Truth is inspiring, it is guarded by GOD, and will triumph over all opposition!

Desires Of The Heart


The truth is we desire many things in our lives. Things which sometimes we don’t need but this doesn’t stop us from wanting them. Whether it be a new car, home or other things our hearts carry the fleshly desire of material objects.

Desire vs. Need

Needs are very basic, and should be easy to recognize. Strip your existence down until it is naked, and you will see that what you need is not very complicated.

Now think about what you really want out of life. Consider how you want to be remembered after you are gone. Now compare those things with your needs and wants. Can you strike a compromise between how you want to live and those things you desire? This is a crucial step towards finding balance in your life.

It is unrealistic to try to live without any desires. The problem arises when your desires become your needs. Suddenly your desires put you into a state of desperation, and a desperate person is not a reasonable person, a rational person, or a calm person.
Wants, or desires, are things we would like to have but they do not sustain us. When you are prioritizing your life, first give your attention to those things that ensure your existence, your happiness, and your well-being.

Now, with this all said where does GOD fit into this equation?

Here’s my truth. In the past several years I have learned the hard way what I want and need are. With medical issues which required many surgeries I didn’t have a choice but to take care of them. I was left with the basics in one’s life and having to learn how to read, write and walk and talk again. Yes, tis true…this is no exaggeration. My spine was so severely damage that it had also damaged my brain stem which affected my cognitive and motor skills.

This led me to where I am now! I love where I am now. Wouldn’t change it for anything! I serve GOD in my work and try my best to walk daily in HIS Word.


This brought me to finally having my TMJS attended to. This is something I have been dealing with since my early 20’s. It’s called Temporomandibular Joint Syndrome which involves the jaw and it’s flexibility. It enables or disables your ability to move your jaw, up and down, and side to side and enables you to chew, talk, and yawn. The problem with this is it literally grinds your teeth down to nothing as well. You see, all these years it’s been doing just that and with all these other medical issues out of the way I was finally able to take care of it.

My teeth were ruined, and my jaw badly damaged. In fact is it locks in place and does not allow me to close my mouth. So, three weeks ago, I finally had all my teeth removed. They were working in unison (jaw & teeth) causing me such pain and agony. So, to finally be rid of the teeth was such a relief. The problem is, now I have no teeth and cannot eat (can’t close my mouth). So, I went on a juicing diet and got the doc’s okay to do so while the oral surgeon works on my TMJ. The end result is injections in my jaw and surgery, possibly even breaking my jaw in order to repair it. Sounds crazy huh! Well, I’m not a fan of either but have no choice.


Admitting to this is not hard but the next part even harder. I go through the local county hospital for medical treatment because the good old government won’t give me disability even after 2 neck fusions and 4 surgeries on my fingers, hands and elbow. So, the county hospital allowed me to have all the surgeries at very little cost but the dental program there is different for some reason and I had to sign a contract which said I couldn’t get my dentures unless I paid $800, up front! To some, this may not seem like a lot of money but to my spouse and I, this is a considerable amount of money. So, I began saving up in the last two weeks. Considering my hand problems, I decided to sell my guitar (I cannot play anymore, although I love to…because of pain). Also doing odd jobs has allowed me to save up more on the side as well. I’m close to $250! Wow! For me, that’s amazing considering I can’t work.
I told GOD, I know you will provide a way. I just know it!

Today, I had someone offer to give me the total amount as a loan with no time limit to repay. We are very good friends and I refused but they demanded that I take the money. I am in shock because this happened no more than a few hours ago.
I sat back on my couch and began realizing how GOOD that GOD is to me. I never ask for much at all. In fact I would rather ask for someone else rather that myself.


I am so humbled by GOD’S love for me and so privileged to do HIS work that I rarely feel the need to ask for anything. I am totally honest.
But, when I do….HE’S ALWAYS there for me! ALWAYS. I trust in HIM completely and don’t take for granted the love HE has for me. I often cry at the thought of the capacity of HIS love for me. I am overwhelmed, so overwhelmed by HIS mercy and love.
So, even before I need it, because the swelling from all the teeth extractions has not gone down, even before I have made the appointment for the Dentist….GOD has given me what I need!

I’m reading a book called, “A Love Worth Giving” by Max Lucado. It breaks down the Scripture of 1 Corinthians 13:4-13 about Love is patient, love is kind…etc. It’s such a blessing. In it Max points out that GOD may not give us the desires of our heart, but HE gives us the things we need. This is the honest truth.


So, when your to the point where your at your wits end and you don’t know what your going to do. DON’T FRET. Trust in GOD. Give HIM the benefit of the doubt that HE knows EXACTLY what you need, because HE does!
And more importantly HE loves you enough to give you what you NEED.

So my sum total of the equation is; GOD is everything we need!

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  1. Gary R. Sayers

    —- Sis, I must ask your belated forgiveness… I only JUST READ this article, certa\inly one of the most poignant (second time today I’ve USED that word!!) and heartfelt communications I’ve been priveleged to share from you… You spoke of ‘transparency’ in a rather lengthy and Spirit-filled post you made to ME, when I shared some ‘difficulties’ I’m currently facing…Your physical challenges are humbling to me, enough to make me consider putting away my ‘crying towel’ and cease BAWL-ing into my beer…It is WELL that I have such counsel as yours at this time…GOD is mightily on the job, and YOU are one who urges me to SEEK HIM and GET the power to ENDURE the apparent ‘debacle’ in my life with a deeper, purer, more HOT-burning FAITH kindled in the HEART of GOD, and not in my paltry ‘efforts’ to please HIM with human accomplishment, or by ‘how good a boy I am…”
    —- I guess I am just sick of failure, sis…I wear it like Elijah’s mantle…It surrounds all that I do, pollutes every well I dig, lays huge landmines upon every path I travel…I am simply TIRED of rebuilding my life from the ashes of defeat…Others don’t suffer this difficulty…I am beseiged by the many Eliphazes, Zophars, Bildads & Elihus (MANY ‘Elihus’…) of ‘more prudent living’, who can boast of their ‘cul-du-sac’ homes, hot cars and vacations..
    It is why I’ve drawn away from the church I was attending…I cannot match their living standards…It seems to be noticed and ‘scrutinized’ much more by the women than the men…Now how’s THAT for ‘transparency’??..But be that as it may, Kay Arthur, the well-known bible teacher I admire greatly. once counselled a caller to her show (A LADY, no less!) :”I want you to have patience, honey, and pray for God’s grace to love your ‘critics’as HE does, but keep in mind that women, unfortunately, when they are grouped together CAN become ‘snobby and cliquish’, often in a church backdrop.”
    —- THAT is a ‘HUMAN’ issue, over which I have no control…Or more accurately, ‘human nature’…What SUCKS is I’ve always desired to MARRY..I suppose the women are ‘picking up’ on this by some ‘feminine intuition’ and getting false signals…I’m just tired of being defeated by it…REAL tired..

    October 24, 2013 at 4:35 PM

    • Gary, my Brother!
      You are the exact reason I am writing these current articles for this ‘Holiday’ season. I’ve been led by the Holy Spirit to concentrate this next week on this subject. And for GOOD REASON. Moreover, we must stay together-centered on GOD! By your response, you need to listen to the words the Holy Spirit is putting forth. I”m just a messenger.
      Steve Quayle said recently, he’s had so many more women coming forth to be Soldiers then ever before. And I have a VERY good friend-actually two who await their Knight in Shining Armor. One has found hers after a number of years and the other waits patiently with Jesus Christ as her groom until HE see fit to bring her that passionate man she awaits. You see, they don’t want just any man-they want a passionate man-a man on FIRE for GOD!
      My point is this…you are being subdued. The articles coming this next week will reveal signs of this. Secondly, the woman you seek will be just as passionate as you for GOD! If she’s not then GOD wants you to help her become so. Lastly….I send you a big hug. Everyone needs a big hug right? I want you to know I hear your cries of sorrow and pain but more importantly GOD does.
      The debacle in your life is this…….BE STILL. Listen to GOD.
      I love ya Bro! Love, V

      October 24, 2013 at 4:54 PM

    • I just re-read this article and it humbles me so!!! With tears in my eyes I want to emphasize to you that GOD knows your pain. HE’S right beside you. Carrying you. Those footsteps are not your own. HE won’t put you down! He won’t let you down. LET goooooo and let GOD work in your life. By fretting, you’ve taken away HIS control. Please listen…HE wants you to BE STILL…LET GO, and let HIM work in your life.
      I can’t stress enough how strongly I feel about this. Please quit referring to the past and look to the future. CLAIM it! And HE will give it to you. HE promised. HE’S your beast friend! Trust in HIM.

      October 24, 2013 at 5:04 PM

  2. Gary R. Sayers

    —- You make a great point about the number of women presenting themselves to The LORD for service…A fabulous sermon by Stephen Olford
    (a minister from Britain who was ‘preaching mentor’ to one Charles Stanley) to a group of future missionaries and pastors at Moody Bible Institute in Chicago noted the truly greatest difficulty of mission recruiting was that for every MAN who presents himself for the mission field, 7 WOMEN GO!!
    At least Jesus hasn’t lost HIS appeal to women!!…That is a good thing…Maybe that is how GOD will shoot the ARROW with MY name on it…Thanks for the sisterly love and powerful exhortation…Right now, you can’t KNOW how important it is…TRUST me…Yet THANKS, anyway…Perhaps I can be such a ‘brother’ to YOU sometime in the future…God has done stranger things…

    October 25, 2013 at 6:57 AM

    • Just your presence in this forum is a blessing to my life. You make me smile, laugh and have downright changed my mood a few time with your humor! I love it. So, one can see that just the presence of another Believer is a blessing upon their lives. You have been just that. Love, V

      October 25, 2013 at 2:41 PM

  3. Gary R. Sayers

    —- Y’know, “sista-V”…I suppose if I REAL-L-ly had any TRUE ‘brotherly love’ fer ya in the Lord…Well….I GUESS I’d let you have the LAST WORD…But YOU are a TEXAN, and likely a ‘Rangers” fan!!!…So DON’T ‘hate me ’cause I’m watchin’ me BIRDZ in the World Series tonight!!
    —- NOW, ya done it!!!…Forced me ta go n’ reveal the most HIDEOUS and WIKKED DEEMON I have in my inventory!!….B-A-S-E-B-A-L-L!!!!
    Tonight the evil enemy is upon us…He is cruel, implacable, “RUTH”-less (heh! heh!) and CUNNING…He’ll be FIERCE…& wearing RED SOCKZ!!

    October 26, 2013 at 11:27 AM

  4. Gary R. Sayers

    —- Lookin’ really “GRIMM” fer da BIRDZ…Dem SOCKZ can PLAY…Rick said he gets over to Salem, Mass. from time-to-time, I believe…Could it BE that he is a SOCKZ FAN??…If he IS, NO hard feelin’s…WE in the River City have this local sports media-dude who likes to ‘burn sage-brush’ when the BIRDZ are in the ‘Big Show’…Perhaps I’ll don my ‘mantle’ and camel’s-hair shirt and stand before his station offices and cry out “REPENT YE!!”
    —- ‘SAGEBRUSH and TEA LEAVES’…INDEED!!!…I think the BIRDZ troubles are as simple as “eyes ON the ball THROUGH the hitting zone”…With a full TON of DAVID ORTIZ thrown in…

    October 29, 2013 at 12:11 PM

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