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The supernatural is an amazing thing! But, the dark side of the supernatural is a dangerous thing. So, it’s no secret that ‘magic’ is made out to be ‘cool’ by the media, elite and many others.
Magic is definitely making a smoooooth comeback, right? Why is that? I’ll tell you…because magick is not the kind of kids play most people think it is. No. Magick is witchcraft.
Who is the originator of ‘magic’…or magick? Let’s find out…did you know there is ‘high magic and low magic’?
They’ve included magic in games, cartoons and even adults think magic is cool. But what can happen?

creative magick

Learn that even WATCHING these magicians can yield demonic possession:
Street Magicians Powered By Lucifer’s Fallen Angels


Here’s a man who actually confesses:
“MY COVENANT WITH DEMONS” – Magicians Secret Tricks Revealed! [link]
Demon Magicians: Episode 1 – Reveal THIS – (Criss Angel, Dynamo, David Blaine and more) Parts 1-6
PT 1 [link]
PT 2 [link]
PT 3 [link]
PT 4 [link]
PT 5 [link]
PT 6 [link]

Did you think Harry Houdini was just an innocent ‘magician’? Think again…


A human being-nine times out of ten-uses his intent to initiate the demons actions. Demons can manifest as inanimate objects such as an item a magician uses or as a sound, light or whatever they chose according to their power given by Satan. Some are strong while others are not so strong in their abilities. They can manifest objects in this realm which we think are real but they are actually supernaturally manifested. This is to benefit their agenda.
These magicians are chosen by Satan. Satan is able to recognize people’s ability and chooses someone accordingly. The exception? If Satan knows the person is a child of GOD.



For the knowledge of how Magic was practiced in Babylon, we need to go back in history, as far as we can, and see for what magic comprised of when it first came.
Fortunately, the British Museum holds clay tablets of Magic that seem to belong to the 600 BC of Assyria. For those of you who do not know Assyria – It was after the fall of the Akkadian Empire – 2080 BC, when it split into two separate nations; Assyria in the north, and Babylonia in the south. The clay tablets are inscribed in the Assyrian characters and it seems to have been copied from Babylonia for Ashurbanipal, the king of Assyria in the years 669 – 625 BC. It was excavated from the Royal library. Most of the tablets are found in pieces since we know that the Assyrian Royal Library was destroyed. However, the main content of these tablets remain clear to us. The carvings on these tablets are basically prayers and incantations to various deities.
Since these tablets are from the 600BC, we can imply that this truly is the Magic that was first practiced in Babylon. Magic was an integral part of everyday life in Babylon and the whole Mesopotamian region in ancient times.


The sages of those days were the priest-magicians. They tried to get hold to the phenomena of the day, with the methods and concepts that were available to them. Priest-magicians tried to understand the laws of nature. They assumed a connection between what happens in the heights of heaven, and the events on earth. There was great awe for the great and violent forces of nature, who seemed to appear suddenly out of the blue, and that made the difference between life and death.
As a priest-magician, you would observe thunder and lightning coming down from heaven. You would observe the movements of the stars and the planets. You would study and observe the behavior of animals, the growth of plants, the influence of sun and moon on the events of nature.
The fixed points were build into the landscape. First of all by means of stone circles. Stones were planted to indicate the directions for when certain phenomena in the heavens became visible. In this way the winter solstice and the summer solstice were discovered and fixed. This system of fixating heavenly phenomena on the earth became more and more refined, and finally developed into the temples of the ancients. A temple is in fact a mini-cosmos where the observations of what happens in the world of the gods is pictured, in order to predict future events on earth – as above, so below.

Criss Angel Wallpaper (18)

The archetypical forces from the animal world were also pictured like gods. There were falcon gods, jackal gods, cat gods, lion gods – to name but a few. In this way also humanity as a species is seen as a god. And when humanity has developed itself to utmost perfection (somewhere in the future), then we will change into the ‘Winged Human Being’. When you work as a human being with the gods and heal yourself, when you communicate with the gods, you will start to grow. In this way gradually a complete spiritual system developed; High Magic.
High Magic is a system of interrelated ancient techniques that help people to develop themselves into their full potential. It works on the subconscious mind. It works through the connection with the Gods (demons) and their forces, and awakens these forces in humans.
When you have access to these forces, you can learn how to work with them, and let them work for you. Then you can use the inspiration of the gods (demons), to improve upon your own life and the life of those around you. That system of spiritual development is called High Magic.
DO YOU UNDERSTAND THIS? The TRANSHUMANISM agenda is connected to this as well.


Who was the originator? SATAN/LUCIFER. He tried to convince Adam and Eve that they could become gods. The initiator of false divination is Lucifer/Satan…the original ‘magic man’.
Satan cunningly convinced Adam and Eve to believe three lies about GOD: 1) that His Authority and Word may be questioned without negative consequences resulting (Gen. 3:1), 2) that GOD is a liar (3:4) or even nonexistent, and 3) that they could be like GOD (3:5).


And this is the MAGIC MAN EFFECT today.
Demons coming into our realm convincing mankind we can become gods.
X Men (Marvel film series-even ‘Marvel’ is a clue!)
“Days of Future Past”….perfectly said, right? Perfectly named!
Transcendence (2014 film)
EVEN TODAY….Satan deceives mankind….none the less.

7 responses

  1. There is a BIG difference between magic (magik,magick) and illusion. I am sure there is always going to be people that deliberately and knowingly practice black and white magic. But there are people who are often labeled “street magicians, (really illusionists)” that are just very well-practiced and/or trained and good at what they do, which is slight of hand and excellent illusion. This does NOT mean they are in league with the devil, demons or sold their soul to the devil. I have to always remember that I am NOT the judge of anyone, and although we should be cautious in this life, our main example is action through God’s love and example, and not to be quick to anger and think all people are one way or the other. I just wanted to share this with you today, and I hope you understand what I am saying.

    July 18, 2014 at 9:06 PM

    • Randall Ray


      Although I completely agree that the OVERWHELMING MAJORITY, are harmlessly participating in “Magic/k” as just another learned talent or performance skill, etc (in other words, totally harmless). But, I also believe you’re missing the obvious impact this stuff is having on our shared reality—I.E., THE UNDENIABLE IMPACT THE ELITES MAGIC/K IS HAVING UPON THE LIVES OF ALL US “UNIMPORTANT PEOPLE”!

      I’m not saying I understand “how” their magic crap works, but it’s so in-your-face these days, that it’s impossible to deny.

      In fact, I’ll equate it with this, I grew up on heavy metal and never turned my back on it as an adult, I can’t tell you how many times I flashed, Ronnie James Dio the “Baphomet Sign” during one of his concerts. I HAD NO FREAKING IDEA THAT STUPID THING ACTUALLY MEANS SOMTHING TO SOME PEOPLE!!!

      I seriously, never gave that kind of stuff any thought at all. I honestly thought it was silly crap that had no REAL MEANING TO ANYONE (was I ever wrong about that)!

      Peace to you,


      Ps. Discerning intent is as vital to truth as circumstance.

      July 19, 2014 at 1:03 PM

      • I have known many people who are illusionists. They just call them magicians or street magicians as a term. I understand that the magic part is in contrast if people embrace it as the occult, but I cannot say I ever felt like anything negative seeing an illusion or a slight of hand card trick. I am not saying I do any magic tricks either. I honestly have not really watched magic shows in a long time, so I am just making gesture that is neither here nor there. It is not something I would take up for a living or otherwise myself personally. Now speaking of heavy metal, yes I know there is darkness in that, which is why I don’t even consider that music at all.

        July 20, 2014 at 12:02 AM

  2. Recently I watched a series of videos on youtube on Magicians and demonic possession – VERY INTERESTING!!! Here is the link to the 1st in the series of six (although I couldn’t get one of them (3 or 4?) to play and honestly couldn’t watch ALL of the final video #6…
    But I am sure you will find them quite interesting as well!

    August 7, 2014 at 5:31 PM

  3. Kittii

    The Problem is Brenda, Ernie Minks and Just me, you didn’t open up the link Virginia posted here:

    Brenda, must of run into The Video clips by surfing the web. That’s the first video up above in the series that Brenda posted and Virginia posted.

    If you watch this series I ran across that I posted on another post you will see that there’s physical properties these people have discovered, and linked into through angels. It explains how the pyramid were made. Someone else discovered the mathematical properties. It’s not about Hocus Pocus. There’s mathematical properties. Angels can do things humans were not given the ability to do. But we can learn the properties and you can connect to the angels and they can aid you in the ability to do what looks like magical tricks. I’m not the greatest at explaining any of this.

    “The Ancients” knew much more than given credit for regarding Life, The Universe, Astronomy, Advanced Mathematics, Magnetism, Healing, Unseen Forces etc.

    This Episode deals with highly controversial topics that might be very confusing to some viewers. Nikola Tesla, Energy, Coral Castle, Tablet of Shamash, Planet Saturn, Hexagonal Vortex Feature on Northpole, Magnetism, Coded Media, Hurricane Sandy, Winterstorm Athena, Giants, Nephilim, Mythology and much more”

    August 11, 2014 at 4:02 PM

    • I already read all these webpages of Virginias and the links. I still stand that there is a big difference between real magic (magick/witchcraft) and ILLUSIONS (slight of hand, trickery), David Blaine, for example, does ILLUSION. Sure it looks REALLY real, and he is VERY good, but there is no real magick in it at all.

      August 13, 2014 at 8:01 PM

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