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Did you know when you look up a synonym word for Frankenstein, one of the words is PHOENIX! Interesting, to say the least! Well, you guessed it if you read this right. This article will be about the monstrosity Frankenstein and its parallel to modern ‘science’.
From myth to reality, we have a scene which began with an 18-year old writer named Mary Shelly, who seems to have had vivid imagination. But, this lends itself to modern day experiments which she would have never had an interest in, or would she?
Infusing elements of the occult is nothing new even now, especially now, but what does this have to do with Frankenstein? Seems these unorthodox scientific experiments weren’t just a ‘waking dream’ in her time period.

In her time, science and religion clashed over the fear that science was trying to change nature, at the time when electricity was a new discovery and the added notion that man could become like God. This kind of mind set is similar to the modern technological advancement and the medical field coming together in their endeavors. There is no doubt that Mary perceived a hint of what modern day calls, transhumanism. These diabolic experiments could eventually lead to the destruction of mankind as we know it to be. The advancements of science and technology could radically lead to the morphing of man’s divinity and a life full of anxiety for where our future leads us.
How did Frankenstein come about? Mark Shelly describes a ‘waking dream’ as a student of the hallowed arts who created a monster. Real scientists were experimenting with electricity and reanimation of animal bodies and it lead to human victims. And the scientists which dabbled in the occult seemed fascinated by the possibility of these ideas. But just what lengths did these people go to in order to perform these hideous acts?

Rummaging through graveyards was not unheard of in those days, in fact, it was common. So common laws were enacted to prevent acts of violence against the dead.
Working on areas of the supernatural could be construed as occult behavior and deemed as the ‘fringe’ science. The characters which worked on the edge of science may have been some of the men Mary Shelly took her examples from when writing her book.
In fact, these acts were so common that there were mass amounts of these types of public displays in Europe. First, the experiments were conducted on animals but curiosity lead to human as well. The public fascinated with these ‘electrifying’ experiments as lead many to believe it may lead to medical healing and advancements in that area. Disgust and horror meets the eye of the viewers as they witness such atrocities of these spine chilling acts and the participation becomes less as the laws increase governing such horrors.

So enticing were these experiments that Mary Shelly wrote in her journal about it and her husband, Percy was said to be fascinated with the occult sciences and dabbled in them, himself. So much so that the family cat ended up dead by using galvanized experimentation. He edited her copy before publishing the manuscript and would readily address changes that were needed.
I guess this is what you would call a pre-gothic slash romantic tale and although it was meant as a science-fiction tale, it was a reality then as much as now. The people involved with such soulless techniques were headstrong on manifesting a monster and this is no less truer today than then.

Such a man was Johann Konrad Dippel who was actually born at Castle Frankenstein! He led an adventurous life, to say the least. He was imprisoned for heresy, where he served a seven-year sentence. His practice of medicine included the arts of alchemy and anatomy. His experiments included nitroglycerin and this became the downfall of the tower within the Castle Frankenstein. His favorite experiments included ‘soul-transference which was common among the alchemists. One of his creations included “Dippel’s Oil” (concocted of bones, blood and bodily fluids), which was suppose to be the equivalent to the alchemists’ dream of the “elixir of life.” At one point he attempted to purchase the Castle Frankenstein in exchange for his elixir formula, but the offered was refused. He claimed the elixir was a means to ‘exorcise’ demons. Many folks in the area attributed his grave robbing and experiments, keeping company with the devil. In fact, there are rumors that he actively perpetrated the offer of his soul in exchange for secret knowledge and considered himself to be a ‘dark sorcerer’ as he frequently tried to find the secret to the Philosopher’s Stone.

Prometheus Art
Local historian, Walter Scheele, believed the legends told in the villages surrounding the castle were transmitted by none other than Jacob Grimm (Grimm’s Fairy Tales). The tales grew interesting in that Doppel’s infamous nemesis was no other that Vlad the Impaler. Although some believed it to be the makings of a fairy tale, others knew it to be true. Vlad the Impaler frequently called DRACULA, means “Son of the Dragon”. His father known under the nickname Dracul, was vested into the Order of the Dragon.


Knight George von Frankenstein was the son of Phillip von Frankenstein and Margarethe Boeckle from the Uttingen Valley. After his untimely death in 1531, Knight George was buried within a crypt in the nearby village of Nieder-Beerbach. Carvings within the crypt depict him slaying a dragon, which is underfoot with its tail wrapped around one of his legs.
Near Nieder-Beerbach, a terrible dragon lived in a brook in the Katzenborn. It would frequently terrorize villagers in the region. They would pacify the dragon and persuade him to return to the brook by sacrificing a beautiful maiden. Accordingly, Annemarie, known as the ”Rose of the Valley,” was destined for sacrifice. Knight George, who secretly loved Annemarie, arrived at dawn dressed in shining armor after just returning from a military expedition. George decided to fight the dragon as he could not permit the sacrifice of his secret love.
After a lengthy battle, George finally inflicted a deadly wound to the dragon and saved Annemarie. However, as the dragon was writhing in pain, it curled its spiked tail around George’s leg and pierced his skin with a venomous poison.
Both George and the dragon died from injuries sustained in the combat. According to legend, the rapidly flowing river is blackened by blood of the dragon.


Magical alchemy was said to be the new science, there’s no doubt that Doppel used mysticism and the occult to perform his deeds. Although there are others who fit into the category of ‘mad scientists’ in this time, little doubt remains that Doppel was a mad man.
Though these tales and legends are mysterious, we must open our eyes to the fact that these practices are being performed now with Transhumanism at the doorstep of some who would take us into the point of no return.

Do we live in a time when Frankenstein has become the modern Prometheus? The answer is astoundingly, YES! Is the occult commonly practiced then as it is now? Absolutely, in fact, more so. I believe the men/women of old who performed these horrific experiments to have been mostly Freemasons/Rosicrucian alchemists.
Add this to the advancements of medical science and technology and we come to the age of ‘enlightenment’.


Mormon Transhumanist Association (MTA) gives us an overview,
“…visions of a neohuman future will evolve as time goes on. As imagined now, possible neohuman traits, all involving technological enhancements to current human capacities, include:
– highly advanced intellectual capabilities, greater than ours in magnitude as ours are greater than those of other animals
– physical bodies that are immune to disease and aging
– the ability to communicate complex thoughts and emotions instantaneously without visual aids or speech
– expanded sensory inputs that enable higher awareness of even distant environs
– superhuman strength and agility
– perfect control of individual desires, moods, or mental states
– increased capacity to experience joy, love, pleasure, and other emotions.”
Superhuman capabilities added to immortality? Telepathic communication. Sounds a bit like a ‘god-complex’!


“We are going to become Gods. Period. If you don’t like it, get off. You don’t have to contribute; you don’t have to participate. But if you’re going to interfere with me becoming God, we’re going to have big trouble. Then we’ll have warfare.” Richard Seed, interviewed in the documentary “Technocalyps” 2006


Tom Horn, a Christian researcher who writes and lectures on the dangers of Transhumanism, was mocked as a “Christian whack-job.” And Al Mohler, the president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary took a hit regarding his stance on homosexuality. Evangelical Christians weren’t looked upon favorably.
These remarks by Mr. Hughes acted as feedstock for the closing Q&A panel. It started with a question from an online viewer: “Should we seek dialogue with paranoid Christian fundamentalists who rant against H+, or should we seek more than dialogue, maybe even mock them?”
Hughes responded that he has interviewed Tom Horn, and that Horn has interviewed himself: “I think it’s good to hold our enemies as close as we possibly can.” Then Hughes dropped a bombshell:
“Because apocalyptic and millennial energies very frequently inspire violence… so if reaching out across the aisle to someone who thinks I’m a spawn of Satan, and establishing a relationship so that he doesn’t come after me with gun is something I have to do, I’m willing to do it. Right? And it’s the ones who haven’t reached out yet that I’m worried about.”

Max More cut in: “I’m not the spawn of Satan, I’m the spawn of Lucifer.” This comment evoked some laughter, but More was serious – albeit with a smile on his face. Mr. More wrote in 1991 that,
“Lucifer is the embodiment of reason, of intelligence, of critical thought. He stands against the dogma of God and all other dogmas. He stands for the exploration of new ideas… Join me, join Lucifer, and join Extropy in fighting God and his entropic forces with our minds, our wills and our courage. God’s army is strong, but they are backed by ignorance, fear and cowardice. Reality is fundamentally on our side. Forward into the light!”
Max More, “In Praise of the Devil,” Atheist Notes, No.3, 1991


A mysterious artificial life program with military applications. The secretive department of DARPA plans to eliminate the randomness of natural evolution by advancing genetic engineering and molecular biology technologies. This sounds like a ‘code’ language, doesn’t it?
Secretive documents tell of eliminating ‘cell death’ through the creation of a ‘new generation of regenerative cells’ that could ultimately be programmed to live indefinitely.
A living-breathing creature which would be immortal.
This Mad Scientist Wants to Give You Superpowers


This is not a passing trend, it’s prime time! This is a movement by satan! It’s sacred to him. It’s everything to him because it replaces GOD! Don’t think for a second it’s going away either.
Satan’s idea of a creation would be exactly this. Something genetically manipulated and this stands to reason why we see the current social craze happening including modified foods. This is how they creeeeeeped in! Now, it’s us they want to modify.

We will be the TRANSFRANKEN!



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  1. Kittii

    I think this is one of the reasons the Ultra Orthodox Jews don’t intermarry:
    It’s not because they are racist. They are waiting for the messiah. They
    don’t believe in Jesus.
    Is There a Jewish Frankenstein? By Rosie Rosenzweig

    Yes, darling, there really IS a Jewish Frankenstein. In fact, it’s possible, according to research by Rabbi Gershon Winkler, that Mary Shelly, the creator of the Frankenstein whom we know and watch in horror movies today, was influenced by the Jewish Frankenstein. Only Frankenstein wasn’t his real name; Mary Shelly thought he was a kind of Prometheus from the ancient myths, someone doomed to live out a painful life.

    Here’s the Jewish story: Once upon a time, in 16th century Prague, the Jewish population was once threatened with annihilation. This seems to happen in Jewish history from time to time with varying degrees of efficacy. A Kabbalistic Rabbi named Yehudah Loew , but widely known as the Maharal of Prague, was a legend in his own time for his wisdom and knowledge. The Jews of Prague were terrified for their lives when a planned case of blood libel, (the alleged use of a child’s blood for the making of matzo) was begun by the local Christian authorities to incite a pogrom. This infamous practice of planting the dead child near Jewish homes began during the Crusades to give the avenging soldiers a cause to murder the “heathen” Jews.

    Enter the Rabbi with his famous mystical formula of taking a lump of earth and molding it into a human, like the early creation of Adam in the Garden of Eden. This being was called a Golem, which means an “unformed substance,” (named in Psalm 139:16 as golmey, my unformed substance). Adam, the first man, is described in the Talmud as a “shapeless hunk.” Earlier rabbis had also created such beings in Jewish folklore, inserting Hebrew words for the names of God in various permutations into the hulk’s body to give it animation. Rabbi Loew’s golem had the Hebrew word “Emet,” meaning truth, written on its forehead; its purpose was to protect the Jewish population and he did. The Golem would ferret out the libelists as they were planting the murdered child, and bring them to the authorities. The Golem’s energy became unstoppable, murdering Gentiles and causing havoc. Emperor Rudolf II pleaded with the rabbi to destroy the Golem and promised to stop the persecution of the Jews. Rabbi erased the letter aleph from the word “Emet,” leaving the Hebrew word “Met,” meaning death. The Golem collapsed into the clay from which he came.

    Legend has it that the lump of clay is still in Prague in the Attic of the Altneusynagoge ( Old New Synagogue). There is a small industry created around this legend in Prague.

    The legend of the Golem influenced the fairy tales of the Grimm Brothers, who in turn influenced Mary Shelly’s tale of Frankenstein. The Golem’s influence can be also seen today in the superhero figures of The Hulk, Superman, and even the Terminator. This legend influenced the early illustrators of Comic Books and Graphic Novels.

    Which brings us to the Boston Jewish Film Festival’s inclusion of the film called the Maharal. The tale is translated into a Jewish Indiana Jones search for the legendary Stone used in the creation of the Golem; it is set in modern day Prague and opens in Boston in two locations; The 16 studio AMC in Framingham this Thursday Oct. 29 and in Boston on November

    September 23, 2013 at 12:02 PM

    • Interesting info! Very informative. Thanks. Love, V

      September 23, 2013 at 7:11 PM

  2. Kittii

    I was wondering if you have been following Sandra’s blog? She had an interesting entry on Wi-Fi –A Thalidomide.
    She doesn’t write nearly, as often as you do.

    September 23, 2013 at 1:23 PM

    • Don’t keep up with much cuz my work keeps me pretty busy. I guess GOD wants it that way. So, I guess the answer is no. But I will have a looksie. Thankx! Love, V

      September 23, 2013 at 7:13 PM

  3. Emily Israel

    interesting, how the world has corrupted the thinking of each one of us into believing lies after lies. We are born in a world which is all lies, from the father of lies, devil (thoughts/deceptions). interesting.

    September 24, 2013 at 7:33 AM

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  5. Gary R. Sayers

    —- OK… Now I REEAALLY gotta watch out when enjoying my ‘Van Helsing’ DVD!!!… Hence the propogation of this in media today, particularly in thr light of ‘Kittii’s’ illuminating info above… I’m a ‘trekkie’, and one cannot escape similar themes THAT show has shoved our way as regards this… (‘The ‘BORG’-TNG, The ‘Jem H’Dar’-DS9, other examples…)..’Homo Noeticus’ rising… Funny, that Adolf Hitler, as once related by acquaintance Dr. Hans Lammers, became agitated during one of their private meetings… He rose & strode about the room, muttering phrases and becoming more & more agitated…”He’s HERE!!!”, the excited fuehrer bellowed out… “The NEW MAN!!!!”…The room, Lammers continued, was “charged with a sort of primal, mystical energy”… Hitler wildly gesticulated, walking back & forth, nearly hyperventilating himself on short breaths: next finally he shrank into a chair in the corner of the room, panting and exhausted, while the room atmosphere returned ‘to normal’.”You don’t BELIEVE in the ‘new man’,
    DO you??…”, Hitler queried Lammers…””I have SEEN the ‘new man’, mind you,” the fuehrer went on, “He is DIFFERENT than we are; NOT at all like US!!… Hw is POWERFUL…Intrepid and cruel…”.I have in my David Hill info the assertion that Hitler had made a personal contact with ‘the devil’ (or likely his ‘NEW MAN’) while in Munich prison after the failed ‘Beer Hall Putsch’…This info says that this ‘entity’ reportedly offered Hitler dominion over the earth in exchange for (get THIS) the HUMAN SACRIFICE of the JEWISH RACE!!…Fortunately GOD intervened in this lurid scheme and the Nazis were defeated…Sadly, though, it seems, the GOALS and IDEAS have ‘incubated’ again and are stoking new fires in the minds of our newer, more licentious counter-culture of today, ‘tats’, piercings, paganism and ‘burning men’ all-inclusive…GOD give us wisdom, patience, forbearance and a truckload of LOVE in which to face this hour…And GOD HIMSELF preserve the ‘apple of HIS eye’, His beloved Jewish people and heritage…

    September 25, 2013 at 7:18 AM

    • Wow! Horrendous as it was, it intrigues me. I knew of Hitler’s contact with the Ascended Masters, but satan himself, not that is a new one on me. Must look into that one. Got more info for me? Thnkx Gary!

      September 25, 2013 at 10:01 AM

  6. Gary R. Sayers

    —– RATS!!!…I’ve GOT to get you that David Hill material EVEN if I have to send it in WRITTEN FORM!!!…Ridiculous freakin’ “email”…NOW that I KNOW it will be of BENEFIT to you, I’ll get it there by HOOK or by CROOK!!!… Been SITTING on this stuff for near 30 years now; ’bout time that SOMEBODY had a use for it!!!… I recommended a book to you by one Mike Warnke, a Christian comic popular in the 70’s-80’s, a little while back called ‘The satan Seller”…Warnke was once ’employed’ if you will on the campuses of USC and UCLA in ‘shakytown’ and throughout the ‘valley’ (where all ‘dem ‘weird gurlz’ live) as a ‘recruiter’ into a branch of the satanic church (NOT La Vey’s group..)…Warnke was a satanic high priest of the cult also, who routinely called up demonic entities through ‘pentagular portals’ (describes the PROCESS, even!!..)..Warnke is quite vivid in his description of the ‘highest cells’ in which were ‘upper-level-initiates’ who were involved deeply in the highly-placed elements of business, finance, politics and EVEN the military!!.(One ‘Micheal Aquino’,a St. Louisan, comes to mind..)..I will endeavor to assure ‘safe passage’ of the David Hill stuff and related, but if you read the Warnke book it might give you some fascinating insights, as well as a real BLESSING when you get to the part about his CONVERSION, an AMAZING event in itself, considering that Warnke had been ‘invited’ to a ‘High Concordat’ by the most influential of the ‘movement’s’ leadership for his ‘recruiting efforts’, to be HELD in (you’ll LOVE this…) NONE other than SALEM, Mass..!!!..”So mote it BE!!!..”
    —– I’ll be in touch, but still watch your emails; I’ll try BOTH addresses… I just KNEW that stuff had a purpose… Love ya, and I’ll get to work on it…

    September 25, 2013 at 11:45 AM

    • Ironically I just checked my emails today…nothing from you Gary. Sorry. Those demons are working overtime here. I know it!

      September 25, 2013 at 7:28 PM

  7. Gary R. Sayers

    — KEEP CHECKIN’, “V”…

    September 26, 2013 at 9:37 PM

    • Just checked both emails…nothing, my dear. 😦

      September 26, 2013 at 11:07 PM

  8. Gary R. Sayers

    —– I tried YET AGAIN!!

    September 27, 2013 at 12:47 AM

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