Truth is inspiring, it is guarded by GOD, and will triumph over all opposition!

Prescription of Love


Take this hand-written prescription for the medicine it is intended to be. From The Healer.
Beyond our body and mind is our soul. GOD is THE BEST medicine for the body and soul. And ONLY GOD can heal the soul.


SO the DOCTOR is prescribing HIS Word:
Five times a day, for seven days.

Do it! IT will change your life. Don’t just read it…contemplate EVERY word of it.

This was written by David long, long ago! And although he felt the need was there, and I don’t doubt it for one second-look at the world around us! Many times we feel scared, helpless, restless, lost. There is comfort in the POWER of HIS Word.


The Lord is my shepherd:
THE Lord-there is NO other. HE is THE ONE AND ONLY.
Is-HE was, is and will always BE.
My-this is singular! Yes, David could have wrote it as a plural, but this is a personal aspect which Jesus wants us to feel.
Shepherd-A shepherd looks after EACH sheep. Carefully tasking each moment to look after its needs.


I shall not want.
I shall NOT want for anything. This of course comes AFTER the fact that HE gives us ALL we NEED. We need not beg for what we need, nor what we want. With that kind of faith, we shall not worry about tomorrow.


He maketh me to lie down in green pastures
There comes a time when things happen and we are on our backs. By whatever circumstance…injury, sickness, whatever the case may be-we need to realize everything is for a reason. If you take the time to look at great authors, you would see that they cannot create a masterpiece in the fast pace of a New York street.
We forget that before Jesus Christ sent the great disciples out to spread the Gospel, HE had them tarry for pray and the POWER of GOD!
Sometimes, we must consider that GOD places us on our back in order for us to have a chance to LOOK UP!


He leadeth me beside still waters
A calming effect is given when one sits and pictures a river of still waters. Do it! Think of a scene where the waters glisten in the sun, the water is still except for a silver splattering of rippling from the motion of slumbering waters. Meant to give you a soothing feeling, does it not? This is what GOD can do for you daily.


He restoreth my soul:
There are many days when we feel spent. If mentally, physically, or spiritually…we al need a time to refill our tanks! At one time David was as close as you can get to GOD. He was after the heart of GOD! But, he fell away. He lost his nearness to GOD. But, like any one of us…he repented. We can all repent and come closer to GOD. It can be a beginning, or a re-beginning.
The human mind is just as the human body, it can be wounded. And the resentment, and grief, and sorrow which tends to settle in our hearts and mind after a lost, or whatever…it can leave a bitterness and such a deeply cut wound that it feels only salt can reside there.
I’ve always heard that time heals all. This is just not true! ONLY GOD can heal, truly heal you.
Scripture tells us that GOD made the first man and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life. And then man became a ‘living’ soul. Well, this may happen the very millisecond that GOD places you into your mother’s womb, but it can also happen when your lost.
GOD restoreth my soul! He can restore life in you too!


He leadeth me in the paths of righteousness
Life has many forks in the road. A sense of direction is something we learn, it’s not given. I am one person who has a broken internal compass. I can get lost in a heartbeat if I’m not familiar with my surroundings. I’m not ashamed to admit it. And this is true without GOD! I am totally lost without HIM.
GOD leads us into eternity if we allow HIM to. HE can lead us into a path which will bring us to HIS loving arms, HIS HOUSE.
GOD is the ONLY place you will find unconditional love.
Think of the Israelites in the wilderness. Not that they wouldn’t listen to GOD, this is the reason it took forty years to find their way, but HE never left them. Even when they sinned against HIM, HE never left their sides. They came out of the desert.
We are never promised a bed of roses. In fact, the smell of roses is the opposite of what we smell most days! BUT..if you notice it says, HE LEADS us…he doesn’t DRIVE us. He never forces us to do anything. All of GOD’S creations are given FREE WILL.
Reminding me of a loving mother who guides you to safety from a busy street…this is how GOD works! It’s always meant out of love, the guidance of a Father who loves you unconditionally.


For his name’s sake
Everything GOD does for us is because HE is our Father in Heaven. We are HIS children. And following this train of thought we must in turn do everything for HIS Name’s sake. All the Glory to GOD.
This cannot be taken lightly. Our very life is given to us by HIM. We must stay close to the Shepherd. We must not stray and remain BY HIM, FOR HIM and IN HIM.

Jesus the Healer

Yes, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,
Spiritual discernment is given when we pray for it. There are several levels of this gift. Depending on your level of acceptance and GOD’S gift to you, you receive many blessings and an opening of the eyes. This can be from the minor gift of understanding the Scripture and helping others discern its meaning, to the extreme end of the spectrum of actually visually discerning spirits around you. Now, this can be just a ‘feeling’ of their being in the vicinity of yourself, or BAM…these demons are in your face!
So, the valley can be DEEP! Depending on your walk. The direction of your walk is between you and GOD. But, let me tell you that when you peer into the darkness the darkness can peer back! So, be careful what you ask for. Accept what GOD’S Will is for you.
But wait…don’t let me underestimate the power of your walk with GOD and HIS purpose for you. There are ministers out there that we need! Many levels of ministers…so your purpose may be in an office, or on the pulpit, and whatever the case may be…your deservedly there for a purpose of GOD.
My walk with GOD began more than twenty years ago. It was a crawl, mind you. GOD spoke to my heart and spiritually told me my job would be important and HE needed me. I also knew in my spirit that this would not take place for some time in the future. I just knew it. Don’t ask me how. I just did. And then four years ago, come August…that time came! Now, I take humbly my place in HIS Will for me. I don’t take it for granted and I know it’s dangerous on many levels. And I asked for the level of spiritual discernment which most would run from! Am I crazzzy? Some believe so.
Don’t let your walk scare you from your purpose. GOD is beside you. ALWAYS. HE is the reason you walk the walk and talk the talk. Don’t let any kind of persuasion of negativity penetrate your skin, what’s more your soul/spirit.
Death is something we will all face, and we all experience loss and grief. But, it’s a way of life. This too, is a time when we can draw near to HIM!


I will fear no evil:
We know evil surrounds us, some know this more than others. Evil is part of this world. But, fear is NOT of GOD. With GOD on our side, who can be against us? NO ONE, Nothing…not even the demons. Seriously, when they hear the Name of Jesus Christ, they run in shame. Also, did you know only the TOP hierarchy can actually SAY HIS Name. This is POWER! Jesus Christ’s Name is POWER! There is power in the Blood of Jesus Christ. Don’t ever doubt it!
We’re not meant to live life in fear. Nor are we to fear the future! We hear many horrific stories about what is coming, from our own government, from other dimensions in the Book of Revelation…and other things but we are not meant to fear because GOD is by our side. HE walks with us, HE even carries us when we need it. Faith is what we need when we feel the fear come onto us. FAITH!


For thou art with me;
There is a picture of footprints. Most people have seen it. A picture of visible sets of footprints in the sand and end the end of the poem it says when you only saw one set, HE was carrying us! This is so true. If we allow it, HE will walk beside us, HE will carry us. HE is always with us. Everywhere. Even inside us. There is power in HIS Presence.


Thy rod and staff they comfort me
Having an assurance of comfort is a necessity in life. We get that from many things…like insurance. Life insurance for our families when they lose us, they won’t need to worry about expenses or home insurance for the case of flooding, or tornado…etc. Then, of course with the amount of vehicles on the streets, we MUST have vehicle insurance! Have you even had an accident and the other person didn’t have insurance? You immediately wonder the consequences. But if they do have it, then your comforted in the knowledge that everything will be taken care of.
I recently was traveling in a lane and someone in the other lane came into mine and struck my car. We pulled over and for the sake of nerves, I didn’t call the police. It’s not an every day occurrence for me, so when the other driver said no police was needed, then I agreed. I should have called any way. Now, she is telling her insurance that I was at fault. The nerve! But, I told the truth and now it’s my word against the other driver. I’m don’t fear the outcome! I told the truth. I am comforted in that no matter the outcome.
HIS rod, and staff…they comfort me and lead me into the right direction. It takes so much dread and fear out of the future.
We are told that if we spare the rod with our child while raising them then we reap the consequences…this is true. Society is full of crime. The government has taught people that we need not discipline our children, they will discipline us if we do. They have taught us this and now look at the world around us. This would be the same with same if GOD let us do whatever we want without the Word to guide us!! The world is full of people who don’t believe in HIM and it shows.
So, I have comfort in the knowledge that HE will discipline me if needed, HE will guide my steps and HE will comfort me in times of need. You should feel the same because it’s true.


Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies:
The table is like no other. This table is dressed with more than gold and silver. The wisdom and knowledge that GOD gives us is worth more than any earthly treasure. It lays before us on a table of Words. THE BIBLE. This is he best way to judge your own steps.
Nevertheless, we are given a table which is prepared in the presence of enemies. Look around! Do you see more friends or enemies? Depending on your surroundings, this could go either way but more than likely if you are in public you will feel threatened when you think of this. But this is the WORLD. We are prepared a way with BREAD (The Word) on the table (World), full well. Knowing that our enemies surround us.
Then, you must consider the enemy you don’t see!! The supernatural kind. We are told that powers, principalities and spirits seek our soul, seek to devour it. This is true.
But, GOD is with us. And do you think the enemy will be able to conquer us when we have GOD on our side?  And even though we temporarily walk in mortal bodies, this body is all that can be take from us when our SOUL/SPIRIT belongs to GOD.
Well, here’s the ultimate truth….with GOD on our side, who can be against us? Nothing.


Thou annointest my head with oil;
This means different things to me. Anointing means we are gifted. Oil means a healing of sorts. So, not only are we gifted but we can heal. Did you know that GOD gives us the power to heal? The Bible tells us as much.
There is POWER in words. Mind over matter? Sound familiar? Because it’s true. But only with and through GOD.
Then, we must consider the power of oil. Oil, Salt and Water is given to us for different purposes. Most think of cooking but now, I don’t look at it that way anymore. I think of healing someone of the manifestation of spirits. It begins with oppression (illnesses), then obsession (attacks, obsessive thoughts, etc), and then possession (full possession of the body (not the soul) by a spirit). It can be a diabolic infestation of your home or objects around you. Or diabolic subjugation or dependence which is submitting to satan, this coming from a blood pact with him, or consecration.
No matter HOW EVIL these all sound—they can all be taken by OIL, WATER, SALT. GOD gives us the ability to use these things in combination with HIS Word to cleanse ourselves and things around us. POWERFUL STUFF there!
So, to me this small sentence of anointing my head with oil means SO MUCH!


My cup runneth over.
We are given the world but only do we except it with humility. Otherwise it becomes a vain issue. Vanity is pride, selfishness, gluttony, and so many other things. We blow up with pride when we are told we can own the world, or we have enough money to buy anything we want or need.
This is why we are told to go without leaven in our bread…because this is a way of revealing this parallels pride. TO BE BLOWN UP.
So, instead of wanting treasures of the world, go for the treasures of the heart and soul. Treasures only built upon love. And the best kind of these is the LOVE OF GOD. Our love for GOD should be ABOVE all else. Above everything in our lives. Otherwise it becomes an idol. And as I have learned this can even be something like my work. I thought that because I do this for GOD and HIS people that this could NEVER be an idol. BUT, this is simply not true. HOW? Because I put this above my studies of HIS Word. So no more. I put HIM above all else. Even this work is diminutive beside HIM.
So now, my cup runneth over because nothing else compares to HIM and because of HIM, my cup runneth over in every way possible.


Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life:
I’ve noticed that since I began this work my life has claimed no prisoners. I seem to have less pain, and sorrow every day. No, by no means do I have no pain. We all experience pain. We all have loss. But, since I have brought GOD near and dear to my heart that my life has become merciful. Seems like the discomfort of being alone is gone. The nagging pain of worry has lessened. Life is not perfect, but it is so much more bearable in that respect.
Believers have all the same problems as non-believers in that we have need for food, shelter, and love. We have less worry for those things when we trust in GOD. If GOD will feed the birds and animals, then how could HE forget about us?


And I will dwell in the house of the Lord for ever.
With all these things inclusive in this passage, we must realize that if we follow these instructions that we will have immortality with our Father for ever!


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