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Highway To Hell Awards


Grammy Transforms Hell on Earth
America has certainly opens portals that will be the beginning of the end. We’ve been seeing rituals on every major television event for some time now but what most people don’t realize is that it’s opening paths….paths from hell. Actual portals are being opened by Satanic rituals being performed right before our eyes.


This has certainly been a busy month! First the Super Bowl, and now this! Plus the new release of the Illuminati Testament. I’ve certainly had my hands full with symbolism coming out my ears.
Katy Perry, yet another bride of Satan on her path to illuminate the world with Satanism. You can’t get away from it lately…we’re being bombarded.


Highway to Hell…was not only the song performed but the path taken and the message is… Satanism is the path to success.


LLCoolJ began the show by introducing AC/DC. He said,
“…For those who want to Rock, here to kick off the 57th Annual Grammy Awards headed on the highway to Hell, …AC/DC!”


But what came during the performance was astounding….


Mano Cornuto means “horned hand” in Italian. The horned Hand gesture is also used occasionally by Wiccans as a symbol of the “horned God” or as the horns of the Moon Goddess, depending on tradition.


Goat of Mendes:
The glossary in Watch Network’s Be Aware! handbook defines “goathead” as “The Horned God, Goat of Mendes, Baphomet, God of the Witches, the scapegoat.


It is a Satanist’s way of mocking Christ as the ‘lamb’ who died for the sins of humanity.” (SOURCE: Be Aware!: A Handbook for the Purpose of Exposing Occultic Activity, WATCH Network, pg. 8)


Here is definition of a “goat” from the Encyclopedia Mythica…
“Medieval legends say that the Devil created the goat. Satan himself often appeared with goat’s horns, and sometimes changed his shape completely into a goat.”
SOURCE: Encyclopedia Mythica,


To ‘seal the deal’…the Illuminati branded their Pyramid at the end of the performance.

It does not matter what type of music you listen to, yes even Christian based music is tainted too. The Illuminati has their hand in everything in this world.


Miranda Lambert performed….


Then it came…

The Illuminati Eye of Horus…
The Illuminati want it to be known loud and clear that they are the ones who produce the ALL the entertainment!


From the Grammy’s to American Idol (what a pun!), to Super Bowls, and the Olympics…to much more.


Manic Madonna
In her Grammy show, she sacrificed herself…she’s over the top for Satan! She performs for the Illuminati as a passage rite.




She’s giving them the respect she thinks they deserve. She, Lady Gaga and Katy Perry are considered the Brides of Satan….as they induct the world into the Illuminati for Satan.


She wants to be known as “The Whore of Babylon”…


In 2003, the Re-Invention World Tour was Madonna’s sixth concert tour in support of her ninth studio album American Life. The main intention of the tour was to transform Madonna’s old hits musically and display her capacity for transformation and self-reflection.



The tour was initially known as the Whore of Babylon World Tour. The idea was to portray Madonna as the Whore of Babylon, the figure of evil as mentioned in the Book of Revelation.


However it was later changed to the Re-Invention World Tour, to make it a self-confident dig at all the critics and people who have expressed their views about Madonna re-inventing her image over the years.


The opening song for the show was decided as “Vogue” (1990) for a long time, until Madonna decided to use “The Beast Within” as the opener.

In last year, 2014 Grammys, she sang while Queen Latifah officiated a few same sex weddings for several gay couples.


DEMONS-They must gain permission and the foul people who use these forces know that “all magic comes with a price” yet they do it anyways for temporary material wealth and power. Demons/Vampires/parasites are the same things. Vampires cannot “enter into your house (body via possession)” unless INVITED and they cast no reflection because they do not have a consciousness that reflects on their choices. They are unpredictable and WILL eventually turn on YOU.


LOS ANGELES (AP) — Partial list of winners of the 57th annual Grammy Awards, presented Sunday at the Staples Center in Los Angeles:
— Album of the year: “Morning Phase,” Beck.
— Song of the year: “Stay With Me,” Sam Smith.
— Record of the year: “Stay With Me,” Sam Smith.
— New artist: Sam Smith.
— Pop vocal album: “In the Lonely Hour,” Sam Smith.
— Pop solo performance: “Happy (Live),” Pharrell Williams.

— Pop duo/group performance: “Say Something,” A Great Big World and Christina Aguilera.
— Traditional pop vocal album: “Cheek to Cheek,” Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett.
— Rock album: “Morning Phase,” Beck.
— Rock performance: “Lazaretto,” Jack White.
— Rock song: “Ain’t It Fun,” Hayley Williams and Taylor York.
— Country album: “Platinum,” Miranda Lambert.
— Country solo performance: “Something in the Water,” Carrie Underwood.
— Country duo/group performance: “Gentle on My Mind,” The Band Perry.

— Country song: “I’m Not Gonna Miss You,” Glen Campbell.
— Rap album: “The Marshall Mathers LP2,” Eminem.
— Rap performance: “i,” Kendrick Lamar.
— Rap/sung collaboration: “The Monster,” Eminem and Rihanna.
— Rap song: “i,” Kendrick Lamar.
— R&B song: “Drunk in Love,” Beyonce and Jay Z.
— R&B performance: “Drunk in Love,” Beyonce and Jay Z.
— Urban contemporary album: “Girl,” Pharrell.
— R&B album: “Love, Marriage & Divorce,” Toni Braxton and Babyface.


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