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Clone Carbon Copy


Most people heard of Dolly, the Sheep when she showed up on the world scene in 1997. She was the first of her kind, an artificial duplicate of the real deal.
There are three different types of artificial cloning: gene cloning, reproductive cloning and therapeutic cloning.
Gene cloning produces copies of genes or segments of DNA. Reproductive cloning produces copies of whole animals. Therapeutic cloning produces embryonic stem cells for experiments aimed at creating tissues to replace injured or diseased tissues.


Artificial embryo twinning is a relatively low-tech way to make clones. As the name suggests, this technique mimics the natural process that creates identical twins. Artificial embryo twinning uses the same approach, but it is carried out in a Petri dish instead of inside the mother.
Somatic cell nuclear transfer (SCNT), also called nuclear transfer, uses a different approach than artificial embryo twinning, but it produces the same result: an exact genetic copy, or clone, of an individual. This was the method used to create Dolly the Sheep.


Somatic cell: A somatic cell is any cell in the body other than sperm and egg, the two types of reproductive cells. Reproductive cells are also called germ cells. In mammals, every somatic cell has two complete sets of chromosomes, whereas the germ cells have only one complete set.
Nuclear: The nucleus is a compartment that holds the cell’s DNA. The DNA is divided into packages called chromosomes, and it contains all the information needed to form an organism. It’s small differences in our DNA that make each of us unique.


Transfer: Moving an object from one place to another. To make Dolly, researchers isolated a somatic cell from an adult female sheep. Next they removed the nucleus and all of its DNA from an egg cell. Then they transferred the nucleus from the somatic cell to the egg cell. After a couple of chemical tweaks, the egg cell, with its new nucleus, was behaving just like a freshly fertilized egg. It developed into an embryo, which was implanted into a surrogate mother and carried to term. (The transfer step is most often done using an electrical current to fuse the membranes of the egg and the somatic cell.)


The lamb, Dolly, was an exact genetic replica of the adult female sheep that donated the somatic cell. She was the first-ever mammal to be cloned from an adult somatic cell.
You may have heard about researchers cloning, or identifying, genes that are responsible for various medical conditions or traits. What’s the difference?
When scientists clone an organism, they are making an exact genetic copy of the whole organism, as described above.
When scientists clone a gene, they isolate and make exact copies of just one of an organism’s genes. Cloning a gene usually involves copying the DNA sequence of that gene into a smaller, more easily manipulated piece of DNA, such as a plasmid. This process makes it easier to study the function of the individual gene in the laboratory.


It was not until 1996, however, that researchers succeeded in cloning the first mammal from a mature (somatic) cell taken from an adult animal. After 276 attempts, Scottish researchers finally produced Dolly, the lamb from the udder cell of a 6-year-old sheep. Two years later, researchers in Japan cloned eight calves from a single cow, but only four survived.
Besides cattle and sheep, other mammals that have been cloned from somatic cells include: cat, deer, dog, horse, mule, ox, rabbit and rat. In addition, a rhesus monkey has been cloned by embryo splitting.


In 1998, scientists in South Korea claimed to have successfully cloned a human embryo, but said the experiment was interrupted very early when the clone was just a group of four cells. In 2002, Clonaid, part of a religious group that believes humans were created by extraterrestrials, held a news conference to announce the birth of what it claimed to be the first cloned human, a girl named Eve. However, despite repeated requests by the research community and the news media, Clonaid never provided any evidence to confirm the existence of this clone or the other 12 human clones it purportedly created.
In 2004, a group led by Woo-Suk Hwang of Seoul National University in South Korea published a paper in the journal Science in which it claimed to have created a cloned human embryo in a test tube. However, an independent scientific committee later found no proof to support the claim and, in January 2006, Science announced that Hwang’s paper had been retracted.


No. Clones do not always look identical. Although clones share the same genetic material, the environment also plays a big role in how an organism turns out.
For example, the first cat to be cloned, named Cc, is a female calico cat that looks very different from her mother. The explanation for the difference is that the color and pattern of the coats of cats cannot be attributed exclusively to genes.


We cannot deny we are made in the image of GOD, can we? We are spirit, we are invisible, and we are immortal. The Bible tells us this through out, in fact we are beautifully made. But, our physical image is confined to this world only, whereas our true identity is invisible to the eye. This is only seen in the spirit world, and this is why it is denied by most.
So, if we are made in GOD’S Image, the what are we? WEBSTER’S DICTIONARY defines ‘image’ as a “reproduction or imitation of the form of a person or thing; exact likeness; or resemblance.”
So, if we are an exact likeness of GOD, these are we clones? CLONES! But wait before you freak out…
GOD added dimensions to everything HE creates!
GOD added a second dimension to the clone by giving it a soul! (Genesis 2:7) The soul is the part of our being which makes us, as spirits, become an individual. With the soul came man’s ability to exercise his sovereign will. In the physical world, we see the soul being reflected through the physical body as a person’s personality. From this we have no two persons who are the same. Also we see that man is triune-having a spirit, a body, and a soul.
Some say animals may indeed possess souls, we may never know the answer to this until we pass over, but when a man dies, the soul belongs to the spirit, his spirit retains the soul, and or personality. We are told in the Bible that the soul and spirit never passes, it only transcends into the next dimension.
The Bible also tells us that as an immortal image of GOD, we are promised an eternal space, or place where based on your free will choice you will spend eternity.


This ‘experiment’ represents advanced techniques which some would have you to believe we are embarking upon in this century, but this is just not true. The fallen angels have this science down to an art. From their ‘experiments’ we had a mixture of animals and some even believe the dinosaurs were a part of this scenario. Nevertheless, genetic manipulation is part of their past, present and obviously our future. This is where we received this technology.


But, let’s get to the nitty-gritty of this issue here!
CLONES of the 21st Century are indeed a part of Satan’s plan! Why is that? It’s pretty obvious to me! Satan, again is duplicating GOD’S Master Plan, but since he cannot create anything but chaos this is exactly what we see. Clones of the different kind. WITHOUT souls.

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4 responses

  1. 4theKingdom

    This forum is a must read. Beware some harsh language, but they have been cloning since the 1940’s.

    April 26, 2014 at 12:47 PM

  2. Gary R. Sayers

    —- Here it comes, man’s satanically-fuelled attempt again to ‘play god’… The tower of Babel revisited… And it will result in the same thing… “Come, let US go down and confuse their speech, that they might not succeed, for otherwise nothing they propose to do shall be withheld from them…” (Gen. 11:6-7 ‘loosely’)… Maybe not our ‘speech’ as much as our MINDS… “And even as they did not like to retain GOD in their knowledge, GOD gave them over to a debased mind, to do those things which are not fitting…” (Romans 1:28)… The whole wretched IDEA of ‘cloning’ is grossly offensive to the creativity and the GLORY of GOD, who created EACH HUMAN BEING as a priceless ORIGINAL, not some cheap, test-tubular imitation to ‘insert’ into our ‘society’ wherever we think we NEED them… That is YUPPIE thinking, the claptrap and clamor of Eastern colleges (AND ‘western’)… Jesus did not DIE for ‘clones’, but to insure the RESURRECTION of the originals HE HIMSELF CRAFTED in their mothers’ wombs, NOT in some bloody laboratory at the bottom of a Johnson & Johnson manufactured glass VIAL…You say I’m PASSIONATE, Sis??… About THIS I AM… God will have done with this insolence in some unique way, have no doubt as we approach HIS APPROACH….. MARANATHA….

    April 27, 2014 at 1:55 PM

    • Gary R. Sayers

      —- HERE’s a morsel for the ‘old ones’ who come to visit from time-to-time here…”

      “In the Year 2525– IF man is still alive, IF woman can survive, they may find….”

      “In the Year 3535– Ain’t gonna need to tell the truth; tell no lies… Everything you think, do, and say… Is in the pill you took today…”

      “In the Year 4545– Ain’t gonna need your teeth, won’t need your eyes… You won’t find a thing to chew; nobody’s gonna look at you…”

      ” In the Year 5555– Your arms hangin’ limp at your sides… Your legs got nothin’ to do… Some machine’s doin’ that for you…”

      ” In the Year 6565– “Ain’t gonna need no husband, won’t need no wife… You’ll pick your son; pick your daughters, too… From the bottom of a long glass tube, woe–ooo–wooooe….”

      ” In the Year 7510– ” If GOD’S a-comin’, He oughtta make it by then… Maybe He’ll look around Himself and say; ‘Guess it’s time for the Judgement Day’….”

      ” In the Year 8510– “God is gonna shake His Mighty Head… He’ll either say,’I’m pleased where man has been’; Or tear it down and start again, woe-ooo-woooe…”

      ” In the Year 9595– “I’m kinda wonderin’ if man is gonna be alive; he’s taken all this old earth can give, and he ain’t put back nothin’, woe-ooo-woooe…”

      ” Now its been 10.000 years… Man has cried a billion tears… For WHAT, he never knew… NOW man’s reign is through…
      ” But through Eternal night… The twinkling of starlight… So very far away… Maybe it’s only YESTERDAY….”

      ” “In the Year 2525– If man is still alive, if woman can survive, they may find….. “……( AND FADE TO BLACK…)

      THIS little ditty composed in 1969 by the duo of Zager & Evans… Funny you don’t see it on the lips of the ‘learned’ or ‘visionary’ TODAY… Maybe not SCRIPTURAL, but it’ll sure do fer a ‘WAKEUP CALL”…

      May 5, 2014 at 10:35 AM

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