Truth is inspiring, it is guarded by GOD, and will triumph over all opposition!

“Dark Horse” of the Apocalypse


Dark Horse: A dark horse is a little-known person or ting that emerges to prominence, especially in a competition of some sort or a contestant that seems unlikely to succeed.

Perfect Storm: A perfect expression to describe the life of a devil worshiper.


Released February 20, 2014



It’s no coincidence that these scenes are displaying a sense of war-like features within them, in fact it is a direct parallel to the Battle of Kiev (1941). This period of time is when the Nazi’s were in their infancy but many know what became of this situation and take a look at this same area now!
Calling it another “New Cold War”

When it comes to war and the elite, there are NO coincidences. Everything is planned.
February 19th was called “IF DAY”…what if the Nazi’s had invaded North America. Well, in actuality they did! Covertly.


One-Eyed Man is wearing a necklace to Allah, and Katy takes him down.


Katy is portraying “SEKHMET” – Warrior Goddess
Sekhmet’s name comes from the Ancient Egyptian word “sekhem” which means “power”. Sekhmet’s name suits her function and means “the (one who is) powerful”. She also was given titles such as the “(One) Before Whom Evil Trembles”, “Mistress of Dread”, “Lady of Slaughter” and “She Who Mauls”.


The name of her cult center? Memphis, Leontopolis. When the fallen angels were compelled to experiment with DNA, there are many lines of manipulation on Earth, and this was one reason for GOD to place the world under a Great Deluge (flood). I wonder if this was one of the breeds! Does she originate from this line? OR was this the exact deity?
She was known as Ra’s daughter, and also Hathor. Ra supposedly sent her to destroy mortals who conspired against him. Oh, by the way…Ra is known as Satan as well. She was known to represent a period of war, and judgment upon the Earth, and bought vengeance upon it.


But what you may nor know is she also is known as a Kali. The Goddess Kalika Devi. Shiva is known to be a consort of Kali, which means DEATH…whose body she is often seen standing. Shiva lies in the path of Kali, whose foot on Shiva subdues her anger.
Interestingly the etymology is time, or also black in honor of creation before light. Again a reminder of the fallen angels. Who else has all the time in the world/universe? But the Bible also reminds us their time is short being that we are in the end times now.
After the great deception, she rises as a PHOENIX! She burns everything and rebirths the Earth.
Mother Sekhmet Speak with the Great Council at Shambhalla
Lies…all lies. This is the Ascended Masters who are fallen angels.


All through this video, Katy is seen taking down different men with the ‘blue’ side winning over the ‘red’ side. Goddess Kali represents the mother figure at the end of the age which destroys the ego that ‘eats’ all the demons and rebirths the Earth. This is a true representation of Satan’s ‘reincarnation’ theory of the New Age doctrines.
Throughout the video it centers on ‘blue’ people who give her sacrifices, they represent the Pleiades. And if you know anything about the elite and Freemasonry then you know they revere Sirius and Orion. This is a reference to the many false flags upon Earth and the elite’s sacrificial count within them.


In IPET Goat II, you will notice that the woman is holding a red apple surrounded by ‘blue’ people and she is giving out ‘the deception’. Also notice the rabbit in the foreground which parallels the women in costume as cats in the Katy Perry video. This deception has set up a massive ‘sleep’ factor upon the Earth and this is how many people will parish.
The guys in red build a temple and come to her and try to oppose her, but they are beasts, beasts of the New World Order system. But, as with the elite it’s all a trick! Trick of the eye!! She ends up feeding off of them! She opens her ‘temple’ pyramid and turns them into animals. In the end they worship her. Sounds exactly as Revelation warns us….you see they use the Bible to warn and confuse.
Oddly enough she sets them up in the video and then turns them into animals. This reminds me of the Transhumanistic agenda taking place in society. The elite have been playing god, and contaminating human DNA with animals for quite some time now. This is an extension of their gods they worship and their handy work upon the Earth which GOD detested then and continues to detest.


The Pleiades is the Seven Sisters. The Seven angels of the Church is Jesus Christ’s right hand. They are seen with a Blue nebulae surrounding them. The Seed of the woman.
Sekhmet is the seed of the woman who bruises the head of the serpent from the Bible.

2 Thess 2:11-12
And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:
That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but has pleasure in unrighteousness.

Children of the Synagogue of Satan!


Dark Horse Logo? An upside-down triangle…of course…As Above, So Below. But look closely! It says, “PRISM”. I found this…

BSQGJJBCIAAllNn.jpg large

PRISM (Surveillance Program)
Leaks by Edward Snowden over six years ago, this program was launched by the National Security Agency (NSA) upon the world! The tentacles reach far and wide, from simple cameras to internet communications. GOOGLE and APPLE were ‘forced’ to hand over data.


A prism is the geometric shape of a triangle. It reflects light and this reminds me of the false representation of Lucifer to his children! It reflects the colors of the rainbow which reminds me of Constance Cumbey’s book…
Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow


Bluecifer! Sound strange? Well, his dark horse is a dark representation of Lucifer. Blue is but one way to represent him. If you remember there is a “Blue Horse” at Denver International Airport. There are NO coincidences in life, people!!
Part of the Four Horsemen? The Fourth Horseman cometh, and Death follows!


The initiate who plays with magic really should know what they are falling for, but that doesn’t stop the musicians and Hollywood stars from dabbling anyways. Kenneth Grant wrote about the downfall of playing with magic when one is not ready for it in The Magical Revival:
In medieval times secrecy was restored to more as a safeguard for the occultist than for the world of which he formed a part. The scene is not much different today, except that the tables are turned. The indiscriminate revelation of occult formulae often leads to insanity and death. The unprepared who meddle with occult processes invite trouble.


It starts out by telling us it is taking place in ancient Egypt in Memphis; which holds occult-Illuminati importance to this day, as noted by the pyramid in Memphis, TN:
The pyramid known to Memphis locals as the “Tomb of Doom” has believed to been cursed since its opening in 1991 (it did in fact close its doors in 2004). It was conceived by entrepreneur John Tigrett, who Jones asserts is an occult member and potential Illuminati member. Tigrett did in fact write a book called “Fair and Square” which sounds fitting for a masonic book since they use a square for their symbol.

In 1991, rumors of a box being welded to the apex of the pyramid floated around until someone investigated and sure enough, a welded box with a crystal skull was found. Isaac Tigrett, son of John, said he put it there as a publicity stunt to be employed later on. Never mind that Isaac followed the teachings of Sathya Sri Baba; a famous Indian mystical guru. Sri Baba would later be investigated for money laundering and child sexual abuse, all par for the course in this Illuminati ring.
Egyptian symbolism, which is actually the bloodline of the Illuminati family who passed esoteric knowledge down from the Mesopotamian people, into the Egyptians ruling classes (priests, magicians, etc.) and over time through the families who run the show now.


The eye is symbolism brought to us by Aleister Crowley and his Illuminati magick trance:
Crowley believed that Horus wanted him to be the prophet that was to inform the human race of the entrance into this Aeon of Horus era, ushering in the 20th century. Thelema religion says human history can be divided into eras of different magical and religious expressions. The first era was the Aeon of Isis; the second was Aeon of Osiris, and the third is the Aeon of Horus (what we’re experiencing now; since Crowley’s introduction into it). Here’s where we can see the tie-in between the Ancient Egyptians, the occult, and the modern day “Illuminati”:


Aeon of Isis: This was known as the era of Goddess worship (e.g. Egyptian goddess Isis). The emphasis at this time period was on matriarchal values, and the balance of human nature.
Aeon of Osiris: This occurred during the medieval times with male god worship (e.g. Egyptian god Osiris). The emphasis during this time was on patriarchy and male dominated values.
Aeon of Horus: This is the modern time with child god worship (e.g. Egyptian god Horus).
This current Aeon of Horus that Crowley believed he was intended to usher in is why we see the musicians doing the symbol for the all seeing eye, or the Eye of Horus (on the US Seal on the dollar bill pyramid). This symbol for the eye is found in Freemasonry as the Eye of Providence as well.


You can see the cats in most of the shots of the video, which were possibly just a reference to the Egyptians’ worship of the feline (aka mau), but in this video we can explore the possibility that they are a reference to MK ULTRA sex kittens (which plays into some of Britney Spears’ prior work as well). This is a revisit of the concept from previous Katy Perry works with kitten programming, as pointed out by Freeman:
One night, Perry escapes her dreadful reality by falling asleep and visits a vibrant candy land in search for her pet cat, Kitty Purry and also for the love of her life, the Baker’s Boy. Kitten programming is classic trauma-based mind control and the most widely used program. This programming is specifically for eliminating the learned moral convictions that Katy grew up with. It stimulates the primitive instincts devoid of inhibitions. This program is for developing the “ultimate prostitute.”


In fact (shout out to commenter Fleurdamour for pointing this one out), if you look at the importance of the diamonds found in the video, you can see the links to high level programmed-victims, as in the Presidential programming as pointed out by VigilantCitizen:
“High level” Monarch slaves are often identified with gems and stones to identify their status. Presidential models are reportedly identified with diamonds.
“For bona-fides & recognition signals, the Monarch slaves wear diamonds to signify they are presidential models. (…)
Emeralds mean drugs, rubies mean prostitution, diamonds (rhinestones) Presidential Model work.”


Take a look at how the men get burned (by magic presumably) in this video. They both get burned from their right eye towards their left. They also have necklaces that don’t make sense, like the first one who has a necklace that says ‘Allah’ (الله), the Arabic word for God:
And the other male in the video is burned in the same fashion, and he’s wearing a necklace of what I originally thought was just himself, but looks more like Notorious BIG. Also, notice the triangle/diamond hand gesture over the eye on the back-right of the shot, as seen by rappers like Kanye West or Jay-Z:


I find these necklaces odd and out of place. Any ideas on why we see those two concepts in a Katy Perry video about ancient Egypt??…
And finally we see the culmination of the video with the Illuminati plans of making Katy Perry another Illuminati goddess to worship, as she ascends the golden pyramid and spreads her wings. The lyrics told us this would happen:

Let’s take a look at some of the lyrics:
Make me your Aphrodite
Make me your one and only
Don’t make me your enemy, your enemy, your enemy

one eye dancer

Aphrodite is the female Greek goddess (equivalent to the Roman goddess Venus) and is considered another aspect of the occult and magic. We can see this concept of goddess worship in all of the entertainment industry, with the most recent macabre example being that of #”Princess Diana’s death in Selena Gomez’ Drive Slow music video.
The Illuminati have a devotion to this goddess worship concept, and it’s no mystery that Katy Perry would appears as a blonde, since that fits the profile of the goddess-worship agenda as we’ve seen when Britney Spears melted down and shaved her blonde hair, and also Kim Kardashian dying her hair blonde:


What’s interesting about this is that Kanye pushed Kim to changer her hair color to blonde, which corresponds to a MK ULTRA-like alteration, where the Illuminati want all of their goddesses to be blonde. It’s not coincidence that pop stars with Illuminati symbolism in their videos have this tie to blonde hair. For example, Lady Gaga was just on the Graham Norton show to perform Venus (a song entirely about Illuminati/occult goddess worship; and I pointed out the #HYPERLINK “”Illuminati goddess symbolism on her album cover ARTPOP as well).
The pyramid is one of the most commonly placed motifs and chunks of symbolism placed by the Illuminati. Occult and Freemasonry icon Manly P. Hall describes how the symbolism works in his book The Secret Teachings of All Ages:
Today men gaze with awe and reverence upon the mighty Memnons standing alone on the sands of Egypt, or upon the strange terraced pyramids of Palanque. Mute testimonies these are of the lost arts and sciences of antiquity; and concealed this wisdom must remain until this race has learned to read the universal language- SYMBOLISM.
Katy went on record saying she sold her soul, and also alluded to various dark forces in the music industry; all covered in this post about an interview where she said:
And now, she’s been interviewed by Elle magazine and said that Rihanna is a wrap and there is a dark presence in the industry. From DigitalSpy:
“I love her [Rihanna] and every time I see her, I’m reminded of the light that she has,” Perry said.
“There’s a lot of dark in this business. I know a lot of people out there with the most detrimental entourages – they are the root of their demise.


Maximum Overdrive- Imagine Your Worst Nightmare…Machines Take Over The World!


Transhumanism. Blended DNA.

Maximum Overdrive 2

Imagine your ‘aliens’ and your looking for  anew place to live! These aren’t aliens, folks! Their demons.


Witchcraft at the Grammy’s


Cross of the Knights Templar on Katy!


I’m capable of anything, and everything! Lucifer tells Jesus Christ this…
Matthew 4:8-9
8 Again, the devil taketh him up into an exceeding high mountain, and sheweth him all the kingdoms of the world, and the glory of them;
9 And saith unto him, All these things will I give thee, if thou wilt fall down and worship me.

Oh, no.

[Juicy J:]
Ya’ll know what it is
Katy Perry
Juicy J, aha.
Let’s rage

[Katy Perry:]
I knew you were
You were gonna come to me
And here you are
But you better choose carefully
‘Cause I, I’m capable of anything
Of anything and everything

Make me your Aphrodite
Make me your one and only
But don’t make me your enemy, your enemy, your enemy

So you wanna play with magic
Boy, you should know what you’re falling for
Baby do you dare to do this?
Cause I’m coming at you like a dark horse
Are you ready for, ready for
A perfect storm, perfect storm
Cause once you’re mine, once you’re mine
There’s no going back

Mark my words
This love will make you levitate
Like a bird
Like a bird without a cage
But down to earth
If you choose to walk away, don’t walk away

It’s in the palm of your hand now baby
It’s a yes or no, no maybe
So just be sure before you give it all to me
All to me, give it all to me

So you wanna play with magic
Boy, you should know what you’re falling for
Baby do you dare to do this?
Cause I’m coming at you like a dark horse
Are you ready for, ready for
A perfect storm, perfect storm
Cause once you’re mine, once you’re mine (love trippin’)
There’s no going back

[Juicy J – Rap Verse]
She’s a beast
I call her Karma (come back)
She eats your heart out
Like Jeffrey Dahmer (woo)
Be careful
Try not to lead her on
Shorty’s heart is on steroids
Cause her love is so strong
You may fall in love
When you meet her
If you get the chance you better keep her
She’s sweet as pie but if you break her heart
She’ll turn cold as a freezer
That fairy tale ending with a knight in shining armor
She can be my Sleeping Beauty
I’m gon’ put her in a coma
Damn I think I love her
Shorty so bad, I’m sprung and I don’t care
She ride me like a roller coaster
Turned the bedroom into a fair (a fair!)
Her love is like a drug
I was tryna hit it and quit it
But lil’ mama so dope
I messed around and got addicted

So you wanna play with magic
Boy, you should know what you’re falling for (you should know)
Baby do you dare to do this?
Cause I’m coming at you like a dark horse (like a dark horse)
Are you ready for, ready for (ready for)
A perfect storm, perfect storm (a perfect storm)
Cause once you’re mine, once you’re mine (mine)
There’s no going back

Selling Your Soul? There’s no going back…..think about it!

9 responses

  1. stephanie curry loves the story on the dark horse and in bible reading and,stephanie curry.john:3;16.thankyou.curry.j.3.16.

    February 28, 2014 at 4:10 PM

  2. Wow, you know I’ve seen this kind of unveiling reporting on Illuminati work in the pop culture wake up more people — especially young people — than almost any other kind! Bless you V, keep fighting and hope to hear you in more interviews! You’re a faithful watch woman, beautiful beloved of the Lord and an inspiration to us all!

    February 28, 2014 at 9:40 PM

  3. Cathy

    The devil sure got this woman…I remembered switching though channels and saw the evil image of her and tried to turn channels immediately because I just didn’t want to see it!!! I believe that they are controlling the remotes control… as I was trying to pass the channels on something that I don’t want to see the channel gets stuck there (freeze)…. have to wait almost a minute before it move on to another channel…cable control Comcast…

    February 28, 2014 at 10:09 PM

  4. Gary R. Sayers

    —- Y’know, bein’ an old hippie from those crazy dayz o’ the 60’s & 70’s, it seemed to me that so much of ‘pop’ culture THEN would have been a bit more appropriately labeled as ‘drug’ or ‘hippie’ culture by the ones ‘outside’, and ‘alternative’ or ‘progressive’ culture by the ‘initiated’… Anything ‘POP’ would’ve been sneered at derisively and trashed as ‘sold-out’ or ‘bubblegum’ by those in MY circles… WE also had this wicked, satanic and gross ‘undertow’ of the ‘underworld’ to cope with, and we all DID, one way or another… But TODAY the attacks are so much more ‘directed’ and better ‘targeted’, and a HELLUVA lot more ostentatious, even obstreperous than they seemed to be then… AND they are far more UNIVERSAL, aren’t they??… The ‘Divas’ of Hollywood’s Frankenstein-ian laboratories, produced by the mad doctors of marketing are now a dime a dozen, are they not?? (no thanks to YOU, Miley C., EH??… What’s one MORE brainless, overly pyrotechnic, pseudo-erotic, psychotic ‘meat show’, anyway?)
    —- Perhaps GOD will see fit to fill the heart of one of these ‘vixens’ in the midst of her preening with the ‘revelation’ that she is better than she is displaying herself to be, and that the GOD who paid for her foolishness (AND mine) with His Own Son’s BLOOD has a much more rewarding, much less demeaning way for her to fill the need for attention she obviously craves, even worships through the screams of admirers & her own MIRROR..
    —- Our heroes and heroines once affected our civilization through achievements, influenced their culture through accomplishments… NOW they simply AFFLICT themselves upon society through their ‘attitudes’… And with APPROVAL, mind you!!.. Once our icons were public servants, men and women of science, warriors or even (pray tell!) a few POLITICIANS… NOW they are ‘entertainers’…’Court jesters’… Simple-minded comedians posing as ‘experts’ (Bill Maher, anyone??), or even musicians and ‘artists’ (so-called), plumbing the depths of liberalism, blowing it up into supersize stage displays and charging $250 a ticket to gullible young ‘progressives’ to SEE this huckster-y in loud, living color… Glad I can’t afford it….
    —- “He that troubleth his own house shall ‘inherit the wind’…” From the so-named film:” Gimme that OLD TIME religion.. It’s good enough for ME..”

    March 16, 2014 at 2:14 PM

    • You hit the nail on the head when you said they scream….they’re screaming for help! Warriors have a whole new definition and entitlement attached to them and it’s certainly not GOD they’re defending. Right on, OLD TIME religion…is my affliction. But, we know religion is man-made and reeks of death and evil. I’m ready for purity and SANITY. Aren’t you? This mess we call world is nothing but filth and open sores, and this is why Jesus Christ comes….to cleanse us. But it’s all FREEWILL choices and this makes GOD everything to me. Even in our madness, we can count on HIM! Amen. Praise GOD!

      March 18, 2014 at 3:51 AM

  5. Gary R. Sayers

    —- Y’know, sis… YOU hit the nail on the head with the somewhat poignant self-examining statement “Even in OUR MADNESS”… That’s the whole beauty of the system GOD created to deal with it… We are ALL ‘afflicted’ with the desire for ‘religion’; we LOST ours in the Garden of Eden… But as Scripture clearly teaches: “We all like sheep have gone astray…” or “There is NONE ‘righteous’, NO not ONE..”… Yet “He was MADE SIN who KNEW NO SIN, that WE might be made the RIGHTEOUSNESS OF GOD IN HIM…”– also– ” And GOD commendeth HIS love toward us in that WHILE WE WERE YET SINNERS, CHRIST DIED FOR US…”…I must every DAY remind myself of the fact of my ACCEPTANCE before HIM, NOT for any reason of my own merit but according to HIS PRECIOUS BLOOD…. That’s why I’m hoping to ‘cast all my crowns before HIS feet… I’ve been best man at four weddings, groomsman in at least four more, NEVER yet the groom… But it’ll REALLY be crazy to be at a wedding as the BRIDE!!!..
    I guess you WIMMEN all have THAT perspective in a little bit better ‘focus’, HUH???…

    March 23, 2014 at 3:06 PM

  6. Ar

    HOLD ON A MINUTE:.. I saw the Allah necklace, why is there a Allah necklace? Are they trying to tell us that God is evil? Like a dark horse= LIke if there would be a judgement day? WHY did they add Allah´s name in their neckalces? Why do they think the world of good is evil? Why do they need to TWIST AND TURN EVERYTHING? WHy? -.-
    I fucking don´t wanna live in this dimension anymore.. I wanna live in the fifth dimension TT_TT
    Sincerly I am here because when I have seen this… I simply just want to get out of here.. -.-

    July 13, 2014 at 9:06 AM

    • the ‘aliens’ are supernatural creatures….demons and fallen angels to be exact. We are children of GOD. This of course, is my opinion.

      July 13, 2014 at 4:46 PM

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