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Learn the facts about red light cameras in Texas. The camera companies like American Traffic Solutions (ATS) and Redflex are profiteers working with cities to extort money from drivers in their cities. They depend on deceit to get the desired revenue from drivers. Most people that get a red light camera “ticket” think they are being accused of violating the state law for running a red light. The fact is camera tickets are CIVIL penalties and you are accused of violating a city ordinance, not state law. This means your due process and equal protection constitutional rights are being violated. Most people think they will face stiff penalties for not paying a camera ticket. THAT ISN”T TRUE!
Cities with cameras report to the state DMV that you are a “scofflaw” which means you have outstanding tickets and the registration on the vehicle in the violation can be blocked at the state level. This means if you mail in your registration or do it online IT WILL BE BLOCKED. You will also most likely have your registration blocked if you go to a third party such as at a grocery store.



The only way we know of for sure that people have renewed their registration with outstanding camera tickets is at the LOCAL TAX OFFICE in person. This is the same place you would go to renew your registration or transfer a vehicle title.
You can see locations for your local office here,
Either through news articles or by reports from people with outstanding tickets that have been able to renew registrations we feel confident in passing on the information that the following counties are not blocking registrations for vehicles with outstanding camera tickets. There are many other counties that are not blocking registrations that we have not had confirmation on. Please email us if you live in another county and have been able to renew your registration with outstanding camera tickets.




Here is the Texas law on red light cameras

Here is what the law says;

Sec. 707.019. FAILURE TO PAY CIVIL PENALTY. (a) If the owner of the motor vehicle fails to timely pay the amount of the civil penalty imposed against the owner:

(1) an arrest warrant may not be issued for the owner; and

(2) the imposition of the civil penalty may not be recorded on the owner’s driving record.
Failure to pay will also not go on your credit

(h) A local authority or the person with which the local authority contracts for the administration and enforcement of a photographic traffic signal enforcement system may not provide information about a civil penalty imposed under this chapter to a credit bureau, as defined by Section 392.001, Finance Code.

Although Texas law states that the city may “red flag” the vehicle’s registration the local authority has to agree to do so. Harris county and several other counties ARE NOT blocking the registration on vehicles for failure to pay camera tickets. This means there is NO PENALTY FOR NOT PAYING A CAMERA TICKET! Here is the proof.
Note that Judge Emmett says that HPD should not be making the claims they are since it ISN”T TRUE! We have also confirmed that Liberty county and Calhoun county are not blocking registrations for unpaid camera tickets. Just make sure you renew IN PERSON. DO NOT renew online. If you renew online you will have your registration blocked.



Failure to pay a camera ticket will result in a $25 late payment penalty. This is added to the amount they already cannot collect. They will turn you over to a collection agency that will send you letters demanding payment. These letters have no teeth either. They CANNOT report to your credit file for not paying. The city attorney MAY file a suit against you to collect the fine, but we have not seen any evidence the city attorney is doing that for a $75 ticket. Recently the city said they were suing people with other outstanding tickets with a balance of $1000 or more. It is not worth going to court for a $75 penalty which the camera company gets most of the money! If you continue to get letters you can force them to stop by sending them a cease and desist letter. Form letters for that can be found here.


You may also avoid camera tickets if;

you have a vehicle registered to a trust or that is leased.

Your registration address is out of state or in a county that is not blocking registrations like Harris County.

Some trucks that have a ball for towing in their bumper have been known to obscure license plate numbers making identification of the plate difficult.

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  1. Kittii

    They removed a lot of those cameras in California.

    If you’ve just arrived at, please start by reading the What’s Hot box on the Home page.

    Alpha Index to Cities Covered on this Page

    The inclusion of a city in this alphabetic index doesn’t necessarily mean they presently have cameras. They may just be thinking about it. Or, they may have had cameras at one time, but have since removed them. Or, a city may be listed here just for rumor control. Click on the highlighted city names.

    After this alphabetic index you will find a geographic index to most of the same cities.

    Some cities have more info elsewhere on this site – check the Site Index.

    Recent Closings

    During the period June 2011 to January 2015 the following California cities closed their camera programs, or announced they would be closing: Bell Gardens, Belmont, Corona, Davis, El Cajon, Emeryville, Escondido, Gardena, Glendale, Grand Terrace, Hayward, Highland, Inglewood, Laguna Woods, Lancaster, City of Los Angeles, Los Angeles County (unincorporated areas), Modesto (program suspended), Murrieta, Oakland, Oceanside, Pasadena, Poway, Redwood City, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Carlos, San Diego, San Juan Capistrano, San Rafael, Santa Ana (closing in June 2015), South Gate, South San Francisco, Stockton, Walnut, and Yuba City.

    Anaheim – Ban on Cameras Voted in 2010
    Atherton – Tested Cameras
    Baldwin Park
    Beaumont – Contract Signed but No Cameras
    Bell – No Cameras
    Bell Gardens – Closed in 2012
    Belmont – Closed July 1, 2013
    Berkeley – Closed
    Beverly Hills – Expanding in Late 2014
    Near Beverly Hills – Stop Sign Cameras in Franklin Canyon – MRCA
    Near Blue Line Light Rail Crossings
    Burlingame – City Paid $50,000 Penalty to End Program
    Busway Crossings in LA Area
    CHP – Tickets Issued by the CHP
    Campbell – No Cameras
    Canoga Park near Busway (Cameras Operated by Metro/MTA, Tickets Signed by Sheriff)
    Cathedral City
    Chatsworth near Busway (Cameras Operated by Metro/MTA, Tickets Signed by Sheriff)
    Chino – No Cameras
    Chula Vista – Vendor Selected, but No Cameras Yet
    Citrus Heights
    Colton – No Cameras
    Compton – Closed
    Corona – Closed in 2012
    Costa Mesa – Closed
    Near Covina (Cypress and Hollenbeck only) – Closed in 2012
    City of Covina
    Culver City – Expanding in Late 2014
    Cupertino – Closed
    Daly City
    Davis – Closed Late 2014
    Del Aire – La Cienega at 120th – Closed in 2012
    Del Mar – Quitting?
    Downey – No Cameras
    East LA (Whittier Blvd. at Atlantic) – Closed in 2012
    East LA – Closed in 2012
    Eastside Gold Line Rail Crossings in LA
    El Cajon – Closed in 2013
    El Monte – Closed
    El Segundo Area – Closed in 2012
    Elk Grove
    El Segundo – La Cienega at 120th – Closed in 2012
    Emeryville – Closed in 2012
    Encinitas – Discussed Closing
    Escondido – Closed in 2013
    Near Expo Line Light Rail Crossings
    Fairfield – Closed
    Fountain Valley – No Cameras
    Franklin Canyon Stop Sign Cameras – MRCA
    Fresno – Closed
    Fullerton – Closed
    Gardena – Closed in 2011
    Garden Grove
    Gilroy – Considered Cameras
    Glendale – Closed in 2012
    Glendora – Closed in 2012
    Near Gold Line Light Rail Crossings in Eastside LA
    Grand Terrace – Closed in 2012
    Hacienda Heights (Hacienda at La Monde) – Closed in 2012
    Near Hawthorne (La Cienega at 120th) – Closed in 2012
    Hayward – Closed May 1, 2013
    Hemet – Contract Signed, Then Cancelled
    Hermosa Beach – No Cameras
    Highland – Closed in June 2014
    Hillsborough – No Cameras
    Hollywood (Except City of West Hollywood) – Closed in 2011
    Huntington Beach – Program Cancelled after Survey
    Huntington Park – No Cameras
    Indian Wells – Closed
    Indio – No Cameras

    March 4, 2015 at 2:51 PM

    • Wow! Good to know….but the whole reason for them is NOT money. It’s about socialism (control of the people). Same with the little Police PODS in the sky at malls, and other places. Their mobile police units with black windows….a little box jacked up about 20 feet to WATCH everyone! Creepy. People think it’s for their ‘protection’. Smh!

      March 5, 2015 at 4:39 AM

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