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Paranormal Pix


My position: In case you don’t know….I don’t believe in ghosts.
Sure, we all know pix can be edited and changed but let’s be real here….some of this is REAL. I want to just spend some time giving you an idea of how much danger this world is in…demons come in many sizes, shapes and colors. They shape-shift and hide their real appearance because if they didn’t NO ONE would believe their lies. These entities have enough power to manifest in many ways, and lately the real evidence seems to come from cameras because they see more than the eye! Technology has advanced in many ways and this may not always be to their benefit.


“This picture was taken of a nurse’s viewing monitor. On the monitor, this black figure appeared standing on top of the patient who was lying in the bed. The patient died within a few hours of this figure appearing.”
I wonder if the death of this patient was attributed to this ‘visit’ or were they ‘welcoming’ them to hell. Who knows…
























real ghost picture-743389










So, you decide. Scary enough, yes…but just how real are they. I tried to select pix which were real, but we may never know. BTW…Ghosthunting is NOT of GOD so don’t do it! I did this as a display that evil does exist, but never is it to be treated as a play-thing. EVER!

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  1. You are absolutely correct, we are not alone , there is a heavy demonic presence in this world today, and you are also on point. I tell my daughters and grandchildren dont play with the devil because the devil dont play fair!!!! Same difference with ghost hunting and necromancing, they should not be played with or practice because people will open up gates, portals, doors, and windows for these evil spirits to enter into this physical realm. Be blessed my sister and keep up the good work and research, in Jesus name.

    sis jahfe

    February 7, 2014 at 2:39 AM

  2. Gary R. Sayers

    —– HI SIS!!!… I once went to Tennessee with a friend, ostensibly to tour Civil War battlefields, a subject we both were slathering over at the time… There is a house on the grounds of the Fort Donelson battlefield at Dover, Tenn., actually located on Lake Barkley, or The Cumberland River as it was known in 1862… We snapped a few photos at the outer Union trench lines, and the a few at the house already mentioned… After developing, we saw what we thought were ‘squashed bug’ smudges on the auto glass (the shots were taken through a windshield), but after closer observation took on the startling resemblance of three human figures in the pics!!!…And not only that, they were clearly figures appearing to be dressed in Civil War period garb… One figure wore the dark blue-black ‘sack-coat’ style union tunic along with the lighter shaded trousers so common in that war, and looked to be carrying a musket at the shoulder, as if walking a post on a picket or guard duty; the other two were in one combined smudge, a younger looking man in similar dress as the first looking clean-shaven, with the second figure apparently just below him seeming to be a broad-shouldered man in a double-breasted gray tunic of a Confederate officer, hatless, with dark hair and a bushy black crop of a beard!!… We BOTH confirmed our impressions of the ‘impressions’ we saw, and after a mutual shudder decided to leave it alone and let the ‘dead’ rest… I have long since lost those pics, but that is MY ‘exposure’ to ‘psychic photography’… It insults me, though, for like you, Sis, I don’t believe in GHOSTS for the same reasons as you… I just think it so rottenly typical of the scum-crawling cynicism of the devil and his worthless tribe of eternal ingrates, the demons, to think they can pollute and desecrate the ground where brave men went to eternity with their insidious’ impersonations’ of those who ‘gave their last full measure of devotion’ to the causes they cherished… I hope our beloved LORD will put this to right at the Final Trump… And I DON’T mean DONALD!!!!….. Please, please , please, PLEASE come, LORD JESUS…..I wuvvvz-ya, Sis…

    February 23, 2014 at 3:49 PM

    • What a testimony! What an experience! I’ve missed your presence. GOD Bless you. I love ya!!! If ya feel up to it….please send me the pix and I will do an article on it…would be my pleasure. Love, V

      February 23, 2014 at 8:52 PM

  3. Gary R. Sayers

    —- SIS, ya missed the entry above that noted that I’ve LOST those pictures… If I HAD ’em, You, my dear would be WELCOME to ’em… If I could run across Matt Jaggerd again, my ‘sidekick’ in that story, he made copies for HISSELF, but I’ve since lost contact with him… Matt’s a cabinet-maker here in St. Louis at a firm called Nu-Space..( I wonder if they’z HIRIN’??)… I’m gonna send you a message to your email very soon, and I’ll clarify all in that effort… I needz lotsa PRAYERS right now, SIS… But thangz is lookin’ UP a bit… You told me God was in the process of ‘reducing’ me… Methinks thou hast the trappings of a prophetess… ‘Cause ‘if you had a hammer…’..W-e-l-l-l….’ You’d be just about ‘bang-on’ every time!… I’m gonna try and swoop in on ya more often like the buzzard that I am, and git-cha a few ‘chuckles’… The thing I have do with YOU is keep ya ‘tickled’ regularly… It’s the ‘Barnabas’ side of me… I’m NO ‘PAUL’…Me an’ him woulda gone ta fisticuffs, I’m afraid… Actually, I really respect Paul incredibly deeply, but in this current generation of ‘milennials’ all hyper-impressed with themselves and molly-coddled by the ‘kultur;’ I find it difficult to relate to so-called ‘Alpha’ people… They are actually very shallow and quite boring… At least PAUL wasn’t shallow OR BORING!!… In guess Paul HAD to be an ‘alpha’, what with his load of burdens and what-not… You gotta give the guy credit… HE really LIVED!!
    —- Need a job and a permanent residence, sis… And having been broke now for two weeks…. Well, you get the picture… But I feel God’s close and personal intimacy despite myself, and I feel the ‘season’ may be about to change… I’ll be in touch directly, Sis… Love ya caboodles in JESUS…

    March 9, 2014 at 3:19 PM

    • Gary, my brother!
      I pray for you! Miracles come in many forms. I recently went back to work even though I am disabled so if there’s hope for me then I know GOD will provide a way for you. I thought MANY times that there was not a job in which I would be suited for considering all my problems but let me tell you I could NOT be happier! I now work for Rosewood Crescent Hotel in Dallas Texas. A FIVE-STAR hotel. I’ve gotten a promotion in the month I’ve been there already! I now run the In-Room Dining and Amenity Department. VIP’s are people who spend the BIG BUCKS and get the amenities. Some spend as much a 2500 a night, some people even LIVE on site! Imagine that! Rich people….crazy. So, you see…this job includes an office where I get to rest some of the day while I do various tasks associated with the many hats of the department. This was my concern but GOD sent to me the perfect job and my boss…is CRAZY SWEET! She looks up to me and asks me for advice on work related issues due to my past experience as a General Manager of restaurants. So, I seemed to have gained so much and get this….the PEOPLE know about the Illuminati and Freemasons. And, many people even know of my work. And they also know I go to school for parapsychology (paranormal studies) to be a certified spiritual counselor which will be a non-paying position. GOD has placed me where I stand. I give HIM all the credit and I humble myself before HIM in hopes that I can fulfill HIS WORK! This is ultimately my goal in life. To help people in need of spiritual counseling with paranormal issues. I know, sounds like I’m nuts huh? Well, some people think I am. But I know GOD led me to where I am for a reason and YOU will see the same in your life. Everything happens for GOD’s Will.
      I simply adore our friendship and pray you never forget to drop in when you can. And if you ever need to talk, I could offer more help there too. My honor to help with whatever you need. I support you unconditionally. Love, SIS!

      March 10, 2014 at 7:41 PM

  4. Gary R. Sayers

    —- You got a date. sis… I’ll be officially ‘homeless’ as of Thursday, 03/20… My church is going to store some of my few ‘items’ fer a spell… I truly AM feeling a lot of peace in God, lately… Y’know, I have an idea… In light of your ‘Texas’ connections (I have ’em TOO, as you’re aware), what if sent you an ‘abbreviated’ somewhat summation of MY testimony (to your email. of course…)… I’d like to tell the tale, have felt for a time it NEEDS some telling, even considered a crazy idea of writing a BOOK about it… I like to write, anyway (cannot ye TELL??? hee-hee!!.. Ya DID say you like to READ, didn’t cha??..) AS for YOU, you sound just like JOSEPH!!… Or maybe more like DANIEL… Advisor to the Prime Minister, huh??.. GOD is a real thrill to do all that for you, and I couldn’t be happier FOR you… I mean that news is SUPERB… I can’t tell you how much joy that gives me to hear it… Friends for me in the Lord have been hard to come by, and I get NOTHING more joyful to hear or that makes my day more than when a friend has received a blessing… NO WORD in my vocabulary is heavier than ‘FRIEND’… No greater honor of friendship occurs than in the sharing of a blessing, and the mutual thanks to GOD who gives them from BOTH… I think GOD’s heart has a special place for such; but alas, no scriptures..
    —- Gotta go now, sis… WUVVVV ya… Meeces to Peeces… In JESUS….

    March 16, 2014 at 3:11 PM

    • Gary,
      I would be honored to read your ‘book’! Smiles. Please know my prayers go with you no matter the cause and place. You’re my family now and you have a duty to keep me informed. In fact, because of the insanity in this world…you feel closer to me than some of my own ‘real’ family. Crazy, huh? Truth. Your mouth to GOD’S ears! I can only pray I live up to the standards set before me. I come closer and then two steps back but isn’t this part of being ‘human’. I’m ready for the day when we can be next to HIM! And Jesus and I can speak one on one. WOW, what a picture that is! OK gotta quit before the tears come. NEVER before in my life have I cried so much as when I became ‘new’. It’s strange actually. I feel an overwhelming, unconditional love which is infectious….and it really devastates me that others can’t feel that same love. This is my mission here.
      As far as you’re being homeless…GOD has you wrapped in HIS Arms and this is the perfect HOME! GOD BLESS YOU, Love, Sis

      March 18, 2014 at 4:03 AM

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