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Dragon Current Manifestations


Why do they occur? What are they? When do they happen?
A ley-line is a straight fault line in the earth’s tectonic plates; this is a scientific fact. But sadly they won’t admit these areas transmit powerful electromagnetic energy.
Not surprising in many legends that the Druids first found these ley-lines.
Druids call the “Mystical Lines”
Welsh call them “Dragon Lines”
Native Americans call them “Spirit Lines”
Aboriginal call them “Dream Lines”
Tibetans call them ‘Dragon Currents’.


But the same answer is given when asked how different races, nations know of these ley-lines….the sky-gods told them! They tell of gods who flew in dragons.

I surely cannot comment on all ley lines…it would take a month of Sunday’s! But I will touch on a couple that are especially interesting to me, and hopefully to you as well.

Interestingly, many churches have been built on these ‘ley lines’, including the Vatican and the Dome of the Rock! Not by any means am I implying that GOD made these ley-lines for ‘magickal’ purposes, no indeed the occult use them for this purpose. GOD designed Earth to be a beautifully magnetically-charged space.


Snowcapped Mt. Shasta is located in the upper regions of northern California in the Shasta Trinity National Forest. It is a is a massive dominant stratum white giant standing 14,162 foot volcano situated in the largest zone of volcanoes in the world called the Pacific Ring of Fire.
Mount Shasta is in a section of this ring called the Cascade Range, which begins where the Sierra Nevadas end and extends about 700 miles from northern California through Oregon and Washington into southern British Columbia. These volcanoes range in elevations from 9,500 feet to a towering height of more than 14,000 feet. Mount Shasta is the second tallest volcano in this range.
UFO sightings have also become so commonplace there that there are books published with numerous photographs of craft so large they even dwarf the mountain itself. Vision quests, ceremonies and camping expeditions have all seen, heard and felt the powerful vortex that is Mt. Shasta.
It is widely believed that there are civilizations of highly evolved beings residing within the mountain. Some are believed to be in another dimension that are not currently visible and yet at times many people from all over the world have experienced a diverse range of phenomena
Mt Shasta is legendary and known as one of the homes of the Ascended Masters where Saints & Angelic Beings have made their presence known over the centuries.


Ancient legends of Mount Shasta reveal this holy site as where the Ancient Ones lived as Heaven on Earth like they did in Asgard and Mount Olympus.
St. Germain presence seems to be the Ascended Master who’s lore surrounds this site. St. Germain traveled the courts of Europe using occult knowledge and concepts to gather information and affect the outcomes of important events. St. Germain is considered to be one of the individuals who helped to create the modern form of Masonry. He is known as an “Ascended Master” and by coincidence has a central role in the mythology of the Mt. Shasta area. Many also suspect that St. Germain had an influential hidden hand in the creation of the United States of America as well.


Two of the most strange and bizarre incidents of early American history are attributed to St. Germain. As the representatives were debating whether to sign the Declaration of Independence or not a strange cloaked figure appeared and spoke from the mezzanine of Independence Hall. This person gave an impassioned speech admonishing some for being reluctant to sign such a document when so much was at stake. After the speech the figure mysteriously disappeared from the hall though all the entrances were locked and guarded. It is said that this speech turned the tide of the debate and all rushed to sign after being inspired by this individual. This story is repeated by many of the founding fathers that were present at the time.
Sometime after the war a committee was formed to develop the Great Seal of the United States. Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson were both members of this committee and a great debate ensued over which design to adapt for the seal. At one point Jefferson left the meeting hall to get a breath of fresh air outside. He was approached by a mysterious cloaked figure who gave him a rendering of the future seal and then disappeared into the shadows. It is the back or second half of this design that now appears on the back of the U.S. dollar bill that depicts an uncapped pyramid, the all seeing eye and the motto “Novus Ordo Seclorum.” Somehow the legend inspired by these two incidents came to associate St. Germain with this mysterious figure. (Manly P. Hall “The Secret Teachings of All Ages.”)


In 1930 while hiking on the slopes of the mountain mining engineer Guy Ballard claims to have had an encounter with St. Germain. Part of the legend of St. Germain is that he never aged or died. He is most well known for his activities prior to the American Revolutionary War and the French Revolution. Many speculate that St. Germain was a member of the Illuminati. It is rumored that St. Germain is a “vampire.”
Ballard wrote extensively about this and other encounters with St. Germain and eventually developed what it known as the “I Am Activity.” This philosophy is basically a Christian faith in which St. Germain as well as Guy and Edna Ballard are considered to be Ascended Masters along with Jesus Christ and other luminaries. The entire concept of what an Ascended Master is may have been developed by these incidents. It seems that many New Age concepts first came into being at Mt. Shasta.
The Strict Observance is a form of European Masonry that was developed in Germany and France. This order may have been controlled by Prussian Royalty of which Von Humboldt was a member. During the Revolutionary War this form of Masonry may have been favored in the United States of America. Records and correspondence indicate that St. Germain played a central role in the creation of the Rite of Strict Observance and may have influenced its development in the newly formed United States.
This is amazing in that Thomas Jefferson, Joseph Smith, and Alexander Von Humboldt may have been members of this order. All of these men were contemporaries of St. Germain.

Prior to the 1930’s legends of Lemurians living beneath Mt. Shasta in subterranean chambers were wildly circulating the area. A series of books written years before that had no factual basis were responsible for all of the legends and lore. The legend of Lumuria may have begun in a tradition that seems to be intentionally kept alive at Mt. Shasta. In the late nineteenth century Siskiyou resident Frederick Spencer wrote “A Dweller on Two Plants, or, the dividing of the Way.’ This book was dictated to Spencer by “entities” and may be the actual root of the Shasta Lemurian legends. In the book he describes a lost city beneath the mountain associated with Lemuria.
Given the characters and lore associated with this place it is clear that this point on earth holds special talismanic value to those who value nature in an occult or secret manner. This concept is also apparent at other points on earth that have gained the same designation or status of Mt. Shasta in new age philosophy. Many consider Mt. Shasta to be the “throat chakra” of the earth.
Mt. Ararat in Turkey not only resembles Mt. Shasta but has a similar mythology which includes the story of Noah’s Ark resting there after the great flood. Much of the same lore has indeed sprung up around many of the man made temples such as the Great Pyramid and the ruins of Baalbek, Lebanon. The promise of treasure or lost relics may induce many into these mysteries who instead may be led to spiritual treasures. The mysteries of the Lost Ark of the Covenant, as well as all of the lore surrounding Rennes Le Chateau in France may be constructed for a similar purpose. What mysteries does the axis of Mt. Shasta conceal?


Over one hundred spiritual sects and groups have been attracted to the Shasta area in the past two centuries. The legends of deities and presence on and within Mount Shasta include the Ascended Masters, the Lemurian Telos City, the Hopi
Lizard People, an extraterrestrial base from Sirius B, Saint Germaine and White Eagle. Groups based in, and people drawn to, the area include the Radiant School of Light, the California Zen Buddhist Abbey, the Essenes, the Saint Germaine Foundation (“I AM”), and the White Eagle Lodge. Many well-known authors, artists, channels and metaphysicians are drawn to Shasta.
Northern California’s Mount Shasta has long been a magnet for pilgrims, seekers, sages and spiritual souls from all over the world. It is a mecca of mystery and dimensional openings. Unexplained enigmas abound, yet this magnificent mount is deeply loved by all who come. Many visitors are so endeared that they move to the area. Those who live in Mount Shasta City, the small town of some 7000 permanent residents located on the base of the mountain, often recount stories of encounters with Saint Germaine, LeMurians, Ascended Masters and extra terrestrials, including the Pleiadeans, Sirians and Arcturians.
It would seem that our ancient ancestors also knew of these important locations, because they were, and some still are, esoterically sacred sites. They are:
Crown Chakra – Mount Kailas, Tibet
Third Eye Chakra – Currently at Glastonbury & Shaftesbury, England
Throat Chakra – Great Pyramid, Sphinx & Mount of Olives, Egypt
Heart Chakra – Glastonbury & Shaftesbury, England
Solar Plexus Chakra – Uluru, Australia
Sacral Chakra – Lake Titticaca, South America
Base Chakra – Mt Shasta, North America

Notice that this place is located on #8!
8 represents the DNA
Seems the number 8 is highly influential in many cultures…
In Islam the number 8 is the number of angels.
In Revelation, the Anti-Christ is the eighth king.
In nuclear physics, the second magic number.
Timothy Leary identified a hierarchy of eight levels of consciousness.
The Eight Immortals are Chinese demigods. The opening ceremony of the Summer Olympics in Beijing started at 8 seconds and 8 minutes past 8 pm (local time) on 8 August 2008.
In Wicca, there are eight Sabbats, festivals, seasons, or spokes in the Wheel of the Year.
In Hinduism, it is the number of wealth, abundance. The Goddess Lakshmi has eight forms. There are eight nidhi, or seats of wealth. There are also eight Guardians of the directions. The Dharmacakra, a Buddhist symbol, has eight spokes.
In Taoism and Chinese cosmology, the eight trigrams of the Ba gua. “Ba gua” literally means “eight symbols”.
In Scientology, it is commonly used such as in the books Technique 88, Scientology 8-80, Scientology 8-8008, and The Eight Dynamics, and the highest level of scientology is OT8. OT levels are referred to as the Operating Thetan materials or “advanced technology.”
In Ancient Egyptian mythology, the Ogdoad represents the eight primordial deities of creation.


Why here? What are the shapes in Giza?
Anyone whose performed any kind of research about this place has undoubtedly came across information concerning Giza and its shape in relation to Orion.

The Occult and Ley Lines of the Great Pyramid of Giza, Baalbek, Mecca, Pisa, Vatican
If viewed from plan the pyramid resembles a square with two diagonal intersecting lines extending from each corner meeting in the center like a large “X.” The Great Pyramid is oriented about .55 degrees east of being north-south.
If one uses the 45.55 degree or northeast trending facet of the pyramid to extend a line it leads directly to the hexagonal structure in the ruins of Baalbek, Lebanon at nearly exactly 407 miles. This angle and direction seems to lead precisely to the hexagon shaped structure at the eastern end of the complex at Baalbek and closely matches the position of the hexagon’s northeast facet tip. Chalk up an amazing feat of precision for the builders of the hexagon at Baalbek!
This suggests that the pyramids were built first and then hexagon at Baalbek was subsequently added in alignment with the pyramid. Evidence does support the fact that a sacred site existed at Baalbek previous to and at the time of the construction of the Great Pyramid at Giza. The hexagon appears to have been a Roman addition but may have been constructed by the Phoenicians. The same angle and line pass directly over the ancient Phoenician and Templar stronghold City of Tyre just a few hundred meters south of the hippodrome. (ley lines and sporting venues seem to still be associated with ley lines in the twenty-first century).
One of the greatest of the Mystery Schools was in Egypt at Giza. There are several known to exist in antiquity including Chitzen Itza in the Yucatan peninsula of Mexico, Ireland (became the Druids,) Tibet, China, India, and Babylon. According to Aesclepius they originated during the time that ‘gods walked the Earth with men.’
Alexandrian mystics referred to the Great Pyramid as the tomb of Hermes. But it was not a tomb. It was a symbol of the gateway to the other world and the way of return. In its inner chambers an initiation rite was sustained by use of esoteric skills and powers little known at the present time.


Ley line
Robert Coons has identified that these key places are situated along the invisible energetic template which swirls around Her form in the shape of a lemiscate, otherwise known as the symbol for infinity. We’ve come to call the outline of this template ‘ley lines’ or serpent lines, and Coons had identified two major ley lines which intertwine with one another. He has named one the Rainbow Serpent, and the other the Plumed Serpent, because this is how they are known to indigenous tribes who still practice the ancient shamanic traditions of their earliest ancestors along these routes.


Notice in this picture not just the ley lines but the “STAR” in the picture? Where is it placed? ISRAEL! You see, this is supernatural war!


Flying “Rainbow” Serpents
Seraph or Seraphim (plural) comes from the root “to burn”. But it’s also used to denote certain types of ‘flying serpents’. It is said that the use of the word is to describe the ‘burn’ of the bite or the copper ‘fiery’ color.
Don’t you think it’s odd that this word is used in both angelic beings and serpents?

1. Rainbow Serpent is a Phallic Symbol.
2. Rainbow Serpent is a bisexual.
Art historian Georges Petitjean has suggested that the identification of the Rainbow Serpent with various genders and sexualities helps to explain why the rainbow flag has been adopted as the symbol of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender communities.

Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow


Ley Lines And Connections
Now, some people believe these ley-lines not only produce energy but UFO’s often saturate these areas and possible even utilize them as a power source. Even more astounding are the connections between abductions and these ley-lines.
People who have mapped these lay-lines reveal equilateral triangles. In the occult this symbol is used in ‘magick’ and rituals. I think if we performed an internet search we would find that it is no coincidence this symbol is continually used on lay-lines as well.
Researching this subject, I came across stories which tell of “blackening” these ley-lines. This is the practice of witchcraft with occult rituals on or near a ley-line. Seems too many of these reports find it hard to be a ‘coincidence’. I don’t believe in coincidences anyway!
Poltergeist activity is also something which is described in these places. This is very interesting because I am under the belief that there are no such thing as ghosts, but only demons. This would make total sense!
It is said that blackened or negative ley-lines attract negative experiences and apparitions. Makes sense again! Negative attracts negativity.
UFO FILES-UFO Vortices Along Earths Ley Lines


“Boaz, meaning strength is here, on the left,” the stranger pointed. “The pillar of smoke, of cloud by day. And Jachin, to establish, is on the right, the pillar of fire by night.”
“Melcart and Hiram of Tyre? The Pillars of Hercules? Verses of the Rig-Veda, the sacred columns of the Norse mythology?”
Two ancient rivets were made into immovable bolts, to prevent a ley line, or commonly traveled pathway, from becoming a fault line. But the unattractive pillars are gone now, taken away by a modern museum team.
When the new fault line forms, three continents will lash against each other. The world, as we know it today, will no longer exist. Will we be compelled to establish a New Jerusalem?
This is a New Age-Old Religion belief.
What I find interesting about this is combines the Olympians, Freemasons beliefs into a religious doctrine.
Although this is all noteworthy, it’s also important to reveal that military bases are also built on these ley-lines!


DEVILS GRAVEYARD-12 Devil’s Triangles
As Ivan Sanderson put it best in his book about this subject…vile vortices.
The best known of the so-called “vortices” is the Bermuda Triangle. Others include Algerian Megaliths to the south of Timbuktu, the Indus Valley in Pakistan, especially the city of Mohenjo Daro, Hamakulia Volcano in Hawaii, the “Devil’s Sea” near Japan and the South Atlantic Anomaly.  Five of the vortices are on the same latitude to the south of the equator; five are on the same latitude to the north. The other two are the north and south poles.
Easter Island, and Michigan Lake are said to be of these alleged phenomena.


Do these false flags events have anything to do with Ley Lines?
Do these triangles have anything to do with ‘ley-lines’? Hmmm….I wonder.

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    —- The fight was internecine in nature, with Post-Cromwellian England being overlorded by a vindictive Catholic King, James II…The rebellious Duke of Monmouth, seeing a chance to usurp the throne from the ‘Roman King’, in 1685 raised a half-trained peasant army in the southeast lands and marched it towards London…Having been betrayed by informants, Monmouth was met by James’s forces near the towns of Westonzoyland and Bridgewater, where he was pinned against a woodline and a deep ditch…The rebels were crushed and very nearly massacred, with many of their leaders & officers, including Monmouth, captured and carted off to London…In a series of drumhead sham ‘trials'(“The Bloody Assizes”) all were condemned, and publically beheaded in grisly fashion, apparently as ‘examples to the people’ of ‘Catholic justice’..The horrific nature of the fighting and its brutal aftermath STILL haunts the English…In the 1800’s Queen Victoria’s train would often traverse the region, whereupon she ordered all window shades closed which faced the ground, visible from the trackline as they passed…But the STRANGE thing is the proximity of some of the sites Sis has mentioned in this piece…Glastonbury Tor, and its ‘New Age’ vortex are only a scant few kilometers away…The area is STEEPED in the occult, with legendary Dartmoor and its fabled ‘Wish-Hounds’ just a short distance southeast of Taunton, on the eastern edge of the Sedgemoor battlefield…The sheer FURY of the battle seems to reflect some ‘other-worldly’ influences, and many ‘spectral’ happenings abound there, such as red-eyed cats as big as collies that reportedly kill chickens and screech loudly at night…Doyle’s inspiration for his Sherlock Holmes yarn “The Hound of the Baskervilles” came from a night spent nearby at Hound Tor in the Dartmoor region…And a ‘leyline’ passes’ right over it all..

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