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Stories in Today’ News?
Can you believe it? This was today’s news! How do you connect witchcraft with the Virgin Mary? How is it that witchcraft is part of our everyday life and no one seems to care?

Andrea Tantaros: Africans infected with Ebola might “seek treatment from a witch doctor”
One Fox News host has figured out what we should really all be afraid of during the Ebola crisis.
The “Outnumbered” panel was discussing the spread of Ebola to the United States on Thursday, following news that the first case of the virus has appeared in the country.
Now, there are many important issues at hand here. The infected patient who reportedly lied on his health questionnaire when entering the US… the up to 100 people who may have come in contact with the patient or his family… the Dallas hospital that initially sent the Ebola patient home even though they knew that he had been in West Africa…
But none of that was Andrea Tantaros’s main concern. No. Here’s the real problem at hand:
“In these countries they do not believe in traditional medical care,” she said. “So someone could get off a flight and seek treatment from a witch doctor.”

EXTRA NEWSiStock_000017765581Small

OKLAHOMA CITY — A grandmother faces charges after being accused of dressing as a witch and abusing a 7-year-old girl.
KFOR reports Geneva Robinson, 49, was arrested after trying to take the little girl to a hospital, saying she couldn’t control her anymore. The child had burns and bruises and looked malnourished. There were also cuts on her ankles and it appeared her wrists may have been bound.
The girl said her grandmother would dress up as a witch and wear a green mask when she would abuse her. The girl claims she’d been taken to the garage to sleep for the night with her wrists bound. She also claimed her grandmother used a dog leash to hang her from her arm pits in the garage.
When she was dressed as a witch, the grandmother would go by the name “Nelda.”
Several neighbors told KFOR they didn’t believe the allegations. But police said they did find evidence in the home that appeared to support the girl’s claims, including whips, chains, a dagger and a witch’s hat.
There were a total of four children living in the home at the time; they are now in protective custody.


“Maria The Virgin Witch” TV Anime Character Visuals Revealed
he official website for the upcoming TV anime adaptation of the Junketsu no Maria/Maria the Virgin Witch manga by Masayuki Ishikawa (Moyashimon) today adds anime visuals for the five main characters: Maria, Artemis, Priapos, Ezekiel, and Joseph. The anime version characters are designed by Yuriko Chiba (To Heart, Planetes, Sacred Seven).

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