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Second Sun

Star Wars fans must be loving this new bit of news…no it’s not just a figment of your imaginations or George Lucus’.
The second biggest star-Betelgeuse-in the Orion nebula is making it’s grand exit by losing its mass in what is said to be a showing of a second sun, with this impending super-nova reaching Earth before 2012. The old star is losing its fuel in the center and this will cause a gravitational collapse, according to Dr. Brad Carter, Senior Lecturer of Physics at the University of Southern Queensland. Expecting the event to happen now might be stretching it a bit because it could also happen in one millions year, but who’s counting?
“This is the final hurrah for the star,” says Dr. Carter. And when it does it will create a giant explosion will occur, tens of millions of times brighter than the sun.
This would cause the appearance of twin sun and would these twin suns are a very real reality. Yes, we could potentially see a second sun form, if only for a few weeks.
With the internet exponentially filled with impending doomsday theories and such prophecies as the Mayan calendar and Hopi Indian prophecies as well, this isn’t taking away from these stories considering the fact that this star, “Betelgeuse,” is associated with the Devil.
Though it is a derivation of the Arabic phrase “yad Al Jauza” which translates into the “hand of the Al-Jauza” which refers to a mysterious woman who is said to control the order of the Universe, it hasn’t stopped survivalist from continuing their plans of continuity.
And far from being a exact science, or sign of the apocalypse, there is a chance that 99% of these tiny particles called neutrinos will make their way through our bodies of the galaxy. This would flood the Earth with the particles and light up the night sky.

A star like Betelgeuse’s explosion would cause an explosion that would result in a formation of a neutron star or a black hole formation approximately 1300 light years away from Earth…according to Dr. Carter is could go either way.

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