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Magikal Mystery Tour Pt-3


Many claimed ancestries of ancient kings and emperors can be traced back to their ancestry to gods, even those of royalty today.


Sumerian DNA
So, the legends are plentiful! They make it perfectly clear who their ancestors are. The Sumerian tablets also speak of their return. The land is now called ‘the big-headed people’. The reasoning behind this choice of definition could have many explanations but it’s obvious when you look at the legends of giants. Elongated heads have origins in the Bible and it’s not hard to find the traces of their lineage. Some call them Annunaki, they are fallen angels. The Annunaki were ‘those of royal blood’, as they were the children of Heaven (Anu) and (Na) Earth (Ki).

magic stones1

Some believe the Babylonian and Assyrian mythology derive from Sumerian mythology due to the additions of legends which parallel the Bible.
Add the ‘enlightenment’ given to mankind by these ‘sky gods’/Greek demi-gods and we see a pattern when added to the above section about the Caducesus/Asclepius symbol certainly adds another dimension to this ‘gift’.
The double-helix snake is the exact shape of DNA. This added to the enlightenment issue brings us into the current philosophy of scientist and the Transhumanism movement.
Bringing the technology to make mankind gods is the reason for the past 6,000 years! This takes GOD out of the picture and in turn places fallen angels as the idol of worship. Traversing on this old/new path, it is evident that mankind is hurling into a new dimension. Magic is a tool which is allowing the curiosity of mankind to advance itself into the esoteric values needed to change their morals, and therefore the Laws of GOD.

genghis khan1

Genghis Khan
Yet another lineage who believed they were of divine heritage. The horse’s mane is splayed out like the fingers of imperial expansion, which has the effect of putting one in the mind of a ‘terrible divine’ or demon horse. Chosen by destiny, or something else? This sculpture was completed in time for the London Olympics and rightly so considering the rumors of the divine DNA of his blood.
Thousands of people gather in Genghis Khan shrine for grand ritual
Flocking to this shrine are worshipers who knelt and prayers in honor of not only this man’s life but his magical spear used in battles, but the grandest form of adulation is in the Year of the Dragon on the traditional celestial calendar.
In many cultures they speak of the Nine Elders. Well, in China, they do as well. This is another article in itself!


Did you know in the YING-YANG…the YING is the Dragon and the YANG is the PHOENIX!
If you view old photos and hand-drawn pictures of dragons, you will see a pattern. War in the skies. These dragons appear as the ‘craft’ which allows the war to take place, and yet also it is the weapon as well. Interesting, don’t you think?
Gods out of the belly of flying dragons-My research has convinced me that these dragons are really aircraft. This is why we see evolving myths surrounding them and their origins in Asia. In these ‘myths’, they control the weather, water and so much more. Does this not sound like a DEMON! Fallen angel (s)?
Dragon Kings are fallen angels and no one can convince me otherwise. They left the skies and mated with the women, all over the world! Describing such events would be near impossible for these people!


Huang-Di (2697-2598 B.C) or “The Yellow Emperor” is considered the first emperor of China and claims he was a ‘son of the heavens’ or half-god. He was born with a ‘radiance from the great star Chi and the Dipper Constellation (Ursa Major). His conception was marked by a “Thunderclap on a clear day in the skies”.  He was said to be the attributed to many Chinese medical advancements.
He was said to live in the Kunlun-Mountains which are in the heart of Tibet. After he lived and ruled for over 100 years he is said to have prepared his “return to the skies”. Then a metallic Dragon “descended from the sky and took Huang-Di away”. Some sources say that he did not die then but lived another 200 years in the Syuan Yuan stars (the Leo Constellation).
Huang-Di is also said to have authored a book called “Bai Ze Tu” which describes 11520 types of “shapeshifters, monsters, spirits, beings” in the Universe. This book is considered lost. A book of his that was not lost is titled “Handbook on Sex” and is probably the oldest known book on Sex known to us. Some sources also cite Huang-Di as having instructed Lao Tzu…the originator of Taoism.
Of course everything involving space-travel is considered “mythical” by modern scholars. But another reason Huang-Di himself is said to be “mythical” is because he reigned prior to the Shang-Dynasty (1766 – 1122 B.C.) which is the first era that was thoroughly documented. Seeing everything pre-Shang-Dynasty as purely “mythical” came to an abrupt halt when Chinese Archaeologists discovered evidence that the complex Chinese system of writing was already fully developed at the beginning of the Shang-Dynasty and that it indeed dates back at least to 2000 B.C.


Many ancient accounts on Huang-Di keep referring to him as an inventor or developer of odd mechanical devices. A machine called “the south pointing chariot” helped him win various battles. Another odd device which Huang-Di is supposed to have invented is what is translated as “a tripod”. This “tripod” was 4 meters in height and “100s of energies filled its inside” and made “odd noises”. According to legend this tripod depicted “dragons flying in the clouds”. Furthermore, the tripod was set up at the “Summit Lake Mountain” (one of Chinas most famous mountains because of this legend) and “had to be pointed at the Syuan Yuan star” (our name for the brightest star in this Constellation is Regulus). This is also the star Huang-Di is said to be from. Apparently this “tripod” was also able to store data, as they say it recorded the life and times of Huang-Di.


Huang-Di’s “Dragon” is not described as some mythological creature but as a device to ascend to “the suns”, as a means of transportation and that this dragon is more than three thousand years old. The Biography of Huang-Di states that the Changhuan covers an extreme distance in only one day and that a human who “rides” it can reach and age of two thousand years. This is quite consistent with many other global myths and religious accounts of time dilation in regards to the “vehicles of the Gods”.

Silk: An Extraterrestrial Import?
The Ancient Chinese are not the only ones to say that silk came from outer space. This is what ancient Khmer (of Cambodia) oral traditions say about the origins of silk:
Five female “superhumans” flew down from the sky to earth for no other purpose than to “have fun”. One of them Sota Chan cannot resist the Temptation and steals six good smelling twigs from a poor Chinese Peasant Loem-Sang. After the girls return home to the “heavens” God Indra is enraged by the ladies interference in human affairs and, as punishment, orders Sota Chan to spend six years on earth as Loem-Sangs wife! Sota chan reluctantly (“without hope in her heart”) returned to earth. Surprisingly Loem-Sang is not willing to marry her so she has to persuade him to. She promises to teach him skills and arts that “nobody else here knows”. So he marries her and she teaches him how to weave and process a type of silk “not seen on earth before” and that silk is admired by all. After a year she gets pregnant and gives birth to a child which is “half human, half Demi-God”. His non-human mother gives him the name Preah Pisnokar. The first years of his life he spends eagerly drawing and painting animals, humans and geometrical figures. By the time he is five Sota Chans exile on earth is over and she flies back to the heavens.
So how do modern day scholars interpret this story? They say it “symbolically” means that the Sota Chan returned to the Chinese “Emperors Court”. Its interpretations bereft of any logic or sense that make me prefer the original ancient sources over those of the modern “scientific community” sometimes. Why would anyone have to “fly” to the Emperors Court?


Egyptian Rulers
The Qufu Mystery – This is the Tomb of the mythical Chinese emperor ShaoHao located at a town/place called Qufu. Its the only known stone-pyramid in China. What’s odd about the Chinese name “Qufu” is that the ancient Egyptian Khufu is said to be the builder of the Great Pyramid of Giza (although there is not much evidence for this). I stumbled upon the name-sync by chance while surfing around for Pyramids in China. Is this just a coincidence? Or did Chinese travelers copy the name from Egypt?


Many of the Egyptians believed the Pharaoh’s were half man/half gods. Many of them had elongated heads, and their children as well.
According to the some the study of the Khufu (Giza) chambers, is a huge microwave reactor, whose shafts aligned with Sirius and Orion, may have worked as “directional antennas” or “communication ports” with those star systems. In another words, the Khufu Pyramid was a “wireless connection” between Earth, Sirius and Orion.


Queen Elizabeth
Queen Elizabeth II is said to be a descendant of Woden, via the kings of Wessex. There are other ‘alien’ rumors of their being descended from ‘dragons’ or reptilians. Both Henry of Huntingdon and Matthew of Westminster talk of a golden dragon being raised at the Battle of Burford in AD 752, by the Saxons.
I have researched many of these symbols or Coat of Arms, and have found the they are a true testament of their heritage for they take great pride in it. Dragons, mermaids, and other mythical creatures are on these Arms, and the research performed at this website concludes a very detailed description of the Antichrist. I take this as gold and would take it to the bank! So to speak!!


Mayan Serpents
At the Three Rivers in New Mexico (once a part of Mexico), you can find quite a lot of interesting old petroglyphs. Several of these are showing hands with SIX FINGERS! One of them seems to be reaching toward the sky with a wavy design over it.


Palenque is different than any other Mayan site, not only for its vast carvings, but for the interesting architecture of its palace. A focal point of the palace is a four story tower that is not found in any other Mayan site. You are not allowed to climb up into the tower, but the palace is blessed with extensive reliefs, carvings and adornments that make it very interesting to visit.
The many inscriptions found in various places within the city reveal information on Palenque’s rulers. The first king of Palenque supposedly ruled from 993 BC and all subsequent rulers were revered as being godlike. Divine attributes of the ruling class include various deformities, including clubfoot, enlarged skull, perpetuated by marrying within families. Interesting among sculptures found on the site are carvings of Chan-Bahlum, who was born with 6 toes on each foot and six fingers on his left hand.
In Pier B on the Temple of the Inscriptions
Pier B depicts a scene in which a human figure holds the “child” God K, one of whose legs is a serpent, in his hand.
The human figure is actually life size (165 cm tall), but its position and perspective make it appear much larger. It wears an elaborate feather headdress, a jaguar skin skirt, and a belt. The figure also used to wear a loincloth and a short beaded cape, but due to damage those are largely missing today, as is the head of the figure.
It is thought that the figure held by the human figure is God K, although his characteristic “flared forehead” is only visible on Pier D. The figure of God K, often described as an “infant” or “child,” has one human leg and one serpent-leg. The human leg ends in a six-toed foot that is cradled by the other figure. It is likely, especially considering the emphasis placed on the polydactyly, that this feature is a reference to Pakal’s son, Kan B’alam II, who is portrayed in portraits with six fingers on one hand and six toes on one foot.
These descriptions depict a ‘relationship’ which seems to ensure the human descendants to be part ‘god’.

mayan-light-beam bt

Temple of the Sun
True Maya portraits were produced in various sites of Palenque. Follow the path towards the palace, past the remains of the aqueduct and across the Otulum to the Templo del Sol (Temple of the Sun). Completed in 692 the temple stands on a four-storied pyramid platform and is one of Palenque’s most charming buildings.
A magnificent bas-relief can be seen on the rear wall opposite the central entrance. The middle of the slab is formed by a shield with two crossed lances representing the sun god; beneath this is an altar borne by two seated figures, possibly symbolizing gods of the underworld. There are figures to the right and left of this. It is now believed that the left-hand figure is the ruler Pacal (already a deity?) with the right-hand one his son and successor Chan-bahlum (“snakejaguar”; born 635, ruled AD 684-702). The inscription above the shield of the sun god shows the date of Chan-bahlum’s accession. Both figures are surrounded by glyphs. Chan-bahlum is depicted with six fingers and six toes; this physical abnormality could have brought him special status.
Not only was this one but a few of the Mayan leaders were said to be like this, and also some were said to have elongated heads. So, rumors they may be but it seems this is a worldwide pattern!

Born to Lead?

Granted, many of these individuals who find themselves in leadership roles have been nurtured into their positions and refined abilities. And, it seems genetics may well play an important role. But the roles on this earth are a mortal one, only the supernatural life really counts. We are here but a short time and your choices here define your destiny in the hereafter. So, choose wisely.

The watch-unto-prayer link included in this series is a very important one. We can take all the fake magik derived from the fallen angels and esoterically occult CULTS and mix them into one cauldron and all we get is a mixture of pain, sorrow and death. You can take magik from Satan and his minions only so far but the MIRACLES of GOD are endless.

Place your faith in GOD!

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