Truth is inspiring, it is guarded by GOD, and will triumph over all opposition!

Battling Our Many Demons


The day begins with our sitting on the edge of the bed, tired and sluggish we make our way about our day to start our routine. Many of us have the same rituals we perform daily, and this is typical but have you ever given thought to it?
These rituals include arguments with the children, husband, wife or friends…even neighbors and others who get on our nerves. We serve the demons well by doing these rituals and never give it a second thought. You see this happened to me recently…I went to the gym to work out only to find all my belongings stolen, even the lock on the door of the locker. Then, angry as I was I went to the treadmill and began my sweat-fest. The sermon which I had downloaded the day before was about our self-righteousness and inability to be humble. Within this sermon was the comments about people allowing PEOPLE to consume your energy which is needed to fight the supernatural. You see, we fight with our family and friends and then what do we have left? We’re exhausted! Then, who shows up? Demons! You see, this is how satan keeps us occupied so we have little if any strength left to fight the demons which make our life miserable.


Not only fighting keeps us occupied but get a load of this!
Simple pranks take time…invested to cast the right environment, but seriously this is time lost for what? A joke? We are wasting energy, valuable energy on this?


Demonic Activity
Interestingly, the Bible makes it very clear that demons cause many problems in our daily lives. The book of Acts encompass the issues that seemed to be medical or psychiatric problems but Jesus Christ and the disciples attributed it to demonic activity. This is true for today.
While we might agree that the man who lived in the tombs at the Gerasenes (Mark 5) was possessed, the mute boy with seizures (Mark 9:14-29) in our eyes appears to suffer from epilepsy. And the man in Matthew 12:22 was diagnosed as demon possessed merely because he was blind and mute.
A man in a synagogue cried out “What have you to do with us, Jesus of Nazareth? Have you come to destroy us? I know who you are—the Holy One of God” (Mark 1:24). Mark 3:11-12 says, “And whenever the unclean spirits saw him [Jesus], they fell down before him and cried out, ‘You are the Son of God.’ And he strictly ordered them not to make him known.” Later, Paul removed a demon from a young girl who had been used by men to make money through her divination (Acts 16:16-18).
Daniel gives another glimpse of demonic activity in the world. In Daniel 10:11-14, an angel reveals that his arrival was delayed because of the “prince of Persia,” a demon who apparently had great spiritual influence over the nation of Persia. In fact, Paul later goes so far as to call Satan the “god of this world” (2 Corinthians 4:4). There’s no reason to think such authority has been or will be revoked until Satan is bound for a thousand years after the Tribulation (Revelation 20:1-3).

So, we know that demons can instigate violence, financial ruin, illness, and even death. They also have authority to influence nations.


How do these things happen? When we fight with others, we are giving into the havoc the demons create. Yes, even giving them permission!
That is what they must have from you. It does not have to be deliberate, any action that opens that gate, it can be as simple as using a pendulum, or drinking and drug use will do it. Even bringing home an item with a preternatural attachment to it. They don’t need you to openly declare “I give you permission enter my home!” just an act such as partaking in a ritual like smudging [or nature worship] will do.

Basically a demon can wear us like a suit if we do not have protection. We are empty cars with the keys in the ignition just waiting to be driven, and driven hard.
Remember the movie “Fallen” 1998 with Denzel Washington. Remember how the demon moved from human to human. That’s a pretty accurate depiction of how easy it is for them to inhabit us. Easy if we are not protected. We do not have the power to protect ourselves we must seek that protection from outside ourselves. THE HOLY SPIRIT is the answer.
Just good old fashioned prayer is your best protection. Merely a thought between you and God is enough to change your life.

Giving away responsibility for yourself even for a moment is tantamount to Russian Roulette. Being curious and playing with a pendulum, a Ouija board, spirit photography or “ghosthunting”, which is [necromancy] , is all it takes to get their cloven hoof in the door.
Permission is what they need. By hook or by crook they will get it. It is often on accident, bringing home an item that has an “attachment” with it.


Arrogance, hostility and antagonism.
This is most prevalent across all the different species, from their highest ranking one(s) to the lesser imps. Their arrogance is so rampant they tend to trip over it. Whereas arrogance I wouldn’t even use to describe humans, we humans are bold but that boldness is tempered, such as boldness tempered with logic and common sense or a little practical wisdom.


They generally travel in groups, packs, although others will be loners. The pack will have a queen bee, a lead protagonist, everyone’s confidante but no ones real friend. Many of these demons display behaviors and mannerisms resembling a prized pet but one that had been abandoned in a strange neighborhood to fend for themselves. Befriending one of the discarded pet or members of a loosely knit pack the friendship quickly becomes a dependency on the human, like a bur clinging to your shirt, scratching your skin. If you befriend the lead protagonist, the friendship becomes one-sided, very skillfully manipulated and maneuvered. These demons have infiltrated causing havoc in all levels of our human society, from our governance, judicial, discoveries of the truth like the sciences to how we are to give just due respect to our Creator.


They view us humans as inferior, stupid, ignorant and they claim humans are savage, murdering warmongers when all along they are using us humans as cannon fodder. They claim all that is wrong with the world is our fault.

There is a prevalent trend of these fallen ones, demons and their cohorts, traitors, to use a direct argument form called “ad hominem” which degrades the entire discussion and results in no possible way to communicate information. This behavior by the demons, is so prevalent and wide spread, the result has rendered the internet, internet forums, any form of intelligent exchange useless, neutralized. But, this type of behavior is not just on the internet. It’s on the streets, in your local store and even in the church. You can feel it…it’s intense. It’s a feeling of madness and out of control anger.

Don’t give them permission to control you! GOD is the answer!!

3 responses

  1. joe

    Beware of exorcising your demon.
    You may be removing the best thing in you.

    January 20, 2014 at 8:18 PM

    • Yea, we had someone post that same comment by a FREEMASON. Clever but not sly enough for the people here. We know the ‘illuminated’ wording. Satan will NEVER be the best thing about anyone, this is his best lies, among others such as he’s a god….LOL. That’s a good one but no cigar.

      January 21, 2014 at 7:37 AM

    • —- Hey, Joe… Where you goin’ with that LIE in your hand???….

      May 8, 2014 at 6:28 PM

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