Truth is inspiring, it is guarded by GOD, and will triumph over all opposition!



WARNING: You must pray and discern this material. Videos within this article contain ‘channeled’ messages from a demon! You must be firmly founded in your Salvation before listening or risk the chance of being possessed. This is not a joke!


The Bible warns us in many ways about WITCHCRAFT! It’s called by several terms…sorcery, mediums, familiar spirits…and so on. But you see the issue at hand is that GOD knew what would be taking place HERE AND NOW!
The subject is CHANNELING! It’s witchcraft….nothing less. It’s communication with the DEAD! By dead, I mean the entities which GOD has damned to hell. Sounds extreme? Well, it is!! Don’t be misled by modern terms and fluffy flower child madness….it’s communication with DEMONS!


We have never seen the amount of witchcraft which is being practiced…never. And it’s only increasing. Satan has his hands in it. There’s no doubt about it…it’s about stealing souls. Well, in a sense. GOD knows who HIS children are, and from the moment HE created their soul, HE knew their destiny. Well, to some that may not make sense…but sit back and you will.
Everything must take place for FREE WILL to take its course. Many who don’t believe in GOD would like you to believe that GOD allows hate, and crime and disease to take place because HE doesn’t care. Well, it takes place because HE does care. HE’S allowing FREE WILL to be processed so that we are given the CHOICE to do what we want. This is truly the sign of a LOVING GOD!
The angels have free will too. This is how we’ve come to the place in time where were are now…a supernatural battle.
What I want to prove here is that these entities are the same figures which guide the Illuminati. You might ask how do I know that….because GOD revealed it to me many years ago, but recently the Illuminati came out of the proverbial “CLOSET” and have shown their hand. Along with this hand…they’ve revealed a voice. This voice is who GOD revealed to me many years ago.
When I first began this journey…I did so by the internet and the use of YOUTUBE.
The channel which I created is called, “ENDTIMESWATCHER”. Eventually, I was not able to access it because ‘the powers that be’..(TPTB) realized what I was doing and blocked my access to the site.

endtimeswatcher wall production

Why that name? Because this subject is the MYSTERY of the sins committed by all the fallen angels/nephilim/demons.
GOD then told me that my next step in my journey was deliverance.

Why? Because we are entering a time which is unprecedented. Demonic possession is increasing exponentially and will only grow worse as we come closer to Jesus Christ’s return.


While on the YOUTUBE site GOD revealed this man:
He placed many videos on his channel, but soon he took them down. I knew it was because he was covering his tracks! People, like myself were beginning to figure out WHAT/WHO he was. He is a man who allows a demon to enter his body. TO POSSESS HIM!
Although I listened to many of his videos, there came a time when GOD told me to quit listening to them…just listening to these videos are dangerous. Please be aware of that.
Fast forward several years….
The Illuminati are not exposing themselves for WHO they are. But many who don’t realize what they represent are not able to discern the fact that they are guided by demons.



Recently, this site ‘popped up’ on the internet:


The site contains this video:
Illuminati TV Commercial – Official
Listen very closely…then listen to Saint Germain’s voice:
Christmas Eve 2014, Message From Saint Germain @ 22:00


In this next video….take a look at his hands…
Part 1 Saint Germain: How Can I Relax in a World of so Much Change?

The Illuminati video speaks of an ‘age’…and ‘watching’ us….and ‘universal design’. This time we live in now has been one in which THE WATCHERS have been planning for a very long time. This is the Age of Aquarius. This is the universal design of Satan. They have been watching and awaiting this time we are approaching to implement the One World Government, One World Religion…which is the New World Order.


This voice is not just any demon, but I believe it is a fallen angel…a high ranking fallen angel. Listen to JARGON….
Jargon-special words or expressions that are used by a particular profession or group and are difficult for others to understand.

The voice is unmistakeable. The accent is indeed, very old. Do you know anyone who speaks like this? NO! I believe it to be Astara/Ashtar. But, this is very likely the name used here and not in the heavens (the name given when GOD created him/her).

The 8th century British writer Bede, mentions that the name for Easter is derived from a Pagan spring festival of the goddess ASTARA. Revered by the Babylonians, Sumerians, Persians, this goddess derived from ASTRA and OSTARA the Greek goddess of spring and fertility. The name means STAR and she is sometimes referred to as the Star Goddess. In the Bible, GOD refers to the angels as Stars…but 1/3 of these angels fell with Satan/Lucifer.

Also, notice this channel too:


See this picture…notice the symbol? Look Familiar?
It should be one many will recognize.
It’s the Freemason’s symbol. But it represents other organizations which are a conglomerate…ALL IS ONE-ONE IS ALL. The Rosicrucians, the Merovingians, just to mention a few.
Please acknowledge and discern this information. It could very well save your life. Sound extreme? Well, getting caught in Satan’s net is fatal. Fatal to your soul.

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