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“Christian” Love Songs to Lucifer

“Christian” Love Songs to Lucifer that reveal their intention if you are aware of them.

Here are a few: Fire, flame, candle, star, sun, dawn, twilight, thunder, lightning, light, shine, shining, illuminating, glowing, radiating, cold, darkness, night, wind, rain, storm, snow, winter, ice, crystal, change, secret, wisdom, mystery, stranger, friend, shadow, fantasy, reality, dream, invisible, imagine, mind, key, destiny, plan, power, empowerment, blind, see, learn, knowledge, gold, silver, magic, manifest, spiritual, spirit, presence, force, angel, fly, wings, prison, released, free, rising, baby, and even love (love of whom?).

I am not suggesting that every song or artist that uses these words is luciferian. However, these words do increase the probability that the song is luciferian.

In CCM, these songs usually eliminate the mention of “God” and “Jesus” and replace them with a vague “You”. In this wicked modern world where the luciferians run the music industry, “You” or even “Lord” can easily refer to their “lord” lucifer.

Michael W. Smith is a rock and pop singer who had a hit with an ostensibly Christian song called “I Will Be Here for You”, co-written by prolific hitmaker Dianne Warren. The song appears to be about God watching over us, but many songs are being written with a double meaning these days.

Here is the chorus: “I will be here for you/Somewhere in the night/Somewhere in the night/I’ll shine a light for you/Somewhere in the night/I’ll be standing by/I will be here for you”.

First of all, it is not God who lurks in the darkness waiting for us, it is lucifer. God has nothing to hide. Secondly, you must keep in mind that “lucifer” means “bearer of light”, which he once was. Those whom he possesses are euphemistically said to be “illuminated”, although being “illuminated” by spiritual darkness is, of course, impossible.

Michael W. Smith also sings the line “Baby, let me in your world”. Would God or Jesus say “Baby, let me in your world”? Of course not. It sounds like a bad pick up line.

Before you rush to defend Michael W. Smith, let me add a bit more. Even back in 1988, the cover of his “i 2 (Eye)” cd had a pyramid with an “eye” on top, creating an Egyptian Eye of Horus (lucifer/satan), similar to the back of a US one dollar bill. The album is called “i 2 (eye)” because Michael W. Smith (“i”) went to (“2”) the “eye” of Horus.

“i 2 (eye)” with a pyramid capped by an “eye” (of Horus).
Pyramid on the back cover.
He is pointing to his head, a symbol of occult knowledge.

Notice that this symbol of lucifer worship was added to US currency around the same time that bankers began the Federal Reserve scam to siphon billions of dollars a year from US citizens into the hands of foreign bankers (1912-1913). Coincidence? There’s no such thing as coincidence.

On the “i 2 (eye)” cd, Michael W. Smith has a song called “Secret Ambition”. To begin with, why would a Christian have a “secret ambition” at all? Only the evil ones hide in secrecy.

Secondly, there is an awful lot of luciferian imagery in this song ostensibly about “Jesus”: “Each heart a kindled flame“, “Nobody knew his secret ambition”, “He tore the Holy Veil away”. The barrier between us and the spiritual realm is often called the Veil in the occult. To consort with demonic spirits, the Veil must be “torn away”.

I am no expert on Michael W. Smith. So why do I get the feeling that there are hundreds more examples of these luciferian symbols waiting for me if I examine every song of his in detail?

I would like to think he was deceived into singing songs like this but he also co-wrote them. I wish him well, or, more accurately, I pray he is doing well.

Amy Grant went from “Christian” music to secular music. Before that, she had a hit called “Lover of My Soul” (notice that it’s the old title “Jesus, Lover of My Soul” with the “Jesus” removed?): “Underneath a blanket of snow, cold and white/Something is stirring in the still of the night”. Does that sound like God to you? “Something stirring in the still of the night“?

Then: “The Sun comes up, slowly with the dawn”. Satanist Aleister Crowley, among others, worshipped the Sun in the Order of the Golden Dawn. “The Dawn of a New Day” refers to the rising of the antiChrist to bring occult “wisdom” to the world and a New World Order dictatorship.

Then: “And maybe my eyes can’t see/But You are surrounding me/Here in the wind and rain”. Her “eyes can’t see” because she has not been “illuminated” by lucifer yet. One symbol of lucifer is lightning because he fell to the earth like lightning. Where there is wind and rain, there is usually lightning, thus the frequent storm imagery in modern lyrics.

Then: “I know the voice/I know the touch/Lover of my soul”. Is it appropriate to call God a “lover touching” you? Of course not.

Luciferians believe that lucifer created the world, not God, so when Amy sings “Give me faith to fully believe/That the Maker of this whole, wide world is a Father to me”, even that can have two meanings.

Once again, I would like to think that Amy was just deceived into singing songs like this but she is a co-writer. Although I have not read every lyric Amy Grant has ever sung, you can further investigate if you desire. I wish Amy well.

“Christian” artist Amy Grant flashes the devil’s horns (corna) symbol.

For those of you still not convinced, I’ll give you one that’s even more obvious. In 1992, “Christian” artist Kemper Crabb had a cd called, wait for it, “Illumination”.

On the cover he has one eye in the light and one eye in the pink shadow (Eye of Horus). His hand is making an occult “Claw” symbol over his heart. His other hand has an open palm facing outward, an occult symbol of veneration. The name of his group, Radiohalo, is made of nails. The “halo” in “Radiohalo” is a symbol of sun worship.

Song titles include Straw Man (i.e.Wicker Man), The Gates of Dawn, Illumination, Heat of the Night, Persistence of Vision, and Sea of Blood. Real subtle, Kemper.

Does Kemper Crabb’s “Illumination” album look like a Christian release to you?

Two other CCM groups I checked out because of their rave reviews were Skillet “Red” and Newsboys. It only took me a few seconds of listening to hear that they were not Christian. The artwork of “Take Me to Your Leader” by Newsboys has a Martian with green skin (Osiris) showing the Eye of Horus (one eye).

Let me know if you find any more luciferian “Christian” songs. Unfortunately, I’m sure there are hundreds, or even thousands.

Now you know why so much CCM music leaves you feeling empty. I recommend the book “The Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965-1980” by Ken Scott if you want to escape the largely lame and shallow world of modern CCM music. If the evil ones can ruin it, they will, and they did. It’s time for us to wake up and notice.

If you study their symbolism, you’ll be depressed when you realize it’s everywhere, but at least you will no longer be deceived by them.

If you like this article or any other article, please print it out. The internet is being censored. The globalists do not have total control over the truth paradigm on here as they do in the mainstream media and that is going to change.

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  3. Alot of this so called “christian” rock music, and praise & worship music is evil. Even if the lyrics sound okay, there’s mind-control in the beats and pipes. But we know that it causes trouble for demons whenever the name of Jesus, or the blood of Jesus is mentioned… and this is why many of these modern day “christian” songs never mention any of that! One could be sitting in a church singing “Our god is an awesome god”, to the real God, and another could be sitting there next to them, singing it to satan. People gotta be careful about this stuff! If they’re hooked with mind-control spirits, and the “anti-christ” comes on the scene.. all he’s gotta do is reel them in… because he’ll be extremely hypnotic.

    May 24, 2012 at 5:26 PM

  4. pottersclay

    Really, you actually think you KNOW if someone is a christian by listening to a couple minutes of their songs? Only the Lord knows our hearts (that’s from the Bilbe). I actually agree that alot of ccm is shallow, like the teaching in a megachurch, but we are all in a different place in our walk with the Lord and some people are just starting out. This article is really reaching and while your list of words could mean what you say, they could be their definition alone. Again, you suggest you know the artist’s intent and only God knows that.

    May 27, 2012 at 9:13 PM

    • I listen with the intent of good, while some songs are definitely not. Correct, I believe only GOD knows the intentions of our hearts. But, we also need to reveal the symbolism in this, this alone reveals the truth. I don’t judge, only bring the message of what I believe needs to be told. Once the red pill is taken, there’s no going back. Not everything is a conspiracy…I know. But, it’s nice to get some truths out there in amongst all the lies. Peace & Blessings-V

      May 27, 2012 at 10:00 PM

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