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Superman of the Industrial Age


Son of Tesla
Written By: Tray Caladan, aka Doug Yurchey
This article exposes what may be a very large secret within the family of Nikola Tesla. Tesla was never known to have had a child, marry or have had relations. He was too obsessed with his work, so the story goes. Nikola was the classic loner.

Nikola Tesla 70th Year Memorial Conference

The following is evidence that this International and possibly interplanetary Man of Mystery DID father a child. The child grew up, always honoring his father’s name, and toward the end of his life; became pen pals with this writer.
Arthur Matthews was the last man to have worked hand-to-hand with Nikola Tesla. The master Jedi is said to have given the young apprentice all of his secrets. Matthews was not in the public eye. He lived in a rural area of Lake Beauport, Quebec, Canada. Over the years, curiosity-seekers to government agents have made the trek to Canada to tap Mr. Matthews for information. They would ask, ‘how do you build the Magnifying Transmitter?’ Arthur would always say that the ‘answers are in Tesla’s patents, lectures and articles.’


In the early 1940s, Mr. Matthews co-authored a book WITH TESLA called ‘The Wall of Light’ and was copyrighted in 1971. It is the only known writings of Tesla that was not of a technical nature. The first part was written by Tesla and the second part by Arthur. Tesla writes about boyhood experiences, his feelings, his research and strange life among humans.
Matthews completes ‘The Wall of Light’ (a reference to an impenetrable force field device) with his amazing story that includes visits by extraterrestrials to his property in Canada.
Arthur Matthews wrote, ‘…Tesla had strange ideas. He always thought he came from the planet Venus. He said as much to me, and the crew of a Venus spaceship said in one of their first messages, that a male child was ‘born’ onboard their ship during its trip from Venus to Earth in July, 1856…’ He arrived in Smiljan, near Gospic in Lika Croatia.
(This is why he claimed that he was not born).



In ‘The Wall of Light,’ Matthews reported that Venusians landed on his property in Canada and told him Tesla was one of them; from Venus. According to Arthur, Tesla was born on a spaceship at midnight between July 9th and 10th of 1856. The infant was entrusted to a good couple of ‘Earth-parents’ who were not his real parents. Nikola was much later called the ‘Superman of the Industrial Age.’ Tesla’s early life may have been the inspiration for the old Superman story. He certainly was behind the ‘mad scientist’ idea from the first part of the 20th Century.


Tesla communicated with Venusians with his ‘Tesla Scope’ which he built in 1898. Then, with Matthews, he rebuilt it in 1938. They made it smaller and more streamlined. The ‘Scope’ would emit a loud buzzing sound when the Venusians made contact. (There are drawings of it in the book).
Another book on the extraterrestrial origin of Nikola Tesla is ‘The Return of the Dove’ by Margaret Storm. In a chapter entitled ‘The Arthur Matthews Story,’ she wrote:
‘Then, to Arthur Matthews, he (Tesla) gave a design for an interplanetary communications set. He left to Matthews the task of getting the public interested in communicating with the inhabitants of other planets.’
From an interview with Margaret Storm from 1959: ‘There again was a strange… relationship because when…Mr. Tesla first, at the request of Lord Kelvin…went to England…to consult with Lord Kelvin about what they called a wireless at that time, radio. There he met a Mr. Matthews…father and son. Now, Arthur H. Matthews is now I guess a man in his seventies in Canada. Was at that time…just a boy…and his father was an electrical engineer…working with Lord Kelvin. Tesla…took such an interest in this boy…that he taught Arthur everything that he knows…about electrical engineering. Now Arthur Matthews…today…is a professional electrical engineer. But, he has had…no training…’



‘Wireless energy travels through the earth and not through the air as is the general belief,’ A.H. Matthews, local engineer, told the Chronicle Telegraph in commenting on an article which appeared some time ago in this paper concerning the noted inventor, Nikola Tesla. ‘It is surprising in these enlightened times to see people who should know
better still hanging onto the Hertz-wave theory of wireless,’ said Mr. Matthews…


Mr. Matthews has been experimenting for the past 30 years with the Tesla wireless theory and has failed to find any flaws in it. In 1906, he built a machine from Tesla’s 1893 patent and was successful in transporting power from the cellar of his home on St. Joavhim Street to the Cove Fields. He was able to transmit sufficient power to light lamps on the Cove Fields and used only the earth and no aerials. Later he was able to transmit power to the Laval Hills.


’The mere fact of erecting an aerial,’ Mr. Matthews explained, ‘does not prove that energy comes through the air. The energy is already in the earth, waiting for something to move it,’ he continued and went on to state: ‘Electricity – high or low frequency, is always present…the earth being a vastly superior conductor…’
– Chronicle Telegraph


The following quote by Arthur Matthews from a Canadian newspaper was written many decades before PCs, the Internet and Silicon Valley:
‘TV, real live pictures can be sent over the phone…Every radio station in Canada can start sending pictures with and on their voice waves right now…Fellow tax-payers go out and buy a TV set and then build yourself a picture-sender – hook it up to the telephone wire and send pictures to your friends.’


This writer is extremely honored to have been pen pals with Arthur for a few years until his death in 1986. His book, printed by Health Research, contained his address and I wrote to him. I was shocked for the man to have written back in the form of scribbled lines on index cards. We spoke on the phone once. There were even plans for me to visit him in Canada, but that never occurred. Arthur had a different perspective on Tesla than more than 95% of all other publications concerning the super-genius.


The general books and articles published on Nikola Tesla leave out his alien heritage and most of the extraordinary accomplishments by the man…who was not one of us. Matthews explained that the books, even in praise and high tribute, were written from other books and do not contain the whole story. Matthews was closely associated with Tesla all of his life.


Here are two of Arthur’s letters on index cards that I cherish dearly. He speaks Tesla-blasphemy according to common knowledge. Yet, Arthur knew him and is writing the plain truth…
July 5 1980,
Dear Mr. Yurchey,
‘Thank you for your very welcome letter and interesting information. Thank you for kind remarks about Tesla. A lot of persons have wrote about him, but have used information of others. If you intend to do a true book about Tesla – the only place to obtain true information is from the patents – lectures, articles and his own life story – and the only place to find his life story is in ‘The Wall of Light.’ Tesla was never a dreamer…he was a real man. He believed in God – and the Bible. He married in 1890 – he had a son. And he died a very rich man.’
Arthur Matthews


March 2 1983
Dear Doug,
‘The chapter from your book came this afternoon. I have spent some time reading them and I find them good reading. Very good in fact. But before you send it to be published…be sure of your facts. Study the remarks of Tesla in his own life story before you publish the remarks on Mr. Morgan – for he and Tesla were always friends. Morgan did not remove his support and faith in Tesla. They were firm friends. Tesla had loads of money. He was never poor. He died a rich man.
It was Tesla who removed the tower on Long Island, not the U.S. government. He was not told to remove the tower. Tesla removed it at his own loss. Because it was thought it would be used against the U.S. by the Germans. (WWI) By all means do not get information from books. Get true facts from Tesla lectures, articles, patents and his own life story in ‘The Wall of Light’ – This is the only true story.
Yours truly,
PS: Tesla was a wise man. No one cheated him. Some did try. He got a million cash from Westinghouse in 1893 – it was invested. So think it over. Also, Tesla sold all of his patents. He died happy, and rich. Don’t believe writers of old books.’


Let’s examine the notes. There are ‘Tesla experts’ who have not heard such untraditional views on Tesla. They would be outraged. Arthur made the point that most books were written from earlier Tesla books, which misunderstood. He wrote that Tesla ‘married in 1890, he had a son…and he died a very rich man.’ Here is the bombshell since most accounts portray his later life in poverty; feeding pigeons on the streets of New York. They say, ‘he was responsible for so much he did not get credit for, yet Tesla died penniless.’ It makes a good story as we saw at the end of the 1980 Belgium film ‘The Secret of Nikola Tesla,’ which starred Orson Welles as J.P. Morgan. But, it is not true.
After receiving the 1980 letter, I immediately wrote back and asked Arthur, ‘are you Tesla’s son?’ He did not answer me. He completely went around the question…so I dropped it. I felt like I was asking Clark Kent if he was Superman? Did he promise Tesla to never reveal the truth? If Arthur was Tesla’s son, why the secrecy? Why a secret son, set up in a rural area of Canada?
IF it was common knowledge that inventor of the Particle Beam weapon or ‘Death Ray’ had a son, do the words ‘Lindbergh’s baby’ mean anything to you? The boy could have been ransomed for a country’s worth of Death Ray weapons or other such extraordinary methods of destruction. The smart thing would be to live a secret life while always protecting his son’s identity. According to Arthur, even Tesla’s marriage was a covert affair.
J.P. Morgan and Tesla were always friends. Morgan did not remove his funding for the 187-foot NY Wardenclyffe Power Station because of Free Energy that was unprofitable. Tesla was very rich; the Magnetic Transmitter did not depend on Morgan. Tesla changed the purpose of Wardenclyffe from a World radio-broadcast tower to a World Electrical-Power Tower.
Tesla, himself, dismantled his life’s work and ultimate achievement of giving the planet Free Power and all the energy it could ever use! He realized, but was probably SHOWN (through Time), what would occur with the coming of WW1. German scientists could intensify the electro-magnetic pulse of the Transmitter and SPLIT THE EARTH IN TWO! (like a glass shatters at a certain pitch). A device to power global cities could be turned into a Doomsday Weapon! It was ultimate power at the wrong time. People have to be done with War and militaries, completely; before such wonderful technologies can exist.


Well over a hundred years later, we still cannot be on the road to utopia as long as military-governments and secret operations remain in control of our planet.
Both pictures are from ‘The Wall of Light.’ The painting of Matthews is so similar to the photograph of Tesla; the pose; the clothes; the face and widow’s peak. Was Arthur giving us a clue that he was Tesla’s son in his book?
The article you are reading is a new version of a very old article. With some Internet access these days, you can discover others that tell the story of Matthews as Tesla’s son. For me, it was a revelation back in the early 1980s completely due to his personal letters. It is pleasing to have confirmation from others. Now, more people know about Arthur Matthews.
This writer got the rare privilege of speaking to Mr. Matthews on the phone once. I asked him, ‘when will we have Tesla Technology?’ (I had little knowledge then that these guys like Tesla and his kid actually have seen the real future). Sadly, he told me that ‘it will be so far in the future that no one then would even remember or know who Tesla was.’


‘I would like to emphasize that I consider myself of little importance in this story. If my name is known at all, it is due to my long friendship with Nikola Tesla and an intimate knowledge of his great work for mankind.’ – Arthur Matthews
The revelations of Arthur Matthews are extraordinary. Yet, this writer believes in the man with inside information on Tesla; who co-wrote a book with Tesla; who was taught by Tesla. I also believe in the ET or Venusian aspect to Tesla because he was a brilliant source that technologically changed the course of human history!
Obviously, Tesla cared for Arthur Matthews very much. I am honored to have corresponded with his son and to share his unconventional views on Nikola Tesla.
From Matthews, I learned do not believe something because it is repeated in books. From Tesla…I learned that the one individual responsible for creating our modern, industrial age was an extraterrestrial.
A final note…David Bowie played Nikola Tesla in the film ‘The Prestige.’ Bowie played an alien in the film, ‘The Man Who Fell to Earth.’ The old reference has been applied to only one super-genius and his love for humanity; a great gift that fell from the sky; Nikola Tesla.

Nikola Tesla – The secrets hidden in the pyramids of Egypt [link]


It has been widely written that Edison and his assistant, Dr. Miller Hutchinson, were seriously at work building a machine to achieve spirit communication. Tesla wrote in his journals that Thomas Edison had heard from other engineers that Tesla had been receiving mysterious voices and sounds over radio frequencies that were not conducive for the broadcasting of the human voice.
Edison, who publicly mocked Tesla and his experiments, privately believed that Tesla had managed to find the correct frequency to enable communication with spirits of the dead. Edison was determined to discover Tesla’s secret, and be the first to get the “Spirit Phone” on the market.
In his diary, Dr. Miller Hutchinson wrote:
“Edison and I are convinced that in the fields of psychic research will yet be discovered facts that will prove of greater significance to the thinking of the human race than all the inventions we have ever made in the field of electricity.”
Edison failed to live long enough to succeed with his ill-gotten idea to best Tesla. Tesla simply noted in his journal that Edison was trying to use his patents to talk with specters. Edison thought that Tesla could listen to spirits, Tesla considered that he was hearing people from other planets – the voices could have been the same, they may have just changed their stories to fit the belief system of the listener.
In 1967, Edison allegedly spoke through West German clairvoyant Sigrun Seuterman, in trance, about his earlier efforts to develop equipment for recording voices from the beyond. Edison also made suggestions as to how to modify TV sets and tune them to 740 megahertz to get paranormal effects. (Session recorded on tape by Paul Affolter, Liestal, Switzerland).


“My first observations positively terrified me as there was present in them something mysterious, not to say supernatural, and I was alone in my laboratory at night.”
– Nikola Tesla 1901
“The sounds I am listening to every night at first appear to be human voices conversing back and forth in a language I cannot understand. I find it difficult to imagine that I am actually hearing real voices from people not of this planet. There must be a more simple explanation that has so far eluded me.”
– Nikola Tesla 1918
Spooky Tesla Spirit Radio [link]

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  1. Gary R. Sayers

    —- So is this the anti-Christ or his prophet who: “Performs great signs, so that he even makes fire come down from heaven on the earth in sight of men…” (???)… If Sis is right about NOW being the Tribulation… Ain’t it about time for this to START??

    June 2, 2014 at 11:57 AM

  2. Gary R. Sayers

    —- That last scripture reference, for the scholarly among us, was Revelation 13:13, NKJV… Just to keep thingz orderly…

    June 2, 2014 at 11:59 AM

  3. Phil

    I wouldn’t mess with a frequency that could contact spirits or aliens. The two could be one and the same. It’s said saying “Jesus” has run off those seeming to be operated on by these “aliens”.

    June 2, 2014 at 10:25 PM

  4. pp

    You my friend, do not know the difference between facts, mysticism that is good, things that are dark, fantasy, folklore or mysticism or the goddess cultures, you jumble EVERYTHING and say its bad… that is 12 year old reporting. I scrolled through some of your pages and decided to just check one item you listed, the cloud face of metallica, its a fake phone, anyone with intelligence would know that ONE photo on the internet, about mystical things or even Illuminati things is a fake, because THOUSANDS of people with cameras were at that show, and NO OTHER pics, no news coverage and no videos of it. FAKE.

    July 7, 2014 at 9:09 PM

    • Seriously, these pictures are mostly for visual effect. The POINT of the article is his contacts with the fallen angels and the agenda to convince man they can become gods. And that ‘my friend’ is not FAKE!

      July 8, 2014 at 5:10 PM

  5. Tray Caladan

    I wrote the article – Arthur was my pen-pal – you can even see the resemblance to Tesla in the recent picture I found on internet. His views are correct and 98% of the Tesla books are not correct. Write to me; I will answer questions and send you info. Tray

    September 9, 2014 at 1:42 PM

  6. Tray Caladan

    my email is dugx (at) sbcglobal (dot) net

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