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Horrorween Statistics



This work given is in full acknowledgement of GOD and directed by Holy Spirit. Any and all use of the facts of the dark side are not an avenue meant to give any credit to them. In fact, all work is directly attributed to GODs Plan and to give HIM all the glory. Amen

Do you doubt that this country of America is fully engulfed in sin? Do you doubt the presence of witchcraft? Well, sit back and read these interesting facts of just how much our people praise this holiday.

Just how much does our country love these pagan/Druid traditions? How much do we spend? What do we do?

________41.2 Million_______
The estimated number of potential Trick-or-Treaters in 2013-children age 5-14-across the U.S. Of course, many other children-older that 14 and younger than 5-also for trick-or-treating.
_______115 Million_______
Number of occupied housing units across the nation in first quarter 2014-all potential stops for Trick-or-Treaters.
Percentage of households with residents who considered their neighborhood safe in 2011. In addition, 79.5% said there was no place within a mile of their homes where they would be afraid to walk alone at night.
Number of U.S. manufacturing establishments that produce chocolate and cocoa products in 2012, employing 37,150 employees. This industry’s value of shipments totaled $14.4 billion, up slightly from $14.1 billion in 2007.
Number of U.S. manufacturing establishments that produced non-chocolate confectionary products employing 19,141 employees. This industry’s value of shipments totaled $8.0 billion on 2012.


_______DRESSED TO THRILL_______
A sampling of occupation that one may dress up as for a Halloween costume:
Athletes, coaches, umpires and related workers
Bailiffs, correctional officers and jailers
Detective and criminal investigators
Farmers, ranchers, and other agricultural managers
Police and sheriff’s patrol officers
Registered nurses


The number of motion picture theater (except drive-ins) where one could possibly enjoy a horrorfest. California (519), Texas (297), New York (272) and Florida (213) had most of such establishments. There were 225 drive-in motion picture theaters in 2012-both Pennsylvania and Ohio tied for the most, with 22 in each state.
Acres of pumpkin harvested in the U.S. in 2013, with a total estimated production value of $149.9 million. Of the top six pumpkin-producing states, Illinois led the country by producing an estimated 547.6 million pounds of this vined gourd, followed by California, Ohio, Michigan, New York and then Pennsylvania. Pumpkins are frequently carved as decorations around Halloween.

_______$686 Million_______
The estimated construction spending on theme-amusement parks in 2013. Halloween events in theme/amusement parks can be frightenly fun.
The number of costume rental and formal wear establishments; they had a total of 6,348 paid employees across the nation in 2012 (for the pay period including March 12, 2012).
_______$1.1 Billion_______
Dollar value of U.S. fresh apples exported in 2013. Mexico was the leading customer, purchasing $332 million worth. Whether bobbing for or dipping in caramel, apples can be a fun treat around Halloween.



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