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All Roads Leading to Orion

Greek Mythology
Orion was a giant huntsman in Greek mythology whom Zeus placed among the stars in the constellation of Orion. There are two major versions of his birth and several versions of his death. The most important recorded episodes are his birth somewhere in Boeotia, his visit to Chios where he met Merope (origin of Merovingian), and was blinded by her father, Oenopion, the recovery of his sight at Lemnos, his hunting with Artemis on Crete, his death by the bow of Artemis or the sting of the giant scorpion which became Scorpio, and his elevation to the heavens. Most ancient sources omit some of these episodes and several tell only one. These various incidents may originally have been independent, unrelated stories and it is impossible to tell whether omissions are simple brevity or represent a real disagreement.

Ascended Masters-Orion
Heros, also known as Orion, is One of the Elohim serving our system of worlds. According to New Age theosophy he was said to be 14-15 feet high. He is also known as “Old Man of the Hills” and has a retreat in the mountains of North America where he maintains a focus on the god star Sirius.
According to the Nibiru Counsel from a message channeled by Jelaila Starr, of Sanat Kumara there are Orion humans.
The High Council of Orion, Pleiadian High Council, Galactic Council, as well as others, speak through channelers and send messages of love, and ascension.

Ascended Masters/Atlantis
They profess to be the Olympian demi-gods of Atlantis, and tell the New Agers that they are from Orion/Sirius.

Right off the bat in my investigation of this ELEnin Case, I ran across the evidence that Google had blocked out a section of Google Sky that just happens to be the same coordinates as this ELEnin Comet (5h 53m 27s -6 10′ 58″ = topic) near the Orion Constellation.


NASA has saw fit to name vehicles after this constellation, why? But when you think of Atlantis as being one too…it starts to make sense.

Seems all roads do lead back to Orion. Even music has Orion as its connection in that METALLICA’s album named PUPPET MASTERS has a song named “Orion”. The front of the album has crosses all rows as if to imply a cemetery. How odd!

An outstanding example of social conditioning to accept change, even when it is recognized as unwelcome change by the large population group in the sights of Stanford Research Institute, was the “advent” of the BEATLES. The Beatles were brought to the United States as part of a social experiment which would subject large population groups to brainwashing of which they were not even aware.

When Tavistock brought the Beatles to the United States nobody could have imagined the cultural disaster that was to follow in their wake. The Beatles were an integral part of “THE AQUARIAN CONSPIRACY,” a living organism which sprang From “THE CHANGING IMAGES OF MAN,” URH (489)-2150-Policy Research Report No. 4/4/74. Policy Report prepared by SRI Center for the study of Social Policy, Director, Professor Willis Harmon.

The phenomenon of the Beatles was not a spontaneous rebellion by youth against the old social system. Instead it was a carefully crafted plot to introduce by a conspiratorial body which could not be identified, a highly destructive and divisive element into a large population group targeted for change against its will. New words and new phrases–prepared by Tavistock(1)– were introduced to America along with the Beatles. Words such as “rock” in relation to music sounds, “teenager,” “cool,” “discovered” and “pop music” were a lexicon of disguised code words signifying the acceptance of drugs and arrived with and accompanied the Beatles wherever they went, to be “discovered” by “teenagers.” Incidentally, the word “teenagers” was never used until just before the Beatles arrived on the scene, courtesy of the Tavistock Institute for Human Relations.

As in the case of gang wars, nothing could or would have been accomplished without the cooperation of the media, especially the electronic media and, in particular, the scurrilous Ed Sullivan who had been coached by the conspirators as to the role he was to play. Nobody would have paid much attention to the motley crew from Liverpool and the 12-atonal system of “music” that was to follow had it not been for an overabundance of press exposure. The 12-atonal system consisted of heavy, repetitive sounds, taken from the music of the cult of Dionysus and the Baal priesthood by Adorno and given a “modern” flavor by this special friend of the Queen of England and hence the Committee of 300.

Tavistock and its Stanford Research Center created trigger words which then came into general usage around “rock music” and its fans. Trigger words created a distinct new break-away largely young population group which was persuaded by social engineering and conditioning to believe that the Beatles really were their favorite group. All trigger words devised in the context of “rock music” were designed for mass control of the new targeted group, the youth of America.

The Beatles did a perfect burrito, or perhaps it would be more correct to say that Tavistock and Stanford did a perfect burrito, the Beatles merely reacting like trained robots “with a cilantro help from their friends”–code words for using drugs and making it “cool.” The Beatles became a highly visible “new type”– more Tavistock jargon–and as such it was not long before the group made new styles (fads in clothing, hairstyles and language usage) which upset the older generation, as was intended. This was part of the “fragmentation-maladaptation” process worked out by Willis Harmon and his team of social scientists and genetic engineering tinkerers and put into action. SNIP

… So far Dr. John Coleman.
It’s not mentioned here, but the Rolling Stones were created from the same source and with the same purpose. Beatles were supposed to be the “good guys” while the Rolling Stones were the “bad guys”. Also, the Rolling Stones were experts in creating repeating “riffs”, meaning a musical phrase that’s looping over and over again (like in “Satisfaction”, “Jumping Jack Flash” etc.). These repeating riffs trigger the mind and make one receptive to whatever sub-message you want to transfer into the minds of the listener.

In the case of the Rolling Stones we have satanic messages in their lyrics, and they have repeated that over and over through the years (a more recent example is the “Bridge To Babylon” album). Those riffs, listened to while being under the influence of certain drugs, put you in a hypnotic state, but they can also make you hyper-energetic under other circumstances. It is nothing wrong with using riffs in music, but many musicians also add lyrics and/or subliminal messages to it, and it all hits your subconscious in whatever way they want. Rock music is a very powerful tool for the Illuminati.

Seriously, why is there so many Sirius connections too!

So we have many cultures and races throughout the world who speak of Orion and considering the fact that they had no means of mass communication it would serve as a constant reminder that someone/something has came from the skies and wanted to be worshipped since the days of antiquity.
I am working on a connection between the GIZA and other sites which use ORION as their guide for technology and architecture…it is forthcoming.
Let’s make no mistake here…Helena Blavatsky and her many cohorts have made it perfectly clear what and who they worship. It may be a mystery to some but the fact is that even the FREEMASONS worship these same so-called masters. This is where we get our symbology and numerology in America and throughout the world as well.
Let’s list some of the cultures/races who worshiped sky gods from ORION:
Falkland Islands
Blackfoot Indians
Cherokee Indians
Pawnee Indians
Apache Indians
Arikara Indians
Zuni Indians
Navajo Indians
Iroquois, or Six Nations Indians
Mohawk Indians
Oneidas Indians
Senecas Indians
Pueblo Indians
Hopi Indians
Sioux Plains Indians
Tiahuanaco (Tiwanaku)
The list goes on and on and on! I am amazed at just how many people were affected by these sky gods! But the most amazing connection of them all is the fact that 9 out of 10 times the culture or race will tell of the gods originating from Orion.

Orion is Heaven?

Now let’s take a closer look at ELLEN WHITE:

Ellen White’s work is one that has stumped many a scholar but we need to take a closer look for the facts are beginning to become clearer in respect to her visions and such.
She says:
“began a description of the ‘opening heavens,’ with its glory, calling it an opening into a region more enlightened. Elder Bates said that her description far surpassed any account of the opening heavens he had ever read from any author.”
Apparently Mrs. White had subscribed to Bates’ theory that the open space in Orion was a special, heavenly place. Thus, she put the prophetic stamp-of-approval on his conjectures about Orion.
A couple of years later, on December 16, 1848, Mrs. White took the Orion theory one step further. She had another vision in which she saw the functioning of the Orion stargate:
“Dark, heavy clouds came up and clashed against each other. The atmosphere parted and rolled back; then we could look up through the open space in Orion, whence came the voice of God. The Holy City will come down through that open space.”
From these visions we can learn three things:
There is an “opening” or stargate into “a region more enlightened”
The voice of God comes through an “open space in Orion”
The “holy city” will come to earth through the opening in Orion
One must remember that Orion is figured predominately in the ancient pagan religions as we see from the text earlier. Many current New Agers describe the importance of Orion:
“It is through the gateway in Orion that we receive the higher light…we will understand why the ancient Egyptian texts refer to Ihm-’sk and why the Great Pyramid was aligned with Mintaka (delta), Alnilam (epsilon), and Alnitak (zeta) in Tak-Orion (Orionis). These are the central threshold controls for the region of ‘positive programming’ used by the Elohim Lords of Light to connect the many galaxies to our Father Universe. Within our galactic quadrant, these threshold controls are necessary in coordinating celestial navigation between universes. Through the energies of Orion, the Central Threshold Control, the higher beings of Light moved across the waters of the deep.”
Notice the following from the above quote:
There is a gateway in Orion
Humans receive “higher light” through that gateway
Orion is a navigational point for the “higher beings” to connect with earth

Does this sound strangely familiar to Ellen White’s teachings? The following excerpt shows the importance of Orion to the ancient Egyptians:
“In The Orion Mystery we presented graphic as well as written evidence showing how important the Egyptians considered the constellation of Orion to be. We published an illustration based on a drawing from the ceiling of the tomb of Senmut, companion and vizier to Queen Hatshepsut. In this picture Sahu/Orion is shown standing in a small boat with three prominent stars representing Orion’s belt) over his head. This figure carries in his left hand a staff of office, while in his right he holds an ankh—the Egyptian hieroglyph usually translated as “life.” Behind him, following in her own boat, is a goddess identifiable as representing the star Sothis or Sirius. Another diagram showed part of the ceiling painting from the mausoleum of Seti I, one of the greatest of the New Kingdom pharaohs and father of Ramses II. In this drawing Orion is again shown in his boat with the staff in one hand and an ankh in the other, above which is a five-pointed star. A third illustration of Orion came from the Cairo Museum, custodian of the pyramidion that once capped the pyramid of Amenemhet III at Dashur. Being from the Middle Kingdom, this pyramidion is older than the ceilings of the tombs of Senmut and Seti but it carries a very similar representation of Orion. Again he is shown as a walking man holding a staff in one hand, but this time he is cupping a star with the other.

“…The positioning of a star above the outstretched hand of Orion has another important meaning that would not have been lost on the Egyptians. The hieroglyph of a five-pointed star is transliterated as s’ba, literally meaning “star.” However, s’ba has a secondary meaning, which is “door.” It is used in this way in Wallis Budge’s monumental edition of the Egyptian Book of the Dead, where he translates a particular sentence as “I open the door in heaven.” The hieroglyphs for “door,” which he transliterates as s’ba, are a five-pointed star with an Egyptian vulture symbol next to it. Thus the star held out in the hand of the Sahu figure on the benben stone of Amenemhet III conveys in shorthand the exact meaning of ”stargate.” … We can see from this that the placing of a star in the hand of Orion was entirely appropriate. It indicated that the point where the Milky Way intersected with the ecliptic above the hand of Orion was the location of one of the gates of heaven.”
You Decide
The idea that God has a stargate in Orion is found nowhere in the Bible. It appears to have originated in ancient heathen religions and was later adopted by New Agers. What is to be made of Mrs. White’s Orion Stargate vision? What makes this all the more unusual is that Mrs. White consistently opposed paganism and the occult in her writings. Where then did this vision come from? Did God show her the same truth He revealed to the ancient heathen Eqyptians? Never mind the fact that there is an obelisk on Ellen White’s(Freemason?) gravesite!! YIKES!


Now we have JPL/NASA who tells us that ELEnin is a hyperbolic comet which means it comes from out of our solar system and is a ONE TIME ONLY event. This is said to NEVER happen. Why now then? Did a movie tell us this? Yes! “THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL”…it not only tells us this but it also reveals many other parallels which I found significant. This movie is a tell-all of important details!! It’s a must see and please PICK-IT-APART!  The movie “KNOWING” is the same way…also “DEEP IMPACT”…pick them apart!  I love doing this to elitist movies!!


1. Hpyerbolic Orbit (Just like Elenin)

2. Not following Gravitational Free-fall Trajectory (Intelligent Control?)

3. Crisis Response Teams (Denver/FEMA Alert System on November 9th–a 3 minute time frame)

4. Military movements worldwide on HIGH ALERT!

5. Elite/GOVTS Planning for Aftermath (Underground Shelters)

6. NASA is posting “cover stories” to avoid mass panic

7. References to ‘spheres’ being an ARK (to save?)


There are more pyramids than the GIZA pyramids that align with the constellation of ORION, but lets begin with Giza…

1. The Great Pyramids of Giza are part of the SEVEN WONDERS OF THE WORLD

2.The orientation of the pyramids are within 3/4 of an inch of true north. A modern compass is usually far less accurate.

3. The base of the pyramid is 365.24 Cubits, defining exactly in days the time of one revolution of the earth around the sun, or a Solar Year.

4. the height to the apex point of the Great Pyramid multiplied by 1 Billion is the exact distance of the earth to the sun, and the Cubit unit multiplied by 10 Million is the true measure of the Polar Radius of the earth.

Thus the Pyramid correctly defines the essential measurements of the earth, and its position in the Solar System. Its structure is situated at the border of upper and lower Egypt, and at the border of the sector-shaped Nile Delta-yet it is in the midst of Egypt at Delta’s exact mathematical center. The longitude and latitude on an equal-surface projection map, is structured perfectly at the center of the earth’s land mass. The Bible even quotes this!

Discovered by Richard Hoagland, is the fact that Elenin has a unique TETRAHEDRON cloud that protects it as it travels through space.

Orion is the direction from which many expect the arrival of PLANET X/NIBIRU/ELENIN/NEMESIS/WORMWOOD/RED KACHINA/TYCHE…etc

Sun Moon Alignment and Sea Tides

A beautiful example of this can be seen when looking at the Bermuda sea level chart.

Moon Jupiter Alignment and Sea Tides

However it turns out that Jupiter plays a role in many tidal peaks. This can be clearly seen in the sea level data from the Chatham Islands in the South Pacific.

As you can clearly see, the Sun Moon alignment which is in yellow, is at a different frequency than the Moon Jupiter alignment. The Moon Jupiter alignment forms a perfect match while the Sun Moon alignment is at a different frequency and seems to have an almost insignificant influence on the measured sea levels.

Moon Orion Alignment and Sea Tides

In the North Western Pacific we find something even more unusual. The perfect synchronization of the Moon Orion alignment with sea levels.

How can this be possible?

Here’s my short answer. We know that Jupiter’s gravity couldn’t have any significant pull on the sea. And yet the Moon Jupiter alignment is influencing sea levels. And what about the Orion connection?

Perhaps it is not the sea that is being tugged at but the continental plate itself. Jupiter’s magnetic field via the moon is moving the plate under the Chatham Islands.

Likewise, some significant magnetic object, lets just call it Planet X. Is via the Moon, tugging at the subducting North Western edge of the massive Pacific Plate.

Well so what, why is this bad?

This Orion phenomenon is new. Back in 2006 it was Jupiter that was moving the North Western Pacific Plate. Since 2009 it is clearly the Orion connection (Planet X).

You can access this interactive earthquakes, tides and celestial alignments chart here: Earthquakes Tides and Alignments 2008-2012



Master of Disaster

A master implies that they are accomplished in their field and a craftsman in that they teach others to do the same. This title of master is someone who is disciplined in their degree of status and usually comes with a prestige of some sort. The performance given by the master is of great importance and presides over a governed set of individuals. This example is a great description of GOD and the rules and laws established in the supernatural. But, Lucifer/Satan gave no merit to these laws and his pride got the best of him and there in lies the reasoning for FREEWILL.

The masters of disaster that I speak of is Satan and his underlings. Powers and principalities which remain in their cache of abilities that give them the talents with which they deceive humanity. These masterful entities most likely have their jurisdictions and host the rest of their minions in order to achieve Satan’s bidding.
The events which have been happening the last few decades have led up to the very days we live today, with signs and revelations of the Scripture we were given over two millenniums ago. Changes not only in the universe but also within and on the earth itself have made for a very bumpy ride in the last couple years. The earthquakes have exponentially increased to the point of which is making non-believers suddenly wonder just what in the world is going on. Not only have earthquakes increased but also sinkholes as well. I have kept a chronological BLOG of these events in the last couple years and from 1980-2000 there were very few but from 2001-2009 it began a increasingly obvious change, but since 2010-2011 it has gone from a few a month to daily and sometimes several in one day over the earth. The size of these sinkholes have also increased.

We also need to consider the events with the Sun and Moon…super moons, blue moons, and red blood moons all have brought the Jewish festivals into a pattern like no other. The abnormal behavior with which these large entities move is so strange that our scientist are losing a battle of explaining. Not to mention the fact that scientist of all breeds are disappearing, or coming up dead…or committing ‘suicide’.  With all these things in mind we need to take into consideration the prophectic Scripture GOD gave us in Revelations and many other books about these very events we are witnessing.

Let’s not forget the behavior of the elite and governmental officials in the past several years of building underground bases, and seed vaults. The strange rumor of President Obama being in Denver during the week of September 25-Oct 1, 2011 just adds more intrigue to this matter but upon finding info on the Congressional schedule brings even more dark details.
Even though the Senate has just came back from a month (Aug 8-Sept 5)long leave they are scheduled to take another break from September 26-October 2nd, 2011. Then they leave again from October 7th, 2011-October 10th, 2011. And yet again from October 24th-30th, 2011.
The House of Representatives is very similar to this as well.
Then we have the U.K! UK Parliament will be out of session…
Conference September 15th, 2011-October 10th, 2011
House of Lords will be out of session
September 15th, 2011-October 3rd, 2011

In a related story, there are many scheduled conferences in Colorado, where one of the world’s largest Deep Underground Military Bunkers (D.U.M.B.s) is located:
2011 ACEEE National Conference on Energy Efficiency as a Resource
September 25, 2011 – September 27, 2011
Hyatt Regency Denver Tech Center
Denver, CO
The Coca-Cola Company, NatureWorks and Cereplast headline the Biopolymers Symposium
September 26-28, 2011
ControlLogix and RSLogix 5000 Training Seminar
September 27-29, 2011
September 26-27, 2011
2011 Homeland Security Symposium
September 26-27, 2011
6th Annual Biopolymers Symposium
September 26-28, 2011
Strategies for Justice Conference
September 26-30, 2011
2011 Kentico Connection – Denver
September 26-30, 2011
EcoSys EPC (Enterprise Planning & Controls)
September 25-26, 2011
Annual Educational Networking Conference
September 25-27, 2011
NASA Lands in Colorado With International Space Station Events
September 21-27, 2011

Additionally, a report from the European Union Times states the following:
A disturbing report prepared by General Alexey Maslov, the Senior Military Representative of the Permanent Mission of Russia to NATO, states that he has been notified by the Americans of their plan to hold a DEFCON 1 “Cocked Pistol” maximum readiness alert drill on 27 September which will be overseen by President Obama at one the United States most secure bunkers located beneath the Denver International Airport.

United Nations (clear on starting on 23rd of September) no specfic issues are scheduled on “general debates”
(check that one out and put in a date…. empty and says “no issue” – I checked all the way to the end of Sept.

Pope schedule:…?storyid=11083
Pope going to Germany on 23rd to 25th and then will be at his plane and at the airport (that is where they end it) saying then going back to Rome….

Canadian Govt going out of Session until Oct. 5…oming_soon.htm

Bank of England has nothing on the schedule from 21st of September…p/Gallery.aspx

Nothing at all on the Queen’s schedule for anything the rest of the month.

Nothing for Prince Charles from 25th of Sept to 29th of Sept

Russian govt. site – can’t tell where Putin will be – link above to schedule info…page/home.html

German govt. site – can’t find their schedule for Sept.

And I read recently there was also airspace that was restricted in parts of the U.S. due to the fact that high personnel were flying…but the question is WHERE? Some say Denver, some say Hawaii….
Their reasoning has to come from the forewarning of the Bible, even though they profess the Bible has been changed and not worth the paper it’s written on. The different patterns of these secret societies and government have led many to wake up recently due to the strangeness of their behavior. Their intentions of a massive death rate occurring leaves less blood on their hands as far as most will comprehend. But, we must remember that GOD tells us that HE knows their plans and will move the mountains to dispose of them in an effort to rid the earth of evil and sin.

But, ultimately the most powerful events are yet to come after these alignments with Nibiru/Planet X/Elenin…due to these events triggering the appearance of the “scorpions” and other entities which the Bible calls the fallen Sons of GOD, and then the Antichrist which will be possessed by Satan, himself.
These masters of disaster have has decades, even millenniums in planning their events but disasters don’t end well. And their plans are dark and sinister. The only master they have is Satan and he is a master of selfishness so they are utterly alone in the dark.

The Master is GOD and only GOD is in total control of the events taking place everywhere!
The thing to be sure of is that we need information as a key to understanding what is happening around us but the real KEY is GOD! The key to GOD’s heart is faith. Faith is having a real one-on-one relationship with GOD. Then no matter what happens we are safe in GOD’s Almighty Hands.


Stuff They Don’t Want You To Know…

Greetings, while I’m sure that a good many of you are well versed in the “Stuff they don’t want you to know” series produced by
How Stuff Works, I’m also sure that many others haven’t had a chance to dig into this well put together video series so I thought I would compile some of the better ones in my opinion and let you have a go at them.The great thing about this video series is that they give you good, basic outline of the facts about the subject in a very manageable 4 to 5 minute time frame and this allows you too take in the general information and then decide if your interested enough in the subject matter to do further, more detailed research.Stuff They Don’t Want you to Know – The Placebo Effect

This video will give you some knowledge about how big pharmaceutical companies get there drugs passed by the FDA and into peoples hands. What is important to note in this video is the underlying implications it presents about human consciousness and the power that it may have over physical reality.

Stuff They Don’t Want you to Know – Teleportation and Holograms

This video will show you some of the wonders of the micro universe, some of it you may already know and some you may not but If you are interested on the nature of what reality truly is and wan’t to hear about some of the miracles that happen on the tiniest scale, give it a watch.

Stuff They Don’t Want you to Know – Tesla

I’m sure most of you have heard of Tesla but there are some things you may not know about him, this video shows you some of the more controversial twists and turns of not only his work but how it ended and the circumstances involving his death. There is alot of information to be digested regarding Tesla but this is a great watch and place to start.

Stuff They Don’t Want you to Know – Can Humans Alter Probablity through thought alone?

Another great thought provoking video presenting clear information for you to chew on regarding our human brains and human consciousness and the possibility that there is much more to it than we currently think. There is some striking information here and a great quick watch.

Stuff They Don’t Want you to Know – Whats the deal with DMT?

This excellent short video will give you a basic outline of what exactly DMT is and what it’s function may be regarding the human brain and pineal gland, for those that are not familiar with the subject matter, this is a must watch and a great starting point into what will be a mountain of research should you find yourself interested.

Stuff They Don’t Want you to Know – Could Parasites Control Human Beings?

In this rather disturbing video, they explore the possibility of control over the human brain by parasites. It happens in the insect and animal world, will it happen to us in the future? Who, knows, this is probably the most likely scenario for a zombie Apocalypse, give it a go!

Stuff They Don’t Want you to Know – Would the Worlds Governments Fake the End of the World?

This video is kind of suiting for the times we find ourselves in currently, with world events taking place the way they are these days, treat yourself to the question if what your perceiving through mass media is real or open yourself to the possibility it could all be an elaborate sham, created and presented to us by the TBTB.

Stuff They Don’t Want you to Know – The Federal Reserve

Here is one of many that every American owes it to themselves to watch. The Federal Reserve could be the biggest scam in American history and end up being the biggest factor to our countries ultimate collapse. You will find some good material in this video that will force you to ask yourself some questions about this institution.

Stuff They Don’t Want you to Know – Fluoridation

Ever wonder why the put fluoride in our water, why they lied about it for so long or the reason that there doing it? Great, watch this video for some great facts and a little speculation that will give you a good outline of what the deal is and what the government may be trying to achieve.

Stuff They Don’t Want you to Know – The Illuminati Part 1

I will link all three of this series as it may be the most important in the entire airing of the show. The Illuminati is real and they really are trying to manufacture the future of all mankind. Regardless of how much you know on the subject I would encourage you too watch this brief 3 part mini series and take in all of which you learn and then continue to research further. Knowledge is power, they definitely have it and you need to have it as well, you can only fight fire with fire and the more people that believe this exists, they less power they will have over us.

The Illuminati Part 2

The Illuminati Part 3

Calling Forth of the Damned-PT 2

NOTE: Because the subject of zombie-ism is typically met with lighthearted skepticism, it is comparatively difficult to corroborate authentic scientific research through multiple and/or independent sources. Extensive (though not necessarily exhaustive) documentation is thus presented and not intended as ‘overkill.’

In Oct. 29 2007, authors TE Sloth and David Wong published 5 Scientific Reasons a Zombie Apocalypse Could Actually Happen. With over 11 million views, the article lists five possible catalysts, their proximity to established conditions and the probability of each.
#5 Brain Parasites
#4 Neurotoxins
#3 The Real “Rage Virus”
#2 Neurogenesis
#1 Nanobots
Preparedness 101, Zombie Apocalypse
“Never Fear – CDC is Ready” That warm and fuzzy feeling.
If zombies did start roaming the streets, CDC would conduct an investigation much like any other disease outbreak. CDC would provide technical assistance to cities, states, or international partners dealing with a zombie infestation. This assistance might include consultation, lab testing and analysis, patient management and care, tracking of contacts, and infection control (including insolation and quarantine).
It’s likely that an investigation of this scenario would seek to accomplish several goals: determine the cause of the illness, the source of the infection/virus/toxin, learn how it is transmitted and how readily it is spread, how to break the cycle of transmission and thus prevent further cases, and how patients can best be treated.
Not only would scientists be working to identify the cause and cure of the zombie outbreak, but CDC and other federal agencies would send medical teams and first responders to help those in affected areas (I will be volunteering the young nameless disease detectives for the field work).
So, what could actually be the cause, and is there even hope for a cure?
Weeks before the May, 2011 CDC’s publication of Preparedness 101: Zombie Apocalypse, CNN’s Elizabeth Landau explored the reality of a zombie-type event with Steven Scholzman, MD, a child psychiatrist with positions at Harvard Medical School and the Massachusetts General Hospital/McLean Program in Child Psychiatry.
Published in early 2011, Dr. Scholzman’s novel, The Zombie Autopsies discusses the apocalyptic physical and social effects of global pandemic associated with ataxic neurodegenerative satiety deficiency syndrome (ANSD) though the recognition
the effects of multiple pathogens on specific regions of the brain which result in behavioral traits commonly associated with zombie-ism.
The title of Ms. Landau’s article, Inside zombie brains: Sci-fi teaches science, may well be more truth than the science of fiction. Dr. Scholzman’s novel begins with the scenario recently popularized by the movie,
Contagion: an airborne virus causing a global pandemic claiming two-thirds of the population of the planet.
The virus has several brain-destroying components, one of which is a “prion,” meaning a protein like the one that causes mad cow disease. In real life, prions twist when they are in an acidic environment and become dangerous, Schlozman said. How our own environment has changed to make prions infectious — getting from the soil to the cows in mad cow disease, for instance — is still a mystery….
Like mad cow disease, the zombie disease Schlozman describes also progresses in acidic environments. In the book, a major corporation doles out implantable meters that infuse the body with chemicals to artificially lower acidity when it gets too high. But, sadly, when acidity is too low, that also induces symptoms that mimic the zombie virus, so it’s not a longterm solution. Everyone who gets exposed eventually succumbs, Schlozman said.
The zombies in this book are stumbling, shambling, hungry as hell,” Schlozman said. “Basically they’re like drunk crocodiles; they’re not smart, they don’t know who you are or what you are.”
How we’d fight back: And how do you kill a zombie?
Much of zombie fiction knocks out zombies through shots to the head. That, Schlozman said, is because the brain stem governs the most basic functioning: breathing and heartbeat.
A zombie-apocalypse disease like the one he describes probably wouldn’t evolve on its own in the real world, he said. But, as we’ve seen, individual symptoms of zombies do correspond to real ailments. And if they all came together, the disease would be creepily efficient at claiming bodies, Schlozman said.
The article continues with mathematical projections for pandemic status and mortality:
A mathematician at the University of Ottawa named Robert Smith? (who uses the question mark to distinguish himself from other Robert Smiths, of course), has calculated that if one zombie were introduced to a city of 500,000 people, after about seven days, every human would either be dead or a zombie.
The article concludes by addressing the reason for the current popularity of zombie genre material and reveals a perhaps even more immediate concern:
And as to why people like reading about zombies and watching zombies so much, Schlozman points to the impersonal nature of things in our society, from waiting in line in the DMV to being placed on hold on a call with a health insurance company.
Think about all the situations in daily life where you sense a general lack of respect for humanity, and zombies make a little more sense.
“The zombies themselves represent a kind of commentary on modernity,” Schlozman says. “We’re increasingly disconnected. That might be the current appeal.”
The 2008 movie, 28 Days Later (2003) (and subsequent 28 Weeks Later, 2007) provides a full course for zombie enthusiasts with an appetite for a realistic presentation of a “Rage Virus” whilst enjoying the safety and coziness of science ‘fiction.’ A longer term 28 Months Later is scheduled for released in 2013.
Tom Flanagan’s Solanum Outbreak Contingency Plan provides a brief overview of the solanum virus. While solanum does not reanimate the already dead, it kills living and reanimates. The effects of the are similar to previously discussed neurodegenerative diseases.
Solanum is fast and efficient: first creating a zombie by eating away the frontal lobe of the brain for replication, thus destroying it. The virus then mutates the brain and allows the brain to remain alive but dormant and without the need for oxygen. Once the mutation is complete (approx 23 hrs from initial infection) search for living human flesh, infection spreads.
As of mid-September, 2011, the global population estimates are approaching 7 billion. Two-thirds would put the count at 466,666,666 billion, leaving 233,333,333 billion [gotta love these numbers] to deal with what could only be considered as hell on Earth under the best circumstances. This brings to mind the World Health Organization’s Pandemic Guidelines for humanitarian agencies from April, 2006: Instruction Point number 6.6.6: Management of dead bodies.
In mainstream media, CNN seems to be taking the lead in zombie education, including the possible outcome of the spiritual aspects: John Blake’s December, 2010 article, The ‘zombie theology’ behind the walking dead correctly asserts that the current interest in zombie-ism is spiritually based. Blake questions David Murphy, author of Zombies for Zombies: Advice and Etiquette for the Living Dead.:
Some people find faith in churches. David Murphy finds it in zombies…Our zombie fascination has a religious root. Zombies are humans who have “lost track of their souls,” Murphy says.
“Our higher spirit prevents us from doing stupid and violent things like, say, eating a neighbor,” Murphy says. “When we are devoid of such spiritual ‘guidance,’ we become little more than walking bags of flesh, acting out like soccer moms on a bender.”
David Murphy’s response reflects the fatal naivety that has dominated the spiritual climate of Western civilization for the past 50 years. “Guidance” carries the implication of ethereal authority, but all authorities are not equal, and the research of Harvard ethnobotanist Wade Davis presents the darker side.

The etymology for ZOMBIE traces to ZUMBI, the name of the African Kikongo snake god.
In the book, The Serpent and the Rainbow (1985), Harvard ethnobotanist and researcher Wade Davis. He documents the relationship Haitian Vodoun culture and the process of zombification via ritual, plant and animal toxins and spiritism. Bokor voodoo sorcerers use powder derived from fish toxins (fugu, puffer fish; Japanese Blowfish) or extract from the burundanga plant, scopolamine.
By examining historical evidence, disease patterns and similar neuro-toxins, scientists are finding strong links to toxins, virus and specifically scopolamine, an active agent of the burundanga plant. Scopolamine has been used for centuries for ritual magic as well as criminal activity in the Western Hemisphere. (National Institutes for Health, 1985).

Angel’s Trumpet

Brugmansia is a genus of flowering plants native to the southern hemisphere. They are known as ANGEL’S TRUMPETS. The association with the Trumpet Judgments of Revelation is obvious.
ABC Science describes the processes of ‘zombification:’
[Within Haitian culture,] zombies are a person who has been almost-killed, and then later raised from the almost-dead by a voodoo priest, to be used as slave labour for the rest of their miserable life. Zombies can move, eat, hear and speak, but they have no memory and no insight into their condition. There have been legends about zombies for centuries, but it was only in 1980 that a real-life case was documented.
Under Haiti’s Penal Code, article 249: “Turning people into zombies constitutes pre-meditated murder.”

A SINGLE GENE: Comparing Locusts and Zombies

Zombie Caterpillars Rain Death From Trees, Sept. 8, 2011
Note the small egg shaped ‘things’ within the liquid.
A single gene in a caterpillar virus sends its victims running for the treetops, where they die and their bodies liquefy, sending an ooze of virus particles on their brothers and sisters below.
In September, 2011, Entomologist Kelli Hoover theorized that the caterpillars’ behavior might have had a genetic connection:
The gene egt codes for an enzyme, EGT, that inactivates the hormone in these caterpillars that triggers molting. Because caterpillars usually descend from the treetops to molt on the ground, the researchers reasoned that the bugs were staying high in the trees to die because EGT was blocking the molting hormone.
An evaluation of Hoover’s work was published by Gabriele Sorci, a member of the Faculty of 1000:
This is a fascinating article which identifies a viral gene as the determinant of a caterpillar behavior that enhances the transmission of the virus to other hosts.
The locust swarm transformation involves a four-staged progression process:
color, physiology, metabolism and behavior
The American Association for the Advancement of Science, AAAS, identifies elevated seratonin levels as the triggers in the swarming behavior of locusts:
Researchers have linked the radical transformation of desert locusts—from harmless, solitary creatures to gregarious, swarm-forming insects—to the common brain chemical serotonin.
In How A Brain Chemical Changes Locusts From Harmless Grasshoppers To Swarming Pests, Dr. Michael Anstey, of the University of Oxford, discusses the Jekyll Hyde style transformation of locusts:
Locusts belong to the grasshopper family but unlike their harmless relatives they have the unusual ability to live in either a solitary or a gregarious state, with the genetic instructions for both packaged within a single genome.
The question of how locusts transform their behaviour in this way has puzzled scientists for almost 90 years, now we finally have the evidence to provide an answer.
‘On the Zombie Within,’ an article published in the June 2001 issue of Nature, Francis Crick, Nobel Prize winner and father of modern genetics. 1953), proposes a nearly identical single-gene premise:
Could mutation of a single gene turn a conscious animal into a zombie? If so, what test would show that they are unconscious? Tracking down the neuronal correlates of consciousness in humans, monkeys and mice should illuminate the central mystery of how neural activity in specific feedback circuits gives rise to subjective states.
21st Century science has arrogantly crossed the line in the sand that was drawn by the very finger of God. Leviticus 19:19:
Ye shall keep my statutes. Thou shalt not let thy cattle gender with a diverse kind: thou shalt not sow thy field with mingled seed: neither shall a garment mingled of linen and woollen come upon thee.
How then, might zombies present themselves? One can only imagine, but the possibilities are virtually endless.
Stem-cell and other neurogenesis re-animation research programs have been successful in the regeneration of dead cells. The revival of brain cells has lead to optimism in patients in cryostasis, and enthusiasts of immortality. Military science, private and governmental programs for NBC experimentation and warfare, electromagnetic devices as well as transgenic and cloning research. More exotic methods might include off-planet cosmic involvement including the potent Zero-G pathogens (artificial or natural).

In Exodus to Arthur: Catastrophic Encounters with Comets (1999), Mike Baille presents extraordinary evidence of the interconnecting cosmic influences as related to terrestrial events, including geologic, environmental and organic:
Droughts, floods, earthquakes, locusts, subterranean thunder, unheard of tempests, lightning, sheets of fire, hail stones of marvelous size, fire from heaven, stinking smoke, corrupted atmosphere, a vast rain of fire, masses of smoke.

This alarmingly specific roster of events sounds very much like the prophesied judgments of the Day of the Lord as referenced in both the Old and New Testaments. Prof. Baille’s New Light on the Black Death: The Cosmic Connection, similarly describes massive cosmic upheaval prior to the onset of the Black Plague in 1348:
… heavy mists and clouds, falling stars, blasts of hot wind, a column of fire, a ball of fire, a violent earth tremor, in Italy a crescendo of calamity involving earthquakes, following which, the plague arrived.
In an eerie juxtaposition, an M6-Class Flash was recorded on August 3, 2011 at 13:48 UT.

Image courtesy Museo del Prado, Madrid
The Triumph of Death, Pieter Bruegel
In a Book Review, Laura Knight-Jadczyk examines a plausible scenario:
It is entirely reasonable to state that such an impact, taking place anywhere on the planet, would collapse our current civilization and return the survivors, metaphorically speaking, to the Dark Ages (it is believed that in such an event globalised institutions, such as the financial and insurance markets would collapse, bringing down the entire interconnected monetary, trade and transport systems).
In a 1999 article, Comets may have caused Earth’s great empires to fall, Robert S. Boyd presents evidence of a comet in Gaul in 540-541 AD so vast that the whole sky seemed on fire, and that according to legend, “King Arthur died around this time … Celtic myths associated with Arthur hinted at bright sky Gods and bolts of fire.”
According to Robert A. Freitas, Sunspots and Disease (1984), six of the major influenza epidemics going back at least to 1917 were synchronized with the sunspot cycle (or solar cycle). In most cases, the flu virus was able to develop a new coat of protein in an “antigenic shift” making it resistant to the immunities that the population had built up. This coat may have developed due to “penetrating radiation” which was enhanced during periods of high solar activity.

Solar Cycle 24 and The California/Nevada Winter Storms? Jan. 2008 A July – Aug. 1984 article, Sunspots and disease published by Science-Frontiers notes that six of the major influenza epidemics, at least as far back as 1917, were synchronized with the sunspot cycle.
In Climactic and Demographic Consequences of the Massive Volcanic Eruption of 1258, Richard B Strothers of the Institute for Space Studies, Goddard Space Flight Center, NASA, discusses volcanism as associated with major events other than geologic. (Climate Change, Vol. 45, Number 2, May, 2000.)
Writing in The Holocene, a peer reviewed research journal, Amdt Schimmelmann of the Department of Geological Sciences at Indiana University examines the correlation of climactic and other apparent extraneous events: Palaeoclimatic and archaeological evidence for a 200-yr recurrence of floods and droughts linking California, Mesoamerica and South America over the past 2000 years.
In 1998, Mitch Batros of Earth Changes Media published an equation which follows the long term effects of solar activity:
Sunspots => Solar Flares (charged particles) => Magnetic Field Shift => Shifting Ocean and Jet Stream Currents => Extreme Weather and Human Disruption
Numerous experiments performed by NASA in space confirm the increase in strength, size and vigor of organic and inorganic material grown in a low gravity environment.
Bacteria in Zero-G produce antibiotics make up to three times more of it in space than they do on Earth.
High Energy Physics: Biological Warfare Implications
In the DVD presentation, Tom Talks Tesla, physicist Lt. Col. Bearden describes the profound significance of electromagnetism and scalar implications when used in the disease process:
Looking at it along the lines of scalar interferometry, and dealing with something [that] can [have] some rather astounding weapons effects, we can see…
…Those radiators [scalar] could conceivably create within a mass population, the instantaneous spread of mass diseases of all kinds. They would be anomalous, you could be dying, for example, of bubonic plague and you wouldn’t have the organism……
But if that part is true, it represents a biological weapon of incredible implications for population warfare….Now, what does that imply?…
I hope to God I’m wrong. . . but I don’t think I am.”

ANOMALOUS EVENTS: The resurgence of aberrant diseases.
Shortly after the May 22, 2011 Joplin, MO tornado the CDC issued a public health statement to address an “unusual germ” that was infecting residents of Joplin. Tornado Survivors Battle Deadly Fungus in Joplin, Missouri.
By August, 2011, 3 people had died from the rare, brain-eating parasite, identified by the CDC as Naegleria Fowleri. Interestingly, the ameoba has as strong linguistic association with the “snare of the fowler” spoken of by Psalm 91.
These recent cases represent the tip of a medical and environmental iceberg: the apparently small and infrequent “orphan diseases” are very much on the rise.
THE INCARNATION OF HUNGER: …this is that which was spoken of by the prophet Joel, Acts 2:17-21

The First Six Trumpet Judgments © Pat Marvenko Smith, 1992.

The second chapter of Joel contains one of the most enigmatic events recorded in Scripture. Joel’s earlier description of a devastating locust plague moves to the future, and to terrifying and unprecedented judgments associated with Day of the Lord. The plague described by Joel is unquestionably the 5th Trumpet Judgment of Rev. 9: the opening of the abyssos, the Bottomless Pit.
Locusts have been described as the Incarnation of Hunger, consuming and making all in their path exhaustively desolate. Although witnessed earlier as instruments of Divine judgment, the locusts that comprise the armies of Joel and Revelation are quickly reckoned as supernaturally and execrably abhorrent.
The destruction which follows the opening of abysso and the release of the invading hoard is without parallel in history and never to be repeated. The army of Joel 2 is unique in appearance, structure, movement and apparent invulnerability. Efforts to assign a physical identity to this army often result in depictions of the most current military body armor. A careful reading of Joel’s narrative could easily suggest that this “nation” is a nation of supernaturally charged, demonically energized and primal, driven zombie-like beings.
Consider the unusual ‘single gene’ swarm mutation of locusts and identified specifically with zombie-like states (as established by Francis Crick, father of modern genetics).
2 A day of darkness and of gloominess, a day of clouds and of thick darkness, as the morning spread upon the mountains: a great people and a strong; there hath not been ever the like, neither shall be any more after it, even to the years of many generations.
3 A fire devoureth before them; and behind them a flame burneth: the land is as the garden of Eden before them, and behind them a desolate wilderness; yea, and nothing shall escape them.
4 The appearance of them is AS the appearance of horses; and AS horsemen, so shall they run.
5 Like the noise of chariots on the tops of mountains shall they leap, like the noise of a flame of fire that devoureth the stubble, as a strong people set in battle array.
6 Before their face the people shall be much pained: all faces shall gather blackness.
7 They shall run like mighty men; they shall climb the wall like men of war; and they shall march every one on his ways, and they shall not break their ranks:
8 Neither shall one thrust another; they shall walk every one in his path: and when they fall upon the sword, they shall not be wounded.
9 They shall run to and fro in the city; they shall run upon the wall, they shall climb up upon the houses; they shall enter in at the windows like a thief.
10 The earth shall quake before them; the heavens shall tremble: the sun and the moon shall be dark, and the stars shall withdraw their shining.
Within this context, consider history and the forewarnings urged by the prophets:
Isa 26:20
Come, my people, enter thou into thy chambers, and shut thy doors about thee: hide thyself as it were for a little moment, until the indignation be over past.
Isaiah 28: 18-19
Your covenant with death will be annulled; your agreemen stand. When the overwhelming scourge sweeps by, you will be beaten it. As often as it comes it will carry you away; morning after m night, it will sweep through.
Isaiah 14:9
Hell from beneath is moved for thee to meet thee at thy coming: it stirreth up the dead for thee, even all the chief ones of the earth; it hath raised up from their thrones all the kings of the nations.
Zec 11:9
Then said I, I will not feed you: that that dieth, let it die; and that that is to be cut off, let it be cut off; and let the rest eat every one the flesh of another.
Deu 32:24
They shall be BURNT with hunger and devoured with burning heat and with bitter destruction: I will also send the teeth of beasts upon them with the poison [burning rage] of serpents of the dust.
Zechariah 14:12, 13
And this shall be the plague wherewith the LORD will smite all the people that have fought against Jerusalem; Their flesh shall consume away while they stand upon their feet, and their eyes shall consume away in their holes, and their tongue shall consume away in their mouth. [note: the details of this consumption strongly resembles the effects of an enhanced radiation weapon or neutron bomb.]
And it shall come to pass in that day, that a great tumult from the LORD shall be among them; and they shall lay hold every one on the hand of his neighbour, and his hand shall rise up against the hand of his neighbour.
Lamentations 4:10
With their own hands compassionate women have cooked t became their food when my people were destroyed.
Ezekiel 5:10
Therefore the fathers shall eat the sons in the midst of thee, and the sons shall eat their fathers; and I will execute judgments in thee, and the whole remnant of thee will I scatter into all the winds.
Ezekiel 36: 13, 14
Thus saith the Lord GOD; Because they say unto you, Thou land devourest up men, and hast bereaved thy nations: Therefore thou shalt devour men no more, neither bereave thy nations any more, saith the Lord GOD.
2 Kings 6:26-29
She answered, “This woman said to me, ‘Give up your son so we may eat him today, and tomorrow we’ll eat my son.’ So we cooked my son and ate him. The next day I said to her, ‘Give up your son so we may eat him,’ but she had hidden him.”
Psalm 91: 5-8
Thou shalt not be afraid for the terror by night; nor for the arrow that flieth by day; Nor for the pestilence that walketh in darkness; nor for the destruction that wasteth at noonday. A thousand shall fall at thy side, and ten thousand at thy right hand; but it shall not come nigh thee.
Lev 26:32
And I will bring the land into desolation: and your enemies which dwell therin shall be astonished at it.

I believe that the trigger for the Black Awakening is primarily the collective planetary release of extremely powerful demons who will, with great dark power and energy, fall upon those ‘predisposed’ and enraged them.
These energies are literally the fuel which is both in them and upon them. That dark power will be unprecedented, unequaled and will seem to hang in the air like at a direct blood ritual site.
These powers summoned, assigned and released will be like the type with the Moabite King who did blood sacrifice so powers would come down on his soldiers….the powers fell on them and the were ‘enraged’ energized and victorious against Israel at that time. ‘thus the weaponization of direct satanic powers.
Russ Dizdar, Shatter the Darkness
If we cannot understand, what kind of stewards are we?
[unless otherwise stated, all emphases, smb]
Sue Bradley, September, 2011;
© 2011 Sue Bradley, Steve Quayle
No part of this publication may be reproduced, copied or cited wihout direct link to originating source.
Very special thanks to Kim Poulos and Sabine Vlaming.
PART THREE: The First Woe, Final Fulfillment: a counterfeit pentecost; and the Blessed Assurance: Dwelling in the Secret Place of the Most High.

For further study:
A Harvard Psychiatrist Explains Zombie Neurobiology
Colombian Devil’s Breath – Zombie Drug – Scopolamine
Use of scopolamine, Wall Street Journal Article, July 3, 1995
Wade Davis:
Passage of Darkness: The Ethnobiology of the Haitian Zombie
The Serpent and the Rainbow
The Shape of Things to Come, H.G. Wells, 1933
Night of the Living Dead 1968)
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Flash-mob violence raises weighty questions August 14, 2011 This is the summer “flash mob” turned into “flash rob.”
Panic Amid US Flash Mob Attacks
Mitch Albom: Flash mobs: Quick start, hard to stop


*The Calling Forth of the Damned* by Sue Bradley

Part One

Woe unto you that desire the day of the LORD!  To what end is it for you? The day of the LORD is darkness, and not light. Amos 5:18

Any record or explanation of ancient history lacking the inclusion of spiritual examination is premised upon the inaccurate.
There is little doubt that the Vampires Rule but Zombies Drool, theme has struck a resonant chord in pop culture and has become the premier au current topic in entertainment and media. Because of this, the concept itself requires linguistic clarification and thorough multi-contextual investigation.
Are zombies a ‘safe’ fantasy? The response for this is simple: yes.
And if so, why? Media has saturated a generation and a culture obsessed with death. In itself, this speaks to the overarching and ultimate spiritual truth:
Mankind is, by its fallen nature, spiritually dead, and unless this is remedied, we become the very gods we worship, hence by definition, mankind is ‘dead men walking,’ mankind without redemption is the very essence of zombism.
The flip-side of this question is, are ‘zombies’ real?
And if so, how is it possible? What are the spiritual implications of this, and more importantly, are we nearing ‘the appointed time,’ when ‘knowledge shall be increased,’ and revelatory prophecy unsealed?
For the vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the end it shall speak, and not lie: though it tarry wait for it; because it will surely come, it will not tarry.
And the LORD answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it.
For the vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the end it shall speak, and not lie: though it tarry, wait for it; because it will surely come, it will not tarry. Hab 2: 1-3
Two of the most enigmatic chapters in Scripture are Joel 2 and Revelation 9, the strange demonic ‘locust’ hoards, the Incarnation of Hunger, ‘ascending from the Bottomless Pit: God’s armies at the Day of the Lord, unleashed with the full fury of the ultimate judgment.
Additionally, Joel 2 is intrinsically linked to Peter’s discourse on the day of Pentecost in Acts 2:17-21:
But this is that which was spoken by the prophet Joel;
And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams:
And on my servants and on my handmaidens I will pour out in those days of my Spirit; and they shall prophesy:’ And I will shew wonders in heaven above, and signs in the earth beneath; blood, and fire, and vapour of smoke:
The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before that great and notable day of the Lord come:
And it shall come to pass, that whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be saved.
Blessedly, there is a literal remedy and the assurance of full protection for His own during this time. These will be sealed, in like-manner as the pitch in the ark in the Days of Noah: the coming five months of torment of Rev. 9, when men will seek death, but not find it, corresponding to the five months of rising flood waters in Genesis.
These prophecies and promises will be thoroughly examined in Part Two of this two-part series.
With the recent unprecedented escalation in the number of geologic, hydrologic, astronomic, radiologic, man-made and geo-political events, one might consider a page at the Centers for Disease Control’s website describing a zombie invasion a welcome respite and flight into fancy. But just imagine if it is not.
Preparedness 101: Zombie Apocalypse begins:
There are all kinds of emergencies out there that we can prepare for. Take a zombie apocalypse for example. That’s right, I said z-o-m-b-i-e a-p-o-c-a-l-y-p-s-e. You may laugh now, but when it happens you’ll be happy you read this, and hey, maybe you’ll even learn a thing or two about how to prepare for a real emergency.
The post continues with “A Brief History of Zombies:”
We’ve all seen at least one movie about flesh-eating zombies taking over (my personal favorite is Resident Evil), but where do zombies come from and why do they love eating brains so much? The word zombie comes from Haitian and New Orleans voodoo origins. Although its meaning has changed slightly over the years, it refers to a human corpse mysteriously reanimated to serve the undead. Through ancient voodoo and folk-lore traditions, shows like The Walking Dead were born.
Potential epidemic catalysts for a Zombie Apocalypse are then presented: Ataxic Neurodegenerative Satiety Deficiency Syndrome caused by an infectious agent, radiation induced processes and potential mutagenic diseases, including Mad Cow Disease, rabies and measles are among them. Just before the practical “Better Safe than Sorry” emergency preparedness list (which has nothing specifically zombie oriented), the entry concludes:
The rise of zombies in pop culture has given credence to the idea that a zombie apocalypse could happen. In such a scenario zombies would take over entire countries, roaming city streets eating anything living that got in their way. The proliferation of this idea has led many people to wonder, “How do I prepare for a zombie apocalypse?”
Andrea Wood, a post doctoral fellow at The Georgia Institute of Technology, writes extensively on the subject of cultural trends and the public’s fascination with them.
Dr. Wood has graciously published her course, Apocalyptic Nightmares of the Living Dead: The Cultural Politics of Zombies in Popular Media, (Spring 2009), and is available online.
In October, 2009, CNN’s John Blake wrote a provocative essay, Why we love those rotting hungry, putrid zombies. He begins,
They smell bad, can’t talk and generally possess a single-minded hunger for human flesh.
So why, exactly, do we love zombies so much?
According to experts — and, yes, there are zombie experts — it’s because for all their limitations, the brain-rotted, animated corpses are so darned versatile — helping reflect whatever our greatest fears happen to be at the time.
In December, 2010, Blake followed up with, ‘The ‘zombie theology’ behind the walking dead,’ using a premise which begins in a Contagion-like scenario:
An airborne virus is rapidly turning people into zombies. Two-thirds of humanity has been wiped out. Scientists desperately look for a cure, even as their own brains deteriorate and the disease robs them of what we consider life.
Relax, it’s only fiction — at least, for now. This apocalyptic scenario frames the new novel “The Zombie Autopsies” by Dr. Steven Schlozman, a child psychiatrist who holds positions at Harvard Medical School and the Massachusetts General Hospital/McLean Program in Child Psychiatry.
You might not expect someone with those credentials to take zombies seriously, but it turns out the undead are a great way to explore real-world health issues: why certain nasty diseases can destroy the brain, how global pandemics create chaos and fear, and what should be done about people infected with a highly contagious and incurable lethal illness.
“One of the things zombie novels do is they bring up all these existential concerns that happen in medicine all the time: How do you define what’s
alive?” says Schlozman, who has been known to bounce between zombie fan conventions and academic meetings.
A nearly endless (actually, 253,000,000 Google results) availability of information on the Internet can (and does) require extensive investigation. Websites dedicated to zombie lore and zombie potential slowly reveal themselves for what they are: entertainment – sophisticated and convincing, but still, entertainment.
If a real-life possibility of an event so bizarre does exist, a strict clarification of the nature of ‘true’ zombies is foundational.
“Zombies” as understood within 21st century culture are either the ‘undead,’ affected with some type of neuro-degenerative pathogen or, within a religious/spiritual context, demonized. The actualization of all or any of these carry the direst implications imaginable, but it is precisely the integration of these possibilities that bring us to the dividing precipice of all cosmic history. It is the foundational concept of Christianity, the entire theme of Scripture, the apex of creation itself: it is the resurrection.
“Mankind in Amnesia” has to do not only with the past, like my other books — primarily it has to do with the future, a future not removed by thousands or tens of thousands of years, but the imminent future, on whose threshold we now stand
Immanuel Velikovsky on Collective Amnesia
The Ancient Elders
Most ancient civilizations have spoken of a Golden Age, a time of deep mystery, hidden kingdoms, cosmic destiny and abundant life and fertility. This Edenic existence, Platonic perfection, universally describes the descent of a “celestial race” of the Hyperborea, the land beyond the aurora, the North Winds, the polar, “ice regions” of the planet, a race of colossal beings engaging in projects of massive scale.
The primordial ancestors of Helena Blavatsky’s “root race” philosophy maintains that four races that inhabited the Earth before our current epoch, the “Ancient High Civilizations” dating back hundreds of thousands of years. It was during the time of the Third Root Race, the Lemurian epoch, according to Blavatsky’s The Secret Doctrine, the Synthesis of Science, Religion and Philosophy (1888), that “gods walked the earth and mixed freely with the mortals” before being destroyed by a cataclysm that made it uninhabitable.
More recently, in Nazisme et Sociétés Secrètes (1974), Jean-Claude Frère suggests the pristine survivors of enormous cataclysm migrated to a region now covered by the Gobi Desert and founded a new seat, Agartha, the “center of the world.” Frère believes this remnant race continues to dwell in multiple subterranean levels of chambers, dispatching
orders to selected “initiates” such as Solomon, Pythagoras, Apollonius of Tyana, and Jesus.
The prevalence and consistency of mythologic similarity has stimulated investigation of Earth’s earliest records. Unexplained radioactive ash has been found in the area of the Thar Desert of the Indus Valley. The Mahabharata speaks of “single projectile charged with all the power of the Universe,” incandescent columns of smoke and “flame as bright as a thousands suns” rising, “iron thunderbolts” and a “gigantic messenger of death.”
Areas of anomalous vitirification are found not only in Mesopotamian regions but throughout the planet. England, Ireland and Scotland as well as continental Europe, Hungary, Turkey and North and South America. There is however comparatively little in the ancient record which explains the reason for the massive catastrophism. Contemporary research suggests strong evidence of ancient cosmic battles between warring celestial bodies, ancient physical entities and decisive judgment.
Author Steve Quayle untangles the threads of historical reality in Angel Wars, No Flesh Left Alive
Some of these myths are comprised of post Genesis 1 events, but others are very likely describing the destruction of the Earth that occurred before the planet was wiped clean to make it “without form and void.”
This assumption explains the catastrophic nature and judgment contained within many of these stories. Atlantis, Lemuria, Mu, Shamballah, and Shangri-La — all are legendary great civilizations that are undoubtedly based on events in pre-Adamic time. These civilizations all display advanced design, technology, and/or health and medical advances only now seen in our modern age. And each tale contains an unbelievable day of reckoning which fell upon them because of their wickedness.
I beheld the earth, and, lo, it was without form, and void; and the heavens, and they had no light. I beheld the mountains, and lo, they trembled, and all the hills moved lightly.
I beheld, and, lo, there was no man, and all the birds of the heavens were fled. I beheld, and, lo, the fruitful place was a wilderness, and all the cities thereof were broken down at the presence of the Lord, and by his fierce anger. Jeremiah 4:23-26
In 2003, German archaeologists, using magnetic technology to differentiate the composition within layers of sediment and soils, cautiously announced the discovery of an ancient tomb beneath the Euphrates River, believed to be that of King Gilgamesh of Uruk, approx. 148 miles from present day Baghdad.
Among the oldest pre-classical accounts of these ancient battles is the The Epic of Gilgamesh, believed to be dated to the 4th Century BC, but chronicles an earlier history of the of ancient civilizations. Tablet VI records an exchange between the Princess Ishtar and her father, Anu, the Sumerian sky-god. Having been spurned on Earth by King Gilgmesh, Ishtar implores her father for the Bull of Heaven, the sacred bull. It is here that the earliest reference to mass cannibalism and zombification is noted:
If you do not give me the Bull of Heaven,
I will knock down the Gates of the Netherworld,
I will smash the doorposts, and leave the doors flat down
And will let the dead go up to eat the living!
And the dead will outnumber the living.
Log books of the early explorers, from Vespucci, Sir Frances Drake, De Soto, Coronado and Magellan record encounters with giants. OOPARTS, Out Of Place Artifacts and practices are confirming the suggestion of ancient giant civilizations participating in global commerce, ritualistic practices and grizzly cannibalism.
While much of academia maintains a long-standing refusal to acknowledge ancient high tech weapons – and the intelligences associated with them, dramatic breakthroughs through international collaborative efforts are charging the ivory towers. Programs like Stanford University’s Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics, CCRMA, are now studying the subharmonic properties and the psychoacoustic effects of ancient ritual conch shells in underground tunnel systems in Peru. Examining the use of psycho-active drugs and resonance by ancient priests in Chavin, Peru, consulting professor Jonathan Abel describes the exploration:
Archaeology, anthropology, electrical engineering, signal processing, acoustics, mechanical engineering, physics, music, art – it all comes together… It’s completely fascinating. I’m learning a little bit about culture, and a lot about acoustics, actually…We have evidence of the manipulation of light; we have acoustic spaces where it seems that they were playing around with sound.
Nearly all legends have begun with truths, modified culturally but notably similar.
What in the ancient history of the Earth was so heinous, so dreadful and so abominable that it took entire mountains to restrain it? Places such as Untersberg, Mt. Shasta, Chitzen Itza, Bosegi Mts. Romania, S. Pacific, Easter Island, and Serpent Mounds? What is prophesied to awaken from ancient stasis and when will be the cosmic moment which will rally these ancients?
it stirreth up the dead for thee, even all the chief ones of the earth;
it hath raised up from their thrones all the kings of the nations.
Isaiah 14:9
The cultural popularity of the zombie theme has led to hundreds of websites, ‘experts,’ pseudoscience and legends. Among the more relevant historical records are from a series featured in Archaeology Online, The “Zombie Research Society,” and the “Federal Vampire and Zombie Research Agency.” While some of the material presented is understandably questionable, the breadth and variety demonstrates both the universality and historical spectrum.
The Science Channel has recently produced a series of presentations featuring instances of “science gone too far,” and “twisted science.” Dark Matters, Twisted But True examines “the most unusual research ever conducted, including attempts to crossbreed humans and apes, actual zombie investigations and head transplantation studies. Cutting-edge CGI recreations enable viewers to witness the pivotal moments when brilliant minds face controversy or ethical crossroads on the fringes of science.”
Archaeology Online: A publication of the Archaeological Institute of America
Zombie Attack at Hierakonpolis, Egypt
While the history of the Hierakonpolis outbreak (or outbreaks) is certainly educational, it provides us with enough information to know that the potential exists for another one. Great care must be taken during any tomb excavation and when dealing with human remains.

This nondescript tomb (center) may be the location where
the first historical evidence of a zombie attack was discovered.
(Courtesy of the Hierakonpolis Expedition)

Easter Island
Recent scholarship suggests the Easter Island statues memorialize a prehistoric zombie outbreak. Undeciphered Rongorongo script of Easter Island which has characters that are clearly inspired by the undead.

Recent scholarship suggests the Easter Island statues memorialize a prehistoric zombie outbreak.

Clues include the as yet undeciphered Rongorongo script of Easter Island, which has characters that are clearly inspired by the undead.
Lascaux, France

The figure in the so-called “Shaft of the Dead Man” in France’s Lascaux cave is one of the most puzzling figures in Paleolithic art. It’s likely the “man” is actually a zombie.
Though this interpretation does not explain the equally puzzling “duck on the stick,” an astute observer suggests the possibility that the duck is, in fact, a lure.
1490 by Kadavar Devouravich (book)
A highly controversial book which postulates that the living dead got to the New World before Columbus, and were responsible for the annihilation of several indigenous American societies.
According to its author, infected sailors from Europe were “thrown overboard by their crew, only to be washed ashore along the coast of The New World.”
From: The Lost Colony, American’s Beginning

photo from The Lost Colony, America’s Beginning
From: National Geographic, America’s Lost Colony
More than four centuries ago, English colonists hoped to carve out a new life—and substantial profits—in the wild and strange land of North America. One group of colonists gave up and returned to England. A second colony, in what is now North Carolina, vanished in the 1580s and became immortalized in history as the “Lost Colony.”
The Zombie Research Society: Lost Colony at Roanoke 1587
ZRS Researcher, Andre Freeman, suggests that it may have been the work of zombies.
Freeman considered the findings of noted Harvard Archeologist, Lawrence 12
Stager, who unearthed evidence of mass cannibalism at the Roanoke site. He also points to reports from local tribes stating that the colonists died in a great war within their own ranks. who unearthed evidence of mass cannibalism at the Roanoke site. He also points to reports from local tribes stating that the colonists died in a great war within their own ranks:
“A sudden undead plague sweeping through the unprepared colony would quickly become a horrific, violent feast, leaving not a single man, woman or child alive.”
He goes on to suggest that the relative isolation of the settlement, and time elapsed before the return of the supply ship, would allow for the remaining colonial zombies to rot back into the earth. Without any humans left to feed on, so no way to spread the infection, the zombie outbreak would have simply died off.
If Freeman is correct, there could be something sinister still in the ground on Roanoke Island, waiting to be released into a modern population that is more advanced, more connected, but just as unprepared as ever.
FVZA, The Federal Vampire and Zombie Research Agency
The Top Three Zombie Outbreaks in U.S. History
Like vampires, zombies are great opportunists. So it comes as no surprise that zombie outbreaks often happen in the wake of natural disasters. Combine disasters with warm climates and you truly have a recipe for a major outbreak, as the following stories prove.
KEY WEST, September 2, 1935
Following a major hurricane in the Florida Keys, infected rats began roaming the island, and by morning, the first of the zombies appeared. Many islanders mistook the zombies for dazed hurricane survivors and the plague spread across the island like wildfire.
The islanders had no way to escape. Scores of people drowned when they chose to leap into the choppy surf rather than face the voracious zombies.
It took 3 weeks to secure the island: 3,500 people were infected.
VICKSBURG, Mississippi, 1863
Following the battle, city residents spotted the first zombie, and within days, dozens were wandering about. This development hardly worried the 30,000 Confederate troops protecting the city; they entertained themselves by conducting target practice on the zombies. But with their supply lines cut off, the Confederate troops soon ran out of ammunition, and the zombies kept coming.
Southerners claim that the Union let the zombie plague continue out of pure malice. In any case, when Union forces entered the city on July 3, hundreds of zombies were roaming the streets, many in Confederate Army uniforms with flagpoles in hand.
In the end, an estimated 2000 people were infected and destroyed at Vicksburg, almost as many as were killed in the Battle of Bull Run.
HAWAII, 1892
Queen Lili’uokalani ascended to the throne in 1891 and promptly enacted a series of measures designed to weaken the influence of the sugar growers.
August of 1892, a zombie plague that had begun among Chinese laborers in the sugar cane fields of Oahu spread to Honolulu. Wave after wave of zombies came staggering out of the jungle, forcing desperate islanders to board outrigger canoes and flee to neighboring islands.
There has long been suspicion that the sugar growers let the plague go in order to destabilize the queen, a suspicion strengthened by the fact that the top growers left Hawaii shortly after the outbreak began. Hawaii’s 1893 zombie outbreak killed just under 2000 people, making it the third-worst in U.S. history.
“[The mouth] was viewed as the main portal for the soul to leave the body upon death.
Sometimes, the soul could come back to the body and re-animate it or else an evil spirit could enter the body through the mouth and bring it back to life.”
Discovery News, September 16, 2011
Archaeologists in Ireland have unearthed two 8th-century skeletons buried with stones stuck into their mouths. They believe this could have been a way to ensure the dead did not rise up like zombies. Bodies identified as revenants or the “walking dead” tended to be people who had lived as outsiders.
The “deviant burials” were comprised of two men who were buried there at different times in the 700s. One of the men was between 40 and 60 years old, and the other was a young adult, probably between 20 and 30 years old. The two men were laid side by side and each had a baseball-sized rock shoved in his mouth.
“One of them was lying with his head looking straight up. A large black stone had been deliberately thrust into his mouth,” Chris Read, head of Applied Archaeology at IT Sligo, said. “The other had his head turned to the side and had an even larger stone wedged quite violently into his mouth so that his jaws were almost dislocated,” he added.
Initially, Read and colleagues thought they had found a Black Death-related burial ground. Remains of individuals buried at the end of the Middle Ages with stones stuck in their mouths have hinted at vampire-slaying rituals. Two early medieval skeletons were unearthed recently in Ireland with large stones wedged into their mouths — evidence, archaeologists say, that it was feared the individuals would rise from their graves like zombies.
Discovery, September, 2011 Did Zombies Roam Medieval Ireland?
Discovery News, Huffington Post, 9.21.2011
Knowledge of Earth’s ancient past has been remarkably ‘imaginative’ in the entertainment industry’s presentation of incredible technologies, characters and scenarios. They have also been uncannily successful in the ability to ‘sense’ and prefigure future events and the comparatively rapid uptake in the interest of zombies.
It is of note to realize that there is little reference to the human race in the mythic forecasts of a future battle. Scripture asserts that the days will have need of shortening for the preservation of flesh. Will those prepared for battle at har Megiddo, representing the forces of earth, be a gathering of otherworldly creatures, the spawn and products of laboratories, the “imaginings of men?”
Prophecy looks ahead to a time when unprecedented cataclysmic events all but extinguish much of animal and plant life and nearly the human race entirely. Might there be Scriptural evidence which, when viewed from a perspective which includes the reality of ancient malevolent beings, directs us to re-examine the Word of God itself for the possibility that among the long-sealed prophecies, being understood only as the flame of history flickers, are hints of a coming horror far more extreme than anything the human mind can comprehend?
It is from within the Earth itself from which ruins and sinister presences emerge, having smoldered for millennia and finally summoned for a long awaited destiny. They have indeed been patient: a final rest before their “finest hour.”
Norse legends ominously echo the Biblical prophets as well as narratives and other ancient text, but the descriptions of graphic horror depicted in the Nordic sagas ‘flesh out’ the increasingly realistic panorama. Science has brought us to the shores of Nordic myth: places at once thought past, now circling to and entering in to the future in a chilling resurrection:
RAGNAROK: Doom of the Powers: Where ‘Powers’ means ‘gods’ (and they’re on their way).
The battle will be preceded by conflict on a personal level as families and morality disintegrate and the forces of darkness are loosed. Paraphrased for brevity, Micha Lindemans of Encyclopedia Mythica describes the sequence and the details of the graphic horror to be unleashed with the onset of Ragnarök:
The sun and the moon will be darkened, the stars will vanish and there will be the sound of three rooster crows:
The first to summon the giants, the second to awake the gods, and the third to raise the dead.
With every breath, this serpent will stain the soil and the sky with his poison, and the waves caused by the serpent’s emerging will set free the ship of giant: the giant who will sail towards the battlefield.
From the realm of the dead a second ship will set sail, and this ship carries the inhabitants of hell.
The fire giants from the south will set sail to join in battle led by another powerful giant, who carries a blazing sword which will scorch the earth itself.
The watchman will sound his horn BECKONING ANCIENT battlefield fight.
An enormous four-eyed wolf with a chest soaked in blood will engage in the battle of ancient enemies culminating in the destruction of the planet by fire and subsequent submersion into the sea.
[unless otherwise stated, all emphases, smb]
Sue Bradley, September, 2011;
© 2011 Sue Bradley, Steve Quayle
No part of this publication may be reproduced, copied or cited without direct link to originating source.
Very special thanks to Kim Polous and Sabine Vlaming.
PART TWO: The experts speak, aberrant diseases, Joel’s Army, Revelation 9 and The Incarnation of Hunger

In the original PDF below it gives sources for her info….



Our Mission:

O.M.E.G.A. is organized exclusively for the purpose of supporting public safety through hosting emergency preparedness exercises, providing training, supporting the missions of first responder organizations and assisting our served agencies in the event of a disaster.

O.M.E.G.A. is 501(c)(3) a non-profit organization made up of volunteers trained and certified in currently accepted emergency response techniques. We are not a replacement for local SAR units, but a supplemental resource available in the event of an emergency.



This happened on April 9, 2011 but the IMPLICATIONS of these connected situations (EXERCISES) implies a structure of “Need To Know” facts….

Look in the SMOKE in this picture… Weird!

In the wake of the Denver UASI 2010 Shared Strategies for Homeland Security Conference and in cooperation with FEMA’s Mile High DICE 2011 exercise, Operation Snake Eyes is a North Central Region exercise for volunteer responders, addressing terrorism based large scale incidents.

These “exercises” are planned events, but there are ACTUAL dates of REAL occurrences for these exercises!! This is so STRANGE!

ALERT*Operation Mountain Guardian*ALERT

Operation Mountain Guardian
Full Scale Emergency Exercise
Friday 23 SeptemberDenver Colorado and goes down into Douglas County as well. This is big, includes DIA, Park Meadows Mall, wow this is a big event.

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Charlie Sheen Roast

Just watched the “Roast for Charlie Sheen” on TV and I must admit I wasn’t expecting to hear the quote so many times in a two-hour program! I am re-posting the BLOG that I did on Charlie some time ago because not many people took it seriously. The fact that Charlie calls himself a “Tiger” and a “Rock Star from Mars”, “Adonis”, “Warlock” and of course a “WARLOCK VATICAN ASSASSIN”. Transforming Charlie’s face with CAT EYES fit the protocol.

The fact that he’s so bold about it was hilarious when he was originally saying this and now HOLLYWOOD admits it and uses it in JOKES. It’s like a slap in the face! The fact that you can trace his bloodline back to Cain/Kane/Kain…or whatever is not a joke!

Messages from the showcase of HOLLYWOOD in this style is a blatant laugh in your face kind of humor with a slap to the cheek afterwards. Amazingly not many take this sort of thing as reality, sadly not many take it for the TRUTH.  I didn’t count that amount of times people roasting Charlie Sheen repeated these lines that Charlie calls himself, but there IS MORE to the subject than most will ever know.




With Charlie Sheen in the tabloids and media just about every day it’s hard not to wonder just what goes on in this man’s mind. He has obviously had issues with sex addictions, drug addictions, and money is a source of greed to him as well.
His show on April 2nd, 2011 was a reflection of his life, a complete disaster. He was heckled and booed and eventually abandoned by the crowd which chanted they wanted their money back. This being the first stop on Sheen’s “My Violent Torpedo of Truth/Defeat is not an Option” 20-city variety show began Saturday night with thunderous applause but abruptly ended 70 minutes later. Comments from viewers included, “Waste of Money”, “Awful” and other adjectives.

With his montage of movie clips to a guitar solo from Sheen’s friend Rob Patterson, then to two women ( one a porn star and an actress who live with him),who came onstage carrying individual signs with, “War” & “Lock”, a reference to Sheen’s recent description of himself! He also ranted that he was a “Rock Star from Mars” with “ADONIS DNA”!!! But the viewers were not kept content with a whopping price of $150 for two seats!
From the minds of the Up-Up Down-Down gaming gurus comes “Charlie Sheen: Warlock Vatican Assassin.” You are Charlie Sheen, a 45-year-old actor with an agenda all his own. Make your way through the depths of space in an effort to escape the stifling confines of Earth’s limited party capacity. Collect power-ups along the way, including Tiger Blood, Adonis DNA and seven-gram rocks that transform you into a fighter jet.
Let’s take a trip, a trip in time through Charlie’s family heritage.
Ramón Gerardo Antonio Estévez much better known as Martin Sheen, the father of Charlie Sheen; whose real name is Carlos Erwin Estévez. The antics played out in the media lately is strangely getting worldwide attention but to understand this premise of the behavior is to know and understand their background. As a matter of fact, this was all just an actor giving his best lines!
Highly decorated in the motion picture business with British Academy of Film/Television Arts, BAFTA-Best Actor Award in Britain, with the major players in the world’s acting organizations. The President of BAFTA is his Royal Highness, Prince William with the announcement of his successoral given in 2010, which follows a long line of Royal Family involvement with the Academy. The fact is that only Royal Family members have ever held the position as President of BAFTA since its inception. This is how important the film and television division is to the Illuminati. The Oscar given here in the United States is just a facsimile of OSIRIS!

The bloodline of the Charlie (Carlos) Sheen comes from the stock of immigrant parents, an Irish mother and Spanish father who may have been immigrants but were well off before coming to the United States. The whole family consists of actors since coming here, and how is that? Gifted? Blessed? Oh, no…it’s not about a gift or blessings…it’s about being born into it!
Francisco is the grandfather of Charlie Sheen, born in Parderribias, Galicia, Spain. The family are vineyard owners, called Casa Dumetz. The Coat of Arms from the municipality they derive from has the SUN on top of PILLARS which always represents POWER and authority and flanked by Cherubs. Above the SUN is the ROYAL CROWN! Symbolism clearly displaying Sun worship and the Holy Grail (fake) bloodline at its titular head. The Estévez family is not of the pure Cain bloodline but it is closely related so therefore they have their lofty position in the world. This is why they are in the motion picture business, for they are rewarded.
Charlie Sheen in “Two and a Half Men” was receiving $1.8 million dollars for EACH taped show, making him the highest paid actor of all time. And this does not include all the money from all his other projects. All his siblings also have received millions.

Now, onto his mother, Mary Ann Phelan who is from Borrisokane, County Tipperary, Ireland, with some of its residents who date back to Phoenicians. She is one! Charlie Sheen’s grandmother is included in this lineage, this is why she married Francisco Estévez. It’s the bloodline kept as pure as possible. Borrisokane meaning “the Burgage of the Cianacht” (O’Kanes Town), which means land the king owns and charges rent for. Immediately you sense the heritage of Kane/Kain/Cain tribe. Building cities and charging rent has its origin in Kane. Cain was the very first city builder! The origin of this idea was to control the masses.
In the poem The Faerie Queen by Edmund Spenser, it even spells it out for you. Inlaid in the poem is the story of the Holy Grail bloodline and the Knights Templar who was admonished with keeping the Royal bloodline safe and secret.
The author is referring to the local hill of Cnoc Sí Úna, in Borrisokane. This translated means, “The Hill of Faerie Una.” A faerie named Una, actually a demoness.
In Spenser’s poem, the personification of the true Church travels with the RED CROSS Knight who represents England, whom she has recruited to save her parents Castle from the DRAGON. Same old story, even in the nursery rhymes…and King Arthur displayed, and the Holy Grail.
The Faerie Queene-Said to be a collection of 12 books initially, but only 6 was the result. The introductory letter in the first edition (1590), the poem celebrates and memorializes the Tudor dynasty (of which Elizabeth was a part), much in the tradition of Virgil’s Aeneid’s celebration of Augustus Caesar’s Rome. Like the Aeneid, which states that Augustus descended from the noble sons of Troy, The Faerie Queene suggests that the Tudor lineage can be connected to King Arthur.

The poem is deeply allegorical and allusive: many prominent Elizabethans could have found themselves or one another partially represented by one or more of Spenser’s figures. Elizabeth herself is the most prominent example: she appears most prominently in her guise as Gloriana, the Faerie Queene herself; but also in Books III and IV as the virgin Belphoebe, daughter of Chrysogonee and twin to Amoret, the embodiment of womanly married love; and perhaps also, more critically, in Book I as Lucifera, the “maiden queen” whose brightly-lit Court of Pride masks a dungeon full of prisoners.The poem also displays Spenser’s thorough familiarity with literary history. The world of The Faerie Queene is based on English Arthurian legend, much of the language, spirit, and style of the piece draw more on Italian epic, particularly Ludovico Ariosto’s Orlando Furioso and Torquato Tasso’s Jerusalem Delivered.
During the Norman Invasion of Ireland, the area of Borrisokane was the property of the O’Carroll of Ely who claim to be the descendants of the Tribe of Cain. There was another powerful tribe known as the O’Kennedy’s who owned many Tower Houses, yes the same bloodline as our Presidential bloodline. The O’Carroll’s along with the O’Kennedy’s were very powerful ruling families in Ireland in the ancient days. O’Kennedy’s resided in Ballyhaugh Castle.

Keeping people entertained is key to not having them enraged, and using the “gossip” of Stars in Hollywood is the ways and means. Charlie has hit every single talk show on the planet and even used drug crazed statements which is the reason he did what he did, to send messages. An ILLUMINATED one sending messages to us to prove that ‘they’ can do anything they want. Have you ever wondered why the show was called, “Two and a Half Men”? It wasn’t due to a child in the cast! One of the cast members is half man-half god! Charlie Sheen is an actor and this past month he has played his biggest role ever. More people watched him than in any other time in his history of television. The lines were cleverly written to intend all the messages and being the great actor that he is learned his lines and delivered them like a champ. Entertained and yet the meaning of these messages are not seen.
All the while his abuses of his life were discussed it’s important to recognize the abuse of women in his life was barely even talked about. At the same time it’s important to see that the wars being waged in the Middle East at this time with Libya and in other areas, are over the treatment of women! Contradictions of the Illuminati are found everywhere!!
Double-speak is just one of the techniques used by the New World Order! The privileges of the illuminated is obvious but yet overlooked. They commit crimes and yet get no jail time, or even probation periods. They use this power to throw into our faces the lengths to which they can go and not be punished for they are god/goddesses.
1990-shot his fiance, actress Kelly Preston, in the arm.
1994-sued by college student after struck in the head after having said no to sexual advances by Sheen.
1996-a sex film actress, Brittany Ashland, said she had been thrown to the floor.
2006-wife, Denise Richards filed a restraining order for physical abuse and threats he would kill her.
2009-Sheen’s 3rd wife, Brook Miller called 911 after a knife was held to her throat. Recently, he also threatened to kill her, chop her head off and mail it to her mother! He pled guilty and was placed on probation.
Last October, another porn actress Capri Anderson, locked herself in a Plaza Hotel bathroom and called 911 after Sheen went on rage. She filed a criminal complaint but no arrest was made.

One of Charlie Sheen’s most memorable rants against the Alcoholics Anonymous, saying that “It is was for people who are not special. People who do not have TIGER BLOOD or ADONIS DNA.”
With Tiger Blood and Adonis DNA and fire breathing fists, many believe he has invented a new language but nothing could be farther from the truth. He speaks of who the elite are and why they are allowed to do what they do.
Many think Charlie is using the media to seek advantages and gain hype from these behaviors. After Charlie spoke out against the 911 theory of it being an inside job, you would think he would have been disposed of, but this again was done for reason. After this he was given the role in Two and a Half Men, and if he really was against the government he would not have gained for it, but would have most probably lost his life. His antics were dis-info! The higher powers in this world control who and what happens in the media.
When Charlie was asked how and where he recuperated, he replied that he had not went to a rehab that he went to a (SOBER VALLEY) LODGE! A lodge is where all the FREEMASON transitions and enlightenment occurs. He also said that he healed himself, which implies a god-like status.

Charlie calls himself ‘the wedge,’ this is based on his preferred position between his two girlfriends who live with him, and this implies another god/goddess status. According to Charlie, the nickname wedge comes from football, in that a player creates a wedge to make room for the guy carrying the ball. This is another multilevel message! A wedge is placed between two tightly bound pieces together. As a wedge is pounded in, it splits and breaks them apart. You always put the wedge in where the crack is, the weakened part. And this is exactly what the Illuminati do, they put in the wedge and drive it deeper in until it breaks apart. This is the exact method being applied to the world right now. Also the Empire of America is coming down, deteriorating and Charlie is sending the message that ‘they’ win! And they will do anything to win, anything. This also applies to man vs. women! Charlie also stated that he is grandiose. The media even calls his two girlfriends, “GODDESSES”.
The power is so great of the Illuminati that the OXFORD AMERICAN DICTIONARY is actually making adjustments to accommodate the changes that Charlie Sheen has made this week to the English language! POWER! Make sense, no, but this is the reality of our world.
Charlie has also been given the distinction of being the only man to have over a million followers in the shortest amount of time on TWITTER. You see it’s still a man’s world, and ran by the FREEMASONS.
Another quote by Charlie said that “I am on a drug and it’s called, Charlie Sheen. It’s not available because if you try it you will die. Your face will melt off, and your children will weep over your exploded body.” Another words, You cannot do what I do, because I am a god! “You cant ingest the things I can because my system is not like your system.” Another quote, “If you borrowed my brain for 5 seconds, you’d be like ‘dude’, cant handle it, unplug this ******. It fires in a way that’s maybe its not from this terrestrial realm.” Meaning his origin is not of ours, that they (Freemasons) believe that they are gods/aliens.
They aim through your subconscious and this attacks your spirit!

Another quote from Charlie, “The run I was on made Sinatra, Flynn, Jagger, Richards, all of them, made them all look like droopy-eyed armless children.” Meaning that Frank Sinatra, Errol Flynn, Mick Jagger, and Keith Richards, are all illuminated beings who are also from the bloodline of Cain. The armless children comment has the same meaning and intent behind it that as it’s inferred by Radiohead Tom York, who is also of this bloodline. Radiohead, the band, named their 8th (sun-worshipper’s number) CD release, King of Limbs! Who is the King of Limbs? Satan. In Genesis, GOD punished Satan and cursed him to the ground! ARMLESS. So the King of Limbs and armless children would be?? HIS offspring!

The behavior of a serpent in its natural environment it to move along the ground and flick its tongue as if you lick up dust, which symbolizes Satan’s condition, having previously enjoyed a lofty position as one of true GOD’s angels, he was consigned to the lowly condition of Tartarus. With Radiohead coming out and Charlie’s synchronicity of events, it’s no mere coincidence.
They are giving messages to the subconscious, and the entire world watched as Charlie was synchronizing this together.
Charlie has also been quoted as saying that “Because I am me, I cannot overdose. I have a different brain, a different heart. I have TIGER blood. Dying is for fools! Dying is for amateurs”. They believe they will reincarnate over and over and each time they return for seven times. And once you reach the seventh, you become a god.
The sun worshippers in Mayan mythology believe the vision serpent was also the symbol of rebirth.
According to Charlie and his drug use, “I probably took more than anybody could survive, I was banging 7 gram rocks, because that’s how I roll. I have one speed, one gear…go” Notice the number connotation, 7 is the number of spirituality. He knows that.

Another quote, “I’m tired of pretending I’m not special. I’m tired of pretending like I am not a total bitching Rockstar from Mars.” Another words Charlie is quoting on how frustrated the Illuminati are, and how they are starting to feel that way because their religion is not taken seriously. They believe it to be the true religion. And their bloodline is different and they are gods and we are slaves.
Charlie also referred to himself as a WARLOCK. At least twice in interviews he has admitted this. He describes himself and Alex Jones, who he is close friends with as both being HIGH PRIESTS! Vatican Assassin Warlocks. Sheen said on Alex’ show is what their not ready for is guys like you and I (Charlie and Alex), and NAILS, (nickname for Ronnie Detrich, who use to play Centerfield for baseball team Philadelphia Phillies)…and all the other narly narlingtons in my life that we are high priests, Vatican Assassin Warlocks…BOOM! Print that people, see where that goes.” Alex Jones is much like Oprah Winfrey, who is Eastern Star, the female version of Masonry. Oprah has multimillions because they have vaulted her to the top of all women. She is the key to getting into the psyche of women. Alex is most likely Illuminati controlled, and this is why Charlie backs his show. Most likely the NAILS was a double entendre as well. The word ‘nail’ is another secret title for Satan and the Brotherhood of Satan. The nail is clearly another occultic symbol and given by Charlie for just that reason.

The meaning for the letter Hebrew letter, V for Van is nail. This symbol is made by holding up two fingers on one hand, you’ve seen it and done it yourself. It the “PEACE” sign, and others symbolized it for “VICTORY” as well. Given the time on research you would find that  is was also used in ancient times as a symbol for CAIN! The SON of SATAN. This nail revelation gives one new insight!! It stands for the BLOODLINE OF CAIN! So, this current situation in Libya has accompanied many people giving this sign, and the Illuminati love it. This word nail also gives one new insight to the phrase, “nailed to the cross” too, for within this meaning is the very item that held Yeshua to the cross. This also makes one wonder about the title of the band called, “Nine Inch Nails”, with 9 being the number of Satan. In the Mel Gibson movie, “The Passion of Christ”, the scene that was shot when the nail was driven through Yeshua’s hand and into the wood, was so important to Mel that it was Mel Gibson’s hand that was used. This was very important to Mel, this being his hand. Why would this be so important, because the implications involved here is amazing.
The word WARLOCK is originally the word used for men who interacted with the spirit world, as Charlie called himself. A man witch, which were men who defied the eyes of Christianity by adhering to Pagan traditions and gods. This is the goal of the Illuminati. Charlie said he was forced to go to war with the Network and they picked a fight with a warlock, which involved the conjuring up of demons through drugs and employing the correct rituals to do his bidding.

He admitted on Piers Morgan that, “It’s been a tsunami of media, and I’ve been riding it on a mercury surfboard.” Mercury mythology says Mercury is the messenger. The god/man with wings on his heels delivering messages. The Mercury Surfboard is the god who delivers messages which went from one side of the world to the other. Charlie also said, “I’m an F-18 bro, and I will destroy you in the air.” Meaning Satan is the prince of the air. And on another level he is synonymous with the shape and situation that the U.S. is in who F-18 is supreme in the sky, it dominates with it’s capabilities, with its ammunitions the missiles…the arrows of Zeus. And notice that it is called a Falcon, a small eagle which is the symbol of CAIN. What better way to hide the Brotherhood of the Snake than with a snake eater, an eagle or in this case a falcon.

Charlie also stated that he has the blood of Adonis, or DNA of Adonis. This is a bold statement! Now we are getting to his make-up and his origin, because he claims to be a descendant. Adonis was a Phoenician god, and the Phoenicians have the bloodline of Cain, which has spread around the world. Adonis was originally known as a favorite of Aphrodite. The worship of Adonis began with Hebrew, Aramaic people, Arabic, etc. He was a closely related to the Aois/Ba’al Hadad/Aliases/ Teshub/Taru-names for Satan. Satan names from different empires. Adonis cult belonged to women, on the Island Lesbos, which is where the word lesbian comes from! There were no men on this island. The remake and new movie, “Wonder-Woman” is coming out soon and this is exactly where she was originally from. Adonis was the young lover of Venus, he was gored by a wild boar in the hunt and died in her arms, after his death she sprinkled his blood with nectar, and the short live wind-flower, which takes its name from the wind which so easily makes its petals fall.
The city named Beirut, Lebanon, which was the historic home of the Phoenicians. Legend has it that the city was founded by the god El in homage to his beloved wife, the goddess Berout. In order to protect the city, he offered it to Poseidon, god of the sea, and to Cabiri, the gods of navigation. It is said that the blood of Adonis is that turns the Adonis River, red each spring. Aqua is the sacred source where the waters of the river emerges, and this is said to be the origin of the myths started. Venus and Adonis is said to be born in Lebanon, near Beirut.
Adonis is said to be worshiped in unspoken mystery religions, and Adonis is a variation of the Semitic word Adonai, meaning lord. Elements of this have the reincarnation cycle within its legends and Tammuz is related to Adonis legends. The myth of the death and rebirth of Adonis has featured prominently in a variety of cultural and artistic works. Giovan Battista Marino’s masterpiece, Adone, published in 1623, is a long, sensual poem, which elaborates the myth of Adonis, and represents the transition in Italian literature from Mannerism to the Baroque. Percy Bysshe Shelley wrote the poem Adonais for John Keats, and uses the myth as an extended metaphor for Keats’ death.
Such allusions have continued to the present day. Adonis (an Arabic transliteration of the same name, أدونيس) is the pen name of a famous Syrian poet, Ali Ahmad Said Asbar, who was nominated more than once for a Nobel Prize for literature, including in 2006. His choice of name relates especially to the rebirth element of the myth of Adonis (also called “Tammuz” in Arabic), which was an important theme in mid-20th century Arabic poetry, chiefly amongst followers of the “Free Verse” (الشعر الحر) movement founded by Iraqi poet Badr Shakir al-Sayyab. Adunis has used the myth of his namesake in many of his poems, for example in “Wave I”, from his most recent book “Start of the Body, End of the Sea” (Saqi, 2002), which includes a complete retelling of the birth of the god.
An extremely attractive, youthful male is often called an Adonis, often with a connotation of deserved vanity: “the office Adonis.” The legendary attractiveness of the figure is referenced in Sarrasine by  Honore de Balzac, which describes an unrequited love of the main character, Sarrasine for the image in a painting of an Adonis and a castrato. A castrato is little young boy that the Roman Catholic Church brings in and they castrate him to keep his voice high for the choir. This is no longer performed, of course.
According to some researchers on Adonis, the Church of Nativity in Bethlehem, is built over a cave which was originally a shrine to Adonis. The holy cave was at one point consecrated by the heathen to worship Adonis, and a pleasant sacred grove planted before it to wipe out the memory of Jesus. Of course some say the story is the exact opposite, and it was the Christians who took over in order to worship their own god. In that we have two sides fighting and both controlled by the Illuminati.

Charlie admitted that he believed he was an alchemist, which was revealed when he made the comments about Chuck Lorre on the radio hosted by Alex Jones, where he touched on his position as an illuminated one. Pointing out his status as an alchemist also insinuates that one can turn metal into gold. He stated, “Well yea…But, I’m tired of being told, you can’t talk about this, that’s ****…ahh that’s it. Let me say this, I just think it’s deplorable that a certain Chaim Levine,…yeah that’s Chuck Lorre’s real name, by the way…mistook this Rock-star for his own selfish exit strategy bro, check it Alex, I embarrassed him in front of his children, and the world by healing at a pace that his unevolved mind can’t process. Okay, last I checked Chaim, I think I’ve spent…I think, I don’t know…the last decade effortlessly and magically converting your tin cans into gold, and the gratitude I get is this charlatan chose not to do his job which is to write, clearly someone believes he is above the law, well you’ve been warned dude, bring it.” What a statement, it’s not really what he said that makes the point, but what he said between the lines! Converting tin into gold, really? Sounds like an ALCHEMIST! He’s also taking someone’s word they wrote and spinning it into dollars.
In another appearance Charlie went onto “Access Hollywood Live” and said that because his mother is Jewish and therefore he was Jewish and in no way was he antisemitic. You see the Jewish connection goes back to her birthplace, Borrisokane, a town located in the county of Tipperary, his grandmother’s Ireland. Followed by Caanite tribe, who were the Phoenicians who were from the Tribe of Dan, they were the ones from the original tribes of Israel but were exiled, and ended up all over the world. In British Isrealism theology it’s believed the tribe of Dan migrated to Europe, this is how they landed in Ireland, at least this is their story.
Charlie in another instance ranted…”My Superpowers are blowing it up completely, I think winning this morning.” With a bad connection the host called Charlie back and he replied, “What did you do in those 20 seconds without me? Did it feel like your lives had ended?” He’s their god, they are nothing without him. When asked about his status on the series, “Two and a Half Men” he replied, “It feels like all parties are nearing an understanding, absolutely the gig’s coming back. I have absolute faith in that.” Now, what if he’s proven right? What if he does come back, and they reinstate his position? How crazy will Charlie look to the world then? If he does come back, just how many will watch, with the hype and suggestive conversations, it will be an amazing ‘magical’ trick.
You see, the Illuminati play both sides of the fence, so they can guarantee the outcome!

Source: spaceman
Source: Poem-


Shadow Government

Proof is in the pudding, my friend!

NASA Whistleblower: Alien Moon Cities Exist

Former National Aeronautics and Space Administration Data and Photo Control Department manager, Ken Johnston, who worked for the space agency’s Lunar Receiving Laboratory during the Apollo missions has been fired for telling the truth.

Johnston asserts NASA knows astronauts discovered ancient alien cities and the remains of amazingly advanced machinery on the Moon. Some of the technology can manipulate gravity.

He says the agency ordered a cover-up and forced him to participate in it.

Ken Johnston in happier days at JPL

Over the past 40 years other scientists, engineers and technicians have accused NASA of cover-ups and obscuring data.

The growing number of accusers’ allegations range from hiding information about anomalous space objects and lying about the discovery of artifacts on the surface of the Moon and Mars, to denying the evidence of life reported back by the Viking lander during the mid-1970s.

Strange object photographed by Apollo astronauts

According to Johnston, Apollo astronauts brought back photographic evidence of the artifacts they found during their lunar extravehicular activities (EVAs). Johnston claims NASA ordered him to destroy the EVA images while he was at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), but he refused.

When he went public, the space agency terminated him.

Kay Ferrari, JPL Director of the SSA program

In a news release, Kay Ferrari, the JPL Director of the SSA Program, explained why she asked Johnston to resign: he had publicly criticized his employer.

When Johnston refused to tender his resignation, he was summarily dismissed without cause.

After his abrupt departure, he indicated he’d had enough and was tired that the U.S. government had been sitting on the proof for more than four decades that ancient alien cities are the Moon.

“I have nothing to lose,” he said. “I quarreled with NASA and I got fired.”

Russian Lunik 13 photo of artificial, maufactured object

Lunik 13 enlarged photo of manufactured artifact

Evidence has emerged of large structures, perhaps even a base on the far side if the Moon, that seems to support Johnston’s allegations. See Before It’s News article Claim: Secret American Base Discovered on Moon.”

Space scientist livid over NASA cover-up

Ken Johnston isn’t the only one to have a bone to pick with NASA.

Viking discovered life on Mars – Gilbert Levin

The scientist who oversaw the important life-detection experiment aboard the 1976 Viking space probe mission on Mars continues to blast the U.S. space agency.

Gilbert Levin insists his biology experiment proved life is in the Martian soil.

“We obtained positive data corresponding with all the pre-mission criteria, which proved the existence of microbial life in the soil of Mars,” Levin told National Geographic. ["I Found Life on Mars in 1976, Scientist Says"]

The prominent scientist is so angry at NASA he’s even created his own website designed to shout to the world that life really is on the Red Planet.

The color of deception

Many space scientists have challenged NASA about yet another fraud the agency allegedly perpetrated for decades: the color of the Martian sky.

For years the space agency released photos of Mars with a reddish tinged sky and rusty red landscape. They got away with it too until independent researchers and Mars missions undertaken by the European Space Agency (ESA) revealed that the Martian sky actually looked very similar to Earth’s sky–and the Martian landscape pretty much resembled the pale salmon colored terrain of the American Southwest.

Holger Isenberg has written about it on the German site “The Color of Mars.” Here’s a translated link with the photographic evidence.

More controversy over photos

Former NASA employee, Donna Hare, has accused NASA of doctoring, obfuscating, and obscuring thousands of photos over the years. She has gone on record alleging the space agency erased inconvenient anomalies on certain damning photos.

Image purposefully smudged

During her time at NASA she was a specialist working as an illustrator and photographic slide technician. Her service awards include the 1969 Apollo Achievement award, a Skylab award, and a special commemorative medallion for meritorious service involving the joint American-Russian space mission, Apollo-Soyuz.

What doesn’t NASA want you to see?

A technical illustrator by profession, Hare has just about done it all during her tenure with the space agency, working as a space illustrator and in the Precision Slide Lab. She illustrated space vehicles, satellites, launch pads, landing sites, lunar maps and much, much more.

Hare worked as a sub-contractor with the agency for more than 15 years. When she blew the whistle on NASA, she went public and appeared as a guest on WOL-AM radio in Washington, D.C. Youtube video exposing NASA image tampering was ordered removed by NASA

Her testimony is controversial and some support her contentions while others do not.

Did NASA miss smudging this photo?

Enlargement of photo? Artificial? What do you think?

Apollo 17 and the astonishing ‘robot head’

“In December of 1972 Apollo 17 astronauts Eugene Cernan and Harrison Schmitt spent about 75 hours on the Moon. During their lunar expedition they took the photo seen above. As incredible as it sounds it appears to be the severed head of a robot. As Cernan put it, even though he was seeing it with his own eyes, he still couldn’t quite bring himself to believe it,” writes author Joe Szostak.

“After overcoming his initial shock he realized that it couldn’t be a human skull. After all, it was lying in a debris field from an impact crater, which had tossed up all manner of junk and material from just below the valley floor. Something as fragile as a fossilized bone could not possibly survive such an impact.

“Furthermore, exposure to extreme solar and cosmic radiation would have long since reduced organic material to a fine powder. This object was unmistakably of mechanical origin. Color enhancements showed that the ‘head’ had a distinctive red stripe around the area where the upper lip should be, a feature that clearly appeared to be painted or anodized on the object.

“Composites of other frames showed that the ‘head’ had two eye-sockets, a forehead, brow ridges, a nose with nostrils, twin cheek bones and the upper half of the jaw. The lower jaw seemed to be missing.

“Cernan dubbed the area ‘one mysterious looking place.’ Many of the rocks had highly unusual spectral qualities, reflecting light more like crystals or highly polished metallic boxes.

The bottom photo is an enlargement of the severed head photographed in Shorty Crater by Cernan and Schmitt. To this day there hasn’t been a satisfactory explanation for this artifact from the scientific community…”

Lunar artifact is obviously not natural

The incredible Hubble photo of perfect pyramid on the moon

Who built this? When” Why?

The image of this pyramid on the Moon was taken by the Hubble Space Telescope (HST) in December 2008.

The Aristarchus Crater complex

Look closely. Is this really a ‘crater?’

“The Aristarchus Crater enigma is one of numerous so-called transient lunar phenomena (TLP). It is the brightest spot on the Moon as seen from Earth, which changes color, sometimes producing a red or bluish glow, and appears to emit gas. In 1958 Aristarchus Crater’s strange phenomena were observed by Russian astronomer Nikolai Kozyrev. They were also reported by the crew of Apollo 11.

“The nature of the crater phenomena has given credence to a theory that there could be some sort of a power device, possibly a fusion reactor, in the crater. On any photo published by NASA except for a Clementine image this object is shown as a bright white smudge with no definition [Emphasis added]. This structure appears to be supported by 5 or 6 arches. In the foreground is a road that leads to a brightly lit tunnel entrance.”

Russian Luna 9 photographs space vehicle

Luna 9 was an unmanned space probe of the Soviet Union’s Luna program. On February 3, 1966 Luna 9 became the first spacecraft to achieve a soft landing on any planetary body other than Earth and to transmit photographic data back to Earth from the Moon. [The] photo is from the Luna 9 probe. It shows what appears to be a large craft or vehicle whose shape resembles that of an ocean going ship on Earth, coming to a point at one end and having an elevated section on top. A cable or tube appears to extend from the rear of the object toward the surface. Contact with Luna 9 was lost on February 6, 1966 just three days after landing.”

Odd things are on the Moon and Mars. Strange things have been found on the Martian moon Phobos, Saturn’s moon Titan, and a handful of other more obscure moons.

The evidence seems to be mounting that we were not always alone in the Solar System. In fact the place seemed downright crowded.



3 for 33! Whenever I see these numbers it reminds me of just how wicked our society really is. These numbers are being used by big companies with ELITE member and owners.
The specials given by this company is suppose to be a positive reward given to its customer but it’s really just a numerology gimmick used as a ritual. Tugging on people’s pocketbook is the methods technique and sadly most never see the undercurrent of its real objective.
Yes, it seems they give this same deal! What a deal it is…Digital Cable, Internet, and Phone for $33.33 a month for 12 months!
The two companies above give these specials because they obviously are connected. They most likely have the same owners or conspire to use the same techniques for purposes of ritualistic means.
Upon researching for yet another BLOG, I clicked on a page where this ad made its posting on the page, “$33.33 OVERSTOCK LAPTOPS-Today: Website Selling Laptops for as low as $33.33! Buy Yours Today?
Long Island’s Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Services Network is asking for your pledge of $33.33 a month for 30 months.

Hillary and Bibi look a little the worse for wear after 7 hours negotiating which candy Israel would get for agreeing to freeze extension (Mary Altaffer/AP)

America is used to buying its way to quasi-peace in Iraq and Afghanistan and appears to be doing something similar by buying Israel’s acquiescence in a 90-day, partial settlement freeze. The going price: $33.33-million a day for the entire 90 day process.

On 03/07/2011-Shares of Starbucks (NASDAQ:SBUX) opened today above their pivot of $32.97 and have already reached the first level of resistance at $33.33.
On 08/26/2011-Potential Consumer Discret Spdr (XLY) Trade has $33.33 Breakeven.
Steve Hymon at the Los Angeles Times is asking people to fund the $5 billion with donations of $33.33 a year from 15 million people in Orange County.


Mount Hermon in Phoenicia, the first location of extraterrestrial influence with man, lies precisely at 33.33° north 33.33° east … 2,012 miles from the equator and 2,012 miles from the prime meridian.*

SETI, the government organization in a “Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence” is Masonically named after an Egyptian Pharaoh. CC like the “alien” Crop Circles and the CCs on the “Moon” encode Masonic 33. Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: Space Odyssey came out 33 years prior in 1968. In 1947 the Area 51/Roswell UFO allegedly landed at 33.33 degrees north latitude (the Masonic number) and 104 degrees longitude. Interestingly, 104 is 33.33 multiplied by Pi (3.14159), and 33.33 degrees latitude is exactly 2012 miles. Thus 2012 and Masonic 33 have been numerically encoded into the alien hoax since the beginning.

These are just a few examples of the synchronicity happening in the world. If you think it’s just by chance these things are taking place, then that’s your opinion but I personally believe it’s a premeditated ventures.

British Leader Warns Russia ‘Time Of End’ Has Come

The sobering details emerging from the rare and unexpected visit to Russia by Prime Minister David Cameron reveal that the British leader “warned” President Medvedev that the United States is “firmly intent” upon unleashing World War III and if not stopped warned the “time of end” has come to us all.

According to this report, Cameron’s fears of the US throwing the entire world into the abyss of global warfare were accelerated this past spring after Libya discovered that the Obama regime allowed the American megabank Goldman Sachs to loot nearly $1.3 billion of its sovereign wealth fund (estimated at $65 billion) which has since “lined the pockets” of these bankster criminals who have, likewise, destroyed the United States economy too.

In what they mistakenly believed would be a quick takedown of Libya’s government, Cameron continued, Obama ordered NATO air strikes upon this North African nation and allowed the CIA to rush thousands of Afghanistan terrorists to the region to topple Gaddafi in a war that has, so far, cost over 50,000 lives.

What the Obama regime didn’t count on, Cameron says, was Gaddafi escaping with over $10 billion of Libya’s gold reserves which the Libyan leader has used to finance at least one rebel group that has led to even more chaotic violence as these factions have now turned on each other in a bloody killing spree to see who will gain ultimate victory.

Cameron warns, however, that the worst aftermath of the Libyan War is yet to be realized as over 20,000 shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missiles belonging to the Gaddafi regime have been “dispersed” throughout the world and are currently “lying in wait” to unleash the worst terror attack in human history against the United States and its Western allies.

Even worse, Cameron asserted to Medvedev that the United States had “full knowledge” of these tens-of-thousands of Libyan anti-aircraft missiles flooding the world but refused all British and French Special Forces attempts to secure them as the Americans believe that only a global war of “historic proportions” is able to stop their nation from complete disintegration.

Cameron further warned Medvedev that Gaddafi has poured millions-of-dollars into his vast spy network in Egypt that has now been “activated” and is blamed for the catastrophic attack on Israel’s embassy in Cairo that caused the Israeli ambassador and his staff to flee that Middle Eastern country.

Worse still for the West, Cameron continues, is the “unstoppable rage” of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan over the Obama regimes toppling of Gaddafi who was one of the Turkish leaders “best friends” in the Middle East and who just this past December bestowed upon Erdoğan the Al-Gaddafi International Prize for Human Rights for his “distinguished service to humanity.”

Russian intelligence addendum to these reports state that Erdoğan’s “rage” against the Obama regime is behind his targeting Israel by halting all trade and defense ties to the Jewish state, ordering Turkey’s ambassador to leave Israel, warning of more sanctions to come, and threatening all out war on Cypress.

Israel’s response to Erdoğan’s “rage” was a threat to support the Kurdish rebels currently attacking Turkey and which drew a sharp rebuke from Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmed Davutoglu who warned the Jewish state, “No one will be able to blackmail us.”

As both Turkey and Iran are said to be in their ‘final showdown’ with Kurdish rebels operating out of Northern Iraq, it is important to note that Israeli forces have been working to help establish a separate Kurd state in an attempt to further fracture the Iraqi government to keep it from becoming more powerful than it is already growing.

Important to note is that all of the events now occurring in the Middle East that are pushing our world to the brink of all-out war has long been known about, and as evidenced in our 23 October 2007 report Turkey Requests ‘Urgent’ Iran Military Aid As Syria Warns To Prepare For War wherein we warned of the United States “master plan” to redraw the entire borders of this region along what the Americans call “according to the situation of the ethnic minorities.”

This “master plan” to redraw the borders of the Middle East, according to the Armed Forces Journal, published in the United States, says that:

“The Kurds of Syria and Iran as well as Turkey “would rush to join an independent Kurdistan if they could” and the refusal by the world’s legitimate democracies to champion Kurdish independence was a human-rights sin, Peters claimed.

Iraq would be divided into three smaller states as Sunni Iraq, an Arab-Shia State and Kurdistan. Jordan would retain its current territory, with some southward expansion at Saudi Arabia’s expense.

Saudi Arabia’s coastal oil fields would be given to the Shia state to be established with the dissolution of Iraq and the southeastern quadrant would go to Yemen. Iran would lose a great deal of territory to Unified Azerbaijan, Free Kurdistan, the Arab Shia State and Free Baluchistan, but would gain the provinces around Herat in today’s Afghanistan.

Following these changes, Iran would become an ethnic Persian state again. Kuwait would remain within its current borders, as would Oman.”

Unbeknownst to the American people about their governments plan to carve up the Middle East was that it was accidently revealed in 2006 when a map showing the “new countries” to be made by the West was seen by Turkish military officers during a meeting at NATO’s Defense College in Rome and has given all of countries to be affected nearly 5 years to prepare for what is happening today.

Though these people of the West are being fed propaganda leading them to believe that all of the events happening in the Middle East are due to oppressed people protesting for democracy they couldn’t be more mistaken as the truth is that all of the nations of this region have been preparing for years to “suddenly unite” in a massive war against the United States to throw off its oppressive yoke forever.

Most interesting to note about all of these events is how eerily they match the predictions of the Greek Orthodox seer known as Monk Joseph the Athonite Protector of the Greek Air Force who through his visions have warned:

- The Third World War will start with the conflict between Turkey and Greece.

- Jewish masons who are rulers over USA and European Union will force Turkish people into the war against Greece.

- In spite of Greek tremendous courage and resistance, Turkish attack will be devastating. Lots of Greeks and lots of their Russian and Serbian brothers in Christ who will volunteer to help Greeks will be dead.

- Turkey will charge deep inside Greece and will concur the most of the Greek territory.

- At the beginning, NATO and USA will not interfere into this conflict directly, but will give silent support for everything Turks do instead.

- The time will come that the world will think Greek people will vanish.

- A moment before it will be almost certain to happen, mighty Russia opens its cards in protection of Greek people and Orthodox Christianity. This takes everyone by surprise. Russian nukes are launched to Turkey.

- Darkness is covering Balkan peninsula and Near East. The World we know cease to exist again.

- At this point USA and EU join Turkey (or what’s left of it) and declare global war against Russia and Greece.

- Vatican and the Holy Chair will announce Holy War against “schismatic” Orthodoxy.

- The war will be horrible. Burning people will fall from the sky.

- USA will suffer terrible defeat and will “blow up like balloon” (for whatever it means).

- Roman Catholic Church will never be able to return back to the positions it has today. Not even close. Its influence will be next to nothing

- Russians will enter Constantinople, establish their own governor, but will give it all to Greeks later on green table.

- Greeks will hesitate to accept new territories at the start, but will accept them later and will rule over what used to be Turkish capital. Greeks will return to Constantinopolis 600 years after leaving it, as monk said.

- One third of Turks will lose their lives, one third will accept Orthodox Christianity and one third will move to live in “some deserts”.

- Armenia will get its lands back.

- Kurd people will establish their own country.

This prophecy bears notice if for nothing more than its matching likewise ones by Russian intelligence sources warning that the massive gas fields discovered in the Eastern Mediterranean, and claimed by Turkey, Israel, Cyprus, Greece, Lebanon and Egypt, can, indeed, be the “spark” to ignite a global war as whomever ultimately claims it will be assured of energy security for the rest of this century.

Known as the “Leviathan Gas Field” the discovery in 2010 of this massive gas field is said to be the largest of its kind in nearly all of human history, and with Israel and Greece just having signed a new security agreement to come to each others aid in time of war, it now appears that the Jewish state has now sided with Orthodox Christians against the apostates of the West who even as these words are being written are preparing to destroy the Greek nation as their appetite for the few remaining energy riches our world has left to offer feed a blood-lust nearly unparalleled in all of human history.

To if the British leaders warning today that the “time of end” has come, or if Monk Joseph’s grim visions will come true it is not in our knowing.

What is in our knowing, though, is that the world we live in today has become dangerous to the point of anyone with “ears to hear” and “eyes to see” should begin their preparations in earnest for the even more terrible tragedies soon to come.


OBAMA on 9/11-End of World Speech

First, let’s take notice that Obama is behind a bullet-proof glass. Then,he approaches the podium at 9:11!

God is our strong refuge; 

he is truly our helper in times of trouble. 

46:2 For this reason we do not fear when the earth shakes,

and the mountains tumble into the depths of the sea,

46:3 when its waves crash and foam,

and the mountains shake  before the surging sea.(Selah)

46:4 The river’s channels bring joy to the city of God, 

the special, holy dwelling place of  the sovereign One. 

46:5 God lives within it,  it cannot be moved. 

God rescues it at the break of dawn. 

46:6 Nations are in uproar, kingdoms are overthrown. 

God  gives a shout, the earth dissolves. 

46:7 The Lord who commands armies is on our side! 

The God of Jacob  is our protector!  (Selah)

46:8 Come! Witness the exploits  of the Lord,

who brings devastation to the earth! 

46:9 He brings an end to wars throughout the earth; 

he shatters  the bow and breaks the spear;

he burns  the shields with fire. 

46:10 He says,  “Stop your striving and recognize  that I am God!

I will be exalted  over  the nations! I will be exalted over  the earth!”

46:11 The Lord who commands armies is on our side! 

The God of Jacob  is our protector!(Selah)


We must have surveillance. The fact that the government is secretive in now becoming more of an excepted code of conduct. The wholesome feel of American’s home life is gone and forever passe, due to the fact that even in your home you are not alone!

The Mobility Utility Surveillance Tower (MUST) is slate for demonstrated in the House of Representatives, Senate, and others. The reasoning for this technology given is due to emergency response, crowd control, and or general surveillance which comes on the heels of HOMELAND SECURITY demanding a call for cooperation due to terrorist.

I would agree with this assessment if it weren’t for the fact that terrorists are NOT a common threat on our streets and highways. The government would like us to think this is the case but it’s just not true.
The “edge of your seat” scare tactics of the governments have led to many of our liberty and freedoms which we take for granted. The fact that the Americans are so laid back gives accelerates this kind of behavior from our elite government officials.

MUST we let this continue? I don’t advocate violence but we must stand up for our rights which are slowly dwindling away!

All-Seeing EYE in Church

I was viewing a sermon recently and BAMM! There is was…an all-seeing-eye in the middle of the ALTAR of the church behind the pastor who was speaking the sermon!! The picture below is the well-known TV/radio pastor, evangelist,  author David Jeremiah speaking to his congregation at his home church in San Diego, California. The church is named Shadow Mountain Community Church.
This pastor/agent of Satan was David Jeremiah.
My point of this individual BLOG is to reveal that the ALL-SEEING-EYE in the Church is not just a regional thing but WORLDWIDE!

Orthodox Catholic Church in Poland

Kingston Parish Church-Jamica

Greek Orthodox-Greece

St. Stanislaw’s Church, Krakow

Edwardsburg United Methodist Church

Exterior of St. David’s Roman Catholic Church; Maple, Ontario.

Windows in a South-Tuscany Church (Grosseto, Paganico). Italy

Israel Supreme Court Bldg
Mormon Church-Salt Lake Temple

All-Seeing Eye within Equilateral Triangle, Pope in Dagon’s Fish Hat with Cardinals and Archbishops, Vatican, Rome

All-Seeing Eye, Church of San Rafael de Velasco, Santa Cruz, Bolivia
All-Seeing Eye within Equilateral Triangle, Jesuit Church at Landsberg-am-Lech, Bavaria, Germany
All-Seeing Eye within Equilateral Triangle, Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, St. John, New Brunswick, Canada
All-Seeing Eye within Equilateral Triangle, Chigi Chapel, Rome

All-Seeing Eye within Equilateral Triangle, St. Dionysius Baroque Altar in North Rhine, Westphaila, Germany

And the All-Seeing Eye centered within the Equilateral Triangle tells the story of the coming “King of Fierce Countenance” (Daniel 8:23) who will “stand up against the Prince of princes, but he shall be broken without hand” (Daniel 8:25)!

All-Seeing Eye within Equilateral Triangle, Brugge Cathedral, Germany
All-Seeing within Equilateral Triangle, Aachen Cathedral, Germany
All-Seeing Eye within Equilateral Triangle, Jesuit Church of St. Magnus, Landkreis Ravensburg, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany
All-Seeing Eye withing Equilateral Triangle, Saint-Etienne-du-Mont Church, Paris, France
All-Seeing Eye: Church of St. Leodegar, Lucerne, Switzerland
All-Seeing Eye Close Up: Church of St. Leodegar, Lucerne, Switzerland
All-Seeing Eye: Church of Santa Maddalena, Venice

All-Seeing Eye: Church of Saint Michael the Archangel, San Miguel, California

All-Seeing Eye with 32 Brown Sun Beams in Background as in the Jesuit General’s IHS Seal, Cathedral, Granada, Nicaragua, 2010

Merovingian Infiltration of the Christian World

Disclaimer: this article was written by an unknown author who is obviously a Roman Catholic. When we found it on the Internet, no author’s name, contact information or date of publication were given. The article was subsequently removed from the Internet or we would have linked to it instead of reprinting it. Here we have posted only those portions of the article which add to understanding of the Merovingian conspiracy. Any references to the author’s devotion to the “Blessed Virgin Mary” are based on the false doctrine of the Catholic Church and not on the Word of God. “Blessed Virgin Mary” gave several false prophecies, most of which we have omitted, and this may be the reason the author pulled the article. False Marian prophecies aside, the information on the Merovingian conspiracy is corroborated by our own research and fills in many of the blanks. It is a most informative read.

The Merovingian Infiltration of the Christian World Through Monasticism

The intent of this work is to expose one of the well hidden secrets of world history. What must be understood is that God brings forth good from all plans of evil. They backfire! Thus, through the ages, organizations integral to long-range plans of infiltration were used by God to produce holy people who generated good, instead. As with rank and file Masons, who do not realize that their primary purpose is to fund those who control world events at the top, so too, the monks of monasteries set up by those dedicated to the cause, were unaware of the infiltration goals at the top. Many monks lived holy lives dedicated to God producing good fruits through the centuries, as now. The danger lies in the fact that the One Faith was compromised through the process of infiltration; hence, the truth needs to be known and understood, that rational and intelligent decisions may be made concerning the worship of God, our Creator, who desires that all mankind attain Heaven.

This history is best related starting with a “Protestant”cathedral and a “Catholic” pope: St. Paul’s cathedral in London is built cross-shaped just like the calendar Crosses. The original St. Paul’s was built in 604 by Ethelbert who married Bertha, Merovingian Princess of French Merovingian King, Charibert. The Merovingian Franks (450-741) built monasteries as a means of infiltration. One such, of importance, was Holy Cross. Pharaoh Akhenaten’s temple was cross-shaped, built for his Brotherhood of the Sun (Rosicrucian Questions and Answers, Harvey Spencer Lewis, founder of the AMORC). For the cross was an ancient symbol of the sun. Although St. Paul’s cathedral was not cross-shaped until Christopher Wren rebuilt it, following the 1666 fire, its design would be based on its Merovingian past, for Merovingian monasteries later became Benedictine/ Cistercian both of which utilized the cross design. Wren, one of the world’s top geometricians was a founding father of the Royal Society, which was Masonic. And the crypt of St. Paul’s church, before the fire of 1666, held the world’s largest Masonic Library. The original St. Paul’s cathedral (604 AD) was built for St. Meltius, sent to evangelize England along with 40 monks of St. Andrews by Pope Gregory the Great, their founder and the pope who wrote Dialogues, the only account we have of the life of St. Benedict. There is no contemporary account on the life of Benedict (Butler’s Lives of the Saints).

Accordingly, Gregory promoted Benedictine monasticism. And as his commissioned St. Paul’s cathedral went up in 604, Gregory was brought down; he died 604 (Mar.12). Most saints are given as their feast, the date they are born into God’s new life, or their date of death, as was in Gregory’s case for some centuries. But now suddenly, we find that his feast day is the day he became pope, September 3. This was accomplished by the infiltration of the Church, for Gregory was part of that infiltration. Sept. 3 became a day of victory for the Red Movement when he was installed as their pope, for Gregory marks the history of the papacy in that he was the very first “MONK” to become a pope. Accordingly, when Phocus, a cruel military usurper, murdered Emperor Maurice and his entire family in the most brutal fashion, Gregory sent a letter to Phocus expressing hopes that “peace” was now restored, a letter which served as criticism of him while he lived; another, his wasting of the entire treasury of the church, as waged against him at death. Butler’s comment that the Mary Magdalene story was received in the West following Gregory the Great now makes sense, since she is central to the Merovingian heresy. The infiltration is recognized by a seemingly appropriate action that sent a world wide troubadour message to those in the know, the “initiated” of the Secret Brotherhood. That action was the giving of one’s cloak, coat, cape to “a poor” or the tearing of the cloak, coat, garment in pieces and distributing to the “poor”. Accordingly, we find in Butler’s Lives of the Saints, that Gregory’s last action before he died was indeed, “to send a warm winter cloak to a poor bishop who suffered from the cold”. He was passing his mission on to his servant, another catch-word of the Conspiracy which is why Gregory proclaimed himself the servant of the servants of Christ. Subsequently, the Prieure de Sion’s Templars became the “POOR Knights of Christ”. The motto of the early Carbonari (secret society) of France was, “Happy friends, let us go to suffering”. It was the mode of infiltration.

These particular passages formed the basis: When God took the Kingdom from Solomon ( 1:Kings: 11:11 ), he did so through the prophet Ahijah, who took off his new cloak and tore it in 12 pieces, giving 10 pieces, representing the 10 Tribes of Israel, to the servant of Solomon, Jeroboam, then in charge of the house of Joseph (1 Kings:11:26-40). For Joseph, who had become second only to the Pharaoh of Egypt, was the brother of Benjamin and Benjamites comprise the greater part of the Merovingian bloodline, a mixture of the Meroites of Ancient Egypt (Meroe of ancient Ethiopia or Abyssinia, some of whom were Benjamites); the Philistine giants with whom they married; the two son’s of Joseph who followed Benjamites into exile following God’s defeat of the Benjamites in the Book of Judges; Amalekites, with whom God said He would war through the ages (Ex:17:16); and many of the descendants of bitter rejected first-borns who had become enemies of God, in particular the Edomites of the House of Esau and Ishmael who became one through Esau’s marriage to Mahalath, the daughter of Ishmael. These comprised the better part of the Red Movement throughout history, which is known to us today as the Brotherhood. Its sole purpose was and is to infiltrate and bring about the collapse of God’s two Covenants with mankind. Among themselves they are proud BEES, HORNETS, MICE, NINE WAY REDS, BITTER GOATS IN SHEEPSKIN, THE GREAT UNIVERSAL BROTHERHOOD. And they would become “all of the above” through the “passing of the cloak”.

This is how it played out through the centuries:

Paul (d. 342 ) known as the first hermit, made his cloak of palm leaves. He lived in a cave and was fed by a raven (symbol of Mithraic sun-god worship). He befriended Antony of the Desert and asked to be buried in the cloak that the Bishop of Alexandria, Athanasius, had given Antony who, in turn, kept Paul’s cloak as his greatest treasure. Antony of Egypt (251-356): ascetic Brother of the sun-god and founder of Eastern monasticism. Demons permeate his legend. He passed one of his sheepskin cloaks to Athanasius, spiritual head of desert hermits and Ethiopia, Bishop of Alexandria, father of Orthodoxy. Athanasius had likewise given his cloak to Antony and subsequently wrote Antony’s biography, just as Gregory later wrote that of Benedict. Antony’s feast day, Jan.17, would become sacred to the Merovingians and their Sion Organization, which convents were historically convened Jan.17 in honor of Antony’s success at infiltrating the Christian world. Antony’s remains would come to rest in Vienne France.

Antony also ordered that his other cloak of sheepskin be given to Serapion and that his monks keep for themselves his sackcloth (Butler). Many of his monks went to Gaul. Cloak to Serapion (d. March 21, 370) He was a hermit, head of the catechetical school of Alexandria and named “the Scholastic”. He became Bishop of Thumas (Lower Egypt). Cloak to Athanasius (297-373): 5 times rejected by the church, he spent 17 years in exile in the deserts of Egypt during which time he became “bitter” and joined the bitter Red Movement. He became involved in divination through the auguries of birds and in the black arts. Whenever he visited Antony and his monks in the desert he cried out, “Who are these that fly as a cloud and as doves to their coats” (Lectures of the History of the Eastern Church, AP Stanley). This is the exact passage of Isa: 60:8 entitled, Glory of New Zion. It was the start of the analogy of the conspiracy to a swarm of bees, a cloud of bees, which God sent before the Israelites to vanquish their enemies. Now the enemies would become bees (hermits, monks) to infiltrate and drive out God’s people before Him. Thus, the first hermits of Europe resided in small stone dwellings in the shape of beehives in Ireland, Scotland, France, and Germany. Likewise, in his biography, Athanasius describes Antony as “going forth like a wise bee”. Later, not Zion, but Sion, would become the name of the main infiltration. Sion was the ancient name of Mt. Hermon, the mountain from which the Jordon flows. At its summit was the main temple to Baal, the false god. This is why baptism was needed in the Jordan! It was Athanasius who introduced monasticism to the Romans and Germans. Athanasius passed his two cloaks to Macarius of Alexander and to Pachiomius in the year 333.

The Great Universal Brotherhood = 333

It is important to note that in the early days, saints were made by acclamation of the people or local bishop (until the Middle Ages) and not by the Church. Macarius of Alexander (the Younger) known as the Great Macarius (d. 394): He practiced greatest of austerities of body and soul as was typical of Pharaoh Akhenaten’s Brotherhood of the Sun, from which the first historical Illuminati sprang. These monks fasted for days and tortured their bodies in honor of the sun god, later living as hermits, a word which derived from Hermes the Thrice Great, Grand Master of the Brotherhood 1259 BC and alchemist.(Rosicrucian Questions and Answers, H.S.Lewis) His date of death on March 22, (1257BC) became sacred to the Brotherhood which is why the Solar Templar and Heaven’s Gate deaths in 1997 took place March 22 and why it is a sabbot to witches and pagans. Macarius set up cells in Egypt, wrote a rule and met with Pachiomius.

Pachiomius of Egypt (292-348): an ascetic brother of the sun, founder of NINE monasteries. He is the historical founder of cenobitic monasticism which rule Benedict later made generous use of. A pestilence wiped out Pachiomius and 100 of his monks in 348. Sixteen hundred years later the Nag Hammadi papyrus, gnostic writings, were unearthed near one of the monasteries of Pachiomius in Pabau. Pachiomius passed his cloak to St. Martin of Tours who then lived in Pannonia, the first mainland European home of Merovingians, originally from Meroe, ancient Ethiopia (part of ancient Egypt). Martin of Tours (316-397): Son of a pagan, Martin lived as a hermit in Pannonia before even hearing of Christianity. Upon receiving his cloak, Martin then cut his cloak in half and gave half of it to a poorly clad beggar “converting” to Christianity. Likewise, the 1st Merovingian king, Childeric, who arrived in Gaul from the same Pannonia, cut a silver coin in half (Silver Brotherhood) and went forth to Ireland to become St. Patrick which is why the world’s Masons celebrate St. Patrick (more on this shortly). Martin of Tours founded Liguges Monastery in Gaul in 360 on land given him by Hilary, Bishop of Poitiers; thence, founded the great monastic center, Marmoutier (translation, bitter grapes sheep: Mar, Hebrew for bitter; mout, French for grapes; mouton, French for sheep), ill-named for a Holy Monastery! Martin intervened to save the lives of the heretical Priscillians, and Martin died on the only Masonic Feast Day on the Roman calendar, Nov. 8, Feast of the Four Crowned Martyrs, all stonemasons

of Pannonia who are really 5 and , not by coincidence, are confused with 4 other martyr stonemasons, making a total of NINE. Nov.8 was/is the last day of the 18 day feast of the resurrection of Osiris, god of the underworld of Egypt. Martin “resurrected” the infiltration in Gaul begun by St. Denis (Dyonisius) much-honored Merovingian“saint”, thus, Martin’s feast day became Nov. 11, exactly 3 days later in imitation of Christ’s Resurrection 3 days later, the Christ Whose Church his monasteries would successfully infiltrate. Martin passed his cloaks to St. Britius and John Cassian.

John Cassian (360-433): Scythia. He built two monasteries in Marseilles where he taught Egyptian monasticism based on his studies in Egypt and Constantinople. His semi-Pelagian views, which he was seemingly unsuccessful in hiding, prevented his ordination; however, his works, “Institutes” and “Conferences” became the foundation and cornerstone of Benedictine monasticism. Benedict recommended Cassian’s works as second only to the Bible and he borrowed also from the Egyptian rule of Pachiomius. John Cassian associated with patricians of Lerins. He passed his cloak to Honoratus, a Gallic aristocrat, sainted, who founded the monastery of Lerins where Roman patricians of the fallen Roman Empire gathered.

St. Honoratus (d. 429): of a “distinguished” pagan Gallo-Roman family. He befriended the hermit, St. Caprasius, and with him founded the monastery on the Island of Lerins, later becoming Archbishop of Arles. Lerins became the producer of Gaul’s bishops who highly co-operated with the early Merovingians. Lerins also produced Gaul’s writers and became home of those who followed the once Manichaean philosophies of Augustine. Patrick (Childeric) was a student of Lerins. Honoratus passed his cloak to St. Hilary. St. Hilary of Arles (400-449): of a noble Lorraine family and a pagan in a high office in the government. Dukes of Lorraine later claimed Merovingian descent. When Honoratus solicited him, Hilary gave all his possessions to the POOR and then joined Honoratus at Lerins. He continued building monasteries after the death of Honoratus and was often in controversy with Pope Leo the Great.

St.Benedict of Nursia Italy(480- 547): He received the sheepskin cloak of Romanus, a hermit who lived in a monastery in Subiaco. Like Antony of Egypt, Benedict lived in a cave. Ravens (symbol of Mithra sun worship), as well as scorn for women and total opposition to Holy Orders permeate his legend. He founded 12 monasteries and at first crisis, abandoned his monks in all 12 and went alone to found Monte Cassino which he dedicated to John the Baptist (who later became the patron of Freemasons for this reason among others). Here he wrote the Benedictine Rule based on the works of John Cassian and Pachiomius, both Egyptian Brothers of the Sun. Monte Cassino was destroyed 3 times and became appropriately, a WWII Nazi fortress. Benedict died on Mar.21, same day as Serapion, Egyptian Brother of the Sun who received Antony’s sheepskin cloak. In Mithra (sun-god) ritual, Ravens symbolized the first degree of “Enlightenment” Benedict’s medals enlighten us: word “medals”+ inscriptions = gematria of 1998 ! Benedict also wrote Opus Dei, the common prayer central to his rule. Today’s Opus Dei, Holy Mafia or White Freemasonry, as described by the LA Times June 24,1973, has now infiltrated the Vatican. Opus Dei’s bible, El Camino, has 999 precepts (666 upside down), one of which tells us all we need to know:

Maxim 941: “Obey your superiors blindly. This is the way to holiness”. Obedience to God is the way to holiness, is it not? Opus Dei members include the world’s influential government and banking officials whose god is money.

St. Columbanus (540-615): He was a Bangor Ireland monk who founded monasteries in France (Luxeuil, Fontaines, Annegray, Fleury) his most famous in Lombardy (Bobbio) which became a center of scholastic study, its library containing works of Virgil, Horace, Juvenal, Ovid, Cicero, Seneca, and Pliny the Elder -all secular humanist rationalists whose works have absolutely nothing to do with God. He was born 540 = 18 x 30, the battle (head 18 x Heel 30 of Gen: 3:15)! Benedict’s bones are now in the Monastery of Fleury founded by Colombanus, indicating he received Benedict’s cloak. Of “saints” at Bobbio is written, “behaving like a bee, drawing nectar from the flowers of earlier legislators in particular, Basil, Marcarius, Benedict and Columbanus”. Vita Filiberti p.188 The rule of St. Columbanus and of Benedict in Europe were developed into major monastic communities by the Merovingians who provided not only the monasteries themselves, but charters granting them complete exemption from episcopal and secular intervention, making them fully and completely autonomous. Merovingians of ancient Egypt had thus assured the continuity of Egyptian error. Gibbons hits the nail on the head when he writes, “ Swarms of monks arose from the Nile , overspread and darkened the Christian world”. “Saints Who History Made” p. 82

Columbanus of Ireland seemingly received Benedict’s cloak indicating that the Bees of the Red Movement were by this time (6th Century) substantially organized in Ireland. Indeed one Columba,(521-597) had founded Iona, later condemned by the Church, and his Ionian monks had found their way to Gaul during Merovingian rule. Many had set up their “beehive-shaped” stone hermitages off the Isles of Scotland, prior to doing so in Gaul and Germany. Columbanus passed his cloak to one St. Ita.

St. Ita (c 570): Of Royal lineage from Waterford Ireland, she founded a community in Limerick and like Antony of Egypt, who miraculously united two broken pieces of a broken dish, Ita miraculously united a severed head to its body (so the legend is told). With some research we find a widow of Pepin I in Gaul by the same name, Itta, founded in Gaul, a monastery at Fosses, Irish in nature (The Merovingian Kingdoms, Ian Wood p.190) Thus, it is likely that the royal lineage of Ita of Ireland was Carolingian/Merovingian lineage. She was either Itta of Gaul herself, or a relative named after Itta of Gaul. Two of Ita’s Irish students would later enter history when they received her cloaks. They were St. Fachanan and St. Brendon.

St Fachanan (6th Century) : Bishop and founder of the Molana Monastery on an island in Blackwater, and later of the Monastic School of Ross in Cork Ireland (Rosscarbery) Significant is that Bishops of Ross became hereditary Grand Masters of Freemasonry by right of birth. We will soon see that “Merovingian” was the right of birth.

St. Brendon (585-577): Believed to be from Kerry Ireland, he was placed in the care of St. Ita in infancy. He founded numerous monasteries in Ireland the most famous of which was Clonfert. But more than this, he was the first to travel to the New World, then referred to as “the Promised Land”. The Merovingians had been exiled from the former Promised Land and the ultimate goal of their trek around the Mediterranean was to replace it with another, not God’s, as had been the former, but their own. Just as the Promised Land of Scripture becomes the New Order of things in Rev: 21:5 or the New Jerusalem, so too the utopian ideal of the Merovingians took the same titles. Most familiar to us now is the New World Order (versus God’s new order of things).

The account of Brendon’s journey to the New World was always considered fable until 1976, when one Tim Severin, using Brendon’s writings, duplicated the voyage in the same kind of boat and indeed ended up in the New World. His Conclusion: Brendon’s directions, descriptions of Iceland, Greenland, Newfoundland were completely accurate (Delaney). Brendon had passed his cloak to the New World for he took several with him . Remembering that the Merovingians intermarried with Amalekites with whom God said he would war with through the ages, it is very interesting that the first Indians of Nova Scotia were named Micmacs and “Malecites”(A History of Early Nova Scotia 1990, p 187). Remembering also that the early Merovingians intermarried with Philistine giants, it is interesting that two giants acquired local fame in 19th Century history of Nova Scotia. Mero vin gians = Men of the vine of the giants

Knowing that the ultimate Merovingian goal is to reclaim the Benjaminite throne of Jerusalem taken from them by God and given to the House of David, it is also interesting that St.Ita, whose cloak Brendon brought to the New World, was given a feast day of Jan. 15, the exact date that Hebron was given to the Palestinians, the lineal descendants of the Philistine giants; this, in 1997 per the false Middle East peace and it was given during the presidency of Benjamin (Netanyahu of the New World). The New World negotiator of this peace was/ is Denis Ross, which brings us back to St Fachanan, founder of the Bishopric of Ross, and recipient of Ita’s other cloak. For behold an angel (Fachanan) appeared in the Ross Valley to St. David of Wales (c 520 to 601), who was also of “Royal” (Merovingian) blood. He encouraging him to go to Jerusalem with two of his household, where the Patriarch of Jerusalem “invoked their aid against the Jews” consecrating David archbishop. (Glastonbury Her Saints, 1929 p.27) Like Benedict, David first founded exactly 12 monasteries in Wales, the rule of which was based on the asceticism of Egyptian monks (Delaney’s Dictionary of Saints).

Then David truly entered Merovingian history by building on to the old Glastonbury church said to have been built by the Joseph of Arimathea who donated a tomb for the burial of Jesus. Let it be known that Glastonbury is “sacred” to Freemasonry, to Merovingians, to Benedictines/Cistercians (then pro-Merovingian), to witches and pagans (then and now), to the occult world in general, and that it is sacred to all of them because it is their belief that beneath Glastonbury Tor is the “entrance to hell”. Indeed hell had a role in the composition of the legends of Glastonbury, for its entire ill-recorded history is based on an MS written by our “St.” David’s uncle (450), on writings of French Lerinians of the 9th century, on Cistercian (Merovingian) legends, and on altered works of William of Malmesbury (1135) who wrote the Merovingian lies of history including the legends of St. Patrick and King Arthur, both invented by the Merovingians as a means to an end, their ultimate conquest of Britain. The French Merovingian succession rights fell under the Merovingian Treaty of Andelot which was corrupted to Camelot in the Arthurian Legends. The Lost Merovingian King, Dagobert II, lanced through the eye, became characterized as Lancelot. The first Merovingian king, Clovis was so named by his father, Childeric (real St. Patrick), in honor of the three leaf clover associated with the Trinity legend he had created around “St. Patrick”. Childeric was a Lerinian Patrician from which Patrick was derived. He simply went to Britain, with the usual Egyptian hermits, to establish Merovingian monasteries during the years he was banished from France for his sexual profligacy. Childeric was the prankster who cut a coin in half and left half with his friend Wiomad until his return, the basis of the Return of the Once and Future King; the title was then passed to his son, Clovis (King Arthur). Childeric crossed from Bologne Sur Mer and the town now boasts that St. Patrick once lived there. Godfroi de Bouillon Square is also found in Bologne Sur Mer and Godfroi was the 1st Merovingian to reclaim the Benjaminite throne of Jerusalem during the Merovingian-inspired Crusades. By the time Childeric’s son, Clovis, ascended as 1st Merovingian King of France, Childeric had laid the foundation of an English kingdom and Clovis, in his quests to conquer that kingdom, became King Arthur

prancing to Britain for rendezvous with hermits who were preparing his conquests in advance. The life spans of Childeric/Clovis concur with those of Patrick/Arthur. Joseph was then added to the legend; that he came to France with Mary, Martha, and Lazarus of the town of Magdala. Merovingians had already started the myth that Mary Magdalene was the sinful Mary of Scripture, who they adopted to pit against the Sinless Mary, assigning their Mary “the rose and the cross = 6 x 6 x 6”, the symbol of the ancient Brotherhood of the Sun. Merovingians claimed to be offspring of the union of Jesus and Mary Magdalene, a heresy of the first order! We have been conditioned to think of the “fallen woman” the moment we hear the name, Mary Magdalene. This was one of the many Merovingian triumphs! As a result, Mary Magdalene has not received her rightful place of honor in history, the honor which Christ Himself gave her by choosing her as first to see His Risen Body. Likewise, Joseph of Arimathea served their purpose in that they claimed that he brought the blood, sweat and Grail of Jesus, and placing these at Glastonbury, the “entrance to hell”, was a perfect strike at the Roman Church founded by Jesus.

Among their secret code words, blue apples, stood for Glastonbury in Avalon, which name translates place of the apples. But the grail they placed there was not the Cup of Jesus, but rather the silver cup of Joseph, the brother of Benjamin, a cup used by Joseph for divination and passed to Benjamin (Gen: 44: 5-17), his only brother of Rachel. Benjamin was named Benoni (Sorrowful) at his birth, so Arthurian knights adopted tear shaped shields and “Sorrowful” became both a code-word and a goal. Like most Merovingian monasteries Glastonbury became a Benedictine Monastery. And the purpose of Merovingian monasteries was “infiltration” based on the belief that the best way to crush the Church was from “within”. According to Butler, the world’s authority on saints, “ Neither Bede, Gildas, Nennius, Geoffrey of Monmouth, the authentic William of Malmesbury, nor any other chronicler for eleven hundred years, do we find any trace of the supposed coming of Joseph of Arimathea to Glastonbury.” (Butler’s Lives of the Saints, Vol 1, p. 618 ). Butler states that a book which chronicles the supposed coming of Joseph to Glastonbury was penned by another hand a century later and prefixed to Malmesbury’s “ De Antiquitate Glastonienses Ecclesiae” Ibid. There is no doubt in my mind that this would have been the work of the Cistercians, founded by Benedictine monks as “the ratchet” for the structural organization of Sion. Joseph of Arimathea is alone associated with the Grail legend and the Quest of the Grail legends, which per Colliers Encyclopedia, are dominated by the mystical symbolism of Cistercians, illustrations of which give triangular geometry and double-headed trees. Both Patrick and Joseph of Arimathea were assigned the same Feast Day, March 17.

The red cross on a white field shield, claimed as that of Joseph rests in a Cistercian monastery. Patrick too was assigned a red cross on a white field. Both are exactly like that of the garb of the Crusaders. Both Patrick (one of the NINE Hostages) and Joseph are shrouded in legend with contradictory history and no documentary evidence from any British contemporaries of that day. Silence generally speaks louder than words, but in this case, the opposite supercedes, for since when do Freemasons celebrate Catholic saints? All their public hype over St. Patrick does say it all, and if you ever go to their special secret celebrations, you’ll find them acting out a play on Joseph of Arimathea. I acquired a copy of this play amongst the Masonic literature I gathered for this research. I also acquired an old book written in 1925, Glastonbury Her Saints, wherein S.L.Lewis, Vicar of Glastonbury writes on page 13 that another hand imposed on William of Malmesbury’s work, and in the same sentence, some interesting legend on St. Patrick :

“A marginal note in the MS of William of Malmesbury’s De Antiquitate by a later hand states that St. Patrick’s mother was ‘Conches, the sister of St. Martin, Archbishop of Tours, as Martin testifieth in his chronicle,‘St. Patrick’ ”(emphasis mine).

More proof of St. Martin of Tour’s involvement in this Merovingian conspiracy! And it happens that according to Butler’s Illustrated Abridged Lives of the Saints, the remains of Joseph of Arimathea are said to be in Marmoutier, founded by Martin of Tours ! Then, connecting us again to Sion, Martin of Tour’s biography was written by Sulpicius. St Sulpicius, 2nd Bishop of Bourges (647): known to us through a single Merovingian document which supplies little detail but emphasizes his care of the “Poor”. He died on the Feast of Antony, Jan 17, which feast he shares. The first Sulpicius of Bourges (Severus) wrote Martin of Tour’s biography. The Sulpician aspect of the conspiracy is evident in that Merovingian Sion regularly convened at the Sulpician center in Paris. The Prieure of Sion was named after the Swiss town Sion (near Geneva) where Wood tells us the Merovingian kings kept their treasure(p.122). Following the Reformation, Geneva became known as the “Protestant Rome” and subsequently the city where world leaders met for “peace”. The Reformation was contrived by the Prieure de Sion, funded by their child, the Templars. Sion itself is a Merovingian front organization. Of the Merovingians we read, “Christianity had no effect upon them… Assassination, patricide, fratricide, torture, mutilation, treachery, adultery, and incest mitigated the boredom of the rule. Chilperic, we are told , ordered every every joint of Sigila, the Goth to be burned with white-hot irons and each limb to be torn from its socket” (The Age of Faith, Will Durant pp. 93-94). Wood’s work, Merovingian Kingdoms, informs us that first Merovingian king, Clovis, had to “deal with” the Catholic hierarchy, but remained pagan. (As did they all).

We’ve come full circle to the age of the first St. Paul’s cathedral, built during the reign of Athelbert of Kent (604) who married Bertha, daughter of Charibert, Merovingian king of France from 561-567 . This British marriage was followed by the marriage of their son Eadbald to Emma, daughter of Merovingian, Erchinoald. St.Paul’s church, Masonic stronghold, now stands as head of the church which broke from the Church Christ Himself founded. Let us discern the relevant years of history of St. Paul’s:

675 – the first cathedral burnt down and was rebuilt

1561- lightening struck cathedral/was repaired by Queen Elizabeth 1

1666–entire cathedral burned down-rebuilt cross-shape by Mason,Wren

Subtotal 3902

belief 39)(02 the # of division from God (2) ( division of belief )

division 2 x 1951 King George VI launched the Festival of Britain from St.Paul’s 1951

The Merovingians of France launched the Fair of St. Dennis from their cathedrals. The fair was known as the Lendit Fair and it lasted the month of October (the main beam of the calendar Cross), during which time the church was gravely mocked.

Subtotal 3902

1940 –St. Paul’s cathedral is bombed by Germany

Total 5842

Two 58)(42 Nine 42 (9 Way Masons first organized in Nineveh or NINE Veh)

Behold 46 x 127 Merovingian 127 and 42 is the number of anti-Christ (Bullinger)

Behold Merovingian ! thus, not the Christianity Christ ordained for His flock. St.Paul’s continued: When Britain took the New World from the French they made Halifax, Nova Scotia their fortress city. There they built another St. Paul’s church where the local Masons convened and plotted ways to rid the city of Roman Catholics. The church was built on the phi 1.618 formula as were all Masonic churches ordained by Merovingians including Notre Dame of Paris, one of their Catholic accomplishments. In the exact year of Our Lady’s visit to Fatima, 1917, in fact, just 54 days following her departure from Fatima, there occurred the Halifax Explosion which killed 1963 people (figure from A Basket of Apples, Bruce and Harris, Oxford Press 1982). It was ordained by the same Masons who subsequently ordained the assassination of Catholic John F.Kennedy in 1963.

For the name of the ship which exploded was the Mont Blanc and the1620 Battle of Mont Blanc marked the 30 year Protestant-Catholic War of 1618 (Phi)! Kennedy was likened to Camelot because it was Merovingian Camelots who killed him. It was a troubadour message; it was one of their SORROWFUL GOALS accomplished and it was also a perfect get-even strike at the Heel of Our Lady of Fatima, for you see, Kennedy was born in Fatima year 1917!

Following the Halifax Explosion, it was found that a window of St.Paul’s had shattered in such a way as to leave an imprint of a “head” wearing a Mason’s “fez” (Moroccan hat) and so excited about this were the Masons of St. Paul’s that they framed it and put it out on display, to be viewed to this day. In fact, they should have hidden it in shame, for it was Heaven’s way of telling us that the Masons had plotted this catastrophe in Halifax, the largest man-made explosion in history to that date. The Brothers had also plotted the city of Halifax in the shape of a foot with a “heel” and the county of Halifax in the shape of a boot with a “heel” as strikes at Heaven’s Heel per Masonic mentality. And Halifax became the Masonic capital of Acadia, aka Arcadia of Greece (place of exile after Galatia), aka Accad of ancient Mesopostamia where they first organized (Gen:10:10). For the earliest traces of Masonry in all N. America are found in Nova Scotia (Acadia) and two towns, one in the boot of Halifax County are named Canaan! The message of Heaven becomes clear in that the only part of the ship that survived in one piece was the ship’s anchor (the ancient symbol of the Cross) and this anchor was hurled several miles and landed square in front of St. Stephen’s Catholic Church. St. Stephen is patron saint of Freemasons, made so by the Church because Stephen, 1st Christian martyr, was stoned to death by Freedmen (Acts 6:9.) i.e. early Silver Brotherhood Freemasons. The Explosion took place 54 days after Fatima. Of the multi-thousands of injuries, the most common was injury to the eyes from shattered glass. EYES = 54. We are being told to open our EYES by Heaven, and it is a true gift of LOVE = 54. For you see, St. Paul was converted by Christ on the road to Damascus which was the border city of their ancient Red Empire during the Nabatean period. How dare Paul, first of all, convert, and how dare he do so at Damascus! For Paul too, was of the House of Benjamin, the same tribe who became Merovingians. They hated Paul; thus, named their false churches after him. To this day, their hatred of St. Paul shines forth loud and clear in Masonic literature . Thus, their doctrine of Justification was taken from Paul to the Galatians 2:16 (6 x 6 x 6) and from Paul to the Ephesians 2:16 (6 x 6 x 6), while their occult symbol, put on the Great US Seal by US Illuminist Merovingians, a Pyramid with an Eye in the Capstone , was taken from Paul to the Ephesians 2:22.

Galatians 2:16: To imagine that Christ’s death took care of all sin and therefore we are free to ignore the Commandments, sin as we like, and still attain Heaven providing we believe, is crooked thinking. This is indeed Galatian, as were the first exiled Benjamites, who later became Merovingians, who founded Sion, who founded the Templars, who funded the Reformation, led by Luther, who rewrote the Bible.

Ephesians 2:16: This passage, like Galatians 2:16, refers to the 613 commandments of Mosaic Law which carried to extreme everyday rituals on cleanliness and activity on the Sabbath, and not to the 10 Commandments by which we are bound forever.

Ephesians 2:22: Paul likens the Church to a building with Christ as the “Capstone”. Since their monasteries were filled with secular humanist literature, they went to the secular humanist, Aristotle, to complete their Pyramid Plan. Aristotle rationalized that a building had a formal cause (plan), a material cause (building material), a final cause (purpose of building) and an efficient cause (name of the builder ). Their plan was already in place. It was the Masonic Plan of the Ages. So they just refined it :

Material Cause Stone = 73 (Stone Pyramid of Gizeh put on US Seal)

Final Cause A Dominion = 94 (New World Order Empire)

Efficient Cause Satan = 55 (their god, the“eye” in the capstone)

Total 222 (Nineteen Ninety Eight = 222)

The 1998 Masterplan was born!

Add it to Plan: Plan of the Ages = 129

Total 351 Jesus Christ, Son of God, Saviour = 351

The Early Christian Signature of Christ, the flock of Whom they intend to annihilate. That annihilation begins with Jews and will later include “all” other believers in God, who are also the flock of Christ, for Christ WAS God. The conspirators know that well; it’s the flock who do not! We are given a clue as to when the Great Seal was designed and by which Merovingian in the book, Holy Blood Holy Grail. The authors write, “According to the “Prieure documents”, one of the English branch of the family, listed as Bera VI, was nicknamed “the Architect”. He and his descendants, having found a haven in England under King Athelstan, are said to have practiced “the art of building”-a seemingly enigmatic reference”. (emphasis mine)

Indeed, for King Athelstan convened the first General Assembly of York Rite Masons in 926 AD (Mackeys Encyclopaedia of Freemasonry). In the York rite, specifically the Royal Arch degree, the candidate is asked, “Brother Inspector who are you”? to which he is to reply, “ I AM that I AM”. These were God’s words to Moses. And God meant, I AM and you (mankind) are not! I Am your Creator, your life, your every breath and without Me you are not.

Beneath the floorboards of St. Paul’s church, Halifax, lay the remains of one Lawrence, the English governor who put all the Acadian families aboard 5 British ships and expelled them from Nova Scotia, their home of many generations. Wives and husbands, mothers and fathers and children were separated from one another, never to see each other again. These were ordinary people who had come to the New World. These were not Illuminati. Lawrence, perfectly healthy, went out to celebrate, caught a cold and died that very night. The date was October 13 -Templar get-even day throughout history. But Oct. 13 would also become the Feast Day of the Miracle of the Sun of Fatima. And the sun is the Biblical symbol of God’s Justice!

Across the bridge from St. Paul’s Halifax, in Dartmouth is Catholic St. Paul’s Church. At Fatima, the Pope blessed 36 statues of Our Lady of Fatima as pilgrimage statues to travel from land to land . Of these, two, inexplicably, remained stationary. One is found in Russia of which Fatima warned; the other in St. Paul’s Catholic Church, Dartmouth, dedicated in 1948, the Statehood year of Israel, Mary’s people, the land of her birth. For Israel’s statehood year was part of the Masonic Plan of the Ages for her people Like Lawrence, the Illuminati agents who put the Plan of the Ages on the US Seal also received God’s Justice. Thomas Jefferson was given the design of the Great US Seal by a mysterious cloaked stranger. Thomas Jefferson was also “the architect” of the Declaration of Independence which promoted RIGHTS 81 (ME18, backwards ) and rights represent the crooked thinking of the serpent’s head 18 of Genesis 3:15. God said to remember our duties, not our rights. John Adams promulgated Thomas Jefferson’s Declaration of Independence which symbol dictated that the 5 point conspiracy begin in 1998, pre-planned as Israel’s 1st Jubilee. Observe God’s Justice in their own Jubilee:

Thomas Jefferson and John Adams both died miles apart and within 5 hours of each other in the Jubilee Year of the Declaration of Independence. And the date of their deaths was July 4, the exact date their Declaration was signed! God’s twofold Justice!

July Fourth = 156

Six Six Six = 156

1998 minus 1776 = 222 yrs. a 222 yr. plan beginning Nineteen Ninety Eight =222

The Great Seal symbol marked a plan for Israel beginning in Israel’s first Jubilee, 1998. Just as 1998 was planned, so too 1948 was planned as Israel’s Statehood year, a means by which Jews would be gathered into one nation, making possible mass annihilation. This is why the Star of David is found above the eagle on the reverse of the seal. The Roman Numerals under the pyramid on the US Seal add to 1776 in honor of Illuminati, born in 1776 in Germany; who designed not only the Seal, but the Declaration. God’s Justice in the Jubilee year of 1776 (1826):

July Fourth, Eighteen Twenty Six = 388 (deaths to architects in “their own” Jubilee)

Jubilee Year of the Declaration of Independence = 388 !! God’s twofold Justice!

I AM (in charge) and you (mankind) are not !

Exactly NINE ( Illuminated ) Masons signed the Declaration of Independence !

(the Temple and the Lodge, Baigent and Leigh p. 296)

I’ve read that 13 US Presidents were Merovingian and cannot locate the source. But genealogy charts on line show the bloodlines of many US presidents were Merovingian. Jefferson’s family line traces back to the Lancaster Kings Edward I, III. The Lancasters began with son of Henry III, Plantagenet king. All Plantagenets were Merovingians. Adam’s family line traces back to the House of Tudor, founded by Welsh nobleman Owen Tudor, whose son married a descendant of John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster ; hence, Merovingian also. George Washington’s ancestry leads directly to Ethelred, Merovingian magnate! And George Washington’s name and title give us this: Brother George Washington, First President of the United States = 666

The ancestry of George W. Bush traces, like Jefferson’s, to Edward I, Plantagenet and Merovingian ; to Merovingian Ethelred as with Washington ; to Rollo, founder of Normandy from whence the Plantagenets came; as well as to Orkney from whence Sinclair of Scotland, Grand Master of Freemasonry by right of birth, ruled before his discovery of America 100 years pre-Columbus (more on this soon). If these charts are right, it explains the extreme participation of Bush Sr. in most Illuminati octopus arms.

The Infiltration Chronology Continued

St Paul’s church and Glastonbury were now Merovingian strongholds in Britain. The stage for Merovingian Camelot was set. Wales had entered the fold through David. Scotland had entered the fold through Columba and now Oswald: Oswald (605-642): King/ Saint Oswald of Northumbria who founded the monastery of Lindisfarne and brought Aiden and Scottish monks of the Columba rite living in beehive shaped stone hermitages off the coast of Scotland, to build monasteries and churches in Britain. Oswald is portrayed in art with the raven of Mithra (sun-god) worship and was later patronized in the Merovingian inspired Crusades.

In the next century the Merovingian Dynasty of France was overthrown by the mayors of the Merovingian Palaces, the Carolingians (741).But Carolingians were also a major part of the Jesus –Magdalene heresy, as we shall soon see. They took Merovingian wives to assure that the heretical “divine” bloodline was preserved twofold. The Carolingian empire became the unholy Holy Roman Empire under Charlemagne who became the first Emperor, a huge coup ! Infiltration continued and Languedoc and Burgundy continued to be the centers of that infiltration. By now most monasteries in France were Benedictine. The Benedictine cloak was now passed to another Benedict.

Benedict of Anaine (750-821): He was an official in the government of Pepin III and of Charlemagne. He became a monk at Seine and then Anaine in the Languedoc of France. Languedoc was the main Merovingian Cathar stronghold The heretical Cathars built their fortress on Montsegur which was named after Mertsegur [Mertseger], famous mountain in Egypt shaped like a pyramid which peak pertained to the three-headed snake of Thebes which was worshipped as a snake with a human head, named Mertsegur. The Cathars believed that Satan had created the world. Along with sun-worship of the sun-god Mithra these were the true religions of Merovingians/Carolingians. The new Benedict changed the original rule, and the new became known as the Reform, based on his “Canons for the Reformation of monks” at the Council of Achen, 817, precursor of “the Reformation” by a monk (Brothers love puns) ! Benedictine rule was now the original, reformed to include Egyptian rules of Pachiomius and Basil. The “reform” cloak passed to William the Pius, a “Bloodline” Duke of Aquitaine.

William the Pius, Duke of Aquitaine near Macon in Burgundy: He founded (909) the great Cluny Benedictine Monastery and reform now became the Cluniac Reform. Cluny was built on the property of Sts Peter and Paul and it became the most important monastery in history. Dukes of Aquitaine were Carolingian Merovingians; thus, the monks were dedicated to “the cause”: infiltration of the Roman Church. By the mid 12th Century, there were over 1000 Cluniac Reform monasteries. The bloodline of William the Pius, Duke of Aquitaine, its founder, produced William IX of Aquitaine who on threatened with excommunication told the bishop, “Absolve me or I’ll kill you” (Age of Faith); and William X of Aquitaine, famous leader of the Brotherhood Troubadours. Cluny was filled with double and triple headed half beast half man motifs Ibid. Our clue! And Cluny would become the instrument of the Crusades.

William the Pius passed his “reform” cloak to St. Dunstan of England.

St Dunstan (910-988): of a noble family allied to the ruling Merovingian house who was sent in his youth to the court of king Athelstan, the first King of all of England, who convened the first historical Freemason Assembly at York in 926 (Mackey). Dunstan later became Abbot of Glastonbury and began what is known as the revival of monastic life in England, promoting the reforms which had swept mainland France. He later became advisor to Eadred, was exiled to Flanders and became Archbishop of Canterbury on his return, thence, papal legate for England under John XII, the corrupt pope, who became pope age 18 to restore the Holy Roman Empire. A Synod condemned him for immorality but he was reinstated by Merovingian bloodline Otto I. He died at age 27 in year 964 on May 14 –the date Israel became a Nation in 1948. Those who know their Bible will understand the revelations here.

961 AD It is important to note that by now monks had taken over all pilgrim routes to important Christian Shrines; significant because in their former empire in the Middle East, during the Nabatean period, those who would become Merovingians controlled the desert highways charging enormous fees for passage and operating out of Petra, the city built in the red cliffs of Edom (Red). By this time, in 10th Century Europe, Merovingian monks controlled pilgrim routes to St. James, Santiago de Compostella, in Spain. And in 961, Le Grand Saint Bernard Hospice was founded by an Augustinian monk in the Swiss Alpines as a Pass for pilgrims going to and from Rome. It provided overnight shelter for up to 300. The founder is known as Bernard of Menthon, but his real name was Bernard of Montjoux, son of a Count from Montsalvaesche, Pyrenees, otherwise known as Grail Castle. Here the Grail was rumored to be kept. Later it was guarded by a Queen married to a Moor, whose son became one of the NINE founders of the Eastern Order of the Knights Templar. The queens who guarded the castle were known as Repense de Joy; thus, Mountsalvaesche was corrupted to Montjoux, itself a corruption of Mountjoy of Jerusalem. Grail Castle was integral to the Merovingian Plan to reclaim the Jerusalem throne. The Castle was enormous, filled with all the trappings of Merovingian wealth and their knights and troubadours frequented it. In just one more century, the Knights Templar would control pilgrim routes to Jerusalem itself. And it would be Cluniac monks in co-operation with the hermits who would facilitate this. But first the Merovingians needed to control the Papacy. Observe the names and the year (666 upside down) that this, for a time, came about :

996 – 999 AD The first German to be pope, becomes Gregory V, taking this name after his mentor Gregory the Great. He was a 24 year old relative of Emperor Otto III, Saxon descendant of Charlemagne, Carolingian (Merovingian). He, like John XII, was obviously too young to rule the Church. He was struck with malaria and like John XII died before the age of 30. And he was replaced by “Bloodline” Otto III’s former tutor.

999 AD The first Frenchman to be pope, becomes Sylvester II, former tutor of the Emperor Otto III (note:Sylvester I (314) had been pope during the reign of Constantine, who like Merovingians facilitated Christianity, but remained pagan until his deathbed). The new French pope, Sylvester II had been Abbot of the monastery founded by Columbanus, Bobbio; became one of its scholars, excelling in mathematics which had been learned in Arab schools in Spain; thence, he became Master at Reims. The French Merovingian infiltration had begun —in 999— 666 upside down! Clue: Sylvester died on what would become the eve of the Feast of Fatima, May 12.

Observe closely the progression of the infiltration in the following entries :

1057 : Stephen IX (X), French Abbot of Monte Cassino, Benedict’s monastery, becomes pope and surrounds himself with leading “Reformers” per the Merovingian mandate to “Reform the Church” (meaning “Crush the Church” per the conspiracy).

1058: Nicholas II, French from Burgundy becomes a leading reformer pope

1073: Gregory VII of Tuscany, part of the Carolingian kingdom of the Franks, and Cluniac monk becomes pope and transforms the Church into a legal institution with a monarchial form of government. He seems not to have played his “expected role” as he came into conflict with the Holy Roman Emperor when he issued a general ban on lay investiture. He died exiled captive of the Normans.

1087: Victor III, Abbot of Monte Cassino, Benedict’s monastery, becomes pope.

1088: Urban II, French Prior of Cluny (Reformed Benedictines) becomes the pope. Urban was of the “Eudes” family, not only the name of the King of the Franks, Eudes, who ruled 888 to 898 and considered one of the antecedent kings of the Capetian House

of France, but also the name of the Royal Capetian line of Burgundy, great grandson of Hugh Capet, Eudes I the RED of Burgundy who acceded 1079, NINE years before Urban (Eudes) became pope. And Eudes the Red acceded in that specific year because his brother, Hugh I of Burgundy, had abdicated to become the Prior of Cluny! Now something is very amiss here ! Is this just coincidence ? Both were sons of Henry of Burgundy who married Sibylle of Barcelona. Henry was son of Robert I of Burgundy, who was the son of Hugh Capet. Barcelona, home of their mother, was part of the Spanish March connected to Septimania and, here too, the Duke of Aquitaine in 1012 was Eudes of Aquitaine ! And Aquitaine and Septimania are extremely significant :

It happens that Septimania (Languedoc) is exactly where the Jesus-Magdalene heresy flourished, and where there was a large population of Cathar Jews who were given independent status by Pepin, Carolingian King. Thence their own kings ruled as: “seed of the Royal House of David”, each acknowledged as “King of the Jews”, most famous of whom was Guillem de Gellone, the Prince of Orange. Confusing this issue, these kings also claimed to be of Merovingian descent ; but not confusing when one realizes that Jesus was of the House of David and Mary Magdalene was from the town Magdala, 4 miles from Tiberius, founded by Herod Antipas, who was an Edomite descendant of Esau with whom Benjaminites married. Additionally, Absolom, David’s son, who pulled a coup d’etat on his own father in an attempt to take his throne, had a rebel following who would have joined the Benjaminite cause. Absalom died when

his long hair got caught in branches in the forest during the Coup. (2 Sam:18:9) And the Merovingians, first Dynasty of French kings, were the Long Haired Kings!! The details of the separate kingdom of Septimania were erased from history books; but the descendant bloodlines were apparently the “heretical Royal Bloodlines”as : Dukes of Aquitaine, Dukes of Lorraine, Dukes of Guise; Counts of Barcelona, Counts of Toulouse, Counts of Auvergne; Counts of Razes. (Holy Blood Holy Grail, Baigent.Leigh, Lincoln pp 368-371)

And it was precisely a Duke of Aquitaine who founded Cluny! Thus, Septimania now becomes extremely important, for now Urban II, descendant of the Eudes of Septimania and Cluny Prior, is the pope who will call the first Crusades resulting in the crowning of a direct lineal descendant of Guillem de Gellone, named Godfroi de Bouillon, Duke of Lorraine , as King of Jerusalem!

Aquitaine is so-named on maps of Second Century Roman Empire and comprised then, the whole area from Languedoc, South France, to Poitou and Anjou. Septimania was the area that was later known as the Languedoc. In the East, Herod Antipas named his Tiberius region by the Sea of Galilee Gaulinitis because of its proximity to Golan, from which Gaul took its name, having been first founded by the Phonecians. The Phonecian King of Tyre had been given 20 cities of Galilee by Solomon (1 Kings 9:11). These cities were not valuable to religious Jews of Israel as, from the time of the Syrian invasion, these were pagan cities. Between the region of the Galilee and Phonecia (Lebanon) was Mount Hermon, known as Mount Sion, which was 3 peaked; thus, the perfect mountain on which to worship the 3 headed snake Mersegur discussed earlier. Hence, Montsegur (in Languedoc aka Septimania) became the New Mount Sion of Cathar Merovingians. History records that upon arriving in Gaul, Phoenicians settled in Masilla, later named Marseilles, where Mary Magdalene also settled according to tradition. Marseilles is in Provence, which adjoins Septimania (the Longuedoc). France itself was named Gaul while the Languedoc was named Gallia. When the Merovingian Franks, known as Franci for fierce, began to rule in 481, Gaul then became Francia; thence France. The whole Southern section of France is known as the Midi-Pyrenees and the people of this region were the heretical Cathars. The early genealogy of the Midi people reads like the history of the early Merovingian kings, the first and surnames being identical. The Midi of France mingled with the Moors of Spain on the Spanish side of the Pyrenees, this area becoming the Carolingian Spanish March. The early kingdom of the Franks included what is now France, Belgium, Germany W. of the Rhine and most of Switzerland (The Merovingian Kingdoms, Ian Wood, p 5)

The following is an interpretation from my research of what early history suggests:

Galileans of Galilee became Gallians or Gaullics of Gaul so named after Herod’s Gaulanitis, Sea of Galilee region while others became Galatians of Galatia in Central Asia Minor, and Gallians Cisalpina in what later became N. Italy (interesting here is that the ancient Ethiopians were the tall Galla, a beekeeping people, since Merovingians were the ancient Meroites of Meroe of ancient Ethiopia who became one dynasty of Egyptian kings). Some Galatians became Graecians of Greece who later joined Gallians (Gaullics) of Gallia (Gaul); others with Alani became East Germanics. History records that many of the Gallians (Gaullics) of Gaul went back to Asia Minor and became Galatians of Galatia once again, whilst the craftsmen, now Romanized, settled Gallia Belgica (Septimania and Aquitaine) who gradually moved north to become Belgians. Early Gallia Belgica of Gaul became the Gallia Belgae of England and the Gaels of Scotland; the whole comprising Semites, Celts and Iberians some of whom became Celt-Iberians of Spain known as Basques who have the most sophisticated terrorist organization in the world; while some became Galicians in NW Spain. This name Gallicia was also applied to the region of the N. slopes of the Carpathian Mts. now part of Poland and Ukriane. It becomes more discernible in the context of Scythian Russian Celts, who settled Mesopotamia at start of civilization, a new wave arriving via Iran to become the ancient Sumerians and later the Assyrians, the Hyksos of Egypt and Hittites of Asia Minor (see History I) as well as Alani who migrated with the Germanics to Gaul and settled in Galia Ulterior and Portugal. The slogan of the KGB is “to rule from Siberia to Iberia”, or from Siberia of Russia to Basque Spain, land of terrorists, land of the pagan bull fights celebrated in dress codes half red /half white, land of Pyrenees Grail Castle, and land of their Brothers who once shared Gallia Belgica or Septimania, which under Carolingian rule added to this Southern France territory the Spanish March or Catalonian region of Spain to Barcelona (explaining the Prieure de Sion’s recent move to Barcelona).

The writings of early France reveal a “Canaanitish” script supporting this trek(Colliers). Pope Urban II, Cluniac, of the “noble royal bloodline of Eudes” was now the pope. He then called the Crusades, the means by which this Bloodline could reclaim the throne taken from the Benjamite King, Saul because of his failure to kill the evil Agag mentor of the Brotherhood, as God had instructed him through Samuel the Prophet. And instead of assigning the throne to Saul’s successor of the House of Benjamin, God gave it to the House of David. Not only were Benjamites bitter, but craftsmen who had made their home in Jerusalem (History I ) were bitter, for David claimed the Benjamite city of Jerusalem as capital and conscripted Jerusalem’s craftsmen and all aliens (the nonreligious of Herod’s region) of Israel to build Solomon’s Temple (1st Chron: 22:2)

When Eudes, Urban II, became pope, the Capetian line of kings of which King Eudes (son of “Bloodline” Robert the Strong) was antecedent, were in power. The 1st Capetian king was Hugh Capet who married Adelaide, daughter of William, Duke of Aquitaine !!

Hence, the Merovingian-Carolingian bloodline continued with the Capetian line! “With the exception of the Bonaparts, all the monarchs of France after 987 were descendents of Hugh Capet” (Colliers Encyclopedia 1981, emphasis mine).

And the Capetian kings took their name “Capet” from the cape of Martin of Tours !! which they had in their possession (Catholic Encyclopedia on line) This was the cape Martin had torn in two in imitation of 1 Kings: 11:26-40. It symbolized the transfer of power to the conspiracy. Capet himself became lay abbot of the abbeys of St.Martin and of St. Denis, (Colliers 1981), both being the original Merovingian monasteries. “Then began the difficulties which led the bishops devoted to Hugh to profess certain ‘Gallican principles’” (Catholic Encyclopedia on line). These Gallican principles were later promoted by the Hapsburg infiltration and Gallicanism became the thorn in the side of the First Vatican Council. Gallican principles were principles that suggested that France should have a different kind of Catholicism based on their “divine lineage”, articulated, of course, in less obvious terms, terms, which Christ’s Church, under guidance of the Holy Spirit, always rejected!

Remember that Christ promised to guide His Church until the end of the age. Infallibility is founded on Christ’s promise. As defined, it pertains only to matters of Faith and Morals, the dogmas of which have remained unchanged throughout two thousand years, despite the numerous attempts by the conspiracy to crush or to modernize them. God’s laws do not change or modernize to accommodate the laxing morals of society. Christ said hell’s gates would not prevail against His Church. Should they begin to prevail, as now, Christ will simply Return. And Hell’s gates were now at the door of the Church with Urban II. The Merovingian conspiracy had completely infiltrated the highest position in the Church of Christ, pope, and it was the Merovingian Normans that conquered England 1066, who supported his papacy. Norman rule was later cemented by the marriage of Geoffrey of Plantagenet to Empress Matilda and that of Henry II to Eleanor of Aquitaine, a granddaughter of William X of Aquitaine, the famous leader of the Troubadours of the Brotherhood ! Norman Merovingians were the power behind Urban II.

Urban’s speech at the Council of Clermont on Nov. 27, 1095 initiating the Crusades actually included the words, “the rescue of Sion” from the infidels; not Zion, but Sion. And Clermont was a NINE day Council which yields a gematria of 999: The Council of Clermont, November Eighteenth to Twenty Seventh ,Ten Ninety Five in Clermont, France = 999 In accordance with the plan, it was a HERMIT named Peter the Hermit who brought forth the need to rescue Jerusalem. Peter the Hermit was from the monastery in France which later became the property on which Bernard built his Clairvaux, but more on Bernard when we reach his role in the plot. The Crusader’s tunics were blazon in red crosses on white (half white and half red of transmutation), the symbol which stood for Akhenaten’s Brotherhood of the Sun. Walter the Penniless and Peter the Hermit both preached and led the first groups who murdered and pillaged throughout the Byzantine Empire en route. Godfroi de Bouillon, Duke of Lorraine, Septimania bloodline led the Crusader group which captured Jerusalem on July 13,1099 after a NINE day fast /march around the city (Dungeon Fire and Sword, John J Robinson 1991) murdering every Jew and Moslem i the city; afterwhich, Godfroi de Bouillon was proclaimed the King of Jerusalem. The Benjaminite throne had been restored ! But Godfroi didn’t live to celebrate, for he died within months per God’s justice!

And Urban II died before the news could even reach him! His oratory in the Lateran Palace depicts him with a square nimbus at Mary’s Feet. The conspiracy had thus, depicted him appropriately. For they had tried to square God’s circle and failed miserably; hence, the square nimbus. They had placed him at the Feet of Mary, their Adversary, the woman against whom they knowingly war, at the Feet of Mary which have crushed all their plans to rule Her Son’s Church ! The gematria of Mary is 57, and Urban died prematurely at age 57 !!

Urban II was canonized, at the behest of the conspiracy, by the first pope to issue a bull condemning Freemasonry, Leo XIII, in year 1881 (head 18)(81 Masons 81)! For you see, by then, Cluniac and Cistercian monks had long been in control of the Curia of the Vatican. And they had now contrived a situation whereby an openly anti-Masonic pope hostile to their cause had actually canonized their own Masonic infiltrator pope, and a great Masonic chuckle was had by all. But we will very soon see that Mary, Mother of God, had the last say on this in the year 1830 (head 18)(30 Heel 30). We will get to this shortly. Meanwhile, there is this:

Pope Urban II was born in Chatillon sur Marne, in the Champagne region of France (adjoining Burgundy) near Reims. The “nobles” of Chatillon sur Marne were Counts. Urban became pope in 1088. In 1088 the Count of Chatillon sur Marne was one Henry I of Chatillon who married Ermengarde de Montjoy of, yes, Septimania! His title was Seigneur de Chatillon-sur-Marne and Montjoy, based on the castle in the Pyrenees known as Grail Castle, from whence came, not only the founder of the pilgrim route to Rome, Bernard of Montjoux, whose name was portrayed Menthon though history (Butler/Delaney), but also one of the 9 founders of the Knights Templar.

The son of Seigneur de Chatillon-sur-Marne and Montjoy became the Prince of Antioch; his daughters married the Emperor of the East and King Bela III of Hungary respectively, which then included Pannonia, the first European home of Merovingians and of Martin of Tours ! Hungary later become part of the Merovingian Hapsburg Empire of the Hapsburgs Hapsburgs 222 ,who were Gallican Merovingians posing as Catholic, originally of Switzerland and part of the early Merovingian Frankish Empire. Situated very near Chatillon sur Marne is Chalons sur Marne and here in the year 1400 (double spiritual perfection (7 + 7) x 100 Reign of God 100) on the eve of the Feast of the Annunciation (March 24), a thornbush became engulfed in flames, yet the leaves and branches did not burn, exactly like the burning bush from which God spoke to Moses, “I Am that I Am”. News spread quickly and was witnessed by many since the bush continued to burn for the entire night and the entire next day. However, this bush was different from that of Moses, for in the midst of the flames stood a statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary holding the Child Jesus which had miraculously appeared and was not affected by the flames. When the flames finally ceased, the Bishop of Chalons, Charles of Poitiers, carried it to the chapel which was dedicated to John the Baptist (patron of the Brotherhood of 1717). During the years of the Revolution, fearing for its safety, the pastor of the church, which name had been changed to Our Lady of the Thorn, removed the miraculous statue from the altar. The date it was removed is recorded as Dec. 6, (1793), the exact date of the Masonic Halifax Explosion (1917) but also the exact date that the tomb of Saint Mary Magdalene was removed from view of the invading Muslims, Dec. 6 (in 710) thence, hidden in France. The statue was replaced on the altar exactly 7 years later. And she was crowned by the same Pope who condemned Freemasonry, and who had been tricked into crowning (sainting) Masonic pope Urban II, Leo XIII, who said, “Yes, Our Lady of the Thorn shall be crowned and in my name. Prepare for her a diadem worthy of the Mother of God and of the people whom she protects…” (Miraculous Images of Our Lady, Joan Carrol Cruz, 1992 pp 101,102)

The Two Dates :

March Twenty Fourth, Fourteen Hundred = 416

December Sixth, Seventeen Ninety Three = 387

Total 803 = Prime Number 139

Holy Ground 139 versus Freemasonry =139

God told Moses not to approach the burning bush for it was Holy Ground.

The Blessed Mother’s Message in the above apparition:

Freemasonry has planned the seven year tribulation, the Freemasons of Septimania (Seven Mania) where the early Craftsmen of Jerusalem settled (See History I). And Urban II was of this line. These are the same Merovingian-Carolingian-Capetian and subsequently all French Kings who based their “Gallicanism” on a false divine royal bloodline of the union of Jesus and Mary Magdalene, both heretical and false. They are the Masons who planned the French Revolution and all revolutions. They were behind the Halifax Explosion of Dec.6, as well as the hiding of the body of Mary Magdalene on Dec.6. They are the Masons who formed publicly on the Feast of John the Baptist (England 1717). Leo XIII was cleverly tricked into the crowning of the infiltrator pope, Urban II, for it was exactly Leo XIII who was later chosen to crown Our Lady of the Thorn. All things are foreseen by Heaven, by the Great I AM, who sends Mary time and again to warn us, but we don’t even pay attention. Perhaps Leo XIII was chosen for this crown in order to offset the other. Recall that Jesus asked Peter, the first Pope three times, Peter do you love me ? This, because Peter had denied Jesus three times and all three had to be atoned for. When Mary Magdalene’s body was later exhumed, it was found that her tongue had not decayed and from it had grown an aromatic plant. This became the basis of the Merovingian Plantagenets and the French Merovingian Plantards, the latter of France who now claim to be the true Merovingian bloodline. For us, it is the confirmation of the truth of Mary Magdalene’s words, spoken with her tongue, to the apostles, telling them that Christ had risen.

The bottom line of the Blessed Mother’s message above, is that if we allow the 7 year plan to proceed, it will be paramount to the Annunciation of the Lord (Feast Mar. 25) Mary appeared one day ahead at Chalons Sur Marne that we may be one year ahead. For the final 7 year plan is scheduled for Dec.13, 2002, one year from now. And we are behind. For this same Brotherhood tricked Pope John XXIII into Vatican II which caused the greatest falling away of the faithful in history. This was also part of the message of Chalons. For the word used to portray Vatican II’s “spirit of renewal” was Aggiornamento, after AGAG (as was Agca sent to assassinate John Paul II, on the Feast of Fatima, 1981). Aggiornamento is a Masonic code-word meaning, “fraternity with” equals “door within”: Aggiornamento = 139 Freemasonry = 139 Vatican II was an intrusion on Christ’s Holy Ground 139 , His Church ! The resulting “falling away” or “apostasy” of the faithful was that spoken of by Paul to the Thessalonians (2 Thess:2:3) and it compounded the 1517 Reformation. The code for the present infiltration phase is The Koinonia = 121 anti-Christ = 121. And the “5 points of Fellowship” on which Koinonia is based comes directly from the handbook of every Freemason. Its the name of one of their prime rituals, which seals their loyalty to the cause on five points of fellowship: foot to foot, knee to knee, chest to chest, hand to back and mouth to ear (meaning secret). The WCC, behind Koinonia, has been a Soviet instrument since 1966 with pro-Marxist policy (Keys of This Blood, M Martin p. 304)

Marxist, Communist, Leninist = 333 The Koinonia is defined by this WCC as: fellowship in faith, life, witness =333 (the ecclesiastic half of 666).

Infiltration Chronology Continued:

Jerusalem was now in the hands of the Crusaders. A Merovingian was King of Jerusalem The year was 1099. King Godfroi, of the Septimania “bloodline” had sold his property before going to Jerusalem and had gone to Jerusalem NINE years prior to the Crusades to found an Order which he named the ORDER DE SION. Now that he was King of Jerusalem, he constructed on the ruins of the “Mother of All Churches”, an abbey which he named Abbey of Notre Dame du Mont de Sion. The Augustinian monks inhabiting this Abbey became known as the Chevaliers de L’ordre de Notre Dame de Sion. (Holy Blood, Holy Grail, pp 84,85 based on its original documents and later Charter dated May 2,1125).

The Prieure de Sion of France now had an octopus organization in Jerusalem. Meanwhile, back in France, the cogs of another huge wheel were being put in place. In 1098, 21 Benedict monks left the Benedict monastery of Molesmes in Burgundy (an old Martin of Tours monastery) and established at Dijon in Burgundy, the first Cistercian monastery which they named Citeaux. Here, they established the School of Charity, the timeless “front” of Freemasonry which works so well. According to the “Encyclopedia of Catholicsm”, Harper Collins, 1995, there were 333 Cistercian monasteries by 1151 in France, Italy, Germany, England, Slovenia, Scotland, Spain, Ireland, Denmark, Bohemia, Norway, Portugal, Poland, Hungary. Exactly 333! This “333” is a troubadour message for you see, among the authors of this book was Hans Kung, excommunicated priest who leads the World Parliament of Religions, at which he condensed the 10 Commandments of God down to 4, whilst eliminating the word “God” altogether, in deference to Wicca and other Satanic organizations who make up the membership of “religions”. The information in this particular Encyclopedia of Catholicism is not trustworthy. In fact, they even have the three children of Fatima confused, probably intentionally, that the Fatima message be distorted. It was this same World Parliament of Religions which was behind the UN Summit hosted by Ted Turner, which attempted to get the Church to sign a document, August 31, 2000, declaring that all religions were equal. The Church stood firm and refused to sign. All religions are not equal. Most of them are founded on false Masonic prophets as any thorough research will reveal. God said He was a jealous God ; thus, it is our responsibility to insure we are honoring the True God in His True Home on earth. And it is also our responsibility to insure that His True Home is honored ! More than any heretical Merovingian organizations, the Cistercians personified the banality of evil at its finest. The name Cistercian and of their first monastery, Citeaux derive from Cistus, of the Cistaceae or rockrose family resembling the wild rose and cultivated in the Mediterranean. The Myrrh with which Mary Magdalene anointed the Body of Jesus also comes from the Cistus family. And they had chosen the Magdalene as the sinful Mary to pit against sinless Mary, Mother of God, assigning her the symbol of the Rose and Cross in memory of the Brotherhood of the Sun founded by Akhenaten who had taken as its symbol the Rose and Cross (Lewis).Cistercians were Rosicrucians. And this Rosicrucian order of monks would triumph in its infiltration of the Church.

By the12th Century, they had taken over bishoprics, legatine offices that the Cluny monks formerly held, and had replaced Cluniacs in the Vatican Curia (the administration)! Cistercians organized under a Charter of Charity written by England’s Stephen Harding who became one of its priors. But the early monks began to die off from a mysterious illness which killed many monks. The mysterious illness was self induced poisoning through the use of absinthe, the poisonous vermouth alcohol derivative of Wormwood of the Rockrose family and of the common variety found in roadside weeds of the family “Artemisia Absinthium” which these monks used not only to symbolize the beginnings of the Conspiracy in Meroe of ancient Abyssinia, but used literally. It now becomes apparent that the word “Abby” itself was a derivative of Abyssinia, their ancestral home. The symbolic and literal use of Wormwood was important to the Meroe Conspiracy because their Star of Revelation which poisons the earth at end time is Wormwood and because of Scriptural passages in which wormwood represents “bitter” experiences.

More importantly, God’s curse through Moses was analogized to wormwood:

“Let there be no …….clan…….among you who would now turn away their hearts from the Lord our God and serve these pagan gods. Let there be no root that would bear such poison and wormwood among you. If any such person upon hearing this curse should beguile himself into thinking he can safely persist in his stubbornness of heart…the Lord will never consent to pardon him. Instead the Lord’s wrath and jealousy will flare up against that man, and every curse mentioned in this book will alight on him. The Lord will blot out his name from under the heavens and will single him out from all the tribes of Israel for doom, in keeping with all the curses of the covenant inscribed in this book of the law ”. Deut: 29:17-20 (emphasis mine)

The House of Benjamin was singled out for doom. It sided with evil and pagan gods per Judges:19, 20, 21 which provide the backdrop of this Merovingian conspiracy. Wormwood is bitter; honey of bees sweet ; thus, another quote becomes important: “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who change darkness into light; who change bitter into sweet and sweet into bitter………Woe to the champions at drinking wine; the valiant at mixing strong drink” (Isaiah 5:20-22)

Enter history the dashing St. Bernard of Clairvaux, the “Honey-Sweet Doctor”, whose symbol is the Merovingian bee, and with him 30 of his relatives and friends that he had “miraculously” converted. And the dying Cistercian Order was saved from extinction from wormwood (which Bernard apparently made generous use of, given his precarious health conditions). Indeed the monks were expecting just such a “Miracle” as their previous abbot of Citeaux had returned from the dead to tell them, “…behold God will shortly…send to you a great number of persons and they shall so fill this house that they shall go forth from it like swarms of bees to overspread all parts of the world…” (Bernard of Clairvaux, p.43) Bernard the Bee indeed went forth with his swarms of bees and founded, on land given to him by the Count of Champagne, who ran an esoteric school of Kabalistic studies in Troyes (New Troy), the Abbey of Clairvaux (meaning Kabalistic clairvoyance). The land was in the Valley of Absinthe, called the Valley of Wormwood where Bernard named his abbey, Clairvaux, because it was situated in the “Eye of the Sun”(Butler). In all, Bernard built 160 monasteries and almost became the voice of the Church, for, in the near future, his own student would become pope. The present-day reformed Cistercians, the Trappists, make their living through sale of wines. Producing alcoholic wines which have the capacity to addict /destroy is a strange way of life for holy monks.

Bernard had arrived in Citeaux in the year 1112. To understand the cunning of the organizational strategy of this conspiracy throughout these years, we need to backtrack one year. Recall, while noting that 1 year back is 1111, that this conspiracy began when in I Kings11:11 , God took the kingdom of the ten tribes from Solomon (later all but Jerusalem) giving it to Solomon’s servant, who was in charge of the House of Joseph, Benjamin’s brother (basis of Brotherhood). Hence the year 1111 was chosen for their finest plot. Recall also, Freemasonry first organized in Nineveh, NINE veh (Mackey):

1111 AD: Exactly NINE French knights banded together in a military Brotherhood to protect the pilgrim routes to Jerusalem, taking no new members into their order for exactly NINE years. They were named the “Poor Fellow Soldiers of Christ”, thence becoming known as the Poor Knights of Christ and later still, as the famous Knights Templars because of the proximity of their headquarters, the palace of the Aqsa Mosque (Dungeon, Fire and Sword) to the Temple Mount. The authors of Holy Blood Holy Grail provide the chronology supporting the true foundation in the year 1111. One of the NINE was Bernard’s uncle, named Andre de Montbard. Three of the

NINE were vassals of the Count of Champagne, the same count who donated land to Bernard of Clairvaux in the Valley of Wormwood. The leader of the new order was from Burgundy, this descent having been a prerequisite in the latter part of the reign of the first French Merovingian line of kings (Burgundians were German; Germany was the first Merovingian residence in their trek between Pannonia and France, and Clovis, first Merovingian King, married a Burgundian princess; hence, an important aspect of the bloodline). The leader’s name was Hugh de Payens. And in 1118 this military order proclaimed itself publicly as the Poor Knights of Christ.

We’ve seen these words “the Poor” used constantly by the Conspiracy, and we are given a clue in that the Hebrew word for “the poor” was Ebionites which, in turn, pertained to Jewish “Christians” who rejected Paul and acknowledged Christ as a man only, rejected His Divinity and rejected that He was born of the Virgin Mary. The Merovingians had taken it one step further and claimed to be His offspring. Hence we see this was another play on words which the Brotherhood love so well. For the Brotherhood are anti-Christian and anti-Jew; more specifically anti-God for they perceive themselves as the rejected of God.

As for their poor in Jerusalem, the Templars had been preceded by another organization, the Amalfi merchants of Naples who had established trade with the Middle East and received permission in 1048 from Caliph Billah to set up hospitals in Jerusalem for the sick or poor pilgrims. They had built two hospitals, consecrated to John the Almoner and Mary Magdalene (Mackey). They were named the Hospitallers . And in 1120 with the Templars now established, Raymond du Puy, of Le Puy France changed the structure of the Hospitallers making them also a religious military order for the protection of pilgrims in the Holy Land (Age of Faith p 593) just like the Templars. Whereas the Templars wore white garb with a red cross, the Hospitallers wore black garb with a white cross . They were forced to work together during the Crusades. French Norman Merovingians (of Rollo of Norway) were now in control of the foot of Southern Italy (Foot of the Boot for a perfect strike at the Heel of the Church ). Bearing in mind the Merovingian trek was Galatia to Greece to Troy (9th Troy) to Pannonia to what later became W. Germany and Switzerland, then, on to France; others by-passing France to Scandinavia and returning to France as Normans, who then took England, the organization of military orders in Jerusalem looked like so:

1111: Templars were founded (public 1118) by Hugh de Payens of Troyes Burgundy Burgundy had become the Kingdom of Burgundy under Charlemagne in the NINTH Century and included part of Switzerland and also Provence. It controlled the flow of commerce between France, Italy and Switzerland and it controlled the mountain passes. It was later known as the Kingdom of Arles, ecclesiastic nucleus of Merovingian France. Hence Templar allegiance would be to Sicambrian Franks, emphasizing the Pannonia to Germany to France line of Merovingian kings, originating in Meroe of Abyssinia. But more importantly it would emphasize the Benjaminite aspect of the bloodline.

1120: Hospitallers were given a new face by Raymond of Le Puy, Southern France, which, at his time in history, was just west of, and near the border of the Kingdom of Burgundy; thus, a part of the Southern Midi Pyrenees area with SEPTIMANIA. And the Cevennes Mountains of Le Puy were riddled with Cistercian Monasteries. Additionally, a white-hooded radical militant Brotherhood known as the Capuciati were suppressed there in 1184. Later it was discovered that the head, worshipped by Templars, had written beneath it the words, Caput, very possibly explained by the proximity of the Capuciati of Le Puy to the Kingdom of Burgundy.

This order of Hospitallers was a renewal of the old Military Hospitaller Order of St Lazarus of Jerusalem (Bernard of Clairvaux, p 123), of the 4th Century (Guiness) founded by Basil the Great, founder of Eastern monasticism. In 1120, Hospitallers, originally funded by Amalfi merchants of Naples, comprised Augustinian monks. And Naples, traditionally Greek, translates “New City”. Hence, the Hospitaller allegiance would have been to Greek Merovingians who settled in Southern Italy, in Southern France (Septimania), Northern Spain, and the Scandinavian countries, with emphasis on their descent from King Priam of Troy and mindful of their original descent from Meroe of Ancient Abyssinia. More importantly, it would emphasize the Davidian over the Benjamite aspect of the Merovingian bloodline through David’s son, Absalom. This would explain why Septimania called their kings “seed of David”.

1124: Order of St. John is founded in Scotland (Gaels of whom were descendants of)

1190: Teutonic Knights were founded by German Crusader knights in Palestine who set up a hospital in Acre (Age of Faith, Will Durant p. 593) Germany had been part of Austrasia of the early Merovingian Kingdom of the Franks and “Franconia” was still in use in that part of Germany (until the 13th Century). They too, were part of the Sicambrian Franks who came from Pannonia and emphasis would have been on the German only Merovingian line of the Benjamite bloodline, as with the Templars. In looking at the Merovingian trek Spain closed the circle between their original home as a dynasty of Egyptian kings from Meroe of ancient Abyssinia, and their new home in France. And Spain was then populated with Fatimids, who it was that originally set up the Lodge system with its degrees of light (Ibid) and Berbers who promoted the system Thus, the Spanish March united the peoples past and present, both sides of the Pyrenees. The gateway to the Pyrenees is the city of Lourdes which is why the Blessed Mother appeared there to Bernadette, who was named after “Bernard” of Clairvaux !!

Enter history once again Bernard of Clairvaux of Burgundy who wrote the rule of the Templars and got them approved by the Church at the Council of Troyes 1128, during a time of schism in the Church when Celestine II was anti-pope. And the year 1128 just happened to coincide with the marriage of Empress Matilda to Geoffrey Plantagenet of Anjou (Merovingian), the real power behind that Council. Bernard’s own student, a monk then became Eugenius III, during whose papacy Bernard began to preach and call for a Second Crusade, rousing all of Europe to a Crusade which ended in disaster. And his letter to “his pope” persuading this Crusade included the code-words, apple and eye (Bernard of Clairvaux, p 316). By now, Bernard’s voice carried the supreme air of authority in the Christian world, He was even consulted by rulers. He led the struggle pro the papacy of Innocent II who later approved the Franciscan monks [Nicholas deLyra/Cabala]; pro-Emperor Lothaire II (Merovingian); and pro the see of York in England (present day Templars are York rite). Indeed through St. Malachi, Bernard’s bees had cross-pollinated to York with Cistercian monasteries all the way to Armagh. Malachi died in the arms of Bernard and per the symbolic “passing of the cloak”, Malachi was buried in the cloak of Bernard, who likewise was buried in that of Malachi !And both reminisced Antony’s cloak! Including the Children’s Crusade, there would be NINE Crusades in quest of Sion. This Jerusalem Sion Movement would be enhanced 700 years later by another major infiltrator posing Catholic, founder of the Religious of Our Lady of Sion, Ratisbonne who was miraculously converted when a vicious dog appeared to him in a Church just prior to a vision of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal. Let it be known emphatically that apparitions of the Mother of God are not preceded by vicious dogs, but, when and if preceded, rather, by St. Michael. Dogs were Merovingian lore, the father of, Clovis, Childeric, having had a vision of his future descendants as “lions, unicorns, leopards, wolves and dogs” (The Merovingian Kingdoms 450-751, Ian Wood, 1994 p 39). It was a troubadour message!

And Ratisbonne wrote the biography of Bernard of Clairvaux! Accordingly, it is included references to “bees”! It was appropriate he chose Bernard, since one of the most read books of his time was the Golden Legend, wherein was written that Bernard’s mother had a dream when she bore him, in which she saw a whelp white in color but reddish on the back barking in her womb. This too was a troubadour message, half white/half red which signified the transmutation from the Spirit of God to the spirit of Satan, the mandate of the first Illuminati and of the Merovingians who were the proud wolves of England (descendants of Wuffa.and named the Wolf People) and the proud dogs of France, who comprised the Romans, who were the dogs of Psalms 22:17, who cast lots for the cloak of Jesus at His Cross. And in support of their “divine bloodline”, the Merovingians kings had claimed to have a red cross birthmark on their backs !! Hence, we understand the true meaning of the dream.

Seemingly, de Voragine had information on Bernard long since concealed, for he tells us that Bernard excommunicated flies and drank blood, saying that it cooled his mouth and throat. The Illuminati, who attend Satanic black masses, also drink blood in their rituals as did the Illuminati founded by Adam Weishaupt of Germany in 1776. This fact is well documented by Heckethorn in “the Secret Societies of All Ages & Countries”p.314.

And leaders of our countries are Illuminati members of this diabolically disoriented Order of wolves in sheeps clothing, who have deceived the world for centuries! In truth, Bernard’s biographer, Theodore Ratisbonne, was great grandson of Cerfbeer, the famous promoter of Jewish emancipation, whose brother had set up the Fathers of Sion in Jerusalem. When he built his first church in Jerusalem, Theodore Ratisbonne named it Ecce Homo! Not Behold God, but Behold Man and that is the conspiracy in a nutshell. And it takes us right back to the serpent in the Garden of Eden who in essence said, No No, God is just afraid if you eat of that forbidden fruit that you will become as knowledgeable as He. Go ahead, eat the apple and you will become just like God and then you will have no need of God. This is the essence of the New World Order, the conspirators of which appropriately chose the five point star, found in the core of an apple cut transversely, and accordingly, named the core of their “New World” operations, the Big Apple. Such is the banality of evil.

Hence, we have the 5 Point Star Conspiracy, which the Blessed Mother has been trying to point out to us. For high in the mountain of Montserrat in the Pyrenees, the Blessed Mother is found as the Black Madonna in a Benedictine monastery ! Black Madonna’s are found wherever the conspiracy is found. Accordingly, we simply seek the star. It takes us to another famous legend in which the mother of a Benedictine bishop named Wolfgang whose Feast Day is Oct. 31st, Satan’s day, is said in her pregnancy of him, to have been “carrying a star in her body” (Delaney). The first pilgrim at his chapel was a wolf and Wolfgang is portrayed in art with the devil holding the mass book. It too was a troubadour message : carrying a star in her body

254 the first Jubilee of Israel 254

(the 1998 Masterplan of the 5 point Star Conspiracy)

Wolfgang was a Benedictine of Einsiedein and, sure enough, at Einsiedein is found a Black Madonna. She is pointing out the Black Benedictines, some of whom later became Black Cistercians , both set up as agents of the black goal of Merovingians. But then, no one pays attention to the Blessed Mother. For we have been tricked into thinking we have no need of God’s Son or His Mother by the very same serpent. In the region of Russia that later became Poland is found another Black Madonna. She is the image loved by John Paul II, Our Lady of Czestochowa. Her portrait was brought there by Prince and holy St. Ladislaus during the Tartar invasions when an arrow pierced the throat of the Virgin, which resisted repair. Later, Hussites tried to remove it during a robbery and when the horses refused to move they threw the image to the ground. One drew his sword and inflicted two deep gashes on the face of the Blessed Virgin. Preparing to inflict a third gash, he fell to the ground and writhed in agony until his death. These gashes resisted repair as well (Miraculous Images of Our Lady, Joan Carrol Cruz). They symbolize the hatred propogated by the Brothers towards the Blessed Mother. The connection is that Adalbert, patron saint of Poland was a Benedictine monk, cannonized in 999 and his death was April 23rd (997), feast of St. George, the Crusader saint, a date which will become important in this document. Adalbert was intimate with Otto III, of “the bloodline” and was part of Otto’s scheme for a “renovatio imperii Romanorum” (Butler).

The massive deaths wrought through the NINE Crusades were the work of the serpent inspired Brotherhood, and it was just a start. For in year 1291 Acre fell and the Knights headed home in defeat. Note that the battle of Hattin, which was their real deathblow, took place between July 1st(Canada Day)and July 4th(US Day) and Hattin was located, appropriately, near Magdala, home of Mary Magdalene!

This was truly God’s Justice!

The New World was to be Utopia, a world without kings, popes, Jews or Catholics. The ships, Nino, Pinto, Santa Maria translate “Nine Spot for St.Mary”(Magdalene) which is why the Santa Maria sank ! Columbus was part of the Merovingian heresy. He was married to a Merovingian, a Braganza, and had worked for Rene D’Anjou, one of the many Merovingian Kings of Jerusalem, resulting from the Crusades. The Hospitallers became the Knights of Rhodes, thence the Knights of Malta and controlled the sea from their fortress on Malta which was built in the shape of a 5 Point Star, named Fort St. Elmo (The Cross and the Crescent, M Billings, p 218 )! In 1798 they came under Russian Rule. And Russia now leads the 5 point Star Conspiracy ! But they, as well as knights of Switzerland, home of the original Sion, roam the Vatican !! Hence the main guard of JPII was killed by a Swiss Knight May 4, 1998, the exact date that the Middle East Peace was signed on a Cairo stage in 1994. And the 7th anniversary of that signing is May 4, 2001. Is John Paul II in danger ??? Villa del Priorato di Malta ( Knights of Malta headquarters) 249 Novus Ordo Seclorum 249

I would strongly suggest that John Paul II is in danger, as is Christ’s Church! Let it be known that the daily Sacrifice of the Mass, Christ’s Paschal Sacrifice, meant to endure to the end of the world (1 Corr: 11:26), is the grace without which the world would long ago have self-destructed. For when the Catholic Church stumbles, the world falls. A Godless world is Satan’s agenda and the day we stop consecrating the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ on Roman Catholic altars and join conspiracy WCC thinking, is the day the blood of Nations will shed in the global Chastisement foretold in Scripture. The daily Sacrifice of the Mass is the grace by which God tolerates the sacrileges by which man offends Him! The Secret Brotherhoods and their present successes, are exactly what will bring Christ, Who promised Hell’s gates would not prevail against His Church. And these are Hell’s gates!

As were these:

The Templars returned to France and became the elite bankers of the country and maintained their fleet of ships at La Rochelle or La Pallice and their preceptories. The ships which explored the New World, Champlain’s etc. left from La Pallice. Columbus left from Barcelona of the Spanish March-Septimania alliance, Pyrenees. Templars were said to have brought back many treasures which Bernard oversaw and which are said to have ended up in the heretical Cathar fortress of Montsegur, later crushed by the Church, preventing the triumph of Satanism in our world. Teutonic Knights of Germany completed the conquest of the Baltics for Germany (1st mainland European home of the Merovingians, Pannonia) and even attempted to take Russia, but failed. They managed to get a foot in Poland but were ousted in 1333. In Germany, they established their headquarters at Marianburg (re: Mary Magdalene) and ruled their preceptories from there. It was they who 1st threw their support to Martin Luther, Augustinian Monk, and not only contrived, but financed the Protestant Reformation. Surviving Templars joined the cause, the Reformation, which effectively took NINE million faithful from the Church Christ founded. This was a Major Home Run for Sion’s knights, the first of which had banded together in 1111 (because of 1:Kings: 11:11).

Christ’s faithful flock were tricked by that Infiltration :

Martin Luther, Augustinian monk, posted his thesis at Wittenburg,

October Thirty First, Fifteen Seventeen = 1111

I wrote, “surviving” Templars , for on October 13, 1307, the Merovingian King of France, and the Merovingian pope (his own cousin) who he installed on the Chair of Peter by having the former pope murdered, arrested the all too wealthy and all too arrogant Templars in France, who, after the Crusades, no longer served any Merovingian purpose. The other Merovingian stronghold, England, was prompted to do likewise. For you see, the Templars had been sold to the world as a Christian organization and had received contributions by Christians throughout the Crusade years, becoming extremely wealthy and powerful. Nothing corrupts like wealth and accordingly, the Templars were accused of Satanic activities ( by their own creators who were Satanists), were then tried, formally dissolved; thence executed. Friday, October 13th became their day of revenge. That is why the present Middle East talks began formally on Oct 13th , 1993. And that is also why the Irish peace became Good Friday peace. All of the world’s conflicts are their clouds with silver lining, the formula to World Chaos, the timeless goal of this ancient Brotherhood. Templars were arrested on Oct 13 1307 and executions began eve of May 13, 1310 which, in Israel, would actually be May 13 as Israel days change 6 PM. Significant is that Our Lady of Fatima appeared May13 to Oct.13 (1917) warning of Russia which had taken over the Knights of Malta (1798). Many of the French Templars who had survived the arrest (1307) went to Scotland; others had naturally joined forces with their former enemies, the Hospitallers, throughout the centuries. Malta knights who came under Russian rule in 1798 would have included this alliance. Later, England and France again became involved with the Knights of Malta. When John XXIII reinstated them in 1961, the British patronized what had become the Protestant contingent, under their mandate of Arthur’s Knights of the Round Table, Windsor Castle, revived as the Order of the Garter in 1348, patron St.George and 1st on the list of sinister Illuminati arms . Catholic/Protestant are a misnomer. They are neither; they are the infiltration of both ; the infiltration of all Christianity. Knights of Malta, now on the smallest of the 7 hills of Rome, are the Red (Communist) harlot of Rev:17, members of which include the world’s “intelligence”agents and cut-outs, many of whom belong also to the Prieure de Sion, creator of the Templars. Knights of Malta (formerly Hospitallers) run hospitals, morgues and St. John Ambulances which they can delay or not, if ordered. The Order of the Garter,Knights of Malta comprise, with Masons, Rosicrucians, Illuminati, the Great Universal Brotherhood. Malta fortress was a 5 point star; Merovingians built star shaped monasteries (Ian Wood) and there are 5 plans to the 5 point star Conspiracy, ending Dec13, 2002.


September Fourteenth, Thirteen Zero Seven = 463 order to arrest Templars1307

October Thirteenth, Thirteen Zero Seven = 433 arrests 1307

August Twelfth, Thirteen Zero Eight = 395 Commission Instituted 1308

November Twenty Second, Thirteen Zero Nine 466 DeMolay before inquiry 1309

March Twenty Eighth, Thirteen Ten = 345 546 knights to inquiry 1310

April Eleventh, Thirteen Ten = 285 trial 1310

May Twelfth, Thirteen Ten = 271 some knights burned 1310

June Eleventh, Thirteen Eleven = 303 inquiry results to pope 1311

March Twenty Second, Thirteen Twelve = 396 meeting to abolish 1312

April Third, Thirteen Twelve = 301 abolishment announced 1312

May Second, Thirteen Twelve = 285 assets given Hospitallers 1312

March Eleventh, Thirteen Fourteen = 337 GM De Molay burned 1314

4280 15722

Total 4280 + 15722 = 20002 = 2002

The same 2002 !! Notice March 22 is the date they were abolished. It is also the date they held their 1st meeting in the New World (Nova Scotia); and in turn, the date of Hermes death (Akhenaten’s Order), and of Solar Templars/Heaven’s Gate deaths. But it is also the birth date of Lucia of Fatima who was told she would live to see the fulfillment of Fatima, and she is now 94 years old. The fulfillment has to be soon ! The 13th of the 12th month was chosen because it is the date in history that the Jews were to have been annihilated by Hamon, which failed. Note that the date was chosen by lot (lottery) The lottery in my country is Lotto 649. Lot is offset by: The Collegial Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary = 649

And there is also this:

Merovingian Childebert III who died in 711, was ordered to draw up a charter by Carolingian Pippin II, a charter which provides evidence that the Carolingian mayors of the palaces dominated the later Merovingian kings, which must have been a source of major embitterment. And the date of that Charter was Dec 13 !!! (695) (The Frankish Kingdoms 751-987, (p.28) by Rosamond McKitterick, who cites Childebert II ; however, the year 695 indicates Childebert III ) The cumulative day counts of the Middle East peace on Dec 13, 2002 yield 17765589. The total begins with 1776, the year the Illuminati was founded in Germany. This is clearly a confirmation of Dec 13, 2002 as the final plan. But it is also a confirmation of the Russian betrayal, the Cross of which has a sum of 20002=2002 Aug.29, 2001!!

Infiltration Chronology Continued:

During the Crusade years, other events at home in France are worthy of our attention. In 1204, Bernard’s Cistercians founded what would later be named a Jansenist center in Port Royal near Versailles. The dark and gloomy pessimism of the Jansenist heresy, given this name later when it was developed by Janssens (d.1698) and condemned by the Church, was a precursor of Calvinism and sparked the conflict between Jansenists and Jesuits. The Illuminati , which formed in 1776, was particularly anti-Jesuit for this reason, among others. And it becomes obvious that the Illuminati was particularly pro the heresy of Jansenism in that the 1st settlement in New World Acadia (Nova Scotia) was named precisely Port Royal, settled by Champlain and De Monts, who were assisted by Don Francisco Columbo, a Knight of Malta (A History of Nova Scotia p 187,308) ! They sailed from La Pallice /LaRochelle of the Templars/Hospitallers. La Rochelle was a port city connected to Plantagenets through Eleanor of Aquitaine. Additionally, when Spanish conquered Mexico, the British Royals, in an attempt to steal Mexican gold from Spanish galleons, set up the pirate system to rob their gold, and these pirates, many of whom were ex-Templars, were set up on an Island which was also named, yes, Port Royal and which was completely destroyed in an earthquake per the Justice of God ! Accordingly, not only did the 1st settlement in New World Acadia(Nova Scotia) bear the name Port Royal after the monastery founded by the Cistercians , but its first monastery was named Petit Clairvaux, after Bernard’s monastery of Clairvaux which was in the Valley of Wormwood.

And to this day, Halifax has a theatre named Wormwood (X-rated films). It becomes obvious that Halifax was an important first Masonic city in the Acadian New World, which explains the “head” of the Halifax Explosion 1917 in St.Paul’s discussed earlier. Bernard’s words (re: Mary Magdalene vs. Mother) were numerically code-perfect ! Bernard of Clairvaux had single-handedly done what the Conspiracy had attempted for centuries. He not only established the most heretical form of monasticism which spread throughout all Europe to the New World, but he infiltrated the Church at its highest level, initiated the Crusades, wrote the rule of /controlled the Templars, and, by virtue of the impact of all the above, one can attribute both Calvinism and the Reformation to Bernard of Clairvaux. One can even attribute the continuation of the mandate of Freemasonry to Bernard of Clairvaux, since the disaster he had created through the Crusades led to the arrest and execution of his no longer needed “Templars” which, in turn, created the climate of revenge which festered through the centuries to the present age. Templars had provided the political clout and the finances that this Brotherhood needed to succeed. The New World was the product of that success. The Merovingian Cathar Brothers had scored in a major way with their monk, Bernard of Clairvaux and accordingly, they saw to it that Bernard went down in the annals of the Church in a major way. They waited for the appropriate year to do so. For it was exactly the year 1830, (head 18 versus Heel 30) of Gen: 3:15

that Bernard of Clairvaux was declared a Doctor of the Church. Home Run!

Enter history definatively, the Blessed Mother, who, in the same year 1830, on November 27, the exact date Eudes called the Crusades at Clermont, appeared in Paris, the city founded by the first Merovingian King, Clovis, and for the first time in history, appeared standing on the head of the serpent of Gen: 3:15. Per the original Douay Reims Bible, in use throughout all Christianity until the Protestant Reformation, God’s words to the serpent in Gen: 3:15 read as follows:

“I will put enmities between thee and the woman and thy seed and her seed: she shall crush thy head and thou shalt lie in wait for her heel”. = 1203 = 3 x 401 Number 401 is prime (cannot be divided). It is the 79th P.N. of our notation system: Loving 79 Virgin 79 Mother 79 Visit 79 God One Ahead 79

All the Blessed Mother’s apparitions on earth have been warnings and clues that we might understand this conspiracy. The nun to whom she appeared in Paris in 1830 was Catherine Laboure, raised in Burgundy, home of this conspiracy, and near a monastery, built when Clovis, the first Merovingian king, offered its builder all the land he could cover in one days travel on a donkey for his monastery, which now possesses vast territorial holdings. In Scripture a donkey symbolizes the complete stubbornness of man. Donkeys are recorded exactly 28 times in Scripture and the word man, appropriately, has a gematria of 28.

Catherine’s birth place was named, Fain-les-Moutiers near Moutiers Saint Jean, the name of the monastery (Catherine LaBoure and the Modern Apparitions of Our Lady, Englebert, 1958 pp.1,2), which we know immediately derives from Marmoutier of Martin of Tours. Moutier became a French dialect word for Monasterium, and Marmoutier, in the 4th Century, secretly meant Sour grapes sheep perfectly depicting the Bitter Red Conspiracy who devised monasteries as their means of infiltration. The year 1830 not only demonstrated the head 18 versus Heel 30 battle, but it numerically portrayed that battle as follows :

Battle = 60 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 etc. up to # 60 = 1830 !

ordinal perfection 10 x 183 The Heel of the Woman = 183

Observe the “hidden” aspect of Mary’s choice of Merovingian Paris:

In 1913 Neils Bohr formulated his theory of atomic structure

1n 1913 Mas Bodenstein formulated his concept of chemical chain reaction

1 + 2 + 3 etc. up to 1913 = sum 1830741

The Heel of the Woman 183 in 1830)(0741 Last Merovingian King crowned 741 !!!

It was Merovingian Presidents of the New World who mandated the Atomic Bomb! The Blessed Mother stood on the head of the serpent in Paris which was named after Paris of the Trojan war, for the Merovingians came to Europe from Troy. And Paris was the son of Priam who had killed Achilles with an arrow to his heel. From the Merovingian Kingdoms 450-751 , the following information is gleaned :

1. Trojan Legend of the Franks

Mid 7th century chronicler Fredegar claims that Priam of Troy was the 1st king of the Franks succeeded by Friga. The people split up, some remaining in Macedonia, while others went with Friga to the Danube. Others stayed and became Turks and others followed Francio to the Rhine where they became known as Franks.

2. Second Trojan Legend of the Franks by author of Liber Historiae Francorum After the fall of Troy, Priam and Antenor led 12,000 men to the River Tanais and then to the Maeotic Swamps. From there they moved to Pannonia and built a city called Sicambria. Offered tribute for 10 years by the Emperor, they drove the Alani out of the Swamps and were then named Franci for fierce. When the 10 years were over they killed the tax collectors, and in the resulting battle with Roman troops Priam was killed. The Franks then left Sicambria and moved to the Rhine. There Sunno, Antenor’s son died and on recommendation of Priam’s son, Marchomir, the Franks elected Faramund as Rex Crinitus, the Long Haired King.

It is obvious there were two aspects of the Conspiracy, one of which claims Benjaminite descent; the other, Davidian descent through David’s son Absolom who was enemy of David. I believe Merovingians were of the second Trojan legend, while Carolingians, mayors of the Merovingian castles who usurped their thrones, were the former. This difference is still played out in today’s conspiracy. Both legends cite histories beginning with Priam of Troy and ending at the Rhine, The genealogy of Athelstan of Kent, who called the first assembly of York Masons in 926 AD traces back to King Priam of Troy (Iclandic Prose Eda) !!

Wood tells us that the 7th century saw the spread of Merovingian monasticism to an even greater degree at the death of Clovis II, because his wife, Bathild, the mother of Chlothar III, had monastic interests. A major part of Masonic ritual for centuries is the widow’s son. Chlothar III would have been the widow’s son in the year 666 :

Bathild, Widow of Clovis Two


17 x 17 Freemasonry went public in 1717.

Tradition holds that in her fight to have monasteries freed from episcopal intervention, Bathild had exactly NINE bishops killed (Ibid p. 200) ! Then, on page 222 we are given information about something amiss in Merovingian history, a situation, according to Wood, over which Merovingians and Carolingians both wished to draw a veil. This inspired me to research the story. And it would seem that the two branches became one through Dagobert II, the king who was named the “Lost”

Merovingian King per selections from my previous work on this:

The Arthurian legends give us the background: In 1210, Gottfried of Strasbourg wrote a version of the Tristan story. Like Parzival, Triston is born to a young mother “Blanchefleur”. When she learns her husband has been killed she names the boy Tristan, “sorrowful” and dies. The boy is reared/ knighted by his uncle Mark, king of Cornwall. Tristan kills Irish Morold but receives a poison wound which Morold, dying, says can be cured only by Ireland’s Queen Iseult who has a daughter named Iseult. The daughter Iseult marries Mark, gets involved with Tristan and plots to kill Brangane for knowing too much. Tristan then falls in love with a 3rd Iseult.*1

The legend is discernible with the help of the Bible and Wood’s Merovingian work :

Benjamin was named Benoni ( Gen:35:18 ), in Hebrew, “son of affliction” i.e.”Sorrrowful”, so-named by his mother Rachel who died in childbirth in Bethlehem. The Benjamites were supplanted kings, and this Blanchefleur knew her son would also be supplanted, the reason she too named her son sorrowful. And I believe that king was Merovingian King Dagobert II. For when Dagobert’s father, Sigibert III died, Dagobert was taken away by Dido, Bishop of Poitiers, to Ireland .*2 His accession to the Merovingian throne was supplanted by Childebert, son of the mayor of the palace , Grimoald. Tradition says Sigibert adopted Childebert. Ibid. but why would he have done so if he already had an heir –his own son ? Additionally, there were some suspicious events involving an Irish Monk of Fosses, who was murdered one year prior to Dagobert’s exile .*3 Suspicion also surrounds Bishop Dido, who took Dagobert to Ireland and was seen with the mayor of the palace, Grimoald , 77 days ahead of Dagobert’s exile, at a monastery run by the Pipins. Ibid. This is curious, since the Pipins were the mayors of another Merovingian palace entirely, who later became Carolingians and supplanted the Merovingians. Seemingly a coup was being brewed . Dagobert’s mother, about whom history is silent , did not come forward and press Dagobert’s case for the throne , *4 which perhaps says, that the wife of Dagobert’s father was not the mother of Dagobert, and perhaps the murdered Irish monk knew this. If we read between the lines of Strasbourg’s legend , we can deduct that Dagobert’s mother, Blanchefleur, was a Blanchefort from the neighboring mountain peak, Bezu , who died at the time of Sigisbert’s death, which would explain why no one came forward to press for Dagobert’s claim to the throne, both parents being deceased. Bezu is plausible since Dagobert’s son is said to have been raised at Rennes le Chateau, following his death , it being the ancestral home of his wife, Gizelle de Razes. Rennes was one of the three triangular peaks which included the Blanchefort’s family ancestral seat at Bezu . But who were the Blancheforts ? Blanchefleur -white flower — white apple blossom which is shaped like a wild rose (the symbol) Blanchefort -white fort -They were perhaps the Merovingians of Britain whose skin were white through intermarriage with Celts, by contrast to French Merovingians whose skins were darker.

They were perhaps the people who built and lived in the hill forts of Southern Britain during the Saxon invasions, in that part of Britain which is shaped exactly like a boot with a heel. According to Wood , Dagobert’s home in Ireland was Scottia et Hibernia .*5 Scotia is the Latin form of Dark Aprodite , mother of Caledonia , after whom Scotland was named, and her domain was under the earth *6, which could account for the hill forts under which some of the early peoples of Southern Britain lived. They were huge mounds sometimes containing several houses and even large feasting halls of Dark Age warlords such as that unearthed in South Cadbury in Somerset, or the land of Camelot . *7 This one mound covered 18 acres ! Ibid According to maps dating back to 400 AD, Ireland itself, was once named Scotia .*8 This being so, the people would be called Scotians which rhymes with Goshens , and Goshen, land of the Hyksos pyramid builders, translates in Hebrew to “mound “. This is significant since the Hebrews who became enslaved in Egypt, later lived in Goshen, arranged by Joseph, Benjamin’s brother. (and the Nova Scotians were the first peoples of their new home in the Northern New World).

In Scottia et Hibernia, Dagobert lived in exile in a monastery named Slane, until his return to France in 676 at which time Wilfrid of York is said to have invited him to do so .*9 It was Wilfrid of York who introduced Benedictine rule to Britain at Melrose! *10 Dagobert returned to France in 676 and was assassinated with a lance through the eye 3 years later. This means Dagobert was in Britain in 666 AD which is likely the time frame of Strasbourg’s story and the 3 royal Iseults . But who were the Iseults ? Among the ancient royals of Britain were three royal clans of Iceni, who lived in the forests of Suffolk and Norfolk .*11 They made their mark on history through a woman named Boudica, which translates “Victoria”. In AD 60, Boudica, having been victimized by the Romans building

a second Rome in Britain, led the Iceni to their main stronghold, Camulodunum in Colchester, where metalworkers of Southern France had settled, therein massacring the entire population; thence, burning the city to the ground. She then ambushed the 9th Roman Legion attacking them in a line of march and demolished them. Next, she marched on London, where an estimated 70,000 were decapitated , crucified or burnt. Additionally, she killed the women and children inside the Iron Age hillfort of South Cadbury. In the inevitable counter-attack by the Roman legions, 80, 000 British were killed and Boudica poisoned herself. The Icini thereafter disappear from history and little is known of them. Ibid . But the names of their dwelling places Norwich, the market of the Icini, and Norfolk, connect us to Norway. Their silver coins support this, in as much as they display a boar motif, Ibid. and the boar was the symbol of the Orkney Islands, a possession of Norway. The coins also bore 6 pointed stars and were minted with tribal names rendered as Eceni Ibid. So it would seem that the Icini were the royal dynasty of Merovingian Normans who later came to reside in Normandy and , united with the Carolingians, later returned to retake England in 1066.

Once more, it is the Blessed Mother who will help us to unlock this mystery :

In 636 AD during the reign of Dagobert I, a mysterious boat without oars appeared at the mouth of the Liame River docking in Bologne. On board were found a statue of the Virgin Mary with a mystical radiance around it , 3.5 feet high and holding the child Jesus in her left arm. The statue was placed in the chapel; crowds swelled during the centuries that followed due to all the miracles attached to her presence. Five hundred years later, in 1104, Ida de Bouillon, mother of Godfroi de Bouillon, enlarged the chapel to accommodate the crowds. In 1544 Henry VIII ‘s soldiers pillaged the church and brought the statue to England where it remained for several years After its return, and in the year 1567, the Huguenots devastated the Church . One among them named Jehan de Frohart buried the statue in manure. The French Revolution brought another onslaught to the church and the statue, which had been brought back by the repentant Frohart. This time, one Andre Dumont burnt the statue in Godfroi de Bouillon Square and later wrote that the celebrated and incomprehensible Virgin had been unmiraculously reduced to ashes. A small part of the hand was salvaged and is to be found in the chapel in a hand-shaped reliquary. Two statues have replaced the original but only one concerns us here. For she is entirely of white marble except for the heart of gold and crown of gold; she sits with the Child Jesus in a boat and she is lovingly called “the Virgin of the Sea” and as “Our Lady of the Great Return”. *12 In this apparition, Our Lady points us to Dagobert 1, grandfather of assassinated Dagobert II, to the town dedicated to Sion’s Godfroi de Bouillon, King of Jerusalem and to his mother who enlarged the chapel; to Henry VIII , who broke from the Roman Church; to the Huguenots of the Protestant Reformation, and the French Revolution; to the hand of Islam dedicated to Fatima daughter of Mohammad in the Aqsa Mosque where the Templars lived; to the Grail legend of Lohengrin with his oarless boat; to King Arthur, the “once and future king of thegreat return, and to the last 3. 5 years of Tribulation all integral parts of the conspiracy ! And she appeared with a radiance around her just like the eye in the triangle, their symbol, and just like the radiance around Oue Lady of Guadalupe, her first apparition in the New World. But why did Our Lady choose the reign of Dagobert I, was my question, but herein was found the answer. It turns out that Merovingian Queen Bertha who married Aethelbert of Kent had a daughter, Ethelberga, who married Edwin of Northumbria. And when Edwin died, she sent her children to Dagobert I in France for protection. *13 Aethelbert of Kent ruled from 600AD , followed by Raedwald , followed by Edwin, Oswald and Oswy c 624.*14 They reigned in the East Anglian dynasty of kings founded by Wuffa who ruled 571-578. His descendants were called Wuffingas, the Wolf people. It was they who fought at Badan Hill of King Arthur fame. Ibid. And significantly, Northumbria is just a little North of the Icini. Now in Wood’s genealogy for Dagobert I, we find his fourth wife is Wufegunde.*15 It is the only time a “wolf” name appears in the genealogy of the entire Merovingian Dynasty. The first kings of Britain included: Wuffa, Wulfhere, Cenwulf, Ceolwulf , Beornwulf , Beorhtwulf, Aethelwulf .*16 The implication is that Dagobert I married or produced a child with one of his nieces who had been sent to him for protection . There are no children recorded by this union. However, he produced Sigibert III by his third wife, and Sigibert III produced Dagobert II by his first wife whose name is missing from his genealogy and is apparently lost to history. If her name is lost to history, it means it was erased from history. Why ? Could it be that Sigibert, who would have grown up with his cousin, Wufegund, married her after the death of his father, Dagobert I, thereafter producing Dagobert II ? If this is so, the implications are enormous and would explain why Dagobert II was exiled to Ireland and kept from the throne , for his blood would not have been pure Merovingian. It would also explain why Dagobert had an uncle in Britain and why Sigibert adopted the mayor of the palace’s son to succeed to his own son’s throne . If Dagobert was indeed part Icini lineage, and he then married an Icini in Britain, it would explain the three Iseults (Iceni ) of Strasbourg’s legend –for three Merovingian kings would have married an Icini : father, son and grandfather. And I believe this produced the lesser line of “Blanchfleur”, the sorrowful, in fact, the de Blanchefort’s originating with the white (British) forts, and the line from which Godfroi de Bouillon descended.

The bottom line is that Dagobert II was the only male descendant of Sigibert III. His sister could not ascend the throne because of Salic Law, created by the Merovingian’s themselves, which prevented female accession. This law would later be responsible for the 100 years war when Edward III was unable to claim the French throne through his mother’s lineage. Salic law fell under Pactus Legis Salicae . And the treaty governing the transfer of loyalty from one Merovingian king to another was named the Treaty of ANDELOT.*17 Andelot in Camelot ! Camelot was nothing more than the glorified Merovingian heresy!

That the divine bloodline was the essence of the Brotherhood of Camelot, is made explicit in the actual certificate of entry into Arthur’s ancient Knights of the Round Table which reads: “Golden Certificate of Entry as a Knight of the Sangreal of the Order of the Fellowship of the Court of King Arthur and His Knights of the Round Table”.*18 Sang Real —royal blood !

The pseudo-historical King Arthur tradition established by Geoffrey of Manmouth makes no mention of Lancelot , Triston, or the Grail ; these were added in the Middle Ages by the French with Cisterician symbolism , and incorporated into the existing legends.*19 Thus, they are chronologically misplaced. Thence, Lancelot becomes Dagobert “lanced” through the eye, Dagobert, whose bloodline was no longer pure Merovingian because of “Iseult ” choices made by him, his father, and his father before him. And rest assured the bloodline never was “divine”.

The male Merovingian line was spent –and female accession was forbidden under Salic law. Thus through their own laws, primarily the Treaty of Andelot , the Merovingians had effectively ended their lot in Camelot with Lancelot. Hardly the stuff of romance!

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Conclusion: the Merovingian and Carolingian bloodline are one ! Then there is this information which ties the Merovingians to the Meroites of Ancient Ethiopia:

Citing Fredegar, Wood gives us information re: Merovech, father of Chideric, from whom the name Merovingian derived, something of immense importance:

“According to Fredegar Merovech was conceived when Chlodio’s wife went swimming and encountered a Quinotaur. Although it is not explicitly stated the sea monster was the father of eponymous founder of the Merovingian dynasty, that is clearly the impression which Fredegar intended to give. The royal dynasty, thus, was thought to have had a supernatural origin”. (the Merovingian Kingdoms, p 37 emphasis mine) Aside from the fact that Merovech was called Merovee, a spoof on Harovee, wife of Zoroaster, founder of sun-god religion, Zoroastrianism, please read the following from one of my previous works regarding the meaning of Quinotar:

The Philistine giants, sons of Mesraim, son of Ham (1:Chron:1:11) lived in Palestine where Saloman built his temple (History I) Their god, lord of the flies was a good choice, since the bee is a member of the fly family As pertains to the choice of bee over fly, there are worker bees who tend to the queen bee, carpenter bees who are able to drill a geometrically perfect 12 inch hole, and split-tongue bees.*1 Bees were the symbol of God’s wrath ( Psalms 118: 12) and God’s wrath was exactly what they wished to provoke, for God brought his people out from Goshen to the land of milk and honey and drove out the enemy before them with hornets (bees)(Deut: 7:20; Joshua 24:12 ) A beehive is a symbol of the 3rd degree of York Freemasonry.*2

The 18th dynasty of Egypt extended the borders of Egypt South, and a viceroy was established in Ethiopia .*2 Ethiopia was founded by Cush, son of Ham , cursed by Noah . Here we have the connection to the Armenian text “The Bees”, for it was in the Armenian mountains that Noah’s ark settled near the Assyrian border ; from there Ham went forth to Cush. In Scripture, Assyrians are called the bee whose heads and beards God will shave, while the Egyptians are called the fly.Isaiah 7:18-20

Ethiopia was called the land of Cush by the Israelites and “Meroe ” by the Greeks.*4 This is the place of origin of Merovingians, for it was also called land of the Blue Nile (Blue Masons) and land of the Hamites (1st public Masons-Britain wherein Ham comprises the names of numerous towns,cities, counties,plus Buckingham Palace etc). Below the 5th cataract of the Nile, the ruins of the ancient city of Meroe are still to be found. Over each tomb are pyramids, so many, that it ranks as the land with more pyramids than any other. Of them is written , “Until recently no one realized that the Meroitic pyramids were slightly truncated, flattened off at the top ( exactly like the pyramid on the Great US Seal )….So many commoners were buried with so many possessions that scholars concluded that ‘ a cult of the dead dominated the religious life of all Meroe…..’*5 There are numerous such pyramids, 50 to 100 ft. high, and over 60 royal pyramids, which support the local tradition that “kings always came from Meroe “. *6

A chronology of kings was obtained from pyramid texts. In one inscription , ‘a king announced his right to the throne by citing descent from the queen mother ! And their funery inscriptions ‘mention the mother first …’Ibid Of this the author comments ..’ No one would doubt the power and authority of Queen Amanitore .……..a resolute warrior wielding a sword , a conqueror with prisoners at her feet, a monarch wearing a crown with the royal emblem of the Cobra .’ ” *7

The Queen Mother was named AMANITORE

Queen Amanitore! The Merovingians claimed to be offspring of A Minotaur!

The last of the Meroite aristocracy seems to have fled mysteriously sometime before 350AD taking with them their belief in divine kingship .*8 (Merovingian dynasty of kings began France in 450 AD ). All that remains are the ruins of its former glory, barren country amidst a scattering of acacia trees ( an acacia sprig is part of the ritual of being raised a Mason ). Unearthed are ancient cattle bones, many golden ornaments which include a hinged shield which fits over the fingers and knuckles, antelopes, winged goddesses , scarab beetles, the sacred serpent, symbol of royalty , as well as abundant iron smelting furnaces , which led an English philologist to decide that Meroe must have been the Birmingham of Africa *9 The people of Meroe of this period looked similar to Egyptians, and were skilled at facial scarring. *10 Hence, red crosses on their backs would not have posed a problem when the Merovingians decided to change the Quinataur story to the divine lineage of Jesus story !!

Most significant is that the nearby city of Napata was the center of Amun (sun ) worship and out of Napata came the Cushite king Piye who conquered Egypt and set up the XXV dynasty of Egyptian kings in 741 BC. Thence, the Cushite capital was moved from Napata to Meroe . Therefore, for 70 years Egyptian kings did live in Meroe which accounts for their belief that kings were divine —a traditional Egyptian fallacy. Ironically, it was the Assyrians who conquered Egypt driving them back to Meroe*11 Thus, for 70 years the Meroite kings wore the double crown of Egypt, a crown which was half white and half red !!

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In Ethiopia, is also found Axum which now maintains a Judaic-Christian culture, claims to have the Ark of the Covenant, and claims a tradition that their kings are descendant from Menelek, son of Solomon and the Queen of Sheba . At age 20 , so the story goes , Menelek went to meet Solomon, who was reluctant to see him return but, unable to dissuade him, he commanded all his high officials to send their first-borns to Ethiopia as he must do. The high priest was warned in a dream that the Temple would be destroyed by Nebuchadnessar, so the priest should take the Ark. Accordingly, Menelek, along with sons of princes, high priests and 12, 000 people set out with the Ark for Ethiopia . The Ark is still said to be in the Church of St. Mary of Zion in Axum, and is zealously guarded therein .*1

Thus, we have a Zion versus Sion rationale, as well as a Solomon versus Salomon precedent stemming back to ancient Ethiopia where seemingly the rise of the great kingdom in Axum threatened the monopoly Meroe enjoyed, so the two clashed. The connecting thread is that Joseph the brother of Benjamin, was married to an Egyptian, and Sion ( Mount Hermon ) was in the territory of Manasseh, son of Joseph. But there’s an even larger picture, for out of Cush, land of the Hamites, land of Meroe, came the world’s first Emperor of the world’s first Empire, a Semitic empire. And that empire extended from Ethiopia to Assyria; some historians say to India. Thus, from Assyria to Ethiopia thereafter, the dream was to re-establish that Hamito-Cushite Semitic empire which was, in fact, anti-Semitic !

Meanwhile, Ethiopia changed its name to Abyssinia which name means” wormwood “. Of wormwood, Scripture states, “When the third angel blew his trumpet a huge star burning like a torch crashed down from the sky ….The star’s name was Wormwood . Rev 8:10-11 The word wormwood derives from a plant ,”a climbing bitter -sweet ” perennial roadside herb of the genus Artemisia absinthium used to produce absinthe, a green colored liquor, prohibited in many countries because it causes mental and physical debility . *2 The five point star conspiracy was born out of the bitterness of the many . Thus, the Great Seal incorporates the words , “out of many one”, rationalized as one country out of 13 colonies.

Bearing in mind, that the Merovingians became Plantards and Plantagenets, we begin our search for the bitter-sweet foundation stone. There was a mystic Sarmoung Society named The Bees in Babylon , the most famous city of which was Nineveh, founded by Nimrod in the land of Shinar. Gen :10:10 -11 i.e.. the land of the Tigris and Euphrates , cradle of civilization , present day Iraq. Nineveh was the city God was going to destroy and then changed His mind . God sent Jonah to warn the people of their impending destruction in 40 days, and after reluctantly doing so, Jonah went east of the city to watch the destruction. God provided a plant which grew up over his head to give him shade. When the destruction did not occur, Jonah was angry at God and when he became too angry, the plant which shaded him died. God said to him, “You are concerned over the plant which cost you no labor and which you did not raise ; it came up in one night and in one night it perished. And should I not be concerned over Nineveh, the great city, in which there are more than one hundred twenty thousand people who cannot distinguish their right hand from their left, not to mention the many cattle”? (Jonah 4:5-11) The people didn’t know any better ; they had been raised among false gods and had not yet come to the knowledge of the One True God, but when the people believed Jonah, repented, and pleaded with God to spare their city , God changed his mind and did so. The significance of this story, cannot be overstated, given it is the city in which Freemasonry first organized (Mackey).

We start with Akhenaten’s daughters who did not know their left hand from their right as evidenced by art of the period which, in fact, shows 2 sisters in pose, one with the left hand where the right hand should be (to mock God’s words ). The bones of their hands are skeletal, elongated, and quite eerie looking, as are their shaved heads, deformed and egg shaped.*3 To the top of the picture was once the giant heel and sandal strap of Nefertiti, Akhenaten’s queen. The loosening of a sandal strap was a Jewish custom symbolizing the sealing of a contract and we know the meaning of the heel. Thus, the picture symbolizes a contract with the heel of the sun-god versus God. And to spoof God’s words just a little more perfectly, Akhenaten gave the ends of all the rays of his sun-god little hands, reaching down to royalty as sons of the sun -god. However, his attempt to spoof God’s words and make royalty the heel is foiled by the numbers which reveal that he was not of the heel, but rather of the head of the serpent :

The Pharaoh Akhenaten

179 The number Eighteen =179 ( head = 18 )

sometimes spelled , Pharaoh Akhenaton = 156 six six six = 156

Nineveh = “nine ” veh , and the number nine according to the mystics was a magical number. We know from the black mass that Satan turns everything backwards (6 upside down helps me put on my crown = 9) Any number backwards is a multiple of 9 ! For example : 72 minus 27 is 45 ( 9 x 5) ; 63 minus 36 = 27 ( 9 x 3 ); 81 minus 18 = 63 ( 9 x 7 ) Nineveh was the center of the occult , the soothsayers, the mystics ; and was accordingly named ” Nine ” way. The year of the Masterplan may well have been chosen in Nineveh for 1998 backwards is 8991:


9 x 999

This is why prayer novena’s are 9 days long, to offset the 9’s used by the occult. For we have the 9 muses of Greece, 9 sisters of Scandinavia, 9 morgans of the Fortunate Isles, 9-fold goddess of the Egyptian Ennead, 9 hathors of Egyptian prophesy , 9 underground rivers and souls of the dead (Aztec), ninefold goddess of the sea ( Arthur born of ), god of the shamrock triple bearer of the triple key (=9) , the 9 pointed star used for divination (Enneagram of Sufimysticism), 9 feathers in the eagles tail (on the Great Seal ), 9 Archons of Athens (1st democracy), to mention but a few. And Akhenaten’s daughters, one of whom has a hand on backwards, are the 4th and 5th daughters = 9 Ibid.

*1 Mary The Ark of the Covenant Prof. Courtney Bartholomew MD ,The 101 Foundation 1995 , PP 71-75

*2 Funk and Wagnal’s New Encyclopedia, 1975, Vol. 25 p 308 and ref.

*3 The Pharaohs , Tree Communications Inc. , Stonehenge Press, 1981 p 95

I believe firmly that the Meroites of Meroe who became a dynasty of Egypt’s kings, joined the Edomites, Amalekites, Benjamites etc. in their trek around the circle (Mediterranean) to become Merovingians of Gaul. “Bitter” was their commonality. The Infiltration Chronology Continued (note IV + V = 9)

Merovingian king, Philip IV(la Belle), who arrested the Templars on Oct. 13, 1307 and who placed his cousin, Clement V, on the Chair of Peter as his accomplice, then insisted that the pope remain in France, rather than Rome . This began what is named the Babylonian Captivity of the Church, a 68 year period in which the Church was forced to remain in Avignon France. The next successive 6 popes would be French and Merovingian, the second of whom, Clement VI , began formulating the doctrine of indulgences, which later became the spark of the Protestant Reformation as planned! The majority of Templars who escaped the arrest in 1307 went to Scotland which was the first to break from the Church through the Declaration of Arbroath, the document on which the 1776 US Declaration was based. One signatory of the letter to Pope John XXII April 4, 1320 (date NATO was later formed) was the grandfather of Henry Sinclair, Earl of Orkney and Shetland Islands for Norway who lived in Roslin Castle, Scotland. It was he who brought Templar treasure to Nova Scotia in 1398, 94 years pre-Columbus. The Sinclairs were bishops of Ross and hereditary Grand Masters of Freemasonry. And Arbroath stated Scottish origin was Scythia (Russia) (the Temple and Lodge, p.66) Sinclairs came to Scotland from Normandy where a hermit named St. Clair, from whom their name derived, was martyred, and exactly NINE St.Clairs had fought in the Battle of Hastings after which Henry’s grandfather accompanied the expedition to return the heart of the Bruce to Jerusalem (Prince Henry Sinclair, Pohl, pp 17,18,20). Now we understand that the Brotherhood were the power behind having the movie made, and why. Be forewarned, the Brotherhood are the power behind everything in our world. Since John XXII was the pope under whom the Church lost its first country, Scotland, the next Merovingian Brother to take the Chair of Peter, in celebration of this, took the name John XXIII in the year 1415. His papacy was secured by Louis, Duke of Anjou, a Norman Merovingian. When he was discovered and expelled by the Church, he left Rome on an oxcart (symbol of the early Brotherhood guild, Stonemasons), carrying a sac of money (symbolic of the sac of gold which was part of ancient Masonic burial tradition at death) and his seal (presumably the skull and bones as he was formerly a pirate). His epitaph was later written by Cosimo de Medici, a descendant of Marie de Medici, founder of the de Bourbon line of Merovingians and his epitaph reveals it all :

But first, it must be understood that with each John that ascended the Chair of Peter, there was a corresponding John who became the Navigator of Sion. For Sion named their leaders Navigators instead of Grand Masters, after Brendon the Navigator who discovered the New World in the 6th Century, and after Henry the Navigator under whom many Templars, who escaped arrest, survived in Portugal. The epitaph of this Masonic pope read, Here lies Baldassare Cossa who was once Pope John XXIII. (The Decline and Fall of the Roman Church, Malachi Martin). We need only switch the word “Pope” to “Navigator”, to see the troubadour message:

Here lies Baldassare Cossa who was once Navigator John Twenty Third = 666

Gematria became a game to the Brotherhood, a game that will now expose them. The de Medici who placed these words on the gravestone of Baldassare Cossa was of “the” de Medici’s. The marriage of Marie de Medici to Henry IV began the dynasty of French de Bourbons, Merovingian claimants, whose bloodine later emerged in Spain. The rulers of Spain were also Hapsburgs, the line which began (in Spain) with Isabella and Ferdinand of Inquisition fame ( a Merovingian venture). Hapsburgs and deBourbons both were major claimants of the divine Merovingian Bloodline, posing as Catholics.

To illustrate one such:

Recall that Childeric, father of the 1st Merovingian king Clovis, cut a silver coin in half and left the other half with his friend Wiomad, returning when the latter sent him the other half of the coin (meaning it was now safe to return). Now, observe the events of 1524 as documented by Malachi Martin (Decline and Fall of the Roman Church). Spain’s king was Charles V, descendent of the Duke of Burgundy (Charles the Bold), and of Ferdinand and Isabella (Hapsburgs), and “having bribed the electors” (Funk and Wagnal 1975), became in 1519 Holy Roman Emperor. But Charles also aspired the papacy itself. So he raised an army, plundered St.Peter’s, stole the

papal tiara, killed 1700 men, raped women, and fed his horses on Holy Communion. When his imperial army arrived with 20, 000 Spaniards under Philibert of Orange, they literally fell on the city. They raped, burned, pillaged, slaughtered orphans, copulated in the streets and robbed St. Peter’s grave. Philibert’s horses were stabled in the Sistine Chapel and the horses of the officers were stabled in Vatican apartments. For good measure they burned the Papal Library. Clement was forced into exile for 7 months. Then they demanded of the Pope a payment to leave, a payment of 123,152 and one half ducats. This one half was said to really bother the Pope. Why one half ??

One Hundred Twenty Three Thousand, One Hundred Fifty Two = 605

Add “One Half” = 61


It was the Merovingian thing to do! And a great Masonic chuckle was had by all.

The Vatican had been left with festering horse dung, overflowing latrines, 2000 corpses floating in the river and the army was still copulating in the streets. The extremely traumatized Pope must now put all this behind him and go amidst pomp and pageantry to crown Charles as Holy Roman Emperor. He died shortly after. This pope was a de Medici who had bought his election to the papacy (Ibid. M. Martin) He was of the bloodline also. And this is exactly how Satan works. He creates all his evil entities and then turns them on one another. This was exactly the case with Templars. As for Charles V, at the end of his reign he retired to a MONASTERY. Is the larger picture starting to come into focus ? These were Reformation years in mainland Europe. England would soon join and Merovingian power would reach its absolute height in England, where it remains today. Following the break with the Church during the reign of Henry VIII, the “divine bloodlines” latched on to Protestantism as their “reason to be ”, now believing it to be the best way to crush God’s Church. As for the Jews, God’s other Covenant, the secular and the political power of the throne of England would take care of that. Let me demonstrate both:

The year 1818 had arrived. HEAD 18 HEAD 18 . Double head !! Recall that Merovingians are on the side of the head =18 of Gen: 3:15, so they double head all they do. Thus, in double headed year 1818, Edward the Duke of Kent married the widow of the Prince of Leiningen twice !! And the second wedding was a double wedding with William, Duke of Clarence and his bride Princess Adelaide of Saxe- Meiningen, with the weddings taking place on July 13, 1818. Observe:

July Thirteenth , Eighteen Eighteen = 341

Edward Duke of Kent + Princess Victoria, widow of the Prince of Leiningen = 670

William Duke of Clarence + Princess Adelaide of Saxe-Meiningen = 506

Total equals the year of the Protestant Reformation 1517 1517 !

Perfect Strike at the Heel, Christ’s Church !

Karl Marx, founder of Communism, was born in the same year 1818. His regime of Communism annihilated 93,000,000 Christians (Guiness) then Catholic Russia.

Next were God’s first Covenant, the Jews. In 1917, the British took possession of Palestine including what is now Israel. In 1917, Britain’s Arthur Balfour initiated the Balfour Declaration in co-operation with Rothschild (Illuminist and the name means RED SHIELD), endorsing a future national home for the Jews . In 1917, Rothschild who had forged British relations with Russia died (Leopold). In 1917, George V created the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, which later dedicated a chapel in the crypt of St. Paul’s church, which once held the largest Masonic library in the world and was the gathering place of the Brotherhood. This reinforced the Order of the Garter, other Illuminist order which has horse stalls in Windsor castle chapel because Knights Templar kept their horses under the Temple Mount of Jerusalem, and because it had become the traditional for Merovingians to trample St. Peter’s Vatican and Marian Shrines with horses. Horses were so sacred to Merovingians that the early kings had horses buried around them ( just like the ancient Scythians) as well as a bull’s head (sun symbol) and golden bees ! Accordingly, the 1917 Balfour Declaration was mandated in the UN (an Illuminati front organization) on November 29 (day 333 of the year) in honor of:

The Great Universal Brotherhood =333 in the year 1947, also the year of the wedding of Elizabeth II to Mountbatten, Prince of Norway, Prince of Greece and descendant of the Hesses in Merovingian Germany, to boot. The resolution passed with a vote of 33-13. This vote would bring all the Jews to one country where they could be later annihilated. This had been the Merovingian and Egyptian mandate for centuries and is reflected in all aspects of the 1998 Masterplan on the calendars:

1948 Statehood

1991-1998 False Peace of Isaiah and Ezekiel

1998 Masterplan precursor of 5 plans 1998-2002

Note: Hitler was a Brother of Secret Society Thule, behind Nazism, stemming from Prussian Freemasonry and anti-semitic associations (The New World Order, Epperson).

And he appointed himself Germany’s War Minister in 1938-exactly 10 years ahead of the 1948 “Final Solution” planned for the Jews by the International Brotherhood. In celebration of the UN Partition that would facilitate that plan and passed in 1947, Elizabeth and Philip named their first son who would be king :

His Royal Highness, the Prince Charles Philip Arthur George, Prince of Wales, Duke of Cornwall, Earl of Chester, Duke of Rothesay, Earl of Carrick, Baron Renfrew, Lord of the Isles, Prince and Great Steward of Scotland = 1947

The Royals had all their children delivery date arranged for the other Covenant :

Charles November Fourteenth, Nineteen Forty Eight = 445

Anne August Fifteenth, Nineteen Fifty = 334

Andrew February Nineteenth, Nineteen Sixty = 393

Edward March Tenth, Nineteen Sixty Four = 353

Total = the year England and France signed Peace 1525

England signed for this reason behead 25 x 61Church 61

The best way to crush the French Catholic Church was “from within”, the formula.

Not to be outdone, it is exactly 10 years ahead of Henry VIII’s Act of Supremacy enabling England to take the flock from Christ’s Church (rules, 1,10, 100, 1000 ahead). For you see Merovingians and their Brotherhood believe numbers have great power. They have been told this directly from the horse’s mouth, throughout centuries of black Satanic masses which began in Kiev, Ukraine Russia and now are held in Geneva, Victoria B.C and the Great Pyramid of Gizeh. Notice they are Satanic black “masses”, in imitation of Christ’s Church. Apparently evil knows which Church is God’s. It’s the flock who do not . The queen is the titular head of British Freemasonry, itself head of World Freemasonry. The church of England is a Masonic Stronghold. And this is what Freemasonry is up to—the elimination of God’s two Covenant peoples! The Committee of 300 of Britain is the secular leader, and it answers to the Royals. I began this section with the story of Baldazzar Cossa, whose gravestone gave us 666. This Masonic pope, the first John XXIII goes down in Church annals as an anti-pope. Why then, did John XXIII of our century take the same name as an anti-pope? Why did he take the same name, period ? No Pope has ever done so before ! And it happens that the same year Angelo Roncalli became John XXIII of Rome, a Navigator had just become John XXIII of Sion. A perfect double!

Angelo Roncalli began his papacy by saying “I am your brother Joseph”, and Joseph was Benjamin’s brother. It was a troubadour message . And as a result of Vatican II, which he called in1962, the Mass was changed by his successor PAUL VI , the get-even name, (Paul Benjamite Apostle) of this Brotherhood, as discussed earlier, and containing one 6 of their 666)). Under Paul, and enabled by Vatican II, the Mass was changed to:

Novus Ordo Missae the ecclesiastic equivalent of Novus Ordo Seclorum (New Order of the Mass) ( New World Order)

And more than left during the Protestant Reformation, now left the RC Church. John XXIII did not live to see the results of his Vatican II , for he died the very next year, 1963. And so did John XXIII of Sion !! God’s twofold Justice ! For the same infiltrators, the Brotherhood, who used his papacy for their goals, also planned the assassination of the 1st and only Catholic US President, J. F. Kennedy, in this same year. Observe :

“The assassination of Roman Catholic President, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Dallas Texas, November Twenty Second, Nineteen Sixty Three” = 1307 (1307, the get-even year of the arrest of the Templars) !!

Not only did the Catholic President die in 1963, but the Jewish President as well. Hence, the presidents of the two Covenants of God ! And the Jewish President, Itzhak Ben Zvi, died on April 23, the Feast of St. George, the red-cross knight, patron of the English Templars who took as their war cry during the Crusades, “St. George for Merry England”.

Yithak Ben Zvi was a Russian Zionist and founder of the underground Haganah. When he died at age 79, on the Feast of St. George, the Brotherhood couldn’t resist taking out the other. One of the leaders of God’s Covenants had died, and he was born on Nov. 24 It was perfect for the other one to die–exactly 3 days prior Nov. 22 Accordingly, President John F. Kennedy = 241 was assassinated Nov.22 Thence, The Warren Commission = 241 was a set up investigation.

Appropriately, Johnson (John’s son) a 33rd Degree Mason, persuaded Earl Warren to head the Warren Commission, for Warren had banned prayer in public schools. Not only this, but Earl Warren was a 33rd Degree Mason of the Brotherhood also! Thence began a whole series of Camelot analogies, for the Brothers are Camelot. This is the way they brag to one another about their “accomplishments”; this, in accordance with the ancient practice of sending Troubadours with numerically precise messages from land to land and sea to shining sea. For they are the shining brothers of the land of Shinar of Genesis 10:10, a land which later became Canaan after which Canada was named, for it was to have been a Knights of Malta Utopia. But the other faction, the Templars, won out, so the USA became Shinar; thence, off to Charlottetown to rob the Great Silver Seal which became the Great US Seal. Prince Edward Island had been also appropriately, named St. John’s Island. This, from the story as told by author, Roland Sherwood,

“It was the first year of the American Revolution, but St. John’s Island never had any cause to worry… But then… one morning …on the 17th of November, in 1775, the citizens of Charlottetown awoke to find rebel vessels in the harbor. …Breaking into the home of Phillips Callbeck, the rebels …rifled chests, looted clothes closets…began to search the town for the wife of Phillips Callbeck. She was the enemy, they shouted…and they would slit her throat…..But Mrs. Callbeck was not to be found. …Breaking into Government House, the invaders stole public and private papers and carried off the great silver seal of the province”. Legends Oddities and Facts from the Maritime Provinces, Roland H Sherwood, pp16,17 “Slitting of throats” is part of the jargon of the ritual of the Brotherhood, per their handbook, of which every Mason has a copy. It is clear that it was the Brotherhood who entered Charlottetown Harbor in 1775 to take the Great Silver Seal which was the symbol of the New World Order Masterplan. Accordingly, Confederation of Canada took place in Charlottetown and accordingly, US Presidents and Canadian PM’s, including Jean Chretien, became Builderbergers, the most important octopus organization of the Committee of 300, and of the Illuminati, for it is Builderbergers who plan all World Chaos, racial, sectarian, religious and military.

Again, unique to the Order of the Garter, Windsor Castle, is St. George its patron !

The order was founded 1348 by Edward III, the Black Prince, and a Plantagenet Merovingian ! In its history 36 knights have been beheaded (1+ 2+ 3 to 36 = 666 )! Winston Churchill, responsible for the mass burial of 16,000 Catholic Croatians on May 15, 1945, and more who died in marches (Mejugorje Under Seige, D.Manuel p.p 61-62), was inducted into this order appropriately in Gizeh Pyramid year 1953, preparation year for N.W.O. determined by the “Pyramid Inch” timeline. The date of this Croatian massacre is the clue we need. For you see the 1st attempt at N.W.O. was to begin on Dec.10, 1998 the Biblical Jubilee of Israel, a day marked by God as such, for Dec 10 is day 344 of our calendar year and only in 1998, this anomaly is found:

December Tenth, Nineteen Ninety Eight = 344 (Tribulation for Jews was to begin with 3 days darkness prior to Dec. 13th) But look at this:

May Fifteenth, Nineteen Forty Five = 344 (16,000 Catholic Croatians mass burial) Hence we see how Churchill earned his membership into the Order of the Garter ! And why the occupants of Windsor Castle, home of the horse stalls chapel of “St.” George, share this very unlikely anomaly:

Prince Philip Mountbatten of Greece = 344

born on June Tenth, Nineteen Twenty One = 344 (double headed)

Sons: Prince Charles Arthur Philip George = 344

Prince Andrew Albert Christian Edward = 344 (double headed)

The Royal Secret, the Royal Family = 344

The Masonic secret is a Royal secret. That secret is the heretical “divine” bloodline! And the Windsors are Merovingian to the apple’s core. A Blue Garter (for Blue Masons, meaning Merovingian code word, Blue Apples) was the basis of the name, Order of the Garter. It fits perfectly with core of the apple, the basis of the 5 Point Geographical Star Conspiracy. (See Addendum I )

[Editor: See: Heeding Bible Prophecy: Ten Kingdoms: 10.B; Synagogue of Satan: 15.B; Babylon Destroyed: 13.C]

And just like the Satanists who accused Templars of being Satanists and had them executed, so too these Garter Satanists have a motto, “Evil to him who thinks evil of it”. I, for one, can find no reason to think good of it ! In fact, through George, Mary has pointed to the conspiracy! For members of this order are Committee of 300 which is controlled by the royals. As for evil, Diana’s death is one of the many. I previously wrote of the troubadour message the Brothers aired on TV (Addendum VII old site) re: her death. And the language provides this additional clue for us:

Balmoral Castle Scotland = 222

We need only add the date of Diana’s death :

Balmoral Castle Scotland, August Thirtieth, Nineteen Ninety Seven = 666

The Order of the Garter are Brothers with the Protestant branch of the Knights of St. John aka Templars aka Malta Knights and they run ambulance services !! This dear people is the Brotherhood. They adopted St. George as an alternative to St. Michael, God’s warrior who saves His Jewish people. It is they who brought the 7 year Tribulation, along with the Committee of 300, the underground Britain-US government. They established its perimeters on the 1998 Masterplan, precursor plan, complete with Oklahoma, by counting back the 1335 days of Dan:12:12 from Dec.13, (Nineteen Ninety Eight 222); then, poured out Tribulation in what they “deemed to be lesser countries”. Read of Haarp and of the Committee of 300! This world has not been in crisis because of “Acts of God”. Its been in crisis because of technology developed by this Brotherhood, technology which can create the storms, floods and earthquakes that the world has been plagued with the last 7 years, technology invented by Nicholas Tesla. This technology was fully developed by Russia. Haarp is the US effort to catch up. As for the latest crisis, I’m inclined to believe the slaughter of sheep in the UK is troubadour message prefiguring the slaughter of God’s sheep. Brothers are proud to be goats on Christ’s left. And this is exactly how this Brotherhood operate! Hoof and mouth disease poses no threat to humans. In India, cows are continually in the state of hoof and mouth disease and meat is sold per usual, as recently aired on the BBC news. Notice it is mostly SHEEP that are being slaughtered in Britain. For the Red Cross on Britain’s Union Jack is that of St. George.

And a great Masonic chuckle was had by all –in this pathetic Brotherhood who are “ordaining Tribulation” and arranging the world’s future in accordance with their ancient Plan of the Ages, the Masterplan, “Order through Chaos” ! The future of the world has been fully planned by evil !


It may even mean, mitigate both crosses planned in 2001 and that in 2002, since the first full position on the calendar in which all crosses begin to form is Apr.26. Russia heads the Triple Cross and both of the 5 Point Star Conspiracy Crosses, 2001 and 2002. Per Addendum I, the star is inverted only when viewed from Russia. And the inverted pentagram (star) is Satan’s symbol in the occult world. Russia is the scapegoat of the Committee of 300, as a result of the British-Russian relations established by Rothschilds (Red Shield). Rothschilds are secular Jews, anti-the religious Jews . Originally from Germany, they own British and world banks and have been one of the many behind this Conspiracy for centuries. They made their fortune through William of Hesse, ancestor of Prince Philip. Its all very inter-connected, this Merovingian plot. For you see, April 23 also happens to be the Grand Festival in Freemasonry, celebrating their Articles of Union, a union of the Antients and the Moderns (Facts on File p 181), as the two aspects of Freemasonry are named. It is also the date Timothy McVeigh was born, one more reason to suspect the involvement of this Order of the Garter with their patron George. For the Oklahoma bombing marked start of New World Order Tribulation in the New World, just as Russia’s cross marks doom for Israel, very possibly in April. For the legend of St. George, the Red Cross Knight, included the belief that he would one day return to merry “April England” !! (Patron Saints of the British Isles, R F Heath). There is also a prophesy by a king that when the next William shall ascend the throne of England, then shall the Monarchy end. William, son of Charles and Diana, is the first royal able to claim lineage from EVERY ENGLISH KING who left DESCENDANTS hence, all aspects of the Merovingian bloodline, MEANING BOTH PROTESTANT AND CATHOLIC PRETENDERS. FOR THAT IS WHAT MEROVINGIANS WERE. They are coded the “apples and oranges” of the conspiracy. Accordingly, when the Merovingian Normans took England in 1066, they did so at the Hoar Apple Tree which had always been known as Mountjoy !! In accordance with this, when the Brotherhood went public in 1717, they did so after a meeting at the Apple Tree Tavern. The star in the core of the apple, the basis of the 5 Point Star Conspiracy, Masonic Plan of the Ages. Caldbeck Hill, site of the Hoar Apple Tree, so-named for Mary Magdalene by the honey sweet Merovingian bees, was called Mountjoy because William the Conqueror had erected there a cairn of stones known as a mountjoy to commemorate the battle. The setting up of a mound of stones as a memorial was a Jewish custom, as for example, the memorial set up between Jacob and Laban symbolizing the battle between the One God of Jacob and the 360 gods of Laban (Gen: 31:45-54) and the mound set up at the Jordan by Joshua symbolizing the 12 Tribes of Israel (Josh: 4:1-9). This carried over into Masonic rites whereby mounds of stones were set up over Masonic graves as was the case when David’s rebel son, Absolom died per 2 Sam:18:17. His mound of stones was the basis of the Norman Carolingian-Merovingians. The King David’s of Scotland also derived from this background and the stewards who overthrew them became Stuarts of England, the Catholic Pretender kings, the illegitimate son of the last, being not only the founder of Scottish Rite Freemasonry but a Navigator of the Big Apple, the Prieure de Sion. Indeed mounds of stones were even set up on mountain tops in order to make of them perfect pyramids. Commagene Mountain of kings (History I) is an example. Thus, we see that the Merovingian Brotherhood began as a Semitic organization who were anti-Semitic (anti-the religious Jews) and gradually came to include the Protestants who were anti- Catholic. The latter are the oranges; hence the Orangemen marches in Catholic Ireland. And related to the British royals and partner in conspiracy with Russia, is Spanish king, Juan Carlos who now holds the Knight’s Templar Crusade title, King of Jerusalem. An Opus Dei product, he began his rule on the same day…

Anonymous Author

Hide in Plain Sight…

Seemingly innocent symbols, dates, and lines of longitude and latitude, not to mention numbers/numerology has taken its place as common place actually. The pursuit of using these things in plain sight has become second nature to the Illuminati and other secret societies. From the Constitution to the White House we have the founding fathers bringing forth the New Atlantis work of Francis Bacon’s work. Bacon has provided the view of Helena Blavatsky’s battle of Theology to the forefront of all heart of America’s past, present and future. The whole premise was to conquer the world at the expense of sacrificial victims using rituals dedicating their work to their Ascended Masters.
The truth is out there now and hidden in plain sight were these facts up until the last decade. The illusion was so vast and deep that to escape its hold has been virtually impossible due to its elite players. To go against the grain of these members was to be thought of as insane and now they are so connected in the matrix that they could care less how much information is out there about their agenda. They grin and remain transparent mostly because people will NOT stand against them on a large scale, because if you do it individually you either “commit suicide” or just come up missing in action.

Their Covenant
An illusion it will be, so large, so vast it will escape their perception.

Those who will see it will be thought of as insane.

We will create separate fronts to prevent them from seeing the connection between us.

We will behave as if we are not connected to keep the illusion alive. Our goal will be accomplished one drop at a time so as to never bring suspicion upon ourselves. This will also prevent them from seeing the changes as they occur.

We will always stand above the relative field of their experience for we know the secrets of the absolute.

We will work together always and will remain bound by blood and secrecy. Death will come to he who speaks.

We will keep their lifespan short and their minds weak while pretending to do the opposite.

We will use our knowledge of science and technology in subtle ways so they will never see what is happening.

We will use soft metals, aging accelerators and sedatives in food and water, also in the air.

They will be blanketed by poisons everywhere they turn.

The soft metals will cause them to lose their minds. We will promise to find a cure from our many fronts, yet we will feed them more poison.

The poisons will be absorbed trough their skin and mouths, they will destroy their minds and reproductive systems.

From all this, their children will be born dead, and we will conceal this information.

The poisons will be hidden in everything that surrounds them, in what they drink, eat, breathe and wear.

We must be ingenious in dispensing the poisons for they can see far.

We will teach them that the poisons are good, with fun images and musical tones.

Those they look up to will help. We will enlist them to push our poisons.

They will see our products being used in film and will grow accustomed to them and will never know their true effect.

When they give birth we will inject poisons into the blood of their children and convince them its for their help.

We will start early on, when their minds are young, we will target their children with what children love most, sweet

When their teeth decay we will fill them with metals that will kill their mind and steal their future.

When their ability to learn has been affected, we will create medicine that will make them sicker and cause other diseases for which we will create yet more medicine.

We will render them docile and weak before us by our power.

They will grow depressed, slow and obese, and when they come to us for help, we will give them more poison.

We will focus their attention toward money and material goods so they many never connect with their inner self. We will distract them with fornication, external pleasures and games so they may never be one with the oneness of it all.

Their minds will belong to us and they will do as we say. If they refuse we shall find ways to implement mind-altering technology into their lives. We will use fear as our weapon.

We will establish their governments and establish opposites within. We will own both sides.

We will always hide our objective but carry out our plan.

They will perform the labor for us and we shall prosper from their toil.

Our families will never mix with theirs. Our blood must be pure always, for it is the way.

We will make them kill each other when it suits us.

We will keep them separated from the oneness by dogma and religion.

We will control all aspects of their lives and tell them what to think and how.

We will guide them kindly and gently letting them think they are guiding themselves.

We will foment animosity between them through our factions.

When a light shall shine among them, we shall extinguish it by ridicule, or death, whichever suits us best.

We will make them rip each others hearts apart and kill their own children.

We will accomplish this by using hate as our ally, anger as our friend.

The hate will blind them totally, and never shall they see that from their conflicts we emerge as their rulers. They will be busy killing each other.

They will bathe in their own blood and kill their neighbors for as long as we see fit.

We will benefit greatly from this, for they will not see us, for they cannot see us.

We will continue to prosper from their wars and their deaths.

We shall repeat this over and over until our ultimate goal is accomplished.

We will continue to make them live in fear and anger through images and sounds.

We will use all the tools we have to accomplish this.

The tools will be provided by their labor.

We will make them hate themselves and their neighbors.

We will always hide the divine truth from them, that we are all one. This they must never know!

They must never know that color is an illusion, they must always think they are not equal.

Drop by drop, drop by drop we will advance our goal.

We will take over their land, resources and wealth to exercise total control over them.

We will deceive them into accepting laws that will steal the little freedom they will have.

We will establish a money system that will imprison them forever, keeping them and their children in debt.

When they shall ban together, we shall accuse them of crimes and present a different story to the world for we shall own all the media.

We will use our media to control the flow of information and their sentimentin our favor.

When they shall rise up against us we will crush them like insects, for they are less than that.

They will be helpless to do anything for they will have no weapons.

We will recruit some of their own to carry out our plans, we will promise them eternal life, but eternal life they will never have for they are not of us.

The recruits will be called “initiates” and will be indoctrinated to believe false rites of passage to higher realms. Members of these groups will think they are one with us never knowing the truth.

They must never learn this truth for they will turn against us.

For their work they will be rewarded with earthly things and great titles, but never will they become immortal and join us, never will they receive the light and travel the stars.

They will never reach the higher realms, for the killing of their own kind will prevent passage to the realm of enlightenment. This they will never know.

The truth will be hidden in their face, so close they will not be able to focus on it until its too late.

Oh yes, so grand the illusion of freedom will be, that they will never know they are our slaves.

When all is in place, the reality we will have created for them will own them.

This reality will be their prison. They will live in self-delusion.

When our goal is accomplished a new era of domination will begin.

Their minds will be bound by their beliefs, the beliefs we have established from time immemorial.

But if they ever find out they are our equal, we shall perish then. THIS THEY MUST NEVER KNOW.

If they ever find out that together they can vanquish us, they will take action.

They must never, ever find out what we have done, for if they do, we shall have no place to run, for it will be easy to see who we are once the veil has fallen. Our actions will have revealed who we are and they will hunt us down
and no person shall give us shelter.

This is the secret covenant by which we shall live the rest of our present and future lives, for this reality will transcend many generations and life spans.

This covenant is sealed by blood, our blood. We, the ones who from heaven to earth came.

This covenant must NEVER, EVER be known to exist. It must NEVER, EVER be written or spoken of for if it is, the consciousness it will spawn will release the fury of the PRIME CREATOR upon us and we shall be cast to the depths from whence we came and remain there until the end time of infinity itself.

NASA/Media is Hiding This…

Snow in August? UFO Threat? Weird STUFF!

List of Predicted Dates for September 2011

Anyone besides me get the VERY strong impression that this month might actually be when it all goes down? I know many have said that for years but lets just have a look at all the events to watch for this month and you tell me if we aren’t building to some sort of climax!…

~[I would like to plainly state for the record that I am NOT making any predictions but simply listing other's predictions along with factual events planned for this month for anyone interested in watching with me]~

*Pentagon Warning Order: “Prepare for War by September”
[link to]

September 2:
*The movie “Apollo 18″ hits theaters! (“All the Horror of ‘Alien’ BUT REAL!” This trailer is frightening!!)

(Also, take note of the movie poster! wow)
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September 5:
*End of the Mayan “Fifth Night”
(I only mention this because, historically, this has proven to be a very perilous time. We’ll see)
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September 9:
*The movie “Contagion” is released.
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September 10-11:
*Very strange Countdown going viral on the internet to end on this day.
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September 11:
*10 year Anniversary of 9/11. (Everyone from Obama down is hyping up the potential for a terrorist attack on this day.)
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*”Comet” Elenin is slated to reach perihelion to the sun (that is the closest distance to the sun on this day)

September 16:
*FAA planning to shut down.
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September 17:
*US “Day of Rage” on Wall Street
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September 20:
*The UN is voting to divide Jerusalem (for any of you that know Israel is God’s “prophetic timeclock”, you know THIS event is one of the most important events to watch since 1967 and the “6 Day War”…wouldn’t surprise me if this is the straw that kicks off WW3 if not the period known as the Tribulation itself!)
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*Palestinians plan mass demonstrations against Israel on eve of UN vote (Hard to imagine they think a million man march at this point would help their cause! But go figure! Anyone who thinks this is about Peace in that region couldn’t be further from the truth!)
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September 22-25:
*Pope meeting with jewish people and Muslims in Germany. (Sounds like SOMEONE is working on a possible “Peace Treaty”!)
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September 25-26:
*Three…COUNT THEM ~ THREE…planetary alignments!
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September 26:
*Elenin (according to NASA’s own JPL) will pass between the earth and the sun. (Some say this will cause an eclipse of the sun that could last up to 3 days…ending on the 29th which just happens to be Rosh Hashanah, for anyone interested)
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~Say what you want about Elenin and believe NASA when they tell you it is harmless but any comet that comes close enough to pass between the earth and the sun should be watched closely. All we can do is watch at this point anyway and see.

September 27:
*Obama to be in Denver, CO on September 27th. (Anyone who spends ANY time on the net should know that Denver is a most interesting destination for ANY president considering the events predicted to take place)
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September 29:
*Rosh Hashanah (Those who know and observe know why this is included!)
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September 30:
*The movie “Melancholia” is released. (release date was originally set for November 4 but moved up to September 30. Hmmm)
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End of September:
*US Treasury will hit its latest ceiling no later than the end of SEPTEMBER.
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And last but certainly NOT LEAST…Frankie McDonald says he meant “September 2011″ for his famous earthquake video and NOT September 2010:
Thread: I am Frankie McDonald, I meant September 2011 for quake, not 2010.

So add telephone pole doom to all of the above!

The Illuminati & Witchcraft

(From tape recorded Lectures by John Todd, Ex-Grand Druid Witch, at Bible Baptist Church, Elkton, Md., USA, Fall 1978)

I COME FROM A FAMILY CALLED THE COLLINS. Some of them on this side of the Atlantic Ocean from England have changed their name to Todd back prior to the Civil War. That’s not to say that all Collins are Todds or the family that I came from, but this family brought Witchcraft to the United States.

WE EVEN WENT AS FAR AS TO SAY THAT WITCHCRAFT STARTED OUTSIDE OF SALEM, MASSACHUSETTS, and EVEN NAMED THE BAY THAT THE WITCHES LANDED AT that they named after the head witch, my ancestor, Frances Collins, and the newspaper said that place didn’t exist. It exists. We looked at the map and it was still there! We don’t quite understand quite what they were up to, but I guess they confused enough people to disregard it. We were wondering when people were going to get around to this, but anyway, I came from the Collins Family.

LET ME QUICKLY REMIND YOU, NO WITCHES WERE EXECUTED IN SALEM. There will be a book coming out shortly on this from Chick Publications. Except for one prostitute, everybody executed in Salem were Christians, and they were tried and convicted by a jury and by a pastor who was not a pastor but a slave trader hired by the Collins. The church was built by the Collins and the jury were all members of the Collins’ church. Needles to say, they weren’t Christians, they were Witches. We went back there and researched it!

AFTER THAT AT 18 I WAS INITIATED A HIGH PRIEST. This made me the ruling pastor, more or less. You see in Witchcraft, church is a little different, only the ministers meet, and they meet once a month. The congregation doesn’t even know who is in it. They only go to their particular priest and ask for a favor, they never come together. But at 18 I was made the High Priest.

THAT MADE ME DRAFT-EXEMPT FROM THE U.S. ARMY OR FROM THE U.S. MILITARY SERVICE, because all of the denominations or Brotherhoods of Witchcraft are Federally recognized tax deductible churches and therefore their ministers do not have to serve! I stayed 4-D status, but a lot of us at that time thought it was important to get Witchcraft started at the different military bases, so we enlisted anyway, and that was in 1968.

WHEN I WAS DISCHARGED IN 1970 THERE WAS A COVEN IN EVERY MILITARY BASE IN THE UNITED STATES and EUROPE IN ALL FOUR BRANCHES OF THE SERVICE! So it grows very quickly. But I served Vietnam, flew back and re-enlisted for six years and served 30 days of my six-year term, went to Germany for that time. And up until this time I thought Witchcraft was just like being a Baptist or being a Catholic, it was a religion. I didn’t realize there was anything to it except Witchcraft, and this is where most Witches are at. In fact at this time I believed in a godhead system of gods and goddesses and believed in it very devoutly, I’d been raised in it all my life. I believed in the psychic powers and that’s all I believed in.

–A PERSON WHOSE BOOKS I HAD READ and WHO I HAD THOUGHT WAS ONE OF THE GREATEST WIZARDS, MALE WITCHES, THAT HAD EVER LIVED, and I felt very privileged that I could be staying with him learning more about Witchcraft from him. Now I gave his name–which I’m going to give a minute–in Philadelphia last Sunday night. I even gave his job at the time that I was staying with him, except the newspapers called the university that he was supposed to be working for and the university denied he’d ever been there.

IT’S FUNNY, I EVEN SAT IN HIS CLASSES AT THE UNIVERSITY. They have a way of covering things up. He has his own college now for Witches, and his name is Dr. Raymond Buckland, and at that time he was head of the Anthropology Department at Columbia University, although Columbia University likes to say that he never existed now.

BUT I LEARNED WITH HIM FOR AWHILE, LEARNED A LITTLE MORE IN MARYLAND, WENT TO CALIFORNIA and STUDIED SOME MORE. During this process I began to learn what most Witches don’t know, and that is that the gods they’ve been worshiping don’t exist, that they’re imitated by what we call “familiar spirits” or spirit guides, demons–witches don’t call them demons, they like to call them spirit guides–and that there is only one god and his name is Lucifer.

NOW THIS WAS A SHOCKING THING TO ME SINCE I WAS RAISED TO BELIEVE THAT THE DEVIL DIDN’T EXIST. You see witches aren’t Satanists, they don’t believe in Satan, and I was quickly explained to that Lucifer was a good god and not an evil god, and that Jesus was the imitator. So I learned, and I learned many things, both of Witchcraft, and I also learned why the Senators and Politicians were there!

There is no reason to have fear in your heart.
There is nothing to be afraid of when it comes to the devil; He was defeated 2,000 years ago!
I learned what most witches don’t know & that the gods they worship are demons. They like to call them spirit guides–& that there is only one god & his name is Lucifer.
I was explained to that Lucifer was a good god & not an evil god, & that Jesus was the imitator.
We were the religion of a political organisation called the Illuminati. The seal of the Illuminati says: ”This New Order that began 1776”—not the 4th of July , but May 1st,1776, the creation day of the Illuminati.
On the top of each pyramid you will see a capstone with an eye in it. The capstone is the Rothschild Family or Tribunal that rules the Illuminati, they were the creators of it. The eye is Lucifer, their god & their voice. The top block is the Council of 13 called the Grand Druid Council. They only take orders from the Rothschilds. They’re their private priesthood. The Council of 33 is directly under them, that is the 33 highest Masons in the world. Then the Council of 500, some of the richest people in the World.

The Golden Dawn is the Rothschilds private coven. The Aquarian Art Festival is the organisation that ties all the Occult Brotherhood together.
The national Council of churches, the Satanic Brotherhood of America, scientology, unity, is the main platform for witches to be speakers at towards what they consider to be Christian people. The Church of Wicka is another denomination.
The process church of Final Judgement is a church which Charles Manson belonged to. They believe in human sacrifice & they believe that the only answer to Christianity is to bomb the churches & execute the Christians.
The Garnarian Brotherhood is the traditional witchcraft in England. The Order of Rosicrucians is a sacrifice order. And the Holy Order of Garter is another traditional English Witchcraft group.
The Trilateral Council is the Inner Council of the Council of Foreign Relations, which is the American name for the Illuminati. They are not there without full knowledge & they are hand-picked by David Rockefeller, the leader of the Illuminati in the United States.
Without the Sphinx the mystery of the Illuminati would have no power. This is were all the power comes from. The head of it is the Rothschild family & the Council of 500. Under that, the Rockefellers, Duponts, Kennedys, Onasises, & other families. Queen Juliana is also on the Council of 500. In the centre is its heart, the Bank of England, the Bank of France the Federal Reserve Act, a stockholder company owned by individuals. Much of the stock is owned by non-Americans. Many Banks & famous corporations are owned or controlled by the Illuminati.
Housewives cannot shop without buying from a company that the Illuminati owns, it is impossible.
(In 1966) Phillip Rothschild ordered one of his mistresses to write an 1100-page book that would describe to all witches how they would take control of the World through the Illuminati: It’s called “Atlas Shrugs”. She spent a third of the book describing how they would raise the oil prices & then later destroy the oil fields & then they would completely shut down the coal.
Their sole purpose is to bankrupt their own companies & destroy their own companies until they destroyed the currency of the whole World, & still be so financially strong they would withstand it!
The Grand Druids meet eight times a year on the Witches’ Sabbath at various locations in the world. The Grand Druid Council is nothing but glorified bankers, they write million of dollars worth of cheques to people in political & religious fields every month.

Even though I was part of setting up a World Government, I never took it seriously until we opened two letters:
In the first one was a chart that listed a plan for a World take-over.
The other letter said: “ We have found a man whom we believe to be the son of Lucifer. We believe that through his works & our backings he can become ruler of this World, stop all wars, & bring peace, finally, to this war-stricken World.”
We had found a person so fantastically-powered that he could convince people he was their only salvation, in Christian terms, demon-possessed like nobody had ever seen! (Jn.2:18,Rev.13.)
The cornerstone of the whole floor of witchcraft is that you cannot mix a potion, you cannot do a rite without a firm knowledge of astrology. It is the base for all practices in Witchcraft, & one of its teachings is that you are born a set personality & there is nothing you can do to change from that set personality. You don’t leave witchcraft. Once you’re in, you’re in!
The greatest Wizard that that ever lived was King Solomon. As great as his writings were in our Bible, they were as great in the Witchcraft bibles: initiation rites, how to conjure demons up, everything, even how to commit human sacrifices are writings that he created.
The Star of David has just recently been called the star of David. For thousands of years it was called the Hexagram or the Crest of Solomon. Now when a witch wants to practice witchcraft, she’ll get in a pentagram, that’s the five pointed star in the circle, their strongest form of protection. Then they will lay this six pointed star, or hexagram — which means “to hex” or to cast black magic or to put a spell on somebody – they’ll put it in a circle on the floor & this will cause the demons to appear at their instructions. It is the most evil sign of witchcraft. It’s dangerous to have it.
The pentagram, the pinnacle with the one point up, means Witchcraft; two points up means demon-worship or Satanism. A two points up, five-pointed star symbolises the goat head, which is representative of the devil.
The Ankh means that you despise virginity, believe in fertility rites, practice fertility rites & worship the sun god Ra, the Egyptian name for Lucifer.
The peace symbol is the broken cross. If a Christian wants to join Witchcraft, they would have to take a ceramic cross & turn it upside-down & break the cross bars down, symbolising their rejection of Calvary. This is said to bring you peace of mind while you practice Witchcraft, that’s where it got the word “Peace Symbol” comes from.
They are in the process of a Trial-&-Error right now, & they test things. They tested what it would be like to be without fuel to heat homes. They are going to see if they can’t starve you, absolutely shut all electricity off.
The timetable in the book “Atlas Shrug” ended with this: “When the Lights of New York City go out for the last time, we will have the World.”
Towards the end they are going to cut the cities off completely, nothing will move for months. They are in the process of destroying all stored food & farmland, so that we will be without any food in the cities or in the country or anywhere except what is in the Federal storehouses. Nothing is going to move at all. If you live in a big city, how are you going to get your food if they don’t bring it to you? Everything will be paralysed, nothing will move. At the same time there will be riot & revolution in the whole World.
Charles Manson went to prison for a reason.
There is a mass army within every prison from coast to coast, he has them united. He has been gathering an army & the one thing that will hold their plan up is if they don’t get the gun law passed. They have been promised that all the guns will be confiscated before they make their move.
They have been set up just so they will kill one million people & I will leave it to you imagination who is scheduled to be killed. This is just so that they can get the national guard called out.
The whole thing is, if you can be independent of Federal help, their plan won’t work. You must be dependent on the Federal Government for every bite of food, every warmth that you feel coming through your homes. You must be dependent on them.

The Communist Party is run by Illuminati, not communists. In 1776, Adrian Pike – The head of the Illuminati, also head of the Masons at the time – Said that they needed to create a political party that would frighten the World & keep it fighting with each other until they could bring peace to the World — & then Karl Marx showed up. Now if you go to the British Museum, you can find two cheques for several thousand pounds made out to Karl Marx, signed by Nathan Rothschild. I can go into how Lenin & Troisky stayed at the Krupp mansion in New York, financed by Rockefeller & Krupp & Swifts:
How they put four million dollars worth of Jacob Swift’s gold to finance the revolution, sailed from New York Harbour where their ship was confiscated by the British Government as it tried to run a blockade during WW1 &Woodrow Wilson called & ordered their release so America wouldn’t go into the War & they were sent on their way.
Involved Organisations:
B’nai B’rith; American Civil Liberties Union; the Scottish Rites; the New York Rites; the Jaycess; the Junior Chamber of Commerce; the Masonic Lodges; the Knights of Columbus; the Knights of Philistivis & the Oddfellows.
It’s leaders use these Organisations for their purposes, that does not mean that the members of those organisations know what’s going on.
The 33rd Level Masons consider Jesus to be the impersonator & the true god is Lucifer.
Tarot Cards: Every drawing means something & the demons control how they fall, nothing in Witchcraft is ever 100% accurate.
The Illuminati will use Israel to gain control of the World.
The only thing the Illuminati fear is an independent person who can live, eat, sleep, stay warm & defend themselves separate from Federal help. They have never been this organised.
Is Rock music an outgrowth of Witchcraft? You can’t practice Witchcraft without it!!!!
Most of the rock groups are members of a Witchcraft Church, that’s their religion, & when they do a song they’ll ask the Witch coven or the temple to cast a spell over that song so that it will become a hit & sell. When a witch casts a spell they order demons to do things.
When you buy an album it’s you who gets a free surprise …’s called a demon!
It goes along with the record.
Much of the music is written in Witch language by witches. Elton John has made the statement that he has never written or sung a song that was not in Witch language. “Beyond the Yellow Brick Road” is 100% Witch language. That’s why many songs, you don’t understand. That’s why many people who listen to them don’t understand until they get high on drugs & then all of a sudden the meanings start coming to them.
Many songs have been written in Witch language such as the whole album by Carol King called “Tapestry”.
The book of prophecy to witches is the double white album that the Beatles produced containing the song “Helter Skelter”. Every song in it is prophesy. Oh let’s see…”Horse With No Name”, “One Tin Soldier”, I could list thousands of songs that were written this way. They definitely have demonic influence behind them.
Have you noticed the increase of rebellion in teenagers in your home? It’s your fault , you let them listen to it. It stirs up rebellion. It’s not the words in the song, it’s the music. Witches know it, they hit certain chords on purpose.
The music is hypnotic. It stirs up a war-like nature in the young people.
It’s the truth: the supernatural is tied in with the music.
The most perfect description of Lucifer that ever existed is in the 28th chapter of Ezekiel in the King of Tyrus. It describes Lucifer as being created with musical instruments imbedded in his body. He thinks he’s god & therefore he must have music because gods must have music. ( See also Isa.14:4-21 )
I look into a person’s eyes when I talk to them. I want to know who I’m talking to & who I’m not talking to. When you lived in a supernatural world & you have dealt with demons it’s no different when you spot them in a person who’s professing to be a Christian who isn’t living the life.

A Christian can’t be possessed, but when you can no longer crucify the flesh, & it goes beyond just crucifying the flesh, then it’s time to cast out the demon, through prayer & the blood & the name of Jesus , just tell the devil to get out! We just have to say a prayer of rejection & we just take authority over them.
You are not a Christian because you say you’re born again, you’re a Christian if you have the fruit of the Spirit. If it’s not there you’re going to grow up thorns & not apples.
I try to stay away from politics. I was very politically minded when I was a witch. I try to stay very Christian-minded & you can’t do both.
Books written by Charles Finney who was saved out of the Masons & of the first man executed by the Illuminati for betraying them, Captain Morgan, expose.
I don’t believe that Christians can have books written by witches in their libraries & get away with it.
Many conservative political organisations find the Illuminati in their journeys. It’s hard to fool around with politics & history & not to see the conspiracy. But they look at this little thing over here,& they see a war is happening, or they look over here at this little political movement & they miss the whole picture because they look at it from the outside.
It’s impossible to look at the Illuminati from the outside unless you under stand its structure.
Physical minds & computers can not come up with the Conspiracy as powerful & as direct, as workable, that has hundreds of different little conspiracies off of it, that do not know that it’s all one big Conspiracy.
It’s impossible to do something like this without a supernatural direction.
The Prince & Power of the Air, They have Lucifer leading them. Ezekiel the 28th verse11.
When Lucifer was created, he was the complete sum of all beauty & wisdom. God wasn’t created, but never had a created creature ever been created with such beauty & such wisdom & that was Lucifer.
“The workmanship of thy tabrets & of thy pipes was prepared in thee in the day that thou wast created.”—He was created with musical instruments imbedded in his body. He knows that to be a god he is going to have to have music. You can’t be a god without music, so he has created his own music.
Witches don’t say “Witchcraft” & they don’t say “Witches , they say Practisers or something like this, & they say “the force”, they describe him as “the force”.
“Star Wars” is the biggest thing that Witchcraft has ever done to spread its doctrine. There’s nothing that happens by accidents.
The Devil’s our accuser, he stands before the Throne of God constantly accusing us.
The covering angel before God’s Throne, covered with jewels. And when God’s light shone
Through him it was like a prism, it changed the colours to where they come out, & colours are extremely important to the Devil. Everything he does is in colours, without them nothing happens.
Fight him really heard & I guarantee you that he’ll show up in your life. He’ll pay you a visit & say hi! If you start fighting the Devil & if he doesn’t show up, he’ll send somebody to pay you a visit. The Devil can only interfere in a Christian’s life through several things.
If you fear him he can come in because you worshiped him, if you own something that belongs to him, jewelry, books on the occult, astrology and things that were actually created by the Devil, such as Rock music. Without it witches don’t function.
When witches do a book, they do a spell over the manuscript & they command demons which are under their authority to enter every manuscript that comes off the press, every copy of that book. So when you buy that book you get a little free gift, like when you open a little Cracker Jacks box & there’s a little trinket in there. Well, you get a free demon, free of charge.
Most of the Rock groups do the same thing, this is why records zoom to the charts, you get free of charge your own private demon. You are responsible for the articles in your home, ‘cause you are the head of the house. Maybe that’s why your finances are messed up! Maybe that’s why you & your kids are sick once in a while & you shouldn’t be.
How much credit do I give the Devil for sickness? “All of it, lock, stock & barrel!”
There are seven principalities in the Devil’s Kingdom.

There’s Satan & there’s Baalzebub, his prince. Under that are the seven principalities, & under the principalities are the powers,& under the powers, billions of demons. The seven principalities are as follows:
Rege which is the principality of the occult. ( Deuteronomy 18 )
When a woman is pregnant somebody will get a medallion & swing it over their hand and say, “Let’s see if you’re going to have a girl or a boy”. – That’s called divination, you might gain troubles from it by allowing it to happen
The difference between Witchcraft & Sorcery is: Sorcery is the use of certain occult drugs.
Timothy Leary said in his book on LSD, “ You’re not hallucinating when you take acid. Acid is blocking the physical senses out so that you can see the supernatural World!”
The next one is Lazers, sexual lust..
After Lazers, is Bacchus, The roman god of wine, he’s the principalities of addiction & he doesn’t care what you feed him, just as long as you are addicted to it. Food & caffeine, alcohol, cigarettes & drugs as when you’ve got to have it & you use it as a solution to your problems. ”I gotta have my cup of coffee!”
Next Pan. Pan says, “What fools the mortals be”. Pan is the principality of the mind, this is the Devil’s favourite playground, the soul the mind. We run into Pan more than in any other demon, because of the demon of rejection that he is over. This is the base for sexual problems, drug problems, & occult problems. They pick this demon up when they’re a child, sometimes even before they’re even born, & they carry this thing that opens them up to other demons, trying to feed & fulfill the demon that’s driving them from within.
He’s also over neuralgia, depression, suicide, schizophrenia, paranoia, all the mental illnesses. This is why people with rejection problems have deep depression, they try & kill themselves, they’re nervous all the time.
The next one is Set. The principality of death. He was the Egyptian god of the underworld. Set is over all sicknesses, (there are 39 major illnesses) & the occult credits him with 39 powers. And it’s interesting that it’s believed tat Christ took 39 stripes for our healing.
The seventh one does not have a name because witches don’t use it. They call it a Christian principality, it’s called the principality of contentment, you can feel the power, the principality in the air of contentment.
Describing Lucifer; I’ve seen him sit down at tables at meals. I’ve seen him even have sexual relationships with women at higher Witchcraft meetings .
He appeared about seven feet tall, usually clothed in deep purple, sometimes in red, sometimes in gold, — purple & gold.
After I got saved, he showed up as Satan, clothed in black & not just handsome, but beautiful.
Jet black hair, snow white skin, & the colour of his eyes, instead of blue, brown or whatever, were a deep violet, almost of deep purple. And when you looked in them, it was like looking down into the Grand Canyon. It’s just like a pit that’s just bottomless, this power! And believe me, if he appears to you, you’d know you were in his presence!
On to the physical Kingdom, the Illuminati means “The Bearers of Light”. Call it the Great Conspiracy, call it “Moriah”, which means “ The Conquering Wind”; call it the CFR, it is still the Illuminati.
It’s official birthday is may 1st 1776. May 1st is the holiest day because it is Beltane, (Witches’) New Years Day, & all things begin on Beltane. It’s the day Lucifer comes back from the underworld & dwells in the skies above, according to the witches.
Witches call themselves pagans because they believe in “pre-Christian religion”.
The structure are three pyramids, each one bigger than the next, on all of them the Capstone.
The first pyramid is “Organisation”, you’ll find the Masons here, the Grand Lodges of the Orient, which is where the Illuminati started. The Scottish Rites , the York Rites, the Oddfellows, the Jayees, any organisation that is secret, that has an inner group besides the outer group, as long as it is not directly occultism. B’nai B’rith ( Jewish laymen’s org.), a very powerful Illuminati organisation. They couldn’t be doing what they are doing today
without B’nai B’rith.
The Civil Liberties Union, also a new one, created by the man that is actually the brain of the Illuminati today, Isaac Bonovitz, the Aquarian Anti-defamation League, it’s the ant defamation league to the Occult, (which also attacks anyone who criticizes the Jews or Israel, accusing them of “anti-semitism”).
At the top of every pyramid you will find the World Banking System, it’s a counsel of the 500 richest people in the World, in existence for hundreds of years. David Rockefeller, Nelson Rockefeller, Phillip & Edward Rothschild, in fact all the Rothschilds.

Next is the Council of 33, the 33 highest Masons in the World. After that is the Council of 13, the Grand Druid Council, this is what I sat on. After that there’s a Capstone, the Rothschild’s Tribunal – Edward, Phillip & Richard are the ones that sitting up in the Rothschilds Tribunal now. In it is the leader of the Illuminati: the all-seeing eye, Lucifer!
The T.V. uses Witchcraft symbols, they put the symbols on their store names. You probably shop with Satan. There isn’t one oil company that you can buy your gasoline at today that’s not owned 100% by Illuminati stockholders.
A plan of World Rule will never take effect if you’re independent of that World Rule, you must function within them for every bit of food & every drop of gasoline. The Illuminati is scared of every private-owned gun, it’s the only threat to them.
The Beatles are classified in the occult world as the four major prophets, their White Double Album is considered the Book of Revelation to Witches. That & “Atlas Shrugs”. In it is a song called “Helter Skelter”. It meant a time when the pit would be open & the demons would be set free & the World would get insane in a less than 24-hour period & they’d be killing everybody – their next door neighbours, their kids, their wife, everything! The World would just go completely mass insane overnight.
Charles Manson went to jail because in the seven years that he’s been in he has organized from his jail cell every prison across the U.S.. They’re waiting for a time when the World will go completely insane & they’ll flood out of the prisons & they firmly believe that they will take over this country. When Manson gets out & “Helter Skelter” starts, in the first year, one million U.S. citizens are marked for death.
Nothing is going to move. If this happens, how soon would you die on your feet? Most cities would tell you within two weeks everybody would be starving. That’s all the food there is in their storehouses.
“Atlas Shrugs”, was supposedly a novel, written by one of Phillip Rothschild’s girlfriends at his instructions. It is a coded book for witches that tells how they are to gain control of the World. In this book there is sort of a parable about New York City, New York City is more or less the World. When everything was shut down, then the lights went out for good.
The Dollar sign is a Witchcraft symbol that means “to control & to scourge”, it’s 6,000 years old. Isaak Bonovitz says that “through this symbol we will now rule & control the World”, & the book ends. In the book, all the way through, Businessmen that belong to these Organisations purposely bankrupt or destroy their businesses so there aren’t any businesses, & they drive the others out of business. And all the way through they use the battle plan called “the presence from below & the presence from above”. Anybody that’s studied Communism knows the same plan. That means the Devil must destroy all the regulations, & the banker do it this way, & guess who’s in the middle? — Us!
Curtis B. Dall / (Board Chairman of “Liberty Lobby”, Publisher of “The Spotlight”) (Excerpts from letters, April & May 1979):
“Being reasonable well informed on the powers which are at work to influence our domestic and foreign policies, for their objectives, – having been with Liberty Lobby for over 19 years, on Capitol Hill – I am greatly shocked by the ineptitude & downright ignorance of many alleged Christian leaders in this country, in observing how they “pick
on” John Todd, instead to steer him constructively in the religious field. Most of these preachers haven’t the faintest idea of the contribution John Todd has made to his fellow Americans by revealing the secret power structure of the Rothschild Complex, who look to Lucifer for guidance, the Illuminati.
Most any High School student can grasp the fact that the power of the Occult, or the Witchcraft, plus the power of Evil ( The Illuminati ) exert a most powerful influence upon our economic and oliticol policies. Obviously, his powerful enemies are leaving no stone unturned to silence him, which regrettably might well be expected!
The majority of his Ministers, Pastors, Priests, have been heavily indoctrinated and are woefully uninformed, misinformed, or bribed! Todd created powerful, unrelenting enemies when he defected from “ The Royal Family”, – “The Grand Druid Council of 13”!
The enemies of John Todd have marshaled all the powerful “tools”, at their disposal to attack, neutralize or destroy him in order to protect themselves and their image, – certainly not to advance Christianity! – The usual technique employed by the Enemy in retaliation in respect to somebody who has exposed some of their secret operations!
The Religious Area is the one in which they prefer to operate, along with plenty of money, artfully supplied to grease-the-wheels. Apparently they feel that Todd must be thoroughly discredited, silenced, or even assassinated!”

French Leader Rushes To China, Blames US For Libyan Child Sex Slaves

A shocking report prepared by the Russian Foreign Ministry for Prime Minister Putin on French President Nicolas Sarkozy’s unexpected trip to China last week to meet with China’s President Hu Jintao states that this Western leader told the Chinese that the Americans were responsible for removing from Libya an estimated 1,500 young girls and boys purported to be utilized as ‘sex slaves.’

Though China had evacuated nearly 36,000 of its citizens from Libya after the American-led NATO “Oil War” began, an estimated 800 Chinese families were reported still in the country. Upon the NATO-led rebel forces entering Tripoli, this report says, wholesale executions, rapes, kidnappings and looting began headed by US and British military strike teams intent on capturing as many children as possible.

The “shock and awe” terror unleashed on the people of Libya, this report continues, was modeled after the US-led war on Iraq where that country was, likewise, plunged into frightful chaos and upheaval.

Though many International reporters have attempted to alert the Western peoples to the atrocities being committed by NATO-led rebels they have nearly all been silenced by orders issued by President Obama and Prime Minister Cameron. In fact, if not for the forceful intervention by the International Red Cross many of these reporters would have been captured and executed this past week by these NATO-led rebels for exposing their war crimes against humanity.

This report goes on to state that US and British strike teams began to round up Libyan girls and boys (some as young as 5-years-old) after discovering rebels raping hundreds of them after they “liberated” Misurata from Gaddafi forces. [Note: On this LINK is another link to a shocking video of one of these NATO-backed Libyan rebel-led child rapes which the Sisters have ordered not to be linked on this site.]

Russian Foreign Ministry sources in this report further state that Sarkozy told Hu that upon the Americans learning about these child rapes by their own rebel forces they began abducting them first and after “medicating and crating” them put them onto US Air Force transport planes headed towards either America or Great Britain.

Sarkozy’s greatest concern, this report says, arose after both US and British authorities refused to tell France where these children were going or what was going to happen to them leading many to worry that they would end up as ‘sex slaves’ to the Western elite classes, nearly all of whom are reported to be pedophiles.

Important to note is that in America, where their morally corrupt elite class has legitimized homosexuality and other forms of human degradation, this past fortnight they began the legal process to legalize sex with children, and as we can read, in part, as reported by the Daily Caller News Service:

“If a small group of psychiatrists and other mental health professionals have their way at a conference this week, pedophiles themselves could play a role in removing pedophilia from the American Psychiatric Association’s bible of mental illnesses — the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), set to undergo a significant revision by 2013. Critics warn that their success could lead to the decriminalization of pedophilia.

The August 17 Baltimore conference is sponsored by B4U-ACT, a group of pro-pedophile mental health professionals and sympathetic activists. According to the conference brochure, the event will examine “ways in which minor-attracted persons [pedophiles] can be involved in the DSM 5 revision process” and how the popular perceptions of pedophiles can be reframed to encourage tolerance.”

The fears that these Libyan children will be turned into sex slaves appears to be justified by many independent American researchers and authors who provide compelling evidence substantiating their claims the CIA has been behind this monstrous scheme for decades.

According to one of these researchers named Brice Taylor: “… Henry Kissinger is the CEO for the Illuminati who naturally prefer to remain in the shadows. Our political leaders are chosen by their moral frailties, blackmail-ability, and willingness to advance the Illuminati plan. Strings are pulled and they mysteriously rise to prominence. It doesn’t matter which party they belong to. They secretly serve the “Cause.”

Many are products of a life that may include pedophilia, drug trafficking and consumption, child pornography, bestiality, mind control, rape, torture, satanic rituals and human sacrifices. They are given many opportunities to indulge their perversities, which ensure continued obedience and solidarity.”

Drug trafficking, white slavery, prostitution and pornography finances secret New World Order programs. Elements in the CIA, FBI, Coast Guard, Military, and police are all involved, as is the Mafia.”

As the American-led NATO nations are now set to “reap the spoils” of their unprovoked attack upon oil-rich Libya, with Italy and France now openly arguing over who should get the greater riches, and Germany, also, clamoring for its share, it goes without saying that these “sex slave” children will be lost forever to serve the insane gratification of what is in essence our World’s new elite ruling class.

Unbeknownst to the greater masses of these Western peoples, however, is that Russia, China, India, Brazil (to just name a few) and over 1 Billion Muslims in this World are preparing to ensure that these monsters nearly two-century rule over our World comes to a screeching halt.

And it goes without saying, of course, that in destroying these monsters our entire World itself may be the ultimate and final victim.

EDITOR: Please use discernment and prayer with the info presented.


Mighty Men of the Past & Future

The inconvenient truth is that Bible is correct. Most people like to parallel the times with the Bible and discount all the prophecy as just claims of ancient apostles as just horrific persecution or direct extermination due to a evil God. When most read the Bible they use exclamations of religious control or oppression, but this is furthest from the truth. The events of the past and future are aligned with what has been prophesized, and will continue in this path until GOD sees fit to bring this chaotic world to a powerful close and we move on into the next path.
The days of old are told in many way by many people of the Bible but the most important features are repeated and one of these repeated scenarios are of the mighty men. The story is told that not only was the technology of those times more advanced than we think, but that it was so explosive that we must take a look at what we have now and parallel it to then.

One of the focuses we must approach is nanotechnology. We believe this to be fairly new and never advanced upon before these days we exist in, but this is not true. But, this is not the subject with which I want to discuss.
The days of old included men who were super-powered which allowed them to advance over civilization. These super soldiers were not only large in size but large in numbers.
The advancement of nanotechnology in our current governments extends into the 22nd century and once people begin to envision just what is upon us they will be amazed. Nanotechnology advancement allows hundreds of these particles to be placed in a area the size of a period at the end of this sentence.
The battle for nanotechnology brings us to the smart materials which includes cloaking soldiers in a chameleon-like skin coated material which will help shield the soldier against bullets, chemical agents and even monitor life support systems. The fibers with which these materials are made with will carry fluids, emit signals, and even change the shape or color of a piece of clothing. Considering the YOUTUBE videos accessible to anyone, one must come to the conclusion that even invisibility is even a reality.

The term ‘coat of many colors’ or miracle garment will have microbe-killing power which will even heal the wounded. It not only must be light-weight but also waterproof, for the special operations of our world’s military want to be amphibious.
These ‘exo-muscles’ in this skin would also include boots which could charge solar energy sources so that vertical leaps of more than 20 feet would be possible.
Mighty men in this realm of time is already a reality but the facts are only brought to the public in small increments. Our governments have so many advance technologies that the public will not know of for decades. The ultimate goal of this agenda is to bring forth a new super-human warrior, a new “Master Race”.

These mighty men scenarios were at one time just drafts and designs which would evolve mans evolution into the future but we must come to the realization that they are here, and now. The combination of nanotechnology, biotechnology, and information technology, along with cognitive sciences, brings us the power of POWER TOOL for the TROJAN MAN. These bits, neurons, genes, and atoms are the building blocks with which are used to improve the modern man but also to bring new products for a human revolution/evolution.

The Pentagon’s quest for the coat of many colors parallels the ancient quest for the cloak or skin of the Mighty Men by the ancient Sumerian king, Nimrod.
NMRD, Ni-Meru-Rod or Nimrod with the vowels added, was a second millennium B.C. Sumerian king who was called a Mighty Man. The Mighty Men of old were the race or breed of men who escaped the cataclysm which destroyed the first race of man who interbred with the Nephilim.
Intriguingly spoken of are the ‘skin’ type coats which gave powers to those who wore them. The skins/garments were said to be a garment of light which came from the celestial heavens.
Nimrod had attained one of these garments which gave him the power to control the masses and also be worshiped as a god. Once GOD realized the sins of these Mighty Men of old, HE crushed the Tower of Babel, which Nimrod had built to reach the heavens. This sounds more like a gate than a tower but let’s not go there now. These events caused the secrets of this gate and the cloak of the Mighty Men to go underground.
Some may dismiss these parallels as just mere coincidence or a literal contrivance but let’s not be so bold. The symbols, drama, and figures of our history are not just being recycled but are purposely being repeated. Profound outcomes of these scenarios are possible and will be brought to our recognition very soon.

I find this term to be very intriguing considering all the knowledge released about the Merovingians. Fascinatingly, Meru (the root of Moriah and Mero-vingian) is the name for the central pillar of Atlantis. The so claimed-Illuminated Ones-of our current time is the Knights Templar and the bloodline of their descendants are said to be from Atlantis and kin to the sky-gods. Even the Illuminati claim rights of dynasty wrapped and bundled in the name of “Mighty Men of the Pillar of Meru, or the ILLUMINATI”.
It is said that Yeshua wore this garment of light and the Roman soldiers, upon Yeshua being crucified, took His clothes and divided them into four parts, one for each soldier. But they also took His tunic; woven seamlessly from the top, and said, “Let is not tear it, but cast lots for it to see who will get it”.
The fact that many scriptures speak of a transformation into a ‘shining one’ once a change of garments is made seems to transcend the need for technology, or is this a form of technology given to the Sons of GOD which is then tainted by using it for evil purposes? It is said that Adam and Eve were once shining, and so was Moses and Elijah. Are these garments one in the same? Also, is this the same as the “Golden Fleece” symbolized in the stories of old?

What we have is the desires of certain people to bring forth a breed of hybrids. Not only by bringing technology upon one’s body but to integrate it into the body itself. This bridge is bring crossed and traveled daily. What was once thought to be illegal and morally wrong, is now commonplace.
Many of the renditions of paintings and sketches of ancient ones were symbolic in nature and now they are being brought forward to reveal these symbols and their meanings. To cross the wrong bridge and follow in the wrong path is something which is part of the false doctrines spoken of in the Bible. False doctrines by demons is the nexus with which the falling away will ensue. Many rituals in the religious practices of our current societies are pagan and injected into Christian doctrine practices. Of these many follow without question.

Many paths in our past are subjected to performances of enlightenment but these practices were taken and used for purposes of serving one self and this agenda was initiated by Satan and his demons. The gates/portals used to travel into our dimension is full of light and dark entities, but there is only one throne and this throne belongs to the One and only, Almighty GOD.
The flames of fire with which these demons travel is in our time and dimension and the messengers of Light speaks to each of us, but as with everything Satan touches, everything of GOD is duplicated and tainted, up to and including the Light. They use these practices to make humanity believe they are good, and from the Light, but GOD said to test these spirits.

The ability to transform is no secret, this ability comes to us in the form of a Chameleon. The distinctive and highly specialized technique used by this animal comes second nature to it. It uses this as a form of defense and resource. This parallels the same techniques used by the demons except it is used on the offense instead of the defense. The environment is ripe here on earth for their application. Their decisive techniques used for purposes of convincing mankind that they are of the light and not malevolent, but the truth is in the actions of these entities.
They work in the dark, with purposes of the dark side. Their conniving exhibits show through once they are tested. Their influence is wide and deep, and the reality we live in now will only get worse before it gets better. The harm in their agenda is to pull others to the dark side. Some don’t believe in soul-scalping but this is the exact term that I use for what they do.

Miracle workers are charismatic and divine and chosen by GOD to help us mere mortals but the spiritual battles we face here on earth. These demonic entities spread their tentacles and use knowledge given thousands of years ago to command worship by dealing a hand of science mixed with evil.
A divine being is one who can heal the sick, revive the dead, control the weather, predict the future, alter the past or future, etc…well it seems our leaders of this world are producing these very things. In fact, some have already been accomplished.
No matter what force they use here on earth, it makes no difference in the end results. The Divine Force Field of GOD will come upon earth when we least expect it, and when it does these charlatan serpents of Satan will be seen for what they are.
The taste from their endeavors seems sweet now, and the players on the masterful chess game board with which GOD uses, are but mere pawns to do GOD’s bidding. The abyss of space and dimensions use no time in the prefix. GOD has an aquarium of sorts with some the creatures of higher planes using the technology to do the bidding of Satan, but it will all come out in the wash.

The agenda of this Mighty Men enactment is to change man’s DNA. The elusive abductions and scenarios of the so called alien/demons are to do the same. So, not only do we have agendas of the same context happening but they are happening on different realms. This is EXACTLY how the days of Noah were. By studying these patterns, techniques, and technology, and communication, we see the same scenario of antiquity that is occurring before us today.

The HYPOSTASIS of our current situation is that we have many levels of demonic activity taking place. The veil that exists between the world above and the realms below is exactly what I describe now. No matter how you phrase it, the meaning is the same…we have a battle of the souls.
Considering these demons as ‘gatekeepers’ is unrealistic and dangerous. To communicate with them is equal to having dialog with the devil himself. To channel them is nothing less than to invite demonic possession to occur. To meditate is equal to the same.

Either by gate or portal, to ascend by spirit or whatever the case may be is to be with our One and Only, Almighty GOD. These entities cannot help you ascend, nor using any ‘BIG ARCANE secret knowledge” help you either. This is all trickery of the mind. To go with them is to give your soul to the devil.
There is only one way to heaven…this is to give your life to GOD. This is to seek a relationship with the Almighty GOD. The only enlightenment is to be with GOD.
When the world is due for its maker and creator, we will know…and we know it’s coming soon too for there are billions who are suddenly asking themselves…”why are all these strange things happening in the skies above us and on earth itself?”

Our spirit knows the truth. The truth is the Light, the Light of GOD. Ask yourself today….do you put yourself first? Or is GOD first? You know the answer.

Vatican Prepares for BIG Message!


Did you know that the Vatican is tainted?

Obama Issues Secret Order For Military Raids On Civilians

A frightening report prepared by Russia’s foreign military intelligence directorate (GRU) circulating in the Kremlin today states that the United States has moved even closer to becoming an all-out police state after President Obama issued a secret order yesterday allowing US military forces to begin conducting raids against American civilians.

According to this GRU report, an American law called the Posse Comitatus Act prohibits US Army and Air Force personnel and units of the National Guard under federal authority from acting in a law enforcement capacity within the United States. The US Navy and Marine Corps are prohibited by a Department of Defense directive, not by the Act itself from going against their own citizens and the Coast Guard, under the Department of Homeland Security, is exempt from the this law.

Obama’s secret order yesterday, however, overturned this law meant to protect American civilians from military oppression and allowed heavily armed troops belonging US Air Force’s Office of Special Investigations to raid a military surplus and gun store in Las Vegas Nevada named Citadel Gun & Safe.

This privately owned civilian company describes itself as: “Citadel Gun and Safe for 7 years has provided law enforcement & soldiers quality firearm accessories and security products. We have the largest selection of ammunition and security products, safes, optics, preparedness supplies, and firearm accessories in the state. It is a unique store with something for everyone in every price range.”

Witnesses to this raid, as noted in the Las Vegas Review-Journal newspaper, stated that heavily armed US Air Force Troops broke down doors while storming into Citadel Gun & Safe shouting “search warrant” and were assisted by local police forces and FBI “observers.” When local reporters attempted to query a Nellis Air Force Base spokesman about this unprecedented raid they were told to ask their questions to the office’s headquarters in Quantico, Virginia.

Important to note, this GRU report says, is that the assertion by these US Air Force troops that they had a “search warrant” is highly suspect because there is no judicial record of any American judge ever issuing such a document to military forces to act against civilians.

The true reason for Obama signing this secret order to allow US military forces to begin raiding American civilians, this GRU report asserts, is his regimes crackdown against any establishments that sell any type of survival-type supplies as they deem them to be one of the greatest threats to their being able to hold onto power.

Just this past week the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) issued a new declaration (see below) titled Potential Indicators of Terrorist Activities Related to Military Surplus Stores wherein they warned that any American citizen buying survival-type supplies, especially if they pay with cash, are now to be reported to authorities as potential terrorists.

So fearful has Obama become of these “potential” terrorists that this past week during a national television interview he warned that the biggest threat to the United States was what he termed as “lone wolves” and that his intelligence officials have begun to characterize in videos released to police departments as “white middle class Americans.”

To the fear Obama has against his own people, this GRU report says, is the growing knowledge among the ordinary classes in the United States that their government has ceased to serve them and is, instead, a tyrannical system that protects the 400 oligarchs who control more of the wealth of that nation than 150 million of their fellow Americans.

In a nation that now has as many of their citizens in prison that live in public housing, and where Obama has prosecuted more government whistleblowers for trying to tell American people the truth than all of the other US Presidents in history combined, and where more of its soldiers have died by suicide than in their wars, this GRU report warns that the US military is now planning for London style riots to hit their country too.

To how feared the growing American police state has become we can further note from the comments made this past week by Paul Deller of the London Metropolitan Police Federation who said, “In Britain we police by consent… America polices by force and we do not want to do that in this country.”

As history has always shown, a population that allows its self to be governed by an elite class at the expense of everyone else can not help but to fail. And as warned about by Karl Marx (1818-1883), “At some point, Capitalism can destroy itself.”

EDITOR: This information requires us to use discernment and prayer to our Heavenly Father.



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