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Oscars Puppets


The Masters of Ceremony….Great Leaders of Craftsmen…with their guns a blazing in full brigade. At it once again with initiation as the highest form of flattery and covert social conditioning. The awards we witness every year are given by design to the puppets of showbiz! Their show their allegiance with black and white deco, all-seeing eye imagery, and all that glitters is not gold!


Neil Patrick Harris (an open bisexual)…as the host with the rainbow colors of the Gay Mafia flying! First, he started out the night by recognizing the elephant in the room — the lack of nominees of non-white actors, actresses and directors. Opps…I’m sure I’m going to be slandered as a homophobic! Worse has happened…
Neil opened the night be saying that the Oscars were celebrating the “whitest…er, the brightest” of the bunch — which definitely got many laughs!
Not a single acting nod went to a performer of color. One more time: The 2015 Academy Awards did not recognize a single actor of color. No female directors or screenwriters or cinematographers, either.



Osiris, Isis and Horus! This is no coincidence:
Made of gold-plated britannium on a black metal base. The statue is 13.5 in tall, weighs 8.5 lbs. [notice the numbers ‘9’ (1+3+5=) and ’13’ (8+5=) and depicts, as Wikipedia claims, “a knight rendered in Art Deco style holding a crusaders sword standing on a reel of film with five spokes.”
WIZARDS-get a load of this….the five spokes are said to represent the original branches of the Academy: Actorz, Writerz, Directorz, Producerz, and Technicianz!


The rumors have it that MGM’s art director, Cedric Gibbons, supervised the design of the award trophy by printing the design on a scroll. In need of a model for his statuette Gibbons was introduced by his then wife Dolores del Río to Mexican film director and actor Emilio “El Indio” Fernández. Fernández was finally convinced to pose nude to create what today is known as the “Oscar”. Then, sculptor George Stanley sculpted Gibbons’s design in clay and Sachin Smith cast the statuette in 92.5% (9+2+5=16 –> 1+6=7) tin and 7.5% (7+5=12 –> 1+2=3; just showing you some masonic numerical coincidences)—copper and then gold-plated it.
As with any plagiarist, their version usually isn’t that far from the original. Such is the case when it is revealed the major “coincidence” this bust has is its striking resemblance to the African Neteru (god), Ptah. Interesting enough is the Greek meaning of the word, Oscar: ‘spear of gods’— pointing out there was some thought and even reference in naming it.



Historians reveal that Egyptians egyptologists alike debated what kind of view the ancient Egyptians society fostered about the lifestyle of homosexuality. But it began long before this in Atlantis!
In Kemetic mythology, Ptah was the deification of the earliest era in what’s known as the Ennead cosmogony — or group of 9 deities [Atum, his children Shu and Tefnut, their children Geb and Nut, and their children, Ausar (erroneously called Osiris), Aset (Isis), Set, and Nephthys] who were creators of the polyverse. Here we see an ancient Afrikan lineage millenniums before the biblical lineage of god and wo/man.


Ptah was a creator god, the third highest god in Kemet, was only overshadowed by the sun god Ra, and the hidden god Amen. He’s known to be the primal creator, the first of all the Neteru (gods), creator of the world and all that’s in it. He is not created, but simply is. In some stories he is the personification of the primal matter, Ta-Tenen, which rose out of Nun, the fundamental seas. His wife is said to be Sakmet (or Bast) and their children are Nefertem, Mahes, and Imhotep.
Ptah was the predynastic god of craftsmen, pottery, and creation in Memphis. Our Ancestors of Kemet believed he was a god who created everything from artifacts, to the world egg, to the other deities themselves. The Opening of the Mouth ceremony — performed by priests at funerals to release souls from their corpses — was believed to have been devised by him. He was a god of creation and rebirth.


Some believe the origin of Ptah’s name means ‘opener’ or ‘sculptor’. He was a patron of the arts, protector of stonecutters, sculptors, blacksmiths, architects, boat builders, artists, and craftsmen. His high priest was given the title ‘wr khrp hmw’, or ‘Great Leader of Craftsmen’.
It’s noted Ptah invented masonry and that it was he who crafted the boats that the dead used to travel to the Duat. The Book of Coming Forth By Day and By Night — aka: Rau Nu Prt M Hru, and derogatorily called The Book of The Dead, describes him as, “a master architect, and framer of everything in the universe…”
Legend has it Ptah created the heavens and the earth while Khnum fashioned the animals and people on his pottery wheel. Ptah created the giant metal plate that was believed to be the floor of heaven and the roof of the sky. He also created the struts that upheld it. He created the universe by speaking words through his tongue and by thoughts coming from his Heart [linked to Heru (aka Horus)].


The Shabaka Stone noted it was Ptah who called the world into being, with creation in his heart, speaking it, and his name meaning opener, in the sense of opener of the mouth. The Shabaka Stone is a relic from the Twenty-fifth Dynasty of Kemet. It is a stone slab incised with the surviving Mdu Ntr (hieroglyphs) of an old papyrus. This papyrus was found as Pharaoh Shabaka was inspecting the temple of Ptah in Memphis, in the Nile Valley.
Shabaka, concerned about the loss of the information on the papyrus, had the rest of the text written into this stone. Unfortunately, with pillage brought ignorance, and in later years, the stone was used as a millstone and thus some of the Mdu Ntr was erased.


One of many vital pieces of info retrieved from the Shabaka Stone is that it places Ptah as the center of existence and as the creator god. In art, he is portrayed as a bearded mummified man, often wearing a skull cap, with his hands holding an Ankh and Djed, the symbolize of life, power and stability, sometimes standing on the Mdu Ntr for Maat. It is believed he may have originally been a fertility god because of this.
It’s said Ptah called creation into being and was considered the god of craftsmen. Eventually, due to the connection of these things to temple tombs, and in Thebes, the craftsmen regarded him so highly as to say that he controlled their destiny. As a result he became a god of regeneration. Since Seker was also god of craftsmen, and of regeneration of the sun during the night, Seker was later assimilated with Ptah becoming Ptah-Seker. Because of this, Ptah-Seker became considered an underworld deity, and eventually, by the Middle Kingdom, become assimilated by Ausar, the lord of the underworld, occasionally being known as Ptah-Seker-(Ausar)Osiris.


Not only was Ptah a god of creation, he was involved with the rebirth of the soul in the afterlife. He was related to the dead since Old Kingdom times, where the Opening of the Mouth ritual allowed the spirit to be able to see, hear, speak, and eat as a living being.
The Shabaka Stone also notes that he stopped a fight between Heru (Horus) and Set, who fought to avenge the death of his father, Ausar. He judged and ended their quarrel. He made Set the king of Upper Egypt in the land of Upper Egypt, and Heru King of Lower Egypt which became known as the division of the Two Lands.

<> on October 19, 2009 in Santa Clarita, California.

I equate the statue of the Oscars to the Bull. In Egyptian mythology, Apis or Hapis (alternatively spelled Hapi-ankh), is a bull-deity that was worshiped in the Memphis region. “Apis served as an intermediary between humans and an all-powerful god (originally Ptah, later Osiris, then Atum).”


Greek writers make the Apis an incarnation of Osiris, ignoring the connection with Ptah. But all paths lead to Rome, right!

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