Truth is inspiring, it is guarded by GOD, and will triumph over all opposition!

Knights Templar Reincarnated

Seems like the Knights Templar have taken front stage in the world of secret affairs for hundreds of years now. With all the publicity in the news of late surrounding these so called fictitious figures which have left a legend of ole and new, it seems maybe their not so fictitious after all.

Do you think these characters just laid down their lives and rolled over to be killed? By far. These men spread their works from Germany to Europe to the United States and are the founding fathers of many estates. They didn’t disappear, nor did they die. Their descendants have been here all along. These people work by means of bloodlines and secret societies.

At first many connected these divided men to the Freemasons and then to other secret lines, then many began to realized that the lines blend thin in these elite stages and characters. As the motto of the United States foretells us, “FROM MANY ONE,” – E PLURIBUS UNUM…meaning that the “ONE” is this secret SOCIETY of men who stage all the events needed to bring forth their deeds and needs.
From Norway to Mexico, to Europe across the ocean to the United States comes a formidable force of mighty works. They have had dignitaries and royalty, to judiciary power carrying their plans out in undercurrents across the world.

From the Crusades to now…it has always been about religion-or should I say right from wrong! This is the FINAL CRUSADE! And there is only one judge-GOD!

A person who dies and is rendered alive again is deemed a zombie, and this description lends itself perfectly in this case.

A zombie is an entity which sucks the blood of others to survive, it eats the meat of living beings to continue its pace of gruesome trails. Is this a definition out of sorts, or does it fit perfectly?

I beg to differ with the class of people who don’t believe in the Knights Templar, and I also think zombies are real because in this case they are one in the same.

The ONE WORLD ORDER is led by many sources and numerous levels of powerful men and women whose intent is to bring forth the illusion that they have the answers and we desperately need them.

The deep rabbit hole within this scheme has been on its course for hundreds and thousands of years. It began with their predecessors and has brought before us the media attempts to make it appear needed in order to not have chaos. The false flag scenarios will continue to be more bold and boisterous, and with each play in motion it will become a force to be reckoned with.

This ONE WORLD ORDER will also bring into play the religious focus which has already began with several false flag events in the past several years and this is will force people to begin to question their belief systems and even their God. This is the whole focus. This will bring forth the ONE WORLD RELIGION.

All this has been foreseen and foretold by a book commonly known and at most times a world’s best seller on the marketplace. The Bible brings different books from many cultures and people who were told these things by GOD. Many don’t believe it even unto this very day, even with all these events taking place before us.

Prophecy is used by many and most fail in their attempts. The Bible has statistics unlike any other object in the world! Truth stands alone and needs no help. And the past is proof of this, no doubt.

So, as this masterful game of chess is played out before us with pieces from all over the world using the game pieces as their force, we must take the time to build our relationship with the ONE and ONLY Creator and GOD. The Creator of the Heavens and Earth is the maker of all these things before us and nothing is new.

Bring forth your faith and challenge yourself to put GOD first before anything in this wicked, wicked, world. Yes, GOD made this world but man, fallen angels, and demons have turned in into a cesspool of feces.

Make GOD first in your life and no matter what is going on before your very eyes, nothing matters but HIM!

One response

  1. Michele

    weird…..but not unbelievable. Nothing shocks me anymore. Obama is the ANTI Christ period. I recently studied the name if Judas Iscariot and uncovered the Name “Barak” had the SAME MEANING IN THE STRONGS. SHINING, BRIGHT. HIS NAME IS ALSO “SWORD” which is also his Islamic relgion.

    July 30, 2011 at 12:22 PM

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