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This work given is in full acknowledgement of GOD and directed by Holy Spirit. Any and all use of the facts of the dark side are not an avenue meant to give any credit to them. In fact, all work is directly attributed to GODs Plan and to give HIM all the glory. Amen

It only seems right to keep on, keeping on. There will be some who disagree. Of course, there are people who have mental issues that are not being oppressed, or possessed. But, I believe for the main part…many people are being oppressed and ‘think’ it’s a form of illness, if it be mental or physical.
So, we are going to dive right in….the water’s are deep and the subject is whet.
I believe the mind is a wonderful thing, strong in many ways. Heroes possess many secret ingredients; confidence; courage; commitment; control; and purpose. But on the opposite end of the spectrum, we need to realize that the mind is a fragile thing.
It can be held together with such strength and wisdom but it can be splintered like glass. For instance, did you know that “THE EXORCIST” was a reality-based movie but not about a girl but a boy. He was introduced to the OUIJA board ( a HASBRO toy company product!) by his aunt at the age of 13!
By the way I did an article which goes into detail about 13 and the elite’s goal behind it. It involves mind control, demons and the movie 13 Ghosts.

Secret Society of Magicians -

Desmond The Demon in the Glass Box–PART 1

Desmond The Demon in the Glass Box–PART 2

Moving on….In the real world of this boy, he was most likely introduced to the world of spirits and this caused a fracturing of his mind. After all, his parents introduced him to a psychologist from Georgetown (I wonder if he was a Freemason), who reported that the boy was “somewhat high-strung”. Then, if that wasn’t enough the family complicated matters by further calling in a ‘spiritualist’. This person performed incantations! Seriously, from shrink to witchdoctor to Catholic Priests!
I believe this is a perfect expression of a “Schizophrenic Possession”.
In the American Journal of Psychotherapy, two noted psychiatrists and an M.D. from India wrote an article “Multiple Personality in India: Comparison with Hysterical Possession State”. The tenor of the article was that in India, the psychiatrists have to deal with demonic possession rather than MPD which is found in the west. They made comparisons of demonic possession in India to the MPD of the west, which are similar but not the same. Later, other articles and letters were written about this article. One of the criticisms was that these Indian psychiatrists were trying to compare their demonic possession to the west’s MPD when it was obvious that their cases of demonic possession did not meet all the criteria of MPD. In the experience of the co-authors of this book, demonic possession is not MPD (DID) but it does have many of the same characteristics. If we understand programming from the Programmers point of view, they believe in both MPD and Demonic possession. (1)


First of all, I’d like the readers to understand I have first hand knowledge of schizophrenia. My youngest sister was diagnosed with MPD-Multiple Personality Disorder as a young child. As a family we experienced dreadful symptoms as a result of her afflictions.
But, what is schizophrenia? It’s a mental disorder often characterized by abnormal behavior and failure to recognize what is ‘real’. Common symptoms include false beliefs, unclear or confused thinking, auditory hallucinations, reduced social engagement and emotional expression, and inactivity.
Upon researching the Anneliese Michel story, it reminded me of my sister in that when this girl did experience her first symptoms, she was thought to be schizophrenic. Court findings were said to have her experiencing her first epileptic attack in 1969. Now, this parallels my oldest sister’s symptoms. She too, was diagnosed with Grand Mal epilepsy.
Soon after, Anneliese began experiencing hallucinations while she was praying. She voices within her head told her that she was damned. Soon after, in the late 1970’s she was diagnosed as possessed.
The first hints of possession was made when Anneliese would avoid walking past a particular image of Jesus Christ and also refused to drink from the holy spring.


Now some believe these people may be on drugs, but you see drugs are a portal for demons;

So, A “Zombie” walks into Whataburger [link]
Crazy Lady on Meth at WalMart- Dont Do Drugs [link]
Man in Court Accused of Murder Acting Absolutely Insane [link]
Crazy Girl On Drugs Freaking Out [link]
Unbelievable road rage attack [link]
Crazy neighbor visits at 3am [link]
Russian Girl On Bath Salts [link]
The Crazy Neighbor [link]
Ultimate Black Friday Zombie Compilation 2013 [link]
Funny drunk people compilation [link]
Crazy Chick Flips Out in Barnes & Noble [link]
Pervert at McDonalds [link]
13yr old with 128 felonies [link]

She was said to have “6” demons-Cain, Nero, Judas Iscariot, and Fleischmann and Lucifer. Rumors also tell of…
The first one, (In Hebrew)- “Ah-nee-hoo-sha-show-CAIN-be-toe.”(“I am the one who dwelt within CAIN!”)
The second one, (In Latin)- “Eh-galee-shoo-quee-avi-avitah-NERO.”(I am the one who dwelt within NERO!”)
The third one, ( In Ancient Greek)- “Eh-no-ente-so-paro-thene-JUDAS.”(I once dwelt within JUDAS!”)
The fourth one, ( In German)- “Eet-ik- nik- LEGION.”(And I was with LEGION!”)
The fifth one, (In Assyrian Neo-Aramaic)- “Ana-BELIAL!”( I am BELIAL!”)
The sixth one, (In English)- “And I am Lucifer, the devil in the flesh!”


FLEISCHMANN-Valentin was a disgraced Frankish Priest from the 16th century from the parish of Ettleben, Bavaria. Interestingly, Anneliese reacted fiercely to the name Fleischmann, a reaction that she would show whenever this name was mentioned, and Anneliese revealed that Fleischmann was the “sixth devil” inhabiting her. He was a “Frankish” Roman Catholic priest in Ettlebin, Barvaria from 1572 to 1575. Many rumors surrounded this priest, but his necrophilac homosexual tendencies seem to prevail as well. According to records he admitted he actually went to hell to learn his magic. Was Fleischmann possessed by the same demons as Anneliese?
The Franks were a germanic tribes from the ancient world who invaded and ruled Gaul. This is the Merovingian

Some time back, Prince Charles admitted that his bloodline was one and the same as Vlad the Impaler. Bram Stoker may have had insider’s knowledge when he wrote of this “Count”. It tells of the mysterious shape-shifting, blood-drinking, Count from ancient Romania-but in fictional content of course! This “Count” had three wives which held blood-drinking ceremonies, told of immortality and abductions of children and Blood Libel:

This was performed to maintain their eternal youth and vitality. This seems very familiar to recent rumors of the same within the certain elite bloodlines which want immortality. Also, this reminds me of the Hollywood stars and their ever-vigilant rituals to remain young.
You see, Stoker spent several years researching the European folklore and the mythological stories of vampires.
Some believe that Jacob Frank was actually Vlad The Impaler!
Bloodline of the Illuminati

To learn about how these bloodlines fit into the end days we are experiencing:


Nero was a Roman Emperor after AD 54 and was considered one of the earlier persecutor of Christians. The Great Fire of Rome in AD 64, was according to Tacitus upon hearing the news of the fire, in one of the earliest non-Christian references to the origins of Christianity, notes that the population searched for a scapegoat and rumors held Nero responsible. To deflect blame, Nero targeted Christians. He ordered Christians to be thrown to dogs, while others were crucified and burned. He is infamously known as the Emperor who “fiddled while Rome burned”.
Judas, the betrayer of Jesus, and in Dante’s Inferno, He dwells in the 9th circle of Hell which represents Treachery. Judas was said to be tempted by these six demons in the desert and was persuaded to betray Jesus.
Belial-Belial is a term occurring in the Hebrew Bible which later became personified as a demon in Jewish and Christian texts.


Anneliese had a chilling 66 exorcisms, with the 67th being the final, where she lost her life some time after.
Strangely, what was said was “I am the one who dwells within CAIN”, “I am the one who dwells within NERO”, “I am the one who dwells within BELIAL”, “I am the one who dwells within JUDAS”, “I am the one who dwells within LEGION”… “and I am LUCIFER, the devil in the flesh.”
What Lucifer said:-
“I want to conquer the earth for myself. In the meantime, I make a rich booty. I am filling up my kingdom. I take whatever I can take, I must convince you of this”.
“The majority have abandoned the Nazarene. How foolish! Those still faithful are a small flock”.
“I took Judas with me! He is always at my service. He is damned. He could have saved himself, but he has not followed the Nazarene”.
“The enemies of the Church belong to us”.
“O, if you had an idea of how things stand below! The visionary children of Fatima have seen it. If you had an idea….. you would be on your knees day and night at the tabernacle. I had to say it because the High Lady compels me to”. The ‘High Lady’ refers to Our Lady.
Fr Renz asks Lucifer – “You are responsible for heresies, eg those of Kung!”. Lucifer replies – ” Yes and we have still more”.
Lucifer said – “The priests should say that I exist. Or else they will all go down!”
What Judas said:-
“I am damned for eternity! You careless people, if you could just imagine what it is to be damned for eternity! I am damned!
“I will not come out of the girl. Down there, it is too tormenting”.
“If people knew what was in store for them by not going to church! It will fair them extremely bad”.
“These modernists are the result of my work and they already belong to me”.
“They no longer obey the Pope in Rome. It is the one in Rome who still keeps the Church going”.
“Humanae Vitae is also with no result. It is useless”
“The religious in monasteries watch TV and don’t pray enough, do not kneel down and they extend their paws (ie, receive Holy Communion in the hand).
What Cain said:-
“I have killed my brother. I am burning”

schizo head out of head

What Hitler said:-
“Men are so beastly stupid! They believe that after death all is finished. But life goes on, either up or down”
What Father Fleischmann said:-
“I was a priest at Ettleben. I am damned. It is horrible down there. Judas pulled me down there”.
” I am damned because I fulfilled my duties very badly”
“I have killed 1 person and I had women”.
“I prayed too little. I was always in a hurry to finish my sacred duties. Now, I am down there languishing for eternity”.
“No priests should marry”.
“If the bishops did not permit communion in the hand, this would not have happened” (this refers to consecrated hosts being sold).
What Nero said:-
“You should follow the message of Fatima!”
“Humanae Vitae is decisive, the whole Humanae Vitae!”
“The rosary should be recited, or else it is the end!”
Fr Renz asks about Bishop Lefebvre. Lucifer replies, “Ha! That one! But they don’t believe in him. What a pity”.
Miscellaneous things the demons said:-
“The modernists are killing the Church. We are hard at work at this”.
“No one speaks any longer of us, especially the parish priests”.
“The bishops are so foolish as to believe the theologians like Kung rather than the Pope.”
“This is the month of the rosary but very few recite it, because the parish priests think it’s not modern. They are so foolish! If they knew its importance! It is a strong weapon against Satan and against us.”
Nero said, “The Dutch bishops are heretics. They have become unfaithful to the Pope!”
“Catholics have the true doctrine and they run after the Protestants like prostitutes!”
“There in the synods, they continue to deliberate. The bishops already know what they should do. There would be no need of synods if they followed the Pope. For them the Pope is foolish! They are those who let that thing (the host) be given in the hands!”


“The doctrine is falsified in the Church!”
“Many do not go to church any longer. No one kneels down to the Blessed Sacrament. And the Church is not doing well since the time it was founded. The churches are so modern! The Nazarene and His Mother are now attacking!”
“People should go to confession”.
Judas says, “The giving of Communion in the hand was my work”.
“Holy water should come back to houses! Also, the crucifix should return to its place in the home”.
“The Holy Face should be venerated!”
“The Divine Mercy image should be propogated”.
“It is very important to pray to St Joseph. Rather it is most important!”.
“If the message of Fatima is not given due importance and Humanae Vitae, a new punishment will come”.
“It won’t last much longer. The chastisement is coming”.
“The contents of the audio cassette must beforehand be made public. Many will yet be saved.”
“Guardian angels are day and night near you, behind you. Today people do not believe in guardian angels. Guardian angels are my enemies. I hate them.”
Nero said, “Abortion is homicide”
Lucifer said, “The apparitions of San Damiano and Montechiari are true. The Church did not approve them, but this is the fruit of our work.”
Judas said, “People standing during Holy Communion pleases me more than kneeling. I do everything possible that no one be on his knees.”
In 1975, Judas also said, “We are very happy with the new reforms. We are most happy with these changes.”
“The films are bad and TV not better”.
(1) Part 1-Layering in Demons

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A Case of Demonic Possession


This work given is in full acknowledgement of GOD and directed by Holy Spirit. Any and all use of the facts of the dark side are not an avenue meant to give any credit to them. In fact, all work is directly attributed to GODs Plan and to give HIM all the glory. Amen

Even though the medical field does not like to acknowledge “possession”…it is a fact of life. Here is a study which I found to be very informative.

Haunted HDR

Among the Many Counterfeits, a Case of Demonic Possession
Richard E. Gallagher
New Oxford Review
Sat, 08 Mar 2008 19:14 CET
Richard E. Gallagher, M.D., is a board-certified psychiatrist in private practice in Hawthorne, New York, and Associate Professor of Clinical Psychiatry at New York Medical College. He is also on the faculties of the Columbia University Psychoanalytic Institute and a Roman Catholic seminary. He is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Princeton University, magna cum laude in Classics, and trained in Psychiatry at the Yale University School of Medicine. Dr. Gallagher is the only American psychiatrist to have been a consistent U.S. delegate to the International Association of Exorcists, and has addressed its plenary session.

Amid widespread confusion and skepticism about the subject, the chief goal of this article is to document a contemporary and clear-cut case of demonic possession. Even those who doubt such a phenomenon exists may find the following example rather persuasive. For clergy, or indeed anyone involved in the spiritual or psychological care of others, it is equally critical, however, to recognize the many and infinitely more common “counterfeits” (i.e., false assignations) of demonic influence or attack as well.


Demonic Possession
©New Oxford Review
This need for caution and precision is especially important at a time when untrained laymen or, worse, public ministries may unfortunately mislead or even exploit the faithful in this area. One has only to turn on a television to witness obvious abuses — for instance, tele­vangelists’ dunning their audience for cash as they conduct exhibitionist ceremonies before large assemblies of the overly credulous. Sharp distinctions — long known to traditional theologians, but now often ignored — need to be drawn.

Possession is only one and not the most common type of demonic attack. Possession is very rare, though not as exceedingly so as many imagine. So-called “oppression,” or “infestation,” is less rare, though hardly frequent either, and sometimes more difficult to discern accurately.1 For our purposes here, a truly “possessed” individual exhibits so massive and unequivocal an assault that we will use it as the paradigmatic example of a genuine demonic attack. This case will be contrasted not to the many lesser degrees of demonic assault, but rather to the varied kinds of purported demonic involvement — often psychotic conditions — that turn out to have a purely natural explanation.2 These states should be more widely recognized as such by religious practitioners. This need is especially great among the many laymen now in deliverance ministries, a rapidly growing worldwide phenomenon.3


The Case of a Modern-Day Demoniac

To show, first, that the devil, however rarely, may indeed “attack” by possessing an individual, I present here a detailed summary of a present-day demonic possession. It is truly an obvious example of a genuine attack, at least to an objective observer.

Each case of possession (as well as oppression) is, in one sense, unique. What makes this example especially singular — but also particularly and powerfully convincing — is that the woman involved not only exhibited, in a highly dramatic fashion, the classic signs of possession but, having been an avowed and prominent Satanist in her life, also seemed to display “special occult powers” even outside her trance states, not infrequently in a quite open manner to anyone who came in close contact with her.

All the facts presented here are true and verifiable by the multiple and highly credible individuals involved in her care. For reasons of confidentiality, we will identify our subject with a pseudonym (she agreed to have her story published if she were not identified), and little incidental material is included.

“Julia” is a middle-aged, self-supporting Caucasian woman who lives in the U.S. She first approached her local clergy on her own, and was soon referred to an official priest-exorcist (who collaborated on this article) to explore getting help. She herself was quite convinced from the start that she was being “attacked” in some way by a demon or Satan. During the course of her lengthy and thorough evaluation, she was eventually seen by this writer, a board-certified academic psychiatrist, who was asked to provide a medical and psychiatric opinion.

Julia revealed a long, disturbing history of involvement with explicitly Satanic groups (an obvious, historical antecedent to her then-present condition and to her accompanying “psychic” abilities, as they might be characterized). Though raised a Catholic, she no longer practiced the Faith. But, with considerable ambivalence, she stated she might need the Catholic Rite of Exorcism.

Julia was not the typical type of individual who frequently importunes the Church for help but who is really in need of psychiatric or other medical intervention. She was in no way psychotic; in fact, she was consistently logical, highly intelligent, and even quite engaging at times, despite her obvious turmoil.

Periodically, in our presence, Julia would go into a trance state of a recurring nature. Mentally troubled individuals often “dissociate,”4 but Julia’s trances were accompanied by an unusual phenomenon: Out of her mouth would come various threats, taunts, and scatological language, phrases like “Leave her alone, you idiot,” “She’s ours,” “Leave, you imbecile priest,” or just “Leave.” The tone of this voice differed markedly from Julia’s own, and it varied, sometimes sounding guttural and vaguely masculine, at other points high pitched. Most of her comments during these “trances,” or at the subsequent exorcisms, displayed a marked contempt for anything religious or sacred.

When Julia came out of these trances, she strongly professed no recollection of these remarks or of having said anything at all. An experienced psychiatrist might well conclude that we were probably, therefore, dealing with a dissociated personality or, more precisely, even Dissociative Identity Disorder (elaborated on later). What quickly made this understandable hypothesis implausible, however, were several other peculiar though obviously related phenomena, but a sampling of which is covered here.

Because of the complexity of this case, we assembled a team to assist. At varying points, this group comprised several qualified mental-health personnel, at least four Catholic priests, a deacon and his wife, two nuns (both nurses, one psychiatric), and several lay volunteers. We made a number of phone calls to arrange gathering together to help Julia. Julia herself was not in on these phone discussions; she was far from the area at the time. Astonishingly, Julia’s “other” voice — again sometimes deep, sometimes high pitched — would actually interrupt the telephone conversations and somehow come in over the phone line! The voice(s) would espouse the same messages: “Leave her alone,” “Leave, you idiots,” “Get away from her,” “She’s ours.” Julia, again, said later that she was unaware of any such conversation. And yet this speech was heard distinctly by several of the team on a number of occasions.

As mentioned, even outside her trances, Julia unmistakably displayed “psychic” abilities; put another way, her presence was clearly associated with paranormal events. Sometimes objects around her would fly off the shelves, the rare phenomenon of psychokinesis known to parapsychologists. Julia was also in possession of knowledge of facts and occurrences beyond any possibility of their natural acquisition. She commonly reported information about the relatives, household composition, family deaths and illnesses, etc., of members of our team, without ever having observed or been informed about them. As an example, she knew the personality and precise manner of death (i.e., the exact type of cancer) of a relative of a team member that no one could conceivably have guessed. She once spoke about the strange behavior of some inexplicably frenzied animals beyond her direct observation: Though residing in another city, she commented, “So those cats really went berserk last night, didn’t they?” the morning after two cats in a team member’s house uncharacteristically had violently attacked each other at about 2 AM.

As another example, Julia once described not only the actual surroundings (including the décor of his room) but the exact state of mind (skeptical and dismissive) of a priest peripherally involved, whom she had never met. The facts were subsequently precisely confirmed. Julia could also consistently depict, from afar and with amazing detail, the activity of one of the principal priests involved. She would repeatedly report, from her distant vantage, whether and when he was in pain (he suffered from a recurring illness), often where he was (e.g., walking on a beach), and remarkably, even what he was wearing at the time (e.g., a windbreaker).

Rounding out the picture of this case, finally, were the happenings during the lengthy exorcism rituals, that Julia herself requested. There were two series of such sessions separated by a period of time. (Ultimately, due to her hesitations, these efforts were interrupted and may or may not be resumed. Exorcism per se, a worthy and complex topic in itself, is not the focus here. This article looks rather to the reality of the subject of possession and its counterfeits.)

The exorcism began on a warm day in June. Despite the weather, the room where the rite was being conducted grew distinctly cold. Later, however, as the entity in Julia began to spout vitriol and make strange noises, members of the team felt themselves profusely sweating due to a stifling emanation of heat. The participants all said they found the heat unbearable.

Julia at first had gone into a quiet trance-like state. After the prayers and invocations of the Roman Ritual had been going on for a while, however, multiple voices and sounds came out of her. One set consisted of loud growls and animal-like noises, which seemed to the group impossible for any human to mimic. At one point, the voices spoke in foreign languages, including recognizable Latin and Spanish. (Julia herself only speaks English, as she later verified to us.)

The voices were noticeably attacking in nature, and often insolent, blasphemous, and highly scatological. They cursed and insulted the participants in the crudest way. They were frequently threatening — trying, it appeared, to fight back — “Leave her alone,” “Stop, you whores” (to the nuns), “You’ll be sorry,” and the like.

Julia also exhibited enormous strength. Despite the religious sisters and three others holding her down with all their might, they struggled to restrain her. Remarkably, for about 30 minutes, she actually levitated about half a foot in the air.5

The presumptive target of the exorcism, the entity (or entities) that was possessing Julia, could also distinguish between holy water and regular water. She would scream in pain when the blessed water was sprinkled upon her, but have no reaction to clandestine use of unblessed water. During the ceremonies, she also, as previously, revealed hidden or past events in the lives of the various attendees, including information about deceased relatives completely unknown to her.

While many other details could be added, the above sufficiently convey the general picture. As noted, the exorcisms were seen as helpful, but have not yet resolved the matter of the possession. It should again be noted that Julia herself had no recollection at all of what occurred during the ceremonies.


Summary of the Case

The case of Julia illustrates a number of the classic signs of possession. The venerable Roman Ritual (Rituale Romanum of Pope Paul IV, 1614) lists as strongly suggestive signs, prominent among others, hidden knowledge, the ability to speak an unknown language, and abnormal physical strength. Other elements traditionally associated with possession were evident as well, including, invariably, expressions of hatred of the sacred, blasphemous and vituperative language, the ability to discern (and recoil from) blessed objects, the phenomenon of levitation, and, most importantly, a trance-like state interrupted by the presence of what appears as an independent, intelligent entity (or entities), and the expressed desire of this intelligence not to leave the afflicted.

Many of these individual features, let alone the full constellation of this overall “syndrome,” are, to state the obvious, simply inexplicable on psychiatric or medical grounds. From a psychiatric point of view, two major features distinguish this and other such cases from a mental disorder: (A) the clear presence of paranormal phenomena, and (B) an overall pattern of presentation that, while it may overlap with certain psychiatric symptoms, nevertheless constitutes a truly sui generis, distinct group of features. Therefore, we clearly felt, in this instance, that we were indeed dealing with a genuinely possessed individual, albeit one complicated even further by her Satanist history and “psychic” abilities presumed consequent to her cultic involvement and/or her possessed state.


The Medical/Psychiatric Perspective

Several principles of the relevant discernment and diagnosis require emphasis. First, it needs to be acknowledged that medical input (which, given the highly bizarre nature of these cases, for practical purposes in today’s world almost invariably entails an appropriate psychiatric consultation), while indispensable, is not without its own risk. Unsurprisingly, physicians, and perhaps even more so psychiatrists as a group, are generally not very open to, or knowledgeable about, the possibility of demonic possession. They have been trained (and rightly so) to be skeptical and to base their diagnoses and interventions on more standard criteria of modern scientific canons of judgment — e.g., typical symptom clusters, the ability to replicate data, lab results, blind clinical trials, etc.6 These criteria cannot apply to historical singularities, of course. In any case, physicians should not be expected to make discernments in matters of this sort — it is not their trained task or area of expertise — and more properly is the professional responsibility (one hopes with due caution, sobriety, and openness to medical consultation) of a suitable and knowledgeable member of the clergy.

What the physician/psychiatrist can properly offer, however, is certainly indispensable in its own right: the professional expertise to determine whether the case in question fits a medically recognizable, exclusionary syndrome. This critical role can save all parties an enormous amount of time and effort. The vast majority of such “cases,” which could easily be misconstrued as possible attacks by a demon or the like, indeed turn out to have an obvious psychiatric explanation, or less often a neurological or other medical explanation.

Another important orienting perspective is, unfortunately, often not well understood by many non-medically trained people, lay and clerical alike. Lack of experience in medical pathology can serve as a great source of confusion in certain religious circles. Surprisingly to many people, psychiatrists are in the frequent habit of encountering and diagnosing an assortment of patients who claim to be experiencing demonic or occult attacks in some way or, conversely, who report conversations with God, mystical visions, etc. The typical psychiatrist, or other mental-health practitioner for that matter, commonly meets patients who claim all sorts of contact or special visitations from “God,” the “devil,” a “spirit,” etc. Patients may complain on a regular basis that demons are harassing or berating them; telling them to perform shameful, grandiose, or destructive acts; even touching them (via tactile hallucinations). It is easy, therefore, for such professionals to draw the nearly obvious corollary that all such cases purporting to have a diabolic or occult aspect are simply a reflection of psychiatric pathology or the patient’s imagination. Many doctors thus regard all talk of demonic possession as hopelessly ignorant and out of date, “medieval,” superstitious, even psychotic per se.

The obvious danger is that such an opinion gets generalized to all cases indiscriminately, even those highly rare ones with manifestly inexplicable or preternatural features as well, such as a possibly genuine demonic possession or oppression. For this reason, the astute student of demonology and official exorcist of Paris from 1924-1962, Joseph de Tonquédec, S.J., wrote back in 1923 that the skepticism of physicians arises from “an unwarranted generalization of what they observe in mental institutions or in private practice” (Introduction à l’étude du merveilleux et du miracle). Sadly, this reflection is probably even truer today, when even fewer doctors have any sound, sophisticated theological knowledge.

While it is unfortunate, though understandable, that such a lack of discernment exists among most (but by no means all) members of the medical profession, the far more common danger is exactly the reverse. Clergy or laymen may be drawn, as noted, to the opposite reasoning and suspect demonic activity when no such conclusion is warranted. Again, de Tonquédec noted this problem early in the last century: “some of the faithful and certain priests” — I would say more commonly today fundamentalist ministers or laymen in quasi-clerical or other helping roles — “take the opposite stand and also end in error, because of their ignorance of mental and nervous pathology and their failure to follow the guidelines given by the Church. As a result, they attribute to the devil certain disturbances that are purely natural in origin” (ibid.). By contrast, the Roman Ritual stipulates recourse to medical expertise and the need for prudent caution before ruling out the naturalistic. St. Thomas Aquinas in the 13th century similarly warned clerics not to jump to a supernatural explanation when a purely natural one sufficed. Much harm can result from misdiagnosis either way.


Psychiatric Counterfeits of Possession

There are some common psychiatric conditions that are apt to mislead the clergy or an overly credulous public in this regard. I pinpoint “psychiatric” even though there are other medical conditions that may potentially confuse laymen. For instance, neurological and in particular seizure disorders of a complex nature come to mind. These disorders may well have prompted many in past eras to suspect wrongly a diabolic etiology. With the growth of medical knowledge and increased public sophistication about medical matters in recent centuries, however, it has become undoubtedly much less common to ascribe these neurological diseases to the actions of the devil. The most commonly confusing disorders, in my professional experience, are almost always psychiatric or quasi-psychiatric in nature.

In general, three broad types of psychiatric disorders seem especially apt to confuse observers and the suffering patients themselves.

(1) Various medical conditions, generally psychiatrically based and less often metabolic, substance-abuse related, or neurological in nature, present with hallucinations, most commonly auditory, and also visual, tactile, or even gustatory. These conditions are frequently associated with delusional material, often paranoid in nature. Taken at face value, these hallucinations or delusions, which often involve the idea that the devil, demons, angels, God, or other “spirits” are actively communicating with the patient in question, can certainly and quite naturally confuse the patient and other interested parties into believing that the patient is under some kind of demonic assault or other supernatural influence, when nothing of the sort is going on. The patient may say quite openly, “The devil is bothering me” or “The devil told me such-and-such.” These symptoms are characteristic of such chronic psychotic diagnoses as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder (or manic depression), as well as of various brief psychotic conditions or episodes caused by other medical etiologies, such as neurological impairments or drug/alcohol abuse and withdrawal states.

(2) Another common group of psychological impairments apt to mislead are the so-called personality or character disorders. Typical of these conditions are a struggle with deep-seated feelings of rage, low self-esteem, a need for attention, a strong sense of victimization or, as is most relevant here, a strong sense of inner “evil.” Psychiatrists commonly encounter such troubled patients, paradigmatically as “borderlines” (who may also become briefly psychotic). These individuals often feel that their powerful inner feelings of being “bad” are due to some tenuously experienced “foreign” entity inside themselves. This entity is at times explicitly self-described as a “monster” inside, or an “evil presence,” or even a “devil” or “evil spirit” per se. This strong sense of an internal “foreign body” seems generally a thinly veiled projection of one’s own inner sense of badness that is felt to be outside one’s control while still somehow contained “within” the personality. I have actually even heard such patients spontaneously describe their inner states precisely as dominated by a sort of “writhing serpent” or a “dark spirit” inside themselves, without any indication whatsoever of true diabolic involvement.

(3) A final category of patients who are frequently misunderstood, by themselves at least, as suffering from demonic attacks are the severely histrionic and/or dissociated individuals (again a spectrum of types being implied, not a single diagnosis). This class of patients, which may well overlap with the second category, typically displays highly overactive imaginations and strikingly poor insight or self-awareness. These individuals desperately seek the love and attention that they otherwise miss in their often unhappy lives. To come to believe that they are being attacked by unseen forces may give them a sense of excitement or self-importance that they otherwise lack. One such patient we saw, an emotionally disturbed woman of around 20, would actually slither like a snake on the floor of the church, and even claimed to experience a serpent’s touch. She sought our help, but our eventual diagnosis was a classic case of histrionic personality disorder, a finding ultimately agreed upon by both the priest involved and the patient herself. This individual had sought repeatedly to enter a religious order, any religious order, but was wisely never allowed to do so, given her disturbed emotional condition.

Patients in this final class of cases frequently have some proclivity to dissociate. In the more severe variants of this group, these individuals (who have often been abused) may even manufacture or “elaborate” — unwittingly or not — separate “personalities” or “ego states” in what was originally called “multiple personality disorder,” but which is now more properly known in psychiatric circles as “Dissociative Identity Disorder” or D.I.D. (DSM-IV). This disorder may well present one of the personalities (sometimes known as an “alter”) as a “devilish,” often seductive type, or even as a “demon” per se, one variant of the so-called pseudo-possession syndrome. Still not without controversy as a diagnostic entity, D.I.D., as many diagnoses formerly too broadly labeled “hysteric,” is highly fluid.7 It is now generally better recognized as a condition that may sometimes be fabricated, may be expressive of a delusional frame of mind, or at times may even be partially caused by treatment. The disorder generally surfaces in an individual who is highly suggestible or, more rarely, frankly manipulative. One example of the latter tendency involved a young man who had punched a staff member of a psychiatric unit. He immediately attempted to exonerate himself by claiming the action was done by his “other personality,” his “bad” one, although this self-serving use of the diagnosis is more the exception than the rule.

Any of these three categories of patients, but perhaps most easily this third group, may provide fertile ground for those invested in exploiting the subject of demonic influence, such as televangelists or poorly trained members of some deliverance ministries.8 Some of the individuals who fall prey to these groups are largely conscious of their tendency to exaggerate or distort; others are fully self-deluded and without any insight or self-knowledge. They can become fully caught up in their disorders and their supposed need for “spiritual” rather than psychiatric therapy. Frequently, it is a great chore for helping professionals to convince such individuals of their need for mental healthcare, not deliverance or an exorcism. All the above patients are highly vulnerable and may too readily be led to believe that they are being attacked by the devil or evil “spirits.” If those around them are prone to jump to such conclusions too — sadly sometimes for misguided reasons of their own — delayed treatment and much consternation and damage can ensue.


Pastoral & Theological Reflections

There is no implication here that the case of Julia reflects a common occurrence, although it is not unique either. Her case though, with her Satanist background and several decidedly idiosyncratic features, represents an especially clear-cut example of possession from the start. Despite commonalities, each possession is different and, as a rule, initially less obvious. Because I have served as consultant to an unusually high number of possible cases, only a scant few of which turn out to involve a genuinely diabolical element, I might perhaps possess a unique vantage point. Although some studies that call into question the existence of the reality of such phenomena are well meaning in their desire to stem a certain fundamentalist, subcultural mania of exaggeration in this area,9 they are often marred by their lack of experience with the very few real cases, such as the one documented here.

However unusual, no case of possession or oppression — or for that matter any of the many “counterfeit” versions — is trivial. For any suffering individual, the responsibility of the clergy and healing professionals is to offer the proper, well-informed help, no matter how obscure or controversial the presenting problem.

The mystery of the phenomena of demonic activity, prominently referred to in the Gospels and Apostolic Age, but noted, as well, throughout the life of the Church, can profitably be compared with the history of miracles, also never absent from the history of Christian life. These two permitted eruptions, if you will, of the supernatural into our everyday world follow similar historical patterns. Despite many attempts, historically skeptical critics and “de-mythologizers” have never in any convincing manner successfully extricated the element of the miraculous or the demonic from our reports of Christ’s activity while on earth. No less the same can be maintained of later ecclesiastical history — every age of the Church has exhibited historically credible, indeed sometimes obviously verifiable miracles. So has our own era, as any serious student of, say, Lourdes, among other examples, must surely attest.

Attempts to explain away the activities of Satan or devils in the Gospels are analogous to irrational skepticism about miracles. Most argue that the inclusion of demonic elements reflects the outmoded and superstitious ideas of that age, which the Church should now disavow. There are several solid objections to this critique with a pedigree of several centuries. These attempts to reinterpret Gospel events end up implying that Jesus was either ignorant or disingenuous in His sharing of such beliefs. Such a notion is, of course, contrary to all genuinely orthodox understanding of His divine as well as His human nature. Also, this argument flies in the face of common sense, as if the world of first-century Palestine could not recognize the obvious intent of these episodes and Jesus’ clear and forceful actions vis-à-vis the demonic.

In the Synoptic Gospels, Christ is portrayed quite unequivocally as dramatically commanding specific diabolic entities to leave certain individuals and be displaced elsewhere. Some commentators maintain that much manner of illness in that era was mistakenly ascribed to sin and the influence of the devil, a point true enough to a degree. Nevertheless, the Gospel record of Jesus’ activity nowhere presupposes that fact. Indeed, Christ explicitly contradicts that traditional Jewish and more generally ancient viewpoint in His discourse about the effects of transgenerational sins (Jn. 9:2-3). Jesus repeatedly challenged and condemned in a straightforward manner many of the false beliefs and superstitions of His age.

Finally, as with miracles, credible and verified reports of the saints’ and the Church’s successful battles against demonic assaults exist, not just in the Apostolic Age, but throughout the whole of subsequent Church history, very much including the well-documented modern era.10 The contention, therefore, that such scriptural accounts are historically conditioned holds little weight.

Blaise Pascal, the 17th-century mathematical genius, was an ardent student of human nature and religious history. He had an interesting comment about the issues under consideration here. Recorded in the Pensées is his astute reflection that “there would be no false miracles were there not true miracles.”

Much superstition, exaggeration, fakery, and sheer ignorance have accompanied the history of both purported miracles and suspected diabolic activity throughout the life of the Church. The harm to the faith and the harm to individuals can be great, a truism never more evident than today. Behind these false traditions, however, as Pascal well grasped, lay the real thing, the originals from which the Frenchman well knew the counterfeits drew their false legitimacy. In this and every age, going back to the Gospels themselves, we refer ultimately to the consistent record of the healing and freeing power of our Lord Himself, on body and soul, as manifested to the unbiased mind. My task here has been to provide some guidance in discerning the counterfeit, but also in acknowledging the very infrequent but legitimate cases of diabolic activity. Contrary to what secular opinion facilely asserts, an objective medical view can confidently conclude that assaults by the devil, like genuine miracles, are rare but quite real scientific facts, verifiable to all who are not afraid to confront the truth.


1. A fuller discussion of the different kinds or degrees of demonic attacks is a complex one, beyond the scope of this article. Part of the confusion about these distinctions is a consequence of varied terminology used by different spiritual writers over the centuries. Attack by a demon short of possession, but clearly beyond normal “temptation,” is often now called “oppression” or “infestation”; the older term “obsession,” widely employed historically, is especially apt to be misleading to a modern audience. Discernment of an “oppression” often takes an especially close collaboration between a priest and an experienced mental-health professional, preferably a psychiatrist.

2. This distinction does not imply that an individual cannot suffer from both possession or oppression and a mental disorder — another reason psychiatric input is invaluable — but one should presume first that this combination is to be considered exceptional. Nevertheless, a severe emotional disorder in some cases may mask an underlying, highly rare but genuine possession. Conversely, a possession or oppression will inevitably have effects on one’s emotional well-being. The issue of what may “open” an individual to such an assault is not touched upon here.

3. “Deliverance ministries” are teams of spiritually minded laity and/or clergy who say prayers of “deliverance” with individuals who are suspected of being affected in some way or another by the demonic.

4. “Dissociation” is the separation of one’s attention from the mainstream of consciousness — e.g., falling into a trance-like state.

5. Levitation, while a highly rare phenomenon in religious history, has, nevertheless, been reported in possession cases and in the lives of various mystics. For the classic scholarly discussion of this subject, see the works of Herbert Thurston, S.J., especially The Physical Phenomena of Mysticism (Regnery, 1952). Also see Robert D. Smith, Comparative Miracles (Herder Book Co., 1965), ch. 3, “Levitations.”

6. The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fourth Edition (American Psychiatric Association Press, 1994) is widely employed as the standardized version for making psychiatric diagnoses; its terms will be employed here, unless otherwise noted.

7. “Hysteria” is a somewhat outmoded term in today’s psychiatry, as it was often used in a pejorative or loose sense in the past. As a general term, it is still sometimes applied to individuals acting in a histrionic or bizarre manner.

8. No denigration in general of deliverance ministries is intended here, only of overly credulous or uninformed ones and groups acting outside Church approval. One American psychiatrist, who has written about cases of possession, performed an exorcism himself, a highly dubious practice indicative of poor or nonexistent ecclesial direction. See M. Scott Peck, Glimpses of the Devil: A Psychiatrist’s Personal Accounts of Possession, Exorcism, and Redemption (Free Press, 2005).

9. Michael W. Cuneo, a professor of sociology at Fordham University, has written the best recent work about this societal trend in the U.S., American Exorcism: Expelling Demons in the Land of Plenty (Doubleday, 2001). Cuneo argues persuasively for the most part that an unbalanced, exaggerated preoccupation with discerning and ministering to individuals assumed to be influenced or confronted by occult or demonic forces has arisen as a not uncommon, distinct American phenomenon in certain subcultures over the past 25 or so years. He traces its origin in part to the sensationalism and media attention given to the enormously successful film The Exorcist in the early 1970s. Cuneo contends that the movement has been sustained by much broader cultural trends, most notably the proclivity of American popular culture to look for instant solutions to complex problems by way of simplistic pop psychology and the shallow religiosity so endemic to our nation. His overall analysis is valuable but limited, perhaps by a certain methodological skepticism but more clearly by his apparent difficulty in locating any genuine example of possession or oppression.

10. For instance, any objective student of the 19th-century life of St. John Vianney, the celebrated Curé d’Ars, cannot help but conclude that this holy and very sane priest was quite literally the object of frequent demonic attacks. See, for example, The Curé d’Ars by Abbé Francis Trochu (Burns, Oates & Washbourne, 1927). For other treatments of these phenomena in the modern era, see also J. Lhermite, Vrais et faux possédés (1956); Léon Cristiani, Présence de Satan dans le monde moderne (Editions Franc-Empire, 1962); René Laurentin, Le démon: Mythe ou réalité (Fayard, 1995).


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The fact that a work is unpublished shall not itself bar a finding of fair use if such finding is made upon consideration of all the above factors.

Possession Syndrome at High Altitude



This work given is in full acknowledgement of GOD and directed by Holy Spirit. Any and all use of the facts of the dark side are not an avenue meant to give any credit to them. In fact, all work is directly attributed to GODs Plan and to give HIM all the glory. Amen

We must acknowledge that this fight we battle is fought daily and it’s only getting worse! I’m presenting this as an acknowledgement of the medical field and their participation in the battle. Finally, we are able to see professionals who see this fight for what it is…supernatural!



Possession Syndrome at High Altitude
Khan ID, Sahni AK
In a first of its kind, a 20 year old Hindu, highlander, working girl presented with abnormal behavior, unrelenting symptoms, had limited benefit by usual treatment and was diagnosed as Possession syndrome. Exorcism offered symptomatic relief. The girl resumed normal activities with no recurrence in a 12 month follow up. Possession syndrome is explained in both medical and theological perspectives. Modern medicine associates it with a mental illness though True Possession syndrome without associated mental illness has been reported. Theological perspective can be amalgamated with current scientific theory and practice, thereby complimenting existing concept.



Possession syndrome (Spirit/Demonic Possession) is a paranormal diseased state in which a person is said to be possessed by a spirit, demon, animal, extraterrestrial being or disincarnate objects including God, resulting in noticeable changes in health, behavior and appearance. Possession syndrome exists worldwide and has been reported in people with low educational and social status, particularly young females, divorcees, concubines and newly recruited soldiers. Childhood abuse, neglect, isolation, loneliness, environmental difficulties and distressing emotional, social or psychological experiences are implicated. Possession syndrome represents the tip of an iceberg as they are largely dealt by Exorcists and go unreported. An extremely rare case of Possession syndrome in a young girl at 4575 m/15000 ft, a first of its kind, is presented here.


A right handed, Hindu, Hindi speaking, highlander, working girl of 20 years, pursuing graduation was fully acclimatized and performing well as a mountaineering trainee in a mountaineering course. After 10 uneventful days at Base Camp (15000 ft), on climbing 2000 ft higher along with course mates and instructors, she reported persistent headache, uneasiness, fear and excessive crying. Headache was moderate and localized over forehead without any associated symptoms. Diagnosed as altitude sickness, the patient was descended and given paracetamol, oral fluids, acetazolamide (Diamox) 250 mg and nursed for an hour in a High Altitude Pulmonary Oedema (HAPO) Bag after which she had partial relief. An hour later, she complained of headache of increasing intensity. Abnormal behaviour was reported by observers. There was no contributory past history during infancy, childhood, adolescence or adulthood or any addictions, physical or mental illness. No noteworthy stressors were found. There was no family history of mental illness or drug abuse. She uttered repetitive non coherent sounds in normal tone and volume, unwitting to observers. She maintained a constant sitting posture with extended legs and weight supported on both hands at back. Pulse and blood pressure were high while temperature, respiration and systemic examination were normal. Mental status examination revealed a well kempt girl, not maintaining eye contact, not responding to direct commands, unaware of the environment around her and preoccupied with self. She exhibited rolling eye movements, clenched teeth and moved her head back and forth rhythmically. She could not be evaluated for mood and affect, thought form and content, perception, cognition and insight. She was diagnosed as a case of Possession Syndrome and an early evacuation after stabilization was planned.
Exorcism was conducted over three hours in presence of the first author. After an hour of repetitive direct questioning, the girl identified herself as a male who was a native of Bengal, had Bengali as mother tongue, died five years back during an expedition in the same location and wanted food to be put for him. She had no prior knowledge about the male identity. After food was put, the patient started moving out of the tent as if approaching the food while maintaining her position; weight supported on hips, heels of extended legs and palms towards the back. She stopped after moving a few steps, regained back her identity and started crying. She was unaware of her alleged possession but was aware of showing abnormal behaviour. She remained stable and slept well. She was not evacuated and kept under observation for next seven days during which she remained cheerful and resumed activities well. During a 12 month follow up, there was no recurrence or symptoms of any mental illness, though, she was emotionally labile to trivial issues.


Possession syndrome, a known disease entity, overlaps within medical and theological perspectives and sometimes labelled as a hoax. Possession syndrome meets modern medical criteria in having recognized symptom clusters and clinical findings but lacks recognized lab and imaging results. It is mostly attributed to a known disease entity though True Possession syndrome without associated mental illness has been reported. The fourth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV), 45 places Dissociative trance disorder in Appendix B: Criteria Sets and Axes Provided for Further Study. Moreover Religious and Spiritual Problems are categorized under V62.89. The ICD-10 places F44 Dissociative (Conversion) Disorder and F44.3 Trance and possession disorders. Data is scanty and True Possession syndrome is not yet a recognized disease.
Historically, Esquirol described Possession syndrome as ‘disease’ and Freud attributed it to neurosis. It is hypothesized that when a person faces surmounting stress, s/he enters a possession-trance to solve the conflict. While the person is possessed, the stereotypical behaviour allows for release of repressed impulses and angry feelings, and catharsis alleviates anxiety and tension.
Clinical features include non specific symptoms (headache, vomiting, abdominal pain, blindness, mutism), nebulous symptoms (phantom pain, violent body shaking resembling epilepsy, auditory, visual, tactile, olfactory and gustatory hallucinations), behavioural changes (abnormal talking, walking, facial expressions, body posturing, emotional instability, antisocial, suicidal, homicidal or violent behaviour) and paranormal features (exhibit a voice of opposite sex in an unknown language, supernatural strength, knowledge beyond the realm of awareness, paranormal motion of inanimate objects and self).
Diagnosis is difficult as possession like states are commonly seen in hysteria/conversion disorder (48.5%), schizophrenia (24.3%), depression (12.2%), anxiety, mania, obsessive compulsive neurosis, Tourette syndrome, epilepsy, drug- induced delirium, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), psychosis or dissociative identity disorder (DID). It is seen in lesions of basal ganglia, fronto-parietal lobes, limbic system hyperactivity and temporal lobe epilepsy. Malingering being ‘possessed’ to seek attention or individual benefits has been reported. It is commonly diagnosed as multiple personality disorder in the west, Voodoo possession in Africa and trance and possession disorder in Indian subcontinent. Exorcism resistant cases are reported to doctors, who are attributed to mental illness and treated by neuroleptics and associated therapy. Cases resistant to both exorcism and drugs are diagnosed as cases of mental insanity. The International Society for Study of Trauma and Dissociation has given guidelines for treatment of DID.
Theological approach, more acceptable in certain cultures, promulgates Exorcism for treatment and caters to about 75% cases. Exorcism includes religious rituals to heighten suggestibility and is based on the psychotherapeutic principle of abreaction wherein undischarged and constrained emotion expressed covertly in the form of possession symptoms is released. However, hypnotic suggestion may mask organic symptoms, behavior may be altered by post-hypnotic suggestion, and the placebo effect of treatment rituals is known. The Exorcists, at times, are able to tell whether a person has a mental illness and requires hospitalization and drug treatment or is truly possessed. Exorcism has been seen, by doctors as well, to bring profound mental and physical improvement leading to total remission as seen in this case. In true Possession syndrome, exorcism appears to be the only help possible. Various organizations including the International Association of Exorcists promulgate the ideology of differentiating possession from mental illness and performing exorcism only when the possession is not fully explained by a mental illness after a thorough psychiatric evaluation. Modern exorcisms are increasingly being performed in the presence of a doctor.


Case Note
There is a wide gap between the medical and theological ideology regarding Possession syndrome. There is a serious lack of understanding of medical pathology by laymen including theologians who tend to think in their own sphere of belief. Similarly, it is possible that doctors lack theological information constraining them to diagnose in their sphere of knowledge. Drug resistant cases of Possession syndrome have been cured by exorcism as well as people have died in the hands of exorcists for want of medical attention.
The possessed in this case was an educated working girl who was acclimatized and performing well in the course. She had no underlying mental illness, history of antecedent events, conflicts or stresses, prior knowledge about the deceased person which came as the spirit or prior exposure to the area. She brought forth new knowledge (gnosis). In an acclimatized girl, the presentation of headache was unusual and crying, uneasiness and fear were dramatic for the girl’s composure. The symptoms were not relieved by usual therapy. There was no aura of healers as she had limited interaction with them. It was not apparent that the illness was ready to be healed in that setting. She exhibited markedly abnormal body posturing while she tried to go out of the tent, something even a diseased person would not attempt. There was a histrionic improvement after offering food. There was partial retrograde amnesia to possession.
There was no memory of exorcism nor any marks over her body. Malingering was not apparent. There were no residual effects in the days that followed while under observation. The possession was a single episode with no recurrences after exorcism, in a follow up period of 12 months. The exorcists had never performed any exorcisms before. They had retrograde partial amnesia towards exorcism and claimed that 80% of their actions were involuntary. However, there was cultural insight of such a problem in the girl as well as the exorcists. High altitude environment is stressful and hypoxia has been implicated in hallucinations. Tales from folklore mention transient possession of mountaineers, Phantom companion and the ‘Yeti’ or abominable snowman.
We, as doctors, being the most educated members of today’s society, stand at a pedestal to develop a holistic approach of paranormal experiences so as to give better professional advice in Possession syndrome cases. The concept of possession should be observed as a disease condition and a harmonizing approach advocated. Theological perspective can be amalgamated with current scientific theory and practice, thereby complimenting existing concepts. Possession syndrome and exorcism may be incorporated into some paradigm of illness. Time will answer.

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(4) the effect of the use upon the potential market for or value of the copyrighted work.
The fact that a work is unpublished shall not itself bar a finding of fair use if such finding is made upon consideration of all the above factors.

Test of Faith


For lack of a better term, we have graduated to living in a fascist society. Oh, and just for saying that I could have FBI, police or special agents knocking down my door anytime now, right? Sounds ridiculous but it’s TRUE.
Those of you who didn’t believe that we live in a society where our churches are TOLD what to preach and not preach about, then you’re going to have a huge eye-opener!
Have you taken the pill? Embracing the sometimes painful truth of reality (red pill) and the blissful ignorance of illusion (blue pill).
It’s nice to live in a world where you have total bliss, isn’t it? Well, that’s long gone…


Recently I had some experiences where it jolted my world apart. I didn’t realize it at first, it was a slow road to the finish line…but it finally reached its destination at the end of a dead end road. If you’d like to know what I speak of then you would have to understand what it’s like to lose a family member, but they didn’t die!


The facts are hard to express into words, for words don’t give its full meaning. Why did it happen? At first, I didn’t know…I thought it was related to other issues within the family, but then it hit me like a ton of bricks. It’s because of what I do here and elsewhere in my life according to my faith. The people, yes it was more than one…who don’t appreciate my beliefs. Although this came over a period of a couple of years, my heart kept telling me there was hope. Then, when I attempted to make these relationships closer, it was a failed attempt and I was even told that I needed to seek professional help. Yes, my own family told me that I needed a shrink because I wanted a closer relationship with them. So, I’ve been grieving and this has been very hard on me. The red pill was a big one! It hurt when I swallowed.


What did I do next? I buried myself in work, school and research…although I’m not currently at work…I’m on medical leave…I buried myself in everything else…and then I realized it extended even further to more than two.
Pulling away has been the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. My heart aches and my life feels so empty. GOD has blessed me with people (who I don’t know), who’ve come from out of the blue to give me moral support. Although there are only a few, very few who know what I’ve been dealing with, people seemed to be coming my way to support me and my ministry.


Why am I telling you my deepest secrets? Because GOD told me too. You see, we live in a world where there is conditions placed upon everything, even love…and most importantly FAITH!
Faith is the condition which man has attacked the hardest.
We no longer live in a free country. We don’t live in a world of peace. These have been taken from us. We no longer live in a country where we can speak our mind, and choose our faith.
One of the greatest abuses of government power against religious liberty has just occurred. And the world where right was right and wrong was wrong, is now the opposite.



I shortened the article for lack of space but the link is below, as well as other pertaining to this case.
City of Houston demands (5) pastors turn over sermons
The city of Houston has issued subpoenas demanding a group of pastors turn over any sermons dealing with homosexuality, gender identity or Annise Parker, the city’s first openly lesbian mayor. And those ministers who fail to comply could be held in contempt of court.


Among those slapped with a subpoena is Steve Riggle, the senior pastor of Grace Community Church. He was ordered to produce all speeches and sermons related to Mayor Annise Parker, homosexuality and gender identity.
Rev. Dave Welch, executive director of the Texas Pastor Council, also received a subpoena. He said he will not be intimidated by the mayor.
We can no longer remain silent. We must stand together – because one day – the government might come for your pastor.



Motion Filed in Harris County:


Non-discrimination ordinance Rejected:


TAKE A STAND! Time is coming to a point where all mankind will have to make a stand. A stand for GOD, or against GOD.
What’s your decision? Do you see what’s coming? Oh, yes…we’re in the kitchen and the heat is climbing! There will be no lukewarm decisions because they will make you choose…and even if your head doesn’t make the ‘chopping block’ then GOD will make you choose. Time is drawing to a close….you can’t hide.

Upside-Down Church



The Greatest Masquerade on Earth – PT 2


This work given is in full acknowledgement of GOD and directed by Holy Spirit. Any and all use of the facts of the dark side are not an avenue meant to give any credit to them. In fact, all work is directly attributed to GODs Plan and to give HIM all the glory. Amen

In the Book of Genesis, one can read how Adam and Eve used fig leaves to cover “their nakedness” after eating the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.
“The masquerade motif appears in the Bible on two different levels: an attempt to fool people and an attempt to fool God.”
What shaped Judaic ritual was an “absolute prohibition against fashioning a statue or a mask”, originating with the Second Commandment.

What has come to be the greatest masquerade on Earth has been the elite’s rule of the iron fist. With their secret societies, they’ve conquered and reigned for thousands of years with the celestial help of the Brotherhood of the Ascended Masters..aka…the WATCHERS! Herein we will provide the curtained attempt worship their god, Lucifer. They profess a little too much that they don’t, but in reality…they do. The Satanic movement is on the rise in America and taking overe what was once a GOD-loving country. But, this has changed…instead we’ve become a nation of people who are oppressed and obsessed with Satan and his materialistic gifts. This party obviously celebrates this with a masque of Lucifer.


_______MASQUES OF LUCIFER_______
“The goal, drawing upon the lore invited by the ostensibly mystified setting of the Masons’ home, is to “open up portals” and pull “the grounds” through, piece by piece, stage by stage, reanimating all its ghastly inhabitants inside the Temple. Think psychedelic soiree meets séance…”
The wearer of a mask is considered to be in direct association with the spirit force of the mask and is consequently exposed to personal danger of being affected by it. For his protection, the wearer is required to follow certain sanctioned procedures in his use of the mask. He plays the role of an actor in cooperation or collaboration with the mask. Without his performing dance and posturing routines, which are often accompanied with music, the mask would remain a representation without a full life force. After putting on the mask, the wearer undergoes a psychic change and as in a trance assumes the spirit character depicted by the mask.
In some cultures, the masked members of secret societies could drive disease demons from entire villages and tribes. The best known of these groups was the “False Face Society” of the North American Iroquois Indians. These professional healers performed violent pantomimes to exorcise the dreaded “Gahadogoka gogosa” (demons who plagued the Iroquois). They wore grimacing, twisted masks with long wigs of horsehair. Metallic inserts were used around the eyes to catch the light of the campfire and the moon, emphasizing the grotesqueness of the mask. (1)
Satan has masked himself in this world as many examples of hate but completing this task of masking himself within a secret society is a mask within a mask. This is an obvious illusion to complete scenarios which would have been otherwise impossible. Hidden behind a curtain of roles which in the end fit the prophecy of GOD.
We have real monsters and non-monsters. The monsters which exist are of the evil supernatural genre. The non-monsters are humans caught up the the supernatural war being utilized by the monsters. In the end, we have striking differences and painful similarities.
No matter the illusion Satan utilizes, GOD equips Satan with the tools to trap himself. Anyone caught in Satan’s masquerade is a fool for believing in his tactics and lies.


We have Princes which rule over different cities. A city given under the influence of a spiritual ruler is a ancient, wise and certainly cunning prince who has had millenniums of experience at controlling mankind. And they manifest their evil personalities over geographic territories in which they rule. And for this reason, you will see distinct personalities within each city reflecting the evil personality of the prince of demons who rule over that area.


Marche Du Nain Rouge
For 300 years, on the Sunday after the Vernal Equinox, Detroiters have celebrated liberation from the Nain Rouge, the fiendish embodiment of all that holds us back.
“Best New Detroit Tradition” -Metro Times
(So what is it really? It’s a family friendly – with parental guidance recommended – do-it-yourself Mardi Gras style march full of inside jokes and absurdity unlike anything else in Detroit, but we’ll never admit it can be explained that easily.

Spirits Over Detroit
A once thriving city is now become a city of homeless…
Stand at the Woodward Avenue overpass above Interstate 75, and you’ll see the two faces of Detroit. On one side is beautiful Comerica Park, a symbol of downtown economic revival, where city residents and suburbanites alike pack in to watch professional baseball in a world-class venue. Then, across the expressway looms an empty 13-story building, with the word “ZOMBIELAND” scrawled across the top.
The statue “The Spirit of Detroit” is the perfect example of what is governing this city. Angels of the darkness, disguised as light. If you look at this statue, one automatically focuses on the angel on one hand and the sun with rays in the other. Who is the god of the Sun, well Satan is of course.
Urban legends of Detroit are plentiful, but this harbinger of doom is a fascinating character: Nain Rouge…
His appearance is said to presage terrible events for the city. The Nain Rouge appears as a small childlike creature with red or black fur boots. He is also said to have “blazing red eyes and rotten teeth.” (Skinner 1896)
The creature is said to have attacked the first white settler of Detroit in 1701, Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac who, soon after, lost his fortune. The creature is also said to have appeared on July 30, 1763 before the Battle of Bloody Run, where 58 British soldiers were killed by Native Americans from Chief Pontiac’s tribe. The small tributary of the Detroit River which still flows through what is now Elmwood Cemetery turned red with blood for days after the battle. It is said he was seen dancing on the banks of the Detroit River.


Famous multiple sighting occurred in the days before the 1805 fire which destroyed most of Detroit. General William Hull reported a “dwarf attack” in the fog just before his surrender of Detroit in the War of 1812.
Jane Dacy of East Elizabeth Street was at home performing errands one evening in October of 1872 when she entered a dark room and saw what the Detroit Free Press called a ghost. However, the description of “blood-red eyes, long teeth and rattling hoofs” seems more akin to the famed Nain Rouge than a mere specter. The fright of seeing the creature caused Dacy to faint and become bed-ridden.
Another woman claimed to have been attacked in 1884, and described the creature as resembling, “a baboon with a horned head … brilliant restless eyes and a devilish leer on its face.” Another attack was reported in 1964.
Other sightings include the day before the 12th Street Riot in 1967 and before a huge snow/ice storm of March 1976, when two utility workers are said to have seen what they thought was a child climbing a utility pole which then jumped from the top of the pole and ran away as they approached.
More recently, in the autumn of 1996, according to an article in the Michigan Believer, the Nain Rouge was spotted by two admittedly drunken nightclub patrons, who claimed to both have heard a strange “cawing sound, similar to a crow,” coming from a “small hunched-over man” who was fleeing the scene of a car burglary. The creature was described as wearing “what looked like a really nasty torn fur coat.”
What Princes and Principalities rule over Detriot? I don’t know but their having a field day with this Bizarre Theatre.


The Detroit Masonic Temple is the world’s largest Masonic Temple.
The large complex includes a 16-story 210-foot (64 m) ritual building connected to a 10-story wing for the Ancient Arabic Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine, commonly known as Shriners by the 7-story Auditorium Building.
[EDITOR: Is it known that the top degree of Freemasonry is 33, and when you achieve that level you can then become a Shriner. But, it is also rumored that 33 is just the beginning when it comes to the depth of their secrets!]
There are seven “Craft Lodge Rooms,” all with different decorative treatments, the motifs of decoration being taken from the Egyptian, Doric, Ionic, Corinthian, Italian Renaissance, Byzantine, Gothic and Romanesque styles. All of the artwork throughout the building, especially the decorated ceilings was done under the direction of Italian artists. There is also a Royal Arch room, and a Commandery Asylum for the Knights Templar.
Detroit Masonic Temple was designed in the neo-gothic architectural style, using a great deal of limestone.
Is it said that paranormal activity surrounds places that contain limestone. With these kinds of events and the Masonic secret society in general…I’m sure this place reeks with evil.


One of the popular masquerade party event was the Rothschild Ball:

_______FINAL THOUGHTS_______
The largest masquerade on Earth is that Satan is pulling the wool over humanities eyes! Sadly, this event will take place on Oct 17-18, 2014. I’m almost positive we will hear about people who come up missing before, during and after this time frame. These people in their secret societies are known worldwide for their ritualistic human sacrifices.
We need to PRAY! Pray for these people attending these sadistic parties, and pray for the initiations behind them. Pray for the world because Satan has it in the palm of his hands. May the Lord have mercy on us all!
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The Greatest Masquerade on Earth

This work given is in full acknowledgement of GOD and directed by Holy Spirit. Any and all use of the facts of the dark side are not an avenue meant to give any credit to them. In fact, all work is directly attributed to GODs Plan and to give HIM all the glory. Amen

In case you didn’t know the Freemason’s are a secret organization (secret society) of people and the upper echelon worship Satan. Do you need proof? Well, there’s plenty of that on the internet now but pictures are worth a thousand words, then I got a million words for you!
Why call this article “The Greatest Masquerade on Earth”? Well, for one thing that’s the name of their ‘party’…but once we get into the nitty-gritty of this subject, you will begin to see this has been a HUGE masquerade! A masquerade party which has encompassed the entire world.
I don’t think it was by accident that the Holy Spirit revealed this to me, in the month of October either! Halloween is a huge time of the occult and their rituals. This is a slap in the face to those of you who don’t know anything about this subject, so get ready, your socks are about to be rocked off!
The showcase of this person’s blog is the kick-start of this article, then the centerpiece will come in part two.
I will add my statements along the print of this person’s blog with [EDITOR…]

“The goal, drawing upon the lore invited by the ostensibly mystified setting of the Masons’ home, is to “open up portals” and pull “the grounds” through, piece by piece, stage by stage, reanimating all its ghastly inhabitants inside the Temple. Think psychedelic soiree meets séance…”

_______ALL THE WORLDS A STAGE_______
Technically it’s a Halloween party, not just any Halloween party, mind you, but the most creatively elaborate, macabre, over-the-top Halloween party you can imagine.

My Look Inside Theatre Bizarre’s “The Initiation”
by Rob St. Mary

I just wanted to share a few thoughts and photos from my experience at last night’s Theatre Bizarre “The Initiation”.


My evening started around 7:30pm when I arrived at the Masonic Temple with my girlfriend, Mary.


When we arrived, most of the rooms and floors were not yet open to the revelers. But within about a half hour the stages, lobbies and hallways came alive.
On each of the seven floors – the sub-basement through the third floor which included a mezzanine on several levels – had a minimum of at least one stage. Most had two. The stages and rooms were designed for a particular performance or theme.


The Asylum
For example, the Dirty Devil’s Peepshow was burlesque, the Asylum was for bands and the Odditorium was for suspension and other physical acts. The Grand Hall in the sub-basement also featured bands and fire performers. Attendees commented to me that even as late as 2am they were still discovering new rooms, hidden places and little treats throughout the seven floors taken over by Theatre Bizarre.


Walking around the Masonic Temple, I was stuck with the beauty of the building itself. The design, the symbols and the environment of this architectural marvel and how it was conducive to feeling like you were in another place and time.


Layering in dramatic lighting and John Dunivant’s sideshow inspired art took the Masonic Temple one step further, setting up a feeling of being in another world. From my conversations with Dunivant and others, this wasn’t an easy thing to pull off. Theatre Bizarre’s co-creator and his crew of volunteers had about two months to design and create most of the stages, pieces and artwork for “The Initiation”. Miles of red satin banners featuring a “star and eye” logo of some made up “secret society” streamed down most of the balconies.
[EDITOR: This is a play on words. The “Initiation” is a reality, but you begin at the bottom and by the time you reach the top levels, you realize this was about worshiping Satan. But this party seems to leave out the middle! The star (pentagram) and All-SEEING eye are part of their secret symbols, and the keeping of the ‘masquerade’ all these hundreds of years.]


Hundreds of red lights replaced the usual bright whites in the fixtures on each floor bathing the walls and floors in crimson. The handiwork of the artist was evident everywhere. In fact, I even saw Dunivant’s hands in action early on. When I arrived to find a seat before the dancers started at the Dirty Devil’s Peepshow, I caught a glimpse of two well-dressed men on the stage looking up to someone near the top of the proscenium. They were talking and handing pieces of gaffers tape to someone just barely out of sight to most of the audience.


From the right angle, you could see John Dunivant hanging upside down in the mouth of the Devil stage opening he designed. He was rigging up a string of lights. While everyone else in the Masonic Temple was dressed for Dunivant’s “greatest masquerade on earth”, he was dressed in workman’s clothes and carrying a walkie-talkie to communicate with the folks pulling the strings behind the scenes.
[EDITOR: the fact that this party is located inside the LARGEST Masonic Temple in the world, is no secret! But he keeps repeating it in case you forget.]


While bands provided a broad range of music – from folk to punk to jazz to techno – there were various performers offering circus sideshow fare. From suspension – people hung by various hooks dug into their skin – to fire eaters/performances and burlesque. The multiple stages moved smoothly all night and offered attendees a chance to see a broad range of high and low-brow entertainment.
[EDITOR: The elite love pain, watching others in pain that is. And ‘suspension’ (hanging by hooks) seems to be one of their favorites to watch. FYI-Johnny Depp used to perform these ‘magic acts’. Seriously.]


Beyond the stages, “people watching” was a spectacle unto itself. Metro Detroiters came dressed in all manner of costuming. Some took the ideas of presented on the invite card to heart – a late 1800s/early 1900s masquerade – and dressed accordingly.


Others found contemporary disguise more to their liking. I ran into about five different versions of Hunter S. Thompson, several iterations of “The Dude” from “The Big Lebowski” and one of the most unique group efforts was a complete Viking ship in which each member of the team had a section of the cardboard boat attached to their hips.


But zombies of all stripe ruled the night. Recent and long dead cultural figures like a zombie Steve Jobs, a zombie Muammar Gaddafi and even a zombie Laura Ingalls Wilder pranced and danced. The elevator operator who shuffled celebrants between floors was also an impeccably dressed zombie wearing work garb of someone who would have held that position, quite possibly at the Masonic Temple, in the 1930s.


Several conversations swirled among the attendees last night. Some waxed nostalgic for “the grounds” – the place where Theatre Bizarre sprang to life a decade ago. The grounds are in the middle of a neighborhood of vacant, blighted houses across from the Michigan State Fairgrounds, and in a way, Theatre Bizarre is kind of a funhouse mirror on the family fun and wholesome good times of that now defunct institution. The grounds are where co-creators John Dunivant and Ken Poirier built their dark carnival featuring stages, a midway, a roller coaster and a Ferris Wheel over the past decade before being shut down by the City of Detroit about a day before last year’s event for various code violations. The attendees talked of great times at the grounds and how this event, although grander in scale and, maybe even, ideas could never match the past experiences at the annual outdoor party.

The people I talked to had a broad mix of experiences with Detroit’s annual Halloween event. Some had been attending Theatre Bizarre for years when it was an illegal, underground party and continued to support the vision. Others had only heard stories of the past events from friends or through the media and last night finally had the opportunity to experience it in the flesh. But regardless, the smiles and cheers from the crowd showed a singularity of positive feelings for the new vision of Theatre Bizarre in “The Initiation”.

[EDITOR: This event was illegal, and ‘underground’ which meant people kept it on the down-low! Much like the reality of their whole masquerade which they perform daily in front of the whole world.]


Meanwhile, the future of Theatre Bizarre’s disputed homeland – “the grounds” – seems uncertain. Will the City of Detroit tear it down? Will the creators ever be able to host another party at the environment they created on State Fair near Woodward? Will Theatre Bizarre continue to stand as a piece of inspired art to be visited and repurposed in some way; for example, possible TV or film productions? These questions have yet to be answered. But one can guess the discussions inside the event’s creative team over the next few weeks will more than likely center on how last night went from an entertainment and financial standpoint, and if Dunivant and Poirier can and will stage another Theatre Bizarre party at the Masonic Temple next year. Some attendees said a rumor was going around that evening, before “The Initiation” had even ended, that a 2012 edition might not be in the cards. If that is the case, it wouldn’t be the first time “Zombo”, the Pagliacci-like mascot of Theatre Bizarre, has returned to his crypt to contemplate the future and plan his next moves. Theatre Bizarre took a few years off in the mid-2000s. But, I think no one who was there last night can dispute that the Masonic Temple is the premier indoor location in Detroit for the kind of total immersion of art, music and performance that John Dunivant and Ken Poirier seek to create.


Leaving last night’s party around 3:30am, I continued to be impressed with the great halls and beautiful architecture of “the largest Masonic Temple in the world” and thought to myself, why haven’t I been to more events inside this magnificent jewel of Detroit? Maybe last night’s celebrations by costumed revelers created in honor of the spirit of the zombie clown, Zombo, will help to breathe renewed life into one of the Detroit’s greatest architectural achievements. Even if Theatre Bizarre never returns to where the city’s Freemasons have called home for almost 100 years, the echos of last night’s party may ring through those marble halls for years to come.


[EDITOR: Speechless? So was I!


One of the popular masquerade party event was the Rothschild Ball:

PART TWO will include picture of parties of years gone past. And more facts about this grand event. REMEMBER: this is how they celebrate HALLOWEEN, imagine how they do it behind closed doors!!
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