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Magical Reality of 666-The “BEAST” Highway


Some people already know for a FACT that there are places on this earth that have manifestations of supernatural spirits. How do we know this? Well, it begins with simple places like a ‘haunted house’ to a cemetery which has demons who love the aura of it, to entire regions which are reflecting this presence. Then, there are places like this! Hailed as one of the most haunted placed in America. A place of endless phenomena which continues to this day, even after changing the name.

Formally known as 666, but now as 491. Why change it?  Effective 7-1-03. It coincided with Route 66 too….how strange! Some say it’s because each accident or incident which occur here is but a reflection of the evil within in it. Oddly enough, once the name change took place, the events decreased.

At the dedication of the new highway name, George Blue Horse, a Navajo medicine man, performed a ceremony to remove the curse from the highway. In the Navajo language he stated, “The road itself never ends. It goes on generation to generation. The new number is a good one. The new road will be a medicine.”


Having been hailed as one of the most haunted places in America!
Did you know this U.S. Highway serves a FOUR CORNER (New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, Arizona), region of the United States? Now, this is a region which covers four of our States here in the US, but is this a metaphor for the covering of the whole nation? With Monticello, Utah as the beginning and extending to the city of Gallup-it’s location seems to be ‘between the world’ with the events that take place here, with paranormal activity to supernatural creatures/spirits.

Also known as “Devil’s Highway” (a reference to the number of the beast), this north-south highway has satanic connotations, combines with a high fatality rates which serves as a ‘curse’ placed upon it by the spirits but also the people who have driven or even lived near it. Believing this place has a curse is not hard when you begin to get a feeling of just how odd this place is. All of these factors have led the officials to rename this highway.

I don’t know if some of you know this but the old, old demons really love volcanic areas. This is why you will se a high rate of UFO’s around these areas. This place is located on the Ute Mountain and an extinct volcanic core named Shiprock.
The Native Americans that live in the area call the ancient eroded volcano of Shiprock Tse Bi dahi meaning “Rock with Wings” this came from an ancient myth that tells how the rock was once a great bird that transported the ancestors of the Navajo to the land were they now live in northwestern New Mexico.


The Four Corners Monument marks the quadripoint in the Southwestern United States where the states of Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah meet. It is the only point in the United States shared by four states, leading to this area’s being called the Four Corners region.

Strange! There are four prime ley-lines which merge together at the center of the Four Corners! And the only road leading into the Monument itself is Highway 666!
In the esoteric world, the Devil’s Highway is a continuation of what they call the “A30 leyline aka ‘The Hidden Unity’ due to the multiplicity of faiths which have erected temples and churches on the ley.


I’m from the time period of a movie called;
The Car
Now,  whether this originates from this place, I don’t know but check out the similarities.
Set in Utah community of Santa Ynez, it begins with two bicyclists cycling on the canyon, and a mysterious black car is following them. At the bridge, the car rams them from the back which in turn causes them to fly off the bridge…of course killing them.
Despite the police presence and cordoning off roads in the area, the car enters town and attacks people. Strange enough, ‘the machine’ enters onto consecrated ground…but seemingly in anger to the car destroys a brick gate post and leaves.
Bullets fly off the windshield and neither do they pierce the body in the confrontation between the town’s police Captain. After trying the door, it is revealed that there are NO handles.
A vendetta ensues and he pursues the car to the mountainous area of the canyons where his fellow officers have been trapped. Finally in the end, a demonic visage appearing on the smoke left from the fire of an explosion shocks the officers. Final scenes reflect the people refusing to believe what they saw in the flames.

Isn’t this perfect for the current status of the world—-a bunch of non-believers even when the evidence is right in your face!

But, to move on….these seems to be a similarity to this and the stories which come from this area. A Black Sedan, appearing to charge individuals driving along this stretch of road. Witnesses tells of  strange feeling of intense fear subjected by a disappearing sun over the horizon.
Despite the fact that alarming rates of high speeds ensue, this Sedan seems to gain on them quickly. Many tell others that they even pulled over to the side of the road to let this vehicle pass for fear of the outcome if they don’t. When passed, they look up to view the vehicle and discover that there seems to be no vehicle at all!


This one reminds me of “Maximum Overdrive”. But, before this scary movie came out, the movie “Duel” came out. In 1971, a mysterious tanker truck overtakes a motorist (Dennis Weaver) in his 1955/60 Peterbuilt and leaves the driver shocked and upset. In an attempt to get his payback, the motorist passes the unsightly truck which promptly roars past him and immediately slows down. He then passes it for a second time and it suddenly issues a long air horn blast.
Upon stopping for lunch he walks out to see the same truck parked and realizes the driver must be inside the diner. The terror then begins when they are both in the driver’s seats once again.
Just as with the black sedan, this vehicle is driverless and must be driven by a demon!
One urban legend that surrounds Highway 666 is about a ghost vehicle that is referred to by the name of “Satan’s Sedan.” This dark apparition appears after sunset, on nights when there is a full moon. It charges it’s innocent victim’s cars driving them right off the road.
Some witness descriptions state their cars have either over heated or they have had a flat tire that forces them to pull over. Stranded on the side of the road, they claim this fast moving truck has intentionally aimed for them. Several have had their cars hit by this angry driver that is known to hate anything that has life. These two black vehicles are also seen when their headlights are spotted in drivers’ rear-view mirrors. They start to tail gate their intended victims, and then hit them repeatedly from behind.

The Navajo Indian reservation is home to many strange creatures. One creature called The Howler, is a mysterious creature believed to have killed dogs and livestock. Elders in the community call these predators Skinwalkers, (a more general term for this is shape shifting) while others call it the Navajo version of Bigfoot. The reservation even has a special law enforcement agency that only responds to paranormal reports such as ghosts, witchcraft, UFO’s and general unexplained creatures and phenomenon.
The study of anthropology has tagged these creatures as skin walkers, and their ability to transform into a number of assorted animals.


Many who have traveled through sections of this old highway spoke of a pack of vicious dogs. Often called, “Hounds of Hell”. Rumors tell of these creatures being capable of running along side of your vehicle, along with their razor sharp teeth allowing them to shred your tires. Tales of their jumping into the car through the windows, mauling the individuals within the vehicle.

Linda Dunning, author of “Specters in Doorways: The History and Hauntings of Utah” tells of an experience her husband had on this treacherous road. He was driving alone on Route 666 one night when suddenly “he saw a truck that looked like it was on fire heading straight for him, right down the middle of the highway. The truck was going so fast that sparks were flying up off the wheels and flames were coming from the smokestack.” He estimated that the truck was traveling 130 miles an hour. He pulled off the road and fled into the desert until the imposing, flaming vehicle passed him by.
According to Linda the mad trucker is not the only apparition one should be wary of while traversing this cursed ribbon of asphalt. She says “Packs of demon dogs have been seen on this highway as well. They attack at night with yellow eyes and sharp teeth; shredding the tires of those silly enough to stop along this highway at night. Then there is a beautiful, young and frail girl in a long nightgown that roams the road. People see her walking along the side of the road, all alone in the dark out in the middle of nowhere. They stop to help her and as they approach, she instantly vanishes. There are many other tales of people who either disappear along this route or suddenly appear out of nowhere. There are even tales of the same person, disappearing at one point along the highway and then reappearing at another location miles away, without having any recollection of where they have been or what they have been doing.


Many people have began to travel down this ominous path only to find themselves missing time, or even possessions. No explanation can be had for their missing time, or their recollection of there whereabouts during these mysterious disappearances. In fact some don’t realize this has even taken place until they begin to notice they haven’t traveled as far as they should have.

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  1. Very interesting??? Please send me more supernatural occurances and truths of the endtimes with biblical points and scriptures. Thanks and be blessed.


    November 20, 2013 at 4:37 PM

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