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Masonic Alien Lodge

Masonic Home-Fielder Rd

WOW! I’ve always knew this place was creepy, if only because it was a Masonic Home. Masonic Lodge 438/Arlington, Texas…Then, I’m looking up directions (VIA GOOGLE) for a location and BAM! You see, they had this closed off by a large fence, and it was a mystery to me….well now we know! There it was….do you see it? How about a closer shot?

Masonic Home

Who do they revere? Who do they worship! Are they welcoming in their ‘brothers’?

One response

  1. wee wow!!! this stuff is real and the people are so asleep!!!! Lord we need your help down here, but thank the Lord for the blood of Yeshua which will cover those and protect those who has a personal relationship with Him. Be blessed my sister in your work for the Lord and awakening those who wish to know the real truth!!!!

    January 24, 2014 at 4:09 PM

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