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Possession Syndrome at High Altitude



This work given is in full acknowledgement of GOD and directed by Holy Spirit. Any and all use of the facts of the dark side are not an avenue meant to give any credit to them. In fact, all work is directly attributed to GODs Plan and to give HIM all the glory. Amen

We must acknowledge that this fight we battle is fought daily and it’s only getting worse! I’m presenting this as an acknowledgement of the medical field and their participation in the battle. Finally, we are able to see professionals who see this fight for what it is…supernatural!



Possession Syndrome at High Altitude
Khan ID, Sahni AK
In a first of its kind, a 20 year old Hindu, highlander, working girl presented with abnormal behavior, unrelenting symptoms, had limited benefit by usual treatment and was diagnosed as Possession syndrome. Exorcism offered symptomatic relief. The girl resumed normal activities with no recurrence in a 12 month follow up. Possession syndrome is explained in both medical and theological perspectives. Modern medicine associates it with a mental illness though True Possession syndrome without associated mental illness has been reported. Theological perspective can be amalgamated with current scientific theory and practice, thereby complimenting existing concept.



Possession syndrome (Spirit/Demonic Possession) is a paranormal diseased state in which a person is said to be possessed by a spirit, demon, animal, extraterrestrial being or disincarnate objects including God, resulting in noticeable changes in health, behavior and appearance. Possession syndrome exists worldwide and has been reported in people with low educational and social status, particularly young females, divorcees, concubines and newly recruited soldiers. Childhood abuse, neglect, isolation, loneliness, environmental difficulties and distressing emotional, social or psychological experiences are implicated. Possession syndrome represents the tip of an iceberg as they are largely dealt by Exorcists and go unreported. An extremely rare case of Possession syndrome in a young girl at 4575 m/15000 ft, a first of its kind, is presented here.


A right handed, Hindu, Hindi speaking, highlander, working girl of 20 years, pursuing graduation was fully acclimatized and performing well as a mountaineering trainee in a mountaineering course. After 10 uneventful days at Base Camp (15000 ft), on climbing 2000 ft higher along with course mates and instructors, she reported persistent headache, uneasiness, fear and excessive crying. Headache was moderate and localized over forehead without any associated symptoms. Diagnosed as altitude sickness, the patient was descended and given paracetamol, oral fluids, acetazolamide (Diamox) 250 mg and nursed for an hour in a High Altitude Pulmonary Oedema (HAPO) Bag after which she had partial relief. An hour later, she complained of headache of increasing intensity. Abnormal behaviour was reported by observers. There was no contributory past history during infancy, childhood, adolescence or adulthood or any addictions, physical or mental illness. No noteworthy stressors were found. There was no family history of mental illness or drug abuse. She uttered repetitive non coherent sounds in normal tone and volume, unwitting to observers. She maintained a constant sitting posture with extended legs and weight supported on both hands at back. Pulse and blood pressure were high while temperature, respiration and systemic examination were normal. Mental status examination revealed a well kempt girl, not maintaining eye contact, not responding to direct commands, unaware of the environment around her and preoccupied with self. She exhibited rolling eye movements, clenched teeth and moved her head back and forth rhythmically. She could not be evaluated for mood and affect, thought form and content, perception, cognition and insight. She was diagnosed as a case of Possession Syndrome and an early evacuation after stabilization was planned.
Exorcism was conducted over three hours in presence of the first author. After an hour of repetitive direct questioning, the girl identified herself as a male who was a native of Bengal, had Bengali as mother tongue, died five years back during an expedition in the same location and wanted food to be put for him. She had no prior knowledge about the male identity. After food was put, the patient started moving out of the tent as if approaching the food while maintaining her position; weight supported on hips, heels of extended legs and palms towards the back. She stopped after moving a few steps, regained back her identity and started crying. She was unaware of her alleged possession but was aware of showing abnormal behaviour. She remained stable and slept well. She was not evacuated and kept under observation for next seven days during which she remained cheerful and resumed activities well. During a 12 month follow up, there was no recurrence or symptoms of any mental illness, though, she was emotionally labile to trivial issues.


Possession syndrome, a known disease entity, overlaps within medical and theological perspectives and sometimes labelled as a hoax. Possession syndrome meets modern medical criteria in having recognized symptom clusters and clinical findings but lacks recognized lab and imaging results. It is mostly attributed to a known disease entity though True Possession syndrome without associated mental illness has been reported. The fourth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV), 45 places Dissociative trance disorder in Appendix B: Criteria Sets and Axes Provided for Further Study. Moreover Religious and Spiritual Problems are categorized under V62.89. The ICD-10 places F44 Dissociative (Conversion) Disorder and F44.3 Trance and possession disorders. Data is scanty and True Possession syndrome is not yet a recognized disease.
Historically, Esquirol described Possession syndrome as ‘disease’ and Freud attributed it to neurosis. It is hypothesized that when a person faces surmounting stress, s/he enters a possession-trance to solve the conflict. While the person is possessed, the stereotypical behaviour allows for release of repressed impulses and angry feelings, and catharsis alleviates anxiety and tension.
Clinical features include non specific symptoms (headache, vomiting, abdominal pain, blindness, mutism), nebulous symptoms (phantom pain, violent body shaking resembling epilepsy, auditory, visual, tactile, olfactory and gustatory hallucinations), behavioural changes (abnormal talking, walking, facial expressions, body posturing, emotional instability, antisocial, suicidal, homicidal or violent behaviour) and paranormal features (exhibit a voice of opposite sex in an unknown language, supernatural strength, knowledge beyond the realm of awareness, paranormal motion of inanimate objects and self).
Diagnosis is difficult as possession like states are commonly seen in hysteria/conversion disorder (48.5%), schizophrenia (24.3%), depression (12.2%), anxiety, mania, obsessive compulsive neurosis, Tourette syndrome, epilepsy, drug- induced delirium, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), psychosis or dissociative identity disorder (DID). It is seen in lesions of basal ganglia, fronto-parietal lobes, limbic system hyperactivity and temporal lobe epilepsy. Malingering being ‘possessed’ to seek attention or individual benefits has been reported. It is commonly diagnosed as multiple personality disorder in the west, Voodoo possession in Africa and trance and possession disorder in Indian subcontinent. Exorcism resistant cases are reported to doctors, who are attributed to mental illness and treated by neuroleptics and associated therapy. Cases resistant to both exorcism and drugs are diagnosed as cases of mental insanity. The International Society for Study of Trauma and Dissociation has given guidelines for treatment of DID.
Theological approach, more acceptable in certain cultures, promulgates Exorcism for treatment and caters to about 75% cases. Exorcism includes religious rituals to heighten suggestibility and is based on the psychotherapeutic principle of abreaction wherein undischarged and constrained emotion expressed covertly in the form of possession symptoms is released. However, hypnotic suggestion may mask organic symptoms, behavior may be altered by post-hypnotic suggestion, and the placebo effect of treatment rituals is known. The Exorcists, at times, are able to tell whether a person has a mental illness and requires hospitalization and drug treatment or is truly possessed. Exorcism has been seen, by doctors as well, to bring profound mental and physical improvement leading to total remission as seen in this case. In true Possession syndrome, exorcism appears to be the only help possible. Various organizations including the International Association of Exorcists promulgate the ideology of differentiating possession from mental illness and performing exorcism only when the possession is not fully explained by a mental illness after a thorough psychiatric evaluation. Modern exorcisms are increasingly being performed in the presence of a doctor.


Case Note
There is a wide gap between the medical and theological ideology regarding Possession syndrome. There is a serious lack of understanding of medical pathology by laymen including theologians who tend to think in their own sphere of belief. Similarly, it is possible that doctors lack theological information constraining them to diagnose in their sphere of knowledge. Drug resistant cases of Possession syndrome have been cured by exorcism as well as people have died in the hands of exorcists for want of medical attention.
The possessed in this case was an educated working girl who was acclimatized and performing well in the course. She had no underlying mental illness, history of antecedent events, conflicts or stresses, prior knowledge about the deceased person which came as the spirit or prior exposure to the area. She brought forth new knowledge (gnosis). In an acclimatized girl, the presentation of headache was unusual and crying, uneasiness and fear were dramatic for the girl’s composure. The symptoms were not relieved by usual therapy. There was no aura of healers as she had limited interaction with them. It was not apparent that the illness was ready to be healed in that setting. She exhibited markedly abnormal body posturing while she tried to go out of the tent, something even a diseased person would not attempt. There was a histrionic improvement after offering food. There was partial retrograde amnesia to possession.
There was no memory of exorcism nor any marks over her body. Malingering was not apparent. There were no residual effects in the days that followed while under observation. The possession was a single episode with no recurrences after exorcism, in a follow up period of 12 months. The exorcists had never performed any exorcisms before. They had retrograde partial amnesia towards exorcism and claimed that 80% of their actions were involuntary. However, there was cultural insight of such a problem in the girl as well as the exorcists. High altitude environment is stressful and hypoxia has been implicated in hallucinations. Tales from folklore mention transient possession of mountaineers, Phantom companion and the ‘Yeti’ or abominable snowman.
We, as doctors, being the most educated members of today’s society, stand at a pedestal to develop a holistic approach of paranormal experiences so as to give better professional advice in Possession syndrome cases. The concept of possession should be observed as a disease condition and a harmonizing approach advocated. Theological perspective can be amalgamated with current scientific theory and practice, thereby complimenting existing concepts. Possession syndrome and exorcism may be incorporated into some paradigm of illness. Time will answer.

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Test of Faith


For lack of a better term, we have graduated to living in a fascist society. Oh, and just for saying that I could have FBI, police or special agents knocking down my door anytime now, right? Sounds ridiculous but it’s TRUE.
Those of you who didn’t believe that we live in a society where our churches are TOLD what to preach and not preach about, then you’re going to have a huge eye-opener!
Have you taken the pill? Embracing the sometimes painful truth of reality (red pill) and the blissful ignorance of illusion (blue pill).
It’s nice to live in a world where you have total bliss, isn’t it? Well, that’s long gone…


Recently I had some experiences where it jolted my world apart. I didn’t realize it at first, it was a slow road to the finish line…but it finally reached its destination at the end of a dead end road. If you’d like to know what I speak of then you would have to understand what it’s like to lose a family member, but they didn’t die!


The facts are hard to express into words, for words don’t give its full meaning. Why did it happen? At first, I didn’t know…I thought it was related to other issues within the family, but then it hit me like a ton of bricks. It’s because of what I do here and elsewhere in my life according to my faith. The people, yes it was more than one…who don’t appreciate my beliefs. Although this came over a period of a couple of years, my heart kept telling me there was hope. Then, when I attempted to make these relationships closer, it was a failed attempt and I was even told that I needed to seek professional help. Yes, my own family told me that I needed a shrink because I wanted a closer relationship with them. So, I’ve been grieving and this has been very hard on me. The red pill was a big one! It hurt when I swallowed.


What did I do next? I buried myself in work, school and research…although I’m not currently at work…I’m on medical leave…I buried myself in everything else…and then I realized it extended even further to more than two.
Pulling away has been the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. My heart aches and my life feels so empty. GOD has blessed me with people (who I don’t know), who’ve come from out of the blue to give me moral support. Although there are only a few, very few who know what I’ve been dealing with, people seemed to be coming my way to support me and my ministry.


Why am I telling you my deepest secrets? Because GOD told me too. You see, we live in a world where there is conditions placed upon everything, even love…and most importantly FAITH!
Faith is the condition which man has attacked the hardest.
We no longer live in a free country. We don’t live in a world of peace. These have been taken from us. We no longer live in a country where we can speak our mind, and choose our faith.
One of the greatest abuses of government power against religious liberty has just occurred. And the world where right was right and wrong was wrong, is now the opposite.



I shortened the article for lack of space but the link is below, as well as other pertaining to this case.
City of Houston demands (5) pastors turn over sermons
The city of Houston has issued subpoenas demanding a group of pastors turn over any sermons dealing with homosexuality, gender identity or Annise Parker, the city’s first openly lesbian mayor. And those ministers who fail to comply could be held in contempt of court.


Among those slapped with a subpoena is Steve Riggle, the senior pastor of Grace Community Church. He was ordered to produce all speeches and sermons related to Mayor Annise Parker, homosexuality and gender identity.
Rev. Dave Welch, executive director of the Texas Pastor Council, also received a subpoena. He said he will not be intimidated by the mayor.
We can no longer remain silent. We must stand together – because one day – the government might come for your pastor.



Motion Filed in Harris County:


Non-discrimination ordinance Rejected:


TAKE A STAND! Time is coming to a point where all mankind will have to make a stand. A stand for GOD, or against GOD.
What’s your decision? Do you see what’s coming? Oh, yes…we’re in the kitchen and the heat is climbing! There will be no lukewarm decisions because they will make you choose…and even if your head doesn’t make the ‘chopping block’ then GOD will make you choose. Time is drawing to a close….you can’t hide.

Upside-Down Church



The Greatest Masquerade on Earth – PT 2


This work given is in full acknowledgement of GOD and directed by Holy Spirit. Any and all use of the facts of the dark side are not an avenue meant to give any credit to them. In fact, all work is directly attributed to GODs Plan and to give HIM all the glory. Amen

In the Book of Genesis, one can read how Adam and Eve used fig leaves to cover “their nakedness” after eating the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.
“The masquerade motif appears in the Bible on two different levels: an attempt to fool people and an attempt to fool God.”
What shaped Judaic ritual was an “absolute prohibition against fashioning a statue or a mask”, originating with the Second Commandment.

What has come to be the greatest masquerade on Earth has been the elite’s rule of the iron fist. With their secret societies, they’ve conquered and reigned for thousands of years with the celestial help of the Brotherhood of the Ascended Masters..aka…the WATCHERS! Herein we will provide the curtained attempt worship their god, Lucifer. They profess a little too much that they don’t, but in reality…they do. The Satanic movement is on the rise in America and taking overe what was once a GOD-loving country. But, this has changed…instead we’ve become a nation of people who are oppressed and obsessed with Satan and his materialistic gifts. This party obviously celebrates this with a masque of Lucifer.


_______MASQUES OF LUCIFER_______
“The goal, drawing upon the lore invited by the ostensibly mystified setting of the Masons’ home, is to “open up portals” and pull “the grounds” through, piece by piece, stage by stage, reanimating all its ghastly inhabitants inside the Temple. Think psychedelic soiree meets séance…”
The wearer of a mask is considered to be in direct association with the spirit force of the mask and is consequently exposed to personal danger of being affected by it. For his protection, the wearer is required to follow certain sanctioned procedures in his use of the mask. He plays the role of an actor in cooperation or collaboration with the mask. Without his performing dance and posturing routines, which are often accompanied with music, the mask would remain a representation without a full life force. After putting on the mask, the wearer undergoes a psychic change and as in a trance assumes the spirit character depicted by the mask.
In some cultures, the masked members of secret societies could drive disease demons from entire villages and tribes. The best known of these groups was the “False Face Society” of the North American Iroquois Indians. These professional healers performed violent pantomimes to exorcise the dreaded “Gahadogoka gogosa” (demons who plagued the Iroquois). They wore grimacing, twisted masks with long wigs of horsehair. Metallic inserts were used around the eyes to catch the light of the campfire and the moon, emphasizing the grotesqueness of the mask. (1)
Satan has masked himself in this world as many examples of hate but completing this task of masking himself within a secret society is a mask within a mask. This is an obvious illusion to complete scenarios which would have been otherwise impossible. Hidden behind a curtain of roles which in the end fit the prophecy of GOD.
We have real monsters and non-monsters. The monsters which exist are of the evil supernatural genre. The non-monsters are humans caught up the the supernatural war being utilized by the monsters. In the end, we have striking differences and painful similarities.
No matter the illusion Satan utilizes, GOD equips Satan with the tools to trap himself. Anyone caught in Satan’s masquerade is a fool for believing in his tactics and lies.


We have Princes which rule over different cities. A city given under the influence of a spiritual ruler is a ancient, wise and certainly cunning prince who has had millenniums of experience at controlling mankind. And they manifest their evil personalities over geographic territories in which they rule. And for this reason, you will see distinct personalities within each city reflecting the evil personality of the prince of demons who rule over that area.


Marche Du Nain Rouge
For 300 years, on the Sunday after the Vernal Equinox, Detroiters have celebrated liberation from the Nain Rouge, the fiendish embodiment of all that holds us back.
“Best New Detroit Tradition” -Metro Times
(So what is it really? It’s a family friendly – with parental guidance recommended – do-it-yourself Mardi Gras style march full of inside jokes and absurdity unlike anything else in Detroit, but we’ll never admit it can be explained that easily.

Spirits Over Detroit
A once thriving city is now become a city of homeless…
Stand at the Woodward Avenue overpass above Interstate 75, and you’ll see the two faces of Detroit. On one side is beautiful Comerica Park, a symbol of downtown economic revival, where city residents and suburbanites alike pack in to watch professional baseball in a world-class venue. Then, across the expressway looms an empty 13-story building, with the word “ZOMBIELAND” scrawled across the top.
The statue “The Spirit of Detroit” is the perfect example of what is governing this city. Angels of the darkness, disguised as light. If you look at this statue, one automatically focuses on the angel on one hand and the sun with rays in the other. Who is the god of the Sun, well Satan is of course.
Urban legends of Detroit are plentiful, but this harbinger of doom is a fascinating character: Nain Rouge…
His appearance is said to presage terrible events for the city. The Nain Rouge appears as a small childlike creature with red or black fur boots. He is also said to have “blazing red eyes and rotten teeth.” (Skinner 1896)
The creature is said to have attacked the first white settler of Detroit in 1701, Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac who, soon after, lost his fortune. The creature is also said to have appeared on July 30, 1763 before the Battle of Bloody Run, where 58 British soldiers were killed by Native Americans from Chief Pontiac’s tribe. The small tributary of the Detroit River which still flows through what is now Elmwood Cemetery turned red with blood for days after the battle. It is said he was seen dancing on the banks of the Detroit River.


Famous multiple sighting occurred in the days before the 1805 fire which destroyed most of Detroit. General William Hull reported a “dwarf attack” in the fog just before his surrender of Detroit in the War of 1812.
Jane Dacy of East Elizabeth Street was at home performing errands one evening in October of 1872 when she entered a dark room and saw what the Detroit Free Press called a ghost. However, the description of “blood-red eyes, long teeth and rattling hoofs” seems more akin to the famed Nain Rouge than a mere specter. The fright of seeing the creature caused Dacy to faint and become bed-ridden.
Another woman claimed to have been attacked in 1884, and described the creature as resembling, “a baboon with a horned head … brilliant restless eyes and a devilish leer on its face.” Another attack was reported in 1964.
Other sightings include the day before the 12th Street Riot in 1967 and before a huge snow/ice storm of March 1976, when two utility workers are said to have seen what they thought was a child climbing a utility pole which then jumped from the top of the pole and ran away as they approached.
More recently, in the autumn of 1996, according to an article in the Michigan Believer, the Nain Rouge was spotted by two admittedly drunken nightclub patrons, who claimed to both have heard a strange “cawing sound, similar to a crow,” coming from a “small hunched-over man” who was fleeing the scene of a car burglary. The creature was described as wearing “what looked like a really nasty torn fur coat.”
What Princes and Principalities rule over Detriot? I don’t know but their having a field day with this Bizarre Theatre.


The Detroit Masonic Temple is the world’s largest Masonic Temple.
The large complex includes a 16-story 210-foot (64 m) ritual building connected to a 10-story wing for the Ancient Arabic Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine, commonly known as Shriners by the 7-story Auditorium Building.
[EDITOR: Is it known that the top degree of Freemasonry is 33, and when you achieve that level you can then become a Shriner. But, it is also rumored that 33 is just the beginning when it comes to the depth of their secrets!]
There are seven “Craft Lodge Rooms,” all with different decorative treatments, the motifs of decoration being taken from the Egyptian, Doric, Ionic, Corinthian, Italian Renaissance, Byzantine, Gothic and Romanesque styles. All of the artwork throughout the building, especially the decorated ceilings was done under the direction of Italian artists. There is also a Royal Arch room, and a Commandery Asylum for the Knights Templar.
Detroit Masonic Temple was designed in the neo-gothic architectural style, using a great deal of limestone.
Is it said that paranormal activity surrounds places that contain limestone. With these kinds of events and the Masonic secret society in general…I’m sure this place reeks with evil.


One of the popular masquerade party event was the Rothschild Ball:

_______FINAL THOUGHTS_______
The largest masquerade on Earth is that Satan is pulling the wool over humanities eyes! Sadly, this event will take place on Oct 17-18, 2014. I’m almost positive we will hear about people who come up missing before, during and after this time frame. These people in their secret societies are known worldwide for their ritualistic human sacrifices.
We need to PRAY! Pray for these people attending these sadistic parties, and pray for the initiations behind them. Pray for the world because Satan has it in the palm of his hands. May the Lord have mercy on us all!
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The Greatest Masquerade on Earth

This work given is in full acknowledgement of GOD and directed by Holy Spirit. Any and all use of the facts of the dark side are not an avenue meant to give any credit to them. In fact, all work is directly attributed to GODs Plan and to give HIM all the glory. Amen

In case you didn’t know the Freemason’s are a secret organization (secret society) of people and the upper echelon worship Satan. Do you need proof? Well, there’s plenty of that on the internet now but pictures are worth a thousand words, then I got a million words for you!
Why call this article “The Greatest Masquerade on Earth”? Well, for one thing that’s the name of their ‘party’…but once we get into the nitty-gritty of this subject, you will begin to see this has been a HUGE masquerade! A masquerade party which has encompassed the entire world.
I don’t think it was by accident that the Holy Spirit revealed this to me, in the month of October either! Halloween is a huge time of the occult and their rituals. This is a slap in the face to those of you who don’t know anything about this subject, so get ready, your socks are about to be rocked off!
The showcase of this person’s blog is the kick-start of this article, then the centerpiece will come in part two.
I will add my statements along the print of this person’s blog with [EDITOR…]

“The goal, drawing upon the lore invited by the ostensibly mystified setting of the Masons’ home, is to “open up portals” and pull “the grounds” through, piece by piece, stage by stage, reanimating all its ghastly inhabitants inside the Temple. Think psychedelic soiree meets séance…”

_______ALL THE WORLDS A STAGE_______
Technically it’s a Halloween party, not just any Halloween party, mind you, but the most creatively elaborate, macabre, over-the-top Halloween party you can imagine.

My Look Inside Theatre Bizarre’s “The Initiation”
by Rob St. Mary

I just wanted to share a few thoughts and photos from my experience at last night’s Theatre Bizarre “The Initiation”.


My evening started around 7:30pm when I arrived at the Masonic Temple with my girlfriend, Mary.


When we arrived, most of the rooms and floors were not yet open to the revelers. But within about a half hour the stages, lobbies and hallways came alive.
On each of the seven floors – the sub-basement through the third floor which included a mezzanine on several levels – had a minimum of at least one stage. Most had two. The stages and rooms were designed for a particular performance or theme.


The Asylum
For example, the Dirty Devil’s Peepshow was burlesque, the Asylum was for bands and the Odditorium was for suspension and other physical acts. The Grand Hall in the sub-basement also featured bands and fire performers. Attendees commented to me that even as late as 2am they were still discovering new rooms, hidden places and little treats throughout the seven floors taken over by Theatre Bizarre.


Walking around the Masonic Temple, I was stuck with the beauty of the building itself. The design, the symbols and the environment of this architectural marvel and how it was conducive to feeling like you were in another place and time.


Layering in dramatic lighting and John Dunivant’s sideshow inspired art took the Masonic Temple one step further, setting up a feeling of being in another world. From my conversations with Dunivant and others, this wasn’t an easy thing to pull off. Theatre Bizarre’s co-creator and his crew of volunteers had about two months to design and create most of the stages, pieces and artwork for “The Initiation”. Miles of red satin banners featuring a “star and eye” logo of some made up “secret society” streamed down most of the balconies.
[EDITOR: This is a play on words. The “Initiation” is a reality, but you begin at the bottom and by the time you reach the top levels, you realize this was about worshiping Satan. But this party seems to leave out the middle! The star (pentagram) and All-SEEING eye are part of their secret symbols, and the keeping of the ‘masquerade’ all these hundreds of years.]


Hundreds of red lights replaced the usual bright whites in the fixtures on each floor bathing the walls and floors in crimson. The handiwork of the artist was evident everywhere. In fact, I even saw Dunivant’s hands in action early on. When I arrived to find a seat before the dancers started at the Dirty Devil’s Peepshow, I caught a glimpse of two well-dressed men on the stage looking up to someone near the top of the proscenium. They were talking and handing pieces of gaffers tape to someone just barely out of sight to most of the audience.


From the right angle, you could see John Dunivant hanging upside down in the mouth of the Devil stage opening he designed. He was rigging up a string of lights. While everyone else in the Masonic Temple was dressed for Dunivant’s “greatest masquerade on earth”, he was dressed in workman’s clothes and carrying a walkie-talkie to communicate with the folks pulling the strings behind the scenes.
[EDITOR: the fact that this party is located inside the LARGEST Masonic Temple in the world, is no secret! But he keeps repeating it in case you forget.]


While bands provided a broad range of music – from folk to punk to jazz to techno – there were various performers offering circus sideshow fare. From suspension – people hung by various hooks dug into their skin – to fire eaters/performances and burlesque. The multiple stages moved smoothly all night and offered attendees a chance to see a broad range of high and low-brow entertainment.
[EDITOR: The elite love pain, watching others in pain that is. And ‘suspension’ (hanging by hooks) seems to be one of their favorites to watch. FYI-Johnny Depp used to perform these ‘magic acts’. Seriously.]


Beyond the stages, “people watching” was a spectacle unto itself. Metro Detroiters came dressed in all manner of costuming. Some took the ideas of presented on the invite card to heart – a late 1800s/early 1900s masquerade – and dressed accordingly.


Others found contemporary disguise more to their liking. I ran into about five different versions of Hunter S. Thompson, several iterations of “The Dude” from “The Big Lebowski” and one of the most unique group efforts was a complete Viking ship in which each member of the team had a section of the cardboard boat attached to their hips.


But zombies of all stripe ruled the night. Recent and long dead cultural figures like a zombie Steve Jobs, a zombie Muammar Gaddafi and even a zombie Laura Ingalls Wilder pranced and danced. The elevator operator who shuffled celebrants between floors was also an impeccably dressed zombie wearing work garb of someone who would have held that position, quite possibly at the Masonic Temple, in the 1930s.


Several conversations swirled among the attendees last night. Some waxed nostalgic for “the grounds” – the place where Theatre Bizarre sprang to life a decade ago. The grounds are in the middle of a neighborhood of vacant, blighted houses across from the Michigan State Fairgrounds, and in a way, Theatre Bizarre is kind of a funhouse mirror on the family fun and wholesome good times of that now defunct institution. The grounds are where co-creators John Dunivant and Ken Poirier built their dark carnival featuring stages, a midway, a roller coaster and a Ferris Wheel over the past decade before being shut down by the City of Detroit about a day before last year’s event for various code violations. The attendees talked of great times at the grounds and how this event, although grander in scale and, maybe even, ideas could never match the past experiences at the annual outdoor party.

The people I talked to had a broad mix of experiences with Detroit’s annual Halloween event. Some had been attending Theatre Bizarre for years when it was an illegal, underground party and continued to support the vision. Others had only heard stories of the past events from friends or through the media and last night finally had the opportunity to experience it in the flesh. But regardless, the smiles and cheers from the crowd showed a singularity of positive feelings for the new vision of Theatre Bizarre in “The Initiation”.

[EDITOR: This event was illegal, and ‘underground’ which meant people kept it on the down-low! Much like the reality of their whole masquerade which they perform daily in front of the whole world.]


Meanwhile, the future of Theatre Bizarre’s disputed homeland – “the grounds” – seems uncertain. Will the City of Detroit tear it down? Will the creators ever be able to host another party at the environment they created on State Fair near Woodward? Will Theatre Bizarre continue to stand as a piece of inspired art to be visited and repurposed in some way; for example, possible TV or film productions? These questions have yet to be answered. But one can guess the discussions inside the event’s creative team over the next few weeks will more than likely center on how last night went from an entertainment and financial standpoint, and if Dunivant and Poirier can and will stage another Theatre Bizarre party at the Masonic Temple next year. Some attendees said a rumor was going around that evening, before “The Initiation” had even ended, that a 2012 edition might not be in the cards. If that is the case, it wouldn’t be the first time “Zombo”, the Pagliacci-like mascot of Theatre Bizarre, has returned to his crypt to contemplate the future and plan his next moves. Theatre Bizarre took a few years off in the mid-2000s. But, I think no one who was there last night can dispute that the Masonic Temple is the premier indoor location in Detroit for the kind of total immersion of art, music and performance that John Dunivant and Ken Poirier seek to create.


Leaving last night’s party around 3:30am, I continued to be impressed with the great halls and beautiful architecture of “the largest Masonic Temple in the world” and thought to myself, why haven’t I been to more events inside this magnificent jewel of Detroit? Maybe last night’s celebrations by costumed revelers created in honor of the spirit of the zombie clown, Zombo, will help to breathe renewed life into one of the Detroit’s greatest architectural achievements. Even if Theatre Bizarre never returns to where the city’s Freemasons have called home for almost 100 years, the echos of last night’s party may ring through those marble halls for years to come.


[EDITOR: Speechless? So was I!


One of the popular masquerade party event was the Rothschild Ball:

PART TWO will include picture of parties of years gone past. And more facts about this grand event. REMEMBER: this is how they celebrate HALLOWEEN, imagine how they do it behind closed doors!!
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To continue in this series, we’ve already covered the connection between the RCC church to Freemasons, Freemasons to Theology, Theology to New Age Movement. We have connected the Aquarian Age to Freemason, but how does the connect to the New World Order?
_______Age of Lucifer_______
The famous song on Aquarian Age states thus:
When the moon is in the Seventh House
And Jupiter aligns with Mars
Then peace will guide the planets
And love will steer the stars!

This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius
The age of Aquarius


Dante, Bernard Shaw & Alice Bailey has highlighted in their writings that a World Government is the only solution to achieve permanent World Peace. Foster Bailey, the husband of Alice Bailey, said that ” Freemasonry is the descendent of a United World Religion, a divinely imparted Religion.
In her book, “Freemasonry in the Aquarian Age” by Else Marie Post, she states..”Since time began Freemasonry was established and organized under the direct influence from Sirius. It’s “Blue Lodge” with the three degrees are related to the three big groups of life on Sirius because nature-realms as we know them do not exist. These groups receive all those who choose the fourth way and train them in the way to exist and in the type of life that exists on Sirius.
“Ive made two affirmations during the past years anent the Heirarchy One was that as a result of the cleansing of the Earth through the medium of the world war (1914-1945) and through the suffering to which humanity has been subjected (with a consequent purifying effect which will come later), it will be possible for the Heirarchy to externalise itself and function openly upon the physical plane. This will indicate a return to the situation which existed in Atlantean days when (using the Biblical symbolism) God Himself walked among men – divinity was present in physical form because the Members of the Heirarchy were guiding and directing the affairs of humanity as far as innate freewill permitted. On a higher turn of the spiral, this will happen again. The Masters will walk openly among men. Secondly, the Heirarchy will then restore the ancient Mysteries, the ancient landmarks so earnestly preserved by the Masonic tradition and which have been securely embalmed in the Masonic ritual, awaiting the day of resurrection.”
“It is interesting to note that the seventh Ray of Ceremonial Law and Order works through Uranus which is today the transmitted of Sirian force vis Pisces to the Heirarchy. From the “middle centre” it passes to that sensitive bans of disciples, aspirants and workers to whose heart and hands is committed to heavy task, incident to the re-organization and the rebuilding of the shattered world structure. The seventh ray has sometimes been called a particular name by Knowers. It is regarded as the “Ray of Ritualistic Decency.” It aids and inaugurates the appearing of a new world order, based on a spiritual drive and on aspiration, mental freedom, loving understanding and a physical plane rhythm which provides opportunity for full creative expression.”


Next, we connect Aleister Crowley to Aqaurius
In Cairo, Egypt, Aleister Crowley received the text of a book dictated to him by a praeternatural entity identified as Aiwass or Aiwaz. This happened in 1904, and from that time on Crowley began to preach the advent of a new aeon, the Aeon of Horus, which in turn superceded the Aeons of Isis and Osiris.
The Luciferian Principle is essential to the aeonic philosophy of the FS. In their astrosophy, the spiritual changes coming about in the world which are mirrored in astrophysical processes (i.e., here the procession of the equinox into the zodiacal sign of Aquarius ruled by Saturn/Uranus) are tantamount to the advent of an Age of Lucifer. This is what Gregorius must have recognized in Aleister Crowley’s “Equinox of the Gods” concept, in which the Age of Osiris gives way to the Age of Horus.

Aiwass is a ‘alien’-demon!


Mu, Atlantis, and Lemuria are three names synonymous with this subject. Some believe today the areas of interest of the Western Coastline of the United States and Canada from Mt. Shasta up through BC, Canada would be the lands upon which would have been the territory which this place existed. BTW-rumors have it that they still live inside Mt. Shasta! People come up missing there all the time.
It is said that celestial beings resided on these lands, and still do. They are referred to as many names…but the Elder Races are foremost in literature.
Sanat Kumara, grandfather to the Solar Brotherhood assigned his heir Aramu Muru and 12 other “Serpentine Lords” to take the records and power objects of the Amaru to various parts of the world for safekeeping. These beings were also called the Annunaki.
The name Aramu Muru sounds very similar to America!


______Ancient Societies of the Seven Rays Solar Brotherhood:_______
These Seven Rays are known around the world as different entities:
1. Nagas (Serpents in Sanscrit) of Indus (India).
2. The earliest Mayans and their first Serpent kings, Caramaya and Naga Maya
3. Later the Serpentine Kings Kukulcan and Quetzalcoatal creating the Itza Maya Culture of South America.
4. The Lung Dragons of China, and an interesting fact is that an ancient Chinese term for dragon was Naga.
5. Amarus and Con Ticci Viracocha of Peru.
6. The Zohar is said to have passed from Adam to Noah and then to Abraham, who immigrated to Egypt. The Zohar or the Books of Splendor – were the Original texts of the Kabbalah. An earlier priest cult in Egypt was specifically formed to take care of the Royalty that went by the title of “Messah” or Crocodile Lords, who also lay claim to the Adam or Amen (Sun King) as being their Kamara. The early Egyptians who built the pyramids were called the Naga, which may be due to the influence of…
7. The Olmec returning to North Africa from the lands of the Maya.
8. The Azteca who absorbed the cultures and religions of Meso-America had the goddess Coatlcue she wore a skirt of snakes, she is often depicted as having two dragon heads.
9. In the mythology of Sumeria the goddess Tiamat in her fury would destroy all who challenged her. All that is, but the Babylonian sun god, Marduk. In a celestial battle which took place in the heavens, Marduk slew Tiamat. Then, from Tiamuat’s dismembered body, he fashioned the heavens and the earth. From her dragon’s blood Marduk created man.
10. Nidhogg is said to be the Dragon Father of an underground world known by the Norse as Niflheim.

The Great White Brotherhood, also known as the Great Brotherhood of Light…also known as the Kumara, the adepts are called the Shining Ones. They are said to include members of the Heavenly Host. This is another word for GOD’s Angels, but these are the fallen kind! When they fell and came to Earth, the mixed with the women and the hybrids were called, Nephilim…hence the Niflheim. But, they also will tell you they came to Earth and made their abode on Atlantis. This is where we get the Greek ‘demi-gods’ of ‘mythology’.

There is a ‘airborne’ division of the Great White Brotherhood…called the Ashtar Command. The Earthly order of these beings are with the Freemasons and the reason the Freemasons have “Lodges” is because the Great White Brotherhood, aka…Ascended Masters have a central location of their community which is called The Great White Lodge. This is what the Freemasons parallel their architecture and doctrines from.
The high priest cult was under the leadership of the initiating god Figure of THOTH, who was the God Of WISDOM. His symbol was of the WINGED SERPENT STAFF symbol of Thoth.

Making it as clear as possible, are the symbols and designs which give away their status and alignment with these celestial entities. The next series will reveal the outright bold allegiance to these entities and their leader, Satan himself!

Symbolism is key! Symbolism is key to understanding their agenda, and the esoteric messages the send forth to their initiates.
The next part of this series will called, “The Greatest Masquerade on Earth”. It puts together the sequencing of the “Initiation” of the New Age & Freemasonry. It reveals the demons behind it!
The event is grand. The pictures are astounding. It will blow your mind.



Let’s connect some more dots! The Aquarian Age and it’s misfits….
So, in part one, we learned that the Freemason’s core value system involves the Kabbalah which is magic, which is truly just sorcery.
Hunab Ku as evidence for Maya monotheism and suggested that it was represented by the symbols of a square within a circle within a square, the square representing measurement and the circle representing motion. Martinez related Hunab Ku to concepts and symbols in Freemasonry, particularly the idea of a Great Architect of the Universe and the Masonic square and compass.
The Roman Catholic Church has false doctrines. They implimented imagery which consists of Greek gods and their characteristics.


The twelve rays represented the zodiac, and the seven rays represented the planets, usually with the seven Greek vowels engraved at the tips of the seven rays. The reverse sides of the talismans were engraved with a snake twisting around a vertical rod.

Rod of Asclepius or Staff of Hermes?
One of the oldest symbols still in use today is the caduceus, or staff of Hermes, which dates from the time of the ancient Greeks. It is often mistakenly used as a symbol of medicine, especially in the U.S., instead of the Rod of Asclepius, due to their similarity. The Rod of Asclepius is actually the proper symbol for medicine, being the rod/wand wielded by Asclepius,star of life Greek god of healing and medicine.
Aslepius was son of Apollo and a human woman, sharing with Apollo the epithet Paean (“the Healer”). The actual REAL Healer is Jesus Christ! Anyone other than this a fraud.

The human woman, Coronis…mother was killed for being unfaithful to Apollo and was laid out on a funeral pyre to be consumed, but the unborn child was rescued from her womb. Or, alternatively, his mother died in labor and was laid out on the pyre to be consumed, but his father rescued the child, cutting him from her womb. From this he received the name Asklepios, “to cut open.”
Nice bit of history there! So, we carry our traditions of medicine from demigods who cut babies from their mother’s womb!
He was raised by a centaur, Chiron who instructed him on the art of medicine. Are you getting any parallels here? The fallen angels came and mated with women, and then the fallen angels instructed man of various means of war, and pharmakeia! Pharamakeia is the use of medicine, drugs and spells.
Necromancy! They communicated with dead demigods to practice black magic!

Sorcery, magical arts, often found in connection with idolatry and fostered by it: Galatians 5:20 (where see Lightfoot) (Wis. 12:4 Wis. 18:13; for כְּשָׁפִים, Isaiah 47:9; for לָטִים, Exodus 7:22; Exodus 8:18; for לְהָטִים, Exodus 7:11); tropically, of the deceptions and seductions of idolatry, Revelation 18:23.
Staff of Hermes-The caduceus (herald’s staff) is often used incorrectly as a symbol of healthcare organizations and medical practice (especially in North America), due to confusion with the traditional medical symbol, the rod of Asclepius, although this has only one snake and is never depicted with wings.
Hermes is known as the god of commerce and thieves, and guide to the Underworld!
In later Antiquity, the caduceus provided the basis for the astrological symbol representing the planet Mercury. Thus, through its use in astrology and alchemy, it has come to denote the elemental metal of the same name. It is said the wand would wake the sleeping and send the awake to sleep. If applied to the dying, their death was gentle; if applied to the dead, they returned to life.
This is blasphemy. Only Jesus Christ has this ability, to bring the dead back to life!


Wilhelm Heinrich Roscher (1913) pointed out that the serpent (on the staff) as an attribute of both Hermes and Asclepius is a variant of the “pre-historic semi-chthonic serpent hero known at Delphi as Python”, who in classical mythology is slain by Apollo.
One Greek myth of origin of the caduceus is part of the story of Tiresias, who found two snakes copulating and killed the female with his staff. Tiresias was immediately turned into a woman, and so remained until he was able to repeat the act with the male snake seven years later. This staff later came into the possession of the god Hermes, along with its transformative powers.
In Greek mythology, Tiresias; Greek: Τειρεσίας; also transliterated as Teiresias) was a blind prophet of Thebes, famous for clairvoyance and for being transformed into a woman for seven years. He was the son of the shepherd Everes and the nymph Chariclo. Tiresias participated fully in seven generations at Thebes, beginning as advisor to Cadmus himself.
Tiresias was a prophet of Apollo.
We have the origins of esoteric clairvoyance!
So, we have the origins of why men want to become women and visa-versa!
It’s appropriate that this object has wings! These Greek demigods were the fallen angels, the WATCHERS!

The Spinal Column is called Brahmadanda, the rod or stick of Brahma, and it is this which is symbolized by the bamboo rod carried by ascetics, the seven-knotted wand of the Yogi. Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, The Esoteric Papers of Madame Blavatsky
In ancient Sanskrit writings, the Brahmastra was a weapon created by Brahma.


A wand (also: magic wand) is a thin, straight, hand-held stick or rod made of wood, stone, ivory, or metals like gold or silver. Generally, in modern language, wands are ceremonial and/or have associations with magic but there have been other uses, all stemming from the original meaning as a synonym of rod and virge, both of which had a similar development. A stick giving length and leverage is perhaps the earliest and simplest of tools. Long versions of the magic wand are usually styled in forms of staves or scepters, often with designs or an orb of a gemstone forged on the top.
Six to eight-foot-long staves with metal tips adorning them are carried traditionally in Freemasonry during rituals of the Craft. Ceremonial uses may have several wands for different purposes, such as the Fire Wand and the Lotus Wand in the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.
“Wands” is also another name for the suit of Staves, Batons or Rods, a suit of the minor arcana of the Tarot. It is normally associated with the element of fire, again as a symbol of the phallus.

_______Aquarius and the Fifth Rootrace_______
The ‘One Initiator’ is of course Sanat Kumara, the Lord of the World. He is the center figure in this Aquarian message.
Aquarius the Water-Bearer is prominent for the next 2160-year cycle, yet also for three other reasons:
1) A greater 25,000 year cycle of Aquarius is coinciding with the lesser:
“This is, therefore, the most amazing period in the history of humanity … we are entering another greater round of the Zodiac, and this coincides with the lesser zodiacal activity because Aquarius governs the greater immediate cycle of 25,000 years and is also the sign into which the sun is now moving for a period of 2300 years—a most amazing happening and full of import in our planetary history…”


2) The cycle of the Seventh Ray of Ceremonial Magic coincides with Aquarius:
“… that revealing light only finds Location when the seventh Ray of Ceremonial Order is active and in process of manifestation in the three worlds, and necessarily, therefore, upon the seventh plane, the physical plane. Such a manifestation inevitably takes place in moments of planetary crisis, when the seventh ray is active and when the Sun is in Aquarius . Such a combination of relationships is being established now, for the seventh ray is rapidly coming into manifestation and the Sun is in Aquarius, for the Aquarian Age is just beginning. The Objective of this combination (which has occurred six times during the period of the fifth root-race ) is to bring about illumination and the establishment of order upon the Earth .


3) This culminating Fifth Rootrace is ruled by Aquarius.
Note that this combination of the Seventh Ray cycle with Aquarius is happening for the seventh time in the history of the Fifth Rootrace. Seven is a number of completion, particularly in relation to the seven rootraces, seven subraces and seven branchraces.
Aquarius is the generic ruler of the Third Degree Initiation:
“In Aquarius—In this sign, the long effort of the soul is consummated and concludes the experience of the disciple upon the Fixed Cross. The man then takes the third initiation and becomes free from personality control, taking the next two initiations upon the Cardinal Cross.”

_______ITZA AGE_______
The Mayas understand it is the end of the “age of belief” and the beginning of “the age of knowledge.” The Mayas called it the Itza Age — or, as our Western world says, the Age of Aquarius. With the initiation of this new cycle of time, we will no longer be veiled by illusion.
The following, paraphrased from a sacred Mayan text, belongs to initiates all over the world who seek Solar Initiation:
“In the year 1475, before the arrival of the Spanish, the Supreme Maya Council revealed that a calendar cycle of twice the K’altun of 260 years had to go by in order for the Mayan Solar Culture to flourish again for the benefit of mankind….In the spring of 1995, this 520-year period will be completed, bringing to an end the cycle of darkness brought by the Spaniards to the land of the Sun….1995 is a decisive year and the sacred human race will have to enter the path of cosmic light if it is to remain a thinking species….The human race will have to seek the path of initiation on Earth and in Heaven….Through Solar Initiation they will be able to see the luminosity of the great spirit….through Solar Initiation, the sleeping body of mankind can be awakened….Hunab K’u [the Mayan name for God] will flash like lightning that will pierce through the shadows that envelop the human race. Let us prepare to receive the light of knowledge that comes from Hunab K’u and transcend into the memory of the creator and become beings of eternal luminosity.”
“So, now a New Age has started which is called the Age of Aquarius, meaning the pitcher carrier of spiritual holy water that is the work of Kundalini.”
“Now very interesting it is to see that this Kundalini is the one which is called as the Kumbha in Sanskrit language, means the Aquarius. We call it Aquarius, as one of the signs, and is the same as Kumbha in Sanskrit language. So it is the Age of Aquarius, is the Age of the Kundalini.
When the largest part of the human race has been penetrated by this spirit, and we are close to this point now…then and only then will events begin to take place that will cause hearts to fail.

Let’s watch it in action:
Kundalini Warning- Are False Spirits Invading The Church
[link] [link] [link]
Kundalini, Fallen Angels, Mark of the Beast [link]
Russ Dizdar – Real Enlightenment…and the power of the counterfeit [link]
WARNING Kundalini Demon Spirits will Deceive you [link]
kundalini demon infestation of the church via music [link]
Discernment, tongues, kundalini, and false prophets [link]
So, we’ve learned this is the Kundalini Age! People are beginning to reveal their behaviors is strange ways.
We have begun to see a pulling away from the Church and many who have fallen by the way side because of it. This is our Moral Compass…the Bible! When you stray from it, you begin to have strong issues within the societies in the world.


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