Truth is inspiring, it is guarded by GOD, and will triumph over all opposition!


Already there are pictures and videos hitting the internet of the 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony. This much is true…it is all about the elite and their symbols! They use symbols, numbers, songs, etc…to feed the fire!

This video not only shows SPERM but many probably have no clue it is. Sperm carries your DNA! They are bragging about theirs.

Then you have the CIRCLES in the sky; this means two things to me: 1) The feminine aspect of their goddess, Isis. 2.) The UFO aspect many are speaking of. Who UFO circles? Because they want you to know their SPERM is from the ‘gods’..they serve.

You also see the All-Seeing Eye but also the circles on the ground reconstruct the circles of these gods, and their island that sank…ATLANTIS.

Athletes parade around the Olympic Stadium during the opening ceremony.

The Olympics are nothing but a ceremonial memorial to these ancient Greek gods. The circles (floating) in the skies also denote the UFO’s which hold their gods.

That they know these gods are watching for these elite have spent months opening wormholes, and portals by rituals they have performed.

The lightening is an actual symbol for SATAN/ZEUS! Does the flashing sparks dropping letting us know these gods have landed? Yes. Are they becoming “ILLUMINATED”?

The men dressed in attire of old, is denoting that our founders have been worshiping these gods all along. The illusion of a Christian God behind their works was just that, an illusion.

Looks like sun worship in this pic.

Are these triangles around the stadium a symbol for their gods? Yes. Also some would say the raking of the ‘gold’ is the “Annunaki” enslaving humanity once again. Also notice in this picture the 11/6+5=11/

Next video:

Is this David BeckHam symbolically bringing the fire back to the elite over the river of Hades?

The Bells which they ring to open the portals/wormholes


This reminds me of a BEE (Merovingian). The bloodline of the gods ‘flying’/becoming immortal? This is their goal, you know!


Is Queen e “LIZ” abeth bored?

The Pagans sure love their trees


This video of the ‘queen’ is just creepy!

Is this picture a symbol of what’s to come? their diabolical plans to use genocide on the masses?

May Poles Dance began in ancient Babylon during sex worship and fertility rites.

“8” represents the number for eternity. Ouroboros. The Eight-circuit model of consciousness is a transhumanism theory proposed by Timothy Leary. The model represents the eight circuits of information that operate the brain. The lower are larval which deal with normal psychology, while the upper, the stellar, deal with the psychic, mystical, enlightened, and psychedelic states of mind. These higher circuits are thought to have only recently evolved, with just a fraction of human beings using them. The higher the circuit, the fewer people have activated it. Leary describes the four larval circuits as necessary for surviving and functioning in a terrestrial human society. Timothy Leary proposed that the higher four exist primarily for future use by humans who might someday migrate to outer space and live extraterrestrially.

In Wicca, there are eight Sabbats, festivals, seasons, or spokes in the Wheel of the Year. ALSO in SCIENTOLOGY it is the HIGHEST LEVEL of Scientology-OT8

oh by the way…they began these ceremonies on 9 Av 5772, a Jewish Shabbat. Written backwards is 27-7-5, 5=2+0+1+2, so it can be interpreted as 27-7-2012. 9 Av is a very special date in the Jewish tradition, the date of the destruction of the FIRST TEMPLE and the SECOND TEMPLE!!! Also the month of Av is the eleventh month of the Jewish civil year, so it is 9-11 in the Jewish Calendar!


A giant baby? With a creepy protruding circle from its head! Enters the stadium under a purple light. Purple is mentioned in Revelations as the Mystery Babylon! It is a black majick color, and the pyramid structures blinking a faint red light which is eerie of a EYE-SEEING EYE! Is this secret knowledge of Kate Middleton’s pregnancy? Will this ‘baby’ be born on 12-21-2012? Some say the DNA of the antichrist will be 13 times faster than a typical human, meaning he will be 33 years old when he reaches 12-21-2012. Or is this just the demented Luciferian ‘birth’ of the New World Order plans to reduce the population through bio-genetics?

They want so badly to become immortal and everything that comes with it! A god!


A GLIMPSE of a GIANT! We are the puppets!!

Worshiping a sorcerer giant? Is this their god? An immortal giant? Doing a RITUAL over the DEAD? Just what does this mean to you? Tell me??


8 responses

  1. Obama CONFIRMS COVENANT on TISHA B’Av The 9th of Av A day of CALAMITY

    Don’t you think this was done already and they are unveiling this now? Israel is too smart to make this agreement on this date…they are doing this on purpose.

    July 27, 2012 at 9:33 PM

    • Sharon,
      Thank you, my sister, for bringing us this MOST important item. It surely details the very act of an agreement. Is it the revelation foretold in the Bible which the antichrist will break? I think so, but I am not worthy to set dates of this magnitude. GOD Bless you, Love V

      July 28, 2012 at 9:52 AM

  2. Wob

    Alot of death coming from the looks of the giant grim reaperish guy… man he could use some sun! I also kinda wondered about the tree that was so elevated.. if it were a particular tree, like an oak, or like the tree of knowledge…

    July 28, 2012 at 2:22 AM

  3. ramjet

    Hundreds of youtube videos proclaimed a dirty bomb would be ignited during the opening ceremonies. Guess what, never happened. Guess what, everyone who spent years publishing these doomsday vids now has egg on their face. Some great vids were produced but it just goes to dhow you no matter how convincing they may be, its still someones proclamation of what might happen. Now lets see how many new doomsday vids are edited.

    July 28, 2012 at 11:43 AM

  4. Phillip McCrack

    What a strange deluded world you live in. Please explain Paul McCartney’s role. I could use the laugh.

    August 19, 2012 at 3:30 PM

    • There are no musicians which make a name for themselves which are not part of the whole satanic agreement. period. The Beatles are proven to be part of this pact. Lennon will be in part two of this series…I am writing it now. The closing of the ceremonies of the olympics. It is called, “Antichrist Symbolic Symbiosis”….get it? ASS! Haha…yup…I made that one up myself! Proud of it too!

      August 19, 2012 at 3:38 PM

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