Truth is inspiring, it is guarded by GOD, and will triumph over all opposition!



This work given is in full acknowledgement of GOD and directed by Holy Spirit. Any and all use of the facts of the dark side are not an avenue meant to give any credit to them. In fact, all work is directly attributed to GODs Plan and to give HIM all the glory. Amen

Satan was a serpent in the Garden of Eden, he lead mankind to sin and as a result we lost what should have been a whole different dimension to our destiny. But, all things work out for GOD’S Plan and design. It was meant to be this way. Free will is the reasoning, do you understand? Free will gives you the factor of decision…the decision to follow GOD or Satan. There is NO middle-ground or fence to ride…there are two paths you can go by. Which have you chosen?
As a direct result of what happen in the Garden of Eden, I think GOD placed snakes/serpents on this Earth as an example. Let’s look at some interesting details about them…
There are many different types of serpents, some which slither on the ground, while others are considered ‘sea snakes’. I find this quite interesting due to the fact that the Bible speaks about evil things in the sea. First, Jesus Christ took control of the demons within the pigs in Matthew 8:28-34. Demons begged Jesus Christ to send them into the pigs, then the pigs jumped into the water. Why would they chose to do so? Have you ever questioned that?
I think the mysteries which lie beneath the sea is a strange affair. Take a look at this article which reveals some rather strange happenings there:


Back to serpents…
We have two types: Venomous, and nonvenomous. Simply put, these creatures either kill by venom, or they swallow their prey alive, or kill by constriction.
Isn’t it ironic that Satan does the same thing?
Satan has venom! He uses it to inject false religions….to spreading thoughts into peoples heads about there being no GOD, or Satan. He loves the fact that you don’t believe! It gives him power. His venom is spread worldwide as trails of blood are spread through war, famine, disease, abuse, and to many other avenues to mention here. Suffice it to say; the venom of Satan’s work is everywhere.
If your one who doesn’t believe in GOD, or Satan….then this definitely pertains to you! The people who don’t believe in the supernatural are very much prey to the dark side. They are swallowed whole by the darkness and never even realize the effects of it. Constricted in life without hope or faith leads to darkness and hell. Yes, hell. Constricting your soul allows all the light (GOD) to be taken out, leaving only darkness. It escapes me how one can live their life without GOD, without faith and hope. This must be the very likeness of hell on earth. But, then your soul is taken to a very dark place called hell. Hell was meant for the fallen angels, but Satan, their leader wants to take you too! Don’t allow him to take your soul!
Recently there was a program called, “Eaten Alive” where a man wanted to be swallowed whole by an anaconda. It was then that the Holy Spirit told me that I was to do this article.
Serpents are cold-blooded creatures. I think this parallels Satan and his minions.



Serpents use their sense of smell track prey. The fork in their tongue gives them a sort of directional sense of smell and taste simultaneously. They analize chemicals in the air, ground and water determining the presence of prey in the environment.
I’ve often wondered if humans give off chemicals…such as the old saying, “A dog can smell your fear”. So we give off contributing chemicals which allow demons to determine who is prey? Do they utilize these same factors in determining who to attack?


Serpents have infrared-sensitive receptors in deep groves on the snout, which allow them to “see” the radiated heat of warm-blooded prey.
Do demons have receptors? Do they “see” the people who are suffering and attack them while their down?


Sensitive to vibration, serpent skin is very scaly but allows them to detect vibrations.
Demons, do they use certain advanced powers of reception which allow them to sense your sensitive the dark side because you are not a believer in GOD? The New Age speak of vibrations constantly and we know vibration is key to many things…do these people ‘vibrate’ are certain frequency that allows these demons to know they are susceptible?


Moulting is an interesting function of serpents! It allows them to shed old worn skin, causing the old skin to separate from the new skin beneath. After a few days, the eyes clear and the serpent “crawls” out of its old skin.
This function definitely reminds me of a demon! Demons love to get under your skin! They harass you in so many ways, allowing them to, in effect, stop communicating with GOD! They crawl in and out of our lives, only making it a living chaos, if we allow them to. But, thankfully GOD gives us power over these demons. I will deal with this at the end of the article.


Did you know? Serpents are polyphyodonts with teeth that are continuously replaced. Not only that…as if that wasn’t freaky enough…their teeth are shaped in such a fashion that prey cannot escape them once they are in their grasp.
A demon is so adaptable. They also work in unison with other demons and make it very difficult to fight. Once your in their grasp you must understand how they work, and use techniques to rid yourself of them. If you don’t understand this then, you could be a victim of their deadly clutches and not be able to free your life of them. Once a demon sinks his ‘teeth’ into you…he doesn’t want to let go!


Vemon is used to kill the prey. Serpents inject it into the prey, delivered through fangs. Venom is a predigestant that initiates the breakdown of food into soluble compounds, facilitating proper digestion. Even nonvenomous serpent bits can cause tissue damage. But, the term “poisonous snake” is mostly incorrect. Poison is inhaled or digested, whereas venom is injected.
This totally reminds me of how demons work in this world. Their venom is hate, and is spread through war, racism, crimes, and so many other ways. Even the demons which are on the lower end of the spectrum are dangerous. They may not possess as much power to corrupt but they can damage just the same. Demons cause a breakdown in humanity to allow for the disconnect from GOD. Their total agenda lies in the fact that they want, no NEED to do this. Satan gives them orders to do so. The acid which breaks down the serpents prey is likened to the demons once they enter your life. Their acidic brutality can actually convince a person to commit suicide, or give their life to Satan…and this is just plain madness.

Зеленая змея

The lack of limbs does not impede the movement of serpents. They have developed different modes of locomotion to deal with particular environments.
Just because a demon cannot be seen, doesn’t impede their ability to move. They can move in and out of different dimensions which allows them the ability to interact on many levels.


Lateral undulation is the sold mode of aquatic locomotion, and the most common mode of terrestrial locomotion. In this mode, the body of the serpent alternately flexes to the left and right, resulting on a series of rearward-moving “waves”.
I think it’s no big secret that once a demon is allowed to work their magick in one’s life, it causes waves! The waves can produce many effects of pain, suffering and push people to do things that’s out of character for them. We’ve definitely been witnessing this in the media, and on YOUTUBE. Video uploads have allowed many to visually see what it taking place all over this world. This “rolling” motion reaps in waves of drug use which causes people lives to take a downward spiral. It allows crime to escalate to the point where a whole neighborhood can be in fear of their lives. It can cause waves of power to be given to these demons! People who are in fear excrete this energy and the demons feed off of it! Causing a wave which can not only affect your own neighborhood, but entire nations and the whole world. I firmly believe the nations leaders use this in forms of ‘false flag’ scenarios to feed these demons!


In some parts of the world, especially in India, snake charming is a roadside show performed by a charmer. In such a show, the snake charmer carries a basket that contains a snake that he seemingly charms by playing tunes from his flutelike musical instrument, to which the snake responds. Snakes lack external ears, though they do have internal ears, and respond to the movement of the flute, not the actual noise.
We have “SERPENT CHARMERS”…in this world. The media is full of their symbolism and signs. They use magick! This is not a child’s play issue! We’re not talking slight of hand trickery. We’re talking REAL MAGICK. The “K” is the difference! This is occult magick. It’s performed with sigils, incantation, spells, and other forms of wickedness to give the person a slight advantage but the end result is it gives demons power. The Bible calls some of these people mediums, or a more modern term is psychic. It’s necromancy which is contact with the dead/demons. Once you die, you are gone from this place…what is here is not your long-gone gramps! But a demon in disguise to trick you into communicating with them. The Bible strictly forbids this and the demons know it, and once you begin this type of interaction you give them “legal rights” to enter your life and STAY! Only to harass you and make it a living-hell.


Serpent worship has been taking place as long as humans have been on earth! Satan began this false worship in the Garden of Eden! He told Eve not to listen to GOD! He told her she could be as a god! And from there it’s only gotten worse.
In Neo-Paganism and Wicca, the serpent is seen as a symbol of wisdom and knowledge. Do you see how that connects to the Garden of Eden? Satan has made his lies so appealing that mankind has doubled over backwards to accommodate him.
The Bible speaks of angel worship….this is what we see now! Fallen angels using their false doctrines to work “SNAKE SPELLS” on the people.


To rid your life of these demons, there is a process.
1. Rid your home and life of any idols. (Imagery/Statues/Dolls/etc..)
2. Do a fast. This cleanses the spirit.
3. Prayers to release your sins. Sins can allow demons into your life. Connections to the occult, heavy metal rock, Satanism, Freemasonry, and New Age religions. There are specific prayers which can be said to release you of the legal rights that these demons have to harass you.
4. This is so important. Make your connection to GOD! This is more important than any church meeting, or church. A relationship with GOD is key to serving your King. Jesus Christ dies for your sins and salvation. Only Jesus Christ is the path to GOD, the Father.


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7 responses

  1. And YOU personally, could you tell us frankly the deep REASON WHY you seem so fond of SNAKES & attracted by all these cold blood reptilians ?

    Or perhaps you’re ashamed to tell us freely (?) which pulsions drive you so mad …

    December 17, 2014 at 7:40 PM

    • I have no shame in my game. My game consists of revealing the Truths of GOD. Also revealing the Mystery of the Iniquity. This plan to control the world is called “The Mystery of Iniquity”. The Holy Spirit, working through the true Church, is the only hinderance to Satan’s plan. Satan has control of everyone but Christians and he knows that destroying them is the only way he can have total control. The Mark of the Beast will be a test that will reveal who the true Christians are because they will refuse the mark. He will do all in his power to destroy them. This is what the New World Order is all about – total control.

      December 18, 2014 at 9:37 AM

      • OK, now it appears CLEAR to us. Now, if not false in general terms, it’s a gross simplification though.

        May 3, 2016 at 7:40 PM

  2. revueblanche thinks and says :

    “And YOU personally, could you tell us frankly the deep REASON WHY you seem so fond of SNAKES & attracted by all these cold blood reptilians ?

    Or perhaps you’re ashamed to tell us freely (?) which pulsions drive you so mad towards these creatures …”

    December 17, 2014 at 7:40 PM

    December 17, 2014 at 7:48 PM

    • People are so silly. This is a parallel of snakes and demons. Period.

      December 18, 2014 at 9:34 AM

  3. Nobody said here that a parallel could be stablished between Snakes & Demons , Virginia !
    Nevertheless, everybody knows these reptilians may be very dangerous , that’s ALL …
    and I’d rather live among MAMMALS (including women) than among other orders by the way.
    Besides , you already KNOW that the few families whose deep Will is to CONTROL whole mankind are … closer to REPTILIANS rather than to Mammals !! …

    February 28, 2015 at 4:13 PM

    • Oh, and thanks for your answers to everybody who ask you Questions , because now it’s getting clearer …

      February 28, 2015 at 6:52 PM

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