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The origin main purpose of a chain letter is usually a pyramid scam, but they’ve expanded into a ‘threat’, essentially. You know, the stated version consisted of; ‘if you don’t forward this letter on then something would befall the person who broke the chain within the next 24 hours’. Today, these letters are sent through our social media, such as Facebook. But you also receive them in emails or text messages.


The statement within them usually try to justify the letter as ‘fun’ but the fact of the matter is they play on people’s superstition. Some even threaten death . These letters are meant as a form of ‘entertainment’ but as they have become more prevalent in our society, they have passed into folklore and have also become Urban Legends.
The letter I would like to discuss is, ‘The Ghost Letter’. These types of letters are actually harmful and threaten the recipient that a ‘ghost’ will kill or even ‘take the person’s soul’ if the letter is not passed on. These letter are sent to every age, and considering the majority are our youngsters, they are purely insidious in their nature.


There are different format of these letters and another one is entitles, Ghost Under Bed. These are more advanced from the origins, since they contain pictures to enhance the fear which is meant to convey. This particular version has made its way into the Urban Legends as well.


The recipient receives the letter with a picture which depicts a ghost under their bed, the picture here depicts the person in a hospital setting which enhances the feelings of fear. It is stated that the person was injured in an accident that caused the death of another. The threat is that if not sent on to at least 5 people the ghost of this dead person would track the receiver down and kill them. It even gives a description of how the person would be killed if they didn’t forward the chain letter.


The following is a classic Ghost Chain Letter that is passed around by high school students–it is entitled, Carmen Winstead. This story is about a 17 year old high school student who has the misfortune of being pushed down a sewer by a group of popular mean female classmates. It is during a school fire drill and when she is pushed her neck hits a ladder in the sewer and she dies. Her classmates’ later state that it was an accident, she fell. The police never discover the truth.
This message can have psychological consequences because it tells teens that their situation is hopeless. That the wrong people always win. This chain letter goes on to state that the only revenge this murdered girl has is to come back and kill others. A traditional threat is then issued that if the receiver does not pass this letter on– this murdered girl’s ghost will come back and push then down the sewer as well.


An even more disturbing Ghost Chain Letter is sent to children via modern technology. This letter is entitled, The Smith Sisters. The reader of this tale is encouraged to send it to all their friends. It is not a traditional chain letter, per se, but a tale about a young boy named John who sends Ghost Chain letters because he loves to scare people on the net. The story goes that John enjoyed his hobby so much he even starts sending chain letters to strangers.
One night in 2007 he received a letter back from two young strangers that called themselves the Smith Sisters. They claimed that they were his two older siblings. John being an only child emailed them back that they were liars. They then informed him that they had once lived in the house where he lived. Again he responded that they were lying.
After this the girls sent him an email with two attachments. The first he found disturbing because it was a picture of them standing in what obviously was his bedroom. They informed him that his room was once theirs. The second attachment was a newspaper clipping. This article mentioned how two sisters, Lisa 19 and Sarah 14 had been murdered in their bedroom while their parents were out. Gory details–like “no one heard their screams” are always included.
When their parents returned home they found their daughters bodies hidden in their bedroom closet. The sisters emailed John once more stating they really wanted him to know they were actually his sisters. They were angry that their parents had decided to start a new family after their deaths–they were even angrier that they had not informed John that they had once had two other children.
He emailed them back that it was all lies. He then told them to leave him alone. Within five minutes he was told that he should look in his closet. This was the last email the police read–they were never able to trace the sisters. This aspect makes the story even scarier. The police did find two strange carvings in the bedroom closet near the floor. The first read, “Lisa and Sarah 1993”, the second, “John 2007”. John was never found.


Chain letters’ “threats” are what are disturbing especially when they are sent to children. The Smith Sisters letter is disturbing in that it tells children sending threatening chain letters is fun. But this tale is not fun. Some claim chain letters are just entertainment with a cautionary tale attached. Admittedly, some are very creative but their underlying message is very deceptive.


A cautionary tale –fraudulent chain letters are sent out to adults all the time. These are illegal. Just two types include “games of chance” or a chance to win a lottery–both promise financial gain if the recipients send them on to friends. These are actually pyramid schemes.
Considering social media has provided means for teens to harass and bully others–which sometimes results in suicide makes one wonder if chain letters should be taken lightly.


This is yet another form of harassment by the dark side. Although people look at this as mainly a ‘hoax’, it is meant as an insidious attachment. An attachment by a demon to eventually possess the person and kill them. Don’t take this lightly. In fact, destroy it completely, someone’s life could depend on it!!

10 responses

  1. Rick

    What kind of a person would send something like this?! A total $@#%.

    September 20, 2013 at 10:25 AM

    • Some just think of it as a joke, some as a tradition believe it or not! To me, it’s just another way satan developed for his demons to transport themselves!

      September 20, 2013 at 6:12 PM

      • Rick

        Sorry about that last comment, I know people don’t realize what they are dealing with. I had a bad day and sometimes get discouraged with the general publics almost total lack of understanding the world that they live in. I see many people I know as little children when it comes to the truth of reality. That’s one reason I used to laugh at Christians, most of them don’t even understand the actual facts of life. And obviously I’m not talking about reproduction.

        September 21, 2013 at 4:37 AM

      • Oh Rick…I wasn’t trying to make you feel uncomfortable. I was agreeing with you. Love yourself for GOD tells us this. Before we can give Love we have to receive love. The ultimate love is from GOD.
        Give credit to GOD for being where you are at this precise moment in time. Why? Because GOD put you here, right here, right now! And you deserve it! Love, V

        September 21, 2013 at 12:40 PM

      • Rick

        Lol, I just get questioning how some things I say may be perceived at times. I actually didn’t think you were upset or anything. Thanks though for the thought.

        September 22, 2013 at 8:49 AM

  2. Gary R. Sayers

    —- I think based upon my experience that I can say with conviction that 60-70% of the nonsense labeled as ‘business’ that arrives via the internet IS and ARE either total shams or shameless scams… My homegroup leader CANCELLED his internet service at home; uses (is so allowed to) his computer at work to transact anything, and ONLY when he has free time…These things can be addictive, principalities & powers of the air know it!!

    September 21, 2013 at 7:43 AM


    U see am begining to understand powers behind certain occurance to be demonic, a neighbor of mine died. had two kids,the wife discoverd ,during the funeral at the deceased hometown that he had been dead for the past 20yrs,i now understand the powers behind it.

    September 21, 2013 at 4:57 PM

  4. Gary R. Sayers

    —- If you don’t mind, Prince… I shall also try to lift you up in prayer from time-to-time… Sounds like you are facing an awful lot, and your home of Nigeria’s a long way from St. Louis… It’s the very LEAST I can do… Saw your postings over on the other site under the ‘Underwater Ghosts’ posting by Virginia a few days back… God go with you as you seek HIS PERFECT WILL in your life and also your land…

    September 21, 2013 at 7:36 PM


      Thanks Gary know i have a friend in you

      September 22, 2013 at 3:48 AM

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