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America’s Book of Secrets…lil’ secret

I’ve been watching the show...”America’s Book of Secrets” and it is a very interesting show to say the least…but have you noticed??

I noticed the symbol of the EAGLE of the UNITED STATES…looks like an OWL! Like the Freemason’s symbolism! An owl face!

It was quite the eye-opener for me…

I wasn’t blown away but seriously how many others symbols do we use and see on a daily basis that is really something else entirely…

in plain sight takes on a whole new term again.

Puts a whole new spin on the OWL, Swastika, Lotus, & Molech in connection with Freemasonry!

It is the secret to an owl’s ability to hear due to the ‘asymmetrical’ placement of its ear openings.
And the owl can twist its head nearly 360 degrees like Linda Blair in the Exorcist.
Asymmetry is a KEY to the OWL symbolism and SOUND

ASYMMETRY is the KEY to unlocking the secrets to the universe.…ght-hand-path/

And the owl’s monocular vision is also indicative of a deeper symbolism.

The most important symbol in many organizations, including Freemasonry, is the apron. The apron, who was at the beginning of a very simple and unadorned, was established by the priesthood of Melchizedek BC to 2,200. replaced with a white lambskin and is still used it. In ancient Egypt were the gods who flew to the old traditions, the “divine barks’ (UFOs), represented in the Egyptian temple paintings of the apron. Similarly, later, the priests wore their aprons as a sign of devotion to the “flying gods” and as a sign of authority, representing the gods, to the people. As early as 3.400 BC. members of the “BROTHERHOOD OF THE SNAKE” wore The skirt, to show their subservience to the gods who came with “flying wheels” of heaven. That today’s lower degrees of each lodge know the original use of the apron is doubtful.

Notice the OWL appearance! DESIGN is key!


One response

  1. hamirelfaqir

    Sorry to dissapoint but the Eagle inside the Great Seal is a Fenix,
    as the very Manly P Hall wrote.
    And that’s why they are destroying our world to rise it again from the ashes (ordo ab chao),
    probably starting on U.S.

    Check the history of U.S. flag and you will see that eagle was the same that has the mexican flag
    (the first emperor of Mexico as “free” nation, was freemason Iturbide;
    also is a deconstructed symbol of Quetzalcoatl, the feathered serpent, a.k.a.: the great dragon, a.k.a. satan)
    until it was changed to an american eagle.

    Also you can check more flags and coats of arms around the globe (even muslim nations)
    they have an eagle, a lis flower, a dragon or a lion,
    all of them symbols of occultism.

    February 15, 2012 at 9:23 PM

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