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Desmond The Demon in the Glass Box–PART 1


WARNING: This is true. Not a joke, nor should you allow people to convince you otherwise.
A recent article on this blog called “America’s Got Talent Demons” really was an eye-opener for me. I can’t believe that America has allowed such activities to take place, especially on center stage, right in front of children.
Why is this happening, right before our eyes? Because just watching these kinds of acts can cause demonic possessions to occur. Just watching these kinds of acts can allow paranormal activity to come into your home. Just watching these kinds of acts gives LEGAL RIGHTS for demons to come into your life!


It’s standard operating procedure in the occult world that-what you see is not what you get, double-meanings are the norm.

Everything in life has a physical and a spiritual side to it. Things in the spiritual effect the physical, and things in the physical effect the spiritual. They are two worlds.

When people within the physical look toward the spiritual, it is like looking into a mirror. Initially, they will only see the physical world reflected back. But if they go beyond the mirror, they would see a “mirror image” of the physical exists in the spiritual realm. When Christians pray they say, “Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” Earth is a mirror image of heaven, not an exact copy, but someday they will be alike, according to Scripture.


Mike Super is his name. Witchcraft is his game.
And he got voted off. But, that wasn’t the end of him! He was brought back by popular demand of the judges. Here’s his appearances:
Mike Super: Mystifier Introduces Audience to Supernatural Spirit – America’s Got Talent 2014
Jun 22, 2014- [link]
Mike Super: Mystifier Uses Howie Mandel for Mathematical Magic – America’s Got Talent 2014
July 22, 2014- [link]
Mike Super: Magician Uses Taser Gun and Mel B in Act – America’s Got Talent 2014
Aug 12, 2014- [link]
Mike Super: Magician Put Nick Cannon in a Money Machine – America’s Got Talent 2014
Sept 9, 2014- [link]


Now, there was another act which had real ‘magick’ also….
Special Head Levitates and Shocks the Crowd – America’s Got Talent
Jun 4, 2013[link]
How did he do it? Why the “Ohm”? This is key to understanding that the New Age Middle Eastern Religions are clearly demonic. Using this sound opens a channel, a portal to allow demons to enter. TRUTH!
This is why if your practicing these kinds of rituals, yes rituals…then you need to ask GOD for forgiveness and GET OUT of this demonic religion. Yoga is a portal…it opens your subconsciousness to allow (give legal rights) for demons to enter into your mind, body and spirit. Why spirit?…
Because your worshiping something other than GOD and this allows the demons to affect not only the natural (body, mind) but also your spirit (supernatural).

The Doctor glass coffin mudra

You see, there was plenty of magick to be had. Mike wasn’t the only one who was performing occult magick. I presented this one just so you could come to the conclusion that this is real! By default….by choice, this is something ‘TBPB’ are conjuring…..real demons!!


It’s important that we point out that the “powers that be” are summoning demons. Why? Because the elite are trying to fill the world with as many demons as they can! No joke!
13 is a number the elite love to utilize. Case and point: Much like the recent film “The Conjuring” which was a true story…the budget was $13 million!
But the one I would like to showcase here is this next one! It’s Mike Super…
Mike Super: Illusionist Magically Appears – America’s Got Talent 2014
Aug 26, 2014- [link] (13 X 2 = 26)
He admits he’s contained in a plexiglass chamber. What’s with the “Chamber”? What’s the significance?
Glass/Mirrors are used by the occult/witchcraft to cast spell/incantations, which are an entrance to other dimensions. “Through the Looking Glass” is more than mere words, it’s symbolic for magick. In the Qabala/Kaballah mystery religions, it teaches that “Lilith” entered into this world/dimension via “mirrored walls” which are “the entrance to her cave.”
The Bible speaks of “wickedness in high places” and the elite are the natural essence of these wicked, the supernatural being the extreme end of the spectrum.


In demonology, secret names have power inter-dimensionally when reversed or “mirrored”.
Mind-altering rituals make for great alters. These are people who have been mind-controlled by demonic means.
The Programmers abuse an alter and get the Shadow alters. Then they hypnotically attach a memory cue (which is a code consisting of the alter’s name, the date of the memory, and perhaps something else to complete the code) to the main alter so that they can access the memory anytime they want. Then they hypnotically & demonically build an one-way mirror between this main alter and the shadow alters they have just created. These one-way mirrors are like one way windows–the reason they are referred to as mirrors is that they are put in the child’s mind via mirrors. Next, they ritually/magickly implant demons to guard the mirror(s) and to guard each memory held by the shadow alters. This separates an alter from knowing itself and its own abuse. The main alter has dissociated the pain, etc. to its shadow alters of itself. The Programmers then use the memory as blackmail to keep the main alter in line. The main alter has dissociated the pain, but will recover the memory if either one of three possibilities happen: a. the Programmer or handler says the memory code 3x, or b. if an event happens that triggers the main alter to remember, c. the main alter tries to remember the abuse and the programming, and in doing so they will be stepping outside of the circle assigned to them and will “break the circle & break the mirrors.” Remember, how we described a Main alter as a small circle with the rays (shadow alters) split off from it. The shadow or family alters of a Main alter are the true history of an alter.



That Monarch slaves must regain their memories to heal is a hard one for many people and ministers to understand. Most deliverance ministries pray that God would take away their bad memories. Further, the programming holds the lies in place, and the demonology holds the traumas, programs, and memories in place. A Main alter is really in the middle of special purpose Shadow alters which have been split from itself. The Programmers do a reversal on this and tell the Main alter that it is on the outside looking in. Vagabond Programming (which tells an alter it is a vagabond) is then applied to teach the alter it doesn’t belong to the inside world, nor to the outside world. It belongs nowhere. The Main alter will perceive that it is on the outside looking in at mirrors. The mirrors then guard the inside of the circle. To try to remember the truth is to break the circle of mirrors. The circle of mirrors has magical significance, because it ties in with the witchball or speculum which the witches have used over the centuries to see beyond time and space. The steps that the programmers do, can be explained on many levels. Many of these steps are done for special occult reasons.



Gatekeeper Alters
The Gatekeeper alters are just that. They protect the gates or portals to all System levels. Infrequently, the programmers may also call them “doorkeepers”, or “tollmen” & “toll women”. The victim may refer to them as guards or blockers, although Gatekeepers are more than guards, they are an entrance or portal to something.
Gatekeepers may often be the alter that was split to get a particular section. Each gatekeeper may be at a deeper level trance than the one before it. When a Gatekeeper is split it creates a natural link to the alters that are created from itself. Then the Gatekeepers are given programming not to see what they have created and what they are natural portals to. These steps create a natural portal for the deeper alters. One-way mirrors are usually installed between the Gatekeeper and the section they guard, so that the deeper alters can see out, but the Gatekeeper can’t see in. Besides splitting off entire sections from the Gatekeepers, clown alters will be created from them to keep the Gatekeepers in line. The first row of doors in a system–which the front Gatekeepers protect are often set up as the “red door(s)”.


Looking Glass People
The “Looking Glass Images” is the Illuminati name for mirror image alters, who are split off of main alters in order to confuse everyone but the controller. Sometimes these alters can be spotted because an alter will say, “I don’t know if I’m inside or outside, I think I’m inside.” As previously mentioned, many alters also have shadow alters created from themselves to take their pain. It will be appropriate to discuss the overlays that the Illuminati place over real alters. The Illuminati will try to hide real alters with pseudo alters, mirror alters, mirror images and other tricks. Some alters are demons, and others are simply illusions of the mind. Shell alters prevent therapists from talking to the real alters.


Mirror Images
Mirror images are purpose fragments whose job is to confuse both victim and therapist. When an event happens, the abusers will fragment the alter who participated in the event, and create mirror images of that alter. This means that no one has the full memory. An alter doesn’t know if the mirror image is itself or something else. It’s very confusing. A triangle is formed by
a. an alter
b. its mirror images
c. demonic mirror images.
When an alter tries to recover a memory it goes round and round in a vicious cycle and finally concludes the memory is false. If one alter holds a memory, an alter close to it will have no feelings attached to the memory and will find it difficult to accept the memory as its own. It’s like wearing someone elses coat, it may fit, but it just isn’t your own. Mirror images, & pseudo-alters are layered in, so that it becomes perplexing to identify where an alter starts & where it ends. Therapists may think they have integrated alters, & actually only integrated their mirror images. Looking Glass People are similar to the mirror images. The Programmers may create a looking glass alter by having a drugged alter(s) of the victim endure the trauma of seeing someone’s face peeled. Then the victim’s face is also pretended to be peeled–by pulling off something like elmer’s glue which has formed a surface on the victim’s face. Then the dead person’s skin is placed over the victim being programmed. The Looking Glass People are charted on grids and contain lots of the programs. They are confusing to the regular alters, because they appear internally like mirror images.
Let us look at the intrinsic imagery advantages of the willow and then the magical properties it might contribute. The combination of the two, will then provide us with the complete answer as to why a willow tree rather than an oak tree might be used.


Imagery . The imagery of a tree is used because it has branches, leaves and a root system. These items are manipulated for programming purposes. For instance, in the Alice In Wonderland programming, the girl jumps hypnotically into the tree and falls (hypnotically falling deeper and deeper) into the roots of the tree. The deep root system of the willow is an advantage over the shallow root system of the oak. When a storm comes the willow bends and doesn’t break, while the oak is rather stiff and breakable. Since these trees are programmed into a person a flexible tree that can’t be broke is an advantage. The wrapping around imagery of the branches gives a great deal of flexibility for programming and a stronger imagery than the oak. The willow draws water from deep below. The tree is “the tree of life” (the programs are the life of the system), and the Bible is used to “validate” the programming. For instance, the tree of life by the river (REV 22) is used.


There are some other images that are important too. During Illuminati rituals the willow branches are used as whips to “cleanse” people the victims of programming. The image of a willow branch could easily trigger the memories of being punished (whipped and being cleansed), and this in turn would help hold the programming in place. The fruit of the trees are the programs–and some of the fruit can be eaten and some not. Sometimes children’s stories about lunch pails hanging from trees or fruit in the trees is used to create a place for the individual programs are hung–or this could be a place for the front programs, and the more important programs are stored away somewhere more secret. Bear in mind, the trees in the programming sing and are able to wrap themselves around people if they are going where they aren’t supposed to go. The willow has that flexibility naturally, so it is easier to imagine it wrapping itself around a person.
Magical Properties. Most everything that is done programming-wise has a dark spiritual significance to it too. The programmers will look for things that serve their purpose both here and in the spiritual realm. The willow tree is used to make witches wands, and help to make witches brooms. (Birch can also be used.) It is planted around Druid/Celt graves to protect them spiritually. It is believed to also have magical sexual powers. It is possible that some of the programmers might prefer the magical sexual powers of the willow, rather than those properties said to come from the mighty oak. This is not all of the willow’s magical powers. It is connected with February and April in different ways, and magically connected with spring. It’s possible that the person receiving a willow tree might be born in this time period. Is it possible that what type of tree is selected could sometimes be related to when a person is born. Some programmers might be into being time appropriate–this would depend upon the beliefs of the programmer(s). The imagery of the willow’s magical sexual properties could be worked into the programming, as certain alters might be asked to make certain brews, or taste of certain things hypnotically. This would be done at such a deep level it might not be known. Just as in the case of the Alice In Wonderland programming, when the person drops clear to the bottom of the tree roots they find themselves small and they go through a door. But when they come back the alter is not going to remember the trip and what they ate on the hypnotic trip down the tree.


Further considerations on the choice of Trees. It is possible that the we can question the question. That is perhaps the question is not that the oak or the willow tree was used to the exclusion of the other–but that BOTH trees were used in the programming. Generally, this seems to be the case. In one particular case, it is possible that in a double system (with a dormant third system as a final backup), the oak tree being the more obvious Druidic symbol and quite strong was used in the front system, and the totally secret second system has the willow utilized. When the one person attempted to snap the oak tree at ground level in a crude attempt to deprogram themselves, the root system regenerated itself through the first mirror image, and what came back was more spirit and more deadly.
Remember, the tree serves as an umbilical cord linking via its roots the person to their spiritual life force (which are the evil spirits which command and drive the system.) However, when the oak tree and its mirror images and the spiritual protectors (hideous spirits) were properly done away with, and then further deprogramming was done, a crack seems to have developed behind the pyramid crystal which allowed the person’s original set of alters to experience a new or double system! Since that has happened it seems there has been an increased drawing to willows. In other words, for this particular victim it is conjectured that the front system (the fully operational set of alters) has an oak, and the duplicate set of alters which were each broken off of each of the original set) have a system with a willow tree. The trees roots of course are the umbilical cord to the source (the waters) that spiritually feed it. These relate to the soul ties. These roots have to be dealt with spiritually. They are so interwoven that they tie a person completely up with their roots and programs that are interwoven and wrapped around each other. Other high level Illuminati survivors also have a front tree and a back tree. (1)


The Alice In Wonderland story is highly regarded by the programmers, because it portrays the situation that exists between the spiritual world & the physical world. When people within the physical look toward the spiritual, it is like looking into a mirror. Initially, they will only see the physical world reflected back. But if they go beyond the mirror, they would see a “mirror image” of the physical exists in the spiritual realm. When Christians pray they say, “Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” Earth is a mirror image of heaven, not an exact copy, but someday they will be alike, according to Scripture. According to messianic jews who understand the OT well, the ceremonial law is being enacted in heaven spiritually as it’s mirror image once was done on earth. When the programming is seen only in a secular fashion, much of its design is missed. What have witches used to see beyond time and space? Mirrors. Remember the witch saying ‘mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all”? The idea is magical mirrors, the speculums, which will lead one “through the looking glass mirror” that then allows the victim to magically transcend time & space. One of the important keys to success with Monarch programming are generational spirits. The cover for this is studies in genetic science. (2)


Light & Dark
Dichroic glass is the term used to describe two completely different types of glass which undergo a color change in certain lighting conditions
Modern dichroic glass is available as a result of materials research carried out by NASA and its contractors, who developed it for use in dichroic filters.

In part two, we will go into the MOVIE which parallels this demonic ritual and it’s meaning.
(1) Shadow Alters,%20A%20Script,%20Mirrors%20and%20Assigned%20Demons
(2) The Illuminati Formula to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Control Slave-Chapter 10B- Using Spiritual Things to Control a Person

11 responses

  1. First off, this article is Completely wrong about the two trees. Oaks do not have shallow root systems at all. An acorn produces a one inch thick one foot long tap root in one year alone. The oak has a very deep root system and can live a thousand years. Hence the term, Mighty Oak that can’t be moved. The willow, on the other hand, has an extremely invasive shallow root system that sucks up the surface ground water. Another point I’d like to question is the assumption that one can become demon possessed by watching the magician on TV. If that’s the case then the world population is possessed, including all true blood washed Christians, because there is some sort of witchcraft going on all the time, whether it is of the obvious kind or not. And if this is so, I would like to bring to your attention the creepy sinister artwork used on this sight, then, as being a portal if one looks at it long enough. Most of it is extremely demonic and bizarre not to mention disturbing. Moving parts and all. Lastly, I could be wrong as I am wracking my brain, but what scripture claims that Earth is a replica of Heaven? “Thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven” is simply stating that Gods will shall be fulfilled on earth just as it is fulfilled in Heaven. Paul, the writer of two thirds of the New Testament, was at a complete loss of words to even begin to describe Heaven. Not so Earth.

    September 20, 2014 at 4:55 PM

    • Seems where “Just Me” left off Deborah picks up. Well, you like to argue too, huh? I stopped using the artwork which I felt caused portals when I realized what it was causing. Some pictures are needed for purposes of research.

      TREES are not the issue here…the supernatural is.

      I personally read a TRUE STORY of a family who watched a paranormal program and made fun of it and have been oppressed ever since….YEARS! So, it is a reality. FACT.
      “Paranormal Intruder: The True Story of a Family in Fear” by Caroline Mitchell

      You see, the paranormal does not work the way most people think. In fact, with the church leaving so many people ignorant of the SPIRITUAL WARFARE issues…it leaves many people in danger.

      September 20, 2014 at 7:12 PM

      • Just me has nothing to do with me. Why do you consider it arguing when a correction is made, such as the inaccuracy of the trees which is one of the main points of the witchcraft? I don’t doubt that taking part in something leads to an opening, I doubt your assertion that those who watch become demon possessed. You never answered the questions. Can a Christian be? What scripture says that Heaven is a mirror image of earth. And I’ll throw in again from previously, how are you so sure that there are no aliens, that they are just demons and evil angels? How should the church fight against them?

        September 20, 2014 at 11:46 PM

      • Never the twain shall meet. Here’s the point..the supernatural! I did answer the question as it relates to the subject at hand. just because you ‘doubt’ the assertion doesn’t make the reality of it false.
        1. A human is natural
        2. The spirit is supernatural
        If a person is not Save by the Precious Blood of Jesus Christ, but His sacrifice do we have this Salvation…then this, I BELIEVE changes the scenario.
        The body (the natural) can be depressed, oppressed, possessed. ALL THREE. But, I BELIEVE that the spirit/soul is different IF it has the Holy Spirit within it. It cannot. Simple as that.
        The earth has been invaded by the dark supernatural even before GOD created us. Throw us in the mix and it gets hairy. No pun intended. These dark entities have came in many forms and fashions but always in disguise. Why? Because they are deceptive! Deception is from Satan. The father of lies.
        The church is not a building, or a place. It’s a body…a collection of the “Bride”.
        Again this is my BELIEF.
        I have been teaching (as a co-host), a series on Golden Nuggets Blogtalk Radio. It’s called Spiritual Warfare Advanced Training (S.W.A.T.). Now, if your SERIOUS then come listen. If your intentions are likened to “Just Me”, then please keep the demon doctrines at bay.

        September 21, 2014 at 7:38 AM

      • I don’t believe a Christian can become demon possessed,they are protected by the Blood of Jesus Christ. And as far as Deborah is concerned her disagreeing with you is not arguing. I want to clearly state that I thank God for you and people like you. Yours in Truth Darren.

        October 15, 2017 at 4:13 PM

  2. Gregory Katsapas

    Hi Deborah

    Just for the record I have opened my third eye aswell as many of my chakras. These are holes into the soul that the demons use to penetrate into your very being. I have given my life to Christ but like I said because of my dabbling in this stuff I can still feel when activity is going on by the various chakras.

    Here is the bad news I can feel the demons trying to get in sometimes when I watch certain things on the pc cellphone or even cinema trust me dude the stuff is as real as the pc you are sitting at right now.

    In the beginning I used think it was a curse I now realise God left it open for a reason as soon as I feel the action by the third eye I know they want in. My alarm if you will after that a call or prayer to Our Father.

    This stuff is more real than reality hahahaha. Seriously demons enter into the mind thats where they play their tricks and games. When I had a demon in me a couple of years ago when heavily involved in the new age trash. The only way I can describe it was a thousand thoughts at once. How do I know it just isnt an active mind you ask, well here is one I hadnt been to church for about the last 4-5 weeks and was feeling pretty down and my mind was starting to race abit, guess what I go to church on the weekend and like I said I felt the tingling on the top of my head while in church now even the new age gang describe the crown chakra sits basically on the top point of your head as the direct link to the universe.

    They dont say direct link to God cause the ones (fallen angels) behind their belief system new age religion dont want to give any credit or praise to God so they say the universe and not God. Nonetheless the tingling on the top of my head I then know that God is busy with my spirit and as true as Bob I then start feeling tingling in my gut thats where the spirit is housed and I just thought “thank you Father you are cleaning out my spirit and the tears started to well up. Point being my mind was quiet again that is the peace that comes from only one place my friend the one who made us the Father to us all God.

    I find it very intersting that the Freemasons push to open the third eye all the time the promise being access into the spirit world, they not lying but trust me been there done that and most people cant handle and wont want to see into the spirit world hence God warns us against these practices. The problem with the third eye is once they come in through there they straight in and you will consciously notice your thoughts change they in your mind and then it starts negative, greedy, arrogant thoughts nothing truly good and most importantly nothing of God always of the world and of your self.

    God is not behind the freemasons or the new age and we know who is ole King Rat(satan) so you dont find it funny that they both want to push and open the third eye, the direct door into your mind/soul or is this just by chance? If it did or meant nothing then why open any of these chakras in the first place?

    Here is another one I want to share that came to me a while ago. My father always said to me that the eyes are the window into the soul, why did Jesus weep so much? why do I cry generally in church? If the eye is the window in and water is coming out of the window its then logical to say that you are flushing out your soul. I feel it and love it when the Holy spirit flushes out my soul all the rubbish comes out.

    Deborah leave the technicality about roots and what not what is the message being conveyed to you, dont argue about the example the teacher is giving you, rather take in the lesson that the teacher is trying to share with you out of choice not obligation. But at the same time feel free if you disagree or have a question to ask and the answers will be provided, if possible. The problem is people cant handle the truth and the dont always want to know the answers to these things.

    Deborah I know it sounds whacky I was like yourself a while ago and hence got involved in the new age, the problem is the evil side condition your mind so much in this world that I cant blame anyone for thinking that this is all garbage, but once God opens your eyes to the true goings on, it is crystal clear.

    The truth is stranger than fiction. Just a suggestion next time you watch something that makes you feel uncomfortable or creepy just say this prayer and see if it gets better or changes but you have to believe that it will work thats the faith part without any belief you are merely throwing out empty thoughts or words.

    Father please bind satan and his kind they have no place here, I rebuke you satan in the name of Jesus, I rebuke you, Father please send down your angels if need be banish them to where they came from, they have no place here, I ask this all in the name of Jesus and if it be your will Father, thank you for hearing my call, this is all I ask amen.

    You have nothing to lose do you. I always had a constant fear before I believed in God, the demons are still around me now more than ever, difference is I am not afraid anymore “I know they are out the and I know your listening right now I am not scared of you cause I know who protects me and my soul isnt mine anymore I have given it over to the one who made it all and the one who will punish you in the end so feel free to do what ever you think you can cause it belongs to God now.”

    September 22, 2014 at 1:52 PM

    • I hope Christ is always at the Center of your life,cleansing you from all unrighteousness. This is what I want for myself also. God bless, yours in Truth, Darren.

      October 15, 2017 at 4:22 PM

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