Truth is inspiring, it is guarded by GOD, and will triumph over all opposition!


dragon age origins 02

In biology, cloning is the process of producing similar populations of genetically identical individuals that occurs in nature when organisms such as bacteria, insects or plants reproduce asexually. Cloning in biotechnology refers to processes used to create copies of DNA fragments (molecular cloning), cells (cell cloning), or organisms. The term also refers to the production of multiple copies of a product such as digital media or software.
The term clone is derived from the Ancient Greek word κλών klōn, “twig”, referring to the process whereby a new plant can be created from a twig. In horticulture, the spelling clon was used until the twentieth century.


The CLONE of a church is what we see now! We are suppose to have our house in order. First, this means our church then our Temple! Our church is just a building where we come together as a congregation to worship and praise GOD, then our Temple is our Image in which GOD made us. Which is more important? Our Temple, of course.
So, why is the devil attacking the churches so harshly? It’s an extension of GOD’S Word….but again just a building. We must remember that. What we are to also remember is that “WHERE TO COME TOGETHER IN MY NAME, I AM THERE”…these are the perfectly said words of Jesus Christ. This states that no matter where we are, if we come together…HE is there! Such a comfort. And it should be. Because Jesus Christ knew what would become of the church. We are told the Synagogue of Satan will enter the Holy places which GOD’S children dwell. And we are told to prepare.


How do we know the church has been infiltrated? GOD warns us in the Bible that the Synagogue of Satan is here! It’s has been for centuries. Spreading poison in the place where GOD is intend is the objective. Do you listen to GOD, or man?
Revelation 2:9 I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.
Revelation 3:9 Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee.

image (3)

We have the elite who call themselves the Illuminati. They control the world and everything in it, but who controls them? Satan and his fallen ones. How do we know they have infiltrated the church?
The government loves its money! There is a false assumption by many Christians that in order to be an “official” church, one must obtain 501c3 status, but this could not be further from the truth.
Since churches aren’t taxable in the first place, why do so many of them go to the IRS and seek permission to be tax-exempt? It occurs out of:
Ignorance (“We didn’t know any better”)
Bandwagon logic (“Everyone else is doing it”)
Professional advice (many attorneys and CPA’s recommend it)

ps 27

You have a 501c3 INCORPORATED status. That means your church is a corporation of the state. Here is the message that I, other preachers, and the IRS is trying to get you to understand about the contract you signed:
The creator of your church is the State.
The State is the sole authority and sovereign head over your church.
Your church is subject to the laws of the State which limits its powers.
Your church has no constitutionally protected rights.
Your church is an artificial person.
Your church submits to a State Charter declaring it is a creature of the State.
Your church is created for the benefit of the public.
Your church is a State franchise.
Your church is a privilege granted by the State.
(The word church can also be replaced with ministry or mission.)

demons at the church

If you are a pastor or evangelist who signed on to the 501c3 incorporated status, you have outright LOST your constitutional rights. Notice, on the list, it says that your church is now an artificial person subject to the State, created by the State for benefit of the public (not the benefit of the Lord Jesus Christ), and granted privileges deemed by the State. This means if the IRS says you cannot say something from the pulpit, then you DO NOT have any constitutional rights to argue against them, and are bound by lawful contract to keep silent!
The whole of this issue is directly related to the One World Religion. Don’t doubt it for a minute, not even a second.


SLIPPERY SAM-He or she…is the one who is the passive-aggressive who appears to smile and support the group, all the while they are pulling the strings to split the curtain. The pastor has entrusted this ‘dragon’ to tasks which were never intentionally meant to be completed. This person only set out to detour the leader.
Individuals whose primary relational style is passive-aggressive are hard to pin down. Their negative feelings remain submerged. Even though they disagree with you, they’re unlikely to assertively confront you. Instead their defense against the discomfort their anger creates internally is to deny it and then simply to retreat into a passive position.
This may manifest itself in procrastination, lateness, uncooperative behavior, or behind-the-scenes manipulation of others.


SELF-RIGHTEOUS SASHA a is a more primitive beast than the passive-aggressive person. The dragon denies anxiety-producing feelings or impulses within, then projects them onto some other person.
The behavior is more openly hostile than the actions of the passive-aggressive person, and is hurled with blame, coated with self-righteousness


GOSSIPY GALE is the type which smiles in your face but spreads rumors behind your back. Empower one person while disempowering another will be the reward. Spreading gossip gives one power, and it’s not the positive kind.

So, what we have today are SHELLS! Empty shells. There are some churches which are FEW AND FAR BETWEEN which have the presence of the Holy Spirit. But BEWARE…

False Miracles in the Church:
Counterfeit Fire: Gold Dust, Guillermo Maldonado, Bethel, Dionny Baez, Miracle Gems & More
Truth Hurts, Lies Kill: Hillsong/Islam, The Pope/Copeland, Corrupt Christian Music!
Church Witchcraft: Firecharger, Peter Cabrera’s Baphomet, Laying Of Hands, Sincerely DECEIVED



We are suppose to recognize and warn others as a Watchman on the Wall against the things we see in this world.’
Mike Hoggard is a man who has made of himself, an outstanding presence on the internet! I absolutely love this man. Truly, I do. We have communicated down through the years and I find him to be a down-to-earth, GODLY man.


I listened to his presentation on “WHERE DRAGONS LIVE” and it was amazing! And to be completely honest, this is the reason for this article. Now, I’ve covered this subject before….most of us know that the Roman Catholic Church is full of DRAGONS! In fact, their whole image is engulfed by them, even visually.

Pam Sheppard is one of those who I admire for doing exactly that! She and I have communicated numerous times. She is a GODLY woman, no doubt! GOD Bless you, Pam.
She has a series called, “LEAVE THE CHURCH” which EVERYONE needs to hear!

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  1. Kittii

    WoW! People don’t want to hear this. We’re definitely living in interesting times.

    July 25, 2014 at 8:32 PM

  2. Kittii

    Pam shepherd sounds similar to Dr. Jason Kovar when he talks about Hollywood celebrities and their other personalities when they play movie parts.

    How Religious Demons Enter the Pulpit by Pam Sheppard

    —Whose Preachin Through this guy?!

    I was a preacher for almost 3 decades. I preached an average of one sermon a week for 20 years, with 8 of those years preaching 3 sermons a week. On one occasion in the pulpit, I felt a strange power come upon me where it seemed I was “not myself.” I was in a rather strong altered state of consciousness. I thought is was an extra powerful anointing of the Holy Ghost. IT WAS NOT!!!
    When I was sent to church for the first time in 1979, I had never heard a sermon and so when I was informed in 1981 that upon entering ministry, I would be required to preach a trial sermon on October 25, 1981, I had no idea what a sermon was. In the summer of ’81, I began to preach in my sleep, in preparation for the October day of trial. I also walked around all day for about 30 days, muttering “sermons.”
    I thought that I was under the inspiration of the Holy Ghost. It took about 25 years for me to find out that in those early and strange days, I was under the “anointing” of the religious demon assigned to me. I thank God that when I DID enter the pulpit to preach and pastor, it was only ONE time in at least 2 thousand sermons that same strange power came upon me. I have since discovered that it is a demonic power, in no way, the Holy Ghost.

    Oh yes! Religious demons enjoy preaching.

    I came out of a denomination where men who were adulterers, fornicators, perverts, closet homosexuals could preach so hard, that they could affect even me, in spite of what I knew about the intimate, sometimes secret details of their lives.At least 10 times a year, 50 ministers gathered at various regional church functions and a handful would preach at these gatherings.

    When they were preaching, I harnessed down my soul from being overpowered, but there were times when I could not. Their power was too strong. I often wondered about it over the years. How could these corrupt men overtake my soul with one of their sermons in spite of my resistance to it? Could this be God? Would God use such sinful creatures to preach HIS WORD???!!!

    It took two decades or more to find out the answer to that question. The answer is NO!!!! The Holy Ghost does not anoint such preachers but the devil DOES!!!. It is called communal intoxication by the founder of sociology, Max Weber.

    Communal intoxication is defined by Weber as the supernormal ability of magicians, wizards, witches and charismatic religious leaders.With the god concept at its center, they induce an altered state of consciousness in their followers as demonstrated by the congregation’s manifestation of convulsions, trembling, and intense effusions of excitement and ecstasy. (Come Out of Her God’s People, pg 190)

    Weber points out that that communal intoxication has a contagious effect where it can spread throughout an audience or congregation of people, infecting those assembled with sensations of enhanced emotionalism and vitality. This definition explains the so-called holy dance, holy rollers, holy laughter, running around the church building, perhaps even tongues and slain in the spirit phenomena.

    This power was manifested in my presence for 25 years among denominational African-American preachers. Keep in mind that Weber’s studies were predominately tribal communities on other continents, including Africa and Asia. Weber’s findings suggest that the altered state appeal has a significant connection to today’s charismatic leaders’ ability to cause large numbers of people to believe that they have been released from bondage and that they have “heard from God.”

    July 26, 2014 at 10:48 PM

  3. Kittii

    I don’t like constantly criticizing the church, but it needs to be done. Marainne did a lot of posts on her blog about that, I was joining in, and then I found out she doesn’t even attend a church or have fellowship with Christians except on her blog. This is what I think Pam Sheppherd is talking about. It’s demonic. I ran across it on this web site:

    July 27, 2014 at 10:30 AM

  4. Kittii

    July 27, 2014 at 10:31 AM

  5. Kittii

    July 27, 2014 at 10:36 AM

  6. Kittii

    I like to find links that give me reasons why I shouldn’t listen or follow someone. This is one of them. You posted a pdf by Sue Bradley. here: I’m not familiar with her. I like most of what was said on the pdf, but I have misgiving about Jonathan Cahn. This person gave me reasons for this. They were selling his book at Walmart with a study guide alongside it. These kind of books Keep you out of the Bible, just like Rick Warren’s “The Purpose Driven Life”.

    Many of the things Cahn says that are wrong with the USA are on target, but it does not take a “secret” prophecy to reveal them. I have most of the same things―and many more―in my book on the ten commandments (go here). The USA is in serious trouble BECAUSE the Church has apostatized, mostly, in the West. The Church controls the light, not the politicians in Wash, DC, or anywhere else. The parallels between Northern Israel in Isaiah 9:10-11 and our situation are interesting, but they are not prophecies of the USA. If there are parallels, it is because of moral principles, not prophecies, and Cahn has to stretch the Hebrew out of shape to make it say such. How many people have to be wrong in their end time predictions before we stop listening to them? Of course, we are in serious trouble, but that is because the Church has been disobedient to her covenant, and to His Ten Commandments. Our disobedience spills over into the society as a whole, but that is not a specific prophecy but what happens to any country where the Church is disobedient. The Church controls the light and the darkness, not the culture.

    As for stretching the Hebrew, he looks up the Hebrew word for stone in Isa. 9:10, which he says means a “hewn stone,” which is possible, but one of the latest Hebrew lexicons translates “dressed stone” (HALOT). From that Cahn concludes that it must have been hewn from a mountain, and from that it must have been a mountain close to ground zero and from that the stone was the stone laid for the new tower. That’s too many if’s for me.

    My personal opinion is that in the USA we have crossed the line, and all we have waiting for us is final judgment, but I’m not going to make that a prophecy to sell a million books. In fact, if you have eyes to see, His judgment has begun and is all around us. (See the link above and my book on the Ten Commandments.) Yet Jesus is infinitely more merciful than we think. After all, I’m not in hell, and I don’t mean that as a joke. When or if the Lord God may lower the whammy on us with some cataclysmic judgment (or slowly let us boil to death in the water as the proverbial frog), no one knows, not even Cahn. The northern ten tribes were taken into captivity by Assyria in 722 B.C., as Cahn said. Judah was taken away twice, first in 605, when most likely Daniel and Ezekiel were taken to Babylon, and again in 586. That is over 100 years from the time of 722 to 605, and Jeremiah kept talking about it. No one listened, but God’s patience waited for over a century. Cahn is saying we might have 20 years from the original 9/11, but that will be an embarrassment if it does not come true. It is presumptuous to set dates. It sells books, though, and makes big money. I could not tell you for sure that we’ll have a severe judgment, but I can tell you that His judgment is already here, all around us and happening now, if you have eyes to see. To keep saying it is future puts people to sleep.

    One can tell that Cahn is not a dispensational scholar for they don’t set dates. The lay people with little theological understanding set dates, such as Hal Lindsey, Tim LaHaye, and the man who set the exact day several times. End time hysteria sells, especially if you set a date, or at least set a time period.

    Another point, God is not in the secret business but in the revealing business. I deny all books that talk about “secrets” that God has just now revealed. Christianity is the transparent religion, not the secret one. We have a Book open to all. We are not Masons with secret handshakes and secret doctrines. The prophecy of America has apparently been locked up in Isa. 9:10-11 for all these centuries, but now Cahn has finally unlocked the mystery. He does so by stretching the meanings of Hebrew words and by doing what all the other end time prophets do: reading the news back into the Bible. This is called eisegesis, not exegesis. If we read it as fiction with some principles of judgment that apply to all nations, it has some profit; but if you read it as prophecy, you’re dealing with another nut.

    Moreover, the whole book is predicated on the USA government being in covenant with God (p. 19), but we are not. The founding fathers of the USA could not have made a national covenant with God if they had wanted to, because that is over. I just think they wanted a nation founded on the Gospel and Holy Scripture. The national covenant with Israel has become the “national” covenant with the Church (1 Peter 2:1-10). Israel has been upgraded to the Church, and the church is in every political nation on earth, and now the Church is the holy nation, as Peter explicitly states (1 Peter 2:9). As I said in my book on the Ten Commandments, and as I said recently (few Sundays ago) in one of my sermons, the USA is not in covenant with God; the Church is. Israel’s national covenant was unique. I wrote a whole book on this that has been out of print (refutation of dispensationalism), but I’m trying to update it and republish it. They are back in the land as apostates who deny the Triune God and deny their Messiah and persecute Christians. We are now the fulfillment of Israel, whereas modern day dispensationalists make the Church the replacement of Israel, and then after the so-called rapture, they make Israel replace the Church. I’m not into replacement theology but fulfillment theology. Our kingdom is not politics, but the Gospel and the Church are the kingdom, and as I’ve said in many sermons and in the latest pastoral letter (on this blog, titled “Obama Won―So What?”), the man in the Oval Office does not rule, Jesus does, NOW, by virtue of His Ascension. He does not have to be on earth to rule. He said just before His Ascension that “all authority had been given to Him in heaven and on earth,” NOW (Matt. 28:18-20). He was enthroned at His resurrection and Ascension, as we specifically see in Psalm 2 and Acts 1 and 2.

    Whether anything more happens to the USA is determined by the Church, whether we will stand for righteousness or not. The Church is in process of being judged, and the culture hates us, and we deserve it. Sutton’s recent meeting with the Pope and with the number two Russian Orthodox bishop in Russia (representing the ACNA) recently was because they see what we see: the West is heading for destruction. They are very concerned to preserve the West, but it does not take a secret prophecy to see this. It just takes discernment. The discernment is written for all to see in God’s Book. I’ve been talking about it for 20 years, and especially the last 10 years. We are in free fall, and God won’t rapture us out.

    Another concern is that though I did not read the whole book, yet I searched the book on Google books, and there were only three times the name Jesus was mentioned and none for the Holy Trinity.

    Bottom line is that I can’t really recommend The Harbinger.

    “The Harbinger” is another book that reveals the insanity of the new breed of prophets. They declare that the Bible is the picture of where God use to be. They are quick to claim that the “New Breed,” has the scoop on where God is moving today. These new revelations are deceiving a multitude of unsuspecting people. This is Rick Joyner, Sid Roth, Benny Hinn, Todd Bentley, Paula White, T.D.Jake, Jim Bakker, Mike Bickle, Bob Jones, Cindy Jacobs and a multitude of Lying Prophets. They are confusing and deceiving many and they are utterly dangerous.

    July 28, 2014 at 10:47 AM

  7. Kittii

    Open up Links.

    I know for a fact that they have used Jonestown and the theory of mind control against true Christian churches. What a perfect way to cause problems for churches. Label them cults like “Jonestown” and “Waco” and people will be scared to associate with them. Think of it as a sort of modern day “counter reformation.” Heretic = Cult member

    Here’s an old clip from the early 80’s talking about things that are not generally known about Jonestown. Several things caught my attention. 1. How two survivors ended up getting married.
    2. How another survivor went to another cult.
    3. how the people telling the story seemed like actors. Several government officials were murdered. And another one was assassinated one week after this Jonestown massacre. There was definitely more to Jones town than what is generally known.

    Note: The pictures on this page (in the above link) and the next appeared in the book Six Years with God The author, Jeannie Mills, her husband Al, and daughter Daphne were found murdered in their Berkeley home in 1980

    Check out the book, “The Jonestown Carnage”

    There are certain signs that show the types of poisons that lead to the end of life. Cyanide blocks the messages from the brain to the muscles by changing body chemistry in the central nervous system. Even the “involuntary” functions like breathing and heartbeat get mixed neural signals. It is a painful death, breath coming in spurts. The other muscles spasm, limbs twist and contort. The facial muscles draw back into a deadly grin, called “cyanide rictus.” All these telling signs were absent in the Jonestown dead. Limbs were limp and relaxed, and the few visible faces showed no sign of distortion.

    Instead, Dr. Mootoo found fresh needle marks at the back of the left shoulder blades of 80-90% of the victims. Others had been shot or strangled and a majority showed signs of being held down or restrained prior to injection.

    One survivor reported that those who resisted were forced by armed guards. The gun that reportedly shot Jim Jones was lying nearly 200 feet from his body, not a likely suicide weapon. As Chief Medical Examiner, Mootoo’s testimony to the Guyanese grand jury investigating Jonestown led to their conclusion that all but three of the people were murdered by “persons unknown.” Only two had committed suicide they said. Several pictures show the gun-shot wounds on the bodies as well. The U.S. Army spokesman, Lt. Col. Schuler, said, “No autopsies are needed. The cause of death is not an issue here.” The forensic doctors who later did autopsies at Dover, Delaware, were never made aware of Dr. Mootoo’s findings.

    July 28, 2014 at 11:35 AM

  8. Kittii

    Would you believe Marianne put something about Kundalini in her blog just recently in May. I was asking her about that 2 years ago, because of her involvement with Benny Hinn and her Charismatic experience. I don’t speak in tongues and no one in my family does, but 2 cousins of mine say they do. I’m not discounting it, but it does seem a little strange 5 people in the same family are born again and no one speaks in tongues. When I first became a Christian everyone was after that gift as a sign you have been baptized in the Holy Spirit. Marianne and Lyndsey connected on this so called experience they had in common. They used to refer to it. It Reminded me of being in a private club or click. There is not one thing on Marianne’s blog about freemasonry or the illuminati. Nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Absolutely nothing. Like it doesn’t exist. It’s part of the Fuel Project videos. It’s very much a part of the deception. She’s got a blogger mentioning Dr. Walter Veith (the Seventh Day Adventist) mentioned in the post. See the Cults! She doesn’t say anything about it to the blogger. 21 responses. Amazing!

    July 30, 2014 at 5:08 PM

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