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This being the day of horror itself. I don’t want to give any more credit to it. This is the last entry. Hopefully people will keep their children in tonight, buy them some sweets and treats. Watch a family-type movie and be DONE with HORRORWEEN!



Dunquesne University held a Homecoming 2014 Spirit Board Contest.


2006-Texas Tech University held a Spirit Board Contest.


GET THIS: “Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board game! Held by who? None other than a SCHOOL! Weeping Willow High School for their 2013 Homecoming Dance.
ARE YOU NOTICING A THEME! These are all schools!


AMC: Win 1 of 100 Ouija Boards from OUIJA!



Ouija Board Expert Holds “Summoning”
Guess where this event will take place? SALEM! This guy is supposedly the renowned expert on Ouija Boards. Robert Murch has been studying and playing with Ouija boards for 20 years.
What are you going to be doing tonight?
We’re going to take people through Ouija history, where it came from and how it got started, get it to today, and why we think what we think about it. And when we are done with that we will have experiments where people can test psychic abilities, and try and get in contact with something—whether that’s something else in the afterlife, or their subconscious.

Will there be a bunch of boards set up at the venue?
Yes. We will have a bunch of boards set up, including old boards to show people what the boards looked like before—Winning Moves is putting on the event—and we are going to have around 100 boards that we are giving away.

So people will be using them to maybe contact the dead?
Exactly, people will be using them. There’s a 200-person limit, and we are going to have—we will pair everyone up—and have them doing [interactive] stuff.
You think anything will be “summoned,” or people will make contact?

They always do. Scientists say it’s something called “ideomotor response,” or they are talking to their subconscious and they don’t know it. But the other fun thing about the Ouija board is some critics will say you’re opening up a portal, and it’s something you can’t shut. The truth is, whatever you’re opening is inside of you. The board is just the tool to explore the subconscious, or the other side. It could likely be Tarot cards—but the Ouija has 125 years of history behind it, and the boards, out of all devices created for spirit communication, Ouija is today the modern equivalent of the most popular one, and these stories have been passed down—and they’re pretty powerful.



Well, I believe this parallels this story in that it’s yet another form of communication with demons.

An investigation is under way in Oklahoma City into a driver who crashed into a well-known Ten Commandments monument on the grounds of the state Capitol, breaking it into pieces.

According to a report from KFOR Television, the man was taken in for “mental evaluation” after he told officers that Satan told him to urinate on the stone, then crash into it.

The vandalism hit at one of the Ten Commandments monuments that has been challenged over the years by those objecting to the display of the tenets of Judeo-Christian faith. It, however, has remained on the grounds as part of the history of the state and nation.

Hiram Sasser, director of Liberty Institute, which has worked on issues regarding the display of the Ten Commandments, said it was just last month that a judge in Oklahoma had ruled the display constitutional.

“We are shocked and saddened that someone would engage in such a hostile and violent act against a passive monument,” he said. “We are hopeful the ACLU and the American Atheists who have brought two separate lawsuits against the Ten Commandments monument will publicly condemn this senseless act of violence …”

Liberty, a national nonprofit legal group that defends and restores religious liberties, represented the state in the Ten Commandments case.

According to KFOR, the U.S. Secret Service said the damage was discovered when the man, whose name was not being released immediately, came into the city’s federal building and made threats against Barack Obama.

The station reported, “Agents say he then admitted to them that he crashed his car into the Ten Commandments monument at the Capitol, then left his damaged car and walked to the federal building.”

He told the agents Satan had told him to do it.

Authorities say he was detained for a mental evaluation, and Gov. Mary Fallin issued orders for security officers to try to crack down on unapproved behavior.

Authorities said the vehicle actually sat at the site of the crash for 12 hours, prompting Fallin to express concern.

“This is alarming,” she said. “That anyone would get this close to the Capitol and knock down a historical monument.”

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  1. Vid

    Lord JESUS CHRIST is the Only Way, the True and the Life. HE is the same Yesterday, Today and Forever. Thank You, LORD JESUS for dying on the CROSS for my Sins.
    I Renounce SATAN, the Evil Sprits and all their works, … Halloween … Ouija board included.
    I give You my entire self and I follow You Lord Jesus now forever and ever.
    Glory to GOD in the Highest and His Kingdom will have no end. Amen.


    October 31, 2014 at 10:27 AM

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