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Magick Vs. Miracles


The Miracles of GOD, versus the Magick of Satan…quite a subject huh? Yeah, there are many who would have you believe that there’s no difference but this is simply not true. Also, one would ask are we speaking of Black Magick or White Magick? There’s no difference!  First of all, magic does not work…really. It’s a trickery of the viewer but the difference between magic and magick is quite different. Fundamentally, you have two separate issues. One is child’s play and the other is supernatural.
Magick is a type of sorcery. Plain and simple.

Elementals and the spirits which reside within them:
Air = Sylphs
Earth = Gnomes
Fire = Salamander
Water = Nymphs or Undines
These spirits are part of the process of magickal alchemy. You see, some say these are spiritual creatures but they are not immortal. Now, they could be joined in marriage to a human, their union can transform the creature’s soul into a spirit that may experience immortal life. Actually some of the greatest figures of antiquity such as Zoroaster, Alexander, and Merlin were reported to have been a product of this union and are said to be children of elementary spirits. These types of spirits may sound like children’s fantasy but authorities in the field state these entities tend to lean more toward demons than angels.


I heard it said that Magic is our effort to intervene in the GOD, while Miracle is what transpires when we allow HIM to intervene in ours.

There are two primary differences between miracles and magic.


1. The power by which the action was wrought, and
2. The one to which the action is attributed and therefore the one glorified by the action.


If one were to undergo an in depth study of miracles in the NT, one would find that miracles were performed for one purpose: for the spread of the gospel and the glorification of Jesus Christ. The book of John evidences that Jesus Christ performed “signs” (semeion) and that those signs and His other “works” (ergon) testify to his identity.


In the book of Acts, the Apostles perform miracles in order that they may point to Jesus Christ and thereby spread the good news of his salvation. Peter refuses praise for miracles performed in his presence. What is ironic is that people were praising Peter for the healing of a man whom was only touched be Peter’s shadow. Certainly, the fact that it was Peter’s shadow had nothing to do with the power by which the lame man was healed. Rather, GOD chose to perform that miracle in his timing so that Peter and the other Apostles could spread the gospel of Christ in that place.


Miracles are always wrought by power of GOD and by HIM alone. No man can take credit for any true miracle. On the other hand, magic, by definition, is the subjection of some power (natural or supernatural) to perform acts. Therefore, the subject and glorification of magic is always man rather than GOD.


Does GOD would not violate natural law, I would have to ask if the person making such an assertion really finds GOD to be that impotent? If GOD created the natural order, then HE must be outside of it and therefore capable of performing actions that break the order HE set in place. Miracles are things that do not happen naturally, not just that they may not or there is a high probability against them occurring; they, by nature will never occur naturally. We must put GOD in the equation for HE is One!


Magic is simply a trick. The magician uses gimmicks and ploys, that he sets up, to fool people into believing something impossible has happened. A miracle uses no such gimmicks and ploys.
But Magick, on the other hand is a whole other subject.


Aleister Crowley’s Thelema, is a term used to differentiate the occult from stage magic. It is a ritual. This is essentially what magick is, it’s occult rituals of alchemy. In fact, alchemy was more than likely produced even in the times of Nimrod at the Tower of Babel. He was the first ‘priest of magic’ and his global views of religion are what caused GOD to assign people into classifications of different languages. I mean if GOD felt the necessity to go to that degree then, imagine HIS thoughts now!!
Although alchemy is thought to be practical applications of metals, stones, etc., for transmutations into the discovery of new elements, but the esoteric approach is adding in the ritualistic occult matters. This is dangerous and never a good thing. This conjures demons and the like! Maybe some would even call this a miracle in the esoteric realm.

Western alchemy was set from the start, when Greek philosophy mixed with Egyptian and Mesopotamian technology. I believe that alchemy began with the Greeks due to the fact of who their ‘gods’ were. The fallen angels brought many things to mankind that GOD did not want us to have. So, these mystical matters were doomed from the start! Just my opinion.


I believe alchemy is being utilized now to bring us into the age of Transhumanism. Lo, and Behold! This is what esoteric alchemy is all about! The transformation of the mans consciousness from the ‘base metal’ of ordinary existence, to an illuminated consciousness…a new ‘transformed consciousness’. This enhanced human, currently envisioned by the Tran humanists, will bring a change of consciousness but also genetically engineering alterations to human DNA to change man’s divine state.


The beginning was our food,


then we went to designer babies


now we’re doing nano-clothes

But wait that’s not all…we’re digressing back to the Days of Noah
Yep, that’s right folks…we’re going to redesign wildlife!


So, the difference between magick and miracles is…..w3ait for it…wait for it…we can’t wait to screw things up! There’s no way these things are going to end on a positive note. From robotic humans to babies with 3 parents…we’re in a losing battle.
In previous articles, it has been established that the evil in this world began by the same entities with various names which eventually boil down to these same origins. It’s no real mind-blowing secret that man has tried to bypass GOD’S Laws but it began with the fallen angels. Together this has brought us into our current reality with very few people who know or can fathom the outcome with these crazy people at the helm.
So, hold on to your big girl/big boy panties and get ready for the rollercoaster ride. It’s going to get worse before it gets better.
But, I’m a Believer so I know how this all ends. I know we have a sovereign GOD who will judge us all, each and everyone. And the best part of all this is….HE is in TOTAL control.

4 responses

  1. Gary R. Sayers

    —- Permit me an inquiry here, Sis, but is not ‘Magick’, (in its eclectically-‘spelled’ {no pun intended} manner) the form the fiend Aleister Crowley used to refer to HIS ‘particular’ brand of occultic ‘shenanigans’, spelled in that fashion to delineate it from mere ‘prestidigitation’ by ‘magicians’ & slight-of-hand ‘stage magic’??..Also, did ‘magick’ refer back to an earlier form of occultic pre-Egyptian pseudo-worship of ‘deities’ and attendant
    practices Crowley hoped to ressurrect for his “Order of the Temple of the Golden Dawn”??..I believe it is the same form Temple of Set founder & Army officer Micheal Aquino ascribes to, though Aquino would likely deny this…He’s the guy I told you about who’s now a ‘bigshot’ over at N-S-A…

    October 26, 2013 at 1:51 PM

    • Crowley was taught by Aiwass/Horus/ Thanatos and Eros — Greek gods..and we all know who these revert back to…Ascended Masters…aka..fallen angels. Their agenda is the Age of Aquarius! But this means so much more than a silly song…

      “The Aeon of Horus is here: and its first flower may well be this: that, freed of the obsession of the doom of the Ego in Death, and of the limitation of the Mind by Reason, the best men again set out with eager eyes upon the Path of the Wise, the mountain track of the goat, and then the untrodden Ridge, that leads to the ice-gleaming pinnacles of Mastery!”

      Lon Milo DuQuette commented on the connection that the Aeon of Horus had to the Age of Aquarius when he stated that “Yes, [the Aeon of Horus] is coincidental to what astrologers and songwriters call the Age of Aquarius and what millions of others refer to simply as the New Age. But it would be a mistake to view this new aeon simply as another tick on a great cosmic clock. The Age of Aquarius, profoundly significant as it is, is only one aspect of a far greater new spiritual age.”

      Not all Thelemites believe in a clear succession of Aeons. Sometimes Crowley compared the Word of Horus with other formulas, whose reigns appear to overlap with the Aeon of Osiris and/or Isis. From his The Confessions of Aleister Crowley:

      “There are many magical teachers but in recorded history we have scarcely had a dozen Magi in the technical sense of the word…”

      But, this is exactly who these Ascended Masters are, the original gods of the Egyptians. No difference from Ma’at or Ra…all the same deities. They regulate all false religions…and their magick.

      October 26, 2013 at 8:09 PM

  2. Tammy

    Thank you for the insight. I am just watching events unfold as scripture predicts…and remembering Who is in control.

    December 31, 2013 at 11:38 AM

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