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Satan’s Counterfeit Matrix-PT 17/Holy Spirit VS. Jezebel (Queen of Heaven)

Chapter 17. Holy Spirit Vs. Jezebel (Queen of Heaven)


The Spirit of Yah is THE SPIRIT OF TRUTH! The spirit of Truth is the Holy Spirit. What is not of Truth, is not of Him. Basically, Churches of present day are wicked. They are being shifted and used by evil. The Illuminati controls the Churches by evil and allowing that evil presence of Jezebel to be present therein. It’s hard for people to understand the terms shared here, but it’s important for your souls to not participate in the Churches that preside now. But, to read your Bible and keep yourselves in God’s Word is necessary in order to not be deceived. Keeping your ARMOR of GOD on!


Jezebel was a princess from the rich coastal city of Sidon, where her father was king. He had usurped the throne, and was a force to be reckoned with. Strong men often have strong, ambitious daughters, and Jezebel proved to be just that.
She married Ahab, son of a famous warrior king of Israel called Omri, who had also usurped the throne, and was one of the great warriors and builders of the ancient world.
When she moved to Israel Jezebel stayed loyal to her own gods, the gods of agriculture and weather. She believed ardently in them, and was probably a High Priestess in the worship of Baal, her most loved god. He was god of storms, rivers and water, but she probably also worshipped his divine wife Asherah, who personified the fertility of all females and was a fierce champion of the family.
When Jezebel presided over worship and sacrifices, she would have worn the ritual make-up and clothing of a priestess – the heavy make-up of Egyptian Pharaohs and their queens give some idea of what this looked like.
Monotheism was still in its infancy, and most people in the ancient world venerated a number of gods. The people of Israel wavered between Yahweh and Baal, and there was mutual hatred between the priests of Yahweh and Baal. Each side was more than happy to murder their opponents.
Jezebel championed the priests of Baal, and she found herself confronting the Israelite prophet (or as she would have seen him, political agitator)

Elijah. In a dramatic showdown on Mount Carmel, hundreds of her priests were slaughtered by the Yahwist devotees led by Elijah. Jezebel swore revenge, and Elijah went into hiding for a time.

Despite her reputation as a floozy, Jezebel seems to have been fiercely loyal to her husband Ahab. He was almost constantly engaged in leading the army and fighting battles, and Jezebel would often have been in charge of keeping government on track while he was away at the battlefield. She grew used to exercising power.
Jezebel’s father in Sidon was an absolute monarch, and she believed that a king’s word was law. But this was not the Israelite view. Many of the tribal groups were still reluctant to accept centralized government, and thought their king had too much power already.
In one incident, Jezebel’s husband Ahab needed a plot of land to serve the palace at Jezreel. The owner of the land,

Naboth, would not sell. He wanted to resist the creeping change that was occurring all over Israel at the time, as the rich (in the form of landed estates) grew richer and the poor (in the form of the general populace) grew poorer.

In this impasses, Ahab fell into some sort of black depression – though a great warrior himself, he always lived in the shadow of his famous father.
Jezebel decided to act. She ruthlessly arranged the judicial murder of Naboth, and took over the land that was necessary for palace expansion. She thought she was within her rights; many people disagreed.
Her husband died a noble death in battle, and her son Ahaziah succeeded to the throne. Two years later he died in an ‘accident’, falling from a high balcony in the palace. The details are unclear, but it is obvious there had been some sort of attempted palace coup. Her second son

Joram became king, but after some years he was attacked and murdered by Jehu, a sinister man who had once served in Joram’s own army. Jezebel saw her son die, shot in the heart by Jehu.

In the ensuing violence

Jezebel was killed as well, flung by her own eunuchs from a high balcony. She died as a queen should, magnificent and defiant, hurling insults at her murderers to her last breath. She had dressed herself in royal regalia, and applied make-up to her eyes and face, and put on her royal crown – it is from this that we get the expression ‘painted like a Jezebel’.

When she was thrown down from the balcony she fell onto the pavement of the palace’s central courtyard, and the usurper, Jehu, ran his iron-wheeled chariot back and forth over her dying body. Then he went into the palace for a celebratory dinner.
Afterwards, Jehu remembered that her body was still lying in the courtyard of the palace, and ordered that it be buried. She was, after all, a queen. But the palace dogs had got to it first, and all that remained of this royal woman was her head and her hands.
After this, Jehu ordered the murder all of the young men and boys of the royal family, about seventy in all. They were hunted down one by one, and killed by the people who had been entrusted with their care. Their head were sent to Jehu in baskets – he ordered they be displayed at the city gates. Then he ordered the deaths of all those who had killed the boys – it was too dangerous, thought Jehu, to let them live.
Thus Jezebel, her family, and all her followers died.


is COUNTERFEITING the Holy spirit. People are being deceived by Priests of Baal and are working their works through Jezebel’s “Gifts of Witchcraft”.  ”There is not one organization, not one movement present today, that is not suffering from the seductions of Jezebel to false doctrine, and in many cases, DAMNING HERESIES.  Eating of this Tree of Death, makes us one WITH THAT TREE, and the author of the lies they have been seduced to believe.  If this were not so, then we would not have to go to Zion when it is opened for us to do so, to LEARN THE TRUTH.  We are NOT going to come into the full knowledge of the Truth until that day. When LIES are being preached, then I know that the “Spirit” upon the people is the “Spirit of Jezebel” that seduces people into Satan’s deceptions, for Yeshua’s Spirit does NOT confirm lies! In the plan of Yah, the Kingdom of Darkness was to reign over the earth in the day just prior to the manifesting of His Kingdom in the “Dwelling Places of Zion”.  We are certainly IN THAT DAY!!!  In this, it is prophesied that Jezebel would be a GREAT SEDUCTRESS unto false doctrine which is part and parcel with “The Strong Delusion”, and the deceiving of the very elect. The seduction of even the very elect was to come through false prophets that mesmerize with signs and wonders.  Those signs and wonders were to seductively appear as Yeshua’s confirmation upon them, and oh my, how this is taking place.  People are being taken in by what appears to be a move of Yeshua’s Spirit, when it is in fact A COUNTERFEIT at work.  It is all the Serpent’s, the Magician’s ILLUSION. There is a great difference between signs and wonders being performed by the Holy Spirit through faith in and by Yah, and that which is performed by SORCERY, if even seemingly done in the name of “Yeshua”, or even as it is becoming so in this day, in the name of “Yeshua”, or for that matter, ANY SPELLING of His Name!!!  Until we are able to accept this axiom, we will never be able to discern between they who ARE of Yah, and they WHO ARE NOT


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  1. Many thanks for your time to have put these things together on this weblog. Janet and I very much loved your input through the articles over certain things. I am aware that you have a variety of demands on your own schedule therefore the fact that a person like you took equally as much time like you did to guide people really like us through this article is definitely highly appreciated.

    February 16, 2011 at 8:59 AM

  2. Interesting description…pictures help a lot to flesh out the story. I ended up here because I was searching for Satan’s counterfeit to the Holy Spirit. I’m thinking it may be what’s called “walk-in.” Many other terms used by New Agers but the idea’s the same…another spirit (soul) takes over an adult’s body (often in time of crisis, accident, near death). Ruth Montgomery popularized this concept with a book called “Strangers Among Us.” I wonder if the irrational thinking and behavior seen today (21st century) comes from millions of “strangers” taking over the world’s systems. I don’t know, just a thought.

    September 22, 2012 at 7:26 AM

    • Lynne,
      I think you may be right! I have found that Satan counterfeits everything of GOD, leaving nothing untainted. When you read the Bible it tells us about the ‘strangers’ and this is the same entities. Oh…I just watched “The Possession” last night and it was about a dibbuk (dybbuk) box. Almost the exact story aired on “Paranormal Witness” about two weeks ago. The increase in this kind of phenomena is not surprising, we are warned of it in the Bible concerning the last days.
      Thanks so much for sharing. We just need to open the eyes of the closed-minded. GO SERVE YOUR KING! Peace & Blessings-V

      September 22, 2012 at 10:04 AM

  3. Is it possible to tag this to my facebook page ? I am not able to copy paste due to the lack of a computor and this fone is not smart.thank you .DAVID BENYAHU HUTTON YAHUSHUA SHALOM

    October 4, 2013 at 6:29 PM

    • Just place the address in the box and it will come up automatically. You will need to type it exactly as the address bar presents it.

      October 5, 2013 at 12:54 PM

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