Truth is inspiring, it is guarded by GOD, and will triumph over all opposition!



We have a profile of events which result in undeniable connections. Presenting these incidents should reveal a tainted itinerary controlled for possible attachments meant to cause possession/attachments of spirits. At least in my opinion!


American Idol House-Haunted
Several years ago the producers of American Idol placed the contestants in a ‘haunted house’. This was rumored to be a place of many occult practices and even murder was said to have taken place there. Why would they do such a thing?
The mansion, which has never been legally occupied, is the subject of gossip and rumor-trading, some of it outlandish, but some, it turns out, quite true.
“It has great views, but it is cursed,” David Tollefson, an airline attendant, said while hiking by the house as dusk fell, lighting up the hues of the scrub-covered hills and canyons of Hollywood that are its backyard. “It’s a haunted house. Or I’ve heard it’s an alien landing site. I’ve been asking everyone what this is, and no one wants to talk.”
Jason Victor, a hotel worker hiking with Mr. Tollefson, added, “Have you heard about this being an Indian burial ground?”
“It just blows you away what you hear from these people,” he said. “Like it is owned by the Devil. I am a man of the Lord. There ain’t no Devil here. I salted this house and also had my Indian friends come over and burn sage.”
“And this is where the satanic stuff happened,” Mr. Morgan said as he led a visitor into a windowless room, pointing to a faded sketch on the wall. “You can see the image of a devil. And they had chicken feathers hanging on a wire.”
Ralph Sanchez, the senior lead officer for the Hollywood Hills division of the Los Angeles Police Department, said the house was an anomaly for this part of Los Angeles. “You would not believe it: from gang members to Satanic worshipers,” he said. “You name it. The doors were pried open, no matter how many times we nailed them shut.”

Other instances of programs which are taking young adults into danger:


MTV did a show called “Fear”-This was aired from 2000-2002 and was a huge hit where the contestants were left in an allegedly haunted location and they were ‘dared’ to remain two nights to confirm if the place was ‘haunted’. And to sum it up…the contestants who remained would be directed to the location where their money ($3,000) would be collected. The dares themselves were to begin easy, progressively getting mote difficult and further from the group’s home base.
And just like all most others, it would lead to acts which dabbled in the occult. Most relied on simple observation, (radio silence, EMF Detector), and others in occult or paranormal possession (séance, automatic drawing, spirit channeling).

bad juju

This is some crazy, messed up stuff!
In the episode of St. Agnes-Dare 4 was Ch’ien who was to retrieve ghost hunting equipment from a tunnel used to transport dead bodies to the morgue which was completed, but the next dare was to involve Raquel using a Ouija Board and she chose not to compete because it went against her religion. In the next dare, three of the contestants were to perform a séance in one of the seclusion cells.


Camp Spirit Lake-now this one is said not to be ‘haunted’ but the acts which these producers have them perform can attract demons which included digging up graves, VOODOO-taking a dead chicken and reading a Sumerian chant, and then chopping off the chicken’s head! Next dare was to proceed to Pawnee Cabin, a contestant takes a black cylinder, takes the paint and brush out of the cylinder where he see the remains of a Pentagram and retraces the Pentagram. Later in the program, in the same cabin a female contestant pricks her finger with a knife and places her blood in the center of the Pentagram. In the last dare, all 8 contestants go to the Pawnee cabin and perform a ritual to release the souls of cult victims!

Eastern State Penitentiary-One of the contestants is to perform a technique called ‘auto-drawing’ to contact spirits, then immediately after another person performs the same act.


U.S.S.Hornet-This episode has a contestant perform an act known as channeling. The spirit guide then leads the contestant to ‘safety’. Later, another contestant puts on the clothing of a dead sailor and lies on the operating table to invoke his spirit.

Fort Gaines-A contestant must crawl to the back of a collapsed tunnel and awaken spirits of the dead with Kachina Dolls. And because this contestant failed the dare, another must complete the same task again.


La Guerre Plantation-A contestant must enter the cabin where a VOODOO altar is in the middle of the room. They must cut a lock of hair, place it on the altar, state three of their greatest fears and kneel before the altar. Another must open a box and eat the flash off the pigs feet, then smear the red symbolic blood on her face and neck. Another contestant must go to the cemetery and another person digs up a zombie grave and search for signs of remains within it. Another one brings as box of deer mean, while at the cabin must light a campfire, and burn the deer meat in a wooden box. Then, rub the ashes of the dear meat on their face. Another person again goes to the cemetery and bring the Zombie potion but cannot finish the dare so another completes it by drinking the potion, opening up the grave, retrieving a brick, lay back on the grave and place the brick on their chest. Another person brings a canvas bag to the cemetery and at a marked grave channels “Kitty’s” spirit. Then takes out a snake, and performs a channeling ritual.

Mina Dos Estrellas-One must enter the Chapel, and knock down the cross. Another person opens a bag and it covered in blood and quits the dare. Another person must begin the same challenge and must draw out the Nahual (Nahual/Nagual is the ability to turn oneself into an animal through magic-also called a skinwalker), and places flesh at both the Oven room and Hospital. Another person puts on gloves and nails a cow tongue to the top of the Hospital entrance, then, also placing a kidney on a hook in the Oven Room.
Part 2-They await the Nuhual, and must empty a container of blood on to the pit floor. Using a chicken as bait, they must yell “I don’t believe in you Nahual, I don’t respect you”.


Hacienda Tabi-A person must place 3 pig heads on a pole and light torches to draw out spirits. Another must go to the pool and hold a séance to contact dead soldiers but aborts the dare, so another takes over the task. One contestant is placed in a hole in the ground and buried up to their neck. Before leaving they have to go to the fire pit and place a heart on a stake for an offering to a spirit.

Ki Sugar Mill-A person goes to the machine shop and re-enacts the suicide to invoke a dead spirit then wait. But all other dares are not complete, except the last where a person goes to the Cane Grinder and re-enacts an accident by lying in the Cane Grinder and turning it on and lying inside.

Serenity Lake Sanitorium-One dare is to stand in front of a mirror and perform an auto-drawing on it to summon a spirit of Dr. Ellison’s dead wife. A person draws out spirits of the dead children by rolling balls across the carpeted room. Then, another person walks to the Weldon House and channels the spirit of a dead solider by holding a séance.  Another person must attempt to summon the angel of death by painting inverted crosses on a series of doors. Lastly, a person goes into the attic and uses UV powder to determine which on of the 6 rooms is a hot spot of supernatural activity.


Boettger Brewery-One person must recite “Otto, come forth and avenge your death” and then smashes the Ballroom mirrors to invoke Otto’s spirit. One person must make their way to the Monkey Boy’s cage and complete the challenge because the dare was not completed. They must attempt to make contact with the Monkey Boy by using a Ouija Board., while another locks themselves in the cage and suspends the cage in the air. He must remain in the cage for a time period.

My Thoughts:
I did not enter any names here! It was purposeful due to the horrific acts which they endured. I could hardly finish writing these, and as I got closer to the end, the more nauseous I became and the feeling of dread just took over me completely. I’ve never felt this before and it was not good. I kept having to take deep breaths! It was awful just to write it and I can’t imagine that people performed these acts and the demons is must have summoned. Considering the feelings I had during this, I have no doubt it did!

Music-The hard rock band Godsmack’s song “Voodoo” was used as the theme song. For much of the second season, the song “First Day of Nowhere” by Sinisstar was used in the end credits.
In any of these episodes, the contestants are performing occult practices and could very well be attaching themselves to spirits or more formally known as DEMONS! These people could possible take these spirits home and it would not be a good scenario. By doing these horrendous acts, they are attracting demonic spirits and knowingly engulfing themselves in the occult.


The show was recreated in almost every aspect in VH1’s Celebrity Paranormal Project (10/2006-11/2007). Five celebrity participants who were taken to an allegedly ‘haunted’ location and spend the night with the task of identifying paranormal activity with various equipment. And if that wasn’t enough, the person with the strongest ‘connections’ with the paranormal acts as the conduit to the other world in an attempt to get the spirit to enter their own body!!
Strangely only 2 of the 8 locations were revealed, the others denoted a false name/place was used.


Paranormal Television has become all the rage! And the scope of purportedly factual investigations of paranormal phenomena, rather than fictional representations are found. The culture has become ‘pure theater’ as compared to professional wrestling or soft-core pornography but the demon spirits don’t care! The ’Ghost Hunting” related programs has risen exponentially and even extended into programs such as “Exorcist” not to mention the Film Screen plots has jumped into the media explosion …even another remake of ‘Carrie’ (Stephen King) is coming out soon.


I must speak about one particular program: Ghost Adventures with Zak, Nick, and Aaron (my nic for them-The Paranormal Musketeer’s)
When this program first made its debut, it seemed that Aaron, the reluctant cameraman and equipment tech, was a newbie in the arena with Nick the runner-up and Zak as the leader. Spooked by the whole ghost-hunting experience, Aaron’s sense of humor transformed an otherwise weird showcase of spirit stalking Musketeer’s.
This kept the viewers appeal for years and now the quirky sense of humor along with slick bells and whistles performed by the production team left this trio with a huge fan base and pretty good ratings.


Aaron, during one of the investigations was attached with a spirit which followed him home and he even admitted to this. The attachment seeping out into his personal life ended with attacks on his ex-wife and friends as well. But he didn’t want to be ‘cleansed’ because this could be evidence! He admits they follow him home and that it can get pretty scaring at times…but he’s adapted to it. Strange enough, he admits he was fearful during the early years but something ‘snapped’ in him and made him more aggressive! And Nick and Zak call it the “Dark Aaron”! He admits to being scratched, punched and who knows what else!! The wife had nightmares, posters drilled into the wall came flying off, pulled straight out of its hinges. The toilet seat going up and down on its own. He admits they’ve done Voodoo, pagan rituals, and he says we became ‘warlocks’.

I don’t condone such programs and this one is quite the treat! (Sarcasm) Zak knows what he’s doing, and by that I mean he’s very keen on his work and who he works for. His demeanor is arrogant and pretentious, and this is not surprising considering he uses Masonic symbolism every chance he gets. His apparel and jewelry, to his tattoos prove this. He’s been known to be temporarily possessed by spirits and as far as we know he most likely has several at all times.


Celebrating 100 episodes, they investigate St. Louis and the notorious Exorcist House! This is the site of the most famous possession of all paranormal history, and was later portrayed in a critically acclaimed book and movie. This occurred on March 16, 1949, with the possession of a young boy…the day the devil came to St. Louis! The movie Exorcist was made from this event.

I don’t watch this show anymore. I realized the inherent danger of their techniques and the real possibility that they are infested with demons, especially Zak.
Zak has his work on his site and his album-NecroFusion. This music is a form of elusive subliminal messages mixed with satanic flavored rock. The name NecroFusion implies mixing with the dead…and this is sorcery.



Give me a name of a ‘haunting group’ which does NOT use sorcery, occult tools and techniques, and necromancy to communicate with the dead. They very phrase ‘communicating with the dead’ implies sorcery.
So….give me a name, a program?

Final Thoughts
The main focus of Hollywood is to infest people with demons! Explain to me why they would have people perform such tasks as noted above? They love the occult and want us to love it too. They flood the television programming with these kinds of shows which are geared towards all ages.
Some say watching these type programs is opening a portal within your home! A portal to let in demonic spirits. What do you think it does? Is this a catalyst to invite spirits into your home? Does the very mentioning in the scripts streaming from your television allow these spirits to infest your home, or possibly YOU?

8 responses

  1. Gary R. Sayers

    —- I fear, as a resident of St. Louis, that the devil NEVER LEFT this city…With all the hoopla about the BIRDZ in the World Series, which it appears they are going to LOSE, I posted this elsewhere on another thread that one of our local ‘media-hypers’ on the radio (Howard Balzer, I think) takes to ‘burning sagebrush’ whenever any of our teams make it to ‘the Big Show’…He makes no ‘shame’ about it, and many other ‘media-types’ like to CALL him on the air and see if he’s ‘burnin’ da sage’…I hope TO GOD he is NOT…But with the loss last night, ALL bets are OFF as to what he is going to do…To BALZER, “it’s all in good fun…”..But a year or so ago I had a more sinister indication that ‘satan is alive and well in the River City..’
    —- I woke up out of a sound sleep in my downtown apartment across from the Main Post Office; it was about 3:30 AM and all was quiet enough…I don’t know why but I felt an ‘itch’ on my chest, suddenly but perceptably ‘irratating’…I have a problem with psoriasis, mainly on the scalp, but I HAD been noticing dry and itchy red spots on my chest, arms, & legs for some time, so I went to the bathroom mirror to check for such a spot where the ‘itch’ was emanating from…When I turned on the bathroom light and opened my robe, I noticed three long, distinct red scratch marks diagonal across my chest, MUCH too far apart to have been made by MY fingers, all some nine inches long (the meaning of band-name ‘Nine-Inch-Nails’??)
    —- It was what I FELT more than the marks themselves that unnerved me…A sense of dread, and of revulsion, and yes, VIOLATION, I suppose…
    I was a CHRISTIAN…Could this sort of thing occur to a BELIEVER??…AND I was completely convinced as to HOW the marks had gotten there… This is the only time I’ve been marked in my body, though I’ve had OTHER experiences with the enemy nearly equally hair-raising…It would be intersting to get feedback from anyone here as to how to ‘process’ this…Other posts I’ve made here bear witness to some of the much more RECENT ‘diffficulties’ I’m encountering…There are many now who preach about something called ‘generational curses’…Anything relative??

    October 29, 2013 at 1:12 PM

  2. Nathaniel

    “I fear, as a resident of St. Louis, that the devil NEVER LEFT this city.” …Yes Gary, you’re right. The Red Sox are gonna beat you guys in the World Series. Sorry I had to, I’m from Massachusetts. My very good friend that posts on here, Rick has had some similar things happen to him, After becoming a Believer. Yes, Generational curses could be the culprit. It’s kinda like a long line of men that all become members of a Fraternity at a College. If your father was a member, you are considered a “Legacy”. They automatically let you into the Frat and from what I hear, take it easier on you. Usually this is all because a long line of “Brothers” in a family, continue to contribute a lot of money, as Alumni. Do you see my analogy? If you don’t become a Legacy, like your forefathers, people get upset because you broke the chain of power they grew to relay on. I believe evil supernatural powers feel the same way. Pray to our Lord Jesus for Deliverance from these violent Spirits. From my new understanding, Fasting AND Prayer may be the key. Continue to have Faith and let the Holy Spirit and God’s Will be your guide.

    October 29, 2013 at 5:26 PM

  3. Just a note to say love your articles and thank you for informing us.
    I would like to link your article Armour of God to a new believer friend of mine. My only problem with that article was the sandals illustration being hippy ones. To my knowlege this peace symbol is a broken crucifix and in that case is from the enemy. I wouldnt want to confuse my friend and while it may be little nothing to some i am concerned how many christians i see use this symbol in church, and in decorations or accessories. Im not highly educated but have read this from several sources. I think we are to abstain from all kinds of evil. I know this is in wrong post spot sorry. Couldnt see how to email this question.

    October 29, 2013 at 7:40 PM

    • Yes, the peace symbol is tainted. Don’t know which or I would remove it.

      October 30, 2013 at 8:26 AM

    • Rick

      I love when Christians take things like the “peace” symbol, or Christmas trees, or hollered, or any of the many things that go against the LORD that have become “innocent” in today’s world. I don’t believe any of these things will send you to hell, mind you, although I have gotten rid of all of them out of my life personally.

      October 30, 2013 at 10:32 AM

      • Rick

        Halloween, not hollered…

        October 30, 2013 at 10:32 AM

      • Rick

        That didn’t make much sense. I meant, I like when Christians get those things out of their lives. I can’t just say “it’s ok” after I know the true meaning of these things, or anything else, when I know for a fact that they have hidden occult meanings and please satan when we participate in them. I sin enough as it is, lol. But seriously, if the reality is such, how can we as Christians ignore something just because “all the kids are doing it”. That’s what it boils down to if we ignore the fact that these are satanic things just because we are too afraid to say to our friends and family that no, I can’t do that because it displeases my Lord and savoir! I’m proud to say I love Jesus!!

        October 30, 2013 at 4:00 PM

  4. Gary R, Sayers

    —- Lots of wisdom in your heartfelt exhortation, Nathaniel…Even the RED SOCKZ stuff!!…Our guys just don’t seem to WANT it enough…Love big Papi’s ‘FIRE’ in this Series…He’s what the game is all about…Our guys keep pulling their heads OFF the ball while swinging and hitting into ‘pop-ups’, except Beltran and Holliday…Freese is a bust and needs to SIT…Despite the baserunning gaffe, WONG needs to start at 2nd base tomorrow, Carpenter moving over to third…Wacha’s being asked to do WAY too much for a kid his age, but he’s a REAL SPECIAL KID…Tomorrow awaits..
    —- Interesting analogy about the ‘generational’ issue…My dad was a VERY shady character whom I did NOT know very well, I won’t say any more, but I never MET my grandfather on his side; though I understand he was a preacher (Baptist, I think) in San Antonio, Texas…Preachers often get strange ‘followings’ through their bloodlines…You New Englanders know PLENTY about all of THAT…I keep gettin’ ‘BUGGED’ online by this site that offers ‘family-tree’ research…Trouble IS, and this takes some ‘fancy-footwork’ to explain without more detail, I probably should NOT have been born when I was…More clearly, I was an ‘inconvenience’; Mother had NO BUSINESS having a child at that time, believe me, and my father recommended an abortion almost as soon as Mom found out she was pregnant…She had miscarried once already about 8 months earlier, and somehow in the middle of it all, I just ‘happened’…If I get to know you better I’ll go into more detail, but all that said to indicate that IF the pattern you laid out holds true, I got sort of ‘thrown into the middle of the whole damned MUDDLE’, as to ‘legacies’…Mother fought with Dad about the abortion, to which he finally yielded, and thus I got ‘born’…If you knew the nature of what was involved in their ‘decision-mnking process’ it would be much clearer for you to understand…Let me just say that the considerations were of a ‘professional’ nature, and for now just leave it at that…Thanks for the exhortation..

    October 29, 2013 at 10:19 PM

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