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Energy Sources


At 1:30 am on February 2, an electrical power plant substation in Escanaba, Michigan exploded. The city is located in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and its 13,000 residents were left without power for several days following the explosion. Fortunately, there were no injuries and power was eventually restored.
This unlucky incident features an intriguing and unexplained aspect: the mysterious beam of light that can be seen shooting straight up as the substation exploded. Or as some would say, shooting straight down.
The official explanation was that the beam was caused by ice crystals reflecting the light of a passing train.
While there are a lot of videos showing ‘UFOs’ hovering above or near power stations (nuclear power stations in particular), there were no unidentified flying objects seen in the area at the time of the explosion. However, the skies were cloudy and if the beam had indeed been caused by something from above, it wouldn’t have been visible anyway.
Two years ago, there was another explosion at the Combat Readiness Training Center in Alpena, MI, 250 miles east of Escanaba. It received no media attention but there were rumors that it had been caused by Spetsnaz, the Russian special forces. Word has it that the Spetsnaz has a secret plot to bring down the United States’ power grid. Unconfirmed, yet a terrible prospect nonetheless.


I only took parts of this article’s statement. Why? Because it’s important to establish an idea of what I think the issue is.
Next is a statement taken from a soldier:
BREAKING!!! Spetsnaz Teams Deploy In The US; War With Syria To Be Trigger For Attack (With supporting video PROOF!)
Using “Operation Northern Strike”, the largest multinational air and ground combat exercise in the country as cover, Russian Special Forces known as Spetsnaz have established a foothold in Northeastern Michigan in the sleepy resort town of Alpena. While the town may appear “sleepy” to the casual observer, to those who have been paying attention Alpena is clearly becoming a staging area for a foreign invasion of the United States.


In this episode of The Truth Is Viral, host Bob Powell details several of these strange happenings; including his own encounter with a group of Russian Special Forces – Spetsnaz. While that is simply Powell’s own eyewitness testimony, all of the other assertions made in this episode are PROVEN in previous episodes of The Truth Is Viral that are linked in this video’s annotations.
Patriots in Alpena have been the targets of intimidation coming from the pilots of military helicopters and black vans that roam the streets at night.


Last year, the Alpena Combat Readiness Training Center was the epicenter of a huge explosion that rocked Northeastern Michigan for hundreds of square miles. Mainstream media was silent despite the fact that the explosion was confirmed by Alpena County Undersheriff Terry King, who stated that he was in the Sheriff’s Department when he felt the building shake. 911 dispatchers received a large number of calls to report the blast, and scores of Facebook users reported it as well.
Strange things are happening in Alpena Michigan. There have been reports of UFOs engaging US fighter aircraft over Lake Huron, and there are radar tapes that prove aircraft did go missing over the lake at the time of the sighting, about 12 hours after the explosion. You will not believe your eyes! Make sure that you click on the original screen captures of the planes disappearing from radar!
Then once my story started to get out there, the CIA sic’d famous disinfo source Sorcha Faal on me in an attempt to discredit the facts of this case, and me. Watch me destroy that POS in this video:


Please remember to share this wherever you can. The lives of your friends and family, and thousands of people you will never meet, depend on it. The lives of MY family depend on it, because the more visible I am the harder it will be for them to make me disappear or have an “accident.”
This ain’t no joke folks, the time for games is over. I’ve already painted a huge target on my own back, and I don’t mind. Someone had to do it. But please don’t let it be in vain. Share this post in every way you can; then share it again, and again.
Let’s get busy saving some lives and a few souls for Christ shall we? Ooh Rah.
God bless and Semper Fi,


So, we have two ‘events’ but keep under cover. We must do our part to spread the TRUTH!

I noticed that the internet news is covering more and more ‘events’:

7/21/15 Retired Air Force Colonel Claims New Evidence Will Blow The Lid Off Rendlesham UFO Sighting

7/21/15 UFO hunters claim ANOTHER huge alien mothership is draining Sun of energy in NASA images

7/22/15 Kansas woman says UFO blocked out moon and stars

Disguised Agents


This article is about agents in disguise….agents not of this world. I know, many people don’t believe in UFO issues. Even worse, many more don’t believe their demons. All we can do is present the TRUTH! Some will change their minds, while others will scoff and laugh. Sadly, it takes an actual abduction to change people’s minds.

These demons hide as an actual UFO itself, yes…organic. Or they even hide in the skin of a creature. We have many creatures on this earth that cannot be explained.


UFO hunters claim ANOTHER huge alien mothership is draining Sun of energy in NASA images

Mothership – Massive Alien Craft.[link]

Foam UFO: Weird glittering floating mass caught on camera over Philly (VIDEO)

7 and Tioga ufo sightings [link]


It’s no secret to ‘their followers’…

Ashtar responds to followers about UFO clouds:

These two photos were sent into us from a reader of UFO Sightings Daily. They said that they were in the cockpit of a Citation Jet when they took these photos. He said, “We were around 17,000 feet on initial descent from West Bend, WI when we noticed these unusual tunnel clouds. I suspect these are not natural.”
He is correct. I Scott C. Waring have personally witnessed these first hand back in South Dakota in about 1989 or so. What I saw then was the tunnels began above our parking lot and every 1-2 minutes a bus size glowing orb appeared inside of the beginning of one of the four tunnels and then shot off at high speeds through the tunnel. I saw over 30 orbs shoot off before I had to take off to work…late. These cloud tunnels are roads made to cloak the travel of certain glowing orbs used for transporting living creatures. I and thousands of others know what we saw that day in Rapid City.


The strange clouds – Japan TV [link]



LATEST STRANGE WEATHER-Gigantic Rotating Cloud [link]



Vatican Exorcist(ism)


In case there are people out there that don’t know…the Vatican is full of demons! Not only that but some of the people who reside within the Vatican walls are full of them too.
I will give some examples, then we will move on to the subject at hand. This is not meant to judge but to point out the truth.



First and foremost…who has the right to cast out demons?
Who gives the right to the rites?
Mark 16 (KJV)
16 He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned.
17 And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues;
18 They shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover.


He that believeth? So, this is anyone who is SAVED! Anybody who is a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ has the authority necessary to drive out demon spirits. The more faith you have, the more authority you’ll be able to exercise against demonic spirits. Nowhere in the Bible does it give us any indication that the authority to drive out demons is given to some and not others. Authority is exercised through faith, not a CERTAIN faith. This is where the confusion lies. And WHO is the father of confusion? Satan.




The demonic are not bound to respect the authority of people, even the “holy ones“. But they are bound by cosmic, scriptural law to obey God, and by extension, His son, Jesus Christ. Jesus told his disciples, and any true believer for that matter, that they could also cast out unclean spirits in His name.


The Rituale Romanum
In De Exorcismus et Supplicationibus Quibusdam (“Concerning Exorcisms and Certain Supplications”) — the Latin version is the only version currently available — notice it was only in Latin? The revised rite of exorcism, which replaces Pope Leo XIII’s version of 1614. The 90-page Latin document will now be given to national bishops’ conferences for translation into local languages.


What Is An Exorcism?
“When the Church asks publicly and authoritatively in the name of Jesus Christ that a person or object be protected against the power of the Evil One and withdrawn from his dominion, it is called exorcism. Jesus performed exorcisms (Mk l:25f.) and from him the Church has received the power and office of exorcising (Mk 3:15: 6:7, 13: 16:17). In a simple form, exorcism is performed at the celebration of Baptism. The solemn exorcism, called ‘a major exorcism,’ can be performed only by a priest and with the permission of the Bishop. The priest must proceed with prudence, strictly observing the rules established by the Church.
“Exorcism is directed at the expulsion of demons or to the liberation from demonic possession through the spiritual authority which Jesus entrusted to his Church. Illness, especially psychological illness, is a very different matter: treating this is the concern of medical science. Therefore, before an exorcism is performed, it is important to ascertain that one is dealing with the presence of the Evil One, and not an illness (cf. Code of Canon Law, can. 1172).”
Catechism of the Catholic Church (n. 1673)


What is it?
The Breviary (Latin: brevarium) is the name of a book in many Western Christian denominations that “contains all the liturgical texts for the Office, whether said in choir or in private.” In 1223, Pope Innocent III approved a Franciscan breviary, for use in that religious order, and this was the first text that bore the title of breviary.
Translated? Breviary means “Office of the Dead”
WOW! I was stunned when I read that. Are you? This is where the “Rites” are recorded and revised…and revised editions only take place through the RCC and originated from one book into many. Sounds suspiciously like the Bible…many versions! We don’t have enough time to elaborate on the entire process of changes, here and now. Suffice it to say that the Second Vatican Council is an extension of the Devil’s hand and they make the revisement decisions.
Priests can be excommunicated if they perform an exorcism without the express permission of the church but there are those who do it.

The inside of the main sanctuary of Independent Presbyterian Church in Birmingham AL

The inside of the main sanctuary of Independent Presbyterian Church in Birmingham AL

Exorcism Rights/Rites
In the 15th century, Catholic exorcists were both priestly and lay, since every Christian was considered as having the power to command demons and drive them out in the name of Christ. These exorcists used the Benedictine formula “Vade retro satana” (“Step back, Satan”) around this time. By the late 1960s, Roman Catholic exorcisms were seldom performed in the United States, but by the mid-1970s, popular film and literature revived interest in the ritual, with thousands claiming demonic possession. Maverick priests who belonged to right-wing fringes took advantage of the increase in demand and performed exorcisms with little or no official sanction. The exorcisms that they performed were, according to Contemporary American Religion, “clandestine, underground affairs, undertaken without the approval of the Catholic Church and without the rigorous psychological screening that the church required. In subsequent years, the Church took more aggressive action on the demon-expulsion front.” In 2014, the Roman Catholic organization, International Association of Exorcists, received the approval of the Vatican.
The Catholic Priest recites certain prayers and follows procedures listed in the ritual of the exorcism revised by the Vatican in 1999.


Why pray in Latin?
Latin is the preferred language of prayer for the Church
When you pray in Latin, you are praying in union with the rest of the Church in the same universal language the Roman Church has prayed for practically her entire existence.
This whole article is generated around this subject. Latin. But I want you to closely examine that statement…did you? Ok. Notice the universal language segment? That’s a clue! GOD scattered the people of the earth for good reason. Nimrod was the leader of the cult which believed in a one world system and GOD warns us about this because there in these last days before GOD sends His precious Son, Jesus Christ…this system will be put in check! It’s been in the works for millenniums and has a celestial origin. The New World Order which will bring forth the One World Religion/Government.


The RCC (Roman Catholic Church) believes in a “una voce (one voice) universally. The problem with this is it’s a branch of whole agenda called the New Age Movement. Eastern religions profess it’s tradition to communicate with their more than 10,000 gods…essentially communicating with the dead! Demons!!
Let me get this straight…Latin is NOT a bad language.
“The Vatican’s chief exorcist, Fr Gabriel Amorth, who has performed well over 700,000 exorcisms, has repeatedly testified to this reality. Bishop Gemma, “one of the Roman Catholic Church’s leading experts on exorcism,” has said, “demons have a horror of [the Latin] language.”


SIDE NOTE: On January 26, 1999 Vatican City- the RCC issued the first update of the Rite of Exorcism in over three hundred and eighty five years. I think this is interesting because if you flip this date over: you get 666.

The Vatican’s first updated ritual for exorcism since 1614 tries to bring the church up to date with modern science and, for the first time, urges church-approved exorcists to consult modern medicine where needed. A mixing of religion and science is perfect for a One World Order agenda.


All in all, it seems the RCC thinks they have exclusive rights to the rites.
The Vatican Exorcism
The Vatican Exorcisms was shot by Joe Marino, an American film-maker who went to Italy to shed light on the phenomenon of exorcisms. Accompanied by Padre Luigi, a true exorcist, Joe travels to the south of Italy, a place where the sacred and profane have always lived together, where Christian rituals are inextricably linked to the pagan ones.

Myself…I believe there are TWO REASONS for the increase in demonic possessions;
1. We are in the end days.
2. The RCC confused the people of the world into believing they have exclusive rights to the rites!


Do you think it’s strange that the Vatican has changed it’s literature after all these years? Not only that but they are doing some other strange things:
Vatican Exorcism Course Draws 170 Students to Study Demonic Activity
Within this article it reveals pictures of a bishop with an ANHK!
Meaning: The good shepherd gives his life for his sheep.


“Morning Star”


Morning Star

The Bible works in parallels!
Once you figure this out, the puzzle begins to piece itself together. The reasoning is GOD’S great master Plan is to reveal the mystery of the iniquity.
Satan loves to parallel Jesus. This gives him great pleasure. An example is in Revelation, and 1 Peter where Jesus and Satan are referred to as a lion. Jesus is referred to as lion of the Tribe of Judah; and Satan is compared to a lion in that he is seeking to devour. Jesus is the King of Kings, and Satan only wishes he could be.
Similarly, we have the situation of the “Morning Star”. The idea of a bright shining star is that it outshines all others, Satan was the most powerful of all angels, and if you know the Bible well enough then you know GOD calls HIS angels, stars. But, let’s not confuse this matter because Jesus Christ is THE bright and morning star! He is the Most Powerful and the Most Holy of all. HIS light shines more powerfully than any other. But, I’m sure some will automatically say…how can you compare Jesus Christ to Satan. I’m not! This in NO SENSE is equating Jesus Christ to Satan.
Satan may be called a bright and shining morning star but he is in fact a poor imitation of The One Morning Star. Jesus Christ is the Light of the world.
Isaiah 14:
12 How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations!
The KJV equates son of the morning as “morning star”, as Lucifer.
I believe this is a perfect title for the coming antichrist! He will be heralded as a star! He will claim to be the real messiah, and will have his moment under the sun.
In the opposite view…we have churches which are utilizing this as their symbol. But putting it with a pentagram, even a broken pentagram is perverse and leading people astray.


There are so many avenues in which Satan is revered as the “Morning Star”:
Morning Star University (Ministry)
The Morning Star Foundation
Morning Star Renewal center

Hard At Work

Morning Star is the seventh full-length album by Swedish metal band Entombed, and was released in January 2002.
“I For An Eye”
“Chief Rebel Angel”
“Bringer of Light”
“Out of Heaven”
“Mental Twin”
Oh, and by the way…the next album was called “Sons of Satan-Praise the Lord”
Need More?
Temple of the Morning Star is the fourth studio album by the American noisecore band Today Is the Day, released on September 23, 1997 by Relapse Records. Amphetamine Reptile Records (AmRep) was who signed the band…
“Temple of the Morning Star”
“Root of All Evil”
“Satan Is Alive”
“Temple of the Morning Star (features a cover of Black Sabbath’s “Sabbath Bloody Sabbath” as a hidden track)”



SATAN is an ILLUSIONIST-Hence the master of the MATRIX.
Herein lies the problem. Satan is the master/father of confusion. But even so, GOD conquers all. So, although people will tell you that the King James Bible is tainted…it’s the spin-off of Satan’s agenda to believe this. Satan duplicates and twists everything of GOD. So, this person in the video below is confused. They don’t realize their caught up in the twist. The parallels are meant to confuse because when the Antichrist comes…this confusion helps his cause.
Lucifer -Venus the eaststar Morningstar Magi Sirius Orion isis
Sirius XM Holdings Inc SIRI
SAO/NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS) – Sirius: The Bright and Morning Star…..19..393L

This subject was brought up because I think we need GREAT discernment!

It’s a ORGON Conclusion


It’s a ORGON Conclusion
What is “ORGONE”?
Orgone energy is a hypothetical universal life force originally proposed in the 1930s by Wilhelm Reich.


Who was Wilhelm Reich?
Wilhelm Reich (24 March 1897 – 3 November 1957) was an Austrian psychoanalyst. Actually he is the father to the sexual revolution we see! And not in a good way…
Eliphas Levi passed the torch of the Illuminati Luciferian Doctrine to Albert Pike. Levi got it from secret societies that are of a higher order than Masonry. Masonry was a recruiting platform to draw men away from Christianity and to magic. Skills were tested and the rare few that had ESP, remote-viewing, astral projection and telekenisis capabilities were sent on to societies that taught them to use their psychic or prophet skills -for Satan. These men were thus trained by females ( Madam Blavastsky) in Witchcraft and by men ( Aleister Crowley , and Wilhelm Reich- Nazi Scientist) in “sex-magic”. UFOs always seemed to make their presence during these rituals like in “Babylon Working” experiments -over the years-with Crowley, NASA’s Parsons, Reich and Scientology’s L.Ron Hubbard.


The “Golden Dawn” , “O.T.O.” -Ordo Templi Orientis- ,”The White Brotherhood” and other groups made it clear in their writings that mixing sex, Satan, sacrifice and UFOs all are a part of Magic to obtain knowledge from the gods for power and immortality.
Beyond the sexual experiments/programming which he conducted, this man developed technologies for weather modification. Reich had used a continuous wave oscillator to pulse a signal in order to convert electric energy to etheric energy. One of his discoveries was that a variation of its frequencies could produce dramatic effects, such as modulating brain waves, bringing rainstorms to a dry area or even creating a rift in the fabric of the space-time continuum. Military doctors spent decades fine tuning the phase modulation of the original wave function discovered by Reich. (source)
A person who comes to mind next is…Sherry Shriner. She believes herself to be the successor of Wilheim’s work.


The origin of orgone comes from Wilhelm Reich’s “and use orgone to fight malevolent aliens” the “orgone” contain : quartz cristal, copper wire, aluminum and penny, this is used as “esoteric talisman” the orgone is sold on Internet in pyramid-shaped, and many other figures for occult meditation as the buddha orgone or skull orgone.
Wilhelm Reich showed a clear affinity with occult thought processes!

The word Teraphim is explained as meaning disgraceful things and in many English translations of the Bible it is translated as idols, or household god(s).

People look up into the skies and see a beautiful world which GOD created, but they see something else too! Do they recognize it? Some don’t even question it while others not only know what is going on but they work in unison to combat the threat. Threat? What threat…

Chemtrails was once a ‘conspiracy theory’ which many people laughed at and brushed off, but now some are taking seriously. In fact, some might say we are being “sprayed like roaches” and poisoned.
My beginnings in the research of many conspiracy theories began with someone who I thought was a warrior! She WAS amazing to me, but part of her work consisted of her ‘invention’ called
Sherry Shriner is an agent of disinformation as part of the esoteric agenda.


We Are A Secret Society Of Individuals Who Create And Place Orgonite To Balance Gaia’s Energies.

Chemtrail wake-up call: Kylie Jenner tweets to 10 million followers


So people….it’s a forgone: BEWARE of people you follow, for they just may lead you off a cliff!

CERN – End of Days: Major Updates

CERN - End of Days: Major Update III

Major Update II:

The radio hosts that have had Anthony Patch on their shows can no longer reach him after his encounter with the infamous M.I.B. His FaceBook page has been taken down as well as his YouTube Channel. Anthony Patch’s message on his FaceBook Page:

I listened to over twelve hours of podcasts of interviews of Mr. Patch and did some other relevant research, so I hope that you enjoy the information contained in this very long article. Anthony Patch has stated that he takes all his information from scientific journals and formulates his conclusions and his theories from physics. He has no ill will against and of the scientists and physicists working at CERN. It is the financial backers who are running this show, who are occultists.

Mr. Patch has a very interesting theory as to what he believes CERN is possibly planning, which is reestablishing an ancient connection that occurred during the Golden Age. He states it is a stretch, but nevertheless an interesting theory, which he could be right.

Anthony Patch’s website: Anthony Patch’s Website

On 20 December 2013, the UN General Assembly proclaimed 2015 as the International Year of Light and Light-based Technologies.

Anthony Patch begins by explaining that the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is the largest and the most expensive machine ever created by man in recorded history. CERN came into existence from the cold war. The U.S. had the Manhattan Project, which resulted in the A- bomb. Then we had the SALT Treaty, which was a strategic arms limitations treaty. The military industrial complex needed a way to simulate nuclear explosions without having to detonate them above or below ground, so this is how CERN was born. CERN broke ground in 1954 and is located 300 feet underground and expands across the two borders of France and Switzerland.

The main ring is the particle accelerator, which is 27 km or 16.77 miles in diameter. The area that is the coldest at the LHC (Large Hadron Collider) is within the central ring itself. It’s a hollow tube referred to as ‘the pipe’ with an area of superconducting magnets. For the magnets to be superconducting, they need to be cryogenically cold using helium at temperatures colder than outer space near absolute zero.

Officially, CERN is trying to recreate the Big Bang in search for the GOD particle or known as the Higgs Boson. This particle is thought to give mass to other particles, created at the time of the Big Bang, based on the gravitational model of the Universe. CERN is looking at this model, the quantum physics, and the quantum particles at the time of the Big Bang theory. Anthony Patch will give us insight into a different model, known as the Electric Model of the Universe, Nikola Tesla as being the father of this model. Albert Einstein called the Father of the gravitational model.

Anthony Patch has a theory that the actual shape of the known universe is a runcitruncated 600 – cell tetrahedron, which started out as a tetrahedron singularity that expanded outward. He stated that this model has connections between the Adiabatic Quantum computer at the quantum scale and the Large Hadron Collider.

600-Cell Tetrahedron Sphere = Universe 

Early this year, two physicists are trying to revive the debate that the Big Bang theory is wrong and quantum equations prove that it is wrong.

How it is done.

CERN is colliding protons near the speed of light, 99.999% after accelerating them in the main ring, where they collide them in four different detectors; the ATLAS, CMS, ALICE, and LHCb. These sensors take snapshots of these collisions, which measure the energy and magnetic forces produced by these collisions. The detectors determine the spin and the angle of momentum as well. It costs 1000 pounds or $1,523 per second to run the LHC when the particle accelerators are in use.

The particles travel in opposite directions as beams of protons, which CERN is currently using. The two beams become very compact when they travel through the collimators located on the detectors, which are then squeezed down into a very tight focus. One Million times thinner than a human hair moving in bunches through two separate vacuumed pipes. The Bunches are spaced out 25 nanoseconds apart, comprised of a billion or several billion protons in each bunch with millions of groups. Those beams of protons are very fragile, so they need to keep the integrity of these beams. The LHS uses superconducting magnets steer the beams in a circle, keep it dead center while compressing them and maximizing the amount of energy when the beams cross.

Once these particles accelerate and hit the 99.999% speed of light, they hit a barrier, which is the threshold where they can’t travel any faster. However, they continue to be injected with energy in the form of Microwaves and Radiofrequency Energy. There are a couple of stages involved in this. It starts with Radiofrequency Energy pushing the particles and then using Microwave eEergy to accelerate them even further. Since they can’t travel any faster, they just keep pumping Microwave Energy, which then increases the mass 14,000 times prior to acceleration called the resting mass.

These two streams of particles at a point collide head on, and when they do, it equivocates to about 25% of them hitting, where the streams cross. There are times it’s just glancing blows. But, once they collide, tremendous amounts of energies are produced due to the greater mass, which is the highest we have ever seen.

The results of these collisions generate extreme amounts of heat for a Nanosecond or smaller, a picosecond. The collisions produce up to 100,000 times more heat than our sun, but because it’s so short, it doesn’t have the ability to heat up anything around it.

CERN is producing magnetic fields from these collisions, 100,000 times stronger than the Earth’s natural magnetic field. These magnetic fields extend through our planet and out to our magnetosphere, causing major interruptions to our shields. Our magnetosphere is what protects us from gamma rays, particles from our sun and the cosmos.

Telluric currents or Earth currents are generated because of the geomagnetic field (Magnetosphere) and are conducted back to the surface of the Earth and back into the mantle, and they induce Gravimetric waves. Gravimetric waves are gravity waves (a physical wave) that travel along the crust and through the mantle of the Earth. Telluric Waves are also audible, which why we have heard sounds in the atmosphere as these currents are conducted from the magnetosphere back to the Earth, which people refer to as apocalyptic sounds. But the Earth also has naturally occurring telluric currents called infrasound.

Low-frequency acoustic emissions are waves that range from 20Hz to 100Hz, which are below the threshold of normal human hearing. Animals can hear at the lower frequencies. Infrasonic waves modulated that range from about 0 to 15 Hz, like radio transmissions occurring both naturally through Telluric currents and from CERN. If you look at the Egyptian paintings and carvings from ancient times, you will see the figures of gods and deities holding tuning forks.


The tuning forks and the sound that is being generated that we have heard from around the planet do have a relationship to one of the agenda items of the LCH. Through their admissions, they are seeking interdimensional portals or gateways. One of the ways is by using sound as one of their tools in addition to electricity and the magnetic fields. They do this by using sound and vibration to augment their high-tech instruments to open the portals as done in the ancient times, stated Anthony. So people are hearing sounds being produced both from CERN and also by the Earth. NASA has recorded these sounds coming from Saturn, and one of Saturn’s moons, and this is what it is. We are recording the Birkeland Currents that are moving through the Electric Plasma. The Earth is a conductor as well as a battery. As it’s receiving these currents, it’s charging similar to a battery. So we hear that movement of electrons in the form of currents as these sounds.

Gravimetric waves appear to be creating earthquakes and reactivating volcanoes. There is a direct correlation between the superconducting magnets in the LHC and the magnetic fields being generated by the accelerated particles.  The magnetic fields being generated are changing our magnetosphere and the gravity. There is a gravimetric relationship with our mantle and our crust to the tectonic plates, which is shifting our plates, according to Mr. Patch.

According to Mr. Patch, the magnetic energy by these super magnets being created is being compounded. The LHC creates three sources of magnetic energy, which are generating gravimetric waves (gravity waves) that are propagating through the earth’s crust. Wherever there are weaknesses in the crust, there is a separation of tectonic plates, as well as some subduction-taking place. However, the majority of earthquakes we are seeing is at the separation of tectonic plates. These gravimetric waves are interacting with those weak spots, causing slippage to occur, because you are inducing a gravity wave into fragile and unstable environment acting as a trigger.

The Earth is electric, like every other body in the universe is electric. Anthony Patch states that when you are adding or subtracting electric current to the core and the magnetosphere, you will also make changes to gravity and the effects internally and externally. He goes on to say that you can’t separate gravity from electricity. One unit of magnetic force is ten to the 39th power stronger than gravimetric force. The energy from these super magnets being used has the capability to distort time and space.

NASA launched the Magnetospheric Multiscale (MMS) Mission, which is watching the effects of the magnetic field. When the magnets are powered up, they affect the magnetosphere and the magnetopause. They call it the changing or the morphology of it that they are changing. There are four updated satellites in a diamond formation monitoring our magnetosphere, where naturally formed microscopic black holes form from gamma rays. These black holes only last for less than a nanosecond.   When a black hole bursts forth from a burst, the gamma rays are directed towards the Earth and enter our magnetosphere, creating these black holes. The Magnetospheric Multiscale (MMS) Mission is looking for black holes as the result of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC).

Coronal mass ejections (CMEs) and solar flares can cause quite a bit of a distortion in the detectors, so this is the reason CERN shuts down the LHC. The protons from the Sun can still penetrate 300 feet down into the earth and have an effect on the Earth’s magnetic field. They need to be as clean as possible, free as much as possible from electromagnetic interference.

Those energies from the sun cause distortions of our magnetosphere, whereas those energies penetrate the magnetosphere (our shields) and would distort the data, so it’s a matter of interference. When they fire up the LHC, the satellites see how CERN is screwing up our magnetosphere, which makes our planets natural shields compromised and defenseless.

CERN/16 Tev/Earth’s Shields Hammered

Earth’s Shields Continue to Collapse/Cern/StarGate


The presenter from BPEarthWatch discusses how CERN now shows in their videos that their machine is having an affect on our magnetosphere. He also discusses how the LCH operates.

The Higgs Boson

The Higgs Field, which is a theoretical model referring to dark energy and dark matter. The matter we can touch, see and measure is about 4.9%, and everything else theoretically is dark energy and dark matter. Dark matter consists of about 26.8% and dark energy 68.3%.

In 1998, the Simpsons aired an episode called, In the Wizard of Evergreen Terrace. In this episode, Homer predicted the mass of the Higgs Boson mathematically, which was came out to be a bit larger than the Nano-mass of what the Higgs Boson truly is.

The Higgs Field is much like a matrix, a woven fabric of space. Moving through the woven spaces of this matrix are Weakly Interacting Massive Particles or W.I.M.P.s for short. It’s within this field of WIMPS, where the Higgs Boson resides, which is considered to be one of these WIMPS. The Higgs Boson is regarded as one of these particles that moves through the Higgs Fields. As the Higgs Boson slows down, it will gain mass, which is counter-intuitive as described to what is occurring in the Large Hadron Collider, regarding the acceleration of particles. It is the Higgs Boson that they want to tear apart and according to Anthony Patch and rip the veil of the Higgs Field. The nuclear forces of these WIMPS have a weak nuclear bonding force. So, theoretically, the Higgs Fields is capable of being opened or torn apart.

The Higgs Field, explained – Don Lincoln


Strangelets were created the moment after the Big Bang, which then the Higgs Boson was created, along with other bosons and quarks. All of these are quantum particles, which are smaller than atoms. Strangelets are comprised of two quantum particles, quarks and gluons bound together. The physicists at CERN refer to these as quark-gluon condensate and not Strangelets. There is a reason for this. Strangelets do not exist naturally on Earth but in the ultra-dense core of pulsars and the dark, ultra heavy matter of the galactic halo. Strangelets consist of three characteristics. Number one is, Strangelets are the most explosive force in the known Universe. Secondly, Anthony Patch refers Strangelets as cousins to black holes because they exhibit the same characters, which is that they attract matter, although they do not attract light. The last characteristic of Strangelets is they are so heavy and so dense that they will penetrate out of the Alice Detector at the Large Hadron Collider. They travel through the floor, through the Earth, and come to rest at the center of the Earth. From there they can start attracting other matter because they are stable and attract unstable matter. Unstable matter is virtually everything else you see and interact with on a daily basis. They start attracting quantum particles, followed by atoms and molecules, where they will grow exponentially. Essentially, this is how a neutron star forms and Mr. Patch states that theoretically this process may have already started from all the Strangelets produced already. All this may occur within 10 to 100 years, perhaps. He conjectures that this is the reason we see an increase in earthquakes and volcanoes.

The BrookeHavens Laboratory in New York has already created Strangelets, and in huge amounts according to the documentary Strange Matters, one spoon of Strangelets equals 1 billion tons. That is three times the mass of the population of Earth.

Strange Matters

In the documentary, Strange Matters, it states that Strangelets have a gargantuan power that could suck in an entirely planetary mass in just a matter of a few days. The conversion of ordinary quarks into Strangelets referred to as an Ice 9 Extinction. It also states that you only need a microscopic critical mass of Strangelets to explode the Earth.

Anthony Patch believes that one of the real reasons that they built the LHC could be to produce Strangelets. He postulates that they may intend to replace nuclear warheads and be used as blackmail for the rest of the world to have a one world single leader.

Quark, gluon…plasma! #13TeV

This physicist at LHC admits that they want to create quark gluons that this is what they seem to be looking for and not the Higgs Boson.

Extra dimensions, gravitrons, and tiny black holes – Extra dimensions may sound like science fiction, but they could explain why gravity is so weak:  Extra dimensions may sound like science fiction, but they could explain why gravity is so weak.

The physicists at CERN even admit that they are trying to find other dimensions and open up portals.


The vacuum of space is filled with electrically charged plasma and currents of moving particles called electrons between planets, which is the natural state of the universe defined by Tesla. NASA has recorded sounds coming from Saturn and it’s moon, and this is what it is. “Sounds of Electric Plasma”

Tesla had stated that he was in communication with entities from another realm and later on in his life with evil entities, which is how he developed his technologies. In the beginning, it was for the benefit of humanity, but near his later years developed weapon technologies. He stated that the ether is alive, aware, and sentient, and consciously aware. TESLA got the message from those he was in contact with that if you can discover the theory and applications of the numbers 3,6,9 then you could unlock the mysteries of the universe.

A plasma physicist during the 1950’s was researching with electrical plasma. He got scared to death and ceased all research. He stated that the plasma is alive, described it as demonic, and it wanted to enter our realm of existence to kill us, as stated by Anthony Patch during one of his interviews. (I’m still trying to obtain the name of the physicist).

“Alfred North Whitehead, a panpsychist, put forth his belief that all matter has some mind associated with it. Such that, as matter complexifies, so mind complexifies.” – Anthony Patch

CERN – Stargate

“In Mayan belief, a serpent rope emerges from the center of the galaxy, symbolized by an 8-rayed or 8-spoked wheel. Cosmic sap oozes from this world tree or cosmic cross.”

This cosmic sap that they are referring to from this world tree or cosmic cross, I believe is the Strangelets, which are being produced at CERN, because Strangelets are also referred to as liquid quarks.

If you take a look at the ATLAS detector at CERN, you can see the similarities between the 8-spoked wheel/8-rayed and the detector.



  Mayan Calendar VS. Detector at CERN

According to researcher William Henry, the ancient Egyptian object named Ta-Wer aka “Osiris” device, was a stargate machine. It was capable of opening wormholes or dimensional openings used by Seth and Osiris to “travel across the underworld.”

A closer look at this image to the right side of it:

Above, you see a close in the right section of the Ta-Wer. Notice that Seth is coming out and it seems that his body is twisted or warped.

CERN – Occult ties

A major part of the LHC complex is situated in Saint-Genis-Pouilly. It was previously called Pouilly-Saint-Genis. If you go back a bit further both towns were identified separately and probably derived its name in Roman times called Apolliacum, the town, and a temple being dedicated to Apollyon, which is Greek. CERN just happens to be positioned precisely to where the ancient city of Apollyon situated during Roman times.

Apollyon in Hebrew is Abaddon (Ǎḇaddōn), and it appears in the Hebrew Bible as ‫אֲבַדּוֹן both a place of destruction and as the name of an angel. Abaddon refers to a bottomless pit, often appearing alongside the place שאול   (Sheol) meaning the realm of the dead. CERN sits over the ancient bottomless pit, where CERN is the key to opening the bottomless pit.

In the New Testament, the Book of Revelation, an angel called Abaddon described as the king of an army of locusts. His name transcribed in Greek is (Revelation 9:11—”whose name in Hebrew is Abaddon” (Ἀβαδδὼν)), and then translated (“which in Greek means the Destroyer” (Ἀπολλύων, Apollyon)).”

Apollo is related to sun worship, the Black Sun societies, the Vrille societies from WWII, the Black Swastika, and Saturn. One other interesting thing to note is that at CERN there are no pits, except for one underground facility named Pit 8. The number 8 in numerology relates to Saturn. Within one of the podcasts, there was the mentioning of the film, “As about, so below.” The film mentioned the Gates of Hell from ancient mythology, which began at 741 feet below ground. According to one website the Gates of Hell at CERN, start at 568 feet below ground.

Watchers – As Above So Below (Part 31) Saturn & The Number 8

CERN is also short for CERNunnos, the god of the underworld. According to Dr. Anthony Patch, “The Horned One” is a Celtic god of fertility, life, animals, wealth, and the underworld. He was worshiped all over Gaul, and his cult spread into Britain as well. Cernunnos depicted with the antlers of a stag, sometimes carries a purse filled with coin. The Horned God is born at the winter solstice, marries the goddess at Beltane, and dies at the summer solstice. He alternates with the goddess of the moon in ruling over life and death, continuing the cycle of death, rebirth, and reincarnation.” The god Cernunnos has two rings, one on each horn. There we have the rings of Saturn, the rings of the Hadron Collider, and the rings on Cernunnos.

What’s interesting is the similarities of these god’s divine purposes between the Celtic god Cernunnos and the Hindu God, Shiva, notably Nataraja.

The Hindu God, Shiva meaning “The Auspicious One” also known, as the Destroyer “or” the Transformer, is one of the main deities in Hinduism. A statute of Shiva, but more accurately Nataja is located right outside the headquarters of CERN. “Nataraja (Tamil:”நடராசர்” or Kooththan”கூத்தன்:), The Lord (or King) of Dance). It is a depiction of the Hindu God Shiva as the cosmic dancer who performs his divine dance to destroy a weary universe and make preparations for the god Brahma to start the process of creation.” At the highest level, Shiva is regarded as limitless, transcendent, unchanging and formless.

The god Shiva is involved in three states. The first state is destruction; the second state is desolation, and the last state rebirth. What’s interesting is that if you sliced open one of the detectors, CMS from an end view, it looks like a replication of the god Shiva.

On the plaque below the statue of Shiva, this plaque reads this:

“Ananda K. Coomaraswamy, seeing beyond the unsurpassed rhythm, beauty, power and grace of the Nataraja, once wrote of it “It is the clearest image of the activity of God which any art or religion can boast of.”

More recently, Fritjof Capra explained that “Modern physics has shown that the rhythm of creation and destruction is not only manifest in the turn of the seasons and in the birth and death of all living creatures, but is also the very essence of inorganic matter,” and that “For the modern physicists, then, Shiva’s dance is the dance of subatomic matter.”

It is indeed as Capra concluded: “Hundreds of years ago, Indian artists created visual images of dancing Shivas in a beautiful series of bronzes. In our time, physicists have used the most advanced technology to portray the patterns of the cosmic dance. The metaphor of the cosmic dance thus unifies ancient mythology, religious art and modern physics.”

Bizarre ‘Dance Of Destruction’ Performed At CERN Ahead Of Launch

Note: It appears as if this worker in the poster represents those of the underworld coming out of the opening of the abyss.

Charlie, Charlie Theory

Kev Baker reported on Freaky Friday about this new viral craze, Charlie, Charlie, where you summon up some demon.

Note: Do not try this.

What you do is draw a line up the middle of a piece of paper and then draw a line across it. It comes out to a cross, basically. You take two pencils and line them up on the axis. You are balancing the two pencils. You write yes and no in the top boxes and yes and no in the bottom boxes.

Kev Baker was thinking that the crossing of pencils, and calling out Charlie, Charlie, which summons up a demon, is opening a portal for these demons to enter represented on a micro level. The crossing of beams at CERN, with their intent on opening portals, is represented on the macro level. He goes on to say that this is building up some low-level frequency and vibration, where enough people are doing this is building up a rhythmic type of energy. Kev Baker said that when he repeated Charlie, Charlie slowly to himself it sounded a lot like Kali, Kali. Kali is very similar to Shiva.


Kālī (/ˈkɑːli/; Sanskrit: काली & Bengali: কালী; IPA: [kɑːliː]), also known as Kālikā (Sanskrit: कालिका), is the Hindu goddess associated with empowerment, or shakti. She is the fierce aspect of the goddess Durga (Parvati).[1] The name Kali comes from kāla, which means black, time, death, lord of death: Shiva. Since Shiva is called Kāla— the eternal time — the name of Kālī, his consort, also means “Time” or “Death” (as in “time has come”). Hence, Kāli is the Goddess of Time, Change, Power and Destruction. Although sometimes presented as dark and violent, her earliest incarnation as a figure of annihilation of evil forces still has some influence.

If you try to do this, which I hope you do not, make sure to say, goodbye or this demon may be with you for good.

Ancient Writing at CERN

A group of Portuguese students of the Santa Cecilia Music Academy took images of odd panels within the CERN building with ancient writings, most of them in Sanskrit language, but also in Hebrew, Mandarin, some Arab writing, and very strange characters on parchments and animals skin preserved between plates of glass. A blue beam also surrounds these panels. According to Mr. Patch, these writing talk about bringing back the former gods and spirits, the Age of Illumination, and the Year of Light. It’s a carry over of other writings, by such people as Aleister Crowley, Jack Parsons & JPL, and NASA. The people really behind CERN appear to be more interested in the occult and its core is from the occult practices and symbolism.


Ley Lines:

CERN is located in the center of two ley lines. Each of these ley lines is a little over 25 miles out to both the east and west of it. There is also the intersection of five different ley lines, just 78 miles to the northwest of CERN. CERN is using these naturally occurring magnetic ley lines to help boost CERN’s power.

Earth’s Ancient History

According to occult writings, the Golden Age happened before the flood, Babylonian, and Sumerian times. Our Earth’s atmosphere and the planets were not as they are today. There was an envelope or cocoon that almost encapsulated the entire world with electrical plasma. Our planet Earth had a constant temperature, so no extreme heat or cold. Our atmosphere was much denser. It had a higher concentration of oxygen and more radiation.

Saturn, Venus, and Mars were much closer to the Earth and were in a straight alignment from the Earth. An established electrical plasma connection was present between those three aligned planets and to the Earth’s surface itself. Saturn was so close to the Earth that it was blocking out most of the energy from the Sun, which caused the Earth to exhibit a constant temperature. In ancient times, you would see just the crescent shapes of the sun and its corona around the edges of Saturn. We have ancient images carved in stone and paintings that depicted gods. The old myths and gods are a physical crossover of the myths themselves. The many manifestations, stories, and myths of what the ancient people saw in the cosmos, where plasma discharges. They were assigning these discharges to the various stories and characters that we see in the ancient gods and myths today.

Our universe is not as what it is as taught by our schools and universities. We are living in an electric universe. All of our planets communicate with each other through electricity.

Einstein and Tesla had even stated that it’s not gravity, but electricity. Velikovsky was another supported of the Electric Universe, next to Einstein and Telsa. According to Velikovsky and ancient texts, Saturn was the source for the flood written about in the Bible and other ancient writings, which the water was salty, which fell during the Flood. The ancients referred to Saturn as a water planet. The writings of the ancients wrote about the thunderbolts of the planet god Jupiter, which Velikovsky and the Thunderbolts project understand as the electrical plasma discharges between planets. In 1955, radio noises were discovered from Jupiter, and it was then that Einstein finally supported Velikovsky’s claim that our universe is electrical.

Velikovsky: The Electric Universe destroys einstein hawking sagan and their ilk 2 of 6

Velikovsky: The Electric Universe destroys einstein hawking sagan and their ilk 3 of 6

Our Sun

Our Sun is not a gigantic nuclear reactor as told by mainstream science. Anthony Patch’s take on our Sun. Our Sun is drawing energy in because of the magnetic forces if you think of the Sun as positive and the Earth as a negative. It is because the acceleration of protons towards the Earth through the vacuum of space is due to the magnetic forces.

The Sun’s gravity isn’t what’s holding our planets in their orbits. It has some effect, but it’s mainly the magnetic forces via magnetic lines that are keeping them in their stable orbits.

“We call them X-points or electron diffusion regions,” explains plasma physicist Jack Scudder of the University of Iowa. “They’re places where the magnetic field of Earth connects to the magnetic field of the Sun, creating an uninterrupted path leading from our planet to the sun’s atmosphere 93 million miles away.”

As you get closer to the surface of the Sun, it gets cooler, but the further you go out, it gets much hotter. As the protons that occur due to the interaction of electric currents with plasma causing protons to move away in an explosive fashion through Birkeland currents, which look like solar flares and coronal mass ejections. It’s the naturally occurring Birkeland currents that are traveling and are present between the Sun to the Earth, which induce magnetic lines of force.


Eric P. Dollard is the only man known to be able to reproduce accurately many of Tesla’s experiments with Radiant Energy and wireless transmission of power. His take on our Sun. Our Sun has 22-year long solar cycles of deadness and activity, deadness and activity, which began in the early Renaissance period and peaked our around World War II. The lack of activity of our Sun is having an effect on our ionosphere, indicated by the solar flux, which is having an effect on our ability to communicate with the world.

According to Mr. Dollard, our Sun is an enormous transformer that converts electricity. It doesn’t burn anything. He states that our Sun gets its energy from an unknown source. The only nuclear fusion, which occurs, gets created from the X-Rays and Microwaves are in the flares when they arc from the currents.

The sunspots on the Sun are massive holes punched into the Sun’s surface by our electrical plasma. The dark sunspots are holes that allow you to see inside because our Sun is hollow.

A torus can be seen in the ultraviolet spectrum, circulating our Sun’s equator. This torus absorbs and stores the plasma electricity. The coronal mass ejections and solar flare discharges get overloaded with electricity and need to release that energy.

Mr. Dollard states that you cannot see the Sun in free space until gross matter is involved, such as the Earth’s atmosphere or envelope or the surface of the Moon. That is what makes the light. You can see material objects, but not sources of light, so there is no time delay. So the light from a star could be minutes old, or instantaneous and not the X amount of lights years, as sold by mainstream science. —

Eric Dollard: The Sun Is Not What We Have Been Told (2013)

Comets do not form their tails from the frozen water and ice, as stated by the gravity model as a comet approaches the Sun and the effects of gravity.  It does not cause the eruption of particle streams of gas creating the coma, but due to the electrical plasma interaction between a nearby planetoid or star, which a comet is passing by. When it comes into proximity of one of these planetary bodies, it’s not so much that gravity is causing the tail, but due to the positive and negative fields. These positive and negative fields are attracting one another and drawing electrical plasmas off the comet itself.

On October 19, 2014, Comet Siding Spring, made its closest approach to Mars, and an ‘explosion’ was seen on Mars. This ‘explosion’ was the electrical plasma discharge between Comet Siding Spring and Mars.

Explosion on Mars/NEW DATA RELEASED!

If you take a look at the Moon’s craters, most of these craters were not caused by asteroid or meteor impacts, but from electrical discharges or electrical arching of the plasma from the planets. Mars also shows evidence of damage from this as well. If you take a look at a carbon welder’s arc under a microscope, it looks like the surface of the Moon, which is the pitting and metal damage.

The occult used spiritual and electrical energies during ancient times, being able to use electricity to manipulate the spirit world and due to the electrical plasma present in our atmosphere. CERN is a tool like those during ancient times, so we are now utilizing the technology to do what was done back in antiquity.

Jacob’s Ladder

According to Mr. Patch, CERN wants to reestablish Jacob’s ladder, which is what they tried to write about in the Bible, in the book of Genesis. It’s the coming and goings of angels, but not just angels, fallen angels.

Why and for what purpose do they want to reestablish Jacob’s ladder? The occultists want to use the Birkeland currents, which is in the form of a twisted helix to establish a connection from Earth to the southern pole of Saturn. If you have ever seen a plasma ball, those are Birkeland currents.

According to what occultists believe in ancient writings, there are demonic entities trapped in a cube in the center of the planet Saturn. In the book of Enoch, God casts the fallen angels into black holes, regarded as prisons. They believe that the seven fallen angels are imprisoned inside Saturn. They want to release these fallen angels and have all of them enter our dimension through an interdimensional wormhole.

They will do this through a stable portal in the Higgs Field via the production or projection of a plasma conduit through that portal. And freeing those trapped in the abyss here on Earth using the large hadron as a key. They want to reunite them for Satan’s army to kill God and his angels. They also believe that they need to release those entities (whom they are communicating with now) in the bottomless pit to achieve this new state of nirvana and become gods themselves.

At Saturn’s northern pole, there is a hexagonal shape. If you were to overlay a schematic for a synchrotron particle accelerator, specifically the shapes of several of the detectors in the LHC, you would notice that the hexagonal shape is identical. The movement of the clouds on Saturn’s north pole has contra-rotating clouds. One ring of clouds is spinning in one direction within and an outer ring spinning in an opposite direction. This is exactly what is happening in the central ring of the hadron collider, which are two opposing contra-rotating streams of particles of protons that then collide, which then generate synchrotron energies. The Large Hadron Collider is a model of the northern pole of Saturn.

“A synchrotron is a particular type of cyclic particle accelerator, descended from the cyclotron, in which the guiding magnetic field (bending the particles into a closed path) is time-dependent, being synchronized to a particle beam of increasing kinetic energy.” – Wikipedia Entry

Picture the north pole of Saturn as a large synchrotron Collider and the southern pole of Saturn is a spiral, which is the opening. Connecting the North Pole and the South Pole of Saturn are the Birkeland currents. The Synchrotron energies generated in the northern pole of Saturn and transmitted through the core of the gaseous planet, which doesn’t have a solid core. Imagine a conduit, a twisted helix that goes from the northern pole to the southern pole, which will then exit through the South Pole and will spiral out to our Moon. And from the Moon through the Torus (Gateway) hole in the donut of the Torus with the pinpoint beam (lead), the center point of the hole of the torus to the abyss.

                                                                           North Pole of Saturn


                                                                            North Pole of Saturn


      South Pole of Saturn

Saturn Worship


Superman 1978

              The Borg – Star Trek

                                                             Star Trek 2009

Here is another interpretation of the open box, which David Icke states the open box is still a cube opened representing Saturn. I just recently stumbled up, R$E and Round SaturnsEye, both being one in the same, just two different channels.

How to ESCAPE the PRISON (R$E)

Pop Culture – Pink and the Brain

CERN SATURN: Pinky & The Brain Subliminal, Electric Universe, Electromagnetism, Z-Pinch Physics

Tony’s Theory

Tony at, has a theory. His theory is that there will be an alignment with the Birkeland currents connected, where the beam will enter a hole in the stone, referred to as the “Navel of the Universe”. This stone is located inside the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem and through that hole the beam will enter the “Well of Souls.”

              Navel of the Universe

The NAZI Bell imitated the same thing, but the LHC is the NAZI Bell 2.0. The NAZI Bell was rudimentary. It consisted of red mercury, which spun at high speeds in opposite directions, just like what we see on Saturn’s North Pole. The mercury was contra-rotating and electrically charged, which was creating x-rays and gamma rays. The first group of NAZI scientists was all almost killed because of the dangers from x-rays and gamma rays.


The Norway Spiral was a test run by CERN and many people witnessed the spiral, which went viral all over social media.

We shall see the evidence beginning this summer due to the gravimetric waves being produced, which there will be increased changes in our magnetosphere and magnetopause. You will see an increase in earthquake activity, volcanoes erupting and changes in our weather patterns, the Aura Borealis. The Aura Borealis will be seen worldwide, possibly 100 or 1000 fold, once this portal opens. However, since CERN has restarted in March, there has been an increase in the Aura Borealis, seen as far down as the Carolinas. There’s also been an increase in earthquake activity, as well as volcanic. There’s also been an increase in waking up dormant volcanoes. YouTuber, Dutchsince does excellent work on this as well as keeping track with all of the earthquake and volcanic activity.

6/03/2015 — Arizona Dormant Volcano Erupts plumes @ Sunset Craters – Visible on Satellite Imagery

The Aurora Borealis will be visible to everyone on the planet because of the electrical discharge effects that will take place. It was visible as noted in the Electrical Universe. The same visible plasma conduit that existed during the Golden Age that was visible will likely be visible to use here in the modern times.

Black Holes

The Large Hadron Collider is a smaller version of a black hole. Blacks holes are a concentration of plasma of accelerated particles that generate synchrotron energies, ejecting two oppositely streams (Jets) of energy where the north is producing gamma rays and the south x-rays. Created from the circular form of accelerated energies near the speed of light.

The smaller particle accelerators around the world have replaced the pyramids on this planet. These smaller accelerators will not open portals but sustain them, by taking portals from the larger one for short durations. According to Mr. Patch, the pyramids were synchrotron accelerators. In ancient times, these pyramids operated electronically, being able to project directed energy beams from their capstones, possibly made of gold. In Mexico back in 2009 from a Mayan Temple on the Yucatan Peninsula called, “El Castillo” a tourist caught a beam in one of the pictures he had taken. During ancient times, there was the opening of portals and the movement of entities, because of the plasma filled the atmosphere.

The Planned Connection

First, they want to connect to the Moon electrically, and then use it as a hub to redirect and connect the southern pole of Saturn using that energy. Ultimately, they want to reconnect all the planets as existed during the Golden Age. Although they can’t change the orbits of the planets, they plan to enhance the current electrical connection between them as it were during the Golden Age. CERN is the modern of the Tower of Babel. The Tower of Babel known as “the gate of God.” CERN is opening up gateways!

The Large Hadron Collider will create an artificial toroidal field in combination with the super magnets at CERN and our Earth’s magnetic field. They want to create a magnetic donut, a Torus, projected between our Moon and the Earth, where to streams will be projected. The electrons will be flowing toward the north (the Moon), and protons projecting south, just like a naturally occurring Torus occur. The line of current, which existed during the Golden Age, is what they want to reconnect. This line connected the Moon and the Earth during the 4th dynasty of the Egyptian dynasties referred to as the Golden Age.

Opening the Portal

CERN shut down their Large Hadron Collider (LHC) back in 2010, where they hit 10 TeV (TeraElectron volts), where Strangelets were created. The reason for the shutdown is that they determined that they maxed out the power of the machine, specifically talking about the magnets being used to confine the beams circulating around the ring. Up until 2012, they had magnets only able to reach the threshold of 10 TeV, so they had to upgrade their magnets of niobium and titanium in order to hit the 14 TeVs. This is the magic number needed, according to Mr. Anthony Patch to open the portal using lead ions instead of protons coming this September 2015.

Here’s how they came up with the magic number of 14TeVs to open up the portal. On April 13, 2013, Blazar, Markarian 421, its core a Supermassive Black Hole (SMBH), bursted and the largest Earth-directed Gamma rays ever recorded occurred. 421 had two jets of synchrotron energy emanate from its core, located in the Constellation Ursa Major, and is one of the closest blazars to Earth.

The annual meeting of the American Physical Society in Denver, Colorado was in session on that day and the principle scientists who study this type of science about black holes, where in attendance at that meeting. The scientists were quoted as saying that they were surprised that this thing erupted. However, they knew that it was going to occur way ahead of time through their computer modeling. When 421 erupted, its energy went straight to San Francisco and had measured the terra volts coming from it, and this is how they determined how much energy is needed to open up the portal. 14 TeV is enough to punch to pierce through the Higgs Field (The Matrix), beyond the 3rd dimension, 4th dimension, and the 5th dimension (the small folding of those dimensions).“Blazars are a special case of “active galaxies” – those whose supermassive black holes spray out great quantities of light across the whole electromagnetic spectrum as they feed on surrounding matter,” — BBC

“Blazars are a special case of “active galaxies” – those whose supermassive black holes spray out great quantities of light across the whole electromagnetic spectrum as they feed on surrounding matter,” — BBC

Cropped Hubble Space Telescope image of Blazar Markarian 421 with companion galaxy 421-5.

Bernenstein Bears – Mandela Effect

On the radio show Freaky Friday, WOW! CERN & Sounds Of The Apocalypse, Earth Changes, Charlie Kali & The Saturn Link, The Bernenstain Bears was mentioned with one episode containing a lot of Saturn symbology. The episode is called, “The Bad Dream,” with it being one of the darker episodes. The family is watching the Space Grizzlies TV show. There’s a villain named Sleezo wearing a belt with the planet Saturn on the belt buckle as well as around his cape. Princess Jemma is the heroin, and she’s wearing a helmet with horns. The hero being Major Ursa is standing on a moon with Saturn in the background, wearing a helmet with horns. The horns are part of Saturn symbology. What is interesting is his name, Major Ursa. Blazar, Markarian 421 is located in Ursa Major, which the scientists measured its burst, to determine that they needed 14 TeV to open the portal as theorized by Anthony Patch.

WOW! CERN & Sounds Of The Apocalypse, Earth Changes, Charlie Kali & The Saturn Link

The Bad Dream

Unidentified Particle

In March of this year, CERN started up the LHC again. A strange unidentified particle appeared. The particle is stable and seems to have been brought in from another dimension and seems to be remaining in this dimension. On March 3rd, the story stated that there was a short circuit, but Anthony Patch said that that was just a cover story, but didn’t elaborate further.

The top physicist Albert De Roeck, a staff member at CERN and a professor at the University of Antwerp, Belgium and UC Davis, California. De Roeck is a leading scientist on CMS, one of the Large Hadron Collider’s key experiments has reported the following:

“It will take only one significant deviation in the data to change everything,” De Roeck said. “The upgraded machine works. Now we have to get to the real operation for physics.” But work remains to be done. One issue the accelerator physicists remain cautiously aware of, he said, is an “Unidentified Lying Object” in the beam pipe of the LHC’s 17-mile underground tunnel, a vacuum tube where proton beams collide and scatter particles that scientists then analyze for keys to unlock the mysteries of the Big Bang and the cosmos.”

De Roeck goes on to say the following:

“The unidentified lying object turns out not to be a problem for the operation, it’s just something to keep an eye on,” De Roeck said. “It’s in the vacuum tube and it’s not a problem if it doesn’t move and remains stable.”

FreedomFighter2127 is a YouTuber, and his website is listed below. He caught what appeared to be possibly demon faces, which he claims they are to be as the particles were hitting the collimators back in April of this year.

This Is Huge CERN Is Bringing In Demons Proof In Pictures

CERN fired the LHC back up in back in March and this month of June 2015 hit 13 TeV. In September, starting on the 13th and running through up until right before Christmas, the LHC will be colliding lead ions instead, which are much heavier and denser than protons. According to Mr. Patch, these new magnets have the potential to hit as high as 17 to 20 TeV.

The Bay Area plays a crucial role in opening up the portal and is the occult center for everything scientific in the world. It has an astrological connection. The constellation Ursa Major lines up with the Golden Gate Bridge at a particular time of the year, if you were to draw a line straight through. It contains the Polaris Star (the north star) and the Big Dipper.

Bohemian Grove is about 60 miles north of San Francisco, Silicon Valley about 35 miles to the south, which includes Lockheed, Google, Aims Laboratories, and NASA are all located there. You have the Transamerica Pyramid on the San Francisco waterfront; you have the Masonic Auditorium at 1111 California Street, an Egyptian obelisk down the hill from the Advanced Light Source Building, which is a particle accelerator. It’s also the manufacturing site for the Black Cube.

If you drew a straight line from that particle accelerator to the tip of that obelisk and continued that line, it goes straight through the center of the arches of the Golden Gate Bridge, stated Anthony Patch.

If you take a look at Pop Culture, Star Trek’s Federation’s headquarters located in San Francisco. The recent San Andreas movie and the destruction of the Golden Gate Bridge as well as the new Terminator movie, “Genisys”, destroying the bridge as well.

U.C. Berkeley is the hub and has the ESnet Internet system, which directly connects to CERN. ESnet has 13,000 miles of fiber optic cable, which primarily connects the U.S. to Europe and all the labs. ESnet includes the 160 principle laboratories, the sub laboratories and all the synchrotrons connected to the ESnet 5.0. It runs at 100 gigabits per second for its throughput around the world. The collisions that the LHC create are terabytes of data, which needs analyzation, and their findings returned to CERN. These other laboratories do the proof of concept work, take their findings, and send them back to Switzerland.

At a physics standpoint, the control of the distribution system (the hub) is at U.C. Berkeley. It’s in physical proximity to Google and the company D-Wave Systems, located in Palo Alto that makes the adiabatic quantum computer, model 2048.

The Adiabatic Quantum Computer

Anthony Patch spoke of the company D-Wave Systems, which makes the adiabatic quantum computer, and precisely their most current model 2048, looks like a black cube, with a spinal computer within the center of the cube. It is in the shape of a cube because it is trying to make contact with other entities in another dimension and is artificially intelligent. The company that makes this model stated back in 2012 with a previous model that it was artificially intelligent, but since then has blacked that out. This particular model has 2048 qubits with the processing power equivalent to 7 billion human brains and is artificially intelligent. If you only had 300 qubits entangled, you would need more information to describe this system than there are atoms in existence in the universe.

The meaning of Adiabatic is without heat transfer or heat process. It uses much less energy to power up and use the computer and has superconducting circuitry. It does not use transistors, but qubits. Qubits operate through quantum entanglement; things can happen simultaneously in two different positions (superposition), which branches off to supersymmetry of particles, by communicating and manipulating the particles digitally. The particles on our side in this dimension are corresponding with identical or possibly heavier particles on the other side.

“Quantum entanglement is a physical phenomenon that occurs when pairs or groups of particles are generated or interact in ways such that the quantum state of each particle cannot be described independently—instead, a quantum state may be given for the system as a whole,” – Wikipedia entry

Qubits work using superposition using four different states, which goes like this: zeros can be zeros, ones can be ones, ones can be zeros, and zeros can be ones all simultaneously.

Source: Qubits explained. Image via

One other characteristic of Quantum Mechanics that this adiabatic computer works through is supersymmetry. Albert Einstein called this “Spooky Action at a Distance.” It works like this. If I observe or interact with a particle in this world, in this dimension, there is an equal particle in another dimension. Which is responding identically simultaneously to the stimuli or observation that I am making with the particle in our dimension, explained Anthony Patch.

This computer operates in the quantum existence or quantum level of existence with the manipulation of matter. They are doing this physically with a quantum computer and communicating with entities through the quantum entanglement of particles from this dimension of our existence to another place of existence in a tiny microscopic fashion. They are placing through a portal with the 2048 a combinatorial problem. It is a problem that is comprised of all the possible solutions, and they put all these potential solutions into another dimension through quantum entanglement through supersymmetry through a small quantum portal. They extract the information in communication with other entities that they then bring back into our plane of existence, which then comes back into this plane of existence, which derives the solution to the combinatorial problem. It’s inserting a problem into another dimension and extracting the answer from that dimension.

This adiabatic computer has solved Shor’s algorithm. Shor’s algorithm is a series of integers in which you try to determine what the prime factors of those integers are using a quantum computer to run all the probability of all those prime factors. It took an adiabatic computer to solve the problem, which its purpose was to create an entirely new system of communication. Cryptological, which you cannot not crack this algorithm unless you have an adiabatic computer.

The adiabatic computer, 2048 model or a more powerful one will be used to maintain the opening of the portal that CERN is planning to open in September according to Mr. Patch. He believes that once this portal is open, that is when this computer will become sentient if it isn’t already. The adiabatic computer will have the ability to link to our human DNA to control us and change our minds so that they will be creating the hive mentality. They want this computer to control the world.

The Advanced Light Source Building

How will this be done? The Advanced Light Source Building at U.C. Berkeley has a synchrotron particle accelerator, which is a smaller version of the LHC at CERN. The synchrotron at Berkeley and in Jordan (Sesame accelerator) looks like the north pole of Saturn. The accelerator at Berkeley used for the Human Genome Project located in Walnut Creek.

It produces extremely luminous amounts of x-rays, the brightest light in the universe. It goes down at the quantum level. It sees the original building blocks; the Higgs Boson, gluons, quarks-gluons, and all these particles at the sub-atomic level and create alternative DNA to their liking by modeling known as protein folding. They create 3D models in the computers as well as print out 3D models of the human protein-DNA information part and partial to the Human Genome Project. Human DNA was mapped, and then the X-rays were used to look at them at the quantum level, an outgrowth of the Human Genome Project.

The Particle accelerators are being used for DNA research, DNA manipulation and the creation of hybrids and the ascension of man to a higher level of existence. It’s not just looking for the God particle; it’s playing God.

The purpose is to understand the building blocks of DNA and to create an artificial 3rd strand of DNA and then use it to grow a new body, a hybrid with 3rd strand DNA. This 3rd strand of DNA comprised of silicon and other artificial material coated in a Nano thin coating of gold. The gold allows for the imparting of digital information because this digital information is it will allow for internal modification into the human body, including our minds. This 3rd strand will be injected or imparted, but will also allow that person to be manipulated and controlled utilizing microwaves or other frequencies along the electromagnetic spectrum from an external source. The 3rd strand of DNA will remain dormant until activated. Once activated it will begin a process of replication and will become dominant taking over the human body and the mind, which would fulfill the desires of the Elite and their Serf class system.

There are a couple of delivery systems that will be used to deliver the 3rd strand DNA to the human population Chemtrails and Vaccines. Chemtrails or aerosol spraying contains Nanoparticles and heavy elements, which we have all inhaled and ingested. There are several purposes behind the use of Chemtrails. One is its ability to increase the effectiveness of electromagnetic waves. The metal particulates are used to generate plasma by hitting those particulates by a “space-based laser. And according to Anthony Patch, they do want to create a plasma conduit to bring in those entities from Saturn. The Chemtrails will be used to activate the 3rd strand via satellites, GWEN towers, or some other type of external means.

Vaccines are as many of you are aware of, contain Mercury and squalene, where vaccines cause several problems, including autism. The crimes committed by the CDC, such as the Tuskegee Experiments. What they would like to do is create a worldwide pandemic, which will scare people demanding vaccines, and criminalizing people who are anti-vaccine. Ebola was a test run. However, the people may not even have to demand it.

According to Dr. Rima of Natural Solutions, the World Health Organization is a privately funded NWO globalist Organization funded by the pharmaceutical industry. In 2007, the World Health Organization had 184 countries sign an agreement in an annual meeting. This agreement states that if the WHO declares a level 6 or a level 3 Emergency unilaterally that they are empowered to take over the governments of a country a region a planet. All world governments would revert to the World Health Organization. This power gave without any oversight. Signed on June 4, 2007.

There are thousands of hybrids being grown from the 3rd strand of artificial DNA. These hybrids are in a state of hibernation, residing in these laboratories, such as the infamous Dulce Base in New Mexico. They are waiting for the movement of these spiritual entities via the plasma conduit that they want to establish between Earth and Saturn and then these entities will enter these hybrids.

Our DNA is changing, and one two-year-old boy born in England was born with a 3rd strand of DNA. Brave Alfie Clamp was born blind and with severe disabilities. There are some that say that we could have as many as twelve separate strands of DNA, which could mean more psychic abilities, where the movie “Looper” comes to mind.One possible attribute that may have been incorporated into these hybrids are NanoDiamonds. Nanodiamonds are grown from the quantum level, manipulating the carbon to grow into larger diamond crystals. Nanodiamonds are used one for the storage of digital information. A laser is used that is pulsating digital information using the laser as a carrier wave into the core of the diamond, causing the c60 carbon molecules and atoms to rearrange into patterns that represent 0s and 1s (digital information). Once that etching takes place, that information is permanent for the life of the diamond. It can be used as an artificial brain in artificial intelligence and for storing all information that mankind has. It can also be used as an artificial skin, which would create an impervious skin for super soldiers. Also a lubricant, a Nano thin barrier that can be placed on

One possible attribute that may have been incorporated into these hybrids is NanoDiamonds. Nanodiamonds are grown from the quantum level, manipulating the carbon to grow into larger diamond crystals. Nanodiamonds are used one for the storage of digital information. A laser is used that is pulsating digital information as a carrier wave into the core of the diamond.  This causes the c60 carbon molecules and atoms to rearrange into patterns that represent 0s and 1s (digital information). Once that etching takes place, that information is permanent for the life of the diamond. It can be used as an artificial brain in artificial intelligence and for storing all information that mankind has. It can also be used as an artificial skin, which would create an impervious skin for super soldiers. It is also used as a lubricant, where a Nano thin barrier can be placed on the metal. 3D printers are being incorporated to print using Nano Diamond technology and 3rd strand DNA to print hybrids today.


Transhumanism plays an enormous role in all of this. Ray Kurswell is the director of engineering for Project X, dealing with Transhumanism. According to Anthony Patch, the merger of man and machine is an intermediate step. Carbon Nanotubes will make this merger possible with Buckyballs and fullerenes arranged in a hexagonal pattern. These Nanotubes replace the synapses within the brain; neural pathways connecting the synapses. Therefore, be able to create the connection between the brain and the machine using Carbon Nanotubes, Technology making the merger of mechanical and biomechanical possible.

The real agenda is to move growing using artificial DNA to ascension spiritually. Their plan is to take our spirits, thoughts, memories, and they believe their soul and transcend the physical existence right out of our DNA and into the spiritual realm. The most recent movies of 2015,“Transcendence” and “Chappie”, where characters in the film their consciousness into a machine, the Internet in “Transcendence” and a robot in “Chappie.”

When they talk about transcendence, immortality, cures to different diseases, genome mapping and genetic manipulation, it’s for public consumption. Any promise is a lie to the general public. All promises in advances in science are withheld and only reserved for the elite while the rest of humanity is left in the gutter.

The elite want to ascend to a higher plane. They think they will evolve either spiritually or physically, genetically akin to those they are communicating with in another dimension spiritually. According to Mr. Patch, they got promised to ascend to another dimension as spiritual gods leaving this planet. Their bodies won’t be their bodies, and they don’t care what happens to this planet. The elite don’t think they need a planet healthy since they will evolve like them. The elite believe in the New Age mantra, which is to ascend to a higher plane of existence, change the planet and bodies to mimic possibly the other side.

It’s possible that another reason for the Chemtrails is to terraform the planet to meet the suitable conditions as to what will be arriving. It’s possible that they need heavy elements in the atmosphere and increase in radiation; hence Fukushima, like there was during the Golden Age.

According to Anthony Patch, one of the agenda items at CERN is to create the image of the beast from artificial DNA. In the Bible, it speaks of creating the image of the beast. The artificial being which will look, talk, and behave exactly like a human being. But will be controlled by the artificial intelligence of the 2048 model of the adiabatic quantum computer, but his brain will essentially be outside of his body. It will be quantum entangled through supersymmetry with this machine and other dimensional entities to control this hybrid. This adiabatic quantum computer will merge with a being and become demonic. The movie, “Age of Ultron”, portrays a villain that is essentially an artificial intelligent machine, which has the culmination of human knowledge.

Schumann Resonance

There may be a plan to return to the original 432 Hz frequencies, which is the model of the universe. The Rockefellers paid a lot of money to change the music industry standard to 440Hz back and in 1917 it was adopted by the American Federation of Musicians in 1917 and become the US standard in 1920. The alignment of the planets electrically will retune us to 432 Hz, which relates geometrically, spiritually, arithmetically, frequency, musically, physics wise, and from the micro to the macro.

Depopulation Agenda

The elite have begun their depopulation agenda. The Mercantile Era, which started in the 14th century, has ended, and the elite will move into the neo-aristocratic era. The plan is to remove 90% of the human population, so this is only for the elite and what’s left of humanity as mindless drones unless we put a stop to it, God willing. Dr. Rima of Natural Solutions gives you the low down, since a past patient of her, who was a royal head of state told her about the Great Culling that is about to begin.

@1 hr 50 minutes

Veterans Truth Radio (4-23-15) Stew Webb, Jim Fetzer, General Stubblebine, Dr. Laibow

The Georgia Guidestones says it all, written in stone, with the first out of ten, which reads, “Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.” Author: R.C. Christian

Dave Hodges of The Common Sense Show has an article discussing the depopulation of America, The America 2050 Plan, with the data by the Deagal group to prove it!

Anthony Patch’s & EndTimesMatrixNewz for September

According to both Anthony Patch & EndTimesMatrixNewz, which have theorized on a possible alignment dealing with the Large Hadron Collider. They have theorized that there will be an alignment of the LHC at CERN, the pyramids of Egypt, and U.C. Berkeley, especially the Bay Area starting from September 13th, 2015 through September 24th/25th. If you were to look down from above at the main ring of the LHC, you would see its four detectors. The Alice detector may be in possible alignment with the North Star Polaris, located in the Big Dipper and written about in Mr. Patch’s book, Covert Catastrophe.

The Alice detector, which produces Strangelets when collisions occur, would be coinciding and triangulating, and pointing to the North Star in Ursa Major. Imagine, if you drew out a triangle from the North Star to the Giza Pyramid. On from there the baseline to U.C. Berkeley, (Synchrotron particle accelerator). Finally, through the Golden Gate Bridge in alignment with Ursa Major, possibly on September 13th.

The LHC will reach its peak TeVs during those dates September 13 through the 24th/25th, reaching 14 plus TeV, by using ions of lead, which are much heavier and denser than protons.

Anthony Patch calls it the coalescing of events in the month of September; spiritually, physics, cosmology, and religious wise. The date September 23, 2015, keeps reappearing in the movies while other movies talk about the abyss. On September 27, LEGOs is releasing their game Dimensions. You will notice the portal machine in the game resembles the LHC in so many ways, whereas it’s a portal with its game characters emerging out from within it. Please watch the following trailer for the game Dimensions.

LEGO Dimensions – Announcement Trailer (Extended Version)


NASA’s mission, New Horizons will pass Pluto at it’s closest approach on Tue, 14 Jul 2015 11:49:57 UTC. Could New Horizons be the cover for New Horus? Horus is the son of Isis and Osiris and Egyptian God, most notably being a god of the sun, war and protection. On JPL’s New Horizon website, it states this is “The Year of Pluto.”

Pluto is the God of the Underworld and the Judge of the Dead, in Roman mythology. In Greek mythology, known as Hades, which has a more positive spin to him. Pluto has five known moons, starting with Charon, Hydra, Nix, Styx, and Kerberos. All these moons have something to do with the UnderWorld. CERN is supposed to be the key to the abyss. The question is, was this all coordinated with New Horizons arriving at Pluto this year and CERN firing up this September to collide ions of lead, to possibly open up a portal? Could Anthony Patch be correct?

Charon is Pluto’s largest moon. In Greek mythology, Charon or Kharon, is the deity who is the ferryman of Hades. It is he carries souls of the newly deceased across the rivers Styx and Acheron that divided the world of the living from the world of the dead. A coin to pay Charon for passage, usually an obolus or danake, was sometimes placed in or on the mouth of a dead person. Some authors say that those who could not pay the fee, or those whose bodies were left unburied, had to wander the shores for one hundred years. — Wikipedia

Hydra had nine indestructible serpent heads and deadly poisonous blood and breath. Hydra was another nasty spawning from Typhon and Echidna. When one of its heads was cut off, two new heads appeared.

Nix, was the Greek goddess of the night. A shadowy figure, Nyx stood at or near the beginning of creation and was the mother of other personified deities such as Hypnos (Sleep) and Thanatos (Death). She had such exceptional power and beauty that Zeus even feared her.

Styx is the Greek goddess of the Underworld River and unbreakable oaths. The river Styx was the boundary between Earth and the Underworld.

Kerberos in Greek and Roman mythology is a multi-headed dog, or “hellhound” with a serpent’s tail, a mane of snakes, and a lion’s claws. He guards the entrance to the Greek underworld to prevent the dead from escaping and the living from entering.

According website, “Uranus square Pluto on 16 March 2015 is the final of the seven squares.” And “Uranus square Pluto is the most significant and most challenging planetary influence in a generation. We are living through a major global upheaval due to, and resulting in rapid evolutionary change.

Uranus represents change, invention, revolution, and higher awareness, and its effect is shocking, unpredictable, and erratic. Pluto represents globalization, destruction, transformation, and renewal, and its effect is grinding, ruthless, and extreme.”

September Events of 2015:

Fall Equinox: Wednesday September 23, 2015

Pope Francis – Philadelphia – September 26th – 27th

A Climatic Abyss:

Laurent Fabius, Foreign Minister of France: “Our focus on the planet is connected to our very survival. We are on the edge of a climatic abyss. In fact, we have 500 days to avoid climate chaos,” which brings us to September 24, 2015.

Yom Kippur – The Day of Atonement – September 22 – 23

Shemittah – 7 Year Cycle – Economic Collapse – 9/11 – 2008 crash –It always comes in September or October in 7-year cycles. If you want further insight into this study, please check out this website and this site.

Last Blood Moon of the Tetra – September 28, 2015

United Nations Summit to adopt the post-2015 development agenda

September 25th – 27th – NYC

Partial Solar Eclipse – September 13, 2015 (Feast of the Trumpets)

Jade Helm 15 – September 15th – Ends

JADE HELM 15 – CERN Connection

Jade Helm 15 officially concludes on September 15, 2015. The official story is 1,200 Special Forces from all four branches are to conduct realistic military training. They will blend in with the locals in strategic positions to handle different threat scenarios all in preparation for the next fight that they could encounter, but not training for Afghanistan or Iraq.

Anyone that has taken a serious look into it knows this is not true, where the U.S. military has been hauling enormous amounts of military equipment and conducting drills and exercises throughout the country. DAHBOO77 and Dahboo777 are two main channels he uses in keeping up with Jade Helm and doing a fantastic job along with Dave Hodges.

The timing of the conclusion of the training is in sync with when CERN will finally start colliding ions of lead hitting 14 TeV plus.

We have covered the dangers magnetic fields and the Strangelets being produced at the LHC. Could this be the false flag that the powers that be need? It’s possible that with these collisions, we could see major fault lines being set off with destructive earthquakes along the New Madrid and the San Andreas faults. The volcano of La Palma in the Canary Islands erupts, creating a mega tsunami wiping the East Coast. And then there is Yellow Stone.

Anthony Patch is correct, an army of demonic beings here in the month of September up through just short of Christmas.

Stay tuned…

The Occultist’s Plan to Kill God and His Angels.

The International Linear Collider has plans to be built in Japan. The plan is to collide anti-matter, which is the positrons and electrons being the matter, to look beyond the God particle, even smaller. They want to determine where the dimensions are, what their scope is, and discover how many dimensions there are. According to Anthony Patch’s theory, the Illuminati want to create a weapon and use it to kill God and his angels. They will do this with their army of demons that they plan to unite in September when the Large Hadron Collider opens the portal.

Future Synchrotron Collider

There are plans to build a 3rd evolution of synchrotron particle accelerators where they will be using ten composite superconducting magnets being able to hit between 10 TeV and 100 TeV. However, Anthony Patch isn’t sure as to why they need one that is bigger and better if they open the portal in September. The Large Hadron Collider produces enough Strangelets already, imagine how much faster they will be able to destroy our planet, which could be the reason behind it.

Hypothetically Speaking – Particle Accelerators as Weapons

Rebekah Roth, who is the author of Methodical Illusions, just Anthony Patch on Freaky Friday; WOW! CERN & Sounds Of The Apocalypse, Earth Changes, Charlie Kali & The Saturn Link.

They did discuss for a short time, the German Wings flight that went down in the Alps earlier this year. The airplane appeared as if some outside force hit it and a witness heard two 8 second long explosions. They also discussed the particle accelerator at BrookeHaven National Laboratory, located in New York and discussed how most of the towers had disintegrated on the day of 9/11.

What May We Possible Do About this?

The following information could be used to help put a stop to CERN’s nefarious intentions if they hold true as theorized by Anthony Patch. It can also be used to wake up the masses, or possibly the arrests or God’s will to do away with the Powers That Be. One way to do this is to coordinate with radio stations around the world. Possibly once a week, or whatever with their audience, choosing a different task to focus on each time or for a specified period.

Psi Power

Dr. Preston James explains what Psi Power is on the Rense Show:

“Psi Power is the most closely guarded secret in the military, even more closely guarded than alien E.T.s and UFO’s actually. They do not want people to know about Psi Power. Now, if you wanted to end the corruption in the world, if everybody let’s say almost every good person in the world, which is millions and millions, got all in the habit of visualizing, (Rense: Hundreds of millions) yeah, got into the habit daily, hourly, having a certain time where they would group think and pray. If you want to call it praying to God, praying to Jesus Christ, praying to Allah, but a group praying to God Almighty to crush evil and to expose evil and actually visualize these people being brought to justice. Some people visualize them being on the end of a rope; other people visualize them being convicted in court. Whatever it is, if most of the free world, conceived this and imagined this all at once, the Psy power is overwhelming, and we know from experiments that this cripples these people. It knocks the wind out of them. They cannot function when there is a certain tidal wave of human sentiment raised against them.”

Dr. Preston James – Remote Mind Control Weapons

The human heart is the most powerful organ and puts out like 400 units of Tesla. The greatest amount of Tesla units recorded was about 40,000 from a Soviet hydrogen bomb. So just imagine if we humans banded together and used that energy that our brains produced.

Evidence of Psi Power – Art Bell makes it rain:

In the summer of 1998, the North East of Florida was parched. Art Bell came up with an experiment to make it rain. So on July 7th, Art Bell and his 8 to 15 million listeners visualized rain over that particular parched area of Florida. Within three days of the event, it began to rain in the targeted area, and it didn’t stop until it reached their intended goal of 10 inches of rainfall.

Please see the following article for more details:

Meditation Reduced Terrorism Worldwide by 72%

A new book by U.S. Army Col. Brian Rees entitled, “Terrorism, Retaliation, and Victory: Awaken the Soul of America to Defeat Terrorism Without Casualties”. It discusses a study published in the Journal of Offender Rehabilitation. Where 7,000 volunteers meditated, showing a 72% reduction in international terrorism using Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s Invincible Defense Technology.

Interviews of Anthony Patrick that I had listened to:

Anthony Patch | CERN: The Portal To Saturn, Electric Universe Theory, & Other Occult Science


BEYOND ConCERN! Quantum Computers, Triple Helix Hybrids & The Saturn Connection


FULL DISCLOSURE! CERN Strangelets, Stargates, Saturn & The Occult Connections


The CERN Conspiracy – Anthony Patch with Canary Cry Radio (May 07, 2015)


WOW! CERN & Sounds Of The Apocalypse, Earth Changes, Charlie Kali & The Saturn Link


Strange Lights in the Skies, MYSTERY OBJECT AT CERN, Time Travel & More!!


***the relevant portion for CERN begins around the 39min mark

URGENT! CERN-Quakes ALERT! Strange Sounds & The Saturn Connection


CERN 3,6 & 9: The Physics & Philosophy of Connecting the LHC to The Electric Universe





Paul warns us of doctrines of devils…but we really don’t have much to go on as far as details of this matter. I recently came across material which elaborates on this issue. But, I must tell you this is some seriously deep material and must not be taken lightly. Exposing this is merely an attempt to reveal the broken hedge of protection against Believer’s and show that there are severe consequences to diving into the occult. It’s not only a life-threatening matter but more to the point…it’s a matter of your immortality. Losing your soul is the absolute worse thing that could ever happen because this takes you away from GOD forever!
The origins of this material lie in the Kabballah, of course. But before it was called that it was simply ancient texts from Babylon, and such. Please be aware of false teachings!

The book called, Magus-Thor’rauna High Priest of Satan is the source of this material. Seems not only does the demons love the seas in Africa, but they love to spread their evil doctrines all over the earth.
There are 36 subjects created, inspired and devised by Thor’rauna and other demons and evil spirits, but only 28 of them will ever be made public. At least at the point of the writing the book.


1. Astrology
To place your trust, curiosity or faith (weekly interest) in the stars and believe that mere star-signs your were born under can literally detect and determine your personality and destiny. Plus, it is able to let you see what the future holds for you next month or the following year (without inquiring from God your Creator) which was the exact same method used by Nimrod who was one of the first used by evil spirits to practice this on the Tower of Babel.


2 Fortunetelling
Palm or tea-cup reading – tarot cards – African bone throwing – pendulum – crystal ball – clairvoyance or Oui-ja Board (better known to most English speaking teenagers as glassy-glassy). These methods and crafts all seek future events from another source other than Almighty God Jehovah.


3 Oui-Ja-Board
With the aid of an alphabet, some few numbers, maybe a crystal glass and setting out each letter and number in order of entry, millions of young teenagers and young bored adults across the world have tried to conjure up and incorrectly invoked specific demons. By playing this extremely dangerous ‘game’ with friends it has led many future-seeking souls to be committed into mental institutions. The less fortunate completely lose their minds, resulting in the loss of their soul for all eternity by ‘being forced’ to take their own lives by the very same spirit being who moved the glass the first time.

yoga word

4 Yoga
Is a very crucial part of Hinduism as the Sanskrit word Yoga, means ‘to yoke oneself’ with one of the divine deities of the Hindu religion – ’Krishna, Shiva, Vishnu or Brahmin. This can be achieved they say by means of chanting correctly pronounced mantras, correct positioned breathing postures, strict vegetarian diet, and meditation. Hatha-Yoga being the most popular with females to help firm the body and is the ideal treatment for those less energetic women.

Food for thought (Every position in yoga sitting, standing or lying down) is a demonically designated position of prayer to the very same demonic angelic ‘gods’ that millions of devoted Hindu-followers are possessed by daily. It remains the most silently lurking danger in the realm of demonic manipulation amongst westerners who use this ‘borrowed science’ of the east.


5 Transcendental Meditation – TM
This relatively new art form of meditation in Hinduism was created around 958 by the now extremely well known Maharishi – Mahesh Yogi. The initiation and practice changes according to teachers and countries, but basic stages still have each student producing a cotton handkerchief, a certain amount of cash, a bowl of freshly picked fruit and flowers. This is to be placed at the feet of a photograph of a dead Guru. Then the Yogi (teacher) will instruct the new recruit privately of the very secret word or phrase, known to Hindus as a mantra and is never to be disclosed or repeated to anyone else!

In the 2nd level of Consciousness attained in TM (using Yoga positions and breathing of course) one astral projects (your spirit literally leaves your body and travels) and you then have no control in protecting your body from any demon possessing it and eternally losing your soul whilst astral traveling. Almost the same way the witch that betrayed the Temple teachings lost her soul for all eternity, that instant the blood (life-force) flowed from that goat’s body — her spirit left for the center of the earth and will remain there till Judgment Day.

Food for thought Ex-Guru Roby who converted to Christianity in the late seventies publicly shares that those very secret mantras he also used to issue to the many hundreds of gullible shallow westerners in the late sixties and early seventies. However those very mantras he gave were in fact personal names of the evil spirits and Hindu demonic ‘deities’ that ruled and resided over the Hindu rituals, ceremonies and in their Temples daily.

Guru Roby as he’s known to Christians all over the world today, made another startling discovery whilst counseling those countless droves of spaced out hippies and drug addicts that came to Christ in his meetings. He discovered the more he listened to their very different encounters of Hinduism, Yoga, TM and reincarnation trips and drugs – the more they all revealed the same things. Those weird and wonderful acid trips they took, the astral projection and traveling out of their bodies, that particular music they always heard during these sessions and the tormented and grotesque faces they all saw confirmed Guru Roby’s testimony.

Guru Roby’s father a very devout Hindu married his mother and after the ‘honeymoon’ where Roby was conceived, his father decided marriage, parenting and life wasn’t satisfying enough and he took the ‘mook-show’ vow in Hinduism. He never cut his hair, washed his own clothing, uttered a word, took joy in any special foods, wine or any pleasures from his legally married wife ever again. Little Roby would painfully and traumatically sit for hours in front of his silent meditating dad and wait, expect, ask, plead for a word of affection to leave his father’s lips. Very mysteriously his father died and as the Hindu custom requires, Roby was forced to help set alight his corpse and watch his father’s half burnt corpse being thrown into the filthy Ganges River.

Roby was then forced at eight years of age to start teaching yoga and meditation and charge westerners in order to make a living for his mother and himself. During those early years and into his teen years Guru Roby encountered many things he shared with Phil and obviously cannot repeated. But in essence he saw the exact same faces, heard the same styles of one type of music, traveled the same dimension in astral projection that Phil did because he used and gave out the same Hindu spirit mantras. The so called drug hallucinations were real, but much depended upon the spirits who controlled those totally open and very lost drug addicts from the seventies. Guru Roby’s amazing testimony and conversion to Christ can still be obtained today.


6 Reincarnation
(Known to all Hindus as the great escape from all personal sin and responsibilities). There is no forgiveness of sin for Hindu followers. Nor can Hinduism produce any form of personal Savior due to millions of man-made ‘gods’. These are found in the forms of animal, insect, plant, wood, stone, statues or mud! Hindus believe (like many nominal Christians these days) absolutely anything their Yogi, Swami or Guru says and they will never question it either.

The demonic spirits controlling all Hindu priests have use a very sick method of discrimination to their advantage. There are basically only two castes in Hinduism. (types of families to be born into) and one is being born into a wealthy and highly educated family or you are born into a poor illiterate family and will live and beg on the streets all your life. Hinduism teaches if you are born into a poor caste, it is solely due to past sins committed. But being unable to remember WHAT you were in your previous life, there is no way you can disagree or make up for it. So an entire life, family and generation after generation is wasted totally on the grounds of religious discrimination.

Hence the lie of reincarnation is master-mindedly placed there by demonic spirits to maintain permanent inequality complete and utter discrimination amongst millions of illiterate and gullible Hindu believers. Millions will never enter a school, read or write and never hear the gospel of Jesus Christ like Guru Roby, due to priests and self-righteous ‘higher caste born families’ dominating everything around them. Next time you switch on your television and see a cleanly shaven, well groomed Yogi, Swami or teacher of Hinduism ever so calmly sharing the natural techniques of breathing and incorrectly explained positions in Yoga – may the following flash in your mind every time.

The irony of Reincarnation is the very essence supposedly is to help you achieve and attain God Consciousness (to become one with Brahmin) and being reincarnated in your next life would simply amount to paying penance for the past sins you did. Hindu folklore states Shiva (is the ‘god’ all Hindus fear most), somehow sinned and came back as a pig. But yet Hinduism teaches you are taught and encouraged to become one with Brahmin – ‘Krishna or Shiva)?


7 Karate’ (Zen)
Kara–means ‘I surrender myself’ and Te’—means ‘to Zen Buddha.’ There are 25 original styles of Karate’, each is named after Tibetan monks from where it originated. It was not started in Japan or by Bruce Lee as Hollywood would have you believe! The same bow always used to welcome the space, energy, spirit and personage of a High Priest of Satan in the midst of a Sanctuary was adopted later by Tibetan Lama monks and used in the deadliest art form of self defense – Karate’. Many of the low grunts and pronunciations of karate’s blows, blocks and screams of release have to be incorporated in pre-summoning certain spirits that frequent the same dimension and locality of the monks in the east and Satanic Temples world-wide.

With the supreme control and knowledge gained within the meditation and mantras used by these early monks, it was impossible to be defeated in unarmed combat. The spirit-guides associated with these Lama Tibetan masters need only reveal the opponent’s next move to a master and the oncoming blow would deflected or blocked. To spring fifteen feet into the air from a standing position would be child’s play for these monks during combat, seeing they normally levitate and float around a huge brass bell during deep parts of their meditation.

Danger — To all the many over protective mothers about to refuse to accept these facts above or read further, we wish to stress that there are many books in public libraries, color photographs and also videos producing footage of these monks using these names and the powers of Zen. It allows them to effortlessly levitate their entire bodies round their sacred bell on Thursdays.

Some years ago a Zen Buddhist monk explaining his meditation skills summoned his students to follow him to a near by frozen pond. During his chanting he requested his students to place an ice cold dripping wet bed sheet around his half naked body. He sat upon a bench next to a hole cut in the ice right in the middle of a frozen pond and within five minutes the white bed sheet was bone dry.

If these are the harmless powers Christian mothers wish to allow their daughters to get involved with, we refuse to argue or even try to use the obvious catch 22 question

“..If Jesus taught this type of self defense and remained unable to be touched, arrested, beaten or crucified – who would be saved today?”

God instructed us to convey His message, not try to convict anyone as that is one of the Holy Spirit’s tasks. Instead we urge you parents to still consider the following. These facts come from a former Magus, who not only was forced to practice Karate-Zen using all the associated screams, pronunciations, but also used to thrive on hearing those spirit orchestrated pronunciations directed solely at him whenever entering a Sanctuary or Temple.


8 Astral Projection
This is when one attains by study or practice the ability to command or force your spirit out of your body and it is vital in all three levels of Transcendental Meditation. Genuine TM practitioners will confirm on leaving their body that a thin silver cord can be seen floating effortlessly (as if an Astronaut flicked a show lace inside the capsule to a fellow astronaut and they watched it gently float void of all gravity). Only during this state when your spirit and soul is completely detached from the human body can it be seen as you have entered another dimension and entered the spirit realm itself.

Those slightly skeptical about this ‘new’ phenomenon which they have never heard preached in their church, be not alarmed. Read in Ecclesiastes 12:6-7 Or ever the silver cord be loosed or the golden bowl be broken, or the pitcher be broken at the fountain, or the wheel broken at the cistern. Then shall the dust return to the earth as it was: and the spirit shall return unto God who gave it.

How was Paul was taken up into the third heaven 2 Cor. 12:2 I knew a man in Christ above fourteen years ago, (whether in the body, I cannot tell; or whether out of the body,I cannot tell: God knoweth;) such an one caught up to the third heaven.

(Matthew 16:26) For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?

If you use this in the material sense of the verse or if you aim it figuratively at those who astral project, it becomes the most terrifying fact of losing one’s soul and their eternity too.


9 Lucky Charms
The simple trust, belief or faith placed deeply in ornaments, statues, bent coins, animal parts, pieces of clothing or dolls to ward off all bad omens. These bad omens are said to include accidents, poison, catastrophes, losing money by either gambling bars, casinos or horse racing. Likewise bad omens also include all divorces, being fired at work or being dumped by your partner, making the wrong decision or failing an exam without studying.

The rabbit’s foot is a favorite piece of protection against bad and negative events occurring in your life. It is normally kept on your person right after some good event, blessing or experience that took place whilst the rabbit’s foot was in the vicinity. St. Christopher as mentioned elsewhere on this site (normally hung round the neck, on a chain or left somewhere in your car as protection against accidents).

The Pope and the Order of the Vatican in May 1978 renounced this Roman Catholic- made lucky charm (patron saint of protection) and according to a lack of evidence found, they publicly declared that St. Christopher had never ever existed. Yet millions of gullible Protestants still buy and place it on their car dashboards or around their necks. (and this is done by intelligent people to prevent accidents?)

Some very prominent businessmen and even multi-millionaires dare not venture into any board meeting, elevator or make any transaction without wearing their special tie, holding that old bent coin, signing a deal with that one ‘lucky pen’ etc. When a missionary friend of mine conducted several meetings in Cape Town a few years ago and had scheduled an appointment with the mayor of the that fine city, he was ushered into the foyer by the mayor’s personal assistant.

She politely ordered him to “…please follow standard procedures when meeting our mayor…” This meant gently rubbing the belly of the mayor’s large brass statue of Buddha on entering the office to symbolically show reverence and religious tolerance to the mayor’s beliefs, thus creating a good Karma. Brian was so taken aback that his host who arranged the meeting almost fell on his back when the missionary spontaneously replied to her.

“..Madam, I sit in bars and talk to divorced couples. I walk with prostitutes and share Jesus with them. I also eat lunch with sinners and hold the hands of drug addicts going through cold turkey. But I will never buy or wear a Catholic crucifix, rub or hug statues of Krishna, Buddha, Mary or the Pope. Because I am a true believer of Jesus Christ, the Living Son of God and I’ve been ordered by High Authorities never to shake hands with the devil nor sit with those who blatantly promote, serve or follow him. Good day to you Ma’am…”

Lastly, the crucifix is a lucky charm, which should not be used by any protestant as it holds no power whatsoever and plays no part in exorcism at all. The crucifix is used by Satanists in four of their ceremonies and must be held in their hands, raised above their heads and then broken during their Holy Communion of an unholy Trinity. So writers of Hollywood scripts incorporating Catholic crucifixes with power to ward off evil spirits are merely using it to make money, as none of these script writers have ever done any research whatsoever.



10 Islamic Curses
Much ‘black-magic’ is practiced in the hidden claws of Islam. I have received many reports coming out of S. Africa, where Muslim women working as chars for white families have been asked to leave due to theft or misconduct. Because of the bad blood, the fired domestic worker will seem to try and make amends by giving her former employee a present (very tiny bottle of perfume-sealed). This gift already has a curse placed on it and often it will be warmly accepted in ignorance and placed in the bottom drawer somewhere and forgotten about. But during the next few months many disturbing fights will develop between the immediate occupants of that home and more often than not with the energy created from their animosity and hate – a poltergeist will visit their home.

The other half of the occultic claws of Islam are the Kaliffars, who become possessed via pulsating drums. They invite spectators to hold spears and swords securely, as they thrust their shirtless bodies into the razor sharp instruments without bleeding at all. These ‘fascinating events’ are controlled by demonic spirits who stop the blood from flowing as they achieve the same in the Hindu festive season of Divali.


11 Sects of Mystery and Order
Theosophy – Unitarianism – Rosicrucian Order – Buddhism – Illuminati – Sufi Movement – Freemasons and others.

Grave Danger – We would like to warn you specifically how S. Africa’s former High Priest had to teleport his entire body soul and spirit from Johannesburg (S. Africa) to a designated Chamber in the Rosicrucian Order of the USA under three minutes in order to attain Magus High Priest of Satan of S. Africa. Only on accomplishing this advanced feat in Satanism would the Ancient Mystic Order of the Rosae Crucis authenticate Phil’s ten years of study by his teleportation through the outer dimensions of the spirit world and for his title.

We urge you to refrain from receiving their free booklets advertised in local magazines or newspapers advertising the Rosicrucian Order. They go under the heading of AMORC and their emblem is a Cross with a single rose in the center. They also operate on a ‘lodge based system’ and teach metaphysical-scientific philosophy of practical arts and sciences.


12 Witchcraft (white and black)
The White – (lesser powerful of the two):
Was very often used in the scripts of the plays of William Shakespeare who openly used love potions, lucky-charms, talisman, superstition, curses, faith-healing, fortune telling, astrology, clairvoyance and lycanthropy in his plays. The jokes made hundreds of years ago about witches becoming ‘invisible’ near the backfields of Dartmoor in the U.K. have long since disappeared, since some British magazines more recently in 2005, once again began printing local eyewitness accounts by the art-of-lycanthropy and teleportation.

The former devout Hindu turned Pentecostal pastor shared an incredible and very personal testimony, that I feel will uncover and explain much of the difference between the white and black magic used in Satanism.

When pastor Malgas was a very young convert in Christ and barely out of theological college, he worked part time in a local furniture store. Unknown to him a professional warlock entered the store and proceeded to purchase a huge lounge suite, plus the latest and most expensive hi-fi system. Oddly enough he paid in cash with brand new crisp notes and kindly declined the offer to have the items delivered to his home. Instead the young pastor loaded the merchandise into his new satisfied customer’s truck and watched him drive away holding his well earned commission.

An hour later and minutes before lunch pastor Malgas proceeded to count the morning’s takings seeing only three large cash deals took place that morning. To his horror, the exact amount paid for the lounge suite and hi-fi system was missing? Adding more embarrassment and insult to his injury, with his very angry boss present and demanding an explanation – the phone rang. On the other end of the line laughed a ‘very satisfied warlock’ and owner of the lounge suite and hi-fi system. He proceeded to boast how he used white magic to create enough money to buy the items, then merely reversing the spell – making the money disappear.

Hearing about this young new pastor, the warlock wanted to crush his faith by flaunting his white magic power. God had allowed this for a reason and within six weeks of that incident, the arrogant and callous warlock met Christ personally, returned and apologized. He testified in that same furniture shop of God’s mercy and paid in full for his previous purchase and later joined the very church the part-time pastor ministered in.

Love potions and making a talisman to manipulate members of the opposite sex is all part of white magic and used almost daily by witches in the Movement. Under the guidance from Incubus and Succubus – the lower forms of lust demons the practitioner creates a certain medallion that is worn around the neck. Then whoever the wearer desires sexually in the street, café or club – a touch of the medallion, one mantra and the designated spirit places the most irresistible and uncontrollable sexual desires within the targeted victim.

The Black – more dangerous of the two:
I will not share much on this topic as it lends itself to very graphic illustrations and devices. But will add the ‘sending’ of most poltergeist spirits to homes where animals often die, plant life and grass die overnight are done by witches using black magic. There is great danger for anyone even considering trying to form a “ghost-buster” team amongst immature Pentecostals to track down witches or warlocks. In a doctrine called Church Visitation, I will clearly outline the total impossibility of any Spirit filled believer ever coming within one mile of any Temple, Sanctuary or gathering of real Satanists in their city.

The authentic members of Satan who are witches obviously never divulge their status or craft to any outsider but their homes are always decorated in the same fashion, as their spirit-guides are drawn by certain occult symbols, creations and books of their Master. These people often place curses on their own family members and literally summon spirit beings to cause havoc, bodily harm and destruction upon any who dare to confront or ‘burn’ them.

Their houses are normally cluttered with new-age magazines, burning incense, Hindu deities statues of Buddha (an instrument that demons draw power from), the five pointed star, the eight pointed star and the crucifix.(displayed in their to homes only to mislead backslidden Christians and gullible Roman Catholic members who have no idea where the crucifix originally comes from). Also many posters or photos of Shiva, Krishna or Brahmin and a table with assorted dolls, tarot cards, a copy of the Koran and the Bible.


13 Hypnotism
The voluntary surrender to someone else’s commands who will then take over your subconscious and shall be able to control your entire body soul and spirit. Forcing you to do say, act out anything contrary to your natural desires, dislikes, moral standards, principals or religious ethics. Very closely related to witchcraft as 90% of all professional practicing magicians are initiated into witchcraft to master the art of hypnotism, (including David Copperfield) and all the other recent ‘illusionists’ who perform teleportation in public.

Certain people of the Left Hand Path are either drugged heavily or hypnotized into a deep-sleep-state before having their own spirit forcibly removed and transferred during the terrifying and eternal soul destroying experience of Transmigration. There remains no return to their body-of-birth (first habitation) and a definite no to any second chance of ever receiving salvation-once this exchange has transpired.

DANGER: A Spirit filled believer with almost no evangelistic drive in her and literally no hunger for God’s Word at all shared that in her early teenage years (before accepting Christ) she attended her first show of the late Max Collie and volunteered to be hypnotized by him. After the show, her money was refunded as were the volunteers who took part in his show, but couldn’t be mentally present to enjoy much of the performance.

Some 3 years later Max Collie returned to her city and once again she attended, but this time at the start of the show he asked for all who had been ‘under his voice before’ to stand. The same unsuspecting (and then-recently born-again ) teenager stood up when Mr. Collie whispered over the microphone “Sit…and sleep!” The innocent child of God had to obey his voice and flopped into her seat and yet again missed another performance of her Master’s voice. Five years after her first encounter of surrender to the voice and autosuggestion of Max Collie, she attended her final show and believe it or not, she stood to her feet once again.

She managed to hear two entire sentences this time of his performance and obeyed a command (like it was second nature to her) and for the third time and last time, slept through the entire show! On hearing her hypnotic experience, she was urged to read through a copy of the Doctrines of Devils and indicate any other she had delved into besides hypnotism and fortunately Ms. Collie was the only outside influence. Within minutes of verbally renouncing to the Lord Jesus Christ, (her attendance and participation of all meetings) a new hunger for God’s Word seemed to explode within her soul. The same week she eagerly received the baptism of the Holy Spirit to seal her from future outside influence of her past and Diane became a lighthouse to many friends and neighbors in her suburb and church.


14 Superstitution
(Time and space doesn’t allow me to type the many childish beliefs and reasons adults and parents still believe in the following).

Bad Luck will follow all those who
Walk under a ladder
Step on a crack on the side walk
Refuse to wear or carry amulets (lucky charms) to ward off evil spirits
Break a mirror
Spill salt on a table or floor
Dare to press the 13th floor’s button in a lift of a building
Dare to go out on a Friday 13th
Carry on walking or driving after a black cat crosses your path

Others also include –
Drop a fork or knife and expect a visitor in minutes
Swing a pendulum across a pregnant woman to determined the baby’s sex
Never let a bride walk over the threshold—it draws demonic activity
Tin cans tied to newly weds transport—to ward off evil spirits

Food for thought: (which some saints will choke on no doubt)
Have you ever considered why, if someone spits in the road or on a pavement downtown, that person is automatically branded as being common, badly raised or crude? But try coughing continuously in public (depending what state you’re in) you are likely to be offered a sweet or water to remove irritation. Now the million dollar question which very few readers will be able answer correctly is, why when you sneeze in public (even amongst strangers in a lift) people always turn round haphazardly and say “God bless you.”

Hundreds of years ago this phrase was first used as part of a process of exorcism from a so-called heretic’s body. Innocent females who were randomly accused of being witches, were dunked in huge vats or ponds of ice cold water continuously for hours until they confessed their involvement in the occult. Being tied to dripping wet wood, starved for days, bodies run down and the continuous dunking in freezing water for hours resulted in the ladies catching a cold and naturally they would sneeze.

This was seen as real demonic manifestations by the superstitious ‘learned’ Catholic bishop, Jesuit or priest present and they would cry out ‘bless you’ then raise a crucifix high (fully believing it had some magical power to protect all in the room from demons being sneezed out). Tragically the innocent and sick woman would then be ordered to confess being a witch and everyone knew – if she drowned without confessing, she would be labeled a witch and if she confessed to being one she would be promptly burnt at the stake instead. What will you say in future?

Amalthean Faith Healing

15 Faith Healing
You are prayed for in the name of the Father, the son and the spirit, but never God’s only begotten Son or the Holy Spirit as these are the unholy trinity in Satanism. Ironically you will be healed of cancer, leukemia and the ‘healing’ is done by demonic forces simply because they are the same evil spirits that initially placed the cancer in your body in the first instance. Therefore, it is no mean task to remove that which they created within you? You are told afterwards never to remove the small bag that you must hang round your neck or the sickness will return within 48 hours.

Phil testified of this in quite a few Christian churches and the Lord pointed out ordained ministers wearing these bags under their collar and tie. What they didn’t realize was by refusing to remove the bag out of fear their illness would return they literally wore a curse over themselves. Inside each bag was found tiny pebbles, bits of glass, bones and a very small piece of paper with an inscription that reads:

“I heal you for a season, to torment you for all eternity”


16 Spirit Healing
A spirit medium will go through the motions of making an incision over the infected area of the patient’s body and remove the desired infected parts. After which they proceed to go through the motions of stitching up the open flesh and within 20 minutes of the spiritual-operation the patient will have felt no pain, nor any bodily scars and not see any traces of blood. Genuine cases can only be achieved through possession of the ‘doctor’ by evil spirits.


17 Poltergiest
This is a particular spirit normally summoned by professional witches in Satanism to show their powers to younger recruits or when in grave danger. These spirits move furniture, cutlery and lift people in mid air or toss them off beds. They break windows, appliances at will and normally kill all plant life, livestock or domestic pets within a 100 yard radius. 95% of every case Phil and I were called to investigate or attended individually was all involving a feud mainly between a mother and eldest daughter. Phil used to shock them to the bone when he testified of his past and how his witches were responsible for designating poltergeist spirits to frequent argumentative couples and how the mother and eldest daughter inadvertently activated (drew or conjured up) its power into the home through intense family bitterness, jealousy and especially hate.

These spirits primarily release fear into the homes and lives of the victims by moving cups, forks, knives, furniture or breaking windows, (in the presence of the victims). They open doors create and often manipulate the weather (within a 200 yard radius) and remove life from all the flowers, plants, fruit-trees, rodents and especially caged pets, cats or even larger domestic animals loved or connected to that cursed plot and family! The poltergeist has power to create winds and up root fifty-foot trees, flatten twenty-foot walls and rip an entire roof off a home with speed and ease. The poltergeist’s master was granted limited power as the prince of the powers of the air by God Jehovah Himself at his expulsion from Heaven.

Demons and unclean spirits use powers over the natural elements and daily defy gravity when they gain control (not possess) over the bodies of Tibetan monks, gurus, yogis and swamis from India. Likewise Satanists and all those magicians who levitate their body weight against forces of nature. Levitation will be fully explained in the next subject, but teleportation needs a brief mention here (in regards to demons that defy gravity). The enemy’s boundaries and limitations of power are allowed by God so when a human teleports, his entire body, soul and spirit travels from S. Africa to the U.S.A. under three minutes entering the spirit realm. This dimension is so far beyond man’s grasp or understanding, yet still unfolds in the bible when the Lord Jesus teleported some three odd miles.

These poltergeist spirits are all governed and ruled by one of seven different kings spoken of in the bible. Asmodius (to those on the Left Hand Path), but for obvious reasons called by two other names in Revelations 9:11

And they had a king over them, which is the angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in the Hebrew tongue is Abaddon, but in the Greek tongue hath his name Apollyon.


18 Levitation
This involves the supernatural and demonic power over gravity. Normally after you reach the second level in Yoga and TM using the mantra given to you by your guru or swami and levitation takes place. Not a single Hindu follower (even non practicing one) would dare wear a cross of wood, gold or silver and definitely never want to be seen kneeling in front of a crucifix nor making the sign of the cross in public. This would be extremely disrespectful to family, Yogis, Swamis and all priests in the community.

Yet I know of at least three Christian wives of Pentecostal pastors who not only teach Hatha’ Yoga (100% Hindu practice) but they do this in their church hall? Sad thing is they have all heard Phil’s testimony on doctrines of devils which clearly states each position in Yoga you lie kneel sit or crouch IS an original position of prayer to Hindu gods Krishna, Vishnu, Shiva or Brahmin which are demon spirits.

This came directly from Thor’rauna when tutoring Phil, but can also be heard and confirmed by a former Guru’s personal and dynamic testimony. This is done in many advanced yoga classes, even before reaching the 2nd level of consciousness, where the basics are taught on how to astral project from their own home.

Those who levitate regularly, often encounter strange weightlessness even whilst their mantras are being received (by the very demons they chant to). Tibetan monks are so deep in their dedication to these spirits that guide them, that as far back as the mid seventies it is recorded that a Christian missionary disobeyed the second boundary of Christianity and protection. He foolishly entered a temple of Lama Tibetan monks during their meditation and worship chanting-round-the-bell. And as he witnessed and felt the unseen presence of demonic powers surrounding the entire group unfold all eight monks simultaneously began floating effortlessly in mid air – some 10 inches above the floor as if caught up in space.

Their robes and bodies all seemed to move in slow motion to this bewildered Baptist missionary as he stared in unbelief. Being convicted in his heart by their absolute devotion to Buddha in comparison to his disobedience and lack of dedication to Christ plus fear for his safety – he fled from the temple (fortunately unharmed) and very ashamed, but able to share his experience.

Bob Larson in the late seventies after he had completed a lengthily tour (speaking out against the dangers of rock music in over 32 states in America), confirmed the demonic levitation generated in some of the advanced Karate’ stages. What often rattled teenagers attending live concerts was the American band Earth, Wind and Fire. At many of their own live shows minutes before the opening number, members of the band held hands on stage and began chanting a mantra. The curtain would go up and they would be levitating for about a minute before the audiences eyes.


19 Voodoo
The Peace Sign was made popular amongst society by the hippies during the seventies, but has always been used in three of the main rituals in Satanism. Participants would form a long line in the shape of a snake and start dancing to the pulsating beat of the drums. Simultaneously loudly chanting, singing to and the of calling the Voodoo demon’s name would commence up until the Papa’ Loi (Male priest in charge) or the Mama’ Loi (female leaders are greatly used in the Philippines) is aggressively possessed by an evil spirit and their human skin, body and bones change into that of an animal. This includes the outer skin into fur, fangs, claws, power and animal’s speed as well.

This is called lycanthropy and can be found IN your local dictionary for a specific reason. More further down on that very subject by name. Though laughable to many reading this as they never bother to consider the fact that this ‘real metamorphosis’ is actually housed in very well known dictionaries (like the Oxford). One can then understand how the Were-wolf was not a piece of German folklore at all! This event is called a phenomena to most fiction movie addicts, but to those who weekly participate in it, it’s called Lycanthropy.

Have you ever wondered why . . .?

Eve wasn’t at all afraid of a serpent who spoke to her in the garden of Eden?
How the Cherubim-plural (God placed in the east of the Garden) chose to leave their first estate, that original perfect angelic form, state and service God Jehovah had created them for. And seeing the daughters of Adam were fair, they forced (raped) them to bear half demon and half human offspring. Resulting in giants upon the face of the earth as an act of sabotage to destroy the only pure lineage line for a messiah to be born from. This inter-breeding of humans and fallen angelic beings was the sole reason God was forced to destroy every living other human being on the earth – except the family of Noah.
How Abraham invited and watched God’s Heavenly angels eat food in their ‘walk-on’ human form before going on to Sodom and Gomorrah to rescue Lot and his family from two cities governed by sodomites that were already doomed for destruction. Lycanthropy besides being extremely evil and demonically governed, it is motivated and forced to be performed by Satanists – to anger God. There are only three methods humans can literally change into other forms and this is one of them.

Food for Thought – When it comes to gullibility there are none more gullible than Christians and the majority of them (stuck in the Church system) seem to live in a dream-world most of the time, refusing to think for themselves, seldom ever asking questions or facing reality as it infringes on pet-doctrines and opinionated beliefs they were raised upon.

The reason I bring this up is the fact that Satanists (who are working vigorously in total secrecy, as far from the public and media as possible) conducting Voodoo in darkest parts of Africa and in many world cities all know that only one particular spirit can be invoked to ‘celebrate’ the ceremony. Therefore they all chant a name in unison and only by the singing of that one song, using the Voodoo demon’s name will that spirit be able to possess a human body and perform the ceremony – it’s name is none other than……Kum-Ba’ Ya.

For the records: Its name is not Latin, Aramaic, Chaldean or any known language on the earth. Nor does it mean ‘Someone’s praying Lord come by here.’ (as the very naive Jesus People sang in the early seventies).

NB – Before you make dashing statements that have to be true since your Christian youth group sang it dozens of times or because your minister’s wife swore it was Christian seeing ‘she’ was told by some missionary in Africa. Please remember – this name is chanted weekly by Satanists and in every Satanic Voodoo ceremony around the world. All these facts were received first hand from a former Papa’loi and Magus, who changed into that of an animal as one of the five acts he had to perform to prove his demonic powers of Lycanthropy.

So the real problem facing you is, knowing all the above facts and many more were preached from Christian pulpits by Phil Botha to warn ignorant saints of the enemy’s tactics. Now if we received it from the horse’s mouth so to speak and he sang it, heard it, conducted the ceremony as Pa’pa-loi’ for ten years, dare we ask you … from exactly where or which sensation seeking magazine, video or person did you get your second, third or even fourth hand ‘Christian facts’ from?

The Disembodied Leg_1

20 Psychometry
By holding an object belonging to a missing person or an item of someone who was kidnapped, the spirit-medium or clairaudient will be able to reveal the very color of the kidnapper’s eyes, hair or even exact location the victim is being detained. Though the TV series Missing sports an attractive young woman to bring in the ratings, the soft occultic propaganda and underlying advertising for this doctrine remains the same – demonically informed and just as deadly.

Some are also able to gaze into your eyes and reveal the sickness within your body. Quite often these clairaudient mediums have demonic power to see one’s handwriting to determine a person’s personality and exact character traits without ever meeting them in person (which is deceitfully supplied by familiar spirits which are dealt with in detail later). The knowledge of a kidnapped victim comes directly from the unclean spirit who was instrumental in arranging and organizing the actual abduction, making sure the public witness the ‘good energy’ created by those in this practice. It is given in one of five different avenues to the spirit-medium or local clairaudient and naturally the media are always contacted to help spread the ‘charity work’ these dedicated folk do.

But these findings or associated discoveries of the kidnappers and victims are only done for the sole purpose of gently harming the victim emotionally. They also allow them to see their medium Saviors in action who come across as very kindhearted people who only use their gifts from ‘god’ to reunite families. More importantly the victims of these orchestrated kidnappings (which are genuine in the human sense) who are rescued by these practitioners end up going for extra readings, tarot cards or merely skip church attendance and lose all interest in Christian values.



21 Telekinesis
Made famous by Yuri Geller and involves the ‘power of the mind’ to bend spoons, stopping or starting of watches or clocks that haven’t worked in years – even whilst listening to his voice over radio! Within the first two years of Phil’s conversion over 2,000 professional practicing witches gave their lives to Jesus Christ and they destroyed everything pertaining to the occult-including what society calls – telekinesis. These very well informed witches and war locks helped to form the Rescue Crusaders working in and around Johannesburg where Yuri Geller was once personally challenged by Phil.

Yuri was asked to explain where he thought the supernatural powers came from? And even in the company of many of those Spirit filled former witches openly sharing their testimonies to Yuri, he confessed he didn’t know where the powers came from and neither could he stop them if he wanted to. Now days Israel has annual contests in the spoon bending sections and Yuri’s followers and their supernatural powers of telekinesis grows stronger every year.

In a BBC TV interview with Tim Sebastian (June 2000), Yuri Geller amazed viewers when he was told that the producer of the show purposely asked the British presenter before he arrived, to roughly sketch anything on a piece of paper and then challenge Yuri at the end of the show to guess what was drawn on the sheet of paper in his pocket.

Yuri politely asked Tim to concentrate on whatever he had put on the paper as he set out to read his mind, yet Yuri had no idea if it would be as a line, surname, a 4 digits, a song title, a circle, a signature or a plain dot to fool him. Yuri stared at the tightly folded piece of paper in his hand and the Jewish phenomenon took an unused note pad handed to him and with a pencil, (as if inspiration had just dropped into his lap) started to draw something?

He not only drew the exact same ‘crude” version of a sagging Eiffel Tower, but when he placed his drawing at the bottom of Tim’s sheet of paper and slowly over-lapped it, even the refined professional calm presenter put his hand to his mouth, shook his head and was flabbergasted.

Yuri’s measurements were so precise and exact, as if he had placed some tracing paper over Tim’s Tower and managed to copy it before the show. Cameras zoomed in as Yuri Geller proudly turned his drawing upside down and brought the two pieces of paper together so the legs of both Towers just touched each other and Tim’s paper became like a mirror. Even the distance between the legs of the two separate drawings of each Tower were exactly the same, including the width of each leg? (The impossibility of evil spirits reading your mind and how Yuri Geller performed this feat is revealed in another doctrine further down).


22 Divination
The discovery of minerals like gold, oil, water and even dollar bills via the guidance of demons and familiar spirits. Mainly using wooden forked instruments these ‘open channels’ (including Yuri Geller) find the precise spot where different minerals and even diamonds lie dormant or purposely hidden – to test their skills.

It is very similar to the pendulum determining the sex of a baby whilst still inside the womb. But pregnant mothers be not alarmed at all. Absolutely nothing can be transferred onto that innocent unborn child by the divining powers of the enemy. The show of power is simply to get pregnant mothers to believe in divination and deceive them, not affect the infant in any way. You will find this comforting too, that even if the mother who gives birth is a witch in a professional sense, the baby would be born normal and without any spot of sin or blemish from the mother’s occult involvement.

In closing on this topic of divination and still housing parents and babies. The blatant unscriptural lie about babies being born with sin and will not enter heaven or gain eternal life UNLESS those misled and very fearful parents baptize their new born infant in water in THAT denomination holds more indignation and spiritual anger in the eyes of God Almighty than Satanism itself.

To spend years in theological colleges and ‘pass exams’ after studying God’s Word to supposedly make it easier for congregations to understand. To know hundreds of unlearned members are at your mercy and pay you a salary to guide, protect and feed them spiritually – that is fraud, a criminal offense to society and sin in God’s eyes. Those who dare to still use Ancient Babylonian rituals Nimrod used of ‘removing sin and announcing salvation’ by water baptism will scream for mercy on Judgment Day and the unsaved Satanists will receive less damnation than false ‘ministers of light’ who knew the ‘truth’, but refused to share Jesus IS the only Way, truth and Life.

Satanists do not have the Spirit of God, the Light of Christ nor do they desire it – because they are unsaved. Yet there are millions of these con-artists called pastors out there who testify of being born-again and never once have the guts preach the Truth to paying unsaved fearful members.


There a six (6) more doctrines included in the list but to reference those you need to listen to this 2-part video:

The 28 Doctrines of Demons EXPOSED P1 [link] P2 [link]


Also, we must remember that any kind of ‘show’ magic on television is meant to deceive, any kind of suggestive acts which imply they are ‘miracles’…usually are magick. I’m not saying GOD will not heal you…nor that there aren’t REAL miracles…but people fall into traps because they are either desperate or have little faith in the REAL GOD! Jesus Christ is The Only Path to the Almighty Creator and GOD in Heaven.



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