testament. The Hebrew word most often used is “Maoz”. Strong’s concordance translates the O.T. Hebrew word 4581 “maoz” as “refuge, stronghold, fortress, place of protection.” In the N.T, the Greek word is 3794 “ochuroma”. It means“a place having strong fortifications. a fortified place; a mountain fortress; a stronghold.”

Satan has learned how to build strongholds on not only people but also places and things. This is how a nation like the United States can fall (and did fall). We have as a nation lost sight of our GOD and as a result we have been falling apart every since. This also can apply to objects. They are called ‘attachments’. You can actually buy or be handed down objects which have demons attached to them, and become oppressed by it.
Secondly, satan and his soldiers have trained long and hard on how to develop their ability to cause pain, suffering which is known as oppression, obsession, and possession.


Oppression-mild to severe harassment by evil spirit (s) resulting in the opening of some door (s) to be influenced.
Obsession-This means to be besieged. This is a form of insanity, or to have persistent attacks from invading spirit (s) from outside your body. This is the opposite of possession.
Possession-this condition is one or more evil spirits which are inhabiting the body taking complete control of their mind, body and yes…even their soul. The goal here is to take the life of the possessed, whether this be by weakening the body or suicide. The Spirit of Death tries to destroy every area of our life. Understanding how he works will help us to restore those areas of our life he has attempted to destroy and protect ourselves from future attacks.

Before we move on here, I would like add that a Believe can and often do have demons. This is the first and greatest challenge for the believer is to overcome the stronghold of the lies and deception and this includes the FACT that a believer cannot be inhabited by a demon. But, there are degrees as you see from above to which a person is afflicted.

What people don’t realize is that we do cast out the demon who has the stronghold but we must DEAL with the stronghold which gave them a place to operate. Dealing with the origin of the sin which allowed this door to open is key to keeping these demons away.


STRONGHOLD-anything which is compelling enough to hold you in its power to keep you from receiving GOD’S love and truth, which are blessings.
This will reveal itself as a problem in your life which you consistently have issues with which you cannot gain victory over. Habitual patterns reveal themselves as strongholds and they can establish themselves emotionally as hopelessness and failure.

Bondages of demonic strongholds include:
The Brokenhearted
The Prisoner
The Blind
The Oppressed


This originates with a wound!
The person experienced a wound and it changes your original personality. These are life’s tragedies which have deep-seated pain such as divorce, trauma, rejection…etc. BUT, what some people don’t know is GOD puts healing properties in the human body that allow it to heal itself in most cases. The also is related to emotions. Like vultures to the dead, so is a demon to a wound. They must be driven out just like an infection.


This stronghold originates with SIN.
Desires of the flesh are deadly. They don’t reflect a one-time event but a repetitive sinful nature. And as long as you tolerate the sin, the demon remains. And the really hard part of this stronghold is that just breaking the sinful act isn’t enough….you must have DEEP repentance, as well. Did you know that if you smoke, drink, do drugs of any kind (including prescription) or even drink coffee then you have not just ONE DEMON but TWO! How you say? One, to compel you….One to enslave you. SO YOUR IN A PRISON. A prison of your own design. Your a prisoner!


The Blind
This stronghold originates with a LIE!
Deception is a rotting wound which can eat at the soul. Lying to oneself can lead to a psychological change in your character and integrity. Being spiritually blind is also another form of this stronghold. But, just the same it is deception. And, many think this only has to do with Believers, but this is not the case. This is how the person remains blind…spiritually blind. Demons distort our self-image, and this can taint our image of GOD, allowing for prolong periods of many illness such as; depression, mental illness, and so many others.


The Oppressed
This stronghold originates with an open DOOR!
This has allowed the enemy to gain the LEGAL RIGHT to attack and remain in your life.
The Greek word used to describe this type of bondage is “thrauo.” It literally means “to crush.” The KJV translated it “bruised.”
Herein lies the emotions which breed within the stronghold such as; sickness, infection, fear, delusion, guilt, schizophrenia, insanity…etc.

In time, the bondages will often become so intertwined, it is imposable to recognize where one ends and another begins.
The demons are like a nest of snakes all mingled together such as in Luke 10:19.
When this is the case, knowing where to begin can be confusing. We will need the Holy Spirit to give us spiritual discernment.
We must ask the Holy Spirit to lead and guide us (John 16:13) and then be patient until He speaks.

Excerpts From:
Mass Deliverance Manual by Win Worley
Tearing Down Strongholds: Deliverance by Jess Parker

Get it! GOT it!! GUIDE IT!!!


1 Corinthians 2:14
But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned.


What in the world could this be speaking of? DISCERNEMENT.


A Beginning: If you would start reading the Word with an OPEN heart, not just your brain. The HOLY Spirit wrote this book! And it imparts SUPERNATURAL understanding. The Word is ALIVE!
red pointerMore people have read this book, than any other books combined.
red pointerThis book has impacted more than any other book in history. It has affected, and effected people for THOUSANDS of years. And no matter how hard the naysayer tries….it stands taller still. How can this be? Because it is SUPERNATURAL.
red pointerThe difference between this book and any other ever written—it’s ALIVE!


Timothy 3:16-17
All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: That the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works.

ASK GOD: Ask GOD for the gift….YES gift-of discernment. Pray on it.
The things we speak of here are supernatural gifts. This is something you usually cannot see, hear, or even touch with the natural senses. These are things which are given and imparted by the supernatural hands of GOD by the Holy Spirit.

You must receive, perceive this on a spiritual level. Once GOD speaks to you, nothing compares.

one eye yellowSpiritual gifts are valuable assets we should desire. But it is only for the GLORY of GOD. We use them to give GOD glory!

Discern: Perceive or recognize something. To distinguish with difficulty by sight or with others senses.
This is a perfect description of learning HOW to discern.

First, you must accept the WORD as the written Law of GOD.

multi color bar animated

Recognize the Word is the path to a relationship with GOD. It’s not about religion.

multi color bar animated

Next, take the gift and run with it. Discerning is the transformation of the Word into a personal conversation with GOD. What is HE trying to tell you? Each of us have our own path. Guiding others is also part of the gift.


Roman 12:1-2
I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service.
And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.

Transformed means metamorphosis…changing in both inward and outward character.


The idea that the superior path in matters of guidance is to wait passively before GOD for direction is not going to happen without your taking the first step! Accepting GOD into your heart.

We hear much about the altered states of consciousness induced by new age techniques of meditation. This ‘new’ consciousness begins as a persuasive urge. This is given by a ‘channeled’ entity. This is certainly not GOD. Although satan and his soldiers can act holy, this is simply not the case. Testing these spirits is what the Word tells us to do.
Holy means dedicated by man and accepted by GOD. Interpreting Scripture is that the Bible interprets itself through the Holy Spirit (The Spirit of GOD).

Don’t let the world squeeze you into its mold, but instead mold your minds from within!


This is mind, not just as a power of reasoning, but as an index of character. “Test and approve” precisely translates a Greek verb for which English has no one-word equivalent. The “will of GOD” is what will please him for each person to do in each situation (that is the thought that the words “good” and “well pleasing” and “perfect” are underlining).
We are to discern GOD’S Will for our actions by testing (that is, thinking through and comparing) the options and alternatives that are open to us.

But without this renewal, no matter how much thinking we do, and however correct our theological formulations, personal discernment of the will of GOD will not take place.
For the will of GOD covers not only what we do outwardly as performers, but also how and why we do it from the standpoint of our motives and purposes.


Our understanding of scripture can be incomplete and twisted, particularly when we live in anti-theological and pagan cultures and belong to churches that, for whatever reason, do not preach and teach the entire Bible.

Our ability to measure our own gifts and potential constantly proves deficient, the more so the younger and more inexperienced we are. So, go to the Word and pray.


Many of us have someone in their lives who is a disbeliever. I know I do. But, this cannot discourage us from remaining vigilant in your character, morals, and integrity. This will eventually shine through to them, even if they don’t admit it.
EX: when your raising a child….it seems you repeated things a million times. You even tells them, “What I say goes in one ear and out the other.”
But this is not true. It sinks in! Even if the current behaviors does not reflect the challenge, your patience will come into fruition.


Finally, it needs to be said that the ultimate purpose of GOD for every Christian is character-transformation and growth into the full image of Jesus Christ; and therefore that the Holy Spirit’s work of imparting wisdom for the discerning of GOD’S Will, case by case and each of us have different paths in GOD’S Will.

Guiding others into a life of commitment to GOD is a challenge. Patience is a virtue, the Bible even tells us so. But persistence is key.
Begin with using Scripture in layman terms. Give examples the Bible uses. Nothing compares to the guidance of the Word. It is perpetual even in our current times.


red spinScripture: go to the Scripture and READ! Don’t just let the brain read…let your spirit read.
red spinPrayer: Sometimes answers come silently in prayers as GOD speaks to our hearts. Ask GOD for guidance in discernment.
red spinHoly Spirit: Submit to His direction


GOD is sempiternal. ETERNAL. Latin equivalent sempitern/sempiternities-everlasting; semp: always…GET IT….GOT IT…GUIDE IT….GIVE THE GLORY TO GOD!


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