Truth is inspiring, it is guarded by GOD, and will triumph over all opposition!



With Halloween just passing, people think nightmares are made of horror stories around the campfire and fantasies told in jest but what I pose to you are a reality and not just at certain times of the year but all year round.

A woman goes to bed healthy with no physical ailments, then it heard to cry out in her sleep, and then the next morning is found dead. This same scene is repeated over and over. The doctors can’t seem to find any physical cause for the mysterious deaths, but people whisper of demonic beings and horrific dreams.

As you would imagine there is a significant amount of folklore and mythology built up around this fatal disease but I’ve found in my research that there is always truth in them! Apparently, people tend to forget that we live in a natural world surrounded by the supernatural.
One perfect example is that of the 11 victims who were all Filipino sailors, in the 1960’s. A Dr. Gonzalo Aponte was called to the US Naval Hospital in Guam to investigate the strange deaths, who seemed to have died inexplicably in their sleep days after complaining of nightmares. The case turned up few concrete details, even after autopsies of the bodies were concluded.

Dr. Gonzalo researched other incidents and found reports regarding Sudden Unexplained Nocturnal Death (SUND) dating back as far as 1917. In the early 20th Century an American anthropologist wrote about the Bontoc’s belief in the Li-mum, or “fiendish nightmares caused by sitting on the sleeping individual’s chest and stomach”. Similarly, the English word nightmare originally referred to a “mare”, a female spirit, who was believed to suffocate sleeping victims.
Then, we move onto the 1980’s case of 18 Laotians covered in the NEW YORK TIMES here:

Apparently, 18 healthy Laotian refugees died mysterious under these same circumstances. The cause of the deaths in the early morning hours remains a mystery. Given the diagnosis of “probable cardiac arrythmia” or irregular heartbeat, the pathologists were reluctant to advance it publicly. On the basis of reports from medical examiners who examined the bodies, preliminary analysis pointed to “natural causes” and in effect, ruled out accidents, foul play and suicide.
The syndrome is called “banging,” a Filipino word for “nightmare,” is described in medical literature as “nightmare death syndrome.”
In fact, this is common in Singapore, with 43 deaths per 100,000. Creepy, eh?

Nightmares are no doubt horrible, and I am here to tell you that I have experienced a ‘shadow figure’ nightmare which was very real. I feel in my gut that this ‘thing’ was not just a dream-figure but it was very real and used my sleeping state to advance its attack on me. Describing in detail, falls right into the category of thousands of others who have experienced the same events.
Your conscious that your asleep, but feel like someone is in the room with you, and as suddenly as you realize this you become immobile. Unable to move, speak or fight back in any way. It’s almost as if you’ve been drugged somehow.

Now, in my experience there was just a 7 foot shadow man, but people tell of their experience and speak of a ‘old woman’ or hag which accompanies the shadow figure. The old woman is said to sit on the person’s chest, and she’s heavy enough that the person can hardly breathe. She chokes the person and the shadow figure attacks in other ways.
Why can’t anyone around you hear what’s going on, you feel as if you’re wide awake and yet no one responds to your attacks. In fact, if you tell your friends, family or even your doctor, they believe you to be losing your grip on reality, even insane. Get over it!
Being plagued by these entities, some have had them all their lives. But how, why, and what are they?


“In the middle of the night they hears these horrendous screams and crashings and they ran in and he’s thrashing on the bed. They ran to him and by the time they got to him he was dead. They did an autopsy on him and there was nothing physically wrong with him, And I just though: “My God.”
Wes Craven
Craven recalls reading about the reports in LA Times about these children. Apparently they were so terrified that they didn’t want to go to sleep-afraid of something in their dreams. Eventually the doctors convinced the parents that lack of sleep (Deep REM) would result in hysteria, they told the children to go to sleep. They never woke up.
Wes Craven is excellent as skimming the boundaries between the imaginary and real, toying with the audience’s perception. The name, Freddy Krueger originally came from school where he has been bullied by a child named Fred Krueger. The content of the movie originates with the real life reality that this does in fact, happen to most of us.


This is a title of a recent short film, produced by Carla MacKinnon, about her own experiences from her waking up several times a week unable to move, but she didn’t call ‘ghostbusters’, she began to research the phenomena.
Her story:
I have always been a very active dreamer. Terrifying nightmares were regular occurrences for me throughout childhood and adolescence. But there was another kind of dream I’d get – one I could not make sense of because it did not feel like a dream at all. I would wake up feeling alert. My body was tingling and had the sensation of being under pressure, as if it was wrapped in a solid sheet of static electricity. When I tried to move, I found myself immobile. Worse still, I had the strong sense of being watched. Sometimes the watcher was visible as a human or monstrous form beside my bed, sometimes an invisible sensed presence. One this was certain – it was malevolent. These episodes lasted anything from seconds to minutes and left me feeling vulnerable and confused, as if I had been touched by something evil and otherworldly.

It was not until I was in my mid-twenties that I heard the term ‘sleep paralysis’, and realised that my experiences were not only explicable, but relatively common. When entering the REM phase of sleep (most commonly associated with dreaming) the brain induces muscular paralysis, a precautionary measure to stop a person physically acting out the actions of their dreams. Normally this paralysis ceases before the dreamer wakes. Sometimes though this process is disordered – the paralysis might occur before the sleeper is fully asleep or continue into wakefulness. The result of this is that a person will find themselves seemingly awake and aware in their bedroom, unable to move.
In some cases, the combination of waking and dream mental activity can cause hallucinations. People may hear noises or see shadowy figures around them. Hallucinations can also be olfactory, and some people report feelings of being moved, or even out-of-body experiences. Shortness of breath and a pressure on the chest are also common.
It is thought that at least a quarter of people experience some form of sleep paralysis in their lives, with around 5% suffering associated by hallucinations and unusual bodily experiences. The chances of an attack increase with disruption of sleep patterns, stress and drug use. In many parts of the world mythologies have arisen which relate to the sleep paralysis experience. The best known of these are ‘The Old Hag of Newfoundland’, believed to sit astride the sleeper crushing the breath from their bodies and the ‘Kanashibari’, a Japanese demon whose name translates roughly as ‘bound in fastened metal’. It has been suggested that many alien abduction experiences and religious visitations may also be rooted in sleep paralysis.

I decided to initiate a project exploring and raising awareness for the phenomenon of sleep paralysis. The Sleep Paralysis Project would consist of a short film, a series of events and a web resource. The project was launched at the Dana Centre in January 2013 as part of the London Short Film Festival, and continued throughout the year. I interviewed dozens of sleep paralysis sufferers from all over the world, many of whom experience extremely frequent and severe episodes. I spoke to people who had been misdiagnosed as epileptic or schizophrenic, and people who believed themselves to be under attack from demons, or the devil itself.
In creating Devil In The Room, the short film at the heart of the project, it was important to me to balance the scientific voice with a more subjective, internal voice. This comes in the form of two narrators, presenting different angles over the top of a visual representation of a sleep paralysis experience. The film combines live action and animation techniques to create a reality that is insecure, in a constant state of transformation. I’ve tried to combine scientific and cultural information with an unsettling, frightening atmosphere and the odd dash of humour. END


The STUFF Dreams Are Made Of…
More investigating gleaned the other underlying causes, one could also be something referred to as Brugada Syndrome, which is linked to people of Southeastern Asian descent. Seems it’s an inherited heart rhythm disorder and people who carry the SCN5a gene are more susceptible to this ‘ailment’.


Then, we have the New Age prophetic dream interpretation websites which tell you that seeing a ‘shadowy figure’ in your dream represents characteristics which you have not acknowledged or incorporated into your own personality.
If you believe this then it seems one might just “INVITE” said figure into your person, am I right? What better way to have a demon possess your body.


Some see more than one shadow figure which even communicate to one another and all but one leave, but the oddity of it is that these beings do communicate to some people telling them they are ‘lucky’ to see them. Stranger yet, some describe these beings as sexually aggressive. Quite often people describe the smell of something dead, and some even find dead animals near their home afterward.
Let’s not forget that these entities have enough energy to enter your dream state and they use our energy to gain enough power to do their will upon us. Some experience a series of attacks (scratches, bites, etc). This tells me they are malevolent, no doubt about it.
People, including myself describe these beings as tall as 7-8 foot tall.
Why do people describe them as being male?

Shadow People

Here’s my take on “SHADOW FIGURES”
Shadow People, Shadow Folk, Shadow Beings, are all seen as dark silhouettes of a human-shape, generally male. Some say when they first noticed them, it was like a mist or smoke, then as time goes by they gain power and become a full figure. These accounts are from all over the world, and not going away, in fact the phenomena is exponentially getting worse. The more consistent accounts of shadow people typically describe a feeling of dread, and if you own pets, these pets react to their presence. Lightening speed is associated with these beings because they are supernatural. They often appear in mirrors and this to me is just a portal for their entry, and are said to travel through solid objects as well.

I believe them to be the exact opposite of an angel, or a good spirit. These beings are most likely associated with demons and appear just as their name describes them to be a ‘shadow’. Now, the one I saw in my paralyzed dream state was 3D, although it was solid black, you can sense their a being. There is absolutely no light in them whatsoever. Some describe them as having a hat, or long coat, even wearing a cloak.
I believe these beings to be similar to a demon in that they have turned their soul/spirit from GOD. They are from the ‘dark side’ of the supernatural, therefore they are dark entities. They appear to be a higher presence in the dark side, meaning they have immense power and decidedly use it on humans. They feed on us, and our energy.

Interestingly, these may be the boogie-monsters which hid under our beds and in the closets of our room when we were children, and even as adults. Although it seems they target children, they also target those who have lost their faith. And, I also believe they target Believer’s to test their faith. I remember having reoccurring dreams in my childhood of something chasing me in the woods, I wonder if it was a shadow entity.
Often people report seeing these figures after ‘playing’ with a Ouija Board. They think of it as a toy, something fun to do when your bored! This is NOT a toy! And you more than likely opened a portal for it to cross over into this dimension.
“Hauntings” seem to go hand-in-hand with these figures. In fact, if your hearing things moving and noises, just plain weird things going on in your home, it’s most likely a shadow figure. In fact, if they happen mostly at night, this is when these beings come out! If you are being targeted and are waking up with bruises and scratches, sheets/covers being ripped off while you sleep, you may want to rethink your situation and get your Bible out!

Demons love to cause fear, this is what they want to happen! They feed off of fear. It’s a demon and the description of a ‘shadow’ figure in your doorway, then you blink and it’s hovering over you…is not just a scary thought but a reality for some.


Seriously folks….if these things are attacking you…take out your Bible. Repeat Scripture before going to bed. Say a prayer before sleeping EVERY night to keep the hedge of protection over you. Some have even has success in placing their Bible under their pillow.
When it happens, immediately think the Name of Jesus Christ. Most likely you won’t be able to speak at first so think it, then when you are able SCREAM out JESUS CHRIST deliver me from these demons!
Do a house blessing. Buy some sea salt, olive oil and put a cross (in olive oil) over all entries and exits (even closets) in your home. Repeat prayers while doing this. Take sea salt and place it on all entries and exits of your home, including windows, doors, closets, basements, attics, EVERYWHERE!
Keep repeating this until you begin to FEEL relief. Then, keep doing it at least once a month. Demons will return to test your faith.
Don’t take this lightly. They have enough power to torture, and KILL. So this is serious!

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  1. Gary R, Sayers

    —- I was ‘somewhat open’ in an earlier thread about an experience I had within the past two years regarding ‘scratchings’…I am grateful, Virginia, for this particular post, in the light of that… Nathaniel had a helpful comment, yet your own silence was getting a bit deafening…This is infinitely so important for me to read right now…As to ‘shadow people’ actually being ‘seen’ by me I CAN’T attest to, but I have recurring very disturbing dreams about being ‘locked up in a tight or confining space’, after which I awake, sometimes in a sweat, with an ACUTE awareness of having been ‘cooped up’ or confined somewhere…’Shadow people’ are a frequent subject on the ‘Coast-to-Coast’ radio program, which I used to listen to very regularly..
    I suppose when you live alone as I do, that is a tempting morsel for the ‘targeters’ in the enemy’s artillery batteries…Many years back, I was asleep on a couch in my parents’ living room when i woke up suddenly, and became aware of a ‘presence’, standing beside the couch…My covers were over my head, and I WOULDN’T have removed ’em for EVERY RED CENT in J. Paul Getty’s COFFERS!!..I was suddenly near-overwhelmed by a sense of of FEAR and DREAD like I’ve never known before…I actually shivered from it!!…All I knew to do was use the only weapon I had; having been part of a ‘Navigators’ bible study in the Navy…THEY are, for those who know of them, hugely motivated by scripture memory, and regularly memorize and even DRILL each other on memorized passages…I was no exception, so I lay on that couch quoting as MANY of the 124 verses or passages I’d thus memorized to that time…After about 30 minutes of this, I sensed an ‘easing’ of the oppression; a short bit later it was GONE…I was scared out of my wits; had NEVER felt a fear like that in my life, even to this day…Got to think on such things, as the foe is not about to QUIT..

    November 1, 2013 at 11:57 AM

    • Gary, I would also like to use some of your experiences regarding nightmares, paralysis, shadows, etc…again, I will honor your request not to use it. Please, let me know. Love, V

      November 2, 2013 at 3:48 PM

      • Gary R, Sayers

        —- There is nothing to hide from what I share here, sis…Use whatever you wish as you see fit…

        November 2, 2013 at 8:15 PM

      • Gary R. Sayers

        —- I need to also mention this, in light of your request, Sis, but also due to the fact I JUST HAD a recurrence a few days ago of what I’m about to describe to you…I’ve had this occur quite a few times in the past 10 yrs. or so, enough that I KNOW who’s doing it, and there are no ‘fear’ issues, but rather its almost become a ‘minor needling annoyance’…I’ll be in a state of near or semi-sleep, usually in a light dream-state, when I hear a sound or have another ‘stimulus’ making me aware of the enemy’s immediate ‘presence’…Sometimes it’ll actually be related to the circumstances I’m dreaming about, but either way I’ll become consciously aware of the enemy in that state…I’ll form the words “In Jesus’ name I rebuke you”, but as I attempt to SPEAK them, my mouth becomes frozen and my jaw will not move…I try to force the words out as if having a case of ‘lockjaw’, then usually at that time I wake up, after which all is normal and the oppression is gone…This happened a couple days back while i was half-dozing in front of the ‘tube’ with an episode of Boris Karloff’s Thriller on at the time…A screeching CAT from the TV show was what I heard to start the whole process, and I felt the enemy, prepared to rebuke him, yet just couldn’t SPEAK IT…I guess it’s nothing you’ve not heard before, Sis…But there it is..

        November 6, 2013 at 2:48 PM

      • Yes, it’s replicated over and over! You see, I think they KNOW what you’re about to say. And even though it doesn’t make its way out….it served its purpose! They work in the spirit world and your spirit cried out for Jesus Christ! Glory be to GOD! We know who’s got the power—JESUS CHRIST! Praise GOD!
        So, keep it up. If it happens again….think it BRO! Think it! Mind over matter!!!!!!

        November 6, 2013 at 3:26 PM

  2. THANKS 4 this info, V… When I was a young teenager (maybe even as far back as adolescence) I had a recurring theme in my dreams… of a “grim reaper” type figure chasing me and vampires… I believed Dracula lived under my bed as early as 8 or 9 yrs old and would turn the light switch off and make a running jump onto my bed, where I would sleep with covers held tightly up to my neck!! Even now, I do not sleep without some kind of dim light on at least!

    The other figure that I began to dream about later on was not nearly so blatant but much scarier – cloaked and very large, I could not see a face at all – hooded and I was too scared to try to see and remember just trying to get away! after a few years, I told a friend who asked me if it was the grim reaper? I had no clue what/who that was – but the description matched except for there was no scythe. She said to stop next time and demand to show it’s face – that it was probably a dream that represented “facing my fears”! That sounded plausible to me, so I waited for an opportunity… It came but in a much different form and it was a completely different experience!

    I had just re-dedicated my life to God, was just out of highschool and VERY involved with my church group and living for the Lord… I had “given up” all “vices” but one – smoking and was feeling a lot of conviction about it. Still sleeping with the lights on, I laid in bed, lit a cigarette and thought to myself, “I’ll just finish this smoke, pray and go to sleep” (I was exhausted that night)… Then something told me how my priorities were OUT OF ORDER – and I immediately put the cigarette out and prayed… I don’t know if I had fallen asleep or if it was while praying maybe, but the room which before I closed my eyes had been fairly brightly lit, was all of the sudden pitch black and it seemed as if my eyes were wide open! I had been on my left side but now felt like I was lying flat on my back, yet possibly suspended and I felt like I was being crushed – a HEAVY weighted down feeling, but not like I was choking or being suffocated really! My mind’s eye saw this immense showed figure but different from the other — it had no real face, but I was aware of one or at least it’s identity and it was primarily right at my head, face and chest region – not on, but centimeters above!

    I could NOT move, speak, nothing – I felt completely paralyzed, frozen, immobilizeded but not just by fear – JESUS! The name came into my thoughts finally able to get through… but I still could NOT say it out loud! I began to cry, but no tears!! Over and over I kept trying to THINK the name of Jesus louder and louder… and then I could think a complete sentence almost – “By the BLOOD of JESUS”… “In JESUS’ NAME!!” and it came out like a SHOUT and all of the sudden I broke free, the room was bright again and I was in my room, safe — I FELT God right in that same spot, where the enemy had been just a moment before, but I was encompassed in Him, not that HEAVY, CRUSHING feeling as before! My heart was SO FULL and a lump was in my throat, I could not even speak – but felt rays of light, energy and love all around and FILLING me… and then I was able to open my eyes again and everything was as it was before I had begun to pray earlier!!!

    I felt immediately that satan was very angry, like he had misjudged me somehow!! It seemed to me at the time like he had gone “too far”. He had meant to scare the life out of me, quite possibly even literally — But my faith was strong and I did not give myself over to fear – God INSTANTLY acknowledged my free will decision made to CALL UPON HIM and came to release me!!! Strangely enough, I also felt that if I had not put out that cigarette right away once being given the “message” about putting HIM first, it may not have gone the same way!!?? By the way, I quit smoking then and there (at least for about 6 months)!! And for a time, felt a reprieve from the shadowy figures I often saw in my waking hours… and an end to the ones in my dreams!! (Until the one I had just this last year – which is another story…)

    I am not sure, but I think the recurring figures were different demons, but that that “one” was the “father of lies” himself – Just as I know it was GOD himself, who came to break me from from the bondage and who held me and gave me comfort and strength afterwards! ❤

    November 1, 2013 at 2:38 PM

    • Bren,
      I am doing an article right now where I would like to use your experiences. If you prefer not, I would honor your decision. We need to let people know WHAT it going on and it’s NOT a psychological state like the doctors want everyone to think. Please, let me know. Love, V

      November 2, 2013 at 3:47 PM

      • OF COURSE, V!!! You are welcome to share/use anything that I share here if you think it MAY POSSIBLY help another!! I think THAT is sometimes reason enough for these kinds of things that happen to us… If you want details about the incident that happened this last year that I mentioned at the bottom of my comment, please let me know! OK? THANKS AGAIN for the work you are doing to help inform people about the TRUTH! God bless you always, my friend!! Lots of Love! ❤

        November 4, 2013 at 1:00 PM

      • Please give me as much detail as you feel comfortable sharing! Love, V

        November 4, 2013 at 1:05 PM

      • 🙂 OK… I will send in an email to you later today or tomorrow, if that’s alright!?

        November 4, 2013 at 1:20 PM

      • Ok…I am finishing the article today, that will be great.

        November 4, 2013 at 3:11 PM

      • OK… I will try to send you something at least – the basics… here in a few minutes!

        November 4, 2013 at 4:08 PM

  3. I sent you an email, V – please let me know when you receive it! Thanks!

    November 4, 2013 at 5:42 PM

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