Truth is inspiring, it is guarded by GOD, and will triumph over all opposition!




THAT TIME IS NOW…predictive programming 101:

Matthew 24:37 (KJV)
37 But as the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.


As in the days of Noah….
This is a great Scripture! It has many clues within it to give us an idea of what will be happening in the end days.
Noah Movie HD


Noah (2014)


Let’s also not forget that in the end days there was genetic manipulation going on, and who was manipulating the genetics of man and other species? Fallen angels.
What is man doing now? Well, it began with fruit and vegetables, then graduated to small animals like rats and such. But now we’re playing gods and experimenting with people!
Who created DNA? GOD did. We are made in HIS Image. What happens when we ‘change’ this DNA? We are changing GOD’S Image in us, and where does that leave mankind? Well, essentially it leaves GOD out of the picture, completely. This is a huge sin! Maybe even the largest of them all!




The collective intelligence of man within artificial intelligence…the singularity. Bringing the two into one.

Uploading man’s conscience into a computer.


What does this have to do with anything? Everything.



Does Hollywood-Hollywierd know what’s going on?
Produced by “EXXODUS” Pictures…hmmm….I think we have a winner.

holy war

In the Beginning THREE were created. Three is a miraculous number in itself, but let’s take a deeper look. First, Angels, then demons, and man. In that order. Well, let’s get something straight here….GOD did not create evil. But, the angels didn’t want to abide by GOD’S Law so they chose evil.


This originated with Lucifer, then trickled down and became millions, perhaps even billions of angels who decided to follow Lucifer and with this transformation they were allowed to keep their powers.
Didn’t cultures call them by different names…


JINN (2014) Due out 4.4.14 (another clue!)


1 Timothy 2:5-6
For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus; Who gave himself a ransom for all, to be testified in due time.



We live in a time like never before. I think it surpasses the days of Jesus Christ, the One and Only Son of GOD! If that’s possible. You see it’s everywhere, it’s in your children’s cartoons (Mickey Mouse-the Wizard); it’s in your movies at the theater (Harry Potter); it’s in the programs you watch on Television (Bewitched); it’s EVERYWHERE! It’s in the school system teaching your kids! It’s in the workplace! Believe me, it’s everywhere.
Witchcraft goes by many names! OH, YES! It does. Spell it anyway you want but it’s still the same end result. Contact with demons. Spell and enchantments which are performed by demons.
What is Dragonology? Look it up! In one description it actually says it’s a series of several books of NONFICTION, published by Candlestick (appropriately named) Press. It tells you that you can befriend a dragon! Learn their language and the author is Dr. Earnest Drake who ascribes to be a member of the SECRECT and ANCIENT SOCIETY OF DRAGONOLOGISTS (S.A.S.D.)

In this site it begins with an interestingly ‘interactive’ stooge. But, what I find rather odd are the images in the background and if you’ve been at this awhile like I have then certain images should really stand out to you.
1. Owl
2. Egyptian King
3. As Above, So Below- (3) pyramid lights by the vase, among others.
4. Key (to illumination)
5. Wizard
6. Chess Piece
7. Hidden ‘Green’ Dragon
8. Time Hourglass
9. Triangle within Triangle
10. Dinosaur
11. Rabbit
BUT WAIT….scan your mouse over and it reveals other scenes (hidden)
12. Vampireology
13. Alien
14. UFO
15. Lion/Unicorn = Royalty! (British)
16. Pirateology
And so on and so on…


Do you know what a dragon is? Some say a reptile, while others say different. I tell you it’s neither.

Dr. “Dragon” seems to have had his first job with Templar Publishing! Amazing how the pieces of a puzzle fit together so well. He wrote the Dragonology books but also a book called “How To Be A Knight”.
One question posed to aspiring Wizards is, “Have you memorized the spell for summoning a unicorn familiar? Familiar?? Really? This is a spirit!

1920x1080 Wallpaper

Originating in 1898, the secret society of which is published is of senior men at Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire.
Why is it that most secret societies involve a SERPENT or DRAGON?
Serpent Mound….heard of it? Well, believe it or not America has it’s foundations in secret societies. And there are many serpent mounds around America, of course, the most famous being that of the “Serpent Mound” in Ohio, Adams County. According to some this mound is connected to Stonehenge. This intriguing mound is related to Stonehenge, and it is the “Dragon Guardian” of the East, to Stonehenge’s Secret of the West. You may not realize it but Stonehenge is directly north of the infamous serpent temple, Avebury.


The Order of the Dragon was one of a number of forgotten chivalric brotherhoods that arose in Central and Eastern Europe in the Late Middle Ages. Founded in the late 14th Century by the Holy Roman Emperor Sigismund I, the Order has earned itself a place as a sinister footnote in the blood and iron history of the conflict between East and West. Modeled in part on the orders of military monks founded during the Crusades – such as the notorious Knights Templar (1120-1312) – later fraternities, like the Order of the Dragon, had a more overtly political than religious agenda.


The public face of the Draconists (as members were known) was of a chivalrous society dedicated to defending Christianity from the infidel, while defending the innocent, and promoting fraternal loyalty between members. But – just as with the controversial Templars – there was another shadowy side to this elite Order. Indeed, many regard it as more of a secret society than a benevolent brotherhood of pious knights – a cabal dedicated to dark conspiracy rather than holy crusade.
For one thing, it was a highly exclusive club, whereby only royalty and the most distinguished nobles were welcome among the ranks of its inner circle, which consisted of around 24 Draconists. For another, the Order was deeply involved in the tempestuous political arena on the Eastern borders of Christian Europe. It was rumored members were just as interested in plotting against rival Christian princes as they were in combating the threat of invasion from the Islamic East. Certainly, the curious rituals and customs of the Order of the Dragon suggest the exotic ceremonies of a secret society of some kind.


A complex system of colored robes and secret insignia was instituted for members. For example, some circumstances called for a green robe (symbolizing the dragon – their fearless mascot), to be worn over a red robe (symbolizing the blood of Christian martyrs). While costumes and rites varied according to custom and the calendar, the Draconist symbol remained constant. A medallion that hung from a collar, it featured a dragon holding a double-armed crucifix, the cross emblazoned with the mottoes ‘Oh how merciful is God’ and ‘Just and Faithful’ in Latin. This medallion was to be carried by Draconists at all times, a symbol of their eternal membership and loyalty to the Order, and was buried with the member at death.
Though by no means the most distinguished, a mere local prince among kings and emperors, one Draconist was to earn the Order an ominous place in history and folklore. That Draconist was Vlad II, Voivode (a local term meaning ‘warlord’) of the province of Wallachia. His lands lay at the border between the Catholic kingdoms to the west and Turkish Empire to the east, forming a gateway for either side should they wish to invade. To survive as a ruler on this blood-soaked boundary required not only military flair, but great cunning and well-honed diplomatic skills. By accepting membership of the Order of the Dragon in 1431, Vlad was not only accepting a great honor, but binding himself to the Christian side.


His membership of the esteemed Order did not go unnoticed at home in Wallachia. Vlad made sure it didn’t by putting the Order’s symbol of a dragon on his armor and the local currency. It earned him the nickname ‘Dracul’, meaning dragon in Romanian. According to contemporaries, Vlad earned the title, being ‘a righteous and unconquerable man, the mightiest and bravest in battle, since with only a few men at his disposal and due solely to his own heart and wisdom, he waged a long war with the Turks’.
But matters in the treacherous border territories were seldom straightforward, and Vlad was forced to change sides on several occasions, placating first the Catholics and then the Turks in order to survive. Finally, in 1442, the Turkish Sultan seized his two youngest sons, Vlad and Mircea as hostages, to ensure the elder Vlad’s co-operation. Five years later valiant Vlad Dracul died in battle, almost certainly the victim of one last betrayal by his Christian ‘allies’. His son and namesake Vlad, bitter and vengeful both against his Turkish ‘hosts’ and those that had betrayed his father at home, finally escaped incarceration and began his own violent progress to the throne, becoming Voivode of Wallachia in 1448 and, in the process, establishing a reputation as both a brutal tyrant and war hero.


His favorite form of punishment involved impaling the victim upon a long sharpened pole. It was a very painful death, one which Vlad III resorted to frequently, creating forests from the impaled bodies of those he thought had betrayed him, might betray him, or just were not sufficiently respectful. Thus Vlad became known as ‘Tepes’ (pronounced ‘tsepesh’) meaning ‘impaler’. His other nickname referred to his ancestry, and established the Voivode a place in international folklore. While never a Draconist himself, many remembered his father’s distinctive insignia, and dubbed Vlad III ‘little dragon’ or ‘son of the dragon’ – in Romanian, ‘Dracula’. Though notoriously cruel, most Wallachians admired the Voivode’s bold campaigns against the Turkish invaders and savage, but uncompromising, attitude to law and order at home. For them, ‘Dracula’ was a title they conferred upon the ruler as an honor.
But not everybody saw it that way. Some of those persecuted by the Impaler in Wallachia and neighboring kingdoms – most notably German monks – headed back west with tales of Vlad III’s excesses. They exploited the double meaning of ‘Dracul’ – it could mean both ‘dragon’ or ‘devil’ in Romanian. While still a hero in his homelands to this day, to many shocked Western Europeans who heard rumors or read fifteenth century pamphlets about this bloodthirsty warlord, Dracula came to mean ‘Son of the Devil’. Four centuries later an Irish author came across one of these pamphlets in the British Museum while researching a horror novel. The author, Bram Stoker, liked the name and gave it to the undead villain of his 1897 masterpiece. That novel was, of course, Dracula.


The bloodline that has led a medieval secret society to inspire the name of the modern world’s most popular fictional villain is a crooked and obscure one. The distinctive dragon insignia of the Order of the Dragon still manifests in modern culture in various mutilated forms. For example, the British Satanic metal band Cradle of Filth adopted a customized version of the Draconist seal as their own unofficial logo. Ironically, like most of those invoking Vlad Dracul and his notorious son Dracula, the band’s stance is different, or even the direct opposite, of that of the original Order of the Dragon. Draconists were bound by oath to crusade against heretics, heathens and other enemies of the Church – like, one is tempted to observe, Cradle of Filth.
Also, recently Prince Charles came forward and admitted his ancestry to Vlad. Crazy, right? Well, it’s true.
Members of the order, known as “Draconists”, are referred to in the statutes as barons (barones, occasionally socii).
The 1497 “Four Witches”
This Dürer print is currently titled the Four Witches. The animal in the lower left of this print has been interpreted as a devil and thus scholars believe the four naked women are witches. However, when this print was made in 1497, witches in medieval art and printing were not portrayed naked. Since symbolism in medieval art (called iconography) had to be instantly recognizable by the buying customers, it would be nonsensical to believe that these are witches, for no one in the society would interpret them as such. It wasn’t until late in the Renaissance that naked witches appeared in art or prints. Actually, one of Dürer’s famous apprentices, Hans Baldung Grien, was one of the first artists who illustrated naked witches.
So if these women are not witches, who are they? And why are they associated with a dragon? Could they be connected with the Hungarian Order of the Dragon?
Yes. The clues that tell us this is are the letters on the ball suspended over their head and the veil on the woman on the left. There is a relationship of these women to each other, to Dürer, to Hungary, and to a dragon.
Let’s look at another at another image:
The figures are Dürer’s Hungarian relatives, his uncle Ladislas (Larwence), his aunt Katherine and his cousin, their son, Niklas, who apprenticed as goldsmith along with Albrecht under the tutelage of Albrecht the Elder.
The animal flying in the air putting a bellows into the man’s ear has also been identified as a devil. But once again it does not have horns and therefore it’s a dragon. Recognizing this animal as a dragon is a further clue to decoding the true meaning of this print. In Hungary, the Dürer family would have been members of the Order of the Dragon and Dürer tells us that they were members often in other prints.


The print erroneously called The Temptation of the Idler.
However, the Patricians, who came from non-noble ancestry, had great enmity towards nobility. To be economically successful, the Dürers would have had to suppress the knowledge of their linkage to this knight order. Yet, Albrecht would not let this connection be forgotten. This membership in the order apparently was of great importance to him which is probably why he keeps reminding us of this connection in his prints.
It goes a long way to explain why Dürer wrote in 1506 in his letter from Venice to Willibald Pirkheimer “Oh, how I shall freeze after this sunshine! Here I am a gentlemen, at home only a cockroach.” (Heaton, The Life of Albrecht Dürer of Nürnberg, 98.)

Ingrained in society is the constant degree of magic, the hint of witchcraft. Why? Because the people who’ve been in control of the world for hundreds, even thousands of years love witchcraft and they want each generation to love it as well.
GOD tells us this is sin!

sept 29 2007

Beasts of Prophecy Within the Earth


This is the BEST video I’ve EVER seen. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING comes between GOD and the TRUTH! Why? Because GOD IS TRUTH.


Psalms 19:1
The Heavens Declare the Glory of GOD; and the Firmament Sheweth His Handywork.





Don’t be a fool! Don’t think for one minute that this is something positive! Chakras are a planned demolition of the soul. How so? Because when you practice these ‘meditative’ sessions, it opens your subconscious to demonic possession.
Not only that but many practices of the New Age are disguised as ‘healthy’. Mysticism in itself is dangerous practice and can allow many forms of attacks to take place.
Did you know? The founder of homeopathy, Christian Samuel Hahnemann, is a 33 degree FREEMASON? Truth.


Yoga techniques originated with the goal of harmonizing one’s vibration which is a fancy way of stating opening your subconscious. Then, this entwines your soul/spirit with whatever energy/spirit comes. This is a religious practice of the Hindu’s meant for the exact purpose of worshiping Hindu gods. So, who exactly are you connecting with? DEMONS!
What do they call this technique? Opening the “Chakra”. This is a portal through which the Hindi spirits enter the human “Temple”. Who does this TEMPLE belong to? GOD! And you. So, essentially, they are taking GOD’S place. Right? And then they possess your Temple which GOD made within you.


The “Third Eye” is a so-called awakening process. But actually this is a communication portal to use between yourself and GOD. No one else. And they know this, the demons do. Satan distinctly chose this process as a way to anger GOD.
There is no way to ‘heighten’ the psychic ability. This is a play on words and in fact means, COMMUNICATION WITH THE DEAD or familiar spirit. This is spoken of frequently in the Bible and is NOT condoned. GOD warns us of such practices. But the New Ager’s put a spin on it and make it all cookies and ice cream.
The mere act of visiting a psychic prognosticator is sufficient to open satanic portals. In essence, it places your signature on a contract with the netherworld. When you peer into the darkness, it peer’s back!


I submit to you…
Genesis 3:
3 But of the fruit of the tree which is in the midst of the garden, God hath said, Ye shall not eat of it, neither shall ye touch it, lest ye die.
4 And the serpent said unto the woman, Ye shall not surely die:
5 For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil.
6 And when the woman saw that the tree was good for food, and that it was pleasant to the eyes, and a tree to be desired to make one wise, she took of the fruit thereof, and did eat, and gave also unto her husband with her; and he did eat.
7 And the eyes of them both were opened, and they knew that they were naked; and they sewed fig leaves together, and made themselves aprons.


The EYE…opening of the eyes is enlightenment to the FREEMASONS. They use the “Third Eye” and the All-Seeing Eye” to symbolize this. And their motto is we can become gods. And what do they wear upon their waists? Aprons!
GOD is Omnipresent (is everywhere, all the time), Omniscient (aware of all things), and Omnipotence (all-powerful). This encompasses everything we are not, but some want to be.  The Freemason work very hard to accomplish this! But it will never happen.

Body Chakras1946

When my eyes were opened to the Truth of the reality to this world, it was a shocker! It took weeks for me to come to grips with it all. But now, I am ready, willing and able to bring GOD’S Truth to whoever will listen. But you must want to listen.


2. Mental Projection
The astral plane is a leash which can be broken. We are connected to GOD on a silver-cord. And when one takes this ‘trip’ it allows this cord to become vulnerable to tampering. The very fact that your enabling this trip is a step into the darkness. It is performed in your sleep, or a deep-meditative state., through which the ‘psychic’ (Soul) separation of the mental body from the emotional/astral body via the silver cord takes place. Witches use this technique to spy on people, namely GOD’S people.


3. Neoshamanism/Shamanism
This is a fancy word for communication with the dead! It’s a collective term for altered states of consciousness/mind. It allows one to interact with the spirit world and channel these transcendental energies into this world.
Did you get that? It brings these DEMONS back into this dimension!


A shaman is a person who is experienced at these techniques. There are few left from generations ago but I actually believe these channelers are performing the SAME procedures, and just naming it differently.
This encounter or interaction is with what they believe to be benevolent and malevolent spirits but take my word for it…GOD does not allow HIS angels to interact with this type of activity! So, your just asking for trouble!!
These are demonic rituals which have been around for thousands of years with the same agenda….to enter into a trance state of a ritual to communicate with the dead!


4. Divination
The term means “to foresee, to be inspired by a god”. But, let’s get straight to the point here! There’s only ONE GOD. The others are frauds! Divination is an attempt to gain insight into a question or situation by way of an occultic standardized process or ritual. No more, no less.
Fortune-telling is the exact same thing. It’s all witchcraft.
They proclaim to advertise enchantments, miraculous incantations, and charms for your love-life or visitations to your enemy, disclosure of buried treasure or lottery numbers, and succession to estates or riches…but it’s all divination by devils/demons. For the purpose to lure you in…and snatch your soul. Satan does not make promises he can keep.


5. Remote-Viewing
This is practiced by the governments of the world on a routine basis now! Yep, true. This is the practice of seeking impressions about a distant or unseen target by means of  “extra-sensory perception” or “sensing with mind”. The “STARGATE” project was a $20 million dollar research project which the US government started in 1975 in order to gain potential military application of psychic phenomena. Truth is…they still do it!
This is nothing but witchcraft performed by witches. Satan gives powers like this to lure in victims.
One of the subjects was Ingo Swann…oh you need to check out this guy!  Pure warlock! He was a warlock, a male witch. He’s passed on now, and most likely not into the Light of GOD.


6. Breathwork
This is one of many forms of conscious-altering breathing techniques. It is a form of mediation which the New Age use to obtain alternate states of consciousness. I remember as a youngster, the other kids would say, “Hey, have you heard about this breathing thing? It’s cool, you can go into a state of euphoria! It’s real weird!” I tried it once and KNEW it was wrong! Not only that but it was killing kids. They were performing the techniques and not coming out of the altered state! Scared the heck out of me!
This is Satan’s way of enticing youngsters to try witchcraft. Nothing short of using numbers to find out your future when you were young! Your name was parallel with a number and this supposedly foretold your future. BOGUS!


These are but a few of the NEW AGE-OLD AGE ritualistic techniques of communicating with the DEAD! It’s no joke and GOD does not laugh about it.  It’s nothing short of witchcraft. DON’T DO IT!


Deuteronomy 18:10-14
King James Version (KJV)
10 There shall not be found among you any one that maketh his son or his daughter to pass through the fire, or that useth divination, or an observer of times, or an enchanter, or a witch.
11 Or a charmer, or a consulter with familiar spirits, or a wizard, or a necromancer.
12 For all that do these things are an abomination unto the Lord: and because of these abominations the Lord thy God doth drive them out from before thee.
13 Thou shalt be perfect with the Lord thy God.
14 For these nations, which thou shalt possess, hearkened unto observers of times, and unto diviners: but as for thee, the Lord thy God hath not suffered thee so to do.


Pyramid Palaces Plaguing the Planet


This article coincides with “CHARIOTS OF THE WHIRLWINDS”.

Why do I spend so much time speaking of pyramids? Read and learn. I’ve been accused of being obsessed with them. On the contrary, it’s the elite who are obsessed with them and this article will give proof of this FACT.

The Navigator (26)

First of all we must touch on the fact that UFO’S are shaped as pyramids. Whether they be flat or not…it’s no coincidence.

Then, we have the Ukraine wars which are part of the plan. It’s by design.

And in Ukraine of all places, right? With the war going on there, don’t you find it ‘ironic’ that this would be found at this precise time?


The war in Iraq/Iran was about secret technology buried within the lands. Was it star-gates? Or something else? Then we have the Egyptian pyramids….more to come about this further down.
Crimean Pyramid? Are there parallels? The leylines which run through Crimea form a PENTAGRAM!
I DO believe that religion has EVERYTHING to do with what’s going on in Russia. Not only that but some believe that Revelation is speaking of Russia in the end days.


GOD warns us that great signs and warning would take place, and this is not just speaking of the heavens but on Earth as well. I believe this to be part of the illusion/delusion.
GOD does NOT need a statue to bleed to have people believe in HIM, nor a potato chip in HIS Son’s Image either! This is nuts! I believe this all to be the work of Satan and his lynch men…a metaphoric symbol of the fallen angels…my words.

creepy pix

We’ve been witnessing these kinds of events for hundreds of years, right? But why now? At this precise time period? In this precise geographic area?
In Russia and Ukraine, in a number of monasteries and churches, icons, tears began to roll. Some believe it to be a sign of the times, a clear call of repentance. But, GOD needs no such thing!
Icons are crying among others in Rostov-on-Don, Odessa, Rivne, And Novokuznetsk.


To me….this is nothing but ritualistic celebrations of magical spells is nothing short of IDOL WORSHIP. Period.
Let me remind you that the images we re shown are from the Roman Catholic Church and they worship FALLEN ANGELS! Otherwise known as The Ascended Masters and ‘space brothers’.
Let me also remind you that FATIMA was a giant UFO! This “Mary” vision was nothing but false gods!


A Ukraine scientist discovered the oldest pyramid in the world. Interestingly, it’s found in Crimea. Originally found while searching for alternative methods of finding water, the scientist, Vitalii Goh, discovered the underground unknown object. But wait, that’s not all…these is supposedly an mummy of an unknown creature within the walls. Nestled within the walls of the chamber, ironically called, the Sphinx.


Is this the cause of the war?
Alien Mummy & Oldest Pyramid
But wait, there’s not just one!! 37 Pyramids? All along the peninsula of the coastline. Amazing stuff!!
Oldest Pyramids & Alien Mummy


Pyramids in Krim “Crimea Pyramid”
Caves in Crimea


I guarantee you this site will be closed off from the public before long! Speaking of…
GIZA Pyramids
1. 14 foot wall surrounds the complex, 20 miles long.
2. No photographs are allowed within the Egyptian Museum.
3. Systematic access is being slowly restricted to the pyramids.
4. Over 100 armed guard the pyramids at night. Why?
5. Academic applications are routinely denied access.
6. Satellite images reveal unexcavated underground areas.
7. Part of the World Heritage Site but why restrictions?


8. Extraordinary evidence of ancient technology including ‘energy’ sources.
9. “Band of Peace”-An array of 22 Egyptian Pyramids. Each revealing the other in linear succession. Amazingly, you see the next as you top each pyramid. “Dragon” lines…(ley-lines) too.
10. Lentil stones fell revealing ‘helicopters’ planes and such. Tours of area are NOT allowed to point this out.
11. Difference in architecture reveals tombs versus energy technology. Straight versus step pyramids.
12. Obelisks and other monuments (pyramid-shaped) also hold strange ‘subtle’ energy.


13. Other pyramids around the world hold very mysterious anomalies surrounding their structure.
14. People take pictures of thousands of ‘orbs’ surrounding these areas. Are they spirits?
15. Chinese called energy fields-chi; Hindu-prada…etc. Prada means light-glow or shine. Their gods glowed! Sky gods…so do fallen angels!
16. Mysterious “Schist Disk”

17. 67 strange construction sites around the Giza.
18. Sacred Cosmology! Alignments to Orion/Sirius reveals the fallen angel connections.


DO YOU WANT TO KNOW…where the Freemasons got their famous symbol?

Within the Temple in Egypt are inscriptions of “Adam & Eve”. The El Bagawat Temple contains the words for Adam and Eve. These symbols are used within their names! Twisted doctrines is their expertise.


China Pyramid
38 of them, maybe as many as 100..located around 25 kilometers. Interestingly, they have flat tops. Many early stories surround a flight between India and China where Fred Meyer Schroder wrote of his sight and also Colonel Maurice Sheahan told of his eyewitness account of his March 28, 1941 experience where he said he saw a ‘white jewel-topped’ pyramid.


Captain Bruce Cathie of Auckland, New Zealand is a airline pilot turned explorer and UFO explorer. In his diaries, her decided to get to the truth about these pyramids. He suggests they lay on leylines or dragon ways. He called them ‘world-grid harmonics’.
Again, one pyramid can be seen by the next!

The Jewel Within (28)

Mirrors of the stars!
Above (on the roof) the celestial bodies were all represented; below (presumably on the floor or on some kind of table) the geography of the earth was represented.
These are not unlike the Egyptian pyramids in that they too mirror the sky. Not far from begin the myths related to Emperor Qin Shi Huangdi, the man who not only began the Great Wall of China but is also for the army of Life-Sized Terra Cotta Warriors. 8,000 of them! Was he trying to keep secrets within or something OUT!


Secret Society of the White Pyramid! These members know the true facts behind the obscure memory contact with ALIEN MIND! Hsien is the collective mind state for them to achieve. This ties in with Taoism/Daoism…etc. New Age/Old News religion of the fallen angels.

Top Pyramid

We have structures which exist that are definitely made by man. I don’t speak of pyramids, I mean buildings and such. It’s obvious there’s some kind of undercurrent of secret messaging here, right? I mean take a look…

Top Pyramids

IT ranges from homes, to buildings, monuments and skyscrapers. It encompasses our past, present and future in architecture. It’s amazing how people don’t see the scope of this subject. And when written about, it’s the writer who’s acknowledging this pattern who’s held in question and contempt instead of the culprits. But wait, this is how they’ve trained us to think and people don’t realize it.


I also want to point out that it’s the government designers who reach the highest points here, pun intended. These same people help design the buildings in large cities. So, together we see huge monuments and structures with clear messages.

As Above So Below

The consistent message here is AS ABOVE, SO BELOW. This comes from celestial beings who want to be worshiped and their message is this…we will bring your untold wisdom and technology if…and only if, you will worship us! Not GOD!! Because we are gods, and so you can be. Besides Satan’s lie of never existing this is among the worse of them all. We cannot be GOD! It’s an impossibility. But here we have the message being written in steel, stone and mortar. CLEARLY!
These messages come in many forms and structures and here’s another…

Ancient Pyramids Found in Antarctica?
The mystery surrounding this story leads one to believe that many are purposely keeping secret. The expedition team of Navy Seals who went to research this area came up ‘missing’ and have never been seen since. Supposedly there are spectacular ruins and other things which couldn’t be discussed.
This was found when the team was sent to look for an ancient city two miles below the surface…reminds me of the movie!
A team of researchers are claiming that they’ve discovered three ancient pyramids on the ice covered continent. This land belongs to no one! But an international team comprised of researchers from the US, and several other countries, are stating two of the huge pyramid structures were found approx. 10 miles inland, and a third not far from the coastline which is clearly seen from the ocean.
Ancient City/Pyramids Found Atlantis?

alaska pyramid

Alaskan Bermuda Triangle
Some say the original Bermuda Triangle is where the island of Atlantis is, and this makes sense, but what about the others? Is this secret powers hidden within the ground, given to mankind as promised. But, lost in time! Wait…purposely lost, that is.
Some say the existence of this site might still be a secret if it wasn’t for certain people who had the gumption to come forward. And ironically, it came from CHANNEL 13! Got to love that number, right? They instill it every chance they get with their magical sense of timing.


In 1992, Anchorage television news, a broadcasting segment included a ‘discovery’ by ‘geologists’ and other ‘scientists’ of an underground pyramid many times the size of Cheops. This discovery was accidental in that it was a scheduled Chinese underground nuclear test to map areas in Alaska. Alaska is a very densely unmapped state!
Linda Moulton Howe of Earthfiles, com was given the information about this pyramid, the latitude/longitude and such. It’s amazing how such land masses can be hidden in time!
Linda Howe-The Alaskan Pyramid

Connections Are EVERYTHING!
In a recent trip to Mount Shasta, California with the invitation from Travel Channel for an upcoming program…I was interviewed but I also got to meet a great person! David Paulides, an ex-policeman who now researches missing people among other subjects. This is his main concentration and it is revealed in his work of several published books. MISSING 411.
Paulides does what most paranormal researchers fail to do: First, he examines unique phenomena without defaulting to the unofficial canon of New Age explanations, and second: to thoroughly explain unknown subjects such as Big Foot, and missing people.

I-NadroSacred Rock _jpg

The people missing from National Parks are a hush-hush subject and the media does NOT speak of it. Why and how do so many people come up missing and we don’t hear about it? Conspiracies abound and dumb-down people go hand-in-hand.
Well, here’s another connection…
State Troopers oversee search and rescue operations but are told to keep these mission secret! In 2007, they performed 42 missions related to overdue hikers, boaters and other missing people including just your normal snow machine operators. The Troopers added 2,833 missing people notices to their MISSING PEOPLE CLEARINGHOUSE and maintain all related information.
In the state with over just 670,000 residents, the figure averages out to be four in every 1,000 people! Amazing!!


An even further oddity is the legends which surround this area in Alaska. Alaska Tlingit Indians that live near Juneau have this mystery of the pyramid into their religious culture!
They believe an evil spirit named Kushtaka, a cross between a man and an otter, captures people who have drowned or gotten lost, whisking them away to his secret realm never to be heard of again. Called, Kooshdakhaa, this cruel creature imitates the cries of a baby or scream of a woman to lure victims to the river. Strangely, I have heard stories about copper warding off fallen angels and the same is said for this creature. Why? Because they are all connected. Shapeshifters are demons!
Fallen angels and demons have produced horrific results on our world, leaving the people who live here in danger for their lives.
How are pyramids connected? I believe this technology is but one part of what the Bible tells us in connection with fallen angels and their knowledge given to man which Enoch reveals to us. This is why Enoch’s books were NOT placed in the Holy Bible.


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