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Angels Among Us-Two


Angels Among Us – Two
In part one-we spoke of angels and the difference between good and bad ones. In this second addition of this we will address what I consider to be the bad angels and their current communications with mankind.
Angelic manifestations are happening, but not the godly kind. More over, this is something we should be aware of. Apparitions can be demonic, and most times are. GOD may send an angel, but the presence of demonic entities are plentiful right now because of the times we live in. We are in the end days. Why? How do I know this?


We are in a time when fallen angels have come to be among us. They communicate with us, and rarely they manifest. Why do I say rarely? For the time being, we only see communications taking place. This is occurring through channelings. What is a channeling? This is when a person such as a medium is telling you what a ‘spirit’ is revealing to them.
Does this Bible speak of this? Yes, we may live in a time of 2,000 years past the days when Jesus Christ walked this Earth, but there is nothing new under the sun.
In a desperate attempt to communicate beyond the grave, many turn to séances, trances, Ouija boards and mediums to contact the dead.


The Bible tells us of such contact with the dead. Demons are considered to be ‘dead’. Interestingly, the origin of the demons are not spoken of, but we do know that they exist. They are described as being bodiless spirits, that seek to inhabit the bodies of the living (Luke 11:24-26). They are described as malevolent, and willing (if not eager) to cause harm, and even death (Matthew 17:14-18). They are identified as being capable of communicating with the living (Mark 5:7-12).
The different between demons and fallen angels? Fallen angels existed first, and foremost. Fallen angels have much more power as well. They have spiritual bodies, and presumably have no call to possess a person. Demons are said to come from Fallen Angels, among other ways, in that they mated with females in Genesis 6:4, and produced the Nephilim.


Fallen Angels are said to exist in the heavens while the demons are described as being from the underworld or dust of the earth, which is the dwelling place of the dead,
“And thou shalt be brought down, and shalt speak out of the ground, and thy speech shall be low out of the dust, and thy voice shall be, as of one that hath a familiar spirit, out of the ground, and thy speech shall whisper out of the dust” (Isaiah 29.4 )
The Bible speaks of familiar spirits as well, and some people think this is their loved ones who have passed on, or maybe can’t ‘pass on’. But, they are demons acting out scenarios so to confuse people into believing they are those loves ones.


Fallen angels perfectly impersonate the dead.
Paganism, Hinduism, and Voodoo all use trances to communicate with demons. These trances are brought on by one example of extreme excitement from the rhythm of dance, chanting, drums and sometimes drugs. All Roman Catholics who pray to Mary, the mother of Jesus, are praying to a dead woman who cannot hear them. Marian apparitions, believed by many to be Mary herself, are nothing more than demonic impersonations. Prayers to the “saints” are, likewise, prayers offered to dead people whom Scripture states “know not anything.” This creates an opportunity for demons to “answer” prayers and confirm the belief that life continues after death.


Interestingly, the Greek word for demon (daimonion) is likely derived from the Greek “daio”, which means to distribute fortunes.
This definition is perfect for the age we live in.
One of the examples of divination is fortune-telling. We have the mediums, and psychics and such but this is not what I speak of.
Jesus Christ warns us that we are to test spirits. He also told us that angels come with ‘other doctrines’. Fallen angels come with false doctrines. This is why I believe we are in the last days. Because we see this exact combinations of events taking place. We see fallen angels being channeled and their giving their ‘visions’ of what’s coming.


Who are they? Ascended Masters. What are they? Fallen angels. Where are they? In the astral realms. When do they do their deeds? Whenever they are called upon. How do they do it? Channeling.
Channeling is a modern form of necromancy. This is contact with demons and fallen angels. When they are contacted they give their false doctrines. They tell of what they believe is going to happen-fortune telling.


These next texts are something which one needs to be spiritually mature to discern but they are the ingredients which are being utilized to deceive.
Akaskic Records
One of the paths these Ascended Masters would have you believe they are angels, is they came forward with the Hall of Records, or Akasha records. This is their interpretations of how everything came to be.
H. P. Blavatsky, characterized it as a sort of life force; she also referred to “indestructible tablets of the astral light”.
The Akashic record is like an immense photographic film, registering all the desires and earth experiences of our planet. The Hall of Records is a mythical library buried somewhere in Egypt. One suggestion has been that it is under the Great Sphinx of Giza, which is in the Giza pyramid complex.
The text which reveals the connections between the Akashic records, and Maitreya is this:
TITLE: Mission of Maitreya, Eternal Divine Path
One World, One Humanity, One Savior, One God
“The Holiest Of The Holies (THOTH) The Last Testament”
Do you see a theme? One World Religion….this is the Antichrist’s goal. Supposed records about creation and history of the last 12,000 years.

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    This video was in that other video I got off of Grace Powers that I posted on Angels One Among us. You did a post on this before too on energy drinks. . Others are talking about it too.

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  6. Kittii

    Carroll Runyon (born 1935), better known as Poke Runyon, is an American freemason, occultist, author, and filmmaker. He has created works in the form of books, magazine articles, and instructional DVDs. Runyon is a long time proponent of occultism in the United States, through various orders and at present creates a podcast show called the Hermetic Hour.

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    Lots of educational videos to watch.

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      Now that video is saying it doesn’t exist. Let’s try posting it again.

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        Not all the videos are unavailable. the minute I posted , it started saying not available. Just click on the title. Videos by lots of different people, like “BLACK CHILD”.

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