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Yet ANOTHER Nickelodeon Illuminati-themed program hits America…
I know most people out there haven’t a clue what this is referenced to so I do my best to explain. The Anubis is a Greek name for a jackal-headed god. He is known as Inpu, Anup, Anpu, and Lenpw. The oldest mention is from the pyramid texts. Anubis was the god of the dead but was replaced by Osiris. They supposedly had sovereignty over the soul. He was Lord of the Underworld. He was the son of Ra.
Ancient Egyptian gods came back to Earth. The creatures were said to have the appearances of the Anubis. Many believe this Anubis are from Sirius and these are the same as the Annunaki.
In Freemasonry, the worship the gods of Sirius. This is why they put up the giant Anubis in the Denver Airport, and use this symbolism in many other places as well. It carries the implications of their gods, the Ascended Masters, who of course has a leader called Satan/Lucifer.
Many know the media has been forsaken to the elite and their minions. There is no news given without their knowledge on TV, Radio, or elsewhere unless it is underground news. One of the ‘programming’ entities they own and use to train the children is Nickelodeon. There are many programs that reveal their symbols. This practice goes back as far as you want to investigate. They mentally install this symbolism for it to be easily accepted once they become adults.
A new program called, “House of Anubis” is being aired in Belgium and the Netherlands. It is due to air here in the United States for the first time in January of 2011. OH…WANT to guess the DATE? The 11th of course! Trailer for this program is listed at the end of the article.
You will notice this:
Hiding one eye-is a signal for a person who is in control of the elite.
This sign is yet another symbol of the occult.
And of course, we have the LOGO for the program. I say program instead of show for it is but programming of the mind. Stylized “ALL-SEEING EYE”, derived from the Eye of Horus which all goes hand in hand to the ancients.
Addendum: The Premiere was shifted to air on January 1st! This is STILL 1/1/11=11 11 -website in Germany (also reveals the Anubis Game)

5 responses

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  2. princess

    itz true…. illuminati… i guessed it from i saw the show advertisin, but d show’s really facinatn and interestin.. i like it

    January 31, 2011 at 7:00 PM

  3. Seumas

    Fun fact, by episode 22 they’re already prepping viewers for the use of numerology.

    February 5, 2011 at 3:11 AM

  4. fabian and nina should get back together there so perfect together and joy should get a grip she is the mean one and she was not even fabians boyfriend in the first place.i want nina and fabian together. will they?

    March 7, 2012 at 5:38 PM

  5. I tink they shld,bt if dy dn’t,wel its actually jez a am so disappointed in them…al wel nd gud..its a veri interestin movie..nd i love d suspense…

    December 17, 2012 at 6:35 PM

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