Truth is inspiring, it is guarded by GOD, and will triumph over all opposition!

The Greatest Masquerade on Earth – PT 2


This work given is in full acknowledgement of GOD and directed by Holy Spirit. Any and all use of the facts of the dark side are not an avenue meant to give any credit to them. In fact, all work is directly attributed to GODs Plan and to give HIM all the glory. Amen

In the Book of Genesis, one can read how Adam and Eve used fig leaves to cover “their nakedness” after eating the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.
“The masquerade motif appears in the Bible on two different levels: an attempt to fool people and an attempt to fool God.”
What shaped Judaic ritual was an “absolute prohibition against fashioning a statue or a mask”, originating with the Second Commandment.

What has come to be the greatest masquerade on Earth has been the elite’s rule of the iron fist. With their secret societies, they’ve conquered and reigned for thousands of years with the celestial help of the Brotherhood of the Ascended Masters..aka…the WATCHERS! Herein we will provide the curtained attempt worship their god, Lucifer. They profess a little too much that they don’t, but in reality…they do. The Satanic movement is on the rise in America and taking overe what was once a GOD-loving country. But, this has changed…instead we’ve become a nation of people who are oppressed and obsessed with Satan and his materialistic gifts. This party obviously celebrates this with a masque of Lucifer.


_______MASQUES OF LUCIFER_______
“The goal, drawing upon the lore invited by the ostensibly mystified setting of the Masons’ home, is to “open up portals” and pull “the grounds” through, piece by piece, stage by stage, reanimating all its ghastly inhabitants inside the Temple. Think psychedelic soiree meets séance…”
The wearer of a mask is considered to be in direct association with the spirit force of the mask and is consequently exposed to personal danger of being affected by it. For his protection, the wearer is required to follow certain sanctioned procedures in his use of the mask. He plays the role of an actor in cooperation or collaboration with the mask. Without his performing dance and posturing routines, which are often accompanied with music, the mask would remain a representation without a full life force. After putting on the mask, the wearer undergoes a psychic change and as in a trance assumes the spirit character depicted by the mask.
In some cultures, the masked members of secret societies could drive disease demons from entire villages and tribes. The best known of these groups was the “False Face Society” of the North American Iroquois Indians. These professional healers performed violent pantomimes to exorcise the dreaded “Gahadogoka gogosa” (demons who plagued the Iroquois). They wore grimacing, twisted masks with long wigs of horsehair. Metallic inserts were used around the eyes to catch the light of the campfire and the moon, emphasizing the grotesqueness of the mask. (1)
Satan has masked himself in this world as many examples of hate but completing this task of masking himself within a secret society is a mask within a mask. This is an obvious illusion to complete scenarios which would have been otherwise impossible. Hidden behind a curtain of roles which in the end fit the prophecy of GOD.
We have real monsters and non-monsters. The monsters which exist are of the evil supernatural genre. The non-monsters are humans caught up the the supernatural war being utilized by the monsters. In the end, we have striking differences and painful similarities.
No matter the illusion Satan utilizes, GOD equips Satan with the tools to trap himself. Anyone caught in Satan’s masquerade is a fool for believing in his tactics and lies.


We have Princes which rule over different cities. A city given under the influence of a spiritual ruler is a ancient, wise and certainly cunning prince who has had millenniums of experience at controlling mankind. And they manifest their evil personalities over geographic territories in which they rule. And for this reason, you will see distinct personalities within each city reflecting the evil personality of the prince of demons who rule over that area.


Marche Du Nain Rouge
For 300 years, on the Sunday after the Vernal Equinox, Detroiters have celebrated liberation from the Nain Rouge, the fiendish embodiment of all that holds us back.
“Best New Detroit Tradition” -Metro Times
(So what is it really? It’s a family friendly – with parental guidance recommended – do-it-yourself Mardi Gras style march full of inside jokes and absurdity unlike anything else in Detroit, but we’ll never admit it can be explained that easily.

Spirits Over Detroit
A once thriving city is now become a city of homeless…
Stand at the Woodward Avenue overpass above Interstate 75, and you’ll see the two faces of Detroit. On one side is beautiful Comerica Park, a symbol of downtown economic revival, where city residents and suburbanites alike pack in to watch professional baseball in a world-class venue. Then, across the expressway looms an empty 13-story building, with the word “ZOMBIELAND” scrawled across the top.
The statue “The Spirit of Detroit” is the perfect example of what is governing this city. Angels of the darkness, disguised as light. If you look at this statue, one automatically focuses on the angel on one hand and the sun with rays in the other. Who is the god of the Sun, well Satan is of course.
Urban legends of Detroit are plentiful, but this harbinger of doom is a fascinating character: Nain Rouge…
His appearance is said to presage terrible events for the city. The Nain Rouge appears as a small childlike creature with red or black fur boots. He is also said to have “blazing red eyes and rotten teeth.” (Skinner 1896)
The creature is said to have attacked the first white settler of Detroit in 1701, Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac who, soon after, lost his fortune. The creature is also said to have appeared on July 30, 1763 before the Battle of Bloody Run, where 58 British soldiers were killed by Native Americans from Chief Pontiac’s tribe. The small tributary of the Detroit River which still flows through what is now Elmwood Cemetery turned red with blood for days after the battle. It is said he was seen dancing on the banks of the Detroit River.


Famous multiple sighting occurred in the days before the 1805 fire which destroyed most of Detroit. General William Hull reported a “dwarf attack” in the fog just before his surrender of Detroit in the War of 1812.
Jane Dacy of East Elizabeth Street was at home performing errands one evening in October of 1872 when she entered a dark room and saw what the Detroit Free Press called a ghost. However, the description of “blood-red eyes, long teeth and rattling hoofs” seems more akin to the famed Nain Rouge than a mere specter. The fright of seeing the creature caused Dacy to faint and become bed-ridden.
Another woman claimed to have been attacked in 1884, and described the creature as resembling, “a baboon with a horned head … brilliant restless eyes and a devilish leer on its face.” Another attack was reported in 1964.
Other sightings include the day before the 12th Street Riot in 1967 and before a huge snow/ice storm of March 1976, when two utility workers are said to have seen what they thought was a child climbing a utility pole which then jumped from the top of the pole and ran away as they approached.
More recently, in the autumn of 1996, according to an article in the Michigan Believer, the Nain Rouge was spotted by two admittedly drunken nightclub patrons, who claimed to both have heard a strange “cawing sound, similar to a crow,” coming from a “small hunched-over man” who was fleeing the scene of a car burglary. The creature was described as wearing “what looked like a really nasty torn fur coat.”
What Princes and Principalities rule over Detriot? I don’t know but their having a field day with this Bizarre Theatre.


The Detroit Masonic Temple is the world’s largest Masonic Temple.
The large complex includes a 16-story 210-foot (64 m) ritual building connected to a 10-story wing for the Ancient Arabic Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine, commonly known as Shriners by the 7-story Auditorium Building.
[EDITOR: Is it known that the top degree of Freemasonry is 33, and when you achieve that level you can then become a Shriner. But, it is also rumored that 33 is just the beginning when it comes to the depth of their secrets!]
There are seven “Craft Lodge Rooms,” all with different decorative treatments, the motifs of decoration being taken from the Egyptian, Doric, Ionic, Corinthian, Italian Renaissance, Byzantine, Gothic and Romanesque styles. All of the artwork throughout the building, especially the decorated ceilings was done under the direction of Italian artists. There is also a Royal Arch room, and a Commandery Asylum for the Knights Templar.
Detroit Masonic Temple was designed in the neo-gothic architectural style, using a great deal of limestone.
Is it said that paranormal activity surrounds places that contain limestone. With these kinds of events and the Masonic secret society in general…I’m sure this place reeks with evil.


One of the popular masquerade party event was the Rothschild Ball:

_______FINAL THOUGHTS_______
The largest masquerade on Earth is that Satan is pulling the wool over humanities eyes! Sadly, this event will take place on Oct 17-18, 2014. I’m almost positive we will hear about people who come up missing before, during and after this time frame. These people in their secret societies are known worldwide for their ritualistic human sacrifices.
We need to PRAY! Pray for these people attending these sadistic parties, and pray for the initiations behind them. Pray for the world because Satan has it in the palm of his hands. May the Lord have mercy on us all!
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19 responses

  1. Thanks V very insightful. I have a better perception into the true and hidden nature of things. And I can see how satan has control right now. It’s happening more and more everyday. It’s just disgusting how he is winning right now. But I also know that Jesus can make everything new. Here and now. And when He returns it will be beautiful again. And we won’t have to put up with all this evil. ~Come quickly Lord Jesus~May God Help Us All~

    October 18, 2014 at 5:29 PM

    • Joanne Schell

      It’s only a Halloween Party. I was there, don’t go religious overboard and sound crazy, ok?

      October 25, 2014 at 1:18 PM

      • Well, we all have our own opinions…that’s what makes us different.

        October 25, 2014 at 11:15 PM

  2. Kittii

    I didn’t see a video posted on this, so I guess I will post one. You know I like videos

    October 19, 2014 at 2:24 PM

    • Wow! Didn’t think to look on YT! Good for you, kitti!

      October 19, 2014 at 4:58 PM

  3. Kittii

    They made a movie about this too.

    October 19, 2014 at 2:29 PM

    • yuck…that was gross!

      October 19, 2014 at 4:58 PM

    • Will

      I pray for the decieved souls of those who would watch that movie. I pray for the devils who put it together (in the name of Jesus Christ may they be redirected!). I beseech our Allmighty God to prevent any innocent child from ever seeing that filthy abomonation!!

      October 23, 2014 at 1:34 AM

      • Joanne Schell

        That movie trailer Kittinposted has nothing to do with Theatre Bizarre in Detroit.

        October 25, 2014 at 1:24 PM

    • Joanne Schell

      Kitti, that “the Theatre Bizarre Official Trailer” that you posted, has nothing to do with the Theatre Bizarre in Detroit at all.
      I know them, I was there, this trailer is about a low budget film someone is making, not the same thing at all.
      Totally unrelated .

      October 25, 2014 at 1:22 PM

  4. Will

    Please let me say first, that i love your blog. I can feel The Holy Spirit in your words.
    I know a good man who is a mason. In fact, he is a shriner. Further, he is a follower of Christ. I’ve often thought about joining the “club”, because I can find no real evidence (only surmissions/assumptions, based on their “secrecy”) of fault in their organization, and according to what i have witnessed, the focus is to help. I am a solid Christian. I choose to seek, and do, the most good that I can with my time on this earth. I am blessed have been able to do some of that through Christ who strengthens me. I am guided by The Holy Spirit.
    I have prayed a great deal about freemasonry, and have not yet been answered.
    Were I to sit with this man, would you offer your insight into specific questions that I might ask him (he avers that he will honestly answer whatever questions I ask)?
    I walk with God, and if my Lord objects to my interest, why has he been so silent?
    It is not my aim to contradict you, but to seek the assistance of an obviously true believer, and sister in salvation.

    October 23, 2014 at 1:19 AM

    • Well, at times I am often asked, “Why is GOD silent?” That is a great question. HE is not silent. You must ask the right questions. When it comes to Free Will, HE will not interfere for this is the TRUE TEST of faith.

      October 23, 2014 at 8:59 AM

      • Will

        Indeed. Thank you for your wisdom.
        The opportunity to ask a Shriner any question, and be given an honest answer,is intriguing to me.
        I have found no real evidence, that their organization is evil in it’s intent.
        In fact, they seem very noble and altruistic. I am aware that this may be a great deception.
        Would you grant me your thoughts, on specific questions that I might ask this freemason?
        it would seem that this is a great opportunity to unite, rather than divide.

        October 23, 2014 at 10:17 AM

      • Ask him….is he is the Taurus Club? And what’s his thoughts on this ‘club’. And to what end does it suppose? And finally…what’s his thoughts on Maitreya?

        October 23, 2014 at 1:16 PM

    • Gary R. Sayers

      —– God is rarely silent… But He does WAIT… What do you ‘seek’ from ‘Freemasonry’?… Will that association ‘edify’ or will it give you a deeper peace of mind??… I’m not the one asked, I understand, here, but NOTHING’s more important to GOD, at least I’m convinced, than that we should walk in peace before Him and WITH HIM… “My peace I give unto you; not as the world gives, give I unto you…”, said Our Lord to His disciples… My own life right now, such as it is, is FILLED with contradictions… People have lied, cheated, manipulated and worse, and not all were unbelievers… God said to my heart recently to pray without ceasing,,,To ASK HIM almost MOMENT by MOMENT for HIS strength to endure these ‘disappointments’… When I DO SO, HE GIVES IT… When I DON’T, I struggle… Mightily….
      —– The benefit of this is an increased ‘conscious’ friendship with HIM… I find myself thanking Him even when I am MAD at Him!!… He WANTS that friendship with us, much more even than WE DO… I had the obtuse NERVE to actually spout out to God one day, (you’ll love this..)-“LORD, YOU are so freakin’ JEALOUS, aren’t you??!!”… You’ll love the answer I got back, immediately…”YER DURN TOOTIN’ I’M JEALOUS!!… DEAL WITH IT!!!.”
      —– I’m much comforted by that now… Scripture tells us;”For The Spirit yearns jealously.” I will hopefully overcome my laziness and diligently seek God’s face…That’s the CHIEF benefit of being in, yea, belonging to, God’s Eternal Holy Family… Oh, by the way, if you look at ‘joining the club’ as a sort of ‘way of belonging’, give a moment’s meditation about the Family to whom you ALREADY belong…That ‘jealous’ Spirit (to whom YOU referred) is LIVING IN YOU RIGHT NOW… Ask Him what He thinks about it, then pray for His Peace…
      After all, you’ll NEVER find a truer, better friend in which to confide… And HE CANNOT lie..
      —– God bless you in your walk with Him… Offered in encouragement and love…

      November 10, 2014 at 7:16 PM

  5. steven

    The movie theater bizarre has nothing to do with the event and was created by a completely different group of people. Also the masion’s do not have anything to do theater bizarre except for allowing them to rent part of their building (they’re also involved in cleaning up the place after some of the party goers treat the building with little or no respect). You boldly claim that people will be kidnapped and used in rituals. Have you found evidence of any kidnappings related to this event? It is in Detroit and if you look at the statistics I would be willing to bet at least one person was murdered that day among several robberies and other assorted crimes that happen every day/week/month in that area. Did you know the old grounds you speak of was in a crime ridden area and that when the grounds were created the people who flocked to this place forced those criminals to find a new area to do their deeds? I can attest that many of them do not hold to your religion but that does not make them the kind of people you claim they are. I understand that you have attended and I did read part one of this article. However, if I were to show up to your church for one sermon and talked to the pastor and a few others in the church briefly I would know everything about that church…..right? So then I should be able to make all sorts of claims and connections like you’re part of a modern day crusade and inquisition that directly ties back to the ones that are so vividly depicted in our history books. Maybe your particular version of Christianity was derived specifically so that one ruler(not your god) could better control the people in his particular part of the world. However I do no think these claims are valid nor do I go out of my way to place them on the internet as the truth because I have not done the appropriate research on you or your particular flavor of Christianity. I am offended by the lack of research you have done before making the types of claims and connections that are prevalent in this article. In the future please make sure you have done the appropriate research on a subject before you claim to know anything about it.

    October 24, 2014 at 2:46 PM

    • This article was to show a connection between Satanism and Freemasonry. The top echelon of the Freemasons are indeed Satanists. And as people who research the Freemasons know they do ritualistic/occult sacrifices to their gods. Now your aversion to this may be that you don’t know that or your offended that I do. Either way, it does not negate the activities which took place there, nor the blatant Satanic symbolism.
      If you knew anything about my site, then you would know that I do not adhere to any religion. But, have a relationship with The Creator, and Father of Jesus Christ. Not the one the Freemasons worship either.
      Now, I would be curious to research if there were any missing people, or murders which took place last week…and of course I know the large area of which we speak but it would be the ‘type’ of incident which would stand and and make the difference in this case.
      The fact that the advertised affiliates of this event, which I did research…btw…are Freemasons and connected to this Lodge…would quickly connect them to this event. Now, you can turn your head and keep yourself in the dark, or if your part of this event…keep oneself a part of the darkness, makes no difference to me..but it does and will to your immortal soul.
      And if you say you don’t believe in demons and the afterlife, then I can only offer this advice: Search your soul, for the darkness does exist and decide; is your life a part of it?

      October 24, 2014 at 4:21 PM

      • Joanne Schell

        It’s a Hallowen Party, get over yourself.

        Your statements sound as crazy as some of the article.

        October 25, 2014 at 1:29 PM

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