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PARABLE-The Woman at the Well

At the well

This was an inspiration to YOUTUBER- Enterthe5t4rz-a message straight from GOD! I think this message is important enough to expand upon.
He uses the New King James Version, but I prefer to use the King James Version is all my work. Although this is not my work, I feel any version other than the KJV is tainted and false doctrine placed within it.

This took place at “Jacob’s Well”. And if you understand prophetic meanings within in the Bible then you realize that “Jacob’s Ladder” had a special meaning. It turns out to be a portal, a star-gate if you will. So, if this place has any similarity in terms of prophecy then we’re in for a treat!


A Samaritan Woman Meets Her Messiah
First, lets begin with the Samarian people. This is the people which were influenced by the Mesopotamian religions which survived in the Akkadians, Babylonians, and Assyrians. If your not familiar with their past, then hang in there because you’re in for quite the surprise.


John 4 (KJV)
When therefore the Lord knew how the Pharisees had heard that Jesus made and baptized more disciples than John,
2 (Though Jesus himself baptized not, but his disciples,)
3 He left Judaea, and departed again into Galilee.
4 And he must needs go through Samaria.

Living water streaming

5 Then cometh he to a city of Samaria, which is called Sychar, near to the parcel of ground that Jacob gave to his son Joseph.
The ancients called Sychar, “living water”-a term which Jesus Christ gave a new meaning! A special meaning.


6 Now Jacob’s well was there. Jesus therefore, being wearied with his journey, sat thus on the well: and it was about the sixth hour.
[The sixth hour is Noon, or 12. 12 stands for perfection, government perfection.]


7 There cometh a woman of Samaria to draw water: Jesus saith unto her, Give me to drink.
[Jesus wants to interface with the human race.]
8 (For his disciples were gone away unto the city to buy meat.)
9 Then saith the woman of Samaria unto him, How is it that thou, being a Jew, askest drink of me, which am a woman of Samaria? for the Jews have no dealings with the Samaritans.
[Confirms Jesus’ desire to interface with us. Jesus is trying to get her to understand this.]


10 Jesus answered and said unto her, If thou knewest the gift of God, and who it is that saith to thee, Give me to drink; thou wouldest have asked of him, and he would have given thee living water.
[She is the looking at the physical, not the spiritual aspect. Because Jesus Christ tells us that whoever drinks of the Living Water, shall never thirst.]
11 The woman saith unto him, Sir, thou hast nothing to draw with, and the well is deep: from whence then hast thou that living water?
12 Art thou greater than our father Jacob, which gave us the well, and drank thereof himself, and his children, and his cattle?
13 Jesus answered and said unto her, Whosoever drinketh of this water shall thirst again:
14 But whosoever drinketh of the water that I shall give him shall never thirst; but the water that I shall give him shall be in him a well of water springing up into everlasting life.
15 The woman saith unto him, Sir, give me this water, that I thirst not, neither come hither to draw.
16 Jesus saith unto her, Go, call thy husband, and come hither.
17 The woman answered and said, I have no husband. Jesus said unto her, Thou hast well said, I have no husband:
[This is where it gets good!]


18 For thou hast had five husbands; and he whom thou now hast is not thy husband: in that saidst thou truly.
[So, all together we have SIX?]
Man has five fingers, five toes. The SIXTH man does not belong to US! This is the Nephilim seed, they have SIX fingers and SIX toes.
So, the sixth person; her sixth husband does not belong in her genetic makeup.]
19 The woman saith unto him, Sir, I perceive that thou art a prophet.
20 Our fathers worshipped in this mountain; and ye say, that in Jerusalem is the place where men ought to worship.
She is locked in the physical. She is confused.
21 Jesus saith unto her, Woman, believe me, the hour cometh, when ye shall neither in this mountain, nor yet at Jerusalem, worship the Father.
22 Ye worship ye know not what: we know what we worship: for salvation is of the Jews.


23 But the hour cometh, and now is, when the true worshippers shall worship the Father in spirit and in truth: for the Father seeketh such to worship him.
24 God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth.
[There is no need to go into a synagogue or church. We worship in the spirit.]
25 The woman saith unto him, I know that Messias cometh, which is called Christ: when he is come, he will tell us all things.
26 Jesus saith unto her, I that speak unto thee am he.
27 And upon this came his disciples, and marvelled that he talked with the woman: yet no man said, What seekest thou? or, Why talkest thou with her?


28 The woman then left her waterpot, and went her way into the city, and saith to the men,
[At this point…did she leave the physical? Now, entering the spiritual with Jesus Christ leaving the physical which is tainted.]
29 Come, see a man, which told me all things that ever I did: is not this the Christ?
30 Then they went out of the city, and came unto him.
31 In the mean while his disciples prayed him, saying, Master, eat.


32 But he said unto them, I have meat to eat that ye know not of.
[We do not need this physical body, on Faith we are separated. We are made anew by the Blood of Jesus Christ.]
33 Therefore said the disciples one to another, Hath any man brought him ought to eat?
34 Jesus saith unto them, My meat is to do the will of him that sent me, and to finish his work.
35 Say not ye, There are yet four months, and then cometh harvest? behold, I say unto you, Lift up your eyes, and look on the fields; for they are white already to harvest.
36 And he that reapeth receiveth wages, and gathereth fruit unto life eternal: that both he that soweth and he that reapeth may rejoice together.


37 And herein is that saying true, One soweth, and another reapeth.
[This generation is the REAPERS, we are the generation to bring GOD’S Truth out to the world.]
38 I sent you to reap that whereon ye bestowed no labour: other men laboured, and ye are entered into their labours.
39 And many of the Samaritans of that city believed on him for the saying of the woman, which testified, He told me all that ever I did.
40 So when the Samaritans were come unto him, they besought him that he would tarry with them: and he abode there two days.
41 And many more believed because of his own word;
42 And said unto the woman, Now we believe, not because of thy saying: for we have heard him ourselves, and know that this is indeed the Christ, the Saviour of the world.
43 Now after two days he departed thence, and went into Galilee.
44 For Jesus himself testified, that a prophet hath no honour in his own country.
45 Then when he was come into Galilee, the Galilaeans received him, having seen all the things that he did at Jerusalem at the feast: for they also went unto the feast.
46 So Jesus came again into Cana of Galilee, where he made the water wine. And there was a certain nobleman, whose son was sick at Capernaum.
47 When he heard that Jesus was come out of Judaea into Galilee, he went unto him, and besought him that he would come down, and heal his son: for he was at the point of death.


48 Then said Jesus unto him, Except ye see signs and wonders, ye will not believe.
49 The nobleman saith unto him, Sir, come down ere my child die.
50 Jesus saith unto him, Go thy way; thy son liveth. And the man believed the word that Jesus had spoken unto him, and he went his way.
51 And as he was now going down, his servants met him, and told him, saying, Thy son liveth.
52 Then enquired he of them the hour when he began to amend. And they said unto him, Yesterday at the seventh hour the fever left him.
53 So the father knew that it was at the same hour, in the which Jesus said unto him, Thy son liveth: and himself believed, and his whole house.
54 This is again the second miracle that Jesus did, when he was come out of Judaea into Galilee.


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  1. Kittii

    I heard this song on a CD by Johnny Mann Singers today, but this version is cute too. Very inspiring and we need to hear it.
    Matthew 19:4
    Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”

    January 28, 2014 at 3:23 PM

  2. Kittii

    January 28, 2014 at 3:32 PM

  3. Kittii

    January 28, 2014 at 3:39 PM

  4. Kittii

    I grew up with songs like this. “The Episcopal Church’

    January 28, 2014 at 3:49 PM

  5. Kittii

    Do you like Organ Music? Here’s 3 versions of the same song. Unfortunately they aren’t singing. I like traditional hymns. I like all kinds of music.

    January 28, 2014 at 3:54 PM

  6. Kittii

    So I guess this is the origins of this hymn. It’s familiar to me too.

    God of Our Fathers” is a 19th-century American Christian hymn, written in 1876 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the United States Declaration of Independence.[1]

    The hymn was written by Daniel C. Roberts,[2] a priest in the Protestant Episcopal Church serving as vicar of St. Paul’s Church in Concord, New Hampshire. Roberts had served in the American Civil War in the 84th Ohio Infantry.

    In 1892, Roberts sent the hymn anonymously to the General Convention of the Episcopal Church to be considered by a group tasked with revising the Episcopal hymnal. If the group accepted his hymn, Roberts said he would send them his name. The commission approved it. The hymnal editor and organist George W. Warren were to choose a hymn for the celebration of the Centennial of the United States Constitution. They chose Roberts’ lyrics, which were originally sung to a tune called “Russian Hymn.” Warren wrote a new tune called “National Hymn.”[2]

    January 28, 2014 at 4:05 PM

  7. Kittii

    January 28, 2014 at 4:07 PM

  8. Kittii

    Just remember it’s a spiritual battle, not a physical one. . We’re pilgrims, just passing through.

    January 28, 2014 at 4:16 PM

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