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Mount Graham and the L.U.C.I.F.E.R. Project
By Tom Horn & Cris Putnam

“L.U.C.I.F.E.R., which stands for “Large Binocular Telescope Near-infrared Utility with Camera and Integral Field Unit for Extragalactic Research,” is a chilled instrument attached to a telescope in Arizona. And yes, it’s named for the Devil, whose name itself means “morning star” [and which] happens to be right next to the Vatican Observatory on Mt. Graham in Tucson.”— Rebecca Boyle, Popular Science Magazine
Following the release of our 2012 best-seller Petrus Romanus: The Final Pope Is Here, we were inundated with invitations from around the world to be interviewed on radio, television, and in print media. These included segments in The History Channel’s “Countdown to Apocalypse,” which premiered November 9, 2012; a special feature on Canada’s largest Christian channel VisionTV titled “I Prophesy: The Apocalypse Series” that aired nationwide on Tuesday, November 20, 2012; invitations to Rome to discuss with Italian media our findings on René Thibaut, a Belgian Jesuit whose meticulous analysis of the Prophecy of the Popes predicted the arrival of Petrus Romanus in this era; a “best of” interview with George Noory on Coast to Coast AM, and dozens more.


But it was two shows in particular, which we did on The Omega Man Radio Program with popular author and radio man Steve Quayle that prompted our visit to Mt. Graham in southeastern Arizona to start our investigation. The first show with Steve rocketed Omega Man to the #1 Blog Talk Radio Show in the world for over a week. It focused on the ancient Prophecy of the Popes and the fact that the pontiff following Benedict XVI will be the final one on this mysterious list of popes, a prophecy that was concealed inside the secret vaults of the Vatican for hundreds of years and which many believe points to the arrival of the False Prophet of end-times infamy. (Note that at the start of this investigation, Benedict XVI remains pope and whoever is scheduled to follow him in the role of Petrus Romanus is still an open question, but whoever it turns out to be, they are the final pope according to the medieval catholic prophecy).


In the second Omega Man show, which aired Wednesday, April 4, 2012, we broached the subject of a “Vatican ET” connection. That program sent Omega Man into the stratosphere for an unprecedented one-month position as the top BT radio show on the planet, illustrating to these authors that the world is more than casually interested not only in the final pope, but in the connection between Rome and their work on extraterrestrial intelligence, astrobiology, and the intriguing connection between those issues and Petrus Romanus.
Thus on a mild morning in September, 2012, we together with our cameraman—Joe Ardis, a.k.a. the Wild Man of the Ozarks—departed the small desert town of Safford, Arizona (which normally has a warm high desert climate, much hotter than most places in eastern Arizona due to its relatively low elevation of 2,953 feet) [i] en route to the Mt. Graham Observatory Base Camp, 80 miles from Tucson and a few miles south of Safford on State Route 366. Located near the northern limit of the Chiricahua Apache and Western Apache territories, Dził Nchaa Si An, as it is known in the Western Apache language, is one of the four holiest mountains in America for the Apache, and considered sacred to the all of the region’s Native peoples. (The San Carlos Apache Tribe had originally joined environmentalists who sought, among other things, to protect the Sacred Grounds and American Red Squirrel, in filing dozens of lawsuits before a federal appeals court to stop the construction of the observatories on Mt Graham, but the project ultimately prevailed after an act by the United States Congress allowed it).


We had been warned by our guide that the trek up the steep mountainside from 2,953 feet to over 10,700 was precarious, coupled with more hairpin turns, switchbacks and narrow segments of roadway overlooking deep canyon walls than we might have imagined, and, to top it off, there would be no guardrails along the harrowing winding path. We were scheduled to arrive at the Mount Graham International Observatory a couple hours after departure. We would meet with astronomers and engineers at the Large Binocular Telescope—currently one of the world’s most advanced optical telescopes—where, among other things, the new LUCIFER device is attached between its gigantic twin mirrors (either of which would be the largest optical telescope in continental North America). We were later told by the LBT systems engineer who spent significant time with us that day that another instrument—LUCIFER-II—is scheduled to arrive at the observatory anytime now and will complete the two multi-object and longslit infrared spectrograph imagers they need for studying the heavens in search of, among other things, exo-planets that may host intelligent life. We would also visit the Heinrich Hertz Submillimeter Telescope that day, which sets between the LBT and the real target of our quest—the Vatican Advanced Technology Telescope and the Jesuits who work there.


Before leaving base camp, Dramamine for motion sickness was suggested ahead of departure, and the two men in our team that declined that offer would soon wished they hadn’t, as once we were underway, it was non-stop reeling back and forth, bouncing up and down as the driver—who seemed a little too much to enjoy being in one gear faster than he should have been given the circumstances—occasionally looked at us in the rearview mirror and smiled. As we went from Sonoran Desert scrub at the mountain’s floor to alpine spruce-fir forest closer to the summit, our guide who set in the opposite front seat from the driver occasionally pointed to something off to one side, describing how more life zones and vegetative varieties existed here than on any other North American mountain, including almost two dozen plants, animals and insects that are not found anywhere else. Of course this included the celebrity of Mount Graham—the endangered Red Squirrel—which Arizona has already spent at least 1.25 million dollars protecting. But it was hard to appreciate these facts while growing queasy and wondering how far down the canyon wall we would roll if at any moment the driver lost control and barreled off the side. Thankfully, just when we were starting to think this had been a bad idea, we stopped approximately two-thirds way up the mountain at the Columbine Ranger Station, a USDA Forest Service Administrative Complex that had been built Circa 1935 by the Civilian Conservation Corps, a public work relief program that was part of President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s “New Deal” and that had provided unskilled manual labor jobs for people to relieve unemployment during the Great Depression.


We had packed a sack lunch and used the Ranger Station as a place to rest a while, eat, and let our bellies recover a bit from the roller-coaster ride. While munching on a sandwich and looking at the aging black and white pictures that hung on the walls here and there of the Depression-Era men who had built the modest encampment, we met a volunteer, an interesting old chap who told us how he had been coming there for many years to keep a fire in the fireplace and to greet hikers that wandered into the park. When we told him where we were going, he got quiet. When we added that our plan was to speak with the Jesuits at VATT in the restricted area further up the mountain, he lost interest in the conversation and started stirring his fire again.
Minutes later, lunch consumed and stomachs still uneasy, we were back in our vehicle. From this point forward, the road, if we can call it that, became little more than a glorified goat trail until finally, about a mile from our destination, we arrived at a security gate with warnings of “No Trespassing” in several languages. The guide had a key to the gate. She unlocked then relocked it behind us after we drove through the opening. At that point, the driver pulled a radio out, which we had not noticed before, and radioed somebody that we were heading up the incline. Evidently this was necessary because from this point forward the steep gravel lane was barely wide enough for one vehicle at a time, and you didn’t want to risk running up against another vehicle that might be coming down from the Observatories. No one answered the call, so he radioed again, then a third time, with still no response. The silence must have meant the road was clear, as just like that he slipped the vehicle into low gear and we began our final 30-minute crawl up the mountainside.
“And one more thing,” the guide warned as we jerked over the rocky track, tires spinning against the loose gravel and dirt. “When we get to the restricted area you’ll see brightly colored cables roping off most of the land around the buildings. Do not… I repeat, do not step over those lines or you will be arrested immediately and hauled off to jail.” She wasn’t smiling, and when we got to the observatories, we saw the security lines and enforcement vehicles, just as she had described them.


It was approximately 11: AM (PST) as we rounded the final bend and saw just ahead the towering edifices housing the Large Binocular Telescope (LBT), an optical telescope for astronomy and currently one of the world’s most advanced systems. Near it was the Submillimeter Telescope (SMT) or as it is also known, the Heinrich Hertz Submillimeter Telescope building, a “state-of-the-art single-dish radio telescope for observations in the sub-millimeter wavelength range… the most accurate radio telescope ever built.” [ii] And last but not least about a block away from them we observed our primary reason for trudging to the top of this peak—the Vatican Advanced Technology Telescope or VATT.
Of course we had read the official story from the Vatican Observatory Website before making the trip, how VATT truly lives up to its name:
“Its heart is a 1.8-m f/1.0 honeycombed construction, borosilicate primary mirror. This was manufactured at the University of Arizona Mirror Laboratory, and it pioneered both the spin-casting techniques and the stressed-lap polishing techniques of that Laboratory which are being used for telescope mirrors up to 8.4-m in diameter. The primary mirror is so deeply-dished that the focus of the telescope is only as far above the mirror as the mirror is wide, thus allowing a structure that is about three times as compact as the previous generation of telescope designs.” [iii]


Such technical language aside, the “Observers” who are approved to operate VATT and what they are using it for these days is what would take us through the looking glass. This was confirmed minutes later by the Jesuit Father on duty that day (whom we got on film) who told us that among the most important research occurring with the site’s Vatican astronomers is the quest to pinpoint certain extrasolar planets and advanced alien intelligence. He then proceeded (as did our guide) to show us all around the observatory—from the personal quarters of the Church’s astronomers—where they ate, slept, relaxed, studied—to the control rooms, computer screens and systems, and even the telescope itself. While we were given complete and unrestricted opportunity to question how the devices are used and what distinctives set each of the telescopes on Mt. Graham apart, we had not expected the ease with which the astronomers and technicians would also speak of UFOs! This was especially true when we walked up the gravel road from VATT to the Large Binocular Telescope (LBT), where we spent most of the day with a systems engineer who not only took us to all seven levels of that mighty machine—pointing out the LUCIFER device and what it is used for (which he lovingly referred to as “Lucy” several times and elsewhere as “Lucifer”) as well as every other aspect of the telescope we tried to wrap our minds around—but who also stunned us as we sat in the control room, listening to him and the astronomers speak so casually of the redundancy with which UFOs are captured on screens darting through the heavens. Our friendly engineer didn’t blink an eye, nor did any of the other scientists in the room, and we were shocked at this, how ordinary it seemed to be.


But as much as the commonality of UFO sightings on Mt. Graham’s telescopes intrigued, this was not the primary reason for our being there. We had come with deeper questions concerning high-level Vatican astronomers and what they had been leaking to, and discussing with, media in recent years. Captivating comments from Jesuit priests like Guy Consolmagno—a leading astronomer who often turns up in media as a spokesman for the Vatican who has worked at NASA and taught at Harvard and MIT and who currently splits his time between the Vatican Observatory and laboratory (Specola Vaticana) headquartered at the summer residence of the Pope in Castel Gandolfo, Italy, and Mt. Graham in Arizona. Over the last few years, he has focused so much of his time and effort in an attempt to reconcile science and religion in public forums specifically as it relates to the subject of extraterrestrial life and its potential impact on the future of faith that we decided to contact him. He agreed to be interviewed from Rome, and over the numerous exchanges that followed he told us some things that seemed beyond the scope. He even sent us a copy of a private pdf, a literal goldmine of what he and the Vatican are considering regarding the ramifications of astrobiology and specifically the discovery of advanced extraterrestrials… in which he admits how contemporary societies will soon “look to The Aliens to be the Saviours of humankind.”


Nephilim As “Space Saviors”For Man’s Salvation By Tom Horn & Cris Putnam

In our last entry top Vatican Astronomer Guy Consolmagno stated how contemporary societies may soon “look to The Aliens to be the Saviours of humankind.” [i] To illustrate the theological soundness of this possibility, Consolmago argues that humans are not the only intelligent beings God created in the universe, and, he says, these non-human lifeforms are described in the Bible. He starts by pointing to angels then surprises us by actually referencing the Nephilim:
Other heavenly beings come up several times in the Psalms. For example, look at the beautiful passage in Psalm 89 that calls out, “Let the heavens praise your wonders, 0 Lord, your faithfulness in the assembly of the holy ones. For who in the skies can be compared to the Lord? Who among the heavenly beings is like the Lord? … The heavens are yours, the earth also is yours; the world and all that is in it -you have founded them.” Likewise, God asks Job (38:7) if any human can claim to have been around at the creation, “when the morning stars sang together and all the heavenly beings shouted for joy .”
Are these “heavens,” “holy ones,” those “in the sky,” the “morning stars … and heavenly beings” more references to angels? Or do they refer to some other kind of life beyond our knowledge?
…And these are not the only non-human intelligent creatures mentioned in the Bible. There’s that odd, and mysterious, passage at the beginning of Genesis, Chapter 6, that describes the “sons of God” taking human wives. With it is a frustratingly oblique reference to “The Nephilim …the heroes that were of old, warriors of renown .”
Most Biblical scholars suggest that the Nephelim and the Sons of God in Genesis can be explained away as a left-over reference to the creation stories of the pagans who surrounded ancient Israel, that they were written by the kind of people whose culture saw anyone Not Of My Tribe as being unspeakably alien. Likewise, the references to heavens and stars singing and praising the Lord can be seen simply for the beautiful poetry that it is.
But whether you interpret these creatures as angels or aliens doesn’t really matter for the sake of our argument here. The point is that the ancient writers of the Bible, like all ancient peoples, were perfectly happy with the possibility that other intelligent beings could exist. [ii]
Read that again, then ask yourself: Did the Vatican’s top astronomer actually mean to use the story of the Nephilim from the Bible as an example of the kind of “space saviors” man could soon look to for salvation? This incredible assertion is only topped by what he says next. In quoting John 10:16, which says, “And other sheep I have, which are not of this fold: them also I must bring, and they shall hear my voice; and there shall be one fold, and one shepherd,” Consolmago writes: “Perhaps it’s not so far-fetched to see the Second Person of the Trinity, the Word, Who was present “In the beginning” (John 1: l), coming to lay down His life and take it up again (John 10: 18) not only as the Son of Man but also as a Child of other races?” [iii]
Do Vatican scholars actually believe Jesus might have been the Star-Child of an alien race? Does Consolmagno and/or other Jesuits secretly hold that the “Virgin Birth” was in reality an abduction scenario in which Mary was impregnated by ET, giving birth to the hybrid Jesus? As incredible as that sounds, you should prepare for the unexpected answer as this series unfolds.
All this would seem impossible theology if not for the fact that other high ranking Vatican spokespersons—those who routinely study from the “Star Base” (as local Indians call it) on Mt. Graham—have been saying the same in recent years. This includes Dr. Christopher Corbally, Vice Director for the Vatican Observatory Research Group on Mt. Graham until 2012, who believes our image of God will have to change if disclosure of alien life is soon revealed by scientists (including the need to evolve from the concept of an “anthropocentric” God into a “broader entity”), [iv] and the current Vatican Observatory director, Father Josè Funes who has gone equally far, suggesting that alien life not only exists in the universe and is “our brother” but will, when manifested, confirm the “true” faith of Christianity and the dominion of Rome. When the L’Osservatore Romano newspaper (which publishes nothing that the Vatican doesn’t approve) asked him what this meant, he replied: “How can we rule out that life may have developed elsewhere? Just as we consider earthly creatures as ‘a brother,’ and ‘sister,’ why should we not talk about an ‘extraterrestrial brother’? It would still be part of creation”[v] and believing in the existence of such is not contradictory to Catholic doctrine. [vi]
Brother Guy Consolmagno with Pope Benedict XVI
Such statements are but the latest in a string of recent comments by numerous Vatican astronomers confirming a growing belief (or inside knowledge?) that disclosure will be made in the near future of alien life, including intelligent life, and that this encounter will not challenge the authority of the Roman Catholic Church.


From the 70s through the 90s, it was Monsignor Corrado Balducci—an exorcist, theologian and member of the Vatican Curia (governing body at Rome) and friend of the Pope—who went perhaps furthest, appearing on Italian national television numerous times to state that ETs were not only possible but already interacting with Earth and that the Vatican’s leaders were aware of it. Furthermore, speaking as an official demonologist, he said that extraterrestrial encounters, “are not demonic, they are not due to psychological impairment, and they are not a case of entity attachment, but these encounters deserve to be studied carefully.”[vii] He even disclosed how the Vatican itself has been closely following the phenomenon and quietly compiling material evidence from Vatican embassies (Nunciatures) around the world on the extraterrestrials and their mission [later in this research we will disclose the secret alien files the Vatican has been collecting since the 1950s]. For example, at a forum concerning the enormous UFO flap in Mexico, he stated, “I always wish to be the spokesman for these star peoples who also are part of God’s glory, and I will continue to bring it to the attention of the Holy Mother Church.”[viii] Whatever you make of his claims, Balducci was a member of a special group of consultants to the Vatican, a public spokesperson for Rome on the matter of extraterrestrial life as well as UFO and abduction phenomenon, and his assertions have never been contradicted by the Church.
Still, perhaps most intriguing was Catholic theologian Father Malachi Martin who, before his death in 1999, hinted at something like imminent extraterrestrial contact more than once. While on Coast to Coast AM radio in 1997, Art Bell asked Martin why the Vatican was heavily invested in the study of deep space at the Mt Graham Observatory we visited. As a retired professor of the Pontifical Biblical Institute, Martin was uniquely qualified to hold in secret information pertaining to VATT. Martin’s answer ignited a firestorm of interest among Christian and secular UFOlogists when he replied, “Because the mentality…amongst those who [are] at the…highest levels of Vatican administration and geopolitics, know…what’s going on in space, and what’s approaching us, could be of great import in the next five years, ten years” (emphasis added).[ix]


Those cryptic words “what’s approaching us, could be of great import” was followed in subsequent interviews with discussion of a mysterious “sign in the sky” that Malachi believed was approaching from the north. While this could have been an oblique reference to an end time portent, the Catholic prophecy of the Great Comet, people familiar with Malachi believe he may have been referring to a near-future arrival of alien intelligence. (Interesting note from the authors: When we asked Father Guy Consolmagno what he thought of Malachi’s claims, he seemed actually miffed by the man, saying, “I have heard stories about the late Malachi Martin which make me rather suspicious of statements that come from him. I was at the Observatory in the 1990s, and he never visited us nor had anything to do with us.” This reaction seems consistent with how many other Catholic priests despised Malachi’s willingness to disclose what Rome otherwise wanted buried, especially the Satanic cabal within the Jesuit order Malachi wrote about in his best-selling books.)
Yet, if ET life is something Vatican officials have privately considered for some time, why speak of it so openly now, in what some perceive as a careful, doctrinal unveiling over the last few years? Is this a deliberate effort by church officials to “warm-up” the laity to ET disclosure? Are official church publications on the subject an attempt to soften the blow before disclosure arrives, in order to help the faithful retain their orthodoxy in light of unprecedented forthcoming knowledge?


Writing for Newsweek on Thursday, May 15, 2008, in the article “The Vatican and Little Green Men,” Sharon Begley noted that “[this] might be part of a push to demonstrate the Vatican’s embrace of science… Interestingly, the Vatican has plans to host a conference in Rome next spring to mark the 150th anniversary of the Origin of Species, Charles Darwin’s seminal work on the theory of evolution. Conference organizers say it will look beyond entrenched ideological positions—including misconstrued creationism. The Vatican says it wants to reconsider the problem of evolution ‘with a broader perspective’ and says an ‘appropriate consideration is needed more than ever before.’”[x]
The “appropriate consideration” Begley mentioned may have been something alluded to by Guy Consolmagno three years earlier in an interview with the Sunday Herald. That article pointed out how Consolmagno’s job included reconciling “the wildest reaches of science fiction with the flint-eyed dogma of the Holy See” and that his latest mental meander was about “the Jesus Seed,” described as “a brain-warping theory which speculates that, perhaps, every planet that harbours intelligent, self-aware life may also have had a Christ walk across its methane seas, just as Jesus did here on Earth in Galilee. The salvation of the Betelguesians may have happened simultaneously with the salvation of the Earthlings.”[xi]This sounds like a sanctified version of panspermia—the idea that life on Earth was “seeded” by something a long time ago such as an asteroid impact—but in this case, “the seed” was divinely appointed and reconciled to Christ.

The curious connection between the Vatican’s spokespersons and the question of extraterrestrials and salvation was further hinted in the May, 2008 L’Osservatore Romano interview with Father Funes, titled, “The Extraterrestrial is My Brother.” In the English translation of the Italian feature, Funes responds to the question of whether extraterrestrials would need to be redeemed, which he believes should not be assumed. “God was made man in Jesus to save us,” he says. “If other intelligent beings exist, it is not said that they would have need of redemption. They could remain in full friendship with their Creator.”[xii]
By “full friendship,” Funes reflected how some Vatican theologians accept the possibility that an extraterrestrial species may exist that is morally superior to men—closer to God than we fallen humans are—and that, as a consequence, they may come here to evangelize us. Father Guy Consolmagno took up this same line of thinking when he wrote in his book, Brother Astronomer: Adventures of a Vatican Scientist:
So the question of whether or not one should evangelize is really a moot point. Any alien we find will learn and change from contact with us, just as we will learn and change from contact with them. It’s inevitable. And they’ll be evangelizing us, too.[xiii]

But hold on, as this disturbing rabbit hole goes much deeper…
In a paper for the Interdisciplinary Encyclopedia of Religion and Science, Father Giuseppe Tanzella-Nitti—an Opus Dei theologian of the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross in Rome—explains just how we could actually be evangelized during contact with “spiritual aliens,” as every believer in God would, he argues, greet an extraterrestrial civilization as an extraordinary experience and would be inclined to respect the alien and to recognize the common origin of our different species as originating from the same Creator. According to Giuseppe, this contact by non-terrestrial intelligence would then offer new possibilities “of better understanding the relationship between God and the whole of creation.”[xiv] Giuseppe states this would not immediately oblige the Christian “to renounce his own faith in God simply on the basis of the reception of new, unexpected information of a religious character from extraterrestrial civilizations,”[xv] but that such a renunciation could come soon after as the new “religious content” originating from outside the Earth is confirmed as reasonable and credible. “Once the trustworthiness of the information has been verified” the believer would have to “reconcile such new information with the truth that he or she already knows and believes on the basis of the revelation of the One and Triune God, conducting a re-reading [of the Gospel] inclusive of the new data…”[xvi] How this “more complete” ET Gospel might deemphasize or significantly modify our understanding of salvation through Jesus Christ is discussed in the exotheology section of our upcoming investigative book “ExoVaticana”, but former Vatican Observatory vice director, Christopher Corbally, in his article “What if There Were Other Inhabited Worlds” may have summarized the most important aspect when he concluded that Jesus simply might not remain the only Word of salvation: “I would try to explore the alien by letting ‘it’ be what it is, without rushing for a classification category, not even presuming two genders,” Corbally said, before dropping this bombshell:
While Christ is the First and the Last Word (the Alpha and the Omega) spoken to humanity, he is not necessarily the only word spoke to the universe… For, the Word spoken to us does not seem to exclude an equivalent “Word” spoken to aliens. They, too, could have had their “Logos-event”. Whatever that event might have been, it does not have to be a repeated death-and-resurrection, if we allow God more imagination than some religious thinkers seem to have had. For God, as omnipotent, is not restricted to one form of language, the human.[xvii]


That high-ranking spokespersons for the Vatican have in recent years increasingly offered such language acknowledging the likelihood of extraterrestrial intelligence and the dramatic role ET’s introduction to human civilization could play in regard to altering established creeds about anthropology, philosophy, religion, and redemption is set to become more future-consequential than most are prepared for.
And then there is that LUCIFER device at Mt. Graham, which the Vatican denies being connected to but we shall illustrate otherwise later in this series. LUCIFER is curiously described on the Vatican Observatory website as “NASA AND THE VATICAN’S INFRARED TELESCOPE CALLED [LUCIFER]—A German built, NASA and The Vatican owned and funded Infrared Telescope… for looking at NIBIRU/NEMESIS.” [xviii] Why has the Vatican Observatory website allowed this caption to remain? Nibiru and Nemesis are hypothetical planets that supposedly return in orbit close to the earth after very long periods of time. They have been connected in modern myth with “Planet X” and most darkly with the destruction of planets that some believe occurred during a great war between God and Lucifer when the powerful angel was cast out of heaven. In the book of Job where the prophet details how God destroyed the literal dwelling places of the angels that made insurrection against Him (Job 26:11-13), it specifically mentions the destruction of Rahab, a planetary body also known as ‘Pride,’ from which God drove ‘the fugitive snake.’” Are Rome and other world powers using the LUCIFER device to observe something the rest of us cannot see—something they believe represents this ancient war (or worse, keeping eye on approaching end-times angelic transportation devices/UFOs, something Father Malachi Martin hinted at)? The latter theory is interesting in light of the demonic name of the infrared device. Infrared telescopes can detect objects too cool or far away and faint to be observed in visible light, such as distant planets, some nebulae and brown dwarf stars. Additionally, infrared radiation has longer wavelengths than visible light, which means it can pass through astronomical gas and dust without being scattered. Objects and areas obscured from view in the visible spectrum, including the center of the Milky Way, can thus be observed by LUCIFER’s infrared technology. [xix] But what UFO researchers have fascinated about for some time now is how infrared technology can also be used to spot and track Unidentified Flying Objects in the heavens that cannot be seen with other telescopes or the naked eye. In fact, some of the most astonishing UFOs ever caught on film have been recorded with infrared. What this has to do with the arrival of Petrus Romanus and especially the global leader he will celebrate is beyond disturbing and ultimately imminent.
LBT engineer showing authors the LUCIFER device and explaining how it uses Infrared to see…?
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As mentioned in earlier entrees, the mountain range in Arizona where the Mt. Graham International Observatory and the LUCIFER device resides is considered one of the holiest mountains in America for the Apache Indians.
History suggests part of the reason native peoples considered it “holy” — and partly why the mountain was selected by the MGIO consortium — involves unusual heavenly activity there in ancient times when UFOs called “spirit lights” moved through the sky, something that seems to have contributed to their attribution of “powers” to the solar system, the location of metaphysical ‘portals,’ and other supernatural phenomena. The Apache Creation Myth is telling in this regard, as a particular version involves the “One Who Lives Above” and who descended in a flying disc at the start of creation. “In the beginning nothing existed—no earth, no sky, no sun, no moon, only darkness was everywhere,” the legend starts before noting; “Suddenly from the darkness emerged a disc, one side yellow and the other side white, appearing suspended in midair. Within the disc sat a bearded man, Creator, the One Who Lives Above.”
While no single “Apache Creation Myth” dominates all tribal beliefs, most groups share key precepts as well as symbolism within their oral histories. Besides the creator who rides in a heavenly disc, a Dragon with the power of speech turns up, bargaining with men, as well as supernatural gateways associated with mountains (ch’íná’itíh) through which spirit beings can come. Sometimes these spirits are represented by the Owl (to an Apache Indian, dreaming of an Owl signified approaching death, while the Hopis see the Burrowing Owl [Ko’ko, “Watcher of the dark”] as the god of the dead and the underground), which is fascinating given the connection with “alien abduction” accounts where the Owl is a disguise wherein the abductee is led to believe the bug-eyed alien in their memory was actually an Owl they had seen somewhere and had lodged in their memory. Owls have been associated throughout Christian history with sorcery and flying witches and the source of these legends seem to mirror many abduction tales, which we shall consider later. Suffice to say these ancient native ideas involving flying discs, flying creators, spirit lights, Owls, a talking Dragon or great serpent, and even supernatural gateways tied to mountain ranges began long before the Vatican cast its eyes on Mt. Graham.


In 1988, an American science fiction-horror film titled “They Live” (directed by John Carpenter) depicted a nameless drifter played by professional wrestler “Rowdy” Roddy Piper who discovers the ruling elite are in fact aliens that have hypnotized the human race and are managing human social affairs through subliminal messages concealed in memes and mass media. In an important early scene, Nada, as the Piper character is called, enters an alleyway and finds a box containing black sunglasses. He puts on a pair and soon discovers they include a very special filter. Looking through them he can see “the reality of the bleak world,” that global media and advertising actually contain totalitarian commands of obedience and conformity in consumerism, to control an unwitting human population by humanoid aliens with grotesque skull-like faces. [i] Though a commercial failure at the time, the film eventually made its way to the top 25 Cult Classics, where it remains presently, according to Entertainment Weekly Magazine. [ii] The film and theatrical posters can often be found today in mocking editorials depicting the goals of totalitarians and elitists, but another suggestion of the work that usually goes without discussion is how the world really might be infested with non-human agents of an unknown reality, about which the bulk of mankind is unaware.


First, from a purely incorporeal reality, we know that demons and their militaristic interest in people and geography are ontological facts, according to the Bible. In the Old Testament, demons are seen as the living dynamic behind idolatry (i.e., Deuteronomy 32:17), and in the New Testament, every writer refers to their influence. Extrabiblical texts including ancient pseudepigraphical works like the first Book of Enoch and post-New Testament writings such as the Didache, Ignatius’ Epistle to the Ephesians, and the Shepherd of Hermas agree with this concern. Early church fathers also reinforced the belief that evil spirits seek to thwart the will of God on earth through attacks on the body of Christ in particular and against society in general, as unseen intermediaries—both good and evil—interlope between spiritual and human personalities at home, in church, in government, and in society. Understanding how and why this is true is defined in demonological studies such as the divine council (a term used by Hebrew and Semitic scholars to describe the pantheon of divine beings or angels who administer the affairs of heaven and earth), where experts typically agree that, beginning at the Tower of Babel, the world and its inhabitants were disinherited by the sovereign God of Israel and placed under the authority of lesser divine beings that became corrupt and disloyal to God in their administration of those nations (Psalm 82). Following Babel, these beings quickly became idolized on earth as gods, giving birth to the worship of “demons” (see Acts 7:41–42; Psalms 96:5; and 1 Corinthians 10:20) and the quest by fallen angels to draw mankind away from God. While the dominion of these entities and their goals are frequently overlooked, close collaboration between evil ones and unregenerate social architects operates on a regular basis outside the purview of the countless multitudes who are blinded to their reality. In other words, as suggested in the film “They Live,” behind governors, legislators, presidents, dictators, and even religious leaders, wicked spiritual powers move throughout the machine of ecclesiastical and civil governments and media as freely as they are allowed. Whenever such principalities recognize a religious or political body that has become a force for moral good, they set about—through a sophisticated labyrinth of visible and invisible representatives—to bring that organization down, one righteous soul at a time.
It is within this concealed arena of evil supernaturalism that unregenerate men are organized. Under demonic influence, they are orchestrated within a great evil system (or empire) described in various scriptural passages as a satanic order. In more than thirty important biblical texts, the Greek New Testament employs the term kosmos, describing this “government behind government.” It is here that human ego, separated from God, becomes hostile to the service of mankind while viewing people as commodities to be manipulated in the ministration of fiendish ambition. Some expositors believe the origins of this phenomenon began in the distant past, when a fire in the mind of Lucifer caused the powerful Cherub to exalt himself above the good of God’s creation. The once-glorified spirit, driven mad by an unequivocal thirst to rule, conquer, and dominate, spawned similar lust between his followers, which continues today among agents of dark power who guard a privileged, “cause-and-effect” symmetry between visible and invisible personalities.
At Satan’s desire, archons command this supernatural, geopolitical sphere, dominating kosmokrators (rulers of darkness who work in and through human counterparts) who in turn command spirits of lesser rank until every level of earthly government, secular and religious, can be touched by this influence. If we could see through the veil into this domain, we would find a world alive with good against evil, a place where the ultimate prize is the souls of men and where legions war for control of its cities and people. With vivid testimony to this, Satan offered Jesus all the power and the glory of the governments of this world. Satan said, “All this power [control] will I give thee, and the glory of them [earthly cities]: for that is delivered unto me: and to whomsoever I will I give it. If thou therefore wilt worship me, all shall be thine” (Luke 4:6–7).
According to the epistle of the Ephesians, it is this dominion, not flesh and blood, where opposition to God’s will on earth is initiated. Whereas people and institutions often provide the “faces” on our problems, the conflict originates beyond them, in this place where unseen forces scheme. These forces may indeed be more influential than anyone ever imagined. In fact, there is a strong likelihood that the first murder recorded in Genesis was demonically inspired (in a manner which parallels the so called “alien abduction” phenomenon in interesting ways.) Did you ever wonder why “sin” is personified when God warns Cain “If thou doest well, shalt thou not be accepted? and if thou doest not well, sin lieth at the door. And unto thee shall be his desire, and thou shalt rule over him” (Ge 4:7, underline added). Doesn’t it seem odd that “sin” is a “him” and if Cain does not do well he will be sin’s desire? How can “sin” have desire? Apparently, there is something more going on here and scholars have uncovered surprising answers.
The wonderful thing about archeology is that we now have a greater understanding of the Bible’s context than at any other time in history. Scholars have translated a wealth of tablets from Mesopotamia which not only add contextual clues to scriptural references but provide insight into borrowed Semitic vocabulary. In this case, a careful examination of the Hebrew text leads many evangelical inerrancy-upholding scholars to see the participle (Heb. rōbēṣ) rendered “lieth” in the KJV (or “is crouching” in other versions) as an Akkadian loan word, rābiṣu, for a demon (ancient Hebrew has no vowels so ‘rbs’ offers this flexibility).[iii] Of course, there are other scholars who balk, preferring a less supernatural exegesis, but the context of the passage supports the demonic interpretation. Sin does not lie in wait but demons do. Biblical scholar John Walton agrees, “The fact that the text mentions the desire to master Cain favors rabiṣu as a demon.”[iv] Thus, just prior to the first murder in history, “sin” is depicted as a doorway-demon waiting for an opportune time, an invitation which comes all too soon.


The ancient Akkadian literature reveals more astonishing data. In medical texts, inflicted individuals are depicted as having “walked in the path of a rābiṣu” and “a rābiṣu has seized him.” The root meaning of this term means ‘one who lies in wait’.[v] Uncanny parallels to modern abductions are seen in the descriptions of demons who ambush their victims in various locations: rābiṣ ūri, “the rābiṣu of the roof”; rābiṣ nāri, “the rābiṣu of the river”; rābiṣ ḫarbati, “the rābiṣu of the wasteland.” It seems there was a rābiṣu for just about anywhere, even a rābiṣ musâti, “the rābiṣu of the toilet.” Now that’s disturbing! Ill manners aside, consider the rābiṣ urḫi, “the rābiṣu of the road.”[vi] Might Barney and Betty Hill, while driving late at night on that lonely road, have encountered something like the latter manifest physically in modern garb?
But What If There Is Something More—Something Embodied?
What if the incorporeal or uncarnate reality described above is only part of the story? What if in at least some instances there is something more physical than the whispered influence demons can have on the human mind? What if there are tangible human hybrids walking among us; fit extensions for incarnation or embodiment of powerful alien-demonic entities, such as the creatures in the movie “They Live” or the Nephilim of ancient days? Is such a concept too incredible to be substantive? Would you be surprised to learn that some very intelligent people—including academics and scholars—believe (to borrow a line that Carol Anne so ominously expressed in the 1982 film Poltergeist) “They’re here.” And is this secret knowledge why Vatican Astronomer Guy Consolmagno (see entry #2) sent us the story of the Nephilim from the Bible as an example of the kind of “space saviors” man will soon look to for salvation, suggesting that Jesus himself was the product of alien-human hybridity?
Among secular and religious researchers today there is a contentious behind-the-scenes debate going on in this regard, which has been growing in intensity over the last few years among those who recognize first of all that genetically modified plants, animals, and yes, humans are now reality (documented in the next entry). Unnatural forms of life first sprang up in ancient days and according to the Bible this is a repeatable phenomenon—that is, human hybridization not only happened in earliest times, but was followed by at least a second wave during the days of Abraham, Moses and the Davidic kingdom, and, more importantly, was prophesied to erupt once more in the latter days. Therefore, we shall show unequivocally that the question is not whether humans were, can be or are being hybridized, but whether alien/demon agencies are involved in the process. If so, does this imply something very uncomfortable, which most of us do not want to think about; that a form of “human” exists that quite possibly cannot be redeemed?
[iii]E.A. Speiser, Semitic language specialist at Yale University, remarks, “A pertinent noun is otherwise unattested in this language, but is well known in Akkadian as rābiṣum, a term for ‘demon.’” E. A. Speiser, Genesis: Introduction, Translation, and Notes (New Haven; London: Yale University Press, 2008), 33.
[iv]John H Walton, Zondervan Illustrated Bible Backgrounds Commentary (Old Testament) Volume 1: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy (Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan, 2009), 38.
[v] M.L. Barre’, “RABIṢU” in Dictionary of Deities and Demons in the Bible, 2nd edition, editors K. van der Toorn, Bob Becking and Pieter Willem van der Horst, (Leiden; Boston; Grand Rapids, Mich.: Brill; Eerdmans, 1999), 682.
[vi] Baree, “RABIṢU,” 682.


Bible’s of a Different Color


I want to begin by saying that the King James Version (KJV) Bible is the ONLY Bible which I read. Although some will tell you it is tainted and manipulated by the Freemason’s, it is The Word of GOD, and to me-that’s that.
Other versions which have followed have consistently changed words, meanings and phrases in whole. I’ve heard different numbers but some say it’s in excess of 10,000 words +. This makes the next sentence all more true. These Bibles are tainted. They misconstrue with Word of GOD, they change GOD’S intentions for His Word and people.
And unless GOD shows me different, my feelings on this matter will never change. This is the reason for the title on the website page:

religion (2)

We will address different Bibles, and some other religious texts which have come forth claiming to be the Word of GOD…

While there are a number of versions to the Bible. There are 8 primary versions found in history:
Septuagint – 250 A.D. Written in Greek
Vulgate- 400 A.D. First version of the Bible which is canonized at the Council of Carthage in 400 A.D. Written in Latin
Luther’s German Bible- 1534 A.D.
King James Version- 1611 A.D. This is the most widely used versions however it has large number of errors given that none of the writers had a decent understanding of Hebrew.
Revised Standard Version- 1952 A.D. Literal translation into American English which used the earliest possible text
New International Version- 1960’s & 70’s A.D. This is a very good contemporary English version. Another good contemporary English version is New King James Version (NKJV)
The Young’s Literal Translation is as close to the originals as you can get, translated by Robert Young in 1898 A.D.


Catholic Vs. Protestant Bible
In 393 AD, the church bishops gathered in the African city of Hippo to decide which texts were inspired and which were not. Man meddles. When the Protestants split from the Catholic church, they omitted 7 books from the Bible.
The difference is that the Catholics include the Pseudepigraphal books (seven books) that were written after the last Old Testament prophet and before John the Baptist.
So they don’t deal with Christ nor any prophecy about Christ. There were no prophets during the time of these books, so the Jews never regarded them as inspired.
Jesus clearly set the canon of the Old Testament in Luke 24:27, “And beginning with Moses and all the Prophets, he explained to them what was said in all the Scriptures concerning himself.” Notice that Moses and all the Prophets were the Scriptures that Jesus used, not the Pseudepigraphal books. And in the time of Jesus, the Pseudepigraphal books were excluded from the traditional canon by the Jews, and Jesus did not dispute their tradition, but accepted it. Later between 70-90 AD, the Jews confirmed their canon at the council of Jamnia.

JUDAISM-TANAKH=Torah, Nevi’im, Ketuvim
There is only one ‘version’ of the Jewish Tanach (Bible). Regardless of where you are in the world, the text will be identical to all other copies you may find. There are different language translations but the only real difference in those is the formality of word choice in the new language.


The Earth’s Charter wrote a set of 10 New commandments. Who wrote this?
In 1987, the United Nations World Commission on Environment and Development issued a call for the creation of a charter that would set forth fundamental principles for sustainable development. An attempt to draft such a charter failed at the 1992 Rio Earth Summit. Beginning in 1994 and working outside the United Nations, several of the world’s wealthiest and most powerful men crafted their own document, which they named the Earth Charter.
This initiative was directed by Maurice Strong, oil/gas/hydro energy billionaire, president of the Earth Council Alliance, avowed socialist, and former member of the Commission on Global Governance; Mikhail Gorbachev, former communist dictator, president of Green Cross International, and outspoken advocate for a new world government; and Steven Rockefeller, heir to the Rockefeller oil fortune, head of the Earth Charter Commission, USA, and another outspoken advocate for new global governance.
The founders of the Earth Charter envision a new global super-State (occasionally referred to as “global governance” or “world government”) to enforce the principles of the Charter. Earth Charter co-author Mikhail Gorbachev called for a new “world government” when he declared, “The emerging ‘environmentalization’ of our civilization and the need for vigorous action in the interest of the entire global community will inevitably have multiple political consequences. Perhaps the most important of them will be a gradual change in the status of the United Nations. Inevitably, it must assume some aspects of a world government.”
The Earth Charter Commission hopes that the Charter will become a common standard “by which the conduct of all individuals, organizations, businesses, governments, and transnational institutions is to be guided and assessed” (Earth Charter Secretariat 2000). As a transnational institution, the Catholic Church would be required to follow the Earth Charter and its new “global governance.”
The Charter’s authors are not shy about the importance of their handiwork. “My hope is that this charter will be a kind of Ten Commandments, a ‘Sermon on the Mount,’ that provides a guide for human behavior toward the environment in the next century and beyond,” Gorbachev stated in a 1997 interview with the Los Angeles Times.
Canadian billionaire socialist Maurice Strong, who presided over the 1992 Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, is somewhat less tentative. “The real goal of the Earth Charter,” said Strong, “is that it will in fact become like the Ten Commandments.” (Emphasis added.) Mr. Strong had high hopes that the Charter, conceived in 1987, would be adopted by the world at Rio. Alas, there were too many other messianic projects on Gaia’s burners at that confab. Gaia, the Greek goddess of Earth, has become the supreme deity in the green theology of the militant environmentalists.
The “Sacred” Text
“The protection of Earth’s vitality, diversity, and beauty is a sacred trust,” the Earth Charter asserts. However, “an unprecedented rise in human population has overburdened ecological and social systems. The foundations of global security are threatened.” Thus, “we urgently need a shared vision of basic values to provide an ethical foundation for the emerging world community.”
According to the Charter, we must:
“Recognize that all beings are interdependent and every form of life has value….” (Unborn children, of course, are not included in the UN’s definition of “every form of life.” The Earth Summit II documents continue to support the UN’s pro-abortion policies.)

“Affirm faith in the inherent dignity of all human beings.” (UN agencies, however, support policies of euthanasia for those determined not capable of living a “quality” life.)

“Adopt at all levels sustainable development plans and regulations..[Ednote: Prince Charles's Agenda]..” (This is a prescription for global socialism in a super-regulated global state.)

“Prevent pollution of any part of the environment….” (Enforcing this dictum would mean stopping virtually all human activity.)

“Internalize the full environmental and social costs of goods and services in the selling price.” (This seemingly harmless sentence would empower the state to price, tax, and regulate all production and consumption.)

“Ensure universal access to health care that fosters reproductive health and responsible reproduction. (This is a thinly disguised call for socialized medicine that includes abortion and population control.)

“Eliminate discrimination in all its forms, such as that based on race … [and] sexual orientation.” (This provision is clearly aimed at criminalizing those who refuse to accept homosexuality as positive and good.)

“Promote the equitable distribution of wealth within nations and among nations. (Few Marxist documents have put their “redistribution of wealth” program more plainly.)
The Charter includes much, much more. It ends with this stirring exhortation: “In order to build a sustainable global community, the nations of the world must renew their commitment to the United Nations, fulfill their obligations under existing international agreements, and support the implementation of Earth Charter principles with an international legally binding instrument on environment and development.”
The Charter will soon be making its way to schools, city governments, state legislatures, teachers organizations, civic groups, professional associations, judges, and law schools. The aforementioned Global Judges Symposium concluded its summit activities by issuing the so-called Johannesburg Principles on the Rule of Law and Sustainable Development. “We recognize,” it states, “the importance of ensuring that environmental law and law in the field of sustainable development feature prominently in academic curricula, legal studies and training at all levels, in particular among judges and others engaged in the judicial process.”
The judicial symposium was sponsored by the United Nations Environmental Program (largely supported by U.S. tax dollars) and the Environmental Law Institute, one of the principal eco-activist legal groups supported by U.S. tax-exempt foundations.

pic_planet gore_062112_EC_A

Christ Turns ‘Green’ at U.N Earth Summit–Literally!


By Cris D. Putnam
There’s a new Bible “translation” with a pernicious agenda, it’s called the Queen James Bible. The editors named it the Queen James because of the “obvious gay link to King James, known amongst friends and courtiers as “Queen James” because of his many gay lovers.” While King James was known for moral weakness, this is not reflective of the biblical authors. Homosexuality is a sin because it is against the creation order.
First, I think it is important to point out the fallacious theory of interpretation/translation. A helpful guide to understanding theories of translation is How to Read the Bible for All it Worth:
Functional equivalence: the attempt to keep the meaning of the Hebrew or Greek but to put their words and idioms into what would be the normal way of saying the same thing in English. The more one is willing to forego formal equivalence for functional equivalence, the closer one moves toward a theory of translation frequently described as “dynamic equivalent.” Such translations keep historical distance on all historical and factual matters but “update” matters of language, grammar, and style.
Free translation: the attempt to translate the ideas from one language to another, with less concern about using the exact words of the original. A free translation, sometimes also called a paraphrase, tries to eliminate as much of the historical distance as possible and still be faithful to the original text.
Theory of translation has basically to do with whether one puts primary emphasis on formal or on functional equivalency, that is, the degree to which one is willing to go in order to bridge the gap between the two languages, either in use of words and grammar or in bridging the historical distance by offering a modern equivalent.
With the preliminaries out of the way, I think it is safe to say the Queen James Bible does not even qualify as a free translation. It’s not a translation at all. For instance, think about the overtly circular methodology of deciding a position like “homosexuality is not addressed in the Bible” and then imposing that idea on to the text. It’s really not a theory of translation at all rather it seeks to revise the text in accordance with a predetermined agenda. The Queen James Bible is not a Bible translation, it’s an outright forgery.
As an example let’s examine a representative passage from the Queen James:
Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor morally weak, nor promiscuous, (1 Cor 6:9, QJV)
I contend that the Greek text is actually much more explicitly addressing homosexuality than the English translations reveal. A functional equivalent translation like King James or New American Standard reads as such:
“Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind,”(1 Co 6:9, KJV)
“Or do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived; neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor homosexuals,(1 Co 6:9. NASB)
A free translation like the New Living Translation or New International Version reads:
“Don’t you realize that those who do wrong will not inherit the Kingdom of God? Don’t fool yourselves. Those who indulge in sexual sin, or who worship idols, or commit adultery, or are male prostitutes, or practice homosexuality,(1 Co 6:9, NLT)
“Or do you not know that wrongdoers will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor men who have sex with men,”(1 Co 6:9, NIV)
But looking at the Greek text of 1 Cor 6:9:
“Ἢ οὐκ οἴδατε ὅτι ἄδικοι θεοῦ βασιλείαν οὐ κληρονομήσουσιν; μὴ πλανᾶσθε· οὔτε πόρνοι οὔτε εἰδωλολάτραι οὔτε μοιχοὶ οὔτε μαλακοὶ οὔτε ἀρσενοκοῖται”(1 Co 6:9, NA27)
These terms I underlined “μαλακοὶ οὔτε ἀρσενοκοῖται” are much more explicit than our English translations present. One of the most respected Greek lexicons based on semantic domains is very revealing:
88.281 μαλακόςb, οῦ m: the passive male partner in homosexual intercourse —‘homosexual.’ For a context of μαλακόςb, see 1 Cor 6:9–10 in 88.280. As in Greek, a number of other languages also have entirely distinct terms for the active and passive roles in homosexual intercourse.
88.280 ἀρσενοκοίτης, ου m: a male partner in homosexual intercourse—‘homosexual.’ It is possible that ἀρσενοκοίτης in certain contexts refers to the active male partner in homosexual intercourse in contrast with μαλακόςb, the passive male partner (88.281).[2]
Far from not speaking to the issue, Paul hit it head on. In fact, a woodenly literal translation might read:
Or do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived! Neither sexually immoral people, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor passive homosexual partners, nor dominant homosexual partners,
The Queen James Bible leads folks who struggle with sexual attraction disorders to forego repentance and invite the wrath of God:
“Because of this, God gave them over to degrading passions, for their females exchanged the natural relations for those contrary to nature, and likewise also the males, abandoning the natural relations with the female, were inflamed in their desire toward one another, males with males committing the shameless deed, and receiving in themselves the penalty that was necessary for their error.”(Ro 1:26–27)
[1] Gordon D. Fee and Douglas K. Stuart, How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth, 3rd ed. (Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan Publishing House, 1993), 41
[2] Johannes P. Louw and Eugene Albert Nida, vol. 1, Greek-English Lexicon of the New Testament: Based on Semantic Domains, electronic ed. of the 2nd edition. (New York: United Bible Societies, 1996), 771-72.



Freemasons also claim to be a Christian organization; they even include the Holy Bible in their ceremonies and rituals. There are even Masonic Bibles in print. If you look through a Masonic bible you’ll see a classic example of mixing the Holy with the Profane. What they don’t tell you is that they will also use the Koran, The Hindu Vedas or the laws of Confucius if the initiate’s religious beliefs so dictate. That’s a far cry from being a Christian organization.
To the public the Freemasons appear to be a fraternal organization that does good deeds, caring for children and orphans, including the Shriners who sponsor and support Children’s hospitals.
Now that all seems to be very noble doesn’t it? Sadly, the reason behind their good works is based on one of the biggest and most deceptive lies of Freemasonry, which is; “Man is not sinful but merely imperfect, and therefore can redeem himself through good works.” Therefore negating the redemptive work of Jesus Christ on the cross of Calvary.
The Shriners, plainly proclaim Allah to be God. Allah is believed by many to be another name for God, but in all actuality Allah is the name of the moon god worshipped by the Arabic tribe that Mohammed was born into. Shriners are also known for their little red hats with a tassel. What people, including most Shriners don’t know, is that hat called a Fez is named for a town in North Africa. In the 7th century Mohammed ordered the destruction of all infidels (anyone who would not bow to Allah) including all Christians. As the Muslim warriors swept across North Africa they came to Fez a Christian stronghold and they killed everyone in the town, they then dipped their hats in the blood of the Christians martyrs. They wore these blood red hats as a celebration of their victory and a warning to Christians, to convert to Islam or die.


Have you ever driven by a Shriners temple? They are nothing more than an Islamic Masque. Many Masonic temples resemble an Egyptian tomb or temple. It’s also interesting to note that the symbolism in Masonic ceremonies is almost identical to Witchcraft ceremonies, including the initiation ceremony. In which the initiate must be recommended by a current member, he is stripped and blindfolded with a noose around his neck. In both ceremonies a knife or sword is put against the breast and a blood oath is made never to tell the secrets of the lodge or coven.
Freemasonry is a false religion steeped in witchcraft, which mixes the Holy with the profane and invites in spirits of error and perversion among others. Once the door is opened and the enemy has been given a legal right, the attack against the children is relentless until the devil gets his due.
As we look into the rites and rituals of freemasonry the reasons for the fruits of freemasonry become quite evident. Also, the children and grandchildren’s inheritances are stolen by the Devil.


The deceptive nature of Freemasonry begins with induction and membership in the lodge. When a member of the lodge wants to get someone to join the lodge, he is not allowed to ask that person to join. Instead he has his wife ask that person’s wife to have him to ask the member about the lodge. This is deliberate in order to give the devil a legal right to torment that person and his family.
When they join the lodge they go through an initiation ceremony. In that ceremony the initiate is bare-chested and blindfolded with a noose around his neck. He is then taken outside the lodge, they knock on the door and a person inside asks the initiate what he wants? He then answers by saying, “I want to come out of the darkness and enter into the light of freemasonry.” The initiate is then brought into the lodge still blindfolded and a dagger or sword or other sharp object is placed against his bare chest. He then swears the first of many blood oaths and curses over himself and his family. He agrees to be murdered or mutilated if the oath of the degree is violated. The spirit of infirmity comes in from the noose around the neck, which is evidenced by the fruit of asthma, allergies and other breathing disorders in the descendants of Freemasons.

Jefferson’s Bible
Thomas Jefferson’s UNHOLY Bible: [link]

Solomon was at one time a representative of the ultimate ascended master of the ancient world’s mystery religion. He was also seen to have seen the same character as Hermes Trismegistus (Three times great). Solomon is also three times great, he symbolizes the light three times: Sol = sun in Latin, Om = sun in Sanskrit and On = sun in Egyptian.
The ON in Egypt was symbolized by a phallus, an erected penis if you will. Phalluses like this are still raised by the elite all over the world. The Pope has a big penis obelisk, right in front of him every time he addresses the public from the Basilica. In Washington DC this ON worship can be seen as the Washington monument, representing the male fire over the water in the pond which is the female.


Rael Bible-teaches that the aliens are our creators. In the Raelian mythology, the symbol of the zodiac has been carried on in the layout of the embassy that is supposed to welcome back the Elohim. The 12 living quarters comprise the 12 different signs. It is divided in four sections denoting the four seasons, solstices and equinoxes. The Baal, sun‐symbol is on top in the form of a UFO. Just to ake sure that the numerology is well understood, the UFO shall measure 12 meters in diameter.
The term Zodiac relates to the fact that the constellations were anthropomorphised, or personified as figures or animals. In other words , the early civilizations did not just follow the sun and stars, they personified them with elaborate myths involving their movements and relationships. Horus, for example was the sun‐god of Egypt around 3000 BC. He was depicted as an ancient Egyptian sky god in the form of falcon. The term Horizon comes from the term Horus has risen. Also derived from Horus as it is the sun, tracked throughout the da The term Sun‐set also comes from this since Horus evil brother was known as Set, and he was the personification of darkness. Every morning Horus battled and won over Set, while at nightfall Set conquered Horus and sent him back into the underworld, thus we get SUNSET. Light versus dark and Good (God) versus Evil (D‐evil) is one of the most elaborate mythological dualities ever known and it´s still expressed at many levels to this day.
The right eye represents a peregrine falcon’s eye and the markings around it, including the ”teardrop” marking sometimes found below the eye. The Eye of Horus (originally, The Eye of Ra) is an ancient Egyptian symbol of protection and Royal Power. The ancients believed this symbol of indestructibility would assist in rebirth. The Eye of Horus was curiously enough found under the 12th layer of bandages on Tutankhamun’s mummy, so there you have the full zodiac again. The Eye f Ra is identical to later renditions of the eye of Lucifer, also a messenger of Light and the Raelians most revered personality. The mirror image, or left eye of Horus, represented the moon and the God Tehuti (Thoth). Thoth, the ibis‐headed god of knowledge, closely related, if not equivalent, to Hermes Trismegistus. In addition, there is The Book of Thoth, written by Hermes Trismegistus. He is accredited with the name Trismegistus, meaning the ”Thrice Great” or ”Thrice Greatest” because, as he claims in The Emerald Tablet, he knows the three parts of the wisdom of the whole universe. The three parts of the wisdom re alchemy, astrology, and theurgy. And this is one of the many esoteric meanings attributed to the symbol that appeared on Raels arm.
Furthermore the date that Rael´s first encounter took place also refer to the zodiac. He met Yahweh n December which is 12 (signs), the date being 13 which is the complete zodiac including the sun hat travels through it.


This could take a whole entry in itself. Let’s just suffice it to say that the origins of this come from a man who professes to have contact with ZENU…an ‘extraterrestrial’. Nothing but a demon in disguise.


Joseph Smith was a Freemason and his successor, Brigham Young, brought beliefs, and symbols of the Freemasons into their ‘church and bible’.


Group calls Military Bibles a National Security Threat
Police Chaplains Told to Stop Invoking Jesus


A rumor that reveals itself in the 3rd Century Talmud is that Jesus Christ was a bastard son of a whore and was an evil sorcerer an a sexually deviant man. The belief that Jesus was corrupt and sexually active was seen again in the writings of Celcus, a Pagan philosopher, who lived in the 2nd Century who stated that Jesus had many wives and mistresses.
Around the time of Constantine’s reign a Messiah named Moses of Crete arose, and soon amasses a large following. Moses claimed to be the Savior and recruited Christians into his movement. He informed his own army and as a means to put his divinity where his mouth to reenact the miracle of his famous Old Testament namesake.
Moses of Crete assembled a legion of followers on a beach and promised soldiers that he could part waters and allow them to cross on the ocean floor. Moses believed himself to have strong magical powers.
He raised his arms as some of the soldiers wisely turned back, while others more faithful to his cause marched on and drowned with their heavy equipment swept them under. When the survivors gained their composure, their “Messiah” was nowhere to be found!


APOCRYPHA: Gospel of Thomas
The Gospel According to Thomas, commonly shortened to the Gospel of Thomas, is a well preserved early Christian, non-canonical sayings-gospel which many scholars believe provides insight into the Christian Oral Tradition. It was discovered near Nag Hammadi, Egypt, in December 1945, in one of a group of books known as the Nag Hammadi library.
The introduction states: “These are the hidden words that the living Jesus spoke and Didymos Judas Thomas wrote them down.” Didymus (Greek) and Thomas (Aramaic) both mean “twin”. Some critical scholars suspect that this reference to the Apostle Thomas is false, and that therefore the true author is unknown.
It is important to note, however, that while the Gospel of Thomas does not directly point to Jesus’ divinity, it also does not directly contradict it, and therefore neither supports nor contradicts gnostic beliefs. When asked his identity in the Gospel of Thomas, Jesus usually deflects, ambiguously asking the disciples why they do not see what is right in front of them. This is similar to passages in the canonical gospels like John 12:16 and Luke 18:34. The text itself, however, continuously reflects Gnostic teachings by continuously referring to Jesus’s sayings as “secret” and “mysterious”, which were common gnostic catchphrases.

Next are sacred texts which other cultures consider to be their ‘Bible’, so to speak. They live by the words and abide by their rules. Although I don’t profess to be an expert, by a long shot…I will give opinions about each.


The texts of the Avesta — which are all in the Avestan language — were composed over the course of several hundred years. The most important portion, the Gathas, in older (before the works of Johanna Narten ‘Gathic’) Avestan, are the hymns thought to have been composed by Zoroaster himself. The liturgical texts of the Yasna, which includes the Gathas, is in Older Avestan, with short, later additions in Younger Avestan. The Yasnas’ oldest portions may be older than the Gathas, later adapted to more closely follow the doctrine of Zoroaster. The various Yashts are in Younger Avestan and thought to date to the Achaemenid era (559–330 BC).[citation needed] The Visprad and Vendidad, which are also in Younger Avestan, were probably composed even later but this is not certain. The Vendidad were written primarily for ritual purification. The Visparat, another group of writings in the ‘Avesta’, were believed to be made for the honor and prayer of the celestial lords.
*This is a religion which began as Paganism but had grown into much more. I think the Ascended Masters are behind this religion, which surely makes it a false religion.


THELEMA: The Holy Books of Thelema especially Liber Al vel Legis
is a spiritual philosophy or religion that was developed by the early 20th century British writer and ceremonial magician, Aleister Crowley. He came to believe himself to be the prophet of a new age, the Æon of Horus, based upon a spiritual experience that he and his wife, Rose Edith, had in Egypt in 1904. By his account, a possibly non-corporeal or “praeterhuman” being that called itself Aiwass contacted him and dictated a text known as The Book of the Law or Liber AL vel Legis, which outlined the principles of Thelema. An adherent of Thelema is a Thelemite.
The Thelemic pantheon includes a number of deities focusing primarily on a trinity of deities adapted from ancient Egyptian religion, who are the three speakers of The Book of the Law: Nuit, Hadit and Ra-Hoor-Khuit. The religion is founded upon the idea that the 20th century marked the beginning of the Aeon of Horus, in which a new ethical code would be followed; “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law”. This statement indicates that adherents, who are known as Thelemites, should seek out and follow their own true path in life, known as their True Will rather than their egoic desires. The philosophy also emphasizes the ritual practice of Magick.
*Magick of any kind is occultic. Aleister Crowley was in touch with the Ascended Masters and the Greys….which are all demons.


The Urantia Book (sometimes called the Urantia Papers or The Fifth Epochal Revelation) is a spiritual and philosophical book that discusses God, Jesus, science, cosmology, religion, history and destiny. It originated in Chicago sometime between 1924 and 1955. The authorship remains a matter of speculation. The authors introduce the word “Urantia” as the name of the planet Earth and are self-described as superhuman personalities delivering the book as a revelation.
The book consists of 196 “papers,” or chapters, each of which is allegedly written by a celestial being such as Divine Counselor, Chief of Archangels, Brilliant Evening Star, and others.
*The Evening Star is nothing but Lucifer….worship of Lucifer….enough said.


All the Chinese, Tao, Buddhist, etc…are all NEW AGE false religions. They worship the earth.
HINDUISM: Shruti (Vedas, including the Rigveda; also Aranyakas, Brahmanas, Upanishads, Bhagavad Gita, Mahābhārata, Ramayana); Panchatantra
The Vedas are supposedly apauruṣeya (“not of human agency”).
The Vedic texts or śruti are organized around four canonical collections of metrical material known as Saṃhitās, of which the first three are related to the performance of yajna (sacrifice) in historical Vedic religion:
The Rigveda, containing hymns to be recited by the hotṛ;
The Yajurveda, containing formulas to be recited by the adhvaryu or officiating priest;
The Samaveda, containing formulas to be sung by the udgātṛ.
The fourth is the Atharvaveda, a collection of spells and incantations, apotropaic charms and speculative hymns.


BUDDHISM: The Tipitaka, the Dhammapada, and other Buddhist texts.
A collection of sayings of the Buddha in verse form and one of the most widely read and best known Buddhist scriptures. The original version of the Dhammapada is in the Khuddaka Nikaya, a division of the Pali Canon of Theravada Buddhism.


AYYAVAZHI: The Akilattirattu Ammanai and Arul Nool.
While Akilathirattu Ammnai is the primary holy text, Arul Nool is considered the secondary regarding the religious importance. The Akilam is further scheduled into seventeen sections and the Arul Nool into eleven.


TAOISM: The Dao de jing, also Chuang Tzu, and The I Ching
A philosophical and religious tradition that emphasizes living in harmony with the Tao (modernly romanized as “Dao”). The term Tao means “way”, “path” or “principle”, and can also be found in Chinese philosophies and religions other than Taoism. In Taoism, however, Tao denotes something that is both the source and the driving force behind everything that exists. It is ultimately ineffable: “The Tao that can be told is not the eternal Tao.”

CONFICIANISM: The Analects of Confucius, also The I Ching
Analects of Confucius, is the collection of sayings and ideas attributed to the Chinese philosopher Confucius and his contemporaries, traditionally believed to have been written by Confucius’ followers. It is believed to have been written during the Warring States period (475 BC – 221 BC), and it achieved its final form during the mid-Han dynasty (206 BC-220 AD). By the early Han dynasty the Analects was considered merely a “commentary” on the Five Classics, but the status of the Analects grew to be one of the central texts of Confucianism by the end of that dynasty. During the late Song dynasty (960-1279) the importance of the Analects as a philosophy work was raised above that of the older Five Classics, and it was recognized as one of the “Four Books”. The Analects has been one of the most widely read and studied books in China for the last 2,000 years, and continues to have a substantial influence on Chinese and East Asian thought and values today.


ISLAM: The Qur’an, The Hadees e Rasool Sallala ho alyhe wasallam
also transliterated Qur’an, Koran, Al-Coran, Coran, Kuran, and Al-Qur’an, is the central religious text of Islam, which Muslims believe to be the verbatim word of God (Arabic: الله‎, Allah). It is regarded widely as the finest piece of literature in the Arabic language.
The Quran is composed of verses (Ayat) that make up 114 chapters (suras) of unequal length which are classified either as Meccan (المكية) or Medinan (المدينية) depending upon the place and time of their claimed revelation. Muslims believe the Quran to be verbally revealed through angel Jibrīl (Gabriel) from God to Muhammad gradually over a period of approximately 23 years beginning on 22 December 609 CE, when Muhammad was 40, and concluding in 632 CE, the year of his death.
*Islam began by an angel coming down after Muhammad was possessed for more than six months! Enough said!!

Siddra Rabba, “The Great Book” (rabba means great”) is the largest of the many holy scriptures of the Mandaean religion, which reveres John the Baptist but rejects Jesus of Nazareth. It is also referred to as The Book of Adam.
*Any religion which worships Mary (Catholics), this one which worships John in stead of JESUS CHRIST is a twisted version of the original.


SIKHISM: The Guru Granth Sahib and The Dasam Granth Sahib
The holy text spans 1430 pages and contains the actual words spoken by the founders of the Sikh religion (the Ten Gurus of Sikhism) and the words of various other Saints from other religions including Hinduism and Islam.
*Mixing false religions does not take a negative and make it positive.

BAHA I FAITH: The Kitab-i-Iqan, plus many other writings including ones from other faiths
In the Bahá’í Faith, religious history is seen to have unfolded through a series of divine messengers, each of whom established a religion that was suited to the needs of the time and the capacity of the people. These messengers have included Moses, Buddha, Jesus, Muhammad, and others.
*This one reminds me of people who worship stars instead of the Creator!!


So many tainted lines of information to confuse the masses.
Greece ‐ 1200 BC
‐ Born of a virgin
‐ Born December 25
‐ Crucified
‐Dead for 3 days
‐ Resurrected

India ‐ 900 BC
‐ Born of a Virgin
‐ Born December 25th
‐ Star in the east
‐ Performed M Crucified
‐ Resurrected

Greece ‐ 200 AD
‐ Born of a virgin
‐ Born December 25th
‐ Performed Miracles
‐ King of Kings
‐ Alpha and Omega
‐ Resurrected

Persia ‐ 1200 BC
‐ Born of a virgin
‐ Born December 25
‐ 12 Disciples
‐ Performed Miracles
‐ Dead for 3 days
-Sunday, Worship day

Signs & Gestures


Some are fully aware of the symbolic gestures of the Freemasons and Illuminati, and others haven‘t a clue. But do you know that Jesus Christ also had hand signals but where did they originate?
The sign in which His first two fingers and His thumb are extended, and His third and fourth finger are closed emerged in early Christian art as the ‘sign of the benediction’ or blessing. It is important to also note that in these stances of which Christ was depicted, He also made these gestures with His right hand. This being the hand with which He did His blessings. The left hand has always been associated with the occult and esoteric.
Some say this originated with the Roman art and gained popularity as a Christian symbol shortly after Constantine’s issue of the Edict of Milan in 313 A.D.
As Christian art evolved, these symbols, including the hand gestures, began to take on deeper mystical meaning and significance. With the thumb open, the three digits came to represent the Trinity (The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit), while the two closed represented the dual nature of the Christ both as man and GOD.
As time passed, the early Church began to split into different segregations and thusly, around the second century A.D., the symbol for both the blessings likewise split into different sects.


The Greek Orthodox church began to make use of the symbol derived from a common abbreviation of the Greek version of Christ’s Name. This manifested into the first finger held erect, representing an “I” ; the second is bent in the shape of a “C” ; the thumb and third finger cross to form an “X”; and the pinky, like the second finger, curves into the “C”. Thus, the five digits together spelled  “IC XC”, which is an abbreviation of the Greek name of Jesus Christ, taken from the first and last letters of both parts of His Name. Example: Jesus (IHCOYC) Christ (XPICTOC).


But, this is a twisted version of another kind of cross. Seems that several have been placed together to form their version. This is from the Orthodox Christian Church. See the mixture?


The Roman Catholic church, meanwhile, maintained the use of the three open digits and two closed (now similar to the Western world). The early sign, in which the thumb is closed, has by this time faded almost completely.
With the onset of the Renaissance in Western Europe, the sign of the benediction became less common in Christian art, primarily due to the shifting away from images of Christ as Savior towards a more naturalistic depiction, emphasizing the human in Christ over as GOD. Renaissance art portrayed Christ as more realistic, and would have Him appear as He would have been seen in the flesh. Hence the paintings of His betrayal, or the agony of death, and then in the glory of the Christ Pantocrator.


In Rome this little hand is well known, and is called by everybody the Mano Pantea.
The use of hand gestures giving blessing is an ancient motif in art. This particular gesture of the fingers is known as the mano pantea, which predates Christianity and can be seen in Pagan motifs to ward off evil eye, and Ancient Egyptian artifacts invoking parental protection.


The frog, it may be noted, in both cases seems to have its proper position, and that well known, aphrodisiac, was surely placed by design in close relation to the middle finger, the ancient digitus infamis. I find the frog to be curious considering the display of frogs on Merovingian crests and coat of arms motifs.
Upon the Mano Pantea we may safely consider it under either, or all of the four first meanings; and hence as it was in Egypt a powerful amulet to guard both living and dead, so we may well believe it was adopted as such by the Romans along with the Serapis cult. It will be noticed that our jeweler’s description passes over the scarab, which is nevertheless very distinct on the original bronze.
On the back of the hand we have the frog, which our friend calls a toad (rospo). This is a common amulet against the evil eye. In Naples the simple frog amulet is called a Sirena, like the more elaborate one of which a description follows later. It is not only now worn by Italians, Greeks, and even Turks, but it appears on many ancient gems and medals. It is commonly of metal, but when cut out of amber or coral is of greater power. The frog also was among Egyptians “a symbol of Ptah,” because, as Horapollo says, “it was the representation of man in embryo, that is, of the being who, like the world, was the work of the Creative Power, and the noblest production of his hands.”
“The importance attached to the frog in some parts of Egypt is shown by its having been embalmed, and honoured with sculpture in the tombs of Thebes. The frog was the symbol of hefnu, 100,000, or an immense number.  It sat on a ring or seal, a sign occasionally used in lieu of the Tau or ‘life.'” Again we are told, “la grenouille rappelait l’idée de la renaissance.”  is from Maspero’s Archéologie, p. 235. Jahn gives a plate (Taf. IV.) of a terra-cotta lamp, now in the Berlin Museum, having an eye for centre, round which are the frog, scorpion, phallus, snail, and two monkeys’ heads (cynocephalus); the spout is formed of a horned mask. The frog is shown on the Kertch necklace (p. 135) as one of the special amulets. There is also an ancient bronze frog amulet,  prepared for suspension, in the Ashmolean Museum.
Pliny says: “To this the Magi add some other particulars, which, if there is any truth in them, would lead us to believe that frogs ought to be considered much more useful to society than laws.” He gives directions for a particular manipulation of the frog, by which a wife conceives an aversion to all paramours. One kind (phrini), known to the Greeks, have protuberances like horns. He also says, there is a small bone on each side of a frog. That on the right side has many wonderful properties one is, that if thrown into boiling water it will immediately cool, and that it will not boil again till the bone be removed. The little bone from the left side, on the other hand, has the property of making it boil. It will also assuage the fury of dogs, and if put into drink it will conciliate love and end discord or strife. It is also worn for a talisman as an aphrodisiac.
One of the two frog charms on is that common in Rome, while the clumsier one is Neapolitan. The two shown immediately beneath the Mano Pantea on the same plate are from Constantinople, sold openly as charms in the bazaars. Evidently the frog as an amulet is widely used among various races, ancient and modern.


The scales, so prominent upon most of these hands, are passed over by Jahn, but they serve at least to confirm the Egyptian character of all these amulets. At the time when these hands were made in Italy, the weighing apparatus was always, as it is to a large extent to-day, of the steelyard type. Of all the scales in the Naples and Pompeian Museums every one is a steelyard; whereas in the innumerable representations of weighing, found on Egyptian paintings and sculptures, whether of souls by the recording Thoth, or of merchandise by various persons, the machine is nearly always an equipoised beam and two scales. In judging then of the true meaning of the scales upon the Mano Pantea, we must take into account the fact that, as a representation, they were conventional, of an object not unknown, but at least such as the Roman users of these hands were unaccustomed to. Although the Egyptians had another kind of balance it is rarely seen.

Most, if not all, of the other symbols upon the Mano Pantea, like those upon the every-day-of-the-week amulet, also belong to one or other of the last-named deities of the sun and moon.


The “hand of the blessing” was a Roman sign of “The Hand of the All Goddess”. It was later adopted by Christian clergymen. In Islam it is called the “Hand of Fatima”. This is one and the same as Hamsa. The palm-shaped amulet depicting a open right hand as a defense against the evil eye.
Among the Shiites, the fingers of the hand of Fatima also represent the ‘five holy persons’ of the Prophet’s family: Muhammed, Fatima, Ali, Hassan, Hussein. Ali’s name or those of The Twelve Imams are sometimes engraves on metal Hands of Fatima. Hamsas can also include a heart, a hexagram, or the word Allah inscribed in the palm of the hand.
Egypt used it to evoke the protection of the parental spirits. The index finger is the Mother-Goddess, the middle finger is the Father-Godhead, and the thumb with an acorn seed on it is the Child, Horus, the newborn sun of each day.

Mano Pantea also became known as the Pax Vobiscum-‘peace be with you’ as it was associated with Roman Catholic Church.\


Middle Eastern Religions
Buddha holds his hand similar to that of Jesus Christ but there is a rich difference. They are called mudras. Although they are similar, we must learn to discern between the two or the Truth would fall away. Just because another religion uses some of the same mediums does not negate the Christian foundations, in fact, we need to take a longer look into where these came from and why.


Of the common Buddhist Mudras, the Vitarka Mudra is the one that most resembles that of Jesus Christ’s right hand Icon. The earliest representatons of this show the three fingers straight, rather than curved. Much later we begin to see the differences. From the images of the 8th century A.D., which is actually centuries after the iconography of Jesus Christ was established.


Essentially, the Buddhist mudras are didactic; they are hand gestures which are designed to convey a particular message, much like the “IC XC”. The Christ symbol is much more in fact, it teaches that it’s a sign and a means of blessings. While, Buddha holds his hands in a certain form and the devotees are to remember a certain teaching.


The caliph gave orders to cut off the hand of the monk and take it to the marketplace. Towards evening Saint John, having asked the caliph for the cut-off hand, put it to its joint and fell to the ground before the icon of the mother of GOD.


The monk begged Our Lady to heal the hand, which had written in defense of Orthodoxy. After long prayer he fell asleep and saw in a dream, that the All-Pure Mother of God had turned to him promising him quick healing. Before this the Mother of God bid him toil without fail with this hand. Having awakened from sleep, the Monk John saw that his hand was unharmed. In thankfulness for this healing the Monk John placed on the icon an hand fashioned of silver, from which the icon received its name “Of Three Hands”. According to tradition, the Monk John wrote a song of thanksgiving to the Mother of God — “All of creation rejoiceth in Thee, O Full of Grace”, which appears in place of the Mother of God hymn “Mete it is in truth” in the
Liturgy of Saint Basil the Great.
Why “BLUE”?

The ancients attach special occult significance to every part of the human body. The symbolism of the hand could fill several volumes on its own.


Scream & Shout
In the new Brittany Spears video, with Will i am-contains multiple signs and symbols of the Illuminati influence in music. The website “Vigilant Citizen” is an awesome site to learn more about this


But this picture here shows Will i am showing not only a symbol for Monarch mind control (butterflies) but also the hand sign which I find to be interesting.
What is this sign?


Then we have John the Baptist.
This first picture looks identical to the “OM” sign for yoga meditation which is a New Age technique.


These depictions from old to the new all represent a defense against the ‘evil eye’ but the fact that so many signs have made their way into the Christian symbolism in paintings give way to the questioning of how this was accomplished.


The Roman Catholic Church was tainted, and remains tainted. I believe these signs and paintings of Jesus Christ are manipulated and this is NOT the true Jesus Christ. I think this tainting combined Osiris, Iris, Horus, and the Paganism rituals from antiquity and remains as a symbol to believers still today. I read long ago that ALL paintings painted of Jesus Christ had to be certified by the Roman Catholic Church (RCC) before their release. This definitely reeks! I don’t trust them to be authentic or true to His actual appearance. BUT, this is how the world will be tricked!

You see all these symbols and signs come from ancient Pagan practices, and the paintings of these periods were controlled by the RCC, therefore all these things are twisted. It’s no secret by now that everything of GOD is twisted by Satan and his children. This is just another example.

More here:

The Coming Celestial Convergence


We begin with a battle, and some believe this to be a battle of humanity which will result in a nuclear holocaust which will kill 1/3 of humanity. Others, like myself believe that this will be a battle of the supernatural. Now, if we see this battle take place in this dimension, I know not. But I do know from the Bible that the return of the Son of GOD, Jesus Christ will result in a defeat of the Antichrist and Satan.
Satan will be thrown into the ‘bottomless pit’ or the abyss for 1,000 years, otherwise known as the millennium. After being released from the abyss, Armageddon means mount of Megiddo in Hebrew. Satan will gather Gog and Magog (peoples from two specific nations) from the four corners of the earth. Fire will come down from GOD, out of heaven and devour Gog and Magog after this 1,000 years and Satan will be defeated and cast into the Lake of Fire forever.
The Seals and Vials lead us into these times described in the above section. Depending on your specific religious affiliation brings about different outcomes of these times. Some believe that the Seals have already been opened, others do not. While others believe that we are in the end of these seals.


Many signs on earth and in space will take place before Jesus Christ’s return. Many have prophecies about this time from Nostramadus to many others including in our current times. We are told of a tyrannical world government in these end times which will rule over earth. We definitely see this happening now with many world leaders crying out the same three words…”New World Order”. I don’t believe this to be of human origin, but rather of a celestial one. Our world is also experiencing not only economic hardships but also weather related catastrophes, also famine, knowledge increased far and wide, the increase of occult practices and the Gospel preached worldwide. These elite have the capability to control money, food and power all around the world. And now, considering our current world leaders have the technology gained from celestial sources to maintain and change these weather patterns at will, this must be the scenario which GOD describes to us. For HE knows the proceedings, not us.
We come to the three-and-a-half years/42 months/1260 days of the seven year Tribulation. This half-way point will signal the cancelling of the 7-year covenant which will take place between the world and Israel. This will be broken by the Antichrist. We definitely live in the times now where Israel remains in the center of attention in worldwide affairs. Has a 7-yr contract been initiated? Some say yes, some no.
The Mark of the Beast is believed to be a computer assisted technology. We see the convergence of plastic and technology placing RFID chips into peoples bodies and certain governmental policies which are said to be making this process a way of life, and without this inserted into one’s body you will not have access to any necessities of life. This sounds very much like a process in which the powers that be can and will segregate the Believers from the people who are asleep and do not ‘have eyes to see’.
Abomination of Desolation is a religious reference spoken of in the Bible which some believe will be the tainting of the Temple of GOD. This will have to be a process by which the Antichrist initiates in order to cut off Believers from worship. This could also be a planting of blasphemous objects on the alter, further causing a desecrating of the sacred House of GOD.


The coming celestial convergence will be a battle of supernatural sources. This will take place between forces of good angels and the bad, fallen angels of GOD, including Satan/Lucifer.
But, before this the miracle-working demons will cause the world to be amazed at their deeds. I believe this has already begun. The began their false religions millenniums ago with the worship of deities and paganism installed into mankind. To me it’s plain and simple….you don’t worship the creations of GOD, only GOD. Worship of ‘mother Gaia’, and nature is nothing but telling GOD that HIS Works are better than HIS love. Nature is but a creation of GOD for man, nothing more. Space is exactly the same, no more-no less. To practice in astrology is worship of time and space, of created things, not the Creator. GOD also warns us of worshiping angels, and this is being practiced within the New Age methodology and doctrines.


With the miracles will come the placement of rulers who follow these fallen angels, and we see this in music, Hollywood, and political realms not just in religious forums.
The next miracles will come in the form of justifying bloodlines paralleling with Jesus Christ. This is already being established but the grand miracle will come when they publicly announce this in a GRAND way. The bloodlines which rule the earth’s resources are connected to this, and it includes the ‘royalty’…they are called ‘blue’ bloods for a reason and this is the reason they want you to believe but truly it’s because they come from the Nephilim.


The pièce de résistance will be the unveiling of the so-called ‘creators’….they call themselves our creators. This is what they want the world to believe. Already the Roman Catholic Church is behind them, calling them our ‘brother’s’….this is because this is WHO and WHAT they worship. The pictures of their Jesus Christ is NOT real. This is HOW the false messiah will place himself into the world as be so excepted! Billions of Catholics will think he is the true messiah. He even calls himself Jesus the Christ…this is a big clue. Jesus Christ never called himself that! NEVER.
Although the word ‘rapture’ is not in the Bible itself, Rapture is a term in Christian eschatology which refers to the ‘being caught up’ possibly discussed in 1 Thess 4:17, when the ‘dead in Christ’ and ‘we who are alive and remain’ will be ‘caught up in the clouds’ to meet the Lord.


There are several discussions on this matter regarding to the sequence of events but suffice it to say that this will indeed happen. My worry in this regard is that these ‘brother’s and creators’ will convince man that they are ‘helping’ to the transformation process or the ascension process. In my eyes, this can ONLY take place with GOD, nothing less. So, my contention is that there will be a false rapture. This is when these soul-scalpers will steal the souls of these people who follow them. They tells of grand ships which will be able to contain millions on each which will allow you to ascend. FALSE. Interestingly, in the Medieval Latin terms, raptura (“seizure, rape, kidnapping”), really highlights this whole soul-scalping procedure that I speak of. Although this may in part be what GOD describes because of the fact that Satan duplicates everything of GOD and puts his own devious twist on it.


This will make GOD so angry that I believe it will begin the dreaded BATTLE of all battles. Now, this may be taking place on multiple dimensions, we don’t really know but I will tell you this…with 20-30 foot angels fighting-this will be an event of a lifetime! I for one am hoping to see GOD’s angels kicking some celestial fallen angel derrieres.

Kosmo Krator Kingdom


These beings addressed here are spoken of in Ephesians. They are the ruling classes which dominate our world, and skies. They have been given authority over these areas but left their first estates and came against GOD and His government and laws.
These are the rulers which cause pain, sorrow, sickness, curses, possessions, and so much more. 99% of these things are happening because we don’t live by GOD’S Laws. When we do live according to GOD’S Laws, we are able to life these horrific experiences against us and live in harmony with our surroundings and Maker, GOD Almighty. Through the Salvation of Jesus Christ, we are able to come closer to our destiny in which GOD intended for us.


Let’s learn about these beings:

*Archas-Ruling Principality over a region
Archon-a ruler, chief, prince

*Exousias-those who operate with great authority, a power of choice.

*Kosmokrators-Strong’s Number 2888
Lord of the world, Ruler of this world, prince of this age, the devil and his demons who exercises satanic antagonistic authority over the world in its present condition of spiritual darkness and alienation from GOD.
Poliarches- “ruler of a city” (polis, “a city”, archo, “to rule”). This is where the world gets the word politician.

*Ponerias Pneumatiki


How Satan Operates in Our World:
Satan’s Operational System Exposed

The Satanic “Trap” System
R.A. Coombes
Author: “America, The Babylon” Vols 1 & 2

Ephesians 6:12
“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”

Most of the human world rejects the idea that there is a super-natural entity named Satan. Many “Christian” church-goers also think there is no super-natural being as Satan or Lucifer or the Devil. Most genuine believers have at best, only a vague idea of how Satan operates in our world. It seems few believers recognize or understand how Satan interacts in our world. Consequently, Satan is having a field day with both believers and unbelievers, even strong, growing and maturing believers in Jesus Christ.
So the question you are no doubt asking now is: “So how does Satan operate?” The answer is simple, so simple that you may have a knee-jerk reaction that wants to dismiss the answer.
Satan’s Method: “The Trap System”
The answer is: “Satan operates via “The Trap System.” In other words, Satan sets traps. By the term “traps” we mean mental traps. Satan attacks the human mind to create a mindset.
We must understand that Satan is a super-human being who functions on an intellectual level far superior to that of human beings. He has a program in place to take advantage of his superiority. Satan’s operational program is to subvert, disrupt and attempt to overthrow God, God’s Will, and God’s Authority as Ruler of all creation.
Satan’s program is a far reaching program that includes a long-term attempt to completely control and rule Planet Earth and its inhabitants. To achieve this goal requires open warfare against God using angelic ‘troops’ who joined in him in rebelling against God in what could be best described as an attempted “coup de etat.”


The Kosmokrator
Among those angelic troops are special forces with orders to manipulate human leaders of each nation on Earth. Their assignment goals are to manipulate human leaders to enact laws and develop attitudes that disrupt God’s plans. This particular angelic class is referred to in Ephesians 6:12 as “The Kosmokrator” in the original Greek text.
The term “Kosmokrator” is translated in the KJV as “rulers of the darkness of this world.” That English phrase is an attempt to translate the following original Greek text.

προς τους κοσμοκρατορας του σκοτους τουτου
against the world rulers of the darkness of this

That is the actual, literal reading of the original Greek text. It is what Paul actually wrote. The key word that we need to examine here is the Greek word κοσμοκρατορας or trans-literated = kosmokrator. This word is a compound word, meaning it is two separate words joined together to become one single word.


Κοσμοκρατορας = κοσμο + κρατορας
Cosmo + kratoras or Krator
Cosmo + to rule or rulers
Cosmo by itself in Greek is the word “cosmos” or Kosmos. We use that word today today as “cosmos” meaning the universe and as a part of the term Russians use for their men who go into space – “cosmonauts” as opposed to our “astronauts.” The Greek meaning of cosmos or cosmo in its simple form means “world” or “a world.”
The compound word then of cosmo and krator combined can be translated as a ‘world ruler’ or in the plural – ‘world rulers.’ In Ephesians 6:12 the word is in the plural form, so it means “world rulers.”
When we look at the overall phrase of Ephesians 6:12, we have a somewhat complex phrase that defies a literal rendering into English grammar because it would violate English rules of grammar. The best way to translate this phrase, most literally and still put it into proper English grammatical form is as follows:
“against the rulers of this dark world.”
Here we’ve split up the compound word – kosmo-krator and put the modifiers “of this” and “dark” adjoining the word “world” to put it into a more correct grammatical structure.
The verse itself lists some of the various classes of the fallen angelic realm. These classes are of the angelic order and they are not demons. Demons are regarded as a much lower class and are not listed in the verse. The demon category applies as a sub-class of apparently the lowest rank in the angelic hierarchy.
The Kosmokrator class however, functions as a high-level angelic functionary assigned to manipulate the top echelon of a nation’s leaders.
A “Kosmokrator” is assigned to an individual nation to manipulate it to take whatever actions deemed by Satan that are designed to disrupt God’s plans and purposes.
Now you should ask, “How do we know this?”
The answer is found in the Old Testament book of Daniel. In Daniel we find that the Hebrew equivalent of Kosmokrator is the word “Sar.” It is found in Daniel chapter 10.

eudemons -the-divine-path-wallpapers_26332_1600x1200f

The Kosmokrator of Persia: The Ambush Trap
In Daniel Chapter 10 we need to understand the contextual background of the chapter. Daniel has made a prayerful petition to God. He awaits an answer for 21 days. Finally, in a vision the archangel Gabriel appears to Daniel and in verse 11 opens a conversation in which he tells Daniel to not be afraid. Starting with verse 12, Gabriel explains to Daniel the reason why God’s answer to Daniel was delayed for 21 days. The explanation is quite remarkable.
In Daniel 10, verse 12 we read:
v. 12. “Then said he unto me, Fear not, Daniel: for from the first day that thou didst set thine heart to understand, and to chasten thyself before thy God, thy words were heard, and I am come for thy words.
v. 13. “But the prince of the kingdom of Persia withstood me one and twenty days: but, lo, Michael, one of the chief princes, came to help me; and I remained there with the kings of Persia.
v. 14. “Now I am come to make thee understand what shall befall thy people in the latter days: for yet the vision is for many days.
Gabriel is telling Daniel that God heard his prayer from the moment Daniel uttered his petition. Gabriel then tells Daniel, that he, Gabriel, was immediately dispatched with a response. Then note in verse 13 the very first word is “But.” This introduces sharp contrast.
Gabriel states that the “prince” of the kingdom of Persia “withstood” him for 21 days. Now the Hebrew word for “withstood” is a military term that means “to ambush” or in the vernacular, “to bushwack.” Gabriel was ambushed or ‘bushwhacked’ for 21 days. This should raise a question to the reader: “Who did this?”
The answer is, “the prince (or “sar”) of the kingdom of Persia. This ambush was so powerful and so effective that Gabriel says the Archangel “Michael” had to come to assist in springing Gabriel from the ambush so that he, Gabriel could continue on his mission to deliver God’s message to Daniel.
So who is the “prince” or “sar” of Persia? Is it the human King, Cyrus? You mean to tell me that Cyrus and his army was so powerful that it could hold up God’s archangel? You mean that Cyrus was so powerful that it took 2 archangels to defeat Cyrus and his human forces? Hardly! Humans are no match for an Archangel. However, a “sar” or “kosmokrator” apparently has enough powerful resources, that at least in this case, Gabriel was delayed from accomplishing his mission for 21 days.
The entity in question who accomplished delaying Gabriel was a kosmokrator-class angelic entity assigned to manipulate and move the Persian nation and its governing leaders to take measures that opposed God’s will and plans for humanity. Now if we look at the latter part of Daniel 10 and verse 20:


Kosmokrator of Greece
“Then said he, Knowest thou wherefore I come unto thee? and now will I return to fight with the prince of Persia: and when I am gone forth, lo, the prince of Grecia shall come.”
Here, Gabriel tells Daniel that he must leave Daniel and go do battle against the “prince” or “sar” of Persia and then later he says the “prince of Grecia” or “Greece” will come.
This is a classic example where we see the curtain pulled back to gain a glimpse of angelic warfare and the fact that a class of angelic beings, called the Kosmokrator are assigned to manipulate the leaders of each nation to do Satan’s will. These are the Kosmokrator-class beings.
Now Ephesians 6:12 also tells us that another class of the angelic realm is assigned to intervene against God’s chosen peoples, namely Israel and the Church. All of these forces are engaged in a grand “cosmic” civil war.
The Satanic forces routinely conduct operations along the mental frontiers of humanity. The main battle tactic of these campaigns that involve humanity are “mental assault” on human minds. The goal of such assaults is to mentally disorient the human race from truthful reality.
Mental assaults against human beings carry an almost “guerilla” type of secrecy, primarily involving Satan’s most effective weapon – “The Mental Trap” system. You see, Satan loves the mental trap system.
The Satanic “mental trap” system seizes and directs a human mind into disorientation from truth and from reality. It clouds the situation so that the human has no grasp of the truth and reality all around him.
Satan’s Trap System can be divided into 3 distinct categories:
#1. Laws of Religiousness or Religious Rules
#2. Intellectual Rationalism
#3. Experiential/Emotional Religiousness
Those are the 3 categories of Satan’s “Mental Trap” system. They form an incredible “one-two-three” knockout punch on the human mind. Interestingly, one euphemistic name for this is system is “The LIE System.”
Satan operates in the human world, via the “Mental Trap” or “Big Lie” system within those 3 distinctive categories of what we can refer to as nothing more than blatant ‘deception.”


Satan Knows How to Set Mind Traps For Humans
If you doubt me and you should, because I’ve not yet cited textual proof for this claim, I direct your attention to the Apostle Paul’s second epistle to Timothy, chapter 2 and verse 26.
“And that they may recover themselves out of the snare of the devil, who are taken captive by him at his will.”
The term “snare” is the Greek word “pagidos” or παγιδος (see also Strong’s reference #3802). The Greek term not only means trap or snare, but it also carries the idea of unexpectedly or deception. It also carries the idea of attractiveness and enticement.
The essence of a successful trap is concealment and attractiveness. Can you make the trap attractive and yet conceal it with deception. To be successful, a trap must be concealed so that the prey has no idea of the danger of a trap. It is also important that the trap be attractive, in order to draw in the prey.
Satan knows that the essence of a good trap is to make it attractive and to keep the trap concealed so that his victims, (humanity) has no clue at to the surroundings and incapable of recognizing the trap.
In dealing with humanity, we noted earlier that Satan has 3 types of traps or 3 types of bait for his traps, which we categorized earlier but let’s review and explain them.


Satan’s 3 Mind-Trap Methods Explained
#1. Religious Rules or Laws of a Religious Nature
For an example of this type of trap, let’s look at the Gospel of John, chapter 8 and verses 33, 39, and 44-45
v. 33 “They answered him, We be Abraham’s seed, and were never in bondage to any man: how sayest thou, Ye shall be made free?”
v. 39 “They answered and said unto him, Abraham is our father. Jesus saith unto them, If ye were Abraham’s children, ye would do the works of Abraham.”
v. 44 “Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.
v. 45 “And because I tell you the truth, ye believe me not.”
Here we have a verbal exchange in progress between Jesus and the Jewish religious leaders, the Pharisees. The Pharisees are arguing with Jesus when Jesus speaks of bondage and that those who believe in Him shall be made free from bondage in verse 32. “And he shall know the truth and the truth shall make him free.”
The Pharisees state their offense at Jesus’ remarks and claim that they are Abraham’s seed, and never in bondage to sin, so that they ask how it is that they could be made free by Jesus when they were already free.
Jesus responds by telling them that whoever commits a sin is a slave of sin. In verse 38 he tells them
“I speak that which I have seen with my Father: and ye do that which ye have seen with your father.”
At this, the Pharisees are incensed and again let Jesus know that Abraham is their father. Jesus responds by telling them that if they were really the children of Abraham they would do the works of Abraham, but instead He reminds them that they seek to kill Him.
He then proceeds to tell them that their father is Satan or the Devil and then describes them as doing the works of the Devil.


…|Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.”
He basically tells them that when Satan speaks a lie that they are all fools enough to fall for it.
Now the question to be asked here is: “Who are these Pharisees?”
Look at John 8: 33 and 39 and you’ll find their own self-evaluation of themselves.
They claimed a religious connection. They claimed a religious connection to Abraham and noted just how religious they were. In essence they were saying, “Look at us, We are soooo religious” and they were. You couldn’t get any more pious and religious than the Pharisees. The connotation is that anything religious must be of God and that if something is religious it can not possibly be from Satan, because Satan hates religion. Right?
That is the underlying, unspoken implication and essence of the Pharisees’ argument with Jesus.


Anything that is religious simply cannot be Satanic, right?
Let’s define the term “religious.”
Religion: Any system that seeks a relationship with the Creator-God based upon the principle of “human merit” or the “human merit principle.” Now what do we mean by “human merit principle?”
Human merit principle: “You can do something, be something, act in a certain way, and by what you do, you have or establish a relationship with the Creator God.
Act a certain way. Be a certain way, and by doing so, God will establish a relationship with you. You can “earn” God’s favor by doing something. God will be pleased by your actions and relate to you based upon your actions and efforts. This is the human merit principle. It is being “religious.”
It is called “works.”
Being “Religious” is Human Effort or “Works”
The idea is that by human effort, human actions we can have or establish a relationship with God. The Human Merit Principle claims that we can earn favor with God.
Look at it another way. Within the “Girl Scout” movement is a young girl’s division called the “Brownie” division. To be promoted into the Girl Scouts a girl must earn “brownie points” and when enough are earned she becomes elevated to the status of Girl Scout.
Take that same “brownie point” concept into the theological realm and in essence all religions operate on a “brownie point” system.
Act a certain, Be a certain way, and by what you do, you earn ‘brownie points’ with God. That is the “human merit principle” approach. It’s the approach the Pharisees believed gained them a relationship with God.
Jesus tells them that instead of God being their father their brownie point system is simply Satan’s deception system.
Satan has so deceived them that they believe that acting a certain way, being a certain way, requires God to do something for them in return. In other words the idea is that God works on a paycheck type of system.
Yet, Jesus says that Satan is their father and they, the Pharisees do the “lusts of their father, Satan.”


Now let’s examine this from the Satanic trap perspective.
Satan trapped the Pharisees. How did he do that? He persuaded their ‘minds” and they were unable to see the concealed mind-trap and looked at the attractive bait of ‘works’ as a means of gaining favor with the Creator. The essence of this is that God hates and rejects human effort or human works if it becomes a means to an end, namely the end being the idea of earning something from God.
This same sort of wickedness is present in the modern-day American church in something known as the Prosperity Gospel – also known as the “name it, and claim it” movement. This movement has gained a large foothold in what is supposed to be the ‘professing Church.”
These folks promote the idea that – “if you do something for God, then He is obligated to do something for you, in return.” Some TV evangelists have promoted to viewers the idea of taking out a second mortgage on their home and sending the proceeds to the TV ministry and in doing so, God will be obligate to pay the donor back and often times in multiples, like double the money back or some other ridiculous claim.
God operates only on the basis of Grace through faith in the work of Jesus Christ alone, not by any of our human activities. God freely gives us gifts and these are gifts that are in our best interests. He does so regardless of our actions.
Now, let’s move along to Satanic Trap #2.


Satanic Trap #2 – Intellectual Rationalism
Let’s define the term “Intellectual Rationalism.” Intellectual Rationalism is the operations of the human mind apart from, or operating independently from The World of God.
An intellectual rationalist is someone who does not know or believe the scripture. We should note that the Pharisees were “intellectual rationalists” as well as being religionists. They were double-whammied, so to speak and were very proud of their intellectual capacities to rationalize everything, apart from the Word of God, yet all the while claiming to be God’s servants.
Can you see why “intellectual rationalism” might be appealing bait for a Satanic trap? No? Think of it this way.
What happens if someone comes up to a person and says, “My your smart. What things you have accomplished by the exertion of your mind.”
Such words appeal to the person’s ego and pride. This particular trap system is effective against unbelievers, but also sad to say with even believers also. We see that in Paul’s second epistle to the Corinthians in chapter 4, verse 4.
“In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them.”
Notice in that verse, “the god of this world” – in other words, Satan traps the minds of unbelievers. Satan always works against the human mind. In this case, unbeliever’s minds are blinded so that they cannot see the ‘light’ of the gospel of Jesus Christ.
Later in Paul’s second epistle to the Corinthians, Paul warns them that they too are susceptible to Satan’s trap system. II Corinthians 11:3
“But I fear, lest by any means, as the serpent beguiled Eve through his subtilty, so your minds should be corrupted from the simplicity that is in Christ.”
Here Paul reminds the Corinthians that just like Eve was “fooled” and they too could be fooled. Let’s take a closer look at what Paul is saying here.
The word “beguiled” is the Greek word “ex-ahpah-tah-oh” (Strong’s #1818) which would be better translated into our modern English as “deceived thoroughly.” The Greek word stresses the idea of total deception. Eve was totally and completely fooled. She bought into Satan’s Big Lie – hook, line and sinker – as a fisherman might put it.
The second word we should notice is the Greek word “phtharay” (Strong’s #5351 phtheyroh) – which is the word “corrupted” and it carries the idea of being seduced.into corruption. Notice the how the seduction trap starts? Notice the words “your minds” should be seductively corrupted but notice the mental seduction is away from something.
Believers can be seduced/corrupted away from – the simplicity that is in Christ. Question: The simplicity of what in Christ?
The answer is the simplicity of salvation, namely that Christ died for our sins and that it is a gift given to us and received on the basis of faith not by human effort.
I Corinthians 15: 3
“For I delivered unto you first of all that which I also received, how that Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures;”
Ephesians 2: 8-9
v. 8 “For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God:
v. 9 “Not of works, lest any man should boast.”

The simplicity that is in Christ is salvation in Christ’s death for us as a gift obtained on the basis of faith not by human effort or not by the human merit principle.
So what is Paul saying here? He fears that just as Eve was thoroughly deceived by Satan’s Big Lie, so too he fears that believers might be seduced away from the simplicity of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, namely the simplicity of believing by faith that Christ died for our sins. He fears that the seductive corruption will be the trap that we have to ‘work’ or add human activity to the salvation process.

Now for those who might not be deceived by religiousness and following religious rules or regulations or who is not caught up in intellectual rationalism of thinking apart from God’s Word, then Satan has yet another attractive dish, perhaps for you.


Satanic Trap #3:
Religious Experience/Emotionalism/Miracles
If Satan can’t appeal to someone on the basis of following religious rules and regulations or by having their mind operate apart from the Word of God, then perhaps Satan can appeal to someone on the basis of religious emotional experiences such as miracles.
Let’s look at Paul’s second epistle to the Corinthians, chapter 11, verses 13 and 14.
v. 13 “For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ.
v. 14 “And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.
Satan works via religious experiences through false teachers, deceptive ministers who transform themselves into apostles of Christ. Even Satan can transform himself into a messenger of light.
This type of Satanic trap can also catch both unbelievers and even believers who are not carefully operating/thinking along the lines of God’s Word.
Yet, there is something more to come on regarding this particular trap method of miracles. The real miracle doozies are yet to be shown.
Let’s look at Paul’s second epistle to the Thessalonians and chapter 2 verses 8 through 10.
v. 8 “And then shall that Wicked be revealed, whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of his mouth, and shall destroy with the brightness of his coming:
v. 9 “Even him, whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders,
v. 10 “And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved.”


The Wicked One is Satan but in verse 9 we find that that “Even him, his coming is after the working of Satan” is a reference to the Antichrist.
How will Satan operate through the Antichrist? The Antichrist will be enabled to perform signs and lying wonders. Verse 10 tells us that these are with all deceitfulness. In other words, Satanic deception.
A primary characteristic of The Antichrist will be “all deception.”
Let me repeat that. The primary characteristic of the Antichrist will be his deceptive nature. Why? Because Satan operates via deception using traps.
What did we say earlier about Satan deceiving Eve? Satan used deceptive trap.
Satan always uses deception. Satan’s traps are mental deceptions and his ultimate “ace in the hole” deception trap is supernatural miracles.
So that, what can be the telltale signs of the Antichrist?
#1. Deception. He will manifest a continuing pattern of deception
#2. At some point, he will manifest supernatural signs and wonders. He will do things that will make people’s jaws drop.
Now there is a third indicator and it is the dead-ringer indicator. The prophet Daniel tells us that this Antichrist will commit the Abomination of Desolation on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem and proclaim himself to be God. That will be the sure-fire sign proving who he is.
Remember though, that the first tell-tale indicator of the Antichrist is deception. The Antichrist will produce a pattern of deception and deceptive practices. This deceptiveness character trait will manifest first. Later, the miraculous signs and wonders will be manifested.
For those who read this who are prophecy watchers, or “watchmen on the wall” – and on the lookout for possible candidates that might be the Antichrist – the only real tell-tale sign we can hunt for is “deceptive operations.”

Ex-Satanist Details Illuminati Spiritual Plan

I present to you a posting from illustrations;


Ex-Satanist Details Illuminati Spiritual Plan

by Marcos
A recurring theme in TV and movies is the concept of portals that send travelers from one dimension or universe to another.
For example, “Stargate” presented this concept as well as aliens and spiritual ascension.
Even the Smurfs wait for a specific celestial alignment in order to open a portal to our world.
A book, Rastros do Oculto, from Brazilian author, Daniel Mastral, may explain the recurrence of this theme in the media.
Mastral used to be a high ranking Satanist, bred specifically to lead the group in Brazil, but instead he turned to Christ and became an evangelical.
In the book, he states that occultism, magick and Satanism seek the opening of portals and communication with evil fallen angels, or demons.
The accumulated esoteric knowledge of the ages was passed down by demons in the form of rituals, in order to open these portals and alienate people from God, assuring their damnation. Misery likes company.
The author tells us that in Ancient Egypt, Satan promised an alliance to a few. These people, who became the Mystery School members, are known as the Brotherhood of the “Children of the Fire”.
According to Mastral, there are two kinds of portals: portals to the body and portals to Earth.



Portals to the body allow demons to interact and control humans.
The most basic ritual is channeling, where a medium lets a spirit talk through his mouth, dispensing counseling and commands.
Blood sacrifices, symbols, music, drugs and special meditation permit a higher level of demonic attachment and consequently, more spiritual powers to the follower.
These powers are the classic occult tricks of divination, telepathy (in fact messages delivered by demons), creation of fire, telekinesis, etc. These are not enhancements on the individual, but merely deeds done by spirits to look like the person has “evolved”.
Much of the doctrine of chakras and the awakening of the kundalini spirit (total demonization) is in truth opening of bodily portals to demons.
More advanced followers can leave their bodies and perform astral projection, where they move around in their spirits, while their bodies are resting.
In this condition, they can also visit and interact with demonic spirits.
The whole hierarchy in Satanism depends on power and the level of the demon who is “residing” with the person, his protector.
Usually people with long family ties with the occult have the most powerful demons by their sides. Strong demons can indeed inflict disease and create accidents, and fights among satanists are common.
Fortunately, they can’t harm true Christians, who are protected by the Holy Spirit and angels from God.

image_t61 (2)


Portals to Earth are more complicated. According to Mastral, reality is comprised of nine dimensions which overlap in space but are separated in practice.
He gives us the metaphor of an elevator. Spirits from more elevated dimensions can go down to lower floors, but no one can go up.
We live in the fourth dimension. Below us there are several powerful demons who have been imprisoned by God as judgement. Lucifer is the only evil spirit to visit the ninth and highest plane.
Some portals are temporary and some, the most important ones, are permanent. Temporary portals depend on exact timing and special alignment of the dimensions, and this knowledge is beyond our science or perception.
That’s why occultists obsess with numerology, gematria and astrology; for these are the tools that allow the calculations to be performed in order to profit from the portals to contact high level spirits.



Evil spirits cannot manifest in the middle of Fifth Avenue. They need the strong energy created in blood rituals in order to materialize. But once the ritual ends, they must go. More stable contact can only be achieved through portals.
Permanent portals are the main objective of Satanists (they like to be called children of Lucifér, with stress in the last syllable).
According to Mastral, there are 90 of them, and 72 have been opened by the turn of the century. Nine more have been opened by 2006 and the last the last nine will be in 2013. The exact conditions for the openings of these portals are known only to few witches of the highest rank.
We can expect that they require huge amounts of human sacrifice and psychic energy. A great honor given to a Satanists is to be able to pass through one of these portals and meet demonic powers in their “home turf”. In this process, there is a temporal shift, with minutes on Earth meaning hours in the other plane (much like what happens in “alien” abductions).
The opening of these portals is the reason we have seen since the 1950s so many spiritual manifestations such as UFOs, light orbs and apparitions, sometimes in plain daylight.
Satan’s hope is that with the opening of the last portals, powerful demons from lower dimensions will be able to come to earth and eventually, interact with humankind. They will not present themselves as demons, but as benevolent aliens and evolved spirits of light.



Mastral tell us that some human individuals are indeed empowered by changes in their DNA. This can happen in three ways: demonic sexual spirits (incubus and succubus) can transport semen among humans; a demon possessed man can fertilize a woman, or, very rarely, a couple can pass through a portal and have sex in the other side.
In all cases, the higher energy affects the embryo’s DNA in a way that makes it easier for the individual to interact with spirits and be a channel for more powerful psychic powers.

Normal people can’t stand perfect possession from high level demons, the body would die, and that’s why channelers are always exhausted after a “session”.
The Satanists’ goal is to eventually perfect a human who can stand a complete possession from a very high demon and exhibit powers never seen on Earth. This person may even exist today, and he will be the antichrist.



Mastral’s explanations match what we know about Satanism and Mystery Schools. Even if you don’t believe in this weird spiritual reality, you should be very concerned that our globalist elite does, and that they require human blood for their plans.
We live in the age of Alice Bailey’s Externalization of the Hierarchy, when centuries-old occult secrets will be revealed. The bad guys know that we know what they are doing, and we should expect open war soon.
However, this is not a material war; it is a spiritual one: we have God on our side and his holy angels to protect us. Mastral himself decided to leave the group when he faced the fact that demons could not touch Christians.
Satan knows he will be defeated, and wants to take as many as he can with him, while deceiving them with the promise of victory over God.
Ultimately, we have to remember Jesus’ words: “I am the Way [...] none comes to the Father but through Me”. God has given us a “portal” to a higher dimension and perfect evolution, through the sacrifice of His Son.
Fortunately, no rituals, sacrifices or slavery from our part is required. That’s the secret Satan doesn’t want us to know.


My comments:
First I want to thank “awakenow2” for their presenting this link into the forum!
Now some believe in New Age meditation and with the opening of chakras are not demonic. I TOTALLY DISAGREE.
Satan is FAMOUS for this type of twisting of GOD’S work. Twisting the purest form of communication with GOD is only one way that Satan laughs in the face of GOD.

The fact that the last NINE portals are to be opened in 2013 is particularly interesting considering the number of 13. The incidents of mass killings and ‘accidents’ which are suspicious are very pertinent to this agenda. But the majority write off these things as ‘conspiracy’ and nothing more.


Some believe that only certain spirits can obtain different levels according to their strengths, and this may certainly be true but I do believe we are SURROUNDED by spirits of both the good and bad. It’s our duty to let others know of these differences and how to combat them.
The time is now! They know the time is waning, as Satan is speeding up his actions. We know time is waning due to our spiritual soul giving us warnings.
NOW…go serve your KING!

Genetically Modified Christmas & More


Tinsel and several types of garland or ribbon are commonly used to decorate a Christmas tree. Silvered saran-based tinsel was introduced later. Delicate mold-blown and painted colored glass Christmas ornaments were a specialty of the glass factories in the Thuringian Forest especially in Lauscha in the late 19th century, and have since become a large industry, complete with famous-name designers. Baubles are another common decoration, consisting of small hollow glass or plastic spheres coated with a thin metallic layer to make them reflective, with a further coating of a thin pigmented polymer in order to provide coloration. Lighting with electric lights (fairy lights) is commonly done. A tree topper, traditionally either an angel or a star, completes the ensemble.
Writes Alexander Hislop in The Two Babylons,
“The Christmas tree, now so common among us, was equally common in Pagan Rome and Pagan Egypt. In Egypt that tree was the palm tree; in Rome it was the fir; the palm tree denoting the Pagan Messiah, as Baal-Tamar, the fir referring to him as Baal-Berith. The mother of Adonis, the Sun-God and great mediatorial divinity, was mystically said to have been changed into a tree, and when in that state to have brought forth her divine son. If the mother was a tree, the son must have been recognized as the ‘Man the branch.’ And this entirely accounts for the putting of the Yule Log into the fire on Christmas Eve, and the appearance of the Christmas tree the next morning” (page 97).


“The Christmas tree…recapitulates the idea of tree worship…gilded nuts and balls symbolizing the sun…all the festivities of the [heathen] winter solstice have been absorbed into Christmas Day…the use of holly and mistletoe to the Druidic ceremonies; the Christmas tree to the honours paid to Odin’s sacred fir….” (p. 236).
Writes Collins in Christmas Folklore:
“This idea of decorating homes on holidays is both worldwide and age-old….So the Saturnalian laurel, the Teutonic holly, the Celtic mistletoe, and the Mexican poinsettia have all attached themselves to this polyglot ceremony…
“Many of the plants used at Christmas are SYMBOLS OF FERTILITY. Certainly any evergreen (fir, yew, laurel) with its ability to return verdure in the barrens months is appropriate, but by far the most interesting are the holly, the ivy, and the mistletoe. Holly, with its pricking leaves, white flowers, and red berries symbolizes the male reproductive urge. In fact, in the English carols…the holly is the male and the ivy is the female. This use of the plants was most likely BORROWED by the Christians along with other customs of the ROMAN SATURNALIA” (p. 22-23).
Ivy, holly’s mate, in ancient Grecian rites took its name from the girl who danced with such abandon and joy before Dionysius that she fell dead at his feet. The pagan god, moved by her dance, turned her into the ivy that she might entwine whatever is near. Dionysius, of course, was the Greek version of the god of wine and revelry, another form of Bacchus, Tammuz, or Nimrod!
Mistletoe, since the earliest of times, has been regarded as mysterious and sacred, the symbol of the sun, bestower of life, an aphrodisiac, and protector against disease and poison. The plant was especially sacred to the Celtic Druids who offered it in prayer to the gods. The mistletoe was referred to by pagans as the “golden bough.” The two great holidays when the pagans gathered mistletoe were Midsummer Day, the summer solstice, and December 25, the winter solstice. It was supposed to posses the power of revealing treasures in the earth, and was formed into a “divining rod.” It was also looked upon as the “seat of life” of the sacred oak, and as an emanation of the sun’s fire. Kissing under the mistletoe is a survival of Saturnalian sexual licentiousness and bawdy immoral behavior, which was commonplace at the Saturnalia.

Genetically Modified PRE-LIT Christmas Trees
If Christmas lights have been the bane of your holiday, then there just may be good news on the horizon: Genetic engineers have come up with a method where your Christmas tree could grow its own lights. Sound more like science fiction than reality? Read on.
Five postgraduate students at the University of Hertfordshire in the UK have come up with an idea for glowing pine needles for their entry in a biotechnology competition. Their entry, which sounds too good to be true, is feasible since genetic engineers have already created glowing mice, silk, and potatoes.
The postgraduate team made a plan to modify a Douglas spruce with two genes from fluorescent jellyfish and fireflies to make them light up. The first gene produces green fluorescent protein (GFP) and the second produces an enzyme luciferase. The modification to the trees would be made by infecting the seedlings of the tree with a bacterium carrying the two genes.
BBC writes:
A chemical compound called luciferin is needed to activate luciferase, which in turn “switches on” GFP and makes it glow. In the case of the luminous Douglas spruce, the luciferin would be mixed into a special fertilizer sold with the tree. The genes for green fluorescence have been widely used by genetic engineers because they allows scientists to see at a glance whether an attempt to introduce a gene into an organism has been successful. Blue fluorescent proteins have also been discovered and, last month, a red fluorescent protein was found in a coral. This means that, in theory, the GM Christmas tree could grow its own multicoloured lights.
The only caveat: The potential cost.
“We’re talking about a green luminescent Christmas tree that glows in the dark and produces a noticeable light during the day,” said Katy Presland, a neurophysiology student. ”It is quite feasible. The only problem in reality is the cost. We calculate that the initial trees would cost about £200, which means going for the upper end of the market. But I’m sure a lot of people would love them, especially the Americans.”

It’s not enough that Paganism is growing stronger in the United States daily, with the rituals of Christmas trees, lights, ribbons, and candles…now we have scientists who want to bring forth ‘magic’ to make your Christmas even more SPECIAL.
WOW! Notice the name of the chemical compound “LUCIFERIN” which is needed to activate “LUCIFERASE” which turns on the ‘glow’. Very much like the fallen angel Lucifer, with his beautiful appearance which deceives many, so are these scientists with their ‘cleaver’ inventions.
I’m sure American’s will love them considering their allegiance with Pagan traditions and especially to Lucifer and the fallen angels.

Haven’t you even wondered why Washington is SO excited to present their tree in “Rockefeller” Center? The first official tree lighting ceremony was in 1933! They just live their numbers, right?
Then, we have the statue which resides below the tree;
Paul Manship’s highly recognized bronze gilded statue of the Greek legend of the Titan Prometheus recumbent, bringing fire to mankind, features prominently in the sunken plaza at the front of 30 Rockefeller Plaza.
The model for Prometheus was Leonardo (Leon) Nole, and the inscription from Aeschylus, on the granite wall behind, reads: “Prometheus, teacher in every art, brought the fire that hath proved to mortals a means to mighty ends.”
The punishment of Prometheus as a consequence of the theft is a major theme of his mythology, and is a popular subject of both ancient and modern art. Zeus, king of the Olympian gods, sentenced the Titan to eternal torment for his transgression. The immortal Prometheus was bound to a rock, where each day an eagle, the emblem of Zeus, was sent to feed on his liver, only to have it grow back to be eaten again the next day. In some stories, Prometheus is freed at last by the hero Heracles (Hercules).


In Greek mythology, the Twelve Olympians, also known as the Dodekatheon (Greek: Δωδεκάθεον < δώδεκα, dōdeka, “twelve”+ θεοί, theoi, “gods”), were the principal deities of the Greek pantheon, residing atop a mythical Mount Olympus.
The concept of the “Twelve Gods” is older than any extant Greek or Roman sources, and is likely of Anatolian origin. The gods meet in council in the Homeric epics, but the first ancient reference to religious ceremonies for the Olympians collectively is found in the Homeric Hymn to Hermes. The Greek cult of the Twelve Olympians can be traced to 6th-century BC Athens and probably has no precedent in the Mycenaean period. The altar to the Twelve Olympians at Athens is usually dated to the archonship of the younger Pesistratos, in 522/521 BC.
There was some variation as to which deities were included, but the canonical twelve as commonly portrayed in art and poetry were Zeus, Hera, Poseidon, Demeter, Athena, Hestia or Dionysus, Apollo, Artemis, Ares, Aphrodite, Hephaestus and Hermes.
Hades, known in the Eleusinian tradition as Pluto, was not usually included among the Olympians because his realm was the underworld. Plato connected the Twelve Olympians with the twelve months, and implies that he considered Pluto one of the twelve in proposing that the final month be devoted to him and the spirits of the dead. In Phaedrus Plato aligns the Twelve with the Zodiac and would exclude Hestia from their rank.
For Pindar, the Bibliotheca, and Herodorus, Heracles is not one of the Twelve Gods, but the one who established their cult. Lucian (2nd century AD) includes Heracles and Asclepius as members of the Twelve, without explaining which two had to give way for them.

The NEPHILIM offspring four different races;
THE ANNAKIM (they would weigh chains until earth’s core could not support them.)
THE REPHAIM (Your heart will melt in their presence)
THE ZAMZOUMIM (Achievers, Their necks would obscure the sun.)
THE EMMIM (Terrifying ones)
THE GIBBORIM (The strong ones, the giants, the ancient heroes)
The babies were born with a normal size, and then they would grow wildly till their giant state. (Their femoral bone would measure eighteen meters.)
If the father was an angel, we would have a first generation giant, the biggest in size,
If the father is a giant then the child is smaller. And so on .It would explain the small size, for a giant, of GOLIATH.
The NEPHILIM were punished in the time of ENOCH before NOAH, their offspring, the GIBBORIM etc., were punished by the flood. The initial daughters of men who sinned with the angels were turned into sirens; their scaly fishlike bodies would not let them have sexual intercourse while, their upper body, still like a woman, would submit them to eternal lust without any possible relief.

The scenario takes place on the summit of mount HERMON.
SHEMEHAZA debates with two hundred angels whether they should go to fornicate with the daughters of men. They bind one another with curses and they carry their evil plan.
The two leaders of the initial fallen angels, are AZAZEL and SHEMEHAZA.
Those angels taught humans how to create fire, astrology, the paths of the moon ,makeup, sexual deviance as well as magic and sorcery.

They taught men how to enslave the sun, the moon, the stars to make them worship manmade idols, the goal of the angels was to create a complete universe, that was revolving around the earth in competition with the one revolving around GOD.
We find strong similarities in the hermetic book ASCLEPIUS (a book originally Egyptian about ways to give life to man made statues.) also attributed to the NEPHILIM.
Another name associated with the leader of the fallen angels is MASTEMA, (the Zadokite fragments and the Dead Sea scrolls.) He appears in the book of JUBILEES, he negotiates with god so that a tenth of the evil ones should remain on earth to torture mankind and GOD agrees.

The Sumerians believed that the creators, the ANNUKAKI, as a result of early genetic engineering, created men to their own image. Those beings inhabited a planet NIBIRU who was revolving on a different orbit; this planet would be in sight (To earth) every 3600 years. (We can’t neglect the similarities between the ANNUKAKI, the NEPHILIM and the ever-present extra terrestrial concept.)


In Aztec mythology, QUATZELCOATL fell from heaven, and by doing so, he created the primordial chaos, here too we have NEPHILIM related concept.
In Persian mythology, the WATCHERS are called IRIN
In Moslem theology, the JINN were created 2000 years before Adam. They were originally of a high estate, equal to angels. EBLIS was their chief. When, on the creation of Adam, EBLIS refused to worship the clay made creature, EBLIS was degraded And cast out of heaven along with the JINN, who thenceforth became demonic. EBLIS has five sons.

All to say that the NEPHILIM concept is present in all the worlds religions and man has always had strong fascination for those strange creatures. From religious to atheous, From present to past, the NEPHILIM were of great help and inspiration (not always) to mankind. Even personas like MERLIN, NAPOLEON, EISTEIN, HITLER just to name a few were suspected to have NEPHILIM origins. Unfortunately it is to vast of a subject to explore in an article, all the books existing on the subject are still not enough, too much was lost…

Photo-Rockefeller Tree-Gregory Scaffidi



If we choose to believe this is the time when Jesus Christ was born then we must celebrate this, NOT the light, tinsel, trees, and especially the GIFTS. It’s become about receiving and how much can I get. It’s become about how much did I spend, it’s become about “Christmas spirit”, but is it really? The Christmas Spirit was suppose to be about having the Holy Spirit in you and using this to celebrate with loved ones in this time. But the spirit we see in those around us is not a GOOD one. It’s about cutting people off in front of us in traffic, so we can be first. It’s about getting in line before someone else to purchase cheaper and cheaper things that don’t last. Don’t think for one second that this is a time which retailers want you to profit!
Then, we have the biggest dilemma of all. When was Jesus Christ born? Scholars believed for centuries that it was in December but now they are coming forward telling us there is no way because of the display of Scripture about these events. But I’m not here to debate that. To me, we are to celebrate Jesus Christ each and every day. Making Him first in our lives and in our hearts.
I want to take away the money issue. I want to take away the time issue. I want to concentrate on Jesus Christ.
From Luke 2, comes the story in which we are told about a babe wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in a manger.


And the angel said unto them, FEAR NOT: FOR, BEHOLD, I BRING YOU GOOD TIDINGS OF GREAT JOY. For unto you is born in the city of David, a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord.
This message is so deep. It exceeds time and space. Why? Because the Blood of Jesus Christ is so powerful that it exceeds any sin within the blood on man.
Many years ago, Karl Landsteiner was noted for having first distinguished the main blood groups in 1900. This classification developed the modern blood groups with which identifies the presence of agglutinins in the blood, enabling physicians to transfuse blood without endangering the patient’s life.
But, we must also realize that blood is again important because when a woman is carrying a child from conception to birth, that the blood-NOT ONE DROP-comes from the mother!
What does this tell us in relation to this story?
That Jesus Christ’s blood is purely from GOD. No man’s semen was involved in this process of His birthing!
This brings joy beyond explanation…



dry bones

The Valley of Dry Bones
In Ezekiel 37:1-14, I believe we have a prophetic story! The Bible is so much deeper than we give it credit and it has so many levels. Prophecy is from front to back and this is just one example of how we must give GOD credit for HIS amazing majesty.


The hand of the Lord was upon Ezekiel and brought him by the Spirit of the Lord and set him in the middle of the valley. He led Ezekiel back and forth and Ezekiel saw many bones of the dead on the valley floor. The Spirit asked Ezekiel, “Son of man, can these bones live?”
Ezekiel replied that only the  Lord knows.
The Spirit told Ezekiel to prophesy upon these bones and tells the ‘O ye dry bones, hear the word of the Lord! This is what the Lord says to these bones:
And I will lay sinews upon you, and will bring up flesh upon you, and cover you with skin, and put breath in you, and ye shall live; and ye shall know that I am the Lord.
So Ezekiel prophesied as he was commanded: and as he prophesied, there was a noise, and behold a shaking, and the bones came together, bone to his bone. And when he beheld, lo, the sinews and the flesh came up upon them, and the skin covered them above: but there was no breath in them.
Then said the Lord unto Ezekiel, Prophesy unto the wind, prophesy, son of man, and say to the wind, Thus saith the Lord God; Come from the four winds, O breath, and breathe upon these slain, that they may live.
So Ezekiel prophesied as the Lord commanded him, and the breath came into them, and they lived, and stood up upon their feet, an exceeding great army.
Then the Lord said unto Ezekiel, Son of man, these bones are the whole house of Israel: behold, they say, Our bones are dried, and our hope is lost: we are cut off for our parts.
Therefore prophesy and say unto them, Thus saith the Lord God; Behold, O my people, I will open your graves, and cause you to come up out of your graves, and bring you into the land of Israel. And ye shall know that I am the Lord, when I have opened your graves, O my people, and brought you up out of your graves, And shall put my spirit in you, and ye shall live, and I shall place you in your own land: then shall ye know that I the Lord have spoken it, and performed it, saith the Lord.


Although this vision was given to Ezekiel more than 2,500 years ago, it does not make it any less important today. This is surely a prophecy to all of GOD’S believers, not just Israel. GOD loves all His children but the bones of many are dry. They know NOT the Word, nor do they abide by His Laws.

The Church which once budded and flourished has long since fell asleep at the wheel. A Church long ago which flourished in LIFE is long gone. Sermons which serve no purpose but to pacify the people in the congregation is no more than tinsel on a Christmas tree.
First it serves no purpose but to but just to ‘look good’, and then the underlying tree is but to worship the Paganism which brought forth the rituals. The Greeks used laurel wreaths to bestow upon athletes in the Olympic Games as a sign of favor of the god Apollo. Mistletoe is a symbol of fertility for Druid rituals. Winter solstice was a grand orgy of swingers for the Greeks and Romans, which celebrated the shortening of days symbolizing the death of the sun (NOT SON) god. Santa is really Satan in disguise. Jesus Christ was not born in December. And the “Christmas Spirit” is worse than ever. Ribbons were held on pine trees where the god Attis was worshiped. Fir trees symbolize life and immortality in a dead world to Pagans, and were often set afire to beckon the sun, hence the modern STRINGING OF LIGHTS at Christmas which Pagans added balls and round bulbs too. The giving of gifts comes from Saturnaia, but also from the MAGI, who were magicians and EVIL…these Magi never even visited a ‘manger’ but instead visited Jesus who could have been more than 2 years old! (Matt 2:11). Candles date back to burning the Yule log and the reincarnation of Nimrod. Ham is eaten by Tammuz (Adonis) who was thought to have been killed by a boar. So in his memory, Pagans sacrifice and ate swine at Saturnalia. Cookies date back to the Queen of Heaven or Semiramis (Jer. 44:19). Rounds ones were made for Saturnalia and Brumalia to symbolize the returning sun (NOT SON). The actual “Christmas Tree” wasn’t found in America until 1821, brought by the Pennsylvania Germans. Christmas itself wasn’t recognized until 1836, when Alabama became the first state in America to make it a LEGAL holiday.
Sorry to digress but this was needed in order to state FACTS.


So, we have Churches who mostly do not teach about prophecy, nor about the end times. A DEAD and DRY Church.

To be dry is to be free from liquid or moisture. Marked by an absence of moisture. Not under water. Doubt wilts and withers lives that were once lovely and fragrant as a rose. Churches once flourished in rain, but are now parched by discouragement and this prevents any rain of the Spirit of GOD.
The Call-the call came to Ezekiel introducing him to a prophecy which GOD saw fit to make him experience first hand. Yes, the original intervention signals the resurrection initiated by GOD but now this goes out to the whole world. The GOSPEL is GOD’S Hands stretched out wide. With this we too can be saved from the ‘grave’.
Next is the scene of bones becoming bodies which emphatically implies the Word of GOD is thereby given to us a second sight.


The Valley-The spiritual condition of Israel was very important to GOD. This belly in the valley was an open cemetery, full of the dry dead bones, full of death! Although this is a vision, so to speak, it is given by prophets they are very REAL.
Perhaps you too are seeking a new life? Do you have Dry Bones? Are you the walking dead? Do you seek a Salvation given by GOD through the precious Blood of Jesus Christ, giving us an everlasting life?
The Dry Bones will live. The next scene is GOD causing the RUACH-wind of life/spirit of GOD-to come into the dry bones.


The Faith
In the sentence, “son of man”, is given the implication that we are mere mortals and with that comes the needed faith in GOD. For we are mere earthbound humans but our spirit is an everlasting one. But we must turn our fears into faith. We must give our life to GOD. No prophet can breathe spiritual life into this valley of dry bones! Only GOD can do that. Nothing is impossible through GOD.
Next comes the NEW LIFE which is NOTHING less than having inspiration in faith through GOD. This is putting GOD first in your life.


Can you imagine this: a valley full of dry bones? Possibly. But imagine more: a world full of dry bones! This is unnecessary for all we need do is turn our lives over to GOD.

“Our faith and its assurance do not produce from flesh and blood, that is to say, from natural powers within us, but are the inspiration of the HOLY SPIRIT…who sanctifies us, and brings us into all truth by GOD’S own working, without whom we should remain forever enemies to GOD and ignorant of His Son, Christ Jesus. For by nature we are so dead, blind, and perverse, and neither can we feel we are pricked, see the light when it shines, nor assent to the will of GOD when it is revealed, unless the Spirit of the Lord Jesus quickens that which is dead, removes the darkness from our minds, and bow our stubborn hearts to the obedience of His Blessed Will.” Scots Confession


Dear God in heaven, I come to you in the name of Jesus. I acknowledge to You that I am a sinner, and I am sorry for my sins and the life that I have lived; I need your forgiveness.

I believe that your only begotten Son Jesus Christ shed His precious blood on the cross at Calvary and died for my sins, and I am now willing to turn from my sin.

You said in Your Holy Word, Romans 10:9 that if we confess the Lord our God and believe in our hearts that God raised Jesus from the dead, we shall be saved.

Right now I confess Jesus as the Lord of my soul. With my heart, I believe that God raised Jesus from the dead. This very moment I accept Jesus Christ as my own personal Savior and according to His Word, right now I am saved.

Thank you Jesus for your unlimited grace which has saved me from my sins. I thank you Jesus that your grace never leads to license, but rather it always leads to repentance. Therefore Lord Jesus transform my life so that I may bring glory and honor to you alone and not to myself.

Thank you Jesus for dying for me and giving me eternal life.



Before this gets into GOD’S Law, we need to establish that Satan duplicates and  taints everything of GOD. The false religions believe in the “As Above, So Below” process and this is how they twist GOD’S Will. This below will show how they have produced this. We have GOD’S Kingdom and Laws, then we have humanity, and the celestial Ascended Master’s Council of Nine, the fallen angels.


Old Testament: King Solomon ruled over a world kingdom;
The Millennium: All nations will become part of the world kingdom that will be set up and ruled by Jesus Christ.


Pre-Flood Era: Atlantis created the democratic republic concept of government.
Old Testament Period: Plato revived the concept of a republic and wrote a history of Atlantis; a world federation was set up by the Druids.
Church Age: The occult societies set up various experimental federations: United States, U.S.S.R., League of Nations, United Nations. The United States was created specifically as a forerunner to the United Nations. Democracy will be the pretext for the coming world kingdom.
Tribulation: The world federation of all nations will be created known as the New World Order. At mid-Tribulation, the U.N. will be replaced by a global kingdom in an attempt to go back to the future – to the days of Noah, before Genesis 10, when there were no nations as such.
Great Tribulation: The Antichrist will rule over the world federation of continents. The Order of the Temple of Solomon and the Prieuré de Sion are the hidden leadership behind this coming world kingdom.

The Atlantean form of government is the basis for modern government.
“Mr. Baldwin shows (‘Prehistoric Nations’, p. 114) that the Cushites, the successors of the Atlanteans, whose very ancient empire extended from Spain to Syria, were the first to establish independent municipal republics, with the right of people to govern themselves; and that this system was perpetuated in the great Phoenician communities; in ‘the fierce democracies’ of ancient Greece; in the ‘village republics’ of the African Berbers and the Hindoos; in the ‘free cities’ of the Middle Ages of Europe; and in the independent governments of the Basques, which continued down to our own day. The Cushite state was an aggregation of municipalities, each possessing the right of self-government, but subject within prescribed limits to a general authority; in other words, it was precisely the form of government possessed today by the United States. It is surprising thought that the perfection of modern government may be another perpetuation of Atlantean civilization.
A world federation was set up by the Druids.
“According to Caesar, the druids in Gaul were organized into a federation or brotherhood that extended across tribal divisions and was headed by an archdruid; they met once a year…to arbitrate private and intertribal disputes. They thus wielded great political power and were an important cohesive force among the Celtic tribes. The druids in Gaul were the core of the rebellions against Rome.”


TEN KINGDOMS / KINGS / HORNS (Merovingian Kings/Regionalism)
During the Millennium, Jesus Christ will appoint kings to rule over His Kingdom.
Under the Antichrist, ten kings will rule over the ten kingdoms of the Golden Age.


Old Testament Period: King Solomon divided Israel into twelve regions under twelve rulers.
Great Tribulation: Jesus Christ will destroy the Satanic kings of the earth at the end of this period.
The Millennium: Jesus Christ will set up His own kings, King David being one of them.
New Heavens & New Earth: Christ’s Millennial kings will enter into the New Jerusalem.


Pre-Flood Era: Atlantis had 10 regions governed by 10 kings.
Old Testament Period: There was a federation of 7 pagan kings in Genesis 14:1-3. Israel’s northern kingdom had 10 tribal rulers.
Church Age: Regionalism is planned by the occult; the world begins operating as 10 trade regions.
Tribulation: The world will be governed as 10 regions. The Hashemite dynasty will be restored in the Middle East as a decoy to counterfeit 10 kingdoms/kings/horns.
Great Tribulation: Ten Merovingian kings will take over 10 world regions; the Antichrist will destroy 3 of these kings. Eventually 7 Merovingian kings will govern 7 continents.


There will be ten regional kingdoms each governed by a king. The Roman Saturnian kingdom with its 7 heads and 10 horns is a reflection of the kingdom of its planet-god, Saturn, with its 7 rings and 10 moons; thus revealing as its basis the Hermetic principle, “as above, so below”. When the Antichrist rises to power, he shall overthrow 3 horns/kings in order to re-elect Christ’s kingdom of 7 horns. The final fulfillment will be 7 kings ruling over 10 world regions. These kings who “have received no kingdom as yet” are princes, and are most surely part of the existing European Council of Princes, who act as constitutional advisors to the European Union. To divert attention from the European Council of Princes, there will be a false teaching that these 10 kingdoms are the Arab/Muslim coalition.
Pre-flood Atlantis was governed by ten kings over ten regions.
“[Atlantis'] ten districts…were ruled by ten kings.”
“…The ten kingdoms of Atlantis are perpetuated in all the ancient traditions. ‘In the number given by the Bible for the Antediluvian patriarchs we have the first instance of a striking agreement with the traditions of various nations. Other nations, to whatever epoch they carry back their ancestors…are constant to the sacred number of ten… In Chaldea, Perosus numerates ten Antediluvian kings whose fabulous reign extended to thousands of years. The legends of the Iranian race commence with the reign of ten Peisdadien (Poseidon?) kings…. In India we meet with the nine Brahmadikas, who, with Brahma, their founder, make ten, and who are called the Ten Petris, or Fathers. The Chinese count ten emperors, partaking of the divine nature, before the dawn of historical time. The Germans believed in the ten ancestors of Odin, and the Arabs in the ten mythical kings of the Adites.’ (Lenormant and Chevallier, ‘Anc. Hist. of the East,’ vol. i., p. 13.)”
These kings were the Annunaki/Nephilim, fallen angels, who intermarried with human women.
There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown. – Gen. 6:4
“The all-important element of the Divine Right is that it comes from God, or ‘the gods’, alternately. And who were these gods? Authors such as Zecharia Sitchin, Sir Laurence Gardner and Nicholas de Vere are authoritatively convinced that kingship was created by an advanced race of beings called the Annunaki, also called the Nephilim in the Old Testament. These were the ones who created the human race and interbred with a portion of it to create the kingly caste which until this day has still maintained control over the Earth. These celestial creatures have been variously identified with Dragons, Elves, Fairies, Gnomes, Leprechauns, Sprites, Nymphs, Pixies, Angels, Demons, Devils, Witches, Giants, Vampires, Werewolves, and just about every mythical being you can imagine. Some, like Gardner and Sitchin, claim that they come from another planet. Others, like de Vere, say that they’re multi-dimensional, or that they’re from the Hollow Earth.”
The Sibylline oracle prophesies the return of the 10 Saturnian kingdoms.
“…Quotation from the 4th Decalogue…by Virgil from the mystic Sibylline records… ‘A mighty order of the ages is born anew. Both the prophetic Virgin and Saturnian kingdoms now return.'”
Regionalism was the Merovingian model of government.
“One of the Merovingian innovations was a system of regional supervision by chief officers called ‘Comitas’ [Counts]. As deputies of the Kings, the Counts acted as chancellors, judges and military leaders. They were not unlike the Celtic Earls of Britain…” – 29:255
“About the year 1000 France was divided into seven main principalities ruled by counts or dukes: Aquitaine, Toulouse, Burgundy, Anjou, Champagne, Flanders and Normandy. These dukes or counts were in nearly all cases the heirs of chieftains or generals to whom estates had been granted, for military or administrative services, by the Merovingian or Carolingian kings.”
A counterfeit 10 Kings/Kingdoms/Horns will be staged to divert public awareness of the Merovingian kings.
The occult establishment variously portrays a Muslim leader, the Pope or Prince Charles as the Antichrist. This deflects recognition of the true Antichrist (a Merovingian) and molds public opinion against Islam, the Roman Catholic Church and the House of Windsor — all slated for elimination.
Ten world regions will initially be ruled by ten Merovingian kings.
And the ten horns ..are ten kings, which have received no kingdom as yet; but receive power as kings one hour with the beast. These have one mind, and shall give their power and strength unto the beast. – Rev.17:12-13
“Another important objective of the Plan is the emergence into the physical plane activity of the group of souls of Whom the New Group of World Servers are the outer representatives. This appearance can be called…the second coming of Christ with his Disciples, or it can be called the manifestation of the Planetary Hierarchy or the appearance of the Masters of Wisdom, who will restore upon earth the ancient mysteries and institute again the order of Initiation.”


Old Testament: King Solomon established the kingdom of Israel.
The Millennium: Jesus Christ shall reign over His Millennial Kingdom with His resurrected Church and the Tribulation martyrs.
The Lord Jesus Christ shall reign over the earth from Mount Zion in Jerusalem.

Church Age: The Holy Roman Empire was ruled by Jewish Merovingian rulers.
Tribulation: An new Holy Roman Empire will be created by the New Group of World Servers.
Great Tribulation: The Antichrist will rule over the false earthly Kingdom of God from Israel. The kingdom of Antichrist will seek to present itself as the “Kingdom of God”, however its “god” is Satan. The beast out of the sea, Pan, will rule over the 7 kings and the 10 regions — a Hermetic reflection of the planet Saturn which rules over its 7 rings and 10 moons.


The Holy Roman Empire was ruled by occult Merovingian rulers.
“During the nineteenth century the Prieuré de Sion…attempted to establish a revived and ‘updated’ Holy Roman Empire — a kind of theocratic United States of Europe, ruled simultaneously by the Hapsburgs and by a radically reformed Church. This enterprise was thwarted by the First World War and the fall of Europe’s reigning dynasties. But it not unreasonable to suppose that Sion’s present objectives are basically similar…”
“The Thule Society took its name from the mythical hyperborean island which once existed in the north Atlantic between Scandinavia and Greenland. It was believed by occultists that this island had once been part of Atlantis and was the source of the occult wisdom of the Northern Mystery Tradition.”
The Cave of Pan was known as the passageway to Hades/Hell.
In countries where there were no mountains, pagans built artificial mountains such as pyramids and towers for occult rituals. These high places were frequently patterned after the three peaks of Mount Hermon.
Mount Hermon was associated with King Solomon, a worshipper of Baal/Ashtoreth.
The Knights Templars were most interested in the Mount Hermon/Mount Sion area.
“When Godfrey liberated the Holy Sepulchre in 1099 he set up base at a place called Mount Sion. Here, the Crusaders are said to have fortified the area with towers and battlements. Also based here was the Church of the Apostles. This article looks at Godfrey’s presence here and why this specific site may have been important to him and the other Crusader Knights. The amazing identification of this site with an Essene settlement at the time of Jesus adds fuel to the suggestions that the Templars may have been looking for specific knowledge once they had control of the Holy Places.”
“The town (Caesarea Philippi) had a considerable history in Crusader times.”
“In Medieval times (A.D.1120) the Crusaders built a castle here (Caesarea Philippi) on a mountain spur some 1,150 feet above the gushing fountain [of Pan], and called it ‘THE CASTLE OF SUBEIBEH’.”
Panias is located on the 33rd degree latitude and longitude according to the previously used French Zero Meridian. The 33rd degree, which is the highest degree of Scottish Rite Freemasonry, may be an allusion to Mount Hermon.
“Prior to the adoption in 1884 of Greenwich as the international Zero Meridian, each country made use of its own. The French Zero Meridian…is still used on the official maps produced by the Institut Geographique National…[Giovanni Domenico] Cassini’s meridian arc is still marked upon French maps as the Paris Zero.”
Baron Rothschild purchased land in Golan Heights in 1892.
The Golan Acquisition
“After making acquisitions in various places west of the Jordan, he turned his attention to buying land east of the Jordan, on the Golan. Toward the end of 1891 a certain Ahmed Pasha made it known that some 120,000 dunam of prime land in the triangle formed by the Yarmuk and the Allane rivers were up for sale at the bargain price of around 1.5 franc per dunam, provided that the sale was made ‘en bloc,’ i.e., for the total area. There followed intensive discussions among various Jewish groups interested in the offer, among them groups in Russia, New York and London. The Baron agreed to cover the whole cost of the purchase.
“Since the Baron was always keen to preserve his anonymity, he arranged for the deeds to be registered in the name of Emile Frank, the Representative of Alliance Israelite in Beirut. The plan called for the Russian group, under Ekaterinoslav, to take 25,000 dunam and the Americans also 25,000, with other holders taking the balance. But since these groups did not come up with the money, it fell to the Baron to become the owner of the major part of the Golan Purchase.
“When the Baron died in 1934, 80,000 dunam on the Golan were owned by the Rothschild company, PICA (Palestine Jewish Colonization Association). The land had been registered in the name of PICA in 1929. The Syrian government – Syria was then practically a French colony – tried in the 1940s to confiscate the land but failed. In 1957, the son of Baron Edmonde, Baron James de Rothschild (1878 – 1957), as one of his last acts in his life, transferred the deeds to the Jewish National Fund (Keren Kayemet) and from there to the Land Office of Israel. All deeds and other documents were transferred to Israel’s Foreign Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
The Golan
“The archaeology of the Golan has, over the years, yielded a wealth of information on the Jewish ownership of the area since biblical days. In the Tenach the area is called Golan or Bashan. It was promised to Abraham and later became part of the tribe of Menasche by Moses’ division of the Land. Many events and battles took place in and around the Golan. Famous sites, including the fortress of Gamla and the Jewish town of Qasrin, were situated on the Golan. Ruins of some 25 synagogues, built during the centuries after the destruction of the Temple, have been excavated, some of them with magnificent mosaic inscriptions testifying to the uninterrupted Jewish presence on the Golan until the Middle Ages. In modern times, the Turkish government settled some Russians (Cecassians) there, since no one had lived on the Golan for centuries.
“It is surprising that Israel has never brought up the legal Jewish rights to the Golan and, instead, has wrangled for years with the current Syrian government for the ‘return’ of the Golan to Syria; while in reality, Jews have had title to it for over 100 years.
“Baron Edmonde de Rothschild has left lasting marks on the map of the Land of Israel. Without him, no State of Israel would be possible. In fact even long before the State was established in 1948, the entire colonization of the Land had depended on the Baron’s foresight, funding and Jewish convictions.”
The Prieuré de Sion is associated with Mount Sion/Mount Hermon, not Mount Zion in Jerusalem.
“…the text of the Protocols [of the Elders of Sion] ends with a single statement, ‘Signed by the representatives of Sion of the 33rd Degree’.”
“The Prieuré de Sion by its very name appears to be associated with Mount Zion. However, the Rock of Sion is spoken of in Masonic rites of the eighteenth century. It seems that the Masons gave another significance to the Rock of Sion, other than that which indicates the sacred mount situated south of Jerusalem.”


SPIRITUAL HIERARCHY (European Council of Princes/Merovingian Bloodline)
God’s heavenly Hierarchy will assist Jesus Christ to rule the world during the Millennium.
Satan’s spiritual Hierarchy will help the Antichrist to rule the world during the Golden Age.


Old Testament: King Solomon ruled with the princes of Israel.
God’s Heavenly Hierarchy: God the Father, Christ, Seven Angels/Spirits, 24 Elders.


Pre-Flood Era: Since the Fall, there has been a spiritual hierarchy of demons (angelic princes/kings) who rule the world and the underworld.
Old Testament Period: The Canaanites set up a council of 33 kings who ruled over Palestine.
Church Age: The European Council of Princes consisting of 33 Merovingian kings was created as the occult hierarchy of Europe; Merovingians view themselves as divine because they descended from the fallen angels of Genesis 6.
Tribulation: The European hierarchy will transform European countries into monarchies.
Great Tribulation: The European hierarchy will rule the world.


God’s Heavenly Hierarchy: God the Father, Christ, Seven Angels/Spirits, 24 Elders.


Satan’s Spiritual Hierarchy: The European Council of Princes
The European Council of Princes, which has 33 participating members, will be the ruling body of the World Kingdom. This is comprised of the Council of Council of Nine (False Christ, False Prophet, 7 archangels) and 24 elders who will pose as the twenty-four elders of the Book of Revelation.
Since the Fall, there has been a spiritual hierarchy of demons (angelic princes/kings) who rule the underworld and the world.
The Satanic Spiritual Hierarchy is comprised of 33 gods or demons.
This demonic hierarchy is called the Great White Brotherhood. The ‘externalization of this hierarchy’ will be in the form of two councils: the Council of Nine and Council of Twenty-Four.
The original ‘council of princes’ were 33 Canaanite kings whom Joshua overthrew in the conquest of Israel.
The European Council of Princes, which was created in 1946, is made up of 33 royal princes.
The European Council of Princes functions as constitutional advisory body to the European Union.
The European Council of Princes consists of the Druidic hierarchy who are the Overlords of Eurasia.
Merovingians view themselves as divine because they descended from the fallen angels of Genesis 6.


God’s ‘council of nine’ (two witnesses and seven angels) will dispense God’s righteous judgments during the seven-year Tribulation period.
Satan’s Council of Nine (Antichrist, False Prophet and seven counterfeit archangels) will dispense Satan’s unrighteousness judgments during the seven years of the Tribulation period.

God’s Council of Nine: God the Father, Jesus Christ, Seven Spirits/Angels
Mid-Tribulation: The Archangel Michael will cast Satan and his angels out of heaven.


Satan’s Council of Nine: Antichrist, False Prophet, and 7 kings
Pre-Flood Era: Fallen angels ruled over Atlantis.
Old Testament Period: Satan’s council of nine were the nine planetary gods of Egypt as symbolized by the pyramids of Giza.
Church Age: There is an earthly Council of Nine in France which is headed by the Illuminati.
Tribulation/First 3.5 Years: The Angelic (Johannite) Pope (the False Prophet) will crown the French king (the Antichrist) emperor of the world; together they will reign over the Golden Age.
Great Tribulation: The inner council of the earthly Council of Nine is the Satanic Trinity, who will be incarnated as the Antichrist (Father Adam), False Prophet (Brother Truth) and (counterfeit) Michael the Archangel.


God the Father, Jesus Christ, Seven Spirits/Angels


The Antichrist, False Prophet, and 7 kings
Satan’s Council of Nine will be comprised of the Antichrist, False Prophet, and 7 archangels (remaining 7 kings downsized from 10 per Rev. 12:3,9 and 16:13). The manifestation of this demonic governing body will be the ‘Externalisation of the Hierarchy’, per Alice Bailey.
The seven demonic rulers of Atlantis were represented as planetary gods or angels.
The occult Council of Nine are nine demonic spirits (7 planetary angles + 2 supervisors) who ruled over pre-flood Atlantis.
The offspring of the fallen angels (Anunnaki) were the Tuatha De Danann or Dragon Lords of Anu.
“…The ancient people of the Tuatha De Danann…was…mythologized by the Christian monks who rewrote the majority of Irish history to suit their own Church’s vested interest in Eire. From a base of the monastic text, which arose onward from medieval times, it is generally stated that these people were the supernatural tribe of the pre-Achaean agricultural goddess Danae of Argos, or perhaps of the Aegean mother-goddess, Danu. But their true name rendered in its older form was Tuadhe d’Anu. As such, they were the people (or tribe) of Anu, the great sky god of the Anunnaki.”
“The Tuatha De Danann (or Dragon Lords of Anu)…[before settling in Ireland (from about 800 B.C.)]…were the…Black Sea princes of Scythia (now Ukrane). Like the original dynastic Pharaohs, they traced their descent from the great Pendragons of Mesopotamia; from them sprang the kingly lines of the Irish Bruithnigh and the Picts of Scotland’s Caledonia. In Wales they founded the Royal House of Gwynedd, while in Cornwall in the southwest of England, they were the sacred gentry known as Pict-Sidhe…” -
The Satanic Council of Nine were the nine planetary gods of Egypt as symbolized by the pyramids of Giza.
“…after a great quarrel between Horus and Seth…Geb, the earth-god (the father of Osiris and Isis), summoned the Great Council of the Gods – the nine-member ‘Ennead’ of Heliopolis – and with them passed judgment between Horus and Seth:
“‘Geb, lord of the gods, commanded the Nine Gods to gather to him. He judged between Horus and Seth; he ended their quarrel. He made Seth king of Upper Egypt…and Horus king of Lower Egypt… That was the division of the Two Lands.'”
“The Great Pyramid (of Egypt) is in itself a sign of the 7 stars comprising as it does, the square and triangle in one figure and the other 2 pyramids near this one, represent the sun and moon.”
The Essene hierarchy was called by the names of the archangels.
There is an earthly Council of Nine with headquarters in France.
“[Reuben Swinburne] Clymer claimed that the doctrines of his society [Fraternitas Rosae Crucis], were endorsed by a secret order that directed it from France — called the Council of Nine. He published a letter from them in 1932, which proclaimed: ‘This is the New Dispensation, and the work of the Spiritual and Mystical Fraternities must be reestablished around the world, so that all peoples may be taught the Law and thereby enabled to apply it towards universal improvement as the only means of saving mankind… We, the Council of Nine, have selected your organization, as one of the oldest in America to help to this work.’
“This letter was signed by the excessively immodest ‘Comte M. de St Vincent, Premier Plenipotentiary of the Council of Nine of the Confraternities of the World.’… Another title of the Council of Nine, according to Clymer, was the ‘Secret School’… The important point here is that the term ‘Council of Nine’ was in use in the 1930s, specifically linked to the same politico-esoteric milieu in France that spawned Schweller de Lubicz.”
The earthly Council of Nine is controlled by an inner group of three – the future Antichrist, False Prophet and false Michael the Archangel.
J.R.R. Tolkein’s Trilogy, The Lord of the Rings, promotes the planetary Council of Nine under the lordship of the Sun.
The Antichrist will be a counterfeit King Solomon who heads the Council of Nine as Lord of the Rings, King of the Universe, Solar Man, the Sun-King.
The logo of the Parliament of World Religions is an all-seeing eye representing Lucifer, the Sun god, encircled by 9 flames representing his planetary hierarchy, the Council of Nine.
The Satanic Council of Nine plans to incarnate themselves (demon possession) in nine earthly representatives (the Antichrist, False Prophet and 7 Planetary Hierarchy) in order to inaugurate the Golden Age and to restore the ancient Atlantean mystery religion with its initiations.


During the Millennium, God’s 24 elders will rule over the earth as priest-kings.
During the Golden Age, Satan’s 24 elders will rule over the earth as pagan priest-kings.


Old Testament Period: King Solomon + 11 princes + 12 officers = 24 elders of Israel; God appointed 24 families of the Levites to oversee the ministry of Solomon’s Temple.
Tribulation / First 3.5 Years: God’s 24 elders are seen in heaven sitting on 24 thrones.
Millennium: God will cast down the Dragon Court and His 24 elders will reign upon the earth as priest-kings.


Church Age: King Arthur’s Dragon Court was comprised of 24 knights; there are currently 24 families representing the Rex Deus group and the Dragon Court. These are supposedly descendants of Israel’s 24 priestly families and they presently rule as occult priest kings.
Great Tribulation: The Dragon Court will be teachers of pre-Flood ancient wisdom.


King Solomon plus 11 princes plus 12 officers = 24 elders of Israel.
God appointed 24 families to oversee the ministry of Solomon’s Temple.
God’s 24 elders are seen in heaven sitting on 24 thrones.
God will judge the Court of the Dragon.
God’s 24 elders will reign upon the earth as priest-kings.


The Dragon Court exists to protect the descendants of the ancient Vere family of the Merovingian bloodline, out of which will eventually come the Antichrist. The Druidic Council of Elders are represented by the Dragon Court, which is comprised of 26 members of royalty from Eurasian countries that help comprise the European Council of Princes. These 26 members are a false 24 elders plus the Antichrist and False Prophet. The Druidic head dragon king (Pendragon), which has historically been called the ‘King of Kings’, will be the Antichrist.
In Grail mythology, twenty-four lights (angels/elders) in the Satanic hierarchy wield the power .
There were twenty-four knights at the legendary Court of King Arthur, who was the Pendragon (Druidic Dragon King / Guardian of the Grail) circa 500 A.D.
“In the 15th century Welsh work known as the Pedwar Marchog ar Hugain Llys Arthur are listed the ‘Twenty-Four Knights’ at King Arthur’s Court. It has been suggested that this Order of Knighthood was a precursor to that of the Round Table: Gwalchmai, Drudwas, Eliwlod, Bors, Perceval, Galahad, Lancelot, Owain, Menw, Tristan, Eiddilig, Nasiens, Mordred, Hoel, Blaes, Cadog, Petroc, Morfran, Sanddef, Glewlwyd, Cyon, Aron, Llywarch Hen…
“The Round Table – first mentioned by Wace (1155) in his ‘Roman de Brut’ – was not only a physical table, but the highest Order of Chivalry at the Court of King Arthur. Its members were supposedly the cream of the British military who followed a strict code of honour and service.”
King Arthur is a legendary character with astrological significance, Arcturus being the brightest star in the Great Bear constellation which signifies the coming rulers of the Merovingian bloodline.
“The name Arthur itself appears to derive from the Celtic word Art, meaning ‘bear’. Could Arthur, like so many other Celtic gods, be merely a personification of the many revered animals of the wild? Later to become humanized like Loucetios, one of several Celtic deities known to be able to transform themselves into birds or beasts of the forest. Many such gods had stellar associations and the constellation of Ursa Major or the Great Bear is sometimes known as Arthur’s Wain even today…
“The name Arthur may be (and according to K. H. Jackson certainly is) a form of Artorius, a Roman gens name, but, according to J. D. Bruce, it is possibly of Celtic origin, coming from artos viros (bear man) – see Welsh arth gwyr (T. R. Davies). Bruce also suggests the possibility of a connection with Irish art (stone).” -
“The name Ursa Major, according to The New English Dictionary, ‘appears to arise out of the verbal association of the star name Arcturus with Arturus or Arthur, and the legendary association with Arthur and Charlemagne…’ In Welsh lore, the constellation is seen as a symbol of the Celtic King Arthur; his name, it is claimed, is derived from Arth-Uthyr, ‘the wonderful bear’. So it was that the early Britons saw Arthur’s Chariot in the great constellation; ‘Arthur’s slow wain [wagon] his course doth roll in utter darkness round the Pole…’. Furthermore it has been suggested that this constellation, with its circular route, may have led to the notion of the round table (The Zodiac)…

circe of st dagbert-bees

“ARCTURUS… A golden red star situated on the left knee of Bootes, the 4th brightest in the sky.
“Arcturus takes its name from its nearness to the sky Bears, Big and Little Bears, Ursa Major, and Ursa Minor. From Arktouros or Arctophilax, ‘the Bear Guard and also called ‘the Bear Watcher’. The ‘Herdsman’, or ‘driver of oxen’ are other titles.
“According to E W Bullinger (The Witness of the Stars ), a biblical interpreter of the constellations, the ancient Egyptians called Bootes Smat, which means one who rules, subdues, and governs. They also called him Bau, which means also ‘the coming one’.” (“Ursa Major”)
King Arthur is buried in Glastonbury, England, where the fabled Holy Grail was also buried by Joseph of Arimathea.
“When mist, like sea, surrounds the Tor, it rises from the Levels like a magical island of ancient lore. Indeed in Celtic times it was known as the Isle of the Dead – the threshold of the spirit world where wisdom and knowledge were revealed. Its Celtic name was Ynys Witrin; it is the faery Isle of Glass where the Lord of the Underworld resides. Most famously, legend knows Glastonbury as the Isle of Avalon. Literally meaning ‘The Place of Apples’, Avalon was a legendary paradise associated with the Celtic Otherworld – the Summerland Annwn. In Romance, Avalon is where Arthur’s great sword Excalibur was forged; it is where Arthur went to heal his wounds and where his sister Morgan Le Fay had her magical stronghold. The Life of St Gildas tells of Arthur’s deeds at Glastonbury; the abbey’s chronicles know him as a major benefactor of Glastonbury’s early church. Christian legend knows the Vale of Avalon as the place where Joseph of Arimathea landed with the Holy Grail…
“For centuries, Joseph of Arimathea’s Glastonbury legend told that he was buried with two silver cruets, containing the sweat and blood of Jesus Christ, that he had brought with him from Palestine. As Joseph’s fame and cult grew through the medieval era, so the story of the cruets merged with the widespread myth of a Celtic quest for a life-renewing magical cauldron, to produce the great legend of the Grail Quest. With the 15th century, the story grew that Joseph came to Glastonbury bearing the Holy Grail – the sacred chalice of the Last Supper that Pontius Pilate gave to him and in which he had collected drops of the wounded Christ’s blood. The legend runs that Joseph buried the Grail somewhere in Glastonbury before he died. It remained hidden for about four hundred years. So in Glastonbury’s landscape began the great Grail Quest, in which the hero-knights of the Round Table searched for the life-renewing Holy Grail.”
According to legend, Arthur and his knights will return in the hour of Britain’s greatest need.
“In his great 15th century epic Morte D’Arthur, Thomas Malory tells a different legend of Arthur’s epitaph. Arthur’s life in Morte D’Arthur ends at Glastonbury; his burial is witnessed by Sir Bedevere and a hermit ‘that sometime was bishop of Canterbury’. ‘Yet some men say in many parts of England that King Arthur is not dead, but had by the will of Our Lord Jesu into another place; and men say that he shall come again, and he shall win the Holy Cross. Yet I will not say that it shall be so; but rather I would say, here in this world he changed his life. But many men say that there is written upon the tomb this: HIC IACET ARTHURUS, REX QUONDAM REXQUE FUTURUS – ‘Here lies Arthur, the once and future king’.” -
“Following the death of Jesus, Mary went to England with Joseph of Arimethea. This established the vortex for Camelot, destined to come forth later in the fifth and sixth centuries. The Grail was placed in Glastonbury for safekeeping at that time. It will be through the Grail in England that the energies of transformation and ascension will be channeled, which eventually will bring the Earth into the Seventh Golden Age.”
The current Druidic Council of Elders is represented by the Dragon Court which is comprised of 26 members of royalty from Eurasian countries; these 26 royals who are connected with the European Council of Princes, are a false twenty-four elders plus the Antichrist and False Prophet.


“The Order of the Dragon…was created in 1408 by the Holy Roman Emperor Sigismund (while he was still king of Hungary) and his queen Barbara Cilli, mainly for the purpose of gaining protection for the royal family.”
“From the outset, Sigismund’s [von Luxembourg] Dragon Court included royalty from lands other than Hungary including the kings of Poland and Aragon, and the Duke of Lithuania. Then, by the sixteenth century…there were autonomous branches in Bulgaria, Bosnia and Arcadia, Italy and France. In British East Anglia the tradition was maintained by a Draconian order called the Rosicruciana Anglicae.”
“HRH Prince Michael of Albany, President of the European Council of Princes…Grand Protector of The Imperial Royal Dragon Court and Order..'”
“Along with Zigmond, other officers of the Court were his second wife Barbara Cilli (daughter of Duke Hermann II of Styria) and their daughter Elizabeth, thereby achieving the traditional overall standard of twenty-six members (two covens of thirteen).”
“In 1408…the Dragon Court was formally reconstituted as a sovereign body at a time of wars and general political turmoil. The Court’s reemergence was instigated by Sigismund von Luxembourg, king of Hungary, a descendant of the Lusignan Dragon Kings of Jerusalem. Having inherited the legacy in 1397 he drew up a pact with twenty-three nobles who swore to observe ‘true and pure fraternity’ within the Societas Draconis (later called Ordo Draconis) — Hungarian: Sarkany Rend. The founding document…stated that members of the Court might wear the insignia of a dragon incurved into a circle, with a red cross — the very emblem of the original Rosicrucis which had identified the Grail succession from before 3000 B.C.”
“Another little known legend speaks of a hidden, hereditary group of families who have exerted great influence over European life from before the time of Jesus to the present. They call themselves ‘Rex Deus’ and claim direct descent from the twenty-four priestly families of the Temple in Jerusalem and from Jesus himself.”


The purpose of the Dragon Court is to protect the descendants of the ancient Vere family of the Merovingian bloodline, out of which will eventually come the Antichrist.
“The Dragon Court exists as an organization solely for the bloodline descendants of the ancient Vere family — the senior bloodline successors as a Scythian-Merovin, Elven House of Princess Maelasanu — and for those whose bloodlines are extracted from this descent and its ancient Dragon Court.”
“One of the best known Grail fairies was Princess Melusine, daughter of the Pictish king, Elinas of Alba — a descendant of the 2nd century, King Vere of Caledonia [Scotland], Lord of the Dragon. In the year 733, Melusine (maintaining the family heritage) married Rainfroi de Vere, Prince of Anjou, and among their offspring was Count Maelo, the commander of Emperor Charlemagne’s army. From Maelo’s own marriage to Charlemagne’s sister, sprang the Vere counts of Guisnes who…became England’s Great Chamberlains and Earls of Oxford.”
“…In 1408, Edward de Vere’s ancestor, Richard (Lord Chamberlain and 11th Earl of Oxford), had been invested as a Knight of the Garter by King Henry IV at Windsor Castle. Also invested at the same time was King Sigismund of Hungary who had revived the ancient Egyptian Order of the Dragon — within which Richard de Vere held the hereditary distinction Lord Draconis.”
“The Imperial and Royal Dragon Court is the ancient Household Court and Order of the senior Angevin descendants of the Imperial and Royal House of Vere of Caledonia, Anjou and Lorraine, and the physical embodiment of the sovereign Princedom of Drakenberg, which is recognized under European Law as a sovereign ethnic racial group; the principal nation states of the Draconian peoples:…
“Furthermore, the royal and ambassadorial nature of the title of the Prince of Drakenberg (Princeps Draconis) is recognised under the ‘Official Observations’ of the Department of Internal Affairs of the Government of its state of origin within the European Union.”
Variations on the Merovingian Vere name include:
VERE / WEIR: Vere, de Ver, Ver, de Ver, Veer, Vear(e), Veir, Veyre, Vare, Veary, Very, Vary, Vire, Revere, Sver(e), Svar, Shpere, Spear(e), Spere, Svear, Fere, Fear, Fairy; Ware, Wayer, Waer, Weyir, Weyr, Weir(e), Weier, Wear(e), Weary, Wehre, Werre, Weer, Werr, Wyre
Vere means ‘Truth’ which is the code name for the occult’s secret doctrine.
And I saw heaven opened, and behold a white horse; and he that sat upon him was called Faithful and True, and in righteousness he doth judge and make war. – Rev. 19:11
“The first and last building block of such a mental power structure is the Och or ‘YES’, the affirmative expression of absolute TRUTH and Will: the Ver.”
“The twenty-eighth degree of the ‘Knight of the Sun’ claims that it is the Key of Masonry… A lecture on truth is delivered in sections by nine officers who are called Thrice Perfect Father Adam, Brother Truth, Michael, Gabrielle, Raphael, Zaphriel, Camael, Azrael and Uriel. The emphasis on ‘truth’ brought back to mind the sole inscription in Rosslyn [Chapel] that reads: ‘…TRUTH will conquer all’.”


“There is no religion higher than truth.” (Motto of Theosophical Society)
“…for the Secret Doctrine is the Truth, and that religion is nearest divine that has contained it with least adulteration.” (H.P. Blavatsky)
“One of the first things that a newly initiated brother learns is that ‘Freemasonry is a system of morality veiled in allegory and illustrated with symbols.’ He also learns that Truth is at its center.”
Truth, as perceived by the occult, is God.
“Through thinking man comes to understand and eventually, through thought put into action, to know truth – to know God.”
Vere also means vampire and Over-Lord from which the term Aryan derives.
“If spelt literally vampire would be uavber, uauber, or uaupir , which is the central European oupire or oupere. These variants stem from the Sanskrit upari (Up-Ari or Up-Arya, meaning Over-Lord)… Over (ME-ouere) began a graphic variant of uuere which translates into the dynastic name Vere with the Latin V being interchangeable with the double U for hard Germanic W which became V– rendering Ver or Were.”
“Etymologically, according to Max Muller, the word Arya was derived from ar- (ar-), ‘plough, to cultivate’. Therefore, Arya means – ‘cultivator’ agriculturer (civilized sedentary, as opposed to nomads and hunter-gatherers), landlord;
“V.S. Apte’s Sanskrit-English dictionary relates the word Arya to the root r- (r-) to which a prefix a (a) has been appended to give a negating meaning. And therefore the meaning of Arya is given as ‘excellent, best’, followed by ‘respectable’ and as a noun, ‘master, lord, worthy, honorable, excellent’, upholder of Arya values, and further: teacher, employer, master, father-in-law, friend, Buddha.”
The DeVere bloodline, which began with Godfroi de Vere de Bouillon, constitutes the Dragon Court.
“The Plantagenets were themselves a junior branch of the House of Anjou, whose senior branch was the House of Vere [whose] ancestry was jointly Pictish and Merovingian descending from the ancient Grail House of Scythia.”
“The Dragon Court exists as an organization solely for the bloodline descendants of the ancient Vere family — the senior bloodline successors as a Scythian-Merovin, Elven House of Princess Maelasanu — and for those whose bloodlines are extracted from this descent and its ancient Dragon Court.”
“…The Holy Grail itself was Elven as was Jesus himself, complete with his Crown of Fairy Thorns, depicted as the headgear of Godfroi de Vere de Bouillon in the 12th century.”
“…Merovingian claimant, ‘Prince Nicholas de Vere’ of the so-called Dragon Order…is…named Tom Weir.”


GEORGE W. BUSH belongs to the Merovingian Vere/Weir Bloodline.
Ancestry of George W. Bush
George Walker Bush, b. New Haven, Conn., 6 July 1946, Governor of Texas from 1994 to 2000, U.S. President from 2001
m. Glass Memorial Chapel, First United Memorial Church, Midland, Texas, 5 Nov. 1977, Laura Lane Welch, b. Midland, Texas, 4 Nov. 1946, dau. of Harold Bruce Welch and Jenna Louise Hawkins. GRANDPARENTS
Prescott Sheldon Bush, b. Columbus, Ohio, 15 May 1895, living in St. Louis, Mo., in 1920, U.S. Senator from 1952 to 1963, d. New York, N.Y., 8 Oct. 1972 [SSDI 091-26-7848] m. Kennebunkport, Maine, 6 Aug. 1921
Dorothy Walker, b. near Walker’s Point, York Co., Me., 1 July 1901, living with parents St. Louis, Mo., 1910, living with parents St. Louis, Mo., 1920, d. Greenwich, Conn., 19 Nov. 1992 [SSDI 040-38-9160]
George Herbert Walker, b. St. Louis, Mo., 11 June 1875, living St. Louis, Mo., 1900, living St. Louis, Mo., 1910, living St. Louis, Mo., 1920, d. New York, N.Y., 24 June 1953 m. St. Louis, Mo., 17 Jan. 1899
Lucretia [Loulie] Wear, b. St. Louis, Mo., 17 Sept. 1874, living with husband St. Louis, Mo., 1900, living with husband St. Louis, Mo., 1910, living with husband St. Louis, Mo., 1920, d. Biddeford, Me., 28 Aug. 1961
James Hutchenson Wear, b. Otterville, Mo., 30 Sept. 1838, d. St. Louis, Mo., 14 Sept. 1893 m. St. Louis, Mo., 4 Dec. 1866
William Gault Wear, b. Blount Co., Tenn., 11 Dec. 1817, d. Eureka Springs, Ark., ca. 1900 m. Cooper Co., Mo., 2 Nov. 1837
James Hutchenson Weir, b. Va. 30 Sept. 1789, d. Cooper Co., Mo., Apr. 1832 m. Knoxville, Tenn., 27 Oct. 1812
Ancestry of Richard Bruce Cheney

bloodline (2)

1088 William Fletcher, b. in England in 1622, emigrated with his father, d. Chelmsford, Mass., 6 Nov. 1677 [Fletcher 3 (pp. 11-12)] m. Concord, Mass., 7 Oct. 1645
1089 Lydia (?Fairbanks), widow of Edward Bates, d. Chelmsford, Mass., 12 Oct. 1704
1088 & 1089 have other descendants, such as:
William Fletcher m. Lydia (?Fairbanks)
.William Fletcher m. Sarah Richardson
.Esther Fletcher m. Stephen Pierce (below)
.Benjamin Pierce m. Elizabeth Merrill (below)
|.Benjamin Pierce m. Anna Kendrick
| .FRANKLIN PIERCE (1804-1869), US President
.Esther Pierce m. Nathan Richardson
.Esther Richardson m. Joshua Pierce
.James Pierce m. Polly/Mary Stacy
.Gen. James Pierce m. Chloe Holbrook
.Jonas James Pierce m. Kate Pritzel
.Scott Pierce m. Mabel Marvin
.Marvin Pierce m. Pauline Robinson
.Barbara Pierce m. George Herbert Walker Bush (below)

Secret Societies - Freemasonry [The Secret Empire] [2009]

.GEORGE WALKER BUSH (b. 1946), US President
All of the presidents of the United States have been Merovingian Dynasty.
“Most of [the Holy Roman Empire] monarchs, as well as their supreme head, the Holy Roman Emperor himself, came from royal houses descending from the family that first held the title ‘New Constantine’, a prototype of the Holy Roman Emperor title. That family was the Frankish line of the Merovingians, a line that most modern European royals, as well as all 44 of the U.S. presidents, are descendants of.”
The Dragon Court’s agenda is carried out by a secret society called the Order of the Dragon, which is a front for the Dragon Court.
“The Imperial and Royal Dragon Court is a closed fraternity of individuals, fronted by those who trace their ancestry and affiliations back to the ancient Grail and Dragon families.”
“John Adam’s forebearers in England were said to belong to a sect of English Druids called the Dragons, which also included Sir Walter Raleigh and John Dee.”
“The Masonic-Rosicrucian tradition had a profound influence on the formation of American democracy but there was another European secret society which had a place in the early history of the nation. This fraternity was centered round the Adams family who were, as we have seen, involved in the Revolution and provided the new republic with several Presidents. In 1823, the President John Adams ordered a tombstone to be erected to mark the grave of this ancestor Henry Adams who had emigrated to the colonies from the southwest of England in the early 1600s. This gravestone records that Adams fled from the Dragon persecution in Devonshire and founded a colony at Mount Walliston, which had been renamed Merrymount by the neo-pagan Thomas Morton.
“It is claimed by the American writer Andrew E. Rothovius that Adams was not, as is generally assumed, a Puritan fleeing religious persecution but a leader of a secret society called the Dragons whose members attempted to revive the old pagan religion in the reign of Elizabeth I and James I. The Dragon title was a reference to the mysterious earth energy at sacred power centres and ley lines which form a network of ancient megalithic sites.
“The Dragons regarded King James’ son Prince Henry as the only hope for the future of their country… Henry had challenged his father’s policies by seeking to instigate social reforms. He had even tried to persuade the king to abdicate once he was old enough to take over the reigns of power. This event was anticipated by the Dragons who seemed to have regarded Henry as a reincarnation of King Arthur destined to bring about their Utopian dream of a perfect society ruled by spiritual principles and laws. Disaster struck, however, on Henry’s eighteenth birthday when he fell ill and died within a few days… It was this tragedy which prompted the Dragon members to leave England and set sail for the New World. The Adams family, who were some of the original Dragon colonists, concealed their pagan beliefs under a veneer of Puritanism when they reached America. A few did have some contact with the pantheist Thomas Morton but their long-term plan came to fruition with the American Revolution and the part John Adams took in its inception and aftermath.”


The agenda of the Dragon Court is consistent with the Golden Age of enlightened mankind via pre-flood Atlantean wisdom.
“Today, the Imperial and Royal Court of the Dragon, with its inner court of Sarcony Rend, resides within the greater Dragon Sovereignty of the Grail Kingdoms. Its purpose is largely educational, being a repository for the corpus of ancient knowledge which has been handed down from early times.”
The five holy obligations of the Dragon Court are:
1. Protection of the earth
2. Upholding of peace
3. Support of the downtrodden
4. Defense of the feminine
5. Pursuit of knowledge

Satan’s thrones are under the dominion of Jesus Christ.
For by him were all things created, that are in heaven, and that are in earth, visible and invisible, whether they be thrones, or dominions, or principalities, or powers: all things were created by him, and for him: – Col. 1:16
Thou shalt tread upon the lion and adder: the young lion and the dragon shalt thou trample under feet. – Psalm 91:13


10-H. KING OF KINGS (Dragon King/Pendragon)
Jesus Christ is the King of Kings who will smite and rule the nations.
The Antichrist, who is the Pendragon or Druidic King of Kings, will smite and rule the nations.
God’s Plan    Pre-Flood Era     Old Testament     Church Age (Last Days)        Tribulation    Great Tribulation    Millennium    New Heavens/New Earth
Satan’s Counterfeit     Pre-Flood Era    Old Testament    Church Age    Tribulation     Great Tribulation    Golden Age     New Heavens & New Earth

The Millennium: Jesus Christ is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords who will smite and rule the nations.


Pre-Flood Era: The Merovingians trace their lineage to Cain, the first Dragon King.
Old Testament Period: The Druidic Dragon King was known as the King of Kings.
Church Age: The Druidic Dragon King was passed on to the Merovingian kings.
Great Tribulation: The Antichrist, who is the Pendragon or Druidic King of Kings, will smite and rule the nations.


Jesus Christ is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords on whose shoulder the government of the nations will rest.
And I saw heaven opened, and behold a white horse; and he that sat upon him was called Faithful and True, and in righteousness he doth judge and make war. His eyes were as a flame of fire, and on his head were many crowns; and he had a name written, that no man knew, but he himself. And he was clothed with a vesture dipped in blood: and his name is called The Word of God. And the armies which were in heaven followed him upon white horses, clothed in fine linen, white and clean. And out of his mouth goeth a sharp sword, that with it he should smite the nations: and he shall rule them with a rod of iron: and he treadeth the winepress of the fierceness and wrath of Almighty God. And he hath on his vesture and on his thigh a name written, KING OF KINGS, AND LORD OF LORDS. – Rev.19:16


The Merovingians trace their kingly succession to the original Dragon King, which was Cain.
“One of the interesting items from the archives of the Dragon Court was the origin of the word ‘kingship’. It derives from the very earliest of Sumerian culture wherein ‘kingship’ was identical with ‘kinship’ – and ‘kin’ means ‘blood relative’. In its original form, ‘kinship’ was ‘Kainship’. And the first King of the Messianic Dragon succession was the biblical ‘C(Kain)’, head of the Sumerian House of Kish.
“On recognizing this, one can immediately see the first anomaly in the tradition of the Genesis story, for the historical line from David to Jesus was not from Adam and Eve’s son, Seth, at all. It was from Eve’s son Cain, whose recorded successors (although given little space in the Old Testament) were the first great Kings (or Kains) of Mesopotamia and Egypt…
“According to the Dragon tradition, the importance of Cain was that he was directly produced by Enki [Satan] and Ava [Eve], so his blood was three quarters Anunnaki. His half brothers Hevel and Satanael (better known as Abel and Seth) were less than half Anunnaki, being the offspring of Ateba and Ava (Adam and Eve)…
“We can now progress our story by considering the oldest Grant of Arms in sovereign history – the Grant of Arms which denoted the Messianic Dragon Bloodline for all time. The Sumerians referred to this insignia as the Gra-al… From biblical history, we know it better as the ‘Mark of Cain’.” (Laurence Gardner)


The Dragon King was known as the King of Kings and his symbol, Draco, represented his succession through the Egyptian pharaohs, the Egyptian Therapeutae, the Qumran Essenes to the Merovingian kings of Europe.
“The kings of the early succession (who reigned in Sumer and Egypt before becoming kings of Israel) were anointed upon coronation with the fat of the Dragon (the sacred crocodile). This noble beast was referred to in Egypt as the Messeh (from which derived the Hebrew verb ‘to anoint’), and the kings of this dynastic succession were always referred to as ‘Dragons’, or ‘Messiahs’ (meaning ‘Anointed Ones’)
“In times of battle, when the armies of different kingdoms were conjoined, an overall leader was chosen and he was called the ‘Great Dragon’ (the ‘King of Kings’) – or, as we better know the name in its old Celtic form, the ‘Pendragon’…
“In pictorial representation, the Messianic Dragon was, in essence, a large-jawed serpent with four legs, very much like a crocodile or a monitor. This was the Sacred Messeh whose name was ‘Draco.’ Draco was a divine emblem of the Egyptian pharaohs, a symbol of the Egyptian Therapeutate, of the Essenes of Qumran, and was the Bistea Neptunis (the sea serpent) of the descendant Merovingian Fisher-Kings in Europe.” (Laurence Gardner)


The Druidic Dragon King or Pendragon, also called the King of Kings, was chosen by a Council of Elders to rule over all the kingdoms.
“…Cymbeline was the ‘Pendragon’ of mainland Britain during Jesus’s lifetime. The Pendragon, or ‘Head Dragon of the Island’…was the King-of-Kings and ‘Guardian of the Celtic Isle’. The title was not dynastic; Pendragons were appointed from Celtic royal stock by a Druidic council of elders…
“The concept of the dragon in Celtic mythology emerged directly from the holy crocodile (the Messeh) of the ancient Egyptians. The Pharaohs were anointed with crocodile fat, and thereby attained the fortitude of the Messeh (Thus Messiah — Anointed One). The image of the intrepid Messeh evolved to become the Dragon, which in turn became emblematic of mighty kingship.
“The Celtic Kings in Britain were called ‘dragons’ in the ancient Messeh tradition as intrepid guardians. But there were many separate kingdoms in those days before England gained an overall monarch in Saxon times. It was therefore necessary to appoint a King-of-Kings — a High King to preside overall, and to lead combined armies from different tribal areas. The first Pendragon (Head Dragon/High King) was Cymbeline.”
“…Columba…in 574, had crowned and anointed King Aedan mac Gabran of Dalriada (Celtic Pendragon and father of King Arthur) – the first British monarch to be installed by priestly ordination – and this greatly upset the Church of Rome.”
The Druidic Pendragon was passed on to the Merovingian kings in 666 A.D.
“The Celtic Pendragons were not father-to-son successors in a particular descent, but were chosen from various reigning dragon families and individually elected by a druidic council of elders to be the King of Kings. The last Pendragon was Cadwaladr of Gwynedd, who died in A.D. 664. At around that time much of Britain fell to the Germanic influence of the invading Anglo-Saxon and Angle-land (England) was born as distinct from Scotland and Wales.”
“In 666, probably still in Ireland, Dagobert married Mathilde, a Celtic princess.”
“The Merovingian kings were noted sorcerers in the manner of the Samaritan Magi…”
“There was a very great ‘Jewish’ component among the Sicambrian Franks/Merovingians and, because they practiced polygamy (another Merovingian peculiarity) they left a great number of offspring. These aristocratic Merovingian children married into almost all of the noble families of Europe during the 5th, 6th, and 7th centuries. This has prompted more than one historian to suggest that the foundation of European nobility is Jewish!”

The Antichrist or Beast out of the Sea will be the Pendragon of the Merovingian bloodline and Grand Master of the Prieuré de Sion.
“…the ‘Prieuré documents’ – have endeavored to trace the Merovingians to ancient Greece, and specifically to the region known as Arcadia…[and] with Arcadia’s royal house.”
“. . . the mysterious sea beast — the Bistea Neptunis — as symbolically defined in the Merovingian ancestry. The relevant sea-lord was King Pallas, a god of old Arcadia…The immortal sea-lord was said to be ‘ever-incarnate in a dynasty of ancient kings’ whose symbol was a fish – as was the traditional symbol of Jesus.”
“…there is no question that some of Nostradamus’ prophecies were not prophecies but referred quite explicitly to the past – to the Knights Templars, the Merovingian dynasty, the history of the House of Lorraine. A striking number of them refer to the Razes – the old comté of Rennes-le-Chateau. And the numerous quatrains that refer to the advent of ‘le Grand Monarch’…indicate that this sovereign will derive ultimately from the Languedoc.'”
“After the last battle the Grand Monarque will arise and reign from Avignon, ancient city of Cathars and Popes, watched over by a Black Virgin. This is foretold by Nostradamus….[t]he Grand Monarque, of ‘Trojan blood and Germanic heart’ who is also ‘King of Blois’ and ‘Belgic’, is presumably of the Merovingian bloodline.”
“There are at least a dozen families in Britain and Europe today — with numerous collateral branches — who are of Merovingian lineage. These include the House of Hapsburg-Lorraine… Plantard, Luxembourg, Montpezat, Montesque, and various others. According to the ‘Prieuré documents’ the Sinclair family in Britain is also allied to the bloodline, as are various branches of the Stuarts… In many of its documents the Sion asserts that the new king, in accordance with Merovingian tradition, would ‘rule but not govern’. In other words he would be a priest-king who functions primarily in a ritual and symbolic capacity; and the actual business of governing would be handled by someone else — conceivably by the Prieuré de Sion.”
“…a pedigree cannot be used as a stepping-stone to power. Rather, it is a trump card which can be played only to consolidate power once power has already been obtained. A man cannot say, ‘Look who I am’, and expect on that basis to be elected or promoted pope, president, king or emperor, and more or less securely installed as such, he could then say, Look who I am’… In consequence, the Prieuré so far as the immediate future is concerned, is unlikely to do anything sudden, startling or dramatic. If on the other hand, a charismatic monarchical figure were swept dramatically to power by a tide of popular acclamation his mandate would be altogether different. It would seem that the Prieuré de Sion can provide a Messiah of the kind that Jesus himself, as an historical personage, actually was.”
The Druidic Dragon King / Antichrist will smite and rule the nations.
And the ten horns which thou sawest are ten kings, which have received no kingdom as yet; but receive power as kings one hour with the beast. These have one mind, and shall give their power and strength unto the beast. – Rev. 17:12,13
After this I saw in the night visions, and behold a fourth beast, dreadful and terrible, and strong exceedingly; and it had great iron teeth: it devoured and brake in pieces, and stamped the residue with the feet of it: and it was diverse from all the beasts that were before it; and it had ten horns. – Dan. 7:7



December 21, 2012! A day which has been spoken of for millenniums, is approaching for our very eyes to witness the outcomes of prophecies and expectations of many cultures.
At the end of the article I would like to pose some parallels to the meaning of all the 2012 ‘DOOMSDAY’ events in connection to this exposure of current articles on UFO SPACE MOUNTAIN cults.


Many people around the world are taking this event VERY serious. Russians are said to be hoarding sugar, matches, and candles, while inmates in a jail are said to be experiencing a ‘collective mass psychosis’.
This small town in Bugarach, France has excepted the ‘doomsday’ scenario and even warns that this will be the ONLY place in the world which will survive the Mayan Apocalypse.
Locals believe the mountain is surrounded by a magnetic force, and this is a site for a concealed alien base and wild stories of a underground access to ‘other worlds’.
With a population of 176 people, it has been inundated with ‘New Agers’ and many other ‘cult’ type groups because of the claims that the alien UFO’s will save only the people in this mountain.
According to prophecy, the aliens will emerge from their ‘spaceship garage’ to pluck believers to safety.
Local restaurants are offering ‘Armageddon’ Pizza and ‘Survivor Vintage’ wine!


A UFO was spotted in France where a cult has taken residence to protect itself from the December 21, 2012 doomsday. 12/21/12 is said to be the end of the world…and it’s only eighteen days away!
Those who have made the trek to Pic de Bugarach in southwestern France, believe that the mountain, dubbed “space mountain”, will protect them and aliens will emerge from it when the end is near.
However, it seems like the aliens came a little early as an unidentified object was caught on camera above the mountain. The video was posted online and is going viral already.
The Military has been sent to the mountain to keep tabs on the hoards of people arriving to live out doomsday on December 21, 2012, but many of those staying at the mountain believe that the troops were really sent in to investigate the numerous UFO sightings in recent weeks.
“There are serious things going on here — I want to know what these objects are. These things exist and
Others who have lived in the small village for a long time say they have heard of weird things near the mountain.
“People walking on the mountain report that their cameras jammed when they tried to take pictures. They heard strange noises coming from underground. We have seen military aircraft, police and soldiers. It’s like a Spielberg movie. They are looking for something. There is something in this mountain, definitely,” said a local cafe owner.
Whether the world ends on December 21, 2012 and whether or not the UFO’s come out of the mountain to save the masses, one villager sums it all up best.
“I’ll be here on December 22 and plan to get drunk,” said 72-year-old Georges Tricoire.

ufo in washington

What will you be doing on December 21, 2012?
Photo courtesy of Science Association Canada

In another article about this same mysterious mountain, it reveals that France has denied access to this ‘sacred’ mountain where aliens in UFO’s plan to save humanity.
Further, rumors persist that the country’s late president François Mitterrand was transported by helicopter on to the peak, while the Nazis, and, later, Israel’s Mossad, performed mysterious digs there.



Chinese Noah’s Ark
This man has decided to blow his life savings of $160,000 to build his very own ‘Noah’s Ark’ for the ‘doomsday’ event. Although this boat is deemed ‘barely seaworthy’, he remains determined to save his family and himself.[link]

Dubbed “the only place that will survive the Mayan Apocalypse’: Residents of the French mountain crack open End of the World wine (and offer house rental at $1600-a-night).


Rennes-le-Château & The End of the World
The mountain-top village of Rennes-le-Château is about 18 km from Pic de Bugarach.

Rennes-le-Château was part of Septimania during the 6th and 7th centuries, during the trying period when the Visigoths had been defeated by the Frankish King Clovis I, and during the 19th century was popularly considered to be the center of the county of Razès. This is the Merovingian bloodlines.
Up until recently, little was known about the Merovingian kings, as they inhabited that historical epoch derided as the Dark Ages. The founder of the royal line, Merovech, was said to be of two fathers — his mother, already pregnant by King Chlodio, was seduced while swimming in the ocean by a Quinotaur, whatever that was, and Merovech was formed somehow by the commingling of Frankish blood and that of the mysterious aquatic creature. Like the Nazoreans of old, the Merovingian monarchs never cut their hair and bore a distinctive birthmark — said to be a red cross over the shoulder blades.


Rennes-le-Château and the end of the world has, on occasion, been linked together.
The apocalypse, of course, is seen as the culmination of the Christian era. As such, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that it – and its link with the end of a/the world – was incorporated in many myths and legends. One location where this is in evidence is near the French town of Castelnaudary, roughly half-way between Toulouse and Carcassonne. Here is a hill known as Naurouze, which is said to mark the separation of the waters. Rather than a reference to Moses separating the seas, it is based on the observation of Baron de Bonrepos, better known under his civil name of Pierre Paul Riquet (June 29, 1609-October 1, 1680), the man who created the canal du Midi linking the Garonne with the Mediterranean Sea, but who also noted that around Naurouze, there was this separation of the waters, whereby one part of the waters go to the Atlantic, the other to the Mediterranean.
Since 1825, an impressive monument adorns the top of this hill, commemorating the engineer in charge of this gigantic operation. The memorial is placed on a three-fold circular walled structure, the top of which is a series of rocks that forms the subjects of our interest. For Nostradamus, deemed to be one of the most famed prophets, these stones were highly symbolic, as he claimed that when these seven rocks, each separated by various fissures, would rejoin, the end of the world would arrive.
As to how these stones came into existence, legend has it that they were transported by a giant, Naurouzo, and that they were to be used to build Toulouse. However, it appeared that the giant learned that the city had been completed without him, and in his fury, he threw these stones down where they have remained ever since.


At the gate one finds a pair of explanatory panels of much more recent origin. One of the texts says the obelisk is
….a monument constructed in 1827 upon the stones of Narouze in homage to P.P. RIQUET, creator of the Canal du Midi (1680).
…The troubadours sung of these [stones] during the Middle Ages and according to the legend, when these stones touch, the end of the world will be at hand.

metric seal

The north face features Minerva (patroness of the Bohemian Grove), symbolizing wisdom, and Mercury (BIPM Seal-Bureau International des Poids et Mesures) , symbolizing commerce.
The seal represented on this page is the ‘macaron’ of the BIPM and represents an allegory of science holding in her hands the new meter standard with its decimal divisions. Mercury or Hermes, the god of commerce, invention and weights and measures wearing a winged cap is an allegory of industry, he carries his herald’s staff and as befits the messenger of the gods sits upon a map. The other feminine figure in the seal carries the symbols of industry, the mallet and a gear wheel. The macaron carries the inscription in Greek “Metro Kro” or “use the measure”.
In Celtic areas, Mercury was sometimes portrayed with three heads or faces, and at Tongeren, Belgium, a statuette of Mercury with three phalli was found, with the extra two protruding from his head and replacing his nose; this was probably because the number 3 was considered magical, making such statues good luck and fertility charms.
In light of recent posts, we don’t need to add much comment. Relating to Mercury, we would tentatively propose that each figure in the seal is holding some sort of phallus. They are a magical trio indeed.
In addition to being a messenger, Mercury symbolizes trade and profit. Likewise with Hermes (an Olympian god, messenger of the gods), communicating hidden meaning, patron of industry squatting on a map. Thus confirming our suspicion that the metric system was primarily designed to facilitate commerce and measure new divisions of land in service of an emerging industrial and capitalist culture. He is the God of boundaries, invention, commerce, thieves and liars.


The term Hermetic is from medieval Latin hermeticus, which in turn is derived from the name of the Greek god Hermes. It is attested in English since the 17th century as the adjective Hermetic. The synonymous Hermetical also occurs in the 17th century. The term Hermetic is from the Greek word Herm, which refers to a pillar or post used in pre-classical Greece “of square shape, surmounted by a head.


Today I spent some time going over the Thoth-Emerald Tablets. And as per usual GOD hands me the connections. I am always amazed at this because it seems the tentacles stretch far and wide and always it’s brought together in the Hands of GOD through the work of the Holy Spirit.
These tablets are given to ‘enlighten’ mankind, but expressly to change their reasoning toward our Maker and Creator, GOD Almighty. So, please pray before ever reading such an intensely demonic set of articles.
In these tablets it speaks of these ‘masters’ and the ‘Nine’. They are under the cloak of the veiled presence of darkness and evil. This seeps through in their words of always highlighting the darkness of their surroundings.
They admit to building the Great Pyramid, and the powers within. Also telling of hidden things within these places. But it also mentions that other pyramids in the South Americas commonly known as the Mayan territories are their work as well. They tell of hidden tablets that also remain in the Mayan pyramids. This all leads me to believe that these are in fact one and the same deities (sky gods) which these people and cultures worshipped then and now.


These Emerald tablets also speak of ships from which these deities travel, and I believe these are the same as the Mayans witnessed. TABLETS
The initiated priests of the Mayans who were given the knowledge of these deities are said to be hybrids of these sky gods.
All in all, these tablets speak of a GREAT WHITE LODGE. This is the Ascended Masters. They admit their from Atlantis in these tablets.
It’s does not take a rocket scientist to put two and two together to realize who these deities are and the false religions they brought to the people on earth.
Then how does this connect to 2012 and these UFO cults? It’s all the same agenda. Even the players in this giant game of chess are the same. Bloodlines run thick, and deep. Hybrids exist here and now.
The fact that these people in these areas in France tell of this area as ‘sacred’ suggests that the people in this area are special to these deities. Why? Because they carry their blood. And they have carried out their plans for hundreds, perhaps thousands of years.
Hard to grasp such a theater of artists? Well, Shakespeare has NOTHING on this. WAIT….Shakespeare is said to be Saint Germain, so I guess this all falls in line, does it not!



From the increased curiosity in New Age/Occult subjects to the Satanic music of people such as Lady Gaga, Rhianna, and others….it is no wonder that the increasing of possessions are on the rise.
The warnings of this kind of event increasing of informed clergy began around 2008 and has steadily gained more attention.
And to put it mildly…Satanic worshippers are a reality. They come in the church and steal the Blessed Sacrament in order to use it in a ‘black mass’, explained Father Gary Thomas, pastor of Sacred Heart Church in Saratoga, Calf, and the exorcist for the Diocese of San Jose.
In fact, Father Thomas says, “If I don’t know them, I’ll say, ‘Excuse me, will you please finish consuming the body of Christ in my presence?” he said.
Such evidence proves that this is not to be taken lightly. People want to brush this off as just speculation but the truth is that the battle between the good and evil takes place daily and is increasing.

Conference of Bishops on increase in requests for Exorcisms

Bishop Thomas Paprocki of Springfield, Ill attends a Conference of Bishops addressing the increased demand of exorcisms at the Baltimore Waterfront Marriot in Harbor East area.


‘Hi, deliver me from evil’: Catholic Church sets up an exorcist hotline to deal with demand

The Catholic Church has established an exorcist hotline in Milan, its biggest diocese, to cope with demand. Monsignor Angelo Mascheroni, the diocese’s chief exorcist since 1995, said the curia had also appointed twice as many exorcists to cope with a doubling in the number of requests for help over 15 years.
“We get many requests for names, addresses and phone numbers; that’s why we’ve set up a switchboard in the curia from Monday to Friday from 2.30pm to 5pm,” he told the chiesadimilano website.
“People in need can call and will be able to find a priest in the same area who doesn’t have to travel too far.” And to that end, the number of demon-busting priests on call has increased from six to 12.
The Monsignor said he knew of one exorcist who had been seeing up to 120 people a day. “But with so little time per client he was only able to offer a quick blessing. That’s not enough,” he said. ”There should be two to four appointments a day, no more, otherwise it’s too much.”
It’s not clear why the number of suspected possessions has risen so sharply. But Monsignor Mascheroni said that part of the increase might be explained by the rising numbers of parents having difficulty controlling disobedient teenagers.
“Usually the parents call [because they are] concerned about a child who won’t go to school or who’s taking drugs or rebelling. In reality it’s not a demon, but when they’re 18 years old young people don’t want to be told what to do.”
He warned that many worried and vulnerable people were at risk from charlatans. “Magicians demand money; we … give our time, give benediction … all for free. It couldn’t be any other way.”
The Monsignor said that all those who sought help were welcomed. But he added: “The real diabolical phenomena, at least in my experience, are very rare.” He said that “mental phenomena, mental and psychiatric disorders” were often to blame for unusual behaviour.
Not all Catholic exorcists take such a pragmatic approach, however. Father Gabriele Amorth, who was the Vatican’s chief exorcist for 25 years, claims to have dealt with 70,000 cases of demonic possession.
Father Amorth said that sex abuse scandals in the Roman Catholic Church were proof that “the Devil is at work inside the Vatican”. He also claimed that satanic behaviour lay behind Vatican attempts to “cover up” the deaths of Alois Estermann, then commander of the Swiss Guard, his wife and another Swiss Guard, Corporal Cedric Tornay, in 1998.
Father Amorth also took a dim view of fantasy novels and yoga. Practising the latter, he once warned, was “satanic; it leads to evil just like reading Harry Potter”.
The act of exorcism: Catholic practice
Defined by the Catholic Encyclopaedia as “the act of driving out, or warding off, demons, or evil spirits, from persons, places, or things which are believed to be possessed or infested by them, or are liable to become victims or instruments of their malice,” exorcism has been practised by the Church for centuries, but its use has increased dramatically over the last half century.


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The REALLY sad part of all this is that yes, it is true, BUT we have clergy and others who CHARGE money to exorcise demons! Seriously! And then, we have those who write books about spiritual warfare and how to battle it and CHARGE for it! Amazing the amount of diabolic footwork in this world.

Use what Jesus Christ said….

1 Tim 4:1
Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils;

James 4:7
Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you

When we pray over a person who has a demon, asking the Lord to remove it, we are basically asking Him to do something that He told us to do:
Matthew 10:7-8, “And as ye go, preach, saying, The kingdom of heaven is at hand. Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out devils: freely ye have received, freely give.”


THIS is proof of how close to the END of days as we know it than your going to see in awhile! To comprehend this is to be one of His children because His children will not be deceived!

In Genesis, we are given the word RUACH!
1:2 And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.
This is a perfect example of how we are made in GOD’S Image.
And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the “RUACH” of God moved upon the face of the waters.
And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the “SPIRIT” of God moved upon the face of the waters.
And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the “WIND” of God moved upon the face of the waters.
Isn’t that a wonderful thing! Just takes my breath away. Imagine that. Because it can also be BREATH! GOD is AMAZING!
This is a splendid thing here that we must digest. GOD is so complex that we in this form cannot contain HIS qualities.

Beyond the question of whether RUACH should be translated “SPIRIT” or “WIND” lies another question: What was the RUACH doing?
The Hebrew text uses the word MeRAChEFET, a feminine singular Piel participle. The American Stand Version translators decided to translate it as “moving”:
“. . . moving upon the face of the waters.”
However, when Martin Luther translated the same verse in his German translation of Genesis, he decided to translate it “hovered.” To use Luther’s term:
“the RUACH hovered above the face of the waters that were not yet divided into those of heaven and those of earth.”
But why did he choose the word “hovered” instead of “moved”? What sort of “hovering” or “moving” was it anyway?

Luther based his decision upon the context in which the word was used in another verse, the only other verse in the Hebrew Bible in which the word MeRAChEFET appears – Deuteronomy 32:11:
As an eagle that stirreth up her nest,
that fluttereth (MeRAChEFET) over her young,
He spread abroad his wings,
He took them, He bares them on his pinions.

To me this emphasizes the fact that GOD is OMNIPOTENT, OMNIPRESENT, and OMNISCIENT!

With that being said, we must realize that Satan in his infinite evil must duplicate, twist and turn everything of GOD into darkness. Therefore, he does this with RUACH, for this is the very essence of GOD!

I must expand on the series of videos that I received via email recently from a regular viewer. I feel the need of this is very important and must nit be construed as a truth of GOD. So many times we hear of these legends as it has been passed down through time and we are told to except them as truths, but I do not, nor will I ever do so.
I began watching the videos which are sectioned into several parts with much anticipation and curiosity because of the concept that this man put together research which reveals the very nature of man is indeed sinful. He tries very hard to parallel the UFO and RUACH. Which in turn deceives him into believing that this must be the gods who created us.

So, we begin with a man by the name of Mario Biglino. He is man who obviously worked for the Vatican at one time publishing books which paralleled their views on the translations of the Bible. But, then he began publishing views which the Vatican did not approve off and they went their separate ways.

In fact, we are told by this gentleman and many others that the legends of the texts…
“We think of the Bible, as a book arranged a thousands years ago but it is as it is, it could only have been as it is. In reality, the Bible we own, which we work on and which I am about to tell you something about, is a Bible that was fixed between the 7th and the 9th century A.D. That is to say, in the years 600-800 A.D., in short, it’s when the Merovigs first and then the Carolings ruled over Europe. I mean that while Charlemagne was building his Holy Roman Empire by the lake of Galilee, one family, which was Moshez ben Aaron ben Asher’s family, defined the Bible as we know it. This family was in conflict with other families: they represented the Tiberias school.

They was the Palestinian school, the Samarian one, the Babylonian one. They won. And now we have the Bible that they have put together.
Translation of RUACH lets do this one, Lets ride the Elohim’s RUACH, That is WIND, the one that is in the bible is translated as “Spirit of God” or Gods Spirit, which indicates the typical flying of rapacious birds, when they allow themselves to be “carried” by the wind, “without” moving their wings.(hovering)

That is the Elohim’s RUACH. Which the Sumarians depicted that way was something that at the beginning, hovered on water without moving it’s wings.
That means in Hebrew we have a description of what instead Sumarians had depicted Graphically, No doubt about that Fact that they were talking of the same thing.
But the term RUACH does not mean spirit, It means Wind, or anything flying in the air quickly and causing a wind.
The later theological elaboration, when Gods figure was created led to attaching to RUACH the meaning of spirit.
But actually this is not there, I will do one thing, I will draw a sketch and pass it around, of how the RUACH was presented in the Sumerian pictograms. Because the word is not Jewish but of Sumarian origin.
That is the pictogram made by those that saw the first RUACH, Which is where the RUACH of the Hebrews came from,

So this is a thing that we do not know what it is. Lets say we do not know it, so we can take it easy, but which decidedly “hovers on water” no doubt about that.
As we do not know what it is, We will name it by borrowing the name directly from the Vatican, So that we don’t go wrong.
If you read the last edition of ” Lexican Recentis Latinitatis” published by the “Libreria Editrice Vaticana” where they insert the Latin neologisms you will find the Vatican inserted, “Navis Sideralis” which means ” STARSHIP”

They also inserted “Aeria Navis” which means “AIRSHIP”
They inserted ” Aereus Viator” which means ” ASTRANAUT”
And they inserted an Acronym. “R.I.V” which means ” Res Inexplicatae Volantes” or “Res Inexpicata Volans” which means “UNIDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECT”
Unknown thing that hovers on water.

In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth and Elohim’s RUACH (or Gods Spirit) Hovered on the water.
Only RUACH means that stuff. For Hovering was used as a participle which is Merahphet.
The Bible tells us we are made after the same likeness but with something that contains Elohims image. The dictionaries edited by the rabbis say more, they state that TSELEM derives from the verb TSALAM, which means ‘to cut out of’…actually the Bible says that we are made using a certain amount of material, which contains Elohims image and that has been cut out. Not everyone of us immediately knows we are referring to when we say that we take something that contains the image of an individual and that’s been cut out…it’s the DNA. With any probability, this biblical tale is the summary of the Sumerian tablets tale. In particular in the “Enuma Elish”, that is when the Sumerians tell about the beginning but where Sumerians are much more precise than the Bible because Sumerians, who never thought of creating a religion. Never, they never build a temple, they never talked of Gods, the way we mean it. But they spoke those guys, Biagio Russo talked about. They were afraid of them, because they were much more powerful, of knowledge and technology. They tell us with higher precision compared to the monotheistic thought, which has been later inserted in the Bible.
Much like the people who cloned Dolly the sheep, there were 240 before her. (this only reinforces that we are playing GOD. Only GOD can get it right!) They made one that couldn’t eat, urinate, etc…they made one with Enki’s blood (royal reptilian/alien blood).”

J.R.R. Tolkien-Expert in Hebrew Translation
John Ronald Reuel Tolkien was a writer, poet, philologist, and professor. He was best known for his authoring the fantasy works of The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, and The Silmarillion.
What I find ironic is that Tolkien derived his surname from the German word tollkühn (“foolhardy”). Considering the motives behind his works, this word fits perfectly into his actions.
J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis are both Freemasons and this is revealed in their writings. Both are initiated into the H.O.G.D. (The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn). Primarily consisting of former followers of Blavatsky, the founder of Theosophical Society. The were both part of the ‘reading club’ called, “The Oxford Inklings”
Parallels between Sauron and Satan are evident. Gandolf as a member of the Brotherhood called “The Wizard’s Council, which is a secret society of rituals and magic based in esoteric wisdom. Are the orchs a version of the ‘greys’…a breed of so-called aliens? And then of course we have Melkor, the ‘fallen angel’ who created the orchs.
The whole idea of the Earth as being hollow comes from the Vril and the Theosophical Society’s roots of the Root Races.

The Hebrew Kabbalistic Tree of Life (studied in-depth by Masons) displays the Roman numerals IX-XI (9-11) when the tree has “fallen” or is shown on its side. And in the Tarot (also studied by Masons) there is much significance as well. The Major Arcana card “The Tower” shows a tall tower being struck by lightning, fire coming out the windows, and people falling to their deaths – all of which happened on 9/11, if the lightning is symbolically substituted by an airplane. In “The High Priestess” tarot card, Isis (the Statue of Liberty) is seen between the black and white Masonic pillars of Mercy and Severity, Boaz and Jachin (the Two Towers). The 13th “Death” tarot card also shows two towers with the sun between them.
In Freemasonry the two/three pillars are very important and well-known to every Mason. One of the largest Masonic websites is called “The Three Pillars.” They are depicted on the 1st degree tracing board and they are the 3 columns of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life. The pillars of Solomon’s temple – Sol-Om-On three words all meaning “Sun” -relate to this as well (note: WTC 7 was the Salomon Brothers Building). The right pillar of Mercy is Male and the left pillar of Severity is Female. Between them is the third androgenous pillar of enlightenment and illumination.
Tolkien believed that he had not devised his magnificent mythological world so much as he has found it-indeed, that it had been revealed to him by God. Once when asked was a certain passage in The Lord of the Rings meant, he replied, “I don’t know; I’ll try to find out.” “Always I had the sense of recording what was already ‘there’, somewhere: not of ‘inventing’.
The tales rose in his mind, he confessed, as ‘given’ things, and as they came, separately, so too the links grew. Tolkien thus came to regard his characters and their realm not as fictional but as historical persona and places!
Tolkien argues that myth lies in the real origins and continuing power of language. The name for Norse thunder-god Thor (from which we get our “Thursday”) probably came into being, for example, as some ancient

Norseman experienced three things at once: human rage in the form of a bellowing, hot-tempered, ox-stout farmer; the raucous noise of lightening and thunder; and the divine power to which human life is always subject. Owen Barfield, the one real philosopher among the Oxford Inklings, made a similar point about the Latin spiritus and the Greek pneuma and the Hebrew ruach.
Unlike our one-dimensional word spirit, these three antique words mean wind-breath-spirit simultaneously. For ancient Greeks and Romans and Israelites to have uttered such words was for them to have experienced-without any disjunction-the tremendous power of nature force, the invisible sign of human life, as well as the nearness and might of the divine reality.
(The Gospel According to Tolkien: Visions of the Kingdom in Middle-Earth by Ralph C. Wood 2003-pg.34-35)
He considers these beings to be ‘angels’ and not Fae (not human), but Ruach-a pre-human race. Could this be a tale of fallen angels? I think so. The three opening chapters are concerned with how Eru (Iluvatar) created the Ainur (Holy Ones) from his thought, and with their aid created Ea, the earth and heavens. These opening chapters tell how these spirits built the world, and how it was created to be a home to the Children of Eru, the Firstborn (elves) and the Followers (Men).
Middle Earth This is the land in which the Hobbit and LotR is set. At this time it also extends West beyond the ‘Blue’ Mountains into Beleriand.

In this, Tolkien appears to have amalgamated Christian beliefs of One God with the Pagan beliefs of many nature deities.
When Eru gave to each of the Ainur a portion of the flame imperishable, and subsequently Melkor searching the void in an attempt to find and obtain more of the flame, leading into Gandalf saying to the balrog that he is a servant of the secret fire at the bridge of Khazad-dum, it showed a striking similarity to the biblical interpretation of the Holy Spirit.
When Eru created the Ainur, he gave to each part of the flame. Think of it as giving each of the Ainur the breath of life. In the process of creation, the breath of life was needed. And Tolkien called it the flame imperishable.
Furthermore, we cannot consider it simply as a force because Gandalf was a servant of the fire, hence it would be right to say that Eru WAS the flame imperishable.
Some would challenge my theory here but I think this parallels the FIRE SERPENT cult. The fire being the ‘god’ which is actually Satan. His interpretations can lead some to believe he is paralleling the Christian faith process but in fact I think he is using this as a ideal situation for ‘secret’ societies to prevail and flourish.
I also find this strikingly similar to the “Enki” and “Gilgamesh”.
My reasoning for bringing Tolkien into this conversation is that you can obviously see how easy it is for someone to twist and turn the origins of our One and Only Father in Heaven and His Creation into something devious and contemptible. Blasphemy can be driven in so many directions and this is but one avenue.

Questioning the Creator is at the core of the Satan’s agenda for us.
Scribes who come forward referring to FALLEN ANGELS as ‘aliens’, is all the proof in the world that he’s hired to spread LIES on top of half-truths on top of more lies.
The Jewish people and Muslims are heavily infiltrated by Satanic (Masonic)  Brotherhoods. This is why the people tend to doubt religion by the 20th century and this coupled with the Vatican is nothing but a religious system devoted to devils, demons and Satan.

This technology is variations of the same creations conceived by the fallen angels. They have had thousands of years to do so. This is part of the technology which was traded to military around the world in return for permission to abduct and experiment on people. Does this sound like something GOD would do? NO!
Tis Twisted doctrines manipulated to fog the mind of mankind, confusing the masses. I think this is intended to be the beginning the falling away process which will come to a head when they make their presence known worldwide, on a massive scale. This will make people question religion to the very core because they will come bearing false miracles and cures, pure energy and many other contrived messages of tainted ‘goodness’.

SO lest you be fooled…stay close to the Bible and the Word of GOD so you can discern this madness!


Upon researching for another subject I cam across some information which just had to be put aside for another article. It was to important not to.
I came across a PDF that I had previously downloaded and kept called “The Coming Race” by Edward Bulwer Lytton.
This book covers VRIL and the race of beings who live beneath the earth. The next passage comes from page 40;

From this mysterious personage, at once a sage and a hero, all the principal sections of the Vril-ya race pretend to trace a common origin.
The portraits are of the philosopher himself, of his grandfather, and great-grandfather. They are all at full length. The philosopher is attired in a long tunic which seems to form a loose suit of scaly armour, borrowed, perhaps, from some fish or reptile, but the feet and hands are exposed: the digits in both are wonderfully long, and webbed. He has little or no perceptible throat, and a low receding forehead, not at all the ideal of a sage’s. He has bright brown prominent eyes, a very wide mouth and high cheekbones, and a muddy complexion.
According to tradition, this philosopher had lived to a patriarchal age, extending over many centuries, and he remembered distinctly in middle life his grandfather as surviving, and in childhood his great-grandfather; the portrait of the first he had taken, or caused to be taken, while yet alive- that of the latter was taken from his effigies in mummy. The portrait of his grandfather had the features and aspect of the philosopher, only much more exaggerated: he was not dressed, and the colour of his body was singular; the breast and stomach yellow, the shoulders and legs of a dull bronze hue: the great-grandfather was a magnificent specimen of the Batrachian genus, a Giant Frog, ‘pur et simple.’

Among the pithy sayings which, according to tradition, the philosopher bequeathed to posterity in rhythmical form and sententious brevity, this is notably recorded: “Humble yourselves, my descendants; the father of your race was a ‘twat’ (tadpole): exalt yourselves, my descendants, for it was the same Divine Thought which created your father that develops itself in exalting you.”
Aph-Lin told me this fable while I gazed on the three Batrachian portraits. I said in reply: “You make a jest of my supposed ignorance and credulity as an uneducated Tish, but though these horrible daubs may be of great antiquity, and were intended, perhaps, for some rude caracature, I presume that none of your race even in the less enlightened ages, ever believed that the great-grandson of a Frog became a sententious philosopher; or that any section, I will not say of the lofty Vril-ya, but of the meanest varieties of the human race, had its origin in a Tadpole.”
“Pardon me,” answered Aph-Lin: “in what we call the Wrangling or Philosophical Period of History, which was at its height about seven thousand years ago, there was a very distinguished naturalist, who proved to the satisfaction of numerous disciples such analogical and anatomical agreements in structure between an An and a Frog, as to show that out of the one must have developed the other. They had some diseases in common; they were both subject to the same parasitical worms in the intestines; and, strange to say, the An has, in his structure, a swimming-bladder, no longer of any use to him, but which is a rudiment that clearly proves his descent from a Frog. Nor is there any argument against this theory to be found in the relative difference of size, for there are still existent in our world Frogs of a size and stature not inferior to our own, and many
thousand years ago they appear to have been still larger.”

“I understand that,” said I, “because Frogs this enormous are, according to our eminent geologists, who perhaps saw them in dreams, said to have been distinguished inhabitants of the upper world before the Deluge; and such Frogs are exactly the creatures likely to have flourished in the lakes and morasses of your subterranean regions. But pray, proceed.” “In the Wrangling Period of History, whatever one sage asserted another sage was sure to contradict. In fact, it was a maxim in that age, that the human reason could only be sustained aloft by being tossed to and fro in the perpetual motion of contradiction; and therefore another sect of philosophers maintained the doctrine that the An was not the descendant of the Frog, but that the Frog was clearly the improved development of the An. The shape of the Frog, taken generally, was much more
symmetrical than that of the An; beside the beautiful conformation of its lower limbs, its flanks and shoulders the majority of the Ana in that day were almost deformed, and certainly ill-shaped. Again, the Frog had the power to live alike on land and in water- a mighty privilege, partaking of a spiritual essence denied to the An, since the disuse of his swimming-bladder clearly proves his degeneration from a higher development of species. Again, the earlier races of the Ana seem to have been covered with hair, and, even to a comparatively recent date, hirsute bushes deformed the very faces of our ancestors, spreading wild over their cheeks and chins, as similar bushes, my poor Tish, spread wild over yours. But the object of the higher races of the Ana through countless generations has been to erase all vestige of connection with hairy vertebrata, and they have gradually eliminated that debasing capillary excrement by the law of sexual selection; the Gy-ei naturally preferring youth or the beauty of smooth faces. But the degree of the Frog in the scale of the vertebrata is shown in this, that he has no hair at all, not even on his head. He was born to that hairless perfection which the most beautiful of the Ana, despite the culture of incalculable ages, have not yet attained. The wonderful complication and delicacy of a Frog’s nervous system and arterial circulation were shown by this school to be more susceptible of enjoyment than our inferior, or at least simpler, physical frame allows us to be. The examination of a Frog’s hand, if I may use that expression, accounted for its keener susceptibility to love, and to social life in general. In fact, gregarious and amatory as are the Ana, Frogs are still more so. In short, these two schools raged against each other; one asserting the An to be the perfected type of the Frog; the other that the Frog was the highest development of the An. The moralists were divided in opinion with the naturalists, but the bulk of them sided with the Frog-preference school. They said, with much plausibility, that in moral conduct (viz., in the adherence to rules best adapted to the health and welfare of the individual and the community) there could be no doubt of the vast superiority of the Frog. All history showed the wholesale immorality of the human race, the complete disregard, even by the most renowned amongst them, of the laws which they acknowledged to be essential to their own and the general happiness and wellbeing. But the severest critic of the Frog race could not detect in their manners a single aberration from the moral law tacitly recognised by themselves. And what, after all, can be the profit of civilisation if superiority in moral conduct be not the aim for which it strives, and the test by which its progress should be judged?
“In fine, the adherents of this theory presumed that in some remote period the Frog race had been the improved development of the Human; but that, from some causes which defied rational conjecture, they had not maintained their original position in the scale of nature; while the Ana, though of inferior organisation, had, by dint less of their virtues than their vices, such as ferocity and cunning, gradually acquired ascendancy, much as among the human race itself tribes utterly barbarous have, by superiority in similar vices, utterly destroyed or reduced into insignificance tribes originally excelling them in mental gifts and culture.

Unhappily these disputes became involved with the religious notions of that age; and as society was then administered under the government of the Koom-Posh, who, being the most ignorant, were of course the most inflammable class- the multitude took the whole question out of the hands of the philosophers; political chiefs saw that the Frog dispute, so taken up by the populace, could become a most valuable instrument of their ambition; and for not less than one thousand years war and massacre prevailed, during which period the philosophers on both sides were butchered, and the government of Koom-Posh itself was happily brought to an end by the ascendancy of a family that clearly established its descent from the aboriginal tadpole, and furnished despotic rulers to the various nations of the Ana. These despots finally disappeared, at least from our communities, as the discovery of vril led to the tranquil institutions under which flourish all the races of the Vril-ya.”
“And do no wranglers or philosophers now exist to revive the dispute; or do they all recognise the origin of your race in the tadpole?”

“Nay, such disputes,” said Zee, with a lofty smile, “belong to the Pah-bodh of the dark ages, and now only serve for the amusement of infants. When we know the elements out of which our bodies are composed, elements in common to the humblest vegetable plants, can it signify whether the All-Wise combined those elements out of one form more than another, in order to create that in which He has placed the capacity to receive the idea of Himself, and all the varied grandeurs of intellect to which that idea gives birth? The An in reality commenced to exist as An with the donation of that capacity, and, with that capacity, the sense to acknowledge that, however through the countless ages his race may improve in wisdom, it can never combine the elements at its command into the form of a tadpole.”
“You speak well, Zee,” said Aph-Lin; “and it is enough for us short lived mortals to feel a reasonable assurance that whether the origin of the An was a tadpole or not, he is no more likely to become a tadpole again than the institutions of the Vril-ya are likely to relapse into the heaving quagmire and certain strife-rot of a Koom-Posh.”

HERE WE HAVE IT!!! The origins of the Darwinian theory of evolution!! Did you know Darwin had a whole species of frogs named after him? Yes, and they are considered ‘giant’ frogs.

Merovingian Design

Vril Society

The  Vril Society/The Luminous Lodge was formed by a group of female psychic mediums led by the Thule Gesellschaft medium Maria Orsitsch (Orsic) of Zagreb, who claimed to have received communication from Aryan aliens living on Alpha Cen Tauri, in the Aldebaran system. Allegedly, these aliens had visited Earth and settled in Sumeria, and the word Vril was formed from the ancient Sumerian word “Vri-Il” (“like god”). A second medium was known only as Sigrun, a name etymologically related to Sigrune, a Valkyrie and one of Wotan‘s nine daughters in Norse legend.

The Hebrew of this passage is interesting. Instead of the plural word “tzefardim”, meaning “frogs” it uses the singular word “tzefardeia”, meaning “frog”…as if only one frog ended up covering the land of Egypt. This tries to explain this occurrence by saying one enormous GIGANTIC frog crawled out of the Nile. It is explained that the frog opened its mouth wide and spewed out legions of smaller frogs and that it was these smaller frogs that covered Egypt.

Reptilian, Nordic, and Nordic-Reptilian as Racial Metaphor [link]
The Nordic-Reptilian hybrid is commensurate with a being which is highly interactive with both hemispheres of the brain, both the logical and intuitive, and whose physicality has been informed by both hemispheres of the globe. We might well see Jesus Christ as a prime representative of such a being if indeed his biological father was Roman (Indo-European) and his mother was Middle Eastern (Jewish), as many scholars now believe.

To further this line of thinking, let us consider the Vril-ya, whose chief concern seems to be the husbandry of the Merovingian bloodline–the bloodline allegedly descended from Christ, and therefore one which could be considered Nordic-Reptilian by the standards laid out above. Apparently, the Vril-ya had a falling out with the strictly Nordic Nazis, whom they had allegedly empowered, over Nazi resistance to the installation of Merovingian leadership throughout Europe, even to the point of attempting to assassinate Hitler. It is very fitting that the Vril-ya claims to have descended from frogs, since a frog is an amphibian, and somewhat of a hybrid, since it is at home in the waters of right brain intuitive consciousness, or on the firmaments of left brain logic.

This seems odd, true but this actually parallels the coming prophecy of the end days in which Revelation tells us in chapter 16; about a force that will cover the face of the Earth.
13 And I saw three unclean spirits like frogs come out of the mouth of the dragon, and out of the mouth of the beast, and out of the mouth of the false prophet.
14 For they are the spirits of devils, working miracles, which go forth unto the kings of the earth and of the whole world, to gather them to the battle of that great day of God Almighty.
Perhaps these demonic spirits are compared to frogs as their power will cover the Earth as the frogs of Egypt covered the land. I believe this is EXACTLY what we will see. Demons covering the earth, like never before. Yes, the earth is covered in angels and demons constantly, but in this time period we will ‘see’ these demons!

ISIS (Fertility goddess), HAPI (Frog goddess to Egypt), HEQT (Fertility idol)

Isis was often represented as a frog. She symbolized new life. A frog was thought of as good luck. Now they were dying and fouling everything. Their “new life” was being racked up in dead piles.

Isis = Sirius = Phallic Symbol

Heqet was usually depicted as a frog, or a woman with a frog’s head, or more rarely as a frog on the end of a phallus to explicitly indicate her association with fertility.

The frogs are carved so they appear as if you are looking down on them as they stand at rest the way frogs do; they all face in the same direction (toward the top of the crest).
The author of this site then goes on to explain this design then morphed into the fleur-de- lis around Clovis’ time (Clovis the 1st being the first Mero to convert to Christianity). Now, I found sparse info on this whole‘ frog’ thing…apparently frogs have an evil connotation other than being one of the Biblical plagues. Something about the evil in frog’s breath or something.

It should be noted that no prince of Wales in history has had the RED DRAGON as the official flag and symbol of Wales until the current reign of Prince Charles, for it was officially made the Welsh flag in the 1950’s. Why choose that design and color? We should also take note that the Merovingian Crest also had THREE FROGS, but they were changed to THREE LILIES “the fleur de lis” (Three Pronged Lily is a symbol of Nimrod). The female Merovingian women were given names such as Lilith, Lili, Lillete, etc.
Revelation 16:13 And I saw three unclean spirits like frogs come out of the mouth of the dragon, and out of the mouth of the beast, and out of the mouth of the false prophet.
Revelation 16:14 For they are the spirits of devils, working miracles, which go forth to the kings of the earth and of the whole world, to gather them to the battle of that great day of God Almighty.

All true European royalty is descended from the Merovingian, and of course these same bloodlines claim to be descendants of Jesus Christ. Blasphemous remarks of course. Although they claim to trace their lineage from Joseph of Arimathea, Jesus’s uncle, and an Irish princess, the Church of England and the Catholics rejected the theory that they are descended from Jesus and Mary directly in the 6th Century.

The fact that the Royal Crest ‘magically’ transformed from the frogs to three lilies is not myth but pure fact. These symbols are seen depicted all over the house of Windsor’s buildings and churches (those in England, of course).
There is some evidence that there was an occasional “rain of toads” or frogs in the region near Stenay (anciently associated with the Merovingian)…
Here’s a legend about how/why Clovis chose to change the emblem to fleur de lys:
“One explanation touches on the legend of Clovis 481-511, who had three toads for his arms. First rulers of Western Europe. They are said to by the priest kings of the secret occult world.
When he had to resist an invasion of the Goths, Clovis promised to his wife Clothilde to convert to Christianity at last if the victory were his. When he gave a battle across the Rhine, at last he found a place on the river bank where he could use the ford, indicated by bunches of the yellow iris –these grow not in a very deep water indeed — and after a reconnaissance, this was the place chosen for his army to cross that crushed the enemy. Clovis understood this divine sign and decided to replace the toads for three yellow lilies.

Frogs are anciently associated with fertility/regeneration and frogs/toads bones were found in early European graves (perhaps as a sign of “rebirth” or “eternal life”?) Then, I found this: the frog evolves from a tadpole, and is the alchemical reference of transformation. Similar to that of the butterfly for transformation and rebirth.
The carving is composed of a typical family crest design with one frog on top and two on the bottom forming a triangle. The frogs are carved so they appear as if you are looking down on them as they stand at rest the way frogs do; they all face in the same direction (toward the top of the crest).
Then, after much musing, I realized that frogs come from water onto land…
The coat of arms attributed to Satan is Gules a fess Or between three frogs proper, which appears painted in the folio of a mediæval manuscript known as the Douce Apocalypse, created in England c. A.D. 1270.
CHEVALIER, JEAN, and GHEERBRANT, ALAIN. Dictionnaire des symboles, p.309. This work is concerned with giving interpretatIons of symbols, and in this case states that there is a confusion with the frog, which is a symbol of resurrection. And so, once again, the theory comes back to a religious point of view.

“bestea Neptuni Quinotauri similis”

This figure of Greek myth, Nannos, must have been the Egyptian frog god, Nun, who was depicted holding a ship over his head with both hands, with a sun disc/god included in the picture. That is, Nun represented the Egyptian sea-faring peoples (Egyptian Atlantis) who put forth the “frogs” that Atlantean writer, Plato, defined as cities all around the Mediterranean “pond.” As the Phocaeans were said to be one of the first sea-faring peoples, they and their city of Massalia would seem to be a part of Nun’s frog fold.
Nun was equated with Hapi, the bull god, and Merovingians, whose symbol, among others, was the frog, were said in myth to derive from a sea bull. I have a feeling that this bull pertained to the Po-river Boii who became the Pomeranians, which term I dissect to Po-Merania i.e. Po-on-the-sea. The Boii named the Italian city of Bologne, and it could be that Po/Padus river was named by Boii/Boiotia peoples.
When this red dragon merged with Rig up in Scandinavia to produce the Yngvi/Ingaevones, the forth-coming peoples — in particular the Saxons and Angles — were regarded as the white dragon by Geoffrey of Monmouth. The Yngvi were also called “Yngvi-Frey,” and so that tends to make the Yngvi a frog line if indeed “Frey” was a version of “frog.” Frey was, in fact, depicted with the symbol common to all frogs: the ship/ocean.
There is a little sign that Frey extended from a mix of Hercules-Helios peoples (i.e. the British Danann) who came to defeat Geryon, for Frey was given (by Scandinavian myth writers) a magic boat that could change size and even fit into his pocket. This seems to be an allusion to the Greek myth wherein Hercules, when he came to fight Geryon, was assisted by Helios in his providing Hercules with a ship in the shape of a golden cup/grail. Hercules had carried on his belt a golden cup, which could then be viewed as the Helios ship, but small enough to fit into his pocket. An important Hercules-to-Frey (i.e. Danann-to-Frey) connection is the reality because the Fir-Bolg, as the Belgae, did indeed worship Frey, while the Fir-Bolg were British-Danann blood by another name.

Who but the Redones could better translate to the golden Helios cup/peoples that sailed Hercules to Britain? Doesn’t this reveal that the Holy-Grail bloodline was a Redone entity? The meaning of the mythical picture is that the Redones were allied with Hercules in his sea invasion of Geryon’s British empire. And this alliance is roughly the same alliance of the other myth, where Nannos (the Greek Danaans and therefore Hercules) became allied to the Phocaeans, for it was the Phocaeans with the Rhodians who founded a city of Rhode near Massalia.
The next point is that, since the Corinth-based rulers of Phocis were the Corinthian boar line (see (a) previous chapter), the Redones were boars. This agrees with the story of Medea wherein she was depicted as a noble of Corinth (i.e. the boar line of Corinth) but, defeated in war, drove the chariot of Helios away, pulled by dragons (same as Phaethon, I must assume). Corinthian boars therefore ended up in Rhodanus, via the frog of Massalia.
The Mediterranean frogs were said by Plato to be colonies of Miletus (coastal Asia), and my conclusions are similar, that the frogs originated in Thrace and more generally became the Phrygians (not far from Miletus).
Clearly, Apis, and therefore Hapi, and therefore Nun the frog god, were from Apollo and his twin sister Artemis. The Greek Calydonians were avid worshipers of Artemis, and in fact the Calydonian Boar was sent by Artemis to Calydon because the Calydonians were no longer being faithful to her. Therefore, it’s no surprise that, in the Nannos myth, the Phocaeans way over in Massalia are revealed specifically as stemming from Artemis. That would then make the Redones a bloodline from Artemis. One can’t help but identify the boar symbol as she herself, the Gogi Hyperboreans.

This would be a good place to re-mention the three frogs coming out of the mouths of the Dragon, the Beast, and the False Prophet, to prepare the world’s rulers for Armageddon. I had hypothesized that the frogs included the bloodline of the Franks and the Dutch because those peoples were from one stock, and because the Franks are nicknamed “frogs” to this day. But the Belgians too, not far from the Dutch, were of Frankish elements. Nearby were the Frisians, per chance derived from Frey since they were devoted both to Frey and Freya. “Frey/Frigg” easily modifies to “frog” (Old English “frogga”).
Toad in Hungarian is “varangy or varangyos béka ['beka' means 'frog']“, evoking the Varangian Rus; might they have called themselves after the toad? Hard to believe, unless the toad/frog was a symbol of sea peoples. Toad in Italian is “rospo” [like Rus] and “rascasse is some kind of sea toad in french” (online quote). Doesn’t “ruscasse” evoke “Ruski”?
“Rana” = frog in Latin and other Latin languages, evoking “Rennes,” and the Rhine and Rhone rivers, founded by Redones (I think the terms derive from “reign/rule”). “Frog in Danish is fr¿”, says another website, looking like the makings of “Frey/Frigg.” If that’s not enough, “unke means toad in German”, and that looks like “Ang” but also “Enki,” the sea god of Sumeria from whom mythical mermaids and mermen were created.
Nominoe, first king of Brittany, a Merovingian I figure, was “Tad ar Vro.” Combine that with a family crest appearing on a Vere-information website having three, yes three, frogs!! Hmm.

I suggest, even as I’ve traced both the Varangians and the Franks to the Redones, that “Frank” is the same as “Varang,” and that “Frank” therefore means “toad,” as does “varangy” in Hungarian. “Varangi” may then be dissected to “War-Angi,” for a German toad is an “unke.” This may mean that the Yngvi/Angles were named after the frog, and this fits since the Ingaevones were defined specifically by Tacitus as coastal peoples.
It may be that the frog was named after an old form of our modern “fringe,” as that means “extremity/border,” for frogs live on the border between water and land; the Franks may have been so-called for being on the fringe of the world (in relation to Thrace/Greece). “Fringe” in German is “franse”; in Norwegian, “frynse”; in Spanish, “franja”; in Swedish, “frans.” Some say that “Franks” were named after “free.” Okay, free from those in the center; the Franks were a “fringe party,” leaving behind the family and going it all alone.
Thus, if Frey/Freyr meant “friction,” the idea would seem to be to “rub the wrong way” and therefore to cause civil wars that divide brothers so that one or the other goes to live on the fringe. Certainly the French and Scandinavians were Trojans/Thracians, wherefore the mother of the frogs must be Thrace. For indeed a frog in Greek is a “batrachos” (# 944 Strong’s Greek dictionary, origin uncertain).
What is Ba-Thrace? “Away from Thrace”? Perhaps “branch of Thrace,” for the Greek “baion” means “twig/branch” “as going out far” (# 902 Strong’s).
In Egypt, the frog goddess is “Heket,” a mythical magician who is the same as the Greek witch, Hecate. The latter depicts, to the best of my ability to discern thus far, Gorgons on the north shore of the Black sea. It has always been my hunch that she should be read, “Kekate/Chekate,” in reflection of “Gog.” The witch, Medea, was made to worship Hecate, meaning that Medea and Hecate were the same peoples in different eras. Therefore Hecate depicted Aryans since Medea depicted Medes (it could be that Gorgons were proto-Medes-proper). Therefore, the Revelation frogs will be Aryans, not Egyptians, but not necessarily Medes proper (i.e. the modern Kurds).
Strabo connected Hecate to the Kabeiri (i.e. Kabala) cult. As “hex” is term derived from this witch-goddess, who was also a symbol of the star(s) (e.g. connected to Asterius, etc.,), might the hexagram so-called “star of David,” symbol of the Templars and other secret societies prior to they, have been a symbol of Hecate? That could mean that the Israeli flag having that hexagram as it’s only symbol may be a Gogi flag!!

The frogs of Revelation are used as symbols for three unclean spirits said to perform miraculous signs, as though indicating peoples possessed by demons performing the magic arts. But as they have the power to call kings the world over to Armageddon, they are political animals, not merely your average hare-in-hat magician. God may have used symbols in Revelation not so much to speak to us in our ignorance of mythical symbols, but to the secret-society peoples/pagans who use and worship those symbols, as warnings to them that they are terribly on the losing side. God is not going to destroy these types without fair warning.
The underlying idea in both Hecate and Heket is that they are exceedingly ancient, as for example Heket is viewed as the midwife for the sun god, a peoples (or “mother”) even earlier than Ishtar the Great Mother. Knowing that the myth-writing Egyptians were from the Greeks, we expect their mother to be the mother also of the Greeks, and so that mother of both peoples would be the Greek “Hecate.” She was quite possibly named after the Greek term, “hagia” = “holy,” but I think “hagia” too derived from “Gogi” since “gog” means “high.”

The Egyptian frog god, Nun, was represented by four frogs and four corresponding snakes, one frog of which is “Kek” while his corresponding snake is “Kauket.” If that’s not enough, the Mayans, who I am convinced are, like the Aztecs, a Gogi peoples, had a rain god called “Chac,” who was associated with four men or winds called “Chacs” (to the Zapoteca tribe, Chac was “Cocijo”). The Chacs partook in human sacrifices for fertility purposes (sheer lunatics). It just so happens that the frog was part of that ritual, as a mystic vehicle for obtaining rain…which brings to mind “Rainfroi,” the codeword created by some Vere-family members to depict the royal Vere bloodline at Anjou. Remember that one German word for “toad” is “anku” i.e. like “Anjou.”
In Dutch, the word for “frog” is “kikker/kikvors”!
There’s a saying that when the frog croaks, it rains. And croaking brings me to the dragon-depicted Crichtons who lived on the Crich river in Ireland. Might “Crich” have meant “frog” since a frog came to “croak.” Indeed, the Greek “krokodilos” means, not necessarily “crocodile,” but a lizard in general. And couldn’t it also be true that our English “crick/creek” was named after the frog, since frogs and creeks are found together? Consider that “frog” may be a variation of “brook” (Old English “broc”) since any “b” may be modified to a “v” and that to a “f. As the sound of a frog is also said to be a “ribbet,” see how that reflects “river.”
“Crick/creek” may have derived from “crook” since creeks are crooked. “Crook” means “a bend or curve” and is from the Old Norse, “krokr,” which evokes the frog’s croak as well as a krokodilos. As a frog is not a turn or bend, it makes better sense that it was named after the brook i.e. that may be of the family of words that derived Bryges/Phrygia. Our word “break” can mean a turn or bend in a straight line, but can also mean a complete separation as I think was inherent in “Bryges” so as to produce the fringe peoples called Franks, Varangi, and Brigit Celts.

If we ask why a peoples would want to depict themselves with something so unattractive as a toad or frog, consider the Green man of Roslin (much uglier), or other such gargoyles (e.g. on Gothic Cathedrals) and pathetic faces carved into totem poles. I’m only half-sure that it must be a coincidence that “totem pole” looks like “tadpole”; look at this online quote — at a Scott-Fray website:
“Heket, the midwife goddess, through her totem the frog, and Hecate, keeper of the gate between life and death, also speak to our ability to change states. She beckons us to create a radically new life out of the body of the old…She squats, froglike, akin to Ireland’s Sheila-na-Gig [!!]…she gives birth to thousands of pearls of new life. These eggs, like any woman’s, become the tadpole in the womb, which the Egyptians recognized as a manifestation of the fetus during its first growth…
“In many parts of Greece, Rome, and Hellenized Egypt, archaeologists have found terracotta lamps upon which are painted the sigil of the squatting frog, bearing the inscription ‘I am the resurrection’…Later, tombs of Coptic Christians featured the carving of a frog alongside the Coptic cross…”
“Coptic” refers to Egyptians, but as you can see, it must be rooted in “Caphtor.” The Coptic Christians had obviously been lulled into the occult, even as Christians celebrate the Easter egg, a symbol of the Redone god, Rod. You can see above the egg-to-frog connection, the frog becoming a symbol of the womb, Phrygia likely being that womb. Scott Fray even has a picture of a frog on it’s back, like a woman inviting sex. It has not escaped some that the Fleur de Lis, which some say was at first a frog (it does appear as the top-view of a squatting frog), is a picture of sexual intercourse. Because Rod, the ancestor god, is connected to a witch, Baba Yaga (probably “Gaga”), it connects him (and the Rus) more-assuredly to Hecate.
I sense that “Baba” meant “abba/ancestor” (or technically, “mother”), even as “Nun” (the frog god) looks like “nono” = “grandfather.” Couldn’t “dad” and even “Tad” (de Vere) derive from something like “teda,” the Old English for “toad”…in that the toad/frog depicted ancestors (to the occult, that is). In that case, “Frey/Frigg” may likewise carry the meaning of “father/progenitor.”
Although I know not what this picture of the Celtic Cross represents, it too appears on a website discussing the Veres. It is essentially a Brigit wheel with four spokes, and a rose at the hub, with dragons coming forth from both sides of the rose…signifying two major dragon lines but stemming from one Ros clan. I take it this is a Rosicrucian cross. There are in some cases Rosicrucian crosses that use a circle round the center of the cross. Christianity has been polluted by these Satanists, as were the Jews polluted by the Pharisees. If you like many equate Catholicism with Christianity, you ought to know that Catholicism was stacked at the highest levels with Rosicrucians and Rosicrucian sympathizers for merely the reason that Rosicrucians ruled the Roman empire at many junctions of history.
The circle/wheel is nothing but a serpent in this case, with tail in it’s mouth, called an “Ouroboros” dragon, this representing the global/universal reach of the Gorgon bloodline, or that the universe belongs by right to Gorgons. The Ourobos was “First discovered in Egypt, and later in Greece, it is the symbol of the universe. A similar dragon is his Norse cousin the Midgard Serpent [of Loki] whose huge body circles the entire world.”
The mythical Asgard and Midgard terms may have depicted the Kurds (ancient Hurrians), and may therefore be differentiated as Assi Kurds verses Mede Kurds.
The following piece on Mary Magdalene (the reported/false idol of the Merovingians) is upsetting, be warned. Myrina, Amazon queen of Lemnos, the island of Hephaistos, comes to mind [and do note the apparent connection of the Merovingians to Dagon the fish god, whose center of worship was in Mari of the Euphrates river, part of what I now call Kabala Strip. I'm suggesting that the holy grail line is from Kabala-related Mari]:
“Mary Magdalene is sometimes shown with a fish tail as Marina…Mary is the patron saint of hairdressers, perfumiers, gardeners and prostitutes.
An association between Mary Magdalene and the sea grew up, as it did with the Holy Grail which, according to the Nag Hammadi Codices, Magdalene took with her to France after the Crucifixion. The Chalice also represented the uterus to the cultists (as does the horseshoe), and the wine the menstrual blood. Tantric and alchemical texts refer to menstrual blood by a number of colourful names including Star Fire, Gold of the Gods, and Vehicle of Light.”

That Satanic depravity doesn’t surprise me; it was common among the Templars and other such Rosicrucian groups, such as that of Zorzi, founder of the Moravian Evangelicals. It reminds me of Babylon the Great when depicted with a gold cup filled with the filth of her adulteries. Would modern “Merovingians” be attaching Babylon the Great to Jesus, as his mistress? No doubt. They revel in such impishness. Fools, immature men of sick mind; they rule our world with an air of respectability, and in the evenings they gather to become fiends, giving themselves over to the grossest and twisted sexual acts.
The same perversion was central to the Kabeiri cult, and as this cult was centered at the island of Samo-Thrace, note now that “Samo” is the root of “sammakko,” the Finnish version of “frog.” Not only that, but the Hebrew soft “c” is called “cawmek,” but spelled by one code-wielding Kabalist (whom I’ll quote in the next chapter) as “Sammekh.” As nutty as it might seem for me to tie that Hebrew letter to Samo-Thrace, the next chapter may perhaps enlighten you, where I show that Hebrew letters were used as codes for dragon-line people groups.

It can’t be a coincidence that Samo-Thrace was in the Aegean district of “Ebros,” that being easily a modification of “Kabeiros.” Not only was Ireland called by variations of “Heber,” but the Romans called it “Hiberia,” evoking Iberia in Spain. If indeed the Iberi(ans) of Spain apply to the Samo-Thraki cult, and if true that the Iberians originate in the Tubal region of Georgia, where also Gog ruled, then the Kabeiri cult is likely a Gogi cult, and as we can see that it lingers to this day, it will apparently survive Armageddon, go underground as is the nature of a dragon, and arise again at the end of the Millennium as per Revelation 20 to once more challenge to powers of the One True God.
As I mentioned elsewhere, Hebros was the brother of Kikon, and the two were sons of Rhodope. Samo-Thrace’s city of Samothraki was also called “Kamariotissa,” evoking the “Kamiros” (Cimmerians, I’m sure) of the island of Rhodes. Hecate was a goddess specific to Samo-Thrace, and she was there worshiped as her dog manifestation, for she was a three-bodied goddess (one being the wolf), and this now explains why Troy and the Troad (no doubt the same as “Dryas/Dryad/Druid”), appear as the number “three.” It could therefore appear that Revelation 16 uses three frogs for alluding to the line of Hekate, or the three peoples who made up the Trojans.

According to Peter Dawkins, author of the Francis Bacon Research Trust Journal, it was during this period that Great Initiates from the star system Sirius left their perfect and harmonious realm to undertake a sacrificial mission to our planet.
“The Ancient Wisdom Traditions teach us that these mighty souls came to our planet approximately 18 million years ago, living in aetheric bodies and inhabiting the land subsequently known as Hyperborea (‘the Land beyond the North Wind’)… Establishing this area as their principle home and temple, they then moved across the world to other key areas in order to act as guides and teachers to the young races of humanity. Young humanity was, at the time of this great incarnation of ‘God-men’ and ‘Sun-men’, existing and evolving in areas of the world known as Mu, the Motherland.”

In 1904, Aleister Crowley and his pregnant wife Rose, traveled to Egypt under assumed names, rented a flat and turned one room into a temple. In their temple, Aleister and Rose recited invocations to sylphs or elemental spirits that aid in magic [most likely an alien creation]. Their invocations to the sylphs put Rose into a dream state in which she kept repeating “They are waiting for you.” About a week later, Rose identified the “they” as a “god” whose image would be found on stele A 9422 at the Egyptian Museum of Cairo (originally stele 666 at Egypt’s Boulaq museum). Note: a stele is a slab of stone or wood painted or carved with images.
Note: The image of stele 666 on this page shows Nut or Nuit [large figure of a female] leaning over Re-Harakhty, [an Egyptian deity that is a combination of two skygods -- Re and Horus], and a priest. Look closely and you will see Nuit’s body stretched out like an upside-down U with her feet on the left and her hands on the right.
After their trip to the Boulak museum, Crowley was contacted by an invisible entity known as Aiwass, who said he was a messenger from the forces ruling the planet. Over a three-day period, Aiwass dictated The Book of the Law to Crowley, that describes principles of a belief system known as Thelema, based on the phrase, “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.” Crowley’s daughter was born approximately four months later and he named her Nuit.
Nuit (also Nu, Nut, or Nuith) is the speaker in the first Chapter of The Book of the Law, the text of Thelema written or received in 1904 by Aleister Crowley. Nuit was also Thoth’s lover.
Besides The Book of the Law Crowley is most known for his Book of Thoth, along with tarot cards of the same name. Thoth is ENKI’s son [Note: ENKI and his family are high-level reptilian operatives].
Crowley’s Magic to Invoke Aliens
In 1918, Crowley used ceremonial magic [that he called the Amalantrah Workings] in furnished rooms in New York City. The workings were performed to invoke “intelligences” to physical manifestation [intelligences = aliens]. Crowley’s intention was to open an interdimensional portal in the “fabric of space and time” and his invocations summoned a group of beings known as the “Lam.” Crowley drew a picture of the Lam and included it in his Dead Souls exhibition held in Greenwich Village, New York, in 1919. The drawing was also used as a frontispiece [illustration opposite a book's title page] for Helena Petrovna Blavatsky’s book, The Voice of the Silence [Note: Helena Blavatsky and Alice Bailey have been called the "grandmothers of the New Age movement"].

Secret Societies and Sirius
Crowley belonged to more than one secret society with connections to Sirius:
Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn
The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn was a magical order in Great Britain during the late 19th and early 20th centuries that practiced theurgy, or the practice of rituals, performed with the intention of invoking the action or presence of one or more gods [See: Pentagram, Sirius and Magical Schools].
Crowley belonged to the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn from 1900 to 1907.
Argenteum Astrum [A∴A∴]
Argenteum Astrum or Order of the Silver Star, is the name of secret magic fraternity that Crowley formed in 1907. Argenteum Astrum was also the name of an “Inner” order of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. Argenteum Astrum is also called The Great White Brotherhood and silver star refers to Sirius].
The Ordo Templi Orientis [O.T.O.] or Order of Oriental Templars is an international fraternal and religious organization founded at the beginning of the 20th century by an Austrian industrialist and mystic named Carl Kellner [1851-1905]. Kellner studied Freemasonry and the doctrines of an organization called the Hermetic Brotherhood of Light [Note: Thoth's Greek persona is named Hermes].
Membership in O.T.O. is based upon initiation ceremonies (or degrees) that use ritual drama to establish fraternal bonds between members.
Theodor Reuss succeeded Kellner and formed charters with occult brotherhoods in France, Denmark, Switzerland, the U.S.A. and Austria. Reuss met Aleister Crowley and in 1910 admitted him to the first three degrees of O.T.O. Two years later, Crowley was placed in charge of Great Britain and Ireland, and was advanced to O.T.O.’s 10th degree.

Pentagram, Sirius and Magical Schools
The Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram (or LRP) is an example of a magical ritual that is used extensively by the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn but which has come to be practiced by numerous other magical schools.
In Egyptian hieroglyphics, the pentagram is associated with the Goddess Sopdet, who was represented in the night sky by the brightest star, Sirius, called the Dog Star [notice the pentagrams on the Rosy Cross from the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn].
The symbol of the pentagram appears on many Knights Templar graves in France, as well as being essential to the architecture and positioning of many chapels. One vivid example is the mysterious shrine of Rennes du Chartres, said to be a center of Templar activity, which is situated in the center of a ring of mountains that form a nearly perfect pentagram.

The early Merovingian  kings were pretty strong, like Brunhulde and Childebert, who built the abbey of St. Germain des Pres.
Why Saint Germain? Well, it’s not by happenstance. There are no coincidences in life.
Merovingian SLIDESHOW [link]

Here he announces the dispensation of Golden Age of Transmutation which is 10,000 years. [link]
No matter how you look at this 10,000 years of dispensation that he is ‘sharing’, it’s nothing but lies. I think these lives he has possessed produced the fruition needed to complete these cycles of transformation. Meaning, it’s all a master plan. And it DOES NOT include saving mankind but negating them out of existence.
He readily admits he has long awaited this time of the Age of Aquarius and the Ascended Masters role within it.
Jesus ‘the avatar’ that they speak of it NOT the Son of GOD, but the false messiah!
Le Comte Saint Germain “new history”-Commander Ashtar [link]
Son of Thoth
The Eight of Memphis
Hermes Trismegistus (Magic of Tarot Whaite-Founder of Hermetic Fraternal)
High-Prister of Atlantis “Zakhiel” (Founder of the Zahiel Fraternal)
Seqenere Tao II (1578 BC)
Theotmosis III (Founder o Osiris Fraternal 1479-1425 BC)
Amenhotep IV (Founder of the Grand Architect (G) 351-1333 BC)
Samuel (Major Prophet of the Architect (G) 1050 BC)
Hiram Abiff (Founder of Salomon Temple 995 BC)
Pythagoras 572-492 BC
Aristoteles 384-322 BC
Apollonius Rhodius 295-247 BC
Archimedes 287-212 BC
Saint Jozef (Father of Jezus)
Saint Alban 303 AD
Proclus 410-475 AD
Merlin (Founder of Draco Fraternal-Draco Ordo in 5 or 6 AD)
Jabir ibn Hayyan (Founder of White (Light) Fraternal (Illuminati) 721-815 AD)
Avicenna 980-1037 AD
Omar Khayyam 1048-1123 AD
Averroes 1126-1198 AD
Roger Bacon 410-486 AD
Christian Rosencrantz (Founder of the Rosa Crucian Ordo-A.M.O.R.C. 1378-1484 AD)
Francis Bacon (Founder of Freemason Lodge 1561-1626 AD)
Prins Rakoczi (Master of the Draco Fraternal 1676-1735 AD)
Saint Germain (Grand Master of the Fraternals 1676-1784)
Richard Chanfray 1940-1983 AD
Commander Ashtar (Founder of White Fraternal and Galaxy Commander 1983-3050 AD)

Ashamarae With Saint Germain
In this next video I want to point out that I think this man is the walking present tense of Saint Germain. You may even sense a change of his voice and personality at 10:00 minutes into this video. This is when I think he allows Saint Germain to enter his body/soul/spirit.
Why do I think this? Notice the accent in the voice. You see a physical BUMP if you will, when I believe Saint Germain enters Ashamarae McNamara. Then Saint Germain says, “Greetings”. This is him! So many signs point to this possession!

This person goes on to say that it’s 17,000 years of history within this deity. I say BRAVO to them for publishing this video! People need to know WHO and WHAT these entities are! They are DEMONS!
Why do I include these within this article? Because I firmly believe he is ONE of the FROGS.

Rev. 9:13-18: And the sixth angel sounded, and I heard a voice from the four horns of the golden altar which is before God, Saying to the sixth angel which had the trumpet, Loose the four angels which are bound in the great river Euphrates.
And the four angels were loosed, which were prepared for an hour, and a day, and a month, and a year, for to slay the third part of men. And the number of the army of the horsemen were two hundred thousand thousand: and I heard the number of them.
And thus I saw the horses in the vision, and them that sat on them, having breastplates of fire, and of jacinth, and brimstone: and the heads of the horses were as the heads of lions; and out of their mouths issued fire and smoke and brimstone. By these three was the third part of men killed, by the fire, and by the smoke, and by the brimstone, which issued out of their mouths.
Rev. 16:12-16: And the sixth angel poured out his vial upon the great river Euphrates; and the water thereof was dried up, that the way of the kings of the east might be prepared. And I saw three unclean spirits like frogs come out of the mouth of the dragon, and out of the mouth of the beast, and out of the mouth of the false prophet. For they are the spirits of devils, working miracles, which go forth unto the kings of the earth and of the whole world, to gather them to the battle of that great day of God Almighty. Behold, I come as a thief. Blessed is he that watcheth, and keepeth his garments, lest he walk naked, and they see his shame. And he gathered them together into a place called in the Hebrew tongue Armageddon.
And I saw three UNCLEAN SPIRITS like frogs come out of the mouth of the dragon, and out of the mouth of the beast, and out of the mouth of the false prophet. for they are the spirits of DEVILS, WORKING MIRACLES.

The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ

This fits right into the whole twisted saga of the false messiah. That these people not only made their own doctrines but they indeed made their own church to compliment it. I would expect nothing less.

3 And as he sat upon the mount of Olives, the disciples came unto him privately, saying, Tell us, when shall these things be? and what shall be the sign of thy coming, and of the end of the world?
4 And Jesus answered and said unto them, Take heed that no man deceive you.
5 For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many.
As Jesus Christ was sitting on the Mount of Olives, the disciples came to Him, and said “What will be the sign of your coming and the end of the Age?”
Let’s not forget that in this macrocosm of the world, the transition from one sign of the zodiac to another happens every 2160 years. So, the last time this occurred was during the time of Jesus Christ. But, you see therein lies the very secret! We are warned not to look at the stars for signs and this is EXACTLY what these New Agers do.
According to the Greek mythology, Aquarius was someone called the GANYMEDE, who was captured by Zeus and eventually Ganymede became the cup bearer for Olympics.
You see antiquity is full of people who have such behavior, in fact some believe that Moses brought back the commandments from GOD, the people were worshiping a golden calf, or in zodiac terms, the Age of Taurus. I believe this is where we get the many symbols of TAU. This was the transition period into the Age of Pisces, symbolized in the zodiac as the twin fish. (Ironic considering we have so many false teachers who have or will call themselves Jesus Christ!). As the story continues, we jump into the Age of Aquarius, which New Agers believe is hidden within the Bible is metaphor.

Yet, another ‘gospel’ which claims to be a ‘lost’ book corresponding to the Bible.
The first proof that this is a FALSE religion is that the Bible SPECIFICALLY tells us not to use the stars as a practice of worship. The title of this ‘gospel’ should have been the first clue.
The second PROOF that this is a FALSE religion is that Jesus Christ, is NEVER, not once referred to as Jesus the Christ. Ever.

The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ (full title: The Aquarian Age Gospel of Jesus, the Christ of the Piscean Age) is a book by Levi H. Dowling, first published in 1908. He said he had transcribed the text of the book from the Akashic records, a compendium of mystical knowledge supposedly encoded in a non-physical plane of existence. In the later 20th century, it was adopted by New Age spiritual groups.
The Akashic Records are described as containing all the knowledge of human experience and the history of the cosmos. They are metaphorically described as a library; other analogies commonly found in discourse on the subject include a “universal supercomputer” and the “Mind of God”. People who describe the records assert that they are constantly updated automatically and that they can be accessed through astral projection or under deep hypnosis.

BUT, the catch phrase on this is that these records are gathered by ASTRAL PROJECTION/HYPNOSIS/CHANNELED. This is a technique which opens the subconscious to the habitation of other entities, namely DEMONS!
Next, I would like to highlight the ‘UNIVERSAL SUPERCOMPUTER’ subject. When researching for the series of the individual articles on various Ascended Masters, I came across several pieces of channeled material in which the person describes a supercomputer. Even calling ASHTAR a supercomputer if I remember correctly. I believe these is such an item. I believe it to be immense, and it is used to keep track of their activities on a multidimensional level.  These entities are intelligent but ultimately Satan wants full control of  their works. Is the Akashic Records, this same device?

In The Law of One, Book I, a book purported to contain conversations with a channeled “social memory complex” known to humans as Ra, when the questioner asks where Edgar Cayce received his information, the answer received is,
“We have explained before that the intelligent infinity is brought into intelligent energy from eighth density or octave. The one sound vibratory complex called Edgar used this gateway to view the present, which is not the continuum you experience but the potential social memory complex of this planetary sphere. The term your peoples have used for this is the “Akashic Record” or the “Hall of Records”.”

The Aquarian Gospel makes the following claims:

The revelation of the Aquarian Gospel was prophesied 2,000 years ago by Elihu, who conducted a school of the prophets in Zoan, Egypt. He said thus:
“This age will comprehend but little of the works of Purity and Love; but not a word is lost, for in the Book of God’s Remembrance a registry is made of every thought and word and deed.
And When The world is ready to receive, lo, God will send a messenger to open up the book and copy from its sacred pages all the messages of Purity and Love. – Aquarian Gospel 7:25-26

There are 18 years of Jesus’ life missing in the Bible (ages 12–30). The Aquarian Gospel documents these 18 years as a time when Jesus travels to the centers of wisdom in India, Tibet & Western India, Persia, Assyria, Greece, and Egypt. In each of these capital cities, he is educated, tested, and teaches the religious leaders. Jesus inevitably proves that he is ‘God’s chosen one’ (the Christ) in these locales and brings back this multi-cultural wisdom and confidence to Galilee & Judea.

Jesus puts on the role of The Christ, but is not automatically Christ by nature. By making himself, through desire, effort, ability and prayer, a fit vessel, Jesus enabled The Christ to dwell within him. Christ is therefore used as a term for the seemingly perfect human being that Jesus exemplified, a human being that has been “Christened” (anointed) and therefore made holy.
Jesus came to earth to show the way back to God via his lifestyle and teachings. He is the example we must model our own lives after, if we seek salvation.

Reincarnation exists and karma (“You reap what you sow”) is the explanation for various injustices. Reincarnation allows people to settle debts they have incurred in past lives.
Humanity has forgotten God and is currently working its way back to fully remembering God.
Time is separated into ages. These ages last approximately 2,000 years. We are now nearing the start of the Aquarian Age (December 21, 2012).
All souls will eventually mature and evolve towards the perfect, like Jesus the Christ.
No soul is ever abandoned by God.

THE AGE OF DECEPTION-The Aquarian Masters are yet another name for the Ascended Masters. They go by many names, in fact, they use so many that this is obviously one of their ruses to confuse the masses.

There have been rumors of travels of Jesus Christ which resulted in His ending up in India, and other such areas. After some extensive research in this subject of the Ascended Masters, I personally believe that these rumors are NOT the True Jesus Christ, but the false messiah.

The Aquarian Church (ACCU)
The Aquarian Christine Church Universal, Inc. (ACCU) is a denomination based on the Aquarian Gospel. Members are commonly called Aquarians, but the proper term would be Aquarian Christines. The name Christine is used in the Aquarian Gospel instead of Christian, emphasizing that the Church is the Bride of Christ. The church was incorporated in 2006, but had existed for numerous years previous to incorporation. There is no paid professional clergy.
The teachings of the Aquarian Church (ACCU) are based primarily on the Aquarian Gospel, but also on other writings by Levi Dowling, and share many teachings with the I Am Activity (I Am Movement) and Ascended Master Teachings. Some of the teachings include a Triune God composed of God the Father, Christ the Son and the Mother Holy Spirit, release from the cycle of rebirth through the Ascension Process, the equality of the races and sexes and the transformation (transmuting) of the individual and the world through the study and practice of the teachings. Initiations of the Aquarian Masters: The Theosophy of the Aquarian Gospel, by co-founder and director Rev. Dr. J. L. Watson, serves as textbook for those interested in learning more about the teachings of the church.

The book speaks of many things. Firstly, I would like to point out that in Chapter 5, it tells of three magian priests, who could read the language of the stars and divined that a master soul was born, and they saw his star above Jerusalem.
I think this is Sirius. As I believe this to be the throne of Satan.
Then in Section XII: Lamed: The Council of the Seven Sages of the World
1. Meng-ste from China
2. Viyapati from India
3. Kaspar from Persia
4. Ashbina from Assyria
5. Apollo from Greece
6. Matheno from Egypt
7. Philo from Alexandria-chief of Hebrew
Evidently these ‘sages’ watch over the course of nations, people, tribes and tongues to formulate code of laws, religious postulates, and plans of rule. The race is on a higher plane of thought. In this Chapter of 56, it even speaks of the devil, but in the same breathe tells us evil is a myth. Double-speak?
I quickly remembered the name “Kaspar”…is this the same as Gaspar, the Persian among the Three Wise Men?
So I begin my research into these 7 ‘sages’ and the first one being Ashbina. And up comes this site:

The Asembly of the Masters by Abbot George Burke (Swami Nirmalananda Giri)….and this fall right in line with the Ascended Masters.
From other sites, there are other scripts which speak of their Jesus, who preach of documents which show Jesus did not die on a cross. And on top of that this Jesus went to India to live, where he eventually died and was buried. The tomb being in the old town of Srinagar, Kashmir.
“Jesus was known as the Sheppard boy. It was not until the shroud (the cloth that was used to wrap Jesus when he was taken down from the cross) was discovered that Jesus was then portrayed as being nailed on the cross. This piece of evidence is one of the many that proves that Jesus did not die on the cross. If Jesus had died on the cross as claimed by the Bible then his blood would have clotted and it would not have flowed in that manner. The blood flowed so much that it made his face print on the cloth. Scientists have found that blood flowed from every wound of the body.
According to the Gospel Jesus was nailed on the cross at the sixth hour or twelve o’ clock and died on the ninth hour or three o’ clock. But according to many scholars and even Pilate it is impossible for a person to die on a cross in three hours. Jesus was a strong person and his leg was not broken as that of the two other people that was crucified with him.”
“Jesus then sold Thomas as a slave to an Indian merchant Abban who was commissioned by his King Gundafor to find a carpenter. Jesus signed a contract with Abban “parting with a sum of three pounds of unstamped silver. Jesus could only be sure that Thomas would arrive in India by resorting to such unusual means.”
UNBELIEVABLE! The blasphemy contained within these documents are horrendous.

The Aquarian Christine Church Universal, Inc. [link]
Their teachings include the “IT” as one’s Divine….the I AM spirit. Sounds familiar! The belief that every human can become an Ascended Master.
PDF [link]

YOUTUBE Channel [link]
Now, what I find very interesting about this site is the use of a Fleur de lis as their LOGO!
And it never fails we have among many,…three videos….
Saint Germain Pt. 1 The Man Who Would Not Die [link]
Saint Germain Pt. 2 The Man Who Would Not Die [link]
Saint Germain Pt. 3 The Man Who Would Not Die [link]

Saint Germain-NEW HISTORY-Commander Ashtar [link]

Ascended Master of the New Golden Age *FULL* [link]
Two movies released on Oct 28, 2011, directly relates the Ascended Master to the New Age of Aquarius and the Mayan mysteries…although I could not present the movie here…I am presenting the SCREENPLAY in PDF [link]

From simply


So first I will give a little history, then first hand accounts of what this demonic instrument can do to your life and others around you! It’s certainly NO TOY! Then, in the end of the article-FREE yourself of any demonic experiences you have had! A wound needs medicine, not just a bandage!!

PLEASE BE AWARE these videos are NOT for pleasure. They indeed reveal the dangers involved in using this so-called ‘TOY’. SO be advised.

Invented in 1890, but earlier there were talking boards (alphanumeric tables with rotating pointers) which dated back to the 1850’s. But some tell that the craft goes as far back as 540BC in Greece, Rome and China. Called by many terms such as a witch board, oracle board, spirit board, and most recent would be the channeling board…but most recognize it by the name Ouija Board which was given the name by the patent holder Elijah Bond, and assigned to Kennard Novelty Company’s 1890 parlor game.

The pendulum oracle described by fourth-century Roman historian, Ammianus Marcellinus, in his The Later Roman Empire (A.D. 354-378), is the most notable example and is often offered as proof that talking boards existed in ancient civilizations. In Marcellinus’ narrative, two unfortunate individuals, Patricius and Hilarius are under arrest for creating an oracle to define who would succeed the emperor. They plead before the court:
My lords, in an unlucky moment we put together out of laurel twigs in the shape of the Delphic tripod the hapless little table before you. We consecrated it with cryptic spells and a long series of magical rites, and at last made it work.

The way in which it did so, when we wished to consult it about hidden matters, was this. It was placed in the middle of a room thoroughly fumigated with spices from Arabia, and was covered with a round dish made from the alloys of various metals. The outer rim of the dish was cunningly engraved with the twenty-four letters of the alphabet separated by accurate intervals. A man dressed in linen garments and wearing linen sandals, with a fillet around his head and green twigs from a lucky tree in his hand, officiated as priest. After uttering a set prayer to invoke the divine power which presides over prophecy, he took his place above the tripod as his knowledge of the proper ritual had taught him, and set swinging a ring suspended by a very fine cotton thread which had been consecrated by a mystic formula. The ring, moving in a series of jumps over the marked spaces, came to rest on particular letters, which made up hexameters appropriate to the questions put and in perfect scansion and rhythm, like the lines produced at Delphi or by the oracle of the Branchidae.

Never fails to amaze me!
A museum of talking boards? Seriously, it’s an actual board and you put your question into the search bar-click:ask and there ya go…instant demon communication. Well, not sure if it works that way on the internet but seems like the Prince of the Air is Satan and what does a computer work from? Hmmm…seems justifiable that it would work the same.
How can we facilitate the communication with familiar spirits? Let’s put a Ouija on the net! Done! Sorcery in a box on a box.

Officials Make Decision Based on Ouija Experience [link]

Possessed by Three Demons [link]

Figure 8
Okay, what’s the deal with the swaying of the figure ‘8’? I never really paid much attention to the swaying of the hands on the board…but it’s for a distinct purpose that these spirits use this symbol!
The New Age/occult/esoteric love this number! It has many uses. It symbolizes eternity/infinity. Fertility. 8-Fold Path. Witches have 8 sabbats, seasons, festivals, or spokes in the Wheel of the Year. Scientology has the “Technique 88”.  Ancient Egyptians have the 8 Primordial deities. Taoism/Chinese have the 8 ‘Ba gua or 8 symbols. Hindu has the 8 Guardians of the Directions. Chinese also have 8 demigods. Islam, it is the number of angels carrying the Holy Throne of Allah in heavens. Also last but not least…in Christianity, the Antichrist is the 8th King!
And that was just to name a few….so this number is very symbolic to the supernatural!

As a child, I myself played with this ‘toy’…of course not realizing what it was. But it always gave me the creeps! So I wouldn’t play with it long. But now, I realize that this has in some way a connection to the Ouija Board!
This thing is an occult power tool! Inspiring a child to play with witchcraft is sinful. A small black ‘palm-sized; plastic sphere and in some ways considered an oracle with a mysterious ‘blue’ liquid! And if this wasn’t enough, they made KEYCHAINS too! But wait…then they have the ‘electronic’ version which has ‘88’ different answers.

Turning this ‘game’ into nothing but a small version of a “FORTUNE TELLER”. In one word….witchcraft!
Spin off’s include; “Madame Zelda’s Crystal Ball”, and the “Sarcastic Ball”.

Regretting The Ouija
This story takes place back when I was around 17 to 18. I am now 33 years of age. It all began with my brother Shane and his obsession with an Ouija board we owned at the time.
We bought the board more for me since I was the big Ouija freak, but somehow I ended up using it a lot less than everyone else. My mom wouldn’t even touch it, fearing something evil would happen. But my kids couldn’t keep their hands off of it. You know how teenagers are (defiant and ignorant).
My brother Shane, Sister Misty, our cousin Christy and I would sit down and play with the board. Lots of times we were acting silly, laughing as we played. I guess we figured they were fake and not much to them. I wish I had been right, but as it turns out I was more wrong than I had ever imagined.
As these little get-togethers on weekends went by, most of us became less interested in playing with the Ouija and more interested in other things. However, Shane had an obsessive thought that he wanted to investigate. He wanted to see if the board would work with only him touching the planchette. I warned him not to do it, but of course, he didn’t listen.
Shane found out after about 2 or 3 times that the board worked with just him playing it. It was slow at first, but the more he played with it the faster the planchette would move and spell out answers. These sessions served to only draw Shane deeper into his fascination with the Ouija board. Furthermore, he would spend hours by himself with the board.

He started to withdraw and became antisocial. The Ouija became his best friend, or I should say, his only friend. He would sit in his room, door closed for hours on end, even missing meals. Only one thing mattered in his life, the Ouija board.
We tried talking to Shane, telling him to put away the board and come out and hang with us. I even tried putting the Ouija back in its box and hiding it, but he’d wait until I was asleep and hunt it down. My mom threatened to burn it if he didn’t stop playing with the Ouija, but he was undaunted.
Up to this point it was still just a game to me, albeit a game that my brother was obsessed with. However, things were about to change as Shane would turn our normal family life into a nightmare.
It began with him saying that he could see a woman in white moving around the house, especially at night. He said, the woman spoke to him and she would tell him things. We asked him about the conversations and he would only say that the woman was disappointed or angry at such and such. He saw her as friend, until the night she appeared looking like she was ready to hurt someone.

At that point I was very jittery and threatening to burn the board myself. Whatever spirit Shane was talking to from the Ouija was obviously playing with his head and starting to show itself in our home.
The problems began to escalate on the night my brother told me he had dreams of killing us and was contemplating actually following through with it. I told my mom and we started locking our bedroom doors at night. It was then the knocking began.
We started hearing knocking on the windows and doors late at night. It was as if someone was beating the heck out of the front door. I started praying until it would stop.
The next time the Ouija spirit appeared as a man. It began with a faint whistling, like someone whistling a song. Of course we all checked with each other and nobody in the house was whistling. At night it would get louder and louder. I could now distinguish that it was definitely a man. In fact, we began to call him Mr. Whistle Man. We had told a few close friends, but no one really believed us. That is until the night my friend Jill was over and experienced what we had been dealing with. Jill was so freaked out that she made me sit up all night with her until her dad could pick her up the next morning.

We couldn’t get away from Mr. Whistle Man as he even followed us on vacation. As I discussed the problems with Shane in what I though was a safe haven, it was if Mr. Whistle Man heard us talking about him and suddenly we’d all hear the whistling.
Our nerves were constantly on edge at home and the tension was so thick in that even a sword couldn’t have cut it. The constant knocking, as well as the whistling and Shane’s weird moods were wearing on the rest of my family.
My mother and I had decided that we’d had enough and were positive that the root of the problem was the Ouija board. We agreed that it felt as though the problems were escalating and soon it would be an all-out war, but at the moment, neither of us saw any light at the end of the tunnel. Strangely enough, it was soon after that discussion that the Ouija board spirit turned into some sort of Poltergeist.
On one occasion, my sister ran screaming from a back bedroom, saying something tried sitting on the bed. She had been in there napping when she heard what she insisted was the sound of heavy cloven feet coming towards the bed. Then, she felt as if someone or something was sitting down and putting pressure on her. Needless to say, she was terrified! My mom was scared too and I didn’t help matters, as I went into panic mode. This thing had already gone after Shane and Misty, now I was convinced that I was next. In fact, I didn’t have to wait too long to find out.

It was after midnight of the following night and everyone was asleep. I suddenly awoke from a nightmare to see my brother sitting on his bed looking at me. I asked him what he was doing and he said he awoke to see a black shadow with its arms pointed toward me. Apparently it was then the shadow noticed him and vanished. So many questions raced through my mind as a struggled to make sense of it all. What was this thing? Why was it after me and my family? Was this ever going to end?
It felt as if this spirit was playing with us, like we were its personal toys. It would appear without warning and take on various forms; it was constantly rummaging through the house unnerving us with all the noise, especially at night. We were exhausted from lack of sleep and always on alert, wondering when and where the next appearance would be. Then came the night it talked to us, more specifically, it spoke directly to me.
I had been talking to Shane; just making conversation and we got into a disagreement. Suddenly I heard a voice plain as day angrily growl at me…. leave him alone, it said! It was as plain as if another person had been standing right there with us.

My biggest fear was that this entity would possess my brother, but it had other prey in mind. My sister Misty was the target now.
One night my sister hadn’t been feeling too good. She went to lie down on the couch and it seemed like she was sick. Suddenly she made an odd request; she wanted me to remove my bible from the couch before she would lie down. I asked why and she said she had the urge to throw it or rip out pages. Well, I felt an urge of my own as I grabbed the bible and put it against her forehead. Misty started screaming and cursing; foam was coming out of her mouth as she threatened to kill. She used language I had never heard come out her mouth before, profane and blasphemous things. My mom held her while I held the bible to her head and prayed out loud. After what seemed an eternity, she finally began to subside. Afterwards she was completely confused as she asked what we were doing to her.
We knew we had to do something immediately, so we ran out into the middle of the street. It was well after midnight as we tried to find someone with a phone. We were all worn out and scared and definitely not wanting to go back into the house. My dad wanted to take us all and just leave, but we were afraid the thing would just follow us wherever we went. Somehow we had to fight this thing and we knew we couldn’t do it alone.
At that point we called our Pastor, David (last name omitted) and his wife Patty. They were a Pentecostal preaching husband and wife. I knew they believed in demons and spirits, as there had been many times at church when they explained to us how they turned their lives toward the Lord after dealing with some dark times, including an encounter with demons. We explained what was going on and they said they’d be there the next day.

When they arrived, they instructed us to stay outside as they went in and attempted to clear the house. Although they weren’t exactly sure what they would be dealing with, their preference was for us to be safely away from what they thought might be a demon. Of course we were fine with standing on the sidelines cheering them on. In other words, we were so terrified that we had no intention of even stepping onto the welcome mat outside.
After it was over, we asked them what they had seen. They told us they had seen something bad, but wouldn’t say what it was. Maybe they didn’t want to scare us. I don’t know. I do know that the house felt lighter and I was happy to have it leave my family alone.
Shane hasn’t touched another Ouija board since and my Mother has forbidden having anything of that nature in her home.
To this day, I still wonder about that experience and if we are all truly safe from the evil that tried to take over our lives.
Tammi (last name omitted)

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Wow! I knew how many spirits were there before they asked!

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ZOZO Ouija Phenomena [link]

The ZoZo is defined as a “blackbird or crow”. Recently, a study was done which revealed that these two creatures and sly, devious and very vindictive. People were told to pester one of these birds and then later these birds were set free to fly above them. These creatures not only flew to the exact person who did the deeds to them in the study but proceeded to cause pain to them by attacking them.
Here is a video by a YOUTUBER which shows a Raven which VANISHES in mid-air! [link]
Are they shape shifters?

In the band Led Zeppelin-Jimmy Page came up with the name “ZoSo” any connections? I think there is. Did you know they bought and lived in the VERY house that Aleister Crowley owned. They bought it specifically because of this and the paranormal phenomena that surrounded the home.

It was her father who had passed. he were testing the spirit asking questions that only she knew the answers to. After 20 minutes it switched over and claimed to be MY mother. Once again answering questions correctly. We were both in tears and before we knew it the spirit switched over and we asked who we were talking to, the pointer went O Z O Z O Z O Z O. we called him Oz , we asked him to blow out a candle to prove himself and before we completed the sentence the candle was out. We asked him the time( neither of us had watches and we had been outside for over an hour) and we ran inside to look, it was exactly right to the minute. He then preceded to tell us that it was him the whole time, not her father, not my mother, him. He said he knew what we were thinking and that’s how he gave us the answers to our questions, he was in our heads.
By the end of the conversation he began to curse at us so we stopped playing. A few weeks later we used the board again, and instantly Oz was back and he was nasty. cursing at us, saying dark things, we stopped.
That summer my sister in law and I both went through series of unfortunate events, we couldn’t catch a break, one thing after another, negativity loomed over us.

At the end of the summer we used the board one final time. It was him, and he said that he made all of those things happen to us and that he created the negativity that was following us. we never touched it again. a year later while I was at their house she told me she still had the board in the garage and she asked me to look on the computer for proper ways to get rid of the board. While doing this I realized their were endless websites and stories about ZOZO the Ouija demon. we were both scared and white as a ghost, as I was reading about him to her aloud, my nephew (her son)started running around the house screaming ZOZO ZOZO ZOZO!! and we frantically made him stop. I then read on a website that he will try to claim your first born son, I didn’t actually believe that but it surely freaked me out. the next morning my nephew wakes me up and as were waking up he asks if we can go get breakfast so I put him in the car and pull out the driveway, not 2 minutes later a car runs a stop sign and slams in to us. now that could have been coincidence, but it was just too eerie for me to shrug off, ever since then I have developed anxiety and often feel panicky, and when I talk about him I feel the negativity pressing on my chest and my brain.
Written By Nynou 2012 Ghost-Space.Com

Although the story has been removed, you can see the comments people have placed on the site of MSNBC for this article. This legend is very real.

Darren Evans investigates this phenomena. He has a website dedicated to it, and it alone.
He reveals that this mysterious word Zo could be a religious term used in early African VooDoo. He also reveals that evidence uncovered in an 18th century French dictionary gives accounts of a demon with this name who was responsible for the possession of a young girl. In another book written in 1906, details Greek tourism at the time mentions Zozo as a ‘nickname’ described for a demon Pazuzu!

via the TrueGhostTales website:
I read with great interest your story and here’s why. I live in rural Virginia, where just about every other house has a family cemetery plot on it property it seems. I had just moved here from So Cal. I wanted to create a coffee table with glass top and display some local artifacts underneath that represented the Virginia area and its rich history. I went to a yard sale and bought the table I wanted to refurbish and construct to display some of the items. When I took the top off the table I found a home made ouija board in the hollow space under the top. There was no planchette. At first I thought nothing of it, but when I told this story to a few elder locals they both bristled and told me that when a board is separated from its planchette, its an effort to sever the “access key” of certain spirits that came thru that particular board using that particular planchette. I have a healthy curiosity and interest in the “super natural” but Im not driven by it, nor do I “crave” the adrenalin rush that comes with dabbling in the art.

I constructed the table and one of the object I place in the table was the ouija. The first day I had it on display, along with several other items. I found that all the items were pushed to the very furthest sides of the table and only the board was the focal point of the display. Thinking perhaps someone in the house moved the table and tilted it thus shifting its contents, I simply removed the glass and re-arranged the display items, this time securing them with glue. I let that dry before replace the glass.

Two nights later I heard my dogs growing in the bedroom where I sleep and they were staring at the door. I got up to see what they were upset at, and when It turned on the lights in the adjoining family room, I saw the table. The glass was scratched/etched with something sharp from underneath…and there was no mistaking the letter Z in that etching. I then knew something was up with that board or with one of the objects in the display. I have since dismantled the table and put ALL of the display items, including the board, in a box. There are a few religious items that are in that box now as well. I have had no other experiences, but until I read your story about the entity ZOZO, I had no way of connecting the Z etched in the glass with the ouija.
More here [link]

This name was at the top of one of the boards in the above videos and I recognized it immediately! Pazuzu in Assyrian and Babylonian ‘mythology’ is the king of the demons of the wind, and son of the god, Hanbi. Pazuzu is mentioned in a modern form of the necronomicon by a mysterious monk.
Then I see Darren Evans research and was astounded that these makers of this board would do such a thing! This is manufactured as a CHILD’S TOY! We must pray for mercy on their souls and for the souls of the many children and young adults who unknowingly, and knowingly use this demonic item!

This was the name on the top of one of the Ouija Boards in the above videos. I believe there is a demon named Zolar. And we should realize these names aren’t put there for trivial reasons. This should be taken as seriously as the board itself.

So, here’s the reason for the article;
When we make a free will choice to receive information outside of our own self, it is imperative that we have accurate discernment to know who we are contacting.
When this supposition is wrong, it ends up in destroying the innocent, infecting homes and families, and creating a string of problems that continually harasses and follows the person, their loved ones, an item or their home.
There is a vast invisible world of good and evil around us every moment of every day.
There are unholy Angels (demons) and manipulated ghosts who are all too willing to pretend to be someone they are not, and to mislead and ruin us if left unchecked. Our free will is a shield that can get holes in it, and holes open us up to attack and manipulation by these entities.
A portal is where an invitation has been made through use of a material object which now becomes a channel for unholy Angels to move through as they please, as many as they want, for constant attacks.
Unholy Angels have been around for thousands of years, they know the history of mankind, and have watched all the choices and interactions of your life too. So they also know what kind of things people have used as aids to contact them. These items are closely monitored by the unholy Angels.
This danger can be triggered by dowsing, numerology, palmistry, Wicca, astrology, past life regressions, séances, and Ouija boards, to list a few.
If the item is dark, bust it up, put it in the ground, burn it in a safe place, and cover it back up. It must be totally destroyed so no one else could ever use it. How do you close a portal? Find the offending item, the trigger – whether it is a room in the house or the object. Prayer is essential, for this is a war you are fighting, and you must cleanse the area by the authority and confidence you have by faith.
It is by the name of Christ that you can cast the demons out, and close the portal. It is not a time for fear. This means if you are afraid, call in those who have a stronger faith than you. When you ask another to do it for you and they agree, a new contract now exists for good, and the cleansing can occur in your behalf. “Not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit, says the Lord of Hosts.”(Zechariah 4:6)
A house blessing is essential, a dedication of all things to the God of Love, and a choice of turning away from the things that caused the problems to begin with. “Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.” (James 4:7)
Sprinkle dead sea salt at each entrance and exit including windows, and anointing olive oil over each window while reading prayers and scriptures out loud. Be specific about where you are casting out the demons to – do not simply cast them out of your area, or to the desert or back where they came from – send the demons to God to deal with as he sees fit. Put a crucifix, not just a cross, over each door that leads to the outside, and one over each bed. Also be specific in your wording that you know you have the authority as a child of God through the name of Jesus Christ to close the portal and that it will be done.

[Now is a good time to destroy or get rid of any physical gifts or other objects that could hold the soul tie together, such as the Ouija Board, etc. Anything that could hold the bond together between you and those objects. Close the portal. Renounce your connection with those communications with those spirits and burn the objects.]

Heavenly Father, I confess and repent of the sin of ___________ (name the sin which caused the evil soul tie, such as the usage of occult material), and I ask that you forgive me of this sin.
In the name of Jesus, and by the power of His blood, I now renounce, break and sever all unholy soul ties formed between ___________ , through the sin of ____________ (name the sin which caused the evil soul tie, such as occult communications with familiar spirits).
I now command any evil spirits which have taken advantage of this unholy soul tie to leave me now in the name of Jesus!
Thank you Father, and in the name of Jesus Christ cleanse my soul and body. Take away all my sins and forgive me of my trespasses as I forgive those who have trespassed against me. Deliver me from this evil.



Usually I don’t approach this subject for it is very subjective. But, I feel it’s high time to hit the nail on the head!

The simple fact that “DRACONIAN” Laws are taking effect and enabling schools to commit such heinous crimes against our children is totally a sin, but also enough to plant that seed needed to begin their devious endeavors.
I want to begin this article with our children! They have not only targeted and preyed upon our children but they are passing laws which prohibit parents from speaking out against such conduct that is going on in our PUBLIC SCHOOLS!

This is but a few examples which gives on their website. BRAVO to them for exposing these deviants…Ref #1

“The Little Black Book-Queer in the 21st Century” /WARNING–Sexually Explicit
This is what they are giving our SCHOOL aged children! (Brookline High School during GLSEN)

“King & King”
Book read to second grade class at Estabrook Elementary in Lexington MA.

“It’s Elementary” Video-A 78 Minute Feature Film
Shown to elementary in Massachusetts, and New York.

“Who’s in a Family”
A Federal judge said that parents couldn’t object when schools gave this book to 6 year olds.

“Fistgate” Conference WARNING–Sexually Explicit
GLSEN (Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network) is a national homosexual organization (founder appointed by BARACK OBAMA to run the Office of Safe & Drug Free Schools in the US Dept of Education), which targets children in public schools.

SECRET “Safe Zones”
Used to counsel children who feel differently. Claim sessions must be secret for “protection of kids”.

Cross-Dressing & Transgenderism in the 3rd Grade!
Teaching children about radical subjects!

Next a recent article:

By Todd Starnes
The principal of Gorham Middle School sent a letter to parents apologizing for the graphic nature of the presentation by PRYSM, Proud Rainbow Youth of Southern Maine.
“They went beyond the scope of our intentions and discussed topics that we do not deem appropriate for our middle school,” Robert Riley wrote in a letter obtained by The American Journal. “We do not intend to expose them to ideas that are not within the scope of our teaching about responsible citizenship as it is embedded in our code of conduct.”
The incident occurred two weeks before the state voted to approve gay marriage – and involved a classroom of 25 eighth graders.
Howard’s 13-year-old son was one of those who came home shocked by the presentation’s graphic nature.
“They were talking about sex and if you didn’t have a condom – saran wrap could be used in place of a dental dam,” Howard told Fox News. “It was all new to me.”
Howard said the PRYSM presenters also cursed and questioned whether the children had been taught about safe homosexual sex.
James Hagen, chairman of the school committee, told The American Journal that teachers felt uncomfortable about the presentation and reported it to the principal.
“Teachers were in such shock,” he told the newspaper. “Everyone just froze.”
Principal Riley defended the way the teacher’s handled the situation – noting that the conversation about gay foreplay happened near the end of the presentation.
“I think if it had gone longer, they would have intervened,” he told Fox News.
He said the school is taking steps to make sure it doesn’t happen again.
“This particular day didn’t have anything to do with sex. It had everything to do with tolerance and kindness and trying to eradicate from our building the idea that it’s okay to be mean to each other,” he said.
Howard said the fact that teachers did not intervene was incredibly disturbing.
“It was a gay diversity class that was supposed to teach tolerance,” she said “When it got further than that somebody in the room should have stopped it.”
Bob Emrich, of Protect Marriage Maine, said he wasn’t surprised by the content of the so-called “diversity” class.
“Homosexual activists rarely advertise that they are going to indoctrinate children to their point of view,” he said in a statement. “It’s done under the radar, through mandatory ‘diversity, anti-bullying and tolerance’ lessons.”
“If there was any doubt that gay marriage would be taught to young children in Maine schools just as it is in Massachusetts and Canada, that doubt should be removed now,” he said. “If they are willing to teach our kids how homosexuals engage in foreplay, do you really think they won’t force gay marriage instruction of young children when it is the law of the land?”
Now, parents across the town have been forced to have some unusual conversations with their children.
“It did create conversation in our home that technically we wouldn’t have had,” Howard said. “My child knows his identity.”
She’s also informed her son that contrary to what PRYSM said, saran wrap should only be used to protect food.
“I’ve had to let him know that no matter what situation he gets in – my suggestion is not saran wrap,” she said. “My suggestion is to abstain altogether.”
Abstinence was not mentioned in the class.
She plans on airing her concerns at tonight’s school committee meeting.
“We’ve gotten away from reading, writing and math,” she said. “We’re graduating children that can’t read.”
But at least in Gorham, they know what to do with saran wrap.

If you are not aware of, or if you believe the blatant and obvious movement by gays and their supporters (and others with agendas branching out from the obvious topic) to infiltrate politics, media, tv, print, advertising, educations, etc. is just no big deal, read the following in full, which was allegedly written in the late 80s.
The campaign has been methodical, and the agenda has escalated strongly just in the past year or so alone, in terms of reaching the public.
Bear in mind: This is NOT just about whether you support or oppose the gay lifestyle. This IS about one faction attempting to force an entire society to change their way of thinking and alter their beliefs.
It’s not about gays wanting equality – they want the opposition to give in.
Gays and their supporters are, in reality, guilty of the very kind of intolerance that they themselves openly oppose and rally against.

From: “The Overhauling of Straight America” by Marshall K. Kirk and Erastes Pill, Guide Magazine, November 1987.
Many of the strategies have already been put into place and have achieved their desired results.

The first order of business is desensitization of the American public concerning gays and gay rights. To desensitize the public is to help it view homosexuality with indifference instead of with keen emotion. Ideally, we would have straights register differences in sexual preference the way they register different tastes for ice cream or sports games: she likes strawberry and I like vanilla; he follows baseball and I follow football. No big deal.
At least in the beginning, we are seeking public desensitization and nothing more. We do not need and cannot expect a full “appreciation” or “understanding” of homosexuality from the average American. You can forget about trying to persuade the masses that homosexuality is a good thing. But if only you can get them to think that it is just another thing, with a shrug of their shoulders, then your battle for legal and social rights is virtually won. And to get to shoulder-shrug stage, gays as a class must cease to appear mysterious, alien, loathsome and contrary. A large-scale media campaign will be required in order to change the image of gays in America. And any campaign to accomplish this turnaround should do six things.

The principle behind this advice is simple: almost any behavior begins to look normal if you are exposed to enough of it at close quarters and among your acquaintances. The acceptability of the new behavior will ultimately hinge on the number of one’s fellows doing it or accepting it. One may be offended by its novelty at first–many, in times past, were momentarily scandalized by “streaking,” eating goldfish, and premarital sex. But as long as Joe Six-pack feels little pressure to perform likewise, and as long as the behavior in question presents little threat to his physical and financial security, he soon gets used to it and life goes on. The skeptic may still shake his head and think “people arc crazy these days,” but over time his objections are likely to become more reflective, more philosophical, less emotional.
The way to benumb raw sensitivities about homosexuality is to have a lot of people talk a great deal about the subject in a neutral or supportive way. Open and frank talk makes the subject seem less furtive, alien, and sinful, more above-board. Constant talk builds the impression that public opinion is at least divided on the subject, and that a sizable segment accepts or even practices homosexuality. Even rancorous debates between opponents and defenders serve the purpose of desensitization so long as “respectable” gays are front and center to make their own pitch. The main thing is to talk about gayness until the issue becomes thoroughly tiresome.
And when we say talk about homosexuality, we mean just that. In the early stages of any campaign to reach straight America, the masses should not be shocked and repelled by premature exposure to homosexual behavior itself. Instead, the imagery of sex should be downplayed and gay rights should be reduced to an abstract social question as much as possible. First let the camel get his nose inside the tent–only later his unsightly derriere!
Where we talk is important. The visual media, film and television, are plainly the most powerful image-makers in Western civilization. The average American household watches over seven hours of TV daily. Those hours open up a gateway into the private world of straights, through which a Trojan horse might be passed. As far as desensitization is concerned, the medium is the message–of normalcy. So far, gay Hollywood has provided our best covert weapon in the battle to desensitize the mainstream. Bit by bit over the past ten years, gay characters and gay themes have been introduced into TV programs and films (though often this has been done to achieve comedic and ridiculous affects). On the whole the impact has been encouraging. The prime-time presentation of Consenting Adults on a major network in 1985 is but one high-water mark in favorable media exposure of gay issues. But this should be just the beginning of a major publicity blitz. by gay America.
Would a desensitizing campaign of open and sustained talk about gay issues reach every rabid opponent of homosexuality? Of course not. While public opinion is one primary source of mainstream values, religious authority is the other. When conservative churches condemn gays, there are only two things we can do to confound the homophobia of true believers. First, we can use talk to muddy the moral waters. This means publicizing support for gays by more moderate churches, raising theological objections of our own about conservative interpretations of biblical teachings, and exposing hatred and inconsistency. Second, we can undermine the moral authority of homophobia churches by portraying them as antiquated backwaters, badly out of step with the times and with the latest findings of psychology. Against the mighty pull of institutional Religion one must set the mightier draw of Science and Public Opinion (the shield and sword of the accursed “secular humanism”‘). Such an unholy alliance has worked well against churches before, on such topics as divorce and abortion. With enough open talk about the prevalence and acceptability of homosexuality, that alliance can work again here.

In any campaign to win over the public, gays must be cast as victims in need of protection so that straights will be inclined by reflex to assume the role of protector. If gays are presented, instead, as a strong and prideful tribe promoting a rigidly nonconformist and deviant lifestyle, they are more likely to be seen as a public menace that justifies resistance and oppression. For that reason, we must forego the temptation to strut our “gay pride” publicly when it conflicts with the Gay Victim image. And we must walk the fine line between impressing straights with our great numbers, on the one hand, and sparking their hostile paranoia—”They are all around us!”–on the other. A media campaign to promote the Gay Victim image should make use of symbols which reduce the mainstream’s sense of threat, which lower it’s guard, and which enhance the plausibility of victimization. In practical terms, this means that jaunty mustachioed musclemen would keep very low profile in gay commercials and other public presentations, while sympathetic figures of nice young people, old people, and attractive women would be featured. (It almost goes without saying that groups on the farthest margin of acceptability such as NAMBLA, [Ed note -- North American Man-Boy Love Association] must play no part at all in such a campaign: suspected child-molesters will never look like victims.)
Now, there are two different messages about the Gay Victim that arc worth communicating. First, the mainstream should be told that gays arc victims of fate, in the sense that most never had a choice to accept or eject their sexual preference. The message must read: “As far as gays can tell, they were born gay, just as you were born heterosexual or white or black or bright or athletic. Nobody ever tricked or seduced them; they never made a choice, and are not morally blameworthy. What they do isn’t willfully contrary – it’s only natural for them. This twist of fate could as easily have happened to you!”
Straight viewers must be able to identify with gays as victims. Mr. and Mrs. Public must be given no extra excuses to say “they arc not like us.” To this end, the persons featured in the public campaign should be decent and upright, appealing and admirable by straight standards, completely unexceptionable in appearance–in a word, they should be indistinguishable from the straights we would like to reach. (To return to the terms we have used in previous articles, spokesmen for our cause must be R-type “straight gays” rather than Q-type “homosexuals on display.” ) Only under such conditions will the message be read correctly: “These folks are victims of a fate that could have happened to me.”
By the way, we realize that many gays will question an advertising technique which might threaten to make homosexuality look like some dreadful disease which strikes fated “victims”. But the plain fact is that the gay community is weak, including the play for sympathy. In any case, we compensate for the negative aspect of this gay victim appeal under Principle 4. Below.
The second message would portray gays as victims of society. The straight majority does not recognize the suffering it brings to the lives of gays and must be shown: graphic pictures of brutalized gays; dramatizations of job and housing insecurity, loss of child custody, and public humiliation: and the dismal list goes on.

A Media campaign that casts gays as society’s victims and encourages straights to be their protectors must make it easier for those to respond to assert and explain their new protectiveness. Few straight women, and even fewer straight men, wilt want to defend homosexuality boldly as such. Most would rather attach their awakened protective impulse to some principle of justice or law, to some general desire for consistent and fair treatment in society. Our campaign should not demand direct support for homosexual practices, but should instead take anti-discrimination as its theme. The right to free speech, freedom of beliefs, freedom of association, due process and equal protection of laws–these should be the concerns brought to mind by our campaign.
It is especially important for the gay movement to hitch its cause to accepted standards of law and justice because its straight supporters must have at hand a cogent reply to the moral arguments of its enemies. The homophobes clothe their emotional revulsion in the daunting robes of religious dogma, so defenders of gay rights must be ready to counter dogma with principle.

In order to make a Gay Victim sympathetic to straights you have to portray him as Everyman. But an additional theme of the campaign should be more aggressive and upbeat: to offset the increasingly bad press that these times have brought to homosexual men and women, the campaign should paint gays as superior pillars of society. Yes, yes, we know–this trick is so old it creaks. Other minorities use it all the time in ads that announce proudly, “Did you know that this Great Man (or Woman) was _________?” But the message is vital for all those straights who still picture gays as “queer” people– shadowy, lonesome, fail, drunken, suicidal, child-snatching misfits. The honor roll of prominent gay or bisexual men and women is truly eye-popping. From Socrates to Shakespeare, from Alexander the Great to Alexander Hamilton, from Michelangelo to Walt Whitman, from Sappho to Gertrude Stein, the list is old hat to us but shocking news to heterosexual America. In no time, a skillful and clever media campaign could have the gay community looking like the veritable fairy godmother to Western Civilization.
Along the same lines, we shouldn’t overlook the Celebrity Endorsement. The celebrities can be straight (God bless you, Ed Asner, wherever you are) or gay.

At a later stage of the media campaign for gay rights-long after other gay ads have become commonplace–it will be time to get tough with remaining opponents. To be blunt, they must be vilified. (This will be all the more necessary because, by that time, the entrenched enemy will have quadrupled its output of vitriol and disinformation.) Our goal here is twofold. First, we seek to replace the mainstream’s self-righteous pride about its homophobia with shame and guilt. Second, we intend to make the anti-gays look so nasty that average Americans will want to dissociate themselves from such types.
The public should be shown images of ranting homophobes whose secondary traits and beliefs disgust middle America. These images might include: the Ku Klux Klan demanding that gays be burned alive or castrated; bigoted southern ministers drooling with hysterical hatred to a degree that looks both comical and deranged; menacing punks, thugs, and convicts speaking coolly about the “fags” they have killed or would like to kill; a tour of Nazi concentration camps where homosexuals were tortured and gassed.
A campaign to vilify the victimizers is going to enrage our most fervid enemies, of course. But what else can we say? The shoe fits, and we should make them try it on for size, with all of America watching.

The buck stops here. Any massive campaign of this kind would require unprecedented expenditures for months or even years–an unprecedented fundraising drive.
Effective advertising is a costly proposition: several million dollars would get the ball rolling. There are 10-15 million primarily homosexual adults in this country: if each one of them donated just two dollars to the campaign, its war chest would actually rival that of its most vocal enemies. And because those gays not supporting families usually have more discretioners income than average, they could afford to contribute much more.
But would they? Or is they, [sic] gay community as feckless, selfish, uncommitted, and short-sighted as its critics claim? We will never know unless the new campaign simultaneously launches a concerted nationwide appeal for funding support from both known and anonymous donors. The appeal should be directed both at gays and at straights who care about social justice.
In the beginning, for reasons to be explained in a moment, the appeal for funds may have to be launched exclusively through the gay press–national magazines, local newspapers, flyers at bars, notices in glossy skin magazines. Funds could also come through the outreach of local gay organizations on campuses and in metropolitan areas. Eventually, donations would be solicited directly alongside advertisements in the major straight media.

For example, the FBI is actively recruiting homosexual and “transgender” employees and agents. The FBI’s “careers” website now boasts a page advising potential (and current) job applicants.
A sample of the “Questions and Answers for Applicants” are:
Q. Can you be gay and work at the FBI?
A. Yes. The FBI does not discriminate against a person’s sexual orientation with regard to hiring decisions. To be sure, the FBI has open lesbian, gay, bisexual, and possibly transgender employees, as well as an LGBT Advisory Committee. The FBI welcomes and appreciates the contribution of its LGBT employees.
Q. Can you be gay and be an FBI Agent?
A. Yes. In fact, you can be gay in any position within the FBI.
Q. Does the FBI celebrate PRIDE?
A. Yes. The FBI recently held an informal reception at FBI Headquarters and was proud to have Congressman Barney Frank as its speaker. Also, individual field offices are encouraged to have their own celebrations, educational presentations, or participate in LGBT community events.
Q. Does the FBI have an LGBT Advisory Committee?
A. Yes. The FBI recently formed the LGBT Advisory Committee under the Office of Equal Employment Opportunity Affairs. The committee is composed of both Special Agents and support employees and is represented by gay, straight, and lesbian employees. The committee’s members are from all over the United States. The purpose of the committee is to listen to the voices of the FBI LGBT employees and communicate concerns, policies, and ways in which the FBI can recognize its LGBT employees. The committee meets telephonically each month to discuss old and new business and meets twice each year at Headquarters.
Q. I’m not out at work, but I want to be. Does the FBI provide assistance with coming out?
A. The LGBT Advisory Committee, as well as the employee assistance programs and counselors, are available to employees who need assistance with coming out or adjusting to being openly gay at work.
The CIA and “gay pride”
The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has actually been involved with the homosexual movement for over 15 years, according to its website. The CIA boasts about its internal organization called the Agency Network of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Employees and Allies (ANGLE). ANGLE helps recruit LGBT employees and sets up CIA Pride Month celebrations at various CIA offices around the country.
In addition, ANGLE involves CIA employees in general “gay pride” activities. (They’ve gone from spying to participating!) For example, the following was on its website:
In further celebration of Pride Month, the CIA participated in Capital Pride’s Festival, the annual LGBT celebration in Washington, D.C. The annual event is the third largest Pride festival in the country, attracting more than 250,000 people. Officers from ANGLE, the Center for Mission Diversity and Inclusion, and the CIA’s Recruitment Center discussed career opportunities at the Agency as well as efforts to create an inclusive and supportive environment for LGBT employees.
FBI’s outrageous partnership with Southern Poverty Law Center
Perhaps the most outwardly frightening aspect of the FBI is its official partnership with the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), which is itself a hate group disguised as a “tolerance” group. The SPLC has defamed, libeled, and outwardly lied about hundreds of pro-family groups and individuals, in addition to immigration reform groups, religious groups, people in conservative media, and even members of Congress. The SPLC has created and advertises its bizarre and offensive list of those it labels “hate groups,” “extremists,” and “domestic terrorists” that even includes the Tea Party.

Not your father’s US Justice Department. Attorney General Eric Holder presents special award to transgender activist Diana Flynn, a man wearing women’s clothes, during the DOJ’s LGBT Pride Month program. At right is Chai Feldblum, radical lesbian activist and Commissioner of the EEOC.

Next, we have gay-“friendly”-companies!
Here is the latest list of companies scoring 100 percent on the index:
A.T. Kearney Inc.
AAA Northern California
Abercrombie & Fitch
Accenture Ltd.
Akin, Gump, Strauss, Hauer & Feld
Alston & Bird
American Express
Ameriprise Financial
AMR Corp. (American Airlines)
Aon Corp.
Apple Inc.
Automatic Data Processing
Avon Products Inc.
Bain & Co. Inc.
Baker & McKenzie
Bank of America Corp.
Bank of New York Mellon Corp.
Barclays Capital
Barnes & Noble Inc.
Best Buy
Bingham McCutchen
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota
BMO Bankcorp
Booz Allen Hamilton
Boston Consulting Group
Bristol-Myers Squibb
Brown Rudnick
Brown-Forman Corp.
Bryan Cave
Caesars Entertainment Corp.
Campbell Soup Co.
Capital One Financial Corp.
Cardinal Health Inc.
Cargill Inc.
Carlton Fields PA
Chapman and Cutler
Charles Schwab Corp.
Chevron Corp
Choate, Hall & Stewart
Choice Hotels International Inc.

Chubb Corp.
Cisco Systems
Citigroup Inc.
Clifford Chance US
Clorox Co.
Coca-Cola Co.
Corning Inc.
Covington & Burling
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Dow Chemical Co.
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Eastman Kodak Co.
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EMC Corp.
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Jenner & Block
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Companies Get Gayer as Economy Plummets
Despite an economy languishing in high unemployment and low consumer confidence, more American companies are jumping on the bandwagon to provide support for homosexual and transgender employees.
More than 300 firms have now received perfect 100-percent scores in this fall’s #”Corporate Equality Index, produced annually by the Human Rights Campaign, which ranks businesses on their “treatment” of employees who have chosen homosexual, lesbian, bisexual and transgender lifestyles.

GAY is the new, yet old reminder of GOD’s Authority
This is an oldie but goodie! The Bible has many examples of why homosexuality is WRONG. People would like you to think it doesn’t but it does!

Good points as to why GOD is right…a marriage is a vow between a man and woman!

It Offends GOD!
This is the MOST important reason.

It  violates NATURAL LAW

No such thing as “BORN THIS WAY”.

Homosexual acts between consenting adults does not hurt you.
WRONG. The mutual consent of homosexual partners does not negate the fact that it’s morally wrong. And will never legitimize the act. It is unnatural.

It DAMAGES the moral fabric of a family.
Do you seriously believe two males can raise a female right? No. I am not racist. I will say it another way. Do you think two females can raise a male? No. There, I said it again. Either way….you begin to have problems within the fabric of the home. Statistics are now coming forward PROVING this statement. Same Sex Marriage Source – Family Research Council [link]

What we do in private is ‘nobodies’ business.
Wrong. It’s GOD’S business. Just because you say it does not make it true. Pornography is horrible, child prostitution is horrid, polygamy is wrong, incest is gross…all these things and MORE are done in private, not only because their ASHAMED of it, but because they are WRONG. It basically breaks down the moral fiber of society. An evil act does not become good just because it’s don’t in private.

Same-Sex marriage don’t not threatens traditional marriage.
There is no such thing as a “NEW MARRIAGE”. This is a Satanic spin on GOD’S LAW! A new kind of marriage is a ‘gay marriage’ genus is wrong on every compass. It destroys the integrity of a true marriage. Marriage is a permanent, sacred bond between a man and a woman. Uniting them is a selfless dedication to their life and future family.

It denies a child the basic right to a mother or a father.
A family has basic needs within it. The influence of a mother and father are two of these basic needs. One cannot replace the other, no matter how hard one tries. Secondly, the second party in the ‘gay’ marriage does not have blood relationship to the children.



2012-Guardians of the Dark Rift

This is no way eludes to an end date. In fact, their whole agenda lends itself to an ‘enlightenment’ on the part of the New Age, instead of an end. Maybe the reference displays itself to be just that, not a 2012 end of the world conclusion.
I have been asked to bring forth an article on this matter, and consequently I had already been accumulating a variety of sources which would help explain the theories behind these places and events.
I certainly have every intention of giving the facts as I see them, but I also believe this has to do with the Illuminati, their gods and the Ascended Masters. I will connect these subjects as well as I can to reveal that millenniums have past and the same agenda has presented itself for these very days we live in.
These areas of interest are inherently connected, whether it be through symbolism, or ‘visits’ past and present from these so called gods from the sky.

Planetary Alignments
The alignment with the Giza pyramids which only happens once in 2,737 years, will take place on December 3, 2012. It is a DEAD-ON alignment with the pyramids and will happen one hour before sunrise. Although there are those who have come forward and said the planets will not align as the photo suggests, some say it is rare, other say not so rare…there will be an alignment, nonetheless. The claim of the suggests a particular configuration, and this is seems combined with the relative spacing over the pyramids are NOT so rare…so this makes it interesting.

The planets inline: Mercury/Venus/Saturn
I wonder if there are any particular events planned for this night/day? Are the Freemasons or any other ‘secret society’ organization going to make their appearance?

Inexplicata-The Journal Of Hispanic Ufology ( has published the following report from the Mexican government on the luminous object seen over the Popocatepetl Volcano.
Informative Note On The Images Of A Luminous Object Over The Popocatepetl Volcano On 25 October 2012
Secretaria de Gobernación (SEGOB) Sistema Nacional de Protección Civil CENAPRED
At 20:44 hours on 25 October, CENAPRED’s cameras, located at the Altzomoni Station for continuous virtual monitoring of the Popocatepetl Volcano recorded the manifestation and transit of a luminous signal, intensely bright, in the upper left hand quadrant of the image, moving at great speed, increasing its brightness, and apparently introducing itself into the volcano’s crater (Figure 1a). The presence of this signal in the image has an approximate duration of 3 seconds.
The CENAPRED’s camera at Altzomoni is located 11 kilometers from the Popocatepetl Volcano’s crater, and a few meters away from where the Televisa corporation has installed another camera on which similar images were recorded and rebroadcast on the “Noticiero con Joaquin Lopez Doriga” program on the night of Friday the 25th (Figure 1b). It should be noted that differences in shape, length, shadows and brightness between the images taken by the CENAPRED camera and the Televisa camera are related with technical aspects particular to each item of equipment, mainly their resolution. Moreover, the framing in the case of the CENAPRED images is much more open, while the Televisa camera is much more light sensitive.
Figure 1. a) Image of the CENAPRED camera at 20:44:45 on 25 October and b), Image of the Televisa camera on the same day.

During the luminous signal’s descent, none of the volcano’s stations registered relevant seismic signals. The seismic record shows no modification or signal that could be associated with the possible impact of an object within the crater or its vicinity.
The Popocatepetl Volcano’s behavior in the days surrounding the event remained within normal parameters. The seismic monitoring system recorded between 35 and 70 emanations per day. These emanations were of low-to-moderate intensity with emissions of water vapor, gas, and small amounts of ash. 45 emanations, specifically, were recorded on 25 October, mostly of moderate intensity.
The most relevant emanation immediately prior to the sighting of the luminous object described was recorded at 20:42 hours (Figure 2). The volcano issued a pulse of water vapor and gas that headed in a west-southwest direction and increased the incandescence over the crater slightly, which was observed in a constant manner throughout the entire night (Figure 2b).
Figure 2. a) Emission of water vapor and gas related to a moderate intensity emanation recorded on 25 October at 20:42 hours. b) Light incandescence visible most of the night on Thursday the 25th.

The framing differences between both cameras is significant, since the wider visual field of the CENAPRED camera enables the viewer to see the apparition of the luminous signal and the increase in its brightness, while in the images shown by Televisa, the object has already achieved its maximum glow when it enters the frame.
It must also be considered that both cameras are night vision type, that is to say, they are particularly sensitive in low-light conditions, and the pixels are easily saturated by a bright light, exaggerating its size and keeping it “lit” for a longer period of time, which explains the rectangular shape acquired by the object when it achieves its maximum glow.
A detailed observation of the images allows us to state that the object did not fall within the crater. Rather, it traveled along a much more distant plane. Its appearance in the upper part of the atmosphere, its trajectory and the increase in its brightness seem to indicate that it was a particularly bright meteorite, also known as a bolide.
At this time of the year we find two active “meteor showers”. First the Orionids, active from 2 October to 7 November, reaching their peak of up to 25 meteorites per hour on the night on 20 October, and secondly the Taurids, active from 1 October to 25 November, reaching their maximum of up to 5 meteorites per hour on 5 November. They are given these names as the meteorites follow trajectories that appear to originate in the regions of the constellations of Orion and Taurus, respectively.
While the Orionids tend to be meteorites that enter the Earth’s atmosphere at high speed and are small in size (grains of sand), producing long trails that last less than a second. The Taurids are made up of somewhat larger fragments (gravel) and travel more slowly, frequently generating bolides, that is to say, very bright meteorites (may exceed the brightness of Venus) that travel for several seconds before consuming themselves.
Furthermore, the trajectory of the object visible in the Altzomoni cameras coincides with one that might be followed by a Taurid, considering the fact that they point toward S 18 degrees East (Figures 3 and 4)
Figure 3. Sequence of images taken with the CENAPRED camera every 25 seconds, showing the bolide from its appearance until it vanishes behind the volcano. Considering that the crater is 800 meters wide, the bolide’s luminous trail never exceeds an apparent 200 meter in length. apparently. Its trajectory, slightly tilted from left to right, when projected upward and above the camera, would come from the Taurus Constellation, which at that moment was in the horizon to the northeast of the camera (behind and to the left).

Figure 4. Image generated by the Stellarium 0.7.1 Program available at, showing a map of the sky over Altzomoni on 25 October at 20:44, showing in yellow the trajectory followed by the bolide, and the extension of its trajectory in red toward Taurus near the Pleiades. The trajectory is curved due to the curvature of the celestial vault.

1. In accordance with the analysis performed by specialists from this Center, this event bears no relation whatsoever with the Popocatepetl Volcanos activity. At the time of apparent contact between the luminous object and the crater in subsequent moments, no changes in seismic signals were recorded. This leads us to state that while visually, the luminous phenomenon appears to enter the crater, it very likely is traveling along a far more distant plane behind the volcano. This statement is bolstered by the fact that none of the other four cameras of the visual monitoring network surrounding Popocatepetl recorded the object in question from their respective angles of vision.
2. The luminous signal in the atmosphere, recorded by CENAPRED’s camera in Altzomoni as well as by Televisa’s camera at the same location, could be associated with an astronomical event, specifically a bolide from the Taurid meteor shower, given its characteristics and its trajectory. That is to say, it was probably a meteorite that entered the Earth’s atmosphere, leaving a luminous wake produced by friction.
3. We cannot dismiss, however, the possibility that the object was a fragment of an artificial satellite that left a luminous wake similar to that of a meteorite as it entered the atmosphere.
4. It should be noted that for the two hypotheses mentioned above, an exhaustive validation and analysis by institutions and experts in astronomy and space science is necessary.
Done by: Office of the Deputy Director of Geological Hazards of the CENAPRED Research Office, 30 October 2012.
According to Stephen Hannard ADGUK, scientists in Mexico still cannot give a reasonable explanation of what happened when an unknown object with a diameter of 200 meters flew into the crater of the active volcano Popocatepetl at great speed.
What is even more compelling is that a huge unknown vortex appeared over the area at the time of the event. Could the UFO have come from the vortex? (1)
The vortex was recorded by the meteorological radar “Intellicast” on the 27th of October 2012, It remained there until the 28th October, Coincidence?
Stephen Hannard Video [link]

Two UFO’s Cruise over Popocatepetl 2012 [link]
UFO Returns to Popocatepetl [link]
Stargate, UFO, Vortex, Appears Over Mexico? [link]

Monument 6 from Tortuguero is currently generating discussion as it includes the only known inscription depicting the end of the current 13-Bak’tun era in 2012. Grube, Martin and Zender have state it refers to “the end of the 13th b’ahktun which we will see in the year 2012” and as to what will happen, they say, “…utom, “it will happen” followed by something that we cannot read and he “will descend” yem. The last glyph begins with ta followed by something. However, this is not the end of the world.”

Monument 6 concerns the god(s) Bolon Yokte’ K’uh – specifically “…a calendrical event in the early 21st century AD, at which time, apparently, the god may ‘descend’.” Stuart has given a more complete translation: “”The Thirteenth Bak’tun” will be finished (on) Four Ahaw, the Third of K’ank’in. ? will occur. (It will be) the descent(?) of the Nine Support (?) God(s) to the ?.”

Mexico Acknowledges 2nd Mayan Reference to 2012 [link]
“The Nine” are the Nine Lords of the Night:
Bolon Yookte was called “the God of the Nine Steps” and also that this was a deity that was present already at the beginning of creation as can be seen from the famous Vase of the Seven Lords.
Does this equate to the Big Bang to these people? Are these nine, the Ascended Masters? Part of Satan’s hierarchy? I have a future article coming out about the Nine.

In the Aztec calendar, the Lords of the night are;

Xiuhtecuhtli – god of Fire, Year or Grass (Lord of the Year, year)
Itztli – god of Flint (Flint)
Piltzintecuhtli – lord of the youths (flower)
Cinteotl – god of Maize, Ears of Corn, and Bread (goddess of Maize)
Mictlantecuhtli – god of Infernal Regions (death)
Chalchiuhtlicue – Lady with Skirt of Jade (Water goddess)
Tlazolteotl – goddess of Love
Tepeyollotl – Heart of the Mountains (deity who lived in the mountains)
Tlaloc – lord of the Rain

Esoteric believers think that behind our Black Hole in Milky Way is the double center of our galaxy. Both are symbols of vagina and womb in our galaxy…Belt of Orion is the phallus and anticenter (as the male stargate).
Bolon Yok’te Ku is female part of the Maya dual creator. The male part is Hunab Ku(note 5+2 letters). Bolon Yok’te Ku is 9 ringed Jar/Pot(of Aquarius-Potter-Creator)in Mesopotamia of Milky Way as the Jar/Pot Yama (52 in Gematria)-Black Hole/CygnusX1=the Swan
In ancient Persia was known the 7 ringed Jar/Pot/Bowl Yamshid…Yama is the 9 ringed Jar/Pot of Potter-Creator-Yoser/Djoser…
Below the Belt of Orion(Min or Tav)–(is this where they get the TAU?) is the double nebulae Trapezium(M42/43)-Testicles of Orion, the celestial Smith Usama in Persia…
The Old Testament has 928 chapters as arc minutes, equal to 15*28″…The same angle has Jerusalem-Bethlehem(Pythagorean LHM for solar, male stargate as in Chan BaHLuM or Taj MaHaL,etc.); but also Luxor-Karnak and so on, on global scale and layouts…

Go to Google: Maya Calendar In US Skyscrapers Architecture,
then to: Maya2012Calendar… read on true Mayology and goddess Bolon Yok’te Ku, seen on the last page of the Dresden Codex flipping the Jar/Pot of Aquarius-Potter-Creator with descending from it the WHITE OWL(symbol of death)and the STORM GOD(of War)and compare it to the worsening weather in 2012…
I also noticed the “POTTERS FIELD” in the Olympics 2012. Is the POTTER relating to the AQUARIUS gods/Ascended Masters?

I find this to be quite interesting. The OWL is certainly a forefront symbol to the Freemason/Illuminati as Molock. To the Christian sect the Molock is the ancient form of Satan or the Ammonite god. Canaanites and Phoenicians worshiped this figure, which is associated with child sacrifices by fire (an offering to Cronus/Saturn/Ba‘al), and blood rituals. He is called the Prince of Hell.
This sounds much like the events which take place in the United States today with millions/billions of children who have came up missing. Are the elite who worship this deity, and continue to sacrifice their prey to them? I do believe this is true.

The Pentagram connected to ‘The White House’ is geographically up-side down. A classic, or rather the classic logo of Satanism! In the same way that this:

Is the classic James Bond logo. If the layouts of the streets could be seen as the 007 logo, you might stop and think “Man… these people are obsessed with James Bond!”. James Bond is a mind control reference. (Many other Satanic symbols appear in the surrounding area of Washington D.C.) Do you see the FACE in the White House? Is this Molech?

The Pentagram connected to the White House is upside-down!  The Pentagon is angled as 33° (as in 33° Freemason) and that as this angle appears as another upside-down pentagram! A closer look at the head of the Washington OWL, with the Congress building in the middle (or rather in the “Belly of the Beast”).

The Babylonian moon Goddess ‘Ishtar’ (from where the Christian festival ‘Easter’ relates) can be seen here along side the two Molech owls and two (sun representing) lions. The three forming an unholy trinity (in some interpretations).

After all, each previous age ended up in cataclysm and our age isn’t excluded from it…After all, it is also the END of GREAT PRECESSIONAL YEAR…7 is the HEAD and 9 is the TAIL…Beer’sheba is well of 7…Enneakronos is well of 9…Maya knew well of 5,7 and 9(cenote sacrificos and cenote sagrado)…
Go to Google and read real Maya astronomy…

Izapa is located on 15 arc degrees and 28 arc minutes latitude, meanwhile the Way of Dead in Teotihuacan has the angle-slope of 15*28″ NE-SW as the alignment of the cosmic river-Milky Way at 21.12.2012,the galactic alignment.

The king of Copan,Rabbit 18(Waxaklahun Ubah Kawil) was named by the so called knowledgeable “scholars” as Rabbit 18 for this reason: When he erected his famous self boasting stelaes, it was the year 716 AD(CE) and there was left 18 arc degrees of Precession to the end of 13 Baktuns in 2012…
Sea People/People of the North-These are the Atlantis bloodlines!

Since 18 arc degrees of solar precessions is made in total of 1296 years, this lord of Copan has scholarly name of Rabbit 18, only few of us clearly understands why…Copan is about Maya prophecy and the famous stairways there are prophetic about 2012…

But J.M. Jenkins (A NEW AGER) is silent on Copan…He also negates the name of Tortuguero itself, meaning a “cruel or rather Torturous War” to come…He is silent on the Stelae which was originally T-shaped, because the T-tav is not only the solar symbol of Sun, but also it is the symbol of the “sword and hammer”-the phallic Belt of Orion, also known as Min or Tav…
After all, it is in the astronomical names of Angkor Vat (Anchored Vat/Tav);Vatican or even Viet Nam backwardly and originally as Man Tav what is Orion, the celestial Smith…John Major Jenkins and to him gravitating amateurs often speaks about “rebirth and spiritual “transformation…which is NEW AGE.
Please, reader, don’t forget that we are now ending not only the Kali(Fire)and Iron, or Sata-yuga, but also the Great Processional Year itself!

The Egyptian ankh cross…in Mexico? That’s right. The ruins of a mysterious Aztec temple bears a strange and striking resemblance to Egypt’s ankh cross. This Aztec ankh temple is perfectly aligned with an Egyptian-like stone pyramid at the same archaeological site. Scholars doubt any Aztec connection to the Egyptians, since both cultures evolved on opposite sides of the Atlantic Ocean, and were never in contact. Yet, strangle, the meaning of this Aztec ankh seems suspiciously parallel to the meaning behind Egypt’s ankh cross.

The Aztecs and the Egyptians were parallel civilizations in many ways, despite having evolved on opposite sides of the Atlantic Ocean. Both cultures built pyramids, both used solar symbolism, and both believed in life after death, preparing their dead for a journey to the afterlife via an elaborate and highly-ritualistic ceremony.
Both cultures also used a very similar “tau” cross symbol―for the very same purpose: To signify the forces and interplay between physical life (which they saw as temporary, material) and spiritual life (which they saw as eternal, spiritual).
In Egypt, this cross was called “ankh,” which was formed by a “tau” cross (looks like the letter “T”) with a loop on top of it:

In Mexico, the Aztecs and Mayas used the same exact “tau” cross, only with no loop:

Tau-shaped icons built by the Mayans, forerunner of the Aztecs.
“The Tau cross was common enough in Egyptian symbolism that it has sometimes also been called the Egyptian cross…The Spanish conquistadors found the cross to be well known as a symbol by the Incas and Aztecs…”
― Geoffrey W. Bromiley, International Standard Bible Encyclopedia: A-D
“The Egyptian Tau―the sign of life―also occurs on Central American monuments…”
―Robert S. Littell, The Living Age

Usually the Aztecs did not put a loop above their tau cross. However, there exists in ruins a cruciform-shaped building located at an archaeological site called Calixtlahuaca in present-day Mexico. This Aztec ankh cruciform building is stunningly similar, in both shape and design, to countless ankh crosses depicted by the Egyptians.
Mysterious ankh-shaped cruciform building, built by the Aztecs at Calixtlahuaca in Mexico.
Can it be proven that both the Egyptians and Aztecs use this same cross symbol to convey the same spiritual beliefs?
The Ankh was, for the ancient Egyptians, the symbol (the actual hieroglyphic sign) of life. But not the “life” that we think of when we use the word “life”; it was symbolic of another kind of life, namely the spiritual life of the soul that most of us do not recognize in our day-to-day existence.
The ankh cross is sometimes called the “key of life.”

“There is one basic mistake Egyptologists are making when it comes to Egyptian civilization: They believe the Egyptians were “preoccupied” with death. Egyptologists repeat this over and over again like a mantra. They’re wrong— the complete opposite is true. The Egyptians were profoundly focused on “life,” which they took to be the “spiritual” being within them, the part that never dies.
Here’s the difference (and this is important): The Egyptians were convinced—like so many of us are—that when a person passed away, something that formerly animated that person’s body was now missing or had fled. They believed much more strongly than we do that this non-material Self, the “soul within” or “god within,” was the “vital force” and the source of consciousness. They saw this soul as their real Selves, the real “Life” eternal, which they symbolized with the ankh cross, today found everywhere among the ruins.
Unlike the Egyptians, modern Westerners are far more attached to the material world and physical body. We identify with our bodies, cars, homes, and careers. To the Egyptians, we are the ones preoccupied with death, and overly concerned with our own perishable material selves. We identify not with the soul, but with the transitory vehicle it temporarily inhabits.
Although in Egypt life itself was seen as a manifestation of the divine, and therefore something that could be enjoyed and should be celebrated, identifying solely with the body as we moderns do transforms the body into a tomb and the world into a prison. By constantly nurturing the soul, they were “practicing” for life after death, one might say. When death came, therefore, nothing vital was considered lost. Today, if death comes to a man with a mansion, a fleet of cars, and a large company or hedge fund—all is lost.”

―Richard Cassaro, Written In Stone: Decoding The Secret Masonic Religion Hidden In Gothic Cathedrals And World Architecture
The Aztecs believed in precisely this same “life” as the Egyptians. For the Aztecs (as for many of us) a person’s death was not the end of their existence; instead it was the end merely of the physical life of that person. There was something inside that continued to exist, that lived on after death:
“The Aztecs believed that people lived on when their life on Earth was over. The kind of afterlife they had depended on the way they had lived in this life….When someone died, their family dressed them in their best clothes. The family danced and chanted funeral prayers…Then the Aztec’s body was buried…with the Aztec’s possessions and enough food for the long journey to the underworld…”
―Dr. Elizabeth Baquedano, The Aztecs: Understanding People In The Past
“In the Aztec religion there was the belief in a life after death…In relation to this belief the Aztecs show an ethical ideal to attain, evidenced in their struggle of good against evil. In this case the mission of the Aztecs was to be on the side of the sun, the symbol of good, opposing the fearful gods of darkness, the symbols of evil.”

― Dinorah B. Méndez, Evangelicals in Mexico: Their Hymnody and Its Theology
Whereas the Egyptians used the ankh cross (formed in part by the tau) to express this concept of “life” beyond death, the Aztecs did as well. The Aztec tau cross was identical to the Egyptian:
Aztec tau cross, also called the Tree of Life, housed in the Anthropology
Museum in Mexico City. This image recurs in Prehispanic codices.
“In the Aztec world, the tau cross is the Tree of Life…”
―Gary Varner, Mysteries of Native American Myth and Religion

“…the cross…was a sacred symbol in practically every religion…Among the Aztecs of ancient Mexico…it was known as the Tree of Life.” (even other places too)
― Jean Delaire, Mystery Teaching in the West, 1935
As a symbol of the Tree of Life, the Aztec tau cross (like the Egyptian tau) symbolized the concept of “life” and “life after death”―the same “life after death” the Egyptians symbolized using the ankh cross.
It should be noted that the Aztecs were not the only pre-Columbian American culture to use the Tau; the T-shaped doorway or window appears as a common architectural motif in stone masonry across Mesoamerica. It is found, for instance, at Chaco Canyon in northern New Mexico and Mesa Verde in southwestern Colorado.

Steps leading through a T-shaped doorway down into
Casa Rinconada, the Great Kiva at Chaco Canyon, N.M.
In his classic book Atlantis: the Antediluvian World, Ignatius Donnelly says the tau was an important icon signifying “hidden wisdom” for Mexicans as well as for Peruvians, Egyptians, Phoenicians, and Chaldeans. Donnelly says it was emblematic of rejuvenation, freedom from physical suffering, hope, immortality, and divine unity.
The mystic Manly P. Hall held a similar view:
“Augustus Le Plongeon, in his Sacred Mysteries Among the Mayas and Quiches, notes that the Crux Ansata, which he calls The Key to the Nile and the Symbol of Symbols, either in its complete form or as a simple TAU, was to be seen adorning the breasts of statues and bas-reliefs at Palenque, Copan, and throughout Central America. He notes that it was always associated with water; that among the Babylonians it was the emblem of the water gods; among the Scandinavians, of heaven and immortality; and among the Mayas, of rejuvenation and freedom from physical suffering.”
―Manly Hall, The Secret Teachings of All Ages
Getting back to the tau being a direct link that connects the Egyptians with the Aztecs, we can see in the following parallel artwork how both cultures, the Egyptians and Aztecs, created similar drawings associated with the tau cross.

Left: Aztec Tree of Life. Right: Egyptian Ankh cross of Life. Both depict tau crosses.
In both images there are twin deities facing inward, toward the cross. The positions of their arms, hands, feet and legs are almost perfectly parallel!
Note how in both images above there are deities flanking the cross. In both instances the deities are striking symmetrical poses, facing the cross. Also, in both instances, the deities seem to be making the same precise bodily gestures. We see this in the positions of the hands, arms, legs, feet and heads.
In one of the Qabbalistic Masonic legends, Hiram Abiff is given a hammer in the form of a TAU by his ancestor, Tubal-cain. The tau cross is preserved to modern Masonry under the symbol of the T square. This appears to be the oldest form of the cross extant.

The tau cross used to build patterns in a window at the Convent of Saint Anthony near Castrojeriz, Spain.
“The philosophical cross, the two lines running in opposite directions, the horizontal and the perpendicular, the height and breadth, which the geometrizing Deity divides at the intersecting point, and which forms the magical as well as the scientific quaternary, when it is inscribed within the perfect square, is the basis of the occultist. Within its mystical precinct lies the master-key which opens the door of every science, physical as well as spiritual, it symbolizes our human existence, for the circle of life circumscribes the four points of the cross, which represent in succession birth, life, death and IMMORTALITY.”
― H.P. Blavatsky, Isis Unveiled
The Fool, sitting for days beneath the tree of life (which has the shape of a tau cross) intent on finding his spiritual Self, suddenly climbs a branch and dangles upside down like a child, forgetting for a moment, all that he is and all that he knows.

The Hanged Man (XII) is the twelfth trump or Major Arcana card in most traditional Tarot decks. It is used in game playing as well as in divination.
Money and coins fall down from his pockets, but instead of seeing money he sees merely metal and paper. He feels as though he’s hanging between the mundane world and the spiritual world, able to see both. The moment feels surreal; connections he never understood before are made, mysteries are revealed. The biggest mystery of all is the realization that he is not merely the physical body, that part of himself that is physical and temporary. He is composed of a spiritual inner Self, a soul, and that this soul is eternal; it was never born and will never die.
In his book The Pictorial Key to the Tarot, A.E. Waite, the designer of the Rider-Waite tarot deck, described the Hanged Man as the man who suddenly recognizes—or, better, “resurrects”—his higher Self and higher nature, which until then had in a sense been “dead” within him:

“The gallows from which he is suspended forms a Tau cross…There is a nimbus about the head of the seeming martyr. It should be noted (1) that the tree of sacrifice is living wood, with leaves thereon; (2) that the face expresses deep entrancement, not suffering; (3) that the figure, as a whole, suggests life in suspension, but life and not death…He who can understand that the story of his higher nature is imbedded in this symbolism will receive intimations concerning a great awakening that is possible, and will know that after the sacred Mystery of Death there is a glorious Mystery of Resurrection.”
―A.E. Waite, The Pictorial Key to the Tarot
In Greek the letter T is called Tau cross, which echoes the name of the Hopi sun god Tawa.

In Conclusion
Today, the prevailing anthropological view of antiquity among scholars is that ancient and indigenous peoples worldwide developed their own complex cultures independent of outside influence or inspiration. Any suggestions to the contrary have been generally dismissed as either fanciful, racist, or demeaning. Ancient peoples worldwide, scholars have argued, were fully capable of developing their own civilizations. But, nagging evidence still remains; evidence like the ankh cross and tau cross symbol being found worldwide, and particularly among the Egyptians and pre-Columbian American cultures.

MASONS & The Tau(s)
As the Master Mason advances and becomes Master of his Lodge, the rosettes of his apron give way to three Taus or levels as they are generally called. The Tau is the symbol of the Creator.
It is said that Tau was the mark set upon the foreheads of those referred to in Ezekiel 9-4th Verse 4 (see also Rev. 7-3): “Go through the midst of the city, and set a mark upon the foreheads of the men that sigh and cry for all the abominations that be done in the midst thereof,” which mark was to distinguish them as persons to be saved on account of their sorrow for sin, from the idolaters who were to be slain. With reference to the 9th Chapter of Ezekiel, 4th Verse, the Holy Bible as used by the Roman Catholics, translated from the Latin Vulgate says: “Go through the midst of Jerusalem and mark thou upon the foreherads of men that sign.”
Tau is the last letter in the Hebrew alphabet. The Greek letter Tau is T. This Tau cross was of universal use as a sacred symbol among the ancients. The Hebrews used it as a sign of Salvation. It is thought to be much older than the time of Ezekiel and that when Moses annointed Aaron as the High Priest, he marked his forehead with this sign. It is said to have saved the youthful Isaac from death, redeemed from destruction an entire people whose houses were so marked, healed the venomous bites of those who looked up at the serpent, raised in the form of a “tau” upon a pole, and called back the soul into the dead body of the son of that poor widow who had given bread to the prophet. It was a mark worn by the devotees of Brahmah. To the Druids it was a symbol of their supreme God. The Tau Cross as worn on the Master’s Apron, replacing the Rosettes, is thought by some to be the Egyptian Ankh, as worn by the ancient Egyptian Gods. The Ankh represent Life. Every God carried it.

Tau Cross and West Pier, Toraigh

The T or Tau cross, is an ancient symbol of the ongoing of Eternal Life. The vertical line represents the inner nature of the individual intelligence. The cross bar in the beginning is at the bottom. As life goes on, obstructions and temptations to right living are gradually overcome. When the cross bar has risen three quarters, the individual Intelligence of Soul has “lived the life” and worked out his own salvation. When the cross bar is at the top, the soul has triumphed over death and the conscious self-identity of his own individual intelligence independent of his physical body assures him of the on-going of eternal life, symbolized by the circle added to the Tau Cross. The Gods are cosmic principles, and in man are powers and attributes of the Soul. Every part of the Egyptian God had a deep symbolic meaning such as the Sceptre as a symbol of power. It will be seen in reference to drawings of Goddesses that they carry a reed sceptre for this reason: The reed is a water plant, symbol of the first life, coming from a concealed source, making its way through the material mud and then the less dense or limped water, up into the material air. The reed is carried by the goddesses as a symbol of the source of human life over which they have dominion. (2)

No! This is not a BIG G! This is intended to be a little g! But, in my defense, this is speaking of the gods who created the pyramids and their references to SIRIUS. The odds of multiple pyramids aligning themselves perfectly with the stars in the ORION Constellation are incalculable.
Not only are pyramids aligned but also monuments in Washington D.C.
The Dagon Tribe, a 400 year old tribe also has a statue depicting SIRIUS A and SIRIUS B, which needs a powerful telescope even to be seen!

Are these pyramids actual stargates? Some suggest that each stone within the Great Pyramid is harmonically tuned to a specific frequency or musical tone, with the sarcophagus being the center of the Great Pyramid and is tuned to the frequency of a human heart beat. This vibratory matrix is supposedly capable of healing, instigating higher consciousness states, and many other amazing revelations. The sophisticated harmonic structures are said to mirror positioning of the planets and stellar systems, which ‘mimic’ the so-called chakras and harmonic cavities of the human body.

Legendary City of the gods?
SIRA radar was deployed in Egypt as early as 1978, mapping extraordinary subterranean complexes beneath the Egyptian pyramids. Footage of these top secret excavations which penetrated these mysterious chambers of the deep are said to have been leaked on the internet. In fact, key scientists on the project have shown film footage of  a mapping called, Chambers of the Deep.
Being hailed as the “City of the Gods”, lays sprawled beneath the Sphinx. To be exact, the left paw of the Sphinx is supposedly a massive complex complete with hydraulic underground waterways, enormous statues, and chambers said to have been inhabited by the civilization of Atlantis.
Has the knowledge of an underground legend been kept from the public? What else has been discovered in these chambers and catacombs?
The epic tale of Gilamesh speak of ones of old, and a parallel origin that of the Bible. Tales of Thoth/Enoch from the Egyptian record stories the “Star Walkers”, of individuals who walked the stars. Travels of ‘Enoch’ to the Great Eye of Orion” and futuristic prophecies which give man the opportunity to walk like gods, to become like gods.
According to the ‘calendar in stone’ of the Great Pyramid, called the “Phoenix Cycle”. The Greek word Phoenix, derived from the Egyptian world, Pa-Hanok, actually means, “The House of Enoch”.  At the beginning and the end of each cycle, the 13,000 year half-point of our 26,000 year orbit around the galaxy center…is this the reasons for our cataclysmic upheavals of weather, volcanoes and earthquakes we are experiencing? According to this, is it!
The discoveries emerging from Egypt, describe the existence of a world wide pyramid temple system in prehistory, mounted like antennae on the key meridians, which were employed by ancient priest-scientists as a musical system to stabilize the tectonic plates.
From the mother tongue word JEDAIAH, meaning “the way of the Word“ or “the power of the Word”, the ancient JEDAI priests used the language of Light to tune the planet like a giant harmonic bell. (3)
But, I believe this is nothing but a twisting of the Bible! I think this is the story told of the fallen angels, giants and other demonic tales of creatures cast from the heavens onto earth. Sadly, people have it wrong when they believe the Bible was twisted after Freemasonry ideals and theology, in fact, it’s the other way around!

Acoustical Temples
Sonic experiments performed in the king’s chamber showed that the king’s chamber has a series of acoustic resonance frequencies that correspond with perfect musical notes. The coffer inside the King’s chamber for instance has a perfect resonance frequency of 440 Hz, the ground note A, the frequency of a tuning fork. Four other resonance frequencies were found in the King’s chamber. These correspond with the musical notes F#, A, C# and D#. These notes are the notes of the F sharp melodic minor scale (F#). Each of the PYRAMIDS on the great EGYPTIAN PLATEAU played a different MUSICAL NOTE and they worked in combination with each other.
At least two of the structures at the Mayan ruins of Chichen Itza in Mexico display unusual and unexplained acoustical properties. The Great Ballcourt is 545 feet long and 225 feet wide overall. It has no vault, no continuity between the walls and is open to the sky, but yet a whisper from one end can be heard clearly at the other end 500 FEET away. The sounds waves are unaffected by wind direction or time of day/night. Archeologists discovered that the reconstruction of the sound transmissions became stronger and clearer a time proceeded.
The Castillo: This structure is a temple that looks like a pyramid and is the one most commonly pictured on travel brochures for the Mexican Yucatan. Apparently if you stand facing the foot of the temple and shout the echo comes back as a piercing shriek. Also, a person standing on the top step can speak in a normal voice and be heard by those at ground level for some distance. This quality is also shared by another Mayan pyramid at Tikal.
At Palenque, also in Mexico, it is apparently the case that if three people stand on top of the three pyramids, a three-way conversation can easily be held.
The local Aymara Indians tell of it’s earliest inhabitants of Tiahuanaco, and how they possessed supernatural powers for which they were ‘miraculously’ able to lift stones off the ground, which were carried from the mountain quarries through the air to the sound of a trumpet.
Mayan legends say that the temple of Uxmal, in Mexico was built by a race of dwarves, which apparently only had to whistle and ‘heavy rocks would move into place’. It is said that if a person stands at the base of the pyramid-like Temple of the magician and claps their hands the stone at the top produces a ‘chirping sound’.
According to classical Greek writers, Thebes, the capital of Boeotia was founded by Cadmus, a celebrated Phoenician. It was finished off, the story goes, by a son of Jupiter named Amphion, who was able to move large stones to the sound of a lyre of harp, by which manner, he was able to construct the walls of Thebes. Appollonius Rhodius, who lived in the third century BC, poetically recalled in Argonautica how Amphion would sing loud and clear on his golden lyre’ as ‘rock twice as large followed his footsteps’. Tradition surrounding Cadmus clearly indicate that Thebes was founded by Phoenician migrants who must have settled there in the third or second millennium BC.
According to classical Greek writers, Thebes, the capital of Boeotia was founded by Cadmus, a celebrated Phoenician. It was finished off, the story goes, by a son of Jupiter named Amphion, who was able to move large stones to the sound of a lyre of harp, by which manner, he was able to construct the walls of Thebes. Appollonius Rhodius, who lived in the third century BC, poetically recalled in Argonautica how Amphion would sing loud and clear on his golden lyre’ as ‘rock twice as large followed his footsteps’. Tradition surrounding Cadmus clearly indicate that Thebes was founded by Phoenician migrants who must have settled there in the third or second millennium BC.
The Hypogeum on Malta contains a ‘speaking chamber’ which is a hole in the wall carved with a rounded interior surface. The result is that anything spoken into it produces an echo which reverberates throughout the hypogeum. It is speculated that this hole was part of a ceremonial process. Several small chambers (right) in the Hypogeum are also suspected of being used for ritual purposes as from within these cubicles, echoes from the ‘speaking’ chamber reverberate into a rhythm that is similar to the human heartbeat.
The Stonehenge Bluestones: Following the 2008 Archaeological dig at Stonehenge, Prof’s. Darville and Wainright proposed that the site was once considered the ‘Neolithic Lourdes’.  In relation to this is one of the most intriguing aspects of Stonehenge, which is the question of the importance of now famous ‘Preseli Bluestones’, which were transported over 140 miles to the site from near Gors Fawr in Wales. The longstanding debate over the reason why stone was chosen from such a distance, when ‘sarsen’ stone was locally available, appears to have been met with an answer in relation to this topic, as this particular stone has a longstanding association with both healing and sound. Bluestone – or a relatively high proportion of them (perhaps as much as ten percent) have the usually rare property of being “musical”. That is, they can ring like a bell or gong, or resound like a drum, when struck with a small hammer-stone, instead of the dull clunking sound rock-on-rock usually makes. That this property has been noted locally down the generations is shown by the “Maenclochog” (“Ringing stones”) village place-name in the Preseli area’.  When we add this information to that provided by Geoffrey of Monmouth, who made a note in his history of Britain in 1215 AD that the ‘Medicinal power of the stones was stimulated by pouring water over them’. We can be sure that the Bluestones have had a longstanding tradition for being used for curative purposes. It is noted that the oldest human remains found by Parker Pearson’s team date to around 3,030 B.C., at approximately the same time as the arrival of the first bluestones (Stonehenge II).

Secret Insider Reports [link]
This video series is 35 parts. It is a gentleman who claims to be a specialist who deciphered a transcript by the Annunaki. I don’t believe these whole series, especially the parts about who they are, and what they did to enhance humanity, especially our development. What I do believe is the powers that be want this information out.
Speaking of intense innovative technology is what I am interested in. He tells us that they have the power to communicate here and beyond into other planets. He speaks of HAARP. He speaks of all the ‘ships’ which are coming, and those already here. He presents them as our little ‘helpers’. Seriously? He tells us the only reason they come is for our gold. Interestingly the elite do have a project to collect all the gold, but for what purpose, we don’t know. Some tell us that these ships need gold to be able to travel in and near the Sun because of its intense heat.
His warning seem to put him ‘in character’ to warn us of an impending disaster on December 21, 2012.

I am a football fan! Yes, I have to admit it. The Dallas Cowboys are my favorite team and I don’t miss a game. And the past few weeks, I’ve noticed that BELLS are being rung! Why? I’ve looked online and this is happening during other NFL games too. Is this a harmonic gesture to the gods, considering that most teams carry either the Greek god influence, and also are owned by Freemasons? I believe there are intentions there. No doubt.

Bells around town….
The city of Perth is situated on the South-West corner of Australia. It is the closest major city in the world to the 33 degrees South latitude at 32 6’.
A black pyramid masquerading as a conservatory rises 360 yards to the northwest of the bell tower.
And behold, nearby in the east, the Freemasons Hall and the ABC. 1300 yards from the bell tower.
Between the bell tower and the Freemasons Hall, in the Supreme Court Gardens the Good Templars have erected a monument to their fallen. Although the Good Templars claim to have no connection to the Templars/Freemasons their symbolism is strangely similar.
The road layout around the bell tower site is figured like the Egyptian symbol of rebirth, the ankh composed of the tau cross of Osiris and the oval of his sister/wife Isis, both symbols of their regenerative organs. The phallic bell tower is positioned right in the middle of her oval. This road plan also includes the shen (omega)- a symbol of eternity.
More on occultic sources of Bells: [link]

The evidence reveals that the bell is used to facilitate the death/resurrection ploy that is the mark of the Beast transformation. As I’ve noted elsewhere recently, this is the triple helix DNA transformation that appears to be described in the Revelation 9 anti-death account. The bell can, comparing to the High Priest’s fringe, facilitate a transition across an earth-heaven barrier.
The infamous magician Aleister Crowley counted the bell amongst the small number of objects commonly used as “magickal weapons,” instruments used to bring about intentional change. Frequently, this involved the invocation of fallen angels. (5)

In my professional we are more or less information cowboys. Usually the more secretive something is, the more valuable and important it is to someone/s. Sometimes this also means the information is potentially dangerous to someone/s, which is pretty much why we get paid to do what we do… mainly protect this great country. In this business we network and establish very trusting relationships. Which is an absolute must to get anywhere. You must have a core network of intelligence agents that you can rely on. Because it can mean the difference between stopping an eminent attack and not stopping it. (which happens more than you would ever imagine) some of the greatest heroes in this country you will have never known there name or what thehy did in the sake of protecting the greater good. in our business also, we have the absolute state of the art in signal processing/extraction equipment. and by state of the art i mean military state of the art, which is decades more sophisticated than what is commercially available. lets but it this way. when you encrypt something with standard 128 bit triple des encryption, you are basically telling the gov’t that you are trying to hide something, red flagging yourself, and it is cracked and in plain text in some agent’s queue within less than a second of the interception. That’s how good it can be, and better. but that is not what this thread is about.

ok back to the 2012 connection. one of my most trusted ‘friend’s’ hand delivered a computer data cd to my house one evening about a week ago. which is not unusual in and of itself, but kind of a rare occasion. his face looked unusually pale and his calm usual demeanor was noticeably missing. only when something important is in the works has he ever done this. i was thinking maybe he had the scoop on an eminent attack on iran or something juicy and current like this. to my surprise it was nothing like this at all. he had been on a job recently in the last 6 months collecting intel on a secret society. i cannot say which one, (no not the Masons or Rosicrucians) and i’m not sure you have ever heard of them. i had never heard of them until my friend showed me this intel. but obviously they are important enough for our agency to dedicate a couple of guys to do surveillance on them.

the cd contained some pictures of photographed documents. the most interesting was their background info on what will happen around 2012. One of their documents was titled. ‘End of the 5th age, return to spirit’ . Though it was fairly detailed and long and burdened with their philosophy I will get to the gist of it. The believe that there will be a pole shift. A complete magnetic pole shift and a 37 degree physical one. Nothing new so far. But they believe that this pole shift will be sudden without much warning. And the physical effects will be so overwhelming and so swift that NO ONE will be alive afterward. They believe taking shelter no matter how deep underground will not do any good because of the magnitude the effect of the poleshift will shutter the earth’s crust to hard, no matter where you are it will be like getting hit by a train. They did not call it an earthquake but gave a comparison, that if it were an earthquake it would be equivalent to a magnitude 14 WORLDWIDE earthquake on the Richter scale. Being that the Richter scale is expontential, not linear a 14 is 100,000 times more powerful than a 9.

Here is where it deviates further from the standard theories… They believe that from this event everyone will die at the same time. This has never happened before. Here is where it gets weird… They believe there will be divine intervention and that instead of the normal process of a persons death where you go through the tunnel and meet your dead relatives that we will basically all stay here on earth in our astral bodies! They believe that this is the ascension. We will shephard the planet as astral bodies and a sort of new heaven will be upon the earth.

Now I will discuss my personal theories and how this relates to David Wilcocks, half correct interpretation (half correct as seen from this data, not my actual opinion)

Now I have had OBEs before in my early twenties, and I must say those were the most wonderful experiences of my life. Colors are so much more vibrant, I felt absolutely amazing as if my body was a hinderance, yet I looked like myself, just in an astral body. I remember it feeling very natural and very familiar. Very familiar, I just couldn’t remember from familiar from what. I felt superconscious, knowing much more in that state, and unfortunately forgetting that knowledge when I returned to my body. When I say superconscious, when you are in that state you feel very aware. As if when you are in a normal awake state in your body its almost as if you are only half awake from that perspective, almost dreaming!

I’m only relating these OBE experiences so I can correlate this data with David Wilcock’s version.

He claims that we will be 100 times more harmonious when we go from 3rd density to 4th density. He has dreams of everyone being in peril, from a volcano explosion, but somehow everyone remains safe and makes it.

Well what if ‘making it’ is to die at this time along with everyone else. If everyone was in their astral bodies and physically dead, feeling the way i felt when I had my OBE, this would make perfect sense. Unfortunately the more I look at ALL the data, I think there will be no human ascension. I think dying IS going from 3rd density and 4th density. And connecting all the dots just gives me chills.

The secret society claims to go back to the times of Atlantis. (i bet most do) awww, aren’t they special. But if they really do and somehow kept this knowledge, well lets just say that would really suck if they are right.

There was a lot more I wish I could share from that CD, but unfortunately I can’t. I know… very lame. But I really do want to keep my job in the hopes that these people are wrong and the world doesn’t end in 3 years.

From what I can gather from talking with my friend last night… Looks like Antarctica won’t be cold again. They believe there is much in the way of ancient Atlantean technology that has been preserved under the Antarctic Ice that’s between 50,000 and 200,000 years old. They believe this was Atlantis’s 2nd great age, with one predating it and the one we are most familiar with coming after it, from 50,000 bc to 10,000 – 7000 bc. The second Atantean age was said to be much different than the 3rd. Supposedly there is some very exotic stuff under that ice and not only is this group in the race to recover it for their personal gains before 2012 but so are a handful of other gov’ts and other non-state groups as well. If they are successful they believe they will be able to wait out the storm ‘off planet’. They believe the Atlanteans of this age was an interplanetary society. So in most ways they may look at our current state and think we are primitive for believing that we are the only ones out there in the vastness of space. One look at the latest hubble images should convince anyone otherwise.

What is not clear from what was on the CD was, what they are trying to recover in Antarctica exactly that would give them an escape route. That information is kept for the bigger fish, not my friend or myself. Though from circumstantial evidence, it doesnt seem to be any sort of anti-gravity space craft, it seems more in line with some sort of communications device. Who they would contact I have no idea, but my friend and I surmise from the evidence that not all the Atlanteans of that age remained on earth, they populated other star systems. So basically we are hypothesizing that those ancient humans left their cellphones here and that this group is trying to recover them to call for help from their ‘brothers’, the ancient atlanteans still out there, wherever that may be. So the activity in Antarctica is definitely picking up and at a break neck pace. I guess they may sense their search is becoming futile. But even if our assumptions are correct and they do find the communications gear. Who’s to say anyone will answer. They could be long gone by now. Dead or having fun in a galaxy, far far away. BUT what is most interesting is that the comm gear seems to work on some non-local means of communication! So distance doesn’t seem to matter.
I am telling you almost everything I know. I am not officially working on this target, a few of my co-workers are so what I’m getting is just office gossip and trying to remember what was on the CD I saw a few days ago. Let me just give you some background information so you can see where I’m coming from. This case and the various targets associated with it are mostly unclassified. A foreign reporter researcher has been studying this SS for years and contacted a reporter in his country who published a magazine article about the group. The article contained some of the stuff I have already told you. There were existing files on this group but there are existing files on all groups. The article was published sometime in 07′, but the magazine in which it was published isn’t very credible. It is basically a tabloid style publication. By 08′ the researcher’s wife had been in a deadly car accident and the researcher himself has had a stroke. He can barely speak now. No foul play was suspected in car accident or the man’s stroke, however the researcher is persistent in his believe that both were caused by the group he was researching. The local police has interviewed the man several times but he has not come up with any proof to the contrary that what happened was just an accident. If the group was attempting to kill the man they failed and he is determined more than ever to expose this group. It will be interesting to see how this aspect of the saga unfolds. If the man is killed or strangley dies it will just obviously confirm his suspicions. His best course of action is to continue to press the issue in the public’s eye. Unfortunately he is elderly and has not pursued putting his research online and the magazine he published in has just a small circulation.

As I said I am not personally investigating this target but my friends are researching this stuff. It is actually getting more bizarre by the day.

I don’t think that the higher ups take this group seriously as far as what they believe about 2012. What they are curious about is if the group has had any success finding anything in Antarctica. And they have had a little bit of success which just wetted their appetites. So now they are spending A LOT more time and money on that continent on the bottom of the earth and this is what is causing concern around here.

I did not get hired for my English skills. I got hired to work with, maintain, design, develop signal processing algorithms. Also I have moved into the area of data mining and analysis. So though I may not be a Edgar Allan Poe, my English skills suffice as far as my job role. Also I’m not proof reading my posts as well as the lame limited access and limitations they give us on our unsecure internet access networks, where we get bare bones browser functionality, meaning as much ActiveX and Javascript is deactived on these machines as possible. They are paranoid around here, even with their least secure systems, but that is to be expected. And this also means that the built in spellchecker is deactivated. All this means I’m less interested and have less time to make sure everything is grammatically correct and superior. I deem getting the message across as more important. Also I have to use my built in… ‘what can I share and what can’t I share’ filter while typing so this adds an extra layer of multitasking to my posts.

Ok… on to more important things. Though not easy to find, I’m pretty sure its out there as far the researcher who posted the article. Find him and do more information on this online. He didn’t post his stuff but it can be found if you dig. I’m VERY SORRY to beat around the bush like this, but you must understand I’m treading on thin ice to be even mentioning my personal take on this subject do to the source of my speculations and limited tidbits of actual data on this stuff.

To sum up what we have so far, which may people have stated, yes this stuff is nothing new for the most part. What is new is the fact that the SS being actively investigated has recently gotten very excited over what they have found in Antarctica. So they are using theory to pursue in their eyes, critical research.

1. A group that has been around for God knows how long that has been mostly dorment other than communications, meetings, ceremonies and other usual stuff SSs do until recently.

2. The group believes 2012 is the end game for the planet as far as humans in this form and believe there will be some sort of ascencion based on a mass PHYSICAL extinction of all humans ON EARTH. Based on their doctrine passed down through the ages, this will be a normal event in the evolution of the species. The race will die but not continue on to heaven but remain on earth to steward the planet in their astral bodies.

3. The group believes that humans were space faring in the past and many humans still live off world amongst other space faring races. They believe in Atlantis’s second age there was an exodus to other planets though these humans kept in contact with the Atlanteans here and with groups of humans and secret societies after the last age of Atlantis ended.

4. Some from this group, but NOT ALL want to remain on earth and ‘ascend’ into their astral bodies. Another part of the group are actively searching Antarctica and other locations for equipment of some kind that will assist them in leaving the planet prior to 2012.

5. The group is little known, but none the less known and an article was published about them in a foreign publication in 2007. The researcher’s wife shortly there after died in a car accident in 2008 and the researcher had a serious stroke also around that time. He insists foul play was involved in both his and his wife’s misfortune but has never presented any concrete proof to the local police.


6. The group has found items in Antarctica that has sparked their interest as evident by the number of expeditions they are sending there (they now have people there 24/7) and the amount of equipment, money and manpower they are investing in their continuing search and research.

7. Our speculation is they are at the least looking for communications equipment. And at the most a stargate like technology that they will use to join again with there brothers from Atlantis who they consider family. They believe they are destined to return among the stars with them and want to do it in a hurry before 2012.

8. Certain government and non-government organizations who once deemed them to be another cult filled with fruitcakes, of which there are ah plenty are suddenly now taking them very seriously. Not because of their quasi religious theory about 2012 but because of what have found in Antartica. Also they are wondering who is in this group, most are known but a lot of the more powerful ones identities remain hidden. It was a shock, at least to my organization at the level of money and sophistication they are bringing to the table in their quest of ancient technology. To put it mildly, they have our and a lot of others interest now and are closely being watched.

9. On the CD I saw, some of the files were images of maps with lay lines over them. The most notable to me was the one with the Becker-Hagens grid superimposed over some other grid (forgot the name). Also a closeup of these grids as they run over Antarctica. Also a list of markers on the map that i took to mean explored and unexplored and currently explored with reference numbers. I”m guessing the reference number were for database entries? Which I wasn’t privy to that probably tells what was found at those locations and what was expected to be found on the sites that weren’t explored.

Note, interestingly two things you’ll see on grid line maps of the world, military bases, major cities and ancient ruins. But the ones in Antarctica are of the. hottest interest right now, not only for this group, but for A LOT of groups.

And to conclude, you can expect this researcher to get many visits coming his way. I really hope he is taken into protective custody before he is taken care of. He may still have crucial knowledge.

the group in Antarctica previously worked out of Terra Nova Bay before last year. Last year they established their own base station in Antarctica, much further inland, closer to the South Pole near the interesting stuff. This is actually what started raising eyebrows around here. this tipped off that not only did this group possess the capability to establish a base in Antarctica, but they were able to establish a base with high tech equipment and actual underground structure. its not easy to dig through the permafrost, but whatever they are looking for they were hoping to keep this research covert. but there folly was building a base mostly underground in Antarctica. the logistics and financial trial left behind got the attention of a lot of people. but the logic was to wait and see what they were doing and try to infiltrate their ranks in the meantime.

- this is where it gets interesting. they found something which is classified. a few somethings which wasn’t exactly what they were looking for but extremely amazing to say the least. ancient and capable of…. (i really wish i could tell you) i’m so sorry my friends. all i can say is that from the intel gathered it takes advantage of and verifies some leading edge quantum physics theories, communication and/or travel, and non-locality is something you might say it takes advantage of. how this much is even known is the part of the story that is classified. in finding this, this group has sealed its own fate. the US isn’t the only ones aware of what they may have found. there are 3 other very powerful nations that are aware. this group is very well connected. but probably not powerful enough to protect the find.

- the group is still very active in Antarctica, but also very active in a certain country doing research on the artifacts that were found. my guess is they will try to use it to talk to their ‘brother’s’ over very long distances. but who knows for sure.

This is all I know up to this point. I’ve already offered more than I probably should have. So thanks for your interest. Be well my friends for we live in the most interesting times of all!

This is my own opinion but as the last 150 years brought more change than the last 5000. The next 10 years will bring more change than the last 150 did. We are at the cusp of some very turbulent but special times. I don’t really agree with certain groups thought that we will be shook to death in 2012. It will be much more positive .

1. New World Order comes to power
2. End of Mayan Calendar
3. Antichrist reveals himself
4. Aliens make contact
5. Weather Anomalies
6. American Indian prophecies come to pass
7. Quetzacoatl return
8. Pole Reversal

So, we have an accumulation of material which might seem far and wide, but they do have connections. Connections from the TAU to the PYRAMID which bring forth these sky gods. The purpose is yet to be seen but undoubtedly there are many who believe something powerful is about to happen. Will these invisible presences cause weather changes to bring forth a scenario needed to become our saviors?
From the Antichrist to the Mayans, we have many mysteries and prophecies which are awaiting their revelations. Do we have a “CONTACT” from the so-called aliens/sky gods (demons) which will bring forth an apocalyptic change in the world, a mindset which will not only change what people believe and have faith in but also cause weather anomalies therefore establishing their status to humanity as their ‘god’ slash creator?
Thinking this is exactly what is coming, we must ride this rollercoaster holding on by the seat of our proverbial pants but all the while keeping our firm foundation in our faith because this is the test of a lifetime…literally. For the whole world will be tested. Those that don’t believe in a god, will easily be swayed while those who know better will most likely loose their heads in the battle of lost souls. But, in reality…we will not be loosing our souls, only our lives for they may take our mortal body but our immortal souls belong to GOD! The One and Only GOD, Almighty.


The Grand Coups d’état

Coups d’état is meant for a scenario in which a sudden, illegal disposition of a government tries to dispose of another. And when it’s not accomplished, a civil war is usually the consequence.
But, have you ever thought of your life as a Coups d’état?

The world was a peaceful, pleasant place with blue skies and birds chirping but then I swallowed the red pill, while others around me still popped the blue. Meaning, I was awakened to the truths of this world and beyond. In the movie, “The Matrix” it has the main character as Neo who is offered the choice between the red pill and the blue pill. The blue pill would allow him to remain in the city, while the red would lead him to his escape out of the city into the ‘real world’.
So many people around us live in blissful ignorance while those of us who are awake jump into the rabbit hole and dive into Wonderland. It’s no vacation! It’s a place of fright, unclear paths and decisions that could risk your life. It all depends on how far you travel.
After awhile your begin to be called delusional, paranoid and just plain crazy. In fact, like a mad dog, people will walk around your path in order not to cross it for fear of interacting with you. Your existence changes forever.

From a popular 1949 radio and 1951 television crime drama about two detectives, one being Joe Friday comes the popular phrase. Let’s not take this into a path where people won’t believe, let us stick with the truth.
Ominous ranting from people such as Alex Jones, and many others opens your eyes to a discussion about a New World Order, FEMA Camps, 9/11 false flags, martial law and a coming police state as with the movie, “1984”
From what we eat to the drugs we put in our mouth to the air we breathe, it’s all around us. A façade of a wonderful world gone bad.
Genetics has played a huge part in the news lately. Changing our basic food elements has begun a vicious cycle chain which connects our health to the hybrids insect which are manifesting from eating them too. If this is producing basic DNA structures of insects, imagine how it’s changing ours.
Prescription drugs and health food stores are releasing a whole new breed of poisons.

There is probably not one organ, tissue, or cell not adversely affected by vaccinations. I have listed many and there are many more that I did not list.
Do vaccines affect our pancreas, gallbladder, spleen, thymus, thyroid? YES!
Do vaccines cause many diseases? YES!
Do vaccines create health. NO!
“The greatest threat of childhood diseases lies in the dangerous and ineffective efforts made to prevent them.” Robert Mendelsohn, MD “Since the beginning of laboratory investigation of vaccines, researchers have known that immune system dysfunction can follow vaccination.” Harold Buttram, MD and John Chriss Hoffman Vaccination subdues one disease, only increases others. Herbert Spencer in “History of Epidemics in Great Britain” “Man cannot infringe upon nature without paying the penalty, and human blood is incapable of accepting animal pus, serums, or other, and alchemically turning it into a healthy, vital fluid.” The Randolph Society (Gross! yuk!) “The more vaccine that is used the more the actual infection that comes about.” Wm F Koch, MD, PhD, The Survival Factor, 1961 “Vaccination is an illogical practice and may be the underlying cause of illnesses such as cancer. Disorders of the immune system often occur as a consequence of the after-effects of receiving viral vaccines, presumably related to the cell associated immunity responses, where a graft rejection type phenomena may occur.” Dr Eva Snead, “Some Call it AIDS, I Call It Murder”, 1992

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny You have the RIGHT to REFUSE any vaccination! There are health alternatives of many kinds – yes even against this bio weapon! But there is NO DEFENSE against a vaccination! Bush Suggests Using Military In Bird Flu Quarantine Get the movie ‘OUTBREAK’ – watch it. President George W. Bush said any part of the country where the virus breaks out could be quarantined and use the military to enforce it. October 4, 2005 “The best way to deal with a pandemic is to isolate it and keep it isolated in the region in which it begins.” Bush had consulted a book on the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic that killed 40 million and meeting with staff and experts. Hmmm This requires a change in law, and some in Congress and the states worry it would increase the power of the federal government at the expense of local control. Bush acknowledged that a quarantine is no small thing for the government to undertake and that enforcing it would be tricky. In April 2005 Bush signed an Executive Order that added pandemic influenza to the government’s list of communicable diseases for which a quarantine is authorized. Bush has been urging world leaders to improve reporting on outbreaks of the virus. Yet it is the pill Tamiflu (look in search engine), which makes symptoms of the illness less severe, in short supply. (Fox, NewsWithViews)

TORONTO, Canada Mystery virus Kills 10 Ten people have died from a mystery viral outbreak at a Toronto nursing home and another 40 are in hospital in isolation. October, 2005 All of the dead were aged between 50 years to 95 years. Residents with less severe symptoms are recovering at the nursing home which is closed to visitors and new patients. Age – over 50 – NWO doesnt want you. THE PLAN of the NWO is to kill off 200 million Americans. That comes from a military man who had just attended a meeting. He said – notice deaths and the ages of those who die. I have. MOST who died in Hurricane Katrina in 2005 USA were over 60. NWO wants elderly, infirm, and the very young – DEAD! Mystery virus – probably spliced together from several known virus by evil man. It is possible those escaped plague rats have something to do with this. Several bio labs have been breached in summer, 2005. And the Terri Schiavo execution began this.

Vaccines TOXIC – POISON! – Ingredients!
Formaldehyde, Aspartame, Mercury, and aborted fetal tissue – MURDERED BABIES If you believe CDC, WHO, or govt, you perish. Formaldehyde is used to embalm dead people! Acute mercury poisoning from thimerosal. Enter these ingredients in search engines. This following list of common vaccines and their ingredients should shock anyone. The numbers of microbes, antibiotics, chemicals, heavy metals and animal byproducts is staggering. Would you knowingly inject these materials into your children? DPT and DTaP – Diphtheria-Tetanus-Pertussis diphtheria and tetanus toxoids and acellular pertussis adsorbed, formaldehyde, aluminum phosphate, ammonium sulfate, and thimerosal, washed sheep RBCs (aluminum hydroxide in the DTaP shots) Influenza B Haemophilus influenza Type B, polyribosylribitol phosphate ammonium sulfate HiB Titer – Haemophilus Influenza B haemophilus influenza B, polyribosylribitol phosphate, yeast, ammonium sulfate, thimerosal, and chemically defined yeast-based medium IPOL 3 types of polio viruses neomycin, streptomycin, and polymyxin B formaldehyde, and 2-phenoxyethenol continuous line of monkey kidney cells Attenuvax – Measles measles live virus neomycin sorbitol hydrolized gelatin, chick embryo Biavax – Rubella rubella live virus neomycin sorbitol hydrolized gelatin, human diploid cells from aborted fetal tissue BioThrax – Anthrax nonencapsulated strain of Bacillus anthracis aluminum hydroxide, benzethonium chloride, and formaldehyde Dryvax – Smallpox Live vaccinia virus, with “some microbial contaminants,” polymyxcin B sulfate, streptomycin sulfate, chlortetracycline hydrochloride, and neomycin sulfate glycerin, and phenol -a compound obtained by distillation of coal tar vesicle fluid from calf skins Engerix-B Havrix – Hepatitis A hepatitis A virus, formalin, aluminum hydroxide, 2-phenoxyethanol, and polysorbate 20 residual MRC5 proteins human diploid cells from aborted fetal tissue Recombinant Hepatitis B genetic sequence of the hepatitis B virus that codes for the surface antigen (HbSAg), cloned into GMO yeast, aluminum hydroxide, and thimerosal Fluvirin influenza virus, neomycin, polymyxin, beta-propiolactone, chick embryonic fluid FluShield trivalent influenza virus, types A&B gentamicin sulphate formadehyde, thimerosal, and polysorbate 80 (Tween-80) chick embryonic fluid Imovax rabies virus adsorbed, neomycin sulfate, phenol, red indicator human albumin, human diploid cells from aborted fetal tissue.

Swine Flu Vaccine Contains Poisonous Squalene Oil [link]

Science-Based Medicine [link]

Autism: A Unique Type of Mercury Poisoning [link]

The FDA Shuts Down Infant Vaccine After Starling Discovery [link]

Health News [link]

The Poisoned Needle” by Eleanor McBeam (EBOOK) [link]

Putting chemicals into our air just seems ridiculous! But it’s true, and on such a scale that it’s producing lethal health issues.

In a bill put before Congress-Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D) has submitted bill no. HR 2977 IH , which proposes a ban on weaponization of space. One of the weapons listed is “chemtrails”.

Chemtrial Lab Results – [link]

Chemtrial Links [link]

Chemtrial Data Page – [link]

Hard Truth – [link]

Educate Yourself – [link]

Chemtrail Central – [link]

There leaves no doubt that this is taking place when there are government website which validate the existence of this practice.
Stats for 2012 [link]
Stats for 2008- [link]

From Dr. Paul Connett, PhD;
Fluoridation is UNSAFE because:
1) It accumulates in our bones and makes them more brittle and prone to fracture. The weight of evidence from animal studies, clinical studies and epidemiological studies on this is overwhelming. Lifetime exposure to fluoride will contribute to higher rates of hip fracture in the elderly.
2) It accumulates in our pineal gland, possibly lowering the production of melatonin a very important regulatory hormone (Luke, 1997, 2001).
3) It damages the enamel (dental fluorosis) of a high percentage of children. Between 30 and 50% of children have dental fluorosis on at least two teeth in optimally fluoridated communities (Heller et al, 1997 and McDonagh et al, 2000).
4) There are serious, but yet unproven, concerns about a connection between fluoridation and osteosarcoma in young men (Cohn, 1992), as well as fluoridation and the current epidemics of both arthritis and hypothyroidism.
5) In animal studies fluoride at 1 ppm in drinking water increases the uptake of aluminum into the brain (Varner et al, 1998).
6) Counties with 3 ppm or more of fluoride in their water have lower fertility rates (Freni, 1994).
7) In human studies the fluoridating agents most commonly used in the US not only increase the uptake of lead into children’s blood (Masters and Coplan, 1999, 2000) but are also associated with an increase in violent behavior.
8 ) The margin of safety between the so-called therapeutic benefit of reducing dental decay and many of these end points is either nonexistent or precariously low.
More from this Source: [link]

EPA [link]

National Cancer Institution [link]

Fluoride/Fluoridation Research [link]

News, Articles, and Information [link]

Ladies & Gentleman, America the beautiful and proud is gone!
America prides itself on being “The Land of the Free”! That use to mean having a life of freedom of choice, to be whatever you choose to be in your professional life, to live where you wanted, with few boundaries. People in other countries don’t have that kind of democracy, but just what is democracy? Freedom of speech, freedom of oppression, freedom of liberty….we are losing these. You can’t speak out without worry of retaliation. You can even protest anymore! Oppression comes in many forms, and religious oppression is the worst. The government has taken ‘religion’ out of the military so they can inject ‘gay rights’. They have recently sent a letter to many churches nationwide which flows an undercurrent of socialism within it. Don’t dare speak on the government if you’re a Pastor either! I personally believe the right to bear arms is being taken slight-of-hand via these outrageous acts of crime which I think are staged just for that purpose. The right to secure your own homes are challenged with police showing up at your beside telling you your door was unlocked! Seriously! Then, 9/11 took place (which I think was a mass ritual killing) and all of a sudden our liberties were being stripped away for the sake of “Homeland Security” purpose. And last but certainly not least…it should be first on the list…we are no longer a “Nation Under GOD”! Today, we are a nation under surveillance;

“One nation under surveillance” by Joseph Farah
“Government peering at you with X-rays on the highway” by Michael Carl, revealing what’s really inside that plain white van “‘Big Mall’ watching your every move,” showing why shopping-mall managers are boasting, “We can see, like migrating birds, where people are going to”
“Government eyes turning bugs into spies” by Steve Elwart, on how new micro “drones” – actual real-live insects – are being outfitted with tiny cameras and microphones
“Schools electronically spy on fat kids.” Imagine your child wearing a special electronic monitoring bracelet that transmits his physiological data back to some school official – all without your knowledge or consent
“How dictators get our latest surveillance technology” by David Kupelian, on a special product show nicknamed the “Wiretappers’ Ball” where virtually anybody from any nation can purchase products that allow users to track hundreds of cell phones at once, read emails by the tens of thousands, and much more
“Obama czar proposed government ‘infiltrate’ social network sites” by Aaron Klein, on regulatory “czar” Cass Sunstein’s audacious campaign to have government agents surreptitiously go online to “undermine” viewpoints with which they disagree “What feds can learn from Egyptian Internet control” by Chuck Norris, on the Obama administration’s unpublicized but relentless quest to regulate cyberspace
“Why Google will soon know more about you than your wife does” “Some Americans ‘likely’ to get cancer from airport scanners” by Jerome Corsi, on top experts who say those X-ray scanners are not as safe as the government claims
“Experts warn RFID risks outweigh benefits” by Phil Elmore, who reveals how ubiquitous radio frequency identification is becoming in our lives – at the expense of our security
“‘Stingray” can find you by tracking your cell phone,” on a high-tech device police use to track you by impersonating a cell-phone tower – and the coming Fourth Amendment court battle it is causing
“Breathalyzer tests for school kids?” by Bob Unruh, on a school district that forced an innocent girl to take a police sobriety test without even notifying her parents
“Court to government: Hands off babies’ DNA!” on how one state’s ruling has given privacy advocates a big victory in their fight with government
“Woman sues state over mandatory ‘mark of the beast’” by Bob Unruh, on one citizen’s challenge to government’s demand for biometrics to obtain a driver’s license
One Nation Under Surveillance (EBOOK) [link]

But, really in the last week…I have read stories about the government instituting RFID chips in our children’s schools, placing them in our clothing, our phones, our tires on our vehicles….just what is sacred? Nothing.
From camera’s at every store, parking lot, corner and highway…where do we get privacy? No where! Not even our homes. They have devices which can see in our homes, through our televisions, through our phones and listen in on our conversations. They have devices which can drive next to you in a van and see in every inch of your car. They have devices which can see-through your clothing at airports! You have NO PRIVACY, not even in your homes.

Surveillance Device uses WIFI to See Through Walls [link]

Radar Prototype Device Can See Through Walls [link]

Your Next Phone May be able to See Through Walls [link] VIDEO [link]

Mobile Cell Phone Sees Through Clothing [link]

HD TV Surveillance Agenda [link]

False flag terrorism” occurs when elements within a government stage a secret operation whereby government forces pretend to be a targeted enemy while attacking their own forces or people. There are many examples of false flag attacks throughout history.
Some say the Oklahoma Bombing was a false flag, the Waco Foot Hood Shooting, the Waco Cult Shootings, the Batman Movie Theater Shootings, and the biggest of all was the 9/11 Twin Towers.
Elaborate plans such as this would take months, if not years…but it is said it happened.
Respected individuals are saying;
Former prominent Republican U.S. Congressman and CIA official Bob Barr stated that the U.S. is close to becoming a totalitarian society and that elements in government are using fear to try to bring this about.
Republican U.S. Congressman Ron Paul stated that the government “is determined to have martial law.” He also said a contrived “Gulf of Tonkin-type incident may occur to gain popular support for an attack on Iran.” Former National Security Adviser Brzezinski told the Senate that a terrorist act might be carried out in the U.S. and falsely blamed on Iran to justify yet another war.
The former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury in the Reagan administration, Paul Craig Roberts, who is called the “Father of Reaganomics” and is a former editor and columnist for the Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek, and Scripps Howard News Service, has said:
“Ask yourself: Would a government that has lied us into two wars and is working to lie us into an attack on Iran shrink from staging ‘terrorist’ attacks in order to remove opposition to its agenda?
Retired 27-year CIA analyst Ray McGovern, who prepared and presented Presidential Daily Briefs and served as a high-level analyst for several presidents, stated that if there was another major attack in the U.S., it would lead to martial law. He went on to say:
“We have to be careful, if somebody does this kind of provocation – big violent explosions of some kind – we have to not take the word of the masters there in Washington that this was some terrorist event because it could well be a provocation allowing them, or seemingly to allow them to get what they want.”
The former CIA analyst would not put it past the government to “play fast and loose” with terror alerts and warnings and even terrorist events in order to rally people behind the flag.
General Tommy Franks stated that if another terrorist attack occurs in the United States “the Constitution will likely be discarded in favor of a military form of government.” Former UN Weapons Inspector Scott Ritter stated before the Iraq war started that there were no weapons of mass destruction. He is now saying that he would not rule out staged government terror by the U.S. government. And British Parliament Member George Galloway stated that “there is a very real danger” that the American government will stage a false flag terror attack in order to justify war against Iran and to gain complete control domestically.
The abundance of reliable information in this essay suggests that not only has the U.S. in the past conducted false flag operations, but there is a possibility that 9/11 involved some element of this deceit, and a future false flag operation cannot be ruled out. Let us spread this news to all who care so that we might build the critical mass necessary to stop these secret operations and work together for a more caring civil society.
More here: [link]
Governments Admit False Flags [link]
So, with government officials capable of such atrocious crimes against its own people, what else is really going on? Do you know, or do you even want to know?

Freemason and the Illuminati are said to be dangerous individuals, but let’s get that straight. This is specifically the top, elite of these groups. Why? There is proof that these people are Satan-worshipping cults. There are hundreds, upon hundreds of YOUTUBE videos on this subject. Each pointing out their various reasoning for such accusations.
Albert Pike writes: “The Blue Degrees are but the outer court or portico of the Temple. Part of the symbols are displayed there to the initiate, but he is intentionally mislead by false interpretations. It is NOT INTENDED that he shall understand them, but it is intended that he shall IMAGINE he understands them. (Pike, p 819)
A candidate is blindfolded, a rope is put around his neck and led to the door of the lodge he knocks. A voice responds: “Who comes here?” The guide responds: Mr. (initiates name), who has long been in darkness, and now seeks to be brought to light..
Albert Pike has already claimed:
“…the true and pure philosophical religion is the BELIEF IN LUCIFER, THE EQUAL OF ADONAY but Lucifer, God of Light and God of GOOD…”
If the candidate is a Christian, he has just insulted Jesus who said in John 8:12 “I AM THE LIGHT of the world He who follows ME shall NOT walk in DARKNESS, but have the LIGHT OF LIFE”
The initiate continues to be deceived as he progresses in the Lodge and begins to partake in rituals that glorify a man named Hiram Abiff, a biblically disguised name for Lucifer!

HIRAM ABIFF who is he?
Hiram Abiff is the Masonic “Christ Figure”! He is the “hero” idolized by every Mason as you will learn in the Hiram legend I will discuss next! In the scriptures, He is the King of Tyre (2 Chron 2:3,11) and in Ezekiel 28:12-19 we find that the King of Tyre is revealed as Lucifer himself.
Hiram Abiff, a Biblically disguised name for Lucifer, in the “Duncan’s Ritual and Monitor”, is glorified as the “greatest man in the world” (page 88) and on page 114 he is defined as “your Worshipful Grand Master”. In pages 112-115, the Master Mason, or Third Degree candidate, places a curse upon himself by an oath as guilty for the death of Hiram.
You cannot serve TWO masters!
Titus 1:16 They profess that they know God; but in works they deny him, being abominable, and disobedient, and unto every good work reprobate.
Every Christian who Takes the following oath puts himself under a curse when he proclaims:
“Oh! that my throat had been cut across, my tongue torn out by its roots, and buried in the rough sands of the sea … ere I had been accessory to the death of so good a man as our Grand Mastor, Hiram Abiff.” (Duncan’s Ritual and Monitor page 112).

Then the Mason exercises a ritual of Raising Hiram Abiff FROM THE DEAD!
“K. S. — You twelve Fellow Crafts will now go and assist in RAISING THE BODY.” (page 116)
The ritual is SATANIC! Wherewith Jesus, the ONLY one to ever rise from the dead, has in this ritual, been replaced by the Lodge member with Lucifer through the name of Hiram Abiff!
In Masonic ritual, the initiates are taught that Hiram was killed before he could finish building King Solomons Temple. They claim that Hiram possessed secrets by which they could “earn a Masters wage”. Knowing that the Temple was near completion, 15 Fellow Crafts entered a conspiracy to gain these secrets or take his life. In refusing to give this “Masters Word”, three “ruffians” named “Jubela, Jubelo, and Jubelum”, killed Hiram. Hiram, they claim, is eventually buried near the “Holy of Holies” of the Temple. In the Master Mason (3rd degree) ritual, the Masonic initiate partakes in a ritual of raising Hiram from the dead using the secret grip of the Master Mason and the 5 points of fellowship while speaking a “substitute” word for the “lost Masters Word”, which I will abbreviate M__ H__ B__. (Duncans Ritual pages 119-123)
The scriptures declare that, 13 years after the Temple was completed, King Solomon gave Hiram 20 cities (it appears these cities were for payment or a bonus to Hiram for his work. Yet Hiram despised them and was not pleased with this gift or payment).
1 Kings 9:1
And it came to pass, when Solomon had finished the building of the house of the Lord, and the king’s house, and all Solomon’s desire which he was pleased to do,
1 Kings 9:10-12
And it came to pass at the end of twenty years, when Solomon had built the two houses, the house of the Lord, and the king’s house, [11] (Now Hiram the king of Tyre had furnished Solomon with cedar trees and fir trees, and with gold, according to all his desire,) that then king Solomon gave Hiram twenty cities in the land of Galilee. [12] And Hiram came out from Tyre to see the cities which Solomon had given him; and they pleased him not.
(For those who wish to dig into this more, King Solomon began the building of the Temple in his 4th year of reign (1 Kng 6:1), and it was completed in the 11th year, which was 7 years in the building of it (1 Kngs 6:14, 37-38). At the end of 20 years (1 Kings 9:10), which is 13 years after the completion of the Temple, Solomon gives Hiram the cities)
Although the Temple was completed in 7 years, it then took another 13 years for Solomon to build his own house (1 Kng 7:1) 1 Kngs chapter 8 gives the detailed dedication ceremony for the Temple and in chapter 9 Solomon gives Hiram the cities as payment.
SO THEN, 13 years AFTER the temple was completed, Solomon gives Hiram 20 cities!
CAN YOU PREACH the gospel of JESUS CHRIST AT YOUR MEETINGS? Of course NOT, it’s forbidden!
“Masonry, around whose alters the Christian, the Hebrew, the Moslem, the Brahmin, the followers of Confucious and Zoroaster, can assemble as brethren and unite in prayer to the one God who is above all the Baalim.” (Morals and Dogma, pg 226, Albert Pike)
2 Cor. 6:14-17 condemns this theology by Albert Pike! Pike’s doctrine is similar to the cult called “Uniterianism”, which teaches that ALL religions have the truth needed to be saved by doing good works!

What does it mean? Albert Mackay, 33° explains its deeper meaning:
“The point within the circle is an…important symbol in Freemasonry, but it has been debased in the lectures (given in lodges) that the sooner that the interpretation is forgotten by the Masonic
student, the better will it be. The symbol is really a beautiful but somewhat abstruse allusion to the OLD SUN-WORSHIP, and introduces us for the first time to the modification of it, known among the ANCIENTS AS THE WORSHIP OF THE PHALLUS. (Albert Mackey, The Manual of the Lodge, Clark Maynard Co., New York, 1870, p. 156)
Webster’s Dictionary defines “Phallus” – “A representation or image of the penis as the reproductive organ, worshipped as a symbol of generative power, as in the Dionysiac festivals of ancient Greece.
The Washington Monument, built by the masons, in truth, is an obscenity and idol of pagan worship! You will find this obscenity over many graves of deceased masons, who, although they claimed to be Christian, forsook the cross and traded it in for an obelisk!
The Obelisk in the Bible is called “Asherah” in Hebrew, the KJV uses the word “groves”!
The initiation rites and rituals of the Masonic Lodge come from the ancient Egyptian pagan gods Osiris and Isis. Osiris and Isis is a Romeo and Juliet type legend in which Osiris is cut into pieces and his lover Isis searches and finds all of his pieces except his genital organ. Without this part, she could not restore him to life. The story is symbolized in the “Hiramic Legend.”
Albert Pike makes mention of Osiris and Isis on p.476 (Morals and Dogmas) We have therefore, in the 24th degree (Masonic Ritual), recited the principal incidents in the legend of Osiris and Isis …
On page 22 he writes: “Masonry, successor of the Mysteries, STILL FOLLOWS the ancient manner of teaching. Her ceremonies are like the ANCIENT MYSTIC SHOWS.”
Then Albert Mackey writes: “.. the secret worship of the pagan gods. Each of the pagan gods had besides the public and open, A SECRET WORSHIP paid to him, to which none were admitted but those who had been selected by PREPARATORY CEREMONIES CALLED INITIATION.” (Albert Mackey, Mackey’s Revised Encyclopedia of Freemasonry, p.497)
Admittedly, the very initiation into the Masonic lodge, according to Albert Mackey 33°, and its symbols, touches the ceremonies of ancient pagan worship.
Shown below, is the pentagram of the Order of the Eastern Star (O.E.S.), and the same pantagram of Satanism (the Baphomet also known as the Goat of Mendes)! Notice any similarities?
Order of the Eastern Star! Baphomet of Satanism and Witchcraft!
Another symbol is the Sun (Osiris). In the Temple, the Lodge members face east to worship the Sun-God “On” identified in the square and compass with a capital “G”. Higher degree masons (or Past Worshipful Masters) get the emblem with the Sun God (Osiris) instead of the “G”, showing Osiris himself.
These symbols shown, the later two which were on the car of a Mason, replaces the Sun God “Osiris” in the place of the “G”, identifying the God of freemasonry! Albert Pike reveals what they are: “Osiris and Isis were the Sun and Moon … and is the All-Seeing Eye in our Lodges … Osiris was invoked as the God that resides in the Sun” (Morals and Dogma, pg 476-477)
The All-Seeing Eye of Osiris in the Lodge!
Another symbol is the white apron, which covers the Lodge members private parts, even as Adam and Eve covered themselves with leaves to cover their shame and nakedness. It is symbolic of MAN’S attempt to hide his sins by his OWN good works, rather than trusting Jesus! It is, according to the scriptures, the blood of Jesus Christ that removes our shame, not an apron with pagan symbols of foreign God’s sown on!
The Bible never calls God “the Great Architect of the Universe”, He is the CREATOR, and His name is JESUS!
Albert Pike writes: “The Blue Degrees are but the outer court or portico of the Temple. Part of the symbols are displayed there to the initiate, but he is intentionally mislead by false interpretations. It is NOT INTENDED that he shall understand them, but it is intended that he shall IMAGINE he understands them. (Pike, p 819)
Tubal-Cain (the putter with two golf balls) is a joke on you. It’s a “2 ball cane” with a strong sexual connotation.
Don’t be deceived by the “outward appearance” of the Shriner with the crippled boy photos and the Shriner hospitals, which are only a coverup to their wicked deeds done behind closed doors!

And what concord hath Christ with Belial (Baal)? or what part hath he that believeth with an infidel (unbeliever)?
And what agreement hath the temple of God with idols? for ye are the temple of the living God; as God hath said, I will dwell in them, and walk in them; and I will be their God, and they shall be my people.
Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you,
“Masonry, around whose alters the Christian, the Hebrew, the Moslem, the Brahmin, the followers of Confucious and Zoroaster, can assemble as brethren and unite in prayer to the one God who is above all the Baalim.” (Morals and Dogma, pg 226, Albert Pike)
The Muslim worships the Meccan moon god idol, “Allah!” The Hindu worships 300,000,000 million idol gods! Yet the Christian Mason, forbidden by oath to evangelize his fellow Mason, disregards the scripture by fellowshipping with “Unbelievers, unrighteousness, darkness, Belial or Baal, idols!”
According to Albert Pike and Albert Mackey, you are in training to be LUCIFER’S disciple. Even Aleister Crowley a master SATANIST and antichrist, was a Mason (Masonry Beyond the Light page 204).
William Schnoebelen (former 32° Mason now Christian), as a former witch, was encouraged to become a Mason in order to perfect his witchcraft!

In the Book, Albert Pike gives the significance of every degree from the 1° to the 32° of the Masonic Lodge. It is the most occultic book I have every laid hands on.
The Kabbalah is often quoted by Albert Pike and used to explain hidden secrets. It is filled with Gnosticism. Gnosticism, in the early days of the Christian church, was a cultic doctrine that arose which taught that salvation was obtained by knowledge.
The 18° of the Masonic Lodge is called “Knight Rose Croix”, which is recognized by the well known cult called “Rosicrucian’s” which I define below. The Rosicrucians are also tied in with another magical cult called the Order of the Golden Dawn. Any web search will reveal the occultic nature of these two Orders. In this chapter, Albert Pike has no trouble comparing Jesus Christ with Osiris, Chrishna, Kioun-tse, Sosiosch, Dhouvanai, Har-Oeri, Love (Plato), Balder and the list continues. He goes into a lengthy illustration to show how all of these Gods are really one and the same. They were all redeemers of mankind against the powers of darkness.
In Morals and Dogma, Albert Pike reveals the secrets of the symbols and meanings of the Lodge. There is much detail and comparisons between writings of Christianity, Zoroastrian, Gnostic, Egyptian, Jewish, Philo, Aristotle and many others as a form of Unitarian church, where ALL religions have hidden secrets that when applied together by the initiate whom has received the illumination of the whole picture, can receive secret hidden power, and in effect, become their own Gods!

An international intellectual and cultural movement that affirms the possibility and desirability of fundamentally transforming the human condition by developing and making widely available technologies to eliminate aging and to greatly enhance human intellect, physical, and psychological capacities.
This sounds like a modern day “Tower of Babel”. To be like a god.
The top ten technologies for this subject;

1. Cryonics-high fidelity preservation of the human body

2. Virtual Reality-Developed Immersive VR in which haptics can fool the senses into believing it is real. PDF – [link]

3. Gene Therapy/RNA Interference-Anti-aging gene therapy.

4. Space Colonization-Colonizing the galaxy is the agenda here.

5. Cybernetics-Cybernetic features on the surface, but added with added extras like retractable wings! It’s one thing to replace a man’s lost arm this is another.
Cybenetic Systems-Military application such as this.. [link]

Power Jacket [link]

6. Autonomous Self-Replicating Robotics-self replicating factories gives the image of I-ROBOT with robots which eventually kill humans, in fact they want to exterminate them from the earth. Just what end will become of this idea? These kinds of practices are already putting millions of people out of work because ‘robots’ do our job more efficiently. The elite are pushing this agenda for many reason and unemployment is just one. It’s all about control of the masses, folks. And with robots, even as our police….that would become even easier.

7. Molecular Manufacturing-If self-replicating is the holy grail of robotics, then molecular nanotechnology (MNT) is the holy grail of manufacturing. It’s producing massive arrays of nanometer-scale actuators to manufacture macro scale products with atomic precision. Also known as nanofactory.

8. Megascale Engineering-producing magascale engineered structures at least 1,000 km in length in one dimension. This would definitely facilitate the space colonization process.

9. Mind- Uploading-nonbiological  intelligence implemented into our brain. Church-Turing thesis is an application whose values are calculable in algorithmic terms. The fact that ‘Church” is even used in these terms should awaken people to the counterfeiting of everything pertaining to GOD. Of course, our brains are not safe from the dark side.

10. Artificial General Intelligence (AGI)-synthetic intelligence with conscious experiences.

Genetics upon our farming world will lead to serious repercussions. In fact some say it already is. I have a personal friend who is an exterminator. He said that they can’t keep up with all the bugs and their hybrid breeds due to the differences in chemicals which treat them. Changes in the genetic makeup of our plants, and vegetables have even changed the bugs and insects which feed off of them!

Farming Seeds-upon initiating the search for this subject I was astounded at the depth of this field. Not only that but it has become accessible to everyone. One would think that this is something which is produced in a scientific lab and that is that, but there are websites which allow the common man to genetically modify a seed!
Transgenics-to produce biotech crops. What is amazing is that people accept this! People, don’t you realize that this is tampering with the very makeup of GOD’S creations!  The fusion or ‘hybrid’ seeds supposedly resist pests, insects, heat, and drought. But, the rude shock is these DO NOT reproduce! Planting the seed will produce but it’s offspring will not multiply. The fruit is dead! This reminds me of the Bible! Be fruitful and multiply! This definitely does not apply here, which is a SIGN!

The paranormal is considered the supernatural. The increase in supernatural activity has increased, substantially. Not only because we are in the last days but because the witches and warlocks know we are in the last day and are escalating their rituals and incantation which produce supernatural events. Also we factor in the fallen angels, because they do know their time is short and this is their opportunity to pull as many souls over to the dark side as possible. Just as adamant as GOD is in winning souls, so is Satan. It’s a push-pull! Tug-of-war in the supernatural sense.

From the time of 9pm-3am in the morning is where most paranormal activity seems to increase, with the strongest being from 12 midnight to 3am. Why? I think this is because Jesus Christ’s biggest sacrifice was from 9am-3pm. Eventually giving His Life up at 3pm! The opposite of this is 9pm-3am!!!

During the month of October the activity increases a small amount because the highest occult date of the Satanic year. On November 1st, is the actual date by the Celtics as the time when the veil between this world and the next is at its most thinnest and is the origins of our modern day Halloween. Spirits are supposed to be able to cross over easily into our dimension on All Souls Day and some report that this is the reasoning for the increase.
During the winter solstice there is an increase in paranormal activity. The winter solstice is on December 21, and is the shortest day of the year, and therefore the longest night! The winter solstice is caused by the sun taking a lower and lower path in the sky and eventually reaching its lowest point on December 21st.

My take on this is that this kind of activity is exponentially going to keep increasing because the veil between this and the next dimension is waning and waxing thinner as we get closer to the Day of Return of the Holy, the One and Only, Jesus Christ. So, in effect, this will cause more hauntings, possessions, prophetic dreams and visions.
A parade of paranormal entertaining is filling the American screens, be it movies or programs. From, “The Possession” on big screen or “Ghost Hunters” on television and other research shows. More than 2/3rd of the American people have had paranormal experiences, and the same for the entire world. Until the internet there were very minute avenues to share these experiences and now it seems to be exploding over the net. Some say there really is no increase, it’s just that people are more open about expressing their views anonymously. I believe because of this technology it has increased the speaking out in the subject but it surely has not decreased but increased.
What a strange world we live in! But, this in only the beginning of it. Science Fiction has nothing on reality! The elite are using paranormal curiosity to pull in the children’s interest and toss out their common sense.

The search for extraterrestrial entities has increased by many science organizations, mostly NASA. Why? Because the agenda is to get humanity to accept them. The increase in knowledge of this kind is opening peoples minds and hearts to phenomena, but it’s not healthy! I believe this has everything to do with the FALLING AWAY!
The presence of ‘aliens’ will not only change peoples thought processes but it will open their minds to infestations. These entities are hoping for just that. And if you research the New Age Movement (NAM), you will begin to see, this is exactly what is happening.
Enlightenment is key to the NAM, in that opening your subconscious to meditations and this is all leading to a “PREFECT POSSESSION” as stated by Malachi Martin. This state of mind allows foreign entities to come into your body as a host.
In the 1980s, the actress Shirley MacLaine was ridiculed for her interest in channeling, reincarnation and UFOs in her book, “Out on a Limb”. But research suggests that she may be less of a wacky outcast and more representative of the population that the image ingrained by late-night comics suggested. There are those out there that are being pulled into the NAM and don’t have a clue as to what their doing.
Why is it that science say we have been around for ‘millions’ of years yet, we don’t have these ‘extraterrestrials’ living next door! Because GOD gives them parameters! Yes, they do have free reign over the universe but they still are being controlled by GOD! GOD is ultimately controlling the chaos.
So, in the last couple years—we have seen so much activity that science is studying the paranormal but they will not betray their teaching which in embedded into them by the elite. And if they do go against the grain-they end up dead!!

These entities are powerful. They can use technology that is hundreds of thousands of years ahead of us. These are not aliens but demons. Science is nothing but a progression of the agenda of Satan which is pushed in our schools to embed it into the children and impress upon their morals and integrity.  GOD has been taken out of the schools because it does not fit into science! MY favorite phrase in this regard is that science and GOD go hand in hand but man gets in the way. This is because the science we think of is Satanic, but GOD created everything and Satan counterfeits it. This is the science we know. GOD is the CREATOR!
These beings are fallen angels and their minions, robots, and hybrids. The ripple effect they have had in this universe has been happening for thousands of years, but like a ripple in the water…it will grow larger and larger until it becomes a wave. This wave we live in now is the lasting effect of the ripple. The wave is the falling away spoken of in the Bible…it’s a conscious decision to leave the foundations of GOD and faith in GOD. Because of the Masters of the Universe (Ascended Masters/fallen angels), and their psycho-babble of becoming a god….this will change the face of reality as we know it. We are on the edge of the cliff…about to fall over!

Recently, we began seeing a rush of antiquated steps to silence the religious sects which the government feels threatened by. There has even been Congressional acts initiated to deal with such religious ‘fanatics’.

The Obama administrations war to persecute Christians is ever increasing since his first days in office. The support for Islamist and lack of support for Christians is obvious when he addresses Muslim holidays by remains silent during Christian holidays.

According to Pete Winn of CNS:
“The U.S. State Department removed the sections covering religious freedom from the Country Reports on Human Rights that it released on May 24, three months past the statutory deadline Congress set for the release of these reports. The new human rights reports—purged of the sections that discuss the status of religious freedom in each of the countries covered—are also the human rights reports that include the period that covered the Arab Spring and its aftermath. Thus, the reports do not provide in-depth coverage of what has happened to Christians and other religious minorities in predominantly Muslim countries in the Middle East that saw the rise of revolutionary movements in 2011 in which Islamist forces played an instrumental role. For the first time ever, the State Department simply eliminated the section of religious freedom in its reports covering 2011…”
Former U.S. diplomat Thomas Farr said that he has “observed during the three-and-a-half years of the Obama administration that the issue of religious freedom has been distinctly downplayed.” Leonard Leo, former chairman of the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom, said “to have pulled religious freedom out of it [the report] means that fewer people will obtain information,” so that “you don’t have the whole picture.”
More info on this here  [link]
Surreal example here: [link]
In “Obama Overlooks Christian Persecution,” James Walsh gives more examples of State Department indifference “regarding the New Years’ murders of Coptic Christians in Egypt and the ravaging of a cathedral,” including how the State Department “refused to list Egypt as ‘a country of particular concern,’ even as Christians and others were being murdered, churches destroyed, and girls kidnapped and forced to convert to Islam. ”

Legislation to create a special envoy for religious minorities in the Near East and South Central Asia—legislation that, in the words of the Washington Post, “passed the House by a huge margin,” has been stalled by Sen. James Webb (D-Va):
In a letter sent to Webb Wednesday night, Rep. Frank Wolf [R-Va, who introduced the envoy bill] said he “cannot understand why” the hold had been placed on a bill that might help Coptic Christians and other groups “who face daily persecution, hardship, violence, instability and even death.”
PDF [link]
Yet the ultimate source of opposition is the State Department. The Post continues:
Webb spokesman Will Jenkins explained the hold by saying that “after considering the legislation, Senator Webb asked the State Department for its analysis.” In a position paper issued in response, State Department officials said “we oppose the bill as it infringes on the Secretary’s [Hillary Clinton’s] flexibility to make appropriate staffing decisions,” and suggested the duties of Wolf’s proposed envoy would overlap with several existing positions. “The new special envoy position is unnecessary, duplicative, and likely counterproductive,” the State Department said (emphasis added).
But as Wolf explained in his letter: “If I believed that religious minorities, especially in these strategic regions, were getting the attention warranted at the State Department, I would cease in pressing for passage of this legislation. Sadly, that is far from being the case. We must act now…. Time is running out.”
Now, this kind of thing has been happening for thousands of years. More importantly during the time of Jesus Christ.
The plot against Jesus is portrayed in the Holy Bible. But, this is part of the whole process of our Salvation becoming a reality within HIM!

But the Bible very definitely tells the growing Christian to expect persecution. 1 Peter 4:12 emphatically states that “we are not to be surprised” when persecution comes, or think that “some strange thing” is happening to us when we are persecuted as Christians. (See also Acts 14:22; Philippians 1:29; 2 Timothy 3:12; 1 John 3:13.)
There is also a present glory associated with being persecuted for Christ. Verse 14 informs us that the Holy Spirit of glory rests upon us when we are reviled for the name of Christ. All believers have the Holy Spirit dwelling in them (Romans 8:9-11; 1 Corinthians 12:13; Ephesians 1:13), but persecuted believers have the Holy Spirit resting on them. The persecuted Christian comes to know more of the reality of the presence of God in his life.

It’s amazing how many people don’t know about the resurgence of guillotines in the world!
HB 1274 – Death Penalty; Guillotine Provisions [link]

Guillotine Display Stuns Rothchild’s ‘tent city’ [link]

Mean, Mean Guillotine [link]

RECENT-A Letter From God to the Generation of the Fig Tree [link]

True Story of a Soldier VIDEO [link]

Armageddon Act

Christians Deemed Terrorists in Studies Funded by Department of Homeland Security [link]

Profiles of Perpetrators of Terrorism-United States [link]

Hotspots of Terrorism and other Crimes in the United States PDF  [link]

Armageddon Lobby [link]

More Videos [link]

The Grand Coups d’état
So, you see the Grand Coups d’état is about the natural and supernatural. It’s about the forces within these two existing world fighting against one another. The world will be stuck in the middle of the two opposing teams. Satan’s children vs. GOD’s children. This is it! Whose side will you chose? With GOD, there is no middle ground, no riding upon the fence to watch the bull-fight! Because not making a choice is still a choice.

THE NEW WORLD ORDER-Mainly, it’s important to realize this does not originate with humanity! The New World Order is demonic in its origin. The Ascended Masters are the wall behind this scenario. This wall is protected by Satan. GOD warns us of a world government organization and this is it. It goes far and wide and the Elite who do NOT worship our GOD are pushing the transhumanism and other similar agenda’s to facilitate the steps of humanity becoming gods by extending their lives (immortality) and artificial intelligence (AI) and connecting the two therefore producing an indestructible source in our DNA and eventually taking out our GOD-given SOUL and changing our GOD-given DNA….this is it in a nutshell!

Coup de gras–a mortal or finishing blow, esp one delivered as an act of mercy to a sufferer!
This is also interestingly referred to as coup de grâce!! The Grace of GOD is the finality of this dimension. Your actions determine the outcome. FREEWILL is a challenge from GOD. Consider the outcome without GOD!!

In a world full of combativeness, don’t we need a refuge? This refuge is GOD. GOD is our protector! Turn to GOD now, before it’s too late.



In my opinion, the Bible makes it very clear that the dead play NO FURTHER PART of any sort in affairs of this world, and their thoughts, and/or consciousness do not remain in this world whatsoever. There are a few exceptions to the rule, of course…when GOD uses someone to come back and perform a miracle!
Luke 16:27-31 would indicate that no human spirits are allowed to return to visit the living without permission, and if permission is not granted for the purpose of warning people to flee from the wrath to come, it would not be given for trifling reasons.

The Bible tells us they remain in the ‘grave’ until the Second Coming, when they will be raised up. In Revelation 20, it tells us that these souls will be raised upon which time they will be given their Day of Judgment from GOD, along with everything/everyone else.
I also believe that once you are given your sentence, and your aware of the outcome that you will either ascend with GOD into the heavenly realm of immortality OR you will go to the place where GOD assigns such beings to live out their immortality without any chance of living with GOD. Some think that once your judgment is given and you don’t ascend with GOD then you will turn to ash and your existence is extinguish. I use to believe this, but no more. I believe you are cast into the Lake of Fire if you do not except GOD’S Salvation.
Anyone seeking to contact a ‘dead’ person on this Earth will have a rude awakening. These demons are smart, smarter than you or anyone you have ever known, even Einstein! They know peoples past and their mistakes and sins. Therefore they will use these images of the past of an individual against them to mislead them.
These demons will mislead you into believing they are a child, and have not ‘crossed over’. Why? Pity! They actually HATE humanity so much that they will do anything to steal its body and possess it to kill it. The only LOVE they know is the love of HATE.

One type of evil entity is a disembodied spirit of a dead Nephilim, and the reason why they hate us so much is we once were their food source and will be again. Everything comes in full circle…as the Bible suggests.
There are many kinds of cursed beings, and those who were translated into angelic status, their situation is much worse than those who were never translated. These extremely powerful beings knew GOD on a personal level and spoke with HIM on a one-on-one basis, yet they turned their faces and countenance away from HIM in disobedience. And because of this high level of accountability, and of course, the intimacy of which they shared with GOD, they have transgressed in such a way that GOD will never, ever forgive them. Their curses fall into a eternal destruction of their immortal spirits and body. (Revelation 20:15)
And because they know this, they torment the earth and its inhabitants because of how much GOD loves us.
In Revelation 9; we are told about the time to come when a ‘smoke’ will arise from upon the Earth, and out of this smoke will come ‘locusts’, as scorpions who will have enormous power. These are cursed beings which will come to torment us. But, did you notice the sign of the smoke? Smoke is also how ‘ghosts’ appear…but I don’t think these are disembodied humans but rather my assumption is that they are demons who have been cast into one of the three dwellings from within Earth which hold these creatures captive…1. Hell/Hades/Sheol, 2. Tartarus, 3. Abyss, and then we have the Lake of Fire.

Don’t you think the Lake of Fire is empty? Scripture states that the first entities which will be cast there are the False Prophet and the Antichrist. Then, after the 1,000 years-those who don’t except GOD’S Salvation will be thrown there. Assuming the first three pass away after the Day of Judgment, this leaves no doubt in my mind, that this is the ultimate place of doom. Seems to parallel the levels of the heavens in that there are levels in the lower regions as well. I believe there to be three levels of heaven too. The first heaven, which is what we see when we look up. The second heaven is the celestial bodies and the space therein. The third is where GOD domain is. And being the THREE is such a resoundingly spiritual number, this totally makes sense…hence the Trinity; Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Praise GOD!
Concerning the first heaven, Scripture states that Satan currently has dominion over (with GOD-imposed limitations, of course), and this is Earth and the skies above it. Satan is known as the god of this world (2 Corinthians 4:4), prince of the power of the air (Ephesians 2:1-3), and the prince of this world (John 12:31).
With this being the rules, I believe this is sufficient evidence to prove that ‘alien’ abductions are conducted by the fallen angels and they reside in the first heaven-our skies and earth.

Legions of demons possess the world, and the inhabitants therein. This is their agenda, to possess a host and ultimately kill it, taking with it, the soul or spirit of that person/animal. These demons, fallen angels all adhere to a pecking order, as there are Princes, Chief Princes. With these spiritual forces, Revelations tells us that Satan will be bound for a 1000 years, and then calls for the ‘locust demons’ and the Prince of Grecia to come out with him to torture souls. Through Daniel, we learn at one time, Prince Grecia, an angelic prince from the ranks of the fallen, was ruler over the earthly Greek Prince, Alexander, whose military exploits gained him the historic title of ‘Alexander The Great‘. When Alexander came into the scene, he uproots and replaces the formerly irreplaceable Medo-Persian Empire. His kingdom would be split into four components and would not be his prodigy, nor rule in HIS POWER. Daniel’s interpretation leads us to believe that in the third dream, this became the Goat & Ram prophecy. This in turn cast out the Prince of Persia, and, lo and behold the Prince of Grecia comes. But, when Alexander dies, the spiritual head, Prince Grecia goes directly to the abyss, and shares this space with Prince Persia…the locust demons…and who knows what else.
Upon relocation from the abyss, he regains his former stature and this would constitute a ‘healing of the deadly wound’, so to speak. He will come back into power, I believe. Does this not explain:
Revelation 17:
the beast [the wounded head spirit] that you’re looking at, was [before Johns' time], is not [during Johns' time], and shall ascend out of the bottomless pit [the ABYSS], and go into perdition [evil deeds], and become the eighth in a line of a succession of kings that started with ancient Egypt and flowed through Babylon. They were Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Medo-Persia, Grecia, Rome, end time (seventh kingdom) and Antichrists, the eighth. Incidentally, the Prince of Grecia, is in fact the “DESTROYER” who will be released from the abyss to assist the Antichrist.
The final Empire that spreads over the area covered by the old Grecian Empire, is The Muslim Empire. Who currently loves Muslims and puts their interest over ours (the United States)? Sounds a bit like Obama. Is he facilitating a passage for a world leader? A World Teacher who will design a new faith…a New World Order with a One World Religion? Does this explain Obama’s head ‘wound’ scars? It is all a bit strange and mysterious and we shall see the outcome very soon, I promise.

While on the subject of the ancient Grecian Empire rising to power, I find it intriguing to note that Alexander the Great may have received some divine intervention during his siege of Tyre in 332 BC, explained in the excerpt below.
Quoting Giovanni Gustavo Droysens Storia di Alessandro il Grande, the erudite Italian Alberto Fenoglio, writes in CLYPEUS Anno 111, No 2, a startling revelation, which we now translate;
“The fortress would not yield, its walls were fifty feet high and constructed so solidly that no siege-engine was able to damage it. The Tyrians disposed of the greatest technicians and builders of war-machines of the time and they intercepted in the air the incendiary arrows and projectiles hurled by the catapults on the city. One day suddenly there appeared over the Macedonian camp these flying shields, as they had been called, which flew in triangular formation led by an exceedingly large one. The others were smaller by almost onehalf.
In all, there were five.”
The unknown chronicler narrates that they circled slowly over Tyre while thousands of warriors on both sides stood and watched them in astonishment. Suddenly from the largest shield came a lightning-flash that struck the walls; these crumbled and other flashes followed. The walls and towers dissolved, as if they had been built of mud, leaving the way open for the besiegers, who poured like an avalanche through the breeches. The ‘flying shields’ hovered over the city until it was completely stormed, then they very swiftly disappeared aloft, soon melting into the blue sky.
These flying ‘shields’ sounds mysteriously like UFO’S!!
ATLANTIS-Although the existence has been debated for over two thousand years, I am specifically speaking of ‘flying shields’, could this also what Plato was speaking of when he mentioned that its inhabitants flew in ‘sky chariots’? I believe they are one-in-the-same. And they remain here to this day.

I want to go onto another subject for just a paragraph or two. The Bible specifically tells us of the Antichrist’s actions, intentions and outcome. No doubt. But, something recently came to my attention. Read this Scripture: Daniel 11: 36-40
36 And the king shall do according to his will; and he shall exalt himself, and magnify himself above every god, and shall speak marvellous things against the God of gods, and shall prosper till the indignation be accomplished: for that that is determined shall be done.
37 Neither shall he regard the God of his fathers, nor the desire of women, nor regard any god: for he shall magnify himself above all.
38 But in his estate shall he honour the God of forces: and a god whom his fathers knew not shall he honour with gold, and silver, and with precious stones, and pleasant things.
39 Thus shall he do in the most strong holds with a strange god, whom he shall acknowledge and increase with glory: and he shall cause them to rule over many, and shall divide the land for gain.
40 And at the time of the end shall the king of the south push at him: and the king of the north shall come against him like a whirlwind, with chariots, and with horsemen, and with many ships; and he shall enter into the countries, and shall overflow and pass over.

Now, this speaks of how the Antichrist will desire to be above all gods on earth and above, but notice the next verse…the God of forces. This is “MUZZIM”; the god of forces, and none other than JUPITER/Capitolinus. The ancient god, NIMROD. Then, we have the Roman who identified Jupiter with Zeus. Also the Egyptians identified Jupiter with Osiris, son of Ra. The Septuagint, Theodotion, and Geneva Version render it as a proper name. Theodoret adopted Theodotion’s reading and explained it as “Antichrist”!

In Fausset’s Bible Dictionary, the reference is to Antiochus Epiphanes who erected a temple to Jupiter Capitolinus at Antioch, and dedicated Jehovah’s temple at Jerusalem to Jupiter Olympius. This temple, however, was not completed. It will be remembered, also, that he caused an altar to Jupiter to be erected over the altar of burnt-sacrifice in Jerusalem.

Furst suggests Melkart the Hercules of Tyre, the “fortress” or “stronghold” (ma’oz) of the sea.” New Tyre was on a rock surrounded by the sea (Isaiah 23:4). HERCULES is but another name for Sun god.
But we also need to address Baal, who bears the title of “Rider of the Clouds,” “Almighty,” and “Lord of the Earth.”
ASHTART, she was called Asherar-yam, our lady of the sea. And in Byblos, she was BAALAT.

The MYSTERIOUS FORCE (“mauzzin or mahozim”)–this is said to be the ancient name for the Masonry. The name was changed to Freemasonry on June 24, 1717 in London. Masonry set up the Temple of Jerusalem!
Here is a quote from Isaac Newton; notice he uses Mahuzzim from the original Hebrew, and there is a connection to their disregard for women.
CHAP. XIII. “Of the King who did according to his will, and magnified himself above every God, and honoured Mahuzzims, and regarded not the desire of women.”
Contemporary Bibles say “honored the god of fortresses” but Ambrose Phillipps gives a detailed explanation in his book quoted below.
Mahometanism in its Relation to Prophecy by Ambrose Lisle Phillipps (pub. 1855)
PROPHECIES CONCERNING ANTICHRIST. 191 “He shall worship the god Maozim” What is Maozim? St. Jerome informs us that “Maozim,” or ” Mahuzzim,” as Bishop Newton writes it after the Hebrew, signifies strongholds,” “forces” Now, the god of Mahomet was emphatically a god of forces, of strongholds, of physical force : his implement, both for extending his spiritual and temporal dominion, was one and the same instrument, the sword. Not the sword of the Spirit, but that sword of which Jesus Christ had declared, “Put up again the sword into its place, for all that take the sword shall perish by the sword. Now, Mahomet’s (*Prophet Mohammed*) god was the god of the sword, even the god Maozim, or, as the Hebrews read it, the god Mahuzzim.” And who is so blind, as not to see further in this remarkable word, whether the ” Maozim “of the Septuagint, or the ” Mahuzzim ” of the Hebrew, a still more remarkable and wonderful coincidence between it and the name of the False Prophet ? Write it Mahomet, Mohammed, or Muhammed, it cannot fail to remind us of Maozim and Mahuzzim. And if we would pursue such coincidences a little further, we may find an equally striking one between the Maozim and Mahuzzim of the Prophet, and the Muezzim of the Mahometan mosques. The Muezzim amongst the Mahometans are criers, who ascend the minarets of their mosques to call the people to pray to the God of Mahomet. (*Sounds like the Muslim Scottish Rite*)This coincidence had often struck the writer of this treatise, but he was glad to find that it is recognized and enforced by the learned author of a very remarkable French work on Prophecy, ” La Fin des Temps” (*end of days*) to which the reader has been already referred; in page xiii of his Pre- face it is emphatically alluded to, as also in the body of that learned work. And if the reader will procure that work, he will see how ably the writer treats it.
Obama said he loved the call of the Muezzim coming from the mosques minarets “the most beautiful sound on earth.” Our solders know well that mosques are used as fortresses equipped with guns, ammo, grenade launchers and even dungeons. … YBIC … Oliver
*Emphasis mine* WOW! What an eye-opener that was!!!!! Is this the origin of the word “Muslim”? I wonder.
Let’s elaborate on this work of Mohammad;
Mahomet and his successors, Volume 8-Chapter VI/Vision in the Cavern
“For six months successively, according to one of his historians, he had constant dreams bearing on the subject of his waking thoughts. Often he would lose all consciousness of surrounding objects, and lie upon the ground as if insensible. Cadijah,who was sometimes the faithful companion of his solitude, beheld these paroxysms with anxious solicitude, and entreated to know the cause; but he evaded her inquiries, or answered them mysteriously. Some of his adversaries have attributed them to epilepsy, but devout Moslems declare them to have been the working of prophecy; for already, say they, the intimations of the Most High began to dawn, through vaguely, on his spirit’ and his mind labored with conceptions too great for mortal thought. At length, say they, what has hitherto been shadowed out in dreams was made apparent and distinct by an angelic apparition and a divine annunciation.
It was the fortieth year of his age, when this famous revelation took place. Accounts are given it by Moslem writers as if received from his own lips, and it is alluded to in certain passages of the Koran. He was passing, as was his wont, the month of Ramadhan in the cavern of Mount Hara, endeavoring by fasting, prayer, and solitary meditation to elevate his thoughts to the contemplation of divine truth. It was on the night called by Arabs Al Kader, or the Divine Decree; a night in which, according to the Koran, angels descended to earth, and Gabriel brings down the decrees of God. During that night there was a peace on earth, and a holy quiet reigns over all nature until the rising of the morn.
As Mahomet, in the silent watches of the night, lay wrapped in his mantle, he heard a voice calling upon him; uncovering his head, a flood of light broke upon him of such intolerable splendor that he swooned away. On regaining his senses, he beheld an angel in a human form, which, approaching from a distance, displayed a silken cloth covered with written characters. “Read!” said the angel.
“I know not how to read!” replied Mahomet. “Read!” repeated the angel, “in the name of the Lord, who has created all things; who created man from a clot of blood. Read, in the name of the Most High, who taught man the use of the pen; who sheds on his soul the ray of knowledge, and teaches him what before he knew not.”
Upon this Mahomet instantly felt his understanding illumined with celestial light, and read what was written on the cloth, which contained the decrees of God, as afterwards promulgated in the Koran. When he had finished the perusal, the heavenly messenger announced, “O Mahomet, of a verity, thou are the prophet of God! And I am his angel Gabriel.”
Note.-Dr. Gustav Weil, in a note to Mohammed der Prophet, discusses the question of a Mahomet’s being subject to attacks of epilepsy; which has generally been represented as a slander of his enemies and of Christian writers. It appears, however, to have been asserted by some of the oldest Moslem biographers, and given on the authority of persons about him. He would be seized, they said, with violent trembling, followed by a kind of swoon, or rather convulsion, during which perspiration would stream from his forehead in the coldest weather; he would lie with his eyes closed, foaming at the mouth and bellowing like a camel…Cadijah feared that he was possessed by evil spirits, and would have called in the aid of a conjurer to exorcise them, but he forbade her.” END
I added this to give examples of a POSSESSION! This was truly a possession. NEVER once was a person given to this kind of action when a true messenger of GOD appeared! NEVER! He went through SIX MONTHS of this! Unbelievable, no wonder the people thought him to be possesses, because HE WAS!  These entities (Watchers) are known to have given man the things GOD denied us, which were weapons, pens and paper, make-up, herbs of alchemy, etc. And why a ‘satin cloth’? Sounds strange. This whole excerpt is nothing but a ancient version of what we in modern day call a possession in need of exorcism!

Let’s move on to verse 39;
Thus shall he do to the defenders of “Mauzzim”, together with the strange god whom he shall acknowledge. Increasing the glory given to this god, ruling over many dividing the land for gain.

Now verse 40;
And in the time of the end a war shall ensue. In this war will consist of a king who comes against them like a whirlwind. Whirlwind is a supernatural force. With chariots, horseman, and many ships…overflowing and passing over!

CONCLUSION: Does this sound like worship of a once dead, alive and coming again! WOW! And on top of that, they have supernatural forces. That to me says it all. But, lest we forget…this is who the FREEMASONS worship! And Freemasons are known to be homosexuals!! Much like their deity they worship.

Satan is the father of all lies, therefore it leads one to understand that demons are liars. Satan wants man to believe that these are the spirits of people who have died. The great deceiver, Satan, wants you to believe that you can overcome the chains of death and return.
In the popular book, “Communion-A True Story” by Whitley Strieber;

““Increasingly I felt as if I were entering a struggle that might even be more than life and death. It might be a struggle for my soul, my essence, or whatever part of me might have reference to the eternal. There are worse things than death, I suspected… so far the word demon had never been spoken among the scientists and doctors who were working with me…Alone at night I worried about the legendary cunning of demons …At the very least I was going stark, raving mad.” – Whitley Strieber, Transformation, p. 44-45
“I felt an absolutely indescribable sense of menace. It was hell on earth to be there [in the presence of the entities], and yet I couldn’t move, couldn’t cry out, couldn’t get away. I’d lay as still as death, suffering inner agonies. Whatever was there seemed so monstrously ugly, so filthy and dark and sinister. Of course they were demons. They had to be. And they were here and I couldn’t get away.” – Whitley Strieber, Transformation, p. 181
“I wondered if I might not be in the grip of demons, if they were not making me suffer for their own purposes, or simply for their enjoyment.” – Whitley Strieber, Transformation, p. 172
“Why were my visitors so secretive, hiding themselves behind my consciousness. I could only conclude that they were using me and did not want me to know why…What if they were dangerous? Then I was terribly dangerous because I was playing a role in acclimatizing people to them.” – Whitley Strieber, Transformation, p. 96

On Whitney Strieber’s website:
“Come Say Hello to the Dead.” In it he writes, “A surprising number of people see ghosts, and sometimes even have physical contact with them….In the hundreds of thousands of letters we received after Whitley wrote ‘Communion,’ we noticed that communication with dead people (who arrived along with ‘the Grays’) was common…All of these dead people had the same basic message: ‘Tell everyone that I’m OK.‘”
Later the article states “On, John Blake quotes the hairdresser, Nina de Santo, as saying, “It was very bizarre. I went through a period of disbelief. How can you tell someone that you saw this man, solid as ever, walk in and talk to you, but he’s dead?…Sometimes you just sense the presence of someone close to you, and it seemingly comes out of nowhere, and afterward, you find out that person was in some kind of crisis at the time of the vision. We don’t know what to do with these stories. Some people say that they are proof that there’s life after death…Despite the fact that hundreds of thousands of contactees hear the Visitors “talk inside their heads.”)

Whitley Strieber admits in a recent interview in June 19, 2011 on Coast to Coast AM that the books “Communion” and “Transformation” were to prepare him for further contact with someone he met in 1998 which resulted in a book called “The Key: A True Encounter.” A mysterious stranger who walked into his hotel room and told him secrets of human beings, souls, God and the universe, even predicting scientific discoveries years before they happened, which convinced Whitley this stranger was not an ordinary human being.

You see—always an underlying agenda. You see he is being groomed by these entities to preach a philosophy of who GOD is and these matters are always opposed to the Bible’s view.

So, not only are we surrounded by mysteries which are deep and complex, but we have the supernatural to contend with as well.  Aliens sometimes take on the form of deceased relatives in the interest of keeping their activities secret.
Vacationing with her mother in the Virgin Islands in 1987, Lily Martinson woke up in her hotel room to observe the apparition of her dead brother watching her from the foot of the bed. The experience comforted her. Later, however, when Jacobs put her under hypnosis, Martinson saw the individual she had thought was her brother as, in Jacob’s words, “a person without clothes, small, thin, no hair, and large eyes.” Martinson is an “unaware abductee.” Unaware abductees “explain their strange experiences in ways acceptable to society, interpreting the entities they see as ghosts…especially dead children, angels, demons, or even animals.”
Another example:
“I had a dream a few weeks ago after my grandmother had dies. We were just hanging out at her place talking. Then I realized I was dreaming. I then asked my grandma is she knew she was dead. She laughed and brushed it off, but I kept bringing it up. Eventually I started to feel this pulling sensation and stated to float uncontrollably. My grandmother then began to scream and her mouth opened 5 times bigger than it should be able too and there was an ear piercing shriek. Then I woke up crying.”
Did you understand that this was a demon interrupting a dream? How? Once your asleep, your on a spectral dimension which allows spirits to interact with you. This demon got angry and revealed its true colors. It was not his/her grandmother.

Demons can produce signs and lying wonders and be very charming and appealing in order to induce feelings needed to possess their mind.

Back in 2001, I was laying on my couch with my dog. I was alone in the house (actually it was a mobile home). I was just watching TV and relaxing when something seemed to pull my eyes to look at the wall.
I saw what started out looking like a very light black shadow just there, on my white wall. The longer I stared at it, the darker and bigger it became until it just looked like a black cloud just floating there. I kept staring, as I couldn’t take my eyes off of it. It was like I was hypnotized or something. Then, I swear I saw eyes slowly appearing, they as well got darker the longer I stared at it. The eyes looked like bright sapphire blue flames with black cat pupils. The longer I stared at it and watched, the deeper and more angry looking the glare from this entity became. And it was looking right at me! As I looked at it, I was frozen with fear. I really felt like I couldn’t pull my eyes away.
Needless to say, once I snapped out of this hold it had on me, I grabbed my dog and ran out of that house and refused to go back in until my then boyfriend came home. I have had quite a few sightings & experiences in my life, this by far was the scariest one.
Notice how it put a ‘spell’ on the person? ‘Aliens have this same ability.

All true mediums probably start out with a God-given spiritual gift, but it becomes corrupted after years of subjection to deception. Interaction with the deceased should only be taken to the point of testing the spirits (1 John 4:1–4), but once the test results are in, if the spirits in question don’t pass the tests, all communication should immediately cease. But, sadly this is not the case. Many ‘ghost’ programs not only test the spirits but continue in their communications by asking questions of their intentions. Interaction with the deceased is dangerous because the lower realms are full of evil spirits seeking ways to penetrate the physical realm for the sole purpose of pursuing their own agendas, which vary widely but never include the will of God.
The ability to channel spirits is also a God-given gift, though it is intended only for channeling the power of the Holy Spirit, and none other. This is the truth!
Mediums are magnets for demonic possession—probably more susceptible to it than people without such gifts are. Demons seek out people who can perceive them because they can exude a greater influence through these people who are natural conduits. In essence the people whom God intends to use to free people from satanic oppression and possession can sometimes become slaves to Satan when they fall into the seduction of glorifying themselves and obtaining profit and prosperity by doing things with their spiritual gifts that are forbidden in scripture.
Personally, I believe that those who truly use this ability for righteous endeavors have a gift have an ability of keeping one’s eye on the true enemy, and should use this to serve in a deliverance ministry. A conduit of supernatural/spiritual warfare!

I believe the demons disguise themselves as ghosts, aliens in UFO’s, spirit guides, Greys, Reptilians, Annunaki, Ascended Masters, pagan gods and goddesses, channeled entities, dead relatives during séances, Ouija board manipulators, psychic sources, automatic writing sources, and of course as angels of light.

Why do I believe these things? Because with all the activity that has been witnessed over the years on ‘ghost’ and ‘haunting’ programs and in reality, the connection seems to be that these demonic presences cause the place to be possessed with hate, fear, and dread. This in turn causes the people who live there to act out in several ways. They either act out against one another or they go internal. This means; they either fight one another, tearing the relationships apart; or they commit serious injuries upon themselves.
You see these demons want to tear apart any type of loving relationship, even within ourselves. Love is from GOD, therefore they hate it.
So when you hear of a ‘haunted’ place, then you must realize it’s the demons within that atmosphere that is carrying on the violence. They know what had taken place on properties and they use these events to cause more violence. So, when you see an apparition of a person who has committed suicide on the property then I believe they caused the events which took place to cause this person to do such bodily harm, enough to take their own life, and then they use the image of this person to continue ‘haunting’ it.
I’ve seen programs where the ‘medium’ says; “well, there are two type of things here, one is people who haven’t passed over and the demons who keep them here.” I personally believe this is demons, all the way. You cannot convince me otherwise when you have the Bible telling us that we don’t remain in this realm after we die.

Miss E has experienced strange events since childhood (something she shares with her sister) and although her current house is new, it was built on land that she has lived on for 35 years. Whilst her house is “active”, she admits that her sister’s house is “very” active.
Miss E said the following about her sister’s house:
“Almost everyone in the extended family has seen/heard things. My son refuses to go upstairs in her house. She’s been living there for 17 years, but her husband has only just recently begun to see things himself, so he finally believes her after all these years!”
Some years ago Miss E was staying at her sister’s house and wrote the following:
“I was upstairs in my bedroom reading and sort of half-way watching some television. I began to hear a very faint crying, like that of a woman in some distress. It got progressively louder over about a 20 minute period of time. No one was in the house with me except for the 2 cats, both of which were sleeping in the room with me. One was on the bed and the other was under the bed. The crying sounded like it was coming from my brother-in-law’s in-home office downstairs below my bedroom. It definitely was not on the tv. But each time I turned down the volume on the tv to get a better idea of where the crying was coming from, the crying completely stopped. I went downstairs a few times to see if I could figure out if it was a radio, tv, computer or some kind of toy or game that maybe someone had left on. Nothing.
For about 2 hours this crying would start and stop until I was driving myself crazy looking for it. At one point this crying woman sounded so distraught that at least twice I picked up the phone to call the police. But each time I thought, “what am I going to tell them; that I hear someone crying in the house, like they are being tortured, but I can’t find them.”
After about 2 hours of this, I was about to leave the house because I was becoming quite un-nerved. That was when I heard the family returning. I went downstairs to tell my sister what was going on. We went to her husband’s office to inspect it once again and while we were talking over the situation, we heard a growling noise come out of the area where I had previously been somewhat able to pinpoint the crying. My nephew was standing there with us when all 3 of us heard the growl and said, “what was that!?” It sounded like it was coming from a corner of the room at ceiling level.
My sister even gave her neighbors a call to ask if anybody was watching a movie, playing a video or doing anything that would generate the sounds of a woman crying or an animal growling. Nothing.
We have never heard the sounds repeated. Nor have we ever been able to figure out what caused them.”
In her own house Miss E experienced an event that could involve spirits or aliens:
“I once woke up in the middle of the night and saw 9 very small “entities” surrounding my bed. They looked like teddy bears wearing monks robes with strange hats on their heads and big ROUND eyes. Not your typical looking alien. They were about 3-4 feet tall. I tried to wake my husband (at the time), but no sound would come out of my mouth. It was like I was in some kind of vacuum. So, then I tried to pound on him to wake him, but he would not wake up. I tried to get up out of the bed, but could not seem to do it. My baby was sleeping in the small room next to us in the nursery. I was anxious about her. Then I remember just blanking out and not waking up until the morning. That was strange in itself because the baby always woke up for a feeding around 3am. But she never woke up either until around 7:30am.”
Two things here: notice how it began as a crying? Sympathy is something these demons prey upon. Knowing someone would be alarmed, they use this type of sound to attract an audience. Then, once it had gained your attention-it turns on you! Growls! Then you are scared! It gains power from fear. Power and strength is how it grows into something worse, much worse.
Curiosity can be good, but in this instance-it’s very bad. Don’t give it recognition, except to oppose its presence within your dwelling. Say: “In the name of Jesus Christ, you have to leave.” If it stays, then you may have a demon that has the legal right to remain. Find out more about this later.

Have you ever noticed how these entities will attack children and animals first? Such a coward! Preying on smaller beings is a cowardly thing to do, but they do it. Even attacking frail older people too. They gain power from these actions.
There are American Indian tales about ‘aliens’ or ‘sky gods’ which use these same tactics. Even telling us that these entities live below ground and feed off of war and killing…they gain power from these kinds of events. If this is the case, have you noticed how these ELITE love war? Do you think they are giving their ‘gods’ more power by starting wars and they also benefit by owning the companies that make the weaponry. Evil begets evil.

In the next area, I would like to present some of the experiences which present itself to be a haunting of an entity. This is meant to represent the SAME entities. I believe them to be one in the same entities. Once you begin to see the similarities I believe you will get the same conclusions.
Not only are these events horrific but they are an abomination, and I believe them to be serious sins unto the children of GOD. Just as GOD keeps an account of the life events of humanity, these entities are being monitored and a script kept of their sins. So, if you are experiencing these traumatic events and believe them to cause you great angst, pain, and anguish-please know they have consequence to their actions, just as we do. It may not be in this realm/dimension but when GOD returns, all will be judged.

These events are not your typical run-of-the-mill day events. These things happen when you know something is in this dimension.
Hearing voices-although you usually can’t understand what is being said
Cold spots or hot spots
Hearing footsteps
Unusual animal activity ( dogs barking, whining or running from the room, not wanting to be in the home, getting ill-losing their hair from stress etc)
Feelings of being watched
Strange noises-knocking, scratching etc.
Rotten/flower smells/sulfur

Whispers, laughs or giggles, moans, shrieking
Moving shadows
Breeze in closed areas
Visible clouds (base apparition)
Strong Static
Marks on the walls or floors

Lights turning off and on
Electrical Appliances turning off and on, even without being plugged in
Unseen hands grabbing or touching people
Writing on the wall or pattern markings
Doors open/close lock/unlock on their own
Voices or words heard clearly
Levels of communication with living people
Strange telephone calls
Full apparitions/dark figures

Flying objects
Shaking/moving furniture/beds
Moving items then putting them back moments/days later
Fire Starting
Visions or illusions
People feeling dizzy, nausea/sick
Appearance of frightening entities (half wolf/half man etc)
Pushing/shoving/shaking people
Windows/Mirrors or other objects breaking on their own
Speaking in ordering tones

Attacked by unseen force
Held down
Hair pulled
Biting, slapping, or punching
Animating objects-possession
Use of household electrical system to cause harm
Fires or burnings
Blood on ceiling/floor/walls
Flying knives or other sharp objects
Heavy objects falling/flying
Possessing people
Haunt your dreams or even cause sleep paralysis

1) Aliens can alter our perception of our surroundings.
2) Aliens can control what we think we see. They can appear to us in any number of guises, and shapes.
3) Aliens can take us–our consciousness–out of our physical bodies, disable our control of our bodies, install one of their own entities, and use our bodies as vehicles for their own activities before returning our consciousness to our bodies.
4) Aliens can be present with us in an invisible state and can make themselves only partially visible.
5) Abductees receive marks on their bodies other than the well-known scoops and straight-line scars. These other marks include single punctures, multiple punctures, large bruises, three- and four-fingered claw marks, and triangles of every possible sort.
6) Females abductees often suffer serious gynecological problems after their alien encounters, and sometimes these problems lead to cysts, tumors, cancer of the breasts and uterus, and to hysterectomies.
7) Aliens take body fluids from our necks, spines, blood veins, joints such as knees and wrists, and other places. They also inject unknown fluids into various parts of our bodies.
8) A surprising number of abductees suffer from serious illnesses they didn’t have before their encounters. These have led to surgery, debilitation, and even death from causes the doctors can’t identify.

9) Some abductees experience a degeneration of their mental, social, and spiritual well-being. Excessive behavior frequently erupts, such as drug abuse, alcoholism, overeating, and promiscuity. Strange obsessions develop and cause the disruption of normal life and the destruction of personal relationships.
10) Aliens show a great interest in adult sexuality, child sexuality, and in inflicting physical pain on abductees.
11) Abductees recall being instructed and trained by aliens. This training may be in the form of verbal or telepathic lessons, slide shows, or actual hands-on instruction in the operation of alien technology.
12) Abductees report being taken to facilities in which they encounter not only aliens but also normal-looking humans, sometimes in military uniforms, working with the alien captors.
13) Abductees often encounter more than one sort of alien during an experience, not just the grays. Every possible combination of gray, reptoid, insectoid, blond, and widow’s peak have been seen during single abductions, aboard the same craft or in the same facility.
14) Abductees–“virgin” cases–report being taken to underground facilities where they see grotesque hybrid creatures, nurseries of hybrid humanoid fetuses, and vats of colored liquid filled with parts of human bodies.
15) Abductees report seeing other humans in these facilities being drained of blood, being mutilated, flayed, and dismembered, and stacked, lifeless like cords of wood. Some abductees have been threatened that they, too, will end up in this condition if they don’t co-operate with their alien captors.
16) Aliens come into homes and temporary remove young children, leaving their distraught parents paralyzed and helpless. In cases where a parent has been able to protest, the aliens insist that “The children belong to us.”
17) Aliens have forced their human abductees to have sexual intercourse with aliens and even with other abductees while groups of aliens observe these performances. In such encounters, the aliens have sometimes disguised themselves in order to gain the cooperation of the abductee, appearing in such forms as Jesus, the Pope, certain celebrities, and even the dead spouses of the abductees.
18) Aliens perform extremely painful experiments or procedures on abductees, saying that these acts are necessary but give no explanation why…..Painful genital and anal probes are performed, on children as well as adults.
19) Aliens make predictions of an imminent period of global chaos and destruction. They say that a certain number of humans…will be “rescued” from the planet in order to continue the species, either on another planet or back on earth after the destruction is over. Many abductees report they don’t believe their alien captors and foresee instead a much more sinister use of the “rescued” humans.

For those unfamiliar with Star Trek and the prime directive, the prime directive is a policy of noninterference mandated by intergalactic explorers belonging to a Federation of Planets. The policy of noninterference was an issue of ethics based on the anthropological premise that interference of technologically advanced species into the lives of less technologically advanced species may create more problems than it would solve.
These so called ‘aliens’ profess these same ideals, but they deceive you all the while. They do interfere. They abduct people. They gain bodily fluids from our bodies to experiment and produce hybrids. For example; they inject their DNA into our women and then later come to retrieve the unborn fetus; they fly in and around earth using their technology for their benefit.
Clearly interspecies interaction includes something not mentioned in Star Trek—the Will of GOD. In fact, the only true prime directive that exists can be reduced to one thing: GOD’S Will.
God mandates that the angels are to protect humanity (Hebrews 1:14) and learn of GOD’S Grace through their observations of humanity (1 Peter 1:12; Ephesians 3:10). But, they penetrate human society in disguise.

Legal rights are something that can give demons an opportunity to harass or even enter us, and also to remain in us even when we try to cast them out. Here are some reasons:
1. Sins/Willfull Sin
When we sin it definitely gives the dark side the legal right to give us grief. And the deeper the sin, the larger the door opening offered to the demonic. It begins with contaminated thoughts and leads into acting on those thoughts. Once the person begins sinning it leads to a whole new level of doors opening, and a snowballing effect takes place.
Drug use can be a big one, even prescription drugs. These pharmaceutical companies are inherently evil. They use formulas which make people susceptible to demonic infestation, these drugs are suited in such a way that the subconscious is opened to attack and possession. These demons need something to feed on, so when they get inside you, these drugs give them power.
Criminal activity, fornication, incest, rape, homosexuality, ‘open’ marriage, pedophilia, sadomasochism, wife swapping, swinging, transsexuality, transvestism, pornography, orgies, bestiality, prostitution…and so many others are but a small example of what can allow manifestations to occur.

2. Soul Ties
Spiritual bridges between people are not imaginary, they are very real. This is likened to a rope between two people that allows demons to cross between. Example being spending the night with a friend and they suggest playing with a Ouija Board. Next thing you know this thing is moving on its own when you considered it to be a toy. This opened a portal. This portal may just haunt the person’s home which conjured it, but the tie of your participation leads the demons to come to you.
Sexual perversion can caused these events, such as having a sexual experience with a prostitute. This ties both you and the prostitute together, and allows the demons to torment you both. People don’t realize that sexual intimacy is more than sex, it is something GOD considers very serious and should only be performed when married.
Unhealthy relationships can cause soul ties, people who are mentally, sexually or physically abused. Also taking a loved one’s advice over GOD’S….this is very serious. Also if you realize you have an unhealthy tie with someone and refuse to break it, it allows demonic festering.

3. Demonic Vows
This vow can be a spiritual signature to allow access into our lives. These can be conscious and even unconsciously caused. If one joins a coven or cult which is Satanic…this is a group of witches who use magic. They are required to make vows to Satan! This is occult behavior.
Even dabbling in reading horoscopes or speaking with a psychic is considered a spiritual sin. Reading this kind of material and others can open demonic doors.

4. Ancestral Sins
When your involved in the occult, you not involve yourself but your loved ones. It opens doors for generations down the line. A curse of such events can affect whole families for centuries. If you or your family members are experiencing the same kind of problems in your lives, even sickness then this is a sure sign of a curse. Families who seem to have anger issues, irrational fears, or depression can be a sign as well. Not realizing it but even adopted family members can experience the same problems….it’s a soul tie, not necessarily a blood tie. People with hoarding issues, unclean homes, financial difficulties, mental problems, struggles with problems which seem to persist and no cause can be found.
Spells can be placed on people by friends who feel betrayed, and can be placed on an entire family. Even after the curses are lifted, demons can remain. Admitting issues within our family and releasing these curses are problematic is you don’t know how.

5. Unforgiveness
This is when we just cannot forgive someone. This may seem trivial to some but GOD takes it very serious. This is not behavior which HE condones. Bitterness is a poison. It hurts the spirit, and taints your mind with negative thoughts and actions
There are some actions against us that seem almost unforgivable, especially those which take away our purity, such sexual predators. But, we must forgive anything and everything ever witnessed or committed against us.
Trauma can be conducive to these powerful spirits, it’s like a catalyst.

6. Self-curses
The words that come out of our mouths have power! GOD tells us this. GOD tells us we have the power of life and death in our words. And with that comes self-inflicted curses.

7. Cursed Objects
Physical objects can carry spiritual value, such as idols, occult books, rings, movies, dolls, charms, even statues or used items bought at a thrift store. And even land can be cursed.

8. False Religions
Many, many people worship and live under the umbrella of false religions…and I mean the amount could even be billions of people!

TIME TO CHANGE THINGS! Repent of your ways, pray and follow the steps needed to cleanse your life. If you need more help, find videos of Win Worley. He’s awesome, a deliverance pastor.

Repent of any sins that involve that person
Forgive the person of any wrongs done
Renounce any covenants made with the person
Get rid of any gifts exchanged
Renounce and break the soul tie in Jesus’ name
“I now renounce and loose myself from any soul ties formed between myself and ________, and I break these demonic ties in Jesus’ name.”


The Celestial Knights Templar

My notes will be added in notation brackets and asterisks. Please acknowledge this is a letter, not of my origin. But, I want to point out some very important points which I found in it. People need to wake up to the realization that this issue is deeper that most can fathom because it’s not just an issue with humanity but it spans into the stars with beings trying to control humanity by deception.
Who are the real Knights? Well, these Knights of Templar (Freemasons) are just the parallel to those they worship, these real Knights.

“The Knights Templar” – a rough draft
by Rev. Mary Hardy, Ph.D.
June 30, 1998
First rough draft. Please ignore poor spelling and grammar. This is only an outline.
This book is the story of how I learned to help reengineer the grid so that humanity can return to light. This is a story about my experiences with the Knights Templar. Most of this history was revealed while I was touring in France in the summers of 1996, 1997, and 1998. Here I met a group of Knights (in the etheric) [EDITOR: notice this is a fancy way of saying ‘channeled’*], that started teaching me about the mysteries of realigning the grid so that humanity could advance into a higher consciousness. They taught me this simple fact, “Whomever controls the grid controls the consciousness of humanity.”
In this book I hope to help you, the reader, understand what I learned through my experiences and other peoples experiences that were there at the time these mysteries were revealed. There are many legends about the Knights. Their true history and purpose has never been revealed. This band of fighting men built many of the churches and cathedrals in Europe. These temples were placed on ley lines and used to resonate the grid so that the spirit of their etheric bodies could be balanced and developed into a higher frequency. The Knights true mission was alchemy [*EDITOR: At last, truth*]. Not just the process of changing lead into gold, but the noble attempt to change gross man into a Christed being [*EDITOR: this is the ‘grand’ design of these celestial beings for man, to pull us away from GOD*]. One that could travel the stars and be free from the physical body [*EDITOR: this can only be accomplished by astral projection and this is another form of channeling*].
From my past life experiences, I know that I was there in France in 1307 when the main leaders of the Knights were captured and the group was disbanded. I was part of a secret plot to escape with the Knights treasure. I knew that it was loaded onto five vessels that sailed to the North American continent. These treasures were the secret documents and instruments that the Knights found in Jerusalem. These treasures were the secrets of Solomon’s Temple [*EDITOR: Solomon was a wise man, and at one time was very evil, and in contact with demons and the Knights Templar wanted this knowledge*]. The Knights purpose was to build temples all over the European continent to emulate this secret knowledge. With this knowledge, the grid of Mother Earth could be manipulated and balanced. Remember, who ever controls the grid controls the consciousness of humanity [*EDITOR: Controlling is to be controlled, and the Knights Templar are controlled by celestial beings*]. The Catholic pope and the king of France wanted to steal this knowledge for their own benefit. But secretly, the Knights learned of this plot, so the leaders sacrificed themselves so that the treasure could be saved. They knew of no safe place to take the treasure, so they sailed with it to a land unknown to the pope and the king, the North American continent [*EDITOR: Stealing this kind of information has its downfall, people wanted the Knights Templar dead for their deeds*].
While in the North American continent, the Knights mingled with the natives and altered the history of this planet. Around 1325, many tribes in the southwest part of North America disappeared. My past life remembrances will give you new insight into this history, and will give you an understanding of the true meaning of using your higher self to reengineer the grid.

Alchemy as a science is not understood on this planet [*EDITOR: Alchemy is not of this earth-it’s purpose and design is to change GOD’S (DNA)image in us and HIS creations*] . To achieve the mission of the Knights Templar, one has to know the history of Mother Earth. The truth is Earth is an experiment [*EDITOR: the MODUS OPERANDI is bring forth a doctrine which reputedly bases our existence upon a part of their creation*] . Its inhabitants are genetic combinations of many different star systems. Earth is also the eighth sister of the Pleiadian constellation. We revolve around the central sun of the Pleiades, Alcyone. The genetic coding of the human race is made up of twenty-two different star systems. It was decided about 59 thousand years ago that if the inhabitants of the Earth could become conscious of their genetic ties, then peace would come to the galaxy. [*EDITOR: this is the amount of books in the Book of Thoth*] So 144,000 individualized souls from Alcyone boarded twelve mother ships of light, to come to Earth to complete this experiment [*EDITOR: we are an experiment; an experiment of Satan‘s, to see how many soul’s he can scalp*]. Each ship consisted of 1,000 smaller beam ships. Each one of which was occupied by twelve individuals that collectively sustained the Christed field so that humanity could unite the genetic coding and take the galaxy into a higher frequency [*EDITOR: the only ‘ascending we can attain is through our Almighty GOD. This is a façade*]. I believe this is the true meaning of the 144,000 mentioned in Revelation [*EDITOR: Satan counterfeits EVERYTHING of GOD!*]. This is also the secret of the Knights Templar. They have now embodied themselves in etheric form to assist anyone who wants to understand this noble cause and become part of the answer of putting the pieces together and realigning the genetic coding of humanity, so that peace can come to the galaxy [*EDITOR: the only peace we know is through Jesus Christ, the Son of the Almighty GOD, not this duplicate Ascended Master-Jesus/Sananda*].
You may ask “how do you know this?” I live in a very strange reality. In 1968, my family, husband Dean, and our two sons, Mark and John, lost several hours [*EDITOR: CODE for abduction!*]. At that time we met with the Arcterians. The Arcterians comprised themselves of the eighth root race  [*EDITOR: Helena Blavatsky tells of these races, origin of the Atlantis/Ascended Masters/Fallen Angels*] of mother Gaia. They are also the beings from the twelve light ships that traveled from Alcyone. The main individual that became our teacher was Kuthumi. He was also John the Beloved and author of Revelation. The story that I want to tell you is about my experiences over the past 30 years since we were told by Kuthumi to build a pyramid [*EDITOR: Pyramids are a source of power and a vortex*]. We succeeded in building a large pyramid in our back yard in 1975. Since that time I have spent a large portion of my life understanding the science of pyramids, obelisks, standing columnar waves (SCW), and their energy fields. I have written a book on pyramid energy so that I could help other people understand this science. This information has become the center of my life, and I am being guided to help others understand the importance of the 144,000 that came to the planet to help heal the differences within the galaxy. In these 30 years, I have struggled with learning to understand this mission. But I know within my heart, that if we succeed, humanity will be able to become advanced beings of light and be equal with their brothers and sisters of higher dimensions.

The action of a pyramid is a vortex. When a person is pure of heart, they become a balanced vortex [*EDITOR: GOD made us a spiritual being*], and when 144,000 of us achieve the ability, through love, to become a total balanced SCW of light, the planet will become the eighth star in the Pleiades. Humanity will move into complete control of the consciousness of the planet, and no Earth changes or severe disruptions will happen [*EDITOR: These beings even admit they control the weather, so they will create a series of events which will bring humanity to their knees, just in time for their ‘landings’ and they will essentially become mankind’s savior*] . When the 144,000 learn how to use this knowledge, the planet will sing with light, and humanity will balance its consciousness. At this time, humanity will learn of its true history, and can take the giant step into consciousness, or loose themselves in darkness. If Mother Earth (Gaia), can birth a consciousness of love into the genetic code of humanity, the rest of the Pleiadian system will understand the importance of peace. Earth is the experiment of the combination of 22 different star systems genetically coded into its human form. Peace can come to the galaxy when the humans can create a balance in their genetic code.
The time is of utmost importance. As our solar system travels through the greater cycle of a solar year, it revolves around the central sun of Alcyone every 26,000 years. And every half cycle we travel into the Photon Belt. (For further clarification of this, please read Barbara Hand Clow’s book, The Pleiadian Agenda.) Because of the higher vibrational structure of the photon belt, any substance that is out of alignment while we travel through this Photon Belt with Divine Law will self destruct [*EDITOR: Only GOD controls the ‘destruction’ of our souls*]. This means that people who do not have control of their thought forms and have not completely balanced their first four bodies, which are physical, astral, emotional, and mental, will be energetically excited in such a way that they will collapse their energy field upon themselves and be dissolved. However, if the conscious level of love and light is maintained, the material transmutation into higher dimensional forms will be achieved by individuals who have dedicated themselves to become part of the answer to help Mother Earth travel through the Photon belt.

Outline Of Chapters
Chapter 1- This spring I met a man named Ken Cousens, who explained to me the development of the nine root races. Ken has written a book called The Doorway to Alcyone, which is where I paraphrased most of the material on the nine root races and the importance of the central Sun, Alcyone. He awakened my memory of the twelve mother ships that came from the central sun of the Pleiades and helped me understand the role of the 144,000.
If one is to understand the importance of the nine root races, they must first understand their development. Ruldolph Steiner has outlined the first five root races. Steiner lived at the time of Hitler and was clairvoyant. He often observed the development of Hitler clairvoyantly expressing the power of the polarity of the anti-Christ and the Christ consciousness. Many feel that Steiner was the embodiment of the Christ Consciousness. A good book to read about this is the Sphere of Destiny, by a Colonel in the British army.
Rudolph Steiner explained the first root race as being the Ploareans, or the Paugeaus. For the 144,000 to tie in to the genetic coding of the human on Earth, they first had to develop the first root race. They did this by developing the etheric bodies. They did this by balancing the polarities of the electromagnetic field, thus in their development, they created a schism between good and evil, or perfect or imperfect Polarity.
The second root race, the Hyperboreans, comes from the word “north pole,”, or aroraboriealis, meaning color. To create the physical body from the etheric body, the humans used the energy of the north pole. That is why you have the majority of the population and land mass in the northern hemisphere. The creation of the physical body was the use of the (Phythageron) solids which explains the use of the geometric solids.
The Lemurians represent the female embodiment and are the feminine aspect of the third root race. [*EDITOR: I think it's interesting how they use the Trinity number and others and counterfeit & twist everything of GOD*]
The Atlanteans represent the male focus and represent the fourth root race. It is recorded in history that the Atlanteans were always fighting with the Lemurians. One can look at this as a metaphor as the male trying to dominate the female aspect of the race.
We are now completing the fifth root race [*EDITOR: man is trying to accomplish these root races through the establishment of Transhumanism*], the Aryan, whose function has been to integrate the four Earth based systems with the universal whole. The Aryan race’s true function was to be the light bearers carrying the Earth races into universal integration of energies, species, genetics, and so forth. Instead due to the distortion in the planetary system, human consciousness as well as other distortions in the Universal system, the Light Bearer played a distorted role by attempting to dominate and control the Light. The Aryan race was intended to blend the integrated Earth matrix (four-fold dynamic) with Universal energies, but instead attempted to control the Love and the Light and to own it.
The Hebrew race came to Earth during the Atlantean period with the gift of a specific genetic code to receive, integrate, and uplift the Light through the vehicle of the Christ body [*EDITOR: this is the integration of Jesus‘ bloodline with theirs, all false…this is how they will bring forth the Antichrist figure and claim he is of King David’s bloodline, hence a descendant of Jesus Christ*]. This was a gift for the entire human race, not just for a chosen few. But the Aryans, originally intended to confer the gift of the Light Bearer, instead followed the distorted path of becoming the Light dominator. The Hebrew race then polarized away from its original intended purpose as the carrier of the Light and became egocentric in its attitude as the “chosen people.” In the last two thousand years [*EDITOR: why choose 2,000 years? Because this is a Satanic agenda!*] these two aspects of the collective whole have played the roles of this progressively polarized energetic, culminating in the extremes witnessed during the Second World War. This schism can also be seen in early Biblical stories such as the killing of brother by brother (Cain and Abel) and the separating of two brothers to become bitter enemies (Ishmael and Isaac, Arab against Jew). An interesting adjunct to this historical point is that the fifth subrace of the Atlanteans were the Semites and their principle role in evolution was the development of critical thinking (the Atlanteans as a whole developed the mental body). The mastery thus gained was focused on the mineral kingdom, and the schism of brother with brother then was held in the planetary matrix by this kingdom until it could be pictured, manifested, and then healed. The Semitic races then began their long historical path of patriarchal control and fraticide until its final resolution in the last fifty years. While the mineral kingdom held the resonant energetic of dominance and abuse of power until this could be transmuted and healed in the last twelve years.
This is why the Atlantean period ended with the destruction of the continents. The breaking apart and the cleansing at the end of the time period in the Photon Belt. As we pass through the Photon Belt, the same pattern of destruction will happen unless the 144,000 develops the ability to control their own consciousness, spin their electromagnetic fields in the form of the (Merkabah), and hold the grid together so the collective consciousness of the planet can progress into the hundredth monkey syndrome. The Mayan calendar ends in the year 2012. This marks the passing of the Earth through the Photon belt. The next few years will emphasize the importance of people understanding the process of controlling their electromagnetic field and putting together the shattered pieces of consciousness so that the planet can advance into Light.
The sixth root race, the Borealeans, Borealis means Light in color. Jesus represents the first soul to come into the sixth root race. His statement “I am the way” did not mean that you had to follow Him, it simply indicated that you developed your higher consciousness and integrated your five lower root races.
The seventh root race, the Corpureans, Sangraie, Saug = blood, Raie = royal. Once you have integrated your six root races, you have the ability to spin the blood in such a way as to crate a vortex that can control the grid of Mother Earth. The true meaning of developing the (merkabah). Because our newborns are coming in with this ability to control their own electromagnetic field, those that wish to control the Earth are creating all kinds of vaccinations which control the magnetic particles in the red corpuscles of the blood and distort the ability of people developing their Christed selves. This is why the essential oils are so important. They are the blood of a plant and control the electromagnetic matrix of the spin factor of the Earth and can realign the red blood corpuscles into the magnetic field that is necessary to free humanity from this hideous control.
The eighth root race, the Octerians, are individuals that are here to guide the 144,000 into the realization of developing their roots so that they can control the electromagnetic field and bring about a genetic bonding of the 22 different star systems that are genetically encoded in the human. This is an experiment. And it must be completed by the year 2012, because the energy from the Photon Belt is necessary for humanity to integrate this genetic coding.

The ninth root race is the completion of this experiment.
Chapter 2 – In 1968 my family was picked up by the Octerians and asked to learn how to engineer the grid. This chapter will explain what I have learned in the past 30 years about how to balance the crystalline grid structure of Mother Earth. Basically how to set up Medicine wheels and manipulate the SCWs so that actual engineering of the grid can be achieved.
1. Holy Grid, Holy Grail. Whoever controls the grid, controls the consciousness of humanity. If the 144,000 are to take the planet into light, then they must know how to manipulate the ley lines of the planet to bring peace and harmony into Mother Earth.
2. An explanation of Stonehenge and how it is the main control panel to control the grid system.
Chapter 3 – The Understanding of how essential oils can be used to recreate the spin in the blood so the merkabah can be developed.
1. The FDA is approving foods that are genetically altered. Example, the milk hormone used to stimulate milk production in cows changes the RNA and DNA coding in our food supply. They are also doing this with tomatoes, and other food products to increase, so to say, food production. In fact, what these foods do is alter OUR genetic coding and is a malicious attempt to control humanity.
2. The FDA is also working on drugs that alter the RNA/DNA coding. They are genetically trying to find a drug that will change the RNA/DNA coding in Diabetics and other major life threatening disease so that this will wipe out the disease. I feel that the real research that is being done is to alter the RNA/DNA coding in humanity so they can be controlled.
3. Teaching of the understanding of the limbic system and the amygdala gland so that people know how to integrate their electromagnetic field through the use of oils [*EDITOR: a scam to buy these SNAKE oils*]. Aromatherapy stimulates the spin factor within the limbic system so that the etheric, astral, emotional mental and physical bodies can be balanced.

Chapter 4 – The first two trips to France in the spring of 1996 and 1997.
1. The reason for Mary first going to France was that she remembered a lifetime there around the early Thirteen hundreds where she raised the Knights Templar’s horses in an area called the Languedoc. After the capture of the Knights Templar in 1307 she released the horses in the swampland known as the Camargue. These became the wild horses of this area.
2. The history of meeting with the Knights Templar and the actual appearance of the fifteen Knights that became my companions so that I could better work with the grid.
3. The story of how Pat and Richard and I started talking to the Knights on the second trip so that we could understand how the gridlines at Rennes-le-Chateau worked. [*EDITOR: this place is a vortex of Satanic rituals to open a gateway*]
4. The Knights explaining to us that the parish priest, Sonais, was paid by the Hapsburg’s to realign the grid so that the New World Order could start their malicious control of preventing humanity from overcoming matter and advancing into the star systems. [*EDITOR: the New World Order is comprised of celestial beings pulling the strings of the elite to bring forth their agenda, this is not a manmade agenda!*]
5. How the group was guided at David Icke’s talk to dance all afternoon around Toby’s Medicine Wheel and learn to work with the grid so that the Knights could regain control of the ley lines at Rennes-le-Chateau.
6. The trip to Montserrat and the honorary anointing by Lord Michael.

Chapter 5 – I had to return to France in 1998 because the people who are trying to control the grid did two terrible acts at Rennes-le-Chateau: 1. They changed the bell tower and the bell in the church to control the grid. [*EDITOR: Bells are powerful sources of witchcraft and rituals! Notice their usage in the 2012 Olympic Ceremonies*]
2. They removed a Templar stone that was part of the altar stone of Solomon’s Temple and an initiary stone of the Knights Templar. This stone can retune the grid, and in the wrong hands can be part of the control system that prevents humanity from going into the light. [*EDITOR: I’m no expert in the field of vibration and its effects but what I can tell you is the Freemasons are using every ounce of their energy to find a way to change our DNA! And this is part of it. Vibrations through HAARP*]
1. I travelled to France with Elias DeMohan’s group which were guided by the Octerians to go to Toby’s garden and replace the essence of the stone so that the etheric Knights had domain over Rennes-le-Chateau. [*EDITOR: These ‘etheric’ KNIGHTS she speaks of are the ASCENDED MASTERS and this is who the Knights and Secret Orders of all the world foster their beliefs from!*]
2. The story leading up to the exercise in Toby’s garden.
A. Meeting the spiritual being at Mary’s cave in St. Maximus – I believe this to be John. Proof that he was there was that the tape recorder did not record Elias’ voice because each message was different to the individuals at the channeling. [*EDITOR: If they use Scripture as a basis for their work then how can they 'channel' and misrepresent the Word related to witchcraft, familiar spirits and such??*]
B. The meeting of Jacques De Melay at Avignon and how he personally asked everyone to assist in the reengineering of the grid. Two people Del and Johnny Walker also felt Jacques De Molay’s presence.
C. The placing of the stone in the garden and the cooperation of the twenty people to do this exercise.
D. Del’s experience with the Knights at St. Michael’s church in Carcassonne. [*EDITOR: this confirms just how embedded into our religious affiliations these groups are…and to this very day!*]
E. Bringing the stone to (Chart) cathedral and placing it in the labyrinth.
F. The role we all had in balancing the grid and the importance of each of us understanding this process so that we can activate this knowledge in future experiences.

Chapter 6 – How the engineering continued on with the eight people that returned to Rennes-le-Chateau.
1. Creating the vortex at the church of St. (Sulpice) in Paris.
2. Returning the essence of the stone to La Val Dieu, the place that the original stone was taken from, and the exercise that was performed at this time. Mavis and others saw the presence of Lord Michael and were pleased to be part of this engineering.
3. The importance of the small group at Rennes-le-Chateau that are interested in learning to be the caretakers of the etheric stone that has been returned and a working knowledge of what it means to change the bell so that they can be aware of further attempts by the powers that wish to control humanity to reengineer the sacred spot.
4. The meditation at La Val Dieu when friends of Bridgette’s saw a Knight with his foot on a stone while we were doing the meditation. This means that the essence of the stone was placed in many places so that there are many caretakers. And this power of this grid controlling device can be used with the Knights by anybody involved with balancing the grid for the betterment of humanity.
Chapter 7 – The trip to Port Vendres, Collioure, and Montserrat. How the group was honored for their whole trip of engineering at Montserrat.
1. Louie the 16th placed an obelisk at Port Vendres. This obelisk was connected to all the chateaus that he built in France. Its purpose was to bring the love and beauty of Venus into his court.
2. The powers that wish to control the grid built a hideous pyramid on the autoband, twenty kilometers away at the border of France and Spain. This pyramid was designed to control the energy of the (Pyrenes mountains) so that they could run the gigantic computer in Barcelona and control the grid to control humanity.
3. It was our job to collapse the SCW over the pyramid and fill it with love and light so that mankind could benefit from this control device. It was also important to connect the obelisk with other systems that the Hardy’s had created and instruments that the Knights had developed in the area of Rennes-le-Chateau.
4. After this was completed, on Friday June 12, the four remaining individuals, Dorianna, Candice, Robyn, and Mary (myself) went to Montserrat to be honored for the work that this group had done.

A. On our way to Montserrat, many clouds appeared that most of us would call spaceships. In fact, the sky was full of long cigar shaped, linear clouds, that were the ships of the Octerians, thanking the group for the work that they had done.
B. Candice, Dorianna and myself sat in Lord Michael’s chapel behind the black Madonna and sent peace and love to the computer at Barcelona. We also grounded the energy of the stone in the chapel. Lord Michael again honored us. When we left Montserrat, the clouds were full of rainbows. And what was interesting, people like Jennifer, saw the display of clouds and tried to capture them on video tape so that more than just the four were aware of the honoring that was done by replacing the stone. [*EDITOR: Just another representation of how these beings can control our weather!!*]
Chapter 8 – The conclusion. This story of putting the grid together and explaining the Root races and the importance of the twenty-two star systems coming together, is information we should all understand. I have been guided though these last three trips to France so that I could help other people understand the techniques and exercises of how to reengineer the grid. My experiences are as much a part of your learning as mine.

So, lets pull this thing together! We have had the 8 ROOT RACES come before us. We are at the 9th and final race according to this. I believe this is because we have numerous events taking place.

Abductions-these events not only initiated people into their web of lies, those of who they don’t scare half-to-death, and it allows them to keep track of them via implants…and it began a very long process of hybridization. They are taking men and women’s active sperm and eggs to mix with their DNA and produce these hybrids.

Transhumansim-this is what the media is all hyped about right now! It’s now come to the point where it’s no longer illegal to mix artificial intelligence with human DNA. There have been experiments going on since the days of the Nazi’s and Hitler, and probably even before but now it’s out in the open and we see a transformation of visions towards humanity becoming gods!

Are these the stages needed to complete this task for the Ascended Masters? And do you realized we live in the perfect time for this to happen? Millenniums have had to pass for this to take place. What a special time we live in, NOT because of them but because we are the chosen ones who will see the REAL JESUS CHRIST….not these FAKE deities who profess to be. They will pass away…our Lord and Almighty GOD will never pass away, and those who seek HIM will have eternity beside HIM! Praise GOD!


This article is not orchestrated to give a defined “Antichrist” figure. It is to suggest that we live in an illusion which is designed for you to NOT question our reality. A reality based on lies. A world designed to blind you to the Truth. And in light of ‘who’ won the present election…this article does not negate the fact that so many people do not see the truth between the lies.
These is no doubt that this Presidency continues in a pattern of American leaders fulfilling an ancient prophecy and a cures of judgment on the United States.
My only comments on the fact of his being the Antichrist is that I think he is a dark horse in this grand illusion, a puppet for the cause. But, here we have some convincing information which gives us the definite conclusion that he is a mystery. The rest is yours to discern.

This symbol is nothing lass that the SUN RISING which is often used in occult symbolism and is the symbol of the occult world transformation and the dawn of a “New Age”, the age of Obama is the implied context of this symbol. Such solar symbols are usually seen in third world countries. Obama is often depicted in his campaign art as a suggested divinity or messiah…or even the Messiah.  Obama is given the reputation of a type of messiah. Is the hand suppose to have a pierce wound?

The press takes this and runs with it too, and pictures can give you an idea of this, but also people’s reaction to Obama. People have even fainted in his presence!

Shiva is the destroyer and creator of world, on Obama is depicted as Shiva on the cover of Newsweek Magazine. Shiva is a Lucifer-like figure from the Hindu pantheon of gods.

He reportedly carries a charm of the monkey-god, Hanuman. This is but another manifestation of the same god, Shiva. Self-worship is another form of Luciferianism.

On 9/11/2011-Barack Obama @ 8:47 am @ GROUND ZERO in New York City, read the whole chapter 46 of Psalms. This to some was blasphemy considering Obama’s faith in not Christian, it is Muslim. Even during the reading of this you could sense the hate, feel the uncomfortable stretch of words as they passed off his tongue. [link]

The word for lightning is indeed “baraq” in Hebrew. In Aramaic it’s “beraq.”
In Hebrew “bama” means “back,” “hill,” or “high place, place of worship” (Hebrew and Aramaic Lexicon of the Old Testament).

Further, “What Jesus said in Luke 10:18 was, in the KJV, “Satan as lightning fall from heaven.” If he spoke it in Aramaic, then “from heaven” should be “min shemayya.” If Hebrew it should be “mehashamayim.” It is impossible that he would have used “bama” for “heaven,” whether in Hebrew or Aramaic. In Greek it is “ek tou ouranou.” And of course this doesn’t address how to account for “and” in the alleged name “baraq u/o bama.”

Isaiah 14 is a mocking taunt against the king of Babylon. The prophet uses an ancient story of cosmic rebellion to cast the king as unspeakably proud. The villain in that ancient story is considered by many to be Satan. This rebel sought to attain a status higher than God, desiring to ascend above the “heights” of the clouds and be like the Most High. The speaker on the video informs us that the word for “heights” here is bamah.

Isaiah 14:13-14
Lucifer’s position and service before God’s throne was not enough. He wanted a throne from which he could exercise final authority and make decisions pertaining to the angelic host (“the stars of God”). He wanted to rule over all the angels. God had made him an exalted angel, but Lucifer wanted to be exalted even more. (He was not content to shine as the “morning star”; he wanted to shine as the star of stars–with a brilliance that would far outshine all the other stars (even as the sun’s brightness makes all the other stars fade away so that you cannot even see them during daylight hours).

He desired to sit or be enthroned in the highest place having all the angelic assemblies in submission to him. He wanted to be the center of attention. He wanted to be IDOLIZED by all.

He desired to sit or be enthroned in the highest place having all the angelic assemblies in submission to him. He wanted to be the center of attention. He wanted to be IDOLIZED by all.

“Clouds” are often used in the Bible to speak of the glory of God (see Matthew 24:30; Acts 1:9; Rev. 1:7). Lucifer coveted God’s glory for his own. He failed to acknowledge that his glory and beauty all came from and was dependent upon God. In his sinful pride, Lucifer wanted a glory that would impress and dazzle all creatures.

He wanted to be EQUAL with God and to take God’s place as Possessor and Ruler of all. He wanted to become a completely independent creature, responsible to no one.

Some have speculated that Nimrod actually underwent a genetic change of some kind when he “became a mighty one”, and that he in affect became in some way part Nephilim. It is the spirits of the Nephilim that actually enter into a person and fully possess their bodies.
As we have seen, Nimrod is in every way the absolute personification of REBELLION; For that is the very definition of his name, and he was the 13th descendant from the first man Adam.
Nimrod is also inseparable from Babylon, both in spirit and in function.
As the occultic symbol of the Phoenix represents, out of the ashes of America and Lucifer comes forth the beast – Nimrod.

The ones that actually “labor” in sorceries is none other than the ancient secret society and craft of Freemasonry, of which Nimrod was the first, and this Masonic presence existed in America right from its youth. Sir Francis Bacon, regarded as the first Grand Master of modern Freemasonry, set in motion the master plan to establish the New Atlantis, a Novus Ordo Seclorum, on the continent of the new world, and the footprints of this plan can be clearly seen in America’s true history, symbols, and architecture, particularly that of Washington D.C. The apex of this master plan is to literally usher in the Masonic Christ from the depths of hell itself. One very informative research presentation into this subject is the video Secret Mysteries of America’s Beginnings, which documents the evidence of this occultic plan for America very well.

Obama as an Egyptian Prince: Pharaoh Ahkenaten
Now, I don’t profess to believe in reincarnation, but I do believe in cloning.

Danes from the Israelite Tribe of Dan invaded Denmark (Dan’s Mark) at about the same time as the Naphtali moved in large numbers into Norway. Obama is said to be of this tribe! More below in this subject.
Also, I do believe Freeman Perspective has some very New Age beliefs and concepts, but this video has very good points about the similarities between these two families. [link]


In depictions, Anubis sits beside Isis. (Also depicted on Liberty & Anubis in Above Picture!)

JACKEL-Anubis was sometimes associate with Sirius. Interestingly, it was known as a jackal or a wild dog–or a hybrid of both–but, as in the case of Seth, with alterations that deliberately smudge the lines of reality. Sirius is called the ‘dog star’.
In the test of Unas, he is associated with the Eye of Horus (All-Seeing Eye), as a guide of the dead. A gatekeeper if you will! This seems very much like the position of Obama to me. Why? Because Obama is the keeper of the SECRETS of the DEAD!

Interestingly, in the movie “OMEN”, the Antichrist is born from a JACKAL!

Anubis’ mother was said to be Nepthys, and she was sexually frustrated and disguised herself as Isis in order to appeal to her husband, Set, but he did not notice her as he was HOMOSEXUAL and infertile, whereas Isis’ husband Osiris did, mistaking her for his wife, which resulted in Anubis’ birth.
Archeologists found a papyrus in the burial of Nany (NAH-nee), a woman in her seventies. She was a chantress, or ritual singer, of the god Amun-Re and is referred to as “king’s daughter” (probably meaning she was daughter of the high priest of Amun and titular king, Pinodjem I). As was customary during the Third Intermediate Period, her coffin and boxes of shawabtis (figures of substitute workers for the afterlife) were accompanied by a hollow wooden Osiris figure, which contained a papyrus scroll inscribed with a collection of texts that Egyptologists call the Book of the Dead. In the Theban Recesion of the Book of the Dead Anubis plays prominent parts.
Anubis is also considered the OPENER OF THE WAYS! Anubis is considered the OPENER OF THE ROADS OF THE NORTH. He was the personification of the SUMMER SOLSTICE. (This reminds me of the Summer Olympic Ceremonies).

On the subject of Anubis Plutarch reports some interesting beliefs. After referring to the view that Anubis was born of Nephthys, although Isis was his reputed mother, he goes on to say, By Anubis they understand the horizontal circle, which divides the invisible, to which they give the name of Isis; and this circle equally touches upon the confines of both light and darkness, it may be looked upon as common to them both – and from this circumstance arose that resemblance, which they imagine between Anubis and the Dog, it being observed of this animal, that he is equally watchful as well by day as night.
I find this especially interesting because Obama is a middle man too! He touches upon the confines of the light and darkness as well. Anubis is a deity common both to the celestial and infernal regions.
Denver-On March 23, 2010, a 25-foot tall replica statue of the Egyptian god, Anubis passed in front of the Statue of Liberty (Ironic?), while on a tour up the New York river.
Earlier on that day, before dealing treacherously with Netanyahu and while the Egyptian ‘god of death’ was parading up the New York River, President Obama was signing the ‘Health Care Act’ which if passed will enable the government to bring under their control the power of life and death over the people.

In ancient depictions found in Egypt, the left hand of Anubis held the Ankh, a cross shaped item that symbolized the ‘key to life’. President Obama is left handed and when he signed the Healthcare Reform Bill into law he used 22 black pens manufactured by Cross.
This was an occult message to show the shadow government ‘adepts’, that in signing this bill he held the keys to life and death in his hands and everything was going as scheduled! The name Congress passed this bill through was under a parliamentary process dubbed the ‘Slaughter Solution’ whose name alone speaks volumes to the fact that this signing had esoteric significance!
What is so amazing is that a ‘fourth coincidence’ confirms this fact. That exactly 77 years ago to that very day, Adolph Hitler signed into law, Hitler’s Enabling Act:
On March 23, 1933, the newly elected members of the German Parliament or Reichstag met in Berlin to consider passing Hitler’s Enabling Act. It was officially called the ‘Law for Removing the Distress of the People and the Reich’ and if passed, it would effectively mean the end of democracy in Germany and establish the legal dictatorship of Adolf Hitler.

Satan believes it is intended for only those initiated into its secrets and that its symbolisms cannot be discerned, even though God allows his adepts in there over anxiousness to layout their “Great Undertaking” for those of us “with insight to understand”.

As if travelers weren’t already freaked out enough over the 32-foot tall blue stallion with fiery eyes (referenced as the DEMON HORSE), then came the statue of Anubis! These things added to the already mystical murals on the walls of the Denver Airport lay claim to the rumors of Denver being the Headquarters of the New world Order. This really fit’s the whole scenario too. Men worshiping the gods of the dead!!

Obama at the PERGAMON ALTER-The Seat of Zeus

This picture combines Pergamon Alter of Zeus and the Denver Acceptance Speech location. H. G. Wells, wrote “The Invisible Man” and said: “An invisible man can rule the world, no one will see him come and no one will see him go…” Interesting how Obama materialized, somehow out of thin air to deliver a keynote speech at the 2004 Democratic National Convention, and then, only three years later, in 2007, was a candidate for the United States President!

Revelation 2:12-13
[link] [link]
When Belshazzar was slain, the priests and keepers of the mysteries fled to Pergamos[n] in modern day Turkey. Thus we get:
The Great Altar of Pergamon is in the Pergamon Museum, Berlin. The base of this altar remains on the upper part of the Acropolis. It was perhaps this altar, believed to be dedicated to Zeus, that John of Patmos referred to as “Satan’s Throne” in his Book of Revelation (Revelation 2:13).
Obama Acceptance Speech-August 8th, 2008 = 888
Obama chooses the backdrop of his acceptance speech, a copy of the Great Altar of Pergamon!
Obama gave his Berlin speech in front of Berlin’s Victory Column —When Obama ended his speech in front of the war goddess, he said, “With an eye toward the future, with resolve in our hearts, let us remember this history, and answer our destiny, and remake the world once again.” This is exactly what Hitler had promised to do and exactly where he had planned to memorialize it.
Upon returning to the United States, he immediately commissioned the construction of a Greek-columned stage from which he made his acceptance speech for his party’s nomination.

Revelation 2:12-13
And to the angel of the church in Pergamos write; These things saith he which hath the sharp sword with two edges;  I know thy works, and where thou dwellest, even where Satan’s seat is: and thou holdest fast my name, and hast not denied my faith, even in those days wherein Antipas was my faithful martyr, who was slain among you, where Satan dwelleth.

Obama had issued 139 Executive Orders in 3.5 years!
All the Presidents from the past 110 YEARS have only issued 122…COMBINED!
Can you say tyranny!

The Hebrew symbol for “6” is (V/W) Vav. This symbols is used on many things; for example the LOGO for Monster Energy. Their MOTTO: “Get Some Evil in Ya!!” But, more importantly some believe it will be used to denote the Antichrist by its tripling of this number: 666.

2012 Olympic Ceremonies-most know there was something WRONG on these ceremonies. Although most couldn’t put their finger on it, those in the know about the occult and their practices began to assimilate their symbolic gestures and make it known to the world.

2012 Superbowl Half-Time Show-The “WORLD PEACE” in the crowd of people drew a picture of a BIRD! The same bird that Hitler used in his LOGO’S and this is the same bird from antiquity used by the fallen ones….this is where it came from. More on this in the “PHOENIX” section of this article.

YES, WE CAN>>this was Obama’s chant during one of his speeches, BUT when placed in reverse speech pattern-this sounds out
“And they has as a king over them, the angel of the Abyss, whose name in Hebrew is Adabbon, and in Greek Apollyon-THE DESTROYER”
Do you see the same pattern-GOD is revealing to us in numbers, a pattern of 3, 9, 11, 13 in the Scriptures which reveal the evil ones.
2 Peter 3:10-But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night; in the which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up.
Revelation 3 [link]
Revelation 9 [link]
Revelation 11 [link]
Revelation 13 [link]

The Father of all False Flags: Barack Obama tells us that of the events which took place on 9/11, that:
Do you see the “WWW”…is this is a reference to 666?
The mass collection of people of the same bloodline are within our very world, a bloodline so evil that it reeks blood in their very steps they take. It’s a BEEHIVE mentality that once was said to derive from the ‘sky gods’. Some believe these bloodlines to be controlled by the very spirit of Satan.
GOD, Himself had takes on the form of flesh as Jesus Christ and considering Satan duplicates everything of GOD and twists it with a knife, then we must have a human form of Satan, do we not?

The bloodlines within the elite of the political realm is not a secret. In fact, it is tied into the royal “blue” bloods. This bloodline even steams into Senator John Kerry, and President Bush, President Obama, to the royal bloodline of Princess Diana, and  Prince Charles, which even extends to VLAD, THE IMPALER! But, you see this bloodline is evil! And it stems back to these EVIL fallen angels and Nephilim.
Do these numbers of people, and events represent the Serpent and the Serpent Seed?
In Revelation 12:9
And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world. He was cast into the earth and his angels with him.

Tower of Babel-was demolished by GOD for the evils of the people.
European Union Building=Babel
Freemasons come back even stronger

Batman-In the release of “DARK KNIGHT RISES”, was so much symbolism that it was scary. Then, it happened! The shooting. The place CENTURY 16 which is

Century 16
A Century = 100
Which = 116
Turned upside down = 911
The Dark Knight adverts show Batman standing on a pile of rubble, this rubble has a pentagram! This resembles the 911 catastrophe scene! Also Hitler’s disaster scenes.

And the bird burnt onto the building….matches the shape on the Twin Tower building after it was hit by a ‘plane’.
JEWISH 911-The Shooting took place at WEST 9th Ave, Acoma street; 9th Ave = The 9th Tisha B’Av which commemorates the DESTRUCTION of the TEMPLE and also the symbolism of this is the government is changing our very DNA by the food we eat, the water we drink, and the CHEMTRAILS in the air. So, in an essence this also commemorates the DESTRUCTION of our BODIES (which is GOD’S Temple in us!).
Acoma Street = A COMA-a prolonged state of deep unconsciousness.

IRON MAN = Blood of Satan
Transformers-Movies made to represent the FALLEN ANGELS
Iron Man-Movies made to represent the BLOODLINE of the FALLEN ANGELS
WHERE were you when they took over the planet?

In demonology, Phenex is a Great Marquis of Hell and has twenty legions of demons under his command. He teaches all wonderful sciences, is an excellent poet, and is very obedient to the conjuror. Phenex hopes to return to Heaven after 1,200 years, but he is deceived in this hope.
He is depicted as a phoenix, which sings sweet notes with the voice of a child, but the conjurer must warn his companions (for he has not to be alone) not to hear them and ask him to put in human shape, which the demon supposedly does after a certain amount of time.

Johann Wier’s Pseudomonarchia Daemonum describes this spirit as follows:
“Phoenix is a great marquesse, appearing like the bird Phoenix, having a child’s voice: but before he standeth still before the conjuror, he singeth manie sweet notes. Then the exorcist with his companions must beware he give no eare to the melodie, but must by and by bid him put on humane shape; then will he speake marvellouslie of all woonderful sciences. He is an excellent poet, and obedient, he hopeth to returne to the seventh throne after a thousand two hundredth yearels, and governeth twentie legions.”
Other spellings: Pheynix, Phoenix, Phoeniex.
Considered the PRINCE OF HELL! But in some aspects is a lower ranking demon, go figure.
***While researching this ‘bird’ demon, this came up! Johann Wier:

STOLAS (Phenex)-is a great prince, appearing in the form of a (Crowned OWL) night raven, before the exorcist, he taketh the image and shape of a man, and teaches astromomie, absolutelie understanding the vertues of herbes and prescious stones; there are under him twentie six legions.” (Phenex-Parentheses mine)
There are noticeable similarities here.
Now, in the “Lesser Key of Solomon” it states these are two separate demons, with the Phenex being number 37, and Stolas/Stolos as number 36. But it just seems to fit together like a puzzle.

PICTURE: This picture of STOLAS/PHENEX, reminds me of a picture of Prince Charles bloodline!! And also ASTAROTH! This comes in parallel to the ASCENDED MASTERS that I recently published! Also this seems to parallel the female demon, Lilith.
Currently there are  also PHRAMACEUTICAL companies called STOLAS!  Are there demons entering bodies through these methods? Absolutely!

BIRD of ATLANTIS (USA)–Some know that America is called the “New Atlantis”. The Phoenix is the symbol of this nation, although they changed it to look like an eagle. We are called The United States of Atlantis!
For example: the original American major cities, Washington DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York, and Boston are all in perfect alignment along a 400 mile line, connecting them along the eastern seaboard. This alignment continues eastward aligning with Stonehenge and then London.


World Peace Sign-in the 2012 Olympic ceremonies and the 2012 Superbowl ceremony
The symbolism has become so blatantly obvious one no longer sounds like a conspiracy kook when one simply points it out. For example, why was there a giant red flaming Phoenix hovering over a huge bonfire at the closing ceremony of the Olympics? Even the average viewer would sense something was not quite right. The red Phoenix seemed out of place, an ominous and cryptic display uncharacteristic with the spirit of the Games. This mythical creature has absolutely no relevance to the Olympics or any association with Olympic history, or British culture, so why was it there?

The bald eagle replaced the Phoenix on the Presidential Seal as the original national bird of the United States in 1841. The Phoenix was adopted by the Founding Fathers for use on the reverse of the first official seal of the United States after a design proposed by Charles Thompson, Secretary of the Continental Congress. However, the Phoenix has strong occult symbolism.
The following quote is by the Masonic author Manly P. Hall, a 33rd Degree Freemason, from his book, The Phoenix: An Illustrated Review of Occultism and Philosophy:
Among the ancients a fabulous bird called the Phoenix is described by early writers … in size and shape it resembles the eagle, but with certain differences. The body of the Phoenix is one covered with glossy purple feathers, and the plumes in its tail are alternately blue and red. The head of the bird is light in color, and about its neck is a circlet of golden plumage. At the back of its back the Phoenix has a crest of feathers of brilliant color … The Phoenix, it is said, lives for 500 years, and at its death its body opens and the new born Phoenix emerges. Because of this symbolism, the Phoenix is generally regarded as representing immortality and resurrection … The Phoenix is one sign of the secret orders of the ancient world and of the initiate of those orders, for it was common to refer to one who had been accepted into the temples as a man twice-born, or reborn. Wisdom confers a new life, and those who become wise are born again. [p. p. 176-77]

Is this the same representation? It’s the same mask used in the plague of London.
An extreme level of symbolic pomp and exhibitionism has been forced upon helpless television viewers this year, from Madonna’s militaristic whore-of-babylon-Roman-orgy during the Superbowl half-time show to Nikki Minaj’s over-the-top Satanic ritual during the Grammy Awards.

A DARK KNIGHT AT THE OLYMPICS-Was it so obvious that everyone could see it? Definitely not. Although it was blatantly obvious, there are those who have their eyes covered, their minds closed to the Truth.
The whole experience of the 2012 Olympics this year was to bring in the DARK KNIGHT. Metaphorically THE ANTICHRIST birthing. It’s all over the internet. It’s no secret.
Combines with the ever-present pyramidal structures, underlying themes of Shakespeare and occult symbology was the current of darkness beneath the surface. The global socialist system of the elite are bringing forth a New World Order. It’s been in the making for some 200 years! Patience is key with these people, and the envisioning of this birthing cannot take place without their prime component…the DARK KNIGHT.
Not only did the phoenix take front stage at the Olympics, but afterward the boy band stood and sang, “Rule The World”.

A 13 MINUTE PERFORMANCE of Madonna’s famous ride on her throne! She wore a crown of horns worn by ancient Mesopotamian (Iraq today) noble people. They believes these horns represent their ‘alien’ gods because they themselves have them. I wonder is this ASHTAR going to be controlling the BEAST?

Notice the symbols? Madonna is the embodiment of the harlot of Babylon (Ishtar/Isis). The Statue of Liberty is Ishtar/Isis in bronze and carries her demonic spirit. Considering this let’s showcase the events of the 2012 Superbowl halftime show.
Esther is the name Madonna changed her name to in 2004 as high priestess of the Kabbalah! Her use of the name “Esther” (meaning “star” in Persian) is etymologically related to the Babylonian “Ishtar”, the goddess of fertility, sexual love and war.
Madonna declared to Anderson Cooper that “The Superbowl is the Holy of Holies,…I came in at the halfway point of the church experience to deliver a sermon”. It’s appropriate that this Kaballah-initiate referred this as the most holy, considering these was the most sacred place in Solomon’s Temple. These ceremonies are religious traditions held to worship their gods at their Ziggurat step pyramid temples.

Madonna was essentially telling the public she was going to play the high priest, as the high priestess, and offer the blood sacrifice to her spiritual entity, which likely is closer to what people would call Lucifer than God.
Predictably, Ishtar is associated with the planet Venus, known as the Morning- or Evening- Star (attributed to Lucifer by occultists). In demonology, Astaroth is a Crowned Prince of Hell named after Ashtoreth (the equivalent of Inanna-Ishtar).

The décor and performance of Madonna combined elements from ancient Egypt, Sumeria, and Babylon. In fact, the dress she wore resembled the goddess, Inanna-Ishtar (Queen of Heaven). The song she performed ended with the displaying of a Winged Sun-Disk.

“‘Emblematic of the element of air, this consists of a circle or solar-type disk enclosed by a pair of wings. In ritual magic it is suspended over the alter in an easterly direction and used when invoking the protection and co-operation of the sylphs.”
-Hope, Murry, “Practical Egyptian Magic”

The Winged Sun-Disk is still being used today by groups such as the Freemasons, and Theosophists, and the Rosicrucians.
“The Winged Globe is pre-eminently a Rosicrucian symbol, although the Illuminati may lay claim to it, and it may be admitted that it is of Egyptian origin. The Winged Globe is the symbol of the perfected soul making its flight back to the source of its creation in the Elysian fields beyond.”
-Swinburne, Clymer, “The Rosicrucians, Their Teachings”

Cee Lo Green’s performance was of a high priest during the events too. His demeanor and clothing do not hide his intentions. Especially if you watch this video!
Closet Freak [link]

Osiris’ PHALLIS is in our BACKYARD! The Washington Monument! The broken pentagram states a purpose!


A 2012 presidential election is still more than 2 weeks away, yet a CBS News affiliate in PHENEX Arizona declared the race to Barack Obama! [link]

OBAMA Vs. ROMNEY-this years election is on NOVEMBER 6th or 11/6 which is 9/11 UPSIDE DOWN!
And the 3 days after that will be NOVEMBER 9th, or 9/11 AGAIN!
Revelation 13:3
And I saw one of his heads as it were wounded to death; and his deadly wound was healed: and all the world wondered after the beast.

Again, Notice all the 13’s in the Scripture—is this another prophetic message from GOD!
And his head was wounded-some believe that Obama will have an assassination attempt directly after his election and then he will ‘disappear’ for “3 Days” and then reappear ‘wonder’ upon wonder, miraculously healed of all injuries! Making him a worldwide HERO!
Would this attempt of an assassination on Obama possible lead to the beginning of a WORLD WAR?
Mimicking Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross and rising on the “Third Day”-is another slap in GOD’S proverbial face.
ONLY this time-OBAMA would reappear with Satan within HIM!
Revelation 13:4
And they worshipped the dragon which gave power unto the beast: and they worshipped the beast, saying, Who is like unto the beast? who is able to make war with him?


The day of 9/11, in the class room of the school President Bush was in, the class read this the first building was being HIT! THE TEACHER WAS HAVING THE CHILDREN REPEAT THESE WORDS: The Plane Must Hit Steel!!!! Then, as they finished the “Secret Service” walked up and whispered in Bush’s ear; “we are under attack.
So, this should be an eye-opener that the electoral process is just for show. The events which take place are designed to bring forth a state of projected fear into the people so they will beg for order out of chaos. A perfect scenario for the Freemason elite.

HEAD SHOTS-there seems to be some mystery surrounding his head! Pictures of the back of his head are so strange that people at first believed it to be the site of the number 666, still others believe it to be an ‘alien’ drawn on his head. While I profess to have no clue of either, it is interesting that this image seems to change over time. Is he a clone? Is he not human? Only time will tell. Is he a clone?

Speaking of clone…a viewer (awakenow2) sent me this…

It was a gravatar of person calling themselves  ILLUMINATOR…….this is a picture of a DEMON! And it is a clone….coincidence? I think not. There are no coincidence with GOD!

Legions of demons possess the world, and the inhabitants therein. This is their agenda, to possess a host and ultimately kill it, taking with it, the soul or spirit of that person/animal. These demons, fallen angels all adhere to a pecking order, as there are Princes, Chief Princes. With these spiritual forces, Revelations tells us that Satan will be bound for a 1000 years, and then calls for the ‘locust demons’ and the Prince of Grecia to come out with him to torture souls. Through Daniel, we learn at one time, Prince Grecia, an angelic prince from the ranks of the fallen, was ruler over the earthly Greek Prince, Alexander, whose military exploits gained him the historic title of ‘Alexander The Great‘. When Alexander came into the scene, he uproots and replaces the formerly irreplaceable Medo-Persian Empire. His kingdom would be split into four components and would not be his prodigy, nor rule in HIS POWER. Daniel’s interpretation leads us to believe that in the third dream, this became the Goat & Ram prophecy. This in turn cast out the Prince of Persia, and, lo and behold the Prince of Grecia comes. But, when Alexander dies, the spiritual head, Prince Grecia goes directly to the abyss, and shares this space with Prince Persia…the locust demons…and who knows what else.
Upon relocation from the abyss, he regains his former stature and this would constitute a ‘healing of the deadly wound’, so to speak. He will come back into power, I believe. Does this not explain:
Revelation 17:
the beast [the wounded head spirit] that you’re looking at, was [before Johns' time], is not [during Johns' time], and shall ascend out of the bottomless pit [the ABYSS], and go into perdition [evil deeds], and become the eighth in a line of a succession of kings that started with ancient Egypt and flowed through Babylon. They were Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Medo-Persia, Grecia, Rome, end time (seventh kingdom) and Antichrists, the eighth. Incidentally, the Prince of Grecia, is in fact the “DESTROYER” who will be released from the abyss to assist the Antichrist.
The final Empire that spreads over the area covered by the old Grecian Empire, is The Muslim Empire. Who currently loves Muslims and puts their interest over ours (the United States)? Sounds a bit like Obama. Is he facilitating a passage for a world leader? A World Teacher who will design a new faith…a New World Order with a One World Religion? Does this explain Obama’s head ‘wound’ scars? It is all a bit strange and mysterious and we shall see the outcome very soon, I promise.

FLYING SHIELDS? While on the subject of the ancient Grecian Empire rising to power, I find it intriguing that Alexander the Great may have received some divine intervention during his siege of Tyre in 332 BC, explained in the excerpt below;
Quoting Giovanni Gustavo Droysens Storia di Alessandro il Grande, the erudite Italian Alberto Fenoglio, writes in CLYPEUS Anno 111, No 2, a startling revelation, which we now translate.
“The fortress would not yield, its walls were fifty feet high and constructed so solidly that no siege-engine was able to damage it. The Tyrians disposed of the greatest technicians and builders of war-machines of the time and they intercepted in the air the incendiary arrows and projectiles hurled by the catapults on the city. One day suddenly there appeared over the Macedonian camp these flying shields, as they had been called, which flew in triangular formation led by an exceedingly large one. The others were smaller by almost onehalf.
In all, there were five.”
The unknown chronicler narrates that they circled slowly over Tyre while thousands of warriors on both sides stood and watched them in astonishment. Suddenly from the largest shield came a lightning-flash that struck the walls; these crumbled and other flashes followed. The walls and towers dissolved, as if they had been built of mud, leaving the way open for the besiegers, who poured like an avalanche through the breeches. The ‘flying shields’ hovered over the city until it was completely stormed, then they very swiftly disappeared aloft, soon melting into the blue sky.
Flying Shields? Seriously? Sounds like UFO’S!!!

WE are the ONES-From the President of the World
In his first election campaign, Obama used an ancient Hopi proverb of the 2012 Calendar, which says, “We are the ones, we’ve been waiting for”….ominous for sure! This wordsmith has carefully chosen words and they are prophetic. Ironically Obama has had the same writer that John Fitzgerald Kennedy has for his campaign who empowered him with the words necessary to win…TED SORENSON. The alter-ego of John Kennedy. And the powers that be do back and empower Obama. This campaign and his previous was carefully and deliberately planned.
On November 7, 2012-in his victory speech, people chanting, “Four more years!…over and over…he begins. “Tonight, more than 200 years after a former colony won the right to determine its own destiny, the task of perfecting our union moves forward…it moves forward because your affirmed the spirit that has triumphed over war and depression, the spirit that has lifted this country from the depths of despair to the great hope, the belief that each of us will pursue our own individual dreams, we are an American family, and we rise or fall together as one nation and as one people.
Further in his speech, he speaks again, “I am hopeful tonight because I have seen this spirit at work in America.”
Speaking of ‘spirit’ again seems ominous during the end times. Reminds me of Bush’s speech on the angels in the whirlwind!

Per Richard Hoagland in “Hyperdimensional Election of Barack Obama:
The Russians have performed considerable work in the field of torsion (hyperdimensional physics), and in some instances the term ‘spin’ field is used synonymously with the term ‘torsion’…this all leads to the rotations effects on the universe…it can be created by large accumulation of electricity and plasma. This is how a storm on Venus can last for 300 years in the same SPOT! (Paul Murad 2005)
This can open hyper dimensional portals! Rotation…rotation…rotation.
Inertial forces are also closely coupled with torsion fields. This power can be changed, it is not constant. This was accomplished by a man who harnessed tons of coral to make a castle.
BTW…This also sounds much like how they manipulate our weather here on earth.
Atoms spin, planets spin…nothing stands still. Thermodynamics/hyperdymensional physics prove that this makes matter and time immortal!
So when you open a portal into another dimension, this appears as waves, much like a drop of water appears in a ripple form. The kinetic energy produces ripples. By analogy energy produces waves…and interaction of interplay produces an abundance of energy. One spin field interacting with another…is a hyperdimensional reality of our solar system.
Hoagland believe the events leading up to Obama’s first election are by design of these same principles.
Orbs at Obama’s gatherings…in the pictures after Obama’s election, if you enhance the features on these photos from multiple cameras at multiple angles, you notice ORBS!
Alan Steinfeld took a photograph of Alex Grey’s portrait of Obama, when he looked at the image he noticed that there was an Orb to the side of Obama’s head at exactly the same level as the earth symbol on the painting over Obama’s forehead! When he received the photograph, they sent it to Diana Cooper [author of Ascension Through Orb], who immediately responded, ‘Wow that is stunning. Archangels Gabriel and Uriel with Spirits’. It would seem that Obama is being watched over at this time! source
Are the events of November 2009, the spiral vortex, and the multiple other events like it the precursor to entities entering our dimension? Does OBAMA have anything to do with these events? Does his presence in the world affairs contribute to these events?

Strange ORBS seen during the 2008 Obama Inauguration [link]

UFO Obama Inauguration-CNN [link]

UFO Disclosure 2010 Barack Obama [link]


DANger Dream
I woke up the other morning and the WORD…DANger was on my tongue. It was the strangest thing! I thought Danger? Danger because I am being attacked on my website? Danger because of what? Then, I realized it was a dual process. It was not just danger but it was DAN then ger. Tribe of Dan immediately came to mind!

Is Obama part of the Dan tribe? Was this a prophetic dream about him?

I began this article on October 29, 2012-it was something I felt compelled to do! Especially with the election coming, although I knew the final outcome. Throughout the article I try to state the important of the phrase, “WE Remember, WE rebuild, We come back even stronger.” I felt like this should be the center of it for the reason of the bloodlines….Then, tonight (11/6/2012), I came across this video of Jonathan Kleck.  I was stunned! The only reason I had not published this article yet was because of the series of the Ascended Master that came by request. But, this video is affirmation that we are all hands of GOD! We work together for the GLORY of GOD!

Jonathan Kleck Video-ANCIENT EVIL AWAKENS [link]


Contact 2012-Pleiadean Channel


FRIDAY, JULY 27, 2012

>Ultimately, this was not decided by these demons, but by GOD! This is the locusts of Revelations!


>Eight is a very important number to the occult. Also, August 4, 2012= 12/12 which in Biblical numerical status is perfect government. But, it is not Satan’s government which is perfect, only GOD and His LAWS/government. Again, Satan is twisting the Truth. Gaia is Satan’s territory, hence the green movement by our world leaders-he wants you to worship the earth not GOD. Secondly, ascension can ONLY be accomplished with GOD. This ascension these demons speak of is a soul-scalping. A stealing of one’s soul for the purpose of evil.


>SOPHIA is who the Freemason speak of. Does this not strike you as strange? If their against these ‘aliens’ then why do they attain the same goals? We are ‘scheduled’ for a transition…they certainly are full of themselves. But, then again so is Satan.


>They are correct in that what affects Earth, affects the Universe. How? Because everything was created by GOD for HIS purpose. The ONLY parasites are those of EVIL. These demons are infected with evil on a minute scale. This in turn leads the way for them to infect humanity. The amount of possessions of demonic spirits have increased TEN-FOLD! They created nothing BUT evil. They are made by GOD just as we are, and only in those terms are we connected. They have everything invested in earth for this is their last resort. The road is long, but the path to GOD is narrow.


>The powers they are given by GOD, allow them to shape shift. They come as light, but they are full of darkness. The whole ‘oneness’ is part of Nimrod’s one world government and Satan initiated when he split from our Creator to make his own government. A false flag event is the major theme of Satan’s work. He is the false messiah.
[link] [link]


>The correct statement in this passage is they CANNOT stop GOD’s WILL. They know their time is coming to a conclusion very soon! The time is ripe for their judgment!


>Phases are speeding up, this is true. Even humanity on a spiritual level know that things are progressing.
There have been many portals:
[link] [link]
[link]  [link]
[link] [link]


>NOW is the time to open your heart to GOD, not these entities who disguise themselves as gods. True, many more UFO’s are being seen as of the last couple years. This year they bumped it up, big time. They know their time is close at hand.


>The earth did experience some big earthquakes on the 25th & 26th. Beginning on the 25th, and moving into the 26th, it became progressive.


>They dematerialized their ship that’s 3 times the size of earth? They supposedly created a crop circle here:
OKAY>>> let’s take notice to the days set aside for rituals and contact.
9 Av 5772 (July 27, 2012)-This date was chosen for the opening ceremony of the Olympics 2012. But, if you look at this date in history, you will find that it is a very horrific date for Israel.
9 Av is a very special date in the Jewish tradition, the date of the destruction of the First Temple and the Second Temple.
Then, we have the August 4th;
This is noted as the year 70 A.D. for the destruction of the Second Temple in Jerusalem by the Romans. So, not only do the Elite set aside the date of July 27, 2012 for the opening of the Olympics which is a celebratory memorial for Atlantis & the gods but also the date of August 4th, 2012 for the DISCLOSURE by the ‘aliens’? Something is amiss here! If these two factions (our world governments & the ‘aliens’) are not connected then why are all the dots connecting?


>They have awaited these particular dates, (the world elite & ‘aliens’) to let the GAMES begin. That is exactly what this is….MIND GAMES! How do they DEFINE, meet us? Will they land? Like the 1984 Olympics, where they made themselves known, will they land this time?
If you look closely at this video @ the 4:40 mark…you will see lines above the ship. This looks like a city on top of the ship. Is this what the New Jerusalem will look like and they are duplicating it? Twisting it, as Satan does everything of GOD! Then, it begins to take the shape of a TRIANGLE. This is the supreme occult shape! After this you begin to see a square light up in the bottom of the ship…in Revelations, we are told the dimensions of New Jerusalem. It will be a perfect SQUARE!
This whole even which took place in 1984, should have made people come to the realization of just how serious the elite are. And how serious these games are to them.
At the end of this video: A ‘man’ which is 7 feet 8 inches tall! A GIANT! A portrayal of a Nephilim?


>So the date of the OFFICIAL Disclosure is set? Is this the “LOCUSTS? That the Bible warns us about? Will they in fact, turn against us in the near future? The Bible says we will watch things happen on a worldwide scale? Why are these elite & ‘aliens’ so set on making this happen, here and now? Are they guiding events to happen in the chronological order of the Bible, and if so why? It’s all about control folks! Since the days of old, when the elite controlled the masses via religion, it IS happening again!


>So, did anyone notice anything strange happen on July 4th, 2012? Did our elite government officials begin to disappear? No. The MATRIX they speak of is the illusion of reality in which they present!


>Here we have it! They will LAND directly on the OLYMPIC FIELD. In front of the WORLD. It will happen WITH our world leaders! They gave our world leaders an ultimatum? Really? They are challenging humanity’s spiritual judgment, or at least this will be their agenda in the beginning. They want to be worshiped! Believe me!


So, no matter what the ‘aliens’ say this will happen. Well, the Federation of Light promised this on October 13, 2009, did they not? I personally believe what will happen is GOD’s WILL, not anyone else’s.


>The door is now open and we are coming through! This is the portal for the demons!! Promises of illness cured? Is this not foretold in the Bible?


>>Why would there be so much Scripture about mediums, channeling, psychics, sorcery, etc…if it were good? Because contacting the DEAD is bad. Contacting the angels is wrong. The only kind of activity of this sort we are allowed to do is communicate with GOD! And these demons, fallen angels and others know this!!
Exodus 7:11
Deuteronomy 18:9-14
Leviticus 19:31
Leviticus 20:6
Leviticus 20:27
Isaiah 8:19
Daniel 2:27
Acts 8:9
Acts 16:16-18
1 Chronicles 10:13-14
2 Chronicles 33:6
2 Kings 9:22
2 Kings 17:17
2 Kings 23:24
Revelation 22:15
Revelation 18:23

>So, it has been given to us. This date of disclosure….Are you ready to have your spiritual rights challenged? Are you ready? Are you?

NORTH & The Hidden One

The highest of heavens contain the abode of GOD! But, when Lucifer lead his rebellion he did so in the sides of the north (Isaiah 14:12-14), Mount Zion is in the sides of the north (Psalms 48:2), and promotion comes not from the south, east, or west but from the Lord, and is therefore from the north. (Psalms 75:6-7)
And when Satan gives his five ‘I WILL’S’, he specifically quotes of the ‘far reaches of the north’. These are no doubt the cursed domains where Satan resides and this is because Satan specifically duplicates everything of GOD. Therein lies the confusion of the masses.
So, the ‘north’ that I speak of is NOT the abode of GOD, but the parallels of where Satan resides. This can be here and in the great abyss of space.

“Then the Lord said unto me, Out of the north an evil shall break forth upon all the inhabitants of the land.” Jeremiah 1:14 (KJV)

Why is NORTH considered Evil?

On a sundial which is always pointed North to the little tail of little bear cub. Ursa Minor Polaris. The Noonday Sun is the Zenith and North of a dial.

Notice the shaded part is the Northern part of the dial and hence the prophecy of the “evil ” one or the concealed or hidden one.

Lucifer, the Pale Morning Star, Phosphorus-“The precursor of the full blaze of the noon-day sun” as Blavatsky defined it, is the foundation of the basis of Magick. Magick itself means to “Ascend” towards the light of God.
The esoteric New Agers would have you believe that this light is defined as GOD. This is not true. It is a counterfeit source of light. This light is Lucifer’s light.
“God itself defined as the individual self and the light of knowledge.” -Blavatsky

“The Hebrew word for the north,’ is derived from a root signifying to hide, conceal.’ The north’ is probably so named; because in our northern hemisphere of the earth, the sun appears to move from east to south, and from south to west, and, towards mid-day, is at all times of the year southerly; whence the north side of a building, tree, or mountain, is usually concealed’ or hidden’ from his direct rays, and is, as we express it, in the shade. Others also assign this as the reason of the name, in the judgment of some critics, or, in that of others, because the north is covered with snow, and of others again, with darkness; and so the Greek word for darkness, zophos, is continually used by Homer for the north: for the ancients thought that the north was always buried in gloom and thick darkness.”

Even Lucifer was considered to be the Northern most one when he wanted to ascend as Venus to the Throne of the Noon day Sun and the Stars of the Pleaides.

King James Version:

“How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning. How art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations…..For thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God: I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north.” (Isaiah 14:12-13).

They will believe that he is God. [Note: Lucifer is called the king of the north in this section of the vision for two reasons. First, as a point on the compass, north symbolizes God’s dwelling place – on the sides of the north. (Isaiah 14:13, KJV) North also represents the direction from which divine destruction comes. Like Nebuchadnezzar, the ancient king of Babylon, Lucifer, the modern king of Babylon, will inflict destruction on those people who have rejected God’s truth.

Now lets look at Daniel, When the fighting was for control of Judea. The Seleucids (Syrians) .won over control. The Northern Kings of Gog had a past fulfillment, but what about a future..

Daniel 11:36-39 (KJV)

“And the king [of the North] shall do according to his will; and he shall exalt himself, and magnify himself above every god, and shall speak marvelous things against the God of gods, and shall prosper till the indignation be accomplished: for that that is determined shall be done. Neither shall he regard the God of his fathers, nor the desire of women, nor regard any god: for he shall magnify himself above all.

Twisting this Scripture, the New Age movement reveal this to be ‘and the king of the noon day shall do according to his will’…do you see what they are doing? Not only are they changing Scripture…GOD’S Word, which is a sin, but they are also twisting the authority towards themselves, taking GOD out of the equation. This makes man his own god…and this is why our world is turning into a deep pit of sin and selfishness.

The Gummy Bear Song [link]
Not only are they twisting the pure and innocent into believing in this figure of ‘magic’ but look at the views adjacent to this video….almost 250 MILLION!
Placing a innocent bear in the forefront, while hidden references of sex and so much more. Notice that he jumps in from the north, on his little compass rose.

But, people…you must understand WHO this is referencing to!
Little Green Bear shows the 8 pointed compass star that points to the North,…and Polaris. This is a hidden reference to Ishtar/Innana.

The prophecies point to a Young King Arthur of British legend…being resurrected or reborn somewhere else . REX QUONDAM REXQUE FUTURUS….
And Arthur means Bear..
The Gummy bear toddler video points to a young King who is Polaris…he jiggles his butt cause he’s missing his tail..
Could he be considered the Antichrist? YES!
I realize the blonde boy in the BOA is suppose to represent the sun..

However, during Hitler movement the Blonde, blue eyed persons were lifted up as Aryan “race.” The Aryans were represented by a sun wheel as well.
Hitler was an Aries/fire sign but he was lifting the Aryans up as a superior race. I find the elite now parallel with him concerning his Arianism and Aryanism, way of thinking.
We are in an odd parallel with the Hitler era now. It’s the 70 year anniversary of the beginning of the extermination camps of 1942.
The Gulf of Mexico all the way up the Mississippi has been experiencing some very odd events right before and up to the Deep Water Horizon oil spill event on Hitler’s B-Day in 2010. Basically it was the tipping or the spilling of the feminine challis.
It was Hitler’s 121st Birthday in 2010. This year is the 123rd birthday, a leap year, Venus Transit on eve of and on D-Day, plus the 70 year anniversary of the implementation of the extermination camps. A merging of multiples.

What are they doing?
Recap of the merging:
1. Hitler-paralleling his work
2. Jewish-elite currently attacking GOD’S people
3. D-Day-we await our own, the final destination to FEMA Camps
4. Challis/cup/wine/grapes of wrath/blood…the blood we will shed will be for GOD!

North is also a reference meant as Hyperborea.
HYPERBOREA was a fabulous realm of eternal spring located in the far north beyond the land of winter. Its people were a blessed, long-lived race free of war, hard toil, and the ravages of old age and disease.

Hyperborea was usually described as a continent-bound land, bordered by the great earth-encircling river Okeanos to the north, and the great peaks of the mythical Rhipaion mountains to the south. Its main river was the Eridanos, which flowed south, drawing its waters directly from the Okean-stream. The shores of this stream were lined by amber-bearing poplar trees and its waters inhabited by flocks of white swans. Blessed with eternal spring, the land producing two crops of grain per year. But most of the country was wild, covered with rich and beautiful forests, “the garden of Apollon.”


Le chef de Londres par regne l’Americh,
L’Isle d’Escosse tempiera par gelee:
Roy Reb auront vn si faux Antechrist,
Que les mettra trestous dans la meslee.

The chief of London through the realm of America,
The Isle of Scotland will be tried by frost:
King and “Reb” will face an Antichrist so false,
That he will place them in the conflict all together.

Then, I have a great friend, Bro. Rob, point out to me that north on earth is the Antarctic and look how many oddities occur there!
ANTARCTIC-An article which came out in March 2012, bears witness that  dangerous green aliens are invading Antarctica, scientists warn, brought not by fantastical spaceships but traveling abroad…but this is not the type I want to discuss here.
No, the type I speak of are from the north-north as in space.
Some tell of secret alien bases there, others give us strange videos of a gigantic hole which leads to deep underground caverns where species of aliens live. And even military personal tell of a expansive area with its own sun and paradise.
From X-files to Star Trek, we have theories in movies and even in newspapers which seems to question the same scope of avenues. With ancient maps that give detailed specs in areas of land which few have charted, and stories of military personal who betray their oath and give away their experiences of areas which no plane can travel without the fear of being shot down by highly secretive black projects.
Are these entities there, and our governments don’t want people to know? Why not? Why the North? Is the cold what they are accustom to? We may never know that answers. But, I for one think they choose these places for good reason.

Atlantis-People know this to be a myth, but others know this knowledge was just suppressed and kept from the masses. The ancient texts reveal the bloodlines of the Phoenicians were of these ‘people of the north’. Many mysteries hold themselves in the dark, while others cannot be covered. Recently a team of researchers believe they found Atlantis but very little media has came from it, especially not mainstream media.
These bloodlines are mixed throughout the northern parts of the world, especially Ireland, the Middle East, and Europe. Also these cultures speak of fairies, elves, and sprites. Magical mysteries which few believe until they witness such entities. It’s much like witnessing a Bigfoot….few believe it, until it happens to them.

Let’s Not Forget the North Pole of Saturn!

Saturn’s symbol is the 6-pointed star, it is the 6th planet from the Sun, and Saturn-Day is the 6th day of the week. The ancient name of Saturn was El. This is why those that were chosen by El, were called the Elites. When witches cast a speEL, they put the “Hex” (6) on someone. The word Israel comes from Is=Isis Ra=Ra El…from the Egyptian worship of the Moon…hence we have Is-Ra-EL. Israel has a special place in one spot that forms a Star of David using the sundial markers

The city of Rome was originally known as Saturnia, or City of Saturn. The Roman Catholic Church retains much of its Saturn worship within its walls. Saturn relates to Lucifer. Saturn was important to the religion of Mithra, and also the Druids.

The cross was originally of Saturn, this is why Jesus Christ was killed upon the cross.
“Pan was a composite creature, the upper part–with the exception of his horns–being human, and the lower part in the form of a goat. (…)The pipes of Pan signify the natural harmony of the spheres, and the god himself is a symbol of Saturn because this planet is enthroned in Capricorn, whose emblem is a goat” -Manly P. Hall, Secret Teachings of All Ages

The Tephilim of Saturn Shabtai is form, structure order…depth, width, height and length. and hence a black cube..

Symbolism of Freemasonry

Again: the north, as the point in the horizon which is most remote from the vivifying rays of the sun when at his meridian height, has, with equal metaphorical propriety, been called the place of darkness, and is, therefore, symbolic of the profane world, which has not yet been penetrated and illumined by the intellectual rays of masonic light. All history concurs in recording the fact that, in the early ages of the world, its northern portion was enveloped in the most profound moral and mental darkness. It was from the remotest regions of Northern Europe that those barbarian hordes “came down like the wolf on the fold,” and devastated the fair plains of the south, bringing with them a dark curtain of ignorance, beneath whose heavy folds the nations of the world lay for centuries overwhelmed. The extreme north has ever been, physically and intellectually, cold, and dark, and dreary. Hence, in Masonry, the north has ever been esteemed the place of darkness; and, in obedience to this principle, no symbolic light is allowed to illumine the northern part of the lodge.

The east, then, is, in Masonry, the symbol of the order, and the north the symbol of the profane world.

The Most Famous Sundial in America

Why would GOD specifically speak of ‘whirlwind’…and coming from the “North”? HE is speaking of an army of darkness.
This also reminds me of the Inaugural Speech of George Walker Bush, he faced the Washington Monument (an obelisk), and said, “Do you not think an angel rides in the whirlwind and directs this storm?”
Baphomet resides on the NORTH POLE….esoterically. The horny Horned God is one of the oldest fertility gods in human history—taking the various incarnations of Nimrod, Mithras, and Dionysus, respectively. Eliphas Levi recognized this repeating “Horny god” archetype that eventually would become the patron saint of occultism as mentioned in his book, Transcendental Magic:
“We recur once more to that terrible number fifteen, symbolized in the Tarot by a monster throned upon an altar, mitered and horned, having a woman’s breasts and the generative organs of a man — a chimera, a malformed sphinx, a synthesis of deformities. Below this figure we read a frank and simple inscription — the Devil. Yes, we confront here that phantom of all terrors, the dragon of all theogonies, the Ahriman of the Persians, the Typhon of the Egyptians, the Python of the Greeks, the old serpent of the Hebrews, the fantastic monster, the nightmare, the Croquemitaine, the gargoyle, the great beast of the Middle Ages, and — worse than all of these — the Baphomet of the Templars, the bearded idol of the alchemist, the obscene deity of Mendes, the goat of the Sabbath.” (288)
Rumor has it, the inspiration is often traced back to the grotesque sculptured illustrations of ravenous bearded demons with bat-wings mutilating, boiling and consuming people in an orgy of hellish blood-lust that were portrayed in Templar churches found in Saint-Merrie of Paris, France.
Illuminati 4:Brotherhood of the Beast FULL VIDEO [link]

In The Secret Doctrine, Madame Helena Petrovna Blavatsky writes a footnote comparing Baphomet to the Azazel:
“In Demonology, Satan is the leader of the opposition in Hell, the monarch of which was Beelzebub. He belongs to the fifth kind or class of Demons (of which there are nine according to the medieval Demonology), and he is at the head of witches and sorcerers. But see elsewhere the true meaning of Baphomet, the goat-headed Satan, one with Azazel, the scape-goat of Israel. Nature is the God Pan.” (406)

In the Kabbalah’s Seferot Tree, and the Yggdrasil Tree of the Norse, its fruits are actually astral-dimensions also.
The connections between the worlds in the diagram are actually called tunnels in this field. Pathways through which experts in astral projection are actually taught to travel through in these societies.

It is interesting that the ancients knew of the possibility of other dimensions and the fact that “tunnels” link them.
That is consistent with the recent discovery of blackholes by the modern world’s science, and the possibility of utilizing them as gateways connecting different points in space. Alternate dimensions or universes (accepted facts of science now.)
The U.F.O.s are actually performing this type of magic, inter-dimensional transportation; which is astral travel as the flying saucers seem to be vehicles that can be seen as having extra-dimensional properties.

. . . in addition to the female Sphinx found at Abu Roash [see below in this review], we have another example from our excavations. While excavating the Mortuary Temple and rock-cut solar boats of Khafra, in the season of 1934-35, I came across a limestone fragment which proved to be of greatest importance for the dating of the early appearance of the Sphinx in Egypt.
Esoterics believe:
To the top left is Aquarius, the eagle is Scorpio, the lion is Leo and the bull is Taurus.
You can see the name YHVH. Yod Heh Vav Heh within the wheel and the word Taro . So in actuality he sits on the Tau..

Oh, and I find it interesting that the V.I.T.R.I.O.L. symbol in that Tarot is pointing ‘North’ (shown as a cross)… but really it’s supposed to be pointing ‘East’ (like Eastern Star).

The Earth is shown at 23°.

This whole chapter reminds me of the past, but also the present. GOD’S protecting HIS own but blinding the others. Yes, we will literally be held captive for our beliefs, but ultimately, we will be with GOD!

KABBALAH-In the Kabbalah, even they believe in the sefirot, the right corresponds to chesed, which is loving kindness, and love. The left corresponds to gevurah, which is might, and yir’ah, awe.

Evil enters through the “breaking in” of the northern wind.
Human, Lion, Eagle, Ox = Order of the planets (clockwise)…

Venus = Human = Love = Copper = Aquarius
Mars = Lion = War = Iron = Leo
Jupiter = Eagle = Sky = Tin = Ophicuchus
Saturn = Ox = Agriculture = Lead = Taurus

Isaiah 14
12 How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations!
13 For thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God: I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north:
14 I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the most High

“Irenaeus (‘Heresies’ Vol. 302), Hippolytus (‘De Christo et Antichristo’, pp. 14,15), and other Church fathers have a tradition which can not but be of Jewish origin, that the Antichrist comes from the tribe of Dan, and base it upon Jer. VIII.16: ‘The snorting of his (the enemies) his horses was heard from Dan’… Irenaeus remarks that Dan is, in view of this tradition, not in the Apocalypse (Rev.vii.5-7) among the 144,000 saved ones of the twelve tribes. Nor is the omission of Dan in I Chron. iv. et seq. unintentional… Dan became the very type of evildoing. He was placed in the north (Num.ii.25), this being the region of darkness and evil (Jer. i.14) because of his idolatry which wrapped the world in darkness (Num.ii.).” [Singer, The Jewish Encyclopedia, ("Dan"), p. 423]

“And Jeremiah does not merely point out his [Antichrist] sudden coming, but he even indicates the tribe from which he shall come where he says ‘We shall hear the voice of his swift horses from Dan; the whole earth shall be moved by the voice of the neighing of his galloping horses: he shall also come and devour the earth, and the fulness thereof, the city also, and they that dwell therein.’ This, too, is the reason that this tribe is not reckoned in the Apocalypse along with those which are saved.” [Irenaeus, "Against Heresies," Book V, Chap. 30]

“There are different answers to the question whether the Antichrist will be a Jew or a heathen. That he will be a Jew, and apparently of the tribe of Dan, Irenaeus based on Jer. 8:16 and the absence of that tribe in Rev. 7:5-8. Hippolytus grounded it upon Deut. 33:22; Gen. 49:16,17, and the consideration that as the opposite to Christ he must descend from Israel. Ambrose refers to John 5:43; Prof. Schlatter to II Thess. 2:4; that he sets himself in the temple of God, not of idols.” [Erich Sauer, The Triumph of the Crucified, p. 119]

I have raised up one from the north, and he shall come: from the rising of the sun shall he call upon my name: and he shall come upon princes as upon morter, and as the potter treadeth clay.
Isaiah 41:24-26

The street design in Washington, D.C., has been laid out in such a manner that certain Luciferic symbols are depicted by the streets, cul-de-sacs and rotaries. This design was created in 1791, a few years after Freemasonry assumed the leadership of the New World Order, in 1782.
In Europe, occult leaders were told by their Familiar Spirits as early as the 1740’s that the new American continent was to be established as the new “Atlantis”, and its destiny was to assume the global leadership of the drive to the New World Order.

The United States of America was chosen to lead the world into this kingdom of Antichrist from the beginning. The capital is Washington, D.C.

A goathead Pentagram sets at the head of our government, in theory. This goathead is the Devil’s Pentagram, as copied form the Goodman’s Magic Symbol book.

Protruding from the middle of the Pentagram is the lighted candle, which is producing light. This physical light represents spiritual illumination.

If this were represented on the map, this candle would be thought of as NORTH. North is a very important direction, because it is the place of governmental control.

Scott Circle is precisely located at the middle of this goathead, and 16th Street proceeds directly north of it. As you look north on 16th Street, you will see the House of the Temple, which is the North American Headquarters of Freemasonry.

The House of the Temple is located 13 blocks NORTH of the White House.

This meaning of course to the occult is that it has transmitted the control of the White House is spiritually connected to the House of the Temple.

Who do you think was the leader of the North American Freemasonry? Albert Pike, of course. Also, lets not forget that the White House sets on LOT 666!

Did you know that nearly 140 witch trials were recorded in the country of Finland during the 17th Century? This was considered the inherent evil on the northern regions. Finland belonged to the outermost realm of Christianity in the North. And traditionally, Satan was found in the northern spaces at the ends of the earth. This is where the prince of darkness had his abode.
Based upon scanty Biblical evidence, 16th-century clergymen, lawyers and philosophers claimed that evil and sorcery originated in the North and that this was conveyed on northern winds. Bitterly cold northern winds were known to howl with a terrible dread and infernal roar. The northern regions, having emerged as Satan’s realm, could easily be taken for a hothouse of sorcery and blasphemy. The North was said to be the haunt of demons and devils with its heinous cold and wicked winds. Among those who were most active in the Arctic were the demons of the air. These could conjure mighty whirlwinds. Postel characterized Europe’s northernmost outpost as the kingdom of Antichrist.
During the final decades of the 16th-century, members of the Scottish, Danish and Swedish royal families came to feel the curses of Norwegian witches in their confrontations with poor weather, fog, thunder and lightning along the coast of Norway. Nautical sorcery was a specialty of Norwegian witches. The French jurist and political scientist, Jean Bodin (1530-1596), could tell his terrified readers of how the North swarmed with sorcerers. In no other European country are there more witches than in Norway. They torment people all day long and all through the night, Bodin reported. And among the people of northern Scandinavia, many were supposedly tremendously skilled in sorcery. Witches of the far North could raise storms with the Devil’s help. Here magical winds could be bought from the Sami, according to Johan Freitag, a German surgeon, for a mere slant. This was recorded in his 1616 manuscript. “I am not speaking of legend and myth,” Freitag reassured his readers – in a book on the abuse of medicine.
The English gave up attempts at the beginning of the 17th-century to find a northeastern sea route (the Northeast Passage) to China after their encounters with pack ice, severe cold and poor weather. Several Englishmen, however, were known to have told of the torment of witches in the North, as a result of these experiences. Henry Peachom, for instance, related how the world’s most notorious witches were to be found in the far North (1622). Norway is a detestable nation where many are renowned for their sorcery, wrote John Barclay in 1631. A compatriot, George Sandys, followed up likewise the year after by explaining that Satan, the lord of the air, was the one assisting the witches of Norway and Lappland.

A Northern Witch
“Some women among the people of the North are very proficient in magical skills. The picture, in which a woman is seen pouring out the contents of a cauldron to sink ships, shows that all witches use this kind of utensil…As for the power witches have to darken the moon’s beams, raise tempests, uproot trees and plants, and enfeeble cattle and horses, I let these matters alone, well known as they are to everyone…”
From Olaus Magnus.

A Magician in the North
Olaus Magnus tells about the strong powers of a magician of the North: “He achieved such fame in his use of weapons and conjuring that instead of a ship to cross the sea he employed a bone, which he had engraved with fearful spells, and on this he skimmed over the waters in his path as speedily as he could have done with wind-filled sails.”

A Northern Demon
“In the regions under the Seven Stars, in other words the North, where in quite literal sense the abode of Satan lies, demons, with unspeakable derision and in diverse shapes, express their encouragement to people who lives in those parts.”
From Olaus Magnus

ODIN-god of the north- [link]

I would like to be specific here…and speak of Northern California;
California belongs to Satan! California is so filthy that it’s filth spills out all over the world. The people of California rejoice and brag about the sins they commit. This is where the “Church of Satan” originated, and the “Satanic Bible” in the 1960s. The city of San Francisco which flaunts its homosexuality even more than Sodom did. Mt. Shasta in northern California will be totally destroyed because the devils live in the town of Mt. Shasta. Mt. Shasta is one of the places where the Ascended Masters live here on earth.

This is a bit off topic, but I was studying the word Ba Har [mount]…
and I noticed the word is linked to Pyramids, Egypt, Giants and the Supernatural!

What was stunning to me was that the Tabernacle may have actually been a sort of ‘Reverse Engineering’ of The Great Pyramid!

“And thou shalt rear up the tabernacle according to the fashion thereof which was shewed thee in the [mount]“

There are links on the web showing similarities. The Ark of the Covenant therefore, would have something to do with the Capstone. Since the Ark is a representation of our Chromosome, it is likely that the ‘Capstone’ is symbolic of a special DNA type that will arrive on Earth. Oh, and we know who this will be….don’t we?

The word Ba Har [mount]…is linked to Pyramids, Egypt, Giants, and the Supernatural.
From the sphinx mystery…
Suggesting that andro-sphinxes never existed in Egypt prior to the Middle Kingdom makes the Temples’ theory even more persuasive. However, it is simply not true, as can be seen from an account given by Dr Selim Hassan (1893-1961) in his Excavations at Giza, vol. 8, page 162. Here he says:
The North to this very day is believed by some of the Egyptians who manage the GIZA plateau to be the place that Spirits (souls) enter and exit from.
There are 36 occurrences of the word Ba Har in the KJV.

Some examples…

Sacrifices / Tarry
<< Genesis 31:54 >>
Then Jacob offered sacrifice upon the [mount], and called his brethren to eat bread: and they did eat bread, and tarried all night in the [mount].

<< Exodus 19:12 >>
whosoever toucheth the [mount] shall be surely put to death

Ten Commandments
<< Exodus 24 >>
and Moses was in the [mount] forty days and forty nights.

The Tabernacle
And thou shalt rear up the tabernacle according to the fashion thereof which was shewed thee in the [mount].

<< Numbers 13:29 >>
The Amalekites dwell in the land of the south and the Hittites and the Jebusites and the Amorites dwell in the [mountains] and the Canaanites dwell by the sea and by the coast of Jordan

Hittites: Giants
Jebusites: Giants
Amorites: Giants

They gave Moses this account: “We went into the land to which you sent us, and it does flow with milk and honey! Here is its fruit. But the people who live there are powerful, and the cities are fortified and very large. We even saw descendants of Anak there. The Amalekites live in the Negev; the Hittites, Jebusites and Amorites live in the [hill] country; and the Canaanites live near the sea and along the Jordan.

Hanged Man / Harvest
<< 2 Samuel 21:9 >>
And he delivered them into the hands of the Gibeonites, and they hanged them in the [hill] before the LORD: and they fell all seven together, and were put to death in the days of harvest, in the first days, in the beginning of barley harvest

Pyramid Building
<< 2 Chronicles 2:2 >>
And Solomon told out threescore and ten thousand men to bear burdens, and fourscore thousand to hew in the [mountain], and three thousand and six hundred to oversee them.

End Times
<< Isaiah 25:7 >>
And he will destroy in this [mountain] the face of the covering cast over all people, and the vail that is spread over all nations.

<< Isaiah 25:10 >>
For in this [mountain] shall the hand of the LORD rest, and Moab shall be trodden down under him, even as straw is trodden down for the dunghill.

Northern Crown Prince of Satan
Did you know that this is Belial? Yes, sir!! The occult consider the Four Crown Princes to be Satan, Lucifer, Leviathan, and Belial.
Belial-Hebrew-worthless one!
“Belial means “without a master”, and symbolizes true independence, self-sufficiency, and personal accomplishment. Belial represents the earth element.” The Satanic Bible-Anton LaVey (1969) Book of Belial: Introduction
Master of the Earth
Belial is the carnal side of man, the lust, sex, pleasure and therefore the principal drives that make living worthwhile. People derive all the principal emotions of the higher ego from Belial: Pride comes from self control and suppression of the Belial, strength, pleasure and independence come from embracing it. Belial is the Master of the Earth, the force that holds Humankind by its balls, any security or stability are results of lessons learnt from dealing with this Crown Prince.
Belial is the champion of simply being human, for the flesh, the material and the carnal. In essence, a reverence for Belial affirms how “good” the flesh/humanity is. Unrestrained by law or morality; lawless; immoral; dissolute; lewd; lascivious, Unrestrained; uncurbed; uncontrolled; unruly; riotous; ungovernable; wanton; profligate; dissolute; lax; loose; sensual; impure; unchaste; lascivious; immoral, dissolute indulgence in sensual pleasure.
Some think all of these princes represent the presence of Satan, all in one. The many faces of Satan if you will.
In popular demonologies this is the demon who was said to have been created immediately after Lucifer, himself. He is represented as an angel on a fiery chariot, but his intention is to deceive all, including those who conjure him.
In the Hebrew Bible, nevertheless, the word is not a proper name, but a common noun usually signifying “wickedness” or “extreme wickedness”. Thus, Moore renders “sons of Belial” as “vile scoundrels” (Judges 19:22); most prefer “worthless fellows”. In some cases belial seems to mean “destruction”, “ruin”; thus in Ps. xii, 9 (Heb.), the word is parallel to the thought of utter destruction and seems to mean the same. In Ps., sviii, 5, it is parallel to “death” and “Sheol”; some understand it as “destruction”, Cheyne as “the abyss”. The etymology of the word is doubtful; it is usually taken to be a compound meaning “worthlessness.” Cheyne suggest an alternate that means “that from which no one comes up”, namely the abyss, Sheol. St. Jerome’s etymology “without yoke”, which he has even inserted as a gloss in the text of Judges, xix, 22, is contrary to Hebrew philology.
Belial, from meaning wickedness or Sheol, could develop into a name for the prince of evil or of darkness; and as such was widely used at the beginning of our era. Under the names Beliar, Berial, he plays a very important role in apocryphal literature, in the “Ascension of Isaias”, the “Sibylline Oracles”, and the “Testament of the Twelve Patriarchs”. He is the prince of this world and will come as Antichrist; his name is sometimes given also to Nero, returning as Antichrist.
So, effectively, we see that tin antiquity this spirit has caused great anguish and horrific tragedies, up to and including the worship of false idols while Moses was collecting the Ten Commandments from GOD! Then, down through the ages he has been worshiped by many cultures in many forms and with different names. The Catholic Encyclopedia Volume II

I did read somewhere that Satan’s Heavenly Seat is in the constellation of Orion! That totally makes sense considering the Ascended Master and their minions are from there. But…Satan will fall hard!….

Satan fell first at the point of negative volition toward the sovereignty of God, during the five “I Will’s”; Isa. 14; Eze. 28:15.

Satan’s second fall will occur at the middle of the Tribulation when he is denied access to Heaven. Rev. 12:9; Eze. 28:15.

At the end of the millennial reign of Christ, Satan will be cast into the lake of fire. This will be his final fall. Matt. 25:41; Rev. 20:10; Eze. 28:18.

The Bible talks about the Armor of God as enabling the believer to “stand against the wiles of the devil”. This armor is protection for us while we live in kosmos diabolikos, and the weapons of our warfare are stronger than Satan as we take our stand in the Lord Jesus Christ.


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