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There are many various references to Dragons in ancient texts from the Christian Bible, to a prophetic poem written in the 15th century. According to ancient mythology these Dragons were serpents, could fly, breath fire, had horns, a tail, were usually Red, Green, or White, and they live in caves in the ground.
The Christian Bible says that The Dragon was cast out of the Heavens (sky) to Earth. It also says that The Dragon will cause a great flood, that the woman has to run to the mountains to flee from.
Once you know what a Dragon really is, Revelations starts to make a whole lot more sense.
So…what exactly are Dragons?

The Christian Bible tells us in Revelations 12:9 in plain terms that The Devil, AKA Satan, is a Dragon.
The two main types of Dragons are European Dragons and Chinese Dragons, both of which hold fundamental values in their respective ancient cultures. People feared and respected these Dragons. Chinese dragons can take on a human form, and the five-clawed dragon was a symbol of the Chinese emperors.

The word dragon entered the English language in the early 13th century from Old French dragon, which in turn comes from Latin draconem (nominative draco) meaning “huge serpent, dragon,” from the Greek word δρακων, drakon (genitive drakontos) “serpent, giant seafish”, which is believed to have come from an earlier stem drak-, a stem of derkesthai, “to see clearly,” from Proto-Indo-European derk- “to see” or “the one with the (deadly) glance.”

Some legends even speak of the dragons being a comet from space and this is definitely another additive to this scenario due to the fact that comets usually accompany fire.
RAJA NAGA is the name of the gigantic serpent in the legends of the Malay people of West Malaysia. The name means “King of the Serpents,” thus this vast being is described as the biggest of all the water dragons in the seas.
The early Sumerians, Babylonians, and Assyrians all had the Dragon in their culture as a potent force, such as Tiamat. A cylindrical seal from Sumer of 4,000 B.C. depicts a Dragon behind the goddess Bau. These may well have been originally derived from the serpent cultures of Aapep and Typhin in ancient Egyptian mythology.
From the ancient Middle East the development of the Dragon concept migrated with different people and metamorphosed in its description east across the Indian subcontinent to the Orient and west through the European cultures. From the association with the early Earth Goddesses and the Serpents of Chaos, the Dragon was regarded as a powerful being whose associations with elements of earth, water, fire, and flight through the air made them either horrific adversaries or supernatural associates.

They were attributed to guarding something, this may very well be golden apples, as in the Greek myths, or hoards of treasure. In the legends of Atlantis there were apples and the gods of Atlantis were also called Dragons.
It should also be noted that the Lydians and Mysians were relatives while the Mysians were connected to the Meosi peoples at the mouth of the Danube, a term that looks like “mushu” = “dragon.”
The golden apples, according to Greek myth, are found in Hesperia/Hesperides, wherefore I would suggest that this “garden” is to be found among the Gwenea-Gwynedd kingdom. I assume that the Gwenea peoples came to Wales to rule Atlantis, and therefore when they settled Erethlyn they settled the very heart of Atlantis…which must also be the apple garden.

Hercules was the only one ever to find the apples of the Hesperides, yet he couldn’t find the apples without the help of Atlas. This clue reveals that the bloodline of Atlas was ruling in Hespera. That no one could find Erethlyn but Hercules means that the “Atlanteans” lived there in peace…until Hercules came to make war with them. We are dealing with western Atlantis here, which was called “Hespera” by Siculus.
Kundalini was said to be the manifestation of the primal Dragon, which they called Neptune on Atlantis. The golden apples were said to represent the secrets of the Kundalini. And the Sons of Lucifer had a symbol that was a dark, wingless Dragon, which represented the lower, unevolved qualities of egoism and control. The wingless Dragon represented the unfolding Kundalini serpent which these sorcerers were not able to move to the crown of the head and unite with Spirit, thereby giving it ‘wings.’ The emblem Solar Brotherhood on Atlantis was a blue, golden or winged Dragon. The symbol of the caduceus which our medical field has used for centuries was another symbol.

Dragon Kings of Atlantis was considered the life force and were considered to be ‘bulls’ themselves, which is where we get the history of the Worldwide Venus Bull Cult.
Baphomet was the archetypical Primal Dragon and the First Son of God, he was the black Dragon image of Neptune-Sanat which had been worshipped on Atlantis before being taken to Egypt and transferred into the “Goat of  Mendes.”
Venus is naturally fiery hot, and it’s movement leaves a fiery tail which gave it the appearance of a celestial fire serpent, and for this reason and others, the ancients worshiped Venus as a fiery, celestial Dragon.
Thousands-year old myths about dogons mention ‘humans’ who came to Earth from Sirius. It is said that Nommo whose sacred image dogons worship was the one who brought the aliens to Earth. Nommo is described as a combination of a human and a snake with three couples of flexible extremities and a split tongue. It has a smooth shining body covered with green skin. Legends say that Nommo (meaning “the monitors”) as well as other aliens were living side by side with dogons for a long period of time, shared their knowledge and experience with them and then left for their home star.
China was considered the homeland of dragons at all times. As well as dogons’ legends, Chinese legends also say that dragons came down on this planet from the sky. Old historical scripts say that “the sons of the sky” made up the first calendar and a medicine textbook.

In Peru, people also tell legends about sky messengers. They taught men build irrigation canals and grow corn; women learn to sew and cook from them. As well as Chinese, Peruvians got a precise calendar from these sky messengers.
In Central America, legends telling about Quetzalcoatl, a feathered dragon, appeared about three thousand years ago. Almost all of the tribes inhabiting Central America honored the dragon and believed it was Quetzalcoatl who gave people an accurate calendar, taught them to mine and work precious stones and observe the stars.
Hercules was reputed to have had, and John Leonard certainly had, a third set of teeth. Growing a third set of teeth in ancient times was meant to be a sign of a supernatural hero. As Edward Samson the dental historian has written “… it is probably the tales of Hercules, half-god, half-man, which laid the foundation of the idea that men of more than usual strength would grow more than usual two sets of teeth.” John Leonard was, coincidentally, abnormally large and physically strong, according to the information about him which survived within the family.
The Knights Templar were suppressed in England and France, and they continued in Scotland (hence “the Scottish Rite”; manuscript records of sixteenth-century Scottish lodge meetings survive) and by the seventeenth-century spread back into England again. English Freemasonry likes to pretend that the Masonic Movement was founded in 1717, but that can be proved to be complete nonsense.

Alice Bailey produced many volumes of mystical works supposedly inspired by “Higher Beings”, communicated to her in a trance/channeling. Much of what she wrote concerned a kind of cosmic Freemasonry, She maintained that “the Great White Lodge” of Freemasonry is based at the Sirius System. She wrote:
“Each star in the heavens is a solar system with a light-producing sun and revolving planets. Our solar system in which our Earth exists is one of them. There are millions of stars but, among them all, only the star Sirius has a direct link with the Earth and with humanity. Much was known to the Ancients about Sirius, now largely lost but recoverable… Masonic tradition has it that the first three degrees of our Blue lodge are equivalent to the first degree of Freemasonry on the star Sirius. Pondering upon the implications of this statement is fascinating because it lifts the whole concept of Masonry as a spiritual quest on to a higher plane than ever known before. It gives meaning and depth to the question: Why Masonry? It will be no detriment to Masonry if we use the “as if” technique of philosophy which does not hesitate to deal with that which is yet unproven. More Masons are asking more fundamental questions about Masonry these days… Among such questions is: Where did Masonry originate? Because the star Sirius is older than the Earth Masonry could have existed there long before our Earth Masonry began. By implication there is human life on Sirius… Our solar system receives energy from three main sources. There are three great waves of energy which sweep cyclically through our solar system, on of which comes from Sirius.

There are seven paths of progress open to man when he has learned all that human evolution on Earth can teach him. One is the path to Sirius. He arrives there in consciousness as a perfected human being. It follows that there is therefore a type of life on Sirius which includes the essential of human life on Earth. This includes Masonry and he finds that great spiritual fraternity already there. Life on Sirius is therefore the destiny of the majority of humanity who then, if they are Masons, continue as Masons… Great as Masonry has been in the past, it has before it still more glorious and useful future as it moves from Speculative to Spiritual Masonry. That inevitable change is already dimly seen. It will be more important than the change from Operative to Speculative Masonry. It is towards this end that Masonic Research should direct its efforts.”
I don’t know whether Alice Bailey herself actually wrote that. But she certainly wrote the following:
“One great fact to be borne in mind is that the initiations of the planet or of the solar system are but the preparatory initiations of admission into the greater Lodge on Sirius. …The first four initiations of the solar system prior to the first cosmic initiation. The fifth initiation corresponds to the first cosmic initiation. that of “entered apprentice” of the Lodge Sirius. The sixth initiation is analogous to the second degree in Masonry, whilst the seventh initiation makes the Adept a Master Mason of the Brotherhood of Sirius. A Master, therefore, is one who had taken the seventh planetary initiation, the fifth solar initiation, and the first Sirian or cosmic initiation.”

Alice Bailey also said quite explicitly:
“…in the secret of the sun Sirius are hidden the facts of our cosmic evolution, and incidentally, therefore, of our solar system.” This might almost serve as a motto for my own book! And yet these insights reached Miss Bailey by means of some strange “automatic writing” which she apparently produced, like someone in trance. And I only found out about it after I worked my own way along what might be called by the Hindus “the path of knowledge”; Miss Bailey seems to have taken some kind of short-cut.
Upon researching this subject I came across may pages of many cultures who see these “Dragon” or “Dragon Snakes” on a daily basis and have so many people in the community who have experienced these sightings that they are NOT abnormal but they are VERY scared due to the fact that these Dragon Snakes have injured and killed numerous people and continued to do so.

Oddly enough the Royal Crests contain DRAGONS!

This is a website that identifies the mysteries of the Dragon Snake being experienced by the people on Solomon Islands, but this was all taken from Nextus Magazine, Volume 10, Number 5 (August-Sept 2003) issue. The story is based from a documentary account of a retired RAAF engineer who had recently moved to the islands to enjoy his retirement. The location was from Guadalcanal, Malaita, and the surrounding areas.
He was enjoying his vacation and was going to drink some beer and fish the next day but his friend, Joseph, warned him of the “Dragon Snake, that it came out at night and flies around. They said it had piercing red yes, and have been fears for generations. It was responsible for people going missing and for killing people.
While they were fishing Joseph came out of the water and shouted : “There! There! There! The Dragon Snake! The Dragon Snake! He was pointing to the right, down the beach. About a kilometer away was a very bright, luminous white object flying over the water. Watching it for a few minutes, it submerged itself into the sea. Joseph said wait for 10 minutes and it would be back-which it did!
The location of the submersion was part of the sea that was right in front of the village was where the Allied Forces had encountered a Japanese fleet in a great battle that resulted in the biggest loss of Allied ships during any naval engagement in World War II. This battle included the Australian heavy cruiser, the HMAS Canberra, and the American heavy cruiser, the USS Chicago. UFOs were submerging in exactly the same area where the HMAS Canberra, the USS Chicago and other ships had sunk.

Atlantis Resort Bar called “Dragon”

It must be noted here that the story reveals that the UFO’s didn’t mind being revealed to the locals but upon a ship from elsewhere appearing it cloaked itself.
Seemed the UFO had a habit of appearing at 10:00 pm, or 3:00 am, and they were planning to witness its routine. The expedition was to be filmed and definitely was to be a low-budget documentary, but due to the financial situation he only had a Kodac Instamatic camera at the time.

At 3am, a few nights later, the two friends witnessed a UFO and its path took it directly over theirs and they took off towards its direction.
Research showed that expeditions to Malaita in 1996, 1997 and 2002. Contrary to popular belief, NASA – or whoever that mob was – first made contact with the occupants of the subterranean UFO base in central east Malaita in 1961. This is how they began to gain what partial technology they have today. It was through blackmail. This happened because when the great geologist Mr Gropher was doing his few expeditions in the area between 1958 and 1960, he saw these UFOs and then reported back to the UK (the ruling colonial power at the time) about them.
Apparently, in 1961, a white man who claimed to be from NASA came to that part of the island and asked for assistance from his wife’s relatives to take him to the UFO subterranean base entrances, which they did. He was the only white man ever to have married a woman from Kwaio, which is in that area. This NASA guy was gone a week and then returned, asking his wife’s relatives for further assistance to take him back to these places.
There is a 50-metre-diameter, bottomless circular reef in amongst the surrounding 10-metre-deep coral reef a few miles north of Kwoi Island (which is on the border of the Kwaio and Kwara’ae tribes) and south of Namo’ere’ere in central east Malaita. Singalanggu Harbour is slightly further south. UFOs can be seen going in and out of that reef virtually every night.
His friends like fishing down this UFO hole during the daytime because it saved them from having to go out into the danger of the ocean and because there’s a plentiful supply of big ocean-type fish that can be caught in its depths. They have let down over 200 metres of 100-pound line and still haven’t been able to hit the bottom.
On mainland Malaita, about three to four miles directly inland from that circular reef entrance is a lake which has two connected entrances/exits. When the boys are out fishing at night, they see the UFOs going in one entrance and coming out the other. A UFO coming out of this lake at dusk incinerated his good friend’s grandfather, and everyone in the area knows about it. The aliens have instilled fear in these people for generations, and many people have gone missing.

In the Kwaio and Kwara’re areas, there are three entrances in their jungle mountains that he knows of where these “ball of light”-type UFO vehicles can be seen entering and exiting. It is his belief that these entrances are not individual bases but are all connected, making up one big UFO base under the island. He also believe that one of the many reasons why they are there is that, for reasons of their own, they are mining a very rare type of gemstone under this kimberlite rock volcanic island.

The gemstones which his wife’s relatives possess have a far higher specific gravity than that of diamonds, and a refractive index such that when you put the stone in light you see your mirror image in the centre of the stone. He once had a 32.4 carat “ET stone” with these characteristics. There are some old folklore stories supporting the interest in these unique stones.

Furthermore, as there are many remnants of the Ramo civilisation that can be found on top of the island and the aliens underneath, there is every chance there is a connection. And that goes for on Guadalcanal, too.
The waterfall lake UFO base of Small Malaita (south Malaita), where e witnessed their activities, is easy to find. Just ask the locals, but, heading north up the passage with Small Malaita on your right, about three kilometres from Affiou, the main town, and about a kilometre up the jungle mountain is their base entrance, where they can be seen entering and exiting nearly every night and also brazenly and casually flying along the passage.
Many Solomon Islanders have told of flat stingray-type UFOs with big round lights underneath them that hum as they go along. They sometimes see them flying low over the jungle and surfacing out of the sea near where they are fishing. The UFOs have landed near villages, and the (white or black) people who get out of them have strange grey uniforms, not seen anywhere else in the world.
Nevertheless, if there were ever a place that one could call “UFO Headquarters”, it would have to be central Malaita. Goodness knows what else there is in the rest of the Solomon Islands.

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