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Paranormal Activity Gathering


Where there’s one demon, believe me there’s always more! They travel in packs like wolves, waiting to spring on their victims. These ‘victims’ can range from people who are asking for ‘visits’ to others who are being subjected oppression because they have are growing closer in their relationship with GOD!  Then again, demons need no reason to torture!

The many thousands of reports of paranormal activity from all over the world leaves little doubt as to its existence. And this is accentuated by the programs on television which are sensationalizing the subject. But, to me this justifies the issue.


Recent research has shown a significant increase in the number of people who believe in the paranormal for example:
65% of Americans believe in the after life.
32% of Americans believe in the paranormal.
38% of Americans believe ghosts are people who have died.
28% of Americans believe we can talk to the dead.
78% of American youths have participated in psychic activities or witchcraft.
33% of American youths have played with Ouija boards.
25% of American youths have played occult games.
In addition seven million youths in America claim to have contacted the dead and two million American youths claim to have psychic powers and the numbers are higher for American adults. A summary of 100 colleges showed that:
34% of Psychologists believe in ESP.
55% of Natural Scientists believe in ESP.
66% of Social Scientists believe in ESP.
77 % of Humanities Professors believe in ESP.


Do you believe in ghosts? Do you believe in haunting? Do you believe in exorcism? Do you believe in possession?
The traditional views of ghosts are the spirits are of dead people who for some reason have not ‘moved on’ to the next dimension. Seems as though when these ‘ghost hunters’ go on their little expeditions, it’s a joke to the spirits and they just toy with the humans. This just reinforces the theory that I have about what and who they are. If it was someone who hasn’t moved on, don’t you think it would escalate into a manner with which that spirit could move on, instead it escalates into a situation of oppression and then even possession. When the medium enters a place and tells the people it’s someone who’s stuck, it just makes me feel so sad for the person who resides there because it’s a false hope. A false hope of enabling someone they love of moving on, but if you really investigate these situations, you quickly realize it’s a dangerous avenue to lead someone into. So, instead of helping, the medium is actually intensifying the activity. Same goes for ghost hunters.
If you put haunting in a search engine, you begin to see the depth of this subject. Even ‘phone haunting’ are increasing. This is because the spirits are able to manipulate the electronic devices in our world. In fact one study by Tesco Mobile revealed that the UK has seen a 70% increase in paranormal evidence in the last few years due to people using their phones more. The calls often feature heavy static and the voice often sounds faint and distant. Nine in ten calls reveal a ‘withheld number’ or even creepier “000000000000” on the caller ID.

South Wales Has Ghost Increase

Statistics show 2/3rd of all paranormal phenomena feature sounds, with 20% being an actual sighting of an apparition while only 15% is based on smell. Half of all audible haunting are captured on recording devices, with only 8% received in your television or radio.
Three in every five people say they know someone who has experienced paranormal activity

pictures-0709 252

I have experienced several kinds of activity over the years;

My apartments have entities. My Bible study friends even agree. I tried looking up the past history of this place but haven’t been too successful. I’ve lived in three apartments in this complex since moving here. The second apartment was really bad. The person that lived there before me has had contact with entities before and this may have been why it was so active.
I had 5 surgeries while living there. Was I being oppressed? Absolutely.

pictures-0709 295

The last thing is my vehicle. My spouse said I seem to attract the nut cases and weirdos. I cannot leave my home without someone almost hitting me! It’s frightening to say the least. I use to think, well it’s the increase in population in Arlington Texas…that’s no joke! But, how can it be that each and every time I get in my car I am attacked. Drivers will cut me off, making me slam on my brakes or almost run me off the road. I don’t believe in coincidences either so there must be something to it.
When all these things happen, I do a cleansing of my home. I have learned that because of the work I do, I will constantly be attacked.

pictures-0709 240

Here are some pictures taken outside. Yes, it’s snowing but if you look clearly you can see the orbs. There are so many it’s was quiet eerie.


Can celestial activity increase Earth’s paranormal experiences? I believe so. It’s been documented that solar and lunar activity can play a role in increased paranormal activity. Just as with humans acting strangely during a full moon, it’s logical this plays out in space as well.  The geomagnetic field is the magnetic field which is observed in and around the earth. A geomagnetic storm caused by a solar flare for example can be utilized by spirits to gain energy and interact with our world. The same serves true for simple thunderstorms as well. If you do a little bit of research you will find that UFO activity increases during volcanic eruptions! And lately, people are recording UFO activity during a tornado! And the Japan disaster also revealed UFO’s surrounding the area.


Then we have equinox and solstices….don’t you think it’s ironic that the elite plan all their rituals on these days? Why? Think about it!! The favorable atmosphere to supernatural occurrences are extremely important to the elite for their occult rituals to be performed with the utmost power. The ancients believed that winter is a time when the veil between the worlds is thinner…why? Because of the increase in spiritual activity.


In the 1990’s, I live in a home. My children told me that they would see apparitions in the hallway. I always felt like something was watching me there. Now, this was long ago and I was not a mature Christian as I am now. This was the residence where I got cancer. I firmly believe that places can hold negative energy and these forces can make you ill. My best friend at the time, was a mature Believer actually felt a presence and did a cleansing of the home when I arrived back from the hospital from cancer treatment.
Black Shadow Figure-this figure came to me in my sleep, in the last year. I was instantly paralyzed. Now, I DO NOT agree with these parapsychologists who say this is just ‘sleep apnea’ symptoms…on the contrary….I felt this for myself. I know it was a force behind it.
I fell asleep, but unlike most times I don’t believe I prayed first. This allows the spirits to infiltrate your body. I remember it very clearly:
I fell asleep. I was ‘dreaming’ of being asleep, which sounds odd, does it not? I suddenly was awakened by a dark force standing at my bedroom door. I remember not even wanting to look at it. It was as tall as my door frame, if not taller. It was blacker than black! Solid in its form, and very menacing. You could feel the dark energy coming from its presence. It began attacking my right kidney. I tried to move, but could not. It attacked again, same place. I tried again to move, with no success. The third time (mmm…Trinity manipulation), I was able to turn but not much. I couldn’t speak either. I remember trying to scream at my spouse, but couldn’t open my mouth. Again, the third time…I said his name. I suddenly awoke to find it pitch black in my room! I keep it dark, because I have thin eyelids and any light prevents me from sleeping, but this was unusually dark.
Other incidents are knocking, rapping noises. Some take place inside the walls and since I live in an apartment, I just put it off as a noisy neighbor. But, then these knocking noises were happening were there is no neighbor. Nor, could anyone knock from where it was originating. Then, it was my appliances, the fridge would have a rapping on the door. I thought it was just settling noises but how does a metal object settle? The smells are strange…once it was a wonderful ‘flowery’ smell. It made me think of how people describe “Mary” appearances,…like the Catholics. And it only lasted about 2-3 minutes. The other smells are gross. Like fecal matter or something dead.


Electrical Equipment
Even while writing this, I had to change batteries in my mouse. ZAP! Energy gone! It hasn’t been very long ago since I replaced it! Now, you can look at this two ways…it was just ironic, or it was an attack.

Oppressive Possessions
There are three states of activity; obsession, oppression, and possession.

In Italy, the statistics reveal that over 500,000 exorcisms were performed this last year and are increasing. The clergy who reported this also revealed that because of the Italian belief system, they are more apt to receive help…whereas here in America, we wont even report it much more…seek help.
Sadly, our clergy are grossly inefficient to deal with such increases in paranormal presences, and indeed even worse at expelling them from a location or an exorcism.


Ritualistic Callings
These are types of events which people use to call on spirits. Séance, Incantations, Ouija Boards, Channeling, others such as Bohemian Grove, etc. These are common occurrences now therefore we should realize that this is one reason the presence of demons have increased enormously.

Demonic Possessions Increasing [link]

Curious about the paranormal? Well, be aware that it’s a dangerous area to creep into. When you peer into the abyss, the abyss looks into you. Unless your called by GOD to do this kind of work…don’t do it! It’s dangerous!!

We are all spirits encased in a physical body awaiting the transformation of our temporary state into a permanent one.

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    Is THIS What Watches You Sleep?

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