Truth is inspiring, it is guarded by GOD, and will triumph over all opposition!



We could focus on many puppets, but there is two in particular which I think special attention. I think pictures speak a thousand words, so this will be an expose on pix of puppets for Satan, namely…


Why them? For months now they refer to themselves as a god.
Monsters in this world? Many kinds exist from the natural to the supernatural. Aleister Crowley, in his books describes the ability to murder young boys for satanic powers…is this what we have here?
“For the highest spiritual working one must accordingly choose that victim which contains the greatest and purest force. A male child of perfect innocence and high intelligence is the most satisfactory and suitable victim.”


Backmasking is a recording technique in which a sound or message is recorded backward onto a track that is meant to be played forward. Backmasking is a deliberate process, whereas a message found through phonetic reversal is purely intentional. Many musicians utilize this in their music from Led Zepplin to Jay-Z.
This shocking documentary on Jay-Z includes him stating out of his own mouth that he rapes children and is a monster, and shows the video proof of him wearing an Aleister Crowley Satanic sweatshirt, and you’ll see Crowley’s books with your own eyes where he wrote instructions for murdering children in order to get satanic power and that he wanted to peck the eyes out of Jesus. And then there’s Jay-Z’s $30,000 golden skull given to him by Kanye West, used in his Reflection Chamber, and him saying “Murder Jesus” and much, much more.


Jay-Z: Illuminati Musical Satanism: The Documentary
2 Chainz admits Jay Z is Illuminati along with the other entertainers!
Kanye West ADMITS his mother was an Illuminati sacrifice


“Do What Thou Wilt” is the official dictum of the Ordo Templi Orientis (O.T.O.) and its reformer, occultist Aleister Crowley. The O.T.O. is a hermetic order modeled after Freemasonry and German Illuminism and teaches its initiates the secrets of the Mysteries, gnosticism, sex magick, Kaballah, and other occult sciences. Contrary to Freemasonry, the O.T.O. is however based on the “Law of Thelema” which main precept is “Do What Thou Wilt be the whole of the Law”.
This moral and ethical ‘illumination’ tactic is nothing but a twisted spin of the Ten Commandments. It’s about self, and making oneself a god. This is an extended version of what Lucifer told Eve in the Garden of Eden and has trickled down to our present day through many avenues, especially Transhumanism.


MC Hammer: Jay-Z is a Satanist
Jay-Z Exposed – Right hand man speaks out (EXPLICIT LANGUAGE)
Although people feel that Jay-Z is this wonderful Hip Hop rap artist turn mega rich entrepreneur, Jay-Z has made it clear in interview and song that he is a servant of the Satan. In this video you will see true evidence that Jay-Z is interested in worship from his fans and that he seek a higher divine power that is not the God of the Bible.
Jay-Z Worships Satan


Satanists often use the goat and ram images to show their dedication to Baphomet (aka Satan). It’s a mockery of Jesus being “the lamb.” But, it doesn’t stop at this…
Hova or J Hova god is in reference to Jay-Z wanting to be a god. One of the names which people utilize for GOD in the Bible is Jehovah. I think this whole ‘name’ agenda is part of the falling away process of Satan.


If you notice this picture, he sits on the left side of Satan! The left hand path!
When GOD speaks of the righteous…HE responds with the RIGHT PATH. This path is only One Direction…Jesus Christ to The Father. Satan twists this to fit his agenda, as he does with everything of GOD.


You see, even the ‘right-hand path’ is referred to as esoteric!
The difference between the right hand path and the left hand path is eloquently explained by Julius Evola in the book The Yoga of Power:
“There is a significant difference between the two Tantric paths, that of the right hand and that of the left hand (which both are under Shiva’s aegis). In the former, the adept always experiences ‘someone above him’, even at the highest level of realization. In the latter, ‘he becomes the ultimate Sovereign’ (chakravartin = worldruler).”


This is speaking about Satan, himself! The Antichrist.
So, who is this about? Satan! He thinks he sits at the right hand of GOD…he’s so deceived! This is Jesus Christ, and no other!

kanye west
Imitating scripture from the Bible instead Kanye represents CHRIST and Satan, his father…all lies!
(Luke 22:59) Hereafter shall the Son of man sit on the right hand of the power of God.


5 responses

  1. james84uk

    He has puppets claiming to be Christian as well. Watch out for the ones teaching that we should support the false state of Israel and a pre tribulation rapture.

    March 25, 2015 at 11:51 AM

  2. Kittii

    The Pre-tribulation rapture is biblical.

    Will Believers Know the Day?

    Have you ever put a puzzle together and almost finished it, but found some pieces were missing? Do you remember how you felt about that gaping hole right in the middle of your beautiful picture? If you could only find those missing pieces (maybe they’re still in the box or under the table, or worse yet, mixed in with another puzzle), then you would have a complete picture at last.

    I would like to give you a missing piece. Not a piece to your table puzzle, of course, but this chapter will give you a missing piece in the pre-post controversy.

    You see, in the back of my brain there has always been one little question that has bothered me. Ever since that first day when my brother walked into the living room and shared his post-trib arguments and I asked him this question, I have never yet found a satisfactory answer from any post-trib. As long as this question remains unanswered, it leaves a gaping hole right in the middle of the picture.

    My question is this: Can believers living during the tribulation know the day Christ will return? Think about it. If the tribulation is seven years long, and if Christ will return at the end of the tribulation, then what prevents believers from knowing when Christ will return?

    Some readers will have a ready answer for me. They will respond immediately, “Watch therefore, for ye know neither the day nor the hour wherein the Son of man cometh” (Matthew 25:13). If the day and hour cannot be known, doesn’t that contradict any idea that believers during the tribulation can know the day? Well, maybe and maybe not. Let us examine all the evidence first before we jump to any conclusions.

    Would it surprise you if I told you that other Scriptures indicate that tribulation saints can know the day? Where are these missing pieces to the puzzle? How do they fit into the picture? Let’s find out.

    March 26, 2015 at 10:57 AM

  3. Kittii

    The question is: Are you part of the Believing Church? or will you be a Tribulation Saint? Two different groups. Just like is Matthew 24 talking about “The Church” ? or about Israel and the Jews? The Tribulation is all about ‘Jacobs Trouble and the Dragon going after “The Woman” in Revelation 12 “Israel” who gave birth to the “Child’ “Jesus”. The Two Witnesses are in Israel. The 144,0000 are the 12 tribes of Israel who are sealed. The Church is not mentioned after chapter 3. The Focus is on Israel, not the Church. Tribulation Saints are not the Church.

    This has to be studied. There’s different groups. They are easily mixed up. It spans from Genesis to Revelation. That’s what the Bible is all about. Jesus first coming and his second coming. I don’t support any longer the country that the third temple is going to be built and the Abomination of Desolation is going to be erected, but that doesn’t mean God will not intervene when the Whole world turns against her, even if it’s justified. God doesn’t work like we do. His ways are not are ways. I just have to trust him.

    March 26, 2015 at 11:08 AM

  4. Kittii

    Don’t Throw Up Your Hands. Maybe you have no special question or objection like the ten we have listed, but maybe you are thinking: Theologians have debated this topic for years and they haven’t come to an agreement yet. If scholars can’t solve the problem, then how can I ever expect to know what’s right? I give up even trying to understand. I’ll just wait and see if Christ returns before the tribulation or not; then we’ll know.

    To you I say: Don’t throw up your hands. You can know. Yes, you can. God wrote the Bible for you, not just for scholars.

    Let’s talk about this for a minute. How can you know what is right? When you read one theologian and he says one thing, and you read another and he says a different thing, how do you decide between the two? Here’s how. You let the Bible decide between the two. You can read the Bible just as well as they can. Maybe you don’t know Greek, but if you are Christ’s you have the Holy Spirit to help you understand it. Don’t let a few mere men take the Bible out of your hands.

    Scrutinize the argument given by men. See if they square with Scripture. See if they explain some verses but leave other unexplained. See if they put part of the puzzle together but leave gaping holes. The one who puts together the most pieces is the one with the most beautiful picture. That is how you can tell.

    I am sure that other interpreters have done their best to harmonize the picture for you, just as I am doing my best. I think we can help each other as we work together. If you see any gaping holes in my picture, please point them out to me. You won’t be the first to do me that favor. But whatever you do, don’t throw up your hands.

    Icing on the Cake. Let’s return to the main point of this chapter. Scripture presents a known day and an unknown day. However I slice it, dice it, dissect it, bisect it, I keep coming up with only one conclusion: two different days. This definitely rules out only one coming.

    But how can that be? I still hear some questioning. Doesn’t Matthew 24 place the unknown day after the tribulation? I mentioned earlier that Matthew 24 is the icing on the cake to my whole argument. But I want you to enjoy the rest of the meal before I serve you dessert.

    March 26, 2015 at 11:15 AM

  5. Kittii

    This is so in your face. Look at the All seeing eye of pyramid behind Miley!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    March 26, 2015 at 11:18 AM

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