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Cave & Caverns Cover-Up


In 2008-09, an extensive system of caves found under the Giza Plateau. Of course the Illuminati and the fallen angel’s sidekick Zahi Hawass has denied such an event. Then he had to admit that an excavation team under his chare was investigating an ancient tomb at the center of the claims regarding the discovery.

zz pyramidcaves.bottom

Now many of you know of the Orion Correlation Theory (OCT) which contend the alignment of the Giza Pyramids to parallel the layout of these ancient monuments. But for one, Andrew Collin this development was not ‘perfect’ enough! His belief is that it aligns with the “wings” of Cygnus (Latinized Greek word for swan). I find this curious as well due to the fact that Zeus disguised himself as a swan! According to Collins, “Satellite images would tend to suggest that the caves…go all the way to the Second (Hermes) Pyramid.” A close distance to this archeologists found a collection of bird mummies. Is this a correlation to the swan? It is believed the mummified buried were left by worshipers as an offering associated with this star configuration or perhaps to Socar, the bird-like figure that was the ruler of the underworld.


Collins suspects that the caves extend beneath the Second Pyramid, where ancient tradition puts the legendary Tomb of Hermes, Egypt’s legendary founder. Collins suggests the chambers could reveal something left behind by Hermes. Collins also suggests these caves were carved well before the pyramids were built.

zz02 hawass.deny

Collins explains Hawass has even entered said ‘catacombs’! Hawass: “My colleagues and I have examined photographic evidence of dynastic catacombs throughout Egypt, and these all appear to be carved by human hands.
According to Edgar Cayce, the pyramids were constructed by the Atlantis civilization of demi-gods and were known to have buried the lost history of mankind in a chamber called “The Hall of Records.”
These demi-gods were descendants of the fallen angels, the Nephilim. Are they making themselves known?

(Job 38:31-32) Can you bind the chains of the Pleiades or loose the cords of Orion? Can you lead forth the Mazzaroth in their season, or can you guide the Bear with its children?

Something extremely strange is happening in Giza, both under the pyramids and in the office of Dr. Hawass. Even skeptics of the “Hall of Records” from Atlantis are now forced to admit that something big is being hidden. It’s the perfect set of circumstances for conspiracy theorists.
Notice the many electrical cables leading into the caves! This indicates the level of activity being undertaken in the caves! Several years ago these mysteries were found to be taking place and rumors suggested it was Freemason/Illuminati members and they had ‘found’ something. Again we have the same…boxes being transported ONLY during the night time! Officially Denied of course!

UFOTV Presents: Ancient Aliens-The Lost Caves of Giza


Sarmizegetusa Regia “sits” on a buried city about the size of Bucharest (The Romanian Capital)
In 1999, a group of Romanian scientists conducted a complex study at the Sarmizegetusa Regia fortress, using special equipment to detect buried walls and objects.
In this way it was highlighted, that under Sarmizegetusa Regia, and bellow other Dacian strongholds, there is a huge and compact military and civilian architectural complex, with multiple cores, occupying an area of 200 square kilometers, rich in gold, having multiple elements dating before the Dacian civilization.
The plans of this ancient city, about the size of Bucharest, were collected in a file that was sent to the Ministry of Culture, but the institution haven’t announced anything in this case.

Father Crespi Golden Artifacts

Story of Father Crespi and the Missing Gold Artifacts
Father Carlos Crespi Croci was born in Milan, Italy, in 1891 and died in 1982. He was a Salesian monk who dedicated his life to worship and charity and lived in the small town of Cuenca in Ecuador for more than 50 years.
The indigenous people gave Father Crespi gifts of ancient artifacts to thank him for the work he was doing to help them.

They said the items brought to him had been found in subterranean tunnels in the jungles of Ecuador, spanning more than 200 km starting from the village of Cuenca. The amazing artifacts given to him had uncanny similarities with civilizations of the East, and were enough to fill up a large museum.
However the location was never revealed and is still unknown. Many were killed by the indigenous people in their search for the mysterious subterranean tunnels with the hidden treasure.


Father Crespi was trusted by the Vatican to open a museum in the Salesian School at Cuenca, and up until 1960 it was the largest museum in Ecuador. However, Crespi suggested that there was an (obvious) connection between the artifacts and the ancient civilizations of Babylon and Sumeria.


What he did not consider is that such a suggestion would go against mainstream opinions. A short time later, the museum was burnt down and most of the artifacts were destroyed – with the exception of a few that he managed to save. However, when father Crespi died all the remaining artifacts were hidden from public view forever. Rumors suggest that the artifacts were shipped to the Vatican.


Father Crespi allegedly said that most of the symbols and prehistoric representation on the artifacts are older than the Flood.
Explorer Richard Wingate mentioned that the artifacts were identified as Assyrian, Egyptian, Chinese and African.

Neil Armstrong, the first man on the moon, was a member of a 1976 British military scientific expedition in search of the caves in Ecuador, but ended up in the wrong caves, following von Daniken’s directions.
Another, more controversial theory, is that the treasure hidden in the caves is related to Atlantis, a continent that, if proved real, predates all other known civilizations.

zz 01

Ancient Temple Secrets
Located south of Sicily, the islands of Malta and Gozo are home to megalithic structures that were created by a highly developed people more than a thousand years ahead of Stonehenge and the pyramids. The monuments, including ancient temples, represent free-standing architecture in its purest and most original form. Design features including corbelled ceilings, are mirrored in subterranean mortuary shrines that have been carved out of solid limestone.

zzz cave system

Malta’s Hal Saflieni Hypogeum provides the most extraordinary example. A multi-leveled complex of caves and ritual chambers, it is a gem of archaeology that lay undisturbed until workers broke into it accidentally in 1902. Science Officer at the Hypogeum, Joseph Farrugia describes unusual sound effects in the UNESCO World Heritage Site: “There is a small niche in what we call ‘The Oracle Chamber’, and if someone with a deep voice speaks inside, the voice echoes all over the hypogeum. The resonance in the ancient temple is something exceptional. You can hear the voice rumbling all over.”


Mnajdra Temple. An example of the use of corbelling in the oldest freestanding buildings on earth. Old photos in an early edition of National Geographic Magazine show the discovery in securely dated levels of the Malta temples, of conical shaped stones bearing a distinct resemblance to the Omphalos or “belly-button” oracle stone at Delphi, used much later in time by ancient Greek priestesses who listened to the voice of the earth for guidance.


(By the way, in the story of Quetzalcoatl, The Mayans say he had two shapes. He was both a fathered snake -reptilian- and human. He periodically ate humans. How nice! He came from the Pleiades, taught the Mayans everything they knew, then headed back to the stars).
All of these sites date back to about 3,500 BC. The chambers were all bounded by roughly hewn stones, but they had very different configurations. Newgrange was cruciform, others were rectangular, beehive, and petal-shaped.


In April 2005 Dr.sci. Sam Semir Osmanagich, Foreign Member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, Professor of Anthropology at the American University in Bosnia-Herzegovina, first traveled to the town of Visoko, 20 miles northwest from Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia-Herzegovina.


Beneath the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids there is an extensive underground tunnel and chamber network which runs for a total of more than ten miles.
Pyramids have now been found on every continent on Earth and prove — beyond a shadow of a doubt — that pyramids were built by ancient civilizations with far greater technology than we now possess and that they were used to produce energy.


Dropa Stone Caves
Chi Pu Tei, a professor of archaeology at Beijing University, and his students were on an expedition to explore a series of caves in the pathless Himalayan mountains of the remote Bayan-Kara-Ula in Qinghai on the border of China and Tibet. The caves may have been artificially carved to be a system of tunnels and underground storerooms. The Dropa (also known as Dropas, Drok-pa or Dzopa, Chinese: ??? ) are, according to certain controversial writers, a race of dwarf-like extraterrestrials who landed near the Chinese-Tibetan border. Food for thought: What do these objects have to do with UFO’s?
They found many neat rows of tombs with short 4 ft 4 in inch skeletons buried within. There were no epitaphs at the graves, but instead hundreds of one foot wide stone discs (“Dropa Stones”) were found having 3/4 inch wide holes in their centers.


Island of Bliss Caves
Soqotra is the most “alien-looking” island on Earth, having over 700 species found nowhere else on the planet. The name Soqotra (Socotra) is derived from a Sanscrit name, meaning “The Island of Bliss”. Situated in the Indian Ocean 250 km from Somalia and 340 km from Yemen, the wide sandy beaches rise to limestone plateaus full of caves (some 7 kilometers in length) and mountains up to 1525 meters high.


Lizard Caves
In the summer and fall of 1933, a Los Angeles mining engineer named G.Warren Shufelt was surveying the L.A. area for deposits of oil, gold and other valuable materials, using a new device which he had invented.
Shufelt was extremely puzzled when one day, while taking readings near downtown Los Angeles, his instruments showed him what seemed to be a pattern of tunnels which led from what is now the Public Library in the heart of L.A. to the top of Mount Washington and the Southwest Museum to the north in Pasadena. He proceeded to draw a map and had it copyrighted.
What he discovered appeared to be a well planned underground labyrinth with large rooms located at various points, and deposits of apparently man made gold in the chambers and passage ways. Some of the tunnels ran west for 20 miles under the Santa Monica Bay, which he believed were only used for ventilation.
Unfortunately, Shufelt had no idea that they were connected to the older ruins of an even greater city which was covered by the Pacific Ocean thousands of years ago during a tremendous earth-quake and subsequent flood.
During his research, he met a Hopi Indian named Chief Little Green Leaf, who told him about the legend of an ancient race of “Lizard People”.
The sentinels of the sky gave their warning that it was time to enter the shelters and seal the shafts behind them-selves. They were forced to go underground to save them selves from a gigantic meteor shower which devastated most of the west coast of the US . The “Lizard People” of Los Angeles survived the meteor shower, but were killed by natural gas leaking into their bunkers.
On 27th March 1933 they requested additional time and depths on their permit, believing that the labyrinth of tunnels was at least 1,900 feet in length, with rooms containing 9,000 square feet which contained valuable gold treasure in at least 16 places. On 10th April 1933 the contract was renewed. By the end of November in 1933, the main shaft was at a depth of 200 feet. Shufelt was determined to drill to a depth of 1,000 feet if necessary. On 29th January 1934, the first stories regarding the leg-end of the “Lost Land of the Lizard People” made the L.A. newspapers. By this time, one of the five shafts was already 250 feet deep.


According to the legend and the radio surveys, the underground city was laid out in the shape of a lizard, with its tail under the Main Library at Fifth and Hope, and the body extending Northeast, with the head being at Lookout and Marda near North Broadway. The key room to the city was located under Second and South Broadway. The leg-ends state that the key room is the directory to the rest of the city, and to the historical gold record tablets. These gold tablets were slabs of gold, 4 feet long and 14 inches wide. The tablets were believed to contain the records of the origins of the human race, and the history of modern man in the Americas, including details regarding the history of the mysterious Mayan people.
More here…

lizard headline

As an update to this article above, this was added but I question this…was Chinatown named so for the beings who lived below? Research reveals why Chinese loved dragons! This was their sky gods…
Dear Duncan,
Here is a reptilian relic that was found in Los Angeles in 1954 that neatly fits into the “Lost Land of the Lizard People” article [see NEXUS 2/19]. Enclosed is a photo of an artefact that is definitely very old, depicting a full-bodied dragon. The upper section of the medallion is made of pure silver that was somehow fused to a copper-alloy base which is composed of over 40 different types of metal. The medallion’s actual dimensions are 7/8″ (width) x 1/4″ (length) x 1/l6″ (depth). The man who found it, Mr G., was an aerospace engineer who lived and worked for the US Government in Chatsworth, California. The artefact was found while Mr G. was helping a friend, who lived on the northern shore of Lake Chatsworth, repair the wooden stairway to the front porch. Mr G. dropped his hammer, which fell into a soft sandy area, and when he reached to pull his hammer out he noticed this small metal medallion. Mr G. still has the artefact in his possession, and after much research feels that it belonged to an ancient race of space people named ALTEC, who left behind their influence on this world long ago. The Friendly or Sleeping Dragon is a very old symbol, one which has definite connections to UFO’s. I once had the opportunity to show a picture of a Pleiadian -style UFO to a man from Bhutan (near Tibet) and asked if he had ever seen such a thing. He replied that yes, they did see them often and that they were called “Friendly Dragon”. Chatsworth is located in Los Angeles County near the north-west border of the city and county lines. It is likely that a Chinese laborer lost this artefact while working in Chatsworth on railroad construction, around the turn of the century. There is a rail-road tunnel that was cut by the Chinese through a solid red rock ridge called the Santa Suzana Pass near the Chatsworth Lake.


Old Chinatown is located in downtown Los Angeles and was built where the new rail-yard now sits. New Chinatown is built over much of the old tunnel systems that the first Chinese leaders had constructed for their ‘safety’ when they first arrived in the area. It is possible that engineer/inventor G. W. Shufelt did not know what he had stumbled onto electronically, and it is also logical that Chinese people would not admit to the existence of a secure system of tunnels and rooms they had worked so hard to build in secret. There may even have existed a series of older tunnels and rooms that the Chinese discovered during their own excavations and construction.

However, the Federal Government definitely stepped in during the ’50s and took control of the entire underground tunnel system for their Cold War operations, adding many new paranoid-influenced improvements over the years that followed. In the ‘9Os, suspicious arson fires prevented well-equipped – ONI – intelligence operatives from gaining access to the secret entrance that was located in the basement of the so-called ‘public’ library. There is more to this story than can be told at this time.

Take care, and keep up the great work with NEXUS.
Robert Stanley Editor,
Unicus Magazine
Suite 43,
1142 Manhattan Avenue, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266, USA

Article From:


Kincaid Cave-Grand Canyon
This part gives a shout out to Tammy! She pointed this info out to me via the forum. Good job!!
Hopi Indians have some really strange traditions but this one really was interesting to me. Here’s what Tammy wrote:
Hopi Indians tell of their ancestors who once lived in an underworld in the Grand Canyon till dissension arose between the good and bad, the people of one heart and the people of two hearts.
They sent out a messenger to the Temple of the Sun, asking the blessing of peace, good will and rain for the people of one heart. That messenger never returned, but today within the Hopi villages, the old men can be seen on the rooftop of the homes gazing toward the sun, looking for the messenger. When he returns, their lands and ancient dwelling place will be restored to them.
Very interesting stuff!
I was doing research on the Olmec gods (Quetzalcoatl) just recently regarding the Plumed Serpents! My how GOD points our hands toward HIS Work!
According to the link she provided in her message on the forum:


David Hatcher Childress
LOST CAVE CITY (Also known as “Lost City of the Dead)–“It is interesting to speculate on ancient Egyptians or Tibetans flying to the Grand Canyons in Vimanas…”
According to G.E. Kinkaid, he found a cave which reportedly is the entrance to an underground citadel with several hundred rooms seemingly shaped like the spokes of a wheel! As if that wasn’t enough, the ceilings of the rooms also converge to a center point.
(Check out the article called “Elysium” regarding wheels within wheels! Satan always duplicated GOD’s Plan)

Elysiums Field of Shadows-


Strange things were found within these labyrinth of caves, among them a ‘grey metal’ which scientists, had yet not established the identity of…that one left my mind spinning! UFO material?
A “Buddha” was found in one of the rooms.
I was NOT surprised to read this:
It is located on government land and no visitor will be allowed there under penalty of trespass!
Also interesting to note is the Vishnu Basement Rocks:
In the past, the term Zoroaster Plutonic Complex was used for the description of this part of the Grand Canyon. Also called, “Vishnu Schist”.
Zoroaster-think of the Three Kings which supposedly visited Jesus at birth. They were called the “MAGI” (Wise Men of the East). As part of their religion they paid particular attention to the stars and gained international reputations for astrology, which was at that time highly regarded as science. Not so much now…it is considered to be the occult sciences according to the Bible! Or better known as sorcery. Also Magi stood for MAGIC and not the cartoony kind…this is called magick! The practice of sorcery.
Vishnu-is considered to be one of the three main deities of Hinduism. (Notice the trinity reference?), called Trimuri, the other two being Lord Shiva, and Lord Brahma.
So essentially we have, Vishnu Shist …the rocks of the gods!
Let’s get to the NITTY GRITTY here…
This is the religion of Helena Blavatsky who’s theology will lead one into worshiping the Ascended Masters. These, in my opinion are the FALLEN ANGELS.
This all fits together like a puzzle! When Tammy brought this to my attention, I was astonished at how GOD works wonders to bring forth the truth of these evil supernatural beings. Anyone who does not see these truths do not want to, or don’t have eyes to see or ears to hear.

Other known sites:
Beijing Underground
Setenil de las Bodegas, Spain
Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan
Portland Oregon (Shanghai Tunnels)
Wieiczka Salt Mine, Poland
Coober Pedy, Australia
Kish, Iran
Cappadocia, Turkey (Derinkuyu)
Burlington-Secret English City
Cheyenne Mountain
Barry Troglodyte Village
Leavenworth Kansas
Montreal Underground City


Dulce Files CH 26/The Dulce Caverns And Pueblo Mythology

“As for a possible subterranean presence, one source claimed that several years ago a man was let down a cable into a gigantic cavern which had been broken into by a deep ‘oil’ well-shaft in Texas. The man claimed to have met, within the caverns, giant 11-12 ft. tall humans — Anakim-Nepheli? — who claimed that the Creator and the angelic forces had ordered their civilization to remain in these caverns and to separate themselves from surface races where they might otherwise be worshipped as gods by ignorant humans because of their stature. This man was told however that this condition would last only until the day of Judgment-Purification, at which point the ‘giants’ would once again be allowed to return to the surface world.”

Now that was as close to the truth as any fallen entity will ever admit!

“Several years ago one woman by the name of Margaret Rogers claimed to have visited the underground civilization of the ‘Nepheli’ deep below Mexico. They said that their name for God is ‘Tamil’, which was also confirmed by the Telosian ‘Bonnie’ or ‘Sharula’, whose people reportedly have considerable interaction with the ‘giants’. They also told Ms. Rogers that one day man would develop interstellar craft and be so presumptuous as to approach the very throne of the Creator and invade His personal domain, and thus invoke his wrath upon the whole planet. Could she have been referring to the ‘Eternity Gate’ within the Orion Nebula which lies far beyond the Orion star cluster, or to the ‘New Jerusalem’ Command, a virtual CITY OF LIGHT which has reportedly been seen by government astrophysicists to be emerging from the Orion Nebula vortex and is now on a direct course to Earth — due to arrive near the end of the third ‘Millennium’ A.D”

Again, we have a duplication of the Tower of Babel scenario! History repeats itself because GOD allows it! Plus Satan does this to slander the Grand Plan of GOD.


Mystery Object Blocking Tunnel –


Underground Cities Being Built?

Inside Cave City

10 Mysterious Underground Cities


Cave Closings
The government’s gone produced fake ‘evidence’ to back up their agenda to keep people out of caves, and underground.


Hellfire Caves

hellfire Caves-7

Tales of satanic rituals, exorcisms and other strange events:
Benjamin Franklin’s Occult Connections:

Ghost Miner Connections

Mount Shasta Legends And Mysteries

List of All United States Caves:

Do rumors of ‘Annunaki’ and gold link with underground secrets? Is this why the Freemason took over so many mining expeditions?

Alien Beings caught ALIVE with HORNS-Demons?

Many people are curious as to the meteors and other objects which seem to be coming from the sky recently. Some reveal as many as 100 asteroids an hour were crashing into the earth….could this be similar to what took place here?
Mysterious Domes and Cauldrons?
The “Valley of Death”


I believe William Blake was a Freemason!
Blake, William (Soho, London, 28 Nov 1757; † London, 12 Aug 1827). English printmaker, painter and poet. His reputation as a visual artist increased during the 20th century to the extent that his art is as well known as his poetry. Yet in his own mind Blake never completely separated the two, and his most original work is to be found in hand-printed books of prophecy, which developed a personal mythology of limitless intellectual ambition. In these books, text and design are completely integrated in what he called ‘illuminated’ printing. He also made many pen and watercolor drawings, prints in various media and a small number of tempera paintings, but even in these his broader aims were primarily theological and philosophical: he saw the arts in all their forms as offering insights into the metaphysical world and therefore potentially redemptive of a humanity he believed to have fallen into materialism and doubt.

Of course is but the tip of the iceberg here….there are secret caves and caverns all over the world. The reason for the all secrecy surrounding the caves and caverns around the world is to hide the bloodlines of the Nephilim. Now, some are able to walk about but others are not. The elite don’t want you to know this!

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