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The Soul Collectors


What do demons produce? Fear, hysteria, nightmares, etc. What do demons get their energy from? THE SAME! It’s a vicious cycle.

Did you know Job had been subjected to Satan’s ruthless torment for a reason? Did you know he also experienced dreams and visions?

I will give proper respect to the people who believe that sleep paralysis is a medical issue by posting this website:
You can judge for yourself. But, I am convinced it’s demons! This website highlights the “Devil in the Room” teaser…I’ve yet to see it but I surely want to.


I just watched “SHADOW PEOPLE” which is a documentary. It reveals some intriguing mysteries which I have touched on before but when viewing this DVD it struck me that demons have a strategy. This agenda is not just to collect energy from fear but to collect souls. I’ve realized this before, but with totally different aspects within the subject. You see, it’s just that deep of a subject.

I believe there are events in history which demons caused, huge events! Of course 9/11 was one, but also the Salem Witch Trials. Hysteria seemed to broaden the fears and in doing so it allows the demons to collect more souls. In general, we need to address just how many events in our lives originate with demons and their agenda.


I have talked to many people over my lifetime about dreams. Considering my past college courses, it was intriguing to me. Dreams were said to be interpreted for a more ‘meaningful’ outcome. This is hocus-pocus. Why do I say that? We’re TAUGHT that. It’s simple just not true. To disassemble our dreams is to perform witchcraft, essentially. True!
So, I’ve wondered how many people were beings ‘chased’ in your dreams? Strangely enough, almost everyone I spoke to about it! Some were embarrassed to speak of it so they didn’t really open up but others would give vivid details.
My dream consisted of being in a forest, and being chased by a wolf, I thought. Then, as I got older it was a ‘sense’ of ‘something’ chasing me. As I wrote previously in another article, I was in my home ( a dream) and I heard a commotion out side.


My Dream
As you get near the end, you will read that I was being chased but ‘something’. This was the same feeling!


Chase dreams are one of the most common dream themes, and doctors answer to this is the flee or fight syndrome of survival. The first response of a doctor is to analyze your dreams but I tell you this stems back to one thing…history.

Middle English, a female demon that afflicts sleeping people : night, night; see night + mare, goblin (from Old English; see mer- in Indo-European roots). (Myth & Legend / European Myth & Legend) (formerly) an evil spirit supposed to harass or suffocate sleeping people.
[C13 (meaning: incubus; C16: bad dream): from night + Old English mare, mære evil spirit, from Germanic; compare Old Norse mara incubus, Polish zmora, French cauchemar nightmare]


Ancient Slavonic legends are mostly a forgotten matter; and Christianity still tries to remain hidden the fact that Slavonic tribes were once pagans. Fortunately some of the legends have survived from these people which speak of these beings but stunningly they parallel the ‘greys’ of current phenomena. Bedroom visits by the Zmora (which became known as ‘hag’), according to many witnesses are still being encountered.
The witness [from Ilawa city] was lying in a bed in a hotel room in Zakopane [Tatra Mountains]. She couldn’t sleep. Her friend was also sleeping in that room. Then she hears a noise coming from corridor. He was lying and thinking. She was annoyed that sleep isn’t coming and even she started to pray. After a while she could feel a strange feeling. He was paralyzed and wasn’t able to move. Then she was observing a strange, misty entity lying on her.
It was made of whitish mist and was around 170 cm in height, as tall as the witness is. It had small, pear – shaped head and was extremely skinny. Its sharply pointed arms were embracing her tightly. She didn’t notice any facial features. After some time the entity leaved. The woman fell asleep. She had a dream of strange, sad people gazing at her.
This report contains very significant clues linking infamous demon with today bedroom visitation. If we talk about its physical appearance, we must stressed that the being is sometimes variously depicted. Anyway, some reports mentions skinny beings, similar to common “Grays”, although often non-material in nature. Sometimes it’s also depicted as a female.

no mercy

Zmora attacking Slaves for centuries, began a important part of beliefs. A people choking at night by unknown force, exhausted and tired after recovering were allegedly “sucked out” by the demon. In other version of the story, the being remains invisible during its attacks but in fact wasn’t too scary and it was quite easy to fight it off. Although it usually “suck out” its victims pressing on their chest, the attacks can be also different in nature. In a certain report from the 1st part of XX century, we can encounter a story of a man attacked in his bed by unknown force. The man [from Czestochowa area], who was lying in his bed was unexpectedly and violently attacked by unknown creature leaving trails on his duvet. The being was scared off by his wife who allegedly thrown her rosary in its direction. This indicate that Zmora was sometimes linked with magic.
The main similarity is the being’s appearance and some phenomena accompanying it’s attack, as for example paralyze and the fact that encounters occur at night. Anyway, there are also differences as for example the fact that the being interfere directly with the witness what points to it’s rather demonic nature. In fact we can encounter so various reports that link Zmora activity with possible signs of activity noted in close encounters of the 3rd kind, that the matter becomes very confusing.
Another one interesting report that allegedly involves physical traces on the witness’ body comes from Silesian region. Once at night in 2003, a man living on a 3rd floor when he was sleeping he heard an ordnance that he had to lay on his back. When he opened his eyes saw that something is sitting on him and pressing. He was completely paralyzed and unable to move lying with his arms crossed. He could feel its presence but he wasn’t able to regard any facial features of the being. The face almost resembled that of human and was made of pinkish or violet mist. The entity sitting on him was puffing ant panting and was scratching the man’s body with claws. Then he lost consciousness and doesn’t know what happened. When he woke up in the morning he was exhausted as if the night attacker has sucked all his energy. He was thinking about the event and wondered whether it happened in reality or was only a nightmare. Then he discovered SCRATCHED MARKS ON HIS ABDOMEN.


The supernatural assault tradition is commonly called cauchemar or witch-riding in southwest Louisiana. In modern French, the word cauchemar has come to mean nightmare. Le Petit Robert Dictionnaire de la Langue Française gives a brief etymology of the word, tracing its roots back to 1564 when it was written quauquemaire. The verb cauquer comes from the Picard dialect in northeastern France, meaning “to press.” And the noun mare comes from the Dutch for “phantom.” This image of a pressing phantom closely mirrors the active folk definition of cauchemar among people of African descent with French language traditions in Southwest Louisiana.
In brief—although it is difficult to be brief about cauchemar experiences because they are so multi-faceted—it is an experience during which someone who is sleeping is visited by a presence which is called cauchemar (also called the devil, an evil spirit, a ghost, and a witch). The person awakens and senses, or sometimes actually sees, cauchemar in the room. Often cauchemar is on top of his or her body. The person feels frightened but is unable to move or cry out for protection.


We read Patricia Rickels’ article “Some Accounts of Witch Riding” which was published in l961 in the Louisiana Folklore Miscellany. In this article, Rickels records the cauchemar experience narratives of some of her students who were from Southwest Louisiana. When she asked her class if Cotton Mather’s account of Bridget Bishop-accused of entering a man’s room at night, mounting him, and riding him while he lay paralyzed in his bed-sounded familiar to any of them, one student raised his hand and said, “Why, that sounds like cauchemar” (1961:6). After reading the local accounts of witch riding, or cauchemar, that Rickels recorded, and later those recorded by Darrell Bourque in his l968 Miscellany article “Cauchemar and Feu Follet,”
The older generation believes cauchemar has a real significance: to punish or warn against wrongdoing. The younger generation believes the experience is just something that happens without any real reason or meaning. Probably the next step will be for witches to stop riding altogether. [1961:15]

Some people believe that talking about cauchemar actually encourages a visit from it in the night. Although some remember hearing cauchemar talked about before having had the experience themselves, it seems the tradition is revealed to them in full and becomes part of their psychic reality at the time of their own personal experience.
The terminology is used to qualify a supernatural experience as a cauchemar experience (the word cauchemar and variations on it-macouche, couchemache, couchemal-as well as phrases used to describe the physical sensation-“can’t move,” “riding,” “trying to scream but can’t,” “sitting on my chest”) but also elements and methodologies used in the prevention of such an experience (salt under the pillow, beans under the bed, broom in the corner, screens in the windows, prayers before bedtime, blessed religious elements in the room and near or on the bed).
People from within the cauchemar tradition have varied reactions to the mention of the phenomenon. Some laugh and shake their heads in recognition; some call it a form of the Boogie Man used to scare little children into saying their prayers and being good; others, particularly those who have experienced cauchemar first hand, call it “real”. But whatever the reaction, the fact that there is common knowledge of this supernatural phenomenon provides people with the tools to discuss and therefore pass on their experiences and beliefs.
The essential physical elements, the reference to cauchemar (a.k.a. “couchemache,” as some seem to pronounce it), and the suggestion that the visit is a ramification for bad deeds are there, reflecting an immersion of the teller in the cauchemar tradition and its cultural knowledge base.
The similarities to a cauchemar experience are evident (the paralysis, the fear, the inability to speak, the sense of another presence in the room).


The name most often found in northern Germany ends with a pronounced “t,” and can be grammatically either masculine or feminine. The compound “nightmårt” is also very common. The forms “mår” (masculine) and “måre” (feminine) also exist.
It is believed that by stopping up the keyhole, placing one’s shoes with the toes facing the door, and then getting into bed backwards one can protect oneself against nightmares or “Mortriden.” [mare rides].
All of these names are used to designate the spirit being that sits upon a sleeping person’s chest, thus depriving him of motion and speech. The approaching being sounds like the gnawing of a mouse or the quiet creeping of a cat. The mårt can be captured by grasping it with an inherited glove or by closing up all of the room’s openings as soon as the sleeping person begins to groan.
Mårt-pressure (also called a mårt-ride) can be prevented by crossing one’s arms and legs before falling asleep.


The mare in nightmare is not a female horse, but a mara, an Anglo-Saxon and Old Norse term for a demon that sat on sleepers’ chests, causing them to have bad dreams. Dialect variants, as explained below, include the forms mara, mahr, mahrt, mårt, and others. In High German, the demon who causes bad dreams is most often called an Alp, a word that is etymologically related to elf. A mare-induced bad dream is called a nightmare in English, martröð (mare-ride) in Anglo-Saxon and Icelandic, mareridt (mare-ride) in Danish, mareritt (mare-ride) in Norwegian, and Alpdruck (alp-pressure) or Alptraum (alp-dream) in German. Even though windows and doors may be tightly closed and locked to keep out the alps, they can still get in through the smallest holes, which they seek out with special pleasure. In the still of the night one can hear the sound that they make in the wall while getting in. If one gets up quickly and plugs up the hole, then they must stay in the room and cannot escape, even after the doors have been opened. Then, before setting them free, one must make them promise to never disturb the place again. On such occasions they have complained pitifully that they have little children at home who will perish if they do not leave. A trud or an alp often travels a great distance to make his nighttime visits. These attacks are called Alpdrücke (nightmares). A girl told how the alp came to her through a keyhole. She was not able to call for help. Later, she therefore asked her sister to call out her name in the night, and then the alp would go back out through the keyhole. In Zwickau they claim that the alp will go away if one invites him for coffee the following morning. It is also believed that the alp crushes animals to death. For example, if young geese, are placed in a pig pen and then die it is said that the alp crushed them to death. If rabbits die, and it appears that they have been crushed, a broom is placed in their pen, which protects them against the alp. It is believed that by stopping up the keyhole, placing one’s shoes with the toes facing the door, and then getting into bed backwards one can protect oneself against nightmares or “Mortriden.” [mare rides]. In High German, the demon who causes bad dreams is most often called an Alp, a word that is etymologically related to elf.
A cabinetmaker in Bühl slept in a bed in his workshop. Several nights in a row something laid itself onto his chest and pressed against him until he could hardly breathe. After talking the matter over with a friend, the next night he lay awake in bed. At the stroke of twelve a cat slipped in through a hole. The cabinetmaker quickly stopped up the hole, caught the cat, and nailed down one of its paws. Then he went to sleep.
The next morning he found a beautiful naked woman in the cat’s place. One of her hands was nailed down. She pleased him so much that he married her.
One day, after she had borne him three children, she was with him in his workshop, when he said to her, “Look, that is where you came in!” and he opened the hole that had been stopped up until now.
The woman suddenly turned into a cat, ran out through the opening, and she was never seen again.


Known as a wraithlike female dream demon. The word mara can be traced back to and Indo-European word, meaning harm. This also gave rise to the word nachtmara, which is of course German for nightmare.

In Polish folklore, mora are the souls of living people that leave the body during the night, and are seen as wisps of straw or hair or as moths. In certain Slavic languages, variations of the word mora actually mean moth (such as in Slovak language mora or another example is the Czech word můra).
In Croatian, “mora” refers to a “nightmare”. Mora or Mara is one of the spirits from ancient Slav mythology. Mara was a dark spirit that takes a form of a beautiful woman and then visits men in their dreams, torturing them with desire, and dragging life out of them. Other names were nocnica, “night woman” in Polish, or éjjeljáró, “night-goer” in Hungarian.

hells door

Buddhists call this creature/demon Lord of Death, and is associated with destruction. Also called, Kilesa-Maras, the demons of defilement.

Romania they were known as Moroi.


First of all-I want to thank those who shared. GOD Bless you!
Bren’s confession:
I will give you a little background first. I already have shared with you that I have often seen things (out of the corner of my eye, in reflection of windows, glass of TV, mirrors, etc) during my waking moments, as well as FELT A LOT of presence of spirits… as well as what I shared with you in my comments… But last year something VERY, VERY frightening happened to me that honestly still shakes me to the core!
Let me share with you kind of “where I was at” emotionally at the time…. Because I really think that it matters! I had been living at my dad’s and been “clean” for about 2 – 2 1/2 years, but was “forced” to leave there and really had nowhere to go… an old friend (the cousin of my first love actually) said I could stay there with him and his mom and sister, but I really didn’t want to have to do that – had no choice though really! Anyway, I had gone to Montana to see my daughter and grandkids for Christmas after being “kicked out”… I was REALLY HURTING and thought I would just be able to heal from all the feelings of depression, rejection, fear, etc I was feeling but for the month I was there, I felt even more of all those things… My daughter and her husband had gone back to using after years of sobriety and when I arrived, she had been “up” for 4 days!
I was heartbroken and didn’t know what to do to help her… I even ended up using once with them while I was there… and it was the worst thing I could have possibly done! The visit was ALL BAD and the day I left we were on very bad terms… For a month after I got back to Cali she would not talk to me… neither would my 2 boys! I was not on speaking terms with my dad and he was too busy with the ex wife that had moved back in anyway. I had no car, no job, no hope… I ended up losing EVERYTHING I owned, was living in the garage of my friend’s family’s home and having to share space with someone who had “feelings” for me I did not return — I was miserable!!!!!
The night this “event” happened, I had been sick for a few days with a cold or flu… was pretty worn down and sleeping a lot. All I remember really was that I was “dreaming” and felt like I was being overtaken (the only way I can describe it) – I was very scared and it was not at all the same as before where my mind was strong and I knew what to do… This was like I was either DEEP INSIDE myself or at points even OUTSIDE myself and there was something (but more than one) trying to keep me there!!! My first conscious moment was when I suddenly sat straight up in bed and there were several voices coming out of my mouth at once – I do not even know what was said, but it was low and hissing and raspy!! My friend JUMPED out of bed and starting to walk out, angry… One of the voices screamed out at him with profanity and laughed! Lyle (my friend who has now passed away – just this month) turned to say something at me, maybe he even did…. And I managed to cry out in barely more than a whisper “HELP ME!!!!” to him somehow – It was a desperate PLEA and I felt my last hope for some reason! He ran back over and held me and said, “Bren, you NEED to pray” (he, up to then, was what you might consider a non-believer)… There were several minutes that passed and a STRUGGLE that continued that I cannot remember much of, but finally I felt like I CAME BACK — I was completely out of breath, my throat hurt and was raw and hoarse and I was SCARED!!!!! More than I EVER have been in my entire life! The only thing at all that helped was having my eyes closed and him holding me while I prayed!!!
I could not even speak of it with anyone at all for the longest time and up to now, have only ever spoke at all about it 3 times – once was with Lyle just a couple months before he died… He told me then that he never believed in things like possession until that night!! I looked at him and asked him if THAT was what he thought was happening to me too??? I had never dared say that at that point! And he shook his head and told me he had never been more scared in his life either and that I had been laying there for quite a while thrashing about – he thought maybe I had a fever and when he tried to feel my forehead was when I started speaking with multiple voices and cussing at him — and then sat straight up, etc…. He said all in all that it went on almost an hour… I had no awareness of it being that long or of a lot of it!


Gary’s confession:
As to ‘shadow people’ actually being ‘seen’ by me I CAN’T attest to, but I have recurring very disturbing dreams about being ‘locked up in a tight or confining space’, after which I awake, sometimes in a sweat, with an ACUTE awareness of having been ‘cooped up’ or confined somewhere…’Shadow people’ are a frequent subject on the ‘Coast-to-Coast’ radio program, which I used to listen to very regularly..
I suppose when you live alone as I do, that is a tempting morsel for the ‘targeters’ in the enemy’s artillery batteries…Many years back, I was asleep on a couch in my parents’ living room when I woke up suddenly, and became aware of a ‘presence’, standing beside the couch…My covers were over my head, and I WOULDN’T have removed ‘em for EVERY RED CENT in J. Paul Getty’s COFFERS!!..I was suddenly near-overwhelmed by a sense of FEAR and DREAD like I’ve never known before…I actually shivered from it!!…All I knew to do was use the only weapon I had; having been part of a ‘Navigators’ bible study in the Navy…THEY are, for those who know of them, hugely motivated by scripture memory, and regularly memorize and even DRILL each other on memorized passages…I was no exception, so I lay on that couch quoting as MANY of the 124 verses or passages I’d thus memorized to that time…After about 30 minutes of this, I sensed an ‘easing’ of the oppression; a short bit later it was GONE…I was scared out of my wits; had NEVER felt a fear like that in my life, even to this day…Got to think on such things, as the foe is not about to QUIT..


Shadow Man At Church

Shadow Person (Daylight)

Dimensions Merging?



Most demonic warning dreams are full of wrath. Wrath dreams show the demonic intent to destroy. Scripture tells us Believer’s are not appointed to wrath. 1 Thess 5:8-10
We have entered the last days war between the good and evil. The witches gather from 12-3am to send curses, and other spells upon Believers. Much of a Believer’s warfare at night is due to the onslaughts of this sort, that and demonic forces.

in your hands

Start by taking authority over your sleep and bind the forces of witchcraft and demons sent against you and your loved ones in the precious Name of Jesus Christ.

Satan and demons attack without cause or justification. The best solution is this:
As James, the brother of Jesus Christ, tells us…”Obey God, resist the devil, and he will flee from you.” James 4:7
So, James is actually giving us a dual solution…
1. Obey GOD!
Obeying the 10 commandments. Ex 20 3-17
2. Resist the devil.
Don’t let him get the best of you. Don’t let him tread on you. FAST! This will break the demonic dream cycle.

If these things don’t work, then you may have curses upon yourself, and/or family. Generation curses could be causing individuals in a family to experience these kinds of dreams. Pray for the Holy Spirit to reveal the cause, and to teach you how to break it permanently.
Unrighteous activity could also be a cause. This is the reason for obeying the Ten Commandments. You may have some affiliations in your life that are not healthy, such as drugs, friends, or even a job.
Search your home for any kind of icons which could be considered a idol, even heavy metal music albums could be the cause (they carry occult images and symbols).

Ask GOD for forgiveness of any unresolved issues in your past and present. Apologize to GOD. Finally, exorcize these demons out. COMMAND them to leave, be firm. Take claim over your dreams and your life with the blood of Jesus Christ.

These DEMONS are soul collectors, as are all demons in all places. There’s no difference as far as their agenda. They work for Satan to collect them and Satan still believes he’s going to win. What a joke! But what’s not funny is their taking HEAD COUNT! So, be aware of your ability to fight. Don’t let them collect your soul!!

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  1. Kittii

    This guy takes pictures like on your blog.

    Young photographer: “Photography was a form of therapy; probably saved my life.”

    Creating art is therapeutic for Christian Hopkins, known on Flickr as Capt. Truffles. He embraces surreal photography as an outlet to release his depression.

    “I’ve always had demons I’m battling against — just some really, negative thoughts,” the now 20-year-old tells The Weekly Flickr in the accompanying video. “Photography has been a therapy for me, because it’s given me control over my emotions in a way that I never had before.”

    It was never part of Christian’s plan to become a photographer. A few years ago, his mom bought him a high-end point-and-shoot camera for a trip to China. Out of guilt, not passion, he unwillingly began to take pictures. But after some time, Christian developed an interest in photography and his perspective changed.

    I slowly began seeing the world through my lens and not my eyes — both literally and figuratively,” Christian says. “I’d look for interesting compositions, complimentary colors and contrasting lines. I soon discovered I had an innate selfishness for the world. I would see something I thought to be beautiful, and I would want to take it home with me. All of a sudden, I became ‘that guy’ taking pictures of almost everything, wishing to fortify my collection of beauty.”

    Unfortunately a few months later, Christian’s new found euphoria changed to what he describes as a black void. He woke up one morning, and nothing was satisfying to him. He felt everything seemed so pointless and wanted it all to end.

    To put it simply, I tried to kill myself,” Christian says. “There was no reason for it. There was no explanation. No warning or a trigger. I just couldn’t stand living the way I was; just waking up to go to sleep and sleeping to wake up.”

    At the time, Christian’s doctors and therapists couldn’t discern whether he was bipolar, suffered from anxiety, depression or some hybrid of the three. They finally diagnosed him with Severe Affective Disorder, and he spent three months in a psychiatric ward.

    Everything disappeared into that black void,” Christian recalls. “The photography, the beauty — all gone. It was a moment where all priorities and inclinations of the future just dropped. There was no thought or creation at all.”

    Photography didn’t gradually come back into Christian’s life, rather it was a sudden transition when he returned to high school. After missing the first half of his senior year, Christian was required to do a senior project. Given his rough year, Christian wanted to find something that didn’t require talking or being around people. It was during this time that Christian discovered Flickr.

    I came across these stunning self-portraits of these really talented artists,” Christian says. “But it wasn’t just the photography. All these pictures advanced beyond ‘finding’ a beautiful moment and were really about ‘creating’ a beautiful moment. It’s something I never thought about before and it gave me a sense of direction.”
    Christian decided to center his senior project around photography; trying to create beautiful moments. At first, he began to take selfies of himself, trying to imitate a lot of the art he’d seen on Flickr. After awhile, it started to evolve into something bigger.

    “Instead of trying to create a cool image,” Christian says, “I made each photograph represent a manifestation of some specific demon that I needed to purge from myself before its corruption became unbearable. It’s the pain that drove me. It was the pain that inspired me. Ultimately, my photography became a form of therapy.”

    Christian found it incredibly relieving — creating an image based on a haunting emotion and staring at it through his photography. He felt liberated; almost as if he finally was in control of himself.

    “Creating this image and knowing that I have the control to choose what it looks like,” Christian explains. “To decide whether it’s happy or sad, positive or negative. I choose what it looks like, and it’s my choice. That control was the therapy for me. It gave me a sense of closure, even.”

    One of his favorite images is titled Inner Demons. It shows a picture of a subject’s back with hands and faces emerging from it. Apart from the technical and visual aspects of the photograph, Christian admires it because it accurately expresses his feelings.

    “I’m always struggling to define my emotions to gain this control over them,” Christian says. “And this picture, you don’t ever have to have felt that emotion before. But you get it. You understand that struggle and its power.”

    Christian is still struggling with depression on a daily basis; an ongoing battle that has good days and bad.

    “I would love to say that I’ve been getting better,” he admits. “If you asked others, perhaps that’s what they would say

    I’m not sure. Fortunately, my photos recently have been less dominated by such a negative force and are starting to be replaced with a fascination of creating worlds and enhancing reality.”

    While Christian’s mental and emotional state may be heightened at different intervals, he says photography has been an excellent tool in reminding him how human he is – that we all are. “I’ll often, very often, fail,” Christian admits. “I may be sad or I may be crushed by failure, but I’ll never regret it. Because from every failure, I’ve learned something, which makes it worth it.”

    “Now that I actually think about it, it’s probably Flickr that ended up saving me at the time,” Christian admits. “Before I actually started, I couldn’t imagine myself with photography. And now, I can’t imagine what I would do throughout the day if I didn’t have photography in my life.”

    Visit: Christian’s photostream to see more of his photography.

    Previous episode: Few can tell if this artist’s work are paintings or photographs. Can you?

    November 8, 2013 at 12:25 PM

    • awesome work!!!

      November 8, 2013 at 8:13 PM

      • Gary R. Sayers

        —- It seems like this young fellow’s understanding of photography, and its place in his life has a bit of similarity to Frank Zappa’s understanding of ‘music’…Frank tried to ‘paint musical pictures’ in the studio; i.e. his comprehension of music was ‘visual’ rather than auditory…He ‘saw’ musical compositions as intricate colors and patterns which weaved throughout his being like a tapestry…Maybe a lot of musical geniuses can attest to such an appeciation; perhaps Beethoven (Blind AND deaf!) would be a candidate…Such cognitive gifts COULD apply to photograhic or visual media as well, I’d think, what with the creative emphasis today on ‘graphic imagery’, like the exceptional work displayed on THIS SITE regularly…

        November 8, 2013 at 10:05 PM

      • Genius!I don’t want to leaven myself so I will just say that. I love my work but I love GOD more!

        November 9, 2013 at 9:26 AM

  2. Gary R. Sayers

    —- I’ve added a bit of ‘background’ to the above ‘couch’ story, sis, over on the ‘Illusions of Ghosts’ thread, a story my Mother told me about, which occurred at a time I wasn’t present but happened to her and Dad in the SAME ROOM…I offer IT as an ‘addendum’ to the above testimony shared.
    —- I study HISTORY…(DUH!!!…Guess y’all couldn’t figger DAT one, EH??!!…NO!!…Not ME!!!..) …I study LOTS of it. mainly from a biographical or military perspective…That said, you folks who HATED the subject in school are missing out on a LOT of incredible insights into the world ‘BEHIND THE SCENES’…History is no ‘stray dog left to run LOOSE across the countryside without a purpose’, sports fans…There’s a PLAN…LOTS of ’em, apparently…Sis’s earlier comment regarding ‘demons causing events in history’ made me smile…And frown a bit upon reflection…satan playing fast and loose with history is QUITE apparent…He’s ALL OVER military history, from Nimrod to Nebuchadnezzar, Alexander to Atahualpa, Quin’ Leong the Chinese Emperor to Quetzalcoatl of the Aztecs…Much more recently, is one shocked at all by satan’s OVERTNESS in the HITLER REGIME??
    —- THEN there’s North Korea’s KIM dynasty, Japanese ‘Bushido’-worship, The ‘godless’ scourge of communism worldwide that gave us Soviet chicaneries, MAOISM in China, HO in Vietnam, POL-POT in Khmer (Cambodia), and truth be known, probably gave us JIM JONES & his hideous People’s Temple cult, which claimed to be a ‘religious’ off-shoot of ‘Marxism’…Yet the Bible refers to these demonic influences as ‘principalities and powers of the air’…If you’ve not tackled this one somewhere already, Sis, how about an expose’ on these ‘territorial’ demons who seem to have the nations or entire geographic REGIONS at their beck & call…There are the FOUR demons yet to be released from the Euphrates River who will ‘do to death’ ONE FULL THIRD of the earth’s population…It’s just a thought, Sis…I know the workload you are already enduring is enough pressure…

    November 8, 2013 at 1:11 PM

  3. Kittii

    Interesting you say that, Carl That’s what the History Channel is all about. We’re just more savy at killing each other. This link summarized what’s been going on. Does anyone really want to read or believe this stuff?? They would rather believe in Patriotic Christianity and American pie. That’s what “DOMINIONISM” is: The Christian movement called “Joel’s Army”. Pastor Michael Hoggard speaks about this. He’s not afraid to touch the subject, unlike most Pastors. Sarah Palin is part of “Joel’s Army”. She’s used by the elites because of her lineage. She descends from the Pilgrim society and she’s Jewish. I posted all of this on other posts. Virginia posts so much, you would have to go back to December 2012. All of the Presidents and Hollywood Movie Stars are blood related. There’s a hierarchy here just like from Europe. Isn’t that’s why they called JFK and Jackie Kennedy our “American Camelot” couple? We never really voted these people in, we were just led to believe that. I think we’ve been brainwashed with that term “Judeo-Christian” too. Jews study and read the Talmud, not the Bible. Therefore I’m a Golem. Do I sound a little frustrated. I am. I don’t like being deceived and I don’t like that the Church is deceived. I was listening the Christian radio yesterday on the way to work, and I know I shouldn’t be frustrated, because this all has to play out and God’s timing is perfect. So I shouldn’t be frustrated, but I am.

    This blog is where I vent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    My cousin, who no longer attends a church but still is a believer, is a Alex Jones follower compared my giving of Vaccines to what the military does. His son is in the military. I think he’s comparing apples to oranges. I believe vaccines are bad now too, but I’m not killing anyone. I know, sin is sin. There’s 3 jobs I couldn’t do: be a lawyer, work in a bank or join the military. We’re supposed to be pilgrims in this world, not establish the kingdom of God. Why don’t a lot of Christians know this? It’s because we want our cushy American dream. How long before that is destroyed? How can anyone believe there’s a future retirement after the government shutdown? They are just postponing the evitable. Are Americans living a lie, an Illusion?

    Will they turn to the truth, before the rapture happens and it’s too late and they are stuck going through The Great Tribulation? That’s what I believe. Even the Elect will be deceived, it were possible.

    November 15, 2013 at 9:53 AM

    • I agree Kitti…it’s hard to remain focused! The frustration is set before us to keep us of the right track. I just told my neighbor there’s no “American Dream” anymore. She said, “No, it’s an American Nightmare”. I was stunned…she hit the nail on the head. And she’s in her 80’s. But, she’s also not a native of American. This gives her the eyes to see the Truths. Maybe this is one reason for the herds to sleep. So comfortable in their “Easy Chair”.
      Well, we are two in a haystack! And I for one will not stand and be silent. I will continue, even after the internet is slammed down! On the streets, yelling the Truth of GOD Almighty, as I’m sure you will too! Love, V

      November 15, 2013 at 10:10 AM

      • Gary R. Sayers

        —- MOVE OVER, ladies!!..MIght as well make it THREE in that haystack…One reason I am still faithful to Hal Lindsey is that he wrote one truly ASTONISHING book back in the ’80’s I used to own, It was called “The Road to Holocaust”…Kittii again has ‘nailed it’…”Replacement Theology”, a.k.a. “Dominionist doctrine’ is the most SINISTER sub-current of demonic influence upon Biblical truth of the modern age…Mr. Lindsey one time preached a powerful truth I never forgot; when I heard it I was still attending the ‘Bryn Jones’ church, and it was one reason I wound up LEAVING that ‘fellowship’…I will loosely quote it here; Hal said simply: “I get so TIRED of preachers today all saying ‘we don’t want to teach in our churches on Bible Prophecy, we think it scares people…’ JESUS taught us clearly about ‘discerning the signs’ of the times!!..He also did NOT say for His Church to stay back here in the Earth until He Returns and ‘clean up the fishpond’–He told us to FISH IN IT!!!”…AMEN to THAT!!…In Hal’s book he stripped utterly NAKED the WHOLE ROTTEN ‘CANKERSORE’ of the ‘Dominionist’ doctrine, laying bare its evil roots in European sub-societies and esoteric teaching CENTURIES old, linking much of it straight back to the writings of H. P. Blavatsky!!!…Hal CLEARLY links Hitler and Nazi racism in Germany to these doctrines; sadly they had apparent influence on ANOTHER German ‘luminary’, no less than MARTIN LUTHER…The ‘church’ I was attending at that time was clearly absorbed with these ‘influences’, almost to the LETTER…As I SAID, it was one thing that drove me to LEAVE and ‘cut the cords’…The Holy Spirit gave me great peace soon after i left, and I’ve never regretted it…Since Hal’s book, I’ve heard little opposition as to this doctrine, which the ‘charismatic church’ has seemed to grab onto with gusto…Thank you, Kittii for broaching the subject again here…It is HIGH TIME and LONG OVERDUE…If you haven’t done so, I suggest you read Hal’s “The Road to Holocaust”..I think it is the most important, timely and in my humble opinion the BEST BOOK Hal Lindsey EVER DID…No better expose’ on ‘Dominionism’ exists…I recommend it heartily…

        November 16, 2013 at 2:39 AM

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